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Yucca Mountain

Yucca Mountain is a mountain in Nevada, near its border with California, approximately northwest of Las Vegas.

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The Trump administration has begun steps to revive the repository site amid bipartisan opposition from Nevada lawm…
Nuclear agency begins work to consider Yucca Mountain site
.staff starts info-gathering tasks on Yucca Mountain. has more:
on using Yucca Mountain. Look into jobs, financing infrastructure & health care among so many other things we need.
So how much Koch money will it take for you to flip on Yucca Mountain too? Hope it's more than you got…
approved $110,000 for preliminary work related to its review of the application for Yucca Mountain
More movement on ... ICYMI: Our tackled the complexities here:…
NRC votes 2-1 to conduct info-gathering work tied to review of DOE's plan to stash nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain $
Finland moving ahead with its nuclear waste repository. Will the Trump Admin and Congress restart Yucca Mountain?
do you support storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain?
NEWS: approves further actions on Yucca Mountain licensing HT
NRC announces that it directed staff to begin preliminary information gathering for a restart of Yucca Mountain licensing proceedings
"[Vegas] is driven by...visitors coming to our community." Article on Yucca Mt. by
Nuclear Regulatory Commission authorizes up to $110K in spending on new licensing review activities.
Senator Dean Heller isn't giving up the fight against Yucca Mountain.
Secretary of Energy Rick Perry visits Yucca Mountain and talks with Nevada Gov Brian Sandoval
Plans were agreed too & PAID FOR by Utilities to put their nuclear waste in Yucca Mt.
If you lied to us about Yucca mountain
You know they are trying to open up Yucca Mountain, no wonder Perry was…
I have a major scene in Nevada (near Yucca Mountain); maybe I need to have it in Utah somehow.
Aiken County watching closely as Trump budget calls for restarting Yucca Mountain
Without Yucca Mountain we can't progress to safe 4th generation nuclear. That means Democrats are anti-environment. https:…
Nevada officials express concerns about upcoming visit to Yucca Mountain
.first budget proposes $120M to go to reviving Yucca Mountain nuclear waste plant after 30 years of debate. https:…
Yucca Mountain is NOT the place for nuclear waste. It sits on a major fault line, not to mention underground water sou…
Which Nevada do you want? State's rights until ... Yucca Mountain?
Energy Sec. Perry's visit to Yucca Mountain comes after Texas sued fed govt. to open the facility and budgets fund…
.releases statement on his visit to Yucca Mountain - says he met w/ who "reiterated his opposition"…
Visited Yucca Mountain in Nevada today and talked energy with
.met with today, which he says was "not the beginning of a negotiation with regard to Yucca…
Rick Perry's visit to Yucca Mountain concerned some Nevadans.
Attempts to revive Yucca Mountain project will cost feds $1.66B, Nevada director reports
News: Rick Perry mum on Nevada’s Yucca Mountain, but has backed interim solution via
Energy secretary nominee Rick Perry mum on Yucca Mountain
Will San Onofre's waste wind up at Yucca Mountain?
Will San Onofre&nuclear waste wind up at Yucca Mountain?
Will San Onofre's nuclear waste wind up at Yucca Mountain?
Leaders should fight to leave door shut on Yucca Mountain
Las Vegas Review - Heller predicts new move to build Yucca Mountain after Reid retires
REPORT: New problems with Yucca Mountain environmental study
Officials: Report on risks of proposed nuclear waste dump ignores tribes: via
A Native American tribal leader says the latest report by federal regulators about underground water contamination
New Yucca Mountain report ignores impact on tribe
California PUC’s big scandal over San Onofre closure heats up
The United States’ newest nuclear power plant has taken 43 years to build
Timbisha Shoshone Tribe protests Yucca Mountain nuclear report on
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Nevada officials take up latest fed report on Yucca Mountain. via
New Yucca Mountain report ignores impact on tribe:
NUCLEAR WASTE DUMPING: Yucca Mtn Rept Ignores Impact on & in - ABC
NRC admits Yucca dump will leak radioactive pollutants to Timbisha Shoshone Tribe's groundwater.
A Native American tribal leader said Tuesday that federal regulators failed to consider people living…
Oh yeah, we're talking about Yucca Mountain. Why is that uphill from ANYTHING? Why didn't we go DOWN? ... seriously
Nevada panel, tribe call out NRC on Yucca groundwater contamination concerns - Las Vegas Review
Officials: Report on environmental risks of proposed nuclear waste dump ignores tribes.
Rep. John Shimkus, met with Vegas business leaders to discuss managing the process of the return of Yucca Mountain
What do Hoover Dam, Yucca Mountain, and Clock of the Long Now have in common? They have to be here long after we die:
longread on the LongNow Clock, the Hoover Dam's star map, Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site & other deep time things.
Put the bottle in a nuclear waste flask, ship it to Yucca Mountain on a train, and implode the mountain.
When we were still burying nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain, Nevada, we realized that we needed a cautionary system for marking the site.
Drop kickin'! I'm a angelic vibrating lizard calling mountain lion to pull up yucca. Poptarts of apocalypse.
But Hardy FAVORS exploring benefits for Yucca Mountain, so he'd presumably be AGAINST closing it!
Nuclear Energy Institute taking a more aggressive 'All In' stance on Yucca Mountain with Obama/Reid departure in '16
Nevada could get seat at nuke waste table
My guesses on top accomplishments will take credit for next: Closing Yucca Mountain
Corner Lot for Privacy. Mountain Views from the large Walk Out Deck off of the master bedroom. Huge living room with
The same people who have blocked Yucca Mountain for decades have been failing to provide an alternative for decades.
Maybe if you didn't shut down Yucca Mountain to get reelected we could have nuclear power with no carbon pollution 😑
Industry push on Yucca Mountain troubles allies via
"The Yucca Mountain area is generally known for its spring wildflower display." (2/7)
will boost nuclear power as it should. W/Reid gone, we may see Yucca Mountain back, as it should, for waste storage.
ICYMI: Nuke industry stumbles on Mountain. Tough stance on revival upends allies on CapHill.
Australia considering waste dump in outback which could reap billions for the local economy
New Nuclear Power Seen as Big Winner in Obama’s Clean Power Plan (new pressure to resurrect Yucca Mountain)
Jump in the air! I'm a angelic accelerating mountain lion calling antelope to pull up yucca. Gummibears of down and dirty.
Nuclear industry begins to push hard to revive Yucca Mountain project.
Bill aims to strengthen hand against nuclear waste burial at Yucca Mountain: via
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Industry push on Yucca Mountain troubles allies
Industry push on Yucca Mountain troubles allies - The nuclear industry is adopting a more aggressive stance on Yuc...
LVRJ: Industry push on Yucca Mountain troubles allies
WIPP operations restart to be delayed
Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository is a real thing. Not just something made up for the film.
The opening of an underground nuclear waste dump in New Mexico just got delayed indefinitely
Obama's proposed reg on power plant carbon emissions coupled with his nuclear power plant policies will hurt economy
Thank you for including Yucca Mountain. It is the law, after all.
As of the end of 2014, Maine had 540 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel stored in the state
For every person living in Maine there are over 14.3 ounces of spent nuclear fuel stored at nuclear power plants within the state.
Yucca Mountain best solution to nuclear waste problem via
Nye County Nevada home of Yucca Mountain proud of accomplishments so far
"Yucca Mountain and a path to a long-term solution for nuclear waste"
Hanford in WA, Savannah River in SC, Yucca Mountain in NV. Wherever I go, there you are, nuclear waste. .
A reasonable democrat! Charles Ebinger of Brookings urges Obama to drop opposition to
A recent government report says that Yucca Mountain is safe for waste. But is it? Op-ed via
Will there even be an Energy Dept in 100 yrs to manage waste storage?
Your proposed nuclear waste repository: More water than thought at Yucca Mountain; fixing it isn't realistic
George Will: Yucca Mountain project one of six actions Republicans must now take via
Yucca Mountain may become the biggest change from big GOP win
What will happen with Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository now that Harry Reid is out as Senate leader?
Change in Senate control may revive nuclear waste depository at Yucca Mountain:
Yep. And nobody seemed to care that he shut down Yucca Mountain.
As Reid sidelined, Yucca Mtn a danger again...
Because the R Senate will open Yucca Mountain allowing enough Nuke plants to support the electricity needed to make this happen?
There is far more water than originally thought at Yucca Mountain, and the fix for it probably isn't realistic
Yucca Mountain redux via Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Yucca Mountain revival? Disposal of highly radioactive waste has stymied the United States since the dawn of the...
Congress should resume funding of Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site via
There's lots more water, flowing faster, than the Energy Dept. thought when it picked Yucca Mtn as a nuke waste site ht…
What the Republican Takeover Means for American Nuclear Waste and Yucca Mountain via
What the GOP-backers of Yucca Mountain won't tell you
Must-read piece on the water at Yucca Mountain waste repository (there's much more than orignally predicted)
Obama has been trying to shut down yucca mountain since '09 &if you have a problem w/ that your crazy. Nuclear waste lasts millions of years
Curb your enthusiasm? "There is not even a whiff, an aroma, in the DOE for Mountain"
NRC goes along with shell game to advance the political fortunes of Yucca Mountain
New funds for Yucca Mt. NV nuke waste site? Transporting waste + keeping it for thousands of years is a huge hazard. htt…
What Republicans’ big win means for fight against Yucca Mountain
Residents of Southern Nevada will be better off with Yucca Mountain Nuclear waste than his radioactive cronyism.
Yucca Mountain redux: Victor Gilinsky on what the Republican takeover means for proposed nuclear waste repository
Opinion: Republicans should approve Yucca Mountain repository: The Republican-controlled Congress should autho...
Desert Turtle it is impossible to starve the turtle by Cows eating their feed. Seriously people! What a laugh, livestock eat so people eat, turtles are not disturbed. Plus the Turtle has more room than just this ranch and grazing area. People are ignorant fools if they believe this Turtle business, the truth is agenda 21 depopulation. Theft of land and human rights. If Turtles had a clue they would be protesting with the Bundy's. Gov will probably wind up using this land for other profit making Deep shall drilling is near by and now possible, or waste dumping that will endanger them for sure. Such as Noble Energy plans extensive test drilling in Elko a adjoining county. Seems there is a meeting for Clark County coming up on April 14, 2014 – 1:00pm POST ***NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING*** COMMISSION ON NUCLEAR PROJECTS Here is part of the agenda for discussion. 4. Report from the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects, including: Update on the status of the Yucca Mountain program and federal/state legislative dev ...
NEWS RELEASE Office of Commissioner Brandon Presley Presley Loses Vote to Say No to Nuclear Waste in Mississippi Jackson, Mississippi (April 1, 2014) – Today, the Public Service Commission rejected Northern District Commissioner Brandon Presley’s proposed resolution calling for the U.S. Secretary of Energy to cease consideration of Mississippi as a site for the national repository for civilian nuclear waste. “I was shocked that my colleagues would reject a resolution standing up to the Secretary of Energy on behalf of the people of Mississippi. Mississippi gets dumped on by the federal government enough without them or anyone else thinking our people want us to be the nation’s septic tank. The good folks of our state have paid $80 million through mandated federal fees to create a nuclear storage facility in Yucca Mountain, Nevada, and not anywhere in Mississippi. Studying the issue is exactly what Senator Harry Reid and the bureaucrats in Washington want us to do,” Presley said. “One of our .. ...
A couple of news items of interest today (from a friend who tracks "nuclear industry" news articles of interest): . December 13, 2013 - Hartford Courant - Yucca Mountain Behind Filibuster Change? - According to a Wall Street Journal article No. 23, one of the reasons Senate majority leader Harry Reid exercised the "nuclear option" was to stack the D.C. Appeals Court with appointees that will block the development of Yucca Mountain, the federal nuclear waste repository that Reid and his toady, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gegory Jaczko, have shut down for now. Perhaps Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy can explain why they supported Reid's unconscionable action, and in doing so, condemned Connecticut to nuclear waste stored in this state indefinitely. In this time of unimaginable power grabs by the left, this one truly has long-term repercussions that must be answered for. . December 13, 2013 - Politico - Yucca tops agenda as NRC members head to Hill - All five NRC commissioners are headed ...
LV Sun cartoonist Mike Smith's take on the recent Yucca Mountain ruling & more sketches.
More lawlessness rebuked. Court orders Obama to decide on Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site.
DC Cir: Obama Admin "flouting the law" by failing to make a decision on Yucca Mountain.
Whatever info he had is on its way to Yucca Mountain
It takes time to move a mountain. is no different, but it's starting to move faster:
Illinois is now a leader in something other than corruption: spent nuclear fuel just lying around. via
Why thinks you might want to care about Yucca Mtn:
No more dithering: Court orders Obama administration to make a decision on mountain. By
Court orders Yucca Mountain licensing to resume -
Federal court orders to restart licensing process for via
everyone wants cheap power but not in their backyard, from Why You Maybe Should Care About Yucca Mountain
Maybe I can work a Yucca Mountain call into this topic?
IL should care very much about Yucca Mt:
Yucca Mountain was shut down by a bill passed by the Senate in Aug. 2009, not by President.
How about a segment on the court ruling that chastised the administration for overstepping their powers in closing Yucca Mountain?
Court Keeps Yucca Mountain in Play - Email Newsletters and Alerts. The latest and analysis delivered to your...
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Yucca Mountain and the Rule of Law: In 1982, Congress passed and the President signed the Nuclear Wa...
Plutonium is not political... Commentary: 'No' is really not an option on Yucca Mountain:
> Does anyone remember the great Yucca Mountain data falsification scandal?
Mojave Desert Blog: Yucca Mountain: Dead or Alive?. A federal court this week ruled that the Nuclear Regulatory...
How is the Yucca Mountain Writ of Mandamus much different that the AHCA? Unequal opportunity, unequal implementaion?
Nuclear injustice served: Three objectionable rulings in 3 days on Davis-Besse, Yucca Mountain, and Vermont Yankee
Commentary: ‘No’ is really not an option on Yucca Mountain
Federal Court Says U.S. Must Complete Yucca Mountain Review: (NPR) A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the...
Court Finally Rules on Yucca Mountain’s NRC License Review via say goodbye to Pahrump and Vegas soon
Bob Ferguson, petitioner in Yucca Mountain/NRC court ruling, discusses the decision & the future | ANS Cafe .
NRC violating law at Yucca Mountain, court says (makes me think of surreal hearing from 2009: h…
All of Bill Cosby's sweaters from the '80s reside in a lead-lined concrete silo deep beneath Yucca Mountain.
Yucca Mountain nuclear debate seen revived as court rebuffs Nuclear Regulatory Commission |
MT MT Yucca Mountain is raised from the dead. ...but still looks pretty dead.
Court tells NRC to revive Yucca Mountain review
MT Yucca Mountain is raised from the dead.
Court orders NRC to resume Yucca Mountain study: A top appeals on Tuesday ordered the Nuclear Regulator...
Appeals court says Obama administration wrong to stop work on Yucca Mountain repository.
Federal court orders NRC to restart licensing process for Yucca Mountain: A federal appeals court has ordered ...
and on and on the nuclear waste dance goes... MT Appeals court: Obama violating law on Yucca Mountain
Court orders Yucca Mountain licensing process to resume: A federal appeals court has ordered Tuesday that the...
Yucca Mountain's back. US appeals court in DC tells NRC it must consider nuclear waste permanent storage site.
BREAKING: Appeals court orders licensing process of Yucca Mountain to resume. Details at
"Simply flouting the law": Fed court orders NRC to process and apprv or reject DOE license app for Yucca Mountain.
Appeals orders Nuclear Regulatory Commission to resume study of Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository
Feds must act on Yucca Mountain nuke-waste site permit: Judge: A federal appeals court said on Tuesday that th...
Las Vegas Review - No nuclear storage for Yucca Mountain - To the editor:
US has decided that throwing it in the ground is cheaper. Then we killed Yucca mountain.
Send it to Hanford Vitrification plant than open Yucca Mountain and bury. Done.
Long read: interview with geologist of the nuclear waste-entombment site proposed for Yucca Mountain
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Is Shale the Answer to America’s Nuclear Waste Woes?: With the plans for a Yucca Mountain waste repository scr...
Yucca Mtn: $15B & counting present system is rife with security & environmental risks
Like wall him off deep at the bottom of Yucca Mountain.
Senator Reid of Nevada is biased about Yucca Mountain. He traded Nevada votes to President Obama so he would terminate it.
If Yucca Mountain is full of water, why hasn't the NRC released its final safety report and said so? And why do you care?
Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto responds to an editorial on the Yucca Mountain site.
Congress members discuss raising funds for Yucca Mountain
How do we get it there? MT If Harry Reid's "nuclear option" talk ... can we put it in Yucca Mountain?
U.S. House still going to bat for Yucca Mountain high-level nuke waste repository
House preserves funding for review of Mountain repository license in 337-87 vote; independent review should be completed.
I am anxiously waiting for news that Yucca Mountain will not open. That is my children's water supply. Someone? Anyone?
Keep nuclear waste far away - Regarding the proposal to store nuclear waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain:
The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste is to be housed at the House.
yep and what a twist since he was so opposed to Yucca Mountain years ago.
Pleased to see delegation working together to keep Yucca Mountain closed.
Update your maps at Navteq
.Paul UPDATED w/ drones, conventions, mountain and via
LVRJ: House tosses aside another bid to close out Yucca Mountain
News Blog: Whatever happened to plans to bury U.S. nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain?
I'm just waiting to hear the conspiracy theory's of Yucca Mountain and the supposed "Wilde fires" here in Vegas lmao
>Aerial photos of latest major train wreck. waste will go to Yucca Mountain on flat cars.
> Yucca Mountain dump supporters, this as what a train wreck looks like.
It's time for the rule of law in America. The DC Court of Appeals should rule on the merits of the Yucca Mountain Project lawsuits.
House spurns attempt to block Yucca Mountain funding via
I can't breath since I learned they wanted 2 open Yucca Mountain.I have children.You devoted your life 2 shut down that poison.
House spurns attempt to block Yucca Mountain
House spurns attempt to block Yucca Mountain funding: It’s become an annual tradition in the Republican-led House...
LasVegasSun: House spurns attempt to block Yucca Mountain funding
House spurns attempt to block Yucca Mountain funding
.and Rep try hard to cut funding but the U.S. House slaps them down
Rep. Titus talking about throwing money in a "hole in the ground." It's Yucca Mountain but many candidates for that euphemism in this bill.
House Republican overwhelming reject sensible idea to redirect Yucca funds to an actual useful purpose.
Michele Kearney's Nuclear Wire: Decision on Yucca Mountain Overdue NRC is a year late in
In statement, Heller ties House rejection of amendment to defund Mountain to ... changing the Senate filibuster rules.
Applaud for his efforts to keep Yucca Mountain closed.
Govt can finish evaluation of Yucca Mountain for 1% of money that's been spent there since 1980s.
NRC should review Mountain license application, determine whether it is suitable for nuclear waste disposal--
Congress working to boost funding for Mountain [VIDEO]
WATCH: Chairman on the House floor in support of funding for Mountain
Congress Working to Boost Funding for Yucca Mountain - WASHINGTON, DC – House Energy and Commerce Committee Chai...
House Republicans still favor Yucca Mountain as receptacle for nuclear waste.
In 2002 the US Senate effectively made Yucca Mountain the national nuclear waste repository. Live in Nevada? How have you been affected?
And that Yucca Mountain art exhibition is stupid-squared, adding insult to injury. Talk about missing the forrest.
It goes way, then it comes back. Over and over. The ping pong ball known as Yucca Mountain is back in the news. House Republicans want to appropriate $25 Million to "support activities that would continue the viability of the program for the future." President Obama de-funded the program in 2010, but it still hasn't officially been stopped. Meanwhile, the DOE is planning to ship what they call "low level" uranium waste to Nevada to be buried at a government managed site. Here we go again.
"A vote to end the filibuster is a vote to complete Yucca Mountain." Those were the words from Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander this morning linking the "nuclear option" debate to Majority Leader Har...
Nuclear waster: Thy name is Yucca Mountain Jun 5, 2013 Op-Ed By John Shimkus June 5, 2013 Our country faces a mounting challenge when it comes to nuclear energy: the safe, long-term disposal of spent fuel from commercial reactors and leftover waste from defense activity. It's a challenge with a decadeslong history. The U.S. Department of Energy, 32 states, nuclear plant operators and millions of consumers have long counted on spent fuel and defense waste being transported away from reactor sites to a permanent repository. Both bodies of Congress, acting in strong bipartisan fashion, consistently voted to develop the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada and even imposed a fee on power generation to fund it. After spending $15 billion analyzing it, the Department of Energy in 2008 finally filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission an application for a license to build and operate the project. Numbering nearly 10,000 pages, the application addressed every imaginable question of safety and environmental protection ...
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15 February: 1900 - The British threaten to use natives in their war with the Boers. 1942 - During World War II, Singapore surrendered to the Japanese. 1961 - A Boeing 707 crashed in Belgium killing 73 people. 1965 - Canada displayed its new red and white maple leaf flag. The flag was to replace the old Red Ensign standard. 1989 - After nine years of intervention, the Soviet Union announced that the remainder of its troops had left Afghanistan. 2002 - U.S. President George W. Bush approved Nevada's Yucca Mountain as a site for long-term disposal of radioactive nuclear waste. "Among the men who fought on Iwo Jima, uncommon valor was a common virtue." Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz - March 16, 1945
We need to let the Senator know that we will not go for interim storage ! Please write a letter to him at his Senate office! NUCLEAR WASTE: Wyden preparing bipartisan solution to waste debacle Hannah Northey, E&E reporter Published: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 The chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee yesterday confirmed that he's preparing a bipartisan package to untangle a political knot blocking the permanent disposal of nuclear waste and that he's working on a bipartisan agreement with the GOP-led House over Yucca Mountain. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said during an interview that he met with Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, top Republican on the Energy panel, and Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) -- who lead the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee -- and that his staff is now preparing legislative text. "We're drafting legislation. The four of us are working together to draft legislation that we are planning to have available in a mat ...
New book on Mountain repository project & how its termination cost US taxpayers billions of lost $$$
How Yucca Mountain Was Killed, U.S. nuclear waste at all time high as $15 billion tax dollars vanish. via...
Sign your movie didn't go too well, it can accurately be described as a mix of Holy Mountain and The Beast of Yucca Flats.
I am currently reading this: about the death of Yucca Mountain.
"Because wasting billions of dollars is good for the economy, serf."
(Click for larger version) Senior Vice President, Policy dkishDan Kish is a senior vice president for policy at the Institute for Energy Research
NV opposition to Yucca Mountain strong as ever
Nevada opposition to Yucca Mountain strong as ever
Yucca Mountain: Rocky Barker: Is there a future in nuclear waste?
Article in EnergyBIZ says that the Obama administration erred when they terminated Yucca Mountain. Read at:
Kids getting coked out on Yucca Mountain lol
have you done the Yucca mountain nuclear waste disposal sheet in geology? x
Citizens coming together to say no to 70,000 tons of highly radioactive waste coming to the SRS and Aiken becoming the Yucca Mountain of the USA. We don't want to be a nuclear dumping ground for the USA and the World!
Yucca Mountain: NV opposition to Yucca Mountain strong as ever
How do I invest in fried Twinkie futures or a strategic Twinkie reserve, perhaps in Yucca Mountain.
let's give Yucca Mountain; perfect place if they won't move to Canada's frigid north
Think waste will be going to Yucca Mountain any time soon? Don't bet on it. HT
WASHINGTON - The election brought no dramatic shifts to the nuclear waste landscape, allowing Nevada leaders to shelve fears that big changes might have allowed the Yucca Mountain program to be...
Election hasn't changed Yucca Mountain's future. It's still dead. Get over it, nuclear industry.
Rep. Whitfield hopes Yucca Mountain will still open; betting Sen Majority Leader has something to say on that
Rep. Whitfield: Still have hopes we can get Yucca Mountain open.
Some thoughts about high-level radioactive wastes in the United States. The framework of the 1982 Nuclear Waste Policy Act (NWPA) for ultimate disposal of high-level radioactive waste, one of the planet’s most dangerous human-made substances, has collapsed. Several events are converging that pave the way to reopen this law next year. They include: Abandonment of the proposed Yucca Mountain high-level radioactive waste geologic disposal site underscored by the 2012 elections; Recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future (BRC). The panel, convened in 2010 by President Obama after canceling the Yucca Mt. project, calls for a major institutional overhaul of storage and disposal site selection – expected to take several decades to implement if adopted; Rejection of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Waste Confidence Rule by the Federal Appeals Court of the District of Columbia for failure to thoroughly evaluate the environmental, safety and health impacts from spent . ...
we're talking about what about Yucca Mountain?! Does that count
In my head I'm picturing all of the Amazon Glacier data being loaded into Yucca Mountain in one of these
Yucca Mountain: Nevada opposition to Yucca Mountain strong as ever
Something to read later on . . after Nevada said No.
Yucca Mountain - Obama win & Dem gain in Senate have eased Nevadans fears that YMP could be resurrected - KOLO
Congress halted the creation of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository because it was deemed too cool for this *** earth
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No! That site is too cool for them (Check out my story for Discover: How about Yucca Mountain???
So who wants to write my chem paper about Yucca Mountain and spent fuel for me😁👍
Nesbit: We need competent entity regardless of the fate of Yucca Mountain.
Peterson: Yucca mountain can be licensed as-is, but not ideal. Given next 4 years, better to start looking at other sites.
Nevada officials remain opposed to nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain - see
A state official says last week's elections did nothing to change Nevada's staunch opposition to southern Nevada becoming home to the Yucca nuclear dump.
Nevada's opposition to Yucca Mountain strong as ever: A Yucca Mountain construction worker passes through the ma...
opposition to Yucca Mountain strong as ever via
Shelley Berkley (D, NV-Senate) 13+ years fighting for renewable energy sources, worked tirelessly against plans to locate a nuclear dump at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, and to protect Nevada’s open spaces. As a state with vast renewable energy resources, including solar, wind and geothermal, Nevada is poised to help lead the growth of clean energy jobs, and Berkley has consistently advocated for increased renewable energy resources, including voting for the House's comprehensive clean energy and climate bill, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. Berkley has earned an impressive 87% lifetime LCV score, and has vowed to continue fighting for clean energy and environment priorities in the U.S. Senate.
Paul Ryans rating..note he voted against protecting wild horses and burros in 2009..and only has a 13% rating on animal rights issues.Deficit from "green pork": cronyism on windmills. (Oct 2012) End farm subsidies to corporate agribusiness & millionaires. (Aug 2012) Strong conservation programs important for avid sportsmen. (Aug 2012) No policies that might benefit environment but harm economy. (Aug 2012) Prevent pollution and invasive species in the Great Lakes. (Aug 2012) Sell millions of acres of federal land & federal assets. (Apr 2012) Voted NO on $2 billion more for Cash for Clunkers program. (Jul 2009) Voted NO on protecting free-roaming horses and burros. (Jul 2009) Voted NO on environmental education grants for outdoor experiences. (Sep 2008) Voted NO on $9.7B for Amtrak improvements and operation thru 2013. (Jun 2008) Voted NO on increasing AMTRAK funding by adding $214M to $900M. (Jun 2006) Voted NO on barring website promoting Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump. (May 2006) Voted YES on deauthor ...
So if Yucca Mountain is dead, where are we supposed to store our nuclear waste? What's the long-term solution?
Reasons to like NM nuclear waste idea
Power line linked to Point Beach Nuclear Plant upgrade would cost at least $193 million
We have a permanent solution, but it is be ignored.
Nuclear power plants located in tsunami risk zones
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Feds detail needed upgrades at Metropolis plant
Dear Congress, Please Act to Find a Permanent Solution to the Problem of Nuclear Waste
China has an ambitious plan to build as many as 100 reactors over the next two decades
Los Alamos reports a new monitoring technique for Fukushima
Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists use cosmic rays to peer into reactors
Indian Point offering grants to first responders
Join us! So far, 10,405 supporters have contributed $237,409
Virginia can mine uranium safely, responsibly
Nuclear desalination best step forward for UAE, says Masdar Institute Faculty
Designing nuclear warning signs to last millennia
Earthquake felt at nuclear power plant in New Hampshire
Maine earthquake causes no damage at New Hampshire nuclear plant
Quake prompts 'unusual event' at Seabrook nuclear power plant
Waterford nuclear power plant Unit 3 reported out of service to the NRC this morning.
How to put Canada's nuclear waste to bed
All purpose parts banner
California plans probe of San Onofre nuclear plant
Experts weigh in on San Onofre restart plan
You could stick them in Yucca mountain for the next million years no problem, and that's if we can't reuse them.
Terminated the Nuclear Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, that helped.
Tests of overseas MOX touted by plant's builders
Nuclear waste bid poses risks and rewards for Ontario town
Merkel defends costly switch out of nuclear power
Peach Bottom replaces three turbines, boosts power of Unit 2 reactor
Exelon begins transformer replacement at Illinois nuclear power plant
Dose rate of 11.1 Sv/h detected inside Fukushima Unit 1 primary containment vessel compared to 73 Sv/h found in unit 2
Sunday, October 21 at 4:00pm in CDT at The Oblate School of Theology, 285 Oblate Drive, San Antonio TX
If you want to understand the serious dangers of nuclear waste and our lack of ability to store and/or dispose of it and protect the future generations for millions of years--(and, thus, why we must discontinue creating more waste through nuclear power and weaponry), PLEASE read John D'Agata's very accessible and easy to read book, ABOUT A MOUNTAIN. If you don't know the REAL story of Yucca Mountain, you should. Maybe we will all stop sitting on our hands "assuming" we are being taken care of. We are not!
This suit comes standard with front entry and has double storm flap with zipper & velcro, a 20 mil PVC face shield, dual layer attatched chemical resistant gloves with kevlar glove liners, attached boot socks with boot flaps, room for standard chemical resistant boots. Protect yourself and your c...
Several Democratic candidates have been hesitant to voice support for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who, if ...
"The issue was discovered in August during video monitoring of the area between the inner and outer walls that was designed as an overflow space if the inner steel liner were to leak." "before reaching a conclusion on whether the inner shell of the tank has leaked, more samples will be collected from the material spotted in August near Riser 90" "a photo of the same area between the two shells of the tank near Riser 83 in 2006 showed it was clean then" above excerpts from: out of idle curiosity - What ELSE could this be? (Perhaps some worker was late for lunch and chunked a bucket of stuff down there to get rid of it, so he could rush off to his bologna sandwich?) And as a side-note: Please explain to me once again "HOW CHEAP" nuclear power REALLY IS while - factoring in TOTAL COSTS - of nuclear waste transport, storage and disposal. (And yes, I am aware that the nuclear wastes at Hanford are NOT just those accrued by the use of nuclear power facilities.) And why does the U.S. refuse to REPROCESS and RECY ...
“If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance.” -Abraham Lincoln It was nearly four years ago that I started blogging back at my old site, branching out from the hardcore research of physical cosmology and the teaching of physics and astronomy, and into…
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A slim but powerful meditation on Yucca Mountain in Nevada, long the proposed site for storage of America’s nuclear waste.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was trying to brand fellow Nevada Sen. Dean Heller a failure earlier this month when he wrote that passing an online poker bill was “the most important issue facing Nevada since Yucca Mountain.” Yet in doing so, Reid also elevated a controversial piece o...
I am trying the suggestion to get the "SHARE" button to work. Here goes. I TOLD YOU THE ATTACKS ADS WERE COMING. AFTER THEY DID THE PUSH POLL THEY KNEW HE WAS IN TROUBLE AND THEY ARE USING LIES AND THE COWARD SMITH KNOWS IT. PLEASE HELP ME SHARE THIS SO PEOPLE SEE THE TRUTH. I want to thank so many citizens for calling to let me know that they had received “push poll” telephone survey calls, and especially those citizens who took notes on the questions. This poll, by The Tarrance Group, a Republican polling firm, was done to formulate attack ads against me. In the survey, they implied that I was responsible for spending thousands of tax dollars to go to Key West and Las Vegas, while at the Public Service Commission. In fact, the Key West travel was a mandated PSC rate case hearing; and the Las Vegas trip was to visit Yucca Mountain, regarding the storage of spent nuclear fuels. Las Vegas happens to be the nearest city with an airport. In fact, the total of my travel while I was on the PSC was the low ...
The Republican National Convention: 1) New policy for women: Express great love for them, especially mothers and grandmothers, but keep the ultrasound machines at the ready and dispose of all available forms of contraception at the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump; 2) Foreign policy: Attack Syria, Iran, and attack Libya again for no reason, while poking Russia and China in the eye. Unveil a complete neoconservative hawkishness on full display from John McCain but, more importantly, from Condoleezza Rice, who everyone thought was simply there to tell her story and be the one acceptable remnant from the George W. Bush debacle; 3) Healthcare policy: Declare a war on Medicare: Explain that Democrats, through the ACA, raided the Medicare fund to pay for health care coverage for 30 million more Americans, thereby making seniors lose all coverage, take expensive trips to the emergency room, and, ultimately, sell all their belongings to sign up for Medicaid and wind up in a nursing home. Conversely, never expl ...
Troubled California nuclear plant prepares to pull fuel from reactor
Microgrids: So much more than backup energy
Entergy says assets are ready for quick response to Isaac
Feds fly helicopters over Bay Area scanning for radiation
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