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Zane Grey

Pearl Zane Grey (January 31, 1872 – October 23, 1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the Old West.

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Looks like Derek an Zane are my Valentines this weekend. You trying to go see 50 shades of Grey? 😂😂😂
While she reads more Eve Duncan and Temperance Brennan books now, she always reminisces about Zane Grey.
This beauty was published in 1918. Zane Grey is one of my Grandmothers favorite authors from her childhood.
I want to see 50 shades of grey for the hype but let's be clear Zane being doing sex books for years it's nothing new
his name was Johnny May. He was an armature boxer, short story writer, fishing guide and friend of Zane Grey.
So much head is about to be given out during 50 shades of grey tomorrow 😂
“That 50 Shades Of Grey book moved many white women. That's it” because they never read Zane
nope I'm not gettin hype about 50 shades of grey, like did y'all just forget about the Zane movie that came out ??!
Let's reenact 50 shades of Grey, the sex parts only. I'll be Mr. Grey. The *** version.
50 Shades of Grey seems very white Zane ish. Meh. Never been a romance/sex novel kinda gal anyway.
I have a plan! Tomorrow at school im going to find a grey marker pen for Zane's hair at school via the art building!
"I swear Zane Grey must be the author's muse." PRODIGAL GUN, a historical
Susan Keown would love to show you the at 220 N Zane Grey Drive
What's the huge fascination with 50 shades of Grey? Is it like a Zane for white people?
I'm gonna see 50 Shades of Grey but...Zane been doing this.
I'm gonna read 50 shades of grey but honestly i been reading Zane since hs so i don't see how i could be shocked
Zane was out wayyy before 50 Shades of Grey and nobody was hype about that
Why 50 shades of grey get so much love?! I've been reading Zane books since Middle school 😂✊ That's the jump off right there.
Watched first episode of Zane Grey Theater and the second I saw that beautiful woman come into the scene I knew it was you.
Zane and I are looking at 50 shades of grey for Valentine's day
The Spirit of the Border and the Last Trail By Grey, Zane
Check out The Thundering Herd by Zane Grey 1925 First Edition HB (no dj) via
1919 THE DESERT OF WHEAT by Zane Grey, Koerner, 1st Edition HC
Before there was E.L. James's 50 Shades of Grey, there was Zane's "Addicted."
1928-37 7vol Zane Grey Western Novels Nevada Spirit of the Border Last Trail
Why is WVU wearing scarlet and grey?
Zane Grey's 1912 novel "Riders of the Purple Sage" is a classic, but it reflected the hatred many still felt for Mormons.
"...knowing well what achievement lies ahead of me." Zane Grey (2/2)
"I arise full of eagerness and energy..." Zane Grey via (1/2)
PORT JERVIS - One day in the late 1920s, novelist Zane Grey and General Motors executive Harold Dalrymple were fishing on the Delaware River when
Watching 50 shades of grey is going to make me a better person
The Last of the Plainsmen, by Zane Grey a Western Action Audiobook on 7 Audio CD
Zane's Addiction was waaayyy better than 50 Shades of Grey bye
Taking a course on Westerns. My prof thinks that Zane Grey's "The Lone Star Ranger" and "The Lone Ranger" are the same. They are not.
1949-50 4vols A Collection of Four Novels by Zane Grey
Zane Grey's West of the Pecos 2nd issue 1949 Dell FC Western Comic
1951-52 2vols A Collection of Two Novels by Zane Grey
The Best of Zane Grey, Outdoorsman - HUNTING and FISHING TALES George Reiger md
Addicted by Zane: Addicted By: Zane Before there was E.L. James’s 50 Shades of Grey, there…
1949-50 6vols A Collection of Six Novels by Zane Grey
Agent Carter: Agent Grey: FSS: Highway 17 (Agent Carter Book 6): Zane Grey is a former Marine, now in his seventh yea
A Visit to the Columns, The Museum of the Pike County Historical Society - Zane Grey's boat!
And two more infact. Zane Grey and Edgar Rice Burroughs.
See a virtual tour of our listing on 220 N Zane Grey Drive
Susan Keown is looking for a buyer on 220 N Zane Grey Drive
...A man with ambition & love for his blessings here on earth is ever so alive. Zane Grey
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
if you're back in town, we're screening Zane Grey's Desert Gold tonight & tomorrow.
“50 shades of grey is my guilty pleasure idc idc lol” sliiicckkk lol , you read the Zane books?
Who keeps this much Zane Grey in one space? and people over 70, that's who.
I also learned he was born Pearl Zane Gray, and was named after Q.Victoria's "pearl grey/gray" mourning attire.
not quite what you're after, but today I learned that Zane Grey was from Zanesville.
Arizona mountains, north of Phoenix. 8,000 ft. & cool in summer. Pine trees, Hashknife trail, and Zane Grey...
"If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.". Zane Grey.
THE DRIFT FENCE by Zane Grey , first edition (1933, hardcover)
Are you a Zane Grey fan? The Light of the Western Stars would be a great fit for you.
Oh IgetitIgetit - because Zane Grey's from there. . You will be. so. inspired.
that Barton Currie edited the Country Gentleman and the Ladies Home Journal, and hired Zane Grey to…
Check out Last of the Great Scouts Buffalo Bill by Helen Cody Wetmore & Zane Grey 1918 HC via
Please share: The Fountain Hills River of Time Museum is now officially into their winter hours. We are now open Tuesday through Friday 1-4 & Saturday 10-4. We are located in the FH's library/museum building near the community center. $5.00- Adults 4.00 - Seniors 3.00 - Children 10 and older 12.00- Family Rate The River of Time Museum has also entered into a partnership with 5 other museums. We have all agreed to give out a special card to our members (see below) that gives them free access to each of the other five museums and a 10% discount in each of the other five museum stores. In reality, that means by joining any one of these museums, you are joining all 6! The six museums are: Cave Creek Museum, Cave Creek Gilbert Historical Museum, Gilbert Rim Country Museum & Zane Grey Cabin, Payson River of Time Museum, Fountain Hills Rosson House Museum, Phoenix Superstition Mountain Museum, Apache Junction Our wonderful museum gift shop which is free to browse has many holiday gift ideas & more. We recently r ...
Zane Grey RV Park in Camp Verde, AZ. This is a great place to enjoy the Verde Valley area.
Zane Grey was adopted by the very best pet parents!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
It *** because people are gonna think Zane is biting off 50 shades of grey when actually Zane was here first...
literally cannot handle another one of my favorite characters dying on Grey's
"I thought you were dating some kid name zane?" No that's my other brother :(
A book by Zane being flipped into a movie so quickly after 50 Shades of Grey is not coincidental.
'The Man of the Forest By Zane Grey' is on Nook
Zane Grey: I can write best in the silence and solitude of the night, when everyone has r...
Game Nights at the Zane Grey is TONIGHT, located in the Zane Grey ballroom upstairs at the Weatherford Hotel/...
What is really special about this 50 shades of grey and the Zane person?
Ohio: Zane Grey the father of the western novel
Love of man for woman - love of woman for man. That's the nature, the meaning, the best of life itself. -Zane Grey. .,
Shelf after shelf. Tattered & over-read. Dozens of volumes. In threadbare binding. Bent at the corners. Missing a page or so. Zane Grey everywhere
Tried so hard to go to Morada Bay today (to left in photo) That is Wide World of Sports and Zane Grey Lounge the...
Zane Grey: What is writing but an expression of my own life? |
"Even the thousandth trip to the old familiar fished-out stream begins with renewed hope, with unfailing faith." -Zane Grey
“Why Schoolboy Q look like malvo from everybody hates chris? lmao my grey lips …
'Motown,' 'Zane Grey,' 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' new to DVD this week
finished The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey and gave it 5 starsq
I'm interested especially in the Zane grey
I'm giving away these 14 kid's books this week, everything from Alcott to Zane Grey -
I usually ignore these things, but I'm giving this one a shot. Aslan Freeman tagged me in some mess where I have to name my top 10 albums. Its tricky even narrowing it down to 10, because I feel like I'm definitely leaving out a few things that were hugely influential to me, but here we go, in no particular order: At The Drive-In - Relationship of Command Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape Pinback - This is a Pinback CD Saves The Day - tie - Stay What You Are & Through Being Cool Challenger - Give The People What They Want In Lethal Doses M83 - Saturdays = Youth No Knife - Fire in the City of Automatons Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy The Killers - Live from the Royal Albert Hall Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary Albums that could have easily made this list on any given day: The Posies - Blood/Candy Tears for Fears - Songs from the Big Chair The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me And, as Aslan mentioned in his post, the old school Sanford bands like Ole, Zane Grey, Dr Powerful, Harmless PA, ...
1912 Zane Grey publishes Riders of the Purple Sage, Shaw writes Pygmalion later becomes basis for My Fair Lady, W. C. Handy publishes Memphis Blues first blues published in sheet music form, Percy Granger Composes Random Round an experimental work in improvisation, Louis Armstrong learns to play cornet in a reform school band in New Orleans, and the first contest devoted to music in schools takes place with All-Kansas Music Competition Festival.
From '30 on the Hoof, Chapter 14' by Zane Grey 1940 ... . R-word, n-word, greasers, all enlisting!
Right now get The Water Hole by Zane Grey, read by Christine Williams for $4.95!
50 Shades of grey is like Zane's sex chronicle for white people 😳
Classic Westerns: Today’s Featured Kindle Book of the Day is Classic Westerns, 26 Zane Grey Novels, a massive ...
Zane Grey first edition book Riders of the Purple Sage by typed111 via
The Man of the Forest by Zane Grey 1920 Grosset & Dunlap New York FREE Shipping!
Just watched the video of rap Eminem's verse in Forgot About Dre...this man's talent has no bounds
opened this weekend! OTs work in OH home of film pioneer, Zane Grey!
I used to have the weakest stomach before I started watching Grey's Anatomy
N 50 shades of grey (minus me) “Y'all females were really playin wit y'all *** reading Zane sex Chronicles.”
Jack Palance in Zane Grey Theatre short 1x05 'The Lariat'; considers revenge after five years in jail for murder
can you imagine the Zane Grey readaloud though?
And the college goodbye's with good friends begin... madisahhn
Yes he claimed to be 17 when he was only 16. Joined horse cavalry inspired by Zane Grey novels!
FIRST ALL TALKING PICTURE for ZANE GREY. Starred at the time; virtually unknown; GEORGE O'BRIEN. Released by Fox...
"Huge holes gaped abruptly; ... windows of mysterious depths showed right out of the gray pumice.” - Zane Grey
Anglers, naturalists and travelers alike should peruse Zane Grey's Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas (1st P. 1925)
Went to visit the Zane Grey cabin in Payson AZ today. Did you know his first 3 books were stories?
Interesting! This shark bone (look at those teeth!) is included in a collection related to Zane Grey:
Stories of the Golden West by Jon Tuska, Zane Grey, Max Brand and Louis L'Am...
•Lenape Nation to have treaty signing at Zane Grey Museum. LACKAWAXEN - Delaware Highlands Conservancy will be...
Forget that 50 shades of grey movie! I can't wait to see the movie for Zane book Addicted! It look god!
Jeff Harding reads Captives of the Desert by Zane Grey
Another Cowboy like John Wayne & Gary Cooper- straight out of a Louis Lamour or Zane Grey novel!
Reminder: Saturday, May 24, 2014 1:30 p.m. Location Filming in Arizona Join Lili DeBarbieri for a short program on the history of filmmaking in Arizona. Her new book will be available and a book signing will follow her program. Free with museum admission. The scenic natural vistas of Arizona’s deserts and mountains have made it a favorite backdrop of movies and television shows. Westerns such as silent-era pictures derived from Zane Grey fiction through the John Ford–John Wayne classics Stagecoach and The Searchers benefited from the beautiful and rugged landscapes. TV classics such as Gunsmoke and Little House on the Prairie helped define Arizona’s allure for Hollywood. Oscar winners Jerry Maguire and Little Miss Sunshine took advantage of the infrastructure that accumulated to lure filmmakers to Tucson, Yuma, Phoenix, Prescott, Sedona and all corners of the Grand Canyon State. Join author Lili DeBarbieri as she looks at the movies and shows shot in the state, as well as other aspects of Arizona fi ...
Zane Grey's To the Last Man (1933) - Randolph Scott In Kentucky just after the Civil War, the Hayden-Colby feud leads to Jed Colby (Noah Beery) being sent to.
ISO Books. Mostly Fiction, but will look at anything. A few of my favorite authors include Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, James Patterson, John Grisham, Zane Grey, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy and the like. Buy or Trade, Hardback, or Paperback. Be reasonable. Thanks!
check the new stuff out WHAT SO NOT x RL GRIME - TELL ME (DARKGREY TOLD YOU EDIT) on
"Love grows more tremendously full swift poignant as the years multiply." ~Zane Grey
Can't wait angel :) Bring your Zane Grey novels for our vacay in May.
Ye gawds. Mind of the Raven is $1.99 on all ereader platforms! I love ravens and crows, the smartest birds around, and this is a scientific study of their intelligence. The Zane Grey Megapack has 42, yes forty-two, of his novels for 99 cents!! Listen, it's dated and it's pulpy, and it's a buck. Why not? The reason there are 42 of them is that they're good stories. (He wrote hundreds, so he was doing something right.) Kindle only. Arthur C. Clarke's Odyssey series, starting with 2001: A Space Odyssey, is on sale today, 19 April, ONLY for $1.99 each on your Kindle. At the very least get the first one so you can see what the forty-plus year fuss is all about. Also only on Kindle is a megapack of 200, TWO HUNDRED!, Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales complete with Dulac illustrations, for 99 cents.
Zane Grey novels.I want to read on the beach too!!!
Photo: hereby: lulz-time: wtfstyls: Is that zane from 1direction this post ruined my life omg ive been...
BookGorilla's free and bargain bestseller ebook alert for Saturday - Space Odyssey X 4! Michael Crichton! BEST PRICE EVER on the latest from the bestselling author of Silver Linings Playbook! More penny faithfuls! Special BOXED SET BESTSELLERS DAY plus freebies and bargain books galore by authors you love, and so much more! Friends don't let friends miss out on incredible deals like these by Michael Crichton, Matthew Quick, Jackie Robinson, Arthur C. Clarke, Michael Connelly, Sophie Kinsella, Zane Grey, Hans Christian Andersen, Mark Tufo, Scott Nicholson and more!
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8 NIV) Christ arrives right on time to make this happen. He didn’t, and doesn’t, wait for us to get ready. He presented himself for this sacrificial death when we were far too weak and rebellious to do anything to get ourselves ready. And even if we hadn’t been so weak, we wouldn’t have known what to do anyway. We can understand someone dying for a person worth dying for, and we can understand how someone good and noble could inspire us to selfless sacrifice. But God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him. (Romans 5:6-8 MSG) DEATH AND BIRTH OF DREAMS Do you feel like the dreams you had for your life have died? It can be a painful circumstance to face, but you can’t give up. You just have to keep your heart open to other dreams. Years ago, there was a boy named Pearl Grey who had big ambitions. He spent his childhood ...
I've read all of Zane's novels all the twilights all of the hunger games and 50 shades of grey the good story's drama high
Speaking of my dad, he's "cataloging" his Zane Grey collection. I guess being a librarian does run in the family.
Only way I know how to finish up a funeral is hit the bar. So Zane Grey Bar here we come
Zane we are the disciples of Jody high roller
0.7 miles and 1,800ft of horrible, horrible knife blade ridges and loose rocks...Entirely irrelevant to my Zane Grey 50 training...But dammit I love a good 'scare'
dude I promise on my life I will purchase and wear that shirt
I like to read a lot, but not much into westerns, but if you are you may know the name of this famous dentist who is also an author of western novels. Zane Grey Sam Spade Tom Black By the way, the famous elf is Hermey.
Zane Grey is the first author I am writing about where I’m not sure if I have ever actually read anything he wrote yet I know beyond a doubt, he has influenced me and millions of others. He was my father’s second favorite writer (after Kipling) and Col. Potter’s favorite. His wiki intro just begins…
The Second Western Megapack presents a wide-ranging selection of western stories sure to get your pulse racing. Here are action tales of the old west by masters such as Zane Grey, Ed Earl Repp, Robert E. Howard, Clarence E. Mulford, Max Brand -- and many more. More than 2,000 pages of great reading! Complete contents: QUICK PAY FOR MAVERICK MEN, by Ed Earl Repp TOM’S MONEY, by Harriet Prescott Spofford...
I love my work but do not know how I write it. —Zane Grey
*** Powell's Zane Grey Theatre via MovieFanFare - Classic movie articles and DVD movie ...
Anyone into Western Books? I have a couple of Zane Grey... and plenty of others! Have pics and can upload if you are interested!? !
Dust and Thorns A Zane Grey Collection, Volume One (Twelve novels in one volume!) eBook Zane Grey
Anybody know of a good Zane Grey book I can read? Aside from being inspired by M*A*S*H's Col. Potter and his love of reading Zane Grey, I want expand my reading library from Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery to other genres, in this case Western, only being as I've never read any Zane Grey before, I don't know where to begin, so if anyone has any recommendations, lemme know & thank you in advance :)
Dusk falls on Little Creek Ranch. The herd of cows across the fence lay in long grass...the ducks settle in our pond...the horses seek the shelter and quiet of the barn. I settle into a novel by Zane Grey..."Riders of the Purple Sage" and dream of life in the old west. My Colts and Smith & Wesson ready to spring into action as I turn the first page and walk through the door into the past.
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now to leave. dogs out. me to bed and Zane Grey again. This time George Washington Frontiersman. Night.
Famous Quote Said On January 31 The next president is going to have to be prepared to immediately step in without hesitation and end our involvement in Iraq. Joe Biden, 2007 January 31 Birthdays Justin Timberlake turns 33 Jackie Robinson (1919 - 1972) Kerry Washington turns 37 Portia De Rossi turns 41 Danielle Campbell turns 19 Zane Grey (1872 - 1939) Nolan Ryan turns 67 Marcus Mumford turns 27 Tyler Seguin turns 22 Vernon Davis turns 30 Tyler Hubbard turns 27 John Lydon turns 58 Preity Zinta turns 39 Carol Channing turns 93 Minnie Driver turns 44 Ernie Banks turns 83 Jeff Hanneman (1964 - 2013) Elena Paparizou turns 32 Joel Courtney turns 18 Suzanne Pleshette (1937 - 2008) Jean Simmons (1929 - 2010) - All January 31 Birthdays January 31 History 1971 - American astronauts Alan B. Shepard, Jr., Edgar Mitchell and Stuart Roosa blast off to the moon aboard Apollo 14. Shepard demonstrated his golf skills on the moon. 1950 - U.S. President Harry Truman announces that development has started on the hydrogen bom ...
On this day in history: January 31: 1747—the first venereal disease clinic opens in London 1797—Austrian composer Franz Schubert is born (d. 1828) 1801—John Marshall is appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 1846—after the Milwaukee Bridge War, the neighboring towns of Juneautown and Kilbourntown combine to form the city of Milwaukee, WI 1865—Congress passes the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery and submits it to the states for ratification 1872—author Zane Grey is born (d. 1939) 1902—actress Tallulah Bankhead is born (d. 1968) 1919—baseball player Jackie Robinson is born (d. 1972) 1921—actress/singer Carol Channing is born 1921—opera tenor Mario Lanza is born (d. 1959) 1925—civil rights activist Benjamin Hooks is born (d. 2010) 1930—3M begins marketing Scotch Tape 1934—actor James Franciscus is born (“Mr. Novack”) (d. 1991) 1937—actress Suzanne Pleshette is born (“The Bob Newhart Show”) (d. 2008) 1945—Army private Eddie Slovik is executed for desertion, the fi ...
Justin Timberlake is 33 today. Kerry Washington is 37 and Portia de Rossi is 40. Also of note today are Zane Grey, Nolan Ryan (67) and Franz Franz Peter Schubert. Happy Birthday from
January 31st, and the month is just about done. One for the record books, with all the snowfall. Now another storm looms for tomorrow for parts of the state. Let's see what happened over the years .. 1928, Scotch Tape was first marketed by 3M .. 1936, "The Green Hornet" was first aired on WXYZ in Detroit .. 1958, Explorer 1, the first U.S. space satellite was launched, and led the the formation of NASA .. 1959, Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) watched Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper perform in Duluth, just days before they all were killed .. 1963, 17-year old Neil Young performed for the first time at a country club in Winnepeg .. and in 1968, "Bend Me, Shape Me" went gold. Born January 31st were author Zane Grey in 1872 .. Eddie Cantor in 1892 .. Jackie Robinson in '19 .. Carol Channing and Mario Lanza, both in '21 .. Chuck Willis in '28 .. Chicago Cub great Ernie Banks in '31 .. Marvin Junior of the Dells in '36 .. Suzanne Pleshette in '37 .. Terry Kath of Chicago in '46 .. Nolan Ryan in ' ...
Interesting tidbits: 1606 – Guy Fawkes is executed for plotting against Parliament and King James as part of the Gounpowder Plot. 1747 – The first venereal diseases clinic opens at London Lock Hospital. 1862 – Alvan Graham Clark discovers the white dwarf star Sirius B, a companion of Sirius, through an 18.5-inch / 47 cm telescope now located at Northwestern University. Clark is one of the most famous telescope makers. The quality of his instruments set the standard for decades, and his telescopes are now considered as collectibles. 1930 – 3M begins marketing Scotch Tape. Today's birthday crew: 1872 – Zane Grey, American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the American "old west". Riders of the Purple Sage (1912) was his best-selling book. As of 2012, 112 films, two television episodes, and a television series were based loosely on his novels and short stories. 1911 – Eddie Byrne, Irish actor. Outside Ireland he is probably best kn ...
Year in Review 2013 Mom cancer treatments Whelp that’s about it for the bad days, Now on to the progressive ones… Disclaimer Warning: Don’t try this on your own when you’re finally ready to open the gate. Start small, few weekend road trips, save for nice vacation, and perhaps start small company with your favorite hobby. Then GROW from there….. Document & Journal Everything! You can learn from your own mistakes, stop repeating unproductive behaviors, and most important help teach others. Enjoy if you dare…Quite a read. Opened TLH, two weeks of hard labor Plus four more trips there throughout the year Daytona 500 Ruidoso Cloudcroft Ski Apache Sunspot Marquez Bluegrass Bash Florida Derby at Gulfstream Racetrack Laguna Beach Saddleback Church Newport Beach Huntington Beach Costa Mesa Laguna Hills Seal Beach Dana Point Whale & Dolphin Watch Cruise Presented workshop at the Latin American Managers Conference at MIA Craig Jr came to Miami for Spring Break Kentucky Derby Tomball German Fest Galvest ...
ZANE GREY hard back books. Some first editions, some with dust jackets. Have about 30. Sell all together cheep or seperate for more $. Beebe area.
what a beautiful day starting slow but getting there still waiting for the lift to be repaired at the pool can't wait won't be soon enough read to the guys this morning reading Rider's of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey
Biggest party of the year tonight! Pinecone Drop 2014, downtown Flagstaff at The Weatherford Hotel/ Charly's Pub & Grill. By far the best event I get to DJ/Emcee! Come and see us, we'll be spinning tunes from the Balcony of the Zane Grey Ballroom along with thousands of others dancing and partying in the streets tonight. We'll drop the world Famous Pinecone at 10 and at midnight. Music, fireworks, good times. This WILL be the best year ever!!!
▶ Zane Grey's Code of the West - YouTube - Bohemian artist in San Francisco must kill in order to remain...
To all of our Western readers! We just received a bunch of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey novels! Come in and check them out!
PRESS RELEASE: A New, Dynamic, Western Novel by Author, Michael Loyd Story. December 29, 2013 --( A First Release of The McGowan Saga's-book Rode From Round Rock" An intense hard hitting fictional account of the early beginning's of the Cattle Industry in Texas and the Men who sought out and fought the thieves who rustled honest Rancher's livestock. Filled with action from the very beginning, the reader also experiences the hard life of early Texas vicariously through detailed descriptions of the weather, the land, the events that happened then and how these events affected the people who lived in this time. Mr. Story has written an excellent book in line with the famous authors of past westerns such as Zane Grey and Louis L'amour among others. The novel, "They Rode From Round Rock", can be currently found on Amazon.coms Kindle Books
Mischa (formerly Zane Grey) adopted in May by Erika's family, and as you can see, he is adored.
I love Zane Grey, Louis L'AMOUR & William Johnstone! Have always loved my westerns wished we could just go back in time. If anyone has any suggestions of good westerns let me know appreciate it. Hope you all have had a MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR GOD BLESS!
Oh well a touch of grey kind of sulu it's you anyway that was all I had to say and it's all right I will get by
Found out this evening that we can watch regular movies on YouTube. We watched a couple old Zane Grey westerns. Neat! :)
Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey. A classic American western, however , includes an anti-Morman theme.
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You are invited to our New Year’s Eve service where we are expecting to bring in 2014 with high praise and worship. Our New Year’s Eve service will begin at 10:00 P.M. and feature praise and worship, dancing, encouraging testimonies, and a life-giving word. Immediately following service, come join us for a hot breakfast and fellowship as we partake in the first meal in the New Year together. This will be a worship experience you don’t want to miss. All roads lead to Agape Wholistic Life-Changing Ministries at 2857 Zane Grey Drive, Atlanta, GA. See you there!
The difficulty, the ordeal, is to start. -- Zane Grey
Free Set of 30 old western novels by Zane Grey. (clairemont mesa): Attractive matching set of old bo...
“I knew you"d never be American enough to help me reconstruct my life.” ― Zane Grey, The Call of the Canyon
So an excerpt from my favorite book appeared in Americas Horse so I thought Id share it, I love the Zane Grey books and most of which you can download free on a kindle or through I-books. " As spring advanced, with a lessening of the tornadoes, a new and fascinating game came into Panhandle's life. It was to sit at the one little window and watch the cowboys ride by. How he came to worship them! They were on their way to the spring roundups. His father had told him all about them. Panhandle would strain his eyes to get a first glimpse of them, to count the shaggy prancing horses, the lithe supple rider with their great sombreros, their bright scarfs, guns, and chaps, and boots and spurs. Their lassos! How they fascinated Panhandle! Ropes to whirl and throw at a running steer! That was a game he resolved to play when he grew up. And his mother, discovering his interest, made him a little reata and taught him how to throw it, how to make loops and knots. She told him how her people had owned horses, thrown ...
With tears and a heavy heart I leave tomorrow to my mom's, my step-father a man I admire and loved deeply has passed away. A retired veteran of thirty years and a nurse for the state of Little Rock prisons for 20 years. His hobbies was reading Zane Grey novels and watching John Wayne movies over and over again. He was a very unique person who only wanted the simple things in life. You will be missed dearly. Love you ;-(
Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage is such a romance.
So, I'm going to have a ton of reading to do this semester. Reading like seven world epics, an entire class over Canterbury Tales, and then five books on the Old West including a book by Zane Grey and one by James Fenimoore Cooper.
36:07 to the top of Blackett's Ridge tonight. Certainly not my fastest, but promising indeed based on how few miles I've been running. Let the Zane Grey training commence!
Hemmingway's mate was Zane Grey who wrote God awful Western adventure novels.
so, in 2001, Daddy died. In 2004, Mema, and one year later, 2005, Mama. A few years after that, almost 2 years ago, Phil. And we consolidated things from Mema's house, and then from Mama and Daddy's house, and then the house in town. Shirts and coats and shoes. Papers and books, Receipts and photographs. Dishes, tools. Pecans. Sheets. Mama's Zane Grey books. Daddy's suede jacket. Mema's green frog doorstop. Phil's toolbox... And I sorted and sorted and threw away and packed and packed... and moved stuff around. A few years later, I went through and sorted and repacked and threw away. (Just so you know, it takes years to get here, years and layers and years and layers... sometimes you can do it, and sometimes you cant...)   I got my Daddys flannel shirts, and I had my friend cut them into squares and she and her daughters made me a little throw, one for me and one for my daughter. I found a bag of pecans that Daddy picked up for me. I told him not to, that we wouldnt crack them open, that we wouldnt eat t ...
Soon we entered the town of Zanesville – home of Zane Grey (was he named for Zanesville or visa-versa…both are pretty zany!). Our route to Sam’s Club, where we planned to spend the night took us right through the old part of town. We were stopped at a traffic light when I noticed that someone was counting sheep on the sidewalk!From Fools On'a Mission
Heated, But Dull By DDick Recall being really impressed with the automated warehouse(s) at Al-beny... back in the mid-70's... Had an I-I staff Corpsman at the Reserve Center (solo Marine... in the day when centers were usually Navy & MC)... Doc didn't have a lot to do... shot records, etc. for around a hundred or so draft-dodgers, but he kept sick bay neat/clean, and the paperwork up to snuff... one paperback Zane Grey novel was usually enough to keep him occupied for most of the week. He slipped by the Sgt Major (nothing like a Capt with his own Sgt Major... and mine tended to control access to the corner office) one day with a problem... he was out of ETOH with which to swab arms prior to injections... so I told him to fill out a requisition (1348-1, 6-part), and I would sign it. He did, and I did... a few days later, UPS dropped off a small cardboard box... for sick bay. Doc took the box, and went to his domain to open it... and soon was down at my end of the hall with two white plastic pint bottles... ...
Nope, Grey haired dude is BIG SPOILERS. Zane is the big guy no one really seems to care about ever ;_;
The Thinking Man Born in 1933 on a small dairy farm in Wisconsin, the youngest of seven children, the Thinking Man (boy?) lived on the family farm through the great depression. His family lived a subsistence life style, growing and canning, raising, slaughtering and butchering, to provide almost all their needs. There was no electricity or plumbing in their simple log house that was built just after the Civil War. His world was this small valley, surrounded for miles and miles by families that lived similar lifestyles. He never realized how financially poor his family was as there was plenty of food and a warm house to weather the severe Wisconsin winters. His grade school (1 through 8) was a mile up the road and he walked there and back, regardless of the weather. One teacher taught all eight grades at the same time and in the same room and there was one text book for each grade. The only reference material was a large world globe. In effect he had every grade eight times by the time he graduated. He alw ...
Stories , 50 Shades Of Grey , Gunz & Roses , & Zane Sex Chronicles .. i can read over & over & over !
The Last TrailAuthor: Zane Grey * Description This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery. * Reviews _ Please use the links below to Share this post with your friends! * Related Stories - FREE today! Her Heart for the Asking, a western r… by Lisa Mondello - FREE today! Rancher's Girl by Jeanne Harrell - FREE today! Out of Control (The Kincaid Brides Bo… by Mary Connealy - via Free Westerns
Another Christmas present from my folks. Zane Grey collection of three novels.
18 miles, 3:37 on Arizona's Highline Trail (home of the Zane Grey 50). Really tough, rocky trail at about 5000 ft.
I credit my Papa Poindexter with my lifelong love of reading. When I was about 10 years old, he would let me go to the library & get books for him. He loved to read Zane Grey westerns & Perry Mason mysteries. I always felt like Papa would have been a teacher if he hadn't had to be the "son" in A.T. Poindexter & Son Grocery.Maybe it's a good thing he was in the grocery business, though, because lots of people told us their families would have starved if he hadn't extended them credit during the Depression.
This is Bingo's Rose Bud D. 96-48832. I am offering her up for sale. I would like $1500. She is broke has been ridden at the chuck waggon races. She is a direct grand daughter of Zane Grey. We have trail rode with her many times and didn't *** when we jumped those hogs. Not for a beginner.
Shelf ice at the Zane Grey pool at the confluence of the Lackawaxen and Delaware Rivers on Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013
Recipe for greatness- To bear up under loss, to fight the bitterness of defeat and the weakness of grief, to be victor over anger, to smile when tears are close, to resist evil men and base instincts, to hate hate and to love love, to go on when it would seem good to die, to seek ever after the glory and the dream, to look up with unquenchable faith in something evermore about to be, that is what any man can do, and so be great. ~ Zane Grey
Heres some more people, I thought of that I left out five hours ago with my other article. At seven am.These names came to me after I got out of shower. If you guys can think of any. Please let me know. I don't want to leave any one out. Pat station, Jr and Dodie Cotton, Kathy Stewart, Grover Dickson, Coffee Cup, James, Joe, Roger Schultzs, Vere Schultz got kill in a car wreck, The Stinston Joe, Ronnie Stinston, Hobb Thompson, *** Donally, Ronnie Donally, Howard Pippin, Homer & Big Doris Frank, Chester Styles, Bill & Ruth Kurtz, George Greenwell, Buddy Greenwell, Roy & Anna Greenwell and Buddy wife Greenwell, Delores, Sandy Simmons, Chuck & Julie Cotton, Thelma Barnett, Paul & Carol Thompson of Thompson Hardware, Betty & Danny Horn, Bill, Hodge, Bill Milburn, D. Hodge, Joe, Kevin, Joe Miles, Bonnie Vincent and Edna, Tommie, Jimmie Mattingly, Jimmie Hawkins, Larry DeVine, Suie Hinkle, Charolett Ellis, Jeffery Ellis, Ricky Ellis, George Hinkle, Orie a special little boy that brought a lot of love to my lif ...
Yep, its definitely time to snuggle with my Jasper kitty and calm my mind with a Zane Grey novel.
Love of Reading Revisited !!! In response to Carolyn's wonderful list of the top ten book's she has read to this point, and her invitation to do likewise... :-) Have had quite a bit more time, being quite a bit older :-)...I began to read at 4yrs old (I was a very solitary child) and devoured Zane Grey pulp magazine Western short stories, and scify pulp magazines...yup, they really existed !!! Through high school, my goal was to read every biography/autobiography the school libraries held. Will and Ariel Durant's "History of the United States", and "History of the World" were also awesome !!! High school also began my ongoing appreciation of Edgar Allen Poe. Reading all of Louis L'Amour sent me on actual trips to Arizona, to find those interesting places ! In the meanwhile, Joseph Campbell, and all of his books sent me on a journey of studying comparative religion, which remains ongoing... I loved the "Lord of the Rings", and "Dunes" trilogies, and am now on the fourth "Game of Thrones", "A Feast of Crow ...
Who lives by Zane grey an tryin to hang with me an Donavan Norman
Come have a drink with me in the Zane Grey...
Hey Zane Grey Peps! Don't forget tomorrow morning! Check your email for one more notice, too please!!!
Who's trying too play ball at Zane Grey ?!?
My top 10 western novels: Shane by Jack Schaefer Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry The Virginian by Owen Wister The Shootist by Glendon Swarthout Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey The Ox-Bow Incident by Walter Van Tilburg Clark All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy True Grit by Charles Portis The Searchers by Alan Lemay The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance & A Man Called Horse by Dorothy M. Johnson
There are always greater fish than you have caught, always the lure of greater task and achievement, always the inspiration to seek, to endure, to find. -Zane Grey
Went to the local "Flea Market" aka 4 Generation Mini Mall. They have comics there. Not many, and not much of a choice, but I found 3 Lassies! Not the little ones, either, the OLD BIG books I haven't read before. They also have a Gene Autry and Fury and well, lots more of the Gold and Silver age and tons of modern, that I'm not interested in. But, I did get three Lassie! Oh, they even have a Zane Grey!
John Ernest "Johnny" Crawford (born March 26, 1946) is a prolific American character actor, singer, and musician. At age 12, Crawford rose to fame for playing Mark McCain, the son of Lucas McCain (played by Chuck Connors), in the popular ABC western series, The Rifleman, which originally aired from 1958 to 1963. He first performed before a national audience as a Mouseketeer. Family life Crawford was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Betty (née Megerlin) and Robert Lawrence Crawford, Sr. His maternal grandparents were both Belgian, and his maternal grandfather was violinist Alfred Eugene Megerlin. In 1959, Johnny, his older brother Robert L. Crawford, Jr., a co-star of NBC's Laramie series, and their father Robert, Sr., were all nominated for Emmy Awards (the brothers for acting and their father for film editing). Career - One of Walt Disney's original Mouseketeers, in 1955, Crawford has acted on stage, in films, and on television. Disney started out with 24 original Mouseketeers. But, at the en ...
On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me... 12 tiles by Berggen 11 enamel dishes 10 Blendo tumblers 9 aluminum coasters 8 Zane Grey novels 7 sterling snowflakes 6 chairs by Rowland 5 atomic lamps 4 Nemadji vases 3 drip glaze ashtrays 2 bullet planters ALL found at TEEGEEBEE! Knock out those stocking stuffers and last-minute gifts by stopping by this weekend!
really good day with great people...cant believe my buddys leaving to go back home tomorrow...gunna miss yah buddy but ik ur gunna do good...our house wont be the same with out you Zane Grey Leake
This is the first and only Zane Grey Western I've ever read. It was published in 1912. Its prose and some of its dialogue have a creaky Victorian quality, but man, is Grey a good storyteller . . . [Click on the link or the picture below for the full review}
for your reading pleasure, follow along with The Ancient and Honorable Bibliophilic Society's December 2013 book selection, "Riders of the Purple Sage" (2005) by Zane Grey
Zane Grey: His Life, His Adventures, His Women by Thomas H. Pauly To celebrate the holiday season we have lowered the eBook list price of Zane Grey: His Life, His Adventures, His Women to $2.99 (through January 15). When it was published in 2005, Thomas H. Pauly’s work was the first full-length biog...
Give the Zane Grey lover the greatest gift of all, hardback collector books. "The Spirit Of The Border" I believe is a 1st edition shows copyright MCMVI which is 1906 all books good shape for it's age and being read often. No writing inside on pages. $50.00, "The Shortstop" copyright 1909, 1937 is a rare book because everyone thinks of Zane Grey as Western novelist however, he did write about baseball. Penciled inscription inside. $50.00, "Shadow On The Trail", Copyright 1946, ink inscription inside dated 1947, $50.00, "The Lone Star Ranger", Copyright 1915, 1943, ink inscription inside dated 1947, outside spine torn on one side $40.00, "The Thundering Herd" Copyright 1925, is the worse conditioned one with ink and pencil markings by a child inside and ink inscription 1951, $20.00. You can the set of 5 for $175 or OBO 903 881-97 three three Lindale
Just finished reading a Zane Grey western. Panhandle Smith in amore innocent time. You could start a new life, with desire & hard work. kinda like Israel, without the difficulty oh learning a new language :-)
Growing up in Glide, OR, our family made many trips to Steamboat. Now married, with grown children & grand children. We live in Medford, OR, enjoying the Rogue River. I cherish memories, filled with end less children's activities: riding bikes till dark, freeze tag, chasing butterflies, catching crawdads, frogs & tadpoles, family picnics (pouring lemonade. Mom made & put in gallon, brown glass milk jugs from Umpqua Dairy),swimming & camping at Whistler's Bend, Rock Creek & Baker Parks. Who could forget saving Williams bread bags for kid's free admission day, at the walk in 'Indian Theater', in Roseburg. My brother, Jerold Pieske, stated it well, "We had it all." In June of 1932, he stopped to camp in the Steamboat area as a layover on his trip to Campbell River, British Columbia. Zane Grey fished in the North Umpqua River, near Steamboat, Oregon. Grey had split his fishing time between ocean cruises to the South Seas in search of world record marlin and regular forays to fly fish for summer steelhead on . ...
Zane Grey was extraordinarily lucky. Though he worked as a dentist as a young man, he was passionately fond of the Western U.S. and Canada, and longed to live in and write about those areas. He was lucky, because his wife completely understood his desires, and urged him to follow his dream. He had t...
In Search of Home August 4, 1974 Washington Post Outlook Section   I grew up physically in the Indian subcontinent but I was raised mentally in the America of the 1950s.  I ate rice and lentils with my fingers but read Lone Ranger and Little Lulu comics, saw John Wayne and Gary Cooper Westerns.  I worshipped Allah five times a day under the watchful eyes of my parents but listened to Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson songs, wore blue jeans and a crew-cut.  I read the Koran before dawn every morning.  Zane Grey in the afternoon. This double life was not unusual in Karachi for a child of the well-to-do, which I was.  My father came from a long line of landowners, and he was himself a banker who held a number of high government posts.  My mother was from a distinguished Bengali literary family, and she spent many hours discussing books with my two older brothers, six sisters and me.  We lived in a big old British colonial house with several full-time servants. Life in our neighborhood was a mixture of t ...
Nanu's encouragement, ten books that have stayed with me: 1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 2. Persuasion by Jane Austen 3. The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov 4. The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien 5. Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein 6. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens 7. Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey 8. Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs 9. Moby *** by Herman Melville 10. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules verne
Books... I have a ton more books if interested in even looking plz send me an email..i will make huge discounts for multiple buys 50 CENTS A PIECE 1. A Game of Secrets by Tom Wiseman 2. A Texan's Honor by Leigh Greenwood 3. Admit Desire by Catherine Lanigan 4. All Around the Town by Mary Higgins Clark 5. American Heritage Cookbook by Helen McCully 6. Chance the Winds of Fortune by Laurie McBain 7. Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul by Jack Canfield 8. Christmas without Johnny by Gladys Carroll 9. Diana : Her True Story in Her Own Words by Andrew Morton 10. Don't Know Much About History by Kenneth Davis 11. Driver by Jade Gurss and Dale, Jr. Earnhardt 12. Egg Monsters from Mars (goosebumps by R.L. Stine 13. Emmie's Love by Janette Seymour 14. Everyday Catholic Prayer by Angela Tilby 15. Eye of the Beholder by Jayne Krentz 16. Finding Her Son by Robin Perini 17. Firefox by Craig Thomas 18. Four Blind Mice by James Patterson 19. God's Garden of Grace by Helen Steiner Rice 20. Growing up Firstborn by Kevin . ...
Zane Grey receives gift of - A Family Literacy Night is a great idea.
Zane Grey receives gift of literacy: via
Every once in a while I feel the tremendous force of the novel. But it does not stay with me. Zane Grey, American Writer.
Zane Grey Elementary School second-grader Nevaeh Wade was all smiles as she wrote about her favorite North Pole cocoa recipe, one of the fun learning activities cooked up by school staff for its Family Literacy Night.
A big night at Zane Grey, a school named for a famous writer ...
Earlier Nadine said Billy's favorite book is Riders of the Purple Sage. One of my 2 favorite Zane Grey book. Read it.
Had fun with my mother and children today! Good time at Zane Grey this evening. Cant wait til we get our family picture back!
Zane Grey receives gift of literacy - Zanesville Times Recorder
I have owned a certain book for at least 50 years, its paperback and it is still in good condition. The author, Robert Ruark, wrote the last page each month of "Field and Stream" magazine back in the 50's. Like Rick Riley did for Sports Illustrated. It was one of those magazines I would read from cover to cover without looking ahead or missing an article, ad or column. The real excitement came as I got closer to the end and Ruark's article. I could see the stories he told as if I was right there standing behind him as an elephant charged, a night meal was cooked over an open wood fire or as the light would start it journey across the ground each day. I could live it for days when I was alone and that was often. Then I discovered he wrote books! Better than Zane Grey, Hemingway or Jack London, who all wrote about the outdoors. I haunted the library and that old book store out on Rte. 1 South, across from where Herb's. I scored my first Ruark book in that place. It took me a few weeks of picking 5 ...
donated $40K to Zane Grey Elementary of tonight to promote literacy! Very cool.
Dollar General makes $40,000 donation to Zane Grey Elem to promote literacy efforts
I generally start with suggestions of classic authors in genres i don't read. Like for Westerns Zane Grey or Louis L'Amour
I was tagged by Mary J Naico whose instructions were, "List 10 books that have stayed with you throughout the years." Picking just 10 is the hard part. Join in. Tag me so I can see your list. (If you should see this on your lead and I didn't tag you, feel free to tag me and jump into the conversation also.) My ten are, in no particular order, are: •Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë •Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte •Look Homeward Angel, by Thomas Wolfe •Wildfire, by Zane Grey •Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe •Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley •Dune, by Frank Herbert •The Shining, by Stephen King •The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells •The Color Purple, by Alice Walker
My daughter sent me a note that a lady was selling a set of Zane Grey hardbacks after he passed away. I got the whole set for a nice price. It'll look good in my library between my set of leather-bound Louis L'Amour and my collection of hardback classics. They are in good shape.
Ten books that have stayed with me in some way... 1. Unknown (book read in high school, I remember all of the details, characters, events, but not the title or author. :( I have searched and searched to find it again!) 2. Across The Wide And Lonesome Prairie by Kristiana Gregory 3. The Giver (read so many times throughout middle school and high school. Excited that a movie for it is being made, should be out in 2015!) 4. Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn (really connected with the main character.) 5. Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn (Favorite Book to read when I need a good laugh.) 6. Far Away Home by Susan Denning (hated the ending because I just wanted MORE!) 7. These Is My Words: The Diary Of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901 by Nancy E. Turner (Very inspiring to me, as this is the type of story I hope to create someday!) 8. Little House On The Prairie (my first book that got me hooked on this time period, read to me by my favorite teacher.) 9. Frontier Trilogy by Zane Grey (My first by this awesome ...
Rules: In your status line, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and don't think too hard - they don't have to be the "right" or "great" works. Just the ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends, including me, so I'll see your list. Here's mine: 1: The Bible - God. 2: Tom Sawyer. - Mark Twain. 3: Huckleberry Finn.- Mark Twain. 4: God's Smuggler - Brother Andrew. 5: Just As I Am - Billy Graham. 6: David: A Man of Passion & Destiny - Chuck Swindoll. 7: Job: A Man of Heroic Endurance - Chuck Swindoll. 8: Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret (Moody Classics) - Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor. 9: 'End of the Spear,' - Steve Saint. 10: The Lone Ranger - Zane Grey.
Lol big girls do the best ish.. Shonda created Grey's and Scandal and Zane created urban erotica lol
Western paperbacks for sale William W Johnstone ,Zane Grey and many other authors $2 each and down price drops the more you buy, Most books are $1 but priced by condition
Interesting classic SI article on Zane Grey's fishing career and writing. I was familiar with his Westerns via my Dad, but now I want to read his fishing books
Here's another game, inspired by several of you. No tagging this time, but feel free to play along. Name ten children's books which impacted your life growing up and into adulthood. 1. The Trumpeter Swan, E.B. White 2. Little House on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder 3. The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum 4. Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll 5. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly 6.The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling 7. Lord of the Flies, William Golding 8. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis 9. Any Trixie Belden books 10. Riders of the Purple Sage, Zane Grey (I know 10 isn't a children's book, but I read it in middle school and LOVED it)
..."a lot of great writers ended up in the shadow of the Hollywood hills in the twilight of their careers, for the money mostly, I suppose," he said, "besides Fitzgerald, there was Hemingway, Thorton Wilder, Zane Grey, John Stienbeck, Irving Stone, Irwin Shaw, H. G. wells, Elmer Rice and Irving Stone and a thousand other poor souls trying to hang on and pay their way. It was maybe the greatest convention of brilliance ever assembled in one zip code, but their work was mostly watered down or filtered out through house liquor, and main street demands of the cinema. The studio egomaniacs with dollar signs bouncing around in their head. The writers choked down their pride and gave the movie moguls what they wanted. A few masterpieces survived the cutting room floor. Harper Lee's one endeavor, To Kill a Mockingbird. Margret Mitchell's classic novel Gone With the Wind. Margret Mitchell was run over by a drunk driver on her way to movie show walking across Peachtree street in Atlanta soon after the Movie, Gone w ...
I was so thrilled to find a discarded hardback copy of this Zane Grey Western called The Last Trail, with these beautifully illustrated
Tonight's program at Zane Grey Elementary has been cancelled.
Rim Country Museum and Zane Grey Cabin bring you another Arizona History Moment this morning at 8:45 at 96.3 KRIM-FM!
Many thanks to songwriter Zane Grey for stopping by Uncle Darrow's! Who remembers "Back in Love Again," the hit he penned for L.T.D.?
Watching a western on Netflix. I had forgotten all the stuff I was asked to believe as I watched these growing up..: For example, if you hit a guy at the base of the neck with the butt off your pistol. he will be out cold for the duration of your rescue/escape. NFL concussion guidelines did not apply. If you shoot in the air a few times, all available cattle will stampede in the exact direction necessary to further your goals. That would seem to argue for stampeding cattle all over the county during hunting season. The hero and his allies shoot very well, the bad guys can't hit the side of a barn..Unless the bad guy suddenly converts, at which point he shoots straighter. None of the animals poop. None of the people either, as far as I can tell. Beef jerky can sustain grown men through days on the trail. I grew up reading Louis Lamour and Zane Grey westerns. I credit them for teaching me to love to read, but this is a little hard to watch :)
The swag suit aka grey sweatpants w/ grey sweatshirt will be in full force this week
I seemed to have acquired a voracious appetite for reading @ a very young age, often @ the expense of my schoolwork. When we moved to Niagara Ave. in '64 I discovered a collection of classics in the attic. Nathanial Hawthorne, the complete Zane Grey collection, and most notably Marjorie Rawlings' "The Yearling". I would pick a book up & not sleep until had finished reading it. I later became a fan of Gregory Peck (The Yearling, Moby *** To Kill a Mocking Bird). Been a rough few days. Lay down this evening & discovered "The Yearling" was on TMC. Pulling my comforter up to my chin & loving you all...
Let not your stage become your whole world..Rather make the whole world your stage...shakespeare..or was that Zane Grey..ah who cares! More importantly it was spoken by Marshall McCloud in a 1970 episode..most important Can U discern the true profound meaning
Spending the day at the Zane Grey estate taking the foodcrafting workshop given by the Institute for Domestic Technology.
Just finished my zane grey novel, "The last of the Duanes". it was great, not larry Mcmurtry but still good. went unpublished for more than 80 years because it was so full of gunplay. that's saying something for a western.
I just promised my brother a cat. He said he wants it to be named Zane, from ninjago. He also said it has to be white with a grey patch.
I noticed that on the Zane Grey 50 registration it states that, "it cannot be your FIRST ultra trail marathon." That made m…
MAMA'S GLOVES- A CHRISTMAS STORY A couple of years ago on Christmas Eve, Mac, Kevin and I decided to take my mom out to look at Christmas lights so she wouldn't be alone. We drove her down Adger Street in Pelzer to see the famous 'Light People', then through Williamston Park, and finally to town hall to see the parade of Christmas trees. As we drove, she became very animated and talked of Christmas' she had as a child. For some reason, one story in particular touched me deeply. It must have been around 1944. Mama was only 15 or 16 years old. Times were hard for everyone in these southern mill towns. My Papa King was a drifter and moved his family from one town to the next. This particular Christmas, he found work out of town for himself and my teenaged mama. It was Christmas Eve and they had to catch a bus home. Snow was on the ground and mom didn't have good, warm shoes. My Papa King had to wrap newspapers around her dainty, dancer's feet to keep them warm. When they arrived in the town they lived in, he ...
Haven't been this excited about Purple Sage since I read the Zane Grey novel
Does anyone know about books? I have 10 or so 1st Edition Hardback Zane Grey Books (1906 to 1935), 1 book is autographed by Zane Grey. If anyone knows about or is interested in, please contact me. Thank You
A beautiful collection of Zane Grey novels. There is a total of 75 books which are brand new and never been read. This would be a great Christmas present for a Zane Grey fan. $200 for all 75 books.
“Where I was raised a woman's word was law. I ain't quite outgrowed that yet.” . ― Zane Grey, Riders of the Purple Sage .
Did you know?: Origins of the Thundering Herd Nickname: After the publication of a Zane Grey western novel titled "The Thundering Herd" in 1925, and the release of a Hollywood movie, a local newspaper sports editor, Carl "Duke" Ridgley, the sports editor of The Herald-D...
I think this one will work. We have arrived and plan on the Zane Grey R V Park here in Cottonwood AT. Will be home until April . Much cooler but well managed park. We are 70 miles north of Phoenix and 50 miles south of Flagstaff
Earning USEF points in both hunter equitation and large pony hunters, Zane Grey is extremely steady and athletic with excellent ground manners. This attractive grey gelding has recently taken his current owner from short stirrup to top placings and championships at multiple A rated shows. Sadly outg...
I think it is time for me to say something about Al, who was a part of my life from the time I was a little girl in Friday Harbor, until the present day. Al lived with our family, and helped build our home in Friday Harbor. Al would go into the service, and when he returned, he married my sister, Lucretia, and they would eventually leave the island and move to Bellingham, where they both resided until their passing. Due to circumstances at the time, I moved with them, and lived with them until I married. My sister was a major figure in my life, which meant Al was the same, and they alway made me feel like I was a part of their family. We did just about everything together. We played practical jokes on both Al & Pete. The four of us played pinnochle on a regular basis, and Sis & I cheated a little. Sis drove me to the hospital with my first child, Tamorah LuCretia (her namesake), only before she did she had to fix her hair and makeup. Then, she took me to the wrong hospital. Two of our children were bo ...
Got a 4 disc dvd set of old John Wayne movies from the 30's what plots they had an storylines too old Zane Grey stories . Been having a mini-marathon of sorts the last few days. with jeanne.
Subject: Last 24 hours on Gutenberg. The only interesting (to me) book that Gutenberg released today was something called "Legal Chemistry" which could serve as a reference for mystery writers, criminal justice students, or the homicidal (but I would caution those so inclined - these poisons are routinely scanned for). For those looking for adventures/westerns or Sci-fi the site has many thousands of the former and a few thousand of the later. Adventure/western writers include: James Fenmore Cooper, Zane Grey, J.Rider Haggard, Max Brand, etc. For those seeking Sci-Fi there are: Vernes, Wells, Burroughs, a host of short-stories from the 30's through the 60's,and many lesser known authors.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Alex Phillips gave me the number 3, the number she always chooses for everything, so if you ever play the "Pick a Number Game" with her beware! Anyway. 1.) My middle name is Zane, named after the famous Western writer Zane Grey. Coincidence? I don't think so! 2.) I cannot wait to marry the love of my life, Ms. Alex, and spend the rest of my life serving God, raising a family, and making memories together. I will always love you! 3.) I tend to be a real artsy fartsy type guy. I love to write (short stories, poetry, novels, even research papers! I'm currently working on a novel, East of Nowhere. Maybe something will become of this one! And have a reality tv show floating somewhere out in Hollywood about Frog Giggin Preachers!
1. Greatest blessing .being momma to 5 healthy but nutty kids! 2. I fell in love with motorcycles when the love of my life rode up on a Harley! I love you Vincent! Can't wait to buy my own! 3. Got over my shyness from childhood and now keeping my mouth shut is my greatest challenge. 4. I love quilting! Wish there was more time for it! 5. I would love to travel... Especially out west on motorcycles. The Rockies! 6. I love old movies, jazz and western novels like Zane Grey. 7. Can't wait to live in our house that Vincent built.with a little bit of help from me! Almost there! 8. Greatest regret... Not letting people get closer and not being a better friend .lots of missed opportunities. But it's never to late!
Did you know? Popular western author, Zane Grey, was a dentist. He began to write in the evening to offset the tedium of his dental practice
At the Zane Grey boat launch, sundown
Love the name BTW I take it your dad was a Zane Grey fan,or am I wrong ? :-)
Listen to dis song and give me feedback Grey - Story of a Hustler (Prod by
Business Gurus These businessmen and the companies they founded are today known around the world, but as these stories show, their beginnings weren't always smooth.Henry Ford: While Ford is today known for his innovative assembly line and American-made cars, he wasn't an instant success. In fact, his early businesses failed and left him broke five times before he founded the successful Ford Motor Company.R. H. Macy: Most people are familiar with this large department store chain, but Macy didn't always have it easy. Macy started seven failed business before finally hitting big with his store in New York City.F. W. Woolworth: Some may not know this name today, but Woolworth was once one of the biggest names in department stores in the U.S. Before starting his own business, young Woolworth worked at a dry goods store and was not allowed to wait on customers because his boss said he lacked the sense needed to do so.Soichiro Honda: The billion-dollar business that is Honda began with a series of failures ...
So thankful that we have such incredible men and women who serve and have served on our behalf to protect and uphold freedom and liberty both at home and across the globe! Thank you to all who have served, especially those closest to me, my Dad Stuart G. Nuckolls (Air Force), my grandfather Zane Grey Nuckolls (Army), and my father in-law Mark Webb (Army).
“Kenia's right.. When I'm at school it's gonna be harder to stay sober 😭” it's Zane grey that we're talking about 😭
FEATURED SPONSOR: Historic Prospect Hotel 391 Mill Creek Drive Prospect, Oregon 97536 800 - 944 - 6490 and Karen Wickman are your hosts when you step into history at the Historic Prospect Hotel. The hotel was built in the late 1800s and at one time was the closest lodging to Crater Lake National Park. It was built as a stage stop, so it predates automobiles. It is now run as a bed and breakfast, and there is a modern motel on the grounds as well. The list of famous people who have stayed include, President Theodore Roosevelt, authors Zane Grey, Jack London and William Jennings Bryan. President Roosevelt stayed here when he came to see Crater Lake to have it included in the Nation's National Park system. In addition to the lodging, the Hotel features a dinner house that specializes in traditional dinner house fare with an eye on regional selections. They serve prime rib up here that is wonderful and well worth the drive. Karen Wickman is an excellent baker in her own right and her creations will grace the ...
Tune in between 8:45 - 9:00AM to 96.3 FM to hear the "rest of the story", brought to you by the Rim Country Museum and Zane Grey Cabin.
I want to send out a big Thank You to all the Veterans out there! My Paternal Grandparents, William and Kathleen Whiteley, for serving in the US Marine Corp during WWII, My Maternal Grandfather, Zane Grey Caffey, for serving in the US Navy during WWII and my dad, Gary Whiteley, for serving in the Sea Bees during Vietnam! Love you all!
finished The Last Trail by Zane Grey and gave it 4 stars
“Jealousy is an unjust and stifling thing.” . ― Zane Grey.
“I need this wild life, this freedom.”. ― Zane Grey
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Along author Zane Grey's "The Rainbow Trail", the old Red Lake Trading post has operated for over 100 years -
You are welcome I will have to get your book for me Pop he reads Louis L'amour and Zane Grey keeps reading the same ones :)
My is my cat, Zane. Idgaf if this is allowed or not but he is my love. He's there for me more than anyone. Mommy loves you Zane Grey ♥
ww2 true or false? no googling! Hedy Lamarr (Samson and Delilah, Copper Canyon, Zane Grey Theater), with her co-inventor George Antheil, designed a torpedo guidance system that was two decades before its time. Their concept lies behind the principal anti-jamming device used today in the U.S. government's Milstar defense communication satellite system. Ms. Lamarr also demonstrated her loyalty to the U.S. by raising seven million dollars in a single evening selling war bonds.
Who would like to take me to Zane Grey after school.
Zane Grey staff- Wear purple tomorrow to support the Williams family!
Leif Erickson (1911-1986) today's Leading man in the 1930s Zane Grey-inspired Westerns who appeared on television in..
I am gonna share this story just because I love it. Posted by a family member yesterday, Felice Hibbard, you will appreciate it I think: October 25th. 1912 was my Dad 'Thomas Andrew Logsdon' birthday. Sister reminded me today he passed away 4 months short of his 61st birthday. I posted how he would read to us when we were young and some stories were old West Classics by Zane Grey. The late summer of 1969 Dad came to Laredo, Texas to visit. I took him out to the Ranch and for the next two days we moved cattle from Los Carolitis pastures 1500 acres on very back of ranch to the Rio Grande River side. Put a pair of old cowboy boots and hat on Dad put him on Big Red the most gentle horse on the ranch. Told Poncho Garcia best cowboy on the spread to keep Dad by his side both days. Dad become very tired and Dr. McKee sent him to hospital for tests . Shelbyville Hospital sent him to Louisville where he he was diagnose with inoperable lung cancer. Dad only lived three weeks from his Dr. McKee visit. Last two nigh ...
Nice little place, used to be a boarding house way back when LOL. There is even a room here that Zane Grey stayed in. Oh and cheap
This week I read two books. The first one was just a little booklet about Robert E. Lee. I did not realize that my mother and so many other girls were named after him (all the girls with "lee" in their names). My mom was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Her name is Paralee. Anyway, Robert E. Lee is also known as General Lee, who was general of The South during the Civil War. He came from a very well known family; and he had also married George Washington's granddaughter. He inherited slaves, but freed them. Lincoln had asked him to be his general, but Lee could not find it in his mind to go against his fellow countrymen of Virginia and The South. For Lee, it was not about slavery, it was more about loyalty to his family and friends. He did not wish succession. After the war, Lee encouraged his soldiers to lay down arms and attitudes to rejoin The Union as Americans. He was a great man. The other book I read was more of a fictional character, but very true to life in those days. Written by Zane Grey, "The L .. ...
On page 260 of 320 of Riders of the Purple Sage, by Zane Grey
Zane Grey Collections is proud to present Tales of The Gladiator, the most historically significant piece of...
Wideview See Thru Scope Mount for the Marlin, Glenfield 30, Zane Grey and Mossberg firearms
some Zane Grey books for my research project
We're sure many of you know the author Zane Grey, one of the first ever millionaire authors. But did you know he...
''I need this wild life, this Zane Grey
Today in 1939: American novelist Zane Grey (Penn) enters Chapter Eternal at the age of 67.
“People live for the dream in their hearts. And I have yet to know anyone who has not some secret dream, some hope, however dim, some storied wall to look at in the dusk, some painted window leading to the soul.” Zane Grey (January 31, 1872 – October 23, 1939)
Zane Grey, Western writer, died at the age of 67 on this day in 1939.
Remembering When Wedesday: Remebering when Bennie Dix, Terry Tinsley, Bernard Scott, Zane Grey and Eugen Smith use to sing this. They all gone now except Eugene. :(
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