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Yuzuru Hanyu

(born December 7, 1994 in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan) is a Japanese figure skater.

Patrick Chan Javier Fernandez Grand Prix Final World Figure Skating Championships Denis Ten Olympic Champion Skate America Kevin Reynolds

Olympic figure skating champion Yuzuru Hanyu out for a month with Pyeongchang Games looming
Yuzuru Hanyu is a Japanese figure skater who competes in the men's singles discipline. He is the 2014 Olympic Champ…
Nathan Chen wins the first Grand Prix battle of the season over Yuzuru Hanyu.
Good thing Yuzuru Hanyu was last to skate in the SP today...
The usual scene after Yuzuru Hanyu skates, this after his first Grand Prix skate of the Olympic season just now.
Yuzuru Hanyu: This is the rink where I got my first Grand Prix title. I have great memories from this rink.
What's inspiring me?. Hanyu Yuzuru for example. Since childhood I have always been admiring the grace and elegance...
People who look more beautiful as they age:. -Shoma Uno. -Yuzuru Hanyu. -Mihoko Higuchi. -Daisuke Takahashi. -basically all of my fs favourites
Watched an old New Year on Ice news clip, saw Yuzuru Hanyu doing a 3Lz3Lo in warm-up. My wig has properly been snatched.
PSA: If you need a reminder of beauty in the world, you can always rewatch Yuzuru Hanyu's Worlds 2017 free skate.
I can’t believe my mum just compared Yuzuru Hanyu to a broom.
Some more pics of Yuzuru Hanyu from the Worlds 2017 ❤️⛸️
Yuzuru Hanyu teaching some of the differences between figure skating jumps! ☺️
I feel like I may have walked past Yuzuru Hanyu on Bay Street but honestly I have no idea, is he even in Toronto rn
It has been a year I fall to this fandom, especially to Yuzuru Hanyu. To celebrate it, i am going to try on this…
Day 1「Yuzuru Hanyu 🇯🇵」— "I don’t want to talk about who is my rival. I am my only rival."
Someone is watching yuzuru hanyu skating videos in front of my in this lecture lmao
How to evolve a less than perfect 3A landing into a breathtaking moment: a lesson by Yuzuru Hanyu💫.
i'll always be thankful for Yuzuru Hanyu for helping me getting through the days where it was hard for me to catch my breathe.
I was wondering what I'd find when I typed in Yuzuru Hanyu in the gif search bar 😄😄
…and I am a big fan of Yuzuru Hanyu 💕
5. For her Yuzuru Hanyu is the most impressive one among all the top men
Yuzuru Hanyu for the uninitiated. The KING tbh
I wanted to do Yuzuru Hanyu for my third 3D project but we have to base it on an existing sculpture so I guess Davi…
They may train together, but Javier Fernández and Yuzuru Hanyu are carving their own paths to the Winter Olympics.
I've just watched a load of Johnny Weir and Yuzuru Hanyu skating vids on Youtube so NOW I GUESS IT'S TIME TO REWATCH YURI ON ICE
I felt like editing, so here's a little something 🙂 [Yuzuru Hanyu in practice on Monday/Mar. 27 at 2017 Worlds]
Yuzuru, for the love of god, don't take Turandot.
2012 NHK Yuzuru Hanyu EX + Encore B.ESP2 via | I love how he sings along to Hana Ni Nare for every perf ㅠㅠ❤︎
Please have a look! It is a piece of Mosaic Art built up by anipooh1 using 15076 photos concerned with Yuzuru Hanyu af…
Catching up on fs news. Headcanon: Yuzuru Hanyu got a super secret VIP front seat to Prince in Ice World to see Plushenko-sama.
Little Giant Ladders
I wanted to make an "emo phase" Yuuri but it kinda ended up looking like Yuzuru Hanyu?(???
World Record Hope & Legacy - Yuzuru Hanyu.This is a program you have to watch w/ whole your heart
...and then you have a Yuzuru Hanyu irl / Viktor in YoI who basically is good at everything…
Yuzuru Hanyu to open season at Autumn Classic in Canada. Shoma Uno headed to Lombardia Trophy.
I'm so happy to seen Yuzuru Hanyu wore his Sochi Winter Olympic medal on this awarding ceremony event. 😍😁
Hanyu is such a beautiful skater and H&L is such a beautiful program, you can't help watching the snippets from it over an…
11 yo Yuzuru Hanyu aimed to be the first Japanese skater to win Olympic's gold medal which he did in Sochi when he was onl…
Yuzuru's interview in Sochi. Bring tear to your eyes. A 19 years old boy win for his country's people .
When will Yuzuru, Javi and PChan will get on the podium together aka not just SP small medal ceremony.
Sometimes I'm surprised that my crush on Yuzuru Hanyu doesn't fade 😂😂😂
Note to self: I can never meet Yuzuru Hanyu face to face. Might ask him to marry me then and there. 😌
🇯🇵 heads optimistically into Olympic season h…
Yuzuru Hanyu of 🇯🇵 giving interviews after his WR performance!
Hanyu Doll Survey for International fans is open!. *if you wish to open a group order, please message f…
How Medvedeva got 10 in PE?! And Hanyu did not...ridiculous!. Same thing with Yuzuru and Javi's CO and I…
My dream job is to be Yuzuru Hanyu's dresser. He does need help with those invi back zippers, right?
Yuzuru Hanyu:. - putting 'figure' in figure skating. - living legend (fight me). - what is chill™ . - personification o…
Unpopular party-pooper opinion: To me the intentional misspelling of Yuzuru Hanyu's name is neither funny nor original.
He had a bad practice, but yuzu kept clapping for javi when he saw him 😳
Yuzuru *unfailingly polite* Hanyu took the lower position when he was about to shake hand with elderly (A. Mishin)
Yuzuru helping the staff at Helsinki worlds. How can you not love this man he's such a treasure and a model for every sk…
Yuzuru Hanyu, reigning Olympic Champion, two-time World Champion, four-time Grand Prix Final Champion, and an ultimate m…
My friend fell for johnny weir AND yuzuru hanyu, my mission here is complete
Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu rallied with a record free-skate score to win his second world title on Saturday:
ANA’s figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu will be competing in the World Figure Skating Championships 2017 today. All the best…
Yuzuru Hanyu roars to gold at figure skating worlds, Patrick Chan 5th
Beautiful landings of beautiful single Axels anyone? [Yuzuru Hanyu performing at Worlds exhibition]
For people who are shook by this, do check out yuzuru hanyu's "hello I love you" programme.
hanyu yuzuru,as long as u don't give up,Chinese fan will always accompany you,please trust yourself,we love u…
Yuzuru Hanyu-2017 4CC FS 6 min warmup and before FS [Fan cam]
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Yuri plisetsky's exhibition program is a reference to yuzuru hanyu xD
important question, is that yuzuru hanyu in your header bc YES
Ten kids cleaning the ice after wildly popular Olympic/World champ Yuzuru Hanyu skated.
pls i need you to see this Yuzuru Hanyu ex if you haven't, there's No Way it isn't the source of this Mad…
Great analysis of Hanyu's FS at Worlds here 👉
IOC President congatulates Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu after his specatcular victory at the world championship men’s free skating in…
If I can edit video I will make a compilation video on why Han Yan and Patrick Chan deserves better PCs instead of World Champ Yuzuru Hanyu
I've been watching ice skating videos for an hr now Yuzuru hanyu is a precious bean I love when he scrunches his nose
Yuzuru Hanyu's ice skating perfs keep on popping up in my head 😭❤️
Never forget the Skate America commentators: We are going to take a brief intermission before Yuzuru Hanyu loses all his clothing!
Before anyone yells that the new footage of is over the top I PRESENT TO YOU YUZURU HANYU BACK IN 2012
After exibition in Yuzuru didn't 4T/Lo/4S (fall) but 4T/Lo/4T (fall). What will he be do…
I got an article about hanyu from grandma and they had misspelled yuzuru (yusuru) so many times and hanyu (hanya) twice, also other stuff
🌍⛸🏅📹 Yuzuru Hanyu and Charlie White with a quick chat after the Short Program Today. 🔗
⛸🌍🏅 Tension building up with Yuzuru Hanyu, Jin Boyang and Patrick Chan
The thing about Yuzuru Hanyu is that his imperfect form is already a formidable opponent.
my sister thinks im weird for being in love with hanyu yuzuru. i mean HAVE YOU SEEN HIM SMILE?! AND DO A BUNCH OF QUADS?! HE IS PERFECTION.
Yuzuru Hanyu (eng sub) Cezh Commentary, found this on YT, thank you for the uploader 😁
One last picture of your World Champion 2017, Yuzuru Hanyu!
"My name is Yuzuru Hanyu. Thank you for all your support!" apparently said this in
[ARTICLE] Yuzuru Hanyu fever heats up in men’s figure skating (Via.
Lighthearted moment in kiss & cry. Yuzuru Hanyu was relieved to earn the score he did. "I skate the free." Brian Orser: "Y…
[TRANS] Yuzuru Hanyu: "In the short program I've done everything I could".
Breaking news: Yuzuru Hanyu will be the manager of the new boyband Jaythan. Tour coming this summer, tickets on sale soo…
Yuzuru Hanyu sending his greetings to the fans !
[ARTICLE] Brian Orser’s week at Worlds with skaters Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez
Congratulations Yuzuru! From 5th to 1st in free skate. Yuzuru Hanyu takes the gold in Helsinki, Finland. 👏
Very interesting analysis about free skate. 2 time World Champion, Olympic Champion, 4 times…
📹 chibura: FULL ANALYSIS of Yuzuru Hanyu’s Hope and Legacy (his 2016/2017 Free Program), the...
I used Mizushima and also Yuzuru Hanyu as a reference for Yuuri.
A week ago this happened and nothing else needs to be added. [Yuzuru Hanyu, men's free skate at Worlds] https…
BREAKING: Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno take gold and silver medals at World Figure Skating Championships.
This is a very enlightening interview did with Brian Orser for
I swear I will watch Yuzuru Hanyu's 2017 worlds free skate every time they show it on tv because it is that spectacular & that…
Okay, I think I'm a little obsessed with Yuzuru Hanyu. But that's fine.
ICYMI | Patrick Chan 5th at figure skating worlds, Yuzuru Hanyu roars to gold
A new world record for Yuzuru Hanyu!
Yuzuru Hanyu, 22 years old. Absolute Champion will never stop moving forward.
Indirect to ate Faye. we used to talk about y***, Michael Martinez, and Yuzuru Hanyu. i really miss you. Hope you can remember me. -Dannah
Hanyu Yuzuru is the most precious most prettiest and most importantly most smol
Daily love letter for Hanyu Yuzuru.I wanna be with you😭miss yiu so much...
OMG is all I can say. Yuzuru Hanyu is on another planet from these other terrestrial skaters
Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu simply the best. Again. Ever. My story on the short program at
"The jumps are JUST part of the program."- yuzuru hanyu. GET IT BUB!!
This thread should be filled with photos of our living meme, Yuzuru Hanyu tbh
Also, his outfit was based off Yuzuru Hanyu's The Phantom of Opera program!
Them: Yeah Yuri on Ice got me into figure skating!. Me: oh that's so awesome!. Them: Omg yeah Yuzuru Hanyu is totally Yuuri. Me: blocked
| YUZURU HANYU | this japanese cutie is Sochi Olympics gold medalist in figure skating even though he's only 22 now
Like they knew who yuzuru hanyu was but like figure skating isn't really as popular in japan as say soccer or baseball ;;;
if you don't have quad or even stable triple axel.The correct senior you have to follow is Yuzuru Hanyu, and not the one who..
Daily love letter for Hanyu Yuzuru.2017 WC is coming,hope you can be the champion again😀
I liked a video from Hanyu Yuzuru in front of camera - then and now (Engsub)
I had a dream that I was talking about yuzuru hanyu to my stepdad and then he started crying...
if he dnt kno who Yuzuru Hanyu is.. drop him
I liked a video Yuzuru HANYU 2014 Cup of China LP
Congratulations to Yuzuru Hanyu and Mao Asada for a great skating and to all the Japanese team that the Japanese fans…
Time will come I'll have/don't have a chance to thank Yuzuru Hanyu for inspiring me so much bc I never thought of myself being so productive
Figure skating Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu was boxing for the What sport have you tried today?
LOL this is like the time the announcer at 4CC said "Yuzuru Hanyu from CHINA" LIKE *** LADY :)
I just saw a guy who looks like Yuzuru Hanyu, lmao
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so I just learned that yuzuru hanyu has asthma how hardcore are you to have that and skate like that? i have that and i'd die mid-skate
I love the way Yuzuru Hanyu skates. That man is capable of telling the most wonderful stories with beautiful moves
"I placed all three silver medals from Skate Canada at my bedside." - Yuzuru Hanyu.
Yuzuru Hanyu - bracelet and necklace POTO by Sendaid
Yuzuru Hanyu Spirit of Athlete part 2 Thanks to and ht…
I dont have a particular type, it all varies from hugh jackman to yuzuru hanyu
Current status: I love Yuzuru Hanyu way too​ much and I want him to be happy forever 💔
✰ yuzuru hanyu. he is the best ice skater in the world, and he is SO adorable & INSANELY talented and WOW i love him
I would give Yuzuru hanyu my house and all my money and my organs
lol @ The Yuzuru Hanyu™ who likes doing an unnamed spin some people call "Hanyu spin"
Who appears in a fashion magazine wearing training gear? Yuzuru Hanyu that's who!
Despite things not going as planned, Yuzuru Hanyu was still smiling after his short at 2017. Photo:
This is my friend Yuzuru Hanyu and his friend - just for fun :)
well.cuz it is 3F or because he is Hanyu he needs to hit all bullets to get +3.
Yuzuru Hanyu was perfection, poetry on iceㅠ did so well on his free skate, he won silver aft being 3rd. Only abt 4 pts diff from…
Yuzuru Hanyu the boy who loves skating so much 😁
Nathan Chen defeats Yuzuru Hanyu and takes the men's title.
My aesthetic is that video where yuzuru hanyu does a perfect spin on ice but trips on his own feet on the ground
A reminder that Yuzuru Hanyu, Olympic Champion, is a goofball.
So I'm my spare time I love to watch ice skating competitions and one of my favorites has been Yuzuru Hanyu skating to Prince
Yuzuru Hanyu in his short program outfit doing the JJ style (on the cover of a mag with JJ)
Yuzuru Hanyu complaining about his exhibition program || 2017 4CC
They're are so cute🐻❤😍. From YouTube . Shoma Uno 2017 4CC Gala finale (with Yuzuru Hanyu). 또희. .
Yuzuru Hanyu fought so hard for the top free skate at Four Continents! Such a breathless and beautiful display.
I added a video to a playlist Yuzuru Hanyu- Kiss and Cry moments
Yuzuru Hanyu Highlights (Eurosport ITA) . press CC button for japanese subtitles .
THANK YOU VERY MUCH YUZURU HANYU! 💖 It's always a pleasure to see you skate your heart out.
[TRANS] A promise to come back on ice... What Yuzuru Hanyu grabbed at the pre-Olympic Games ht…
"Shirley, what are you doing for valentine's day?". "waiting for a Yuzuru Hanyu sighting"
[inside the games]Sochi 2014 singles Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu gave a ste…
I'm sorry but I love Yuzuru Hanyu he's so cute!! ^•^
Just so you know I've loved Yuzuru Hanyu for a while now 😭
I liked a video [Fanmade]Yuzuru Hanyu : History maker cover by Aruvn
Yes I would like 1 Yuzuru Hanyu from amazon preferably before Christmas thx
If Switzerland gets the winter olympics then I want to go see Yuzuru Hanyu's bum in real life. 👀👌🏻
I hope you read this guys. Well you must understand that Yuzuru Hanyu fans speaked up about YOI.
New target : Yuzuru Hanyu. I like watching him skating. All of this because I watch YOI. Hehe
[TRIVIA] He is the only skater who had broken a record Yuzuru Hanyu had previously set in the short program Who is he? 😏
Sorry po, this is Yuzuru Hanyu we're talking about.
Most of the time I waste my time watching Yuzuru Hanyu videos. That's when I know I lived a good life.
Still rooting for Yuzuru Hanyu as my number 1 tho. The ultimate quad monster 👣
Did you catch it in real time? Guillaume missed his blade on the second Twizzle, dropping it immediately to Lvl 2 & lo…
Yuzuru got more than 103 points 4 times in last 12 months. Nobody else in the history got more than 102,54.
Yuzuru Hanyu rocks the house with his Prince program. Into first by a mile.
I have a lot of fondness nad love for Yuzuru Hanyu bc of how far he's come just >(
LRT Yuzuru Hanyu is currently the best men's single skater in the world, and he got there through hard work and dedication!!
Yuzuru Hanyu is still breathtaking..😍 but my heart will always be for Javier Fernandez 😍💓
I will be forever haunted by yuzuru hanyu's giant purple butt. I am a ruined woman.
NHK🏆 📝 Yuzuru Hanyu and Nathan Chen qualified for the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final. 👉
Who'd have thought that someone could get over 300 points???. amazing Yuzuru Hanyu did it!omg.
I was casually changing sports channels and stumbled on the ISU Grand Prix from earlier just as Yuzuru Hanyu takes the ice. Not today Satan.
I turned my tv on to Yuzuru Hanyu skating and I feel cleansed
Honestly, humanity doesn't deserve Yuzuru Hanyu, he's too pure for our world
I totally forgot that I got to see Yuzuru Hanyu live in 2012 and now its actually kind of relevant again LMAO
How Yuzuru Hanyu dealing with pressure (c: hanyuedits tumblr)
poor yuzuru hanyu in 2014 white girls on tumblr were thirsty for him just bc hes japanese and now he's just gonna be a big yoi joke Dont
Yuzuru Hanyu runs away with the crown at NHK Trophy and is headed to the Grand Prix Final.
I should be reviewing my socio/anthro but here I am looking at Yuzuru Hanyu gifs 😂
I haven't been able to stop thinking abt that yuzuru hanyu vid of where he trips and is just NANDAYO!!!
yuzuru got more than 300 points 3 times in last 12 months In the history,only Hanyu and Fernandez…
domain names
Stunning winning performance from Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu at NHK Trophy! He's on his way to the final!
Ok, I get it, all of you are crazy for Yuri on Ice BUT PLEASE LOOK AT YUZURU HANYU
Ugh idl how everyone suddenly is so into yuzuru hanyu JUST because he resembles yuri from yuri on ice
Do I sound like a hipster when I say I loved Yuzuru Hanyu way before Yuri!!! On Ice came out
so much respect for Yuzuru Hanyu . He was already injured & after the falls he still gave a magnificent performance
I also know yuzuru hanyu bc of yuri on ice but people, pls just stop mentioning and comparing yuri on ice in every video of yuzuru
If you want to be blessed just google Yuzuru Hanyu
YUZURU HANYU IS 21? bruh he was 19 the last time i laid my eyes on him
Can we find a life size cardboard stand up of darling Hanyu?!
me watching YOI -> tries hard to find traces of hanyu yuzuru
I added a video to a playlist 2016 Worlds - Yuzuru Hanyu Gala [CBC]
Yuzuru Hanyu,You know?Famous Japanese figure skater in the world. It seems that he is listening to the…
People. OMG, Yuzuru Hanyu is amazing. Like, I also found him through "Yuri!!! On Ice", but dang the guy is really great at the sport!
Have been watching every yuzuru hanyu's vids on youtube i cant stop myself help
I still can't stop watching Yuzuru Hanyu
Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan competes in the Men's Singles Free Program during day two of the 2016 Skate Canada...
Just a little obsessed with Hanyu Yuzuru because he is practically my age but has a billion times more talent and achievement
No matter how many times I watch Yuzuru Hanyu's Seimei program, I still get goosebumps.
Yuzuru Hanyu's short program performance from sochi 2014 is such a favourite GOD it's so good and he has so much fun 😭
Yuzuru Hanyu is new daddy baby bae (bc he's, just like Yuri, a daddy & a baby in a same body) 😍😍😍
[ARTICLE] Yuzuru on ANA's airplane magazine vol 10
[ARTICLE] Ready for Takeoff | "I want to stir something in people's hearts"
Been drowning myself with Yuzuru Hanyu's programs :3
Someone set Yuzuru Hanyu's Sochi program to Eros from I love this fandom. ^_^
okAY but i love yuzuru hanyu so mucHJ
I'm going to bring this pic back in the upcoming weeks 👀💦 yo michael martinez and hanyu yuzuru 👀👌🏼
4 things are constant in my life: work, study, and Yuzuru Hanyu and y…
Ready For Takeoff Interview with Yuzuru Hanyu via now in English
While Yuzuru Hanyu waited for Patrick Chan & Kevin Reynolds to arrive at the final press conference he organized the seati…
must watch heart-tugging videos a.k.a. Yuzuru Hanyu's graceful performances on ice ✨
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And I'm crying while binge watching Yuzuru Hanyu perfs rn I Love him so much 😭 my son 😭😭😭
OH MY GOD LMFAO i was watching Japanese TV commercials and then Hanyu Yuzuru happened
You bring joy to my day, color my afternoons and nights sweetens my nights. I love Hanyu 💕❤🌼😄
what . "Yuzuru Hanyu" and "hate" just cannot be in same sentence . But. Account?¿?
Yuzuru Hanyu on the cover of Sports Graphic Number Plus' December 2016 issue.
If y'all could leave Yuzuru Hanyu out off the whole creepy ice skating fetish that came up, that would be great.
hi it's 5am and I've been watching clips of yuzuru hanyu all night
"This is Evgeny Plushenko (Russian figure skater) and Hanyu Yuzuru (Japanese figure skater), but you can call them Yuri and Victor" . :/
. bring Yuzuru Hanyu to teach them w. (but pretty boys in sparkly clothes!)
After watching yuri on ice i cant stop rewatching yuzuru hanyu's skating programs ahhh im falling in deep
My YouTube feed is full of yuzuru hanyu. :;(∩ ˘ω˘ ∩);:
crying i want Yuzuru Hanyu's thoughts too
Dear Yuri on Ice producer, please dont bring Yuzuru Hanyu name in to pr for yourself, it's a disgrace to him
Okay i am awake againnn. I can't sleep well bec i keep dreaming of yuri on ice and yuzuru hanyu shdhkfldbsgshs
I would give Yuzuru Hanyu the tucc any day
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Yuzuru Hanyu could make a mistake and still make it look flawless
Idk if kinokuniya still have their yuzuru hanyu shrine but if they do I'm gonna buy a book
Yuzuru hanyu is fretting more stans be if anime what a time to be alive
probably should watch this debate at work tomorrow and just watch Yuri on ice and more figure skating. Yuzuru Hanyu and Ilia Kulik videos
yall.have absolutely no idea how happy that makes me omg i love love LOVE Yuzuru Hanyu!!
Road to Pyeongchang begins at Skate America. Returning stars jostle alongside Olympic men's champion Yuzuru Hanyu and women's world title h…
the video is titled "HIstory Maker". Yuzuru Hanyu confirmed to be inspiration for
do it, yuri will cleanse you. In case of need of RL ice skating, Yuzuru Hanyu and Plushenko are amazing
Still, Yuzuru Hanyu fell twice in the competition he won the gold medal, just like Yuri, and didn't belittle himself because of the fall.
I kept on saying how much yuri resembled yuzuru hanyu, a japanese ice skater that set a record when he was barely 19.
I FORGOT ABT YUZURU HANYU BUT I LOVE HIM.i hope he is having a good day today
I sought about Yuzuru Hanyu... The real life Yuri, omg I ship him with Javier
Episode 3 of Yuri On Ice was so... SA~TIS~FY~ING! ...Has my black heart beat so wildly before? Perhaps during Yuzuru Hanyu's performances...
“He said that though he was the champion this time, I was still the champion of his heart.”. -Yuzuru Hanyu
I love that Yoi shows us what we also saw with Yuzuru Hanyu years before: even as you fall, you stand back up to continue.
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While we're at it here's Yuzuru Hanyu and his record breaking performance:
If Yuri on Ice gets a live action I want Yuzuru Hanyu in in
I was watching some Yuzuru Hanyu skating video and... can I see I find so sad ppl commenting things like "I'm only here bcs Yuri on Ice"?
I bet they go this from Yuzuru Hanyu who cant do the Salchow in competition either but he does it perfectly on prac…
I'm crying yuzuru hanyu skating to prince
Yuri!!!On Ice has gotten me back into watching Ice skating and I just finished Yuzuru Hanyu's Sochi 2014 (Mens Figu…
someone requested a Yuzuru Hanyu program in *** class & u just know that it's the doing of YOI lololol
I added a video to a playlist Javier Fernandez (Yuzuru HANYU) EX - 2015 WTT
I added a video to a playlist GPF2014 Gala Yuzuru Hanyu & Javier Fernandez
Fun fact! On exchange I was known as the weird white kid who loves Yuzuru Hanyu + fainted on day 1. Undeniably accurate
Tempted to watch Yuri On Ice just for an excuse to talk about Yuzuru Hanyu even more
This Parisienne Walkways -SP of Yuzuru Hanyu still unbeatable and irreplaceable for me. 😀✌.
Kinda feel sorry for Yuzuru Hanyu. I was watching some of his skating routines on YouTube, legit all the comments are "YURI ON ICE IRL"
While you're waiting for watch the Sochi 2014 performance of Yuzuru Hanyu.
Look at Viktor's tissue box. It's based on the Winnie the Pooh one that Yuzuru Hanyu has
watching yuzuru hanyu skate and jump makes ME feel nauseous . what in the world is that guy like. h o l y s h i t
hehe found a photo of Hanyu Yuzuru during the Beppu Figure Skating Exhibition in 2014 that was used as a reference for Yuri!…
Michelle Kwan and Peter Schrager recap the men’s figure skating finals. Find out how Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu cap...
[CBS News]SOCHI, Russia– Yuzuru Hanyu made it difficult on himself before com…
And yes okay. Yuzuru Hanyu, Jason Brown, and Kevin Reynolds are my three favorite skaters. Yeah a 3-way tie.
The real point is that Honda Marin is following the footsteps of Hanyu Yuzuru therefore I have no reason to not recognize her as the Hope™.
Cant wait to watch the yuzuru hanyu anime
There is a life size cardboard cutout of Yuzuru Hanyu and I am literally debating taking a photo because it's great ;u;
[New York Times]SOCHI, Russia — Yuzuru Hanyu was skating when the devastating…
[The Boston Globe]Following his first practice session at TD Garden, Yuzuru H…
Was watching Yuri on ice trailer and immediately fall in love with figure skating then discovered Yuzuru Hanyu . THAT MAN IS A MASTERPIECE
2)…Yuzuru Hanyu: "He is working on quad salchow, toe and loop, and also lutz in a harness. He is inspiring, becaouse he never gives up."
Yuzuru posing for photographers from both sides☺️
TODAY I'm still in school.. TODAY I'm still miss yuzuru hanyu.
I just remembered how much I love Yuzuru Hanyu, bless him 😭
[Yahoo Sports]Yuzuru Hanyu won the silver with 234.8, while Japanese teammate…
Why did you told "Yuzuru Hanyu says Denis Ten maybe trying to hurt him" to ?
Thank you for a reply. I want you to watch Denis Ten and Yuzuru Hanyu which wish for peace at present quietly.
Japan's Olympic figure skating champion Yuzuru Hanyu has accused rival Denis Ten of deliberately colliding with him during practice at the
I have been a fan girl of Yuzuru Hanyu since 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Two years passed and I still consider him as my idol and role model!
Congrats to and Yuzuru Hanyu my training team at the World Figure Skating Championships in Boston!
Yuzuru Hanyu: "To be honest, I am very, very happy right now, more so than after NHK Trophy or the Grand Prix Final."
"Japan's famous creative doll designer, Yukako Goto, uses Yuzuru Hanyu as a prototype for her new work "Snowbird".".
omigod...that sounds so cute. This is the guy I was talking about, Yuzuru Hanyu.
Someone said figure skating and I'm once again in the Yuzuru Hanyu *** 😄😢 Look at this little prince on ice!
ICYMI: My analysis on Patrick Chan at and how his FS compares to Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez:
Working on pictures old and new, day 2 - Exhibition - Yuzuru Hanyu
[CBC]I predicted that Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu would claim his third …
[Sports Mole]Tatsuki Machida has said that he does not yet consider his Ja…
Two years ago yuzuru hanyu the Olympic gold medal for ice skating. .
I love drawing Yuzuru Hanyu so much! 😭😭😭
The Patrick Chan vs Yuzuru Hanyu battle at worlds this year is going to be epic.
Waseda student Yuzuru Hanyu breaks world record at 2015 Grand Prix Final -
I have the absolute faith in Hanyu Yuzuru!
I showed my sister ONE video of Yuzuru Hanyu skating and she took half my tissue box, crying from the beauty
You know what would great? Yuzuru Hanyu and Yuna Kim dancing together
Yuzuru Hanyu is so adorable and I just wanna hug him and never let go! Like he is such a cutie!!!
yuzuru hanyu, my most favorite athlete in this whole World
[The Wall Street Journal]How did Yuzuru Hanyu refine his performance as a cha…
[Japan Today]He’s handsome, talented and an Olympic gold medalist. And now, f…
[Examiner]Once again Olympic Champion, Yuzuru Hanyu broke his own world recor…
[CBC]in mid-October, there was a sea of Japanese faces in the crowd who had c…
World-records boy Yuzuru Hanyu giving a lesson of Japanese Noh Theater to the press :)
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