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Zayn Malik

One Direction are a British-Irish boy band consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

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Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive? Um...hello! Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Patrick Dempsey, Mark Wah…
10 reasons why Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are fashion’s best-dressed couple.
Zayn Malik was spotted during a rare outing in New York City!
Zayn Malik is a singer, songwriter, model, author, designer, producer, artist, fashion icon, actor. Along with that, he's…
Rebecca Ferguson: I never farted in front of Zayn Malik - Brampton Guardian
God when he was about to send SRK, Zayn Malik, Sid Malhotra, Dev Patel, Avan Jogia, or any desi in general to Earth htt…
Liam Payne open to working with Zayn Malik |
Plot twist: Jeremy Clarkson to join One Direction and Zayn Malik to be the new host of Top Gear.
I have tears in my eyes listening to Zayn Malik. Such a deep felt and beautiful voice
Zayn Malik looks terrifying now lmao
Zayn Malik defends Taylor Swift from haters: "She deserves her success"
Zayn Malik just fired back at all that Taylor Swift criticism:
Zayn Malik liked this post on Instagram.
Zayn Malik and Sia are taking over New York City's Penn station with the advertisement for their new collab,
Zayn Malik has shaved his head completely bald
STOP THE PRESS! and have recorded a song together for ZAYN's new album. 😁💞 https…
Btw, she gave in after ten seconds. That's how good he is. ZAYN MALIK EVERYBODY
Zayn Malik Says He's Really Into Conspiracy Theories Zayn says that he's really into Taylor Swift, reading about conspiracy theories, and g…
Zayn's new video relies on stereotypes about Chinatown.
Read why is the Most Stylish Man of the Year 2017
Zayn Malik and Jemima Kirke are a modern Bonnie and Clyde in "Dusk Till Dawn" video featuring Sia
No *** but if Zayn Malik was giving me head I would ask him what he wants for breakfast :)
Zayn Malik has to be the sexiest guy in the whole planet. Still a fan girl 🙋🏼
melts my heart, he reads to his grandfather! See what he said about -
Zayn Malik said some really nice things about Taylor Swift:
This is what One Direction looks like now without Zayn Malik:
OMG. just revealed that there is a feature on his new album! 😍💖.
She now believes Zayn Malik is the best singer out of 1D 👏👏
Zayn Malik is defending Taylor Swift against her haters and her critics:
WATCH: Zayn Malik unveils video for new single 'Dusk Till Dawn' featuring Sia:
Zayn Malik's 'Dust Till Dawn' featuring Sia has debuted at on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart! Congrats, Zayn and Sia! 🙌…
"You don't know meh" -future oscar winner Zayn Malik, 2017.
Zayn Malik has shaved his head completely bald and he still looks beaut... 😘.
Zayn Malik is now bald and still beautiful
" I''ll always remember u. /z.m/ на This is fanfic about Zayn Malik. Hope u'll enjoy.
Louis Tomlinson reveals his friendship with Zayn Malik is back on
. connects the dots of "BeFoUr" to Daft Punk, Kanye West, 21 Pilots
Freaking zayn malik was actually engaged to a girl for so long then moved on so easily, these young boys marry with no intent
📷 zayntoxicateme: femalenude-robbery: Zayn Malik Beard on We Heart It. My light, my life, my love, my...
Louis Tomlinson says him and Zayn Malik are friends again.
Zayn Malik really wrote a song called rear view where he discusses his insecurities and battles, to his own self. What an a…
Zayn Malik Please make me the happiest girl in the world & follow me Ilysm 5
"Zayn Malik ended his engagement with Perrie Edwards
Most girls: omg Starbucks !. Most girls: have you seen Zayn Malik SO CUTE !. Most girls: wanna chill at the mall ?. Me: hi welcome to chilies
"Zayn Malik ended his engagement with Perrie Edwards"
"Fool for you" by Zayn Malik has reached 30 M streams on spotify . Congrats 👑
tbh y'all Zayn Malik's album is highkey underrated
Our August cover star speaks candidly about his inspirations, navigating fame, and staying humble:
The Chase host Bradley Walsh gloats about selling more albums than Zayn Malik and reveals he has now set his sight…
if you want to work with:. Fifth Harmony. Liam Payne. Zayn Malik. Kash Doll. Lauryn Hill. Kendrick Lamar. Jay-Z. Ju…
Vogue apologizes for Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik 'gender-fluidity' cover story.
Vogue apologizes for ​Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik ​'Gender-Fluidity' cover story: 'We Missed the Mark'…
Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are the newest Vogue cover stars:
Vogue apologises for claiming Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are 'gender fluid' because they share T-shirts
Vogue issues apology after calling Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid gender fluid.
Why did I think this was zayn malik
Zayn Yaser Jawad Malik ! You have been everything to someone like me ! :) Love you to death
Just stop looking for love, girl you still got time- Zayn Malik
on Zain Malik's new shoe line and who he has named one of the shoes after .…
(Sincerely hoping no one is awake to see this) . 1. Zayn Malik. 2. Joe Jonas. 3. Enrique Iglesias. 4. Jesse Williams. 5…
Zayn Malik deserves everything beautiful in this world
Zayn Malik hints he cheated on Perrie Edwards in Mind Of Mine
"I'm gonna intro you to a good friend of mine. To the best god given cheek bones you have ever see. His name is mr.…
Read Zayn and Donatella Versace's exchange about their collaboration
Zayn Malik looks nothing like Aladdin. y'all are delusional
One of my regulars looks like Zayn Malik mixed w my "ex" (Mall Boy, if y'all remember him)
Zayn Malik has such a kind soul. Protect him.
Zayn Malik as Aladdin sounds like a good idea until you think about how dead he looks in his MVs
How can someone be SO beautiful that it always makes me so sppechless? . PERFECTION: This is me! Zayn Malik! .
Keyboard Warrior-MoVlogs and Lana Rose Parody ft Zayn Malik (full of sur...
Zayn Malik gracing the cover of CLASH Magazine.
Zayn Malik recommends getting crazy with Paul Blart
You can literally be as famous as yet... …
Zayn Malik detained for three hours by airport security on first trip to America
Zayn Malik interrogated for three hours at US airport because 'his name was flagged up on the system'
Zayn Malik just can't stop talking about Gigi Hadid -
Zayn Malik says he was racially profiled and interrogated for three hours during his first trip to the U.S.
“Don’t ever let a guy make you feel ugly because no matter what you are beautiful with or without him”-Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik got no celebrity treatment as One Direction member...
And for everyone asking,,, yes I do look like zayn malik . I didn't ask to look like him so no hate please 😔🙏🏻
“I’m with her because I like her and I hope she’s with me because she likes me." 💞
Zayn Malik here, with another strong sartorial showcase in New York
Our for is I Don't Wanna Live Forever by &
Zayn Malik says he used to be profiled at U.S. airports
do you believe in perfection? . I can prove that perfection exists, is called zayn malik.
Zayn Malik reveals that he used to be racially profiled at US airports
.says the U.S. airports used to profile him! “I understand why they’ve got to do it.”
Could it be—the first whispers of second solo album cycle? Indeed!
What if Zayn Malik never talked to his pillow?
Teacher affair: Woman banned from Zayn Malik's old school after nine-month ROMP with pupil | Daily Star:
request lagu I don't Wanna Live Forever acoustic by zayn malik
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Zayn Malik recorded some of the vocals for "Mind of Mine" with a condom over his microphone.
2) Zayn Malik ✨. - amazing voice. - really hot. - idk why people hate on him so much . - has some really extra fans but that's…
{$inline_image} Zayn Malik wishes people had more love and care and compassion for other human beings. Zayn...
"Mind Of Mine" by Zayn Malik now has over 1 BILLION streams on Spotify. Congratulations,
This 20hr fast in Oslo has done me. Instead of playing Zain Bhikha, I've played Zayn Malik ffs
Liam Payne and Zayn Malik are the best singers of 1D.
What if Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik form a boy band and we'll call it One Direct…
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik take a subtle coordinated approach to dressing while being totally on trend.
Many famous celebrities were born in Bradford such as: Zayn Malik, Kimberley Walsh, David Hockney, Natalia Kills and mo…
I want James Franco,Ziggy Marley Avan Jogia, Zayn Malik,Natt Wolf, Harry Styles and the Sprouse twins in my *** right now
- Zayn Malik opens up about his eating disorder, Zayn Malik, 24, has opened up a...
Some of the best and biggest singers in our world like Mohd. Rafi Mohammed Assaf, Zayn Malik, Abida Parveen etc are all…
Anybody wanna talk about how Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel changed? *** he's like Andrew Garfield and Zayn Malik mixed up to…
Andrew Garfield and Zayn Malik? Man, no. Bill Kaulitz is on a whole other level. He's a god 🌚
Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber rumoured to be collaborating on new track - via
One year ago today, Zayn Malik released his debut solo album 'Mind Of Mine'. It hit on the official charts in 16 countries…
Zayn Malik reveals new collab with PartyNextDoor
If your name is zayn and your surname is malik follow me ;)
Dear Zayn Malik, I just want you to know I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Hope you see this and follow me. :) x
Zayn Malik tells how he finally conquered his eating disorder and crippling anxiety - The Sun
Blog Post: Zayn Malik is cured of his anxiety issues
I've seen Zayn Malik 4 times in person and I'm still convinced that he is a god
'Just because you don't have a prince does not mean you are not a princess'. -Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik does NOT look like this anymore.
Zayn Malik opened up about overcoming anxiety after One Direction and revealed his cute nickname for Gigi Hadid:
for solo DMS with 1D. Harry Styles . Louis Tomlinson . Niall Horan . Liam Payne . Zayn Malik . Michael . Luke . Mbf me
This is photoshop I've never met Zayn Malik
When Zayn Malik is your wallpaper , don't judge
Taehyung said hope jungkook could play drum to zayn malik - fools for u. JK: i'll learn for it! 💙. Me: i'll wait for u both…
Zayn Malik reveals how his mum helped him recover from eating disorder and anxiety
hot or not? 🔥. 16. Zayn Malik . rt: hot . fav: not
Why has it taken me so long to realise how good Zayn Malik's album is
In case you missed it: catch up on the candid interview with by
Zayn Malik: I have beaten the eating disorder I suffered in 1D via
‘Love hurts’. Read our exclusive interview with
When a zayn malik dresses as prince charming. results are incredible
3. Zayn Malik. Imagine being this fine 🔥 he is so dorky and cute
For me a bit sad 😟 1/4 of One Direction.. I know that Zee left 1D but only with him they're complete.
Gigi Hadid is a photographer now, shoots Zayn Malik for Versus SS17
name for me another MAN who's more beautiful than Zayn malik i'll wait
. We thought the Instagram teaser was good — but, no, the final Versace c…
I love how Z is like playfully said "obviously 🙄" like "of course I, Zayn Malik will make more urdu songs, that's a big par…
From now on and forward, idk what a zayn Malik is
Zayn Malik behind the scenes for Photographed by Gigi Hadid.
"Looking forward to following up with my Versus collection that drops in June.". — Zayn (via
Gigi Hadid makes Zayn Malik her muse for Versace
They say couples tend to look alike after awhile...
2017 Justin Timberlake, Zayn Malik, The Chainsmokers & more react to wins
Zayn Malik debuted a new hairstyle while supporting Gigi Hadid at fashion week. See it here:
Gigi Hadid photographed Versus Versace's new campaign starring Zayn Malik and Adwoa Aboah
This salon's client list is a virtual roll call of Young British London, including Lottie Moss, Zayn Malik and more. htt…
Mercy by Shawn Mendes & I Don't Wanna Live Forever by Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift (Cover)
Perrie Edwards 'mortified' by Jesy Nelson after bandmate mentions ex Zayn Malik in post-BRITs interview
Jesy Nelson's secret shout-out to Zayn Malik at the was painfully awkward for Perrie Edwards...…
Jesy Nelson just gave Zayn Malik a shout out and Perrie Edwards was NOT happy!
Uh oh! Simon Cowell and Niall Horan just threw major shade at Zayn Malik!
I think I have a thing for men who can do high notes: Zayn Malik and Park Jimin
Zayn Malik fires back at criticsm after defending Gigi Hadid
Zayn Malik & Taylor Swift surge to No. 3 on the
Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have my whole heart with this song they have together 😭❤
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik trash luxurious hotel room in sizzling video for I Don't Wanna Live Forever
Zayn Malik nominated for best male at NME awards. Mark E Smith will be furious. He's been robbed
"I think his voice is really rare and I think he's really special and wonderful" - Taylor Swift about Zayn Malik
It's here! Watch the video for featuring Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik!
WATCH: Zayn Malik,Taylor Swift release sizzling video of their song
I remember when Justin shaved his head for the first time and when I first saw it I thought he was Zayn Malik
Watch badass, provocative video for "Zayn Malik"
Zayn Malik: I never wanted to be in One Direction .
It’s here! Random Acts is proud to present new video for Zayn Malik, directed by
I want as my sponsor for Zayn Malik . Goal: 150 rts. No saved account
Watch the all too timely video for Swet Shop Boys's "Zayn Malik"
Anyone who says that Zayn Malik isn’t the prettiest man on earth is entitled to their wrong opinion.
how the *** is zayn malik so perfect please can somebody answer me I need to know why
Perfect takes human form in Zayn Malik
When you open your front camera but you're Zayn Malik so u still look good
We've people like Zayn Malik Toni mahfud walking this planet yet people still consider Justin bieber beautiful. White…
For those confused this a song by called 'Zayn Malik'.
Taylor Swift teases to new music video with Zayn Malik - CNN -
for solo DMS with package . Louis . Niall Horan . Liam Payne . Zayn Malik . Harry Styles . Mbf me & trun on my notific…
"I DON'T Wanna Live Forever" by Zayn Malik featuring Taylor Swift... Could go all the way to on Rick Dees!
2017 has to be the year of Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik, Justin Timberlake doing carpool karaoke.
Taylor Swift & Zayn Malik's 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' had an impressive debut on the Billboard charts!
Zayn Malik left One Direction. Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony. " Friendship never lasts". Little Mix:
Zayn Malik and Camila Cabello can officially sing "gotta go my own way" from hsm together
Party style inspiration from Zayn Malik, Jaden Smith and more:
Baby, baby, I feel crazy, up all night, all night and every day. Zayn Malik & Taylor Swift - I don't Wanna Live Forever
Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift team up for some 50 Shades Darker action
2016: Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift. 2017: Harry Styles and Perrie Edwards. Calab of the exes😂.
Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik were all in attendance at Wembley Arena to support Louis Tomlins…
Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Simon Cowell support Louis Tomlinson after mother's death
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Taylor Swift & Zayn Malik teamed up for a song on the soundtrack
Zayn Malik shows support for Louis Tomlinson following the tragic loss of his mother h…
I still appreciate Malik, even if he isnt linked to zayn.
.and fans are LOSING THEIR MINDS over See the best reactions HERE https…
Have you heard Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik's surprise duet?
Zayn reaches out to Louis after his mom's death.
Favorite song from the movie . Zayn Malik Featuring Taylor Swift - I Don't Wanna Live Forever ht…
Throwback to young Zayn Malik covering "You Belong with Me" in his bedroom.
by Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik is currently on iTunes in 32 countries! 🎉👏
Congratulations to on winning Here are all his best looks.
Zayn Malik sends his condolences to former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson after the death of his mom.
The Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik duet we've all been waiting for is finally here.
Surprise! Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik just dropped a duet for ' -
Welcome to Taylor Swift's sexy side. Here's our review of her song with Zayn Malik from
Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and more support Louis Tomlinson after his mother's death:
Zayn Malik offers his condolences to Louis Tomlinson following mother's death - Sykes and Ronan Keating also twee...
Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik's snippet of ''I don't Wanna Live Forever'' ♥
⚡️ “Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have a new single together”.
This is why famous people like Katy Perry, Zayn Malik, Nicki Minaj & Miley Cyrus hates Taylor Swift. awww... :'(
Zayn Malik launches online store, just in time for Cyber Monday: .
Zayn Malik wins best new artist of the year at 2016 American Music Awards as Niall Horan watches on:
November 20: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik backstage at the
Most talked about male artists at the tonight. - Niall Horan. - Zayn Malik. - Shawn Mendes. - Justin Bieber
Zayn Malik - I Won't Mind (Remix) by voting for for new artist of the year
Comparing One Direction from Zayn Malik is like comparing Taylor from Swift..😑. ALL THE LOVE ONED.
Gigi Hadid talking about Zayn and one direction "I like Zayn Malik solo a lot more" .
Zayn Malik is literally just one of those people that make you question how it's physically possible to be that good looking
Zayn Malik gives a rare insight into his home life with Gigi Hadid
Zayn Malik fangirling over Gigi Hadid is the most adorable thing you'll read all day
Zayn Malik talks Gigi Hadid, megastardom and facing his demons in this week's
Zayn Malik talks working with Kehlani and their collab "Wrong" in his new book, Zayn. You can purchase it here:
Zayn Malik opens up about eating disorder
Couple Liam Payne and Zayn Malik enjoying their time in Vegas.
for solo DMS with💋💋. Harry Styles . Zayn Malik . Michael Clifford . Liam Payne . Niall Horan . Luke H . Mbf me to be add…
Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan had to be done by a University. Morons educated sheep.
Zayn Malik says all he wanted to do with Mind of Mine was make his dad proud (BRB, crying)
BHM is officially for ppl of Afro-Carribean heritage... but NUS expands it to all BME groups - what a minefield!
BBC Education: Black History Month row over Zayn Malik image: A students' union apologises for using the face...
Zayn Malik always appropriates black culture and never speaks up about black issues yet he is the face of bla…
Zayn Malik's autobiography is said to include details about his split from Perrie Edwards
Kent University's student union says sorry for using images of Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan for a Black History Month cam…
Zayn Malik opens up about wanting to make his dad proud. BRB, just balling our eyes out 😭
Zayn Malik talks Beatles influence in new autobiography extract
Faces of Sadiq Khan and Zayn Malik used to promote Black History Month
Student union apologises for using to front campaign
Zayn Malik as one of the faces of Black History Month? Someone clearly messed up there. ***
.Invites Fans to 'Judge Me on My Own Terms' in New Self-Titled Autobiography via
reeve carney, mikael persbrandt, Harry Styles, joseph morgan and my main: zayn malik. these are MEN 👏
Over in supports with posters of and neither of whom ar…
Students’ union branded 'national embarrassment' after using images of Zayn Malik to promote Black History Month
Kent University faces backlash for picking Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan to front Black History Month
Zayn Malik chosen as the face of by Kent University even though he's not black... .
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik look loved up as they ignore revelations from ex Perrie Edwards and 'jibes that he's bad …
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik at the Met Gala 2016, May 2nd.
Okay guys but look how hot I'd be if I had Zayn Malik's face
Zayn loves his fans, and his fans love him! ❤️
the point is Zayn Malik isn't black, so why feature him in Black History Month
Zayn Malik is located at of the "21 Celebrities Who Fought Against Mental Health Stigma By Speaking Out" by BuzzFeed h…
Dedicated to . What makes ZAYN MALIK💝💝 so unique??!!
A Student Union has come under major fire for choosing Zayn Malik to front Black History Month (whoops)
Row breaks out after London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Zayn Malik are used in Black History Month - Evening Standard
that for Black History Month a university showed pictures of Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan?
How can you celebrate Black History Month, but add non-black POC such as Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan to be focused on??? The…
Black History Month row over Zayn Malik image (via What do you think? (we may print comments)
Err... so, Kent University picked Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan for
BBC News - Black History Month row over Zayn Malik image 😂 Maybe cos they're not black?
Students' union apologises for using the faces of Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan, who both have Pakistani roots, to mark Black Histor…
. . University faces backlash after picking Zayn Malik as the face of Black History Month -
Kent union chose to make Zayn Malik, a non black Millionaire Popstar, the face of Black History Month. Bit culturally insensiti…
Kent student union under fire for naming Zayn Malik & Sadiq Khan as faces of its Black History Month celebrations - htt…
Student union promotes Black History Month with Zayn Malik picture: A students' union has been br...
A student union has apologised for using Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan to promote Black History Month
I'm confused about Kent Union saying Zayn Malik was involved in their Black History Month campaign bc they wanted to "celebrate a range...
Imagine using Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan as the cover photos for Black History Month
the union used Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan to promote Black History Month 🤔😥
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Wanted your hair to be like Ryan Gosling? Zac Efron? Or even Zayn Malik? PERANTAU POMADE IS…
Perrie Edwards got pretty honest about her split with Zayn Malik this week.
So Millionaire Perrie Edwards reveals she was left HOMELESS after her split from Zayn Malik [she has no idea!]
" Queen of rap, young Zayn Malik run pop."
- Louis Walsh makes a d*ck out of Zayn Malik & rules One Direction out of X Factor return!
Little Mix's new song has Zayn Malik written all over it🐸☕️
Perrie Edwards shows off her endless legs in sexy swimsuit snap
Can't decide who's prettier, Zayn Malik or Gigi Hadid
Have you seen this hilarious meme of dancing to diss track >> https…
2012 Zayn Malik said that he'd like Luke Pasqualino to play him in a movie, and 2012 Luke told us that he'd love to. Slight…
I love Zayn Malik. He is a good person and he has earned my loyalty and respect 😘. Never gonna leave his side. ✊
Perrie Edwards confirms Zayn Malik DID end their engagement via text in her new book
I've just deeped how buff Zayn Malik's is 😍
LESS THAN 24 hours till WE'RE BACK!!! We'll be playing Little Mix's new SAVAGE single that DRAGS Zayn Malik & couldn't be more thrilled!
Perrie Edwards says Zayn Malik broke up with her via text message:
Zayn Malik teams with Versace to design collection.. Related Articles:
Fashionista_com: See haileybaldwin on the cover of BAZAARAustralia:
See haileybaldwin on the cover of BAZAARAustralia:
Perrie Edwards was only 23 when she ended zayn malik's career with the song Shout Out to My Ex
Where were all you guys when Azealia Banks was calling Zayn Malik the n word and calling his mom a dirty refugee??? Lol
Read the first excerpt from autobiography 'Zayn' here
Perrie Edwards confirms that Zayn Malik did end their engagement by text message :(
Perrie claims Zayn dumped her over text in leaked book excerpt - NY Daily News
.took his Giuseppe for Zayn boots out for a spin:
Zayn Malik announced as new creative director at Versus, Versace.
Zayn Malik assigned creative director for a new collection at Versace. Anything is possible troops - keep those dreams alive
just taught me that young Joseph Stalin was hot and looks a lot like Zayn Malik.
Donatella Versace recruits ZAYN for Versus line🙌🏼 Capsule collection will be presented in May 2017🙌🏼.
Zayn Malik and Versace are going to be making clothes together. Sweet, sweet clothes
Your donation could assist in the process of building these young, underprivileged South Asian girls' futures. 💗 https:…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Fashion's newest couple: Donatella Versace and Zayn Malik for Versus Versace {URL}
ZAYN x VERSACE and yes, we're kind of freaking out.
Zayn Malik reveals the details of his collection:
Zayn Malik is officially designing a collection for Versus Versace.
Donatella reveals why she chose Zayn: "He’s one of the most exciting personalities on the world stage right now"
.Newest Rock Star: is designing a collection for Versus. https:/…
No doubt Donatella will further unleash inner rock star with that collab.
Zayn has found himself a new direction as a fashion designer:
Donatella Versace has found her new Anthony Vaccarello:
Zayn's getting ready to zlay the fashion world with his upcoming Versace collaboration
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