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Yvette Wilson

Yvette Wilson (March 6, 1964 — June 14, 2012) was an American comedian and actress. She is best known for her role as Andell Wilkerson on the UPN sitcom Moesha and its spinoff The Parkers.

Bernie Mac Lamont Bentley Sherman Hemsley Whitney Houston John Witherspoon Merlin Santana Michael Clarke Duncan Donna Summer Don Cornelius Janet Jackson Rodney King Andell Wilkerson Etta James Andy Griffith Chris Lighty Jennifer Martin

Enjoyed with Jim Wilson & Linda Ervine & of course Yvette Shapiro keeping us in order
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Rest in power Rekia Boyd, Yvette Smith, Shereese Francis, Aiyana Jones, Tarika Wilson, and so many more
Jackie and Wilson by hozier are goals
TBT...teaching Aqua Zumba in Lubbock TEXAS. The Brandi Wilson hosted me and Yvette Nelson took this…
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“If you could bring one actress back to life, who would it be?. Yvette Wilson
I was watching Moesha and realized we have lost so many great actors. Lamont Bentley, Yvette Wilson rest in peace!
RIP Yvette Smith, Eleanor Bumpurs, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Tarika Wilson & the countless black women murdered by police
Yvette Smith, Eleanor Bumpurs, Aiyanna Stanley-Jones, Tarika Wilson...We are marching for you too.
*** who know was that hot when she was actin in moesha comedy.oh where is she??? R.I.P Yvette Wilson
It's so weird that Luke and Owen Wilson have pretty much the same voice
Yvette Wilson only got 56% of the $25,000 needed to cover her medical expenses, but the dead body of Jahi McMath got $60,000? Interesting.
I'm watching a marathon of The Parkers and sadly reminded that Yvette Wilson is no longer living.
i love u on Rhonj can i get a hello from u?
awe man.. they got Yvette Wilson and Bernie Mac on this episode of Moesha.. RIP
Happy 40th Birthday to my little sis Yvette Taylor - no hold on a minute you can't be forty because we are not...
& Tyler the Creator, DL Hugley, Anna Maria Horsford, Yvette Wilson, Michelangelo, Stedman, Beanie Sigel...I can go on and on, lol.
Yvette Wilson, star of the Moesha show dies at 48 from cervical cancer
Before we can understand we must TALK TEAL> Talk-Educate-And-Lecture! Ms Yvette Wilson , star from from the show...
What do all these people have n common? Bernie Mac, Awatef Aboudihaj, Merlin Santana, Yvette Wilson, Lamont Bentley & Whitney Houston ... 󾍃
She really look like Yvette Wilson on Friday. I bet she been told she look like Janet Jackson.. 😒
It's sad that all the great TV show legends have passed away. Sherman Hemsley, Isabel Sanford, John Ritter, Yvette Wilson, Lamont Bentley, Bernie Mac, Merlin Santana, Gary Coleman, Conrad Bain, all of the Golden Girls (except Betty White) and NOW James Avery. TV will NEVER be the same again! :(
Rest in peace Yvette Wilson from the shows moesha and the Parker's u made me laugh and u will be missed
Yvette Wilson Manley has to be one of those crocheters who wins the heart and mind of everyone she talks to. Not...
it's 4 dead? I know Yvette Wilson, Bernie Mac who's the other 2
Wait... other than Yvette Wilson and Merlin Santana.. are there others??
Just occured to me, *** 3 people off Moesha is dead. Merlin Santana, Yvette Wilson, and Lamont Bentley
That last episode of Moesha was sad because Yvette Wilson and Bernie Mac are both dead 😔
just finish watching House Party 3! love it! guest appreances by R&B girl group TLC, Yvette Wilson from
We had some fun timez on Moesha! Love u and Shout out to for puttin it on! -RIP Lamont Bently and Yvette Wilson…
Def comedy jam all stars 5 IS the funniest one idec. Yvette wilson though vfdsdfghj
Wow... Didn't realize that three actors from Moesha are dead: Ohagi, played by Merlin Santana (most known for The Steve Harvey Show); Hakeem, played by Lamont Bentley; and Andelle, played by Yvette Wilson.
"God bless u Yvette Wilson. Tears in my eyes. Keep God laughing.Say hello to Redd Foxx and Leslie Nielsen
Andell aka Yvette Wilson died last year from cancer.
I just bought: 'Enhancing the Journey: The Journey Journal' by Yvette Wilson Bentley via
Today marks Yvette Wilson's birthday! You should see this profile of Yvette.
He says he's thinking of more ways 2 make his Miss Yvette smile (don't be surprised if you find a worm in your pocket). LOL
Lamont Bentley, Yvette Wilson & Merlin Santana.. Even tho he wasn't a regular but he was on there..
& RIP to Andell & Hakeem from MOESHA. Yvette Wilson & Lamont Bentley
Yvette Wilson was funny as *** on Friday sayin she look like Janet Jackson lol , RIP to her .
Wow- I had no idea Yvette Wilson passed away...I pray she is resting in Gods arms. What a gift- she was too funny!
That is WONDERFUL of you to be doing for Yvette Wilson she was an AMAZING talent.
I cannot stress how much I love Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy !! !
I loved Yvette Wilson on the Moesha show & on the Parkers, my mom died at the age 48 too, Rip One Love!!!
Yvette Wilson, who played Andell Wilkerson on Moesha, as well as the spin-off The Parkers, lost her battle with cervical cancer
Our marathon is on til 8:30P/7:30C. Isn't it hard to believe Lamont Bentley, Bernie Mac & Yvette Wilson are no longer here?
I still can't believe Yvette Wilson died
Lets pay respect to the fallen of 2012. Michael Clarke Duncan,Yvette Wilson, Chuck Brown, Manny Pacquiao, Etta James and Whitney Houston.
RIP to our Black greats who lost their lives in 2012: Michael Clarke Duncan, Sherman Hemsley, Yvette Wilson, Etta James, Chuck Brown.
Bernie Mac. Michael Clark Duncan. And Yvette Wilson all played in Friday and all dead. ( the pasto, Rita, and dude w/debo
Grab the tissues as we remember those we lost in 2012. See Sherman Hemsley, Etta James, Kile Glover, Don Cornelius, Chris Lighty, Donna Summer, Yvette Wilson, the incomparable Whitney and more! R.I.P.
Wow and another co-star on Moesha and the Parkers died, Yvette Wilson (Andel) smh R.I.P.
Watching Moesha and seeing all these people that passed away. Yvette Wilson, Lamont Bentley, Bernie Mac 😢 pieces of my childhood 😭😭
so proud of Jodie Yvette Wilson and Velgin Wilson welcome to the world lil troy. love you all!!!
Yes I know this is old news but remember the 1990's Tv Show Moesha? Was it coincident that 4 people died on the that show.. 1. Actor Merlin Santana was MURDERED while sitting in his car, he was 26 years old. 2. Actor Lamont Bentley died in a mysterious car crash. 3. Brandy unintentionally KILLED a woman, in a freak car accident. 4. Yvette Wilson better knows as Andell who died of cancer. Some believe it could of been an illuminati sacrifice or some strange curse who knows?
OMG!!! I'm JUST finding out that Yvette Wilson (Andelle from the Moesha/The Parkers) passed away after battling cervical cancer! I feel so slow. Had NO IDEA!
Wow, My Ex is telling everyone Im popping pain meds, and that I was contorling, also I guess im a *** for watching a movie with Yvette Wilson Steve E Wilson and John Lowther and 7 dogs.
I picked this song because its soothing and sounds nice for Yvette.There were many but this song fits for an angel like her. I can't believe that your gone. ...
Just watched an episode of Moesha with Yvette Wilson and Bernie Mac; now they're both gone. Life is short. Our days are numbered. We never know when our assignment here on earth will end and God will call us home. Be Ready!
Yvette Wilson got to kiss Shemar Moore. can you say jealous??
Back from. Washington DC picture on the way. Happy born day to my lady ... Ms. Yvette Wilson. We had a great weekend
Good afternoon, you were on my heart so I just to tell you I love you and always praying for you. Ms. Lilla Ray, MiYoka Lindsey, Susan Truelyblessed Higgins, Shay Higgins, Greta Peterson, Toneka Nelson, Karlita Purdie Phillips, John Shofar Tucker, Rev. Doris Nix Power, Yvette Wilson Chambers, Yvette Smith, Jennifer Martin, Traci Boozer.
Hey I didn't even know that Yvette Wilson, Andele from The Parkers, died of cervical cancer back in June. I didn't even know.
Janet Jackson is a trending topic b/c Rita(Yvette Wilson) on Friday said she look like her. Smokey said she look like FREDDY JACKSON. LMAO!!
I still can't believe Yvette Wilson (andell from the parkers) died.
RIP: Yvette Wilson who is the character Andell on Moesha & The Parkers. She passed away tonight after battling cervical cance
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Wow.I just found out that Yvette Wilson...y'all know the lady that played Andell on the Parkers and Moesha died this summer
*** I did NOT know Yvette Wilson passed away. smh.
At first glance, I thought Justine Simmons was Yvette Wilson!!! Lawd I had 2 do a double take!
I know hakeem and yvette Wilson did, whose the third ?
i be forgettin' andell died :( RIP yvette wilson... andell from moesha and the parkers
"It's kinda crazy to watch and and know that Yvette Wilson is no longer with us..."
Moesha used to be the show fo real. Lamont Bentley and Yvette Wilson   10% Off
Watching The Parkers and it still doesnt seem real Yvette Wilson is gone.
RIP Yvette Wilson :( I'm still sad about her passing everytime I watch the parkers
"ENHANCING THE JOURNEY, THE JOURNAL JOURNEY" is the great work by Yvette Wilson-Bentley. Join me as we meet her and learn about her journey and her desire to help us on our journey as she keeps it real. yvette
That scene in baby boy where Yvette is fed up with Jody & he shuts her up by eatin' it . Gets me everytime .!
Wow they got Bernie Mac and Yvette Wilson on Moesha today. _RIP
Dis episode made me sad!! R.I.P Yvette Wilson and Bernie Mac
Watching a Moesha rerun. Yvette Wilson & Bernie Mac dating on this episode, rip.
The lady that played Andell on Moesha. Yvette Wilson.
Reiko Brett liked Moesha Star Yvette Wilson Succumbs to Cancer: Rest in Peace Yvette. May her family find strength…
"What my baby said about Evette was hilarious !!" Its Yvette! Lol!
Please join me and Lovey Shareese on Saturday, November 3, 2012 at 2 pm EST!...
R.I.P. Yvette Wilson The Parkers and this show will never get old!
Watching ANDELL on the parkers..and just remembered she passed in sad R.I.P yvette wilson
It's crazy to think how Yvette Wilson was connected to so many celebrities, yet she couldn't raise money for cancer treatment.
Mad TV character Yvonne Kriddle wants her parking spot!
So I'm just figuring out that the pic of Countess Vaughn & Brandy was from Yvette Wilson's funeral that's why she was in tears
Actress Yvette Wilson, best known for her role in 1990s TV comedy "Moesha," has died at age 48 after a long battle with cervical cancer, a close friend of the actress said on Friday. Wilson, who also appeared in the TV series "The Parkers" and the
R.I.P. Yvette Wilson... It still be hard to believe you're gone. May you be in paridise with Michael Whitney Bernie Pac and so many more 
Watching Moesha right now. Yvette Wilson so talented and funny. God Rest her Soul.
Chil, they were at Yvette Wilson's funeral.
When that photo was posted it was explained that it was @ the home going for Yvette Wilson. Drugs? Alcohol? Maybe we were grief stricken.
Oh man... I forgot that Yvette Wilson passed away 😔
R.I.P Yvette Wilson: she acted as Andell in moesha...
I like "Girls" just fine but Lena Dunham shouldn't be nominated over Casey Wilson, Eliza Coupe,Alison Brie,Yvette Brown for playing HERSELF.
That picture was her at Yvette Wilson's funeral.
We are in Indianapolis IN. today to visit Johnny's great uncle Chester Ross. He founded Speedway General Baptist Church 50 years ago! We are going to surprise him at church! He's 91 yrs. old!!! Still pastors the church!! Wow!! Their are 11 of us, Bonnie, Jr., Donna, Larry, Kathy, Heath Martin, Yvette Wilson Martin, Maeson, Logan, Johnny, & Me! Their will be 5 generations represented!! Looking forward to a great day!! Hope you go & support your church & Praise God!! From who all blessing flow!! God is Great!!
Rip to my family Yvette Wilson and Lamont Bentley
Watchn the parkers this show neva gets,old to me r.i.p yvette wilson a.ka andell
i know im not the only one who just found out Andell (yvette wilson) from the parkers died 4 months ago. . wow smh !
What can I say...he loves his Miss Yvette. :)
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We were extremely saddened to hear this news. "Parkers" Actress Yvette Wilson Dies Of Cervical Cancer Actress Yvette Wilson, who you will undoubtedly remember from movies like "Friday" and shows including "Moesha" and "The Parkers" has died at the age of 48.
Ice Cube as Craig Jones Chris Tucker as Smokey Nia Long as Debra Bernie Mac as Pastor Clever Tiny "Zeus" Lister, Jr. as Debo John Witherspoon as Willie Jones Anna Maria Horsford as Betty Jones Regina King as Dana Jones Paula Jai Parker as Joi Faizon Love as Big Worm DJ Pooh as Red Angela Means as Felisha Vickilyn Reynolds as Joann Ronn Riser as Stanley Kathleen Bradley as Mrs. Parker Tony Cox as Mr. Parker Anthony Johnson as Ezail Demetrius Navarro as Hector Jason Bose Smith as Lil' Chris Justin Revoner as Kid Meagan Good as Kid Lawanda Page as Old Lady Terri J. Vaughn as China Yvette Wilson as Rita William L. Calhoun, Jr. as Shooter Reynaldo Rey as Red's father F. Gary Gray (Cameo) as Man sweeping at corner store Michael Clarke Duncan (uncredited) as Craps player
We have 6 ppl entered so far, I know that Yvette Wilson our Pet Fairy would love to see some photos of the...
idk Yvette Wilson from 'Moesha' and 'The Parker's' had passed on :( God rest your soul eternally :(
i forgot andell was on moesha before she was on the parkers. RIP to yvette wilson
Eryn Bleecker liked Yvette Wilson, Moesha Star, Dies at 48: Publish your own activity and retain full control. To…
I know you don't know me but my mother knew you and she used to work at qubeey. Her name is yvette wilson.
w/ We were crying our hearts out. R.I.P. Yvette Wilson.
Jo-An and I ran in the Susan G. Komen run this Sunday. It was an awesome event. I ran it for these people. Sandy Thompson-Survivor, Yvette Wilson-fighter X4, Lupe Lucero-fighter, and Daneille Ramundo-Angel. I also ran for those who are battling cancer of any kind. Keep up the fight. Never, never, never give up. And those that I lost to cancer, you are in my thoughts.
Support my friend Yvette and bless yourself with her book!!!
I know it has been about 4mo now that Yvette Wilson that stared in Moesha & the Parkers died, but I am in shock cause I did not know, just happen to be googleing and saw the article. So sad now.
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I thank God for MiYoka Lindsey, Yvette Wilson Chambers, John Tucker, Lilla Ray, Sirbrennia Witt, Elder Brenda Mansel, Traci M. Boozer, Lynn Gilchrist, Jennifer Martin, Sonya Nicole Calhoun, Greta Peterson, King Everett Keith, Brenda Overjoyed Smith, Rick K. Rodriguez and there are probably many more that has lifted my name in your prayers, pleading the Blood of Jesus over my situation this week. Nothing has happen yet, but my spirit is more at ease now and i can feel the prayers of the Saints.My Sisters and Brothers in Christ. I needed everything that was said. Paraphasing: When two or three are join together in My (His) name things can change. Again I truly love yall, some I never met but in the Spirit I feel close to you. What a blessing to share love with wonderful people like you and you!
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I just noticed 3 people from Friday 1 are dead now first Bernie Mack died then Yvette Wilson then Michael Clark Duncan... *** shame that movie was a curse.
Yvette Wilson will be missed. Thanks for the share.
I'm upset that the failed to mention Yvette Wilson from "The Parkers" in the memorial tribute.
Left out of emmy's Steve Franken, Doris Singleton Don Grady, Yvette Wilson and Frank Cady to name a few
Emmys you forgot somebody! Yvette Wilson from Moesha, The Parkers and several other shows! Come on now!
Let's go over who was overlooked in category. Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Zosia Mamet, Casey Wilson, & Elisha Cuthbert
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Yvette Wilson... Monique's best friend.. light skin with dreads
State Democratic Chairwoman Yvette Lewis "The Maryland Democratic Party strongly believes in upholding and expanding the right to vote..."
State DEM Chairwoman Yvette Lewis said voting records in MD and FL showed that Wendy Rosen voted in 2006 & 2008 in both states.
My God!!! Yvette Wilson played Rita look like Janet Jackson, big boned, pulled her wig and she bald lol
Did anyone know that Yvette Wilson passed away over the summer? (Andell from The Parkers/ Moesha)
Yvette Wilson being dead is so sad.
Yvette Wilson passed away & Minaj blamed the gov. for not helping. So she votes for a guy who will scrap free healthcare
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I didnt know Yvette Wilson died at the age of 48 same age as Whitney woooww sad
Oooh..C'mon..Houston very own Ryan "nut" Wilson..was Arrested today.for Assault & battery when he hit his Cousin Nate "Crackerjack" Wilson in the head..with a cast iron Skillet..he was rushed to Ben taub Hospital ..when HPD officers ask why he did this RYAN..Replied.he ate the last Chicken Leg.! relation to my friend..Yvette Wilson..of Springfield Il.i think..!!!
This video is a tribute to the late great Yvette Wilson from the Sitcom's Thea, Moesha & The Parkers R.I.P, because you'll be missed!!!
Knowin my *** prolly b the first one sleep in miss Wilson class tomorrow !
Yesterday i saw on my news feed that some liked a page that said RIP Alfonso Ribeiro aka Carlton Banks from fresh prince of bel air. Today i see one for Morgan Freeman. I don't believe they are real, but has anybody noticed that the celebs/famous people who have passed away recently in 2012 are mostly black? Michael Clarke Duncan, Chris Lighty, Whitney Houston, Rodney King, Sherman Hemsley, Yvette Wilson, Donna Summer, Don Cornelius, Patrice O'Neal.
and Yvette Wilson and Lamont Bently both died in such tragic ways. Geeze.
he died in a car accident years ago and Yvette Wilson died from cancer a couple of months ago.
Moesha Cast that have died: Lamont Bentley, Yvette Wilson, Bernie Mac, & Merlin Santana
Michael Clarke Duncan, Neil Armstrong, Sherman Hemsley, Sage Stallone, Andy Griffith, Rodney King, Yvette Wilson, Rapper Lil Phat, Donna Summer, *** Clark, Whitney Houston, Don Cornelius, Calton (fresh prince). The names listed above is some of the popular names listed is show biz or just plain popularity who has passed up until now this year!!! REST IN PEACE! (Plenty not listed here). Copy a name and google if the name does not strike a bell! Hit like if you miss one of these people!
R.I.P Yvette Wilson. You were definitely a big part of The Parkers and will always be missed!
So am I the only one who didn't know Yvette Wilson (Andell from The Parkers) died back in June?!?! Wow! R.I.
Thank you!! She blames obama for Yvette Wilson's (Andell from Moesha) death
Lmaoo Rebel Wilson i love that chick
no that was Yvette Wilson... The one who died!!!
Watching The Parkers on BET, oh the memories RIP Yvette Wilson
Moesha Star Yvette Wilson Dead at 48 (via I didnt know about this
yeah. Could be RE: yvette wilson... nobody's 100% in agreement with any party just whichever you identify the most with I guess.
Watching Friday. Its so crazy how many ppl passed! RIP John Witherspoon, Bernie Mac, Yvette Wilson & even Michael Clarke Duncan was an extra
Watchn the Parkers I forget that Yvette "Andelle" Wilson had passed away.
after Yvette Wilson died she flipped out about ObamaCare... she wants the govt to give free healthcare to everyone
Folks are leaving here right and left! * RIP Donna Summer. Chris Lighty, Rodney King, Michael Clark, Yvette Wilson, W ...
Now I know people die everyday, but it just seems like 2012 is just full of so many passed loved ones and this year isnt even over yet which also just proves how short life is. Not only did I lose the best mother in the world, but we lost Rodney King, Whitney Houston, Michael Clark Duncan, Neil Armstrong, Andy Griffith, Donna Summer, Sherman Hemsley, Yvette Wilson, Sarah Burke, Don Cornelius, and that's just a few.
R.I.P Yvette Wilson Rita aka Janet Jackson on the movie Friday, smokey hook up
So nicki mad cause when yvette Wilson died she feel the govt should have gave her the money to fight the cancer...nicki you rich too thou
Since she wanted to attack him about the healthcare of Yvette Wilson. Know that he's doing all he can to make it available to everyone!
  Last month Yvette Wilson, who we all loved as Andell Wilkerson from the '90s shows 'Moesha' and 'The Parkers,' reached out to the public hoping to get financial help for the mounting medical bills stemming from her Stage 4 cervical cancer. She needed $25,000 by the 1st of June to undergo
Yvette Wilson dead and gone, I wish they stopped showing The Parkers
idk but I do know she mad with obama BC of healthcare and the death of Yvette Wilson
basically blamed him for Yvette Wilson having to raise money to help with medical bills! Saying that we all should have free
she not crazy.she just mad over the death of Yvette wilson...cuz "Obamacare" didnt kick in yet
ws so upset abt Yvette Wilson, bt ObamaCare will cover the citizens tht need it and multi-millionaires like her will pay for it.
was watching the parkers today R.I.P Yvette Wilson , she was an amazing actress
I knew Nicki Minaj was DUMB,around the time that Actress Yvette Wilson passed away of Cervical Cancer-Yvette needed to raise money for her
I can't watch "Friday" the same anymore! First the passing of Yvette Wilson now Michael Clarke Duncan? :(
man R.I.P Yvette Wilson :"( hate that she died she was real funny!
Up watching the edition when hosted. Yvette Wilson came to the mic and I cried. Thank you !!
Yvette Wilson| I didn't know she was a comedian. I always thought she was an actress. this episode, Rip Yvette Wilson n Merlin Santana
i still can not believe Yvette Wilson died.
Yvette Wilson just died how ya meaan lol
I always get sad when I see Yvette Wilson on the Parker's :(
Man I cant even watch the parkers the same knowin that yvette wilson passed away
The parkers marathon on b.e.t. yvette wilson known as andell on the parkers she died of some kind o ...
Watching the Parker's is kinda depressing since Aunt Dell(Yvette Wilson) died 😔
Aww I forgot Yvette Wilson was in dis movie...
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Dear Lord, I know that I don't talk to you that much, but this year you have taken away: my favorite TV Comedy Actor, Sherman Hemsley, my favorite figure for injustice, Rodney King, my favorite college football coach, Joe Paterno, my favorite Soul Train host, Don Cornelius, my favorite female singer, Whitney Houston, my favorite song writer, Nicholas Ashford, and my favorite TV comedy actress, Yvette Wilson. I just wanted to let you know that my favorite presidential candidate is Mitt Romney and my favorite radio announcer is Rush Limbaugh. Amen.
I didn't know Yvette Wilson from the Parkers died :/
It's bittersweet seeing Andel on The Parker's. Rest in Peace Yvette Wilson
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Yvette Wilson, 'Moesha' actress, dies of cancer - Join talk at:
Woo, my heart stopped for a minute cuz I thought that was a RIP for Yvette Nicole Brown, too! I knew about Wilson; so sad.
R.I.P Yvette Wilson... We will never forget you u will always be in our hearts!!!
than knowing I'm still going to be sleeping in tomorrow morning while the rest of Wilson goes to school
Audry Chalkley liked Yvette Wilson Dies from Cervical Cancer at 48 | EURweb: According to reports Yvette was in need…
Bernie Mac, Left Eye, and Yvette Wilson were all in "House Party 3". All deceased.
Oh jaw I was talking about John Witherspoon and Yvette Wilson dying b4 the last came out
And Yvette Wilson a.k.a Andel from Moesha even tho she wasn't no legend
Sherman Hemsley, Whitney Houston, Andy Griffith, Yvette Wilson, Richard Dawson, George "Goober Pyle" Lindsey, *** Clark, Mike Wallace, Davy Jones, Don Cornelius, Robert "Epstien" Hegyes, and now Ron "Arnold Horshack" Palillo. Entertainment is losing a lot of it's players this year. You all have made an impact on us.
The average age at death, 58. All these people lived in the US, there is something really wrong here.. Check it out for yourself, The number 1 cause of death is CANCER Robin Gibb - 62 - Colon Cancer Donna Summer - 63 - Cancer Yvette Wilson - 48 - Cervical Cancer Davy Jones - 66 - Heart Attack Whitney Houston - 48 - Drugs Etta James - 73 - Leukemia Adam Yauch - 47 - Cancer
Rip Yvette Wilson from the parkers, zoes cousin.
Whoa Wait, um.. Moesha’ actress Yvette Wilson dead at 48; on June 14, 2012 ? I didn't know that she was pass away so early. :( Cancer?
I'm still angered by Yvette Wilson passing away
this morning I found out that the lady who played andele on the parkers died her name was yvette wilson may u rest in peace make them laugh n heaven like you did on earth
Rip to Yvette Wilson, as big booty Rita ( Janet Jackson) from Friday lol
Lol yvette Wilson wit the hat wit the braids attached lmaooo
*** Dis whole time I been watching Moesha I forgot Yvette Wilson had died.
its so sad to watch moesha n seeing that both bernieac n yvette Wilson are.dead ~xoxo
Did not know Yvette Wilson or 'Adele' from The Parkers passed away from cancer June 15th of this year. o.0
The actress best known for her role on "Moesha," Yvette Wilson, lost her battle to cervical cancer on Thursday at age 48.
So Yvette Wilson died without me even hearing abt her Death. So sad . She was one of the funniest on Moesha and the Parkers .. RIP Andell
"R.I.P. to Yvette Wilson though , Rita from *** that's crayy .
Wow this is sad in black sitcom & comedy.. RIP Sherman Hemsley and John Witherspoon smh wow we just lost yvette wilson smh
God taking all of the comedians First Yvette Wilson then George Jefferson now John Witherspoon. He about to be laughing.
Google would've reported this man's death within this very hour. Like they did Sherman Hemsley & Yvette Wilson.
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People trying to play with my childhood saying Pops died. I can't take another death like that after Yvette Wilson TBH.
We're losing all these irreplaceable icons. Sherman Hemsley, Yvette Wilson, John Witherspoon :/
I'm so shocked behind the death of John Witherspoon!! Just last week it was Sherman Hemsley. Before him it was Yvette Wilson & before her it was Whitney Houston. Death does not care about how much money you have or what your name is. I just pray that when I leave here, my house is in order! God ain't playin no games!!!
I wouldn't look too hard for official confirmation of his death cuz when Yvette Wilson (Andell from The Parkers died) it was hardly anywhere
smh. first Yvette Wilson from the Parkers, then Sherman Hemsley, now John Witherspoon? this can't be right.
*** everyone is dying these days, first Yvette Wilson Now John Witherspoon...
Omg Pops from the Wayans brothers died :( 1st Yvette Wilson, now John Witherspoon
yvette wilson, died recently from cevical cancer, who played on friday as the smokeys hookedup date, she also played on moesha & The Parkers as Andell . I liked her on both sitcoms.
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Tony Wilson memorial tee at the ready for tomozza
I be bored af & wanna go on mto, but I can't. I will never go on there after they put Chris &Drake's fight before Yvette Wilson's death. Smh
The fact that these 2 are no longer with us... R.I.P. Bernie Mac and Yvette Wilson 😔❤🙏
, for some reason I just learned of Yvette Wilson passing. I never read any comment from you? Pourquoi?
Everytime i watch The Parkers, I get sad when i see Yvette Wilson (Andell) ***
R.I.P Yvette Wilson from the Parkers just found out she passed to funny u made me laugh on Friday classic will be missed
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I try not to hate this country just the actions that happen in it but between Mo'Nique not donating 50,000 that would have saved Yvette Wilson's life, the Colorado shooting, Trayvon Martin, the cops killed Chavis Carter and are expecting us to believe they didnt plant weed on him, and he wasnt murdered execution style. Not to mention what happened to Usher's stepson *** are dropping like flies I think God needs to step in and save us all I know death is inevitably going to happen smh but *** it's crazy just take it one day at a time. I wish this world didnt have any malice
One of my FAVORITE movies of all time. R.I.P to Yvette Wilson and Tupac Shakur.
Whitney Houston asked for 30k to get high, she got it. Yvette Wilson needed 25k for a kidney transplant, denied
Sherman Hemsley - 74 / Don Grady - 68 / Nora Ephron - 71 / Adam Yanch - 47 / Don Cornelius - 74 / Etta James - 73 / Whitney Houston - 48 / *** Clark - 82 / Davy Jones - 66 / Yvette Wilson - 48 / Donna Summer - 63 / Robin Gibb - 62.All passed into a grander place in the last year.It's time to start living my life to the fullest and making the most of the time I still have left, there is no guarntee that I will have a tomorrow.
So I just found out Yvette Wilson's been gone for over a month now. Cervical cancer. R.I.P :(
Dam just found out yvette wilson from moesha and friday died from my 10 yr old daughter today dam where was i at didnt get that memo dam
I definantly am a truu fan of the Parkers as I watch y'all daily! I am sad of the loss of Yvette Wilson .
Had no clue Yvette Wilson died last month...where I been?
Yvette Wilson was so pretty in the Parkers !
Watching moesha 😜 can't believe Yvette Wilson is dead 😣
Yvette Wilson of 'Moesha' and 'The Parkers' dies at age 48 - Los Angeles Times via my she rest in peace
I cant believe Yvette Wilson is deceased . Cancer is a murderer yo . At least she still lives on as Andelle on the parkers & her other films
Dam man I ain't kno Yvette Wilson Aka Adelle from "moesha" and "the Parker's" died June14th dam I'm late
And R.I.P. to Yvette Wilson. You will not be forgotten.
I still can't believe Yvette Wilson passed away.
Why didn't anybody tell me Yvette Wilson (Andell from Moesha/The Parkers) died?!?
that's scary. I had a dream Yvette Wilson died and she died 2 weeks later :-(
R.I.P. Yvette Wilson who played ANDELL on Moesha She had been battling cervical cancer.
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So I didnt know Yvette Wilson (star on Moesha) passed away this week, from cancer R.I.P *sigh
Watching the parkers and knowing one of them died just makes me sad 💔 rip Yvette Wilson
in the words of the great Yvette Wilson who is on a new journey, ask the person to spell your name! lmao
everytime I watch the Parker's I get sad seeing Yvette Wilson and the fact she's gone!
So yvette wilson bka andelle off the parkers died on the 15th or sumtimes this month anyways she was just 48 dhat shyt sad cancer is killing
I honestly still can't believe Yvette Wilson past away . R.I.P. your gone pero , never Forgotten !
I think it's weird watching the Parker's knowing that Yvette Wilson is dead. 😔
first Whitney Houston then Yvette Wilson. why not Ray J??
That *** called me yvette Wilson like that's gon hurt my feelins. FAF That *** just disrespectful. She just died from cancer. RIP
I've been thru it, had 2 get that LEEP surgery 4 cervical cancer so I kno it's no joke. U can die from it as u can c RIP Yvette Wilson
R.I.P Yvette Wilson a.k.a "Andell" from Moesha. You'll always be missed
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my fav part is when smokey got trick into dating that big woman lmao when she got out the car R.I.P YVETTE WILSON
I was legit JUST watching Friday last night & did you guys know Yvette Wilson (Andell from The Parkers) Passed away from cancer last month!?
Its so sad to see 'Andelle' on Moesha or The Parkers . Yvette Wilson 🙏
Yvette Wilson, Andell Wilkerson, Dead | Breaking News for Black America: heart is broken. Praying for the family.
It's weird watching Moesha since Yvette Wilson died :/
I just bought: 'Enhancing the Journey' by Yvette Wilson Bentley via
I hope my parents are okay at the funeral today. R.I.P to my WONDERFUL Godmother Yvette Wilson. We love you ❤
R.I.P Yvette Wilson , also known as Andell from Moesha
Can't stop laughing Yvette Wilson was so funny R.I.P girl
Reverend Al Sharpton be at every celebrity funerals there is.Martin Luther King Jr to Yvette Wilson correct me if im wrong
Yvette wilson gone but not forgotten
Yvette Wilson known as (Andel Wilkerson) on both The Parkers and Moesha was too funny! May she continue to rest in peace.
I did not know she passed away Yvette Wilson of 'Moesha,' 'The Parkers' dies via
So why didn't they shoe yvette Wilson's funeral on TV like they do every body else's --- that was dirty!
Heartbreaking News: Yvette Wilson, 48, Andell from "The Parkers" & Stand Up Comic loses her battle with Cancer.
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I did not know yvette wilson past away on june 14 rip u will be missed
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Aww *** I'm watching Jamie foxx show and just saw that Yvette Wilson died almost a month ago. Damnit Death Pisses me off.
I didn't know yvette wilson died from the parkers :(
Yvette Wilson was the one who died from The Parkers RIP
Here is our new edition of the Humor Mill News Break with our host Stevie Mack, as he reports on the death of Yvette Wilson.
but before Yvette Wilson died she was my favorite person on the.Parkers
wow I can't believe how many celebrating died like Whitney Houston Rodney King Yvette Wilson Amy Winehouse just sad
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