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Zamboanga City

The City of Zamboanga (Zamboangueño Chavacano: Ciudad de Zamboanga) : is a highly urbanized city and Independent City located in Mindanao, Philippines.

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The Hobbit with the boyf 🎥 (@ Mindpro Citimall in Zamboanga City, Philippines)
UCRWC students attending the Catholic Mass at St. Michael the Archangel, Camp Abendan, Mercedes, Zamboanga City.
So busy doing nothing the whole day. Major in procrastinating! @ mango drive, normal road, zamboanga city
Im going home, to the place where I belong. ✈ — traveling to Zamboanga City from Ninoy Aquino International...
I really miss Zamboanga. There's something about that little city that makes it my happy space and also my ninangs and ninongs give me money
Crocodile captured by Sulu fishermen to be transferred to Palawan: ZAMBOANGA CITY---A seven-foot long saltwater…
I'm at Carmelite Home for Children in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte
Suspected smuggled imported rice confiscated in Zamboanga City
[News5] Suspected smuggled imported rice confiscated in Zamboanga City
[InterAksyon] Suspected smuggled imported rice confiscated in Zamboanga City
Suspected smuggled imported rice confiscated in Zamboanga City: A police team was dispatched at 1 a.m. after a...
DOT launches 'Visit the Philippines Year 2015' in Zamboanga City
In today's 149th Regional Devl. Council meeting in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte projects and programs for...
H5SAB and 55SAC personnel conducting Arnis as part of Combat Sports Program at H5SAB, Mercedes, Zamboanga City.
No to amended fisheries law: Zamboanga City – About 2,000 workers of fish canning factories and fishing vessels…
Ohh Zamboanga City . I love the place and its people...
Visiting Papa after a week~ (@ Forest Lake Memorial Gardens 2 in Zamboanga City)
Abus free Chinese hostage; Filipino student escapes: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines---The Sulu faction of the Abu…
DOT launches 'Visit the Philippines Year 2015a 2 in Zamboanga City
Couldn't thank the Zamboanga City website enough for providing me the necessary information for this bloody assignment. Muito obrigado!
Zamboanga City officials courtesy call. Zamboanga City Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco and her city government...
Photo of the ongoing Forum in Zamboanga City
STARTING NOW: Forum on the proposed BBL in Zamboanga City, presented by IAG with ZABIDA, FASTRAC and UNDP.
walang chavacano ah (Zamboanga City), but then again it's spanish in origin
Zamboanga City is a microwave at this moment.
Hosting a talkshow on the BBL this afternoon Marcian Convention Center Zamboanga City with ZABIDA, UNDP and FASTRAC.
Permission to post: Ever wonder where's this old picture is?! This is the Zamboanga City Medical Center on one of its present building. I took the photo on the net and adjusted it to an old look.seems nothing to compare with its real state. Very old and not good in facilities. Looks like 1970s e?! :D
WATCH and SHARE: The History of Cebu The Cebuanos are descendants of a Malay-Austronesian people that migrated from Borneo a thousand years ago… But beginning in the 13th century, the people of Cebu developed a culture unique to its islands. ©the island bookshelf INTERESTING TRIVIA: 1. Cebuanos are the ones responsible for the birth of the Chavacano language. Notwithstanding, Cebuano remains to be the predominant language in the Zamboanga Peninsula. Chavacano is mainly spoken in Zamboanga City, but they also know Cebuano. 2. Santander, Cebu is the place where the Spaniards first established their permanent settlement in the Philippines. Thenceforth, most of the Spanish mestizos and mestizas originate in Southern Cebu. 3. The religion of Mactan during the Pre-Spanish period was Islam; while Hinduism for mainland Cebu. WATCH more of I Am A Cebuano videos here: am the PROUDEST Filipino because I AM A CEBUANO!"
Com. Hearing of d Peace n Order to Amend Traffic Code Ordinance in d Zamboanga City, Welcoming KCC MALL .
First ((and probably the last)) time to talk to Fr. Mao, School Director of Claret School of Zamboanga City. Blessed to be able to meet him.
It was nice to meet and greet Fr. Mao, the School Director of Claret School of Zamboanga City. :)
Filipino court frees Sipadan kidnap accused: ZAMBOANGA CITY: A man wrongfully arrested and charged in c...
FLASH: Judge orders release of accused in Sipadan kidnapping case: ZAMBOANGA CITY…
Where people come and go. @ Zamboanga City International Airport
Ferrer: You are not contiguous and there is practically very little chance that you will become contiguous by virtue of Zamboanga City.
At the City Livelihood Summit, displaced children living in transitory sites draw what…
Good morning from the PIO Office :) (@ Zamboanga City Hall in Zamboanga City)
Proud of my Team Mapuerza, All the way from Zamboanga City!, We're growing! :), Good job today guys!,…
finally got the lyrics of you song (y). np - Smile At Me @ Putik Morning Glory Zamboanga City
PCR PNCO of ZCPS7 attended weekly PCR FAMILY CONFERENCE that was held at ZCPO Conference room, Zamboanga City.
Photo: Reunited with my college ex classmates 👯 (at Zamboanga City)
Reunited with my college ex classmates 👯 @ Zamboanga City
UCRWC students performing Police Intervention with moving vehicle at PRO9, Mercedes, Zamboanga City.
Through the years, the Ateneo Fiesta has made its mark as one of the most sought after events in Zamboanga City.
Zamboanga 1st Dist. Rep. Celso Lobregat speaks here at the BBL Forum in Davao City.
Charges against 60 in Zamboanga siege to be dropped for lack of evidence: ZAMBOANGA CITY -- Government prosecutors…
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[ANC] Man takes 2 sons hostage in Zamboanga City
Man takes 2 sons hostage in Zamboanga City
finally hitting, minimally, Zamboanga City. But please spare us.
lim Per conducted road security of RD's PRO9 party from Ipil Prov.capitol going Zamboanga City.
We call this 'dirty' ice cream here in Zamboanga City yet we still love to eat it. :)
UCRWC students performing eight man entry at PRO9 firing range, Mercedes, Zamboanga City.
Mln. Azhar Haneef, Says prayer with us in Pitogo, Zamboanga City Philippines year 2012.
One killed, five injured when a trailer truck carrying softdrink bottles turned turtle at the boundary of Tigbanuang, Tungawan, Zamboanga Sibugay at dawn on Tuesday. The truck came from Zamboanga City and on its way to Buug town, Zamboanga Sibugay. Photo by Richard Falcatan, ABS-CBN Regional
AFP chief ready to undergo quarantine if needed . CAMP NAVARRO, Zamboanga City &Amid the ...
Camp Don Basilio Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City- November 18, 2014, General Gregorio Pio P Catapang Jr, Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines, and party visited Western Mindanao Command for the awarding of medals to 28 wounded soldiers who fought against lawless groups in Sulu last November 14, 2014, leaving 10 slain and several wounded Abu Sayyaf bandits responsible for the series of kidnappings, extortions, and bombing incidents in the province.
MEDIA RELEASE November 17, 2014 Manilakbayan ng Mindanao now in Luzon SOUTHERN TAGALOG – After having some stops and slowdowns in so-called mass action centers in the Bicol region, over 300 residents from Mindanao comprising the Manilakbayan ng Mindanao will proceed today (November 18) to Southern Tagalog for another series of protest activities before having a “Kampuhan” (People’s Tent) in Metro Manila this month until the International Human Rights Day. The Manilakbayan contingent started their “Lakbayan” (People’s Journey) on November 13 from Mindanao’s different regions and converged in Surigao City on November 15. Bannering the theme “Food and Peace for MindaNow!”, the Manilakbayan ng Mindanao is calling for the pull-out of AFP and US troops in Mindanao, the cessation of agro-industrial ventures and military attacks on community schools in the island, the dismissal of trumped-up charges against environment advocates and human rights defenders, among others. Fr. Christopher Abl ...
Spirit or Christmas at home san jose, zamboanga city
ZAMBOANGA CITY--Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr. visited the troops in Zamboanga City to receive operational updates about the military's drive against lawless elements in the region. Read more at
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Catapang honors wounded soldiers, brings karaoke set to troops in Zamboanga . ZAMBOANGA CITY, ...
NCCA: is opportunity to tell the world that Zamboanga City is not bad
Congress to pass Bangsamoro Law that safeguards stakeholders’ welfare . ZAMBOANGA CITY (PNA) — C ...
.chief to award 28 wounded soldiers from Sulu in Zamboanga City today. | via
Afp chief to award 28 wounded soldiers from sulu in Zamboanga City today.
Mayor reiterated her call for the exclusion of Zambo City in the territories of the proposed BBL.|
Morning News Monitoring Report November 18, 2014 GPH-MILF GPH legal counsel: Proposed Bangsamoro Basic measure, inclusive of MNLF's plea – PIA / News Writer: PIA 11-Joey Sem G. Dalumpines Davao City, Nov. 17 (PIA) Lawyer Al Amin Julkipli, legal counsel of the government peace panel assured that the proposed Bangsamoro Basic measure includes the consensus points of the Moro National Liberation Front. Speaking to the participants in the 12th Mindanao Communicators Network Congress in Zamboanga City, he said one of the interventions to stress the inclusivity of the measure is the inclusion of the 42 consensus points of the MNLF in the proposed law. He said the 42 consensus points are based on the 42 provisions that the MNLF wanted to add to the Republic Act 9054 which established the Organic Act for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. Julkipli explained that during the review process of the 19996 government-MNLF peace agreement, by the tripartite review process, all parties looked closely on the una ...
is opportunity to tell the world Zamboanga City not bad
- Had fun in Zamboanga City. Successful show, beautiful sights and lots of food! Lol! -.
Photo: Bc this girl speaks the truth 😊 (at Suterville Subd. Zamboanga City)
Four killed in Basilan road accident . AL JACINTO. ZAMBOANGA CITY: Four people were killed and ...
Dinner with the main 💋 (@ Village Restaurant in Zamboanga City)
Freddie Aguilar to lead concert for Maguindanao massacre victims . ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines ...
UCRWC students during the live fire and 8-man explosive entry conducted by EOD at RPSB firing range, Zamboanga City.
YSEALI now conquering Zamboanga City through Project MYIA (Mindanaoan Youth in Action) conducted by K-L YES Alumni!
*** the strengths of the political structure of Zamboanga city"
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Enough for caffeine for now. Hello Choco drink! :) @ Waray, Tetuan, Zamboanga City
From a magical week in Zamboanga City to the largest City (Davao City) and now a first day of a new…
LTE smart signal in Zamboanga City at this time in the morning. ***
Trying out the "musts" when in Zamboanga city. Can you guess what's in the picture?
55SAC personnel conducting Monthly Maintenance of firearms and Special Equipment at H5SAB, Mercedes, Zamboanga City.
Bodies of 2 soldiers slain in latest clash with Sayyaf sent home to GenSan, CDO: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines --…
Daniel Padilla's My Phone billboard in front of Southway Square in Zamboanga City. Hope I'll get to…
on 1984 Zamboanga City mayor Cesar Climaco, a prominent critic of the government of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, is..
Visayas is scheduled to hold its leg of the Philippine Scouting on 7-11 November 2014 in Capitol Hills Scout Camp in Cebu City, while Mindanao is scheduled on 8-12 November 2014 in Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone in Zamboanga City.
O'night with the baes 💕 (@ Forest Lake Memorial Gardens in Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Peninsula)
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KTM Duke 390 ready for the Mindanao Freedom Ride 2014. Get your bikes ready at Ktm Davao, Ktm Cdo, Norminring Motorbikes branches in Davao City, Zamboanga City and Cagayan de Oro City. @ zamboanga city..for the choral presentation.. ka. Eduardo Manalo..
Congrats Jambangan Dance Troupe for making Zamboanga City proud! Truly one of the few treasures of the peninsula!...
you have a kalookalike from Zamboanga City. The nose pababa is super you. Look!
I'm at Office of the Mayor, Imelda in Zamboanga City
"The Chronicle of my Running shoes".. Jogged around Tawitawi to Simunul island and back to Zamboanga city.
Last June 11, 2010 the Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with...
Strollin' with the baes 🚘 (@ Shell Select in Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Peninsula)
Where is the scarcest place you have ever traveled to? — Zamboanga city. Mahadlok jud ko dadto
Dinner with our Muslim bros and sis's and my outfit is so wrong! 😓 (@ Hai San in Zamboanga City)
Bacolod.General Santos City.Bohol. Zamboanga City.Legazpi City.Some of the remaining seminar sites I haven't been to.Hope to see you soon!😊
With the baes again 💕 (@ Garden Orchid Poolside in Zamboanga City)
Spain's Latin, Zamboanga is Asia's Latin City, Spain has power naps, therefore, the highschool I'm going must have power naps, too.
Volunteer teacher accused of sexually molesting boys in Zamboanga City: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines -- A…
Know what barangay kagawad Jayson Macaso of Labuan, Zamboanga City thinks about disaster preparedness in his...
PSINSP RATCHELLE DR. VICENTE conducting PPE to promotable 5SAB and PRO9 personnel at PRO9, Mercedes, Zamboanga City.
Policemen manning the checkpoint (Wednesday night) along Governor Camins Avenue in Zamboanga City need to be...
Finally made it to the city after a 7-hour drive! 🚗🌙 (@ Garden Orchid Hotel in Zamboanga City)
[GMA News - Regions] Zamboanga City authorities on lookout vs backpacks in cemeteries
Abu Sayyaf watched for P250-M ransom spending. ZAMBOANGA CITY – Police and military intelligence are monitoring...
Zamboanga City News and Updates is out! Stories via
naaa. I am a good citizen of Zamboanga. I serve my city now. :D
While Zamboanga is ranked Number 9 among world's dangerous cities in the world, according to a travel blog site -...
Calling all the Adiks to please follow it's official account of Julie Anne adiks fan group in Zamboanga C…
Day 2 of our workshop here just outside of Zamboanga City! 40 youth from Sulu, Basilan and Zamboanga City! Beautiful part of the world!
See how we're helping people displaced by violence in Zamboanga City, 1 year on from end of fighting:
ZAMBOANGA CITY—An 80-year-old man died and 40 houses got burned when a huge fire hit Lacaste Ville, Pasonanca, Zamboanga City […]
Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, Defense Sec. Voltaire Gazmin, and Zamboanga City Mayor Beng Climaco lead the commemoration of the 2013 Zamboanga City siege. A marker is placed in memory of 38 fallen heroes, and first responders are given awards. Photos by Raiza Hajimin Dapilin, ABS-CBN Regional
Celebrating the National family week at RYH with the Zamboanga City cluster
Zambo City Authorities Save 10 Mendicants Zamboanga City - At least 10 mendicants were rescued by the Women and Children Protection Desk of Zamboanga City Police Station 11, City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) and Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) student interns during a joint rescue effort in the city proper at about 9:30 AM on September 26, 2014. All rescued minors are now under CSWDO custody. -with report from PO2 Radzben S Jul and PO3 Jessica DT Sarsalejo, RPIO9
So tired.. Kara2ting lang from zamboanga city..
Zamboanga City commemorates today, Monday, Sept 29 the heroism, victory and bravery of soldiers and policemen who defended the city during the 2013 siege in a solemn program dubbed 'Ceremonia de Victoria y Paz" that kicked-off at 8am in front of City Hall with DND Sec. Voltaire Gazmin and DILG Sec. Manuel Roxas II as main guests.
2,000 Blasting Caps Confiscated in ZC Zamboanga City - Zamboanga City Police Office and Task Force Zamboanga intensified their campaign against terrorism in Zamboanga City in connection with the recent series of bombings that rocked General Santos City and Lamitan City Basilan a few days ago. Such measure is made to safeguard the public and preempt similar incidents that may crop-up in the city. The said campaign has hit the jackpot with the interception and confiscation of two thousand blasting caps at a local wharf on September 25, 2014, by joint police and military operatives in a sea vessel that came from Jolo, Sulu. It was found wrapped in a newspaper sealed by plastic tapes. This led to the arrest of two individuals, the alleged consignees of said explosives. Arrested suspects were identified as Al-Muksin Amilussin and Saud Arnado, residents of Barangays Talon-Talon and Rio Hondo respectively. Blasting cap is one of the components of an improvised explosive device (IED), used as its detonator. The f ...
It's annoying how the city government of Zamboanga is downplaying the siege last year as something worth partying for a year later.
A year ago, the Philippine government declares crisis in Zamboanga City now over after 23 days of armed conflict.
Today is the commemoration of the victory of government forces during the Zamboanga City siege. | via
One year since the bloody siege of Zamboanga City, Rappler sits down with soldiers of the Light Reaction Battalion
Soldiers and AFP units who displayed heroism during the Zamboanga siege now being given medals and recognition in Zamboanga City.
killed, 100 houses destroyed in Zamboanga City fire
Zamboanga City government pays tribute to 38 soldiers and policemen who died during the Zamboanga siege.
Zamboanga City now commemorating the government troop's victory over MNLF rebels in Zamboanga siege.
Octogenarian killed, 100 houses destroyed in Zamboanga City fire
Spending the night here at grandmum and pop's place. (@ Curuan, Zamboanga City)
Zamboanga is rich in terms of culture. That is why i miss the city...
With and losers.. (@ Paseo del Mar in Zamboanga City, Philippines)
See you in 9 days zamboanga city. Im going to miss my darling daphne. — traveling to Yinchuan
Buying cake for our Lola's bday!;) (@ Red Ribbon Southway in Zamboanga City)
Zamboanga clash kills 6, shuts down city
I'm at Universal College of Southeast Asia and the Pacific in Zamboanga City
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Robbery Suspect in Katipunan, 7 Others Arrested Katipunan, Zamboanga del Norte - A man who was armed with a bolo and a knife was arrested during a manhunt operation by Katipunan Police Station in Barangay Barra at about 9:30 AM on September 11, 2014. Accordingly, when police officers were about to serve a warrant of arrest to Carlito Romaca who is wanted for robbery, the suspect brandished said bladed weapons. Romaca ran towards the arresting officers and tried to hack one of them, but the policeman avoided the hit and shot Carlito’s leg to subdue him. Suspect was arrested based on the warrant docketed under Criminal Case Number 19070 issued by Regional Trial Court Branch 8 with Php 24,000.00 bail bond. He might also face other charges for attacking the arresting officers. Salug, Zamboanga del Norte - Personnel of Salug Police Station arrested Andy Danggod y Malac during a manhunt operation in Barangay Pukay at about 12:12 PM on September 12, 2014. Accordingly, suspect was arrested by virtue of warrant ...
Barbie galing sa pinaka magulong city sharing her thoughts at the training
Feeding at Saint Francis house, Pasonanca, Zamboanga city last sept 07, 2014 by Divine Mercy Apostolate
Cooperative leaders in Zamboanga City will commence the COOP MONTH CELEBRATION on October 1, with a motorcade at Paseo de Zamboanga followed with physical fitness exercises and coop bonding.
Thank you Mr. Marlo Atilano for getting the Oakley Eyepatch 2 Steel with Dark Grey lens! Looking forward to serve you again! Item shipped via LBC to Zamboanga City :)
09/16/2014.QUOTE OF THE DAY by ZCin2020 founder John Shinn III in Los Angeles; "Our desire for CHANGE in Zamboanga City must be greater than our LOVE FOR LIFE itself." =
Aspiring CALL CENTER AGENTS may still apply today, 9 am at Job Fit Recruitment Office. Interested applicants may visit us at 2nd Floor La Purisima Computer Center, La Purisima Street,Zamboanga City. This job opportunity is for Hinduja Global Solutions! Free airfare and...
The Zamboanga City government opposed the idea of the House panel to suspend the warrant of arrest against Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Chair Nur Misuari to allow the former in the public hearing of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).
100 Days to 100 Years, courtesy of Zamboanga City Council, the host for the Philippine Scouting...
Sirens wail, bells ring in Zamboanga City a year after attack -
Welcome Saada Sali - Interested in from Zamboanga City, Philippines. Role : Advisor - Travel.
Pre- and post birthday celeb with the WMMC family. 🎊🎉 @ La Casa Maria, Zamboanga City
We didn't expect we'd be playing a big role in educating women of their rights. -facilitators, Zamboanga City
Zamboanga City gov&opposes plan to lift warrant for Misuari&arrest
ON DISPLAY AT THE CITY HALL LOBBY: Stunning creations of members of the Fashion Designers Association of Zamboanga
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Girl waits for her mother attending a info session at a Women-Friendly Space in Bgy Sta.Catalina, Zamboanga City
ICYMI--Slideshow: War-displaced evacuees in Zamboanga City a year on
Hi Everyone! Watch our Grand Coronation Night on Oct. 27. 2014 7pm at Astoria Regency Pasonanca Zamboanga City.
Enduring pain a year after Muslim rebel attack on Philippine city of Zamboanga
Welcome to Monday!. Last September, supporters prayed for the city of when the...
what is the development with your Internet connection in pasonanca zamboanga city? It's been more than a week without globe net
hooray for satti with boyfie 🍴😋 (@ Andy's Special Satti in Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Peninsula)
traveling to Zamboanga City from 250th Presidential Airlift Wing
brand new day :). — feeling positive at Canelar, Zamboanga City, Philippines
Looks who went on adventure trip to Zamboanga City this weekend! Efren of thanks for the…
Homey! Decided not to jog. Lels (@ Rhoi's Place in Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Peninsula)
Zamboanga City gov't vows vigilance over city's possible inclusion in Bangsamoro region |...
Watching RR's game with my homies 👪🏀 (@ Curuan Gymnasium in Zamboanga City)
your posts about Zamboanga City are awemazing!
Nth store. Still no oil paints.. (@ OK Department Store in Zamboanga City)
More updates on the Zamboanga City Roadmap to Recovery and Reconstruction:
One year after, Zamboanga City rises from the ashes of armed conflict:
55SAC personnel conducting dry fire to the personnel of RPSB 9 at Mercedes, Zamboanga City.
This was my first outdoor aquaponic system set up last year in Zamboanga City...was there for only a month.
I love the It feels really good. It reminds of you. @ Zamboanga City
News Story: linked to found in Davao. CITY, – A Canadian...
FLASH: 2 Sibugay cops tagged in alleged gang rape of teenager: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines…
"I am not going to die, I'm going home like a shooting star." @ Zamboanga City
Just got home from lantaka hotel @ Lantaka Hotel By the Sea, Zamboanga City
Congratulations to the newly wed couples :) (@ Astoria Regency Hotel in Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Peninsula)
From the botton of my heart, I don't give a fvck. oopss @ Zamboanga City
Thank you for visiting Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur. You have such an amazing talent.
Chinese consuls fly to Zamboanga to check on kidnapping of young businessman: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines--Two...
After almost 2 weeks with no exercise.. (@ Jardin Maria Clara in Zamboanga City)
H5SAB conducting reception to the newly assigned personnel of 5SAB in Mercedes, Zamboanga City.
Touchdown Pagadian! First time in this airport. (@ Pagadian Airport (PAG) in Pagadian City, Zamboanga Peninsula)
PHIVOLCS9 chief cautions public to be ready at all times Gideon C. Corgue ZAMBOANGA CITY, Sept. 11 (PIA) – Engr. Allan Rommel Labayog, station chief of Philippine Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS9) admonishes the public to be ready at all times in case disaster strikes. Labayog was one of the resource speakers in the 2-day Trainors’ Training on Advocacy for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation at the Seafood House, San Roque, Zamboanga City on September 4-5, 2014 hosted by PIA. The PHIVOLCS chief, who lectured on earthquake and preparedness said PHIVOLCS has recorded deadliest and most powerful earthquakes in the country, of which 60 percent come from Mindanao. He enumerated the very destructive earthquakes that hit Mindanao particularly in Zamboanga Peninsula during the 16th and 18th centuries which caused countless damage to lives and properties. Labayog said an average of 20 earthquakes occur everyday. With this scenario, he said the public should undertake preventive measures to avoid e .. ...
2014-09-09T14:10/BSP Honors its Stakeholders in Zamboanga City: Deputy Governor Vicente S. Aquino led the awar...
3 Buug Fire Officers Arrested in Pot Session; 2 Pushers Nabbed Buug, Zamboanga Sibugay - Three members of Bureau of Fire and Protection were arrested by Buug Police Station and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency during a drug buy-bust operation after suspects SFO1 Arnold Indab y Decena, FO2 Jessie Ruales y Perez and FO2 Edwin Dalion y Bahunsua were arrested while having a pot session inside their barracks at the Bureau of Fire and Protection compound in Brgy. Poblacion at about 10:50 AM on September 6, 2014. Confiscated from their possession were a sachet of suspected shabu, wallet, ID card and other drug paraphernalia. Inventory and markings were made in the presence of the representative of Department of Justice, a barangay official and media personalities. Suspects are under PDEA custody for proper disposition. Zamboanga City - A suspected drug pusher fell to the hands of Tetuan Police Station during an anti-Illegal drug buy-bust operation in Puerto Princesa Drive, Brgy.Talon-Talon at about 5:20 PM on ...
Apply: for Territory Sales Head for Zamboanga City - Globe Telecom, Inc. - National Capital Reg | by JobstreetPH©
My video of Pink Bow cafe located in Tetuan, Zamboanga City. . Read on...
Zamboanga City Evacuation Centres and Transitory Sites as of 14 July 2014: . share. a2a_config.linkname = "Z...
In light of the recent security apprehensions in Zamboanga City, AFP chief Gen. Gregorio Catapang said that more...
A mom was arrested last night at enriquez drive, barangay boalan, zamboanga city, during the buy bust...
Zamboanga City is different from the other cities that I've been to. You'll be moved by the stories and people of the city.
Pleased to announce our partnership event, 'Fishing for Angels' on Sept 19. See you in Zamboanga!
With . Tuesday shhh-low!... :P (@ 81st Republic at Catribo in Zamboanga City, Philippines)
Is it true that James Reid will be going to Zamboanga City? — According to a fan :)
Can you go to Zamboanga City!! PLS!!. But please be careful when you go here!!
Done na the class. Getting ready to go home. — traveling to Zamboanga City
H5SAB conducting Saturday Rank Inspection for the Month of August 2014 at H5SAB Ground, Mercedes, Zamboanga City.
5SAB personnel conducting lecture on Troop Leading Procedure to RPSB 9 personnel at Camp Abendan, Zamboanga City.
Aww end of vacation (@ Dipolog Airport in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte)
Another 8 hours travelling — traveling to Zamboanga City from Dakak Park and Beach Resort
Good sunny tuesday in zamboanga city
Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College (ZCSPC) PALARO 2014 :) Lets make te most out of it shemmms last year na namin sa school :)
Wakey wakey! Time to go to airport for Tawi Tawi! Iskojante (@ Grand Astoria Hotel in Zamboanga City, Philippines)
Not all HANDSOME & BEAUTIFUL are in the movie industry, most of them are busy studying at Claret School of Zamboanga City"…
12 companies plan to set up shop in ZamboEcoZone - Zamboanga City   – At least 12 local and multi-national... well as Zamboanga City, for the Grand Finals to be held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Manila. As the semi-finals i…
it's been a while. dinner with friends :) (@ Chinito's Camins in Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Peninsula)
Movie date with sis. :) (@ Mindpro Citimall in Zamboanga City, Philippines)
Rescuer drowns after saving 3 in Zamboanga flash flood: ZAMBOANGA CITY -- The body of a mechanic was found...
Why did it take so long for our soldiers to flush out the rebels in Zamboanga City? Why did we unnecessarily lose...
I added a video to a playlist Zamboanga City Hall
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Zamboanga City siege heroes remembered: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - The city remembered the local heroes, in...
Suspected Abu Sayyaf member slain in Lamitan: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - A suspected member of the Abu Sayy...
i wish that you could do a show here in zamboanga city or in dipolog city this sept. While i'm still here! Please!
Two of my buddies in college's from Basilan, Mindanao while another from Zamboanga City
Hello Manila to zamboanga city 2 way fare for only 1,907k. Travel date: January to March 31,2015. Hurry Book na!! Limeted slots only
Going home latuuur😊 (@ Antonio's Pension House in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte)
To all 's fans in the City of Zamboanga. Follow us. We'll give you update. ☺️
I'm at D'Hotel and Suites in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte
We need your help in finishing and furnishing our Library Project here in Dipolog City, Zamboanga Peninsula, Mindanao.
Thanks for the visit to Zamboanga City.
Hello I am new to this group, I related to Bustillos originated from Palo, Leyte. I grew up with my grandfather named Remigio Mongragon Bustillo...he got one and only brother named Victorino Bustillo. My grandfather most of his life in Zamboanga City after marrying my grandmother. I am very pleased to be with this group and hopefully I be able to know the rest of the relative of my grandfather. God bless you all.
Permission to post: Situation near Plaza Pershing. A light rain happened in Zamboanga City just this moment and the whole downtown were flooded.
Kuya fifth pafollowback po plsss. I'M your big fan here in zamboanga city ❤️💋😍
H5SAB and 55SAC personnel conducting Company Ran at Mercedes, Zamboanga City.
2 missing Germans held by Abu Sayyaf, police say: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines---Sulu police have confirmed that...
Early flight. — feeling sleepy at Zamboanga City International Airport
Good morning, man! Heading home (to dipolog city, zamboanga del norte). Atm, in the middle of the sea, keeping you in d background.
I'm all set for my 3am trip to Zamboanga City later. See you @ 7am classmates! Whah .
Hazy plans keep Zamboanga City evacuees in limbo RT
JACKMAN Tailor de luxe creates wonderful and quality formal wear for men in Zamboanga City...i have…
Zamboanga City a.k.a. the new city of milk tea and waffles.
Security guard killed in failed heist in Zamboanga City - The Mindanao Examiner via
I love Zamboanga but I really just wanna get out of this city.
I'm at WichCraft by La Tienda in Zamboanga City w/
Dear Pope, please pray for Zamboanga City that the rebels will not spread havoc to our city as they (cont)
Director SAF attending the Closing Ceremony of Badge Piston Class 14-3 in Zamboanga City
Want to swim here Right NOW. Sta. Cruz, Zamboanga city.
Turn-over of SPES checks and starter kits by DOLE-Zamboanga del Norte for SPES grantees held in Dipolog City on August 15, 2014.
Having a good time with bff reg ;) (@ Chlisy Resto-Café in Dipolog City, Zamboanga Peninsula)
DTI-Zamboanga del Norte conducts today a briefing on Amended Price Act at Top Plaza Hotel, Dipolog City.
Wearing our OJT uniform on a friday. Ugh (@ Ateneo De Zamboanga University in Zamboanga City)
DPWH Sec. Singson is in Zamboanga City today to ensure that projects under the Z3R plan are implemented as scheduled.
Hazy plans keep Zamboanga City evacuees in limbo:         ZAMBOANGA CITY---The confusion over what the government...
This year’s edition of the Batang Pinoy Futsal Tournament will kick-off in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur on...
PDEA P2.3 million worth of suspected shabu placed inside sandals from Zamboanga City to Panabo City in Davao del Norte
Thousands still in evacuation center 11 months after Zamboanga siege: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines---Eleven months...
*nom-nom* — eating Fork and Spoon at Gerry's Grill, Zamboanga City
I'm at Lantaka Hotel by the Sea in Zamboanga City
Ben Pickering of announces search for Humanitarian Heroes in Zamboanga City.
Our view from above this moring going to Zamboanga del Sur. ✈️✈️ @ Pagadian City
Rep. Lobregat clarifies difficulty in accessing fund for Zamboanga City.
This is how the dwelling looks like for IDPs in Sitio Paniran, Santa Catalina, Zamboanga City. |
All you need is love AND? 😋 (@ Astoria Regency Hotel in Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Peninsula)
Eureka with College Buddies. A rush get together. (@ Hacienda de Palmeras in Zamboanga City, Philippines)
Rep ARD, PRO9 in the Zamboanga Press Club Induction of Officers at Grand Astoria Hotel, Zamboanga City
"And Hold Firmly to the Rope of Allah" Dr. Bilal Philips in Zamboanga City! FREE ADMISSION! :)
MEDIA ADVISORY AEC opportunities must be seized, not feared The ASEAN Economic Integration (AEC) offers immense business opportunities that both the government and the private sector must exploit to fully benefit from its advantages. This was underscored in a regional forum on the ASEAN Economic Community organized by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Regional Office 9 with the participation of state think tank Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) regional office in Zamboanga City. PIDS Senior Research Fellow Erlinda Medalla stressed the need to do more to take advantage of the opportunities from AEC. The AEC does not only reduce tariffs but also promote trade facilitation. It commits the country to implement reforms on customs modernizations and establishment of a national single window and an ASEAN Single Window, she said. “National single window is a single submission and accelerated processing of applications of licen ...
Sta. Cruz…”Pink Island” of Zamboanga by Apolinario Villalobos Sta. Cruz Island, noted for its pinkish beach is a mere fifteen minutes from Zamboanga City. Samals, Tausugs and Badjaos consider it a sacred island where they bury their dead in a small cemetery not far from the shores. The locals believe that the island is a live coral rock once under the sea and surfaced out of Basilan Strait. The pinkish color of the beach can be attributed to the granules of red corals that abound around the island and got mixed with the white sands. According to a local legend, the big Santa Cruz Island and its twin island nearby were once desperate lovers, a Badjao and a Samal maiden who unfortunately belonged to two warring tribes. Having thought of no other way to escape, they took a narrow houseboat and paddled their way towards the raging sea. As the storm abated the following day, their parents searched for them to no avail. Instead, they found two islets connected to each other by a submerged land bridge. The ...
I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity by the Department of Tourism Zamboanga to write a song for my hometown. Hopefully, the song can help unite us Zamboanguenos so that we may channel our efforts into rebuilding a better and safer Zamboanga City...
Flavivirus news: Zamboanga City takes steps to prevent dengue epidemic - GMA News: Zamboanga Ci...
Getaway: Summer FUN at Zamboanga City -  do everything with passion or not at all.
Zamboanga City takes steps to prevent dengue epidemic
Media Interview of ARD during his Command Visit in Zamboanga City Police Office on July 8, 2014.
I didn't see this photo coming. @ Conference Room, City Hall of Zamboanga
Investment planning workshop set in Zamboanga City
Thank you Dear God for visiting Bohol may you have a good walk to Zamboanga City and may the people of Mindanao...
Social worker released by Abu Sayyaf kidnappers: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines --- The last of the four social...
yowh everyone! here's our chance to learn urban dance from two of the finest hiphop dancers in Zamboanga City! ;)
Zambo city allays AIDS fears in evacuation centers: The Zamboanga City governm...
Abu Sayyaf frees two social workers in Sulu. ZAMBOANGA CITY - Two workers of the Department of Social Welfare and...
Zambo opens 8th transitory site for ‘bakwits’. ZAMBOANGA CITY - The city government, in partnership with local...
@ Zamboanga Peninsula, republic of the Philippines. Its a nice city in here there lots of people so busy making living. My last and first.
how is the peace and order situation in Zamboanga City?
Man shot dead in Zamboanga City. Like us on...
"Zamboanga City is ethnically heterogenous but still a united community" - Beng Climaco
Long time no selca/selfie! :D @ Elizabeth Ideal Homes, Tugbungan, Zamboanga City
Zamboanga City Mayor Beng Climaco reiterates the city's stand on its inclusion to the Bangsamoro. . Zamboanga is...
What's the farthest-away place you've been? — from Zamboanga City to Manila Philippines :)
[PS] GPH: No stalemate in Bangsamoro law talks: ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - A senior member of the governmen...
The LGU of Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte rank 19th in the overall competitiveness out of 200plus LGUs.
Zamboanga City Health Officer Dr. Rodelin Agbulos denies reports of HIV in some IDPs in the evacuation center.
US military promises to fix Zamboanga City airport runway
PMDE of PO1 applicants of zamboanga city police office, PRO9.
School building for Badjaos in Zamboanga collapses: ZAMBOANGA CITY - A two-class...
250 displaced in Zambo clashes. ZAMBOANGA CITY - Some 250 individuals were. displaced and three suspected rebels...
There is only one happiness in this life, to live and be loved. -George Sand @ Zamboanga City
Zamboanga City the best. Blackout early morning.
Have a selfie with this two little angels princess jeanna @ Tumaga, Zamboanga City
Despite the siege, I'm still proud of Zamboanga City. I will do my best to promote my city. - Christopher Gravador.
The Zamboanga city government, the Department of the Interior and Local Government, and the 5th Special...
Trend [International Cute Face Day] first spotted in Zamboanga City now popular worldwide. Why?
DOH expects dengue outbreak soon *** Zamboanga city is bracing itself for another dengue outbreak as the Department of Health (DOH) predicts another epidemic to sweep the city at any time. “Any moment talaga magkakaroon ng epidemic,” warns Dr, Norvi Jalani, DOH Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit Head. Zamboanga city tops the list of cities and provinces in region 9 with 1,987 dengue cases from January to June this year. For the month of June alone, the City Health Office has raised the alert level on dengue with a total of 448 cases. The figure is higher compared to only 378 cases for the same month last year. City Health Officer Dr Rodel Agbulos warns that another dengue outbreak is expected this year following the two year trend between high cases of dengue which would qualify as an outbreak or epidemic in certain areas. For her part, Jalani reports that based on DOH statistics, Zamboanga city has already exceeded the dengue alert level not only for the month of June but for several weeks . ...
It's the first time of my daughter who was born and who grew up in typhoon-free Zamboanga City, to witness a very strong typhoon!! the sound is so scary.. We're watching flying objects thru our window..
Nearly 10 months after the failed siege on Zamboanga City, the death toll among residents forced to flee their homes and stay in evacuation centers continues to rise - reaching 143 this month, a Mindanao news site reported Saturday.
Good morning world. bound for zamboanga city
These little pumpkins are not sleepy yet and giving me their… (at Zamboanga City Medical Hospital) [pic] —
ARC recognized by City of Zamboanga and ZCPO for surveys conducted
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