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Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam is an American animated cartoon character in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons produced by Warner Bros.

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He's so far down the rabbit hole. Where's Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam? Heck, even Daffy Du…
The only way this could have been better is if Yosemite Sam and Foghorn Leghorn were superimposed in the shot.…
Lol, Yosemite Sam! I grew up with him too. Heckle & Jeckle, Speedy Gonzalas, Foghorn Leghorn, Daffy Du…
"but who would win in a fight? Yosemite Sam or bender. and what about Foghorn Leghorn. what happens then"
Baseball just isn't the same without Earl Weaver going all Yosemite Sam up in here
Y R there no implications to Yosemite Sam interviewing potential interim directors if he's recused from t…
I just re-listened to that fake-Craig... it sounded like Jim Cornette + Yosemite Sam + Kid Icarus!
The key to understanding Trump's character is to watch Bugs Bunny cartoons that involve Yosemite Sam or even Blazing Saddles epic
A2: if his name is Sam, I could nick name him Yosemite. 😂
A2. Yosemite. The Mr. is a ginger so the middle name would be Sam.
I shall wear it with honor. plus it makes Rock-jeet look like an Indian Yosemite Sam which is flat put delightful
(Oh, and the only thing I'm lying about is that Yosemite Sam is Secretary of State. It's just someone who looks and acts just like him.)
2007 me: what's 2017 like? 2017 me: Donald Trump is POTUS, the guy who wears the WH Easter bunny costume is Press sec, Yosemite Sam is SOS.
Yo everyone has one question: while at Yosemite, did you see Yosemite Sam?
Why does Chris Christy's name keep popping up, why in the *** don't they just throw in Yosemite Sam? SMDH
[sees the full Newsies Muny cast] [whoops and hollers] [fires guns into the air and stomps feet à la Yosemite Sam]
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I can't believe Yosemite Sam came out as non-binary, I'm so proud of them.
Breezango. Say your prayers, varmints.--in my Yosemite Sam voice.
A wood nymph ain't gon' be able to nuzzle Yosemite Sam like Rainbow Dash will.
De Vos talking about education is like Yosemite Sam talking about anger management. Sure, he's heard of it...
Yosemite Sam was rhyming and bustin' caps WAYYY before "gangsta rappers". Don't blame rap videos...
Yosemite Sam, with his guns a'blasin could be a good choice!
That just made me think of Yosemite Sam
Yosemite Sam would be pretty classy
Trump to announce Yosemite Sam as FBI director later today.
Naming David Clark as FBI Director would basically be the equivalent of naming Yosemite Sam the Secretary of Defense.
I'm no US Constitutional expert but Treason could be a good place to start, and I don't care i…
He's also starting his campaign by being introduced by Florida's combination of Yosemite Sam/Sheriff Arpaio .. Sher…
Trump colluding with Droopy Dog after firing Yosemite Sam Comey.
aka John McShame still sore about getting his *** kicked in a presidential election. Yosemite Sam is…
Breaking News... The Whitehouse has announced Yosemite Sam will be taking over a FBI director. .
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It's pistols at dawn between Giuliani and Christie, & then Clarke storms in like Yosemite Sam & shoots them both wh…
Texans don't all look like Yosemite Sam, we also look like Speedy Gonzalez!
Yeah and if Yosemite Sam isn't available…
If you talk like Yosemite Sam you'll frighten the Bunny
is going to be disappointed when he finds out Yosemite Sam is a fictional character.
Congratulations to our next fbi director, Yosemite Sam
And Jeff put on his Yosemite Sam mustache and got right on it.
Honestly I would trust Yosemite Sam more than most people in Washington right now.
The firing is sketchy as *** but Comey still *** Even if the new FBI guy's Yosemite Sam.
Comey fired by recommendation of Foghorn Leghorn and his deputy Yosemite Sam.
never told us it was Yosemite Sam's pistol you got caught with in 7th grade that got you sent to Panthersville. http…
I stood up on "Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure" and they got super mad for no reason😂😭 it was a baby ride!
Look I've seen Bugs Bunny standing next to Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam! They're like the same size! Explain that!
I feel like the cure is to meet responsible gun owners, which of course there are million, somehow *not* acting like yosemite sam
20 rabbits arrested for... does that equate Trump with Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam?
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It's like a mixture of Truman Capote and Yosemite Sam ...
Anybody remember that Bugs Bunny bit where Yosemite Sam turns the light switch on, Bugs says "click", and Sam runs back?
Who knew that Yosemite Sam is the guy at
Mexicans dont have beards, they have hamburger face and yosemite sam mustaches
Yosemite Sam always reminds me pf primary school and Tazos. Probably because I got him 85% of the time in my crisps
And we should use 'Trumpnation' as a pejorative like tarnation or sufferin succotash, because Yosemite Sam knows what's up. We shd reboot
. It's not so much Texas Yoshi as it is Yosemite Sam doing a PBS pledge drive.
Yosemite Sam was playing no games last night 💀😂
Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd owe their careers to guns.
looks like Yosemite Sam came by for a visit
And grow a Yosemite Sam beard and learn to use "varmint" as punctuation in every sentence.
three weeks into the semester and I'm already back to my old ways *yosemite sam gunshots into air*
FAMOUS BEARD OF THE WEEK: Yosemite Sam (1944-??) is the animated sheriff from Looney Toons.…
beyond his blatant incompetence can we collectively stop and realize our president is Yosemite Sam?
I brought the thumper in the club so it turned into rabbit season. Slide up on him and get em smoked like Yosemite Sam was creepin
More like Bannon is the Bugs Bunny to Trump's Yosemite Sam.
Hello, it's Yosemite Sam. We've been thinking if after all these fortnights you'd like to be original.
Now watching Bugs and Yosemite Sam in "Bugs Bunny Rides Again". "Poor little maroon. So trusting. So naive."
anyone watching Brady and Belichek getting beat who doesn't wanna go out and get their Yosemite Sam on, is dead ins…
I'm convinced Terry Bradshaw is Yosemite Sam's relative...and they both say "vittles and varmits".
I don't see how Yosemite Sam could possibly be worse than Spicer.
Donald Trump peels his face back to reveal he's Hitler. Then again, to show he's the Devil. Then Bill Cosby. ...Yosemite S…
I remember hearing. You wanted to wait for Quinn for second Browns search, but Yosemite Sam wouldn't wait.
If something bad happens,circumspectfully determine WHO is behind it & THE BEST WAY to address it.Not go off Yosemite Sam.
I'm seriously thinking about taking the scissors to my beard and giving myself a Yosemite Sam moostash.
in the words of Yosemite Sam: 'those be fightin' words'.
Anyone else remember when chap's mascot used to be Yosemite Sam?? Like the school shirts used to have him on them
The Kansas City Chiefs are nowhere near Houston and that Big Game today but Yosemite Sam don't…
Your own *** fault. Next time you'll go with Yosemite Sam, if you know what's good for you.
You had to squeeze into Yosemite Sam pants? Oof.
No way no how [draws two revolvers and shoots Yosemite Sam style]
Montana Max = Yosemite Sam I actually just figured this out 3 days ago
If you shave Yosemite Sam you get Jeff Sessions.
He was the perfect cross between Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam.
Yosemite Sam is possibly the greatest star to ever come out of Hollywood.
The United States is now run by Yosemite Sam and Reverend Josef Goebbels.
Definitely a Yosemite Sam homage with that hat.
Marvin Harrison literally shot a guy Yosemite Sam style double fisting TWO exotic handguns, HOF...TO, writers don't like him not HOF
Tell my few batteries to your new lover. Live Yosemite Sam scruffier.
Love that show. Seinfeld for kids. The suburban-dwelling Yosemite Sam is particularly well done.
a shoot from the hip bad Yosemite Sam impersonation is 'pragmatic decision making'?
Oakland's coach looks like Yosemite Sam when he's angry
your Yosemite Sam clips are a Mike Rowe aggression against us Texicans. So get ready to duel you lily liver coward.
"varmint" would be quite funny in a Yosemite Sam or Foghorn Leghorn voice. The rest is downright disgusting.
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The only explanation for why Jeff Fisher still has a job, the Rams' owner has an affinity for guys who look like Yosemite Sam.
Next time you're driving , stick your hand out the window and make a gun . Fire away like Yosemite Sam! Promise youll enjoy it
Is there any musician who has aged more gracefully than Bob Weir?. Yosemite Sam mustache not…
i have never been *** attracted to harrison ford but i HAVE had *** proclivities towards Yosemite Sam. I WOULD *** like to see those guns
I had some sweet Yosemite Sam and Speedy Gonzalez glasses I'd like back.
I had no idea how much I'd love the sound of a scuba diving Yosemite Sam until I found it.
I'm fascinated by how a country who elected Obama can possibly vote in Little D. It's like voting for Yosemite Sam.
When I was Yosemite Sam I did away with people with bullets that teleported them into the Phantom zone
Duck Dodgers stopped me in the 25th century when I was Yosemite Sam after creating a Green Lantern power ring, we fought on the sun.
The second time I went insane I became Yosemite Sam in my head before the character existed and took the West from America
Well, on to his next gig, playing Yosemite Sam in some Looney Tunes Broadway musical...
Noah ran up in there w 2 pistols cocked like Yosemite Sam
pretty sure that's Yosemite Sam from then Looney Toon pictures
who knew Yosemite Sam was an Astros fan
dude on right looks like Yosemite Sam
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That's Yosemite Sam! Oddly enough, he did not win at life because of Bugs Bunny's shenanigans.
You didn't know you were dealing with Yosemite Sam, did you Mr. Chris? (sorry, Jamie Benn's the man!)
This ones for Yosemite Sam and the tours that didn't land
Can't believe it. We gave a nation headed up by Yosemite Sam nuke bullets.
we found the real life Yosemite Sam!
Always wondered what happened to Yosemite Sam.
Yosemite Sam rolling in his grave right now
Return my coaster to your new lover. Humiliate Yosemite Sam older.
Lighter Than Hare. Better known as the one with all of Yosemite Sam's stupid robots
For the first time in my life, I saw a truck with Yosemite Sam mud flaps.
Those that come here and demand we change to suit them,,I wonder what Yosemite Sam would have to say,,
Jacques you remind me of Yosemite Sam off of Looney Tunes 😂
Theory: Every gun rights advocate thinks they’re Burt Gummer from Tremors. Everyone else thinks they’re Yosemite Sam.
Pittsburgh going Full Yosemite Sam here, repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot.
Is it just me, or is Steven Adams a 7' foot, live-action version of Yosemite Sam?
Did Talbot actually say "tarnation"? He really is the Yosemite Sam of the show.
also, am I the only one who wants to watch a Batman & Birdman crossover starring Bam-Bam and Yosemite Sam thanks to that song?
The only 2016 Election take I can give for the next few months is this: Imagine The Hunting Trilogy but with Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam
OHH - yeah, makes more sense. I was thinking Yosemite Sam.
Yosemite Sam could have fornicated it all, raving in ***
Currently whistling the Mexican Hat Dance and picturing Bugs Bunny dancing around a sombrero slapping Yosemite Sam. . Welcome to my brain.
peter said if he gets the cat he's naming it "Yosemite Sam" tho and i don't know if i can let that happen
I'm proposing Yosemite Sam is a legit buyer persona, and apropos. I mean.I do live in Texas ;)
If your session is about Yosemite Sam or going over Niagara Falls, then... still no.
*** son.. Hangs Yosemite Sam and walks off with a "my watch has ended"
Hi! I'm a Big Fan of Yosemite Sam with Bugs Bunny. What I like more is Beautiful Native American Women! Bill Howes.
Space Jam ended with Jordan doing the extended dunk. Space Jam 2 ending with LeBron passing to Yosemite Sam for a cont…
Sam Elliot is what I imagine Yosemite Sam would look like if he were human... And old.
Obama moves to change $5, $10 and $20 bills..It would be more appropriate to use Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, and Yosemite Sam.
Gilbert Arenas was drawing pistols like Yosemite Sam at practices, now there's press conferences about somebody snitching
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Character? He thinks he is Yosemite Sam but behaves more like Snidely Whiplash?.
I can't wait for the 2021 race to the White House between Yosemite Sam and Snidely Whiplash !
Ted Nugent is like Yosemite Sam and a truck stop urinal had a baby.
I hated anything with Yosemite Sam or Pepe Le Pew.
THE WILD BUNCH print at the new bev tonight was beautiful but the best part was during the Looney Tunes short when Yosemite Sam >
Correction: Lyndon Johnson did not provide the voice of Yosemite Sam.
there's a certain Marvel movie that should send them into Yosemite Sam-ian fits, and I can't wait to be there when it happens
"I'm gonna go rootin' in yer tootin', tonight!". -Yosemite Sam sext
also dagnabbit is a word I think I heard Yosemite Sam say once.
I can go all day without cursing out loud. And then the gas pump doesn't spit out my receipt and I turn into Yosemite Sam.
Ignorant Yosemite Sam . Only hear what you want to hear .
Poor Yosemite Sam, he's just having relationship issues.
The problem with some spicy foods is they increases in spicyness on the way out. Cue Yosemite Sam.
Pegonophiles probably like Brian Wilson or Yosemite Sam or ZZ Top.
I mean Abraham is basically the personification of Yosemite Sam
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I'm gonna read yours in Yosemite Sam's voice now
Pharrell looked better as Yosemite Sam than he does as Eminem in 8 Mile.
I thought Tom Hardy was terrible in The Revenant. As if his research was to watch Yosemite Sam cartoons.
Tom Hardy prepared for this role by watching Yosemite Sam cartoons.
Tom Hardy nominated for his role as Yosemite Sam
For those who don't know, Negan makes The Governor look like Elmer Fudd compared to Negan's Yosemite Sam.
Yosemite Sam is relieved he made the cut.
It weighs more than 2000 pounds but Yosemite Sam carrying it? Smh
Taking flight at Yosemite Sam's flight school! @ Bugs Bunny World
The name that should never be spoken in any voice/accent other than Yosemite Sam’s
do you know how long it took me to figure out that Yosemite Sam had a mask on
The blower on my hip is Yosemite sam
was a nice surprise seeing Jim Bridger portrayed when he was younger in it, he's usually like Yosemite Sam in movies lol
Washing my jeans was a big mistake... I'm gonna feel like Yosemite Sam the rest of the day
That's mighty fine, rootin tootin Yosemite Sam whiskers you got there.
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Anti-Trump factions all going Yosemite Sam in lead-up to Super Tuesday - never seen anything like this in US politics - amazing to watch.
will Kroenke give one of those two the job or will he give it to Yosemite Sam? You know that Americans are morons...
dude swung from British servant to Yosemite Sam so much it made me burst out laughing
I went to Billy Gardell's show last night and he joked that voting for Donald Trump was like voting for Yosemite Sam! Lol
Why this dog look like Yosemite Sam?
Bastianelli wins Hageland. fired off bullets like Yosemite Sam but couldn't prevent the bunch sprint.
"I think Yosemite Sam is writing Trump's speeches.." Hilarious, thanks for a real LOL!
Lmao, Gilbert Arenas. Mr. Quick Draw Mcgraw aka Yosemite Sam of the locker room.
I'm like Yosemite Sam hollow tips blam blam. Coconut shavings on my blouse u not ready, Quattro fromaggi stains in my Chevy
Yep. Doing Yosemite Sam's act with the rants. That won't work in Washington. Or abroad.
...our Old West/Yosemite Sam mindset toward firearms (and cop shootings of minorities aplenty); no truly universal health care...
Let's face it, Trump is one shaky step away from a living, racist, sexist, narcissistic Yosemite Sam.
Turns out Yosemite Sam had a mixed resumé. He was the rootinest, tootinest but also sensitive to glutenest cartoon guns…
Ted Cruz: "the voice of Marvin the Martian and the world view of Yosemite Sam." Gold.
I suppose if Gilbert Arenas can wield a gun at a basketball arena, so can Yosemite Sam.
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I saw a man with jeans on that were so skinny he was walking like Yosemite Sam
Like being assailed by Yosemite Sam and Deputy Dawg.
St. Bernard makes a martini for himself after rescuing Yosemite Sam from an avalanche.
Saw a guy wearing some Yosemite Sam-lookin' hat with a big "Trump 2016" medallion on it. As if I needed another reason to hate cowboy hats.
I'm ready for a little Tasmanian Devil and Yosemite Sam in my next candidate. But not one who does what HE wants. What *I* want!!
all of those sound like the logo should change to Yosemite Sam
Are the NBA TV announcers extras from a Yosemite Sam cartoon?
Do you sound like Yosemite Sam when you say, "irrefutable truths"? Because that would be pretty funny.
I didn't know Yosemite Sam was a fan of
I seriously thought yosemite sam was gonna shoot me from under my bed
Mom refuses to watch the republican response. Just someone lemme know if they start making Yosemite Sam gun gestures because I have to drink
Is this when Yosemite Sam gives the response? pshew pshew!
we already do. I would like to shoot in the air for the fun of it like Yosemite Sam, but I dont.
Barack is talking about corporations and Bernie is shouting and firing pistols into the air like Yosemite Sam.
2016: where I start talking like Yosemite Sam
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Greenwald's spokesperson, Yosemite Sam, says he is unavailable for comments.
Harney County Sheriff in turn directs Burns Qs to his media consultant Yosemite Sam
on an expensive satin pillow like Yosemite Sam because that is the sort of thing Kevin O'Leary can afford to do when he is outraged.
It's Bugs vs. Yosemite Sam in the Battle of Bagle Heights in "Bunker Hill Bunny" (1950) at
Dont slide back in dem vans u a get yo *** blammed 2 pipes yosemite sam 🔫🔫
Heehee. Turns out some Texans' Yosemite Sam fetish is less than popular.
As I recall Yosemite Sam was always running too.
I wish you would lol. Get Yosemite Sam while you're at it lol
Anyone else spend most of Hateful 8 hoping Kurt Russel's character turned out to be Yosemite Sam?
If you're with Bill Cosby & he offers you a drink you could do that thing like when Bugs Bunny's sitting at a round table with Yosemite Sam.
McCain just needs a hat and he could be Yosemite Sam
still room for sweet stories in our eye-ripping, "Bugs Bunny-Yosemite Sam" world?. (happen to know, answer is, yes)
'...while Mike Brown bounded up and down outside it like a sexually aroused Yosemite Sam.' Lovely imagery there too.
Yosemite Sam jumping in the air and firing his guns like a looney toon
Saban look like Yosemite Sam without the stash
Harry's like Bugs Bunny and the BBW *** are Yosemite Sam so to say..
Russell Moore must be having an off day. He usually refers to conservatives as "Elmer Gantry meets Yosemite Sam."
this one where he tricks Yosemite Sam into becoming a Buddhist monk is solid
Yosemite Sam via More realistic than the media
You can tell when a gun bee attack is happening because it sounds like a Yosemite Sam cartoon.
I will shoot you with that Yosemite Sam pistol of yours.
Please don't defame Yosemite Sam, now. I grew up with him.
Watching Looney Tunes and I've released you could describe my parenting style as
Kurt Russell shaved? I thought he'd keep that Yosemite Sam look for a while.
he was great in Spy. It was like watching Foghorn Leghorn crossed with Yosemite Sam
I liked a video Yosemite Sam Tells Himself To Shut up
Great pick of an avatar was Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam already taken?
anybody else think that ref sounds like Yosemite Sam?
I'm pretty sure I just saw Yosemite Sam at that game.
Even Yosemite Sam would be embarrassed by these *** gun-totin' varmints.
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Texas *** all look like Yosemite Sam in my head
"The Jock, the Nerd, the Average Joe, and the Saint". Bugs saves Yosemite Sam from a house fire while . Daffy...
Yosemite Sam would have been a great Cincinnati Bengal.
picturing comedian George Wallace in a Yosemite Sam costume right now. It's pretty funny, IMO.
The more I follow GOP polls, the more I think a combination of Yosemite Sam and George Wallace could easily run the table in this election.
Getting the feeling Loony Tunes is trolling us with an elaborate performance art. Donald Trump as Yosemite Sam & Ben Carson as Mr. Magoo.
Honey I surely hope not. How about a just a Looney Toon old school cartoon where Bugs Bunny blowing up Yosemite Sam.
My two favorites, Yosemite Sam and that mountain of logic, Foghorn Leghorn -
BREAKING: Jerry Jones intends to sign free agent Yosemite Sam! Says he likes his "shoot first ask questions later" mentality.
Trump's plan to deport immigrants sounded like Yosemite Sam's plan to get rid of "every last rabbit" in "Ballot Box Bunny".
Except the philosophers in this case seem to be Yosemite Sam, Gargamel and the Eco-villains of Captain Planet.
Apparently Trump is doing his Yosemite Sam act again during tonight's Warner Bros. lawyers eagerly watching with Sam.
At this point Trump is basically just a real life cartoon character. Yosemite Sam/Foghorn Leghorn come to life.
My Macbook's so demanding. Plug me in I'm dying! No backup for 10 days! Update! Upgrade! Yosemite Sam. El Capitan Morgan.
Yosemite Sam had something to say about great jumping horny toads. I respect TCU.
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I'm disappointed that neither Yosemite Sam nor Elmer Fudd are in the kiddie-table
I swear El Capitan renders Serif fonts thinner than Yosemite did. Doesn’t look as good.
Agreed. Feisty evokes images of Yosemite Sam or a Jack Russell terrier.
Jerry Jones is one 10 gallon hat away from turning into Yosemite Sam.
Gowdy talks a big game but I'm ready to see action. He's no better than Yosemite Sam righ…
so sorry been there spoke like Yosemite Sam for a hot minute
The 2 songs I'm most proud of writing are "(I Feel Like) Yosemite Sam" & "Smell Me Knickers" (a wee shout out to my lass, Rayna)!
On the block like Yosemite Sam wit twin cannons
Squidward Vs Yosemite Sam. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!
If a new Tea Party governor doesn't kill Obamacare in Kentucky, Yosemite Sam can quit the stage. v…
For real though, Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd would literally shoot everyone.
Like, they're hooting and hollering at Ted Cruz, who's eating it up. Imagine Yosemite Sam only with more fawning and you have it.
Bugs Bunny has always been my favorite, Daffy Duck strong second & Yosemite Sam third.
There is a cartoon character here, Yosemite Sam, that I picture when people rant.
🐻. . /// I've always liked Rivers. Also, he cusses like Yosemite Sam
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.I wanna shoot 2 guns in the air!. Me: You wanna be Yosemite Sam? We can get that done. They sell guns at the liquor store here.
Who DAT rabbit gets on my nerves. A saying bye Yosemite Sam
Hey Zeb Coulter.Yosemite Sam wants his beard back.
Disney blows. I'm all about yosemite Sam and Marvin the Martian. I like my toons violent.
And we have an Orwellian reading of the 4th amendment and a Yosemite Sam reading of the 2nd amendment
"I hate to give credit to anyone who looks like Yosemite Sam, but..
You're like Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam: you're just yellin' and wildin' wondering who I am?
The had a great time in the Yosemite area to kick off the 2015 campaign! Here is Sam and Olivia chippin'
Elmer Fudd might be a good presidential choice too. He and Yosemite Sam can both get the open carry NRA gun nut vote.
If I were the GOP establishment I'd throw my support behind Yosemite Sam. I don't see a rule saying cartoon characters can't run.
I never knew Yosemite Sam was a bank robber...
He looks like a wannabe Ryan Fitzpatrick i.e. Yosemite Sam. I can’t pull em off, but there are quality mustaches out there.
Matt Cassel wanna be Yosemite Sam so bad
Matt Cassell must be channeling the power of his Yosemite Sam mustache.
I see you got a new pole and gave Yosemite Sam his old *** one back lol
He is terrible. Gawdawful. I want to use Yosemite Sam expletives when describing his coaching.
Dial 911. I ain't playin... Having a Yosemite Sam cussing storm right now...
OPEN THE !. CLOSE IT !!. CLOSE THE !!. Yosemite Sam reference for those that remember.
and sound like Yosemite Sam in my head.
Sometimes I see Yosemite Sam and Sideshow Bob in Andy Murray and I don't even know how to explain. Maybe it's his mannerisms?
What's my excuse? Cartoons were the root. Started with Yosemite Sam with gun in palm of each hand. What couldn't I demand?
To paraphrase comedian Billy Gardell, electing to the presidency would be like turning the White House over to Yosemite Sam.
A Toronto Police officer just gave R.A. Dickey two guns and now he's shooting them into the air like Yosemite Sam.
Hi taz fans: the taz devil is loud, wild, and unpredictable like Ryder of the 2004 gta game. Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, and the roadrunner should approach him with caution or get destroyed!
Yosemite Sam fans: that Yosemite Sam character can get things done and comes through on things Elmer Fudd has trouble doing unlike Pepe le pew skunk who just stinks things up in his world. Even Bugs Bunny would think he's useless. What do you think?
Late nite Wabbit insider secret: Yosemite Sam is Bugs Bunny's enemy because he is a bad guy. Same goes with Coyote but for different reasons
He BURSTS in2 rooms like YOSEMITE SAM. (on Youtube). Dnt knw how/what hapnd. &has2 apology. like alcoholics j
Now watching "Wabbit." Semi-ugly "modern" designs aside, it's pretty funny so far, especially Yosemite Sam...
Yosemite Sam and Pooh Balls are having a loving bromance aw how sweet LOLOLOLOL HUEHUEHUEHUE
Plugged toilets, fart walking, being tea bagged by his 5yo son & Yosemite Sam puns. Fun set by
reminds me of Yosemite Sam and the shark cartoon. I'd prefer to wait b4 dippin toes in & gettin bit.
(cont'd) Though if I have one nitpick about Wabbit.I kinda wonder why they felt the need to drastically alter Yosemite Sam's design
I actually really like the Yosemite Sam redesign in Wabbit
wabbit is... odd, it reminds me of some older cartoons. specially Yosemite Sam's design. im not quite used to it yet.
shall I come over and knock their insensitive blocks off?. *swings arm in giant preparatory circles like Yosemite Sam*
No joke, just saw the real life YOSEMITE SAM!!
Hope so too, Apple have been very serious with El Cap issues (unlike Yosemite).
Like man I'm Yosemite Sam with two Glocks cocked
Just brilliant. Friz would be proud of how the show's handling Yosemite Sam on this show.
Yosemite Sam - Compliation of WHOA and YAHHH clips
😂 wrong company, it's Disney after all...shouldn't it be Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam?...just saying 😁
these character designs are doing nothing for me. Yosemite Sam looks like the Hunk o' Cheese guy's deadbeat cousin.
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