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Yule Ball

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth novel in the Harry Potter series written by British author J. K.

Harry Potter Ron Weasley Triwizard Tournament Viktor Krum Hermione Granger Tom Riddle Neville Longbottom Fleur Delacour Cho Chang Lily Evans Franz Ferdinand Cedric Diggory Draco Malfoy Emma Watson

I also wanna attend that yule ball like Promenade or what.
3 seconds from jealous scully waiting for mulder to ask her to the Yule Ball
Case has a quidditch team and they host a Yule ball every year. I knew I picked this school for a reason
Did you like the Patil twins' outfits for the Yule Ball?
Harry Potter club members!! To promote the Yule ball, daily themes have been selected for this week. Tomorrow, wear…
who would you rather go to the Yule ball with... Tom Riddle or Cedric Diggory?? Idk aha random x
james potter getting ready for ... Yule Ball . rt
If I ever met it would be like Ron at the Yule ball. I'd invite her on a date but I would yell and then run away.
We're at it again... looking forward to hosting "Yule ball" ball next year!
this is so funny I went to a Yule ball (although not a party) & was like this is the whitest dance I have ever been to
Our SSAGO Ball 2018 will be the Yule Ball Ball, proposed by UWE!
I just found out that Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway were apart of the Yule Ball band in Harry Potter...
Yule Ball 2017 is off to an amazing start! Come out to the Hunt Union Ballroom to get your…
Franz Ferdinand were the original choice to play the band at the Hogwarts Yule Ball
Yule ball scene, someone just started singing Beauty and the Beast.
❧ her to go to the Yule Ball with him, but some guy had told him that it wasn't a good idea. Apparently she had a weird❧
Picture this; i'm standing in my kitchen, long tshirt & undies on, humming the Yule Ball slow song & dancing w/ myself as if i'm Neville 😅
That's great! I'd like to see them dressed for the Yule Ball, it would be so lovely 😍💚💙
everything needs to be on the low. If we are missing from the yule ball theyll suspect we must find peop…
Yule ball was so much fun! Everyone looked so nice💖. also Slytherin house may or may not have formed a gang.🐍 https:…
+a Wizard over. . Merlin! has been there when I had contemplated asking Granger to the Yule Ball but she’d gone with the+
...Well, what about that time at the Yule Ball? You were quite upset. And then again when Ron started dating Lavender, --
'Harry Potter' eyeshadow is here, just in time for the Yule Ball
Harry Potter as cartoons ✨. Ginny at the Yule Ball as Ariel .
We Potterheads of Nepal had our own Yule Ball
Arguing with my friend while trying to fabric shop for Hermione's Yule Ball dress - periwinkle blue. Lavender, blue…
"blimey, you're telling me that Draco Malfoy wants to go to the Yule Ball with me!? Well tell him I said yes" she blushed a deep crimson ~~
i def wore this at last year's Yule Ball
Anyways, our Yule Ball was a success 🙌
Can we just talk about how cute Neville and Ginny are at the Yule Ball
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, preparing for the yule ball.
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Hermione tries to play Quidditch but hits her head, accidentally transfigures the furniture & goes to the Yule Ball? h…
📷 The Yule Ball has been a tradition of the Triwizard Tournament since its inception. bonus:
No wonder Malfoy took her to the Yule Ball.
about how she looked at the Yule Ball or something. Hard to separate thoughts and fantasies."
Grab those wizard robes of yours and get ready for our Yule Ball! Check out last years vid
Happening right now! Yule Ball theme at Miriam College High School Prom! . Experience oa a lifetime…
And one, two, three. to Yule Ball dance lessons
I enter the potions room, this was the last week of class before the Slytherin-Gryffindor match, the Yule Ball, and finally -
by guiding the hurt ones and escorting others to dorms. It was over like that. The Yule Ball had shut out early and ─
22 Years ago today, Ron Weasley made a fool out of himself at the Yule Ball..
25 December 1994: The Yule Ball is held at Hogwarts in celebration of the Triwizard Tournament.
One of my favourite scenes, the Yule ball 💃🏻 ☺️ x
Mood: Hermione Granger crying in her Yule Ball gown on the stairs of the Entrance Hall
Bet victor krum's got a corsa. He's 17 and he asked a 14 y/o Hermione to the yule ball
Watching HPATGOF and realising that the band at the Yule ball is Jarvis Cocker and Jonny Greenwood
Filch dancing w Mrs Norris at the Yule ball is my only goal in life
Never understood how they have so much fun dancing at the Yule ball when they're all so sober
What Parvati & Padma had to wear to the Yule Ball was violently atrocious. Out of all the beautiful Asian clothes t…
Filch dancing with his cat at the Yule Ball is so me
As if Donovan from Inbetweeners is Fleur Delacours date to the Yule Ball
Hermione and Krum at the Yule ball tho ❤❤❤❤
The feels when Hermione comes down the stairs to the Yule ball will never fade ✨
one of the saddest things ever is when Harry Potter asks Cho Chang to the Yule Ball and she rejects him. Poor Harry💔
Neville's Yule Ball dancing is actually the sweetest thing 😭
Emma Watson coming down the stairs at the Yule ball in the Goblet of Fire is literal goals
The Yule Ball always reminds me off the bts video of Emma Watson and Tom Felton dancing together, I'm always gonna ship them
I'm really disappointed that they didn't add the bit where Harry wears the socks dobby gave him to the Yule ball
how can Harry Potter not find a date for the Yule Ball most unrealistic part of this film
the big question here is DID you look like yule ball hermione
Sees female best friend every day for three academic years, . Doesn't recognise her when she has her hair tied back for…
Watching HP & The Goblet of Fire, reminiscing on our own Yule Ball with my own champions
Everyone forgets that an 18-year-old Viktor Krum took a 14-year-old Hermione to the Yule Ball in the Goblet of Fire
Can someone just find me a wedding dress like Hermiones Yule Ball dress? 👰🏼
I'm so sorry but my life goal is to go to the Yule Ball
I love Hermonie's pink dress for The Yule Ball! It was amazing & stunning when I saw it for real at the Warner Bros. Tour! 👗❤️
A load of teenagers at a formal dance (Yule Ball) with probs a lot of them drinking, deffo was some fingering behind the scenes
Didn't we all want to have a hermione Yule ball moment at some point 😱💭💕
Hermione's angry scene at the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire is 👍👌🔥
Ron is an absolute wally at the Yule Ball and I hate it
Asian clothes are beautiful but Padma and Pravati Patels saris are a disgrace at the Yule Ball.
Always get so upset when Hermione cries at the Yule Ball, we've all had a cracking night n then had some *** spoil it
When Mr Filtch and Mad-eye Moody at the Yule ball reminds you of yourself in life. Harry Potter fans will understand..
I've never forgiven Ron for making Hermione cry at the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire tbh
Still annoyed that Franz Ferdinand opted out last minute of being the Weird Sisters in the Yule Ball
Strange that Krum(17) takes Hermione(14) as his Yule Ball date, basically a wizard version of a lad in a Corsa hanging about schools 😂
Dumbledore forced to bring Professor McGonagall as Yule ball date. Oppressive heteronormative atmosphere at hogwarts claims another victim.
Mad-Eye Moody sat alone and drunk in the corner of the Yule Ball would be 100% me
why do i get the feeling that the band who play at the Yule Ball are the wizarding world's equivalent to MCR?
I want to wear a pink dress and go to the Yule Ball with Victor Krum
“Yule Ball... getting to dance in the great hall.”.
Cho Chang really denied Harry Potter to the Yule Ball because that was the year he made the unfortunate decision to try frosted tips
Sirius' grand entrance into the great hall for the Yule Ball: riding on James' back while he is in animagus form
There's a video of the Yule Ball's costume parade at D*C where the person filming casually lowers the camera for half my stage appearance
It's okay though, because Biden went back even further and made sure they got together at the Yule Ball.
Always knew Neville would love Luna, ever since the Yule ball
Boi!! I have been waiting to attend a winter Yule ball since I was like 12!!
I hate it when they don't research the cultures well. Even in the movie, padma & parvatis outfits were ghastly at Yule ball
Filch at the Yule Ball is the best scene in The Goblet of Fire. Your argument is invalid.
a little late to the Yule Ball but still excited to read this.
Neville's Waltz from the Goblet of Fire score makes me want to go to the Yule Ball so badly. ❄️
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Not my band, but an favorite: They played at our Yule ball & made us feel alle the feels.
- to go. This was far too risky. And yet... His thoughts drifted to the moonlit night of the Yule Ball and he found his -
Who would you rather take to the Yule Ball?
Who would like to join me at the Hogwarts Yule Ball?
there's going to be a Harry Potter yule ball in houston so that means i can cos my HP oc, RIGHT???! SCREAMS
Seriously though, how fun would it be to attend a Yule ball? 😊
Cho was introduced 4 books in & Parvati was a placeholder for the Yule Ball. Luna was best being a wild card by herself
IMAGINE Luna and Ginny dancing with each other at the Yule Ball 😭
I love the whole Yule Ball prep montage
Awaiting for someone to ask me to the Yule Ball!
the Yule ball is my favorite part of the goblet of fire
The moment you discover that the song that Patrick doyle sings at the end of the yule ball in HPGOB is called 'Do the Hippogriff'.
I'm going to dramatically leave you at the Yule ball and dance with your best friend.
I keep finding Yule Ball Ron, I just what regular Ron!
I've had the Yule Ball theme in my head all day, & hopefully now you will too.
The second task was in February. The next year. After the Yule Ball, remember?
- difficult to hide his growing feelings for this girl that had blossomed to fruition after the Yule Ball. He was barely -
There's only a Yule Ball if there's a Triwizard Tournament *stabs someone*
The first time in GOF that Emma had to walk down the stairs during the Yule Ball scene, she fell down the stairs.
I would like to file a complaint against people at Palace for not appreciating my Yule Ball outfit
The Side Quest is excited to announce The Yule Ball!. December 10th, 7:00pm- 12:00am at the…
Same. Honestly just like Neville learning to dance for the Yule ball is the best thing in the world
Albus asks Scorpius to the Yule Ball and they get dressed up and get dinner in Hogsmeade and sneak in alcohol to the dance and get so drunk
10. What gown do you wear to the Yule Ball?
"no one asked me to the yule ball. I'm just a side character."
"... the Yule Ball is first, and foremost, a dance." Who would you take? https…
was super excited about the Yule ball but I just got a huge zit :(
We can all agree Filch has the best date for the Yule Ball. 🐱
Lol remember when Neville and Ginny went to the Yule ball together? 😂
ok they ALL ask you to the yule ball: who do you go with?
At the mention of the Yule Ball, I groaned. "I don't really want to go, but Harry and Ron said I have to."
Are you at the Yule Ball? If not, hurry to Canyon and join the fun!
we don't need him wearing some Ron Weasley at the Yule Ball as shirt! Lol
she cleans up well. Remember the Yule ball? Everyone was 😱😱😱
Heard about Yule Ball! Seems early but that other one is sold out!
Made Luke dance through Hogsmeade everytime the Yule Ball theme came on. Can we just live here?
A reminder of the worst thing the British have ever done to India – Padma and Parvati Patil's Yule Ball outfits:
Leonardo DiCaprio is more nervous right now than Harry Potter trying to ask Chang Cho to the Yule Ball.
From Hermione's Yule Ball gown to Daisy Buchanan's white dress: here are 12 of the most iconic gowns in literature:
Filch dancing with Mrs. Norris at the Yule Ball is easily one of the funniest moments of the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
watching potter puppet pals, forgot how dark it is "I dreamt I took Lily Evans to the Yule Ball. I asked her to dance, she asked me to die"
The theme for TOLO this year is Yule Ball. If you don't have a wand already, you might want to stop by Ollivander's.
If you need another reason to come to our Yule Ball then make it the alcohol! Our themed cocktail list is here! ⚡️
To be fair, I didn't even know what the Yule Ball was, just saw people on here talking about it like it's a drug
(I never thought I'd get to say this but) I need to go to the Yule Ball
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"See you there, At the Yule Ball. Can't wait to see."
Inhale exhale, "Will you be my partner at the Yule Ball? If it's yes.." Mengulurkan tangannya. "Please take my hand."
One day this will feel like fighting a dragon in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament i.e. easier than asking someone to the yule ball
J.K. Rowling has released new content to Pottermore just in time for the Yule Ball.
Someone get me a fake ID so I can go to the Harry Potter Yule ball :'-( :'-(
You are cordially invited to the annual TalonRO's Yule Ball of 2016!
if you're around glasgow next friday night (15th) drop but the glasgow uni HPSoc yule ball at guu! drinks on us!!
If the Yule Ball from Harry Potter isn't picked as our prom theme, I'm going to be severely upset.
Harry Potter Book Night is next month, and here are a few Harry Potter party ideas from one of our Leaky editors!.
rtA Harry Potter Yule Ball Party!: Members of the Leaky community sometimes ask us if we h...
can we get a Yule Ball just like WLU? 🌌💃
UBC Quidditch is hosting its second annual YULE BALL! It's going to be more lit than your game of exploding snap:
what's your size? i have a few left over from our Yule Ball shows, but we got cleaned out of most sizes.
Why did Parvati and Padma Patil have to wear the ugliest Indian outfits to the Yule ball smh
While watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - I hope the *** and *** couples all get to attend the yule ball with their partners
Personally I think you should come to our Yule Ball- but that's just my opinion 😁✨
"If you can dance, you can get just about any girl" -mom's thoughts on Yule Ball ACCURATE ACCURATE ACCURATE
When it comes to the Yule Ball, i'd be Neville. The only one willing to dance and have a blast!
The fourth annual Teen Yule Ball is coming up next Friday. Teens, come get your Potter on!
Aesthetic: Hermoine flossing on all her friends when she shows up with Viktor Krum at the Yule Ball
I was at the Yule Ball with Lily Evans. I asked her to dance. She asked me to die. Would that I could Lily, would that I could.
"Not quite Yule Ball but not a trip to Diagon either. I'm wearing.." She paused to get his attention, licking her lips. "Red."
Teens! Yule ball is coming soon. This is a free event.
yes pls (I am going to a Yule Ball next month) but yes pls its the same jokes over and over
we're hosting a yule ball at Glasgow uni for the HPSoc, it would be so amazing if you dropped by!!!
I know this is a long shot - HPSoc at Glasgow Uni are hosting a yule ball, if you came it would just be too awesome for words!
No legit fave this if you plan on going to the Yule Ball I can't wait to meet you all
Hi Sean, I'm from the Glasgow University HP Soc and we're having a Yule Ball next Friday! Would be amazing if you popped by :)
the Glasgow Uni HPSoc is hosting a yule ball on the 15th, we would be so honored if you dropped by!
When you're trying to study but all you want to see is visions of the Yule Ball
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The annual Harry Potter Yule Ball is back for 2016! This year there will be even more activities including a...
hmmm. Bleur wedding inspired or Yule Ball inspired
must stay in. Then disconnect with outside world. Like jialat ah
Thank you to everyone who came to our Yule Ball! We hope you enjoyed it! Can't wait for next year :)
he know the song. He thinks its too late to say sorry
a small petite friend that i always bully but care a lot for. Amcm? Swee?
Do to tabling restrictions the ministry will be Yule Ball tabling this week Tuesday-Friday, and next week...
The 2nd Annual Prom Night is here!. Don't wait, go ask her out !. Book your place for The Yule Ball here -...
Me and Joe invited Jason Anderson to Pancakes for dinner sometime at the Yule Ball because he treated us like good friends the whole show. 😍
McGonagall: "Your partners for the Yule Ball, Potter. Your dance partners.". Harry: "Dance partners? I don't dance.".
ESU's Student Chapter of the American Library Association had their Yule Ball this past Saturday evening. An...
we're going to Fandom's annual Yule Ball tonight and you can go in cosplay and I REALLY wish I had a formal attire cosplay put together...
Ouvi por acaso: During the Yule Ball - Everyone: *dances gracefully* Harry: *does the Harlem Shake*
Victor Krum has a crush on you, stalks you...A LOT, asks you out to the Yule Ball, and still doesn't let you ride his broomstick. umph
Would you rather attend the Quidditch World Cup or the Yule Ball ?
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When Viktor Krum has just asked you to the Yule Ball
I seriously feel so bad for the Patil sisters because Ron and Harry make the Yule Ball just terrible for them
Remember when someone said prom would be Yule ball themed and thEY FREAKIN LIED
I've never understood why, with all the magic at their fingertips, Ron didn't just alter the appearance of his Yule Ball dress robes.
-- Eva would be attending the Yule Ball with Carl, she quite enjoyed the fact that he formally asked her (and the fact --
What's your favorite movie scene? — In Harry Potter when hermione walks down the stairs at the Yule ball and eve...
-- turning upon him and Eva now.] Eva Stoermer, will you go to the Yule Ball with me? [He asked her, smile ever-present on --
-- careful wand work, Carl was able to get them to spell "Yule Ball?" above the flowers, and he then proceeded to step out --
The way Fred asks Angelina to the Yule Ball 10/10 would recommend.
Hermione's dress was so pretty for the Yule Ball😍
Hermione's dress for the Yule Ball was so pretty
Still not even ashamed to say I did my hair for prom the same as hermione did hers for the Yule ball 😂
Photoset: The Yule Ball is of course a chance for us all to — er — let our hair down..
The Brit got me Hermione's Yule Ball earrings for my birthday!!! He wins the awesome boyfriend awards…
I think I'm pretty hilarious but I can't dance :s but yes I will be ur prom date anyway 💋💋💋 p.s. Yule Ball
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{As much of a pain as it would be to have all eyes on her the night of the Yule Ball, Eva was looking forward to --
I have never related more to Mr. Filch in the Yule ball scene.Everyone is dancing with their date except him, he's dancing with Mrs. Norris
"Well, Ron is quite interesting He screamed at me but not in anger, he asked me to the yule ball, Interesting really." --
Tracy Morgan was stupefied at the Yule Ball..
/ but the Yule ball had schools from all over and did it all the same so who knows but yeah I can believe the origin is from-
No, the purest form of Ron is him yelling at Hermione after the Yule Ball
kuroo telling bokuto to ask akaashi to the yule ball with a howler "you're durmstrang's champion right? you gotta make your invite huGE"
Clip-on earrings&pin/brooch better than Harry Potter yule ball
ugh I need to find a date to the Yule Ball
The Battle of Hogwarts, everyone finally understood what was pulling those school carriages at the Yule Ball..
My wedding will be Yule Ball themed.
I feel bad for people who didn't enjoy going to highschool. I had a ball i'd go back anyday
Best foot forward and I mean this literally because the Yule Ball is first and foremost
Neville and Ginny dancing at the Yule ball omg CUTE
did I ever tell you about my Harry Potter themed birthday party? Yule Ball super pretty? (I feel like I have)
Remember when Ron asked Fleur Delacour out to the Yule Ball omfg
tomorrow: class, gym, shower, more class, half an hour to change, set up for Yule ball, half an hour to get dressed up, Yule ball.
they're at the Yule Ball and Ron's jealous of Krum. It's adorable.
It would be awesome if Prom was modeled after the Yule Ball in Harry Potter 4
“Awkward moment when TM has the yule ball. And makes the banners...” I feel like some other school already d…
Are you in Baltimore/DC/Northern VA? There's a Yule Ball happening this Saturday afternoon in Springfield, Virginia!
Tbh the only thing I'm looking forward to this week is the Yule Ball with 😍
Hermione in her REAL yule ball dress 💙
When you wake up after the Yule Ball.
It's been 10 years since Harry asked Cho to the Yule ball.
Our Yule Ball was in December like NORMAL people
I have a half date to the Yule ball and I don't feel too pathetic ⚡️⚡️
I'll do my best, Mel. {Eva promised, wanting nothing more than to see her friend snag a good date for the Yule Ball.} Oh, --
- placing her hands in her lap.} D'you reckon I could get Mathieu to ask me to the Yule Ball? {Melody blurted, before quickly -
I want my wedding to be a Yule Ball theme and all of my bridesmaids will wear Hermione's dress
Confession: The Yule Ball behind the scenes always is my favourite because of the tiny yet perfect moment. htt…
Ok, we'll shoot for December. I always wanted a winter wedding. Plus we could do a Yule Ball reception
tried to take Fleur Delacour to the Yule Ball
Hey Teens! The big Yule Ball is tomorrow! Don your finest wizardly garb (or not) and join us for music, dancing,...
okay no it sounds so amazing and looks so pretty as well I can't choose! Like Exeter have a Yule Ball whattt
Yule Ball yung theme ng JS Prom this year..😭😭😭😭 why didn't we think of this?!
I need a answer this serious question: If Hogwarts students went to the Yule Ball,do PIGFARTS students go to the Kewl Ball?
At -- Dramione at the Yule Ball💔. "Granger I think we should just forget about tonight."...
lest we forget when hogwarts gets TURNT for the yule ball with a performance from the magical ramones
Last night at the Yule Ball with some of my ΧΘ line sisters. ☺️🌹
Wish prom could be Yule Ball themed but ya know it won't be winter and no one would get it so I guess I can only dream
Ron's dress robes for the Yule Ball were made out of "an old carpet fabric" that the costume designer found.
Photo: Got to the yule ball part and got really excited about a concept I had in my head so I figured I’d...
Complete wasteman not a liverpool fan but I feel their anger everytime I see a ball he could've run for
The VA Yule Ball was featured on this pretty cool event page. Heeey. I can't wait!
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I'm watching My Immortal and Draco and Harry are dancing at the Yule Ball together to The Smiths
[Who does Ron Weasley take to the Yule Ball?
They so should! And cordially invite all the Potterheads to their very own yule ball! That would be amazing!
I had a dream where an (attractive) soccer player asked me out to the Yule Ball; waking up was depressing.
If you want to know how awkward I am, think of GOF Harry asking Cho to the Yule Ball, but 1000x more.
I'm still really happy that and I had a conversation about my school's Harry Potter Yule Ball, followed by the weather in AK.
I'm wearing Hermione's Yule Ball dress as my prom dress lol
I have no one to to to the Yule Ball with. I guess I'll be on the decorating team. Plus all of my dresses are at home.
Apparently we're having a Yule Ball at my school on valentines day. Im so upset
Wouldn't it? Oh it has to happen one day. Maybe they'll do a Yule Ball themed expansion!
Put a scene in beauty in the beast that parallels hermione's entrance at the Yule ball
Hey Potter pals! Join us and in celebrating the Yule Ball. Details below!.
I liked a video Real Life Yule Ball (in four cities - inspired by Harry Potter)
Holy fyck the Yule Ball was hella fun
Plus ukiendea msee yule ako na so na midfielders...that way defenders watabaki in there positions...
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Jesuit is having a Yule Ball for their winter formal theme
The nerd in me wants desperately to wear Hermione's Yule Ball dress to prom... If only it wasn't only sold in London😭
So far Tom Riddle, Fleur & Gabrielle Delacour, Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger are coming to the Yule Ball.
Am I reading a list of our Yule Ball silent auction prizes.. Or the Christmas list of every person who likes good things?? Hard to tell...
"The gown Ron wore for the Yule Ball made him look like a wanker 😂"
Foto: emlyn-de-ashbourne: Fred Weasley and Angelina Johnson. Harry Potter, the Yule Ball. "I really like...
Can we have this Yule Ball table at our next party?!?
SOME OF TRELAWNEYS PREDICTIONS Professor Trelawney has made other predictions, too, some of which happened, though they may coincidental. It is unknown if the rest of them are true. She told Neville Longbottom to take a blue cup after breaking his first one, because she likes the pink ones. Neville immediately took a cup, broke it, and then later broke his second cup too. She also asked Neville about his grandmother, saying she may have been ill. And that he will be late for his next divination class. She told Parvati Patil to beware of a red-headed man. Parvati immediately suspected Ron. At the Yule Ball, Harry and Ron, Parvati's and her sister, Padma's dates, ignored her and her sister. Two years later, Ron started going out with Parvati's best friend Lavender Brown, who started to ignore Parvati. She predicted a bout of flu in February, and that she would lose her voice. Prof Trelawney Professor Trelawney talking to her Divination class She predicted that the thing Lavender was dreading would happen on ...
Cornell had a Harry Potter themed dinner and a Yule Ball. A YULE BALL. Falling more in love with Cornell University with every second.
U said u'll be back in an hour its been an hour where are u IMMA TAKE TO THE YULE BALL THEN!!!
Photoset: tommarvalo: Harry Potter AU Tom Riddle is Hermione’s date to the Yule Ball
We kissed. At the Yule Ball. And I thought we were going to be together forever... but we're not.
Honestly, he's Harry Potter. I find it hard to believe that he had THAT much difficulty finding a date to the Yule Ball.
I want that omg moment at prom like hermione had at the Yule ball
my life won't be complete until I own a replica of Hermione's Yule Ball dress
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I'm going to go in the ball gown Ron Weasley wore to the Yule Ball. To Prom.
Temped to buy the Hermione Yule Ball Replica Dress for my prom dress
Harry should have had an unlimited choice of birds for the Yule Ball. I reckon he could have wrangled a blowy from Miss McGonagall.
Neville Longbottom practicing for the Yule Ball by himself in his room- I. LOVE. IT.
You are the Ron Weasley at the Yule Ball kind of people. Yes I'm not still watching the Harry Potter marathon.
Ron and Harry's pointless fighting. All the trouble about asking someone to the Yule Ball.
I'm watching Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. Neville im the yule ball ! :-)
Hi photography society! A lovely girl kindly volunteered to take photographs at our Yule Ball. I feel really rude in saying that I can't remember her name (I'm sorry!) but I was wondering if she ever got round to sorting them so we can take a peek. Thanks very much & I hope it's okay to post in here! Leigh (President of Hogwarts)
Goblet of Fire is on ABCFamily and my favorite part of the book/film will always be when Fred asked Angelina out for the Yule Ball.
Dancing skill level: Harry Potter at the Yule Ball, when Dumbledore and McGonagall have to cut in to stop the awkward.
Forget prom, why don't we have a Yule ball?
YESS woke up just in time for the Yule ball😍
The only thing more awkward than prom-posals are the Yule Ball proposals.
Why can't prom be more like the Yule Ball?
I'd go to the Yule ball with Harry 💁
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I'd totally go to the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum.
Honestly if your date to the Yule Ball wasn't Draco Malfoy or Cedric Diggory, you're not winning at life.
Can the theme for prom be the Yule Ball or nah?
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