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Youth Program

Youth programs are particular activities designed to involve people between the ages of 10 and 25. Activities included are generally oriented towards youth development through recreation, social life, prevention, intervention, or education.

North Dakota National Guard

4 East Knox schools are working with UT Public Health grad students to tackle issues like youth gangs and pollution thro…
Amazing program! We love working with these exceptional youth and their inspiring teacher. Thanks for shari…
Canada's PROPEL program working with Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture to involve youth in future plans
Dear students . You have selected for interview Prime Minister youth skill development program,kindly check your interview Date before 25...
Impressions from of Youthfellow program on her first IGF and on
Barclays Bank SKYE program equips youth with skills in the construction industry
Few days to go!. Festival 2017!. 7 & 8 January. Along with Winter break special Advance Meditation Prog…
See what happens when a youth football program loses everything but the will to keep going.
The nonprofit involves teens throughout the design and implementation of all of their projects
12 lakh people have registered in 8 days for the Har Ghar Captain program launched by Captain.
Avg cost of youth incarceration in NJ = about $537.35/day vs $75 for a community-based program
Palestine won the first place in the youth leadership program in Kuwait 😎. Well done my cousin💪
With 'Captain Smart Connect' program,Punjab's youth can achieve and get desirable knowledge about everything
Captain new program provides one job per household to each youth between the ages of 18 and 35 years
Capt.'s flagship program Har Ghar Ton Ikk Captain continues to receive an immense response from Punjab's youth!.
12 lakh people have registered in 8 daysd program launched by the Congress party https:…
Inviting all youth to apply for 2017 Nat'l & Youth Program! In partnership with
Captain Amarinder Singh flagship program for empowering the youth of Punjab
"The program aims at providing one job per household to youth between the age of 18-35
The education for the youth on internet must the d approved program of instruction by the education committee of the govt
Very exciting to have delivering their youth-driven movement against bullying program to our Y7 & Y8 students…
The still need sponsors for their Christmas Angel Program and Youth Food Program. Both for local kids.
Day 2 of ABA school kids visiting as part of the "Youth Water Awareness Program"
A new start with winter school youth leadership program in Trichy
Captain's flagship program "HGC" for empowering the youth of Punjab has started. Collect your unique ID now.…
Alum Michael Carter is helping lower-income students get into college through his online mentoring program https…
Dear all Journalist!!!. Youth Resource Development program also known as YRDP would like to invite local and...
Did you know? offers a Newcomer Youth Leadership Development program in Peel. Check it out here
is actively working towards training technically skilled Youth of KP under the Industrial Training Program thro…
We're hiring students for Summer 2017! Apply before Jan 27 to be eligible for jobs in Rec, Public Works & more! https:/…
Valley YMCA Youth are selling Alpine and Grand Fir Christmas trees. Fresh cut&locally grown. All proceeds go to the Youth…
Extremely happy to announce the launch of Har Ghar ton Ik Captain (HGC) -my flagship program to empower the youth of Pu…
Next info session is December 7th. Come learn about this amazing IT wfd program for youth!
A great 1st planning meeting meeting for the launch of our exciting arts for youth program!!
New program in Gaza focuses on clean water access and youth employment + aims to reach 30,000 Gazans over next 3 yrs https:…
Loved sharing the game we are passionate about with the youth from the Niijkewehn mentoring program!…
great program tonight, getting the view's of the youth on Can there there be a part 2?
.announce youth development taskforce & expansion of Generation program to Canada: https:…
The Youth Program Review (YPR) workshops have started and are going exceptionally well!!. Scouts WA have released...
2017 National and Youth Program Awards application is now OPEN! Apply before February 8th:
A2: Youth Change Agents Program - we had four Ss participate and select SJ challenge
Antonio Brown's cleats on Sunday will be in support of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and their youth mentoring program.
Opportunity for youth & PWD's, Free placement linked training program by Warangal also there
We need your help Sarnia-Lambton to fill 70 Youth Holiday Bins (ages 17-21) Please give us a call to support our…
Skill development program for Youth by TFMSC- Pls share
The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program gives high-achieving undocumented youth the opportunity to succ…
Website Builder 728x90
MLS, announce youth development taskforce, expansion of Generation adidas program to Canada:
Vietnamese Youth & Professionals Mentorship Program is looking for mentors / find out more
Great program: youth need to be at centre of all decisions, systems need to focus on youth needs, systemic discrimi…
is taking applicants! This is a great program for empowering youth! >>
Youth of graduating highschool & interested in becoming a House of Commons Page? Learn more at
We've placed 45 interns for our 2016/17 Youth Internship program with 36 non-profits in Vancouver! Thanks for your…
Looking forward to starting our new youth mentoring program in October 😀
New program connects at-risk Winnipeg youth with support workers in emergency room
Should this mom be allowed to be board president of a school youth program with pictures like this online.?
I'm raising money for YOUTH SPORTS FOOTBALL PROGRAM. Click to Donate: via
Urban League program introduces youth to realities of the workplace
New program helps young refugees develop job skills and overcome barriers: Refugee youth in ...
Our Hav-A-Ball adult-youth program is about ready to go. It’s just missing one thing: YOU!. This is a wonderful...
RCMP Holyrood to launch new innovative program for youth and ATV's next week. Stay tuned Program
is largest beneficiary of Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan (PMYBL) program, received 75% of the loans
Huge thanks to for the support of Outreach and Youth Engagement program!
SAKURA Exchange Program in Science enhances the exchange of Japanese and Asian youths who will play a crucial...
The is a youth mentoring program aimed at equiping youth with various skills
is an exciting exercise & education program for the youth see *1KN
Should you win, would you institute a Clinton Youth program?
Don't miss Youth Market & Mentorship Program this Weekends 17-18 September 2016 only at Main Atrium GF
I hope that oneway soon you guys can cover the great things we have going on with our at risk youth program
I need your intervention in regard to Mathare Youth Empowerment Program for things to move forward. Help!
Is it posible to get an opportunity to brief you on the Mathare Youth Empowerment Program?
Hodgman government refusing to allow youth to come back from NT youth detrntion program called Brahminy. Premiers COS orders.
Do you know teens that are interested in writing? Did you know that we have a dedicated youth program?
Anyone can start a youth preparedness program, let it be you:
CM Youth Initiative by . Big Time Afternoon at the Exodus Program Keith Village in Compton
Amb cites as program connecting region's youth & contributing to an identity.
school holiday youth arts program at Manga, Rap, VR Storytelling, World Building & more!
Still have questions regarding the changes to the SCSD2 boys and girls youth program? Follow the link for...
As we continue with day two of Air show.-Youth development program. Empowering the youth through information,...
WE'RE HIRING... We’re looking for a Deputy Program Manager to join our successful Youth Empowerment Program...
A Winnipeg program is helping keep youth out of emergency rooms:
led by to serve the youth at the point of need. Mathare empowerment program.
is seeking a Extension Coordinator for Pend Oreille Youth Development Program! More info here:
October, Iowa, in the spirit of Norm Borlaug's Youth program, look for "the next Norm", brightest mind in foodagri! http…
Mary Butcher of Bureau of Good Roads sharing the amazing youth biking program at
Join us right now in Junior A to learn about DC's ground-breaking youth biking education program!
If you want more info & aren't here in sesh on PE program on youth https:/…
"Vince wants the youth to understand that you don’t have to be a superstar to be successful."
Modeled after what's done in Switzerland, CO unveils $9.5M youth apprenticeship porgram to build local workforce :
The Global Youth Ambassadors Program in 9 years has helped over 230 High School Students travel the world! Since...
in the news: Adzmin from is in the US for Youth Ambassador program.
Eat your heart out Check out they have an incredible program to help underserved youth!
It was a great honour for me to represent my country and the UN Youth Delegate program
Studio (Youth Icon)with Azhar on from 1pm to 3pm. Sms by Typing 101K...
per their interest & choice, All Young Youth of J&K State should be connect and engaged in Skill Development Program.
yes we do. We are currently running with the ready to work program for the youth, SheTradesKE for women and sponsoring [1/2]
Vancouver police tackle youth sexting in outreach program.
a very good program to be implemented in EU schools as it is meant to foster &
Youth buzzing over new beekeeping program | Edmonton Examiner
Dig Deep Youth Music Program. Arts Centre Melbourne is looking for another female leader aged 14-24 years for the...
Grt fun at state bank of Hyderabad Youth & women convention hope de take up as their program htt…
I feel there needs to be a very strong and practical action packed, time bou program to achieve peace through glo…
Seeking Mentors for a new Refugee Youth program. Info session available
it's like an after school program for at-risk youth. Just a hobby to keep me out of trouble.
Media Arts Center is looking for a Youth Media Program Instructor https:/…
"CJC is a great program for youth. It helps you learn structure and builds you as a person," says Dallas.
.knows the future of is in great hands, thanks to the YES program:
We've completed 13th International Youth Gatherings program, thanks to our guests who were participated.
The program has consistently supported the by engaging them in events & academic courses
Not just JOBS, but improved EDUCATION SYSTEM, and MENTOR PROGRAM for Black youth w/out Dads.
Agents of Change is a new TV program - searching for six extraordinary Australian teenagers:.
Vancouver police tackle youth sexting in outreach program
Yr11 Ss with the Tea Cake for Timor stall raising $ for the Rotary Youth Leadership Program in Railako, Timor-Leste
Pep Rally for our youth program. Great words by
Nominate youth making a difference and improving the WORLD for 2017 Program:
Today we kicked off year 2 of the Youth Program Quality Initiative w/ 33 orgs! Are you in that
House now debating on Fairfield Youth Off the Streets program, moved by Mr Amato. Watch live:
Just in case you missed to be a part of Youth Leadership Program by Career Buzz 2016, then here is a bit of...
OK when are y'all gonna have Chance the Rapper perform w/the choir for the youth ministry program? When the praises go up...🎤
YMCA and El Dorado rec to partner for youth soccer program.
PSPK youth leader who organised ORGAN DONATION program at kolar along wid PSPK fan association yesterday evng was found to…
Can you recommend anyone for this Youth Program Manager - Mandarin/ Cantonese Speakers -
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
We are super proud of our newest members at our Sherman Satellite Program. Congratulations to all our youth and...
Come visit me and tomorrow at the club fair to learn about the Ohio Youth and Government program!!
Applications for the 2017 Australia Japan Youth Cultural Exchange program to Tokyo in January are still open!...
Shout out to my 15 7th and 8th graders that work hard and are committed to turning the youth program around
Been in talks all day with a number of coaches regarding merging with Elite and the EBC Futures youth program. Hoping for good news soon.
Extremely proud of our Be a Buddy not a Bully program! Reaching new levels come fall 2016!!!
An exceptional day - encouraging youth to make wise choices - I'm very lucky 2 be involved in such a crucial program
“Back To Your a 3-day revitalising program at The LifeCo,. In this program, we emphasise on Hormone...https:/…
NOW OPEN: Youth Skills Connections Fund partnerships to train Ontario youth aged 15-29 for the workforce |
Boys attending the Wednesday youth program at Open House Christian Involvement Centres in Macleod (Melbourne) got...
Addressed the new Youth Wing unit of Nagpur at a program organised by unit president
Our Waves For Change program kicked off today with a pancake breakfast for 23 youth from Downtown High School!
Support our youth program! The Damascus Cougars Football season starts Saturday. Games are at DHS.
Looking for an All-Girls Tech program? Learn more about Maker Foundations today!
Thanks to a program by 12 Baltimore high schoolers got to experience the Jewish way of life in Israel.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Our Youth Engaging SESD student Sahara wrote an inspiring post on why she chose to join our program https:…
Keeping the peace: Wayne State program continues longtime work of youth conflict resolution
Our Program Manager visited to talk about the harsh reality of youth facing exploitation on our streets
I saw this the other day. I want to try it out for our youth Fishing program.
Scary looking logo for the primary youth catechesis program in the Church http…
Young, Gifted, & Black! Andrew Proctor screening in the Youth Program at http…
Thanks for your donation to the Youth Program's food pantry!
So, You Want To Start a Youth Program webinar series is back by popular demand!!! Do you have a passion to...
After Youth loan scheme, Qarz e Hasna scheme, is another historical program for nation
We're just getting our Youth Arts Programs in Las Vegas up and running. Just like here in Seattle most program...
It will face the same consequences which PM youth loan program faced .. Awaam k paiso se ek or choona ...
Only 4 days left to the start of Youth Development Program! Contact us and become part of this historic forum.
The Living and Learning Program is on its way, youth. You just need to stay alive and in one piece until it gets here.
Under Mayor DutchMorial,there was a jobs program connecting corporate NewOrleans to the youth of the City.It…
What can USA do to have as good of youth program as Germany?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
is a jobs program for unemployed . Undereducated White Youth. They take out their frustrations on BLKS
This like a movie they show at the youth program at church
Get tailored support for your youth program! Apply to our program by 1/15 https:…
Youth Counselor - Play Study Win, Inc - Brooklyn, NY: Greet new arrivals to the program, introdu...
Advance meditation silence program for youth at Rishikesh AOL Ashram. . https…
empowering Indigenous Youth around the world a unique program in Melbourne. Love to meet Mariah
Look for us and SMU Summer Youth Program at Day 1 Dallas at Fair Park on New Year's Day. We're sponsoring a photo...
YOUR COOPERATIVE PROGRAM DOLLARS AT WORK: Many of you have heard our Youth and Youth Leaders share about Shane...
Alaska Youth Development Program thanks for coming to practice yesterday. Welcome anytime
Jay Harrison & family visited & donated 7 hampers for youth needs in our independent living program.
Halifax Regional Municipality is hiring! Program Adult Leader Volunteer in apply now!
Another reason why you should promote EddieEagle! It's a great program for today's youth!
Back at it as an cover boy. Congrats on the Kiryat Gat youth program launch!
that's more like it, that's fair and reasonable. Lebron is huge on youth program donations too
Youth Villages will close Lake Oswego foster program, after state threatened to revoke license
message from AAAN's youth program leaders, inc &
The gets a shout out in this great piece on in
Help our children succeed through mentoring. Find out about New York State Mentoring Program:
We're raising money for Dp's Initiative, a program for our youth in the inner city. Click to Donate: via
Brilliant program I was a Youth Worker for 9 years. I was a member of Lake Illawarra Yacht club. We did similar programs.
Check out Pheonix Youth Centre's fun program for Jan. For info & to book call: 9091 4700
Justin Trudeau should invest in his father’s youth program
ICYMI - we have a great video in support of our Youth Orchestra Program -
Youth ChalleNGe program helping teens find the road to success:
.| Scholarship program launched for immigrant youth in Surrey
Is your son or daughter studying business in college/university? They can apply for our
"I was 12. His name was Palo. We were both in the Legislative Youth Program." — the best line in all the Star Wars movies
With my friend from Japan. 'Ino'. International maritime youth program 2015. Great… (at Pantai Dato) [pic] —
Explorers Program Gives Youth a New Look at Law Enforcement: Growing up, Jaime Guzman watched two of his older…
So.we ran a youth leadership program for an elite Brisbane school last week and the feedback…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
"The aim of this economic transformation program is not only to create youth that can be…
Youth program set to open March 2016! Follow us & check our updates.
I play! afterschool sports program targets at-risk youth -
we should take a Tebow & thank the D.A.R.E. Program. It really helped us during our youth
Kickingoff in 1hr: the 2015 in Landscapes program. Starting with a 4day workshop.
Meet three young Indigenous leaders of the future via
Want to know what is happening with the youth at the Global Landscapes Forum? Follow the youth program using
Hockey News article on move over to Salzburg, Austria and Redbull Hockey Academy.
Youth Leadership Program on Oceans: Open for high school students.
Literally a tree of hope, decorated by youth of Bridges program. http…
"You get to teach kids at an early age proper skills and how to tackle."
Starting today ,follow the youth program using the hashtags
Mental Health - Walk-in mental health clinic for youth opens - Ontario, Canada
Visit our youth program that's opening March 2016! Follow & check the updates.
Youth Consultation Service is hiring a Coordinator, apply now!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
FIU, Miami Heat support Kiwanis of Little Havana free youth basketball program - Miami Herald
Need your support for Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Program to be held in Manila.
Next Gen Western Sydney entrepreneurs - here's a great program to accelerate your ideas, projects or ventures
Director of NFL's High School Player Development program: "The game is under attack for many reasons"
DHFL targets youth through its National Influencer Outreach Program
Positive shirts for boys & girls! A portion of every sale goes towards my non profit youth program. You can help... Youth looks to raise Laker wrestling program - Alexandria Echo Press
Fruity loops did more for the youth then any government program for the kids
"We want kids playing football because it's good for them ... community, & it's good for our society as a whole"
NSW ACC Youth Program last night finale with Grant Lowe our South Coast NSW Coordinator. Amazing to…
Congrats Grads fr John Howard Society of Niagara Summer Jobs for Youth Program! You should all be proud of your accomplishments
Coming to ICA 'Shorts: Youth Program,' a mix of films by teens. Free RSVP: http…
Happy to announce new collaboration with to deliver IMPACT! Youth Program for Sustainability Leadership
Congrats on the Shirley Franklin Mayor’s Youth Program restart in 2015
'Dream Big for Kids' Dinner & Award to Raise Money for Youth Program.
Students: If you’re interested in being part of NTZB’s Healthy YOUth program next year, to to to fill out the app!
What do we know about 21st program & youth outcomes? AIR explores:
at the Train the Trainer Workshop promoting the Ottawa Community Youth Diversion Program
Reminder to sign-up your kids for SU Soccer's youth summer camp! For more information visit:
Check out the ACCA Leadership Program! will be sponsoring 42 youth, register today
Here's a positive story out if about how Youth Crime Watch Program helps MPD solve crimes
HFY Case Manager Kim is extremely proud of her client Stephanie who completed the ICM program, increased her...
Centreline making a difference for our youth.
Keep up with the Joneses, they know a thing or two about hard work
"When filling out the application for SAF’s Levante youth group program, I hesitated to describe myself as...
Today we have Building Futures for Youth summer program students exploring the Trades Exhibition Hall.
New Avenues for Youth is hiring a Residential Supervisor! $32k - $34k/yr.
Josette Holness - parents sometimes need to get to know workers and program leaders to feel comfortable to let youth attend
Local biz in the purchase ad space in our Youth Summit Program.
team member still buzzing frm ystrdy's program @ Marie-Rivier! went above duty - inspiring the youth!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Accepting applications: summer youth employment program for and teens http:…
Accepting applications: summer youth employment program for teens - thanks to support from
Hi folks if you have children in the RMCC Spring Youth Revolution program and you're curious about how you can...
Help support the youth program May 6th 5pm @ in in http:/…
Youth Technology Academy -focused HS program designed to train students for the technical workforce.
Host Q.A about the SEED program how Youth can benefit. Call in 712.775.7035 472888#
Today we're at the Bachelor of Child and Youth Care Program thesis day at
A Camp Condor youth donated this piece of art, he made in the JH Welding Program, to this lucky community partner
K-12 Attendance/ Youth Program will be closed Today 4/22/2015 from 10am-2pm to attend the Earth Day Celebration...
Students from Beal City are here with the Youth in Government program
is a youth empowerment program through Microsoft and is a celebration of kids who do charity work!
Hogsett unveils summer job program for youth via
Youth exchange program hosted on apply now!!
Making plans to attend THE PLAYERS Championship? Get your tickets this week through the Chip In For Youth program...
Way to go and Donny Dallton. Great role models.
Foto: “Oakland, California. Lockheed Testing Program. One brief newspaper article and youth of all ranges...
Just 3 weeks until we restart our Full Court Press (now supported by youth program with in Utah
High school students can earn $9-10 per hour with Youth Development Mentoring Program. Apply now
.needs the organization's support. These youth need the organization's support. We need to keep the program alive!
The first day of Summer Youth Internship Program has ended... All i can sing is " i will survive i will survive *** yeeeah !! "
.is a program that sees the potential in youth, & that's why I believe in it. We need everyone's support
Gorham strikes ball deal: After months of talks, a stalemate that threatened the youth baseball program in Go...
Amsterdam Environmental Study Team Summer Program. This is a five day ecology studies adventure program for youth...
Youth Counselor - As a Youth Counselor you will provide direct care services in a highly structured program that i...
MODept of Natural Resources is accepting apps for the 2015 Youth Corps program. Visit their website for info.
Another new initiative for Malden students! Check out the Malden Youth Pass Pilot Program and apply before April 30. htt…
Heidi Hall: A youth homeless crisis in the making | Info on Nevada home host program
I'm raising money for Esba Elite Youth Basketball Program. Click to Donate: via
There are countless way to program sets/reps. Don't ask what "COULD" I do & muddle in Theory Land, do what's most practic…
Savannah youth 13-19 are encouraged to apply for the summer Savannah Youth Ambassadors program. Learn more at:... http:…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
St Louis All City Boxing celebrates 1st anniversary - supporting the youth of St Louis in a positive program
& TBay Indn Friendship Ctre:Congrats on the launch of Aboriginal Youth Leadership program
Gearing up for week 2 of Youth Leadership Program. Looking forward to teaching students leadership!.
Story not in your printed today. Joe Hogsett Pledges Summer Youth Jobs Program If Elected. READ DETAILS! http:/…
Are you 18-29 & want to launch or grow a tech company? Apply for up to $20K w/ Youth Business Acceleration Program: http…
HISTORY OF BIAS: Did deny money to a police youth program back in 2001?
with a new at The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard's Child & Youth Program in Kittery, ME.
A fun way to give back!. The North Dakota National Guard's Child and Youth Program is looking for volunteers to...
Maryam Nawaz Sharif takes over Youth Program yet again but through Leila Khan this time. via
@ inanda new town offices volunteering in an NPO Youth empowerment program me dealing with all sorts
Coming Soon: We will need volunteer coaches and volunteers. This will be our youth program when it's ready to launch.
Forestry and Horticulture Event: Read and Seed Youth Program: Mon, Aug. 18th 2014 - 10:00am to 10:45am
What an eventful fun and awesome weekend we had!!! Beginning from the surprise birthday party of pastor Emma on Friday, Sunday service was awesome great impartation service with Dr. Rogers Nforgwei, and later in the evening was the glorious fun youth program The Youth Splash! All glory be returned to our God who made us infallible in all we set out to do! Pictures soon coming!!
Awesome program encouraging entrepreneurship in students from low-income communities in LA! Teach the youth! http…
Youth Alive! Kenya, a Youth Serving Organization in conjunction with other partners is running a program on youth...
Youth corps offers job skills training, pay: (AP) - A summer program in Traverse City is providing more than 5...
Really proud of Bec and our Hub team for winning the Youth Employment Award for our R U BUSY program
This program is made possible by new funding from the Youth Employment Fund of Employment Ontario which has created 10,000 new Ontario jobs.
Africa only 5% of youth make it to Vocational Training Program
Some lady asked me during church what program we were involved with .I told her we help with confirmation for the youth .
Work at child and youth program or hotel ??
No amount of crazy rain stops our youth workers mentoring boys in our Junior Top Blokes schools program.
Bae how awk would it be if I were 20 years old going to a youth program TU 😂😂😂😂
Thank U for creating more awareness of the program ht…
This jobs training program is making it possible for young adults without college degrees to land corporate jobs:
Program held by Puneet Gupta Suresh Kumawat and Ashish Kumawat in Association with Indian Youth Congress in...
"The officer is telling the press we have shots fired" But I haven't heard a single shot in this stream.
Exciting talk by Brotherhood of St Laurence on a model for youth unemployment transition program.
Youth from the Northwest Territories in Canada - after attending the One Rock Catholic summer formation program...
So on this stream an officer pointed a gun at the guy streaming. Another officer came to talk to the reporter:
We have an amazing youth ministry program and that's
That youth program at church this morning was much needed
The Unit is a program for young men run on Thursdays at LINKS Youth Support Services
txs for your care! would love 2 talk about its youth led video program to find heroes. Interested 2 talk?
🍀Good Luck Coach,. I heard some really great things. about the Lovelock,NV. youth football program. (...fro…
THANK YOU to all who supported our youth basketball program through the DYH Golf Outing today!!
Innovative ideas to help lessen the burden of mental health conditions on youth | Grand Challenges Canada
Their program, especially youth, is quite good. Should have actually won vs US in the U-20's 2 yrs ago. US disappointed, but knew.
The pilot program was proving a success - assigning troubled male youth as props for female empowerment courses.
Applications are open for the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP). Apply now at
We absolutely should connect soon. I would love to get you involved with the National Black MBA Assoc.'s Youth Program.
Need After School Care this Fall? Register online for our NEW After School Program!
There is still time for your Youth Ministry to get on program and help us encourage our young people.
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