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Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe (born Alexander Zane Reid Lowe on 7 August 1973) also known as 'Zipper', is a radio DJ and television presenter.

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Like Zane Lowe told ye with his on sight record. Why is this record so short? I get mad everytime it ends.
Lil Peep dead: Diplo, Zane Lowe, Lil B, Lil Yachty and more pay tribute
Diplo, Zane Lowe, Lil Yachty, Lil B and more pay tribute to Lil Peep: 'I’ve been expecting this call for a year. Mo…
Man I was just listening to the Zane Lowe interview with lil peep on all the work he had coming, now such a beautif…
Post Malone, Zane Lowe, Pete Wentz and more stars are reacting to the news of Lil Peep's death:
I saw Ludacris Zane Lowe and Kim Kardashian all in person today so that was pretty tight
Zane Lowe was just standing next to me
Jeg likte en – Arcade Fire and Zane Lowe on Beats 1 [Full Interview]
Tune into Zane Lowe on Apple Music right now! I'm joining the fun!
Still was a big favourite with Zane Lowe though. The lyrics will rip your heart out. I remember l…
How did I *just* discover Zane Lowe has a show on Apple Music??
Quavo told Zane Lowe his collab album with Travis Scott is held up because they are figuring out the tracklist 🚨🌵
Once again, the Zane Lowe interview with Chris Martin tells me exactly what I need to hear in trying times like the…
.& are almost done with 'Bandana' and are planning a surprise release; Gibbs also has a new song…
where in the world is your whole interview with Zane Lowe?! Wanna peep but cannot find it for the life of me!
I liked a video Marilyn Manson and Zane Lowe on Beats 1 [Full Interview]
not a patch on Zane Lowe, Steve Lamacq, top draw on a Friday night tho.
Zane Lowe getting proper emosh on his Chris Cornell tribute show! Beats 1 is always class.
Listening to Beats 1, Zane Lowe's come on air early to talk about Chris Cornell. Playing Soundgarden now this is so sad
the song ended up being played by DJ Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1
It's actually him lmao his voice was just pitched. He talked about it on BBC radio 1 with Zane Lowe
Zane Lowe is such a great interviewer. He does his homework before interviews are started and asks the right questions.
Paramore and Zane Lowe talk about songs in After Laughter
Zizou celebrating his son's bday. Zane Lowe on the drums. Greg James being a slug ni Miami. . I ❤️ IGS now. 😂
Start w the hard times video, it gives it context :) I really liked the Zane Lowe interview too. Might…
Remember when Zane Lowe ruined Drive that one time?
Grateful to be given such an in-depth insight into this incredible album. Zane Lowe is exceptional at creating a pl…
The Kendrick and Zane Lowe interview is reallly good
Watching the interview Zane Lowe did to Paramore and it's so good
Is this a scene from Bridesmaids, or an excerpt from your interview with Zane Lowe? The lines are blurring.…
I hate Zane Lowe interviews bc he's so leading. Like he always answers the question he's asking. Like let people speak.
I wouldn't mind a sit down interview with Zane Lowe. I just would really like to know about the creative process of working on 5H3
Hopefully Zane Lowe will interview Fifth Harmony once 5H3 drops,it would be worth watching. I'm tired of the girls getting the same question
I've only ever listened to their singles lmao But yeah, I'm hooked. I wanna watch the Zane Lowe interview later!
Yes like it really depends on the interviewer. Zach sang and Zane Lowe WANT to know things. Most ***
Whoever sits them down could get some honest answers out of them if they do it right. Zane Lowe is another person that could do that.
does anyone have an interview Adele did with Zane Lowe?
Best moment of Lady Gaga's interview with Zane Lowe is when she gets all worked up over being compared to Madonna =>
why has my Zane Lowe on demand disappeared?!
Paramore's interview with Zane Lowe is so precious
Watch Paramore talk about the "After Laughter" album & band lineup changes with Zane Lowe
Kendricks interview with Zane Lowe is fantastic . everyone go watch it!!
I hate Zane Lowe or whatever his stupid name is
When you try and talk to Zane Lowe about mewithoutYou.
I liked a video Paramore and Zane Lowe on Beats 1 [Part 2 Interview]
new album is really really great. And watching their interviews with Zane Lowe is making me cry. I just love this band so much
I liked Zane Lowe's interview with Drake. Because OVO is life😂😂🎯
Tried to watch Zane Lowe's interview with Kendrick Lamar but sadly couldn't finish it. It bored me.
.talks "Everybody," J. Cole and more With of radio. Peep it: https:/…
Paramore interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 (Part 2)—watch
Remember when XFM had two DJs called Alex – Alex Zane and Alex Lowe, and also another DJ called Zane Lowe? Crazy times the 1990s.
I wonder if Zane Lowe followed the advice from Judy Dench and Daniel Craig before hi…
I liked a video Kendrick Lamar Interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1
Zane Lowe wants to be your digital record-store Romeo - CNET Zane Lowe, the head of Apple's radio cha…
Watch “Zane and Future on Second Surprise Album HNDRXX” posted by Zane Lowe on Apple Music.
Future with Zane Lowe pt. 2 Full Interview
Evening everyone enjoy these 3 parts to a brilliant interview with the lads:) Zane Lowe fair play to...
Big Sean talks to Zane Lowe about new 'I Decided.' album. Listen here:
Watching a Rick Rubin interview by Zane Lowe. His perspective on music is amazing. 👀
Me 3 0 in the this weekend. Have a great day my winners Zane Lowe, Nick Ross & David Abraham. 🎂🎂🎂
James Bay - Hold Back The River in session for Zane Lowe via
Breast Cancer Awareness
Listen to "Interview with Mike D from Beastie Boys" by Zane Lowe on
Beastie Boys’ Mike D Launching Beats 1 Radio Show This Week: Today in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Mu...
Ben Affleck and Bill Simmons talking about deflategate is on par with the Kanye and Zane Lowe interview. Ben seemed kinda drunk.
Watch “Zane Lowe speaks to Chance the Rapper” by Apple Music on
"The Impracticable Adventures of Zane Lowe" would make a good one.
I haven't watched the Chancr/ Zane Lowe video yet, but is it worth watching?
They're playing the full Chance and Zane Lowe interview on Beats1!
Listen to ""This Time" on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe by Jarryd James on - jack garratt'ish?!
Zane Lowe is premiering newest single tomorrow on . .
Currently listening to the zane lowe n chance interview and its v good so far fyi
Chance The Rapper interview with Zane Lowe is great
Get your very own copy of actual coloring book here: .
KanYE's interview with Zane lowe is a classic.
Listening to Chano's interview with Zane Lowe on Interesting.
Another Chano Interview! By: Zane Lowe for Beats 1 Radio. Check it out here: [ ]
Full Interview with and our boys here 👉🏼👉🏼
🔌 Chance The Rapper confirmed with Zane Lowe that his collab project with Childish Gambino will be released
Banks covers The Weeknd - What You Need for Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1
[NEW] Listen to the original versions of. "Waves" &. "Famous" Feat. Chance The Rapper:.
I liked a video Zane Lowe meets. Rick Rubin
📷 slimjimi: nicknamenyquil: stop. Lmao y'all gotta watch the Zane Lowe interview, the *** literally...
No problem makes so much sense after listening to that Chance Zane Lowe interview on Beats 1.
"that they own my friends." He spoke about it in his Zane Lowe interview too
. keeps it real about major record labels in his interview with Zane Lowe [LOOK]
What we learned from Chance the Rapper’s interview with Zane Lowe
Here's two bonus tracks you can add to Chance the Rapper's project
weh!! I kept telln niggaz watch Chance with Zane Lowe musically his UP there for me his version of Waves was fire!!
Chance basically dropped another mixtape while being interviewed by Zane Lowe. Dude has the most talent in the game
Zane Lowe look like if Steve Jobs & David Beckham did the fusion dance
interview with Zane Lowe has so much insight on not only the album but everything around it and it's great
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Zane Lowe told chance the rapper he never seen the film ATL. i think he might be an undercover agent to infiltrate hip…
Zane Lowe joining Apple was like those people in George Lucas' Howard the Duck. They were all like: it can't miss! LOL
Now you can watch full video of Zane Lowe's interview with Drake from night:
HISTORY: Chris Martin joins Zane Lowe for an emotional interview [28 Apr 2014] htt…
thank u for pointing out Zane Lowe not asking about Meek Mill. Makes no sense why he wouldn't smh
Drake ended Meek Mill in that Zane Lowe interview last night 💀
I like Zane Lowe's questions. Q's like 'how do you see the world right now, outside of yours?'. No need for Meek Mill questions. 💯💯💯
Drake will release VIEWS at midnight ET tonight following an interview with Zane Lowe
OVO Sound Radio this Thursday. . Listen to in its entirety on the show + interview with Zane Lowe. . After enjoy VFT6 on…
Zane Lowe will interview Drake on OVO Radio this Thursday
Skepta discusses ‘Konnichiwa’, family, Drake and Pharrell Williams with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 | RWD
Zane Lowe talks to Skepta about his anticipated album, working with Pharrel Williams, Drake and his family.
Listening to Zane Lowe interview Skepta, sharing a deep profound insight into his life - pretty special:
Lorde, Russell Crowe, Zane Lowe, Peter Jackson, and Keith Urban, your boys took one *** of a beating
Zane Lowe discusses Apple Music, Beats 1, Steve Jobs, & more in interview
2/2 for folks like Nick Grimshaw or Zane Lowe when they play it on radio 1 or even DJs on intl stations
Listen to "Interview with Brian Burton AKA Danger Mouse" by Zane Lowe on
NEWS: Chris Martin will be interviewed by Zane Lowe on Beast 1 Radio show next Wednesday at 9:30am PST
Travi$ Scott told Zane Lowe he has new music coming in December
I don't like Chris Evans, and I don't like Moyles or Zane Lowe. I don't think I like radio dj's
Will Smith spoke with Zane Lowe this week about his upcoming world tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff and getting back...
Interesting article on Beats 1 which hints at teething trouble
This by on is v good. Jaden Smith, Zane and Pharrell are talking BIG game.
even Rick Rubin admitted to it being a rushed job on an interview with Zane Lowe
Nice review of Beats1's first few months
Zane Lowe reckons Beats1 has the spirit of a pirate station - I ain't heard any garage or DnB, or decent banter...
I spoke to and some of Beats 1's famous amateur radio DJs for this here piece for The Guardian
Zane Lowe: 'The spirit of Beats 1 is that of a pirate station' via
Oh, I didn't know Zane Lowe is a Kiwi/Brit
Zane Lowe agrees with Sia that twigs "needs to take over the world".😊
night NJ!! Listen to Zane Lowe and Ryan tomorrow. 5:30 is brutal. Gah
"Ello, this is Zane Lowe ere un Beats Radio One" - /
.is going to have a show on Beats is the mission! Get it? ... Hey, where're you guys going?
Beats 1 gets some incredible interviews. No surprise, really, considering Zane Lowe's on there.
Everything that's wrong with Apple's Beats 1 in two words - Zane Lowe.
- Zane Lowe, really, honest to goodness you have anything to do with Zane Lowe? - Lost so much respect
Zane Lowe Announces Launch of New Beats 1 Shows from Haim, Major Lazer & Eric Prydz by
Zane Lowe: 'Beats 1 is the common room for the future pop rebels' (-
I just read a article. Views isn't done. He took a break from it because of that Meek Mill stuff and WATTBA. Zane Lowe inyerview
well what with the Doctor Who prom, we're already on the slippery slope. It'll be Zane Lowe doing Private Passions next
Meet Zane Lowe, the guiding voice of Apple's free radio
Listen to Zane Lowe talks with Kendrick Lamar (Part 1) by Apple Music on
imagine how great Beats 1 could be without Zane Lowe's corny rap ad-libs
Go with The Smiths then. Play an entire album like Zane Lowe used to.
And while housemaiding I WAS enjoying until Zane Lowe came on pushing garage. Am I back in secondary school? No, thanks be to God 😬
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Zane Lowe is playing some big tunes on right now!
Hear the Beats 1 premiere of Mike D's "I Am" remix in Zane Lowe's show playlist.
is pretty decent, heard Zane Lowe this morning, broadcasting from London now, feels like being back home.
we did! When zane Lowe re-scored it and the 1975 released medicine. I watched it last night and reminded me of that weekend x
Can remember Zane Lowe raving about it when it came out but never gave it a listen, just heard a couple of singles off it
it should be on Apple Music for you guys tomorrow I would assume? Coz Zane Lowe released a few tracks earlier in the week :)
Zane Lowe’s set right now on Beats 1 is great.
Petes Posts big DCD2 news coming on monday. listen to zane lowe on beats 1...: big DCD2 news coming on monday.
People need to watch Zane Lowe interviewing Kanye and just listen to what he says and how he says it.
Mac Miller breaks off yet another cut from his forthcoming album GO:OD AM. Zane Lowe premiered…
Zane Lowe is now playing the title track, on
Zane Lowe going to America was a blessing in disguise. British music will soon takeover da world x
why am I not a famous DJ. like Zane Lowe but overwhelmingly ***
Zane Lowe played that song on his radio show earlier
Zane Lowe : Next - dope new 'Clubhouse' from GO:OD AM
Zane Lowe got a lame guest today. Whomp
WOW! Zane Lowe on just world premiered the Mike D remix of AWOLNATION's "I Am"! SUPER AWESOME!
Currently listening to Zane Lowe's show on Beats 1. It sounds like shameless advertisement, but I'm really liking it!
If Zane Lowe isn't careful he's gonna turn into Tim Westwood.
did you watch his radio 1 interview with Zane Lowe he's such a hypocrite
Photo: rollingstone: Watch Beastie Boys reflect on the horrors of major labels during Paul’s Boutique era.
there’s a DJ? Stark contrast to yesterday at Apple’s event, where Zane Lowe was the DJ…
and if you still aren't convinced go watch the Zane Lowe interview bc your ignorant *** needs to.
I gotta go back and listen to Zane Lowe interview because I don't think he point was to make things affordable
Listen to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 by Apple Music on I am weak
ICYMI, video of Mike Diamond & Adam Horovitz interviewed by Zane Lowe last month:
Gavin James got a massive shout out from Zane Lowe today on Beats 1 radio
such as Jonathon Ross, Jamie Oliver, Zane Lowe and even James Arthur! Oh yeah.
sad Zane Lowe left but I can still deal with Scott Mills, Greg James and Annie Mac
Zane Lowe on the radio show is great, haven't used the actual interface yet though.
'Coming up is Josh Homme and later Zane Lowe' is a sentence I couldn't be sure I'd ever say on air
they already hired bellend Zane Lowe. How many helmets do they need and wasn't Simon Bates available?
There's a spotify playlist keeping track of beats one radio music. Ah Yeah. Still no sweet Zane Lowe in my ear though.
oh, I forgot 'Hey-wow' self-appointed king-queen of the hip, Zane Lowe and Jo Wiley.
Kia_Mak: Beats1 is pretty fun so far otherwise. Zane Lowe sounds like he has more fun *playing music* than any major mark…
Zane Lowe is like an exclamation mark brought to life by black magic, like the broomsticks in Fantasia
The first band played on Beats 1 calls Zane Lowe “an absolute legend” for playing their song by Mark Sullivan
Apple Music streaming service and Beats 1 radio launch day – live: From its Zane Lowe-fronted radio stat...
Just updated iPhone and receiving the sound tests from Zane Lowe not realising he's on air! Good start.
remember Zane Lowe telling her Beyoncé sucked and anyone with sense would be at Queens of the Stone Age; she was mortified.
It feels so quaint when they cal him Mr Lowe ;-) Zane Lowe, the D.J. Scratching Out Beats 1 for Apple
Apple makes Zane Lowe world's most powerful DJ
Apple confirms streaming music service and global radio station, hosted by DJ Zane Lowe. Full details from
Still can't watch Zane Lowe without thinking of Adam Buxton
Listened to the full Chris Martin interview with Zane Lowe, love him and Coldplay so much!
Well.*le sigh* my dreams of a reunion were blown up by Axwell and Sebastian on Zane Lowe this month. Moment of silence😢
Zane Lowe's heading up a new streaming service for Apple with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.
Apple Taps Trent Reznor for Upcoming Music Service and Zane Lowe for iTunes ... - I4U News
Apple announce streaming service. Zane Lowe to iTunes Radio
Trent Reznor would be working on design and Zane Lowe on iTunes Radio . via
1D did a campaign to get teens registered to vote & got fans to lobby Osborne re corporate tax. What have your Zane Low…
I realized I was out if touch when I thought they were talking about Zane Lowe.
stayed up all this time watching Kanye interviews from this year and also the first Zane Lowe interview
Great article on how Apple, Beats, Trent Reznor & Zane Lowe are shaping iTunes to be a wholly new business for Apple
to be fair zain is correct but I highly doubt they know that. I saw a zane Lowe joke earlier I was done
Just mopping away another tear. Almost inconsolable that Zane Lowe has left One Direction!
lol just finished watching the first Zane Lowe interview
How can Zayn Malik leaving 1D generate more panic than Zane Lowe leaving Radio 1.
I was more upset when Zane Lowe left and I didn't care for him 💁
Kanye's fist Zane Lowe interview changed my life
So it's 2:27 am and I'm in bed watching Kanye's first Zane Lowe interview again
Putting Ian Rogers on top of it and hiring Zane Lowe (along with movement on iAd) are not insignificant.
Kanye named dropped Parsons (The New School) in the interview with Zane Lowe...shoulda went to Parsons
Apple and Beats are working on a new streaming service with Trent Reznor and Zane Lowe, among others
I mean The Futch is all the rage right now .
People should be more sad about the Zane Lowe's vacancy at Radio 1 than that Zayn guy leaving 1D
Why did Apple hire Zane Lowe?. You're missing a big part of this.
After Lowe and Malik, I only need Alex Zane to quit Rude Tube to win my Zane accumulator
I think Zane Lowe should interview Zayn feeling low then Jay Z and J-Lo should turn and then swathes of hilarity would ensue
Zane Lowe is back for one night only, with an atmospheric insight into the unique & mesmerising world of
First Zane Lowe left Radio 1, then Jeremy Clarkson sacked from BBC and now Zayn has left 1D... Just a mental couple of weeks!
Yes, it’s gonna kill Spotify. Yes, June is coming. Yes, I believe Apple can be on streaming music with Beats service + Dj Zane Lowe.
It's nice to hear so many people missing Zane Lowe today, but why are they spelling his first name wrong?
There's no point to the bbc without Jeremy Clarkson and Zane Lowe
This is Why FKA twigs Became a Musician Instead of a Dancer
Zane Lowe as Lester Bangs that's an idea 👀
For the kids who think Zane Lowe was like John Peel, did Zane ever go out to Norway for the Black Metal festivals and pick up all the zines?
Apparently people at Radio 1 have been comparing Zane Lowe to John Peel? Excuse me whilst I throw up in the corner. I mean really?
Having just read something that compared Zane Lowe to John Peel has only made me worry more about the state of this world right now.
'Zane Lowe was the John Peel of our time'. '
Auf Wiederzane *** Mr Agreeable pens a fond farewell to Radio One DJ and the "new John Peel", Zane Lowe
Who in their right mind would compare Zane Lowe & John Peel?
Mr Agreeable on Zane Lowe: "here is with Jay-Z, nodding like the obliging little yes-man to the stars he f***ing is" http:/…
sighs “No!” 😩 Annie Mac coulda shoulda stepped-up from Zane Lowe but one show in she’s let Mumford & Sins back in the studio.
Annie Mac is carrying on Zane Lowe's legacy... well, that's good.
My new sounds: he lovely Sarah Jane Crawford's show on 1Xtra, chatting Zane Lowe on
I remember the Radio 1 days of Chris Moyles, Jo Whiley, Edith Bowman with Colin Murray, Scott Mills, Zane Lowe. Those were the days.
Weird that I won't here Zane Lowe on radio again
Zane Lowe's last show on radio 1 today. I wouldn't be where I am without him and his support, good luck with everything man,…
Radio one without Zane Lowe and now Fearne Cotton? Madness.
Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens have been spinning our new single 'City' this week - take a listen here (10 mins 50...
FFS - Zane Lowe leaves and is replaced with Annie Mac instead of Huw Stephens, and now Fearne is leaving to be replaced by Clara Amfo?!
Zane Lowe's mix just proved that Kanye has always been good
Apple scores BBC DJ Zane Lowe to work on iTunes Radio
If Apple hiring Zane Lowe means he dosn't get to re-score another movie, like Only God Forgives or something, I'll buy an iPad in homage.
Zane Lowe has always been an inspiration. He is a great example of a Kiwi who has done great things.
Apple hires DJ Zane Lowe. Leaving BBC Radio 1 in March.: Zane Lowe, the BBC Radio 1 DJ, is leaving the ...
To top everything of, just found out Zane Lowe is leaving BBC Radio 1! Utter dugs baws.
- BBC Newsbeat - Zane Lowe to leave Radio 1 in March
Huge, is leaving to join Apple poach the best time and time again
Zane Lowe to leave Radio 1 in March to work for Apple
If there is such a thing as a Jony Ive of music, it would be
No Zane Lowe leaving radio 1 is awful. No one knows his stuff more than him. Massive Masssive loss for radio 1
Next month, will be signing off for good to join up with Apple
Zane Lowe quits Radio 1: Presenter heads for 'exciting times' at Apple
All purpose parts banner
Apple has hired one of Britain's best-known radio DJs (AAPL)
Zane Lowe quits Radio 1 after more than a decade to work for ...
Zane Lowe to leave BBC Radio 1, Annie Mac to replace him on the evening show
i'm sorry zane lowe is trending because he's leaving BBCR1.. really?! the ONE radio show in the world i like, where am i to find new music?!
our generations John Peel, is Zane Lowe. Should be, and one day may be, regarded as a music icon.
howdy doody Zane Lowe! It's going to be a whole munch bum of a gestation top show tonight!
New song just premiered on Zane Lowe. New album is coming June 8
Sign up at now to receive an exclusive premiere of the video following Zane Lowe's at 7.30PM tonight on BBC Radio 1. Pre-order the album at
Last night with Zane Lowe, gave us a great slice of DnB with his - ‘The Calling’
Zane Lowe is literally the love of my life😻
Zane Lowe has made messes of all of us!!!
YES! I was singing Tribute to my cat this morning, and now it's on Radio 1! Well done Zane Lowe!
Zane Lowe On Radio 1 has got me in such a good mood!
Zane Lowe cracks me up on the mix tape!
Zane Lowe is way too finger happy on the sound effects button 🙉🙉
Zane Lowe doing was always going to be amazing
is album of the week on both Ken Bruce & Zane Lowe Older audiences still interested in contemporary music.
Zane Lowe mixtapes kick some serious butt, good start to a Friday morning
Zane lowe is killing it with the nickstape
Zane Lowe may be incredibly annoying normally but I am loving his
As much as I cant stand him zane lowe has produced some belters on the nicks tape 🎶
listening too grimshaw and Zane Lowe mixing on radio 1 make me wanna blow my brains out 😂
I love it when Zane Lowe is on the nixtape, he smashes it up every time.
I didn't think I could love Zane Lowe more... I was wrong.
Zane Lowe mixing the Spice Girls on radio 1 this morning... 👌🎶
Zane lowe playing sum 41 making my friday already
Zane lowe doing some concrete mixing on da mixtape
Zane Lowe doing the nixtape this morning is keeping me awake 🙌🙌🙌
Zane Lowe played the Spice Girls. It was quite uplifting.
Journey into Spice Girls in The Nixtape. Zane Lowe you hero.
like more of a beatmaker than a rapper. He told lowe he does not even rap too well. The little thing is best
Never felt a way about something the way I feel about the Kanye x Zane Lowe interview
I'll always love Ye interview with Zane Lowe
Kanye West interview with Zane Lowe always puts things into perspective for me
Just listened to Skepta's interview with Zane Lowe. I love this guy. Cannot wait for Konnichiwa.
Sam Smith: The Sound of 2014: via GOOOD!. Sam chats to Zane Lowe.
21:00 BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra's Stories: Zane Lowe tells the story so far for BBC Sound of 2014 winner Sam Smith.
Zane Lowe getting me through this long treck down the M1 🙌
Sam Smith and Zane Lowe in conversation for a rare and intimate chat
PHOTOS: Sam Smith chatting to Zane Lowe, of Radio 1! [Zane produced 'Restart' on Sam's album!]
Sam Smith says he forced himself to be 'more in love' to write music: Speaking to Radio 1's Zane Lowe, the Sta...
Loving your podcast, but thought you should know that the description of the 2nd says Alex Zane, not Zane Lowe!
Zane Lowe chats to Chris Martin from Coldplay. The Full Interview. Facilities courtesy of Amos Clarke Produced by Lee Edmenson
The soundtrack of Drive is one of the reasons it's such a good film, not feeling the remake by Zane Lowe at all
Zane Lowe remakes Being John Malkovich with Pauly Shore, now on BBC3.
I'd love to see what Zane Lowe would do to Only God Forgives. no, no I wouldn't
So if this was TV, someone would be having words with whoever scheduled Zane Lowe's Drive show at the same time as the
'NAS: TIME IS ILLMATIC' DOCUMENTARY SCREENING! We are super hyped to announce we will be showing the screening of the new NAS documentry 'Time Is Illmatic'. The feature length documentary delves deep into the making of Nas’ 1994 debut album, Illmatic, and the social conditions that influenced its creation. Before the screening we will be welcoming Mercury Prize nominated Kate Tempest & the afterparty includes BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe // Clubs & Spades (LIVE) // Andy H // Plug // Sat 8th Nov, To see the documentary you have to either purchase a Kate Tempest ticket or a Zane Lowe ticket via
Get ready for 'Don't Look Down' premiering this Wednesday on Zane Lowe's show on BBC Radio One
Zane Lowe for Halloween in ports veryyy dece
Peep Show, Zane Lowe and today's breaking pop culture news
is showing with a Zane Lowe soundtrack over the top. Good luck, Cliff Martinez' soundtrack is incredible.
I honestly think the Zane Lowe thing is far less of an insult to cinema than Only God Forgives. [Lobs grenade. Runs and hides]
Of all the films that Zane Lowe decides to re-score (?!?!?), he chooses a film with a perfect original soundtrack. Cliff Martinez is raging.
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