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Zola Budd

Zola Pieterse (born Zola Budd, 26 May 1966 in Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa), is a former Olympic track and field competitor who, in less than three years, twice broke the world record in the women's 5000 metres and twice was the women's winner at the World Cross Country Championships.

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16 Feb 1985 Zola Budd of South Africa in action during the National Cross Country Championships, Birkenhead
Were you there when Zola Budd clipped Mary Decker?
I didn't know you were friends with Zola Budd. 😊
I'm still running to work in me undies barefooted like Zola budd😁😁
Possibly because the view is that he's not British, never lived here, never will. Just like Zola Bu…
I remember Zola Budd saying on Come Dine With Me that she'd never heard of Mandela until she came to B…
I've personally never warmed to Froome as it appears a flag of convenience (he's cycled for…
Today in history:1984: Zola Budd and Mary Deck crash into each other at the olympics. During 1984 Olympic 3000...
Prefer Asics. My footstrike is not suited to Newton. But hey, it it's good enough for Zola Budd.
On this day in 1984: Mary Decker trips on heel of Zola Budd during 3,000m Olympic run
Promises,Zola Budd - that's classic good music to sing along to this morning all good memories!
keeps pace with the legends of Zola Budd, Bruce Fordyce and Elana Meyer
Zola Budd, the barefoot meisie was trampled by Mary Decker of the US during the Olympics
"Zola Budd of SA and Mary Decker of the USA collide accidentally during the 3000m in Los Angeles Olympics"
Sorry mate no! You must have trotters like Zola Budd!they should be banned,only women are ha…
Is Zola Budd still British or has she gone hame now ?
All pretty mild compared to Zola Budd's swerving of the anti-apartheid ban. Changes allegiance to UK, the…
Zola Budd. The woman was like a machine
I think Zola Budd. She is still hold 1984 world record
Watching mom reenact MaBrrrs video for Zola Budd 🚐🚐!! 😊😊 beautiful start to women's day! Hope yours is dope!
I switch on my radio and is rocking the late Brenda Fassie - Zola Budd 🔥🔥🔥 SHUT UP 🕺🏽🕺🏽
Penny Heyns and Zola Budd did it against all odds. Caster should be taken off list as she is still activ…
I was thinking that when Zola Budd ran for GB, makes a mockery of international sport home teams.
Stop trying to be smart. anytime sport UK wants to run a winner up the flag pole , we shell out citizen papers. Zol…
Coming over here and not having the Daily Mail to back him unlike Zola Budd so he had to wait an extra…
Guys how on earth do I find Zola Budd for an interview?
UK left a country in slave apartheid regime just to get Zola Budd to run for GB. Sacrificed a whole ra…
Right, we need Weightman to take one for the team and do a Zola Budd on the South African and Dutch runners.
Manky Spunky-Fanjo? Wasn't she tripped by Zola Budd at the '84 Olympics?
only time I can remember booing at an athletics meeting was when Mary Decker tripped up 'OUR' Zola Budd 😳
5. To get back to my secret parking spot, I had to Zola Budd it thru rock covered trails and broken glass covered Masshole-ite roads
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If Caster Semenya beat Zola Budd's 1 500m best; the smiles I would smile.
Football done. 4m run with So Zola Budd done. Dinner done. Done. Done.
But don't forget Mo's British. Oh no wait a minute. must be thinking of Zola Budd.
“National record? I’m going for it. I can do it” - Caster Semenya as she eyes Zola Budd’s 1500m record set in 1984…
"Caster Semenya eyes Zola Budd's 33-year-old record She can do it, I believe
Mo Farah would not need this many. And as for Zola Budd...
Driving to work listening to on belting Zola Budd by Brenda Mabbrr reminds me of music festival at Fun Valley.
Its only fair. Elites were flying so it was safest option for everybody. Wouldnt want Zola Budd/Decker situation 😂
Alert | Zola Budd graced AM Live with her presence : pt2
This Zola is a she (as in Zola Budd) but named after great man which allows me to croon my Kinks Zola call into the night.
Blues management has just arrived tired and bare foot.
Wet shoes mean I may have to teach in a Zola Budd style today
Mary Decker meets Zola Budd: cautious review of intriguing looking new book on one of the '80s big meets
Pam R. Sailors reviews «Olympic Collision: The Story of Mary Decker and Zola Budd» by Kyle…
called Jo Durie Zola Budd and Damon Hill was Michael Vaughn,problem was I'd forgotten about it until 7-16pm so I rushed it 😂
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Bill Buckner, Donnie Moore, Don Denkinger, Greg Norman, Zola Budd...There are so many that deserve it!
Files reveal Leon Brittan gave Zola Budd passport despite objections! 'Bring me my brass bound buggery box - this boys burst' he said!
listening to the R4 documentary about Mary Decker and Zola Budd's 1984 Olympic collision, and it's all so tense in the most captivating way
Loved The Fall tonight & Q&A after with Zola Budd & Mary Decker A sad tale of an accident but with redemption 33 years later.
Mary Decker and Zola Budd sit down to discuss 'that fall' at the '84 Olympics, 32 years on.
Q&A with Mary Decker and Zola Budd brilliant film by
Zola Budd and Mary Decker to reunite in SKY Atlantic original documentary, The Fall
Brilliant interview with Zola Budd & Mary Decker tonight So want to see the documentary.
Zola Budd & Mary Decker reunited in film that shows scars of collision have healed | htt…
Zola Budd and Mary Decker reunited in moving film that shows scars of 1984 Olympics collision have healed
Did you see doc last night about Zola Budd and Mary Decker? Full story is in our new book COLLISION COURSE ht…
Mary Decker and Zola Budd on this morning,
Thanks to Daniel Gordon, Zola Budd, Mary Decker, and for a brilliant Q&A
really enjoyed that interview with Zola Budd and Mary Decker Slaney. can't wait to see The Fall on tomorrow night
From rivalry to reunion: Mary Decker and Zola Budd meet after 30 years .
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Great special on Mary Decker and Zola Budd looking back at the most famous fall in Olympic history
Before their incident in 1984 . Zola Budd had a poster of Mary Decker on her wall . Listen: https:/…
Join for a special show with Zola Budd & Mary Decker discussing 'that' fall at the 1984 Olympics
Zola Budd and Mary Decker reunite in moving film showing scars of 1984 Olympics collision healed
5liveSport: "I regret the way I treated Zola Budd". Mary Decker on their infamous collision in '84. …
We're joined by Zola Budd, Mary Decker & director David Gordon for Q&A-great standing ovation for the team!
THE FALL, a documentary on Mary Decker and Zola Budd, directed by Daniel Gordon airs in Great Britain July 29th.
Good by on Budd/Decker rivalry driving women's running forward. Interviewing them later for htt…
that's disappointing - I thought Zola Budd and Mary Decker were discussing MES & The Fall when I first read it
Watch out for new doc 'The Fall' Sky Atlantic, Friday. Tells the story of Zola Budd & Mary Decker at 84 Olympics.
The Fall is a brilliant documentary telling the story behind that Olympic race between Zola Budd & Mary Decker. It's on Sky Atlantic on Fri.
Zola Budd revealed as Stirling marathon starter:.
don't. I was feeling that way looking at AW's photo of Wendy Sly, Zola Budd and Mary Decker.
Great premier of 'the fall' tonight. Beautifully crafted film. Inspiring to be in the same room as Zola Budd & Mary Decker. Well done all.
Zola Budd & Mary Decker are to reunite on tomorrow am.. (Oh I don't remember it, my Grandad told me the story!)
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As someone who's bringing out a book on Mary Decker and Zola Budd, I was intrigued to watch the film premiere of tonight in London.
.with Mary Decker and Zola Budd at this evening's premiere of in London
Somewhat starstruck meeting Zola Budd & Mary Decker tonight. Both were so friendly and happy to listen to an athletics fan babble!
So incredibly proud to watch Mum's Premiere in London 'The Fall' featuring Mary Decker and Zola Budd ✨
I rated The Fall 8/10. One of the talking heads in this doc had it spot on. Both GB & USA owe Zola Budd a big apology...
"I lived on Guildford which was beautiful, and I loved running on the downs...I have very fond memories" Zola Budd
Mary Decker and Zola Budd are on stage after premiere
Zola Budd's coming together with Mary Decker at the 1984 Olympics subject of tomorrow's column in
Really excited to be At the premier of The Fall- Budd movie. My Adam is exec producer with…
At for premiere of The Fall, a doc on the Zola/Budd collision at the '84 Olympics & its aftermath.
Sitting in a cinema with Zola Budd and Mary Decker. Four years after the London Opening Ceremony. No words.
Privilege to interview Zola Budd & Mary Decker for with producer 7.30pm tomorrow night
No socks is the way forward. Honestly. The closest we get to Zola Budd on a bike.
The Fall (Sky Atlantic, Friday), about Zola Budd and Mary Decker, is amazing
30 years on from the 1984 Olympic fall, Mary Decker and Zola Budd are reunited for a new doc htt…
Zola Budd ran barefoot, but for most of us trainers are essential. traces their history - in Bolton! htt…
The Fall tells the story of Mary Decker, Zola Budd and one of the most famous moments in Olympic history.
Great to have Mary Decker and Zola Budd in the studio with us! 'The Fall' is on on Friday at 9pm.
Book Review: Olympic Collision: The story of Mary Decker and Zola Budd be a good read and the suspected doper MD
Zola Budd says she gave up in Olympic final after tangle with Mary Decker: South African-born runner who repr...
I'm explaining who Zola Budd is. And Shoeless Joe Jackson.*. *no idea but liked Field of Dreams
My house to London Paddington in just under an hour today, kids. *Zola Budd face*
I thought you said you weren't Zola Budd though? 😕
. It's 36 miles to my destination. I ain't Zola Budd, mate.
I ran faster than Zola Budd, let me tell you
Q130: Who did Zola Budd trip in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics?
Looking back... it's hard to understand what all the fuss was about as thin...
Leicester's victory is greatest sport story since Hughes beat Beaumont in the last Question of Sport of 1982 with a question about Zola Budd
I found them uncomfortable and after that I decided to continue running bar...
ubuvaya nge zola budd na mr T? because mina it takes 1hr:30min lol
did just "trip" Marc Lottering's clip while he was talking about Zola Budd!! 😉😂😂😂
Grew up thinking Joe Slovo, Zola Budd and Sol Kerzner were black.
so you can accept some rules when they suit you, Kevin Pietersen, Chris Froome, John Barnes, Zola Budd
Nelson Mandela, Chappie, Charlize Theron, Gary Bailey, Zola Budd, Matt Damon, your boys took one *** of a beating !
So Zola budd is a South African athlete who ran for Britain and now lives in America. Why do we celebrate her??
Zola Budd Showing me a clean pair of heels.
Mail have massive amnesia when it suits them! Athletes called PLASTIC BRITS from the people who got ZOLA BUDD a UK passport
Great time today. Well done to the person doing it Zola Budd style in bare feet!!! My last time for a while
Zola budd, I bet Mary Decker wished she never ran,
It was, I believe. Remember Zola Budd? Elements of that I think. He's "foreign" & therefore an embarrasment...
BACK ON TRACK. The cover of on this day in 1985. Mary Decker Slaney beats Zola Budd in London.
interviewing legendary runner Zola Budd. All I can think of is Brenda's song *singing* ngicel'ilift 🙈 http…
Chris Froome is in the same category as Kevin Piedersen and Zola Budd - not British and never will be, Greg Rusedski = Canada
Please can u say Chris Froome from Kenya who is riding under a British Licence. Not a Brit. It's as if Zola Budd never happened
In the pantheon of Foreigners representing UK not in the Zola Budd,KP mould,but will never b truly loved like Bradley
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Thank God for gym, the Zola Budd I just pulled because of this taxi!!!
Crazy also for me to realize that Zola Budd is my age (born 1966)
Includes pic of age 20 beating Zola Budd aged 27 in 1994!
Why someone nicknamed Thabo Matlaba, "Festival" is beyond me. Would have thought "Scooter" or "Zola Budd" fits him better.
I'm like the legendary Brenda Fassie, Zola Budd. Once you get it, you never get enough🎧🙌.
Foto: Sport Illustrated cover back in 1985. Mary Decker breaks the Mile WR, 4’16”71 with Zola Budd breaking...
Nae bother. You reminded me of my favourite athletes Zola Budd and Mary Decker - took the race right by the scruff. Was great!
No...But Mary wanted to do it to Zola Budd.
Hate the term 'Plastic Brit' specially seeing as it was coined by the Daily Mail who brought Zola Budd across here.
it's all lies flopsy .. Shirley valentine is like zola budd really !
Listening to Zola Budd by my Crib in Laastehoop farm,I had wish u cud serenate the scene Mamiya
Lol battle of taxis around the world this is the best of top gear south africa got zola budd
Is referring to Zola Budd issue rather than doping? Or is he talking about dopes? Or is he doped? Or are we dopes?
A retro advert for the newly released Chariot as used by Zola Budd
No final word yet on Budd and Robb -
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No final Comrades Marathon word yet on Budd and Robb -
When will SA sport rise above the incompetence and ulterior motives of its administrators? Zola Budd decision-Ndorfin
Wasn't it the great Zola Budd at the Comrades??
couldn't agree more but nothing new I suppose look at Zola Budd for instance. Don't get me started on footballers nationalities
As 2015 launches, controversy over treatment continues as Report upholds her 2014 win:
Photo: "Competition dead and buried in the dust. I’m like the legendary Brenda Fass’… Zola Budd."...
Can you please stop saying the Kenyans running for Turkey. Never heard you say the S African zola budd running for GB
Barefoot is tough. I'm no Zola Budd I just ran 3.03 km with Nike+.
You forgot my fav LP from 1984 but I'll let it slide due to a Zola Budd reference!
1984 Zola Budd accidentally trips Mary Decker during 3,000m final at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.
Irvette van Zyl's 32:20 in Stellenbosch this morning equals Zola Budd's time (Bloem, '83) as the third fastest SA women in a…
Today in 1984 South African British Zola Budd (18) trips Mary Decker accidentally in the 3000m at the Olympics in LA finishing 7th
Wow can't believe it's been 30 years of the Mary Decker Zola Budd fiasco 84 Olympics in LA
On this date 30 years ago, Mary Decker and Zola Budd collided in the women's 3,000 meters during the 1984 Olympics.
August 1984,Olympian Zola Budd and Mary Decker from USA collide during the 3000m in 1984 Los Angeles Olympics
On this day in 1984 Zola Budd & Mary Decker collided in the 3000m final in the Los Angeles Olympics. View
An incdent involving Zola Budd-Pieterse and Mary Decker-Slanley where they one tripped the other in a race. The latter was the favourate.
Honestly though, it'd be very awesome to hear some Brenda Fassie's 'Promises' or 'Zola Budd' on .
Congrats to on big 32:20 PB today to win in Stellenbosch. Ties her with Zola Budd for on all-time RSA list. http…
30 years ago today, during the Olympic 3000M final, Mary Decker famously tangled with Zola Budd.
World famous South African athlete Zola Budd, who had emigrated to Britain in 1984 to take part in the Los Angeles Olympic Games,
DAY THIRTY-SIX Don't Drop Out Of the Battle! “In the Lord I take refuge. How then can you say to me, ‘Flee like a bird to your mountain.”’ Psalm 11:1 In the 1984 Olympic Games hosted by Los Angeles, there was a memorable event in the women’s 3000-meter race. Two premier long distance runners were entered: Zola Budd, a South African running for Great Britain, and Mary Decker from the U.S. During the race, the two bumped. Budd landed awkwardly and was cut deeply by Decker’s spikes, but was able to continue. She finished a disappointing seventh. Mary Decker suffered a pulled left hip stabilizer muscle. Her injury put her out of the race. In a spiritual sense, there are many Mary Deckers today. Wounded, they have quit running the race. Among the many images of life found in Scripture, there is the image of the runner and the image of battle. As believers in Jesus Christ we begin with a birth, but we discover quickly that this journey we are on is more like a battle. It is very difficult to perseve ...
Wonder if the Zola Budds will replaced by Quantams on Isibaya the sopie
I can drink tea until the cows come home and I love the atmosphere in tea-shops. - Zola Budd
If Zola Budd married Gianfranco Zola, her name would be Mrs Gianfranco Zola.
watching come dine with me in NZ and Zola Budd from SA is on, just so weird to see her competing in a cookery program in the UK and she says she lives in USA now ??? of course had to bring up her running with no shoes and knocking (decking) Mary Dekker over - she says that is the first question everyone asks her - wonder what she cooks?
I saw nothing out of the ordinary in running barefoot. I enjoyed it. When I was growing up I seldom wore shoes: Zola Budd.
Today 1991 - Zola Budd sets (what is still) the existing SA record for the women's mile event when she runs a time of 0…
yes gr8 inventors came up with comfortable running shoes so we could all pretend to be Zola bloody Budd
All this time I thought Zola Budd was a black man...
What about Zola Budd? She was nice and controversial and a token non Brit.
IZIKHOTHANE DRAMA! ABOUT 200 kids, some as young as 11, closed Zola Budd Street yesterday to show off their Izikhothane moves.
not sure. Zola Budd is out running. Will let you know on her return.
These two are heading for some kind of Zola Budd-esque tripping incident.
Zola Budd not wearing spikes and an inspiration to people who have no money and cant buy exspensive running shoes.
we have a local version. Zola Budd = Binay; Mary Decker = Mar. 😜
OK Winter Olymics on at 6:30!! How many went to Squaw Valley 1960 Winter Olympics?? Tickets from 84 Summer Olympics in LA. We went to many quality events including the 1500 where Mary Decker (the large favorite) got tangled up with the young Zola Budd from South Africa and fell. This was tragic and poor Zola Budd went thru ***
LOL 'come dine with me'. 4 Olympians Fatima Whitbread, Zola Budd, Dalton Grant n Kriss Akabusi. Battle to throw the best dinner party. Caught it late but its made me laugh. Oh my the ladies have changed
On January 18... In the 1984 Summer Olympics, Zola Budd collided with the favored Mary Decker of the U.S. and knocked Decker out of the race. Decker’s first race after that controversial event occurred on this day in 1985 in Los Angeles, where Decker broke the indoor record for the 2,000-meter race with a time of 5:34.2. She also set the outdoor mile record that same year with a time of 4:16.7. Decker has held seven different track and field records in the 800 to 10,000-meter races throughout her career but has never won an Olympic medal.
***Some Important GK Questions And Answers*** = 1. London hosts/hosted the 2012 Olympic Games. In which previous years have London hosted the games? 2. In the 1994 Winter Olympics, how many athletes represented Israel? 3. What connects the following athletes: runners Zola Budd and Bernard Lagat and basketball player Becky Hammon? 4. How old was Linford Christie when he won gold for the 100m in Barcelona (a record age)? 5. Which Olympic sport is played with stones and brooms? 6. Which racket sport made its Olympic debut in 1992? 7. What colours make up the Olympic rings? 8. Which Summer Olympic Games was the first to be televised live? 9. Considering that India has a population exeeding one billion people, how many gold medals did India win at the Beijing games of 2008? 10. How many national Olympic committees exist (Plus or minus five)? 11. The first disabled athlete to compete in the Olympic Games was American George Eyser in 1904, he had one artificial leg. In which event did he compete? 12. Which track ...
Should be proud of the great British sporting legends this small island has produced: Tony Greig, Kevin Pietersen, Zola Budd..
i might join fun run(s) if they'd allow me barefooted. gone are the days when barefoot runners ruled the track, Arsenia Sagsaray (Phils.) & Zola Budd (So.Africa). i've run barefoot once in a 3,000-m. run high school track competition.
Lindiwe Mazibuko was dressed inappropriately in parliament though.that short skirt definitely isn't for parliament.
I'm doing a story on barefoot runners. Do you know anyone?
Omg u Nunu wam is not getting better. Ukutya akuhlali tu. So frustrated.
Wolfie is the Zola Budd of who s her Mary Decker? ref
gone are the days when Zola budd used to trip them over
Forgetting to take your trainers to the gym! The words f**k and *** spring to mind!
Move over Zola budd why pie shaz is on her way might even loose the Nike trainers next week ha ha :) x
Walking round Manchester With a suit on and pair flip flops , feet killin , some funny looks ha !!
Parker beats Botha in second round ! TKO ! Must be my mouth guard that gave him the speed and power !
Im in love nd im hpy,dnt follow me im married*singing out loud ka voice ya BRENDA FASIE*
I finally went for a run . I thought I ran 2 miles and walked back the last 1/4 mile. this distance calculator must need calibrating, it says I only ran 1.42 miles. well at least I ran..
It's true what they say he always takes the best ones :( Gone put never forgotten, always in my heart :) xxx
Okay so we are all guilty of having a whine on fb, but that's all some people seem to do on here! Get a life man!
Why do people want city to sign Calvin Zola?? id rather sign Zola Budd!!
Ran 7k in 35 mins, my fitness needs improving!
Just had Zola Budd enter my head. Weird
Nobody got it. The answer was: Zola Budd
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Running tday..a drunk man screamed and pointed at me. U R IN TOP SHAPE! All the validation I need. :-P lol. Ralph Jennings are u in town? Lol
5k in the bag, really proud of my girls 1st 5k aged 4!!! Zola Budd look out!!
Going to have the best muscles in the world after using these f***ing crutches!
If i go any Browner twill be Rag'ed, not Ragzy
Zola Budd to run the Comrades - She's hoping to run 90 kilometres in 8 hours...
Just drove past a guy running bare foot up a hill on the way to our friends at Cookley! Whats that about? Maybe he was doing a runner. .? Maybe a relative of Zola Budd?
After 4 weeks of deliberation I have finally got myself some new running trainers! I tryed on probably 20-30 pairs.. I'm happy with them but Wednesday will be the test!
So I decided to switch channels to Athletics from Holland..1500 meter race for women. The winner? 20 Year old Areba Arewabi ( forgive me if I spelt wrong ). The commentator says she is Ethiopian that has changed Nationality ( not a problem as I can also have dual nationality )... BUT. And here is what I don't get and the commentator and a lot of people in Athletics also. ( his words )..She is married to an Ethiopian AND still resides in Ethiopia.. And and for good measure has just set a Swedish record for 1500 Meters. PLEASE.
Oh yeah. Missed the last train in ncl even after running like Zola budd in 6" heels 󾰬
I did not think the thing that would get me to stop running would be wearing out my shoes, but here we are.
I bet you were a huge fan of Zola Budd
Zola Budd’s daughters are also successful runners. Notable for wearing shoes, though…
Putting my feet up before the afternoon run with Pippa "Zola Budd" Bird Pippa Bird. Will be interesting after Pump & Attack this morning.
Saturday afternoon jog - tights, long sleeve top: Winter weather won't stop me :)
Lovely 10km run this morning with Zola Budd on Durbans beautiful beach front.
These ws my Dad's first taxi toyota super 10 FKV 888 T and I luvd it to beats nd i enjoyd workin with my dad. I tink dats wer i fal inluv wit d taxi industry nd i nva stopd lovin it. And today i am a proud owner of Toyota quantum sesfikile nd its d best taxi since zola budd. God we pray for yo continued blesings in dis industry. God save d taxi industry...
Running barefoot on the beach it's like it was 1984 and I was Zola again! 󾟙󾌰
This race was marked by the infamous Mary Decker/Zola Budd incident. I've been reluctant to post the video because it's so choppy, the tape stopped more than...
I seriously need a new pair of running shoes ... wore a pair tonight and ended up with another blister! THAT ***
A beaming Fawad Ahmed has expressed his appreciation of - and loyalty to - Australia after a parliamentary law amendment paved the way for the former asylum seeker's call-up to England for an Ashes trial.
What are the best rivalries of all time in track & field?
Y ha batho ba bantsho ba hlola mo di athletics be it comrades marathon or whatever n then they should be tested for drug enhancing perfomance. We had bo Zola Budd, Bruce Fordyce n they were never tested. *** selfish segregation in terms of colour. Relating to the recent comrades marathom.
So there I am commencing my evening run here in Newlands. Zola Budd comes up and asks if she can join me. Spent 10km with an Olympian and SA icon. Received expert tips for a life time.
So there I am commencing my 10km evening run. Zola Budd joins
Agility training Zola Budd style today and I think I did run faster
COME DINE WITH ME: it features ZOLA BUDD, how she has grown yoh!...
Purple Qantum Zola Budd rocks except it drive
Morning! Should feel refreshed after 5 mile run last night.reality? More Elmer fudd than Zola Budd:-) 40 is the new 60 this morning;-)
Newton Running presents New Paradigms in Endurance Sports Conference tomorrow through Thursday with Zola Budd, Dr Mark Cucuzzella and Dr Timothy Noakes at Sports Science Institute of South Africa
Nice night for a run even the shorts came out !
Watching Come Dine with me UK, Zola Budd competing. Did you ever, she doesn't enjoy cooking.
Wow, Zola Budd is on Come Dine with me - Europe. So cool!!! BBC Lifestyle
Bruce Fordyce Comrades after party tomorrow at 11am, Docklands Hotel, Durban. See you there.
Finished at last, finished at last. Thank God almighty I am finished at last. According to my heart rate monitor: 10:28.04. 92.21 kms. 6'49" / km. 8,406 calories
Just had the most amazing interview with Billy Casper AKA Dai Bradley, you're not going to want to miss this interview - Although next week is an equally amazing chat with Zola Budd - this was Hairston the back of your neck raisingly good. He talks about training with Barry Hines and Loach paying more for the caning scenes... Wow.
Thank you to everyone who has sponsered me, ive raised almost £ 100. I ran the race is 34mins 25secs :-)
We need another Elena Meyer and Zola Budd. South African women...we need new herions...Comrades winners.
Hats off to these comrades runners,still think they mental thou
Watching comrade marathon.Atleast Mzansi guys are doing it for us.As for women twin ladies of Nurgalieva are dominating as always.
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I hope i will make it to the finish line running comrades marathon 20km done 55km to go looks good in top 30 now
Comrades 2013! Leading runner just passed through Bothas Hill . Crowds going wild on road outside work. Good luck all! :)
Morning frenzo,i can't believe Zola Budd is as old as im seeing her now on t.v. The sport woman i inspired from my childhood. I wonder how old is she now?
Dam!!Dam!!So0o sad my Hero's Bruce Fordyce & Zola Budd(Pieterse) is not going to run in the comrades marathon this year!!:'(.Get well soon Guyz!...
I will be commentating on Comrades with Zola Budd today in the TV studio. Have a great race everyone.
Good luck to all the Comrades tomorrow ! Apparently neither myself, nor Zola Budd will be going for silver this time around...
Who fancies giving me a lift home from my sisters??? Xx
Okay so FFarin Montanezaka "THE BEAST" came in second in her age group and 25th. overall.IN HER FIRST EVER HALF MARATHON!
Man that run hurt like f**k, need a large vodka now to numb my pain , x
Metro is on point with old school. Brenda - Zola Budd
Wie was jou held of heldin toe jy 'n kind was? Dina
Tomorrow is "The Long Run To Glory". Good luck to all the Comrades Runners, lift your knees on those uphill's - remember Vuyo Mbuli will be with you all in spirit, he was looking so forward to this years Comrades Marathon.
Ah, shame, I remember Zola Budd, she is on 3 Talk. Wow, flash back!
A long overdue blog has been added to check it out. Zola Budd gets a mention ;)
Anyone fancy a quick 2.5 mile run on the green?
♥ My Daddy wrote: At the 2010 Comrades Marathon Vuyo Mbuli told me he only wants 2 run the Comrades 3 times,sunday would've been his last year i will do it 4 u Vuyo,SHARP,SHARP buddy R.I.P.. Isn't this just super sweet!♥ Love u Daddy...R.I.P Vuyo..♥
Very sad to withdraw from Comrades due to the flu.all the best to all the runners on Sunday, will be cheering for all of you
Ahh. Zola Budd has withdrawn from ComradesMarathon due to illness.
One of South Africa's most accomplished middle distance runners Zola Budd has withdrawn from the Comrades Marathon due to illness.
Former world record holder ill too soon before Sunday's ultra.
3 mile weighted vest barefoot run completed. no idea how I'm going to manage the 8.5 mile Fun Run on Sunday with them on though. Ouch.
Griep he is wragti ni vi susies ni.Ek voel...mislik!
Zola budd wnt b competing in da comrade maraton eish she has flu
Today I made the most difficult decision in my life, ie not to run Comrades 2013. My heart is sore. I have a chest infection and running would be suicidal. Thanks for the support friends. I will be watching on TV and crying.
Nicole Thysse we will actually be there... Not sure if you are keen?
Update on comrades marathon is that docters have advised Zola Budd not to participate on sunday's event after a bout of flu! Phura and Mnakwe are you still participating ? Lol.
Ahh, Zola Budd has had to withdraw from Comrades due to illness. Get better soon, Zola! - she was going for a silver...
Zola Budd is still winning races. With 34 days until Comrades she won the North Myrtle Beach Divas 1/2M in 79:58.
The likes of coach Zola Budd and Bruce Fordyce taking part in the on Saturday. Good luck guys!
Gutted!!! Zola Budd, inspiration when I was a teenager (along with Seb Coe and all our other great athletes) has sold out to some shoe company...
Re: Norwegian Championship: I'm sure that we could get Zola Budd to Curl for Scotland!
This Charity is linked to Massipumelelo High School in Fishoek were I arranged 28 pairs of Newton Running shoes for disadvantaged kids and is supported by Zola Budd, Newton Running, Rockets, Fast and Remarkable, Digital Express . To assist me with my future journey in China please make a donation ! !
Oscar Pistorius Shot Girlfriend After Finding Out She Was Pregnant? A bombshell has been dropped in Reeva Steenkamp’s murder as new report has claimed that Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius may have shot his girlfriend dead after learning that she was pregnant with his child. If the revelation is true, it would be the latest in a string of twists since the death of model Reeva Steenkamp at Pistorius’ home on Valentine’s Day. Pistorius claims he killed Steenkamp accidentally, opening fire after mistaking her for an intruder in his bathroom. Meanwhile Desmond Nair, who presided over the bail hearing, is in mourning after it is believed one of his relatives killed herself and her children.
I was smoking him in flip flops until he went Zola Budd on me and tripped me from behind!
You know u black wen u start labeling cars after people... 1.Golf IV- Manyathela. 2.ML mercedes- Tony Yengeni. 3.Super T Hiace- Zola for Zola Budd the runner...
Caster Simenya is the first black woman to break a record at the age of 18 as a athlete in the olympics . Fact or Nonse . Spice of Life Live on 98.2 FM 17h20
Very Zola Budd of you with the bare feet.
Just heard that former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop has passed away at 96. One of the first big interviews I did as a wet-behind-the-ears reporter in the early 1980s. To say I was intimidated and over my head would be a wild understatement.
Really diggin the latest Running Mix music download at the gym... Can't resist the temptation to dance run on the treadmill though... I might start a club style dance class one of these days... None of that caveman poo all the dweebs are into for me... HARDCORE 90's style!!! YEAH!!!
There's some right cheeky little gets round here
Will Zola Budd be arrested for the murder of Mary Decker's gold medal chances?
First run of my new regime Time to get running ! 2 miles here I come :(
Go barefoot. If it's good enough for Zola Budd, it's good enough for Dater! ;)
5mile road run done Now that's supporting my hubby in his marathon training :)
dunno what you're on about. Alright Zola Budd
Poor Little Swift Girl: Think you know the story of Olympic runner Zola Budd? Think again. Even if you remembe...
Barefoot Running - Is it For You? Running Barefoot? Zola Budd made barefoot running famous by breaking the women's 5000-meter world recor
there's precedent, we adopted Zola Budd, she had no shoes so similar
Most controversial When Zola Budd ran 1985 race in Birkenhead, demonstrators ran into her path and forced her off the course.
Why is it that SA athletes are surrounded with controversy? Zola Budd; Kaster Semenya;
All purpose parts banner
It is not up to us to judge Oscar. The law provides us that privilege. I am just saddened by the way the press has handled the whole situation. All of us can learn from the dignity and respect Reeva's family has shown in the last few days.
Zola7 + Die Antwoord collaborated to make the hit single inspired by 's obscure fetish with Zola Budd's feet.
Zola Budd, for instance. And all of the Ninja Turtles.
ye can't be doing a Zola Budd mucker!
“Remember to support this great initiative :) Support a great cause!
Remember to support this great initiative :)
What an amazing experience this morning! I do not think I have ever seen anyone do a spinning class without any snickers/tekkies/trainers but I did today because I forgot them at home. You will never know what you possess until it’s tested. The trainer kept on looking at me, and I am not sure what she thought of me!I do not think I ever drew such attention to myself even worse when not many people looked like me.
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