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Zeb Coulter

Wayne Keown (born November 29, 1949) is an American professional wrestler, and author better known by his ring name, Dutch Mantel or Dutch Mantell.

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Paul Heyman vs Zeb Coulter in a fight to the death please
Lesnar is a Paul Heyman Guy Swagger is a Zeb Coulter Guy Is everyone forgetting that Daniel Bryan in NXT was a Miz guy!
Yep. It's gonna be awesome seeing Zeb Coulter and Paul Heyman go at it. Promo GOLD
Way to go Hulk. He exits the ring and gives Cesaro his time... Well, Zeb Coulter
I had no idea until I read that Zeb Coulter is actually the guy that was "Dirty" Dutch Mantell from NWA days.
had the best line of the night "I'm not a Zeb Coulter guy.I'm a Guy!!"
Jack Swagger w Zeb Coulter v Antonio Cesaro& New & w Paul Heyman... Swagger escapes the ring & runs out the ring like the chicken he is & Cesaro wins by count out
Zeb says something jerkish to Cesaro at the trophy ceremony, Cesaro says he's not a Zeb Coulter guy but a Paul Heyman guy.
Zeb Coulter so sick. He stuck with this goober Swagger. lmao
Im not a zeb coulter a Paul Heyman guy. Made my night😂
So disrepectful Trophy.. who will replace Cesaro as the next Zeb Coulter Guy and join Jack Swagger or will they just be forgotten
I think the prospect of a program that involves Zeb Coulter and Paul Heyman squaring off on the mic is a great idea coming out of WM season
Ok I knew Cesaro was gonna leave Zeb Coulter but to go with Heyman? I didn't see that coming.
you know else was were Zeb Coulter Guys - Cheech and Chong
Cesaro jumping from Zeb Coulter to Paul Heyman is so incredibly smart. The battle of the managers!
Grandpa Hulk Hogan comes out to present the André the Giant trophy to Antonio Cesaro .. Hogan says well let me tell you something brother you know something manics we had the biggest best WrestleManias here in New Orleans last night {LOAD OF CRAP } But the best part was the Battle Royal last night & it was great to watch Big Show get picked up & launched out the ring last night & there were 30 men in here last night & lets hear it for Cesaro . Cesaro & Zeb Coulter come out . Hogan says all I have to say is congradualtions brother . Zeb says I'll take it from here but I'll turn back over to you here in min even though your not from here I brought you in & made you a real American not to mention a Zeb Coulter guy . Cesaro grabs the mic says he's not a Zeb cOULTER GUY HE'S A Paul Heyman guy . Heyman comes out says not only is he the advocate for the conquer but also the king of swing Cesaro . Zeb bout has a heart attack says you mean to tell me your jumpin ship to Heyman . Heyman says that right he is . Ja ...
The "Zeb Coulter Guy" lead up was too much of a stretch, didnt feel organic, felt forced, like most WWE these days
We are back and Hulk Hogan is here to present the Andre the Giant trophy formally to Cesaro.for winning the 30 man over the top battle royal.Here comes Cesaro with Coulter to accept the trophy.he really deserves that trophy!...Coulter just took the mic from Cesaro and he is doing the talking and Cesaro don't look to happy about it at all!!! I think that he is ready to dump Zeb.he is not a Zeb Coulter guy anymore.he is now a Paul Heyman guy! WHAT??? Coulter is having a fit! Heyman says he knows it comes as a shock, "grandpa" but he is going to be handling the "king of swing" from now on.Coulter just got shove out and Swaggart is breaking up the statue and now Cesaro is beating the crap out of Swaggart.and that is where we are leaving that for now.I am sure there is a lot more story behind that but not this
First Paul Heyman puts the fans in their place, and now he's putting Zeb Coulter in his. Cesaro made the right choice.
I love Zeb Coulter but this is the perfect move from He even has a catchphrase already 'King of Swing'
HOLY CRAP MANAGER SWERVE. Loves me some Zeb Coulter, but Cesaro + Heyman = A+ would watch again forever.
Cesaro switching from a Zeb Coulter guy to a Paul Heyman guy!!!
Oh thank god, I hate the zeb coulter character the less I have to see of him the better.
LOL. Paul Heyman just referred to Zeb Coulter as "Grandpa." I love it.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Does this make Zeb Coulter the baby face?
New wrestling group: The Coulter-geists. It's two guys in ghost costumes led out by Zeb Coulter
Hand over your heart as Zeb coulter was talking? Classy! LoL
This follow up to wrestlemania is awesome! ceasaro dumps Zeb Coulter to say he's a Paul Heyman guy? This is awesome
Cesaro has just dumped Zeb Coulter as his manager and has introduced his new manager Paul Heyman!!!
Cesaro needs to do the Cesaro swing on Zeb Coulter
Waiting for them to start manufacturing "I'm a Zeb Coulter guy" shirts.
No Zeb Coulter didn't.He did not just steal some of Heyman's Thunder.
I'm a little behind watching Wreslemania because of an emergency that came up that I had to deal with. I just saw Paul Orndorff and now I'm torn. Should I grow the Orndorff or Dutch Mantel/Zeb Coulter?
Zeb Coulter is my 2nd favourite right wing nutter at tonight after the Ultimate Warrior
The tag team match starts off with zeb coulter introducing the Real Americans the stage looks awesome - ROB VAN DAN
Ok Zeb Coulter, sneaked is not proper english. I think you mean snuck.
Wrestlemania XXX Predictions - aka What the WWE would do if they knew what was good for them. Includes how Raw plays out tomorrow. TAG CHAMPIONSHIP. Uso's vs Real Americans vs Rybaxel vs Los Matadores - Uso's retain belts when Swagger & Cesaro have a mis-communication that results in Swagger getting pinned. Swagger turns on Cesaro, who fights back and punches out Zeb Coulter when Zeb tries to stop the fight. On Monday, Zeb offers to forgive and forget if Cesaro apologizes to him and Swagger, but Cesaro comes out and cleans house instead. VICKI GUERRERO DIVAS INVITATIONAL (aka how to get a PPV paycheck for all the Divas). The rules of this match still aren't very clear but it appears to be a "fatal fourteen-way". Tamina Snuka emerges victorious, much to the chagrin and anger of AJ who thought her bodyguard would have her back. On Raw, AJ demands that Tamina hand "her" title back. Tamina gives it to her - right smack up side the head. SHIELD vs KANE & NEW AGE OUTLAWS. The Shield wins in rather easy ...
"Kao's official ranking of the top 30 professional wrestlers of 2013" 20-11 20. Antonio Cesaro The former Claudio Castagnoli began the year as United States champion and defeated the likes of the Great Khali and the Miz to retain. Was defeated by Kofi Kingston for the gold in April. Unsuccessfully challenged Bo Dallas for the NXT championship in July. Began teaming with Jack Swagger as the Real Americans under the management of Zeb Coulter. In NXT, traded victories with Sami Zayn, and eventually won their feud. Impressed many during his reign as US Champion, but now seems focused on tag team success with Jack Swagger. 19. Big E Langston Big E captured the NXT championship in December of 2012 and held onto the gold until May of 2013. Acted as the muscle for Dolph Ziggler and AJ when he was initially brought to the main WWE. He and Dolph formed a tag team but were unsuccessful in capturing the gold from Team *** No at Wrestlemania. Defeated Daniel Bryan on Raw the following night. Competed again ...
WWE really should produce a Christmas movie about Zeb Coulter.
Zeb Coulter is such a great gimmick
Zeb coulter: "Santa Clause is an illegal immigrant."
Did say on Raw tonight that he'd wish Zeb Coulter would be like Mack Brown and be gone? Too funny!!
The scariest thing about Zeb Coulter Is that there are people that actually agree with him in real life
"Santa Clause is an illegal immigrant" - Zeb Coulter. Oh wow, congrats WWE, you've offended just about everyone with that.
"Santa Clause is an illegal immigrant" - Zeb Coulter.
No, Zeb Coulter is wrong, Santa is not an illegal immagrant because he's not looking for citizenship in the US
The only bull I fear is whatever comes out of Zeb Coulter's mouth...Ole!
Zeb Coulter cuts a promo in the ring before his team the Real Americans faces Los Matadores and El Torito who is all dressed up fpr christmas.
First Megyn Kelly says Santa is white, Zeb Coulter on Raw just said Santa is an illegal immigrant. This is confusing conservatives
Every time Zeb Coulter says "You People" I cringe and laugh at the same time
I thought Zeb Coulter was just a homeless hillbilly dirty looking Santa Claus
Zeb Coulter is really the greatest...
Zeb Coulter just called Santa Claus an illegal immigrant. I lol'd.
Titus being sick all over zeb coulter
If I were Zeb Coulter I'd be like... "I didn't know that thing had vocal cords!"
Little brother during the swag/zeb coulter segment "remember when dx ripped the bill of rights?"
Santa Claus is an illegal immigrant - Zeb Coulter
Can't Coulter be helpful? He is a liability to the Not a strategist. Just a big crybaby.
Foley must of sprinted down them.stairs to get changed into his Zeb Coulter costume.
ok WWE.that was really bad on your part for allowing Zeb Coulter to have the "Santa Claus is an Illegal Immigrant" sign.
It's 4 days before Christmas and we just had holy war storms and tornado warnings. Merry Christmas and God bless Zeb Coulter's America.
Deport Santa Claus was a pretty clever sign held up by Zeb Coulter tonight. It's Christmastime and he's a heel, what do you expect?
Zeb Coulter must if took too much acid in the 60's. He's way to paranoid
I don't know.LOL!Zeb Coulter wants to I don't know why?
Im beginning to think that Zeb Coulter a.k.a. YUSEMMITE SAM is an illegal inmigrant.
I could just see Santa just skipping Zeb Coulter's house since he's saying this stuff bout him..
Lmao Zeb Coulter says Santa Clause is an Illegal Immigrant ha lmao he says Santa not American he thinks he can just slip in our Borders 😂😂😂
Alright, wasn't gonna say anything but Zeb Coulters deport Santa Claus sign is hilarious. And Vickie Guerrero, you are excused, feel free to leave anytime. Anytime...
"Santa Claus is an illegal immigrant." - Zeb Coulter
Antonio Cesaro, bless him, almost manages to make a Zeb Coulter promo interesting enough to remain conscious through.
OMG Zeb Coulter on commentary the worst thing ever
We are done with a quick, Big Ending by Big E Langston. Zeb Coulter cries in sorrow. Things are looking great for Langston.
Zeb Coulter enters the arena with a signboard of, "Santa Claus Is An Immigrant", and we start off with a kickoff match of, Jack Swagger Vs Big E Langston.
What do you think happened to Zeb Coulter's whip? Too edgy? Lost at the airport?
Zeb Coulter earlier saying he is gonna deport Santa Claus. Lol.
I know Zeb Coulter did not just badmouth Santa Claus! You would think a guy who looks like Yukon Corneilius would appreciate Santa Claus.
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Zeb Coulter grabs a mic and says a fat bearded freak in a Santa costume told him Feliz Navidad and it must be an illegal immigrant! If he could deport him he would because he doesn't like people crossing the border especially from the North Pole. We the people!
Well, here it is, after The Slammy Awards, it's time for the 5th Annual Reece Alan Theberge Professional Wrestling Awards! Rising Star: Roman Reigns Worst Gimmick: Total Divas (Catty B!tches) Best Gimmick: The Wyatt Family (Southern Bayou Cult) Most Improved: Ethan Carter III Best on the Microphone: Zeb Coulter Best Finisher/ Move: Antonio Cesaro- Cesaro Spin Best Non Wrestler: Paul Heyman *New Award* Ham of the Year (Most Over-the-Top Personality): Paul Heyman The Khali Award (Worst Wrestler): Eva Marie Rookie of the Year: Big E Langston Female of the Year: Paige Tag Team of the Year: Bad Influence/E.G.O The Hogan Award (Most Overrated Wrestler/Personality): AJ Lee Heel of the Year: Bo Dallas *New Award* of the Year: Bully Ray is the Leader of Aces and Eights Best Commentator: JBL Face of the Year: Daniel Bryan Worst Storyline: The Shield vs. Anyone Feud of the Year: Undertaker vs. CM Punk Comeback of the Year: Goldust Worst PPV of the Year: WWE Battleground Worst Promotion of the Year: PWG Promotion of ...
Predictions for TLC this sunday. Feel free to comment with your predictions as well. TLC Match for Title Unification World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton Winner: John Cena. I think the go home show of Raw pretty much indicated that Cena is winning this. If Creative had balls they would use this as a chance to turn Cena heel by aligning him with the Authority but this of course will not happen because Cena is the face of the company. WWE Intercontinental Title Match Damien Sandow vs. Big E Langston Winner: Big E- I think they are trying to elevate Langston at this point and I don't see him dropping the belt this quickly. Hopefully they will do it in a way that won't get Sandow completely buried as he is a premium talent that needs a good push as well. WWE Divas Title Match Natalya vs. AJ Lee Winner: Natalya, I expect this to be an actual decent Divas match but with Total Divas running right now I think they want to swap the title to a Diva that is on the show. Also should Natti ...
Oh, forgot this from yesterday - Customer interaction of the day - mixing paint for Yinzer Zeb Coulter.
Some thoughts and observations on RAW: - Didn't Daniels & Kazarian do the Dumb & Dumber tuxedos a few weeks ago?? - It was pretty cool seeing Seattle hijack the closing segment - When did HHH get so short? - Looks like we'll be seeing CM Punk vs. HHH at WrestleMania - Contrary to what critics would have you believe, WWE is talent-laden right now...I enjoy the Wyatt Family, The Shield, Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee, Zeb Coulter, and Alberto Del Rio.
Just saw about 15 illegals and I yell WE THE PEOPLE.I'm downloading Jack Swagger theme lol...if possible grow the Zeb Coulter beard for a special effect
is anyone else upset Zeb Coulter didnt get the slammy for the maple syrup chugging Canadian comment?
In a little bit they will have the superstars surround the ring and will have the raising of the belts. Now in the ring Brotus v Xaviar Woods.over before it Brotus putting the whoop down on the poor boy!! Now the Miz up to present insulter of the year.nom's are.A.J. at the Diva's. Zeb Coulter...Paul Heyman..Stephanie.I think Steph should the winner girl!!! Stephanie!!! LOL!! Here comes Punk!! v Dean is pretty back and forth right now...nothing big.Ambrose taking it to Punk right now but Punk trying to make a come back..but not to successful.a hard hit to Punk in the ribs...a second hit to the ribs of Punk and now a third.he is really trying to hurt Punk...but Punk finally got his opening.Ambrose runs before Punk could get the GTS on him.Punk out of the ring but you know Bryan will come running out of the back if he needs's almost a given. Back from commercial and they are both back in the ring.Punk getting a second wind with a knee to the face.elbow off . ...
I still watch wrestling yes I know,lol. Well any way raw starting to get even lamer and I'm falling asleep,so I may take another 8 year break. But cm punk is basically the reason why I still watch so he's on now. Just got better. Cm punk,Daniel Bryan,the shield,the Wyatt Family and zeb coulter are the reasons why I tun in.
Taggin' on Tom's post...Zeb Coulter, Uncle Zebiciah, or Dutch him whatcha will...Got 'em all started: Austin, Undertaker (when he was the Master of Pain), Sting & Warrior (Blade Runners), and the Bruise Brothers (Ron & Don Harris--Skull & 8 Ball) . He even managed JBL when he was Justin Hawk Bradshaw (a WWE version of Stan Hansen).
Fun fact...the guy that portrays Zeb Coulter gave Steve Austin the name "Stone Cold" Steve Austin when Austin was just starting out
We need people like Zeb Coulter in England
Anthony asks, do you feel that workers and/or promoters tend to be, more often than not, behind the times on trends and popular culture? How important is it to pay attention to that kind of stuff? Workers and promoters are at times behind when it comes to pop culture, but there is a reason for that. Promoters can't book too much based on mainstream news stories from any aspect of pop culture within the week it occurs. That would turn wrestling into Saturday Night Live, only not funny (no matter how hard they try). Also, current event stories tend to die off quickly (IE, the Dorner story. In that case, literally), which would make angle longevity a problem. Wrestling has always appealed to the masses by playing to their hopes, fears, and in many cases, preconceived notions. WWE always has and always will continue to play to popular sentiments of society, though maybe not in a daily scope. Pro wrestling perfectly dramatizes the preoccupations and pathologies of society. When executed properly, wrestling sp ...
Warren Gatland has won uk sports coach of the year, good luck when he comes up against Zeb Coulter at the world awards!
Our next Powie is the "JYD" award for the most racially insensitive wrestler manager or moment of the year. The nominees are Los Matadores, Pretty Ricky, Ricardo Rodriguez and Zeb Coulter
Anyone else notice the intellectually challenged guy in the crowd flipping off Zeb Coulter?!
Just my opinion but what *** is even the purpose of Zeb Coulter & guys like him being at ringside & running their mouth & getting involved in matches they have no business being involved in & then when they get hurt all they want do is cry about it . Zeb go sit in a rockin chair old man your days have done past
Match I want to see at Daniel Bryan vs Zeb Coulter. Loser gets facial hair shaved.
In the words of Dutch Mantel (Zeb coulter) they take credit for everything, but they gotta take credit for the BS they book
Zeb Coulter loves stroking that moustache
Zeb Coulter, Sting, and The Ultimate Warrior the early years as the Blade Runners
That's one serious mustache the Volcano god is sporting. :) Got a Zeb Coulter - "We The People" vibe to it. :)
"All my Real Americans. Stand up straight and firm. Put your hands over your hearts and repeat after me. 'We the people!'" -Zeb Coulter
Zeb Coulter shows why managers are needed in wrestling
WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RECAP Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw, live from Nashville, Tennessee!! Our announcers for the evening are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL. They announce that tonight’s main event will be a 12 man tag team match between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Usos, and The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield and The Wyatt Family. We open up Monday Night Raw with the return of Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon, The Authority. The announcers show a replay of last week when Big Show choke slammed Randy Orton through the announce table. HHH says that last week proves how vital The Authority are to Monday Night Raw, because without them, it’s nothing but chaos. He says that Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox have been avoiding them all day. Stephanie says they are well rested, and they are back. HHH starts to speak, but he is interrupted by the music of the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. Randy Orton says he blames The Authority for not saying exactly who was in charge, and for him being chok ...
I was in the building when "Zeb Coulter" debuted in Nashville. The reaction was tense. Now people don't care.
But, but, but Zeb Coulter! Heyman doesn't have a mustache to curl!
Pretty much...great managers are dinosaurs now. Zeb Coulter? Eh...
Zeb Coulter's clean shaven doppelganger just strolled in the store.
I think it is about time manufactures an action figure twin pack or Zeb Coulter & ...
Cartoon character Zeb coulter really thought he was funny in dissing the British on their own turf. HA. HA.
I hope u aren't going for the Zeb Coulter moustache... lol
It's kinda crappy how you don't get zeb coulter with the Real Americans tag team. it doesn't have the usos.
love the new game but it *** that you gotta get the dlc to play as the bellas and big E. and it doesn't have zeb coulter
Zeb Coulter needs to take over as Tomahawks coach.
Mr. Bean has already responded to Zeb Coulter.
The Mr Bean joke by Zeb Coulter was gold lol
Also zeb coulter slating us about findin mr eban funny!! Was so good :)
i am sittimg here watching wwe wrestling and Zeb coulter a.k.a.(Dutch Mantell) comes out and says " if Real Americans were running this country then it wouldnt be in the shape its in now. i have to agree with that statement WHOLE HEARTEDLY.
To Zeb Coulter: if americans ran the U.K. It would be the _hole the U.S. Is right now.
Zeb Coulter never disappoints when he talks lol
Thinking about growing a Dutch Mantel/Zeb Coulter mustache and beard.
I'd honestly be surprised if Zeb Coulter didn't mention it on SmackDown this Friday
I need to see documentation on that. (I sound like Zeb Coulter).
Here are a couple of random thoughts for you ( if you're a wrestling fan): 1. I wonder how Zeb Coulter feels about the government shut down. 2. Antonio Cesaro is underrated as wrestler and deserves a push.
Remember when Antonio Cesaro was paired with Zeb Coulter? I thought Cesaro was getting a big push, But I was wrong. -Mindfreak
In this case, Zeb Coulter has every right to do a facepalm.
Ok so now we have Santino Merrelo w/ The Great Kahlie & Hornswoggole Vs. Antonio Cesao w/ Jack Swagger & Zeb Coulter
Zeb Coulter "We gotta a new rule: stop actually saying 'We the People' with us. Seriously. We're racists. It's horribly offensive"
I wish Zeb Coulter would shut the *** up. He's starting to sound like the grownups on Charlie Brown cartoons.
who the *** is this Zeb Coulter!! I think he needs to check his backyard before he starts judging anyone else!!
If you don't live it, Don't give it! -Zeb Coulter Quote of the night ladies and gentlemen.
What's with zeb coulter rhyming now? Don't feed it don't breed it, don't live it don't give it, crack is whack
"Mississippi feels more like a third-world country." -Zeb Coulter
You know your state ain't s**t when Zeb Coulter calls you a 3rd world country
Who else can listen to Zeb Coulter non stop?
Dude I want zeb coulter as my hype man
Seriously, can Zeb Coulter do my eulogy?
"That is a little bit higher, uhh, lower on the social registry than Alabama." - Zeb Coulter
All I want from this gimmick is Zeb Coulter abusing El Torito
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There may be some Zeb Coulter cism coming up soon!
Hopefully we get to hear some Zeb Coulter cism tonight!
i bet Zeb Coulter has a great rant prepped for tonight lol
Definitely could see these guys getting into a feud with the Real Americans and zeb coulter.
I would like 2 csome Native Americans in the WWE & watch them shove Zeb Coulter's "We The People" & "Real Americans" bs up his ***
you need to fire Zeb Coulter, because whenever he starts talking I either mute my TV or fast forward until he leaves the arena
Touching Zeb Coulter's beard is on my bucketlist.I kid you not.
In my opinion Top 5 best talkers in the current roster are. 1-CM Punk. 2-Paul Heyman. 3-Bray Wyatt. 4-Dean Ambrose. 5-Zeb Coulter. -Mindfreak
"NFL in London...this week. Vikings vs. Steelers...hope all those SOCCER FANS can see how REAL FOOTBALL IS PLAYED. Just saying."~ Zeb Coulter
You know you're a wrestling fan when you see the trend We The People and automatically think of Zeb Coulter and The Real Americans.
It's from 2009, and has Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, and Kevin Nash. Plus Zeb Coulter on commentary as Dirty Dutch.
WWE needs to re-sign Silas Young and pair him up with Zeb Coulter. He's the perfect Real American.
. (Yosemite Sam ) Zeb Coulter , should go back to toon land, lol
The *** is Zeb Coulter having a Snidely Whiplash moment in the corner?
I feel like Brian Cox gives the best performance as Zeb Coulter. Ever.
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WARNING: The following recap contains spoilers. If you do not wish to be spoiled or if you want to watch it for yourself, here is the link: ***(NXT [7/3/13] RECAP AND REVIEW) ~ This week's episode of NXT starts off w/ an interview w/ the NXT Champion, Bo Dallas, about the whole Leo Kruger incident last week. Antonio Cesaro abruptly interrupts, ranting about Zeb Coulter's America, and demands a title match. Bo introduces Cesaro to Renee Young (interviewer) as possibly the least significant U.S. Champion of all time and grants him the match. ~ NXT then cuts to the first Semi-Final match of the Women's Championship tournament, which pits veteran Alicia Fox against the ever so popular Paige. Alicia had dominated Paige in the early portion of the match, but it was that domination that brought her inner rage. Fox would then fall victim to the Page Turner, being the Anti-Diva's ticket to the NXT Women's Championship Final. ~ After the break, Andy Baker from the UK makes his NXT debut against the returning Connor ...
how awesome would it be if zeb Coulter was managing the Wyatt Family?
So what's everybody think about Antonio Cesaro joining Zeb Coulter an Jack Swagger an THE WEED THE PEOPLE crew . That is if Swagger don't go to jail on his DUI an Position charges
I don't understand the pairing of Zeb Coulter & Cesaro but if its going to help his career, I'll take it.
Zeb Coulter is secretly advising Antonio Cesaro to use Zen meditation? Is that what I just saw?
Looks like cesaro is a zeb coulter guy
Zeb Coulter can't even pronounce Antonio Cesaro's last name. I wish Damien Sandow would show up and point it out!
*** Foley was just on The Daily Show defending immigrants, and John Oliver from Zeb Coulter an anti-immigrant character in the WWE. Great segment!
John Oliver just called out Zeb Coulter on The Daily Show what
HA! John Oliver and *** Foley called out out Zeb Coulter last night on the Awesome segment!
Now Zeb Coulter's gimmick is being talked about on the political satire media, from right wingers Glenn Beck & Alex Jones to John Oliver
I am loving Cesaro and Zeb Coulter together
WWE legend *** Foley argues for immigration reform.
Professional wrestling engages in a more articulate immigration debate than anything heard in Congress. Tags: John Oliver, WWE, wrestling, sports, immigratio...
No more of this Zeb Coulter business. The world needs Dirty Dutch Mantell back!
Did I just see *** Foley confront Zeb Coulter on the Daily Show?!
Here's the irony: Dutch Mantel ("Zeb Coulter") booked in Puerto Rico for decades, and helped bring in tons of Hispanic talent to the US.
I've only gotten as far as Zeb Coulter getting killed...I really hate him he's annoying -_- lol thanks
Antonio Cesaro is the new Zeb Coulter guy? ***
WE THE PEOPLE !!! love ur new alliance with zeb coulter.
The Daily Show covers WWE with the Immigration story with Zeb Coulter, also features *** Foley - Videos at
Did anyone else catch *** Foley shoot on Zeb Coulter on the Daily Show? If you didn't, look it up its hilarious ~Bone~
Apparently *** Foley and Zeb Coulter were on The Daily Show last night. So, ya know, gonna need to check that out.
Watching John Oliver and cut a promo on Zeb Coulter on last night's Daily Show. This is pretty awesome.
Here we go, *** Foley on The Daily Show after discussing Zeb Coulter / Antonio Cesaro
*** Foley on John Stewart last night was classic. Hope Zeb Coulter makes an appearance next.
did you see Zeb Coulter mentioned on the Daily Show, with *** Foley doing an awesome promo about it?
*** Foley and Jon Oliver calling out Zeb Coulter on the Daily Show tonight was bloody awesome.
John Oliver cut a wrestling promo on Zeb Coulter then *** Foley helped him out by cutting one as well.
no, the Zeb Coulter promo bout immigration and then *** Foley came out and Jon Oliver and *** did a promo together bout Zeb lol
Ab Fact: John Oliver of the Daily Show just went off on Zeb Coulter hope, he responds
on the Daily Show with John Oliver, cutting a promo on Zeb Coulter. That was awesome.
Nice, the Daily Show touched on the Zeb Coulter stuff from last night.
So *** Foley was just on The Daily Show with John Oliver talking about Zeb Coulter? What?
*** Foley and John Oliver ranting about the WWE storyline with Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger ripping on Immigration.
& not only is John Oliver calling out zeb coulter, but he has the help of *** foley! They are letting zeb have it! Lmao
John Oliver is crossing the streams with this *** Foley vs Zeb Coulter WWE/immigration storyline. To quote Oliver himself, "Give me more!"
John Oliver is cutting a promo on Zeb Coulter with *** Foley
Omg! is returning the favor for the mention on using the zeb coulter storyline to talk about immigration! Love this
John Oliver and *** Foley vs. Swaggie and Zeb Coulter. Summerslam. Bet on it.
Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Coulter make a great combo
I missed Antonio Cesaro clicking up with zeb coulter any one else catch raw last night
Zeb Coulter revealed himself as Antonio Cesaro's new manager. What do you think of this?
Why this Summer is shaping up to be one of the most exciting Summers for the WWE in years: - The continuing dominance of The Shield. A faction hasn't remained this relevant over such a long period of time since Evolution. - The mid-card title scene is seemingly rejuvenated. Both the IC and US Champions are main event stars in the making, which is the exact kind of superstars who need to hold the mid-card titles. - ROB VAN DAM - CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar will be the hottest feud of the Summer, completely burying the memory of the failure that was the Triple H-Lesnar feud of last Summer. - Del Rio is likely back to the dark side, where he belongs after an underachieving 6 month stint as a babyface (yes he won the World title, but people didn't seem to be buying into his act.) - Ziggler will likely begin his first run as a babyface, which will finally justify him being cheered so much. Finally, fans will boo the heel Del Rio and cheer the face Ziggler. This also opens up a whole new array of opponents for bot ...
Cesaro joining with Zeb Coulter is good for his career in the same way that cutting your arm off is good for your life if you're trapped.
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so Zeb Coulter went from an I a vague I hate foreigners but really wink wink Mexicans to just blatant about it ...
So RAW last night was pretty god *** amazing. We had the return of Christian first off, it's about time he came back. Then we had three face/heel turns, Punk and Ziggler are now face...still kinda not sure how to feel about that. Del Rio turned heel, while he was a phenomenal heel last time, he just kind of seems like a punk *** now. The McMahon family continues to fall apart, that's definitely good for business. Vicki got utterly shamed, seems like Maddox might take over as GM at some point. RVD's return was cemented, not sure why he left TNA but I hope this move works out for him. Mark Henry trolled the entire WWE Universe, seriously that guy should be in movies after that performance. The writers decided to throw us curveball after curveball, especially with Antonio Cesaro joining with Coulter and Swagger, who would have seen that coming?? Ziggler got to beat the living *** out of Del Rio. Oh, but lets not forget the coup de gras, setting into motion a Punk/Lesnar feud. That's one of the smark dream .. ...
As seen at WWE’s Payback pay-per-view, WWE had United States Champion Dean Ambrose mock The Undertaker and attempt his Old School move. There were also mentions by the announcers on the pay-per-view and last night’s RAW. This is all being done for a potential Kane and The Undertaker vs. The Shield feud for SummerSlam. There’s actually a belief within WWE, among some people, that Taker will decide to work the match.
I just watched Raw and it was bloody amazing! Best Raw in recent memory. 10/10 Now I'll just break down the main points of the show that stood out for me. This is going to be a long one. 1. Christian returned! I was marking out. He won over Barrett in a quick match, I think he will go after the IC title AGAIN but I hope that somewhere down the line WWE will push Christian into a major feud or a WWE/World Heavyweight Championship. 2. SANDOW WON OVER SHEAMUS WITH A ROLLUP! 3. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan. This match was really good but I really didn't like the ending though that was just a way to push Daniel's weak link storyline. 4. The segment with Stephanie McMahon and AJ Lee was really good. Kaitlyn showed up at the end and attacked AJ. Kaitlyn also had a little ''wardrobe malfunction'' :D 5. Antonio Cesaro is now with Zeb Coulter, wich I'm really happy about it was about *** time WWE did something with him. Antonio Cesaro defeated William Regal in a quick good match. 6. BEST SEGMENT IN RECENT MEMORY, . ...
a humble suggestion: the tandem of Zeb Coulter and Antonio Cesaro should be called "Zebsaro"
Can we please put Drew McIntyre in Zeb Coulter's group so he can be more relevant?
Monday Night RAW was nuts this week!
Zeb coulter and Antonio Cesaro such a power move
Zeb Coulter and This is a pairing that makes sense and will be great for TV,
The character Zeb Coulter is a heel, he can and will change his stance to suit him. The worst thing about that segment was Cole, all he did was bury both Zeb and Cesaro, he should have been upset with Zeb changing his stance instead he laughs him off like a joke. That is something we do at home not for him to do on commentary. "WeThePeople"
Sky's the limit for now that he's alligned with Zeb Coulter
Conspiracy theory: what if the NSA leak... Was purposely done to build Zeb Coulter's "we the people" and "real America" gimmick?
Really like this Antonio Cesaro/Zeb Coulter pairing! More managers for wrestlers is fantastic!
Antonio Cesaro is joining Zeb Coulter...Should be interesting and HEY, A William Regal SIGHTING! AWESOME!
Really? is now a Zeb Coulter guy? Can we play a Zeb VS Heyman guy angle now?
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Here's a Man of Steel spoiler: Turns out, he was an alien the entire time.
The shield are better by themselves & I think Zeb Coulter is gonna from a faction, while Heyman will do heyman
you mean other than the new powerhouse stable with Zeb Coulter, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro?
true. If Zeb Coulter can start a stable with Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro, Mark Henry can definetly build one too
why are you trying to make Zeb Coulter happen?!? We the People is not going to happen!
Great little match between and ! Good idea sticking zeb coulter to Cesaro too, he needs it.
Josh Matthews asking why Zeb Coulter aligned himself with Antonio Cesaro and how he has contradicted himself!
I nearly died from Diet Dr. Pepper inhalation when Zeb Coulter came out with Antonio Cesaro.
Was it always Zeb Colter? I could have sworn it was Zeb Coulter.
Ok so Antonio Cesaro beat William Regal so ok WATEVA NO ONE CARES BUT after da match Antonio Cesaro layed dat little yellow banner that Zeb Coulter carry's dat says "Don't Shed On Me then him and Coulter stood over Regal and said The Pledge Of Aligence
Cesaro just became a joke joining Zeb Coulter an Jack Swagger crew an the Weed the people crap lol
We are Americans. Zeb Coulter will show us the way.
I LOVE Antonio Cesaro... Hopefully Zeb Coulter gets him the massive heat he needs to be a top heel! He's got the streng…
YO Antonio Cesaro getting repackaged with zeb coulter
You guys should start making " I'm a Zeb Coulter Guy" t-shirt since Zeb seems to be getting more superstars to manage
Zeb Coulter is preaching his We the People message with a guy who's Swiss passport still has wet ink.
Zeb Coulter and Antonio Cesaro are a thing. I support this 100%
I totally botched his name...Zeb Coulter...that's how forgettable this idiotic Tea Party Taliban gimmick is.
Ok so now we have Antonio Cesaro Vs. William Regal but before the match before Antonio came out Zeb Coulter came out and he said "Jack Swagger and I have allined our self wot someone who although bot born in The United States is a true American"
Antonio Cesaro is now with Zeb Coulter!!! He is even saying We The People!!!
Zeb Coulter is out and we are back to PRISM debate.
There goes ADR. He is now saying America is pigs and cowards. Didn't we see this what 7-8 months ago? Zeb Coulter must be proud. ;)
If this doesn't lead to a Zeb Coulter babyface turn...I'm disappointed
I'm glad Alberto Del Rio is slowly turning heel again. That cockiness coming back to him is what I liked the most. Dude is even rocking a black scarf. DAT SYMBOLISM.
The little blurbs I have been seeing regarding tonight's pay-per-view are really making me glad I opted to watch Piranha 3D and simply download the PPV off a torrent and watch at my leisure later. What a load of *** backwards crap booking.
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world that actually like Jack Swagger lol -Ash
My mustache has become long enough to curl, fun times ahead!
YES! FINALLY THE SHIELD LOST! BEST SMACKDOWN I'VE SEEN EVER! I've been a fan since just before the PPV: TLC. I HATE those 3 but if they want to teach someone about justice it should be the 2 biggest racists I've ever seen in sports: Jack Swagger & his *** friend ZEB COULTER
What a great end(ish) to raw. a divas story that has a bit of depth? surely not? and another great Wyatt Family promo! I am the water of! Haven't even debuted and I love them.
Finish The Quote time! remember, not as it was normally said, be funny/interesting/creative with it... "you find a new microphone, and you find a new."
You know things are awful when Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger do a better job explaining the First Amendment than law professors.
do you feel we could see Zeb Coulter with Antonio Ceasaro after how Zeb was praising him on commentary on Raw?
If they actually build something between Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Coulter I will go on a rampage!!!
Zeb Coulter is outstanding on the mic, especially on commentary!
please put Zeb Coulter, JBL and King at the booth for
Him, Heyman, or Zeb Coulter. He desperately needs someone to talk for him.
watching raw and zeb coulter and Antonio Cesaro would be a good union for both characters. then they showed another vignette of the Wyatt Family and my brain exploded with the thought of a union of the wyatts and zeb coulter. even though that is NOT happening.
Zeb Coulter planted seeds for his next possible client. Jack Swagger is out with a hand injury plus his legal problem. Could Antonio Cesaro be Zeb's next client? - Bill $
Zeb Coulter is one of the deadest stalest gimmicks I've ever had the misfortune of watching. Lost any credibility after about 3 vignettes
Zeb Coulter - "I hope the NSA investigate you Michael Cole; they'll find you're posing as an announcer."
Lots of bickering here now that Zeb Coulter is at the announce table,
You guys missed out on us chanting for Zeb Coulter tonight!
yh. Sin Cara vs Censaro. I think I'm going to skip that match. I don't care for either one of them. Including zeb Coulter
Zeb Coulter is AMAZING on commentary. That comment about him wearing the mask when he crossed the border was gold.
Antonio Cesaro gets the win over Sin Cara, and Zeb Coulter is cool with him.
Antonio Cesaro on WWE Raw!!! Awesome!!! I like hearing Zeb Coulter talk positive about him! And the standing release power slam is great!!!
What are your thoughts on Antonio Cesaro possibly becoming a Zeb Coulter guy?
...You're going to be disappointed, Zeb Coulter talked about himself the whole time.
I think Zeb Coulter would be the perfect manager for The Wyatt Family when they debut on
Zeb Coulter needs to be a commentator forever. Replace everyone.
I love Mexicans a lot more than I do Zeb Coulter. Keep racism outta wrasslin and lets have fun!! Repackage Yosemite Sam Zeb and bring back Melina!
I'm worried Zeb Coulter is going to get in the way of my green card application.
I'd pay hella cash to see Zeb Coulter vs Michael Cole. . .
You may want to ask Zeb Coulter if they speak English in What while we're at it.
The Zeb Coulter stuff on is old. He is not really saying anything that controversial or interesting. Go all the way or not at all
That was fantastic. Zeb Coulter slamming T-Mobile and promoting Verizon...
Zeb Coulter and Cesaro??? Oh, brother. God help us all if that happens! Although... Cesaro IS an immigrant. Right?
Hope Cesaro doesn't hook up with Zeb Coulter, that would make me sad, I like Cesaro
I want Zeb Coulter to do my eulogy.
should watch their illegal immigrant/racist skit with Zeb Coulter on ... I know it's a show, but still pretty classless
"I got a text from the government that said I needed to switch from T-Mobile to Verizon so they can hear what I'm saying..." Uncle Zeb Coulter WWE... ROTFLOL!!!
Watching wwe Monday night raw! And making the rudest comments on the wrestlers I don't like. Zeb Coulter is a loud mouthed, racist, and he don't even belong in the wwe! Why can't ducks unlimited find a place for reject zeb coulter right behind the counter making stink bait for catfish?
Antino Ceasro just beat Sin Cara and I liked how Zeb Coulter was on commentary during the match I thought he did a great job
Cesaro (the Sweedish man with the German entrance) def Sin Cara in a decent match, looks like Zeb Coulter may be...
Could Cesaro be the a Zeb Coulter guy?
Luke Harper is so scary, Zeb Coulter ran away from the vignette.
Yes! Thanks Zeb Coulter aka Dutch Mantell for boring us with your same gimmick you've been using sine the 70's in Mid South wrestling.
Ok so sad to say Antonio Cesaro beat Sin Cara and Zeb Coulter was on commetary wit some really racist comments
Checks in on raw sees they're still pushing this zeb coulter redneck crap & banal shield thing, checks back out for another few months
I think the WWE should just have Zeb Coulter commentate on every match where a Mexican is wrestling.
Watching RAW!!! Did Zeb Coulter bad mouth Puerto Rico as a communist country? What planet is he living on? What's his beef with Latinos? smh
Can someone PLEASE push the button on Zeb Coulter, that FASCIST *** !
Zeb Coulter on commentary more please.
Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Coulter would be a intriging team.
Wow what a good match by Cesaro and Sin Cara.-Liontamer
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Zeb Coulter is a hairy beast. Shave mammoth. You're too wooly!!
Yeah Zeb Coulter, we should get the NSA to investigate Michael Cole for impersonating a commentator
Zeb Coulter needs to be on commentary for every match
Zeb Coulter, your logic is flawed. If Sin Cara was an illegal alien, I doubt he'd be able to draw a paycheck from WWE.
I can listen to Zeb Coulter for hours. After a couple minutes of you I die of boredom every time.
Really not liking this guy who host wrestling. he keeps about illegals..wth does illegals have to do with wrestling that makes the second time I've heard this man talk this bs .. thinking about not watching it my kids don't need to hear racism ...
Zeb Coulter punking Michael Cole about not knowing Puerto Rico is part of the United States was great.
Is Zeb Coulter supposed to be making sense while being a racist *** This isn't a good combination.
Zeb coulter has a live mic on. Where are the MexiCools or the LWO?
Lol, when micheal cole tries to chirp zeb coulter!
Zeb Coulter ripping on T-Mobile will be the highlight of tonight's You watch.
They're still making jokes about & And how Zeb Coulter wants the govt to listen in on his conversations
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