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Zell Miller

Zell Bryan Miller (born February 24, 1932) is an American politician from the US state of Georgia. A Democrat, Miller served as Lieutenant Governor from 1975 to 1991, 79th Governor of Georgia from 1991 to 1999, and as United States Senator from 2000 to 2005.

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I know the feeling. I have voted for 1 Dem in my life, Zell Miller, but I don't think he counts.Consider the source.
Maybe you should have Irish catholic have a dual Zell Miller 2 prove your networks liberal chops Amen-Ra
Fmr GA Gov, Lt. Gov, and Senator Zell Miller agrees with you
Just like Zell Miller said at the 2004 convention.
John Kerry, who says he doesn't like outsourcing, wants to outsource our na...
Drawing Lines: Exploration of Place: Project Curator Meredith Powell and artist Zell Miller III talk about the...
The point would be better made pointing out that he's appearing with conservative nut-job Zell Miller.
Standing behind him is Senator Zell Miller who was a segregationist.
they've seen what the other side is like and are deeply repulsed by it? (Cuts both ways, a la Zell Miller)
Traffic: Read by Zell Miller III Like a big pool of disaster sometimes The highway Concrete Metal Plastic Paint…
Make It: Read by Zell Miller III Started from the bottom as a Hustling teen trying to come up to Live in the dream.…
A good read today as it was when it was on the Best Seller List - A National Party No More by Zell Miller
Our Founder with U.S. Senator Zell Miller at RNC in NYC in 2004 -
Zell Miller famously told Rahm Emanuel ought to get some Gorilla Glue and put it in that chair in the Oval Office and say sit here a while
The bios of the men in this picture:. Directly behind Clinton stands Georgia Governor Zell Miller, Who is he?
The only time we've seen Chris shut up was when Zell Miller challenged him to a fuel on national TV!
. Always remember Zell Miller calling him out on national TV.
Really tempted to not write this essay but I need a good grade for the Zell Miller scholarship so...
True, albeit more of the cards were in the deck when men like Zell Miller served in Congress.
Why is Hillary Clinton more right wing than 1990's version of Zell Miller?
I had free tuition in Georgia under Zell Miller's HOPE Scholarship. No work requirement. I had to keep a certain GPA.
This is why JFK was the last decent Democrat to be President. Last decent Dem PERIOD was Zell Miller.
Right. Sam Nunn, Zell Miller. Even Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor. Those kinds of Democrats no longer exist.
I foresee a round of "HRC will take a lefty running mate to inspire the base!" predictions, followed by a Clinton - Zell Miller ticket.
TIL in 2004, US Senator Zell Miller expressed a desire on live TV to challenge Chris Matthews to a duel via /r/
I benefitted from the HOPE Scholarship under Zell Miller in the mid-90's.
True but Zell Miller credited Gov. Deal with saving it. As far the particular consequences of those reforms, not sure.
there are a few of us around from the Zell Miller days before he jumped the shark
Yeah, Zell Miller said that particular loophole in the hope scholarhsip was one of his greatest regrets as governor.
If I receive the Pell Grant along with Hope, Zell Miller, or the Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant > 😩🙌🏽
Former Gov. Zell Miller, 83, is healing from surgery after a basketball game fall
BSB | wraps up weekend PBC series against with 1 p.m. DH at Zell B. Miller Field. STATS |
I do love how MSNBC set you up with the dual with Zell Miller to prove your liberal chops! Snake oil salesman
I think a divided Dem convention will be forced to nominate a Joe Lieberman/Zell Miller ticket.
Zell Miller is not a "conservative Democrat." He switched to the Republican party.
so as long as you register Dem you're authentic? Like Zell Miller or Michael Bloomberg?
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to former Senator Zell Miller
the Zell Miller - Chris Matthews duel that never transpired would have been one for the ages.
BREAKING: Ex Ga. Gov. Zell Miller remains hospitalized after a fall in his Young Harris, Ga. home 48 hrs. ago.
BSB | opens schedule against at 4 p.m. at Zell B. Miller Field. STATS |
Former Georgia Governor Zell Miller undergoes surgery after fall
Former Gov. Zell Miller undergoes surgery after fall
I've said this since Zell Miller challenged Chris Matthews to duel. You'd see a return to civil society in months
Former Georgia Gov. Zell Miller undergoes surgery after fall (from
Wishing all the best and a speedy recovery for Zell Miller. He's a terrific guy and a great Georgian.
Former Governor Zell Miller undergoes surgery after fall
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Praying for Gov. Zell Miller and his family in Young Harris. Gov. Miller fell at a basketball game earlier this week.
Zell Miller hospitalized after fall at Young Harris College
The father of the Georgia lottery takes a fall. Former Governor Zell Miller recovering after surgery.
New post: Zell Miller recovering after fall.
AJC: 5 things to know: Zell Miller breaks hip, shoulder in fall at college
Some week for - first Brian (NRA-endorsed) Schweitzer, now Eliot Spitzer. Who's next, Zell Miller?
Thanks Bill there is no more Democratic Party ! It's the progressive party of Karl Marx ! Remember Zell Miller Dem from GA wd
when you don't get Zell Miller by 20 points 😛👍🏻
There was a time when that wouldn't be surprising. Those days ended with the retirement of Zell Miller.
You could always look at it like a blessing because Zell Miller is a pain in the butt to keep
yeah, there's a possibility that I'll get zell miller so I might as well take advantage of it where it's accepted if I do
Hey remember when Zell Miller challenged to a duel? needs to step it up w/his fight w/ Amateurs.
Webb isn't saying anything different than what Zell Miller said in the early 2000s.
At this rate I'm gonna lose zell miller my first semester 😅
Nets invite Quincy Miller has signed with Red Star Belgrade. Official, a source said.
Is Zell Miller still alive? He should be Webb's VP. Webb should form a Shadow Cabinet. Webb should kill again.
And the winner of 2016's Zell Miller award is...
The Nets say they have requested waivers on forward Quincy Miller, guard Ryan Boatright & center Chris Daniels.
Had Jim Webb actually gained traction or stayed in the Senate before quitting he could have been the Zell Miller or Joe Lieberman of '16.
Jim the Democrat Party left you long ago. Remember Zell Miller's speech at the 2004 GOP convention?
now knows what Senator Zell Miller figured out a long time ago.
Feel a "Zell Miller-D Georgia" moment coming. The party has left him! Anybody else??
all smoke & mirrors, Issa, Gowdy, i'd say all but. Gohmert & Zell Miller, i out > other about 2 b ousted
"I can remember when Democrats believed that it was the duty of America to fight for freedom over tyranny" -Zell Miller-
I have a lot of respect for Jim Webb. He's an old school democrat like Zell Miller.
Oh, come on now, Zell Miller hasn't weighed in yet.
Jim Webb is finding out like Zell Miller found out. The Democrat Party of Old is no more.
Also, Zell Miller & the Fountain of Youth would make for a great honky tonk band.
It's prob somewhat true, but it's no different then Clinton's pushing Dems to left post Lewinsky. Reference: Zell Miller memoirs.
Zell Miller's campaign for the HOPE scholarship put me through school tuition-free, red states are fertile organizing
Remember when Zell Miller said he wished he could challenge Chris Matthews to a duel? Grit.
Jerry Zeifman is a “lifelong Democrat” in the same way David Horowitz, Bob Beckel or Zell Miller are “lifelong Democrats.”
would have been only slightly better than Zell Miller challenging Chris Matthews to a duel
See here's the thing, I need hope and zell miller. so
. It's past damned time for a good ol fashioned Zell Miller *** chewin! 😉
if only Jeb had a Zell Miller to really sell his manure to yokels
March I'll get everything. Scholarship amounts, HOPE scholarship/grant and Zell Miller grant along with my tuition amount total😁
Happy to be back on the field with my brothers⚾️ @ Zell B. Miller Field
Remember when Zell Miller said John Kerry & Dems would defend the country with spitballs? Doesn't sound so crazy now
I can’t find the Will Forte impersonation of Zell Miller anywhere and it’s driving me nuts. One of the funniest SNL bits ever.
When John Kerry and Zell Miller and George Bush can agree on an issue, you know it's got legs.
"Twenty years of votes can tell you much more about a man ..".
I was thinking about some of my characters and 2 you did came to mind, Tim Calhoun and Zell Miller. I saw the real guy on tv once
Every time I hear one of our politicians give a speech I have the same thought: "I miss Zell Miller."
Zell Miller is about to be my best friend🙌
is that number of scholarships or $$ awarded? Any breakdown HOPE scholars vs Zell Miller scholars? Geographic distrib of ZMS?
Must have seen others before this, but earliest memory is clip of Zell Miller challenging Matthews to a duel at the 2004 RNC.
it's called the Zell B. Miller learning center...get it right
Totally felt like hibernating tonight then BAM! I had one of THOSE conversations w Zell Miller and now my...
the same party had Elizabeth Warren and Zell Miller so 😲
Had a great time with Gov. Zell Miller & my dad, Sam Nunn, today. I'm so honored to have Zell's endorsement!
.with her dad, ex-sen. Sam Nunn, and ex-gov. Zell Miller at Young Harris college.
Sam Nunn was a different kind of Democrat, so was Zell Miller. Today's Democrats are nothing like them.
Interesting..Zell Miller endorses Nathan Deal for Governor in TV ad but earlier endorsed Michelle Nunn Martin for U.S. Senate?
I love Zell Miller (used his MLC a ton at UGA), but I do NOT trust Michelle Nunn, and don't understand why he would back her 🙅🙅🙅🙅
Anyone to the left of Zell Miller is too liberal. Actually, make that Jesse Helms.
Towns: Zell Miller endorses Michelle Nunn for Senate, but Nathan Deal for governor - Atlanta Journal Constitution...
The Zell Miller Mountain Parkway Drug Task Force along with the Pickens County Sheriff's Office conducted an operation that netted them a substantial bust and one arrest. Other arrests are anticipated in the case and they predict a culmination of those may be next week. At approximately 07:30 a.m. this morning the units conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle occupied by a man from the Atlanta area. The vehicle pulled into residence near Henderson Mountain Road and Highway 108. The 37 year-old was taken into custody following the recovery of the $12,000 and the methamphetamine totaling 12 ounces. The officers located the meth inside the vehicle. The arrest was made following a series of search warrants, vehicle stops, and interviews.
Design Team event: Georgia World Congress Center on May 17... Parking is $10 In the Red Deck We are in the Zell Miller wing of Building B CALL TIME IS 10AM
"wham a lam a ding dong." this is about the greatest since zell miller wanted to "challenge you to a DOL!!!"
17th Amendment The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote. The electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the State legislatures. When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate, the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies: Provided, That the legislature of any State may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments until the people fill the vacancies by election as the legislature may direct. This amendment shall not be so construed as to affect the election or term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as part of the Constitution. U.S. Senate was ruined by 17th Amendment "What's the point of having a Senate? If the vote margins are the same as in the House, you might as well close the doors," Chris Dodd told reporters. "Those id ...
"You do know what a mettifur is, don't you?" --- Zell Miller
"My Family is more important than my party.". -Zell Miller
Who's right on housing, Sam Zell or Bill Miller? via
.Miller says Gundlach, Zell are wrong on housing "if youre longer term oriented, you have to be bullish”
Clash of the mortgage-buying titans: Bill Miller says Jeff Gundlach & Sam Zell are wrong about less demand for houses
Looks like im going to miss zell miller by.005 so thats good :-)
Today is your last day of high school, a day that seemed so far away to your Dad and I. You have made us so proud of all of your achievements. It was hard this year attending YHC taking all of your college English and college math and attending high school, Junior Board, FBLA, cheerleading, being Region 15 FBLA president, maintaining your straight A average since you began school, working toward your goal of achieving the Zell Miller scholarship, and working a part time job to pay for your car. We are so very proud as you will begin the next phase of your education at UGA!! The world needs leaders like you Lesleigh Irvin! Today is only another step in life, and you have amazing friends and memories to keep with you!
The streets are like Georgia's Former Governor, Zig-Zag Zell Miller.
OK, hate the deeds rather than the entire party. There Are good people that are Dem. Zell Miller is one such example.
If you going to Savannah and you're the salutatorian you can definitely get hope, shoot you should be able to get Zell Miller
on a less prestige college. Ima get the most outa that zell Miller
Retired but a democrat I respected was Zell Miller
sweep floor both have more flip flops than Zell Miller had zig zags. What GA needs is
Last grade is in and . I KEPT ZELL MILLER !
Many white Democrats voted to change the flag and many lost their elections. Then-Gov. Zell Miller tried to change it.
Somehow pulled out a B in theatre history. I still have Zell Miller for my last year.
yeah. nut I'm still gonna be an honor grad and have a gap high enough for Zell miller and still go to uga. SO IDGAF
You can check your HOPE/Zell Miller GPA online. It's different from my school GPA.
yeah I'm still .05 below Zell miller now :/
Gingrey gives shout out to Zell Miller for HOPE but blames state's colleges for constantly raising tuition and fees.
At the Zell Miller center at UGA. Good choice. Miller was a great American.
Rand Paul just went Zell Miller. He might have replaced Bieber as most entertaining ongoing mental breakdown of 2013.
Even when Rand Paul threatens people, he plagiarizes from others: This time from Zell Miller.
Joe Manchin makes me miss Zell Miller. At least Miller was entertaining. Manchin looks like an unemployed Joe Theismann impersonator.
So frustrated that there are no clips online of Will Forte as Zell Miller, FREE THE HARDBALL SKETCHES NBC
So apparently all my scores are there for hope but the zell miller people have absolutely nothing. So freaking annoying
All these people who didnt get zell miller , deserve it more than me . I only took 1 ap class my HS career . Just a bunch of honor classes.
Zell Miller was 1 of the most radical governors in the country by enacting the HOPE program to give Georgia the cheapest college in U.S.
The student loan nightmare is 1 reason I'll always be grateful to Zell Miller, even if he went crazy in the last few years he was in office
am I the only one who has to pay for registering for classes? Like I'm so baffled as to what is Zell Miller paying for?! 😒
They reduced my Dean's scholarship to put in my Zell Miller & GA Tuition Grant. That's $2,350 a semester.
I liked Zell Miller. As someone who worked at the collapsing GDOL anything remotely less dumb and conservative would be worth it.
"I believe strongly that one can have anything if they are willing to work and pay the price for it" -Zell Miller
My newsletter is free with a donation to the Zell Miller ItsAMetapher Society. 1-eighthunert-metapher
I believe Zell Miller was the last Moderate to leave the Democrat Party aka The Socailist Party of America.
Only scholarship I could manage to grab was Zell Miller.. & it took me working my *** off for 4 years to get tht shiit lol
Award amounts for the HOPE Scholarship and Zell Miller Scholarship have now been updated to reflect the correct amount for 2013-2014.
Zell Miller's not even close to being the worst Democratic Senator ever. (Theodore Bilbo?)
Clarification. Sam Nunn was the last Dem in Georgia to win a full Senate term; Zell Miller won a special election in 2000.
VSU left me a message, I qualified for Zell Miller. No more loans, Thank God.
Statesman Zell Miller, perhaps the last of a long lost breed of Democrat patriots. Some of you might remember him...
Zell Miller finally came in. I am officially paid for my first year.
Well I almost thought about getting my babies a new brother this evening, he is so cute but a dog is a lot of maintenance... I still have time he is 2 weeks old and is a Shih Tzu chocolate and white... Wanda Redding Waddell my cousin did pick her out one... I am worried about my 2 cats Zell Miller and Betty Talmadge taking too him... I will name him of course after a Democrat and his name will be Lyndon Baines Johnson, if I get him and I will call him Lyndon :)
On June 29, 1993 I was present when Former Gov. Zell Miller purchased the first Lottery ticket ever sold in GA. On today, June 26, 2013 I was invited to the Miller Learning Center @ the Univ of GA to observe the 20th Anniversary of that event. Gov Nathan Deal, Jere Morehead, Pres-elect of the Univ of Georgia, Commissioner of Bright from the Start Bobby Cagle and Debbie D. Alford, Pres & CEO of the Georgia Lottery spoke on the success of HOPE. They all proclaimed Zell Miller as the "father of HOPE". GA has been recognized as one of the most generous states for college & university financial aid because of the HOPE Program. About $6.8 Billion has been awarded to nearly 1.5 million students since 1993. In 1993 42,796 students received $21.4 million in aid. Fast forward, in 2012 256,398 students received $747.7 million in aid. The success of the HOPE Program is undisputed!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Where is Zell Miller? I want him to come forth and tell what he knows about the death of Hosea Williams because the KKK is the culprit that is responsible for many deaths of black men in Georgia during the Wayne Williams trail and I told them so. Now, Wayne didn't kill all of those men, so who ever you are you will be hunted down by God because the blood of those victims are crying and God hasn't forgotten!
One of my favorite moments in recent Media history was when Zell Miller told Chris Matthews he wanted to challenge him to a duel
I don't know who made this video, but it is an excellent example of the Bush Administration, fellow Republicans, and even a Zell Miller (former Democrat), us...
Mark Levin How many Democrats voted for so-called "good" Bush tax cuts? Zell Miller & Ben Nelson only Dems to vote 4 them. Rest against
Or spit wads as Zell Miller said...
Got my SAT scores back, missed Zell Miller by 90 points. 😔
finds that the GA Dome has had less economic impact than supporters claimed.
My fact-check on a claim about the Georgia Dome's economic impact.
Georgia Dome economic impact claim flagged for bad numbers. We give it a False.
Stadium claim flagged for faulty numbers - PolitiFact
Don't you have Zell Miller? That will do it for you. You don't have to do anything.
That moment when you realize that you will run out of Zell Miller Scholarship hours for your entire senior year>>>> Thanks, COE and Spanish.
One semester separates me from the Zell Miller Scholarhip. Straight A's one more time!
They got you too? All my mags are gone as well. All I have left are Zell Miller Spitballs. Hope they work.
My GPA is .1 point away from making me eligible for Zell Miller. Hopefully I get all A's this year
There was one in recent history, Zell Miller. He realized that the party had abandoned the values he treasured.
Sooo... Would Hope & Zell Miller take care of my whole tuition and books?
Zell Miller, who believe it or not was then a loyal Dem was appointed to replace Rep Paul Coverdell
Just saw interview it went the way of Zell Miller...without the red face and duel challenge...
Finally got all my grades back...KEEPING THAT ZELL MILLER ALIVE BABY 😁😎
Just did some major grades calculating and I hope I'm wrong. I want zell miller!!!
hello Ryan this girl needs to keep the Zell Miller 💁 fall semester counts
Jan 24th excerpts from new one man Lamborghini angels written and performed by Zell Miller, III as part of Frontera Fest! The stories of the young people I have served for over 20 years swirls in my mind and the joy and frustration of being a parent shadow my every step, and single over 40 YIKES! come peep pieces of my new Joint at Frontera Fest Thursday January 24th 2013 Hyde Park Theater! Full production going down 2014! holla at your boy
Most Southern Democrats are basically Republicans (see former Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia).
Going Ugly Early Paul Begala: "Our goal was to take Romney's greatest strength--his business record--and make it a weakness. We were given a road map by none other than the late, great Ted Kennedy. As the 2008 election was approaching, I paid the senator a visit. I thought Romney might be the GOP nominee, and Kennedy gave me a tutorial on how to beat him. Don't underestimate Romney, Kennedy said. He's smart and resourceful and will say anything, take any position. Kennedy recounted how his campaign team tracked down employees of companies that had been shut down after being bought by Bain Capital. Shamelessly copying Kennedy's plan, we interviewed dozens of laid-off ­middle-class working people. Their stories were emblematic of the collapse of the middle class: factories closed, health benefits canceled, lives ruined." "My old friend, former Georgia governor and senator Zell Miller, taught me that 'a hit dog barks,' but Romney remained silent. I am still amazed that Romney did not respond. He allowed our ...
2004: Rove predicts the emergence of a "permanent Republican majority" and Zell Miller waxes poetic about the Democratic Party's fate, writing, "It is a rational party no more. It is a national party no more. So bang the drum slowly and play the fife lowly, for the sun is setting over a waiting grave." (Democrats win big in 2006, 2008.) 2009: Time Magazine calls Republicans an "Endangered Species" on its cover, many predict the party's demise. (Republicans win big in 2010.) There are a lot of reasons why Republicans lost this election -- some personality-driven, some policy-based, and some demographic. Parties adapt and survive, and the party on the ropes one year is often resurgent the next, so let's hold off on the funeral orations for now. But if Republicans don't sit up and take notice of this country's demographic changes, we WILL be attending the wake in a few election cycles.
I wrote opinion below to respond to a statement made: Investigate the cost of state sponsored colleges in the south as opposed to colleges in the north, as good starting point most state schools in the south such as, Fl, Ga, Al, Ms, LSU etc cost far less then Lackawanna Junior college per semester. To further allude to the fact Ga Tech who has one of the best engineering schools in the country currently offers tuition at 4,000 per semester for in state residence. Also in Ga they have a STATE sponsored Hope and Zell Miller program that simply put if you have a 3.3 Gpa in weighted classes all tuition fee's are waived, if you have a 3.0 the amount fluctuates from year to year but for this year I believe it is paying 85 cents on the dollar for tuition. Ask yourself how the people up north and myself a former West side resident allowed cost to run rampant in Pa state schools and worst yet why it still continues.
Whoa. Funny. Sadly enuf made me think of nuthead Zell Miller's challenging Chris Matthews to a dual a while back.
Dear SAT, please go easy on me. I'm a nervous wreck and all I'm asking is to get into North Georgia and get Zell Miller. 😰
Pat Caddell is a rare breed. He's not just a Democrat, he's one of the old school Democrats who still retains a high level of integrity. I put him in a class with Joe Lieberman, Zell Miller, and Evan Bayh.
I predict: Chris Matthew's freakout will eventually get more YouTube views than when Zell Miller challenged him to a duel.
Chris Matthews is as fired up as Zell Miller was when Miller challenged Matthews to a duel all those yrs back. WAY more fired up than POTUS
After Romney condemned Obama for "politicizing" national defense and the assassination of Osama bin Laden—a truly rich accusation coming from the party of "Mission Accomplished" and fishily timed political benchmarks in Iraq—people like William Saletan at Slate and Ben Armbruster and Igor Volsky at Think Progress printed substantial quotes from George Bush, *** Cheney, Ed Gillespie and Zell Miller politicizing the war on terror and slamming John Kerry for his lack of leadership and resolve. One person who joined them was Mitt Romney: I think people know pretty well that he's a guy who has a hard time finding which side of a position to come down on. But I'm going to focus on the fact that our nation needs strong leadership. We're under attack, militarily, economically. Our very way of life is under attack. And we need to have... steady, strong leadership. Not only does this quote challenge Romney's ability to manage his own staff of advisors and his attitude toward targeting bin Laden (to borrow anot ...
This is why I am unaffiliated.the Democratic Party was the conservative party at one time. They were for smaller Government, State's Rights, and free trade, to name a few. Zell Miller was the last true Democrat that I remember.
All I remember is Zell Miller going "U.S. Forces Armed with what? SPIT BAWLS?" (30-minute ovation)
Charlie Crist pulls a Zell Miller in Charlotte: He didn't leave the GOP -- it left him.
Whenever I think of John Kerry I think of Zell Miller saying the word SPITBALLS at the RNC in 2004.
isnt that just a rip off of Zell Miller's line from 2006
I wonder if J Kerry is trying 2 re-produce his version of the Zell Miller deconstruction of him in 2004? Remember that one?
John Kerry is now doing to Mitt Romney roughly what Zell Miller did to him in 2004
This year's Zell Miller in reverse! And Kerry is burning down the house as we speak -- the next secretary of state!
Zell Miller said the same thing about the Democrats a few years ago.
Why wouldn't Crist be the Dems answer to *Zell Miller*???
Kerry is essentially doing to Romney what Zell Miller did to him
Watching John Kerry speak. Where's Zell Miller when you need him?
Nice work gov crist, zell miller you are not.
*yawn* that's basically Zell Miller RNC2004. RTRT "I didn't leave the Republican party. It left me." -- Charlie Crist.
John Kerry on the military. Remember when Zell Miller went all Preston Brooks on his *** Charles Sumner was a Massachusetts senator too.
He stole that line from Zell Miller.
Is Charlie Crist this year's Zell Miller, or is his speech more significant, being a Floridian?
I don't do turncoats. Charlie Crist, Zell Miller, Arianna Huffington, et al.
Anyone remember when Zell Miller spoke at the 2004 Republican Convention and this was treated as some kind of major milestone?
He's no Zell Miller / Crist just delivered the vanilla, boilerplate Obama endorsement you can download off the internet.
Remember when Zell Miller flirted with challenging Chris Matthews to a duel on TV?!?
Lieberman didn't hurt Obama at all, but Zell Miller probably hurt Kerry a bit. Depends if narrative rings true.
Zell Miller has chunks of guys like Charlie Crist in his stool.
Gov. Crist's speech was so much more sane than that mess from Artur Davi$ or Zell Miller.
And the thing with Zell Miller is that he was shameless. Crist is too careful. But he just got a standing ovation, so I'm a ***
Is this better or worse than the Zell Miller defection?
I am positive that did not cut away from Zell Miller's speech as they are right now for
Already, Charlie Crist is doing a better job as the "team-switcher" than did the poisonous Zell Miller at the RNC in 2008.
Charlie Christ does a lousy Zell Miller impersonation.
The guys who do the Zell Miller thing and speak against former party at conventions are in awkward position because they look like losers.
He thinks he's joining the winning side. Ask Zell Miller how that worked out
He's no Zell Miller, that's for sure.
I dunno. Crist's classier Zell Miller act leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But someone just shouted "We love you!" so maybe it's working.
I'll take Charlie Crist. They can keep Zell Miller. More than a fair trade.
Yo Charlie Crist, imma let you finish, but Zell Miller had the best political turncoat speech of all time.
you must feel now like I did during Zell Miller's spitball speech.
Crist is good. I think this is effective. Zell Miller without the fire and brimstone.
Crist could do with a little less George H.W. Bush and a lot more Zell Miller.
I see Charlie Crist is at the I hope he goes all Zell Miller on this piece.
If hopes Crist will be like Zell Miller, well, we already knew they lived in an alternate reality so we didn't learn anything new.
; Former Governor Charlie Crist, up at 8:30 EST. Somebody call Zell Miller... ;^)
Somewhere Zell Miller is saying: "What'll they defend our country with? Foo Fighters?"
The effectiveness of Bill Clinton’s speech last night was revealed in a response by CNN analyst and long time top Republican strategist Alex Castellanos when he sighed, “You don’t have to come back tomorrow. This convention is done,” Castellanos said. “This will be the moment that probably re-electe...
Can someone explain what happened to the democrats gone are the Sam Nunn and Zell Miller "conservative" democrats this party has been hijacked by people so far left even my madness can't relate! there is only one option in November! Romney
Okay, I admit it. I'm a Conservative Republican, who is a born-again, Bible-thumpin', Jesus-praisin' Christian. Though I vehemently disagree with Democrats on basics, I have always recognized, that there are (were) a lot of well-meaning Democrats who loved the Lord and just saw things of the heart similar to me (hello Zell Miller). But now, I have to ask, how can ANY Democrat with an ounce of Faith stay with the Democratic Party? They "reinstate" God after they realized they just gave Republicans a gift on a golden platter. But, the majority of delegates BOOed the action. What in the world have they come to? The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good. --Psalm 51:3 Have they no fear of God? How arrogant. How dangerous.
The DNC has sunk to a new low. Which is hard to do. If Romney is elected, this lady's kid will die. BS. That is ridiculous. Really shameful and pathetic. I figured they would hold off on Major scare tactic nonsense til at least Thursday. This is not the party of Harry Truman or Zell Miller. That is for sure. Shameful.
I want to hear a Democrat speak at the Republican convention, ha oh wait that happened already Georgia's own Zell Miller
I guess I'm just a convention hipster. Remember when Zell Miller sorta challenged Chris Matthews to a duel? Those were the days.
After his speech at the 2004 Republican Convention, Zell Miller challenges Chris Matthews to a duel.
I'm having giggle conniptions like when Zell Miller spoke. David Gergen is going to get very stern later.
There aren't that many people who have addressed both conventions: Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman, Cardinal Dolan, and now Artur Davis. And the Democrats are angry.
Artur Davis is about to have his Zell Miller moment. Miller, a Democratic senator from Georgia, famously switched allegiances in 2004 to endorse President Ge...
Zell Miller was more entertaining than Arthur Davis. For whatever that's worth.
“Zell Miller was better.” hannity just called him "Arthur" and I wonder if he'll challenge Chris Matthews to a duel??
says Arthur Davis is the Zell Miller of this
Artie Davis should have gone full Zell Miller spitballs.
Neither Arthur Davis nor C. Crist have power Zell Miller had in 04. Cant help but wonder if theyd be there had they not lost their last race
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Arthur Davis is only speaking tonight because Zell Miller is too old
There have been a lot of talk about who is going to be the surprise celebrity guest speaker at the Republican National Convention and there are lots of guessing but I am not sure if it will be Sarah Palin who I love or Donald Trump who is awesome and also a beloved job creater or what some people are saying is maybe an actual demo-RAT who knows that our Once Proud Republic can not handle another four years with 0-bow-ma Hussein like that Zell Miller guy did back in 2004 so I cannot wait to see who that is because not even demo-RATs can stand 0-bow-ma Hussein anymore. Thank you.
We really need a "CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRAT" like Zell Miller. Conservative Democrats have been silenced in their own party.
Artur Davis wants to be as relevant as Zell Miller in 4 years -
Full text and video and audio mp3 of Zell Miller 2004 Republican National Convention
Linc Chafee is no Zell Miller.. Probably going to be as bad as Jim Leach.. remember him?
“Big fan of Zell Miller.” His Democrat Party is long dead. Done. I miss him, the last of the reasonable Dems IMHO.
did Zell Miller&Joe Lieberman get speaking spots in the past at the RNC? DNC doesn't allow Pro-lifers to speak at their Conv.
Chris Christie is the dark alley version of Zell Miller. No surprise the ever-increasing angry picked him for keynote at Tampa.
So expect *** Lugar maybe, Zell Miller, Colin Powell, maybe Olympia Snowe even? Doubt Huntsman will, he seems more third party than D.
It's OK; we have a past governor here (Zell Miller) whose incomprehensible rant at the 2004 RNC have him the grade "loony".
Apparently Liberals never got over Zell Miller's accurate portrayal of the Radical Democratic Party at the 2004 RNC.
Sam Nunn and Zell Miller would disagree that Democrats want old government, our Founders wrote of the Obama insight
I don't understand how people can vote for a man who is anti-american, anti-constitutional, and anti-capitalist. Barack Obama is the emperor with no clothes on, and everyone is treating him like a savior. He is the biggest lie. There are many others (Allen West, Herman Caine, Michelle Bachman, Marco Rubio, Zell Miller), who love this country, understand our constitution and would uphold it. He is not one of them.
A huge congrats to for getting the Zell Miller scholarship. Awesome job! hope you have fun at UGA!
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other day you mentioned Zell Miller had the shingles.Sorry to hear that.He is the only democrat I have ever voted for.
Zell Miller speech at 2004 RNC motivates PolitiFact Founder Bill Adair to start work on the idea
Yes! Just found out Haylee qualifies for the Zell Miller scholarship program which pays 100% of tuition rather than HOPE which pays 80%. Every little bit helps at this point!
A rare word from Zell Miller: 'I had a late life conversion' | Political Insider Really!!!
We were looking over what we owe to Ga. Tech. (with trepidation). Amy just discovered she got The Zell Miller Scholarship. It's like the Ga. Hope scholarship but with a little extra money!! Who knew!!?? Hope pays a percentage of tuition based on the Ga. lottery. Zell Miller gives a bit more!! Whew!
What are we supposed to face down an out of control govt with? Spit balls? h/t Zell Miller.
My Zell Miller Scholarship finally went through and now I don't have to worry about my fall classes being dropped.
A rare word from Zell Miller: I had a late-life conversion.
Re-cap: Zell Miller after interview w/ Chris Matthews, “I wished we lived in the day when you could challenge a person to a duel”
Chris Matthews Did It Again: He Tells Only His Side of the Story in His Encounter with Zell Miller
Chris Matthews Only Tells Half the Story on Zell Miller: Feeling vindicated for an episode that occurred nearly ...
Why does Zell Miller still have his name in Georgia Politicks? (Financial Aid for example?) did he "get rich quick"?
Since leaving D.C., Zell Miller has had shingles, collapsed lung, displaced heart, broke 5 ribs and his back.
Somehow Chris Matthews just seems small in that exchange with Zell Miller. I know he thinks he "won", but I don't think so
Zell Miller was my Governor growing up in Georgia. Crazy as *** then, Crazy as *** now!
Zell Miller challenging Chris Mathews to a dual. LOL, I had forgotten that one. :)
"I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge someone to a duel."--- Zell Miller
Zell Miller wants a duel: via One of my favorites Zell moments!!! a must~
Georgia history lesson...Former Gov. Zell Miller led the way for the lottery-funded HOPE scholarship program!
Amazing story of Zell Miller's conversion. See cliff notes here with Jim Galloway:
This WasherWoman-Shultz dame has to get out of D.C. She just spews hatred and diviseiveness. The Dems need someone intelligent to run their party. Someone like Zell Miller.
Is Joe Lieberman gonna get frozen out at the DNC? How about Zell Miller?
Zell Miller delivers one of the most courageous and impactful speeches in recent history 1sep04
How does an artist raise children and be an artist, a social worker, a mentor, a black man in America, as well as providing for his own sanity? The follow up to Miller’s award-winning my child, my child, my alien child, this brand new play is a funny, thought-stirring, and touching journey!
Is Jon Huntsman trying to be the Zell Miller of 2012? If so,
At this point, would people be surprised if Jon Huntsman showed up at the DNC convention Zell Miller like?
good for him but he should ask Zell Miller how did things work out for jim.
Zell Miller & Joe Lieberman's love child Cory Booker (dedicates life to screwing BHO, progs& sucking up to $, AIPAC)
Your morning jolt: Zell Miller dips into 9th District race for via
Joe Lieberman did it in 08. Zell Miller did it in 04.
I HAVE BEEN SAYING IT FOR 2 YEARS, THE REPUBLICANS DO NOT CARE ABOUT VETERANS. RONALD REAGAN CUT VETERANS BENIFITS. Cleland served from 1971 to 1975 in the Georgia Senate, and became an advocate for affairs relating to veterans. He was the administrator of the United States Veterans Administration under President Jimmy Carter, a fellow Georgian, from 1977 to 1981. He then served 14 years as Secretary of State of Georgia from 1982 to 1996, working closely with his future Senate colleague, Zell Miller. In the 1992 Democratic presidential primaries, Cleland supported fellow Vietnam veteran Bob Kerrey.
Any chance former Rep. Arthur Davis is given a speaking slot at this year's GOP Convention, acting as a 2012 version of Zell Miller in '04?
oddly its the way moderates are treated on both sides of the aisle. Ask Joe Lieberman, Harold Ford, Zell Miller & Casey.
Party of Scoop Jackson, Zell Miller and Bill Proxmire no longer exists. it's Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton & New Black Panthers
I used to be a "yellow dog" Democrat until Quislings like Joe Manchin, Zell Miller, Rod Blagojevich, and Joe Lieberman started popping up.
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