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Zach Thomas

Zachary Michael Thomas (born September 1, 1973) is a former American college and professional football player who was a linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) for thirteen seasons.

Jason Taylor Dan Marino Ricky Williams Sam Madison Junior Seau Ray Lewis Miami Dolphins Brian Urlacher Robert Jones Udonis Haslem Chuck Howley

I'm guessing that's when they had Zach Thomas
"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery"-Thomas Jefferson
OJ Howard, Taco Charlton, Solomon Thomas, Zach Cunningham..these are the guys Miami is eyeing
if Thomas Greiss protects you from harm's way! 🛡 Watch the on MSG+ to see if you've won! https…
There’s a lot of value in telling someone their crowdfunding baby isn’t as cute as they think
Y'all realize that by today's definition of a stud MLB, Zach Thomas doesn't fit the mold right? He didn't fit THEN either. Was an exception.
isiah Thomas said so himself. Take it up with him
All I want for Valentines Day for the is a Zach Thomas like MLB and the next Jason Taylor to learn from wake
Zach Thomas had 17 points in yesterday's win. ICYMI - I caught up with the 6'7 junior last week
Zach Thomas showed off the handles in win over Colgate, giving the Bison their 13th 20-win season i…
This would be cool, but Thomas needs help. need another All-Star to get by and
Colgate got back within 6, but now the Bison tear off an 11-2 run in just 2:20 to go up 50-35 (15:11). Zach Thomas now game-high 13 pts.
Scout loves the mindset of LB Zach Cunningham.
Listen to Die A Happy Man By Thomas Rhett (Cover by Zach) by Zachary Karch Hunt on Hope yall enjoy!
Bays and Thomas also did a great job of making Robin the least likable person on the show before the reveal.
5 time all pro Zach Thomas right behind for support
Not the 1st to report this but, despite conflicting reports, I'm told that $3 million of Julius Thomas 2017 $ DID become gua…
I like the Japanese Matsuyama for this. Others: John Rahm, Justin Thomas and Zach Johnson
10 rattled off during his retirement presser. The Ray Lewis, the Brian Urlacher, the Zach Thomas, The Junior Seau. they put in the
Pickens County holds 6-0 lead over Addison at the half. Lone scores comes on Zach Thomas rushing TD in second quarter
Zach Thomas has two 3FGs and Stephen Brown another, and Bison lead 12-9 at the first break. Bison are 4-6 FG, 3-3 3FG.
did Zach Thomas or Jason Taylor sign?
what i got to do to get a Zach Thomas or Jason Taylor? Sell you my soul?
Brown will dribble it out and Bucknell opens w/ 76-64 win over Manhattan; 21 for Zach Thomas.
Whoever drafts Ben Boulware will get a Zach Thomas clone with a bad attitude.
this isn't your Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor and Kacy Rodgers defenses anymore. Makes me sick to watch this kind of defense be playd
Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, cam, then Landry. But Landry is obviously the most electric love that guy
Zach Thomas never got much love due to playing w/ Jason Taylor, and in the same era as Ray Lewis and Junior Seau.
reminds me of Zach Thomas. Same type of motor.
Dwyane Wade, Alonzo mourning, Udonis Haslem, Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, and Larry Csonka are all ahead of him
Ray Allen super sonics Sean kemp Michael Jordan he even got a helmet signed by JT & Zach Thomas a ball signed by Larry bird all framed
Build a time machine and bring back Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Bob Baumhower, Sam Madison & Patrick Surtain?
WatchIt y'all remind me of him. Zach Thomas - Career Highlight Reel (Short Version)
found late-round draft success with LB Zach Thomas in 1996
get boss Zach Thomas or someone else at mlb and get sig sherm or move *** lane at cb 2 and get the honors Eric Berry at SS
when you realize FBLA states is this weekend 😎😎😎
Thank you so much for the 96 Zach Thomas
Players with a surprising amount of Pro Bowls/All-Pros: Zach Thomas has more 1st Team All-Pros than Brian Urlacher does (5 vs. 4)
there is no way they ment for Zach Ryder to win I guess that's what happens when he's out
As much as I don't want to see Reigns win if Zach Ryder is the only new champ that's wild
Chillin with the homies, never a dull moment in the great ole outdoors
Go vote and will come to you!With Loren Gray, Zach Clayton, Mark Thomas, Maddie Welborn, Nick Bean, Sanni, ect...
Zach thomas going at 8:45 so offer on him to enter! Good luck
Zach thomas will be given away at 8:45, get in your offers
I hope I am wrong - Maxwell the next Sam Madison, Alonzo the next Zach Thomas and number 13 is the next Jason Taylor
Walk off Joey Thomas! Bearcats win a wild one in 14 innings.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Mustang (Okla.) 2017 DT Deontre Thomas told me that his visit to was "unforgettable"
Zach fashion of today - Thomas the tank engine shirt, Olaf pants, and briefly McQueen socks :-D Like a toddling kids show ad!!
Did a legends upgrade, got Zach Thomas. I'm ok with it, I was gonna buy him anyway 👌
looking for zach thomas I'm willing to trade two players in the 90's for them
Gallagher and Thomas need to be stopped.
We thank Thee O God for our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson.
Video chatted with Thomas's son and he was like " Azela can you draw me and my dad and you and zach and Charlie...
Any fantasy golf advice for the masters? Would you prefer Day, Zach Johnson and Justin Thomas over Bubba, Willet and Hass?
Zach Owens, Frank Robertson, Josh Thomas, and Dalton Chorley took home first place in the sprint medley with an amazing…
Vic u trying to lob me either a Zach Thomas or Calvin?
I will be releasing my book soon it's called "The Tragic Life of Zach Thomas"
If Zach, Coop, and Thomas can come through ATX on their way back to lubbock that'd be great. 👌
I sustain Thomas S. Monson as prophet seer and revelator
Reg UL Gronk is still more coins than Boss Gates, Pace, Jason Taylor, Randle and Zach Thomas. Crazy
RBI sac fly by Zach Sugar and RBI double from Sam Huston has Husson up over Thomas 4-1 after three innings
happy autism awareness day zach!! I'm so incredibly proud of you and what you've accomplished💙
Cowboys went 12 drafts post-Jimmy before finding a PBer in rounds 4-7. Jimmy found 1 in his 1st draft at Miami -- Zach Thomas.
Why can't Dan Marino get a legend card but Zach Thomas can 😭
It appears there’s a Zach Thomas clone at the 2016 scouting combine. .
NFL scout compares Scooby Wright to Zach Thomas here:
Actually, more like a mix of AJ Hawk/Pat Angerer/Dan Skuta/Zach Thomas *** Butkus . TBH.
Keeping it in West Texas & playing for Texas Tech is something that legends are made of. Just like Zach Thomas
Shawn Jefferson, the new WRs coach, was also the recipient of Zach Thomas' first nasty NFL hit
see but that's what worries me. We spent Zach Thomas' career.. Jason Taylor's, Ricky Williams.. trying to build around average QBs
Karlos Dansby used to be great at that. Zach Thomas was the best at it. This team needs someone that isn't as dumb as a box of rocks
Im gonna call my MLBs the White Warriors cuz its Zach Thomas and TOTW Kuechly lmao
what's that Sean Taylor and Zachary Thomas had sex and had zach Taylor lmao how much you offering
I just got scammed off of my zach Thomas and Orlando pace please help
We're jeep bros and I love when you call Zach in the hallways, "Kush Master Thomas". It truly makes my day.
MBB: Dom Hoffman gets the start at forward tonight in place of the injured Zach Thomas. Brown, Frazier, Hass and Foulland also start.
Vigil tells us that he was a fan of Zach Thomas growing up in Utah: "That's someone I'd like to model my game after, he was a legend here."
Theme of Philly sports radio, speculating Chip Kelly has Aspergers...
Per ClevPD: Ohio State football: The one Buckeye who really needed the ball more on offense - Michael Thomas
i got zach Miller and Julius Thomas, every time I pick one the other cook lls, I can never get it right smh
*** Luke and Thomas would hit em with a high, low
Zach Thomas isn't walking through that door
yeah Zach Thomas was his name... Long live the one and only true defensive player we had.
oh well then Zach Thomas. 99 Pr will have him moving the field faster than anyone
QB or MLB? MLB I say go with Zach Thomas or Eric Kendricks
I think it's Zach Thomas, I think he's under 300k, and TOTW Keuchly might be under 300k as well. Prob one of those two.
Zach Thomas if you can get him for under 300k. If not Luke Keuchly
LB and future all-pro Zach Thomas looks to the sideline for a call during the 1995 season.
That's not true. Jimmy built a Miami D that was good for a decade. Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Patrick Surtain. He drafted them.
I'll never forget when he revolutionized offense in the NFL that 1 half 3 years ago
Chip Kelly has been fired. His strategy of not keeping talented players didn't work. Weird.
As what happens once a game, Zach Smith finishes alley-oop with an emphatic two-handed slam. Devon Thomas with the nice pass.
Devon Thomas finds Zach Smith on an alley-oop dunk, he's up to 4 PTS and 3 REB: Tech 41, UR 24 (2:08 - 1st)
Devon Thomas with the beautiful oop to Zach Smith. Texas Tech up 41-27 1:42
Zach Thomas or Bowman would get the job done
Yeah, did Canada go out last night? Looks like they pulled a team Austria at the Olympics and gambled until 5 am. Thomas…
Lmao stay away from Welched me outta 96 Zach Thomas
"It is dangerous for men in power if no one dares to tell them when they go wrong.". -St. Thomas Becket
St. Thomas Becket; Archbishop of Canterbury, exile, martyr and patron of the English Clergy
me too man. Allergies shouldn't exist late December
Why must I always get sick around the new year 😩😷
these sets have been easy. Lost no coins got Faulk, Irvin, ward, pace, mcnabb, and Zach Thomas
the Miami team needs a leader at LB like the olds days zach Thomas
Kyle? Evan. zach, Adam, Thomas. these are all awful ims orry
I think the better question is what you should keep (Clowney, Randle, Brooks, Carr, Cooper, maybe Irvin/Zach Thomas).
Zach Thomas,the man who competed with Ray Lewis
Moe we need our old defense, Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Sammy Knight, Junior Seau, and the rest of them Lls
If the Dolphins still had Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas it wouldn't even be close
Look at Zach Thomas in the back. Dude looks like he could still play no problem. Same with Jason Taylor.
Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas look like they'd be the 2nd and 3rd best players on Dolphins defense right now.
Always thought that Zac Taylor was the fusion of Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas may be the two greatest Dolphins I ever got to watch play 🐬🐬🐬
Dan Marino, Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas 🐬🐬🐬 swing them all together makes me so happy
Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor will always be two of my faves 😍🐬🏈
Cool halftime show. Zach Thomas - Jayson Taylor - Dan Marino. In reverse order of Dolphins "legends" who got the biggest ovation.
The Dolphins need Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor in their primes to even be remotely good anymore
on Xbox one is so cheap it's crazy Walter Payton, Zach Thomas, Sean Taylor and Hines word for about 800-900k
5) I'm related to Zach Thomas former Miami Dolphins player, he's a cousin on my dad's side.
Why'd they take a pic of former Miami Dolphins LB Zach Thomas? . ...Oh
This Shawn Lee cat think he's Zach Thomas or what? Great frickin player, no joke.
..and the strong defense that had LB Zach Thomas, DE Jason Taylor, CB Sam Madison and CB Patrick Surtain in their primes.
Growing up in CA, I became a fan because of Dan Marino. Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas gave me reason to be proud of my team.
- I thought Mike Hull was supposed to be the next Zach Thomas. 😑
Teach your children to have the heart of Zach Thomas, Alonzo Mourning, and Udonis Haslem.
Jason Taylor, Cameron Wake, Zach Thomas. Brandon Marshall Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown all could make cases though
Denver is weird. Seems like a new rb takes over each year. There's nobody to pick up besides David Cobb lol
think Gio is a solid flex though and Mathews is good for a 1000 this year, barring injury lol
yeah but the draft is void if you can't play. CJ and Hillman will get all those carries, barring injury.
I'm scared too cause they drafted him high for a reason.
Zach just said my profile pic was sexy?!
My friend Zach,This is T-Shirtz and Hoodie was designed with Zach.BUY Now!:
Zach: Basically the guy... . Joe: Thomas. Zach: Yeah, Good ole Tom...he's not a really mature guy. He's kinda lonely, even...
Good game out there dogs🙌🐾🔥 34-30 S/O to zach russell fro his amazing words of wisdom post game😍
Vacation by Thomas Rhett is awesome the man never disappoints! is all around my favorite artist
I think Ridge, Thomas, & Zach got kidnapped.. they aren't outside anymore & they aren't in my room 😳
Zach dont say know I love you.
I thought you said Michael Clayton and then i was thinking about the Cloon
Big thanks to Michael Perzan, Ko Thomas, Trevor Dorn, Zach Brewer and Mr. Brewer for rehanging the outfield banners!! ht…
The real man/woman smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. Thomas Paine
Zaire Anderson is like Zach Thomas of the Dolphins in a bygone era, a little guy who has a nose for the ball
I got so close, but they wouldn't load in my cart. 😫😫😫 but well done sir, I love the greys 👌🏼
same. Eventually cooked on though. Got very lucky this time.
woke up mad early on Saturday but could not get them anywhere. Well played.
Thank you and Zach for hosting the Z team for the…
hey, one more pga question , if you have a minute. For cash, would you go Zach Johnson/Bohn or Justin Thomas/Finau? Thanks!
Hi, so far the game is fun, but cuts need work. D'anthony Thomas shouldn't be getting cut. Tevin C. too. Zach M. was traded to the
Come to the Gridiron Grill-Off + meet your favorite legends like Zach Thomas and Sam Madison!
Zach Thomas didn't play for the Cheatriots because he "learned to hate them" & that's why Fin fans will always love him
Fins at 50: Zach Thomas reflects on his Miami Dolphins career
Goal Bombers! Zach Thomas tap-in off an assist from Axel Vallecillo. . 4-0 to St. Xavier 12 minutes into the second half
Video: Zach Thomas reflects on his Miami Dolphins career
, Dan Marino, Ricky Williams, Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor to name a few more we need back lol
My top 5 fav that got me into football for life? (IN ORDER). 1. Zach Thomas. 2. Dan Marino. 3. Jason Taylor. 4. Chad Johnson. 5. Ricky Williams
no omg! Defense you're like a Brian Urlacher! Or like a Zach Thomas. I'm like a Dwight Freeney! Or like a Keith Mitchell! Lol
I'll never forget growing up watching guys like Junior Seau, Derrick Brooks, Zach Thomas and Ray Lewis play linebacker. Beasts.
Congratulations to Dion Harris, Jonathan Gilkes and Zach Thomas who zeroed their account balances and are now a...
tannehill pouncey grimes suh wake landry and one suprise Mike hull. This guy might be next Zach Thomas
how can I get a Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas fathead?
Junior boys volleyball award winners are: Zach Thomas and Jack Sitak. Congratulations!
The junior boys basketball award winners are: Eli Bastien and Zach Thomas. Congrats! 🏀
See, that's the trick. Wilson, Zach Thomas, Sam Mills, etc. Exceptions that fit that bill.
Zach Thomas needs to stop gleeking on people
not ture at all. Vontaze Burfict didn't get drafted look at him now Tony Romo undrafted Zach Thomas undrafted
I’ll offer no “should not” argument. As far as a “will not” argument… Zach Thomas, Chuck Howley, Larry Grantham. *shrug*
At LB, only Chuck Howley and Larry Grantham made 5 straight and missed the Hall. (Zach Thomas also has 5, but not straight.)
idk man I think his old body would break down in this offense but he might go to ravens. But I'd take him.
Patrick Willis is a generational talent but to mention him as a hall of famer & say zach thomas is not is just stupid
"Last good draft pick the Dolphins had? Dan Marino bazillion years ago. I'm realistic." No Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas?
lmao id love it bro, but I really doubt it. But Chip better start getting real creative real quick...
pats just announced they are picking up the 20 mil for Revis .
Very happy bringing back to Philly 👌
you never know, chips trying to keep his job and he already brought over Kiko with questionable character
I'd love Culliver, but his felonies most likely don't allow him to join
id rather have Moore culliver, but I'll take any safety pretty much at this point
two pieces from a very good defense. Safety, and corner. Rahim Moore n cromartie but it prob wouldn't happen
it won't happen. We need a lot of pieces but Boykin isn't the answer outside either.
at 3 years 48 million with 40 mil of it guaranteed? And 30 years old. Idk
Idc you play to his strength & have him shut down any receiver man up. Nnamdi was finished. I'd take Revis over anyone we have.
superior ability in man to man. He left Tampa because they switched to zone. We run 70% zone. Exactly why nnamdi failed
because everything thus far has been brilliant right? Lol. I'd overpay a corner with superior ability.
Dear Chip, you want Philly to stop turning on you? You sign Revis at any cost necessary. That is all.
Zach Thomas was a great, so that's a good syndrome to have.
oh thats right the Zach Thomas syndrome. Short LB's cnt be seen sometimes by QB's.
Zach Thomas played in a different era! Perryman struggles in pass coverage. as much as I appreciate him,he's not a 3 down LB
Perryman just reminds me of Zach Thomas... With Suh at DT it really helps LB. I'd be happy with him.
Only one of those 13 (Zach Thomas) played the majority of his career after the AFL-NFL merger.
he was better than Derrick brooks? If zach Thomas isn't a hall of famer why is Willis?
ion fucc with any patriots lol Id take Zach Thomas over him lol but yea mane urlacher the reason I wore 54 hs
I don't want anyone. I want Dan Mario, Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas and Randy McMicheal like the good old days.
Bizzoe, Kirk Stillz and Zach Thomas performing April 5th at Club Quantum. are invited ;)
friggin monster, we scouted him @ SrBowl and our boy already told us he would be the next Zach Thomas,a real pitbull
VIDEO: Zach Patterson gets the DUNK off the block @ 5R tourney http:/…
But we have not had a solid linebacking core since zach thomas
Trying my best to be hopeful and positive Philly, but just not seeing it right now. My heart has grown very cold but I pray I'm wrong...
U woulda thought Fins fans signed Dan Marino, Jason Taylor n Zach Thomas yesterday 😂😭 but nah they just spent all their cap space on SUH.
Chip gives zero f*** about this team because guess what, when we bomb, he goes back to college. Are you really that much in denial???
If one more person tells me to "trust in chip" I'm going to lose it. Chip Kelly has the city of Philly brainwashed.
Bolton's Zach Clough having surgery today on his shoulder injury . Wanderers currently have 12 players out with injury.
Zach Thomas says he owes his whole career to DTs Tim Bowens and Darryl Gardner
We need a every down inside linebacker that can do it all. What is Zach Thomas doing these days
I know I hate Riley but I don't think huff or jordan are ready man but we"ll see in the draft I guess now.
Cooper is not our number 1 wr. No way.
maclin tho too!!! 😫 idk bro, cooper is our number 1 receiver now...I'm not happy
Ya"ll are in some serous denial, we're boned without Maclin. Why does everyone have so much faith in a coach that hasn't won ANYTHING! 😡😡😡😡
Julius Thomas going to playoff team to never gonna see the playoffs.again lol
BREAKING: Julius Thomas is finalizing a deal with the Jaguars, per
I'm trying my best to be hopeful brotha but my heart is cold lmao but 🙏
ultimate team game, Marino never had a defense or running back. Give him Ricky Williams, Jason Taylor & Zach Thomas he has a ring
For those who think only the Patriots a tief please read the article below. Sometimes it seem people act dumb, are dumb or just plain haters because they pick on people who are successful The Patriots caught the Jets filming in the end zone in Foxboro in 2006. The Jets said that the Pats had given them permission, which they clearly hadn't because Pats asked the cameraman to leave. The league did nothing but to say it was okay and did not confiscate tapes or investigate. The Jets were supposedly filming 'coaching video'. 2. The Dolphins bought game tapes of the Patriots to study Tom Brady's audibles before a MNF game in Dec 2006. Zach Thomas admitted to knowing all Brady's signals from the tape study. The league ruled that such tape study is okay. 3. Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan admitted in 2002 to hiring lip readers to steal signals. He bragged that his lipreaders could get all the signals by the end of the 1st half, sometimes by the end of the 1st quarter. 4. The Jets were accused of cheating by c ...
that man is up there..with Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor
Currently watching Zach Thomas play basketball on Tv 🔲🐻🔳
Blazers 8th goal scored at 8:34 by Brett Arthur assisted by Zach Thomas & Justin Hessian
Congrats to Zach Thomas and Ricky Williams on being named to 2015 College Football Hall of Fame Class! MORE:
Ricky Williams and Zach Thomas on the 2015 College Football Hall of Fame class
this broken record had gone thru 19 QB's and wasted the best yrs of Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor. Good WR's come here and
My inspirations for playing LB in high school were basically Zach Thomas, Ray Lewis, and Jonathan Vilma
he's better than Derek Smith, more like a Zach Thomas
Openly sharing your feelings today has a direct impact on your... More for Virgo
S/O to for a perfect end to the best weekend in awhile. Justin Moore and Thomas Rhett was great! 👍☺️
??? Well Zach I got it tonight lol..along with 11 more (sorry everyone especially Pastor Thomas.) I told you...
tbh he hasn't even been the best wr on his team. And Antonio Brown, D. Thomas or Steve Smith to me
D.Thomas the best inna game rn in my book,
Senate candidate breaks up with his girlfriend and mother of his daughter
I'd rather get blown out like the Jets then lose like that 😩 D played good other than that pass at the end. MUST get better in the redzone
Julius Thomas, Zach Ertz, Heath Miller, have killed the Colts. Colts cannot cover a TE, end of discussion
Should have easily won that game, can't turn the ball over in the redzone bottom line...
Hamilton Collection
All I want for Christmas is a safety who can cover...
Lesean needs to stick his foot in the *** ground and get his *** upfield *** man...
Beautiful day out on the links today, trying to get a few more rounds in this season ⛳️
The only way I see the Eagles winning this game is if they throw on every down to Zach Ertz
How much are these refs getting paid??? These calls are horible
The Dolphins have returned 2 INTS for TDs five times in their history, the last time in 1998 by Zach Thomas and Robert Jones vs. Oakland.
Last time the Dolphins returned two INTs for TDs: 12/6/98 at OAK (Zach Thomas and Robert Jones).
good thing I started Brady. But I like to celebrate when he actually works for his fantasy points.
hey could you text the Bears and ask them to play the 2nd half? I'm tired of watching the patriots play 8th graders.
Should I take this trade Julio Jones and Julius Thomas for Demaryius Thomas Kendall Wright and Zach Ertz
Good game guys. Can def see yall bein much better soon. It was scary a few times. Dobbs looks good.
Wes Welker not walking thru that door, Zach Thomas not walking thru that door, neither is Michael Crabtree, Graham Harrell…
Zach Thomas 11 yard catch from harris pulls tam within 38-20 early 4Q. 2 pt no good.
Zach Thomas, Gabe Rivera and Thomas Howard now in fetal position in dark room. Watching Titanic for fun.
One positive of today is that Zach Thomas got me an egg sandwich
S "Even at the walk-thru a little while ago, I was like, "Ohh. I can feel guys. You can feel that…
Life is short. Stop whining. Get over it.
Shoutout to the dad at parents weekend wearing a Zach Thomas jersey
Dare you to tell me they aren't hot:
no way Zach Thomas can pull off braids lol.
"The biggest hindrance 2 the missionary task is self. Self that refuses 2 die, 2 sacrifice, 2 give, 2 go." Thomas Hale
Just saw a shooting star as I closed my door and randomly looked at the sky
Loyola with Simeon foursome of senior Isaiah Moss and juniors Zach Norvell, Ben Coupet & Josh Thomas on campus for Ramb…
Blazers third goal, a PPG scored by Brett Arthur, assisted by Zach Thomas and Andrew Donaldson, time of the goal 7:29
Middle boys win 4-1 over Cedar Creek with 2 goals from Trent Canter, 1 from Zach Thomas and a header from Joe Fala!!!
Chris Harris and talieb from Kansas. Welker man ram and honestly don't know the last from ttu. Zach Thomas come out of retirement?
I have practice on Mondays bro 😪 we need to tell Zach and get a pick up game going at like noonday or something soon
I'm selling '2000 Finest Zach Thomas Miami Dolphins ' on Check it out at
Former Red Raider Zach Thomas defied odds to make it to the NFL.
Zach Thomas just mentioned the possibility of the dudes family also having untreated Ebola!
Need some help on this one...would u drop Pierre Thomas to pick up Jordan Cameron in PPR? Currently starting Zach Ertz.
I asked Zach if you spelled road as "rode" he just shook his head at me. 😂 blonde moment.
Currently sitting in the Lubbock Women's Club. Waiting on former Tech LB Zach Thomas so I can interview him.
Charles Thomas has BIGFOOT in his gunsite.
Congrats to our new ACEP Fellows from SC!! Dr. Charlie Andrews, Dr. Thomas Coleman, Dr. Justin Davis, Dr. Zach Kiker, & Dr. Laura Nolting!
"LU track stars this year will only be, Jaden Hayes, Wyatt Gardner, Tyler Thomas, Zach bankes, and nick barker"
thoughts on trading graham to receive McCoy and D Thomas? Have Kelce
Your desire for adventure conflicts with your need for perfect... More for Virgo
I need a TE and could trade LeSean McCoy and either Zach Ertz or Owen Daniels for Frank Gore and Julius Thomas. Yay or nay?
got offerd Steven Jackson for Zach Ertz (I also have J. Thomas) to good to be true right?
Zach Thomas gone have us walking around w/a 1/2 a lip talking about everything ok
"Happiness comes from living the way the Lord wants you to live and from service to God and others." - Thomas S Monson
The first trailer for is here and it looks incredible:
Tyler Thomas - Southwest Freestyle (Official Video) if you haven't checked it out do so..share with your friends
Think I just need a change of scenery
I'm at the super awkward stage in life where I've been in the industry for more than a year, just not satisfied where I'm at
"Stand for right, even if you stand alone." - Thomas S. Monson
. Sorry but the 2014 Cornhole champs are Colton Thomas and I. But we thank you for your donation.
I have pictures with Jason Taylor and Zach thomas when I was little 😂😂
If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever. — Thomas Aquinas
Some great takes on Grizzlies Media Day from Zach Thomas of | THEY’RE BACK!
"Plymouth should have saved the gas money and stayed up in HickVille instead of getting embarrassed by Saint Thomas."
If there must be trouble let it be in my day so that my child may know peace -Thomas Paine
“Just met Joe Thomas. I get to work on his Tahoe😎” My dude. 👀
Why didn't the Saints just take a knee? Could have gotten Pierre Thomas hurt for nothing.
Okay, cowboys defense needs to chill out.. I still got Colston & Thomas needing to get me 40
I didn't get a speeding ticket but I could have been so it depends with insurance I'll prolly be covered tho
dude pulled out and stopped in the middle of the road... Coulda killed him if I didn't swerve
*** that I couldn't do anything about it...
Zach Thomas was drafted into the NFL. Drew Harvey was drafted into the Army. Yet, people recognize Thomas as a hero rather than Harvey.
Defense has got to be gassed. Had the ball on offense for like 47 seconds...lord come on y'all *** .
Hall of Fame nominees include Zach Thomas, Jimmy Johnson, Junior Seau, more -
I know Zach Thomas doesn't have a Super Bowl or Defensive MVP, but he was the 2nd best MLB of his generation. Ray Lewis was the best duh
Back to task... Zach Thomas averaged more tackles/year (133) than any modern stud LB (Seau, Lewis, Urlacher, Fletcher, etc). More TDs too.
Speaking of Zach Thomas in HoF, I still recall his first game where he nearly killed Pats WR Shawn Jefferson:
Just interviewed Zach Thomas. He just entered SWC Hall of Fame & is excited to see Tech wear throwback uniforms Sat.
Miami Dolphins rally to side of cancer-stricken fan Mark Duper was the first to visit. Troy Drayton visited. Zach Thomas called because he was going out of town. He promised to get back in touch today when he returns. Derrick Rodgers called. Rogers then had Tim Bowens call. Lousaka Polite is visiting today. He asked if he could bring anything like "snacks, books, anything." Roy Foster visited. Three current players visited Wednesday at 6 p.m. Wednesday. Rookies Ja'Wuan James, Arthur Lynch and Billy Turner visited after their work day at the training facility had ended.
Boys CrossCountry defeats Wissahickon. Ryan tung, Michael Cooney, Nick Dicerbo, Zach Thomas, and Shaun Collins go top 5…
have signed former Wake Forest DE Zach Thomas to practice squad -- 40-game starter in college who had draftable grade from some.
They signed Jack Del Rio earlier that year, got one look at Zach Thomas and cut him
"doing dirty work at linebacker while Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor and Joe Porter accumulated the tackles and sacks."
Replace Brian Griese with Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas but other then that it's perfect
Just finished watching The Grace Card for the very 1st time .wow ! Chris Thomas, the Dad of Zach Thomas, did an awesome job as police officer Bob Childers. It will be shown again on the UP tv channel on July 19 @ 9:30pm.
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