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Malik Zahid sb and rana sb we Sada Hussain card vasool karty howy
let her know that Zahid Hussain looking for , I will appreciate it very much,huss53Thank you.
Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum (PBIF) President and former provincial minister Mian Zahid Hussain...
A recent photo taken of Dr. Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri this evening in his office at The Minhaj University.
Dr. Hassan will deliver the keynote address at the 'Zikr-e-(AS) Conference' at Victoria in
Thank you zahid Hussain. for sharing a piece of history which we know so little of .. Very interesting
A book of a thousand thousand words begins with a single letter. - Zahid Hussain.
Zahid Hussain, Ahmad Bilal, Gen Qayum & Ansar Abbasi, agree that Govt.'s response to Indian aggression has been very responsible.
Pakistan has responded in the best manner to India; there was no better way possible, says Zahid Hussain with
Best Tributes To Imam Hussain (RA) Is to Strengthen our Resolve, says Geelani via
Modi’s new battle lines & their implications for the region by Zahid Hussain
Yesterday Ch Zahid Hussain Rajput Celebrating victory of PFA at The lahore Chamber of commerce
Some Pak analysts are beginning to get it. Read last 2 paras by Zahid Hussain: 'Modi’s new battle lines'
Hey Zahid Hussain thanks for the follow! Be sure to check out my blog
The instrument is less important than the mind that wields it. . - Zahid Hussain.
Pak-India tensions to hit economy of both countries: Mian Zahid Hussain
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Info:. ...First chief of Staff of armed forces was General Tikka Khan. ...First governor State Bank was Zahid Hussain. Rahman ali
Congratulation. We've won the conv.allowance case all teachers r eligble to draw allowance in summer vacations. Israr, zahid hussain, M Hanif
Jawad Ahmed Zahid Hussain. Guys... read all those comments... so hilarious... we are so creative when it comes to...
A compelling read about the history of and Thanks for sharing Zahid Hussain Syed
Read the latest blog from member Zahid Hussain The one secret you need to master social media
Member Blog: The one secret you need to master - By Zahid Hussain
Reforming the United Nations | Zahid Hussain | CSS Current Affairs. IT is indeed a seminal year for the United...
Ribbon cutting ceremony of Borjan Men's Formal Footwear Exhibition by CEO of Borjan "Mr.Zahid Hussain" along...
Zahid Hussain from Skardu Baltistan, a young Pakistani energy professional in South Korea was crowned as a...
Zahid Hussain speaks truth & it's time to appreciate MQM factor in Sindh .
1/2 Our Creative Director, Zahid Hussain, has received an award for the campaign
Mr.Zahid Hussain was the 1st Governor of the State Bank of Pak. Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan was the 1st W0man Provincial Governor in Pak
One of our very dear hero's, Lt. Talha Zahid Nov. 2009 joined Pak Army in 124th PMA L/C. In Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, his performance was tremendous, afterwards in 2011 he was sent to British Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to represent Pak Army where he proved his mettle as well. April 13, 2012 Talha won Sword of Honor as the best overseas cadet in Royal Military Academy's annual passing out parade. Coming back to Pakistan, he joined his father Col. Zahid Hussain's 21 Punjab regiment and is now participating as a responsible officer in operation Al-Meezan
ISLAMABAD: Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Kashmir affairs and Gilgit Baltistan and member sub-committee on Higher Education Commission (HEC) Ch. Hamid Hameed visited International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) on Friday and reviewed progress of the PSDP funded projects at university. He was also accompanied with member National Assembly Shazia Ashfaq. A detailed briefing and presentation about university and progress of the PSDP funded projects was given by the Rector IIU Dr. Masoom Yasinzai to Ch. Hamid Hameed and Shazia Ashfaq. The briefing was also attended by Acting President IIU Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan, Director General IIU Gulzar Ahmed Khwaja, Director Finance IIU Khurshid Alam, Acting Director Planning and Project Dr. Amir Ishtiaq, Director (P&D) HEC Zahid Hussain and various officials of university and HEC. Rector IIU and Director Planning and Project both apprised about progress regarding development of infrastructure at IIU during briefing. Participants of the briefing were told abo ...
To my beloved manager Mr. Shafqatullah Siddiqui I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this recent promotion. It’s an incredible opportunity; one that I have worked toward and desired for some time. Your willingness to go to bat for me with upper management means a great deal to me. I highly value your trust, and will work hard to keep it. Your direction and advice have been extremely beneficial to me. You have helped me to build upon my professional strengths, and to increase my efficiency in weaker areas. & i am also thankfull to my ex managers/colleagues Mr. Kanwar Shahid Kazim , Zafar Iqbal Minhas ,Osama Alvi , Shamshaer Alam Rao Zulfiqar Ali Mohammad Shahzad Sohail Khan,Faraz Ahmed Mughal, Usman Faisal , Amjad Hussain Adeel Munaf, Farhan Razzak Muhammad Wajahat Ali & Zahid Hussain for all of your help. I am truly grateful for your support at all time.
The minister said non-transparency in financial and administrative affairs of NADRA would not be tolerated and sought an explanation from the former acting chairman NADRA Brigadier (Retd) Zahid Hussain as to why he gave a 10 per cent raise in the salaries of employees during his some hours long tenure as acting chairman. “If the answer was not found satisfactory, board would be requested to initiate disciplinary action,” he said. He also announced to withdraw 10 per cent raise and another 15 per cent announced during former chairman NADRA Tariq Malik’s tenure. “NADRA’s 71 per cent income goes to salaries and you have made it a political recruiting agency,” he said, adding that bonuses and pay raises were announced by former heads whenever they wanted. He said that NADRA was not above the law. He disclosed that hundreds were recruited in NADRA despite a ban during his government ‘s tenure and incumbent acting chairman did not have the exact figure how many were recruited during last governmen ...
This needs to STOP...must read and this what out present Govt. True face is. A right royal mess Zahid Hussain (18 Dec 2013) IF anything has changed in Nawaz Sharif’s style of governance in his third term in office, surely it is for the worse. Not only has the government increasingly become a family enterprise, its ineptness is getting more glaring by the day. The high-profile launch of the prime minister’s daughter in public office marks further strengthening of the family hold over power. Maryam Nawaz is, however, not the only second-generation Sharif being groomed for leadership. Hamza, the eldest son of Shahbaz Sharif and a member of the National Assembly, has already been given important administrative responsibilities in Punjab as his father gets more and more involved in running affairs in Islamabad. He is virtually acting as the de facto chief minister. It is all in the family when it comes to taking important policy decisions. The two Sharifs with in-law Ishaq Dar form the main power nucleus. ...
KARACHI: Three men, including a worker of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, were shot dead in the old city area on Tuesday, police said. The incidents occurred in Garden and Agra Taj Colony where rival groups fired into the air following the killings, causing injuries to others. Shaukat Ali, 25, a motor mechanic by profession, was sitting at his shop in Azeem Plaza, Garden when gunmen opened fire on him and fled. A man, Sajjad, who was there to get his vehicle repaired, also sustained bullet wounds. They were taken to the Civil Hospital Karachi where Shaukat was pronounced dead. The killing sparked tension in the locality as shops and other commercial activities were closed. In another incident in Garden, a vendor, Shahjehan Baloch aka Badshah, 65, was shot dead. Police said that he was sitting on a chair near his pushcart to sell sweets when gunmen killed him and fled. Stray bullets hit a woman, Rubina, 30, in Usmanabad causing injuries to her. Garden DSP Zahid Hussain believed that the murders might be the ...
Zahid Hussain le! this is sorta the ending i had in mind they should just kill Shanks! it'd be the Awesomest ending ever :p
North Nazimabad - Town Profile North Nazimabad Town is a small densely populated town in the northern part of Karachi, named as such in reference to it being north of the suburb of Nazimabad. The town is bordered by New Karachi Town to the north across the Shahrah-e-Zahid Hussain, Gulberg Town to the east across the Gujar Nala stream, Liaquatabad Townto the south, and SITE Town to the west. The population of North Nazimabad Town was estimated to be about 500,000 at the 1998 census, of which 99% are Muslim. There are several ethnic groups including Urdu speaking,Punjabis, Sindhis, Kashmiris, Seraikis, Pakhtuns, Balochis, Memons, Bohras and Ismailis. Whole area paposh nagar to shafiq mod and godhra roundabout NorthNazimabad Town, including Block-A to W (Iqbal Town) Sector 14-A,B, 15-A/1-2-3-4-5, 15-B and sector 16. Area of North Nazimabad Town: 18.00 Sq miles (approx.) Population: 0.496 million as per census with 3% growth rate. Length of Storm water drains: 35 kilometer (34 nos.) Length of Main Roads: 10 k ...
While expressing complete distrust of the government and the military, the Taliban have had the audacity to suggest the names of three political parties who they want to sit at the negotiations as guarantors. But with whom are they going to negotiate if the two major stakeholders, the federal government and the military, are not trusted by them? How can the offer for negotiations be taken seriously in this environment of distrust? One can understand the support for talks by the Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) and Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI-F), both long-time apologists for the militant outfits. Many of the militant fighters now active in the TTP and allied groups have come from the ranks of these two mainstream Islamic parties and it was during the rule of the Muttahida Majlis-i-Aml in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that Talibanisation started to take root in the province. Yet it did not stop the Taliban from targeting the top leadership of the JUI-F and the JI with suicide bombings. Zahid Hussain
Zahid Hussain just participated in the World Traveller Contest and is one step closer in winning weekly a smart phone and a grand prize to Macau.
Amazing interview of Asif Zardari by Zahid Hussain from 1990
Dynastic politics Zahid Hussain | 2 days ago DESPITE huge political and social changes that have occurred over the last 60 years, electoral politics in Pakistan has remained largely a family enterprise. A limited number of families continue to dominate Pakistan’s legislatures, turning them into oligarchies. This stranglehold of a narrow power elite on the country’s politics was highlighted by the victory of Abdul Qadir Gilani in the by-election on the seat vacated by his father Yousuf Raza Gilani. Although the former prime minister himself is barred from holding any public office for five years, his family remains all-powerful, with two of his sons now sitting in the National Assembly and a brother occupying a seat in the Punjab Assembly. Some reports suggest that another of his sons may stand for the Punjab Assembly seat vacated by Qadir Gilani. The Gilanis are one of the 102 families holding more than 50 per cent of the seats in the federal and provincial legislatures. That says a lot about the stat ...
Search Quran Software - Free Search Engine of The Holy Quran Introduction Search engine of The Holy Quran Software developed by Zahid Hussain, he is working ...
Zahid Hussain is an intellectual person working in Private Company as a Sr. IT Manager. He has completed the Search Engine of Holy Quran. In this search engine you can find any topic. Its in 4 languages (English, Arabic, Urdu & Roman Urdu). According to Google he is the only person in the world who complete the translation of Holy Quran in Roman Urdu and made this Search Engine. How to Search in Search Engine of Holy Quran If one wants to search “sabar” related ayaat, and can type “sabar” in roman urdu or “صبر” in urdu or patience in english system will give you the answer in just a moment. How many times it comes in the Holy Quran and where. Now you can search all the topics in this search engine. Please find below the link of New Search Quran Software.
Khadam 4rm karachi Mr.Justice Abul Rasheed was the 1st chief justice of Pak. 2- Mr.Zahid Hussain was the 1st Governer of the state bank.
Commercial exporters: SRO 191, audit condition withdrawn The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has, in principle, decided to withdraw SRO 191 and an audit condition for commercial importers paying 3 percent value-addition tax with immediate effect. Sources said that now, FBR would not asked registered persons to collect NTNs or CNICs of unregistered buyers or sellers. Previously, FBR had been pressing registered persons to provide details of unregistered buyers in their monthly sales tax returns. A round of talks was held between tax officials and industry representatives at the Customs House in Karachi for resolving budget anomalies. Sources said that successful talks were also held on matters such as SRO 191 and other issues. Chairman FBR Mumtaz Hyder Rizvi chaired the meeting. FPCCI's Vice-President Shaikh Shakeel Ahmed Dhingra, Chairman of Korangi Association Ehtishamuddin, Mian Zahid Hussain and Shaukat Ahmed attended the meeting. Sources said that under SRO 191, registered persons were bound to provide ...
Zahid Hussain, an Software Developer from Pakistan has developed a search engine/directory software for the Holy Quran, which can display topic based results from Holy Quran.
Al Qaeda is still very much active in Pakistan and in fact, has taken on a new shape in the country, said senior journalist and author of 'Frontline Pakistan', Zahid Hussain.
From the Archives: An Interview with Asif Ali Zardari from 1990 by Zahid Hussain | Newsline via
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