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Zaza Pachulia

Zaza Pachulia (born Zaur Pachulia February 10, 1984), is a Georgian professional basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA.

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Zaza Pachulia had more all star votes than Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis, and Tim Duncan.
Zaza Pachulia, John Scott and All-Star games in the age of Internet irony - Mashable phoenix coyotes
Mavericks' Zaza Pachulia: Will start Wednesday: Zaza Pachulia (Achilles) will start for the Dall...
Zaza Pachulia has more All Star votes than DeMarcus Cousins, LaMarcus Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki, and Dwight ***
Keep in mind that the Mavs beat the Pelicans without Dirk Nowitzki, Deron Williams, Wesley Matthews & Zaza Pachulia! These Pelicans are BAD!
The Mavericks beat the Pelicans tonight without four of their Starters: Dirk, Wesley Matthews, Deron Williams, and Zaza Pachulia.
Dirk Nowitzki and Deron Williams are the inactives for the Mavericks. Zaza Pachulia and Wesley Matthews also will sit.
Since i missed one, let's recap: Deron Williams, Dirk Nowitzki, Zaza Pachulia, and Wesley Matthews are all out vs
A coach that can turn Zaza Pachulia, Raymond Felton and Deron Williams into serviceable NBA players, deserves to win Coach …
I just commented: Zaza Pachulia in the Dallas Mavs App
REPORT: Mark Cuban being extra flirty with Zaza Pachulia to make DeAndre Jordan jealous.
Who do you miss more...Zaza Pachulia or Zach Griebenow?
Recommendation by :Zaza Pachulia recorded his third do...
What is a more fun NBA name to scream: Zaza Pachulia or Kristaps Porzingis?
What I see when I look at Zaza Pachulia.
Zaza Pachulia is looking good on both ends of the floor.
Zaza Pachulia and Al Jefferson should just play 1-on-1.
Did I just witness Kemba leaving Wes Matthews open to double Zaza Pachulia in the post?
When is Zaza Pachulia going to get revenge against Bruce Willis for killing his brother in Die Hard?
Zaza Pachulia just hit two free throws in a row . Zaza Pachulia > DeAndre Jordan
Zaza Pachulia is almost a good player, and that is frustrating.
Batum Denies Pachulia Nicolas Batum comes in from behind to swat away Zaza Pachulia's dunk attempt.
Al Jefferson with 11 points on 5-of-6 shooting. Zaza Pachulia really struggled guarding Al in the post.
it wouldn't be so bad if the Mavs had someone entertaining to watch. We're stuck with Zaza Pachulia and company for now.
I'm assuming Zaza Pachulia taste like chicken, cause Al is eating.
Zaza "Supreme Vision" Pachulia has a nice ring to it. Or as nice of a ring as anything would have sandwiched by "Zaza" & "Pachulia"
It's such a pleasure to watch Zaza Pachulia play basketball. The guy just knows the game.
It is so hard to watch Zaza Pachulia play and take him seriously. SO HARD.
Zaza Pachulia season dunk count: 2. Only 10 more to match last season.
Key tonight is for Zaza Pachulia and Dwight Powell to stay out of foul trouble. Al Jefferson can be a handful but gotta stay in the game.
Don’t know if Zaza Pachulia or Coheed and Cambria had the better song, but they were both terrific.
Hamilton Collection
If ur into the old man game thing like i am- Al Jefferson vs Zaza Pachulia tonight.
Zaza Pachulia, down by the school yard
Zaza Pachulia looks like an int'l playboy that challenges you to a F1 race with the understanding the winner gets the girl
Zaza Pachulia or Mozgov, who's better for me at C all you gurus, 10 team points league??
With four games of information, takes a look at what Dallas is getting from Zaza Pachulia
Pick up W.Chandler or Crowder...16 team H2H don't know who to drop from ( Myles Turner,Zaza Pachulia)
he averages 1.5 less ppg than Zaza Pachulia and the same amount of rebs.
Zaza Pachulia giving Jonas Valanciunas a "Fujiwara Armbar".Refs only call a regular foul(and Cuban thinks its no foull)
Then again Zaza Pachulia single-handedly cancels out all those big man good vibes.
Zaza Pachulia looks like a villain from the new Bond film
I'm the president of the newly formed Zaza Pachulia fan club.
Tech on Zaza Pachulia with 4:49 in the 3rd.
I hope Zaza Pachulia refers to his wife as Lady Zaza
Zaza Pachulia and Dwight Powell got you pumped??
Great Zaza Pachulia reference in the Raptors broadcast
Zaza Pachulia lips are purple like he only drinks grape crush.
zone defense can be nice, but you get weird things happening, like Zaza Pachulia closing out on a corner three. hardly a shock he fouled him
Dawg, the Raptors are missing at the rim like they're going against Bill Russell in his prime and not Zaza Pachulia
Zaza Pachulia on a fast break is basically like a big blocking tight end on a screen pass.
Maybe they just look way older than they actually are like Zaza Pachulia.
Raymond Felton & Zaza Pachulia cracking out the Del Toro launch party for the Chandler Parsons 2.0 signature shoe.
2005-2006 Mavs got to the finals with Erick Dampier as the starting center. Don't sleep on Zaza Pachulia's ability lol.
The loss of Jared Dudley and Zaza Pachulia leaves a leadership void for the young Milwaukee Bucks.
Latest Wisconsin sports: The Mavericks have acquired center Zaza Pachulia from Milwaukee in a move for a poten...
Pro Basketball Talk - - Dallas Mavericks acquire Zaza Pachulia from Bucks for second round pick
Bucks trade again, dealing Pachulia to Mavericks for second-round pick: Milwaukee dealt center Zaza Pachulia t...
Bucks: C Zaza Pachulia traded to Mavericks for a future 2nd-round pick; played 126 games with team over last 2 sea…
Mavericks: C Zaza Pachulia acquired from Bucks for a future 2nd-round pick (ESPN)
Reggie Williams or Jeff Ayers plus Milutinov and $500K for Zaza Pachulia. dig?
Zaza Pachulia, NBA player enjoyed a ride today 😊. Join us to have fun on the tour or rent it. 😃
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Zaza Pachulia led the Bucks with just 8 points, Ersan Ilyasova and Jerryd Bayless with 7 apiece.
Jared Dudley and John Henson in for Ersan Ilyasova and Zaza Pachulia. Both subs have played big roles, especially in Game 4.
“All I'm gonna say is...he ain't no Sam Cassell...that's the GOAT no debate” he ain't Zaza Pachulia
Recommendation by :Zaza Zaza recorded an impressive do...
Zaza Pachulia isn't talked about a lot, but the big man is contributing in a big way for He went had 16 pts, 3 ast, & 12 reb tonight.
Why do the bucks play Zaza Pachulia so much? And why on earth does he start... He is our worst big man
I can't stand Zaza Pachulia's face.. Makes me wanna puke
own Zaza Pachulia can be called Milwaukee Shiner
Zaza Pachulia sells contact better than *** Foley.
Zaza Pachulia may have a greater flop per game total than Lebron.. that's a feat in itself.
Zaza Pachulia is on the ground more than Roy Hibbert.
Zaza Pachulia is on the I think I just saw Spader in one of the Pacers suites
It makes me happy that we live in a world where Zaza Pachulia is still in the NBA
I hate Zaza Pachulia so much. He made me wear a clown nose and carry his luggage in 2K My Player
Zaza Pachulia looks like a depression era boxer
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The Bucks quickly lead by six, 15-9. Lead by who other than Zaza Pachulia
Zaza Pachulia dunk causes Vogel to yell for a quick timeout. up 15-9 at the 6:10 mark. Both teams shooting 50% early but Indy 4 TOs
I still can't comprehend the fact that Pachulia is 25th in DRPM and the third most impactful defender on the Bucks.
Zaza Pachulia is anchoring a great defense. Plus: new Gatorade commercial. New Quick Bucks:
Recommendation by :Zaza Pachulia chipped in with a qui...
How have I missed out on Zaza Pachulia, it's a joy watching him play the game of Basketball.
And Zaza Pachulia!! Anyone that knew me back in high school remembers my Zaza man crush phase.
Forgot this was a Zaza Pachulia revenge game.
That is just way too much dribbling (and time operating the offense) for Zaza Pachulia.
Every day I wake up and tell myself that Zaza Pachulia is the starting Center on an NBA team that's going to the playoffs.
It continues to blow my mind that zaza pachulia and Ersan Ilyasova are on an NBA roster
Zaza Pachulia would be a nice addition for the Clippers, speaking of which. Can't remember if he's a FA or not but they could trade for him.
A 19-year-old Zaza Pachulia shot 38.9 FG% in his rookie season with the Magic. How far that man's career has come.
*** you Zaza Pachulia last night! Needed just a little more out of you.
Zaza Pachulia won't get away with this one
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competition? What about that then:. LaVine. Fesenko. Big Baby Davis. Zaza Pachulia
Our Milwaukee Bucks are only ONE TRADE AWAY from being NBA Champs in 2016: Trade Zaza Pachulia for Anthony Davis! Hey, the salaries match :)
Jared Bayless, Jared Dudley, and Chris Middleton are all having terrific years. Zaza Pachulia, Henson and Mayo have had good years
Zaza Pachulia said Brandon Knight was very sad when he heard the news of trade. Team was together in locker room at time.
Jason Kidd has the Bucks at 30-23 with a starting 5 of Brandon Knight, Giannis, Khris Middleton, Jared Dudley and Zaza Pachulia. Impressive.
Kidd said earlier that Sanders would be behind Zaza Pachulia and John Henson in center rotation when he returns. Those 2 have shared job.
John Henson and Zaza Pachulia have played a grand total of 13 minutes next to each other this season.
Its crazy people are blaming kobe's contract for the Lakers bad start. Who'd you want the Lakers to sign Zaza Pachulia lol
Anyone else grossed out by Zaza Pachulia's shoulders?
Zaza Pachulia just drove and kicked to Zaza Pachulia. As in he traveled like ***
Zaza pachulia is the biggest waste of money and space
Zaza Pachulia led Bucks with 7 rebs in first half.
do you ever get the Zaza Pachulia comp?
If you look up "foul" in the dictionary you will see a picture of Zaza Pachulia
who would waste their money on a ZaZa Pachulia shirt?
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Lineup note: Larry Sanders will start at C, with Zaza Pachulia off the bench.
Larry Sanders will start at C for Bucks tonight and Zaza Pachulia will come off bench, per Jason Kidd.
Zaza Pachulia will start for the Bucks on Friday against the Heat.
Zaza Pachulia with a defensive rebound
Zaza Pachulia got the biggest head in the NBA since Arvydas Sabonis
Pachulia to Parker Zaza Pachulia dishes the nice pass to Jabari Parker who finishes with the dunk.
The NBA needs to force Zaza Pachulia to wear sleeves. 1080p HD quality Zaza shoulder acne cannot happen.
Zaza Pachulia looks like a Russian hitman
Larry Sanders (illness) will not suit up for Friday's game vs. the Heat, and Zaza Pachulia will draw the start.
News Alarm: Larry Sanders (C - Mil) Larry Sanders (illness) will not play on Friday against the Heat. Zaza Pachulia will start in his place.
C Larry Sanders is sick so he's gonna stay at home & eat soup. Zaza Pachulia starts in his place.
Lineup note: Zaza Pachulia will start at C with Larry Sanders out due to illness.
Larry Sanders is out tonight due to an illness. Zaza Pachulia starts for the
Zaza Pachulia will get the start in Larry's place.
Bucks center Zaza Pachulia takes personal leave of absence -
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Playing 2K as the Bucks with Zaza Pachulia as the center raises my blood pressure more than it probably should
Dude giving OJ Mayo more minutes over Jabari and more minutes to Zaza Pachulia than Larry Sanders lmao
T.J. Snipes is just hustle & heart...Reminds me so much of Zaza Pachulia
Man. What was the homie Pachulia doing trying to body up with Tyson? *** I promise that ain't what you want Zaza
I wish the Sixers had Zaza Pachulia on the roster to give the post game interview tonight.
Zaza Pachulia got the nastiest bare shoulders in NBA history. He shouldn't get any close ups in HD
Tech on ZaZa Pachulia. He's been trying to get under Tyson Chandler's skin. Tyson wisely walked away.
Alright, knuck if you buck: Tyson Chandler vs Zaza Pachulia - who you got?
Yikes. Really weak technical foul on Zaza Pachulia called by ref Justin VanDuyne.
Tyson Chandler and Zaza Pachulia get tangled, crash to floor. Zaza up holding his lower back. ... Now Zaza bangs Chandler hard as he goes up
Love me some Zaza Pachulia running skyhook action
Can't believe Zaza Pachulia is still in the league...
Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire: Zaza Pachulia - .  . The Bucks went into the All-Star break with the...
yep and Zaza Pachulia is an nba legend
I got multiple twins. Try Vlad Radmonovic or Zaza Pachulia
Per gli amanti dell'nba che vogliono giocare qualcosa ecco alcune informazioni utili -DeAndre Jordan (LA Clippers) will play vs. Philly today. Reggie Bullock is out. -Martell Webster & Nene (Washington) are out -Michael Carter-Williams (Philadelphia) is out -It's highly unlikely any Kings or Raptors players in the trade yesterday (Rudy *** will play -Bradley Beal (Washington) was evaluated today but still remains out indefinitely -Derrick Favors (Utah), Toney Douglas (Golden State) & Ty Lawson (Denver) are Gametime decisions today -Tyreke Evans (New Orleans) is out for 1-2 weeks -Stephen Jackson has joined the LA Clippers -Jeff Taylor (Charlotte) is out today -Zaza Pachulia (Milwaukee) has a fractured foot
PF-C John Henson Started at C Yesterday, C Zaza Pachulia came off the bench.
Zaza Pachulia moved to a bench role w/John Henson & Ekpe Udoh moving into the starting lineup &Ersan Ilyasova out.
it says "Zaza Pachulia and Monte Ellis lead the new look bucks..." Zaza Pachulia
Portland Trail Blazers @ Milwaukee Bucks . . . . . . . The Blazers make it 8-straight with the 91-82 win over the Bucks. LaMarcus Aldridge with 21 points, seven boards, three assists and two steals and Damian Lillard added 19 points, six boards and three assists. Wesley Matthews added 15 for Portland, who put up 31 shots from beyond the arc. Luke Ridnour with 13 points and five assists for the Bucks, Zaza Pachulia and Gary Neal both with 11 and John Henson with 10 points, seven boards, two assists, two steals and two blocks.
Larry Sanders, Ersan Ilyasova, Caron Butler and Carlos Delfino will not play. Brandon Knight, Gary Neal and Zaza Pachulia are questionable.
F Ersan Ilyasova didn't come out for warm ups and was replaced at the last minute by Zaza Pachulia.
Recap of the night: club seats, interviewed for a TV show, hung out with Spero Dedes, met Zaza Pachulia, met John Turturro, NYK win.
Atlanta Hawks is a safe bet to make the playoffs, but beyond that, it's rather foolish to have many expectations. Even though Josh Smith left for the The Detroit Pistons, the Hawks got marginally better by replacing him and Zaza Pachulia with Paul Millsap and Brand, then adding depth across the board, but they don't have much of a chance to actually win a title in 2013-14.
Atlanta Hawks 2012-13 Record: 44-38 Key Additions: Elton Brand, Paul Millsap, Dennis Schroeder. Key Losses: Zaza Pachulia, Josh Smith. Analysis: At first glance you would assume that the Hawks got worse over the off-season, however the move to get Brand and Millsap will be good for them in the long haul. The two new forwards are more than capable of reproducing the same performances as Smith and Pachulia, and if anything, Millsap will put up similar numbers in a more consistent fashion than Smith. Young guard Dennis Schroeder will provide more depth to the backcourt, allowing star guard Lou Williams to ease back into his role after an ACL injury last season. At full strength, expect Lou Williams to be a scoring machine as well as Brand and Millsap to provide solid performances inside the paint. Let’s also not forgot about big Al Horford in the middle. He provides inside scoring and rebounding, whilst possessing a reliable mid range jumper for a 6’10” centre. They haven’t gotten too much better, b ...
One-off from piece: Bucks would have "something like max-level cap space if not for bizarre Zaza Pachulia overpay"
lol I had to decide between that and Zaza pachulia. Next will either be hingle mcringleberry or x-wing @ aliciousness
ICYMI - Number 7 in the schedule countdown: LD and Zaza's Return to Philips.
The Top 10 games continues with as we get ready to welcome some familiar faces back at
I met Roscoe Dash last night. And I met Zaza Pachulia today. Benefits of being my and working at my places of employment.
There must be a lot of literature about Zaza Pachulia looking exactly like Billy Zane, right?
Bucks meetings, how can we take minutes away from sanders and Henson. *** in the room. " ZAZA PACHULIA"
Passed ZaZa Pachulia in Kroger couple weeks back. Kirk had a Bibby jersey on. I walked up to ZaZa and said "ZaZa, waddup, good luck in MIL"
Looks like the Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to deals with oj mayo, Carlos Delfino and Zaza Pachulia ..what do you make of that?
If Houston believe getting Howard will make them elite like Miami or even the healthy Thunder roster, then they are kidding themselves, they will not make it too the finals, hear me now. Here is a full list of NBA transactions which have happened over the past week. Josh Smith too Pistons (Final). Andre Iguodala too Warriors (Final). Dwight Howard, Omri Casspi too Houston (Final). Chris Copeland, CJ Watson too Pacers (Final). Andrea Bargnani too Knicks (Final). JJ Hickson, Darrell Arthur too Nuggets (Final). OJ Mayo, Zaza Pachulia too Milwaukee (Final). Paul Millsap, Demarre Carroll too Atlanta (Final). Jarrett Jack, Earl Clark too Cleveland (Final). Dorell Wright, Earl Watson, Thomas Robinson, Robin Lopez too Blazers (Final). Darren Collision, JJ Redick, Jared Dudley too Clippers (Final). Jose Calderon, Devin Harris too Mavericks (Final). Mike Dunleavy too Chicago (Final). Kousta Koufos too Memphis (Final). Kevin Martin too Timberwolves (Final). Royce White too 76ers (Final). Caron Butler, Eric Bledsoe, ...
OJ Mayo, Carlos Delfino & Zaza Pachulia sign with Bucks. Monta Ellis is probably going to Atlanta. Jennings is still undecided if he's staying put. Jose Calderon & Devin Harris have signed with Dallas & Bynum may possibly sign with the Mavs too if Cleveland can't steal him away. In lieu of the Nuggets losing Andre Iguodala to free agency they have signed JJ Hickson to a three year deal. The Pacers have will waive Sam Young & Gerald Green and have signed Knicks reserve Chris Copeland to take the place of Tyler Hansborough who will likely leave town for a new team. Lakers are in deep conversation with Chris Kaman to fill their void at Center. Clippers who already have traded Bledsoe for Redick and Jared Dudley re-signed Ryan Hollins as well as brought in backup PG Darren Collison to help bench and will likely sign Antawn Jamison to a contract by Wednesday to bolster their bench. The Timberwolves recently signed Kevin Martin to a multi-year deal and re-signed Budinger as well. If their rookies can produce an ...
NBA-News from overnight-Josh Smith and the Detroit Pistons come to terms on a four year contract worth a reported $56M. Another former Atlanta Hawk on the move in center Zaza Pachulia, who agrees to a three year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks. Forward Carl Landry signs with the Sacramento Kings. Shooting guard Jared Jack signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Guard Shaun Livingston signs with the Brooklyn Nets.
Zaza Pachulia returns to the Bucks on a three-year deal, according to ... Darren Collison going to the Clippers with a two-year contract ... Mavs and Devin Harris close to finalizing a three-year deal ... Earl Watson to Portland ... Jarrett Jack a Cavalier ... Kings reach an agreement to sign Carl Landry ...
This year the will use a lineup of Ersan Ilyasova, John Henson, Ekpe Udoh, Zaza Pachulia and Larry Sanders.
FREE AGENCY NEWS: -Dwight Howard IS OFF TO HOUSTON! He has already requested that Houston add a third star to their roster. -Sasha Vujacic is looking at a return to the NBA and wants to go to the Lakers. -Mike Dunleavy Jr. has signed a 2 year, $6 million deal with the bulls. -The T'wolves have offered 4 year deals to both J.J Redick and Chase Budinger. -The Cavs are expressing interest in Andrew Bynum. -Andray Blatche has signed a 1 year, $1.7 million deal with the Nets. -Charlotte are currently the front-runners for the signing of Al Jefferson. -Eric Maynor has agreed to a multiyear deal with the Wizards. -Zaza Pachulia is attracting interest from the Bucks, Hawks, Spurs and Blazers. -The Pelicans have offered Tyreke Evans a 4 year, $44 million deal. Expect him to end up in New Orleans because the Kings are not showing any interest in matching the offer. -Spurs are going after Andei Kirilenko. -The Clippers and Bucks are in talks about a sign-and-trade around Eric Bledsoe and J.J Redick. The Clippers are ...
I'm going to be doing a recap of each day in Free Agency for the Spurs Day 1: -Spurs show interest in Monta Ellis -Spurs show interest in Greg Oden. Oden lists the Spurs as 1 of 6 possible landing spots -Spurs express interest in Andre Kirilenko -Blazers are interested in Gary Neal -Spurs show interest in Zaza Pachulia -Spurs and Suns begin negotiations of a Marcin Gortat for Splitter/Diaw and a 1st round pick -Spurs express interest in John Lucas III -Sources say Manu Ginobili and the Spurs will wait a few days to begin negotiations. There is no rush. -Rockets express interest in Manu Ginobili -Cole
The Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks, San Antonio Spurs, and the Portland Trailblazers are all interested in PF/C Zaza Pachulia. -NBA DRAFT THUG
Zaza Pachulia has drawn a lot of attention in the likes of the Milwaukee Bucks, San Antonio Spurs, and Portland Trailblazers. The Hawks look to keep Pachulia a Hawk.
- The Place To Be This Off-Season 2 July 2013 - The Pelicans are trying to trade Robin Lopez in an attempt to clear cap space. - Greg Oden is on the verge of signing with an NBA team and returning! There are multiple teams interested in signing the 25 year old, as a low risk, high reward type player: Spurs, Cavs, Celtics, Heat, Kings, Mavs, Pacers and the Grizzlies. - Bucks, Hawks, Spurs, and Blazers are all interested in Zaza Pachulia. - The Bucks and Clippers are in talks for a sign and trade deal involving JJ Redick and Eric Bledsoe. On that note, the Magic and the Clippers still have their Afflalo/Bledsoe trade on the cards, however the Clips want to chase Tony Allen and/or OJ Mayo first before committing to Afflalo. - Rockets meeting with Howard went 'very well' and they were luring him in with talks of championships along with talks as to who they can also sign to put next to him such as Mike Dunleavy and Corey Brewer. - The Spurs and Suns are in serious discussions on a deal that would send Marcin ...
NBA Draft na bukas? :) speaking of Draft.. DYK? Miami Heat's big three all belongs to the same Draft Pool. The 2003 NBA Draft is considered as one of the best draft pool in the NBA's history. Lebron James is the 1st overall pick, Chris Bosh is 4th, and Dwyane Wade as the fith. Not enough? Knicks' Carmelo Anthony also belongs here. Some notable players like Chris Kaman, Kirk Hinrich, TJ Ford, Jarvis Hayes, Mickael Pietrus, Nick Collison, Luke Ridnour, Reece Gaines, David West, Sasha Pavlovic, Boris Diaw, Travis Outlaw, Kendrick Perkins, Leandro Barbosa, Josh Howard, Jerome Beasley, Zaza Pachulia, Kieth Bogans, James Jones, Kyle Korver, and more! ^_^
Gonna try something a bit different leading up to the NBA Draft next week. I'm gonna post, throughout the day, several different teams and who they have leaving in FAs, potentially leaving and what draft number they have. Do a bit of a breakdown, if you will, of each team. And then everyone can discuss what they think the team in question should do going into the offseason. I'll let some of you guys weight in first before I do. I'm gonna do it by division and start off with the Southeast division in the East. To kick it off, I'll start with a team that has quite a stir surrounding it this offseason, the Atlanta Hawks. End of season starters: PG - Jeff Teague, SG - Devin Harris, SF - Josh Smith, PF - Al Horford, C - Johan Petro Unrestricted Free Agents: Devin Harris, Dahntay Jones, Kyle Korver, Zaza Pachulia, Johan Petro, Josh Smith, Anthony Tolliver Restricted Free Agents: Ivan Johnson & Jeff Teague Players Left Under Contract: John Jenkins (G), Lou Williams (G), Shelvin Mack (G), Mike Scott (F) & Al Horf ...
Anyone else out there who has experienced the Zaza Pachulia 2k glitch, you feel my pain
Has anyone that likes our page met any NBA players? I once met Zaza Pachulia on a flight I was on. My Mom has also met Dwyane Wade and Shaq. I met Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter in New York the morning after the draft in 2011 and took a picture with him. I've also seen LeBron James at one of my local malls and stood probably 20 feet away from him. It was a pretty cool experience, but other than that that's about it. How about you guys? -Shane
You think I would like the heat because the bird man landed there, in all honesty I can't betray my boy zaza pachulia for the hawks
when Zaza Pachulia schools you, it's time to drop a few. Kwame Brown was there too. Game was a big turd sandwich
Splitter gets blocked more than a rookie Yao Ming... Or a regular zaza pachulia
Zaza Pachulia arriving at a hawks camp in the gym next to us. Be rude not to shake the big *** hand!
Heat in trouble. Spurs in trouble. Heat in trouble.
“Zaza Pachulia is a monster in person😳”
Zaza Pachulia is a monster in person😳
The Atlanta Hawks would be in the NBA finals if Zaza Pachulia didn't get injured.
That moment when I find out that Elli has more followers on Instagram than Zaza pachulia>> 😂
Simon Guobadia/Owner-Partner of Buckhead Bottle Bar with ZaZa Pachulia (not shown) and Eboni Elektra( above...
Chicks used to watch NBA in the 90s because they thought Toni Kukoc and John Starks were pogi. Who's the 2013 equivalent?
Who would you start a franchise around. David Lee or Zach Randolph ?
I saw Zaza Pachulia from the Atlanta Hawks at the airport
After a big win against the Boston Celtics to force a game 7, Zaza Pachulia (aka Borat) gets interviewed and the rest is comedic history
Chris Kaman, Greg Oden, Zaza Pachulia, Jason Maxiell, Samuel Dalembert All of them are center we can afford, who should we get??
Mike Dyer, broke down the best free Mid-Level Free Agents that would fit Boston perfectly: - Al-Farrouq (F) - Samuel Dalembert (C) - Chris Caman (C) - Jerryd Bayless (PG) - Zaza Pachulia (C) - Marco Belinelli (SG) - Tony Allen (SG) - Tyler Hansbrough (PF) Who would you prefer to see in green?
Zaza Pachulia will join Bob Rathbun and Dominique Wilkins on during the second quarter tonight. If you aren't coming, tune in!
I'm a combination of Luke Walton and Zaza Pachulia
No Josh Smith, Jeff Teague or Zaza Pachulia and still getting regulated by Atlanta.
No Josh Smith, Jeff Teague and Zaza Pachulia tonight for the Good thing they are only playing the
Josh Smith, Jeff Teague and Zaza Pachulia all out for the Hawks tonight. Good sign for the Lakers! 5 wins in a row?
Josh Smith, Jeff Teague, Zaza Pachulia all look like they're going to be out during tonight's game. A big plus for the Lakers.
Hawks are really banged up here in Atlanta. Jeff Teague and Zaza Pachulia are out, and Josh Smith is doubtful (sore knee) vs. Lakers tonight
The Sixers attempt to win their first road game in two months. Atlanta is trying to snap a 3-game losing streak without Zaza Pachulia, and Kyle Korver playing injured. This should be a fun defensive battle to watch. ~Noah
Rockstarpoetry (Official) NBA Recap: Atlanta Hawks 102 (33-23, 15-13 away) - Utah Jazz 91 (31-27, 21-8 home) Al Horford leads Hawks to hold off Jazz, hang on for win SALT LAKE CITY -- Al Horford scored 34 points and grabbed 15 rebounds, while Josh Smith added 24 points and 14 rebounds to help the Atlanta Hawks hold off a fourth-quarter rally by the Utah Jazz and claim a 102-91 victory Wednesday night. Al Jefferson led Utah with 26 points and 11 rebounds, while Derrick Favors had 17 points and 15 rebounds. It wasn't enough to prevent the Jazz (31-27) from losing their second straight home game and third straight contest overall. Atlanta (33-23) took control when the Jazz opened the second half by missing their first eight shots. The Hawks went on a 10-2 run and took a 66-50 lead on a pair of free throws by Horford. The Hawks appeared to be on the verge of securing a blowout road victory when they extended their lead to 80-60 on a pair of free throws from Zaza Pachulia with 1:24 remaining in the quarter. Bu ...
POSSIBLE NBA TRADES: (Revised) Josh Smith and Zaza Pachulia going to Celtics for Rajon Rondo and Brandon Bass Paul Millsap going to Clippers for Bledsoe and Caron Butler Danny Granger going to Bucks for Monta Ellis Eto Malupit: Pau Gasol to Denver for Andre Iguodala and Evan Fournier
The Hawks could move Kyle Korver, Anthony Morrow, Zaza Pachulia, Anthony Tolliver and Devin Harris to the Kings for Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins makes sense.
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Atlanta Hawks add yoga into the mix: Bow Pose by Ivan Johnson Atlanta Hawks center Zaza Pachulia slips out of hi...
Morning news for you all! - Jordan Hill (LAL) had surgery on his left hip this morning in Nashville. He's expected to be out approximately 6 months. - Dwight Howard (LAL) apologises, says he needs to stop complaining. The Lakers centre was not happy after getting only five shots in the team's loss to Chicago, but he promised to improve his attitude. - Gerald Green (IND) is out of the Pacers rotation for the time being. Rookie O.J. Johnson will get more minutes on the wing. - Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said Luol Deng is 'little better' and is a gametime decision today vs. the Pistons. - ATL News: Zaza Pachulia and Al Horford have been ruled OUT along with Devin Harris. - Kevin Martin has been fined $5k by the league for his second flopping violation. - SAS News: Both Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard have been ruled OUT of today's game, while Manu Ginobili will be in uniform. - Raymond Felton (NYK) said there's a 'big chance' he'll play Sunday in Philadelphia. He also said if he breaks his right pinkie again, he ...
Good news, re: the Josh Smith suspension -- more Reggie Evans-Zaza Pachulia battles in the paint!
The best and only fantasy basketball trade finalized in my league this year. Steve had to go. His time was done. DCDC is me... Trade Accepted DCDC traded Tony Parker, SA to KRS1 DCDC traded James Harden, Hou to KRS1 KRS1 traded Damian Lillard, Por to DCDC KRS1 traded Anthony Davis, Nor to DCDC KRS1 traded Omer Asik, Hou to DCDC KRS1 traded Glen Davis, Orl to DCDC DCDC dropped Zaza Pachulia, Atl to W DCDC dropped Steve Novak, NY to W DCDC dropped Landry Fields, Tor to W
The Hawks defeated the Jazz, 103-95. Devin Harris developed a jumpshot tonight and led the Hawks with 24 points, including four 3s in 5 attemps. Josh Smith had 15-10-6, while Lou Williams (14pts), Ivan Johnson (13-7), and Zaza Pachulia (12pts) contributed nicely off the pine. Utah's frontcourt was very productive in the loss. Paul Millsap had 20 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 assists, while Al Jefferson had 23-10 dub-dub. Randy Foye led the team in scoring with 25 points.
Nba players have some great names. Check these out: Fab Melo. Quincy Pondexter. Lastly, my favourite: Zaza Pachulia
I'd like to see us trade for Alexey Shved, sign Zaza Pachulia, draft Marcus Smart or Michael Carter-Williams
Bob Rathbun is having trouble differentiating Ivan Johnson from Zaza Pachulia. Maybe one should wear a headband so it's easier to tell.
Danny Ferry better make sure he resigns Zaza Pachulia this summer...Dude is a great role player and backup Center for the
Theres only one guy that I know who can save this game. "ZAZA PACHULIA"
These Horford-Johson-Pachulia frontline is interesting to watch. Zaza on the block, Al generating space on the perimeter, Ivan cutting.
A little shocked dropped Roy Hibbert this early into the season. For Zaza Pachulia?
brought to you by dr. swa: Zaza Pachulia full court buzzer beater
Lol I had something to prove. & yeah! Like I was made I couldn't rip Kyle Korver or Zaza Pachulia
Zaza Pachulia and Javale McGee are my favorite players in the NBA
Atlanta Hawks (except Zaza Pachulia). Don't let try to tell you he's a die hard Grizzlies fan.
I really don't hate hate anybody in the league. I used to hate Zaza pachulia but now he's irrelevant
Ramon Sessions just made Zaza Pachulia look really silly on a pump fake-and-fade.
Zaza Pachulia is probably my favorite white basketball player
Just got Al Horford's, Kyle Korver's, John Jenkins, and Zaza Pachulia's autograph! Bout to get J-Smoove
friends in Milwaukee that were from Georgia,waved the flag at a Bucks game.Zaza Pachulia found them and took them to dinner.
Like Larry Drew's quote on Pachulia being punished for flopping: "Zaza is Zaza. He's a banger."
Good but No-Good: Zaza Pachulia drains the long buzzer-beater at the half but doesn't get it off in time.
are dominating inside! They've got 34 pts in the paint vs 19 pts for Led by Zaza Pachulia with 3 layups and a FT.
Pachulia's offense has come alive here in Orlando.nice drive fakes the pass and lays it in with the foul.Zaza with 7 pts and 8 rbds
Glen Davis gets beat off the dribble by Zaza Pachulia for the second straight possession. That is how bad this is.
Zaza Pachulia has received a warning about flopping.
I'd be mad if my parents named me Zaza Pachulia
The ruling is confirmed by the replay. No basket for Zaza Pachulia. head into fourth quarter leading 72-60.
Zaza Pachulia just hit a full court shot
ZaZa Pachulia with the buzzer beater at the end of the 3rd, that didn't count is still worthy!
ZAZA PACHULIA!!! Half court buzzer beater but it didn't count
ZAZA Pachulia makes a three-quarters court shot but it's after the buzzer.
The ruling on the floor for that 60 footer by Zaza Pachulia is no basket. Currently under review.
are dominating the boards. They've got 17 rebs (5 off 12 def) vs 9 rebs (2 off 7 def) for Zaza Pachulia leads with 4 rebs.
if Zaza Pachulia can play in the NBA, chances are so can you
Zaza Pachulia draws the foul after being covered up by both Jameer Nelson and JJ Redick.
here's another great one. Perfect for your desktop IMO
center Zaza Pachulia would rather pay a 5000k fine for flopping than get a broken jaw.
Zaza Pachulia and Omer Asik warned for flopping
per Rotoworld "...any real impact on Pachulia's diminished fantasy relevancy. We just wanted to keep you hardcore Zaza fans in the loop."
Josh Smith and Zaza Pachulia are moving up the charts for the Atlanta Hawks
Hawks Forward, Zaza Pachulia. has officially been warned for flopping. The flop occurred Friday night against the Wizards when Kevin Seraphin swung his elbows to come up with nothing but air but Zaza fell over as if he was hit in the head. I love this rule! LB-
So far, 4 of the 9 warnings, and both of the fines, have gone to the Brooklyn Nets. Most of these have been attempts to draw offensive fouls, but Kevin Martin and Chauncey Billups were warned for sticking their leg out while attempting a three-pointer. Unfortunately for the Utah Jazz, the refs bough...
Zaza Pachulia gets the offensive rip and putback for 2, and the Hawks end the 1Q with a 31-19 lead. Smith and Teague each have 8
Blake Griffin monster reverse dunk on Zaza Pachulia
with the trade. LA Lakers will get: Josh Smith, Jeff Teague, DeShawn Stevenson, Kyle Korver, Zaza Pachulia, and 2 draft picks Atlanta will get: Pau Gasol, Darius Morris, Steve Blake, Robert Sacre, Jodie Meeks, and 3 drafts picks plus cash. Anu ang benefits? Lakers: ~ Deeper bench, more athletic team, and great future for Dwight because of these players... Plus great defenders in Josh Smith and DeShawn Stevenson? Hawks: ~ Twin tower combo of Gasol and Horford, double post presence, Jodie Meeks to start at the 2 spot... Morris and Sacre will emerge
Just got home from day hawks game dirty birds owned Orlando tonight not bad and I also shook hands with the Josh Smith, Al Horford, Kyle Korver, & Zaza Pachulia pretty nice night
Cobb County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor? That sounds like a job for Zaza Pachulia.
good or bad decision to drop Kendrick Perkins and pick up Zaza Pachulia
Kyle "Ashton Kutcher" Korver and Anthony Tolliver with the Russian Mafia member Zaza Pachulia
Mike Woodson once let Zaza Pachulia out of practice so that he could go on a ‘hot date’ (Ball Don't Lie)
Miles Plumlee takes one bounce and packs it on Zaza Pachulia with one hand.
Devin Harris misses the 3 for the win...Pacers grab the rebound and Zaza Pachulia with the foul...Pacers hits both free throws 102-98 Pacers
oh you mean the one with Darko Milicic, Luke Walton, Matt Bonner, Zaza pachulia, steve blake & nick collison?
I am so jealous of you getting to enjoy a full 82 game schedule of Zaza Pachulia.
Zaza Pachulia loses the ball! He's cold with 3 turnovers and 2 missed FG to start Q3. lead 72-71, mid Q3.
They shouldn't let Zaza Pachulia or Ivan Johnson play in the preseason. Someone could get hurt.
extend their biggest lead of the game with a Zaza Pachulia layup in transition. Up 12 pts, 39-27, early Q2!
Jazz fans, what would you think of a trade like this: ATL get Big Al and J Lamb HOU- Josh Smith, Earl Jazz- Zaza Pachulia, Machado, HOU pick
That is Jearbear talk for Zaza Pachulia and Patrick Ewing.
Hawks coach Larry Drew is still stressing defense. Devin Harris participated in practice along with Zaza Pachulia.
Zaza Pachulia of the serving fans at the Varsity.
Thanks for the time as "your intern with the beard". Have fun talking about Josh Smiths jumper and Zaza Pachulia.
Can't wait for to interview Zaza Pachulia for the first time.
But you'll hopefully gain some ATLers. And of course, you'll now get to keep tabs on Zaza Pachulia.
Zaza pachulia just walked by kiran and I... We realized who he was after he walked away... Welcome to buckhead...
good answer, Darko Milicic and Zaza Pachulia are two others I can think of.
Coach Larry Drew did not announce a starting lineup for tomorrow's game vs Spurs. Devin Harris and Zaza Pachulia were both back at practice
Hawks always got Zaza Pachulia to save the team
The Atlanta Hawks have three players hurt Zaza Pachulia (leg), Devin Harris (knee) and Anthony Tolliver ( Scratched Cornea).
Hawks 92, Heat 79 Oct. 7, 2012 ATLANTA (AP) -Josh Smith scored 21 points, Lou Williams added 18 and the Atlanta Hawks beat the Miami Heat 92-79 in a preseason game Sunday. Chris Bosh finished with 22 points, and LeBron James had 10 for the defending NBA champion Heat, who played without Dwyane Wade as the star guard recovers from surgery on his left knee. Ray Allen, making Miami debut, had 10 points and five assists in 27 minutes. Devin Harris (right knee) and Zaza Pachulia (groin) were held out by Atlanta. Wade is expected to travel with the Heat for a seven-day trip to China that will include exhibition games against the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday and next Sunday. James had six rebounds and a game-high six assists in 24 minutes.
J Teague , Lou Williams , J Smith , Al Horford , & Zaza Pachulia . the starting line up straight , the bench just need some work .
.Doris Burke in 2K13 just told me that Zaza Pachulia is a fashionista. Really.
We got a chance to interview our Atlanta Hawks- Al Horford, Zaza Pachulia, Mike Scott and Anthony Morrow! Great guys! Can't wait to see them on the court this season!
Check out more photos from Day One of the Production Days - First day of production included Johan Petro, Zaza Pachulia, Devin Harris, Lou Williams, Mike Scott, Ivan Johnson and John Jenkins. Behind-the-scene video still to come!
According to NBATV the Hawks need a big man even tho Josh Smith, Al Horford, Ivan Johnson and Zaza Pachulia are still on the team
Tony Allen, Jose Calderon, and Zaza Pachulia are no one to you!?
One of our NBA players Zaza Pachulia is going to play Mardy Fish at the Atlanta Open
Zaza Pachulia will take on Mardy Fish in a tennis match and basketball shooting competition during the BB&T Atlanta Open. I have no words.
Possible centers who fit that bill: Zaza Pachulia (1 yr. $5 mil) and ATL looking to shed salary; HOU Patrick Patterson ($2 mil) (more)
Zaza Pachulia is my idol for what he did to you stood you up faker
S/O to Zaza Pachulia for following a young nig
The Hawks have aquired Dwight Howard for Josh Smith, Zaza Pachulia, and a first round pick
I liked a video Big Z ejected for throwing ball at Zaza Pachulia
I favorited a video Zaza Pachulia flops then later gets in fight with Jason Ric
You could add Zaza Pachulia to take Jason Richardson off their hands
Surely Al Horford, Zaza Pachulia and a couple of first round picks is the best achievable trade Orlando will get for D12 at this stage?
Did you share a nurturing relationship with Zaza Pachulia?
Hawks fans wanted change ... only three players remain from 2008 playoff team - Al Horford, Josh Smith and Zaza Pachulia.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
think about that front court. Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, and Zaza Pachulia or Ivan Johnson.that's a huge line up
yup, the could offer Al Horford and Zaza Pachulia for Howard, which is probably a better deal than just Bynum
Once Josh Smith is finally traded we can let the Zaza Pachulia era begin in Atlanta.
In a fight between Zaza Pachulia and Johan Petro to wear No. 27 for the Hawks, who wins? (Hint: Atlanta loses.)
they were a Philadelphia hot shooting night from out in the 2nd, and Zaza Pachulia away from the first.
Corey fisher is playing for the Georgia national basketball team. Gonna be teammates with Zaza pachulia.
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