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Zeb Coulter

Wayne Keown (born November 29, 1949) is an American professional wrestler, and author better known by his ring name, Dutch Mantel or Dutch Mantell.

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They just left Zeb Coulter turtle on the floor.
hello & how are u doing? here. And did u hear that jarrett & Zeb Coulter are going to do TNA creative? Thoughts?
He'd get cheered like when Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter turned face despite no characteristic changes.
makes sense since Trump stole his entire platform from Zeb Coulter, aka
When did zeb coulter become raw general manager ?
they should re-write Eric Rowan as the time-travelling younger self of Zeb Coulter.
Is Randy pulling the "American flag is better than any other flag" gimmick now? Does he know Zeb Coulter got released?
If WWE wants me to be interested in this new Jack Swagger push, GET RID OF THE ZEB COULTER MUSIC.
fwiw, Wrestle Pro has stopped advertising Zeb Coulter and is nor advertising Dutch Mantell.
Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett & Zeb Coulter get released but John Cena, The Ascension & Alberto Del Rio are still in Bravo! .
I can't Bo lieve that dirty Dutch Mantell is Zeb Coulter
Zeb Coulter revisits the murder of Bruiser Brody via
I will forgive Zeb Coulter for not knowing who Anne Hathaway is for that god-awesome moustache/beard/Venom symbiote
so dumb. Del Rio would be just fine by himself or bring back Ricardo! Zeb Coulter.ffs!
I wish someone would drain the batteries on Zeb Coulter's little scooter chair so he'd have to sit backstage with his bs
Del Rio doesn't need Zeb Coulter. don't think this will get over like they are hoping
How did Zeb Coulter become such a liberal?
Nothing at all about this is Zeb Coulter and Alberto Del Rio storyline makes sense.
This Zeb Coulter Del Rio MexiAmerica angle in the WWE isn't necessarily's just...weird.
Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Coulter is back on WWE?! :O — watching WWE SmackDown
Zeb Coulter & Alberto Del Rio declare that the United States Championship is now the "MexAmerica Championship."
Zeb Coulter just declared himself and Alberto Del Rio citizens of "MexAmerica". Fantastic.
Alberto Del Rio? ... WITH ZEB COULTER? Wanting to "bring people from different countries together"? What universe is this...?
Just a bit of internal logic is all we ask - anti-immigrant Zeb Coulter supporting Cesaro and now Del Rio? I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!
They should get Donald Trump to confront Zeb Coulter on for a much needed ratings boost.
honestly I loved how the Zeb Coulter character offended the Tea Party retards.
Zeb Coulter: "Imagine if instead, Mexico and America were...ONE nation...". Me: "Oh man, are Zeb and Del Rio face?". ZC: "MexAmerica!". "Nope."
Didn't watch Raw but what I can gather is Zeb Coulter and Del Rio are uniting against racism. And they're heels. OK WWE. :-/
Zeb Coulter rocking the mobility scooter like the FYC at the Cheese & Grain
How long before they quietly drop Zeb Coulter from Alberto Del Rio? I give it the end of the year.
I'm not believing this partnership between Zeb Coulter and Alberto Del Rio.
I'm confused. Is supposed to be a heel or a face?? Zeb Coulter appears to be a face but Del Rio is not wrestling as a face.
Zeb Coulter preaching diversity and all of a sudden he's a heel.. I see you
I think Zeb Coulter has been replaced by a Skrull
This Zeb Coulter-thing is just weird. Even for pro wrasslin. I mean there's a hoveround involved.
Funny how Zeb Coulter is with Alberto Del Rio when he was with swagger n Cesaro who were against Mexicans
Zeb Coulter turned into a bleeding heart liberal
Anyone taking bets on how long it's going to be before Zeb Coulter tries to run someone over with his scooter?
Seriously, why on earth did they pair Del Rio with Zeb Coulter
Can we please have Zeb Coulter start coming out on the scooter to American Badass by Kid Rock?.
How surprised were you when Zeb Coulter returned last night? And being paired with Alberto Del Rio?
why on earth did they bring back Zeb "Keep America American" Coulter for del rio? lmao
Has Zeb Coulter gone senile or has he gone soft. He now manages Alberto DelRio. This is not the same Zeb.
Zeb Coulter seems like someone who would let his back go out after letting out a real intense fart
If I had a beard like Zeb Coulter, I'd just be stroking my beard-stash all day.
I'm a bit meh on Zeb Coulter. Del Rio can get over on his own. Coulter would've been better served elevating a midcarder.
Little known fact: Zeb Coulter is a Decepticon.
Usually a match like this would be lacking enough Murican. But then Zeb Coulter rolled in.
Zeb Coulter is killing Del Rio's swag rolling around in that thing lol
Me @ this nonsense with Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Coulter.
Why are ADR and Zeb Coulter together this makes no sense!!
Hurry up and turn on Zeb Coulter, Alberto
Zeb Coulter should allign himself with
Not sure if i like Zeb Coulter's new gimmick. I'll wait and see to make a judgement.
Zeb Coulter rolling in his cart with Alberto Del Rio and his stature is the best thing
Del Rio needs Zeb Coulter like a hole in the head.
can't wait to see Zeb Coulter cutting promos on Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
So Zeb Coulter has become a hippie who can't stand up and Del Rio hasn't changed one bit...
The funny thing is that since Zeb Coulter went away, Donald Trump essentially stole his gimmick, so he had to switch it up
It feels as if Zeb Coulter's new gimmick is attempting to redact Donald Trump from the HoF minus saying the n word
I'm really loving Del Rio being back, but I'm not really feeling this whole Zeb Coulter "Mex American" thing. But we'll see.
Did Zeb Coulter have a flag that combined the US and Mexican flags? That's great
Zeb Coulter wants to form 'Mexamerica'. I understand changing a character's motives slightly, but this is next level ha…
Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter as Trump supporters still would have been better.
I want a Big E/Zeb Coulter verbal debate. Imagine the gyrations for that one.
I liked a video Zeb Coulter revisits the murder of Bruiser Brody
John Cena should be managed by Zeb Coulter with the amount of John Milius 'murica he spat.
Zeb Coulter has the hairiest back I've ever seen in my entire life
I really miss Zeb Coulter man.. I wish he would come back as a heel
Has Zeb Coulter been fired or something? He hasn't been here for a while now
No one cares about a face Jack Swagger without Zeb Coulter.
Jack Swagger is no longer with Zeb Coulter? Anyways, he vs. Luke Harper is the next match. -DJ.
remember when was defeated in a Triple Threat by Ricardo Rodriguez, along with Zeb Coulter?
Zeb Coulter and Lana should just start making out. New storyline. Swagger & Big Russkie Mook watch in horror along with audience
Swagger passed out rather then tapping out rusev wins n then the *** kicked zeb Coulter ou...
Zeb Coulter got laid out my night has been made
So wrong. Rusev kicking Zeb Coulter who was checking on Swagger.
So I guess this feud will continue since Swagger technically passed out & Zeb Coulter is involved as he was attacked
Come on Rusev, at least kick Hulk Hogan in the face and not Zeb Coulter.
Dirty Dutch Mantell Zeb Coulter got kicked in the face. He's fallen and can't get up!
I have a hard time believing Zeb Coulter wouldn't uppercut a woman.
How dare he do that to ol' Zeb Coulter?
Jack Swagger passes out from the Referee calls the match for Rusev. Rusev kicks Zeb Coulter in the head
Pretty sure Zeb Coulter has an infowars premium membership.
I'm calling it. Zeb Coulter heel turn.
I'd love it if Zeb Coulter and Lana started World War III in this Arcidi/Swagger fight?
Can't see Zeb Coulter without thinking of the guy at The Fours who did a whole patriotic speech and got the bar to yell "We The People!"
Zeb Coulter would have made a great Rocket Raccoon.
Okay when the heck can we get back to the real Jack Swagger. I'm so done with zeb coulter
Zeb Coulter makes me want to be a real American too.
Hulk Hogan is set to sue Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter over "Real American" infringement
You should get former Savage adversary, Zeb Coulter, to throw out a 1st pitch. I would be glad to help you.
Angle vs Rusev at mania. It has to be. Angle to return and become a Zeb Coulter Guy with Swagger
I can't believe Zeb Coulter let Paul Orndorff use his that is a classy move
Mr wonderful looks like zeb coulter
What is Zeb Coulter doing back out here?
What did Zeb Coulter do to get so tired? He pretty much just stood there, lol.
Hate to say it, but the is still greater than Zeb Coulter in my book!!!
What is (What's) more American than baseball, apple pie, and (&) Zeb Coulter & Jack Swagger? Nothin
you can be my All American, American hero by helping me with this decision. Zeb Coulter would be proud. We! The People.
if only there was a screenshot of Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger
Will you dress as Zeb Coulter to a Summerslam party? Asking for a friend.
Dutch mantel (Zeb Coulter) gave steve Williams the steve austin name while the two worked in Memphis together
id like a reason to have Heyman push a guy & I don't think KENTA can get over without a manager. Wild idea-Zeb Coulter.
For once I just want Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter to come out to the Team America Theme Song
Jericho and Zeb Coulter in a singing contest. Fozzy vs. Fuzzy
When is Rusev going to ditch Lana and take Zeb Coulter as a manager? Am I the only one that sees that coming?
Jack Swagger with Zeb Coulter have been over since day one, even more so today, just imagine where Swagger would be without that DUI.
I think Zeb Coulter opposes immigration reform because of people like Rusev and Lana.
I think I rather see Dirty Dutch Mantel (Zeb Coulter) vs Lana. Who's with me?
I think we need a Lana vs. Zeb Coulter match ASAP.
Zeb Coulter always looks like he was dragged from a fishing trip.
I've never been happier to see Zeb Coulter.
Someone apparently showed Zeb Coulter an episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle
I have to admit Zeb Coulter is probably in my top 5 of wrestling managers of all time
and now "literal racists that is all we have we are racists" zeb coulter and Jack Swagger are the MURRICAN HEROES. wrestling.jpg
Alexander Rusev w/ Lana vs Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Coulter. Let's go Swagger but Rusev will win :/. -BITW
"Why are we even married? You don't even know who Zeb Coulter is.". Things you shouldn't say to your wife, apparently.
a Zeb Coulter sign will win the GOP nomination for President in 2016 lol
The Zeb Coulter/Jack Swagger Problem - themaskednegro: The issue with Zeb Coulter/Swagger vs. Rusev is the...
I'm surprised Zeb Coulter is still doing the illegal immigration stuff if they're supposed to be faces
Zeb Coulter is sending Jack Swagger to your house. He will most likely injure you. By accident.
All Zeb Coulter has to do is keep Lana from screaming "CRUSH HIM!" and Rusev would be completely lost & wouldn't know when to win.
That better not be all I get of Zeb Coulter tonight. Pop up videos should be reserved for terribleness like Reverend Big E
The "OLE" chants are drowning out the Zeb Coulter promo mid-match! .
You know your match is boring when they show a Zeb Coulter promo and THAT's more entertaining
WWE's Battleground is sponsored by the Mexican snack Taki's? Zeb Coulter isn't gonna be too happy about this..
I love Zeb Coulter lol it's a one way ticket to zebs deportation for list for Larner and Rusiv lol
Captain Lou had elastic bands in his beard, Zeb Coulter is going to have loom bands in his moustache
I'm really enjoying this face turn from Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter
Zeb Coulter got a lot of love last night
The only thing that Russia ever created that was worth a crap is vodka -Zeb Coulter
if u told me that after 5 years I'd be interested in a Jack Swagger feud I'd call u an *** but Zeb Coulter Saved him
I never thought Jack Swagger would get a pop like that...or should I say Zeb Coulter.
Zeb Coulter gets on my nerves, sometimes. Lana gets on my nerves, all the time.
Zeb Coulter reminds me of a South Park character
Nice to see Zeb Coulter is still an ***
Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter are literally the only real Americans
Zeb Coulter's promo was amazing there . . . . Do you think Swagger can stop the Rusev Crush???. WE THE PEOPLE!!!...
{My dad is a hardcore republican. He is just like Zeb Coulter. God love him.}
Zeb Coulter must be head of talent relations now
Zeb Coulter's promo with Jack Swagger, might of been the biggest pop of Swagger's career. Possible Sgt. Slaughter in the making?
Zeb Coulter- not Real enough of an American to know the diff between Sam Adams and Patrick Henry
Zeb Coulter out here confusing Sam Adams and Patrick Henry like I wouldn't catch that
You'll like this - the older character is named Zeb Colter (a play on Coulter)
the look on Zeb Coulter is priceless :D after almost a month won a match -_-
You don't have to hide your stash from Jack Swagger anymore because Zeb Coulter gives him random Drug tests
Look what I found. An old Zeb Coulter trading card.
But why does Zeb Coulter wear a terrier on his face?
Zeb Coulter looks like Fred Sanford when he puts his hand over his heart.
It's Dutch Mantel (now known as Zeb Coulter) and The Master of Pain (later to be known as the Undertaker)
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Zeb Coulter is too much ... and yet not enough.
please tell Zeb Coulter that us English don't speak British. There is no such language. we speak English
Big E Langston had no words for Zeb Coulter's "cahoots with Lana" comments. Just a good old fashioned whoopin' for Jack Swagger.
I think Zeb Coulter should question s american citizenship
Breaking News, Zeb Coulter has a new member to join Jack Swagger.
Good to see zeb coulter with the mic again lmao
Zeb Coulter is in the ring with Jack Swagger!
Zeb coulter n swagger tellin big E he was in carhoots with lana heres Big E to take on Swagger
Here's us with our manager Zeb Coulter. Also R.I.P. The Real Americans
and Zeb Coulter was there from the start.
you should add Angry Miz Girl, Zeb Coulter with a protest sign, Red Rooster, Mr America, Mr Backlund and SES Punk
I'm trying to see who can do with Health Slater and Zeb Coulter sucked at GERT RUSEV
This match needs Zeb Coulter shouting instructions from the side of the pitch.
I'm one for great storytelling. Something that is few and far between in the WWE universe, currently imo the best potential story line is Rusev vs Swagger and the funny thing is, it's got nothing to do with Rusev and Swagger. The back and fourths between Lana and Zeb Coulter are going to be classic!
I wonder what Zeb Coulter would say lol
Your dad reminds me of Zeb Coulter.
why does the other coach here look like Zeb Coulter
Creative. Too many shows, one with too many hours for them to fill. Zeb Coulter should be head of creative IMO.
Smackdown had the B team on. only high point was watching Zeb Coulter and arguing.
So Lana coming out right there was pretty pointless. Must be feuding with the Real American Zeb Coulter soon enough.
And that Zeb Coulter is over to the point that Swagger still gets a paycheck.
If not for Zeb Coulter I guarantee Jack Swagger would have been released.
I'm seeing it for the 1st time. Ron Wright was the first Zeb Coulter. I'm a Yankee but love Southern style wrestling.
Still mint, but seems to have lost something post Mania. Would actually rather see him as a Zeb Coulter guy, to be honest.
Breaking news zeb coulter beats in Virgina primary .
I say with Zeb Coulter as my avatar
With a bit of help from Zeb Coulter Tony turns baby face on this weeks Only jokeing Tony.Keep up the good work fellas.
Zeb Coulter appears to work in my office
My favourite was when Zeb Coulter made reference to Australia although it wasn't in a good way I still marked out!
Oh my god Zeb Coulter talks EXACTLY like my dad.
people thought i was crazy tonight, 'cause i was cheering for Zeb Coulter
Zeb Coulter needs to run for president
THE highlight of the Adam Rose segment was Zeb Coulter. His "Please...go...go away...please" had me laughing like my feet were being tickled
Lady, your pink vest and khaki shorts combo make you look like the awful suburban wife of Zeb Coulter.
I don't profess my love for Zeb Coulter anywhere near enough as I should do.
Watching a Raw from 1997 and Zeb Coulter is on commentary with Vince.
Zeb Coulter is a grumpy party pooper who hates people that are good at wrestling.
Zeb Coulter’s reaction to Adam Rose is perfection. Heyman-esque.
The Zeb Coulter/Adam Rose feud will be good. Not a fan of the "have to protect my wife" storyline
Honestly the whole real americans Zeb Coulter thing is just getting old and sad
It's the 5th of may said Zeb Coulter lmao
I really like how Zeb Coulter just looked like a dad who awkwardly found himself in a party environment.
incidentally was anyone else waiting for Zeb Coulter to say, "And you know who really bothers me? The blacks"
Zeb Coulter is nothing but a salty lemon!
Props to Zeb Coulter for really nailing the confused and angry old man face when new best dude ever Adam Rose flounced into the ring
Zeb Coulter in missed his time period. They closed Smokey Mountain Wrestling in the 90's
Adam Rose dumps Swagger out of the ring dancing around Zeb Coulter who's still scared
The Exotic Express is here! dancing to the ring! Adam Rose dancing around the ring - Zeb Coulter looks scared
Segment of the night thanks zeb coulter
Lmao Zeb Coulter the best segment of the night the best thing that happen tonight on
Ahhh we stopped action for this doe??? Zeb Coulter was on a roll lmaooo
Zeb Coulter's face right now. That's so funny.
Jack Swagger & Zeb Coulter out talking about illegal immigrants, imagine this will be Adams debut
Can we deport Zeb Coulter to the moon so we don't have to deal with him anymore?
Zeb Coulter speaks the truth about Emma!
Zeb Coulter is a fool and this storyline is stupid!
Zeb Coulter is kind of right about cinco de mayo
LMAO oh no, you're on Zeb Coulter's Deportation list!
So, Zeb Coulter is trying to be Wile E. Coyote or Panda-san from Ranma 1/2 with the sign? :)
Zeb Coulter wants and deported :O you're both welcome in Australia
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Jack Swagger is in the ring! Zeb Coulter has a deportation list!
Sheamus is US champ. Barrett is IC champ. Paige is Divas champ. A dirty hippy is WWE champion. Zeb Coulter's next promo "They took our jobs"
Seems like more people cheer Barrett than Big E. Big E should join Zeb Coulter. Coulter needs a stable & E needs a mouthpiece.
I know it's still early but am I the only one who thinks Paul Heyman has done nothing with Cesaro yet? He was more over with Zeb Coulter.
Del Rio wins the US Title and joins Zeb Coulter. Calling it.
Here is a cool idea ! Paul Hayman vs. Zeb Coulter. Now that will be awesome ! It will definately be trending topic !
Zeb Coulter looks like he has an old lady's *** under his nose.
Everytime Zeb Coulter grabs his heart to yell I'm scared he's dropping dead of a heart attack. I'm a worrier!
"is a great manager like Sir Alex Ferguson,Zeb Coulter is a great coach like Phil Jackson,not getting a better compliment
Paul Heyman vs Zeb Coulter in a fight to the death please
Lesnar is a Paul Heyman Guy Swagger is a Zeb Coulter Guy Is everyone forgetting that Daniel Bryan in NXT was a Miz guy!
Yep. It's gonna be awesome seeing Zeb Coulter and Paul Heyman go at it. Promo GOLD
Way to go Hulk. He exits the ring and gives Cesaro his time... Well, Zeb Coulter
I had no idea until I read that Zeb Coulter is actually the guy that was "Dirty" Dutch Mantell from NWA days.
had the best line of the night "I'm not a Zeb Coulter guy.I'm a Guy!!"
Jack Swagger w Zeb Coulter v Antonio Cesaro& New & w Paul Heyman... Swagger escapes the ring & runs out the ring like the chicken he is & Cesaro wins by count out
Zeb says something jerkish to Cesaro at the trophy ceremony, Cesaro says he's not a Zeb Coulter guy but a Paul Heyman guy.
Zeb Coulter so sick. He stuck with this goober Swagger. lmao
Im not a zeb coulter a Paul Heyman guy. Made my night😂
So disrepectful Trophy.. who will replace Cesaro as the next Zeb Coulter Guy and join Jack Swagger or will they just be forgotten
I think the prospect of a program that involves Zeb Coulter and Paul Heyman squaring off on the mic is a great idea coming out of WM season
Ok I knew Cesaro was gonna leave Zeb Coulter but to go with Heyman? I didn't see that coming.
you know else was were Zeb Coulter Guys - Cheech and Chong
Cesaro jumping from Zeb Coulter to Paul Heyman is so incredibly smart. The battle of the managers!
Grandpa Hulk Hogan comes out to present the André the Giant trophy to Antonio Cesaro .. Hogan says well let me tell you something brother you know something manics we had the biggest best WrestleManias here in New Orleans last night {LOAD OF CRAP } But the best part was the Battle Royal last night & it was great to watch Big Show get picked up & launched out the ring last night & there were 30 men in here last night & lets hear it for Cesaro . Cesaro & Zeb Coulter come out . Hogan says all I have to say is congradualtions brother . Zeb says I'll take it from here but I'll turn back over to you here in min even though your not from here I brought you in & made you a real American not to mention a Zeb Coulter guy . Cesaro grabs the mic says he's not a Zeb cOULTER GUY HE'S A Paul Heyman guy . Heyman comes out says not only is he the advocate for the conquer but also the king of swing Cesaro . Zeb bout has a heart attack says you mean to tell me your jumpin ship to Heyman . Heyman says that right he is . Ja ...
The "Zeb Coulter Guy" lead up was too much of a stretch, didnt feel organic, felt forced, like most WWE these days
We are back and Hulk Hogan is here to present the Andre the Giant trophy formally to Cesaro.for winning the 30 man over the top battle royal.Here comes Cesaro with Coulter to accept the trophy.he really deserves that trophy!...Coulter just took the mic from Cesaro and he is doing the talking and Cesaro don't look to happy about it at all!!! I think that he is ready to dump Zeb.he is not a Zeb Coulter guy anymore.he is now a Paul Heyman guy! WHAT??? Coulter is having a fit! Heyman says he knows it comes as a shock, "grandpa" but he is going to be handling the "king of swing" from now on.Coulter just got shove out and Swaggart is breaking up the statue and now Cesaro is beating the crap out of Swaggart.and that is where we are leaving that for now.I am sure there is a lot more story behind that but not this
First Paul Heyman puts the fans in their place, and now he's putting Zeb Coulter in his. Cesaro made the right choice.
I love Zeb Coulter but this is the perfect move from He even has a catchphrase already 'King of Swing'
HOLY CRAP MANAGER SWERVE. Loves me some Zeb Coulter, but Cesaro + Heyman = A+ would watch again forever.   10% Off
Cesaro switching from a Zeb Coulter guy to a Paul Heyman guy!!!
Oh thank god, I hate the zeb coulter character the less I have to see of him the better.
LOL. Paul Heyman just referred to Zeb Coulter as "Grandpa." I love it.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Does this make Zeb Coulter the baby face?
New wrestling group: The Coulter-geists. It's two guys in ghost costumes led out by Zeb Coulter
Hand over your heart as Zeb coulter was talking? Classy! LoL
This follow up to wrestlemania is awesome! ceasaro dumps Zeb Coulter to say he's a Paul Heyman guy? This is awesome
Cesaro has just dumped Zeb Coulter as his manager and has introduced his new manager Paul Heyman!!!
Cesaro needs to do the Cesaro swing on Zeb Coulter
Waiting for them to start manufacturing "I'm a Zeb Coulter guy" shirts.
No Zeb Coulter didn't.He did not just steal some of Heyman's Thunder.
I'm a little behind watching Wreslemania because of an emergency that came up that I had to deal with. I just saw Paul Orndorff and now I'm torn. Should I grow the Orndorff or Dutch Mantel/Zeb Coulter?
Zeb Coulter is my 2nd favourite right wing nutter at tonight after the Ultimate Warrior
The tag team match starts off with zeb coulter introducing the real Americans the stage looks awesome - ROB VAN DAN
Ok Zeb Coulter, sneaked is not proper english. I think you mean snuck.
Wrestlemania XXX Predictions - aka What the WWE would do if they knew what was good for them. Includes how Raw plays out tomorrow. TAG CHAMPIONSHIP. Uso's vs Real Americans vs Rybaxel vs Los Matadores - Uso's retain belts when Swagger & Cesaro have a mis-communication that results in Swagger getting pinned. Swagger turns on Cesaro, who fights back and punches out Zeb Coulter when Zeb tries to stop the fight. On Monday, Zeb offers to forgive and forget if Cesaro apologizes to him and Swagger, but Cesaro comes out and cleans house instead. VICKI GUERRERO DIVAS INVITATIONAL (aka how to get a PPV paycheck for all the Divas). The rules of this match still aren't very clear but it appears to be a "fatal fourteen-way". Tamina Snuka emerges victorious, much to the chagrin and anger of AJ who thought her bodyguard would have her back. On Raw, AJ demands that Tamina hand "her" title back. Tamina gives it to her - right smack up side the head. SHIELD vs KANE & NEW AGE OUTLAWS. The Shield wins in rather easy ...
"Kao's official ranking of the top 30 professional wrestlers of 2013" 20-11 20. Antonio Cesaro The former Claudio Castagnoli began the year as United States champion and defeated the likes of the Great Khali and the Miz to retain. Was defeated by Kofi Kingston for the gold in April. Unsuccessfully challenged Bo Dallas for the NXT championship in July. Began teaming with Jack Swagger as the Real Americans under the management of Zeb Coulter. In NXT, traded victories with Sami Zayn, and eventually won their feud. Impressed many during his reign as US Champion, but now seems focused on tag team success with Jack Swagger. 19. Big E Langston Big E captured the NXT championship in December of 2012 and held onto the gold until May of 2013. Acted as the muscle for Dolph Ziggler and AJ when he was initially brought to the main WWE. He and Dolph formed a tag team but were unsuccessful in capturing the gold from Team *** No at Wrestlemania. Defeated Daniel Bryan on Raw the following night. Competed again ...
WWE really should produce a Christmas movie about Zeb Coulter.
Zeb Coulter is such a great gimmick
Zeb coulter: "Santa Clause is an illegal immigrant."
Did say on Raw tonight that he'd wish Zeb Coulter would be like Mack Brown and be gone? Too funny!!
The scariest thing about Zeb Coulter Is that there are people that actually agree with him in real life
"Santa Clause is an illegal immigrant" - Zeb Coulter. Oh wow, congrats WWE, you've offended just about everyone with that.
"Santa Clause is an illegal immigrant" - Zeb Coulter.
No, Zeb Coulter is wrong, Santa is not an illegal immagrant because he's not looking for citizenship in the US
The only bull I fear is whatever comes out of Zeb Coulter's mouth...Ole!
Zeb Coulter cuts a promo in the ring before his team the Real Americans faces Los Matadores and El Torito who is all dressed up fpr christmas.
First Megyn Kelly says Santa is white, Zeb Coulter on Raw just said Santa is an illegal immigrant. This is confusing conservatives
Every time Zeb Coulter says "You People" I cringe and laugh at the same time
I thought Zeb Coulter was just a homeless hillbilly dirty looking Santa Claus
Zeb Coulter is really the greatest...
Zeb Coulter just called Santa Claus an illegal immigrant. I lol'd.
Titus being sick all over zeb coulter
If I were Zeb Coulter I'd be like... "I didn't know that thing had vocal cords!"
Little brother during the swag/zeb coulter segment "remember when dx ripped the bill of rights?"
Santa Claus is an illegal immigrant - Zeb Coulter
Can't Coulter be helpful? He is a liability to the Not a strategist. Just a big crybaby.
Foley must of sprinted down them.stairs to get changed into his Zeb Coulter costume.
ok WWE.that was really bad on your part for allowing Zeb Coulter to have the "Santa Claus is an Illegal Immigrant" sign.
Deport Santa Claus was a pretty clever sign held up by Zeb Coulter tonight. It's Christmastime and he's a heel, what do you expect?
Zeb Coulter must if took too much acid in the 60's. He's way to paranoid
I don't know.LOL!Zeb Coulter wants to I don't know why?
Im beginning to think that Zeb Coulter a.k.a. YUSEMMITE SAM is an illegal inmigrant.
I could just see Santa just skipping Zeb Coulter's house since he's saying this stuff bout him..
Lmao Zeb Coulter says Santa Clause is an Illegal Immigrant ha lmao he says Santa not American he thinks he can just slip in our Borders 😂😂😂
Alright, wasn't gonna say anything but Zeb Coulters deport Santa Claus sign is hilarious. And Vickie Guerrero, you are excused, feel free to leave anytime. Anytime...
"Santa Claus is an illegal immigrant." - Zeb Coulter
Antonio Cesaro, bless him, almost manages to make a Zeb Coulter promo interesting enough to remain conscious through.
OMG Zeb Coulter on commentary the worst thing ever
We are done with a quick, Big Ending by Big E Langston. Zeb Coulter cries in sorrow. Things are looking great for Langston.
Zeb Coulter enters the arena with a signboard of, "Santa Claus Is An Immigrant", and we start off with a kickoff match of, Jack Swagger Vs Big E Langston.
What do you think happened to Zeb Coulter's whip? Too edgy? Lost at the airport?
Zeb Coulter earlier saying he is gonna deport Santa Claus. Lol.
I know Zeb Coulter did not just badmouth Santa Claus! You would think a guy who looks like Yukon Corneilius would appreciate Santa Claus.
Zeb Coulter grabs a mic and says a fat bearded freak in a Santa costume told him Feliz Navidad and it must be an illegal immigrant! If he could deport him he would because he doesn't like people crossing the border especially from the North Pole. We the people!
Well, here it is, after The Slammy Awards, it's time for the 5th Annual Reece Alan Theberge Professional Wrestling Awards! Rising Star: Roman Reigns Worst Gimmick: Total Divas (Catty B!tches) Best Gimmick: The Wyatt Family (Southern Bayou Cult) Most Improved: Ethan Carter III Best on the Microphone: Zeb Coulter Best Finisher/ Move: Antonio Cesaro- Cesaro Spin Best Non Wrestler: Paul Heyman *New Award* Ham of the Year (Most Over-the-Top Personality): Paul Heyman The Khali Award (Worst Wrestler): Eva Marie Rookie of the Year: Big E Langston Female of the Year: Paige Tag Team of the Year: Bad Influence/E.G.O The Hogan Award (Most Overrated Wrestler/Personality): AJ Lee Heel of the Year: Bo Dallas *New Award* of the Year: Bully Ray is the Leader of Aces and Eights Best Commentator: JBL Face of the Year: Daniel Bryan Worst Storyline: The Shield vs. Anyone Feud of the Year: Undertaker vs. CM Punk Comeback of the Year: Goldust Worst PPV of the Year: WWE Battleground Worst Promotion of the Year: PWG Promotion of ...
Predictions for TLC this sunday. Feel free to comment with your predictions as well. TLC Match for Title Unification World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton Winner: John Cena. I think the go home show of Raw pretty much indicated that Cena is winning this. If Creative had balls they would use this as a chance to turn Cena heel by aligning him with the Authority but this of course will not happen because Cena is the face of the company. WWE Intercontinental Title Match Damien Sandow vs. Big E Langston Winner: Big E- I think they are trying to elevate Langston at this point and I don't see him dropping the belt this quickly. Hopefully they will do it in a way that won't get Sandow completely buried as he is a premium talent that needs a good push as well. WWE Divas Title Match Natalya vs. AJ Lee Winner: Natalya, I expect this to be an actual decent Divas match but with Total Divas running right now I think they want to swap the title to a Diva that is on the show. Also should Natti ...
Oh, forgot this from yesterday - Customer interaction of the day - mixing paint for Yinzer Zeb Coulter.
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