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Zakir Naik

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik (born 18 October 1965) is an Indian public speaker on the subject of Islam and comparative religion.

Dr Zakir Naik Islamic Research Foundation May Allah Important Notice Ahmed Deedat Mahesh Bhatt Mufti Menk Yusuf Estes Maulana Tariq Jameel Holy Quran Prophet Muhammad Saudi Arabia Al Quran

lol now Islamist and liberals have a problem with Ktk gov't banning Zakir Naik and
People in my house always play Dr. Zakir Naik video in FULL VOLUME
I have trust issue with people who adore Dr. Zakir Naik
I object Dr. Zakir Naik comparing Islam with other religions. Let him sell his product, that's his right. But let him not…
I added a video to a playlist According to Qur'an even Non Muslims do Jihaad! Dr. Zakir Naik.
nah, gotcha 😑 i recommended him to check dr. Zakir Naik utube channel
Dr. Abdul Karim Naik, Zakir Naik's father, watching his son delivering lecture at IRF
Lol nah. I can't speak for any of them except Dr. Zakir Naik & he promotes a very extremist view point of Islam.
"If you didn't study Islam,. Please don't say anything about Islam.". Dr. Zakir Naik
You (and Zakir Naik who speaks through yourself) just insulted Ibn Khaldun.
Go and listen Zakir Naik and Zunera Isaq like idots also Mahesh Bhatt a total menatally retarded
I love you I really love you Dr.Zakir Naik
I would love to watch a live debate between justice Katju and Dr. Zakir Naik on science and Islam... Someday In Sha Allah..
Why Some People Are Born Handicapped, Rich, Poor? - Dr. Zakir Naik. Being poor is a blessing for the life after...
Zakir Naik's rhetoric sure is undeniably great. But how Reza Aslan brings and wrap things up as the "internal antithesis" is great too.
if you listen some of the most popular muslim apologist like Zakir Naik and Yusuf Estes you will see how they just
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I added a video to a playlist Brilliant reply to Zakir Naik by Rajiv Malhotra on being Vegetarian in
I liked a video from Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly? - Dr. Zakir Naik
"Islam is the only non-Christian faith that believes in Jesus peace be upon him" - Dr. Zakir Naik
decide anything for us. Our choice is our own free wills. -Dr. Zakir Naik
For example, Mufti Taqi Usmani, a renowned world expert in Islamic finance, i know Sheikh Haitham, Dr.Zakir Naik talk well of him.
I liked a video Bangla FAQ146 to Zakir Naik: Concept about Dr. Dean Ornish's Diet
The new CEO of Google also runs the Islamic Research Foundation in India under the name Dr.Zakir Naik.
Pakistani Shows - Hindu man accepts Islam after listening the answer of Dr. Zakir Naik.
i saw Maulana Tariq Jameel die, and Dr. Zakir Naik go to jail if you can believe that :/
Go watch Dr. Zakir Naik's videos you can always learn something.
FAQ49 to Dr. Zakir Naik: Why many people are against Zakir Naik!! via
FAQ44 to Dr. Zakir Naik: Oxford Union Secretary asking about Hijab! via
Urgent: Important Notice to all Muslims from Dr. Zakir Naik . .Warning. .. A New Version of Quran has been...
do you know of Dr. Zakir Naik or have you hard of him before am Islamic scholar.
Debate: Dr. Zakir Naik vs. Dr William Campbell - The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science Debate
I liked a video from Dr. Zakir Naik vs Nabeel Qureshi: Find out the truth
'Terrorist No. 1' becomes the President of USA! | by Dr Zakir Naik
FAQ107 to Dr. Zakir Naik: Should Zakat be paid every year
Dawood belongs to the same kokani Muslim tribe as Zakir Naik.
"it is a blatant, open secret that this attack on the Twin Towers was done by George Bush himself". ~Zakir Naik
ha ha ha that is what I just explained , I am not like that *** zakir naik to memorize it, let me see after u
I think Zakir Naik would die before saying any part of Islam came from Hinduism.
Plz dont tell me u heard that from Zakir Naik or some equally nutty Hindu counterpart.
The entry of Islam after Cameroonian Asked Is there peace in the world. Dr Zakir Naik
Dr Zakir Naik | Does the Qur'an specifically speak about Hinduism?
but you remember a certain Zakir Naik who read Gita and Bible, Tora etc to confirm his view that Koran is best?
Oh Allah swt help & save Dr Zakir Naik & his companion he a is great man,there are many update about Dr Zakir Naik..
So like just bumped into Dr Zakir Naik at a dolphin show in Dubai.
Every one must watch . Great answer of Dr Zakir Naik about Women,Islam,Hijab And Sania Mirza...
" Doing dawah of islam to non muslims is responsibility of every muslim ". Dr. Zakir Naik
Dr.Zakir Naik is walking Quran listen to it from himself
I like Dr.Zakir Naik, Tariq Jamil & Usmani brothers. I found them better then all
Watch "Dr. Zakir Naik - Can one follow certain aspects of Islam and yet follow Brahmanism?" on YouTube
If Dr Mahathir has control over the oil in Arab, he will rule the world - Dr Zakir Naik
Zakir Naik, who said Muslims can have sex with female slaves, gets Saudi Arabia's highest honour -
A man asked Dr Zakir Naik to prove heaven & *** . This 15 minutes video have many points to learn. Share your...
Watch "Is the Qur'an grammatically correct? - Dr Zakir Naik" on YouTube
Zakir Naik's Christianity debates are so yesterday
wat?! A non-muslim cannot preach his religion in any of these countries. Ppl lyk Zakir naik preaches his religion freely here.
How to give Dawah to different sects of Islam? Dr Zakir Naik via
Dr. William Campbell gets destroyed by Dr. Zakir Naik on scientific errors in the Bible MUST WATCH!!.
An Exclusive Meeting going to held today between Maulana Tariq Jameel and Dr. Zakir Naik from in Makkah,
your country is blessed with scholars like Dr. Zakir Naik. Ask him through email or something
I added a video to a playlist Best Answer Allah Akber - Old man challenges Dr. Zakir Naik (2012)
Is Ramadan Taraweeh 8 or 20 Rakats ( Dr. Zakir Naik ) is a free social network and payment platform tha...
you can have a public debate with Dr.Zakir Naik,whom you Hindu fanatics hate very much, on this matter!!!
Can one islamic organisation just bring Zakir Naik or Ahmed Deedat or Mufti Menk to nigeria this ramadan? Aah!
I liked a video Urdu/Hindi: Din e Haq Conference at Kolkata by Dr. Zakir Naik | 2005 (Unedited)
Rahul Easwar asking Brilliant Question to Dr:Zakir Naik in kerala - Play and Share Youtube...
Which is the most stylish celebrity? — Dr. Zakir Naik
Dr. Zakir Naik can explain it probably! We should ask him cause he knows everything starting from the big bang...
I liked a video Transparent Houries (Urdu) Challenge to Zakir Naik by Rev. Dr. Samie Samson
Get a grip! If you want to get more details, Watch Dr.Zakir Naik in Youtube
Muslim Jihadist Accepted ''Jesus is God'' and Zakir Naik, Br. Imran and Ahmed Deedat (IPIC) ashamed
If only this world have a hundred person like Ahmed Deedat and Zakir Naik
What is the Difference between Zakir Naik who name calls Lord Ganesha and who name calls Lord Hanuman!
"If Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad controls the oil in Arab, he'll control the whole world". -Dr. Zakir Naik-
Even though I left islam, I still like Dr. Zakir Naik, he reminds me of our ancestors
Dr. Zakir Naik style of salah for man and women.flv
ma'm why dont you refer Dr. Zakir Naik speeches, hope that would be relevant forr your doubts…
I liked a video from Atheist Brother Was Satisfied and Accept Islam - Dr. Zakir Naik
sure. I listen to Dr Farhat and Zakir Naik, neither have explained to cover face. Do you know more than them?
"Al-Quran is not a book of science, but its a book of signs" - Dr. Zakir Naik
"If you didn't study islam, please don't say anything about islam"- Dr. Zakir Naik
Oxford University invites the likes of Dr.Zakir Naik but cancel Dr.Swamy's lecture.
"My life mission is unite muslims with Al Quran and Authenthic Sunnah". - Dr. Zakir Naik, . King Faisal International Prize 2015.
poor Christian man's Zakir Naik, trained in the mystical arts of 'healing with a hiss' & media targets Nirmal baba
why Islam is divided into several groups? (Dr. Zakir Naik): via
Social media is very effective,Muslims should use this media to spread the truth of Islam. - Dr.Zakir Naik
Hindu Brother Shankaracharya SpeaksAbout Islam - Dr. Zakir Naik: hinu brother talking about the goodness of Islam.
Why Pork Is Forbidden For All - Dr. Zakir Naik: why pork is forbidden to all also to christians according the bible
mashaAllah a successful talk. Many thanks to The Oxford Union for giving Dr. Zakir Naik the opportunity and...
Dr. Zakir Naik would be proud of this lodhu!
Dr. Zakir Naik's show on Peace tv is worth watching. MASHAALLAH.
Dr. Zakir Naik - Speech today in for King Faisal Award
Mufti Men, Dr. Zakir Naik and other scholars are winning life tbh.
I liked a video Dr. Zakir Naik - Islamic Personality of the Year 2013_EXCLUSIVE Award Ceremony 29th
I liked a video The life after Death is proven logically by Dr. Zakir Naik
Just watched a video by Dr. Zakir Naik explaining "Jihad". But sad that so called fanatics have made it "Fasaad" more. Jihad =to strive.
I liked a video Amazing Subhanallah | Dr. Zakir Naik in Lulu Hypermarket | Must Watch
Muslims are more 'christians' than a christian! Why? When? Dr. Zakir Naik: via
. I LOVE YOU So Much @ Dr. Zakir Naik.. insha ALLAH even i will be...
Oct 22, 09): Alhamdulilah, All praise is due to Allah Almighty, we have added 19 new videos to the collection of Dr. Zakir Naik. plz visit
Dr. Zakir Naik stays roasting people in a live audience, It's so funny yet so humbling
i suggest to all believers of their relegion to please watch all albums of Dr. Zakir Naik
Time for Zakir study comparative religion :)
I do not completely agree with this " Open Letter to Dr. Zakir Naik … "
Please sign this petition to arrest radical Zakir Naik's ' Islamic Research Foundation '
I liked a video Shocking news of Zakir Naik questioned in Sri Lanka & he fails to prove his argument
The unstoppable forces of IRF. Hussain Yee, Zakir Naik, Muhammad Salah and Yusuf Estes. Now that's cool and real swag
"Politicians dont add fuel to the fire. They put fire into the fuel.". -Dr. Zakir Naik
Dr. Zakir Naik is indeed an amazing, a wise n gifted person! I feel ashamed of myself somehow...huhuhu
If listening Music is haram then where it stated in Holy Quran? Dr. Zakir Naik (Urdu)
throw in a bit of Zakir Naik at noon & Nirmal Baba in the morn-this bugger deserves it!
. Please watch vedios of Dr. Zakir Naik "is Terrosim muslim monoply" u wil understand how they drag Islam to this.
Dr. Zakir Naik - Ask and Challenge, Know more About Islam. Please click below...
Muslims worship and bow to none but Allah. - Dr. Zakir Naik
The University of The Gambia confers the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters (Honoris Causa) to Zakir Naik
Plans of Wahabis in promoting Wahabism Noman Ali Khan through the Tafsir of Quran, Ismail Menk through general topics Zakir Naik through comparison of Religion Bilal Phiips through online university Abu Musab through misquotations in lectures Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, look for the background before you fall into their traps
Is understanding the Qur'an meant only for the scholars? by Dr Zakir Naik
The etiquettes of reciting the Qur'an by Dr Zakir Naik
it is our Islam that defies ur hinduism in hindustan by Dr.Zakir.Naik. Ur al pundits got no logic
DR. ZAKIR NAIK 25 WAYS TO ENTER JANNAH (PARADISE) All want to enter Jannah but are we sincerely striving for it? There are multiple ways to attain the pleasure of Allah SWT and enter His Jannah. Allah SWT has made it easy for us to enter His Jannah but some of us forget this due to an 'attachment' to this temporary worldly life! Following are the 25 ways or good deeds to enter the Jannah. Remember, these are not the 'only' 25 ways and there should be 'sincerity' and 'consistency' in doing these deeds. 1. Whoever meets Allah without ascribing anything to Him will enter Jannah. (Bukhari) 2. Whoever believes (has Imaan) in Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him), and establishes the prayer and fasts in the month of Ramadan, it is incumbent upon Allah that He enters him in Jannah. (Bukhari) 3. Whoever builds a Masjid seeking by it the Pleasure of Allah, Allah will build for him a similar place in Jannah. (Bukhari) 4. Whoever prays the two cool prayers (Asr and Fajr) will enter Jannah. (Bukhari) 5. Whoever ...
Understand the Qur'an besides reading it by Dr Zakir Naik
In a country when Muslims are a minority, they demand more and more privileges and rights for minorities from the host country. When their number grows by birth or immigration, they want to impose Sharia rule. When they become the majority, they start bringing death and destruction to the host nation and start ethnic cleansing. This is the worst type of disloyalty and hypocrisy. Is not this the same what Muhammad did to the early Meccans? When he was weak, he brought down verses, which were non-violent. He even uttered some verses, which praised the pagan gods (i.e. the satanic verses) to make the Meccans happy. But when he became powerful, his darker side began to emerge and the Qur’anic verses started losing their beauty. Once he conquered Mecca, he showed his true color to everyone – either convert or die by the sword. Though the concerned governments, such as those in the West, spend billions to protect their citizens from Islamic jihadis, the policy-makers often fail to see this point. They are m ...
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Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is prophesied in Christianity Judaism & Hindu scriptures {Dr Zakir Naik}
A public talk by Dr Zakir Naik explaining about the similarities between Hinduism and Islam supporting it by evidences from Quran and Hadith and the Holy Scr...
I'd be stoked if David Wood or Sam Shamoud debated Dr. Zakir Naik, just to see Zakir choke in his deceiving lies.
I added a video to a playlist Dr.Zakir Naik –Prophet Muhammad( pbuh )in Various Religious
I liked a video How to perform Wudu Ablution - Dr Zakir Naik
Dr Zakir Naik - The Logical Son of an Illegitimate Allah. now pls stop trolling. thank you.
"The way he answered this question really inspires me. Dr. Zakir Naik?
i think u r well qualified enough to understand Mr Zakir Naik. plz listen him..
I've chosen a hafiz to teach me and be my reference in doubt. So please save the Zakir Naik quotes for yourselves.
Are u serious? Zakir Naik is banned from entering UK as he falsely Compares all religions to make Islam look gr8
if u have any Questions about ISLAM plz contact Mr Dr Zakir Naik
How a city bred Muslim girl transforms into a Burqua clad spokesperson after being indoctrinated by Zakir Naik
Yes, that is the problem. People like Zakir Naik, Anjem Choudary, MoAnsar, etc mislead the gullible believers.
Sir, whatever Anjem Chaudhary or Zakir Naik preach, do u think that's ISLAM or is there a toned down version of it?
One of the two ppl from whom I learnt a lot.One was him and the other was Dr.Zakir Naik.Helped clear a lot of misconceptions.
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n Dr Zakir Naik is a great scholar, but he follows a particular school of thought whose boundaries he'll never cross.
Someone needs to tell this person about Zakir Naik, whose tolerance for PDA is far lower than Shiv Sena's.
I love Dr Zakir Naik do you love him ?.
Why are you promoting the words of a demonstrated liar and racist like Zakir Naik?.
Ahaa kak dari video Dr Zakir Naik. Ohyaa. I think u should try thiss. Ni link …
Moving true story of girl who left for
I liked a video Dr Zakir Naik talks about Dr Mahathir
Has Zakir Naik joined IS yet or is he awaiting some honourary post?
I don't like Dr Zakir Naik :P well I will always support IK. I trust and believe him. .that's Neva gonna changw
We have our own Zakir Naik, so why don't u listen to him instead?
1. Dr Zakir Naik challenged the Pope, to have a debate with him about Islam/Christianity. Naik said that if the Pope wins, h…
The story of Murcyleen Peerzada & how this B'wood aspirant turned into a public orator on Islam w/ Zakir Naik's IRF.
sahih international is the must recommended by Zakir naik
bhagat is required to counter Zakir naik. U can't fight Islam with atheism. People need hope, which they get from faith.
kindly listen to the words of Dr Zakir Naik about democracy an all
Quran is an update from the Old testament. You should listen to Zakir Naik :)
that's why we must watch Ahmad Dedat, Yusuf Estes, Zakir Naik, Kamal Saleh.etc
lol. Na i still don't hear it. Mufti Menk has softer tone vs Zakir Naik stronger tone with strong indian accent.
Without a visual, Mufti Menk and Zakir Naik sound identical. Same voice and manner of speaking.
PEACE is the only salvation to HUMANITY. No God No Peace and Know God Know Peace.(Dr Zakir Naik)
If exposure of body is modernism,then are more than . Dr.Zakir Naik .
Dr. Zakir Naik is of course an extraordinary 'scholar'. The man can derive Quantum Mechanics from Quran. ;) .
I feel pity when people call Dr. Zakir Naik a scholar. Some of his logic are nothing but so hilarious. One of his...
Dear PM please stop Dr.Zakir Naik of peace foundation u.k based he is very dangerous for country.
I liked a video from Ask Huda Special with Dr. Zakir Naik, Dr. Muhammad
'What is the Purpose of Our . Life ? by Dr. Zakir Naik.
"If showing your body is modernization then animals are the most modernized creatures on Earth" --- Dr.Zakir Naik
25 verses which prohibits Waseelah as claimed by Dr Zakir Naik.
Hazrat Aisha was 19, not 9 at marriage time? by Dr Zakir Naik
Dr.Zakir Naik '' Where are the dead people and what has happened to them''??.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Dr Zakir Naik Fan shared the following link and had this to say about it: We Worship None But One True God - ALLAH
Detailed Explanations by Dr Zakir Naik about Palestine occupation by Israel Must watch and share
The Benefits of Qiyaam-ul-Layl in Ramadhaan by Dr Zakir Naik All the advantages, all the blessings, all the excellence which are there, which I spoke in the ...
And tell this suar born dat Zakir Naik was never born into Hindu fam! No Hindus convert voluntarily to Islam
Can anybody tell about which lecture Dr Zakir Naik is speaking ?
No one have knowldge like zakir naik . I ve not seen any one in this world like him . May Allah bless him long life .
In Islam, a woman is considered as a homemaker... She is not considered as a housewife, because she is not married to the house. :) - Dr Zakir Naik
Dr Zakir Naik Historic Debate -- A public Debate by Dr Zakir Naik on the topic Islam and the 21st century at the Oxford Union, United Kingdom. PLEASE VISIT O...
Dr Zakir Naik, is one of the most prominent Islamic scholars of today. "Ma sha ALLAH none to stand in front of him Battling verbally against Islam".
Walla! : Women will get men with big beautiful eyes in paradise, says Dr Zakir Naik:
May Allah bless Dr Zakir Naik for helping convert 15 people in one session. (Sorry, this video is in Hindi)
"The devil is chained up during Ramadan, but only for those who fast" - Dr. Zakir Naik
Shaykh Tahir is my beloved orator followed by Shaykh Ninowy. I used to listen to Zakir Naik, till 2006 when he...
Zakir Naik also attracted to Vedas . Will also get absorbed. No religion can survive after acknowledging Hinduism.
What r U? B serious on religion Shabana g. We are going to face Our Creator...hope u hve mind use it. C Dr.Zakir Naik Peace TV
Update your maps at Navteq
Islam doesn't permit you to use the wrong mean to achieve the right goal" - Dr Zakir Naik.
How u forget Peace TV Zakir Naik. This hungry man also blieves and preach u will get 72 virgin in jannat.
People like Dr. Zakir Naik openly preach supremacy & intolerance in the name of salafi interpretation of the holy texts.
I hope Mahesh Bhatt is also banned in UK. Zakir Naik, who defends Cow Slaughter is a Traitor of India.
The length of time one should offer the Qiyaam-ul-Layl Dr Zakir Naik: There are various Hadith talking about it...
qtv, ..any Dr Zakir Naik show.madni tv is actually hilarious and pretty entertaining so don't watch that. PeaceTV ..
Dr Zakir Naik is a modern day prophet obviously not in the respect and league of our prophets but a great muslim for sure!
16 What is meant by the term Makrooh? by Dr Zakir Naik
My bro is taking the *** out of zakir naik's jack ups and my mum is shouting its sunnah and my bro is like but theyre still jack ups
I liked a video from an atheist Tried To Make Debate With Dr.zakir Naik- All Atheist Must
Zakir naik is mainstream moderate voice of Muslim who glorifies one above others.while praveen togadia r nt accepted by anyone
Listening to "Urdu Peace Conference - Inaugural Speech by Dr. Zakir Naik (in Urdu)" on ilmStream app. Follow us at
do you still remember sharing stage with goty zakir Naik?
"Secular" Mahesh Bhatt supporting Zakir Naik who was banned in UK due to his hate speeches.
Is offering Qiyaam-ul Layl individually better than offering it in congregation? by Dr Zakir Naik
I suggest Arnab to invite Dr. Zakir Naik as a panelist from now on, "brother has asked a good question, the holyQuran says in chap x vrs y"
Conditions which make Zakaat an obligation ᴴᴰ ~ Dr Zakir Naik: via
I liked a video from What does Qur'an actually mean? by Dr Zakir Naik
dont cry if u want that shield follow Dr. Zakir Naik and accept u were hindu nd tell this to every person near by u
Nadvi-who? . Few years back we had asked similar questions, Zakir Naik-who? Owasi-who? And now we know 'who' they are?
according to Zakir Naik U all are HINDU , so plz follow his word and back to ur religion
Dr. Zakir Naik only needs 112 reverts to. complete 50,000 Reverts through. him.
PLease Must watch this video Dr Zakir Naik Exposing Isrealians You would Seriously love this video Million...
Some Zakir Naik bots r now trolling me. 'Islam is peace, true religion. Hinduism is actually Islam.' How does Allah tolerate these people?
Filthy liar Zakir Naik *** in his pants when he hear name of //
listen sir:. Women Challenging Zakir Naik on Polygamy !. "Marriage in Islam".
Conditions which make Zakaat an obligation by Dr Zakir Naik
Hindu comments on Dr. Zakir Naik's lecture on Hin…:
My favorite islamic commentator of all time. Dr. Zakir Naik
Best recomended to watch his video on youtube Dr Zakir Naik
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When did GOD originate? Maybe I can't answer that questions. But Dr Zakir Naik can answer from Al-Qur'an source
'If you want to learn about Islam, go study Islam, don't study the muslims. Islam is perfect, muslims are not.' -Dr. Zakir Naik
Evolution of science in the light of the Holy Quran. A magnificent book by Dr. Zakir Naik
Who is Zakir Naik?. What are his views abt Our Beloved Prophet SAW & His grandson Imam Hussain AS?. .
I liked a video Can we Eat and Drink until Fajr Adhan ends in Suhoor(sehri)? ( Dr. Zakir Naik )
If the label shows your intent, wear it. Is today's leacture by Dr. Zakir Naik wish him best of luck.
FULL - How to Read and Understand the Quran - Dr. Zakir Naik: via
Don't miss Lecture by Dr. Zakir Naik on topic "If the Label Shows Your Intent, Wear It" TODAY at 10:40pm
A special live episode of Understanding Islam at the International Peace Convention from Dubai, Featuring Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, Dr. Zakir Naik and Mufti ...
India: Ban on Peace TV will be lifted soon: Zakir Naik
in their books terrorism is Muslim monopoly however Dr. Zakir Naik has given spicy indigestible answer to them!
How to counter Dr. Zakir Naik about "God has no idol"?. He quotes from Upanishad.
Concepts of God by Dr. Zakir Naik. Find it, because it will really benefit you. Especially the non-muslims (Christians, atheist etc).
I can't take Dr. Zakir Naik seriously after what I've just read
Anyone who has misconception abt terrorism must listen to Dr. Zakir Naik (Is terrorism Muslim monopoly) speech on YouTube or buy DVDs
“Let me remind you that the Qur'an is not a book of Science, 'S-C-I-E-N-C-E' but a book of Signs, 'S-I-G-N-S'. -Dr. Zakir Naik
Anyone who has misconception about Islam either Muslim or non-Muslim must consult with Dr. Zakir Naik or listen him on YouTube.
I added a video to a playlist Reality of Anthropomorphic Concept of God in Hinduism - Dr. Zakir Naik
I also saw 1 of Dr.Zakir Naik post where he was sayn, telling each other Jummmubarak is Bid'ah.May Allah forgive our sin. Ameen
Zakir Naik rebuts it and claims it to be an Islamic invention (plagiarism counts as an invention)
Indian Muslim ll not act like mugals jab tk vo power Mei nhi coz we r just infiedels for them nd wud b wt Dr.zakir naik(atnki) says
If exposing your body signifies modernism, then animals are more modern compared to human - Dr. Zakir Naik
Debate of Dr Zakir Naik with Etheist boy
Imagine if you forward this message, how many people will benefit and complete the Qur’an. Dr Zakir Naik.
Alcohol and Pork is prohibited in the Qur'an and in the Bible - by Dr. Zakir Naik
sorry to burst your bubble but Harun Yahya is just another charlatan like Zakir Naik who makes money off ignorant people
Zakir Naik: When the bomb blast took place,why are the muslims blamed?
please see Dr. Zakir Naik videos about Islam and all the major religions
Sharing Asad Owaisi Speech is Better Than Sharing Dr Zakir Naik Debates and Speech. The Second one will make you Of the Manhujj..!
Dr Zakir Naik delivering a speech on the topic "Why the West is coming to Islam?" conducted at Darul Ehsan Club, Kuala Lampur,Malaysia on the 22nd of October...
How Zakir Naik cherry picks verses out of context to fool people. here he is exposed .Only truth seekers may watch this . Matthew 1:23 - "Behold, the virg...
YOUTUBE! Dr. Zakir Naik. Theres a lot of question about islam,kristian, buddhis, atheist etc answered by him. :) May Allah give all of us HIDAYAH. Biiznillah.
" if you didn't study about islam, please dont say anything about islam" Dr. Zakir Naik
I liked a video 5.Dr. Zakir Naik, Shahrukh Khan, Soha Ali Khan on NDTV with Barkha Dutt
Dr Zakir Naik clarifies the misconceptions about Islam, and describes how peaceful the religion of Islam is. He clears the air about the subjugation of women...
“Zakir Naik. Zakir Adidas”. LOL okay okay this one was funny 😂
Zakir Naik like comparative studies, there are many who follow his style and love to compare Islam and Christianity. Here you have opportunity to do this on live TV show. Live questions and live answers. Every Wednesday night 8pm Pakistan time only on
Islamic answer to atheists that God exists, Zakir Naik: via
thank you very much ya akhi...for every zakir naik lover...this is the kind of people he jnvites to his PEACE TV
u should better attend the lecture of Dr Zakir Naik an authentic muslim scholar who would answer ur stupid question
Seeking Knowledge in the Light of Islam by Dr Zakir Naik | Part 3 | Q&A
Saylani: Dr Zakir Naik was brought 2 me aftr his speech in Jeddah 4 saying Hur'lin s Male&Female.He said its in tafsir ibnKat…
I wish I could understand the mysteries of the universe as much as Zakir Naik understands it.
Brother Zakir Naik explains why Allah(SWT) in his wisdown has made halal for muslims, sex with slaves and women captured in war. Brother says that this seemi...
Dr Zakir Naik can proove from the bible that jesus is not god. Category: Education
Zakir Naik is fantastic, but hard to follow when he talks quickly.
Mahqool has been sending me videos about Dr Zakir Naik for ages just watched a few now just wow
The disgustingly vile Zakir Naik. "Why sex with women captured in war is halal in Islam"
Dr Zakir Naik talks are powerful and amazing 👌 Mashallah
I liked a video from Concept of God in World Major Religion by Dr Zakir Naik | Part 1
A lot of things Zakir Naik says offends me on a very deep level, but I don't grant myself this license
A man said, during Zakir Naik's concert, that he was not a Muslim. He didn't mock anyone, got* attacked.
Supper answer by Dr. zakir Naik About Hijab must see
So many questions on Islam! Don't know whom to ask...! Confidently "Dare to Ask" Dr. Zakir Naik. Get satisfactory answers to questions you dare not ask other...
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Dr Zakir Naik will leave u speechless.
Dr. Zakir Naik claims that Muhammad's name can be found in Song of Solomon 5:16, which reads: "His mouth is full of sweetness. And he is wholly desirable. This is my beloved and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.” According to Zakir Naik, since the Hebrew word translated as "wholly desirable" (machmadim) sounds like the Arabic name "Muhammad," the word should actually be translated as "Muhammad." Yet if we follow Naik's reasoning, we must conclude that since the Hebrew word for "mouse" is akbar, we should translate the Arabic sentence "Allahu Akbar" as "Allah is a mouse"! Why aren't Muslims embarrassed that their top apologists are using arguments which, if taken seriously, would prove that their god is a rodent? How desperate do Muslims have to be when their arguments are this hopelessly flawed?
Halalsurf India,. Dr Zakir Naik one of fan for . Thank you. Ameer Majid. New Delhi
ji can you stop Dr.zakir naik who is spreading news that only islam is religion of god .
These people think they're zakir naik uno
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
An emotional question posed to Zakir Naik..
2+2=4. And the zakir naik won the debate... (This is the talent of naik)
I wish I can be like Ust Zakir Naik when he give his speech about Islam.
Shame on those hanafees who invent lies about Dr. Zakir Naik to defame him.
Is the Method of Salaah the Same for Men and Women, for Hanafi and Shafi'i? - Great Answer by Dr. Zakir Naik [MUST WATCH]
Scientific errors in Bollywood songs explained by Brother Zakir Naik. Error In the song- 'Ishq samandar dil...
Lol Why does Dr. Zakir Naik not have more than one wife- - Dr. Zakir Naik Young Dawah
If he is terrorizing the terrorists, if he is terrorizing America the terrorist.I'm with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist. Zakir Naik
hmm its nt abt cracks ! Even the yoga guru Failed to have debate with Dr.Zakir Naik.. Dont b ignorent. cme towrds light
to learn smthing u need will. Get some authentic scholar book n lt me mk it mr esy watch Dr.Zakir Naik
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