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Zion Christian Church

The Zion Christian Church (or ZCC) is one of the largest African initiated churches in Southern Africa, with members belonging to ZCC star and members belonging to the saint Engenas ZCC.

South Africa Holy Spirit Southern Africa Sterling Heights

It doesn't matter where I go there is always a New Hope Christian and/or Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist church 😂😂😂
. Good afternoon. I am Tomas Zaba, Journalist of Mozambique and Believer of the Zion Christian Church in Mozambique and
Don't miss the truth, Ethopian Coptic church is the oldest Christian church in the world!
Zion Christian Church will never forget the legendary Oleseng Shuping.He is still played even today
Happy Sunday!! Preached at Zion Christian church today and our focus was on loving the world!!! John 3:16
Psl in South Africa. not a general's hat, he is more than likely a member of the zion Christian church
It's a religious hat. Guys who are members of the Zion Christian Church wear them.
The official new logo of the Christian Education Department of the A.M.E. Zion church.
My mom, did an awesome job leading a workshop at the Christian Education Mid-Winter Conference fo…
no idea all I know is Zion Christian Church have no fixed place of worship you could see them outside a nightclub
Hello fb, the St. Louis District Christian Education Department of the AME Zion church is looking for high school...
Starting from the month of November, Yoruba service would commence in the Redeemed Christian Church of God ,Gates…
REDEEMING OUR TIME; Apostolic Christian Church, hymnal of the Zion's Harp, hymn video click
Member of Mother AME Zion Church. A true Christian gentleman & mentor to youth.
Congratulations & blessings to Zion Christian Church on New years celebration this weekend. Wishes of peace.
Antioch Christian Church is giving out free school supplies to Mt. Zion K thru 6 students who qualify for free or...
Zimbabwe: ZCC Celebrates 40th Anniversary: Zion Christian Church (ZCC), one of the earliest African independe...
What can I expect when visiting a Zion Christian Church? via /r/Christianity
You know as a member of the St engenas church I take pride in this church and I salute Joseph lekganyane this is the best church in history , from now on till Kingdom come
Concert change: Sunday, June 5 at Zion Christian Church has been moved to Sunday, June 12! Join me for some Gospel music!
Tonight we will see and in Mount Zion church in Clarkston, Michigan. This is a night of Christian music and worship.
What is the Zion Christian Church and what do they believe?
I was born in the Seventh Day Adventist Church and St James Anglican Church. I love the Zion Christian Church and...
ZION Christian Church (ZCC) leader, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi has called on all transgressors…
Bishop Engenas Lekganyane of the St. Engenas Zion Christian Church has urged for tolerance despite racial and cultural differences.
Zion CHRISTIAN church. I am not correcting anything. Christianity is a lifestyle clearly he subscribes to a different one.
you don't have to go to church every Sunday to be a christian 😕 y'all still don't know this ..
Designed this logo for Jesus House,Canada"Redeemed Christian Church of God"based in Nigeria. Great Organization
[ON AIR] says roads in Limpopo calm as members of the Zion Christian Church have made their way to Moria
The Zion Christian Church (ZCC) is the largest African initiated church in Southern Africa. ZCC…
THE Road Traffic Management Corporation has urged motorists to drive responsibly at the start of the Easter...
N1 backlog as Zion Christian Church make for Limpopo! (via
Alec Ndiwane, a Zion Christian Church prophet, was attacked on a safari while trying to show that God would save him in fr…
Zion Christian Church, that's if you relating to one of Africa's oldest black churches. It has an interesting history behind it:-).
All roads leads to MORIA.. Battle of the Dancers, and HighJumpers.. . Zion Christian Church proudly presents:...
The Zion Christian Church is one of the largest African-initiated churches in Southern Africa.
A Zion Christian Church was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1895.
Wish the members of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) safe travels to the Moria, pray for peace, prosperity and patriotism for o…
The Zion Christian Church was founded by Bishop Engenas Barnarbas Lekganyane i 1925.
we have Bishop Seane from the Roman Catholic Church & Pastor Naftali of Zion Christian Church talking
In trying to reenact the tale of Daniel in the bible, a Zion Christian Church prophet who was re...
A Zion Christian Church prophet who was filled with the Holy Spirit recently ‘challenged’ a lion to do battle in the Kruger National Park.
I added a video to a playlist Zion Sacred Heart Christian Church
Zion christian church are too closed to
Zion Christian Church(is the first church/organization to fund students at the tertiary level, Read up here:
Zion Christian Church (ZCC),based in South Africa organises a gathering of 4-5 million people to meet the ZCC Bishop & …
That white suit it's like the Zion Christian Church Uniform
We'll be in Midway at Faithway Christian Church at Zion Hill for lunch today!
. Guys, I, as a member of Zion Christian Church Member, i am willing to visit Zion National Park
I will be at Zion Christian church September 27, 2015 serving as worship leader for Family and Friends Day
Join us today at 7p at the Durham County Republican Executive Committee meeting! Mt. Zion Christian Church, 3519 Fayetteville Rd.
Is every Pedi person a member of the Zion Christian Church?
A lot of Disciples history in this place. @ Mt. Zion Christian Church
Get ur tickets now and come join us for a weekend of praise and worship
🌍 Zion City at Moria near Polokwane is the headquaters of the Zion Christian Church.
My Family's Church is Zion Christian Church Of Christ (Z.C.C) my father is the Pastor at the same Church,I grow...
With my host in Yeerongpilly, Brisbane, Pastor Noel Mann of Zion Christian Church. A 'real Caleb'
Zion Lutheran Church now on 8th Street, Davenport: The New Life Christian Church is celebrating its 70th anniv...
I think a Zion christian church chick is what I need in my life rn
Two days to go.. Mt. Zion Christian Church Youth Jam 😊 rehearsals tonight.. Pray for our band. its their 2nd time to perform as junior band
Should U ever care to venture into Harlem, U'd c Zion Church, or have a word with Christian preachers about Zion.
Greetings in the name of OorLord Jesus Christ , I always become spiritually uplifted when i attend most of the ZCC sermons it preaches the message of peace, respect and love of God, Thanks for the strong leadership of the church ,It"s my prayer that God should always guide you. Peace be unto you ZCC. Andrew C.T. Chima,
The Zion Christian Church "excuse my ignorance but what does the badge stand for?"
Lekganyane, founder of the Zion Christian Church - Prominent people
Join Bishop Russell and the St. Paul at 7pm as we worship with Zion Christian Church (5200 Quaker Dr. - Suffolk).
There will be NO Bible Study tonight but join Bishop at 7pm in revival at Zion Christian Christian Church (5200...
Some belief systems at Zion Christian Church (ZCC) do violate women rights
Thank you Bishop, thank you St. Engenas Zion Christian Church. cc:
BISHOP LAUDS MUGABE: ZION Christian Church (ZCC) bishop Dr Nehemiah Mutendi says he is charmed by President M...
Where rivals find each other: IN 1994, just before the first democratic elections, the Zion Christian Church m...
I had a wonderful day wth my family, even though was unable to go to moria. I'm a zion Christian church member.
Ntate Lekganyane must rename his church - call it Moria Christian Church of something, but not Zion. It’s an offensive name.
your mean believe in Zion Christian Church must not disturb your books well and don't leave bible behind.
There will be a sobriety checkpoint at 11:30 p.m. next Friday April 10 on John Bragg Highway at Zion Christian Ministry Church.
ST. Jobe Christian Church of Zion in South Africa, lisemadadeni section 3
. What impossible with men is possible with GOD,. Try to attend Moria Conference St Engenas Zion Christian Church. Good Friday.
Breast Cancer Awareness
You are invited to join us this weekend as we celebrate Easter with the Mount Zion Church Christian…
If you don't have a place to worship tomorrow feel free to come over to Zion Christian Church 11:30 service 5200 Quaker Drive
I am ministering @ 8:30 to the men of Zion Christian Church, w/ breakfast in Troy, MI. Focus - Continuing in God's Purpose No Matter What
Ladies Daughter of Zion is near FEB 28TH 2015, 1pm at the Jubilee Christian Church parklands.
Don't miss our Executive Committee meeting this coming Tuesday at 7pm. Mt. Zion Christian Church. Be there!
Zion Christian Church "Apostolic Faith Mission. 🙏 “What church do you go to or grew up in?”"
FILL THE HOUSE IN 2015. You are invited to come and worship and share the word of God and receive a Miracle at the Mount Zion Christian Church. 3519 Fayetteville Street, Durham, NC 27707.The Pastors are Apostle Donald Q Fozard SR and Prophetess Nora Fozard
Are you a member of Young Adults in Christian Ministries of the A.M.E. Zion Church? It is a good…
Check out for details of the upcoming Christian Discipleship/breakfast Zion Tabernacle Church Inman,SC
Christmas eve at Zion Christian Church, Troy MI, 6pm to 7pm service. I will be there, you should join me for a 1hour service in Honor of Jesus!
our spiritual Jerusalem is the church , our spiritual zion is the mind (of every believer christian) :
Animals bring Christmas story to life at Troy church: It’s fifth year Zion Christian has put on reality show f...
New Podcast now available on iTunes for. Zion Family Christian Church. Subscribe to get weekly Sermon.
I sell this motivating. book bazelwana. FRANCISTOWN: Christian author, Mpho Gaopelo, has released a book he says will change people’s lives. The author says that people will discover themselves and the power of repenting before God. Gaopelo, 27, who hails from Bobonong has authored Transformation Of A Wicked Man, which talks about man and sin, and how man can work towards transformation. He used to work as a j...ail guard at the Prisons Department and is now a registered nurse. He says that he is a motivational speaker, counselling consultant, spiritual reformer and proclaims he is a born leader. An active member of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) Gaopelo says that he has found the need to write the book because of what he has experienced and what he is seeing happening in the world citing drunkenness, adultery and many other maladies. Gaopelo says that the book was released on October 2 this year and adds that the book explains why certain demonic powers are corrected in human beings through the power ...
Zion Christian church was founded in Zimbabwe when the founder Samuel Mutendi was struck by the Holy Spirit in 1913.   10% Off
Zion Christian Church in Troy appoints new pastor: After a 6-month long search by the Pastoral Search Committe...
Looking for a place to We would love to see you at .
His name is Christian, and he has a big new vision for Big Zion AME Zion Church
Denise is subbing for me tonight at Zumba. I'm getting ready to head to Mt. Zion Christian Church to share about bees and the Word. Woo...
The anointing was so strong this morning at New Zion Christian Church. I love my church!!! God is so good!
Coming to Mount Zion Christian Church in Rocky Mount, NC on Friday night Will be Apostle Mal and.Pastor Mary Williams. Come out and Join us for this Mortgage Burning Celebration. We are Embarking on this Great Event. Thank God for Friends and Partners like You participating in bringing this Event to a Final Explosion in This Month. SOW A Seed of Faith or Vow a Vow Toward this Mortgage Burning. It's not too late to Give.
A Word of the Lord for the Hebrew Year 5775
Synagogue Christian Church, Zion Christian Church. Am I the only one who is confused here?
I'm a Catholic Christian by Faith. Pastor Vincent Simiyu of Zion Pentecostal Church; I still love you man but I...
wishes all worshipers on a Pilgrimage to St Engenas Zion Christian Church well on their prayers
EB Lekganyane of Zion Christian Church - What makes greatness is starting something that lives after you. . Proudly
Sunday worship with (@ New zion christian church in Suwanee, GA)
At 9: President Jacob Zuma Congratulates Zion Christian Church & Lesufi vows to get rid of gangsterism in Gauteng schools.
President Zuma sends message of congratulations to the Zion Christian Church
I grew up in Zion Christian Church and PLZ understand me if I say this man (BHOSVO) is a legend. He had been...
Little Giant Ladders
Setting up the baby shower for this one! candacer95 ryan_jones_123 emlanier @ zion christian church
There is a very big black Church in SA and it is called Zion Christian Church.Do ppl understand Zionism?
Sunday worship! (@ New zion christian church in Suwanee, GA)
Here is one of the longest names of a Protestant Indigenous Christian Church in Botswana: The Head Mountain of God Church in Zion
A call to action from the Varick International Christian Youth Council of the A.M.E. Zion Church!
Ur so calked facts aren't FACTUAL. The largest single Christian gathering is at Christian Church (ZCC) in Moria.
I'm now the Duchess of Christian Zion Church In L A on
OMG! New Zion Christian Church... Now words will ever be able to explain the feeling I experienced at church. I...
The messiah is coming to set up a KINGDOM...not a gigantic Christian church.
Church News week of July 24, 2014: Zion Christian Church (DOC) in Beaverdam is sponsoring the McTell Brothers ...
: John Alexander Dowie and the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion - Primary Sou...
Daughters of Zion meeting this Saturday at Jubilee Christian Church Parklands its a must attend...
RCCG (Redeemed Christian Church of God),based in Nigeria is the largest Pentecostal Church in the world.
I'm not in NC, but I'm having church with Mt. Zion in Greensboro online. Missing my Calvary Christian church family, however.
Forever He is glorified! Enjoying a sweet spirit of worship today at Zion Christian Church
Right Start together with its partners and sponsors helped see the rebuilding of Zion Community Christian Church...
Zion Family Christian Church leaders and friends. From left to right: Jason Beattie (Wor...
Today in 1948 Engenas Barnabas Lekganyane (also called Enginasi or Ignatius), ambitious and charismatic leader of the Zion Christian Church,
Missing my New New Zion Christian Church family today and the awesome Word that came forward.
Today marks the 66th anniversary of the death of St Engenas Barnabas Lekganyane, the founder of the St Engenas - Zion Christian Church who died on this day in 1948. He has left a great Christian legacy in that his church, though divided into two churches after his death, today represents a very big African church. The Psalm 68:31 prophesy is being fulfilled. Go read it. Both the Tyrranus Church, IPHCC and IPCC splintered from the church of St Engenas. He deserves a place in the annals of the RSA. And African faith and secular history.
Out with the youth group of New Zion Christian Church
Lay a flower for the 66th anniversary of passing of founder of the Zion Christian Church, Engenas Barnabas Lekganyane
Join us on Friday June 6th at 7pm. at St. Johns Christian Community Church 1208 E Lanvale St, Baltimore, MD 21202. Be blessed!
Tim Hawkins at Zion Christian Church on May 9th, 2014 at 7:30p.m. For those who do not know him, he is a hilarious christian comedian.
CIC Julius Malema and Gauteng Premier Dali Mpofu received heroes welcome at ZCC (Zion Christian Church) in Moria.
Saw this "If you are from Limpopo, the story goes, you are most likely to support Kaizer Chiefs, the ANC and the Zion Christian Church."
Christian Greeting Cards (Adults & Children) are now available on a stand at the Zion Lutheran Church Hall -...
Youth minister at Zion Lutheran Church. Kerri Ann Schmid, a director of Christian education, is serving youth...
Heyi I was born and bred at Ekuphumleni Zion Christian Church. Please don't ask me why I don't go to church... Ayifuni wena leyo!!
Rev. Kevin Swann to Speak at the Board of Christian Education of Zion Baptist Church in Petersburg, VA...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Watching "At the Gates of Zion" at St Thomas More Church. Christian population in Israel=1.2%
today - Both Mandela and De Klerk attend easter service of Zion Christian Church in Moria to win votes
It's going down this Friday at Mt. Zion Christian Church! Make sue you are in the building!!!
get ready.get ready.get ready.Shekinah Glory of God 8th Anniversary is coming up this weekend Friday, Feb.21- Sunday, Feb.23...a weekend full of PRAISING THE LORD.FRIDAY NIGHTMark Hargrove from Mt. Zion Christian Church.will start off the PRAISE WEEKEND, SATURDAY NIGHTPastor Janice Hargrove from Chosen Generation.will bring the bonds down..SUNDAYElder Benjamin Stukes will just let the LORD to USE HIM.COME ON OUT AND GET YOUR BLESSING.if you need a ride please inbox your number and SIS.NICKEY WILL BE MORE THAN PLEASED TO PICK YOU UP FOR ANY SERVICE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND
To all my friends and family in the Houston area. I will be preaching at Zion Christian Church, 10050 Fuqua ,Rev. Winfred Garrett, Pastor.Service is at 12:00 noon. Would love to see you there.
I'll be sharing some Love music tonight at The Mt. Zion Christian Church in Lexington for their Valentines...
This week FB would like to Salute: Pastor Awalski M. Moore for being a Positive Role Model in our Community and A Man of God. He's the Pastor of Mt Zion Christian Church, loving Father, He's a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Attended Miles College and He attended West End High 88'- This brother is also a product of A.G.GASTON BOYS CLUB- All I can say is, Him and his brother suppose to be Playing Pro football- WE SALUTE YOU BROTHER, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Samantha Atkins funeral will be Monday at 5:00 at Mt. Zion Christian Church .R.I.P my friend
Daughters of Zion Mombasa Edition with reverend Kathy Kiuna at Mombasa Jubilee Christian Church . Today at 5 pm. Be there ladies!
Wen its bad dy all turn 2 zion christian church ai bo JUNIOR KHANYE,he ws a star a lebetse all ds,
All ladies- you can't miss a date with Reverend Kathy Kiuna at Mombasa Jubilee Christian Church . So come for the Daughters of Zion meeting!
Daughters of Zion ! What a great way to spend a Friday evening ! So join us this Friday 14 from 5 pm at Mombasa jubilee Christian Church .
Hebrew 13 well practiced by the Zion Christian Church♥
Only three days left for all Zion christian church members to have a conference at city sport centre
Zion Christian Church bought the old firehouse next door a few years ago. One of the community activities is our hosting of the "Old Firehouse Concert Series" several times each year. This Saturday Chris Adams Band will be here. Our Winter concerts are "coffeehouse style" with tables, candles, warm drinks, and snacks. (See Hayden's post for more information.) Zion Christian is a small rural church but we are also much more. Check us out at
Hey everyone! There is a concert this Saturday Feb. 15 at 7:00pm at Zion Christian Church in the town of Beaverdam! It is being held in the old firehouse by the Suntrust bank. Chris Adams Band will be performing, he has been here before and is great country/contemporary! Please come out and show support the price is $5 for anyone over 18, and 18 and under is free! Cone on out for some good fun and fellowship
Lala Albertina was in Thabong welkom at ST.ENGENAS ZION CHRISTIAN CHURCH
What have you been exposed to? Is it benificial to your success? Well today you can expose yourself to the Word of God taught by Overseer Awalski Moore at Mt. Zion Christian Church.
This is a good time for us zion christian church gowers to worship our al mighty god in the name of jesus krest HAPPY SUNDAY
In 1910 before was formed - Zion Christian Church was born: Authentic South African.
Nice message from the man of gOD. from: Ptr Ruben JABIAN. genesis 6:6 thank u gOD for loving us Your love never end. Zion christian church at Cabadbaran Agusan del norte.
I grew up in a family that fellowship at Zion Christian Church (ZCC). I got baptized in that church and believed that Lekganyane was a living god. We worshiped him and dedicated our prayers to him and used his name in every situation that you might be going through.
I Can Gospel Celebration! Sat. Feb. 22, 2014 6:30pm @ Zion Christian Church ( look for the Dome) :) 3668 Livernois Troy, MI (Next to Walah College) Come ready to Celebrate the Victory God has given us. V I C T O R Y!!! Jesus will be there, will you? See you soon! Bring the whole family. :) Love ya. Call for Advance tickets sales, Vendor space and Souvenir book Ad Space. *Group rates available.
We resume our study today at Zion Christian Church in the south lobby at 10am. Babysitting provided.
Khumbulekhaya, proudly brought to you by Zion Christian Church
Good morning FB, friends, and family, I request your presence to meet me for Bible study, to hear a word that will change your life, it's going down at Mt Zion Christian Church,923 Graymont Ave. Bham, were the Pastor is Overseer Alwaski Moore. choose a time that will be suitable for you, 11:30a.m.,4:30p.m. And 7:00p.m., meet me there or beat me there. God loves you.
Khanye joins ZCC to revive career Former Kaizer Chiefs player Junior Khanye says he has joined the Zion Christian Church (ZCC). yah noh
THIS JUST IN - Mt. Zion Christian Church came in first place for both Crystal River and Inverness Christmas parades. Way to go church family and we were only looking to keep it simple and get our name out there.well i think its safe to say we accomplished that and then some,excellent for a 3 week project guy's.God is good and rewards us for our efforts. Merry Christmas to all and remember the reason for the season.
Zion Christian Church in Troy is hosting a free concert featuring the Sound of Hope South African Children’s Choir on Wed., Dec. 18 at 7pm
Christian Church leader, Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane, has paid tribute to former President Nelson Mandela.
Here we go . Again .LCT first performance , Mt. Zion Christian Church . 7:00 pm.
Please, come to Mt. Zion Christian Church tonight at 7 or tomorrow at 4 or 7 to see what Christmas is REALLY about! You won't be disappointed!
Now de master peace: Madiba TAGS: ZCC Bishop, Dr. BE Lekganyane, says there is a lot that people can learn from Madiba about peace and forgiveness. (SABC) Bishop of the Zion Christian Church, Dr. Barnabas Lekganyane, whose church advocates for peace, has described the former President Nelson Mandela as an “Icon of Peace.” Bishop Lekganyane, who attended the National Memorial Service at the FNB Stadium on ...
Top Seller this year goes to: Butter Rum! My favorite, all-year round scent! Check out the Bookstore at Zion Christian Church for the newly stocked shelves filled with Butter Rum, just in time for your stocking stuffer gifts! Other scents also available for limited time. $8
it is the leadership of the St Engenas Zion Christian Church. Thank you.
Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane and the leadership of the Zion Christian Church led by Bishop Lekganyane visit Madiba's house in Houghton.
Zion Christian Church Choir presents their Christmas Cantata "Tell Me the Story of Jesus" at 7 pm Sun nite Dec15 and again at 11 am Sun morning Dec22.we would love to have you join us!!
Speech by Nelson Mandela at the Zion Christian Church Easter Conference 20 April 1992, Moria Reading from the "Lamentations of Jeremiah", Chapter 5 Remember, O Lord, what is come upon us: consider, and behold our reproach, Our land is turned over to strangers, our homes to foreigners, We are orphans and fatherless, our Mothers are as widows, We have to pay for our water; and our wood is sold unto us, Our necks are under the yoke of oppression, we labour, and we have no rest." Khotsong Masione! Peace unto you! Uxolo Mazayoni ! Your Grace Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane, head of the great Zionist Christian Church; Reverend Gentlemen, Members of the ministers` council and Elders of the ZCC; President F W de Klerk; Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi; Congregants, Fellow worshippers and friends; Permit me, Your Grace, to thank you for your kind invitation to attend your Easter Conference here at the holy city of Moria. Moria, a tabernacle erected by the Zionist Christian Church as a site of annual pilgrimage and renewal! I ...
Turn up At MT.Mount Zion Christian Church! Pastor Dent going in! Revealing some things!
Mt. Zion Christian Church will have their 5th Sunday Sing on Dec. 29th. The singing starts at 6:00 pm and will be followed by a covered dish supper and fellowship around 7:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to come and join the singing and fellowship with one another.
Getting ready to go to Zion Christian Church. If anyone would like to join us service is at 10 am.
Oh yea that's correct...The Mt. Zion Christian Church float made the Citrus Chronicle - good job to all that were a part of making the first float for Mt. Zion go so well. We all had a great and very blessed time!
Mt. Zion Christian Church in Winchester is close today. I was getting ready when I got the phone call.
Next week I am going to attend any church service by Zion Christian Church.
The Mt. Zion Congregational Church, United Church of Christ held its last quarterly Christian Business League...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Zion Christian church is my best church for ever and ever no metter how papa whatever you come with your own *** ideas to discourage me i won't listen your own domkop you citizen bishop without an event
Zcc stands for- Zwipe Criminal Church no longer Zion Christian Church
I proud to be a member of ZION CHRISTIAN CHURCH nd no more turning a human being stick to what you believe in.
Find a job opportunity with Zion Christian Church. ChurchStaffing offers openings online for jobs as senior pastor, worship leader, children's minister, and more.
Zion Christian Church leader Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane has passed words of condolence to the family.
Free at last - negotiations to presidency (1994-1999) Nelson Mandela and his wife Winnie, after his release from Victor Verster Prison, February 1990. Source: Getty Images On 2 February 1990 State President FW De Klerk announced in his speech upon formally opening Parliament the unbanning of the ANC and all other proscribed political parties; and the release Mandela and all other political prisoners. On Sunday 11 February, after 27 years in prison, Mandela was released from Victor Verster prison. That same day he addressed a mass rally in the centre of Cape Town, his first public appearance in nearly three decades, beginning his speech with, “I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all”. Subsequent welcome rallies held in Soweto and Durban drew thousands of people. The following month Mandela travelled to Lusaka to meet the ANC's Executive Committee. He then travelled to Sweden to meet his comrade and friend Oliver Tambo, but had to cut short the rest of his proposed trip abroa ...
Eh jss heard on Radio saying that "Be4 MANDELA went 2 jail 4 27 years nd to be wat he is 2day the ZCC "ZION CHRISTIAN CHURCH" blessed him
I hve to give praise to God for blessing us wth Madiba and th zion christian church.
Saint engnas Zion Christian church I thank you this all because of you
It means life is very difficult seeing half of guys dat i went high school with Joining Zion Christian Church /God is Here
The Manifesto of Zion Christian Church (Z.C.C) is tracked back in 1913 at Hartley now Chegutu 100years ago and this year the Church is celebrating a century of walking with Holy Spirit. Tinofamba noMweya.
Did everyone have a chance to check out the video production that Jay Fahrner did for "On Eagles Wings" at Zion Christian Church Chatham. this guy is so talented!!! He adds so much to the dance with his awesome creativity. Have seen his commercials too. He also takes spectacular photos and plays the keyboard like no one I've ever seen. Wish he would sing out more.especially with Jennifer Fahrner. Such a special thing that God annoints when they worship together. Love them and their hearts for our youth!
We're so blessed to have Pastor Scott and Lena Morgan! Thank you for all you've done over the past 20 years at Zion Christian Church.
I really hate a person who claims to be a member in good standing of Zion Christian Church... But not following the culture of the abovenamed church, during weekends She/He goes out and abuse hot staff...
Visiting the Zion Christian Church 2day can't w8t to get there
Please come out to beaverdam tonight to Zion Christian church for trick or trunk! It's for all ages and yeah, just come 👻🎃
Zion Christian Church wrote: ®™God wants to be worshipped in spirit and in truth.
One of the biggest & best M2M sales in area! Zion Christian Church Hosts 12th Mom-to-Mom Sale
In the past the ANC Government has hosted the Zion Christian Church,Methodist Church, Rivers of Living Waters to mention a few
For Zion Christian Church KZN has lost a warrior, a true soldier of Christ it comes as a total shock that...
On my way to church at kingsway zion christian church madekwana avhe a vhudi thama dzanga
There are three big organisations in SA. 1.. 2.Zion Christian Church. 3.And the rest of them will see who is number 4
Entering a zion christian church with a pig!!! See how they'll react.. Just because :"D
Zion Christian church "What does ZCC stand for,Zorro Can Come?"
what's the deal with Zion Christian Church posters on Zupco buses,
What church will you be attending on this morning?
Bout 2 get ready 4 Sunday school this am, attend church but have not been 2 SS in a while! I know prayer changes things and for all fb/f/f that are lost, I pray that you see the light! Find a good christian church, that you can hear the word and take one day @ a time! Surround yourself with positive ppl that are equally yoked and let GOD USE YOU! Last but not lease stop worring about what others think of you and let go and let GOD have his way in your life! Dont get me wrong I am a sinner that dont judge no one because I have been there(IN THE PIT NEXT TO *** ! Once was lost but know I am found! Head to MT. ZION BAPTIST ON MELROSE! Come join us sometimes, today would be a good day, see GOD woke me & told me I have a message for you! LOVE ALL BE BLESSED AND INCOURAGED!
Life is to short to live in a box because you are a Christian - I am living, laughing and loving my weekend with Mr. Brown at Zion Hill AME Zion church with Rev. Dr. Valerie Washington. I had a hilarious time laughing, it is the joy of my heart and soul, try it sometime, Jesus has a great sense of humor!
What church are you worshiping at this morning?
There will be 7 days fasting prayer(July 1 to 7) from today evening in Zion Christian Church 1640 S. Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, Ill,60005. Every day evening meeting will be 7 pm to 9 pm. Everyone welcome.
Update your maps at Navteq
FOLKS..Lest we forget..the 'OWNER' of FB, Mark Zuckerberg..has SPENT billions of dollars of the money we helped him GET by having Face Book RUN ads all over this grand Republic PUSHING for the passage of this EVIL Amnesty bill of rubio's and schumur's!!! They stand to make TRILLIONS of dollars off this folks!! letting these ILLEGALS come into America by the STEAL OUR JOBS!!!...RAPE OUR WOMEN...and Establish their RULE of Terror...Lest we forget, we CONSERVATIVES..out-number the LIBS..2 to 1...In the words of Michele Bachman: If This Bill Is it's present can kiss any HOPE of another Conservative @ the helm of our country...GOOD-BYE!"..
Sunday is always quiet unless you staying next Zion Christian Church or Bazalwane Church...♫
God bless u all.@ the christian apostolic church in zion city.rine rivhona madembe
Where did you go to church this weekend? Did God speak to you? Share the word from your pulpit with me and the rest of the world. Let God use you to encourage someone.
Certain Christian communities of India, Syria, L and Israel/Palestinian Territories have traditionally been associated with some 1st-c.nentury Jewish Christian heritage. The Syriac Orthodox Church, the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch, and the Melkite Greek Catholic Church of Antioch are churches with known Jewish Christian membership that dates as far back as the 1st century. All three churches had common origins in terms of membership, where the majority of adherents was a mix of Greekday, certain families are associated with descent from the early Jewish Christians of Antioch, Damascus, Judea, and Galilee. Some of those families carry surnames such as Youhanna (John), Hanania (Ananias), Sahyoun (Zion), Eliyya/Elias (Elijah), Chamoun s and Hellenized Jews.
This is going to be a long boring sunday...!!!
Represent your church by commenting the Name of Your Church.
The wicked have nothing but contempt for God; it is the apostasy of the church that has permitted this wickedness to gain the power it has. Christians have abandoned principle for tolerance... American patriots, Christian, Jew, and many of other faiths are rising up as God allows the truth to be revealed. His Spirit has raised up watchmen on the wall who are raising the alarm; many are listening and heeding the call. Christ came to save those who are lost, all those who believe, and he will use whoever he wants to effect his purposes. The Lord shows His power through His people, even if it's just one man or woman. He reveals his truth through his prophets in His Word and he gives strength when we petition Him in prayer. When we abide in Him we have peace even in the midst of adversity because His Spirit upholds us. We need to repent as a people and throw down the high places that have once again been erected by those who defy the Lord of Hosts, deceive the nations, and exalt themselves above the Most High ...
The devil is shocked to see me at Zion Christian Church, I used to hate Zion. You are wasting your time if you are despising the Church! "Singing"
There is a major difference between spirituality and religion. Spirituality to me means that you have found peace in your soul; you have a one on one with your beliefs while religion is a profit generating business with many competitors in the market. *** even with a country that is predominately Christian, you have church versus church, sect verbally attacking sect. Using propaganda, fear, and teachings taken out of context to manipulate. jvd
Jesus said "Yet a time is coming n has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit n truth,4 they r the kind of worshipers the Father seeks"Good blessed day ratirati n welcome to Togetherness prayer session.Today its worship day n I want us to read John 4:1-26 A Samaritan woman had an encounter with Jesus.Show urself by"God is spirit n as his worshiper,today I will worship him in spirit n truth,Gabz"
"The Great Controversy" "THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK OF OUR TIME " Home Many Languages The Heart Audio MP3 Gallery GC-TOC Biography INDEX NEXT Chapter 22 Prophecies Fulfilled When the time passed at which the Lord's coming was first expected,--in the spring of 1844,--those who had looked in faith for His appearing were for a season involved in doubt and uncertainty. While the world regarded them as having been utterly defeated and proved to have been cherishing a delusion, their source of consolation was still the word of God. Many continued to search the Scriptures, examining anew the evidences of their faith and carefully studying the prophecies to obtain further light. The Bible testimony in support of their position seemed clear and conclusive. Signs which could not be mistaken pointed to the coming of Christ as near. The special blessing of the Lord, both in the conversion of sinners and the revival of spiritual life among Christians, had testified that the message was of Heaven. And though the believe . ...
Psalms 2:1: The Enemies of Messiah. 1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? 2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, 3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. 4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. 5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. 6 Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. We have here a very great struggle about the kingdom of Christ, *** and heaven contesting it; the seat of the war is this earth, where Satan has long had a usurped kingdom and exercised dominion to such a degree that he has been called the prince of the power of the very air we breathe in and the god of the world we live in. He knows very well that, as the Messiah's kingdom rises and gets ground, his falls and loses ground; and therefore, though it will be set up certainly, it shall ...
Friday, April 20, 2012 Zion Movie Theater and the Blue Laws On New Year's Eve 1947, the Zion movie theater opened after the city council amended laws to permit movies. The city's first theater had opened in 1913, but was raided by police and ordered closed by the mayor. The owners of the new theater quickly began to ruffle feathers by announcing in April 1948 that they would open on Sundays in defiance of the city's "blue laws" forbidding business on Sunday. Zion movie theater, March 1951. Chicago Sun-Times photograph. LCDM 2012.10.1 Zion's blue laws went into effect with the founding of the city in 1901. Blue laws have been used since Colonial times and originally were directed at prohibiting personal activities such as gambling and the consumption of alcohol. In the 19th century, state and local governments began passing blue laws (based on Christian beliefs of keeping the Sabbath holy) that forbade businesses from operating on Sunday. The Zion theater owners pointed out that the ordinance was already v ...
Carrick-Overbrook Block Watch has moved to Zion Christian Church at Madeline Street and Brownsville Road for the July meeting. Come to Monday's meeting, July 1, 7 pm.
Does anyone have any upcoming church events taking place this week or over the next month? If so, please list them below! also, fax them and mail to us at Jammin Jackson97.7 122 Radio Rd. Jackson, TN 38301 attn: Marcus Mason
You know what seperates Jews from Italians? Intelligence. Braun without Brain is gross. How bout dem Italian Jews? We used to find alot of them in Brooklyn.
some christians think they're marching to zion; but they really running straight to *** TAKE HEED LEST YOU FALL
I deal with some of the most ignorant selfish rude people! Guess what, they are church going people! No offense to those that basically live in a church and what not, but I find some of the bible thumpers contradicting and evil like.
Had a good sleep work at 4 then back to Mount Zion Christian Church..
It's going down in Columbia TN tonight!!! If you can make it out we would love to see you here!! Tickets: $10, age 11 and under free Venue: outdoors Zion Christian Academy 6901 Old Zion Rd Columbia TN 38401 Concert: 7pm
I lvd daughter's of zion was realy blesd!!! thnx Jubilee Christian church 4 such an initiative...AWESOME
Lord what a time we had at Covenant of Zion Cathedral Church last night with Bishop Charles E. Williams. Don't let the devil ambush your ambition. Christian Wade you did an awesome job.
My neighbour be getting drunk and blasting zion christian church songs
Christian light world vs zion appostolic church at lungrug hall mambili ngo mculo we zion
Celebrating the life of Liks @ Mount Zion Christian church - what a legend, what a friend. Exe u touched lives .RIP
What an AMAZING night we had at Friday Night Praise! at the Rosewood Ave Baptist Church "The Wood" ! Dexter Walker and Zion Movement from Chicago, Ill took us in before and AFTER the Benediction!! Eddie Ray Clark and the Voices from Dallas, Tx, Chris Spivey and Nu Destiny, Kayla Freeman, Rosewood Music Ministry, and Andre Taylor were all AWESOME!!! And guess what?? It was in a LITTLE CHURCH with a BIG PRAISE! # BIg KABOOM!
had a super magnificent tym mo kerekeng ya St Engenas Zion Christian Church!! with Golden Lethabo Moloya. *all smiles*
Article: Busic, Crocker installed as general superintendents
hah... I really hate Catholicism... I can't believe I ever was a catholic, and I have a hard time understanding why anyone still is.
The church is created not to fulfill God's wrath, but to complete His mercy. Our call is to be a house of prayer for all nations. Consider the phrase "prayer for." Jesus said, "pray for" those who mistreat you. When Job “prayed for” his friends, God restored him. Again, we are to “pray for” the peace of Jerusalem and "pray for" each other to be healed. Paul says God desires all men to be saved, thus "prayers [should] be made on behalf of all men . . . and all in authority" (I Tim 4: 1-2). An imperfect world is job security for an intercessor. -- In Christ's Image Training
“No matter how sincere you may be, all the saltine *** and grape juice in the world won’t save you. Our Lord was very clear. Unless you eat His Body and drink His Blood, you have no life in you. In fact, this very truth is what caused many of His disciples to flee from Him. (St. John 6:53-66) And today, millions of Protestants continue to flee from Christ while professing to be Christians. They want Our Lord’s redemption, but they want nothing to do with His Body and His Blood. They want salvation without suffering, theology without paradox, and worship without mystery. They strain at gnats and swallow camels. They forsake Holy Tradition in favor of human traditions. They trade sound apostolic doctrine for novel interpretations that satiate the palate of reason while poisoning the soul. But the Shepherd still calls out to them through His true Orthodox Church, ‘and whosoever will may come and partake of the water of life freely.’ (Revelation 22:17)” Selam, +GMK+
It's tomorrow! Get there early for concessions and witness the "Sleeping Beauties" (connect group of New Life Church) first "Ugly Dress Contest" at 6:45 PM. Concert starts at 7 PM. Concessions will be open before then. Visit the page and tell them your "Going". Thanks $10 tickets, or $5 for a group rate.
Verses 18-23 Two things are here promised, which were to be in part accomplished in the reviving of the Jewish church after its return out of captivity, but more fully in the planting of the Christian church by the preaching of the gospel of Christ; and we may take the comfort of these promises. I. That the church shall be replenished with great numbers added to it. It was promised (Isa. 49:17) that her children should make haste; that promise is here enlarged upon, and is made very encouraging. It is promised, 1. That multitudes shall flock to the church from all parts. Look round, and see how they gather themselves to thee (Isa. 49:18), by a local accession to the Jewish church. They come to Jerusalem from all the adjacent countries, for that was then the centre of their unity; but, under the gospel, it is by a spiritual accession to the mystical body of Christ in faith and love. Those that come to Jesus as the Mediator of the new covenant do thereby come to the Mount Zion, the church of the first-born, ...
Headed to the East Camp Meeting at Mt. Zion Christian Church in Durham, NC
Been having an amazing time at 2013 CAMP MEETING excited about tonight! MOUNT ZION CHRISTIAN CHURCH, DURHAM NC 27707 7pm!
Akanyan Kitso wrote: TESTIMONY [EXPOSING KINGDOM OF DARKNESS & FALSE CHURCH] EXPOSING: Zion Christian Church This testimony is from old man of 83 years old and her wife of 78 years old those who have being in Zion Christian Church for so long and there have being exposing these false church and its false leader bishop Lekgenyane,who many soul in Southern Africa are following him. Their names are withheld but,firstly at church,we have the videos of them..and now they are our grandparents at church today,it happens to on Sunday [02/06/2013]. The old gradpa said since his time I Sione aka ZCC,he have never felt the love of God,and never heard about the blood of Jesus Christ,about the only name that saves JESUS CHRIST (Acts 4:12), he continues telling us they have never speak about the Holy Spirit,His role in their lives,they don’t rebuke sin and they influence fornication. The testimony continues,he started exposing the use of ropes (moitlamo),the use of that demonic photo of this false prophets Lekgenyane ...
Anti-Zionists have gone beyond the campaign to boycott Israel because of Jews in Judea and Samaria. Now, the Church of Scotland questions whether Jews even have a claim to Israel.
A top Muslim Brotherhood official is calling for Egyptian Jews to return to Egypt to make room for Palestinians who will take their place when Israel is decimated within a decade. "Palestine houses people who conquered it and those occupiers have previous homelands," Essam al-Aryan, an adviser to...
TONY Abbott is being urged to abandon his flagship $4.3 billion paid parental leave scheme as his allies warn that consumers will bear the brunt of the levy needed to fund the generous payments.
Sal net ons eenage jeug d nie
I miss being in the Zion Christian Church, eish where art thou
Rachidi was a priest in the Zion Christian Church.
Am a christian my husband is a ZCC the dove one, since he bought the hat from moria his not himself, is as if his mind its has been control by lekganyane, he is more of phonicating and stealing money from street wearing a badge of st engenase when I tell him that what ever he's doing its wrong he said its his bishop and he's protecting him am so scared of that church st engenase. In Jesus name I pray.
The History of Great Christian Preachers & Ministries Center is envisioned by higher authority, to gather all the profound, life changing works of the preachers, art, music, ministries, and theater that embodies the body of Christian ministries.
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Romans 11:22–29 Note then the kindness and the severity of God: severity toward those who have fallen, but God's kindness to you, provided you continue in his kindness. Otherwise you too will be cut off. 23 And even they, if they do not continue in their unbelief, will be grafted in, for God has the...
"Every man, woman, and child in the world has a carnal nature by birth. But the male struggle to keep the thoughts straight is based upon more than the fleshly nature. It is rooted in the fact that God created men with a completely different sexual makeup than women. "God made man in the beginning with a very sensitive sexual nature that could be quickly aroused by the SIGHT of female nudity. Woman, on the other hand, was created with a sexual nature which would not be so easily stirred, especially by sight. She was made to be more responsive to touch and tenderness. Her more subtle sexuality could be drawn out by the physical attentions involved in conjugal relationship. "God gave man his emotional sex nature for the purpose of making marriage more pleasurable and happy. The husband was to be the aggressive one in the relationship. Under this beautiful plan of God, the sex instinct of both husband and wife could be lawfully stirred. But mark this: God never intended for man's sex emotions to be stimulate ...
The birth of the tiny nation of Israel is the "Super Sign" that the return of the Messiah is indeed near. Dr. David Regan discusses in this show the Miracle
Preserve the legacy of Pastors, Ministries, Missions, Deacons, and all in clergy.
Pampered Chef party as a Relay For Life Fundraiser!! (ALL Proceeds go to Relay for Life - I don't "get" anything as the host) Please click on this link, then "shop online", then "already invited to a show", then "Connie Gartin" as the host. The actual show (where we eat!!) is Monday, May 6th at 6:30pm at Zion Christian Church. Everyone welcomed to attend. Just let me know if you're coming so we'll have enough food for everyone. Here's the link to start your online order:
Join the South Alabama Christian Education Department for a Mother's Day Brunch! We will have food, fellowship and motivational presentation by Sis. Victoria Whitfield from Greater Beard's Chapel AME Zion Church in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Prizes will also be given to mothers in different categories so come out and have a joyous time with us!
Those men were wearing ZCC badges. To reiterate. A proclamation that they belong to the Zion Christian Church
Christian Jobs: Organist - Zion Lutheran Church - Houston, TX: Zion Lutheran is searching to fill an organist ...
At Mt. Zion AME Zion church about to hear my Mama bring the Christian Education message.
Looking forward to going to Zion Christian Centre tonight as it will be my 3rd year block placement church!
You know, just running the merch table for the show tonight. @ Zion Christian Church
The bail application of a Zion Christian Church (ZCC) member accused of raping…
Def feeling the love today! are in Troy MI today at Zion Christian Church! Come see us tonight! We'd love to see you!
Christian - [Christ] Is Jesus so why do ZCC's say its Zion CHRISTIAN church? They don't believe in Christ thou_ Some leganyane *** -___-
Lekganyane on Motsweding FM tune in and get the 411 about Zion Christian Church.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
So who's stocking up on Captain Crunch for the Newsboys show?? 4/19 at Zion Christian Church in Troy and 4/26 at Dow Event Center in...
to Newsboys at Zion Christian Church in Troy, MI - Apr 19
Awesome time of Worship with my Zion Christian Church family this morning. God is Faithful!
Needs Moria !!! Any Zion Christian Church people outchea to take her this coming Easter ☹
Watch this. Zion Sacred Heart Christian Church - YouTube I hope this is good.
Just uploaded a new video on Zion Christian Community Ministries
Many churches today have a leadership-structure where one religious leader is looked up to as "THE" man or woman of God. This leadership-structure is called "the one-man pastor system." Churches wi...
I was just praying and then suddenly tears came to my eyes thats never happened to me i never get emotional about anything.
Today at PMTS Michigan Zion christian church event what a wonderful day!!!
(PW) I couldn't say it better so I'll share a sister pages representation of the Zionists that are killing the planet!
Religion & Relationships. I met a woman once upon at ime many moons ago, I'm christian she is also christian the two of us are GOD fearing people, now one day as we were chilling and talking she suddenly says: "brother X wa ko kereng ya rona a re this relationship we have will never work", surprised as I was I asked her why? She then went on to explain: "A re o pholosiwe and accept GOD as your savoiur then we will be happy." I then again asked her what did you say? She said: "I told him ke a go rata and you have your own opinion", questions started popping out of everywhere 1 of them was "a wa go batla?" Obviously the answer was yes, I asked again "wena how do you feel?" Her response was "nna ga ke mobatle. I then decided to lay it to rest coz I had already seen and understood that she really loves me. As time went everything fell into place we fell more and more in Love and even had 2 beautiful children that I Love very much, even though the kids were there my Love for her grew considerably till today. A ...
As a People, like Jews, do Christians have a right to a state of their own? Where shall we create it? Who should we move out of the way?
PEOPLE of GOd! All are invited to attend the Midweek Prayer meeting on march 13, 2013 exactly 7pm. @ Zion Christian Community Church, Balangobong Binalonan. Join us, BE BLESSED and be a part of transforming yourself, your family, your community, your church and your country through prayers!!! ^_^
tjo...kanti wats happening in dis world.a Member of Zion Christian Church raped a woman in de church at moria .can u believe dat.???
YOUR OFFERING PAVES WAY FOR YOU (PT:1) Every child of God should give his or her "first fruit" and then the "Tithe". Many children of God are not give out of abundance but as they give God increases them. Giving to the poor is not sowing a seed. God can open doors for you: door and rooms. God can open gates for you: cities Liberality can cause your soul to prosper but that's not's just one of the blessing and one of the expectations of God from you. Deut15:11 ...For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land. Some people are poor just because they didn't hear the right thing and many will go to *** because they didn't hear the gospel. Mk 14:1-9 ...After two days was the feast of the passover, and of unleavened bread: and the chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take him by craft, and put him to death. But they said, Not on the feast day, lest there be an ...
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*RAPE ON PREMISES REGRETTABLE-ZCC* ''the rape of a woman on Zion Christian Church's premises in PLK was regrettable, the church confessed yestrday. A woman, 27, alleged tht a prophet, 35, had held a knife 2 her throat and raped her last weekend during an all-nyt prayer session on church premises in Moria, PLK.'' ndo sea nda ganama tjo...tiye heyi ya chiboho i cou dina vharuti...* kakakakaka...lollest kwa!!
Why do you think some people are atheists and do not believe there is a God?
Zion Christian Church and Detroit’s Nurse-Family Partnership joined together to give 25 first-time pregnant teens and young adults a day filled with pampering at Paul Mitchell the School- Michigan in Sterling Heights today. The mothers-to-be were given free haircuts, hair styling, manicures, and mor...
There is no better gift we can give to our children than IDENTITY...
Hi friends and family. You may not understand me but please don't unfriend me. I love to see young people and old for that matter, sing Christian Hip Hop. I would give every thing in the world to have my son or grandson singing Hip Hop for the Lord. And I mean anything. So when I hear a sweet young man singing for the Lord I cry my eyes out. I would also be proud to call them my own. You may not want to be my friend after you read this but the lord will never let me call you an enemy. I love you and Happy Monday.
Today Is the last day to buy Spring Fling tickets to benefit Michael Stauffer. If you would like to buy tickets contact Ashley McCormick Combs today!!
We have made it back home after 10 days in the Tri-City :) eastern Ohio region. Honor goes out to Empire, Wellsville and East Liverpool Ohio! We seen God heal cataracts, ears and a lot more, eternal spiritual healing, church denominational walls being removed and we met some of the most beautiful people! We love you all out there looking forward to seeing you again!
We are getting SO excited to honor our moms with a Day of Beauty!! Special thanks goes out to Pastor Connie from Zion Christian Church in Troy and the Paul Mitchell Design School in Sterling Heights for giving our NFP clients a day of pampering!!
I wonder will Meachum Lamar Clarke play this old tune. Sign me up for the Christian jubilee. Write my name on the roll. I've been changed since the lot has lifted me. I wanna be ready when Jesus comes. Oh yes!!!
Rapture Alert The Signs of His Coming by Michael G. Mickey One of the biggest mysteries in the Bible concerns the timing of Jesus Christ's return to earth. Although the Bible tells us no one knows the hour nor the day when the Lord will return, the Bible is filled with many indicators or conditions we can use to *** how close we may be to the season of His return. As you are about to read, many of the conditions spoken of in Bible prophecy which seem to indicate Jesus Christ's return is coming in the not-too-distant future are clearly visible in the world today, reminding us that He could come, to Rapture His Church at least, at any moment! After the Rapture takes place, the horrific seven-year Tribulation Period will occur, an overview of which is included in my Post-Rapture Survival Guide. The signs are as follows: The Gospel will be preached in all the world before the physical return of Jesus Christ to the earth occurs at Armageddon, although exhaustive efforts are presently underway to accomplish ...
Before Joseph died in Egypt he took an oath from his children that they take his “bones in a coffin” on the day of departure for the Promised Land. (Gen 50:22-26). Joseph didn’t want to be a mummy in Egypt with a private pyramid. He wanted to be present when God opened the Red Sea. They took his bones when they left Egypt (Heb 11,22). The bones didn’t rattle in the coffin, they must have laughed and rejoiced… There was more life in those bones then in those who carried them. The bones arrived, but not the original bearers. Joseph blew the first trumpet of faith for the return of Israel! He blew it with those not yet born, but who would blow the trumpets to bring down the walls of Jericho. Joseph died at age 110. A man of faith at 110 is younger than a critical teenager! Have you joined Joseph’s battalion? “Onward Christian soldiers...” God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE Please share to encourage a friend.
is an article by a lady Hope the below post encourages. "I was sitting on a yellow vintage couch in a beautiful home in Maui. I remember studying God’s truth with a few ladies my age. For a month we were going to go through the book “How to Prayfor Your Future Husband” by Robin Jones Gunn. None of us were married, or were even dating for that matter. One quote by her I’ll never forget though. It said, “Ladies, pray for your men. Satan’s game plan is to take down the leaders, the men. Only God’s Spirit can draw a man to seek Him and free him to be the man, and leader God wants for him to be. Whether you marry or not, DO BATTLE! Pray!” Do battle I thought? Me? The girl whose dad laughed at the army recruiter when they called my house seeing if I wanted to join the army my senior year? The girl who, although has gone on adventures all over the world, is scared to go on public buses, walk the streets of downtown L.A., and walk from my car to my house at night? But I’ll never forget that afte ...
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