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Youth Group

Youth Group are a rock band based in Newtown, Sydney, Australia signed to Ivy League Records.

Game Night

We are looking forward to working with tomorrow to deliver a workshop on Healthy Relationships with our youth group.
Aka a group of selfless adults who dedicate their free time to commit themselves to bettering youth democracy! Love y'all ht…
Nutritionist Beenish B.B. . With the principal of Excellence group of colleges Rawalp. Mr.Muhammad Mustazhar . Focused…
Jesus, is that the Derry youth group???!!!
Make sure your youth group is part of this celebration.
30 hour famine begins today! Pray for the FRPC Youth Group as they endure to raise awareness about global hunger.
Want to belong to an amazing Youth Group? @ Ponca City…
Had a wonderful evening last night at Berean Bible Baptist Church of Duarte. Preached for their Youth Group's……
Teens come on out for Youth Group at Lee Road Baptist Church to learn the Word of God! Every Thursday at 6:00 p.m.…
Tickets for Youth Group's Murder Mystery Dinner Theater on Jan 28 on sale Sunday. Proceeds to Planned Parenthood.
Tonight's Youth Group at St. Mary Family Parish Centre is cancelled this evening. Thank you for your understanding.
KONA ICE FORT SMITH wants to make your SUPER BOWL party a Kool Celebration. If your Youth Group wants a SUPER...
Come by the booth (to interact with the IMS Director and members of the Youth Group! htt…
Well done to our amazing TRSE Youth Group for a fantastic performance of 'This Is Home'. Congratulations on a fantastic…
TONIGHT StG Youth Group is exploring the EPIC UNIVERSE following the EDGE program by join us |…
Many thanks to the Oraboner's for bringing us 2 pies & to the Youth Group at Yorkshire Free Will Baptist Church in…
Equalisers going through the Education Charter during a Youth Group led by EE Eastern Cape comrades.
Youth Group mission trip serving a children's home this week. The kids are working hard and finished the day...
We had such a wonderful week with the Youth Group from DaySpring Conference Center / Episcopal Diocese of...
Youth Group and Adult Bible Study tonight at 6:30. — at Robinson Free Methodist Church.
Southeast Christian Church (SEC) Youth Group will be dining with us before their activity at Challenger Park on...
Youth Council elections, Tin Canny voting, year in review... BIG night at Youth Group tomorrow. All three groups meet
Youth Group this Wednesday, May 18. Study Night/Game Night. You chose what you want/need to do! 7:30 p.m. in library
College Students: We'd love to have you come to Youth Group on May 15 and chat with our youth in a college forum. Contact Mary!
Roses R Red, Violetz R Blue I enjoy Youth Group so smell my sauce.
Somehow he manages school, work, church, studying, youth group, soccer, etc. all in one week and I can barely take the stress from school.
In my day, you SACRIFICED when the youth group spirit moved you to publicly purge your music collection. Broken CDs. Burned records.
Honestly so excited for youth group!
❤️ these young people from Saint Anthony's! They have been so faithful to youth group, serving…
I have the best youth group around. I've never felt so loved by so many people.💛
Went to my youth group tonight and God really laid a word upon me. It was such a blessing!
I was standing outside of my bro's youth group class waiting for him to get out & these two little boys kept throwing a paper airplane at me
Hey kids - no video tonight. Between my brother's loud conversation via Skype, youth group, and a lack of spoons, it's not going to happen.
Great group of youth advocates! Thank u all for being a part of this emotional roller coaster!
SEYA (South Etobicoke Youth Assembly) is a youth led, youth run group who work together to... https…
Started writing exercises with the youth group today and gave them all journals. I'm really excited for where this will lead.
No weapon from the enemy shall prosper ! I love my youth group so much & this video makes me so happy
SO much fun tonight at youth group! A big thanks to Doug Sipes for taking these photos for us!
.helping a group of Atlanta youth code their way to a new life
AWAKEN is the perfect capstone to your youth or college group's time at Kingdom Bound!.
This is what I get when I leave my cell in youth group! Love these kiddos! 😊😊
"Son how did you get this cut on your back at youth group?". "We were throwing pool noodles with pvc pipe in them at each other." . "Oh ok."
This is Madalynn Anderson. Her youth group picked words that best describe her. She doesn't know…
@ incoming freshman @ youth group tonight I apologize for the way I am
I got so emotional tonight during youth group! 😫✝
Chris is teaching thru the psalms tonight at youth group.
I'm so glad I went to youth group today 😌
Leave it to me to nearly break my ankle while playing games at youth group😅
Middle school = girls and boys sitting on opposite sides of the room at youth group.
*goes to youth group and they play a Mean Girls clip* 😂
seriously LOVE my youth group more than I could ever express! ❤️❤️
Not sorry about the length of my snap story because I love my youth group even though I'm the only senior
I ran into chic fil a to see victor and he was with his youth group but SOMEONE spilled their drink and I slipped and fell underneath the
Went to youth group w/o the kids. When I got home they were waiting for me to continue my story.
For our youth group's Activ8 retreat this weekend I'm leading an outreach to work at Rose Home. Any rakes etc I can borrow wo…
Youth group at Hope Covenant Church tonight! Dm me if you want details! We are trying to get as many people there as possi…
I enjoy hanging out with this awesome youth group! Made some awesome new friends! ❤️😊
In a youth group how do you balance the needs of our unchurched youth against the needs of our committed kids?
Church wall in Karagita neighborhood, where our Panua youth group meets. Indeed we are watching His plans unfold!
Whelp that was my last youth group ever! 😰
I say this almost every week, but I really LOVE my youth group!
Fluid you are an amazing youth group. Way to go on being the body of Christ tonight. You poured out Christ love...
My computer's internet *** tonight. Took like an hour to get it to actually connect to the internet. I had youth group which was fun!
I always feel good after youth group
I just had a random memory. In high school, my church youth group but on a play. It was a showdown in the "wild west" set to a Carmen song->
Youth group leader who missed out on being a pop star (Vine by
Yelling at myself for pushing myself away from youth group
Local chefs, youth team up for Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry: A group of local chefs is joining a national cause to…
I love hanging out with my youth group❤️
Because cubs are In a rain delay and I took a selfie before leaving my youth group tonight 😂 I'm awkward forgive me ht…
My parents forgot about me and didn't pick me up @ youth group until I called them like 25 minutes after youth group ended 😂
Airdrie Independent Youth Group, Jai NicAllen and Aminah Din are our amazing Diversity finalists for the https:/…
When Maddie and Darla don't show up to youth group and I don't know what to do.
When youth group is just too much fun
Last night of youth group has me deep in my feels
Awesome night! We let Sarah start youth group 4 weeks early, she is on probation.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Helped with youth group tonight & was one of few people in the room who lived during OK City bombing.
This is a great group of young community leaders gathered together through to educate Orlando's youth.
Five Chelsea youth prospects who could be considered for promotion to the first-team group...
my youth group is having a dance in July and everyone has a date but me this is great
This Sunday join us for both Evening Service at 6pm and Youth Group at 4:30pm!
Pastor started a series in Youth Group this morning, "What makes a great Youth Group!?"
Lighthouse SrH we are not doing the Garage sale work this Sunday-It is the 24th! We will have normal Youth Group this week!
It's Spring Break for Sturgeon Bay Schools but NOT for F5 Youth Group!! Come on out and join us for another Great Night! See You at 6:30!!
High School students of St. John's Youth Group are raising funds for the National LCMS Youth Gathering in New...
Cancellation: Youth Group and Small Group cancelled for Stanley Park Baptist Church this evening.
"Bethlehem Haitian Baptist Church, Youth Group (la jeunesse ) is going to meet up again tonight!…
A special edition of Youth Group tonight at the Garage!. We'll enjoy worship, fun games, and watch VCU on the big screen!
EUMC Youth Group is holding a pancake breakfast this sunday either before church 9:30-10:30 or 11:30-12:30.
Chris Martinez bringing it at Youth Group tonight!
Great songs coming next! We've got some Kathleen Edwards, Katie Herzig, Youth Group..We're right here
Pastor Doug, his wife, Jen, and our CREW 24 Youth Group will hit the road very soon, on their way to...
Sr. High, there will be a special surprise this Sunday at Youth Group! 6:00-8:00, in Fellowship Hall.
Here is some information about the upcoming Winter Retreat this weekend for our Youth Group: Voltage!
Had the privilege of speaking to the Youth Group at Living Word Church in We…
Intense game of Family Feud at Youth Group last week!
Youth Group at Kunnari's restaurant this Saturday at 6:30 Call or message Evan or Myself if you need a ride:). 1305 8th Street South. 55792
Welcome to FiRST Youth Group! FiRST (Faith in Real Situations Today) is a youth group of the Fargo Seventh-day Adventist Church (
This stack of papers is actually a stack of prayers from my youth group over the course of 2k15.…
Secretary wants the youth group budget for this year, but I just got last years turned in.
Not talking about Mass. I'm talking about youth group.
WHAT UP PARTY PEOPLE! I'm back in the swing of things - so I expect to see y'all in full force on Wednesday for Youth Group!
Movie night at youth group this Wednesday. Bring a pillow if you want.
Y do U think there is not 1 single Blk activist group against black on black crime? IMPORTANT:
The hackers are membrs of the group of Young Saudis called “Brave Youth Fighting Religious Taboos,”Fars News reportd
Youth group- forever young. Ryan and Marissa song forever
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Our youth group & parent potluck will be this Sunday after worship and Dr. Richard Hill's reception!
Tonight in St Pete and Tomorrow in Tampa is NEXT GENERATIONS. A group for ages 13-18 Free dinner is served each group!
Anti-Kurdish pogroms across at hands of youth group controlled by
Back at work today, but have had responses from people interested in helping me set up a youth folk group, so now that's all I want to do.
Such an amazing weekend with the Youth Group!
Youth Group resumes this Wednesday January 6th!. New start and end time: 6:30PM-8:00PM!. See you Wednesday!
Do you have a public speaking schedule? I would love for our youth group to hear you speak. 😇Truly blessed and inspirational.😇
Why does Rand Paul always remind me of the friendly Catholic youth group priest that's got a BIG SECRET?
Me in 2009, a dumb teen with dreams who listened to the same Youth Group track daily. Also Dance Wiv Me becuz chune!.
Great last week on retreat with youth group. Today reality attempts to ruin what God did in your lives but God has more power than that!!🙌
I and was assigned to be the Church youth group leaders. ^_^ Thank you Lord!
I, along with Julia are about to run a group session at Barking n Dagenham youth offending service... Should be good!! 😉
Friday, January 8 is the Middle School Youth Group Taco and Game Night from 6:30- 8:00 p.m. Youth are invited to bring a friend.
- The particular group are causing ASB for the buzz and thrill of it. That's what they've told me in the youth clubs
I'm so ready to go back to youth group and go with everything. This is our year!
Great time in the Lord at Hillcrest Baptist Church! Excited for the work God is going to do in that youth group in 2K16!
📷 NEW ZINE by Gendered Intelligence Youth Group members The amazing young people who come to our youth...
1 curriculum for 2000+ Islamic schools increases hope of peaceful future-Southern
After never ending hours of running around the church and having the best time with my youth group, I'm finally going to bed. 💤💤
Jobless youth in the N.E. for want of a better option, have been lured into working for the group.
2050 Scotland's Youth Climate Group works to empowers young people to lead the transformation of Scotland into a low carbon country
it's okay baby, I'm not speaking only for myself ! Youth group tomorrow night .. Wanna go ?!
"sam how are you so busy". me:ACT class, soccer, work, tutoring for nhs, youth group, volunteer service for nhs,alpha, homework,ACT homework
The DA needs a youth group more powerful than both the ANC we are too relaxed, wake up before our bubble bursts
Children in Tadika schools in Southern can enjoy class activities w/ peace focus:
Congrats for launching design workshop for schools, todays youth are the future of tomorrows design
Saw last night Youth Group. Very thought provoking. Recommend it to anyone. was great in it.
Youth group back at it this Thursday at 7. Acceptance is an awesome feeling!
Don't forget to register you and your praise team and youth group for the speakers!
(1993). A group of troubled youth on a backwoods retreat come up against hillbillies and mutant ticks.
Group of high school students spray painting "down with military rule" on walls. Youth still got it. ✌️🇪🇬
Happy New Year! this song/vid seemed appropriate for back to work/school... youth group discussion starter?!
Happy back to school today! See you at youth group next Wednesday night, Jan 13th!
Saturday sees the Inter Youth League final group game when Donegal play Inishowen at the Moss in Drumoghill.
Group picture to cap off an awesome night! See you tomorrow, heroes! 😉
A real pleasure to support Most dedicated youth group I know
I actually gotta go to youth group. But after I'm down 😩😍 that means you'll be there? 😜😏
I'm excited to facilitate my fellow youth servants from different parts of the globe during the IEC - YD. God bless my group and I!
Addressed a large group of youth from all over India.
Huge thanks to the Youth Group from Pleasant Valley South Baptist church for helping us get ready for Christmas...
There is youth group this Sunday, Dec 6. Do not forget to bring in the registration forms and have them filled out and brought in.
HNA Toursim group: Youth Leadership Development Award for strong support in the organization of the award ceremony
Hey Jonathan! I'm sure you're busy but we hope you can join us!
you are OUR youth -- plans proceed to implement new law focusing on better support for them.
Youth group helps out with Out of the Cold
I know its kinda late but Im also extremely thankful for my youth group i dont know where I would be without them😊❤️ ht…
We can come to your school, youth group or heritage org to do a free talk on getting involved in email amerah
Throwback to our intercultural youth dance group Sutemos performing on the BBC
The problem with youth these days is that they can't take a stand on anything not even National Anthem. Weaklings all of us not one group.
Ocean Youth Trust Are looking for two people to act as group leaders to organise and join 10 young people (from...
Interacted with group of youth from Naxal-hit interior villages of Chattisgarh.
Heading out to youth group to have some fun with awesome people!
It's a stunning display from a group fighting for what they believe in.
Shoeboxes packed by our youth group for
the center on Halsted is having youth group meets on Fridays. hoping i can go
Thursday nights youth group will be performing a play based on highlights of "The Omen" pentology .
In celebrating for the 2015 Person of the Year Award,we emphasize the importance of YOUTH! htt…
43% of Boston public High School students have no access to arts education.
There are 2 pairs of twins in the youth group at mda they all 4 of them have really cute personalities ksndkendd
youth group has actually been great and I'm looking forward to it tomorrow
If your church has a youth group, we want to know you!
Do you run a youth club or school group for teens? Get your sexual health activity pack here - sian.haddon-berry
Group discussions of beneficiaries to educate the youth about drug abuse, power of saving, & peace building
Our Senior Youth Group (SYG) apple picking last week! These fantastic youth will be leading worship for our...
Last night watching this girl lead some music with Reece at Youth Group!!
Today I'm teaching the Missionary Kid youth group here in Dallas. Thankful for the opportunity.
PHL youth group to go through w trip to Pagasa Is., plan to send 10k volunteers in 81 boats
😽 First Group agrees to sponsor Aberdeen Youth Games - Aberdeen Press and Journal 😽
The next Youth Small Group meeting is Wednesday, Dec 2 from 7-9pm!
Robert Rupnow this would be fun for youth group!
Every youth group should show this video:
So thankful for a youth group who helps lead in worship!
OCC was a success! So our youth group pastor got pied here are the results
I feel a gut level sense of a sudden RAW move of God coming upon the next-generation of youth in the 20's age group.
Advent of Thankfulness !!! The youth group and I are embarking on 27 days of being thankful. We each…
Thank you to the St.Alphonsus Youth Group for collecting donations for the food bank along the route!
Voting closes 3 Dec for Steering Group & elections. Read more at http…
Pray for the Holy Spirit’s direction as Anna Henry leads the worship team/youth group at the Rivas-Vaciamadrid FMC.
Whether you serve in the nursery, serve in worship, serve in children's church, or youth group, or take a meal to...
This shows the demand and love for among the youth and in fact every age group!.
Your youth group can get up to £1000 for programme activities via the Stand Up Small Grants Scheme. Deadline 1 Dec:
PH youth group to push through with trip to Pag-asa Island
Our young people (11-16 year-olds) are meeting with youth group from Minny Street Church in the New...
Trouble..Youth Group . kids trust God. in daily life
Youth Group protest, Sues Buhari to Stop Ministers’ Inauguration - See more at:
Know a Youth Group that can benefit from the Ice Classic proceeds? Deadline is November 15!
Don't have plans tonight? Now you do! See everyone tonight at the Fairlawn Church of God Fellowship Hall at 7pm for Youth Group!
We need help with the meal this Sunday at Youth Group. Please contact Valerie Richardson ASAP at…
on behalf of the EPF Youth Group, launches the patient empowerment campaign!
There will be no Youth Group this Sunday!!!
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REMINDER: 5th Quarter after the game at the Civic Center for all high school students! Sponsored by OLPH Youth Group!
On my way to our Youth Group fall kickoff! Just 2 hours away! See you soon!! @ Old North Church,…
CCNC Youth Group kicks off tonight from 6 to 8 pm at St. Vincent de Paul..cook out, games, permission slips for Fright Night, etc.
Well done Beyond Gender who won Youth Group of Year award at lgbti Scotland & for being fab finalists http:…
SixMile Pentecostal Church would like to invite you r Youth Group and Church. We are having a Youth Rally Friday...
Join us tonight for our mid-week activities! AWANA, Youth Group, Choir and the Pastors Prayer Meeting.
How does the Religious Ed program & the SFM Youth Group benefit the Mission?
Let's hope the sun is out like this for our Youth Group tomorrow!
New Beginnings Family Worship Center's Youth Group had a great time…
St Andrew's Youth Group. Join us this week for:. MASS & MANNA. Tuesday . 12 noon in the Chapel. Lunch Downtown. Pick up...
You're more annoying than the guy in Youth Group who always brings his guitar to church, even though no one asked him to.
Where are you all from?. Babylon. Lindenhurst. Farmingdale. West Islip. WB. NB. Where did you all meet?. Youth Group we are church going people!!!
The kids had so much fun at the beach with the Youth Group from Estrella Mountain Church (Goodyear, AZ)!
Today I had an awesome day with the young ppl of St. Theresa's R.C Youth Group. Thanks to everyone who made this...
As we pull back into Clinton from our Road Trip I'm thankful to be in my Youth Group and all the years I had in FBC!
Little Giant Ladders
BHMTC YOUTH GROUP MUSICAL REFLECTIONS - 2015. Wishing our Youth Group all the best for their concert this evening...
Youth Group headed to Spring Valley Beach! Starting our day with Let our light shine.…
Happy 4th to all! Especially Angela and the Youth Group in Mission South Dakota... — celebrating Independence Day
Youth Group from Providence Baptist Church (Hickory) :) we had so much fun! Y'all come back!
Caught in so called is any media group covering Saving our youth??not priority?.
Hey this is P.O.P.'s youth group.30 months of CELEBRATING BLACK HISTORY,the only kind in the state.Bring the Childten
Early morning breakfast with the youth group😎
Good luck to Lewis Stewart in the youth and junior track championships this wknd!
Come along to our youth group tonight, if you are in school year 9-13 come along for fun, learning and an overall great time
YOUTH GROUP NEWS - SUMMER ULTIMATE FRISBEE on Fridays at 7:00 pm in the Tawawa soccer basin! No. experience is...
I'm going to be joining the band at youth group! :D
Youth being a vulnerable road user group is befitting to have them as partners in this campaign coupled with moral regeneration
Young people age group most likely to be living in in ..
"We appreciate BAM Group for the Campaign and its initiative" Gloria Jase (Youth Resource...
Bryanna has been so busy lately- today she is going to Purgatory Chasm with the youth center group. Hopefully,...
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Training for our first Peer Navigators and Youth Mentors today! Amazing group of people!
Back to back early days this time not for me!! My oldest is going with the youth group to kings island for 2 days! Better them than me
Our youth group INCENSED meets this Sunday, 11am - 12 noon, in the community room (presbytery). Looking forward...
Free Collaborative Performance with Blue Man Group and the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra -
If you are heading to Spree camp have fun! With many of the group & leaders at Spree there is no youth club this...
I know someone who'll be very happy with Sunday's youth group prayer activity!
Youth Group ask FG to Probe Federal Ministry of Youth on N2.1bn Youth Dev Programme
Durham cops will be leading a group of youth on a 6 day canoe trip through Algonquin park in August.
|Coming Soon| film Created by and please follow Youth Development Group
Youth group was really good tonight!
"It began with the desire of a group of South Los Angeles high school students to increase access to more...
Youth Quake youth group for girls 10-19 yrs meet every weds 6-8pm Currently working on launching our new youth cafe
Bring yr youth group & bring friends! U need to bring £3 & signed consent form with u on the night -downloadable from
My favorite thing about Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry is that they met in youth group 😭
Declaring the promise of God over our youth ministry today as we hit the connect group outreaches and…
Group flow, shared and clear goals, hard work = youth paralympic camp in
Sauti Mtaani_ Group picture of the youth who attended an induction session from Baba Dogo, Viwandani and Kayole...
Glasgow's group has raised over £10k to teach children about the importance of good mental health. .
Eloquent hues: Members of the youth group Tribal Hearts Foundation find that art is an effective way to communicate…
MBC Youth (Sgd) Small Group Discipleship will officially start later at 5:30pm! :D See you young people! :D
the youth are the venerable group let engage them sport, NYS,military, police,and Education
YOUTH COLUMNIST: Robert Loxton, chairman of Council tells us what the group do
Under30 age group is 70% of Uganda's population.lets empower youth and engage them in policy dialogue
At Headspace Tweed Heads with the Youth Advisory Group. Headspace provides 12-25 year olds with free…
Sorry I've missed youth group, but you need to go to hume
"dead things move. You can go to church, go to youth group, listen to Christian music, and still be dead."
Can't wait for with the greatest youth group ever!
no words describe the amount of love I have for my youth group ❤️
Awesome youth service and great hangs. Love my youth group 👏🏼💁🏻
Come out for some fun & food as we hang out with Calvary Baptist Church's Youth Group! Meet us there…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
A small group of youths were dispersed and blocked to reach the National Assembly. This reflects the freedom of...
what are u doing to curb youth from joining terrorist group in nyeri county as Bw. Senator said some r joining?
Group of youth in collected the books from the destroyed home and established a library...
Join the UN Major Group for Children and Youth working group on at...
best youth group ever and I include the famous Southampton set up and Utd class of 92 given a chance can…
The Hanford Youth Group Guys seem pretty chill & funny, I really want to get to know them better tbh
So, my roomie's youth group is staying with us... It's 2:30! Lol why are they still up??
Sydney band Youth Group defends Sarah Hanson-Young after Ray Hadley via hes just a bully give them power and thats what happens
Do you have a Girl Scout Troop, Boy Scout Troop or Youth Group that you would like to bring to see an AMAZING...
Great job El Buen Pastor United Methodist Church on a great plate. Fundraiser was for the Youth Group to go to...
CAIR-LA's Public Affairs Coordinator Haroon Manjlai discusses with the Youth Group at the Islamic Center of...
This afternoon we welcomed the Youth Group of Old South Church in Boston as they walked the Freedom Trail. Rev.
Youth Group is back TONIGHT! Come for the start of our Revival series and to watch Orlando City during dinner.
Great opportunity for our Buena Park Leadership Committee to speak to the G.R.I.P. Youth Group of…
WTBC Youth Group meetings at 7pm tonight at the church. Come for pizza, bible study, and fellowship!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Trinity Episcopal Church EYC Youth Group is our fundraiser this Sunday 2/15/15. Come show some support
Please pray for our Youth Group this weekend as they attend "The Journey" Winter Retreat in Camp of the Woods. Pra…
Upcoming Events for week of January 25-31, 2015 There is a new Flower Chart on the bulletin board going down the ramp. Please sign up for flowers for one (or more) Sundays during the year. The Church Council will meet Sunday( Jan. 25) at 4:30 PM. Wednesday Night Service will be held on January 28th with dinner starting at 5:45 PM. The youth choir will be meeting on Wednesday evenings after the mealtime to work on musical for Easter. See Carolyn Ard for more information Thursday Jan. 29, 2013 - Cooks For Christ will be hosting a Chicken Bog Benefit for Robbie Ott, Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church in Florence. Robbie has Stage 4 colon cancer. he has had several surgeries and is receiving primary care at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York. This benefit by Cooks for Christ is to help with costs of travel and treatments not covered by insurance. Plates are $ 7 each and serving times are 11am- 2 pm and 4pm- 7pm. Bake sale will be all day. There will not be Youth Group this week on Friday due to the tr ...
Please pray for Sister Georgette, Deacon John, and our Youth Group as they travel to Washington for MARCH FOR LIFE!
Join us tonight at 7 PM for Youth Group, Pioneer Clubs and a Prophecy Update from Pastor John.
WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY RETURNS TONIGHT! Dinner at 5:15 p.m. and lots of programs for youth and adults! Come and see! Join us for Wonderful Wednesdays beginning January 7! Dinner begins at 5:15 p.m. and chorister rehearsal begins at 5:45 p.m.Nursery available. Youth Group meets at 6:30 p.m. Our Wednesday evening classes for adults are: Drawing Class, 6 p.m., Basement - Come learn how you can grow in this simple and fun skill and open the door to your creativity. Science and Spirituality: Discussions about God and the Universe, 6 p.m., Ingram Lounge - Various speakers will present on the relationship between God and science as it exists in our society today. Basic A, 6 p.m., Room 304 - Dean Kate leads this class for those who are new to the Episcopal Church or who simply wish to learn more. Basic B - The Bible, 6 p.m., Cummings Chapel - During the weeks prior to Lent, we will explore various ways we can start reading the Bible, how we might incorporate the Bible into our regular spiritual practice and how we c ...
Pray for safe travels as the Youth Group heads out to Snow Camp this afternoon.
If you are going to monadnock with us we need you to be at youth group to pick up your paper work!
Youth Council & the Family Support Group will be cancelled this week due to the holiday. The normal meeting time will resume next week!...
Hey youth group- No youth group tonight Dec. 31st. Enjoy your new years!
Church youth group offers random acts of kindness
This was at a youth group little party yesterday..
No Youth Group Tonight. See you all next week in 2015!
2 years ago at the church all nighter! I miss youth group:(
I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem with it because ya know youth group
This weekend, we will be doing a "Live Nativity" at as many masses as possible. It will be inside, so don't worry about freezing. Please meet on Saturday at 4 pm to get dressed up and have a quick practice. It is really easy and there are no speaking parts. Also, this weekend we are unveiling our new Adopt A Teen board. If you are going to WYD 2016, please be at as many masses as possible. This has been our biggest fundraiser and it can be even bigger with your help. We will have a Youth Group meeting at 6:30 pm Saturday night. - Our next fundraiser will be a Valentines themed raffle with the drawing on February 1st.. Again we are looking for any donations possible, especially from area businesses, to help make this a success. More information at this week's meeting.
16 days until Tennessee trip with the youth group.
To bring in the New Year tonight, from 6:30PM - 1AM the Youth Group will be watching God's Not Dead starting at 7PM, followed by board games, fellowship and fireworks at mid night to bring in the New Year!.. :) Please bring a snack and your own fireworks.
Our youth group (PRYSM) has been attending Exposure Youth Camp the past 3 days here in Atlanta. Last night was singing in the atrium. Here is a sample. It is amazing to be there with so many other Christians singing to our mighty God. It's wonderful to watch other guests stop and see what we are doing. The TCU football team is staying here for the peach bowl. One of their players even stopped and sang for a minute with us. I can't imagine how beautiful the singing will be in heaven.
Lou Wilda from LA. wrote to us about her Rosary Rally experience. She wrote: " The rally manual was very informative and helpful in getting our rally organized. It provided excellent information and materials." " The banner was prepared as directed in the manual and was carried at the beginning of the group by our CDA Regent and KC member. Approximately 70 people attended. Our local church pastor and the assistant pastor attended and assisted with the program. The KC Grand Knight who is also a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus and other KC members attended as well as numerous CDA members and other parishioners. The local youth group leader was contacted and several of that group attended." " Two statues of Our Lady of Fatima were carried, one by the mayor of our town." " The group recited the Rosary, The Angelus and The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The group also sang Immaculate Mary."
Church tonight at 7:00. We'll have a special speaker in tonight's youth group - hope to see you all there!
We will be gone with our youth group this weekend but next week you should stop by!!
What a busy day already ALOT accomplished up at 6:30 worked out, brought Chase to youth group outing, tree and all Christmas decorations down and away, dishes, swept and mopped, laundry in. hope I can keep up my energy for rest of day :)
Just a few reminders for this week: We would like to welcome our new Associate Pastor of Family Life and Music Emmanuel Dudkin, his wife Sara, and their sons Gabriel & Elijah to our church family! You can contact them at 209 Donald Lane, Lexington, VA 24450, (804) 402-1920 or associate.pastor The church office will be closed on Thursday, January 1st for New Year’s Day. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 1:30 pm. The Cake & Casserole Ministries will meet this Saturday, January 3rd at 9:00 am to prepare casseroles and cakes for the Casserole & Community Table ministries. Please join us! There will be no Youth Group meeting this Sunday, January 4th. The 2015 Church Offering Envelopes are available and ready to be picked up. They are located on the table outside of the office. Do you love to cook? Are you are interested in preparing a meal or several meals on Wednesdays for the church dinners in 2015? If so, please contact the church office to sign up! We have lots of dates open January throug ...
“In 2001, the huge Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan were intentionally demolished. From a certain perspective within Islam, these statues were offensive instruments of idol worship, while to Buddhists they were reminders of sacred principles and the very best of our innate human potential. Basically, we Buddhists use physical images in our spiritual practice, while Muslims worship without images. Clinging to either position was creating a wall between people. But they are just statues. Allowing ourselves to be pitted against each other over a statue – now that is really clinging to biases. Personally, I do not see a basis for treating religious differences this way. A while after the Bamiyan Buddhas were destroyed, I had the opportunity to meet with an Afghan youth group working for peace. I suggested to them that we might view the coming down of the Bamiyan Buddhas as bringing down the walls between all peoples. If the presence of those statues was setting us at odds, perhaps we could see it as ...
Happy Almost-New-Year everyone! I hope that you are continuing to have a fun and festive time over the holidays. Just a quick update for you this week, as I am currently on vacation myself, but will be back in time for youth group this Friday. On Friday we'll be spending some time talking about spiritual practices and habits that can help us to draw closer to God on a daily basis, grow as a follower of Jesus, and learn about his plan for our lives. Some of you have already begun to engage with some of these practices through our winter Don't Climb Alone Bible Study, which is really more than only a Bible Study, as some of the participation levels involve prayer, Scripture memorization, journaling, fasting, giving, etc. Keep in mind that this Friday marks the end of the first two week section of that study, so try and meet your goals by then. We'll briefly check on how everyone is doing with that when we meet. We had a great time as well on Sunday going to see the final installment of the Hobbit trilogy! T ...
What a year we have had in 2014!!! We have so much planned for 2015 and we can't wait to see what God has for us as a youth group!!
Truly blessed to have been able to go to connect this past weekend with the best youth group ever it's truly amazing to see how God can work in so many different ways and how we can fit in to his story and no matter what point we are in in our life's it's a part of his story that he has planned out for us so many people's life's were touched this weekend and so many people grew closer to god including me it was truly an amazing experience
If you are looking for an inspirational way to welcome 2015, you may want to do some drumming! Cathy has done some work with our youth group and she also led a circle during the Culture Days Kick-off in civic square---now THAT was a great time!
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