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Zoe Ball

Zoë Louise Ball (born 23 November 1970 in Blackpool, Lancashire) is an English television and radio personality, most famous for becoming the first female host of the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show and for her earlier work presenting the 1990s children's show, Live & Kicking.

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Does anyone know where Zoe Ball got her black sequin jumper worn on Strictly It takes Two 17th Nov 2014?
Zoe Ball - The fabulous presenter of It Takes Two has stars in her eyes over Soulmatefood...
Topshop to auction Met Ball dresses for charity:  Remember when Kendall Jenner made her MET Ball Gala debut ba...
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Be sure to tune in to It Takes Two tonight to see Steve & Ola talking about their upcoming Jive with Zoe Ball - BBC2 @ 6.30pm.
The Zoe Ball black sequin chandelier jumper on BBC Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two is by Markus Lupfer . FIND...
black sequin chandelier jumper on by FIND HERE>>
🎶 I like meat in a wrecking ball. I never hit so hard in love 🎶 ... wait here's something weird O.o
Strictly Come Dancing: Tess Daly and Zoe Ball are ''thinking of'' Claudia ... Tess Daly
On the run! Zoe Ball keeps up her fitness regime with light sprint... as she gears up to p
SCD is confusing me atm because I've always got Zoe Ball and Tess Daly mixed up.
I think Zoe Ball and Tess Daly complement each other perfectly on
No disrespect to Claudia but i quite like Tess Daly and Zoe Ball presenting together
Somebody sack Tess Daly and give Zoe Ball a permanent gig on please.
Zoe Ball: I accidently revealed mycontestant crush and showed my fat pants on live TV - now via
Richard Osman inspired on HIGNFY tonight. How about him for permanent presenter? Or ... how about him and Zoe Ball presenting ... anything?
Zoe Ball to cover for Claudia Winkleman on Strictly Come Dancing again - Digital Spy UK
Q11: Who is the main presenter of this year's Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC? Bruce Forsyth, Tess Daly or Zoe Ball?
why is tess still presenting? She is awful. The spiders did a better job. Please replace her. Zoe Ball is far better.
I love Zoe Ball. Dats my childhood right durrr
Just caught up on Strictly. Zoe Ball totally aced it.
Zoe Ball will replace Claudia Winkleman on tonight's Strictly Come Dancing.
Zoe Ball is doing a VERY good job of taking over the puns
Strictly Come Dancing: Claudia Winkleman replaced by Zoe Ball on tonight's live show
Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Viewers call for more Zoe Ball - Metro
Zoe Ball was an amazing last minute stand-in for Claudia tonight on
My wife just walked in. "Oh, it's actually Zoe Ball. I thought Claudia Winkleman had come as Tess."
'Lovely' Zoe Ball is a hit with viewers well done
I've taped tonight's - am wondering what on earth is going on with Zoe Ball's dress?! Possibly ill-fitting or itchy undergarments!
Zoe Ball was fabulous tonight... A little nervous to start but by the end Zoe was shining . Out performed Tess. Mm
Loving Zoe Ball on tonight. Think she's doing a great job!
why does Zoe ball keep pulling at her dress ? Are her tights falling down ?
Zoe ball well done on strictly . Hope you can stay on the show
The fabulous dress that Zoe Ball was wearing in the week is on my blog at the moment.
Have to say, I thought Zoe Ball did a great job of showing why she shouldn't be near the main show. Far too zany. Get well soon Claudia.
Ladies in black! Tess Daly smoulders in elegant floor-length gown... as she is joined by co-host Zoe Ball for ...
“Zoe Ball is doing an excellent job on Strictly tonight. The producers have a big decision to make next year
Strictly Come Dancing viewers might not be missing Claudia so much. Host Claudia Winkleman had to pull out of...
I never realised Zoe Ball was so tall, towering over Tess,as normally it's Tess towering over Claudia.
Can we have Zoe Ball permanently, alongside Claudia? Just an idea.
3 things:. 1 is brilliant. 2 looks a bit like Carlos Valderrama . 3 Zoe Ball is fab
World Newshound - Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Zoe Ball is a runaway hit as she steps in for C... - Read it now at
Zoe Ball is standing in tonight for Claudia. Find out more here
Good job Zoe Ball but why did you keep hitching your dress up?
Incredible - where do these nonentities come from ? Zoe Ball was a stunning low point of celebrity United fans. No one cares - sshh
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Zoe Ball was fantastic, you'll enjoy that!
Zoe Ball to replace Claudia Winkleman on tonight's Strictly Come Dancing
So need to get rid of Tess Dead Behind The Eyes Daly and replace with Zoe Ball full time. Claudia & Zoe would be…
I see your Zoe Ball and raise you a Janet Street Porter!
However, the last two stand-ins for Chris Evans on the breakfast show were Zoe Ball and Sara Cox (both previously on Radio 1)
Yeh good call, and that Sue Perkins bint, and Zoe Ball, and that bell end "Gadget Man"
I think after many many years I have lost my hatred for Zoe Ball. However she seems to have been replaced by Greg Wallace.
Do you remember Live & Kicking with Zoe Ball, Jamie Theakston and Andy Peters?
"And if you'd like More London, switch over to BBC Two now and join Zoe Ball, whose guest tonight is Vernon Kay."
A few pictures of our skydiving cakes from last week with Zoe Ball. And a massive well done to everyone who took part in raising money for motor neurone disease 👍
we are on radio 2 tomorrow after 8am on Zoe Ball's show playing some acoustic songs - NB its normally Chris Evans's show, he's away.
Haven't we finished blowing smoke up James Corden's *** yet?. I was hoping he'd have gone the way of Zoe Ball & Vernon Kay by now
Nooo not Claudia Winkleman to join Tess Daly for Strictly Come Dancing. Bad move. I dont think I can watch those two simpering about. Ratings will fall. Should've had Zoe Ball and Anton.
Claudia Winkleman (The Great British Sewing Bee, Film 2014) will join Tess Daly to host this year's Strictly Come Dancing, the BBC have confirmed. Winkleman has co-hosted the Strictly Results Show for the past four series, and hosted spin-off show It Takes Two for six years, before Zoe Ball took ove…
Ah, Zoe Ball, whose inept & amateurish ways have driven me - for this week only - to what is surely her spiritual home of commercial radio.
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Am loving listening to Zoe Ball this morning - fab tunes!!
great tunes this morning with Zoe Ball
Well done ,replacing Chris Evans with Zoe Ball to make him look relatively good.
Loving Zoe ball this morning on radio 2. Takes me back the nineties
Blimey I feel old. Listening to Zoe Ball on radio2 so far this morning she has played GNR November Rain, REM Shiny Happy People, Lisa Loeb Stay and George Michael Faith music was awesome in the 90's
Zoe Ball makes infinitely more listenable in the mornings. This should be her day-job.
Zoe Ball rocking on Radio 2 this morning. Making the M25 a pleasant journey. :))
Zoe Ball - you try to like her, then she plays Gary Bloody Barlow.
Zoe Ball saying she's never seen Footloose??? Shame on you!! It's a life requirement to have watched it at least 30 times!!
perfect start for a Tuesday , Zoe Ball and blue sky's !
Morning people, listerned to Zoe Ball on the way in, and she played 2 songs first pretty decent and the second Fandabydozy, but between the songs I had to lkistern to her going on about Ballet. Now I'm not a big fan of Ballet ever since I got rejected as male lead dancer for Swan Lake, but thjats another story, anyhow the songs were Joleyne by Dolly Parton and the second song was November Rain, Guns n Roses. Have a lovely day all.
Zoe ball presenting the breakfast show time to find a different station to much waffling on about rubbish
Zoe Ball still in for Chris Evans. DAB retune
“Magic 8 ball, should I get drunk tonight?
please follow me and also can you try to do a cotton ball challenge with zoe that would be sooo cool I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU ps……….im only 10
Prom is May 17th at Embassy Suites from 8-11. The theme is Romeo and Juliet's Masquerade Ball (so wear a mask!)
from (North) Cheam my home town so can't give you that. Zoe Ball perhaps.
in all fairness Zoe, I can only see you on a court.. Can't see a ball or any evidence you've hit one! 😊
Just threw a paper ball and hit Zoe in the face. Mrs. Clausing saw and asked who did it and no one ratted me out.
Zoe I hate to break it to you, but that's a painful way to warm the ball, especially if your opponent is a hacker..!
Some1 told me the Tupac hologram will be at Governors Ball?
Builders need their radios but Is there anyone in the media more nauseating than Zoe Ball, messing my R2 listening up this week,
Zoe Ball is a bit too hyper for early morning breakfast radio. I like to be eased into the day not speeded up !
Did you hear your namecheck on Zoe Ball's show this morning?
Zoe Ball isn't bad at all on the breakfast show.
. Even Zoe Ball can't wait to watch the tonight!
please do the electric shock ball challenge 🙏 The ones Joe did with Zoe & Alfie were hilarious I actually cried :')
...listening to Zoe Ball today sitting in for Christoph & wandered when ... & if she was going to take a breath ...
9. Well today I've truly lived and learned...!!! Thanks to our Uckfield FM listener, Ian McKay, I now know what 'Sexting' is (thanks for the explanation Tony Williams - still want to know how you know...???); and I now also know I'm - Zoe Ball...! :-) (Ok for Zoe Ball read me, for Chris Evans read Gary King, and for The Chris Evans Breakfast Show read Uckfield FM...!) :-) Waking you up bright and early in the morning with Brekky on the ever-brilliant 105 Uckfield FM from 6.30-9am! Have yourselves a good day in this gorgeous sunshine til then! :-)
Zoe Ball AND Ryan Tubredy on holiday cover, in the same week? Wow, it looks as though is keen for me to defect somewhere else
This morning, was mentioned by Zoe Ball on I may ask for his autograph when I get home :)
So, Zoe Ball has just told the country on radio 2 she's going to her first ever ballet class this evening - you can join her! The next Dancing on the Edge course starts tonight: 7.15-7.45pm - Dance Fusion, focussing on musical theatre this course, come along for a bit of Chigago and 'All that Jazz' 7.45-8.00pm - stretch and tone - time to work out those bikini bodies 8.00-9.00pm - Adult ballet - join Zoe for your first ballet class
Morning! Ball-athon part 2 on the way, with Michael taking over from Zoe until 12 (AKA half way through the week!)
Stuck in traffic...should have already arrived...very glad of Zoe Ball on
Zoe Ball on Radio 2 breakfast show is always a winner.
Compared porridges with Zoe Ball this morning
Zoe Ball is playing some epic tunes on this morning
Zoe Ball don't talk over the intro to Oasis Don't look back in anger!
Scrolls the dial to radio 2. Zoe Ball doing breakfast show this week it seems. 7 seconds later.. scrolls dial..
Zoe Ball growing on me - because unlike Chris Evans she at least plays the whole record.
Finding Zoe Ball really annoying this morning.💂
Morning Zoe Ball . . . & excited about new show 8pm tonight BBC2
What are the most dreaded words in the English media? Simple. "Zoe Ball in for Chris." I simply don't understand why the Radio 2 top brass think she has any suitability for the station at all, let alone on its flagship show.
Zoe Ball just played Stay With Me Til Dawn on R2 - nice start to day 😄
"Is it Rocky 3 when he's training in the snow and Apollo's in the high tech Russian place?" There are numerous things wrong with that statement: 1. It was actually Rocky 4 2. The main villain in Rocky 3 was Clubber Lang anyway 3. You're getting Apollo Creed mixed up with Ivan Drago, aka THE GUY WHO KILLED HIM 4. Why would Apollo be training in a Russian gym when his whole thing is that he's more American than Steve Rogers and Uncle Sam put together? If you take anything away from this status, other than basic knowledge of the Rocky sequels, let it be this; Zoe Ball annoys me, Chris Evans dot wan ya bass.
06:30 The Chris Evans Breakfast Show: Zoe Ball sits in for Chris, presenting a fully interactive show for all the fa…
J's on my feet, J's on my feet. ball is life
Thanks big bro BALL out at Easter Illinois gonna miss y'all best of luck bro RT“be great young Zoe be great.”
Spotted Bill Nighy and Zoe Ball in Soho today. Better than last time when I only saw Suggs. Sorry Suggs but Bill looks better in a suit.
Just had an apology from Zoe Ball for waffling over Fleetwood Mac earlier on R2. Hopefully all DJs will stop with verbal diarrhoea!
Zoe Ball gets the Soul Asylum lyric "Bought a ticket to the runaway train, like a madman laughing at the rain" tattooe…
“I seriously just want to curl up into a ball and cry”
idk who Zoe lady think she is chile 😂 she's trying to ball out on my budget.
Its :-D Get filling your garden with wildflowers and help nature! http:…
What is the point of a Zoe Ball? Ruining a perfectly good radio frequency this morning.
tell Zoe ball to stop bloody talking!
Has Zoe Ball forgotten she is on playing scratch records now??
Oh dear, I've just discovered that Zoe Ball is sitting in for Chris Evans next week 😞 I shall not be tuning in til 9.30
My votes go to John Barrowman and Zoe Ball
😳 Scd if they pick Zoe Ball, John Barrowman or Vernon Kay to host Scd then I will stop watching it.
I caught a bit of the weird "British Folk Awards" last night... Guest appearances by such bastions of folk music as Zoe Ball, Greg *** Jarvis Cocker, historian Kate Williams, Tony Christie and Kevin Brennan, MP for Cardiff West. Suzanne Vega became a folk singer for the night. If the budget could have stretched to getting Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyonce to represent "Folk music" no doubt they would have done.
Thank you Zoe Ball for making my morning, best quote when talking to basil brush. "i'm also growing a bush to hide my cracks"
. . . prefer listening to Basil Brush on the 'wireless' to the annoying Zoe Ball!
Dear Radio 2, can it be true that with immediate effect you will be replacing all your crap DJs? Leaving only Zoe Ball and Bob Harris?
Movie: 100 Million Laughs (2013) Release Date: December 29, 2013 Stars: TagLine: Lenny Henry, Steve Jones and Zoe Ball look back at an almighty night of comedy and fundraising in this special programme showcasing the best of Red Nose Day 2013, featuring comedy royalty Peter Kay, David Walliams,...
18:30 Strictly - It Takes Two: Zoe Ball takes a sneak peek into rehearsals for the Grand Final.
What the *** has happened to Zoe Ball? I remember she used to look quite fit for a tall skinny bird. Now she looks like a scarecrow on whiz. That's strictly for you.
funny and aggressive on your part miss "they've got no ball!" Relph
channelO jus played miley Cyrus- wrecking ball and my mind jus took me to idol days when Zoe was performing the song.
"yes they were and we turn the ball over to much it was Lee Allen 22 zoe duece duece
Like Laura's a positive ball of energy while Zoe's goofy & sweet yes but more calm and Ross likes to be all chill while Alfie has no
my dad wants me to get a scholarship on volleyball. I don't even play volley ball
21st is the Yule ball and Zoe and kara's bday it's gonna be a fun fun day
Dozed off on the sofa and got woken up by a chicken ball thrown at me
Anne Aston on Bullseye, reminding us that indeed there is someone more annoying on TV than Zoe Ball.
Zoe needs to rest up because she has a ball of energy headed her way in a few days. See you guys soon!
Really don't think I can manage a whole hour of Zoe Ball. 30 mins is more than enough
Zoe Ball is rubbish bring back Claudia Winkleman cause she's a million times better
Just watching strictly takes 2 how flippin tall is zoe ball. X x omg I rhyme! !
Please bring Claudia back at least she has more than 1 pair of trousers to wear and zoe ball is so annoying
Zoe Ball needs imprisoned for life. For crimes against my happiness.
Zoe Ball has a face like a constipated mandrill.
Not having a good day! Feel like curling up into a ball and crying! :(
I read that as Zoe Ball. This will only make sense to Brits.
Zoe ball spotted in Oxford Street. hoping for a little higher by the end of the day!
So why didn't she grovel like some celebrities I know who put their families first like Zoe ball
On the upside, crashing the ITV Christmas party hosted by Zoe Ball last night was good fun.
Got given an xmas card by total stranger in bar. He then refused to give a blank one to my friend so he could give it to Zoe Ball.
Photoset: at the 2013 93.3 FLZ’s Jingle Ball held at Tampa Bay Forum in Tampa,...
Gotcha. Major metros get it. Rural sport editor desks often men that care for little more than mens ball sports
My sister got hit in the face with a ball at practice and then another girl got shoved to the ground, zoe said it was Rez ball lol
Quick follow back, on the ball there Zoe!
Cripes can Zoe Ball get anymore loud or irritating on It Takes Two? Talk about sycophantic
watching Kinsey sharkeish a ball today in gym is in the top 5 funniest things that I've ever seen
Hi Zoe, officers were making arrests following reports a ball bearing gun was fired at a vehicle earlier today.
Everything about Zoe Ball is fake. Her chemistry with Ian Waites is none existent
Will never forget Zoe's performance of wrecking ball
"Mann Imma ball like crazy in this weather 😄😄"when you out?
Mann Imma ball like crazy in this weather 😄😄
Having a ball with the guys for our Christmas party! Forgot how amazing quasar was! 🎄🍸
"zoe ur pic is just weird. not creative, not original just weird" . ok but my at least my bio was never "I came in like a wrecking ball"
Just saw Zoe Ball. Any real need for shades because it wasn't a good disguise. Heavy night maybe?
Hello, could you tell me where Zoe Ball's jumper is from? Worn on Tuesday's it takes two programme. Grey with snowflakes.
Well I got most of the lights on the tree; Zoe chewed the ball off the top of Michael's brand new Santa hat;...
PHYSICS: It's the science where you use extremely long and complicated formulas to explain why a ball rolls.
Why don't I have a date to winter ball, you ask? Obviously because you have to be special to be with princess zoe.
Mom- "I got a power ball ticket with all our birthday numbers on it: 3 15 21 24 7 10" Dad-...Zoe's birthday is on the 20th...
"Ima ball forever! Future voice" you was at the mall today with a orange shirt on?
The family went, was as sick as a dog with the flu! They had a ball. Son managed to go & took his girlfriend ;(
But every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom, blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room.
where did Zoe Ball get her lovely sparkley snowflake top on tonight love it!
In the electric shock challenge with Alfie and Joe whenever the shock ball was passed to Alfie all u hear is OH MY GOD OH MY GOD ZOE HELP ME
can you tell me where Zoe Ball got her jumper on
please can you tell me where the top Zoe Ball was wearing in tonight's Strictly programme is from?
where did Zoe ball get her snowflake jumper from it takes two 17/12/13?
With my sister Jean Browne watching her HD TV. Very unconvinced that I need to see Zoe Balls wrinkles actually. Eyesight deteriorating with age is nature being kind.
Cringemaking Zoe Ball grovelling to Scouser Abby - yuk!󾍖
Y'all wearing your christmas jumpers tomorrow? Donna Stacey Sam Waddington Zoe Ball
Who would have thought that the Housemartins, an indie left wing band from Hull, would end up spawning so many talented individuals - Stan Cullimore ended up as a renowned children`s author & composer of TV kids themes, Norman Cook became Fat Boy Slim (and married Zoe Ball!), and Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway went on to form the Beautiful South. The only negative being the original drumer, Hugh Whittaker, who ended up in prison. The virtual festive gem for TUESDAY 17th DECEMBER is a superb piece of work, Caravan of love.
Zoe Ball: "The hairy biker isn't here to stick his meat thermometer in!" I beg your parsnips?!
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Zoe ball.she still only aboot 30 or wit???󾌳
Thanks for a lovely afternoon Steve Ball and Zoe Ball at Caister Castle Carvery nice food nice drinks good kids.
Celebrities who have suffered with Post Natal Depression. .. Brooke Shields Princess Diana Courtney Cox Zoe Ball Elle McPherson Sadie Frost Gywneth Paltrow Fern Britton Judy Finnegan Alanis Morrisette Katie Price Marie Osmond If you know of any more please comment below. Its not just us who is affected by PND, it can affect ANYBODY! ~ ppbb
Jules Emery Walwin is the craziest most hard core motha fakaw i no, always got that prity smile n boot stomp thatle get her and all her loved ones, ther n smiling with her, shes the female sabu i think, yeh heh, jubu, ha, altho she is a cross between, jo whyly, uma thurman, macheala strakon n zoe ball shes got that huge set a nuts u just got to admire, love ya jules and apreciate evry breath u breath
Alan Davies actually came first in "Q.I. with.MINUS 6! A great morning in Father Newton Abbot, it could have been Father Away, or Father Still...[that is especially for Kirsten, Barry and Natalie] Did some shopping had a hair trim and a nice festive coffee in Costa. It's our Anniversary tomorrow [39 years] and we had a rather yumptious bottle of Jacobs Creek Reserve Shiraz earlier on. We are off to Taunton on Sunday to spend the day with my fab family..always a great day...We've done it every Christmas for about 30 years. Saw 2 irresistible [history] books today which I'm getting for Christmas ...I would tell you that they are "The Winter King" [Henry V11] and "The Watchers" [Elizabeth 1st's Spymasters] but I have forgotten already that we went into Waterstones and they were bought for me!! Strictly semi-final tomorrow..come on Sophie and Brendan, or Aljaz and Abby I would really love to see either of you lift that trophy next week.only another week of the excellent Zoe Ball presenting "It takes Two" ...
I want a top like Zoe Ball on it takes two..
wants Zoe Balls bauble Christmas jumper please... anyone watching Strictly Take 2, where's it from?
I want Zoe Balls jumper! The one she's wearing on it takes two!
Zoe Ball's xmas sweater on Strictly is £265 nice but not that nice :(
Zoe Ball , for It Takes Two ,Susanna and Kevin , we discover the winner of this year's Pro Challenge
A GROUP for parents of children with special needs in Walsall which launched less than three months ago has moved on to its own venue, thanks to kind-hearted members of the community. Positively Special will officially re-launch in its new venue in Darwell Street – next to St Paul’s at The Crossing – this weekend, becoming the first recreational centre for families living with special needs in Walsall. The group was initially launched by two mums of special needs children – Donna Street and Zoe Ball – in September, and was based at the Surestart Alumwell Pleck Children’s Centre. But they have now branched out into their own base – and have been overwhelmed by the generosity of families in helping them set up their new venture. Donna, aged 35, said: “Parents have been donating, furniture, money, toys and their time proving to us that there is a great enthusiasm for Positively Special and what it provides. “In a time of cuts to children’s services it’s comforting to know that families ...
Karen Hardy, and husband Conrad Murray hosted the Karen Hardy Studio's 5th birthday bash at the Imperial Wharf. Chris Hollins, Gloria Hunniford, Zoe Ball, Jade Johnson, and Kristina Rihanoff were some of the celebrities attending the event.
Myself, Zoe Ball & Strictly Pro Iveta Lukosiute at the Studios party.
ZOE BALL IS ACEEE!! Strictly Come Dancing-it takes two…fock me id give anything to be her! all the sparkle, the fab outfits and the dancing :D
DTI we should flood ofcom with complaints because Zoe Ball said on SCD ITT the semi final is fast approaching yet Its only FA cup 3rd round in January.
Little Giant Ladders
I really do not like Zoe Ball. I have no reason for this, she just makes my skin crawl .
Zoe Ball. Dear god just make it stop.
Zoe Ball I like her but just looking at her face she looks very mannish !
Isn't Zoe Ball a complete disgrace to women everywhere ? In her forties, but still thinks it's OK to act like a teenage airhead. I feel sorry for her kids
Watching Strictly take two and zoe ball talks like a five year old. Grow up a bit x
Zoe ball presents "How to get the skin you want". It will help you to improve acne and acne scarring, pigmentation, fine lines,wrinkles, dull and tired looki...
Sitting on FCC service going into London Bridge. Sitting opposite Zoe Ball. Should I ask her to take a pic?
Not entirely sure if I am amused or not as I watch the Mandela memorial. It would appear the local broadcaster has decided to make it into a pantomime. While people are giving speeches, the broadcaster picks famous people out in the crowd. The crowd responds to the images with either cheers or boos depending who is being shown. Barack Obama - cheers. Robert Mugabe - boos and hisses. Yes, this is the perfect way to celebrate Mandela - a punch and judy performance. Whoever organised this clearly thought the BBC Day of the Doctor After Party hosted by Zoe Ball was the height of haute couture. On the plus side, I imagine wherever he is Mandela is having a good old laugh at this.
Had a lovely morning in town with my son today. I even had a chat with Zoe Ball outside Selfridge s. Came home and put up the outside lights and Christmas tree. I am now absolutely warn out and am going to bed.
Am I really the only one who noticed this last week on Strictly It Takes Two? This year's pro challenge is to do the maximum number of a particular dance-step (called a Drunken Sailor) in 30 seconds. Imagine my delight when Zoe Ball asked Ilona if she had "ever had to do this many drunken sailors in a row". I nearly wet myself.
Celebrities that look like they smell. Zoe Ball, Edith Bowman, Jodie Marsh, Sara Cox,
When Saturday mornings started with live and kicking with zoe ball and jamie theakston :)
Where was the Zoe Ball Sequin “lips” jumper from n Strictly It Takes Two? Zoe Ball was spotted wearing yet another sparkly sweater by the one and only Marcus Lupfer. On this occasion it was a Lips polka-dot sequined merino … Continue… [ 18 more words. ]
Zoe Ball she is just perfect. Yeah she is a ***
This morning I've given an opinion on a cake disaster, found out Finland give top hats and swords to Phd grads and seen a beautiful illustration of an Italian village. 16 years ago I would've just moaned I had to go to school and waited to hear if Zoe Ball would swear on the Radio 1 breakfast show. Technology is great.
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Swear zoe ball has a few line's of coke b4 doing Strictly Come Dancings it takes two!!she talks at 80 mph and could out talk me and I talk A LOT!I don't see anyone for days on end so the 1st person I see gets it all!lol
For those people in the UK you can see Jason tonight on 'It Take Two' with Zoe Ball on BBC 2 at 6.30pm tonight !!!
For the 2nd time in two years I managed to recognise a person from the tellybox in my shop, last time it was Zoe Ball...this time it was Super Hands.but the stingy goit didn't even spend a penny!
I was given 9 so here are 9 little known facts about Jennie Manley(sorry it took so long Granny Ogwen ): 1. I share a birthday with Zoe Ball 2. Mr favourite collour is Red and I dont like green 3. I have a chicken coop on my back garden which currently houses 3 large stones which my son feeds 4. It is my dream to live on a small holding in the middle of nowhere 5. I am scared of the dark, and forests, but not of any animals i know of 6. This has been the worst year of my life so far 7. I am trained to develop old 35 mm film as well as restoration and printing photos 8. According to the professionals i cant have children (work that one out lol) 9. I hate being in large groups of people and crowds scare the crap out of me If you click 'Like' I will give you a number
Is it just me or is zoe ball getting incredibly fit with age!?:)
Grab your hair lacquee and your sequins, throw back the rug and turn up the radio as BBC radio 2 brings the Strictly dance floor to your living room this Friday at 8. Craig Revel Horewood and Zoe Ball present the 60 piece BBC Concert Orchestra featuring interviews with past Strictly competitors.
Nice to see my cousins Zoe Zoe Ball and Jazzy Lee hope you like your pressie
Why oh why does Zoe Ball wear black all the time on It Takes Two?! She could wear any colour she likes.
After years of listening to choons on various radio Channels and the number of DJ'S that have been on air... I have finally found my Favourite Channel and the bestest DJ ever. Drive time 4pm-7pm, monday-Friday... IMAGINE FM 104.9. Great choons from the 80's 90's and more recent. Tune in to CHELLCEE AJ. A STAR in the making. Ken Bruce, Scott Mills, Chris Evans, Jo Whiley , Zoe Ball ! Start looking over your shoulders, there is a new kid in town... Watch this space.
Watching Strictly 'It takes two.' I swear Zoe Ball is just Claudia Winkleman in a blonde wig. Can't work out who annoys me more.
Does Zoe Ball shoot Heroin before she goes live on Strictky come dancing , how can anybody be so hyper about crap ?
Last leg of the "Corporate *** tour complete,we've had group hugs with Alex Turner and Zoe Ball tonight! And the veggie sausages were really"top sausage". "Guinness"elixir of the gods" Goodnight Charlie!!
Zoe Ball presents: How to get rid of stretch marks starring Sam Turner
Yet more ticket giveaways! Have you seen Dylan Mohan Gray's Sundance-selected FIRE IN THE BLOOD? This is the tale of ‘medicine, monopoly and malice’, the story of an unlikely group of people who took on giant pharmaceutical companies and Western governments to stop ‘the crime of the century’ and save millions of lives. BBC's Zoe Ball described it as: “Brilliant... a real-life David and Goliath story... an amazing documentary and a story that really needed to be told” We have one pair of tickets to a very special screening at the Frontline Club on Monday, with Director Q&A. Like/share this post and put your name below for a chance to get your hands on them. The winner will be drawn at 8pm tonight!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Am I the only person in the world who thinks that Zoe Ball is an utter ***
Christ, Zoe Ball really suits that hair style.
When the *** do 'Strictly' and 'X-Factor' finish? THEY SUCK! Roll on the new Sherlock...or anything where one has to use one's BRAIN! Dr Who was excellent last night - however, the BBC 3 After-show Party (apart from Matt Smith, John Hurt & Steven Moffat) was just dire! Who the blinkin heck was the thick bloke helping Zoe Ball present it - I was cringing with embarrassment? I know he's probably WELL famous, or something, and I look SAD for not knowing - but I'M GLAD & PROUD that I'm SAD! The whole thing ALMOST ruined it for me!
Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Is Claudia Winkleman the right person to replace Sir Bruce Forsyth? Bookies think so! It’s been revealed today that presenter Claudia Winkleman is the early favourite with Ladbrokes to replace Sir Bruce Forsyth – who as we reported earlier has warned that he won’t be around forever – on Strictly Come Dancing. With Sir Bruce’s retirement on the horizon the bookies are looking ahead to his potential replacements, and it’s his stand-in host Claudia Winkleman who finds herself as the front runner with odds of 6/4. Graham Norton is given a 3/1 chance to step-up to primetime Saturday night TV, or there’s 6/1 on offer for Zoe Ball, Anton Du Bec or John Barrowman to join Tess Daly in the Strictly ballroom. Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “Brucie’s shoes are big ones to fill, but the odds suggest Claudia’s got what it takes to present Strictly week in, week out.” Here’s a look at Ladbrokes latest betting Who will replace Sir Bruce Forsyth on Strictly Come Danci ...
Please BBC can we have someone decent to present the Dr Who 50th? There was that *** doing the links on BBC3 over the weekend, and now I see Zoe Ball is hosting the aftershow event on Saturday. And why have we Graham Norton involved aswell? Why not get Alan Carr aswell to make it a total car crash... The must be other people that would have jumped at the chance, I bet Richard Ashton would have done it. And that cobbled together 'new Dr show' even had Liza Tarbuck on it, who took all her time to name a Dr.even though there was one sat next to her. BBC seem to have an idea, open the studio door and chuck in who ever is passing and cheap.
Matt Smith, One Direction for 'Doctor Who' BBC Three special: Zoe Ball and Rick Edwards will...
Children in Need beats record total after raising £31m Doctor Who, JLS and the EastEnders cast were among the highlights of this year's BBC Children in Need, which beat last year's record money-raising total. Sir Terry Wogan presented the six-hour fund-raiser, with Fearne Cotton, Tess Daly, Zoe Ball and Nick Grimshaw. Olympic ice dancers Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean went head to head in a special Strictly Come Dancing edition as the annual appeal got under way. The on-the-night total of over £31m raised surpassed last year's £26m. Fund-raising events have been taking place around the UK.
When did Zoe Ball and Claudia Winkleman become so alike (and extremly annoying) with their mannerisms? Anthony Wilkin
Last shout for an alternative to Children in Need. Strongbox @ the Railway Tav Buckhurst Hill TONIGHT !!! 9pm but may start later if there's many in that wanna watch the footy. Pop Music and Footy, its the perfect night out, unless you're a fan of Zoe Ball.
My TV Selection for Wednesday 6.00pm: BBC 2 - Eggheads (Quiz) 6.30pm: BBC 2 - Strictly: It takes Two with Zoe Ball. 7.30pm: itv - Coronation Street. Kylie talks to David after he withdraws money from their account. 8.00pm: itv - Poirot's Last Case. Curtain starring David Suchet. 10.30pm: itv - Being Poirot. Documentary in which David Suchet goes in search of why is so popular after all these years.
Zoe Ball to Natalie Gumede: your hair looked great before you fainted. genius!
Strictly Come Dancing is on and I’m watching it. Can’t believe they let Zoe Ball back on telly after what she did to Norman Slim.
My Tv Selection for Thursday 6.30pm: BBC 2 - Strictly It Takes Two - Getting nearer to the weekend shows with Zoe Ball. 7.00pm: BBC 2 - Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. Simon Williams and Duncan Preston hunt for collectables in Essex. 8.00pm: BBC 2 - Masterchef: The Professionals. 4/24 - Chefs are challenged to demonstrate a dish of their own making before preparing a meal for a panel of renowned critics. 9.00pm: BBC 1 - Truckers. Last in the series about a transport firm in Nottingham. 10.35pm: itv - The Jonathan Ross Show. Another chance to see last Saturday's show if you missed it. 11.35pm: BBC 1 - This Week. Parliamentary goings on reported by Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson.
'Strictly Come Dancing': Zoe Ball calls for non-celebrity spin-off Zoe Ball has called for a non-celebrity version of Strictly Come Dancing. The It Takes Two presenter and former contestant said that the BBC should produce a spin-off series with members of the public teaming up with professional dancers. Strictly followed original show Come Dancing, which ran from 1949 to 1998 as a competition with dance enthusiasts. "They should do a public spin-off, like MasterChef," Ball told The Sun. "It would be the golden ticket - can you imagine if you got a golden shoe invitation posted through your door!" Ball explained that her BBC Two show attempts to feature dance fans, saying: "We have Natalie Lowe teaching a couple how to dance for their wedding. It's going to be the ultimate wedding dance." Speaking about the current series of Strictly, she added: "I love the fact that Susanna Reid has totally embraced it. She is incredible and there is something magical about her and her dance partner Kevin Clifton. They a ...
Wogan, Cotton, Grimmy & Ball to host CIN BBC Radio 1 and 2 presenters Sir Terry Wogan, Fearne Cotton, Zoe Ball and Nick Grimshaw will join Tess Daly as hosts of this year’s BBC Children in Need. The television event, to be held on November 15th, will be broadcast live from Albert Square and a new Children in Need studio. Special guests will include One Direction, Doctor Who, Harry Hill, and cast of Call The Midwife. British sporting legends Torvill & Dean will be taking to the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom, dancing head-to-head against each other whilst the cast of EastEnders will put on a special performance featuring a number of dance styles from Bollywood to ballroom, live in Albert Square. Sir Terry Wogan, Children in Need Life President, says, “Every year the BBC Children in Need Appeal night is a testament to the extraordinary generosity of the British people. We’ve got the lovely Zoe Ball joining the firm this year, along with the wonderful Tess and Fearne and Mr Grimshaw, and the inimitable ...
(not sure I should tell you this but I had her grouped in the same tv gang as Winkelman, Zoe Ball, Sara Cox and Suzi Perry)
Hubby just said that he thinks Claudia Winkleman's makeover has been a bit extreme. That could be because the presenter is actually Zoe Ball
Is someone trying to turn Zoe Ball into Claudia Winkleman?
To do list tools down for a bit, as its “Strictly It Takes Two”, although wish Claudia Winkleman was still presenting, she knocks the spots off Zoe Ball don’t you think?!?!
Fiona on the sofa with Zoe Ball tonight on Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two at 6.30pm on BBC2. Can't wait. xx
Zoe Ball follows me. I must be a huge disappointment.
Exactly! Live And Kicking on Saturday morning with Jamie Theakston and Zoë Ball as well. I didn't like SMTV:Live at all
I dream of a Mel and sue sandwhich. Plus Zoe Ball, Liza Tarbuck and Emma Willis. Maybe.
you look like Zoe Ball — I have been told this alot the ambulance drivers at work used to call me Zoe xx...
Impromptu night out with the senior constituent of the Moss Vale girlies, Zoe Ball, Kirsty Ashcroft and Rebecca Palma. Missing our junior numbers though Megan Clark and Ashleigh Davies
Zoe Ball, Georgia, stan, Sofia, stefan and Millie xx
Think Zoe Ball may have had a poo in the cinema whilst watching insidious 2 ! -x-
google it his Zoe ball dad ha ha xx
is it takes two with Zoe Ball coming back during the week?
Do you think Zoe Ball and Norman Cook dance around their kitchen to Rockafella *** ..? I hope they have a dance routine if they do.
Wait what, Zoe Ball went to my old convent AND she remembers Sister Kevin?
Great! Got a Photoshoot with Zoë Ball 2mw at 8am! Doing her hair for the whole series of It Takes Two!! Strictly season! Yay! Vx
Zoe Ball . Filming for tomo with and am officially...
What a day! Bumped into zoe ball literally,had coffee on a London bus on the 3rd floor of the Google offices tagged myself on the wall on the 4th floor and ate lunch on the 5th floor Google offices are awesome!!! Lost my oyster card so that cost me money i could not afford hey *** highs and lows!
'Nice one for marrying Zoe ball mate everyone knows she's a slag.'
Zoe Ball was a disaster ,sounded as if she didn't have a genuine bone in her body.
Zoe Ball . Warm glow! Strictly love. “come home to lovely meal cake all made by...
So I served Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim earlier. Not a big deal.
I am extremely proud of my dad, He’s a real gentleman, But now I know how my family felt when I took part in 2005 - Zoe Ball
It’s not nice for any daughter to have to watch her dad going through an ordeal — and Strictly is tough - Zoe Ball
My dad has embarrassed me quite a lot during my life in the same way that I now embarrass my children - Zoe Ball
we had a follow from the amazing Zoe Ball yay!
well yeah, but Deaton and Zoe Ball, both southerners did nothing for the Mancunians all live in London thing.
It's your job as a parent to embarrass and humiliate your children to get them back for the stress they cause you! - Zoe Ball
Fat Boy Slim was apparently in Zoe Ball's hospital bed, doing the jiggety(!)
celeb association...Zoe Ball...your turn
Got the radio on and my mum says, is that Zoe ball? Bless her still living in the 90s xx
She's always lurking round there! Or I might be mixing her up with Zoe Ball : /
By any standard 'the B word' shouldn't register as offensive. Zoe Ball apologising for Geldof 'crap' was weird too.
That's right. "DJ Tonka, Dave Lee Travis, Bruno Brooks, Zoe Ball, Dr Fox is in the house, yeah, Tommy Vance is in the house"
Has anyone got a giant fly swatter to control Zoe Ball with?Won't be listening to Radio 2 in the mornings, she's like Timmy Mallet on speed.
Newsflash: Zoe Ball has been found in possession of antimatter.
i didn't know Peter WAS a Scot until he started talking to Zoe Ball. Ran to Wikipedia to double check! :)
Loved Zoe Ball's jumper tonight :-) Roll on tomorrow night Go Strictly!! that the BBC broadcasts in Belgium!!!
Possibly true: Zoe Ball has jumped her monster over a group of schoolchildren!
Ah, now I *am* baffled by Zoe Ball's continued career...
Last night I had a dream that retired and Zoe Ball replaced him. God i have rubbish dreams these days.
Thank you Satan: Zoe Ball has has been banned from singing in the proximity of her own tears!
Shame on you Ruth Wilson and Zoe Ball. Was prepared to ignore the press but your interview was so dull the Lone Ranger is now on DVD for me.
Seriously does Zoe Ball have a problem? Why is she talking so much
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Zoe Ball now interviewing Peter Davison, Liza Tarbuck, & Daniel Roche on Live
I'm Zoe Ball., All Ears. Righteous stuff earlier on, The PLC will never possess a Scamp like you. .
lol. They never said that last week. Zoe Ball forgot.
How long has Zoe Ball been doing the film podcast 2/3 weeks? Well it’s too long.
Listening to wittertainment and noticing that Zoe Ball is basically the female Alan Partridge.
oh FFS, not more Zoe Ball! In answer to your earlier question I was working and we recorded a boxing podcast y’day.
I actually don't mind James King, it's Zoe Ball who gets on my nerves.
Should have revealed the new you on a livestream, then. Zoe Ball's probably available to present it.
Eat this: Zoe Ball has used LEGO to recreate billions of speeding & then mauled it to pieces.
One hour of clips with the last eleven Fed Chairs before Zoe Ball announces who Bernanke will regenerate into.
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