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The Zambian Watchdog focuses on corruption and other major crimes such as drug trafficking in Zambia. It also contains breaking news on major events in Zambia.

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'Finance bank now most useless in Zambia' - Zambian Watchdog
Zambia's relationship with IMF now a saga – says IMF - Zambian Watchdog
In Zambia, opposition members are treated as criminal – Changala - Zambian Watchdog
Lusaka mayor wants Zambia to be an off-shore haven - Zambian Watchdog
Zambia: Lungu's state capture is so complete he barely needs to preten - Zambian Watchdog
The fastest way to get fame in Zambia do something naughty then zambian watchdog tumfweko zed kawalala plus zed hul…
Zambian NGOs steal Millions of US Dollars from UK's DFID - Zambian Watchdog
Zambian NGOs steal Millions of US Dollars from UK’s DFID – Zambian Watchdog
What Michael Sata said in UK in 2011 - Zambian Watchdog
Who is Joseph Kabila and did he assassinate his ‘father’? – Zambian Watchdog.
🔁→[A (re)lire] Who is Joseph and did he assassinate his ‘father’? – Watchdog
Don’t bring you lawlessness to Zambia, Lungu tells refugees – Zambian Watchdog
HH maintains that presidential petition must be heard - Zambian Watchdog
State House is now centre of corruption – Savior – Zambian Watchdog
Lungu not serious with resolving Barotseland impasse- BRE Induna - Zambian Watchdog
Check the Zambian watchdog page. I used to eatch a show called snin wars and the art like that was…
Photos of the day: Iris Kaingu strikes again - Zambian Watchdog
Why Lungu's 'election' is illegal, null and void - Zambian Watchdog
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has confirmed the Zambian Watchdog earlier revelations that the PF...
We have also declared state of emergency on PF leaders – Zambian Watchdog
Mast newspaper to be suspended as state of emergency measures – Zambian Watchdog
Headless chickens: UPND goes to PF court again – Zambian Watchdog
No one is buying maize from Zambia anymore - Zambian Watchdog
Photo of the day: PF cadres in SA frustrated – Zambian Watchdog
South Africans slam dictatorship in Zambia as Mwamba claims he is president of Zambia - Zambian Watchdog
International organisations sound alarm on Zambia – Zambian Watchdog
International organisations sound alarm on Zambia - Zambian Watchdog
How to use WhatsApp during state of emergency in Zambia - Zambian Watchdog
Zimbabwe's Tendai Biti speaks out on Zambia - Zambian Watchdog
Is Zambian Eagle the new Watchdog? They seem to have more real time info than ZWD.
Lol... Zambian Watchdog has unblocked me after more than 5 years! Is this a trap? Sinifuna ma Problems ine! Lol
*RTLM. Zambian watchdog has already made it an "Us Vs Them" environment with those fake stories. They should be shut down
Zambian Watchdog is treading the lines of RTML. If HH is executed they may begin to spew blatantly murderous rhetoric.
Dear Zambian Watchdog, please hide my ID. My eyes are paining and I can't see properly. Was ECL reading the Holy...
How many political prisoners are in Zambia today? - Zambian Watchdog
Photo of Zambian president speaking to kneeling minister causes social media frenzy -
ZAF officers vow to avenge the killing of their collegaue by Police - Zambian Watchdog
Why is Lungu lamenting on sell of land to foreigners when he is in charge-Mulongoti | Zambian Watchdog
These medical schools are not recognised - Zambian Watchdog
These days CNN is just Zambian Watchdog which went to a private school
Agony is working for Zambian Watchdog, knowing you've to critic everything the state does for the next 5-years, even when unnecessary.
When Zambian Watchdog is present at the inauguration
Ati "chief justice ireen mambilima refused to seear him in and even the doves refused to fly" 😁😁- zambian watchdog
Those Doves should behave,watchdog is waiting to pounce on any mishaps for their tabloid
URGENT . I've noticed FB notifications that I've sent invitations as 'Zambian Watchdog' to my FB friends. PLEASE...
The Zambian Watchdog can lie without shame or remorse. I dont know how they move with their head so high even after lies being exposed.
Zambian Watchdog. Could be a lie. Who knows for sure.
June 18 major Zambian media outlets - — A consumer watchdog has commended the Zambian government for...
The pictures media publish of Trump remind me of those God awful pics the Zambian watchdog used to show of Sata
Grade 12 clause knocks out 10 out of 11 PF Mkushi councilors | Zambian Watchdog
Lungu’s desperate deal with Litunga exposed | Zambian Watchdog
Is it me is Zambian WatchDog all about love for UPND
Zambian Watchdog | Breaking and investigative news on Zambia
Zambia: Zambia Drops Three Places on Forbes Best Countries for Business: [Zambian Watchdog] Zambia has dropped...
The Zambian watchdog is really trying to do a comeback for HH after the alleged tribal remarks,in my opinion they are coming out very petty.
[Zambian Watchdog] A rescue expert has strongly condemned the Zambia Airports Corporation for co...
Zambia: Poverty at Its Worst Ever - Nawakwi [Zambian Watchdog] The opposition Forum for Democracy and Development …
Zambia: Police Rush to Plane Crash 'Training' by Airports Corp: [Zambian Watchdog] A rescue expert has strongl...
LUNGU'S 25 EVIL PLANS AGAINS HH START TO MANIFEST. Editor,. So the Zambian Watchdog was right! It is beginning to...
Zambia: What Miyanda Told Lungu On Dual Citizenship and Other Issues [Zambian Watchdog] This is the letter that ha…
Zambia: FAZ Hires UK Coach to 'Help' Lwandamina: [Zambian Watchdog] Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has e...
Is the Metro newspaper selling on Lusaka streets owned by Zambian Watchdog?
[Zambian Watchdog] President Edgar Lungu is planning to free former Inktec Managing Director and...
[Zambian Watchdog] Geneva -Two UN human rights experts have urged the Zambian Government to show...
[Zambian Watchdog] The country has once again been plunged into total darkness, barely a week af...
Zambia: Back to UNIP Days, As Black Market for Essential Goods Reappears in Zambia [Zambian Watchdog] As it was in…
Professor Saasa says forcing Kwacha to appreciate will have dire consequenses | Zambian Watchdog
More than 3000 miners lose jobs at Mopani | Zambian Watchdog
News Out of Zambia: Kwacha Posts More Artificial Gains - [Zambian Watchdog] The Bank of Zambia yesterday again ...
We need Cesar Milan to tame the Zambian watchdog
Today is really just a boring print version of Zambian watchdog. Trying to look holy. Insulting the same people they made
Good Morning Zambian Watchdog! . Are you aware that Mopani Copper Mines PLC today held a series of briefings at...
News Out of Zambia: Zambia to Face Zimbabwe At CHAN Finals - [Zambian Watchdog] Zambia have been drawn in Group...
Another Faulty Emirates passenger plane returns back to Lusaka 40 minutes after take off | Zambian Watchdog
News Out of Zambia: Lungu Goes On Holiday - [Zambian Watchdog] PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has gone on holiday in Nyi...
News Out of Zambia: Bembas Warn Patriotic Front - [Zambian Watchdog] PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should not forget th...
[Zambian Watchdog] The PF government has ordered filling stations in Western province not to sel...
Lwandamina Names Squad for Egypt and Mozambique: [Zambian Watchdog] Zambia national footba...
Photo of the day: Lungu manages to get photo with Obama | Zambian Watchdog
Dalbit corruptly overcharges Zambia with another $22 million, contributes to Kwacha fall: Zambian Watchdog has...
Government has no money for agricultural inputs | Zambian Watchdog
One USD now officially above K11 in commercial banks | Zambian Watchdog
Zambia: One Dollar Now Above K11, 000: [Zambian Watchdog] It's not even news any more but PF…
NGOCC condemns Lungu for hiring expensive jet to New York amid poverty | Zambian Watchdog
Due to loadshedding, wheat production to drop massively – ZNFU | Zambian Watchdog
Whatever in-house measure, though most likely, will be on Zambian watchdog the next day. OP has never been this compromised.
News Out of Zambia: Remain Resolute, HH Tells Mucheleka - [Zambian Watchdog] We would like to thank our campaigner...
To make matters worse Brian Hapunda asks the opposition MP Shakafuswa to supply this information to the Zambian Watchdog for publication
Kwacha to continue losing value next week | Zambian Watchdog
Mopani officially notifies government that it will lay off 3,800 workers | Zambian Watchdog
Zambian Watchdog can drive you nutz,how do u call the head of state ati
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Zambian watchdog, Post Newspaper , Muvi TV and now Hot fm
Govt to spend K350, 000 to take Rupiah to Zanzibar workshop | Zambian Watchdog: Taxpayers will cough out more ...
Chama declares Watchdog as enemy number one: PF Secretary general Davis Chama has declared the Zambian watchdo...
Zambian Watchdog wrote: PILATO DETAINED, DENIED BAIL Musician Pilato has been arrested and detained at Lusaka central police
State House officials block probe of Dalbit Petroleum for overcharging Zambia ... - Zambian Watchdog
Zambian Watchdog wrote:. Seen here lying in hospital is Mushaukwa Mushaukwa, the UPND cadre who was shot by...
Flashback: William Nyirenda a Crook – Zambian Watchdog: Following his arrest earlier this week on two counts o...
Zambian Watchdog shared the following link and had this to say about it:. SILIYA REFUSES TO APOLOGISE FOR SAYING...
This is how the Zambian Watchdog reports
Waiting for zambian watchdog to post that edgar lungu deliberately stepped on the main cable at kariba dam and that caused the blackout.
Hi Zambian watchdog,. We would like to express our heart felt gratitude at the great work you just did recently...
Who writes for the Zambian Watchdog? Have they never heard the word impartial reporting?! What a classless act. Mxxxm
pushing for FAZ life presidency, as Bonnetti earns K3.2m compensation - Zambian Watchdog
Do we really believe Fred M'membe is *** ? According to Zambian Watchdog he's also involved in an incestuous relationship with his mother.
Zambian Watchdog wrote: Photos of the snake found at police officer Cosmas Banda's gate
Meanwhile Robert Amsterdam is threatening to sue the Zambian Watchdog in a London court. ZWD,RSVP. Let's wait and see if u have his count.
LUNGU TO THANK DOS SANTOS FOR FUNDING AS WELL. Just like the Zambian Watchdog reported before elections,...
So I commented on a post against B flow on zambian watchdog,defending Mr.Chantiton as I felt it wasn't right and now I have been
Whatever it is that the Zambian Watchdog has against President Lungu, there is need for Zambians to intervene and...
With the rate at which the Zambian Watchdog is going, they'll very soon discover madness
Mwamba shunted to Malaysia as revealed by the Watchdog: As revealed by the Zambian Watchdog, government has co...
Websites in PF government were blocked by the government eg Zambia Reports and Zambian Watchdog
Zimbabwe Civil Society in Sorry State, Unable to Play Watchdog Role: Chimhini noted that Zimbabwe has a lot to...
Never thought i would see an alliance between UPND, Muvi TV and Zambian Watchdog.
silliest story on Zambian Watchdog, is the one about TB Joshua refuting PF's claim that he prophesied EL victory. cracks me up all the time
How many people are blocked from posting on watchdog page??? Please if you are one of them let us know.
Zambian Watchdog wrote:. To all wives of leaders of political parties and our sole female Presidential candidate...
vote for Lungu to avoid another state funeral – Masebo » Zambian Watchdog
support for HH is unquestionable and unreservedly – GBM » Zambian Watchdog
Zambian Watchdog wrote:. TB JOSHUA has discarded lies spread by PF candidate Edgar Lungu that the prophet has...
Joshua refutes lies by Edgar Lungu as Malawian prophet says HH will win » Zambian Watchdog
Zambian Watchdog is indirectly campaigning for PF_loving the feeling!!! Lol
# Top stories 2014:"Sata’s Sangoma tells him to keep brown goats inside State House for his health » Zambian Watchdog
The Zambian Watchdog is reason I'm changing teams. Biased reports is not what UPND need to win. It works only to...
The zambian Watchdog must be run by Real Dogs posing as human beings.
The Post newspaper and Zambian Watchdog won't have much effect on the election, despite the Cartel and HH fundin…
the corruption in both The Post and Zambian Watchdog is very bad for
Oh my word! Is Zambian print media allergic to EDITING? Trying to read a watchdog story on Dr Scott and it is annoying.
Welcome to Zambian Watchdog Our Phones ~ Wireless Tyres ~ Tubeless Dress ~ Sleeveless Youth ~ Jobless Leaders ~ Shameless Relationships ~ Meaningless Attitude ~ Careless Wives ~ Fearless Babies ~ Fatherless Feelings ~ Heartless Education ~ Valueless Children ~ Manner-less Everything is becoming LESS but still our hopes are ~ Endless. i know after reading this u will b speechless
New post on my blog: Seventy-three year old like to win Namibia presidential polls – Zambian Watchdog
Lumwana maintains will close once proposed mining taxes are approved - Zambian Watchdog
New post on my blog: HH promises balanced cabinet, constitution as ZESCO blacks out Lusaka – Zambian Watchdog
New post on my blog: Mulenga Sata wants court to declare that he is eligible to stand as presidential … – Zambia...
only lifted suspension of Lungu supporters after they wrote letters of apology' - Zambian Watchdog
Fube is not a PF member, Attanga tells court - Zambian Watchdog
signs law to increase retirement age to 65 - Zambian Watchdog
sets next Saturday for convention to pick candidate - Zambian Watchdog
Photos of the day: Kanyama gathers for HH - Zambian Watchdog
to hold first rally in Kanyama today - Zambian Watchdog
Zambian watchdog couldn't even get her name right. Smh
True Legacy of Sata: vision quagmire and succession quandary - Zambian Watchdog
"Agony is, refusing to obey laws in your OWN political party but rushing to court to force others to obey what you think is the law" - Zambian Watchdog
Another sick, old man takes over as president – Zambian Watchdog
Scott said to take over as president – Zambian Watchdog
According to a famous Zambian tabloid "The Zambian Watchdog" Edgar Lungu has handed over power to Guy scott to act as President
"The day I will be sick, even the insects will know." Quote from according to Zambian Watchdog
"Muzi television station and the Zambia Reports and Zambian Watchdog websites."
If Aljezeera report on the rumoured death and cite Zambian Watchdog, its just Watchdog you reading or hearing from still. Ha
lol hehe I don't believe the Zambian watchdog..its for slandering people
Zambian Watchdog is saying it has 100 per cent confirmation that MICHAEL SATA has died in LONDON.
Zambian watchdog is liable source??? but anyway I have seen it on eNCAnews eTV
Aljazeera has the news too, tho the sources cited are Muvi Tv, Zambian Reports And Watchdog
ah, when Zambian watchdog says it, its always true
Leading Zambian online Newspaper, Zambian Watchdog, has reported that President Michael Sata has died. According...
I have just seen reports from Zambian Watchdog
I don't trust these Zambian Watchdog guys so until I see it on BBC news or hear it on any local radio station it's just a rumor.
The Zambian Watchdog say they have "100 per cent positive confirmation" that Sata has died.
Idk, gonna have to hear it from a more credible news source than Zambian Watchdog first..
"President Michael Sata has died, the Zambian Watchdog says they have positive confirmation."
President Michael Sata has died, the Zambian Watchdog has positive confirmation. President Michael Sata died in...
This Zambian robbed me of K17, 000 – Germany student - Zambian Watchdog
" The recording was done by the OP then passed on to the Zambian. Watchdog in a parallel reporting structure.". This statement though!!
lol Bana Nono. Zambian watchdog is like TMZ yoh. lol
Luo cries after being told she is illegal immigrant in Barotseland - Zambian Watchdog
Zambian Watchdog is reporting: Sata’s condition is said to have worsened, stops talking. [That's called 'a coma']
Sata’s condition said to have worsened, stops talking – Zambian Watchdog
Zambian women resort to gambling - Zambian Watchdog: Zambian women resort to gamblingZambian WatchdogGambling ...
The draft constitution with good clauses - Zambian Watchdog
The draft constitution with good clauses - Zambian Watchdog: Zambia Daily Mai... -
dead on way to independence jubilee - Zambian Watchdog
How different is the Draft Constitution that has been released today from the one the Zambian Watchdog leaked?
A case of Zambia's 'Zamnesia' jubilee - Zambian Watchdog
We will commemorate but not celebrate political independence – HH - Zambian Watchdog
China to send junior official to Zambia independence celebrations - Zambian Watchdog
*** yah,govt finally has a link to discovering who is behind Zambian Watchdog...through
Zambia's president treated by doctors in New York – Washington Post - Zambian Watchdog
Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott has now started accusing the Zambian Watchdog of having been the source of...
Does it mean we also have Zambian Watchdog in USA or its history repeating itself?
check the Zambian watchdog. it may be having something. but the guy is sick
The post is not different from Zambian watchdog N their midiocre kinda journalism wat sets the apart are the different pipo they traget
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Sata not well, an absentee landlord – Chikwanda - Zambian Watchdog
Dear government, don't say "some people", say "Zambian watchdog" when you're complaining about your abuse on social media.
Human hair extensions may be possessed with spirits of dead owners - Zambian Watchdog
Kambwili says it's better for Zambia to withdraw from CAF - Zambian Watchdog: Yahoo Eurosport UKKambwili says ...
Lungu acting president indefinitely, Scott not happy - Zambian Watchdog
CAF rejects Zambia's bid for 2019, 2021 and 2023 - Zambian Watchdog
Here is the speech Sata failed to complete reading - Zambian Watchdog
The hate that zambians now have for the zambian watchdog is lovely! They've defended their president with patriotic passion!
Zambian Watchdog TB Joshua is a liar! Zambian Watchdog Sometime this year he prophesied that... via
Watchdog concerned about banning journalists from parliament: Zambian Watchdog is concerned at the decision by...
GBM, EDGAR LUNGU CURRENTLY BRIBING VOTERS IN KASENENGWA A day before voting, former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) and Defense Minister Edgar Lungu have launched a massive voter buying process in the Kasenengwa constituency in Eastern Province. The two were seen personally dishing out cash to would be voters at Makungwa School and another area called Ng'ongwe. A White Toyota Hilux D4D without a Number plate mounted with Public Address System was by 9 hours Wednesday morning going round Kasenengwa constituency publicly calling on people to converge at Makungwa to receive cash. "Bwelani pa Makungwa Primary School Muoneko bandalama a GBM kapena anga mu paseniko Ndalama," translated " Come and converge at Makungwa School so that you meet a man with money GBM may be he can give you something," The GBM and Edgar Lungu team did not realise that the Zambian Watchdog crew was less than ten meters away when GBM asked one Patriotic Front cadre to identify all polling agents from opposition political p ...
President Sata sneaked out, son in very critical condition - Zambian Watchdog
Apparently so. - Day 10: President Sata still missing | Zambian Watchdog
Second response to ‘Proud’ Musamba Mwamba July 4, 2014 | Filed under: Breaking News | Posted by: + In the last article, we partially responded to Proud Aushi Musamba’s rubbish articles on our work. This time, we wish to tell Aushi whose real name is Musamba Mwamba and her sympathisers that there is nothing new about what she posted. Those documents are the basis the PF government arrested three Journalists late last year linking them to this site. We know those documents are from the Office of the President Special Division. We know the person who has custody of those documents. It is Mr. Liwanga an Office of the President operative based at Zambia Information, Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) Head Office. Mr. Liwanga is supervised by Mr. Mofya Chisala Director of Corporate Services at ZICTA a known PF cadre. The purported face book communication was created by the Office of the President. That information was the basis for blocking of the Zambian Watchdog on July 9,2013 after the Chin ...
Egyptian embassy, Zambia police team up to block Journalists' protest - Zambian Watchdog
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Re-pricing of loans by banks. Dear Zambian Watchdog, . Is there anyone under the Zambian sky who can explain why...
this cannot be good > the Zambian Watchdog reports: EU cuts funding to due to “poor financial and...
'Kabimba for president project is real and working' - Zambian Watchdog
Who is behind zambian watchdog?uuhm lyashi lyapano isonde or shani.uhm.
Zambia govt upset with USA, Germany envoys for supporting detained *** couple - Zambian Watchdog
Israeli president Peres left Jerusalem for USA Monday night - Zambian Watchdog
Fact is Zambian Watchdog did what State House should have done - told us Sata was headed to XYZ country for ABC purpose.
Zambian Watchdog really did their homework on this "Israeli trip" ka. Folks caught like deer in headlights on this one.
PATHETIC INTERNET SERVICES BY ZAMTEL AND OTHERS. Dear Zambian Watchdog,. Kindly withhold my Identity. I would like...
Nigeria: Bring back our girls, which girls?: Story from the Zambian Watchdog Here are few ...
PF IMMORALITY: NAMULAMBE NEGLECTS HIS NUMEROUS OUT OF WEDLOCK CHILDREN As adulterous Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba was busy condemning the Zambian Watchdog, the Watchdog was busy investigating the immorality and irresponsibility of his deputy Gabriel Namulambe. Watchdog investigations reveal that Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabriel Namulambe has six children out of wedlock but does not support any of them. Instead he is threatening to kill one of his children’s mothers for demanding child support. Even dogs, cats, bluebirds and pigs take care of their children but not the PF minister. One of the children Namulabe has neglected was born to Malambo Hatembo, daughter of Former Home Affairs Deputy Minister in the MMD government Edwin Hatembo. Investigations further reveal that Namulambe has five other children with different women and takes care of none. Namulambe in 2012 started cohabiting with Malambo and in the process sired a child named Temweni Namulambe born at the University Teaching H ...
VERY ALARMING Kabimba tells people to get ready for a by election, even Presidential PF Secretary general Wynter Kabimba has told people of Kasama to be ready for by elections at any level including Presidential and has promised that he would be back into Northern province soon to visit more areas for political mobilization. Addressing PF cadres in Kasama Kabimba said all party structures must unite and start working together everywhere because there were by elections ‘around the corner’, in apparent reference to Kasama lawmaker Geoffrey Mwamba’s pending expulsion from the PF. The other by election Kabimba referred to was the Lukashya seat where GBM’s sister in law, Alfredah Kansembe Mwamba is the current PF MP. PF sources in the area also told the Zambian Watchdog that Kabimba told an indoor meeting that the party must be ready even for a Presidential by election asbut did not state how a Presidential by election would be held when there was already a sitting President, Michael Sata. “The SG t ...
WORKERS BOYCOTT LABOUR DAY, GOVERNMENT WILL PARADE PAID PF CADRES The decision by the opposition UPND to call for boycotting of labour day celebrations this year has caused panic among government officials who have since planned to mobilize PF cadres to march, posing as workers because most unions have agreed to UPND’s call to boycott the day in order to press government to have a human face to workers. Investigations from districts reveal that even though some unions at head office level want to participate in the celebrations, members at grassroots are opposed to the idea because doing so would be endorsing the PF’s bad governance which has drastically affected the workers. And PF insiders have told the Zambian Watchdog that instructions have been sent through district commissioners’ and district offices to parade party cadres as workers. The insiders say the cadres will be paid K200 each in addition to foodstuffs. “Central committee is affected by the planned boycott because we have intelligenc ...
RB STARTS CONTEMPT OF COURT PROCEEDINGS AGAINST M'MEMBE Former President Rupiah Banda has dragged Post Newspaper owner Fred Mmembe and his Post Newspapers to court for contempt of court. Banda has since listed nineteen counts in which he contends Fred Mmembe has committed contempt of court. According to a complaint lodged in the criminal registry of the subordinate court in Lusaka and accessed by the Zambian Watchdog, Rupiah Banda states that on several dates, M’membe wrote and published comments in the Post Newspapers stating that Banda is corrupt even though he has not been found guilty. He said all the 18 editorial comments he is complaining of are capable of prejudicing (influencing judge against him) him in the matters before court as the courts are hearing matters relating to corrupt practices to determine whether the former president was corrupt or not. Banda through his lawyers Makebi Zulu Advocates contends that each of the comments and articles complained of are contemptuous and in contraventi ...
Trust me ZAMBIAN WATCHDOG alongside TB JOSHUA can find the malaysian airplane trust me
Government fails to contain in Prisons | Zambian Watchdog
Dear tycoon whoever u are thank you.U "pay" Pilato,Petersen,the Zambian Watchdog,Impi and many more. :D thumbs up!
Sata says only opposition in Zambia is ZWD- Source - Zambian Watchdog
CUTS says there will be more suffering in Zambia - Zambian Watchdog
Zambian Watchdog wrote: M'MEMBE, NCHITO K14 BILLION LOAN FILE GOES MISSING! How can The court case file go missing just like that?
Kaunda did not unite Zambia, he impoverished it - Zambian Watchdog
Photo of the day: beaten for trying to earn a living - Zambian Watchdog: Photo of the day: beaten for trying t...
IT IS NOT AN INSULT TO STATE THE TRUTH THAT SATA CARRIES A URINE BAG AND GEOFFREY CHUMBWE HAS AIDS When the world was celebrating Easter, the Patriotic Front Lusaka Province and Copperbelt provincial leadership decided to have a joint Press Briefing on Good Friday April 18,2014. The joint briefing co-chaired by Geoffrey Chuumbwe the Lusaka Province PF Chairperson and Studdy Mwale the Chairperson for Copperbelt was to mainly issue threats to the Zambian Watchdog. The PF leadership says this site has been publishing insults against their "beloved" President Michael Chilufya Sata. At this Press Briefing, the PF warned that anyone linked to a Mobile Phone and connected to any internet facility in Zambia and linked to this site will be sorted out. We have questions for people like Kennedy Kamba, Geoffrey Chuumbwe and Studdy Mwale. Is it an insult to reveal Sata carries are a Urine bag when they know it is true? Is it an insult to say President Sata's intellectual capacity is low and cannot understand complex . ...
Zambian Watchdog: PF GIVES ZAMBIANS EASTER GIFT: FUEL PRICES GO UP Fuel prices will go up in Zambia at midnight, in the next few hours. And panic buying has gripped Lusaka and other parts of the country. The Energy Regulation Board has announced an increase in fuel pump prices by 7.22 % for petrol, 8.75% for diesel and 9.54% for kerosene starting tonight, Thursday April 17, 2014. ERB Board Chairperson George Chabwera said in a statement Thursday afternoon that one litre of petrol will now cost k10.63 ngwee from k9.91 ngwee, while a litre of diesel will now cost K10.01 ngwee from K9.20 ngwee. Chabwera says the increases have been necessitated by the depreciation in the exchange rate of the Kwacha. According to Chabwera, pump prices are determined based on the cost of cargo and the exchange rate of the kwacha to the United States dollars, and that if the prices did not change, a significant loss would be incurred on the shipment of the feedstock for the refinery
Students want draft constitution released - Zambian Watchdog
ZAMBIA RAILWAYS STINKING; MD ATTANGA FAILS TO RETIRE OVERDRAWN IMPREST The project to resuscitate Zambia Railways will not yield any tangible results due to rampant abuse of the $120 million Eurobond by company managing director Muyenga Attanga, well placed sources have told the Zambian Watchdog. Last month, Attanga went to India for two and instead of getting the required $6,500 imprest, the thug CEO instructed company Director of Finance Elijah Nyirenda to pay him $14,000 which he has failed to retire and some workers have called on Nyirenda to resign or face disciplinary action from the accounting mother body, the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA). They wonder how Nyirenda, a full member of ACCA can allow himself to be manipulated by a party cadre. “We are afraid that the fruits of the Eurobond will not be seen, that money is being abused with impunity. The DF has allowed himself to be abused by Attanga and we call upon the ZICA and ACCA to discipline their member, because this is dayl ...
Catholic Bishop explains how Sata threatened him on phone - Zambian Watchdog: Zambian WatchdogCatholic Bishop ...
ZAMBIA RAILWAYS MD ATANGA DIVERTS K5,000 TO PF DINNER DANCE Muyenga Attanga, the Zambia Railways MD last Saturday directed the diversion of K5,000 towards a PF dinner dance held at Kabwe’s Misuku lodge. Information reaching the Watchdog indicate that Atanga also abused the company fuel accounts to provide undisclosed litres of fuel to party cadres. Reuben Lungu, the Manager Human Resources is the puppet manager who handed over the money drawn on cheque No. 35052 Zambia national Commercial Bank, Kabwe branch. Lungu is another unqualified puppet manager who is kept in the company and used by Attanga to loot the company and also to employ PF cadres. During the dinner dance, PF Secretary General and useless Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba told the cadres present that PF wanted to be financially independent and stable. Looting public companies like Zambia Railways and Zesco will surely guarantee this financial independence before Zambians ask the party to account for the transgressions. And information re ...
Grand Coalition on Constitution stays put - Zambian Watchdog
Mr. Mulusa too bad that you have decided to betray what you stood for. Most of the people viewed you as a man of integrity and one who was taking Zambia to the path of clean politics unlike insults that we read about on daily tabloids. I personally hold you in high esteem but I'm so disappointed with your current outburst. Surely a man of your nature cannot go to the press and talk ill of someone. If anything you should have been the man to help the two factions in your party MMD. Sad that you have opted to belittle yourself by throwing mad on UPND and the Zambian Watchdog. If anything you should appreciate the role the WD played on you. You were little known in Zambian politics but ZWD sell you through your articles that you used to publish which most people appreciated. It is not too late for you to do damage control of yourself. You cannot surely blame your party president for the loss of parliamentary seats. PF is the party that is growing and has the financial muscle to effectively campaign. Dr. Mum ...
Guys ba airtel should be reportd ku zambian watchdog the way their bundles finish do thes viruses know that its difficult to find money...awe sure
THE WAY I SEE IT: THE MMD DEBATE IS TOO CROWDED WITH OUTSIDE INTERESTS Dear FB Family, Firstly I wish to thank you all for the comments both supporting and advisory/cautionary regarding my political career and the future of the MMD. None of your comments are being perceived as being negative because they all contain advice, caution or warning and are all indicative of the fact that you care about us. The truth of the matter is that our party is in a “political intensive care state” and for many; the options would be either, to jump ship and migrate to other political parties the, UPND, especially or stay and revive the party. I have chosen the latter. This choice has suddenly earned me new enemies who previously pretended to be my friends. The most potent enemy I must admit is the Watchdog that I must sincerely thank for assisting me to be where I am today politically. The Watchdog assisted provide the platform for me to share my thoughts which the Post Newspaper and other government owned media House ...
Market Indicators of the Status of the Zambia Economy - Zambian Watchdog
As to you ba Zambian Watchdog please we beg of you to forgive Hon. Lucky Mulusa for now and not hit back. Give us a week and if he does not heed to our advice. You can then go ahead but for now, please, please, please spare him lol.
Zambian Watchdog SATA, SUDAN LEADER FUNDING OPPOSITION IN MALAWI President Michael Sata and his colleague Sudan’s President Omar Al Bashir, wanted for war crimes, are said to be funding the opposition in Malawi. According to Nyansa Times of Malawi, Bashir is said to have bought two helicopters for Atupele Muluzi, presidential candidate of the opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) to use for election campaign, Nyasa Times understands. Al Bashir is a long-time friend of former Malawi President Bakili Muluzi who happens to be Atupele’s father. Zambian President Michael Chilufya Sata is another leader who is reported to been helping in financing Atupele’s campaign in the last few months. Sata is helping because he feels it’s time to pay back for the help he got from Atupele’s father – Bakili Muluzi when he was campaigning against Rupiah Banda. Bashir was the first head of state to be indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), which accused him of genocide and war crimes in Darfur. He d ...
Zambian Watchdog NEVERS CHALLENGES FIVE MMD TRAITORS TO STEP ASIDE, OR BE FLUSHED OUT MMD president Nevers Mumba says his preoccupation is to deal with the issues affecting the Zambian people despite facing a rebellion in his party. And Mumba challenged the five PF compromised people opposed to his leadership to instead leave the party themselves. Dr. Mumba has told Qfm News in an interview that his focus is to provide leadership to the MMD and prepare the party for the 2016 general election. Dr. Mumba has maintained that the MMD is still a robust and forward moving political party. He adds that it is not the first time the former ruling party has found itself in a situation where party members are holding different views on an issue. Dr Mumba states that it is for this reason that he thinks any problem that arises in the party can only be resolved within the party. And speaking to ZNBC radio 4 yesterday, Mumba said he was going to put his foot down and has since asked the five PF compromised leaders oppo ...
Would you consider it good news if you heard the Zambian Watchdog is unlocked and freely viewable from your computer or phone? Temporarily?
when I read Zambian Watchdog post bout the site been closed, I got so depressed till now when Uncle told me its fools day...whew
Zambian watchdog exposes famous Nipa student with a minister in a sex tape, more info click->
Story on Zambian Watchdog based on Crossfire Blogradio i/v:
VJ puzzled by Sata's culture of reprimanding Ministers - Zambian Watchdog
Finance Bank Zambia will this year list on Lusaka, London Stock exchange – Mahtani | Zambian Watchdog
we don't know! Thou the Zambian Watchdog said his to go for the detox thingy after he vists Brussels
Nevers Mumba preaches morality in African politics - Zambian Watchdog
Investors who bought Zambia's first Eurobond in huge losses - Zambian Watchdog
Govt official issue contradictory statements on state of Kariba dam - Zambian Watchdog
from hoot Financial irregularities in FAZ exposed at AGM - Zambian Watchdog
The zambian watchdog wanted to leak the story of the 2 Veeps meeting Wynter Kabimba-Mr MUHABI LUNGU.Listen in
People say the Zambian Watchdog are mean,take a second to read new vison.LOL the sarcasm in this paper
Here is the Sylvia Masebo tribunal report in full - Zambian Watchdog
BEMBA ROYALS TELL SATA TO REMOVE ARMED POLICE OFFICERS AT CHITIMUKULU PALACE, LAST WARNING The Bemba Royal Establishment has demanded the immediate removal of armed Police Officers who have been deployed at Paramount Chief Chitumukulu’s palace. A representative of the more than fifty headmen has told the Zambian Watchdog that this is a final warning to President Michael Sata to re-deploy the Police Officers somewhere else. ” We are demanding the immediate removal of police officers surrounding Paramount Chief Chitimukulu’s palace.This is a final warning and we are not giving any ultimatum. We met as a group we are were about 30 and have all resolved to issue the final to President Sata” the spokesperson person said. And the spokesperson said they are praying hard for 2016 to come fast so that they teach President Sata and the Patriotic Front a hard lesson. “We are praying that 2016 should come fast so that we teach Sata and his party a lesson. We will campaign day and night to make sure Sata and ...
SATA AND MMEMBE SECRETLY RELEASE AND PRINT ZWD CONSTITUTION TO SELECTED CHIEFS State House Last week released the New Constitution to selected chiefs under the House of Chiefs in order to discredit it. A senior government official says the Post Newspapers may have printed the copies that have been distributed to various chiefs. “People are wondering that the Post Newspapers has in the past week running headlines about chiefs complaining about land distribution in the new constitution. People are questioning where the chiefs saw this constitution from since government says it has not received it. The fact is that it is State House itself that released the constitution. We call it the Zambian Watchdog constitution because it was first released by you. We suspect the copies were printed at Post Newspapers and distributed to a number of Chiefs. The copies were not printed by government printers. It was a secret operation. It must be Post Newspapers” the source said. The source said Mmembe instructs journa ...
CAUGHT: M'MEMBE USING DRAFT CONSTITUTION LEAKED BY ZAMBIAN WATCHDOG TO DUPE CHIEFS Published by Zambia Reports In never ending propaganda against the constitution making process Post Editor Fred M’membe has laid bare his desperation by personally authoring a story that quotes two chiefs one of them Paramount Chief Mpezeni and claiming they have rejected the constitution. M’membe is his warped style attempts to paint a picture that the draft constitution will not be subject to modification by the Zambian people in their collective mighty. Honestly does anyone expect Patriotic Front aligned Paramount Chief Mpezeni and PF chief propagandist M’membe to churn out any objective story on the constitution? Surely, the self righteous M’membe could not just say the chiefs wanted a particular clause removed than raising false alarm. One thing for sure is that M’membe swallowed his immense pride and quoted one of his sworn enemy – the Zambian Watchdog. Below is the full propaganda material. Chiefs reject ...
Andrew Banda granted bail but faces re-arrest February 18, 2014 | Filed under: Breaking News | Posted by: mwami Former President Rupiah Banda’s son Andrew has been granted bail pending appeal by the High Court. Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda granted Andrew Banda a K 10,000 bail with two sureties. At press time Sinda Member of Parliament Levy Ngoma and Muchinga Member of Parliament Howard Kunda were signing bail forms for Andrew. Andrew Banda was on Friday last week sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour for soliciting a two percent commission from Fratelli Locci. Locci who was initially charged with Andrew was turned into a state witness later during trial. This shows that the idea was not to fight corruption but fix Andrew Banda. Locci was told that if he wanted to continue receiving roads construction contracts, he had to testify against Andrew. Meanwhile, reports reaching the Zambian Watchdog indicate that Andrew’s freedom may be short lived as he faces another arrest. A polic ...
All the 1422 councillors in Zambia have not been paid monthly salaries - Zambian Watchdog
Zambian Watchdog GBM GIVES DAILY MAIL 24 HOURS TO RETRACT LIBEL Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has given Anthony Mukwita and his Daily Mail 48 hours to retract the libel they published against him. Mr Mwamba’s lawyer Makebi Zulu has told Mukwita that if he does not apologise and retract the defamation, they will seek justice from the courts of law.
‘’Children were being born in towns without any knowledge or concept of village life. These children produced other children __ compound kids and their concept of development at that time was to follow the white man into shops. These compound kids then became compound adults and ended up, as street vendors, while others became street adults as seen today.’’ ~~Chitimukuklu (Today's Zambian Watchdog )
And the truth is that one of the great contributions to Africa’s non-development is largely due to the fact that an African has abandoned his own cultural heritage and thereby abandoning SELF. And by deliberately refusing to look at himself clearly, he ignores his true SELF; renouncing his individualism, freedom and personality. The African has therefore failed to see his real and true greatness and this actually means “we have lost our very selves.” ~Chitimukuklu (Today's Zambian Watchdog )
ZAMBIAN WATCHDOG TELL THE COUNTRY AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR FORMER CLASSMATES IF YOU ARE EDUCATED - UPND TELLS SATA The United Party for National Development (UPND) has strongly reacted to President Michael Sata's attack on Hakainde Hichilema's parentage by challenging Sata to tell the nation which schools he attended and some names of his former classmates. UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo has said in a statement to that it was Sata who is supposed to prove to the people of Zambia about his origin and educational background. Mr.Lifwekelo said that Sata was demeaning the office of President by being trivial. Full statement below: PRESS STATEMENT The PF Government under the leadership of President Sata has continued to undermine and trivialize the highest office in the land on various pertinent issues affecting the nation. Voting for President Sata and his administration in 2016 will mean demeaning and ridiculing innocent and defenceless citizens such as Hakainde Hichilema at the expense of National dev ...
Katuba and 2016 maybe rigged as Sata bribes ballot printers - Zambian Watchdog
Still wondering why my airtel sim card is still registered under the name of "Zambian Watchdog" lol
I have been bloked by the tribal UPND MOUTHPEACE ZAMBIAN WATCHDOG for telling them the truth.
President Michael Sata’s son Mulenga is reported to have last week received millions of Kwachas in form of bribes from three companies that are participating in the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport expansion programme. A senior member of the PF government has told the Zambian Watchdog that Mulen...
dispatches from Zambia Joy Weller Hoffman shared Zambian Watchdog's photo. This is how the Bauleni compound looks as well. It is very hard to teach the youth to care about their environment (at school for example) when there is no place for the trash to go. We pay to have our trash hauled away, we were shocked to find out that it was being hauled to a place within the compound that looks just like this! Many people living in these conditions choose to either bury or burn their trash. None of these are good alternatives! The government needs to do something!!
Zambian Watchdog wrote: NOW SATA LIES THAT PRISONERS WILL FEED THE COUNTRY After failing to deliver farming inputs to real farmers, ailing dictator Michael Sata is now telling prisoners to produce food so that prices of staple food can reduce. The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) have already declared this year’s farming season as a disaster due to government failure to give farmers fertilisers and seeds. Th...
Worried about their total rejection in Katuba, PF have imported cadres and some plain clothed policemen from neighbouring towns to beef up numbers at ailing dictator Michael Sata’s meetings expected tomorrow to drum up support for PF candidate Big Moze. The party has faced rejection from the Katuba voters for unfulfilled promises and also for picking a thug of Congolese origin to contest the seat, the party’s internal wrangles have also contributed as the Fred Mmembe supported team Wynter Kabimba comprising ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott, Sylvia ‘free for all’ Masebo and Emmanuel Chenda have distanced themselves from the campaigns led by defence minister Edgar Lungu. A State House source has told the Zambian Watchdog that all DCs in the province will attend in addition to the many cadres imported at government expense. Recently the Zambian Watchdog exposed a scam to pay K20,000 to all the over 260 headmen to entice them bring people. PF is also buying voter’s cards from opposition supporter ...
Bank of Zambia Governor Michael Gondwe was last weekend robbed at his house in incident security sources suspect is related to wrangles in the Patriotic Front government. A source from within the security wings has told the Zambian Watchdog that the robbery may have some links to differences between the Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba and Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda on how the Central Bank should be run. “The Bank of Zambia governor Dr. Michael Gondwe was robbed over the weekend at his house in Kalundu. People entered his bedroom while he was sleeping. They took him off the bed together with his wife and they got away with a phone, Ipad and a Diary. There was money in the bedroom but they did not touch it,” the source said. “What is so surprising is that there were armed security officers guarding but we do not know how they entered. They must have worked with BOZ head of security a Mr. Musonda Simwayi whom we are trying to interrogate. We suspect he knows something,” the source s ...
Although we are the biggest media institution in the country, employing over 900 people and having over 60 per cent of the total daily newspaper circulation, we have never forced anyone to support us, to buy and read our newspaper. There will be nothing lost by us if Hakainde does not buy and read The Post. Hakainde has got his own type of media and journalists he likes and respects - the Zambian Watchdog, ex-convict Richard Sakala's newspaper, the Daily Nation, and the products of Chanda Chimba. That's what Hakainde likes and respects. It's fine. He has the right of choice. M'MEMBE telling 2016 incoming Southern Province president, HH.
An edited version of The Post response to Hakainde's attacks Last week Hakainde Hichilema accused us of bullying the people This was Hakainde talking about us last week and this is Hakainde talking about us this week in Livingstone: "The tribal issue that The Post and PF are always talking about is rubbish..." Hakainde asked to meet the editor-in-chief of The Post. It was explained to him how we work and what causes and principles we support, we fight for. We told him that for us, it was not simply a question of supporting or opposing an individual. It was much more a matter of fighting for the same things, principles, ideas, values that brought us on one side or on opposite sides We also showed Hakainde that when Frederick Chiluba anointed Levy as his successor we believed that Levy was put there to come and protect Chiluba and his wrongs. It took time for us to realize that Levy meant well and when the fight against Chiluba's corruption intensified we found ourselves fighting on the same side as comrad ...
I hope this turns out to be a lie, because a lot out there are under the false impression that Emmanuel Mwamba happens to be GBM's confidant and may wish to confide in him over Sensitive information When in fact is not the case but of course a good friend and tribal brother. But again there's no smoke without fire, so for now should be treated with suspicion. And if I was GBM would watch my back. Sata is a good strategist. He knows the cartel hates Emmanuel and thinks removing him away from GBM will leave him exposed. More like trying to kill 2 birds with one stone. By Zambian Watchdog Editor, Former Information Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba has been meeting President Sata and might be sent into foreign service. He came to State House on monday and tuesday. On tuesday, he was seen twice by the boss. On one occasion, even the Vice President was present in boss' office. He looked very desperate for a job and he had an envelope which he took to bossman. He could hardly face us as State House staff and ...
Zambian Watchdog is one of the largest news and current affairs websites in Zambia. Visit for traffic and pricing.
By Zambian Watchdog WHEN WE SAY CHIKWANDA RESIGNED... Readers here will remember that on two occasions we wrote that Finance Minister Chikwanda resigned from his position as Minister of Finance. The last time we wrote that, Minister of Information and Chief government spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya issued a statement refuting the report. Since Zambians easily forget like late Levy Mwanawasa correctly observed, we would like to remind you of the recent happenings regarding former Defense Minister Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM). Had GBM remained in Cabinet, the investigations he and his family are going through would not have seen the light of the day. No they would not have. This is what Chikwanda is scared of. We stated in earlier stories that when Chikwanda first resigned, Michael Sata the President of Zambia blackmailed him and told him that he was going to be investigated over the Kwacha re-basing programme. Sata believes Chikwanda did not come out clean of re-basing programme. We wrote about this story but a ...
I just love zambian watchdog eish.I don't even read Post,Zambia Daily Mail or Times of Zambia.Sheer waste of time Keep it up Watchdog
Zambian Watchdog ALL MEDIA STUDENTS AT HONE FAIL EXAMS All the students who sat for media studies examinations last year at Evelyn Hone College failed their examinations in a move that is unprecedented in the history of the institution. Both Evelyn Hone College and TEVE...
ZAMBIAN WATCHDOG : DOGS ON DUTY-If your WALL FENCE has RED BRICKS you are in trouble.You sleep with Zambian Dogs...
a UK based Vedanta watchdog, has challenged to say how much tax it paid to the Zambian govt over recent years.
What the paper say: Ailing dictator Michael Sata is expected in Katuba to support his thug candidate ‘Big Moze’ in spite of medical advice that he should not do strenuous activities. And Sata is in the process of bribing headmen in an effort to win Katuba parliamentary by-election. On Saturday, Sata is expected to address a rally at Munjuni primary school. State House sources have disclosed that from the time Sata returned from treatment in India and UK a few days ago, he has been spending most of his time receiving treatment from his local medical team but the fear of losing the Katuba seat has pushed him to get out of his sick bed. The rally, just like the usual campaigns he has been holding in other parts of the country where there had been by-elections is expected to last for less than 30 minutes, as he cannot stand for a longer time. Sata’s visit to the vast constituency will be a chance for him to see how his lies have materialised into late agriculture inputs delivery, poor state of the Mungu ...
Who dreams of the other here.Sata or Zambian Watchdog?
The Zambian Watchdog rivets public attention because parliament miserably fails in its constitutional duty as watchdog on the executive.
The Zambian Watchdog reports that all of journalism students at Evelyn Hone have failed the course. I think Hon. Mwansa Kapeya should introduce teaching journalism in "local languages". But I wonder how many would pass an exam in IciBemba or MuChinyanja, or Mwa Silozi. If you fail journalism in English, you can never pass it in Tonga or Kaonde, never.
Ok this is nice and awesome ati '' Zambian Watchdog has just commented on your post''. Nizee
May his soul rest in peace. We miss you and your wisdom “I Watch Emmanuel TV Daily” – Frederick Chiluba Frederick Chiluba, the former president of Zambia, is admonising all to watch Emmanuel TV, saying it is a source of wisdom and inspiration for the nations… His first trip outside Zambia since he was famously acquitted of varying allegations of corruption, Frederick Chiluba has returned to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria, almost 9 years after his first visit when President. The former president, who has been the subject of intense scrutiny throughout his post-presidential era, was a guest of Pastor TB Joshua of the Emmanuel TV fame this Sunday, and witnessed an explosive service at The SCOAN, lasting an extraordinary 10 hours. When asked by an Emmanuel TV reporter his experience of the service, which included the deliverance and rehabilitation of several armed robbers as well as a thanksgiving service for the MVP of the recently concluded FIFA U-17 World Cup, Sani E ...
Who are the admin of Zambian Watchdog?
Okay Sivintu, Zambian Watchdog is making my night.
GOVERNMENT OKAYS ACCIDENTS AS SOLDIERS LOOT ANOTHER GREAT NORTH ROAD SACRIFICE Another CV bus has been involved in an accident on the fatal Great North road seriously injuring passengers on board. Though there has been no death in the accident, government has issued a foolish statement justifying the continued sacrifice of innocent people through road carnage. Eye witnesses told the Zambian Watchdog that a drunken Zambia Army officer cadet Chiliza Mbewe driving a Toyota carina ALE 6378 hit into the Marcopolo bus ABD 3245 coming from Nakonde near Chindwin barracks around 03:00hrs this morning. After the accident, soldiers and their families descended upon the victims and looted property and money which was on the bus. Yesterday, Central province Permanent secretary Edwidge Mutale dismissed ritual suspicions on the rising accidents and said the trend was normal. She was speaking following the Chibombo accident involving another CV transport yesterday which killed five people on the spot, while the driver is ...
Zambian Watchdog SATA SNEAKS BACK AS 5 DIE IN CHIBOMBO AGAIN President Michael Sata has sneaked back into the country after being forced to cut short his medication in India and London. He arrived back at 1440 aboard an Emirates Airline and was received by Acting President Alexandra Chikwanda and Defense Minister Edgar Lungu. It is not known whether the Presidential Challenger is still parked in Dubai. Last time Sata went for medication in India, 50 people died in Chibombo bus accident. Today 5 people have died in a bus accident in the same area.
Zambian Watchdog NURSES GIVEN FINAL DISMISSAL LETTERS government has today dished out dismissal letters to hundreds of nurses, through the Public Service Management Division they gave final dismissal letters to hundreds of nurses across the country. At UTH, nurses gathered in the upper dining room of the main kitchen very early in the morning. Only 27 nurses were reinstated. The nurses have been fired for demanding better pay.
BROKE PF GOVERNMENT FAILS TO OPEN ‘DISASTER’ STADIUM Government has no money to construct access roads to allow for the opening of the Chinese built ‘Disaster’ Heroes stadium in Lusaka in spite of the Chinese government having completed the works over six months ago. A source from the ministry of works has told the Zambian Watchdog that money which was allocated for access roads at the stadium was misappropriated and government had now gone back to the Chinese with a PF begging bowl asking the Chinese to also build access roads. “There was money allocated for roads because that is what the MMD-negotiated contract stated but this money has been channeled somewhere else, maybe Muching province. It is foolish for a donor to assist you with Mealie meal in the hope that you will now look for relish but you again go back to the donor with an empty plate asking for relish, this is how shameless this government is,” said the source. The source further said the debate about the roofing materials used w ...
The difference between Zambian watchdog and post newspaper...u can spend the al day enjoying reading the Zambian watchdog ...and only 30 seconds for post newspaper ... That's how competitive news has become in zambia!
Zambian watchdog will very soon be declared a District. Kikiki
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LAZ STARTS INVESTIGATING KABIMBA'S LAWYER OVER RETIRED CIVIL SERVANTS MONEY The Law Association of Zambia has launched investigations into Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba's lawyer Rabson Malipenga on a matter in which Malipenga together with Kabimba and Justice Permanent Secretary Joseph Akufumba illegally diverted money for Voluntary Separates Association of Zambia Members from Lukona Chambers to Malipenga's Law Firm. LAZ Honorary Secretary Linda Kasonde said in press statement that LAZ is attending to the complaint lodged by the retirees. Kasonde assured members of the public and retirees who were swindled that LAZ is committed to maintaining and improving the standard of all members of the legal profession. The move by LAZ comes after the Zambian Watchdog exposed the scandal in which Kabimba, Akafumba and Malipenga illegally deduct money from the dues of the retirees then share it. The three are using a Siachoke Simazeze whom they have imposed as the Chairperson for retirees association to make sure th ...
And so it is True that HH is Zambian Watchdog ???
Government has done a ‘donchi kubeba’ on Asphalt Roads Zambia (ARZ) by defaulting on the agreed part payment leading the company into annoying financial woes, the contractor has threatened to pull out and sue government. The Zambian Watchdog investigation reveals that ARZ was awarded the controversial 34 kilometre contract on selected urban roads in Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi in which President Michael Sata’s son had a very big hand but after government paid some initial amount, Mulenga got his commission leaving the company with nothing to buy equipment. The company struggled to get some further payments leading to the delay in executing the contract until recently when again a small amount was released but the company was affected by the depreciating Kwacha. The company has incurred debts with foreign companies where they got equipment, they have also incurred huge fuel bills with local companies. Recently the company halted the works in a bid to compel government to pay some more money but now gover ...
cCOPIED STORY.Zambian Watchdog SATA TELLS ZNBC TO LIE THAT HE HAS BEEN IN UK ALL ALONG President Michael Sata may cut short his medical trip and return to Lusaka next weekend. And ZNBC will this evening broadcast lies that Sata is wooing investors in UK. Sata flew to New Delhi in India last weekend from Addis Abbaba. On Monday, he underwent a surgery called Colostomy. But sources at ZNBC have disclosed that today both Sata and George Chellah phoned ZNBC to repeat the same lie that he is in UK trying to woe investors. Sata and his mouthpiece George Chellah commanded ZNBC to air the lie that they are in UK. Security sources also told the Watchdog that, the fact that ZWD kept the nation informed of where Sata has been irked the head of state such that he decided to cut short his stay in India and try to show that he has been in UK. Sources say Sata’s surgery in India was just for one day so he may have been forced to fly to London from India. According to Sources, Sata and his entourage flew to UK today an ...
Who among the Zambian Watchdog reporters lives in Muramba Rd/ Nyati road in Chilenje? Thats according to my Investigations...Internet teinobe.
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