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Zoe Ball

Zoë Louise Ball (born 23 November 1970 in Blackpool, Lancashire) is an English television and radio personality, most famous for becoming the first female host of the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show and for her earlier work presenting the 1990s children's show, Live & Kicking.

Sara Cox Norman Cook Chris Evans Ken Bruce Top Gear Fatboy Slim Tess Daly Jamie Theakston Tess Daley Annie Lennox

Zoe Ball and Norman Cook, the DJ better known as Fatboy Slim, have announced their separation but say they remain "great…
Where did it all go wrong for Zoe Ball and Norman Cook? Star 'dumps DJ'.
Get rid of Tess Daly and the bird with the fringe, give to Zoe Ball, who could better this show in her sleep
Alfie is such a ball of happiness, I love him he's my favourite youtuber together with Zoë 😍😍
UCLA's Lonzo Ball wants to generate more than hype
And Zoe Ball waltzing through saying "There's Adric! And Jo Grant! Now back to Moffat and Jenna Coleman"
the other day Zoe Ball played Voyage Voyage by Desireless; was it you that used to SPLAT the pauses in it? Or Steve Wright?
somebody call Edith or Zoe Ball, Ms Rice is cringe worthy!
Michigan have no problem moving the ball on UCF defense
Zoe Ball, Paddy Crerand, James Nesbitt, Mumford and Sons, Bobby Charlton, Usain Bolt, your boys took one *** of a beating.
GOAL Man Utd 1-2 Man City (42 mins). Lifeline for Ibrahimovic pounces on a loose ball in the box
We're losing the ball too easily smh
you look fab. Sorry I couldn't make it. Hope you had a ball x
Even my lil bro said he gone ball for you bro! RISE UP!!!💯
A red hot nickel ball on a jaw breaker
Best of luck, sure it will be a ball xx
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Thinkin about this big goof ball a little something extra tonight. Miss you everyday man 👼🏼
I have never watched professional sports. If someone mentions a team, I don't know if its football, BB ball,etc?
My name has just been mentioned on Radio 2! I sent Zoe Ball an email praising the RNIB’s talking book service and was glad to hear my name!
BBC Audience - Join Zoe Ball for exclusive access and backstage gossip from Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes T...
Thank god Ken is back on Monday. Can't put up with Zoe Ball and her gushing. Everyone's "wonderful!" "gorgeous!" "lovely!" *puke*
Two or three years ago with Zoe Ball. My questions were shockers - really hard.
See how Zoe and Michael Ball keep the first contestant's microphone up when saying the second contestant is after a record?
Zoe Ball always seem more interested than Ken in the contestants when they do the pre-amble
If Off The Chart goes up late this week it's Zoe Ball's fault.
Aww! Last day of Zoe Ball in for Ken Bruce. It's been good!
it's Zoe Ball on this week...shes unlistenable tbh
All tied up here in Lexington. 88:26. Zoe Swift puts in ball from Kaitlin Miller . 1. 1. Watch -
We took a morning field trip to Crissy Field and Zoe still found a ball!
Some hair and make up done buy Chanara and Zoe yesterday! . Hope all you ladies had a fantastic night at the res ball! . ❤️ t&t x
Spend some time with Aaron, Zoe, Millie and me on the Saturday Overnight as we 'cap the key weekend stakes races.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I love to play with my hockey stick and ball because it is fun to play with. Zoe
wonder if it was a London regional one. Reminds me of Zoe Ball taking about the London regional opt on Children In Need
Zoe Ball, Victoria Beckham&Shane Lynch are just some of the celebs that swear by our Clean9
Zoe Wilson from talks about why they're sponsoring Medical Professional of the Year
afternoon guys n gals you got a mention on pop master 3 in 10 this morning with Zoe Ball 👍🏻🤗
can't believe my dad has a crush on Zoë Ball fml
I've enjoyed your new show, until today. Danny Murphy sends me to sleep! He's so dull. Zoe Ball, on Radio 2, for me.
Zoe Ball standing in for Ken on BBC R2. Time to switch channels
It's being run by a subcontractor of a subcontractor of the DWP, so it might be ok. One of them might be Zoe Ball.
Over the course of one night, in a masquerade ball, Angelica orchestrates a journey of revenge. TWO GRAVES
I used to be the odd ball in school, but now i've got myself a partner, full time jobs & starting a family in the next couple of months😀
Stafford mum Jo in audience for Strictly Come Dancing launch after invite from Zoë Ball: STAFFORD mum Joanne ...
Dermot O'Leary, Zoe Ball sits in and has Saturday Sessions from The Sugarhill Gang & Sophie Ellis-Bextor in session
they look disgusting !! Under done balls, no one likes an under done ball
Our judges are loving the products in the Zoe Ball says...she is looking and feeling divine! Her...
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excuse me gents, but why are you all saying Dragon Ball so weirdly.
is that Zoe Ball in ya Avatar Mells 😂
Ouch, Zoe Ball verges on a Jimmy Savile ' 'ows about that then' impression there.
nope, that one with Zoe Ball and Ashley Banjo on Saturday nights is worse
Zoe stole my phone and hijacked my snapchat... PointlessBlog
if you walked up to me at Camden yards and handed me a ball. I don't think you'd understand how happy I'd be. I'm on the field.
So glad I've made the most of my first year at Uni, it's been such a ball 💃
Thank you ball for hosting a fantastic charity ball in aid of motor neurone disease -it was a great night! 😊
Zoe will not share her ball with DJ...
My expression to the other team when I tip the ball😂😂
HT Morecambe hawk 1 v 1 lancaster city. Morecambe took the lead with a great through ball but lancaster equalise moments before half time
Zoë starts travel ball today, and I think I'm more excited for her than anything! 😊
"Strychnine come dancing" hit Sandhills School on Friday. An unexpected death meant we never got to see Zoe's dance with the Birthing ball.
There have been some INCREDIBLE performances… which was your fave?!
Thanks to coral last night a zoe ball double fantastic gig
Summer Ball with my loves 2 days ago 💃🍻🎉❤
Is Zoe Ball selling stolen watches on Eurovision?
And so it begins...a brilliant night with Zoe ball and lots of friends for OpenMiNDs
did you see that grown up version of fun house with Zoe Ball? No idea what was going on
I watch my TV on mute these days. I think some bloke just won a coffee maker on 'Zoe Ball's: Labyrinth'
Zoe Ball and her massive putrid face is on the TV.everybody kill yourselves
So Summer Ball was fun! Got off with my best mate, whilst guys we were interested in watched, and embarrassed myself in front of a cute guy!
Rumble in the Jumble is popping off - Deb has snagged Annie Lennox's wellies, Zoe Ball's jumper,…
Eamon Holmes and Zoe Ball for the rags.
I'm so tired hungry and sore from working I'm sitting here in a ball crying
Zoe Lanier gets a ground ball to strand a Redwater batter at third. Hughes Springs bats in the third trailing 1-0.
Treat my notepad like a Spaulding ball every time I pick it up
Amazing Michael Kors jacket courtesy of the wonderful Zoe Ball @ Oval Space
Producer John Powers Middleton is ready to play ball for Hollywood Hills compound
Zoe said "I'm going to play basketball and put the ball in the hoop" 😂
All purpose parts banner
On a lighter note, Zoe has had surgery to attach her to UKIP.
Truth: Zoe Ball accused Vietnam of being a van bomb attack against her own
saw your news bout Zoe Ball being added to, well done mate you really deserve this success!
Wanna see some of your fav Capital artists perform at the Ball? Get your hands on tix with 👉 ht…
yes, in September 2010 with Zoe Ball, and I got the 3 in 10
Perhaps sometime the likes of Chris Evans, Ken Bruce , Zoe Ball et al will take a stand, they have audience pull
Do you know the famous personality who born today?. Herbert Ross. Zoe Wanamaker. Stephen Colbert. Alan Ball. Bea Arthur. Candice Accola. John Kasic
Getting ready for Zoe Ball and Norman Cook charity ball
I hold in everything and you can say one little thing to me and I literally will ball my eyes out
you will not bring that yoga ball into this and I'm bothering you because
Yeah well at least I can stop for a yoga ball
I'd like to see the Vision making her some matzo ball soup.
Feel so bad for accidentally kicking a ball at so many people tonight. RiP Zoe's face and Toms stomach
Is it still going? Accidentally tuned into Zoe Ball in the mid 90s and that's where it stopped.
Back out on the road with the ball bags in in JUNE. Are ya'll comin? Tkts: https:/…
When white ball into the hole. Money in the pocket ^_^
Put me in MLB cause I be catching curve ball after curve ball
Zoe with the ground ball pickup in the deluge in the Girls Lax first round playoff game! .
On Tuesday 17th May Zoe is doing the show with the lovely Emma who does the 6-7 Tuesday slot on Crystal! Have a ball ladies 😘
their presenters as well as their style. Jo Whiley, Zoe Ball, Simon Mayo, Chris Evans and Sara Cox are all favourites of mine
Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and tune into Live & Kicking with Zoe Ball and Jamie Theakston.
Also Edith Bowman, Zoe Ball and James King, whenever they do the show. Mark Kermode ought to be afraid to go on holiday.
Aled as Ant AND Dec Sarah Cox as Zoe Ball - what a dire show - in shock at what we just witnessed😳
The only stand in I like for Chris Evans is Zoe Ball, but she's not been a available for ages. The rest all suck!
that's either Zoe Ball or Kirsty Young's head.
Two days before the controversy surrounding her marriage erupted, Zoe Ball and hubby Norman Cook getting festive...
Whenever life feels overwhelming I just remember Jamie Theakston and Zoe Ball presented 3000 episodes of Live&Kicking on a come down.
Maan my *** Pierre Garson a Zoe from Palm Beach, you know that *** gone ball! Tighten up!
In BB-8, a smooth rolling metal spherical ball, would have skidded uncontrollably on sand.
Zoe Ball. Claudia is fab but don't like Tess.
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Just two days before kissing a boyband singer, Zoe Ball, 45, enjoyed a fun-filled trip to Winter Wonderland with her husband Norman Cook,
Zoe Ball pictured kissing someone who definitely isn't her hubby Fatboy Slim
When Zoe Ball sees the hashtag she’ll be out hunting down that 22 year old in seconds.
Zoe Ball's going to be bricking it too.
Michael Owen: "With the last kick of the game!". It was a header, Michael. He hit the ball with his head.
is that Zoe Ball on the right in your avi?? 🤔
We've just Zoe Ball on Strictly - 11th December ...CLICK FOR DETAILS
Palace up to fifth without kicking a ball. The power of positive thinking.
'Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim's son is coming for Christmas lunch.'. 'Woody Cook?'. 'I'm sure he'd lend a hand.'
No matter how many times I watch Forrest Gump, I always end up sobbing in a ball 😭
He's literally a little ball of sunshine that radiates happiness
Believe in you. Christmas 2016 could be spent in Zoe Ball
Zoe Ball presents: How to get rid of acne
Perhaps Roy was hoping for Zoe Ball... can't beat a good Christmas snog.
I remember Coogan as Ferrino on Live & Kicking trying to get a ‘singing from my *** joke out despite Zoe Ball blocking it
am very pleased with my juke box. Blame Zoe Ball for Tues disco on it takes two! I was impressed with 1 got for kym so got mine
thanks for sharing Zoe Ball, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
PHYSICS: It's the science where you use extremely long and complicated formulas to explain why a ball rolls
Zoe Ball would have preferred to forget her late-night post party fumble with 22-year-old boyband singer Tay Starhz, but he couldn't wait
Zoe Ball cosies up to husband Norman Cook on family trip to Winter Wonderland
Led by the Ball brothers, Chino Hills wins prestigious Florida tournament
Zoe Ball pictured laughing with husband just two days before snogging pop star - Irish Mirror
The team comprises of myself and Howard Webb, Sir Tom Jones, Annie Lennox, Zoe Ball and, even though no-one invited him…
It would be nice to have new talent as opposed to all the nepotism. Jeremy Vine, David Vine, Zoe Ball, Johnny Ball etc.
HistoryDean: Play ball! Greenwich Village in the '30s, a shot by Joe Schwartz Ephemera…
That Ball wey Smalling clear commot wey almost enter our post... Una see as Ashley Young Miss Road?
You are a big ball of sun rays to me. You're perfect the way you are❤
If i could just curl up in a ball and hide for the rest of the week, that would be brilliant
71' - Mata makes space and squares the ball for Rooney but the skipper can't quite get the ball out of his feet and it's cleare…
I just wanna b a "big" goofy ball of sun rays w puppy features & that *** big heart.
My question has been answered on it takes two Thankyou Zoe ball X
Thought Strictly It Takes 2 was supposed to b about contestants but increasingly becoming a promotional outing 4 the very showy off Zoe Ball
Zoe Ball is one of the funniest people on TV She isn't even a comedian Brilliant!!!
Trump the type to segregate the Chuck E Cheese ball pit
Zoe Ball - if you can't spell talentless or nepotism
Zoe them *** better find them hustle or learn to play basket ball😂😂
I tell you what, I know I'm old but there's still not many better looking than Sharon Davies or Zoe Ball. Back to my coffee now! 😂
CapitalOfficial: The ladies from LittleMix surprised some superfans on the CocaCola_GB…
- congratulations on winning our Vintage Ball competition - call Zoe on 01423 858595 to claim your prize - before 4th Nov
Bruh I'm cranking i need Conley to ball in the 4th even though they getting whooped 😂
My pre-op TS friend Natasha looks remarkably like Zoe Ball. Fascinating really
I love Zoe Ball's top on kinda disco cowboy goth...
Can we sign a petition to have Zoe Ball replace Tess on please
18:30 Strictly - It Takes Two: Zoe Ball chats exclusively to the fourth couple to leave the competition.
Have fun!! You will have a ball. I saw them for the 8th time in Lexington, Kentucky recently.
Remember when Zoe Ball and Sara Cox were role models for 90's women because they drunk Bud from the bottle & openly spoke about farting?
Remember when New Labour put Zoe Ball, Davina McCall and Sara Cox in charge of Britain's women?
*** out here balling for a season, I'm tryna ball forever‼️
Outfit for Dosxx Masquerade ball float at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. It was …
sorry Zoe... Zach can make matzah ball soup. Also you won't add me up your group me
Hold on, Zoe Ball inspired the Doctor's outfit. look.
not keen on claudia, thought zoe ball was good, when she stepped in last year. It takes two is brilliant 👍👍x
I have a feeling that Zoe Ball is promoting on the ad for for
Got games Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. College ball is where it's at! 🍴🏀🙏💯
Good morning.Picked up my little fur ball Zoe yesterday so all feels normal again. Missed her last week.
morning in Our ForesightEurope has no problem tracking the ball i…
An adults-only ball pool opens at the Museum of Science and Industry as a part of the Man…
WHEN "RADDY" COMES TO TOWN. Back on August 7th we posted an article "From Ball Gowns to Touchdowns" featuring Zoe... htt…
Nainggolan: "The luck was on their side, the goalkeeper did well. I repeat, we had the opportunities, the ball would jus…
There was a ball pit. This was the gist of it. @ Museum of Science and Industry …
Blimey 30 minutes in & Zoe Ball hasn't mentioned Norman Cook & that her kids are educated privately. A record.
Zoe Ball next Top Gear presenter? Chris Evans now searching through boxes in his loft to see where he put Zig & Zag
Hilariously inaccurate story in 2days paper. Re my good friend Zoe Ball excelling in Top Gear screen test. She hasn't even…
Chris Evans DENIES Zoe Ball is joining Top Gear as show's first female presenter - 86
“Former DJ Zoe Ball tipped to join Chris Evans on Top Gear line-up . *YES 👍👍👍
Zoe want us to drop music but we not finish the tape lol we tryna ball like we kobe
Beware the global warming fascists: Johnny Ball on how he has been vilified for daring to ... via
The will probably do an hour long makeover show on him presented by Zoe Ball.
The Feed seems like a good show, but the presenter was pointing her pen at the camera in manner of Zoe Ball on the O-Zone in Take That era.
with this Tie break, I thought Zoe Ball was doing the show with a soar throat
Fun fact about Zoe: when you throw a ball at her, there's a 90% chance that she'll make a chicken noise
I already have my Christmas ball dress picked out 😍
ready to watch you ball dis year Zoe
Zoe tracks the ball. She loves hanging out up at the church.
Zoe sending me pictures of my babies made me ball 😩😩😩😩
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
ion care wat nobody say "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BEING A GREAT BASKETBALL PLAYER" whether the ball go inside the hoop is nothing but LUCK
Mia Farrow and Zoe Ball have opened a paint shop. It's called Mia and Zoe's Paint Shop.
Buckley just wants Zoe to play ball.
Today I cut a large chunk off a top zoë ball was wearing
Just had the beautiful and so lovely Zoe Ball with us at the van.Welcome and enjoy ur time in a Belfast Zoe.
Pine table and chairs. Painted in Farrow and Ball 'White Tie' distressed. http:…
Jubilee Park Charity Ball tickets now on sale. Please see booking details below
I agree, but he looks even better with a ball cap or his new hairstyle.
I still can't believe that I served the ball into Zoe's head.🙊😳
If the ppl below me slam the door one more time I'm going to break into their apt and tie all of their shoes together. one giant shoe ball.
M; *moans into your mouth moving quickly* . *cries heavily curling into a ball*
smua aspek. Pace, finishing, ball touch, position, an determination. Also he's the champ. And im Interisti
Game Of Thrones, Brad Pitt's new film 'The Lost City of Z' and Zoe Ball's new game show 'Can't Touch This' are all filming
Honestly if I ever meet zoe I'm gonna ball my eyes out
My advice to high school students… Enjoy high school and make the best out of it bc college is a whole new ball game 👌🏽
Tried to go to sleep but Zoe knocked her giant tennis ball under my bed. Three times in a row. Pitched a fit for me to fetch it each time.
"So like what if we put a giant compact cotton ball on a string up in her business?" -Tampon Inventor probably
Canadian dollar was worth less than the American dollar so I decided to ball out for a couple days in a hella suite
So looking forward to Takes Two, and the fantastic, wonderful, amazing ZOE BALL.
Ha logged on for the first time in yonks to this little beauty! Miss you Doigy, hope you have a ball w/ Zoe!xx
At Oriel Park for the Rovers match. Zoe on ball girl duty.
I love zoe so much she grew from a shy ball of cuteness to a confident, happy role model who has products of her own
Boutta watch my Zoe ball on Thursday 😈
'Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz': A wrecking ball in need of a target
I guess I'll just have to take the coaches job then!! PASS THE BALL TO BROOKLYN!
I turned round to see Zoe Ball following me out of the 02 from Fleetwood Mac gig. She smiled, I melted.
Meeting Zoe Ball's dad. Is it an interview? G
Ashton is the biggest ball of sunshine and he deserves the whole world whY WOULD YOU DISRESPECT HIM
Be nice to Ashton he's just a little ball of smiles trying to make everything alright in the world leave him be
Zoe's be having they kids late af I wanna be able to play ball with my son
Today at practice Zoe used me as a latter to hit on top of the ball.
thanks bro... Somehow Arsene has still got me hopeful .. Just sign anybody that can kick a ball well
Hey Zoe! For 2nd place do you Choose the Pics or Ball??
walked right past zoe ball earlier and shouted 'she's famous' I'm so uncool it's unreal
Imma go in Carters and just ball out for Zoe and AJ 😂
"Mmmm," Ahri only let out a soft squeaky sound, curled up in a little ball with her eyes squeezed shut against the sun.
and dangerous and a very young looking Scott mills. Plus is that Jamie Theakston next to Zoe ball
Burn Zoe's body. She can transform to eight ball with the possession.
Zoe's Angels Charity Song via was Zoe's Angels special guest for our annual Ball.
Zoe's Angels Halloween Masquerade Ball Come one, Come All. Show your support for kids suffering with JIA
It Takes is BACK with Zoe Ball and even more gossip than ever before
omfg yes I use to love dragon ball z 🔥
okay wow so Zoe Ball just followed my Instagram fan account for Kevin Clifton and I'm totally not freaking out at all
I wonder why? Zoe Ball has denied that the price in a double moonwalk is linked to syncronised swimming rights acquisition.
much improved with Sara Cox and Zoe Ball. Richard Bacon and Nikki Chapman were quite good when sitting in too
afraid I wasn't impressed with Zoe Ball, her bantz had nothing on Ken's
Please not Zoe Ball, Sara Cox, Lisa Tarbuck or Dermot. Pleas let it be Wossy.
please get Michael Ball in for Ken Bruce. Zoe Ball talks too fast and belongs with the rest of the rappers on radio 1.
Eamonn Holmes, , Zoe Ball, *** Hucknall, Gok Wan, Kevin Webster, Shane Ritchie, Fred the Weatherman not happy this morning!
This whole post thingy with Zoe Ball really demeans the quality of the programme. John Humphries, you have sold out!
Good to have Zoe Ball back,Can we pay Ken Bruce and the annoying Steve wright to disappear. Wright sings with music its ignorant.
Quote of the day, he's in control of Kristina, Zoë Ball replies many have tried!
Zoe Ball has better legs than her dad.
Even Zoe Ball from Strictly come dancing is sexy. This show just pulls out hot females every week.
it takes 2 - please stop referring to Zoe as 'lady ball' it's kinda weird!! 😁😳
We call it "corny" but WE WANT IT!So we play reverse psychology hoping it lands in our hands. A ball of well thoughtout corny reciprocity.
Zoe Ball: I kept 'drooling' over Thom Evans -
Zoe ball smells like a cats litter box!! Like all the time! :) yall love me
5SOS backstage tonight at KISS108's Jingle Ball -Zoe
Our students in Sleeping Beauty at the Opera House are having a ball! Congrats to all our fairies; Zoe, Abi, Ali...
season premiere was good. Glad Wanda give Zoe good advice to win Wade back. *** it back fire when Meat Ball was there.
no even worse! We yelled air ball when the other team air balled it, crazy right? And told kids they can't shoot, so bad right?!
Zoe just hit someone in the face with the ball 😂😂😂
Not used to this cold weather. I am sitting here curled up in a ball trying to do my hw
Hello - Wanted to get in touch with someone in your PR department regarding Zoe Ball. Please can you DM correct email address?
That awkward moment when zoe and I are basically pajamas to jingle ball cuz we just found out at 3 and went straight from swim practice😂
Zoe is wearing this mesh glitter dress from :) X
Bailey holds up me and Zoe's ball of clay. Her: what's this?. Me: whatever you want it to be. *zoe starts laughing hysteri…
Zoe Messing clears the ball out of WolfPack territory
Love love Zoe Ball so emotional it takes two
Christmas shopping almost done. Just got to buy for Mark LaMarr, Steve Buschemi and Zoe Ball. Will hit Amazon tomorrow I think.
not even Darcy! . Zoe Ball is presenting it too.It was really good last year when Lisa Riley did it.Ur right won't be the same x
fav'd this then realised I'd got Zoe Ball and Sara Cox mixed up again
hi guys! Where is Zoe Ball's gorgeous sweater come from ? X
In yer face but Zoe Ball's not bad is she?
Zoe rocks in on Find details here: X
18:30 Strictly - It Takes Two: Zoe Ball is joined by the couple who narrowly escaped elimination.
So excited for my architecture ball tonight 😁
you know Zoe means like a ball of fire right?
Hi Zoe, thanks for getting in touch. It's Oct 17 next year. You'll find the details by clicking this link
I blame Zoe Ball, proper little Yoko Ono that one!
Presenting doesn't come naturally to Tess does it..? Give the job to Zoe Ball
““Amerikkka. never forgetting about this little boy..”
Zoe Ball defends pictures showing her looking dishevelled as she emerges from nightclub
is it (L->R) Sacha Baron Cohen, Dave Grohl, Zoe Ball, you, and Chris Evans? (I haven't got my glasses on yet.)
Exclusive: Zoe Ball has become addicted to crystal meth. The only cure is a Thames estuary airport.
The best ugly sweaters you’ve ever seen, or tasted. Ugly Sweaters recipe:
So...waited until last minute to get a dress for military ball but...I love playing dress up with so I'm stoked. 😊🙈💘
you're just mad cause I beat you in pickle ball🍆
Most of the time zoe ball and her smile do nothing for me on a monday.
Website Builder 728x90
can I have yr autograph? Remember me when you're as big as Zoe . Ball.
I'm a big ball of emotions right now! Lol.
Y'all should really help me with this. Help Zoe Win Front Row Jingle Ball Tickets + Meet all of the artists
We're not sure what jumper you're looking for but, we add Zoe's clothes to her page! Take a look: X
Really wanna see modern base ball on Saturday I hope my mom will let me go :///
If you cut Tess Daly’s hair off and smashed her in the face with a spade you would get Zoe Ball.
where oh where did Zoe Ball get that Bananas jumper? I must have it, pleeease?
It's another Markus Lupfer number for Zoe! Find it here: :) X
Where did Zoe Ball get that Bananas jumper she is wearing on It Takes Two now? I must locate it.
I'm seeing Mcbusted 1 week today in Belfast coolfm jingle ball :-)
Yes! You are writing an episode which stars Adam Rickett as the new companion and Zoe Ball as the Rani. FACT ;)
Zoe Ball's '£1 5million to be the new queen of ...
been throwing up all day and yesterday and I have my Architecture Christmas Ball tonight... this should be interesting
And boasts she was at school with Zoe Ball. Randomness at education Qs
😂😂 lol but yo when that Y.A ball jawn start I'm trying play this year
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
is exhausted & bosses prefer Zoe Ball over Tess Daly?
sorry I went to bed...but I'm Zoë and yeah hopefully, are you??? I'm going to jingle ball in 14 days😁😁😭
Hi Zoe - Summer Ball & Boat Party are on the 15th and 16th May!
I've claimed the Zoe Ball joke for my own.
awww gabrielle 'dreams'! I remember zoe ball on live and kicking used tyo sit in the dream booth and this would be playing
exam season is here. just want to curl into a ball and teleport myself to Barbados. bye
In the same week as the death of Phillip Hughes, a cricket umpire has been killed by a ball
Zoe Ball should be a permanent presenter, say fans.
What’s not to like about Zoe Ball, the lovable former ‘ladette’ we all know so well?
Have now made up my mind...Tess Daley is fu**ing boring...Zoe Ball and Claudia WinkleBUM for me...
Tess Daley driving me mad since Zoe Ball cohosted. So much gob on her.
Whiley annoys me. But I like Mark Radcliffe, Whispering Bob, Zoe Ball and Sara Cox doing the 80s show.
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