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Yukon Men

Yukon Men is an unscripted American documentary cable television series aired on the Discovery Channel.

Discovery Channel Animal Planet Alaskan Bush People

Is Stans daughter married, or have a boy friend
Hello from Ireland I am a big big fan of your father and brother on Yukon men.
How gender stereotypes make it challenging for men to seek help for mental health problems
If you watch, Yukon Men:Toughing It, S2 E6, Moore while in the dump, chasing a bear says, "Hmm." He says it so even in non Minecraft zone.
Yukon Gold had my attention for a bit. Yukon Men pretty badass.
That's amusing but the Yukon Men and the more serious ones.
Love the idea of living somewhere like in Alaskan Bush People or Yukon Men but I scream at spiders and run away from dogs I don't know
One vote for Yukon Jack 'Born of hoary nights when lonely men struggled to keep their fires lit and cabins warm'
No photos please. 😂🎾 Ewan Halliday defends his men's singles title at the Yukon Tennis…
Its been a brutal summer in BC, relentless forest fires, heat. Been relentlsly men in Yukon-like how I remember BC: grey, rainy, cold, bleak
can we expect another season of Yukon Men
Search underway for 2 men who escaped from Bethel jail
Hoenisch to face Halliday in tonight's Yukon Tennis Championships men's singles final.
Halliday to face Hoenisch in tonight's Championships men's singles finals.
Action from the men's semifinals at the Yukon Tennis Championships.
Currently watching Yukon Men (not my night to control the TV). The dogs seem happy to run with little guid…
Why don't they use proper pure huskies? Those mixed breeds he as have short fur costs and don't seem equity to pull sleds. Husky and other sled dogs are bred for this purpose so why not use them instead of those poor mongrals? I think it's cruel.
Game day! Nb vs Sask for women's! Pei men vs Yukon both at 2pm winnipeg time! 4pm Atlantic time!
Yukon RCMP say the recent deaths of two men, one in Whitehorse and one in Haines Junction, are not suspicious
I love Kourtney on the Discovery Channel and T V show Yukon Men she can show up the men of their village that's for sur…
And thanks again values the sending its men & women to help us.…
Congrats to both our Potatoes NB U17 teams today on wins versus BC (women) and Yukon (men)!!…
The typical vehicle for men in Calvert county is a chevy Silverado. And a GMC Yukon Denali or chevy Tahoe for moms. Both in white or black.
Yukon men's basketball lost to New Brunswick. Team had great 3rd quarter!
Catch our U17 men vs Yukon at 12:45pm ADT, watch here: and follow for…
Canada Games get started with Team N.S. beating Yukon in women's basketball and P.E.I. in men's softball; 2-0 start. Baseball, soccer later.
He was down 2 135lbs, we love to watch the Last Alaskans, Life below Zero, Yukon Men, Mountain Men, Nati…
loving the new season of Yukon men. Just wondering what your orange coat and Charlie's white coat are made of. Skin or synthetic?
It's day three of men's training.The men's first match sees them take on Team Yukon on August 8th at 4:00…
Stan Zuray in Yukon Men is the same phenotype as Chief Eron Lyons. Yes, Eron is Native American and French history.
"Yukon Sun said single men would find at the New Arctic the best food in Bennett, but he warned “r…
If you're a fan of Discovery Channel's Yukon Men, then you're familiar with Stan Zuray, the Boston transplant who...
Fur coat.i mean in Yukon men they make their blankets etc from the animals they ki…
Indigenous men are overrepresented in Yukon jails—How Canada can solve the nation-wide issue.…
Why are First Nations men overrepresented in the Yukon’s penal system?
This is Chuck Zuray, the brother of Stan of Yukon men. This phenotype is among French men, some Finnish and Saami.
Now I wonder if Yukon men,mountain men.edge of Alaska. Alaska the last frontier.etc are they even real???
YUKON MEN. They have to cover every base.
Yup they aren't legit like Yukon men or the other Alaskas show.n they d…
One more quick video of the U16 Yukon-Ontario men's volleyball game!
See what happened when Charlie and Stan teamed up to defend an important trapline. Watch the full episode here:…
Very pleased to see that all handsome men have vacated the territory allowing me to reclaim my rightful title as Cutest Boy in The Yukon
Watching Yukon Men, love these outdoors TV shows.
Yukon Men fans here is my candid interview with Stan Zuray!
When is Joey going to be on Yukon Men?. Miss seeing him...
If you enjoy Yukon Men as much as I do, then you might be interested in Zuray's book about his journey from...
Tonight is an amazing example of what it's like to live a subsistence life - Yukon Men Discovery 9/8c or DVR Spre…
Some cars may have horsepower, but this runs on dog-power. via
Tonight: exclusive: Cuppie is resistant to trapping, saying ‘I don’t want rabbit soup’…
Stan's not too pleased with the new road...
Hey Christo...thanks for the mention. Yukon Men is on Friday night at's a great season on the Yukon .
Never heard of it. You must mean Yukon Men or Gold Rush?
I have the link to Discovery Channels Yukon Men's own Stan Zuray's book in today's article. Just in case! https…
"Jim Jax' Interview With Discovery Channel’s “MacGuyver, Yukon Men’s Stan Zuray” . Link to his new book too!. https:…
Just ready to sell my truck & get something smaller i think only men like yukon XL's
Check out some of the highlights from so far this season:
Members of Yukon’s fire service take an intense job & make it a more intense sport. Men’s & women’s teams are training for
Hopefully we will get to see you on Yukon Men soon. You seem like you have a tight knit family.
hi Kate yes Yukon men back on tv April 21st I'm happy excellent programme are you in the new series
Sneak peek of new season What's new? New roads bring people, yes humans to Tanana PREVIEW
Tanana under siege...from humans? Yes, season 6 premieres April 21 on PREVIEW what's new.
When the Outside World Comes to Tanana “Yukon Men” Must Fight to Preserve Their Way of Life
So happy to see that Animal Planet is airing the new season of Yukon Men. Great show!! definitely want to go to Tannana, AK!!
Two men in Yukon are "taking pictures of home". Guess they've never heard of Google Street View...
Start the year off with Catch up on all of Season 5, now available on
I've been consumed this week sorting out provenance of a doc by one of 1st non-indigenous men to trade along the Yu…
Photographing Canadian Men's & Women's Championship here in has to be a highlight of 2016!…
Crocs Yukon Men Slides just $13.99 via - This look so perfect for the beach! Am ...
You dont notice your dads strong Boston accent ? It was the single thing that drew me to Yukon Men the first time i saw it. :)
Gold Rush! Natural Yukon gold nuggets...converted into stud earrings for both men and women.
Our own traveled to the Yukon to teach you about a business with real grit: Gold Prospecting
.went to the Yukon and met who pulled $3.7m worth of gold from the ground last season
Average men currently masquerading as hipsters; this isn't the Yukon. Beards go out of style here. You're just a shave away from rest of us.
"Will our scrappy team of Ice Road Truckers / Yukon Men survive another BRUTAL winter???"
ah. Another great night. Yukon Men. Love me some Yukon Men.and Courtney!
and as to Sam Steele - you show him in the Yukon early and without his 275+ men. And his hat is very wrong
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Absolutely. Not even a doubt in my mind. Watching ATLF and waiting to see your awesomeness in new episodes of Yukon Men
Now accepting applications from men who drive a Yukon so I can fulfill my ja rule fantasy
Bi men, you are loved and valid. I'm sorry of you feel alienated within the LGBT community and not accepted by straight…
We traveled all the way to the Yukon to learn how to make money from a hole in the ground. cc:
See the charmingly twisted horror of on Oct. 16 at the https…
I remember watching this happen in the past on Yukon men :) hope it's a smooth boat home for ya and ur doggies
3 men with baseball bats rob Whitehorse gas station .
Every single bloody day my housemate watches 200 episodes of Yukon Men 🤔🤔🤔
Is Yukon men coming back for another season?
🎶 Little green men, northern lights, the CBC…..all part of the spell of the Yukon, according to Ellen...
Hey there! We sometimes receive the latest season just before a new one airs. Add Yukon Men to your Watchlist for updates.
I'm kind of hooked on Yukon Men right now. I don't know why but I have an urge to chop wood in the snow.
'Charlie' Yukon Men not only missed wolverine in the open, he missed three times when it was caught in a trap. Couldn't hit fish in a barrel
Watched one of Yukon Men take four shots with an AR-15 to hit a Wolverine caught in a trap. No wonder this *** has no meat for the winter.
everytime I watch Yukon men or Alaska's last Frontier makes me just want to move out there far from everything
any reason why Yukon Men is not showing tonight on channel 121
Just saw this on Amazon: Yukon Gear Men's Mossy Oak 3N1 Insulated Parka J... by Yukon Gear via
Charlie & Bob work around the clock to save their dismal season. Don't miss a new episode of Men is on @ 7ET / 4PT.
"There are strange things done in the midnight sun, by men who moil for gold"-. Coops and I are headed to the Yukon!
I do to. Yukon Men and Northwoods Law are my shows!
Just saw this on Amazon: Carhartt Men's Arctic Quilt Lined Yukon Act... by Carhartt for $99.99 via
Don't miss out on our Men's Breakfast here at our Yukon Campus. Get signed up at
Tonight, on the chronicles of a night shift RN's night's 5am and I'm wide awake on my 3rd episode of "Yukon Men" on Animal Planet 🤔
Yukon Men is a farce and the show is made up anyone that believes those guys aren't gutless POS that kill for sadistic pleasure
Yukon men .. Decent bit of tele this...
Download the Yukon Men soundtrack then play it over other shows?
youtube wants me to pay £1.99 per episode to watch yukon men that works out at £67 for 5 seasons. Worth every penny I'd say
Watching Yukon men makes me excited to go hunt this year
why was Yukon Men not on last night?
Percentage of women in IT relatively low
IT now accounts for 4.6 million jobs
settling down to watch new Yukon men, so way different to how I live to the way you do. I wouldn't survive . Lol
I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these Yukon Warrior Men. Proud to support
Animal Planet. Why is a sick, abused dog a welcome part of your show Yukon Men? They're not men. Primates, maybe. Shame on you
Since I woke up at 2, and I've been doing homework/exams and watching Yukon Men. What an exciting day 🙃
After years of watching Alaskan Bush People, the last frontier and Yukon men I feel I would be very competent at surviving in the wild
time to relax and caught up in last nights new Yukon men !!
Been watching that show Yukon Men lately & they might as well call it "The Courtney Agnes Show." That woman is an OG bad ***
Such wow! "Two men with dogsled in front of the Yukon Dock Company office, Dawson, Yukon Territory, ca. 1900"
Two men brave the Yukon wilderness in search of moose, grayling and adventure.
Canadian courts take a dif. approach w/ 2 men with - allowing them to stay in supportive housing instead jail.
Hello Kate, I'am a big fan of Yukon men : ) my name is jesse from calgary alberta canada.
Men: try to imagine how you'd feel right now if this was the first time in this nation's history that a man accepted pres…
I like me some Yukon Jack, especially on those hoary nights when men struggle to keep warm... in some eggnog.
Yukon men is best program on tv I would love to visit Alaska amazing place
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Two Eganville men travel to Yukon to hunt and lay ashes of their deceased friend. Read this week
Watching Yukon Men. While I love the Alaskan countryside - there is no way on earth that I would climb down a...
ughh! Gave up on those shows long ago! May I suggest repeats of Yukon Men also good choice!
This is bizarre Af but one of my favorite shows is Yukon Men
Yukon Men is one of my favorite shows now
(still watching "Yukon men") this guys wife just fell into paralysis outta no where & is now dying cuz they didn't help in time...
Thanks to Alaskan Bush People and Yukon Men I really want to move to Alaska
Joe is making me watch Yukon Men 🙄... It's an ok show but some of these women just need to leave Alaska if you are scared to shoot a bear..
Watching "Yukon men" and apparently some girl from there became a play mate but is returning back to the Yukon...oh..
hi Kate new Yukon men started here in uk wow those wild fires was crazy great job in protecting tanana 👍
"Yukon Men sounds suspiciously like a Gilbert and Sullivan endeavor ...
Apparently half the population of Alaska are Discovery Channel production crews. Associated: i never want to see a show titled "Yukon Men".
Is that Fairbanks? Good 2 see Joey find love. Solid dude. You're a cutie 2 Kate. Hoping 4 another season of Yukon Men.
crocs Men's Yukon Mesa Sl...Espresso/Espresso, 9 M US is now on sale for $29.56 at Amazon. Product page:
P&M Recycling Guns come out on top in the Men's A final, downing Alaska Fudge Company 16-8!
domain names
Brewers edge Thibodeau Kenny's Liquor 16-15 in the Men's B final!
I love all those shows: Yukon Men, Alaska the Last Frontier, Wild Alaska... Mountain Men is best!
Men's elimination seeding is also set! First elimination games go at 6:15 pm!
Good article by Dan Davidson. Mark Zuehlke and the Remittance Men via
for the Men's & Women's Canadian Championship, Aug 7-13 in Whitehorse! More info here:
“Zuehlke had no idea how much of this legend was true”
Why am I obsessed with Yukon Men and Alaska The Last Frontier tho
I don't like how they handle the dogs on Yukon men
I took 4 naps today in between watching a nonstop marathon of yukon men
Why doesn't Yukon have a men's volleyball team?
Police investigating suspicious men at Yukon Target
canada still imprisons trans women with men. Police aren't demilitarized . Yukon offers no protection for lgbt youth
I think it's a great show hope to see more
'I'm used to the cold' says Danish tourist who rescued men from Yukon lake
We found him! Chat with Jeppe Lyngaa Aaquist who helped rescue 2 men from a lake:
I'm mentally sick! I'm watching Yukon Men and a guy killed his senior sleigh dog cause he got to old to run, his...
Two men are looking to find and thank a stranger who leapt to their rescue this weekend, after their canoe...
8 men's teams, 6 women's teams will compete in slo-pitch tournament June 17-19 at the Pepsi Centre!
That is one of the signed shirts from the contest Yukon men had
I can see it now, I'll be one of those guys on the Yukon Men tv show, living in the remote parts of Alaska. Sounds better than being in debt
The new couple on Yukon Men is definitely not fake at all
Why I am watching Yukon men.. something has to change lol
LureViewer light second to none, so many uses it willnever go unused, Yukon Men andAlaska The Last Frontier approved
If you are a outdoorsman you need a LureViewer, used by Yukon Men, invited by Shark Tank. Get yours today!!
"Idk I feel like I'm a real catch," I say to our pet fish as I eat peanut butter off a steak knife, pantsless, while watching Yukon Men.
Any word on if there will be another season of Yukon Men?
Yukon Jack Canadian Whiskey pairs beautifully with men.
and built for transport of men and supplies on the Upper Yukon River in Canada
I've never seen this brutality on the Alaska shows I watch... obviously it's hidden from the public...Yukon Men
I can't confirm but probably! Yukon swamp people mountain family men Arctic fishing. It never ends . .
Being forced to watch Yukon Men. They are so dramatic!
My husband is watching Yukon Men. I'm sitting comfortably on my couch thinking, 'Hungry? Dudes, move to a place with McDonalds.' 8-)
when will there be charges against the for 10 Men One Woman adventures up in cutting wood? Trees know
why don't you have the newest season of Yukon men yet? I thought you had all recent shows shortly after air time...?
I just realized...Yukon MEN? Hmmm some pretty tough gals. Maybe Yukon people. Nah guess it doesn't have the same ring to it
All evening of Yukon Men. Loving it.but wait. What about Courtney???
*** yeah binge watching season 4 of Yukon Men 💕
The Yukon boys were Awesome to watch!! Congrats on developing these fine young men 👊🏽
I can't believe the Yukon men season ended so soon!! I can't wait till next season!!
I've been watching Yukon men for like the past week, these people are crazy
Hi Courtney, I'm a fan of the tv show Yukon Men. and I want to ask you if your dogs are Alaskan Husky
I'm privileged to announce that I will be officially joining Deadliest Catch, Yukon Men, & the this summer.
Links to watch Yukon Men season 5 episode 6 online could be found on
Great morning speaking to the men of the Yukon campus. We talked about Romans 12, I call it "the fully devoted"...
Another great show we love is Yukon Men ..Great people and makes you appreciate the weather.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Ron what if you took the quiz and got that guy from Yukon Men somehow.
Watching Yukon Men. In Tanana, Alaska, they can get up to 5 feet of snow in a month!!! Time to move to Tanana!
I won't forget. It is my favorite Friday's pass time. "The Yukon Way," or Yukon Men/Women?
I want to like the new couple but they should be on the Amazing race; not yukon men. I'm just not feeling them
nice how you doing Courtney, can't wait to watch Yukon men tonight
I liked a video The Lost Art of Spear Fishing | Yukon Men
I'm watching Yukon Men, I think you might like it too! via
Yukon men and mountain men 👍🏼 although mnt men might not have another season
Good for you, Kate! Did we see you're in the show Yukon Men?
Will Frankentruck survive the grueling journey to 12 Mile cabin?
After a long day at work, I have been looking forward to relaxing and watching Yukon men!!
I'd love to move to the wilderness and live like the yukon men 💪
Yukon men, Reminds me of life growin up, wit no electricity a wood stove, Not many wud make it but I wud survive a life like it, I lived it2
Tune in Now! Garage Gold's Kraig Bantle on The Today Show on NBC. And tonight all new Yukon Men on Discovery at 10:00
We need a pregame show for Yukon Men featured in NBC s Science of Love
Even Bering Sea Gold has a pregame show, Yukon Men needs one
There's no better competition than the Wrights vs. the Zurays!
by jac.frost Unknowingly sat next to Pat Moore, from Yukon Men, in a tiny Fairbanks airport last weekend and almost…
Watch Joey Foster win the Jr Men's sprint the Haywood Ski Nationals hosted by in
Easy on and ready to go with rugged leather uppers:
I'm finally catching up with Yukon Men and seeing the fire approaching Tanana is heart breaking.
It was sad to see acres of wood land turned in to ashes. Anyway, I am happy for having the new Yukon Men season to watch.
Don't have cable? Catch the extreme adventure of Yukon Men online with this guide:
Men fire will make great new Growth awesome animals live
I was in a bar in the Yukon. Three men were in the bar the bartender me and another guy. We were all Jim same BD.
Juan, can I get you to follow me please. I want to share all of the things from GoldRush and Yukon Men and Bearning sea gold.
"Once in awhile people call me MacGyver... I've been fixing things since I was a kid" -Stan Zuray
There's nothing on TV rn so I'm watching Yukon Men
Ive seen every episode of Yukon Men , Life Below Zero and Live Free or Die.I can do it right?
'Yukon Men' (and women) are the real deal and made of steel via
Yukon Men. The episode was about the bad fires this summer
Courtney, I am kind of new on watching Yukon Men. Who is Kailey the woman that was with you on yesterdays episode?
I know I still watch it! Alaskan the last frontier and yukon men! Now there top quality!
What was your favorite moment from last night's new episode of Yukon Men?
Love Yukon Men especially the Zuray's w/ Stan's DOOHchestahhh roots and accent! ;) would love a tee shirt Discovery.:)
I Dont like tv too much but I never miss Yukon men. Most likeable and real people on tv. give it a watch!
can't believe that we have to wait until 11pm for Yukon Men to come on...
Watching Men.. Then on to my grave shift..
I will. Thanks. And thank all of you Yukon men and women.
not yet, Yukon Men doesn't come on here until 11pm!!! And I live in the middle of the country!
I watch Yukon Men on Thursday in Spanish and Fridays in English. Always better in the language it is made.
Discovery. . Watch Yukon Men tonight at 10/9c to see how our neighbors in Tanana recovered from the wildfire
Life there is always tough...keep watching, you'll see how they do it. This is real - Yukon Men
Thanks for's an incredible season coming up on Yukon Men
it says there is a special coming on @ 10 but it's showing Yukon Men is @ 10. Is the special coming on?
Yukon men and ladies sounds better..
It'sFriday you guys... Time to watch another episode of our favorite show... Yukon Men. Can't wait
Yes, Charlie Wright from Yukon Men went ice fishing today. ty for a picture of some ice fishing.
We love the show. The people on Yukon Men , the tows people and all as great.
The very first episode of Yukon Men
Tampa Police seek 2 men who broke into a home on Yukon St., ziptied residents and stole electronics and jewelry. Call w/ info.
New Season Premiere coming up soon on We have the preview:
morning Courtney. How are you doing sweetie. Can't wait for the new episode of Yukon Men. Have a great day sweetie!
I think I've been shooting a gun since I was old enough to pick one up -Charlie
He should win, got the Yukon Men watching Palin!
I keep forgetting Alaska! The Yukon Men series - they hardly see women out in the woods!
Yukon men was badass why did they stop making episodes
I've been watching too much Yukon Men
Yukon Men rerun is much better than
TV News: YUKON MEN Returns to Channel March 18: Clinging to the banks of the Yukon River is a town o...
after watching Yukon Men, I believe that you would have done just that! Joking of course. Thanks for the laugh!
You asked, we delivered. Yukon Men will be returning to one week early! March 11th, 10pm. See you there
.men play Lawton in elimination game, Fri, 3/4, 8p at Yukon.
Wow! Courtney's beading is truly stunning
Premiere date moved up! Read the story for the details. :D
No it's not. needs a reality show about life in the hinterland of Michigan - like Yukon Men but more Presbyterian.
aye that's another ave to watch no seen any movies in a while bn to busy watching Yukon men lol
Stan from Discovery's Yukon Men Has them in the Yukon and loves them.
Good luck to wrestlers at Yukon Tournament today and Saturday. Best wishes to men's BB at Shawnee tournament today and Saturday.
just started watching s4 of Yukon men, could not stop crying when you needed to take the pain if your dog away. Hard decision ...
Yukon men real last frontier real Alaskan Bush People fake nice leather coats boys
Joey Zuray from Yukon Men is so f'n hot!!! .
Lowkey would be dope to own a house where people from Yukon Men live and use it for vacations
I saw a rerun of Yukon Men and a red headed boy named Ivan was helping the put a fish wheel in the water. Was this your Ivan
I enjoy watching the show Yukon Men. I Do Not enjoy living it.
Seth Fairbanks featured on 'Yukon Men' presumed dead after plane crash via
Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Take a look back at some of the best moments from 2015!
Upgraded our Cable Package - I can't watch enough shows like: Yukon River Run and Mountain Men
Animal Planet: Animal Planet Network...Please remove "Yukon Men" and other programs that appear to... via
."Yukon Men" shows animals freezing to death in traps, being beaten until they are unconscious & then shot in the head!
me too, I like yukon men and rail road alaska too. Definitely the bucket list.
why are you all such a cry baby's on Yukon men ? why don't you leave, if you feel it so hard living there?
Some says we Japanese don't need to change our traditional role of men and women.
Crocs Men's Yukon Leather Clogs and Mules is now available at ₹2796
yes! That's what they said at first. 3 white men, dressed in military gear. In white Yukon, then switched cars
3 men, w/ "long guns", driving a black SUV(Yukon) w/ dark tinted windows, who seemed like they were on a "mission". Hm-m-m
So they are looking for middle Eastern men in a black GMC Yukon..
Apparently this was an act of terrorism (likely influenced by ISIS). According to cop scanners, 3 Middle Eastern men fled in a black Yukon.
North bound gmc black Yukon going over 100mph on freeway north by airport with tinted windows and 3 men in car. Police Scanner
San Diego Tribune: middle eastern men in body armor with AK47s left scene in black Yukon. LSM ignors this detail.
Breast Cancer Awareness
ABC7 "Law enforcement actively seeking black SUV GMC YUKON with 3 men in body armor."
In relation to the abandoned Yukon witnessed reported men got into a black mercedes and blue toyota pickup from the scanner's an amazing episode of Yukon Men tonight!
Even in Alaska.what do you think of tonight's episode of Yukon Men?
You know it! Thanks for watching Yukon Men tonight! What do you think of this episode?
Wait til you see tonight's episode...amazing - Yukon Men on Discovery
Stan representing his hometown...wearing the Boston Fire Department hoodie on Yukon Men right now on Discovery
We just saw Mrs. Stan! She's awesome.Now on Yukon Men on Discovery
The big showdown is coming...thanks for watching Yukon Men...Who gets the trap line! Tune in now!
Let's see how it goes! Thanks for watching Yukon Men on Discovery...big episode on now! Spread the word
All new Yukon Men...the big showdown is coming your way in two minutes...on Discovery. Spread the word!
as long as you take a break to watch Yukon Men at 9:00 Big showdown in tonight's episode
I turned on the TV and this Yukon men show is on..And it's about a dog that is hurt and won't eat. What a depressing show
It's my favorite reality show on Discovery Channel. I have so much respect for cast and how they all look out for each other .Courtney is my,favorite she is such a beautiful girl inside,out Stan is great also
Home relaxing waiting for my favor show YUKON MEN on Discovery Channel...
if you were gonna move to Alaska I would... I wanna be like the show Yukon men
ha nice...great episode of Yukon Men coming tomorrow night at 9 on Discovery...big showdown...spread the word
SNEAK PEEK: See what happens when Nations confronts Charlie about his trapline.
I love History and instead of showing actual shows about history they have Yukon Men or Storage Wars or Shipping Wars
Re: Yukon Men etc.. Stop trying to demonize wolves so you can film them being shot in cold blood for entertainment purposes.
# yukon men Stan the man is the best father who can!
Soler looks like he's on Yukon Men.
Yukon Men is one of my favorite on air tv shows.
hey we spotted you on this season of Yukon men. The episode that just aired lol
Just watched an episode of Yukon men & I don't understand why people support this show... not okay
Thanks for watching...big showdown coming on the next Yukon Men...Tuesday at 9 on Discovery Spread the word! go cuse
thanks for watching Yukon Men...all new episode next Tues at 9 on Discovery...big showdown coming spread the word
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