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Yordano Ventura

Yordano Ventura Hernandez (born June 3, 1991) is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher for the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball.

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and they'll blame it on Yordano Ventura.
They should try to unite Rougned Odor and Yordano Ventura.
Yordano Ventura throws hard too. Unproven talent always worth dealing for mlb ready pitching 1-on-1
Yordano Ventura strikes out 10 as Royals beat White Sox
[ESPN]With the game tied in the sixth, Kansas City’s Yordano Ventura throws a wild pitch tha…
Back by unpopular demand-A New Blog Post! This one is another about Yordano Ventura. .
Manny MacHado punches Yordano Ventura after being hit by pitch
Yordano Ventura was compared to Pedro. Any slight framed, big armed non-white arm is compared to him. Means zero.
Why Yordano Ventura is Kansas City’s X-Factor in the second half: Royals General Manager Dayton Moore has des...
Why Yordano Ventura is Kansas City's X-Factor in the second half
Bumgarner>Kershaw I'll give you that but he's no Yordano Ventura
Maybe we can get Yordano Ventura to throw at Yost for not playing Vogt.
.would have been better if Yordano Ventura was voted in and we can see both teams charge the mound.
And I thought it was that thug Yordano Ventura
He allowed a fellow teammate, Yordano Ventura, to get jacked in the face. This alone should be enough for our love.
you want animosity? Easy, just start Yordano Ventura and watch the magic happen
I won't tell you who they are, but I will tell you that one is not Yordano Ventura.
The reason why the Royals have considered trading Yordano Ventura – Yahoo Sports . Recently, inside the Kansas Cit…
Yordano Ventura is the modern day Mario Soto. Talented, good, gets himself into trouble by picking stupid fights.
[Delaware Online] - After brawl, Orioles livid at Yordano Ventura: 'A circuit board off balance'
Mark Trumbo and Chris Davis hit back-to-back HR after Yordano Ventura was ejected for fighting w/ Manny MacHado after a…
Well then. Yordano Ventura hits Manny MacHado...and Machado charges the mound swinging.
Benches clear in Baltimore after Yordano Ventura hits Manny MacHado:
If you're going to pick one current position player and pitcher to fight, it's hard to do better than Manny MacHado and Yordano Ventura.
Live about to start in Cleveland. It's the annual father's trip. Danny Duffy and his Dad are guests, plus Yordano Ventura preview
Yordano Ventura has given up as many 2 out runs as Ian Kennedy and Edinson Volquez combined. Now 18 after today
Danny Duffy, Yordano Ventura, Edinson Volquez go for Royals. Ian Kennedy has been moved from Saturday to Monday.
"Yordano Ventura is the unluckiest ace that ever was and is.". - Ryan Lefebvre
i traded Justin Upton and Yordano Ventura for Gerrit Cole in a dynasty league. Thanks for reinforcing my distrust of each.
would you agree/disagree that Yordano Ventura and Anthony Rendon is way too much to give up for Gregory Polanco in a keeper league?
Yordano Ventura, Ryan Braun, and Nyjer Morgan will always be the biggest turds MLB has ever seen.
Yordano Ventura very impressive tonight, especially his changeup. Final line, 6IP 4H 1R 3BB 6K 99 pitches. Luke Hochevar on for the 7th
How Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura tweaked his delivery for the 2016 season - Kansas City Star
>> Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura looks sharp in 9-3 win over White Sox, and team trims
Yordano Ventura looking to build on 2015 via
How does a Yordano Ventura curve compare to a Brad Davis free kick? . telecast to show soccer in new way:.
The crew profiled starting pitchers to target. My target, as something of a sleeper: Yordano Ventura.
if Yordano Ventura is your most hated baseball player
Yordano Ventura having a Scrappy Doo complex is the best thing I've read all day
Yordano Ventura three runs through 3 innings, all in the 1st inning vs
Wade Davis is here to pitch the fourth. Yordano Ventura allowed three runs in three innings. He settled down after a shaky first.
It looks like one sold already for $4.99 last week as an Action variation
By the way, the Brewers have five hits and three runs off Yordano Ventura so far in the first inning. Then again, it is March.
Game 3 of the World Series version of Yordano Ventura is pitching today apparently.
Yordano Ventura has given up five hits in the first. It's 3-0. There is one out.
Santana unaffected by his jersey mishap, as he crushes a double to LF off Yordano Ventura to start the game.
take on the live on . Yordano Ventura gets the start today for KC in Surprise!
It's Split-Squad Wednesday in Surprise. Omar Infante will DH. Yordano Ventura will toe the rubber in a home game.
play world champion Royals today in Surprise. Wily Peralta on the hill vs. Yordano Ventura.
Yordano Ventura's curve started to look more like a slider in 2015.
I'm hoping Yordano Ventura is allergic to bees.
Yordano Ventura supports his fiery fastball with a curve...or does he? says it's looking like a slider:
Two questions for do you feel about the progress of Taijuan Walker and Yordano Ventura?
Yordano Ventura starts strong in Royals’ 3-1 exhibition loss to Padres
Podcast-inspired poll: Who has a better chance of breaking out in '16: Yordano Ventura or Taijuan Walker?
I went w/ Eric Hosmer, Matt Carpenter, Alex Gordon & Lorenzo Cain as my position players. Carlos Martinez & Yordano Ventura are my pitchers.
I've decided Yordano Ventura is the Charlie Morton of the Royals.
Royals turn to Yordano Ventura in Game 3 of World Series: Yordano Ventura has on...
Actually, if you combined the pitching styles of Yordano Ventura and Mitch Williams, you’d rend the time-space continuum.
Tonight's lineups for Game 6 of the ALCS. David Price will start for and Yordano Ventura for
if I had $ lol but We got David Price vs Yordano Ventura *** and then Marcus Stroman vs Johhny Cueto *** lolol
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Yordano Ventura, David Price to face off in Game 2 of ALCS: The Sports Xchange The Kansas City Royals will be ...
Why the picked Yordano Ventura to start Gm. 1 over Johnny Cueto.
Strictly business: Why the Royals picked Yordano Ventura over Johnny Cueto
.Why picked Yordano Ventura over to start game 1
Strictly business: why the Royals chose Yordano Ventura over Johnny Cueto.
Just as the are about to need him most, Yordano Ventura is clicking in KC, says
Game two of series tom. night (3 night games here in KC)...Randy Wolf vs. Yordano Ventura.we're on the air at 7:45pm.
Pedro Martinez??? Everyone hated him because he acted like.Yordano Ventura. He's why Yordano is how he is.
9 strikeouts through 4 innings. 70 pitches so Kerry Wood is safe but this Yordano Ventura is insanely fun to watch.
Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura will make another rehab start Monday for Class AAA Omaha -
I love when Yordano Ventura gets ppl out at first base
Is Yordano Ventura back? Let's hope so. He sat with and Edinson Volquez between innings. Two great pitchers and teachers.
We're about to get started on Sunday Night Baseball, Angels-Royals; Yordano Ventura will pitch to Giavotella, Calhoun, Tro…
...and then Yordano Ventura threw at him
Ill tell you what if the cubs ever have a chance to get yordano Ventura for cheap they should take it!!"
Wade Davis comes on in relief of Yordano Ventura in the top of the 8th for the Ventura's line: 7 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 1 BB and 7 Ks.
You know I wouldn't have guessed in a game started by yordano ventura vs trout.. Perez would be the one ejected
A tip of the cap to Yordano Ventura. Two straight very nice starts. His season ERA has dropped from 5.29 to 4.82 in the process.
Yordano Ventura rocked it tonight. Two runs. So what. He was in it. Missed this Yordano.
Rooting for KC tonight but Yordano Ventura might be my new least favorite player
Yordano Ventura trying to pitch like
As much as they compare Yordano Ventura to Pedro Martinez, I'm curious who Don Zimmer equates to in the formula.
"Right up until the end, (Yordano Ventura) and Pedro (Martinez) are the same..." - Curt Schilling on the ESPN broadcast.
I'd charge the mound on Yordano Ventura.
Yordano Ventura is my favorite pitcher to watch 🔥🔥🔥
Yordano Ventura might suck but he's so fun to watch
End of the 6th inning, the and are tied at 2. Yordano Ventura comes back out for the 7th having thrown 90 pitches.
If you gave Yordano Ventura just the average big leaguers mind and pitchability he would be a top 5 pitcher for the next decade of baseball.
Yordano Ventura for the Royals is just nasty. The man throws heat with a quick delivery and he quick pitches often. That's hard to beat.
Literally 5-10 seconds after I praise Yordano Ventura he gives up a HR.
David Murphy ties it up with a solo shot off Yordano Ventura. 2-2 in the Top of the 6th.
For his next trick watch Yordano Ventura incite a brawl.
Yordano Ventura has an ERA close to 5 this year and Schilling is talking about him like he’s Kershaw Jr.
Yordano Ventura is out here trying to do TO much
David Murphy takes Yordano Ventura deep. We are tied at 2.
Yordano Ventura is filth. Throws 96 plus effortlessly
Kole Calhoun scores on a wild pitch by Yordano Ventura as the are on the board. The still lead 2-1, top of the 6th.
looking to break through in the 6th with & set to face Yordano Ventura.
The only reason most people know who Yordano Ventura is is because he had one good game in the playoffs and dedicated it to Oscar Taveras.
"What did Yordano Ventura say to Jose Bautista? (And other items on Blue Jays-Royals)". Minor Leaguer, Bluebird Banter.
Benches clear in Chicago. Royals and White Sox tangle at end of 7th inning after Yordano Ventura and Adam Eaton exchange words.
[The Kansas City Star] - Yordano Ventura says he's ready to return to mound
ace Yordano Ventura made a rehab start Wednesday as the Storm Chasers were shut out:
The pitching issues aren't related to James Shields. They're directly related to Yordano Ventura & Danny Duffy.
Id add Yordano Ventura and Billy Hamilton to the list.
Royals drop game one to Texas, 4-0. 1:10 start tomorrow, Yordano Ventura for KC against Wandy Rodriguez.
Updated with link: Yordano Ventura struggles as beat 6-1 to avoid sweep
Yordano Ventura struggles as Cardinals beat Royals 6-1 to avoid sweep:
got a trade offer of Yordano Ventura and Angel Pagan for Justin Upton i have absoluetely no idea if i should take it or not
Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija would have kicked Lorenzo Cain and Yordano Ventura's ***
I go future tag champs of Yordano Ventura & Noah Syndergaard. They fear no man & are ruthless. Manager, Jim Leyland or Busta Rhymes
Yordano Ventura and Noah Syndergaard, two guys who could possibly be more disruptive than my grandpa's girlfriend on Christmas Eve!
Like to see Yordano Ventura flap his gums and pound his chest like this when he pitches in a National League park.
Yordano Ventura in danger of being labeled MLB's latest hothead: Yordano Ventura in danger of being labeled ML...
Yordano Ventura has transformed from top prospect to MLB's newest
I wonder if Gabe actually watched the game. It's time for Yordano Ventura and to lose the attitude
After massive brawl, it's time for Yordano Ventura and the Royals to lose the attitude via
Yordano Ventura, Royals need a wake-up call after their latest brawl. (by
Yordano Ventura will take the fall, but Royals' us-against-the-world vibe did him no favors.
Yordano Ventura is the kind of guy I would want coaching my son's little league team, if I had a son.
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Chris Sale, Jeff Samardzija, Lorenzo Cain, Edison Volquez and Yordano Ventura have been ejected from the game.
How close were Yordano Ventura and Oscar Taveras? Kind of wondering if YV needs grief counseling
Yordano Ventura's hat from his game after Oscar Taveras' death in the Hall of Fame
Jeff Samardzija obviously threw at Lorenzo Cain, gets a warning. Yordano Ventura obviously throws at Brett Lawrie, no war…
Yordano Ventura ejected for HBP, suspension likely coming, not impressed by no compusure; SP ranks:
Yordano Ventura ejected after hitting Brett Lawrie in the fourth. Yohan Pino on to pitch in the fourth. 5-0 Oakland.
Royals RHP Yordano Ventura leaves opener with cramp in thumb - Hilton Head Island Packet
Baseball Hall of Fame collects Yordano Ventura's hat after stellar Game 6 performance to honor Oscar Taveras,
Hey, a free fact/fluke article from Yordano Ventura, Carlos Beltran, Josh Reddick & more.
Who would you pick in a H2H points league, Jake Arrieta, Yordano Ventura or Carlos Carrasco?
Kendrys Morales will make more than Yordano Ventura and Danny Duffy COMBINED next year.
Man, you have got to read stories on Yordano Ventura from the Dominican Republic.
Yordano Ventura cap worn in dominant Game 6. Tribute to Oscar Taveras is headed to Cooperstown. http…
Sup Billy?! I'm looking for Travis Kelce, Yordano Ventura, Jamaal Charles and Brandon Finnegan. . DM me if you find some!
Yordano Ventura snares Hunter Pence comebacker and does a little Michael ... - Yahoo Sports (blog)
Yordano Ventura threw gas tonight, and he had fun doing it.
RECAP: Yordano Ventura dominant as force a Game 7 with 10-0 win over
Right now my autograph card is selling for more than my Yordano Ventura auto card
Note: I just threw a trash bag into the dumpster like a Yordano Ventura fastball!
Yordano Ventura's night: 7 IP, 3 H, 0 ER. . Not bad for a 23-year old in the biggest game of his life.
pitcher Yordano Ventura wore tribute to friend, Cardinals player Oscar Taveras, on cap
Royals Yordano Ventura honors friend Oscar Taveras, who died in car crash Sunday, by putting his initials on hat.
Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura honors his friend Oscar Taveras with a message on his cap.
.inscribes glove, spikes to honor late Oscar Taveras in Game 6:
MLB sending Yordano Ventura's hat with the Oscar Taveras tribute to the Hall of Fame, Roger Goodell would have fined him $10K
Cap worn by Yordano Ventura in dominant Game 6 performance, tribute to Oscar Taveras is headed to Cooperstown
Inspired by his late friend, Yordano Ventura pitches the into game seven
Yordano Ventura held down the Giants, while Kansas City's bats jumped all over Jake Peavy and Yusmeiro Petit.
Yordano Ventura found his own way to honor his close friend Oscar Taveras on Tuesday night, pitching the Kansas City Royals past the San Francisco Giants in Game 6 of the World Series.
For The Kansas City Royals, tonight there was no place like home as they doubled down on the Giants previous 5-0 drubbing, giving diehard baseball fans the greatest gift of all. A game seven. Twenty three year old Dominican dynamo Yordano Ventura took the mound with two things in mind; to honor the late, destined to be great, Oscar Taveras, and to redeem his team on their home turf. The rematch of he and Peavy proved to be no match at all, as this postseason, veteran pitchers have been shamelessly schooled by their rookie rivals. Ventura gave up no runs in seven innings, while Peavy was spanked for five, then yanked way before anyone's second beer. The big surprise of the evening was how the Royals pounded the Giants, giant reliever, Yusmeiro Petit, who in the month of October, had only given up four hits in twelve innings of play. In game four he saved San Francisco's World Series life by pitching three innings of shutout ball, but tonight there was no chance of resuscitation. Coming back to Kauffman St ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
In a shutout victory in Game 6, the Royals won with seven innings of work from Yordano Ventura, who dedicated his outing to Oscar Taveras.
Eric Hosmer discusses the Royals' Game 6 approach and Yordano Ventura's big game after the Royals shut out the Giants
Yordano Ventura tonight: 58% strike rate and more walks(5) than strikeouts(4). Was able to generate lots of ground balls thoug…
Kansas City Royals rout San Francisco Giants 10-0 to force Game 7 in World Series KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The raucous roar at Kauffman Stadium swelled with every batter in the second inning and then got louder the rest of the night. As bouncers rolled by infielders and bloops dropped in front of outfielders, it became clear this World Series was headed to a climactic Game 7 — just like the one 29 years ago when the Kansas City Royals won their only title. Lorenzo Cain looped a two-run single — one of eight Royals to get hits in a seven-run second inning — and Eric Hosmer chopped a two-run double over shortstop as the Royals battered the San Francisco Giants 10-0 Tuesday night to tie the Series at three games apiece. Pitching with the initials of late St. Louis outfielder Oscar Taveras on his cap, 23-year-old rookie Yordano Ventura allowed three hits over seven innings for his first Series win. "Guys stepped up in a big way tonight," Cain said. Jeremy Guthrie starts Wednesday night for Kansas City ...
Royals starter Yordano Ventura is dedicating his Game 6 start to Oscar Taveras.
Yordano Ventura likely goes tomorrow for KC; Jake Peavy likely goes for SF.
Yordano Ventura for vs. Giants' Jake Peavy in Game 6 at The K, Tuesday, 7:08 pm
Okay Royals fans: your prediction for Yordano Ventura's outing tonight? Post it below. LIVE GAME UPDATES: Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost says Jason Vargas would be the "long man" tonight: Yost answered the question, but obviously said he doesn't want that to happen.
The Kane County Cougars have a player on both sides of this year's World Series, Yordano Ventura for the Kansas...
The Kansas City Royals evened up the World Series on Wednesday night, defeating the San Francisco Giants 7-2. Yordano Ventura delivered 5⅓ innings of solid ball, and Omar Infante clubbed a home run and a double to fuel the win.
I'm 99% sure that Yordano Ventura is not Robin Ventura's kid.
Former Kane County Cougars pitcher Yordano Ventura to start for Kansas City Royals in game 2 of World Series
On Wednesday night, pitcher Yordano Ventura will step onto the grandest stage of all when he becomes the first Kansas City Royals rookie to start a World Series game at any position when he faces the San Francisco Giants in game two of the Fall Classic.
Angels need act like they're Nolan Ryan and treat Yordano Ventura like he's Robin Ventura ... and go punch him in the head.
James Shields, Yordano Ventura, Jason Vargas, Danny Duffy and Jeremy Guthrie is a pretty good rotation. That's all I'm saying.
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Yordano Ventura, Mike Bolsinger, Leonys Martin and Willin Rosario all got 1/2 WOBS yesterday via
Max Scherzer vs. Yordano Ventura in Game 2 of the series on Tuesday; Monday's loss was the first to the Royals this season; Kansas City now only half-game out of first place in the AL Central
And Graham Zusi, with the best delivery by a KC player since Yordano Ventura's last pitch.
The AL rookie of the year race in gonna be crazy. Masahiro Tanaka, Yordano Ventura, Jose Abreu, Colin McHugh, and George Springer.
This years AL ROY race is crazy. Its one for the ages! Masahiro Tanaka, Yordano Ventura, Jose Abreu, and George Springer! Whos gunna get it?
Here is the video of Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost discussing Yordano Ventura leaving his start early with lateral elbow discomfort with 610 Sports - KCSP Royals insider Josh Vernier.
Houston lays out Kansas City in the opener, 9-2. Yordano Ventura exited with an elbow injury. Comments?
Looking for 2014 bowman chrome Yordano Ventura auto. Willing to trade any of these or multiples.
(19-17) Mariners top hard-throwing rookie with two homers Smoak's two-run shot, Ackley's solo blast back gem from Young SEATTLE -- First baseman Justin Smoak and left fielder Dustin Ackley supplied the power with home runs off hard-throwing Royals rookie Yordano Ventura, and veteran right-hander Chris Young won his third straight start as the Mariners topped the Royals, 3-1, on Saturday at Safeco Field. Ventura, a highly regarded 22-year-old right-hander, had allowed just two home runs over his first 39 innings this season until Smoak turned around a 96-mph fastball for a two-run shot in the fourth inning. Ackley added a solo shot in the sixth for the final 3-1 margin, which was plenty of cushion on a night Young was so sharp. While the 6-foot-10 Young was holding the Royals to three hits over eight innings with his array of 70-86 mph pitches, the Mariners managed to successfully counter the upper-90s heat of the 6-foot Ventura, who touched triple digits several times on the Safeco Field radar gun. "That ...
Royals' rallies aren't enough in extras defeat Bullpen can't hold up after Moustakas' go-ahead single in 12th By *** Kaegel / SAN DIEGO -- Ten-strikeout pitching by Yordano Ventura and a clutch home run by Eric Hosmer gave the Royals some fine moments on Monday night. But not a victory. No, the San Diego Padres came from behind twice and snatched a walk-off, 6-5 Interleague victory in the 12th inning for what remained of 14,089 fans at Petco Park. The marathon lasted three minutes shy of four hours. The loss was the fifth straight for the Royals and was especially difficult to take because they twice held the lead in the late going. Not only that, but the Royals have lost all seven games they've ever played at Petco. "We had plenty of opportunities to put it away and that's just the way things are going right now. It's definitely one of the tougher losses of the season," Hosmer said. The Royals had gone ahead, 5-4, in the top of the 12th. Salvador Perez doubled to right-center and Mike Moustakas . ...
Eric Stults vs Yordano Ventura. Something really fun to watch, velocity difference-wise.
Padres pregame summary:. "The Royals hitters are almost as bad as ours. Comes down to pitching.". Yordano Ventura v. Eric Stults.
There's a 100% chance that Yordano Ventura's off-speed stuff will register faster on the radar gun tonight than Eric Stults' fastball.
its time to watch late night baseball as your Kansas City Royals will be on fox sports Kansas city, tonight game 1 is at petco park as Yordano Ventura will battle against Eric Stults and the San Diego Padres. lets all root root for Yordano Ventura and the rest of our boys in blue tonight as they are on the west coast playing on the road for 7 games this week, say it with me now everyone. LETS GO ROYALS
Royals vs Padres (14-16) (14-18) Monday 5/5, 7:10 PM PT at Petco Park Ventura, Royals aim to discover West Coast swing Hard-throwing rookie to bat in Interleague clash with Stults, Padres TORVentura throws five scoreless vs. Blue Jays Everybody knows that Yordano Ventura can throw hard, up to 102 mph. Now, we'll find out if he can hit. Ventura will pitch Monday night's opener at San Diego, the Royals' first invasion of a National League ballpark this season. That means their pitchers will be swinging for the first time. The Kansas City pitchers have been taking batting practice and manager Ned Yost counts Ventura as one of the best hitters among his throwers. Jeremy Guthrie and James Shields are the other starting pitchers in the series. "I'm OK, I can hold my own for a pitcher, I guess, but I wouldn't call myself a great hitter. I can definitely put the bat on the ball," Shields said. "I think Guthrie might be the most improved player for sure. He's got a nice little stance working for him. But we're wor ...
only if it's CJ Wilson Nelson Cruz is killin it and Yordano Ventura is just wow
I, for one, am excited for Yordano Ventura's retirement party. ALSO! My team that spends $100 million more in wages beat your team.
Just talked to some guy who had this to say about Yordano Ventura: "That's the total package." The guy was Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan refers to Yordano Ventura as the Total Package!
Who's ready to watch your Kansas City Royals on fox sports Kansas City, tonight Yordano Ventura will face off against Lucas Harrell and the Houston Astros. lets root these boys in blue on to victory tonight and get the win to break our 3 game losing streak, say it with me now. LETS GO ROYALS
Astros face off against another interesting pitcher tonight. Kansas City Royal youngster Yordano Ventura (DOB 6/3/91 thats right 22 years old) will be throwing heat in the triple digits and as long as he has control keeping his pitch somewhere near the 77002 zip code he should be striking out the Astros. Ventura might have the fastest pitch out of starting MLB pitchers. He has been clocked throwing strikes near 103 MPH. Astros will start Lucas Harrell who for fantasy fans has the lowest cost out of any starting pitcher today due in part because he is not expected to pitch many innings, pitch many strike outs, keep Royals from scoring or win. Vegas has the Astros as another huge underdog but I'm taking them today. Harrell is going to be recording outs by ground balls and the Astros are going to get enough hits late in the game to win. So what Harrell allowed a lot of runs in Toronto. The Blue Jays are legit. Harrell will be ok against Kansas City but he probably should avoid Omar Infante. If Infa ...
After losing out on the final spot in the Kansas City Royals rotation to Yordano Ventura, Danny Duffy was sent down to Omaha to stay ready in case he was needed. At the time, it was expected that Duffy would come up either when one of the starters was injured, or to provide a boost to the rotation in the second half. If Duffy was able to start pitching deeper into games, then that would be a bonus. Feb 24, 2014; Surprise, AZ, USA; Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Duffy poses for a portrait during photo day at Surprise Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports That plan lasted for exactly one minor league start. Duffy was brought up before yesterday’s game to be a part of the Royals bullpen, serving as the only left handed reliever option at this point. The promotion of Duffy once again gives the Royals a seven man bullpen, as Johnny Giavotella was sent back to Omaha with Omar Infante being ready for game action. The timing of the move is curious. Tim Collins and Francisley Bueno were b ...
4th row seats right by the Kansas City Royals dugout Tuesday. Can't wait to see Yordano Ventura pitch. Best seats we have ever had.
RotoRoundup 4/9/2014 - Big Fat Robot Bartolo Colon, Ryan Braun is back, pick up Yordano Ventura. All in todays…
Chris Archer has Sterling Archer. Too bad Yordano Ventura has Ace Ventura and Jesse Ventura
There goes the no-hitter for Yordano Ventura. Thanks a lot, De Jesus.
Tony's take: The early games contain arguably my favorite batter-pitcher matchup: Paul Goldschmidt vs. Tim Lincecum. Goldy is 10 for 20 with five homers and 11 RBI v Timmy, which even the great Giants TV broadcast team of Kuip & Kruk would have to admit is 'ownage'. The numbers hardly are a secret any more. In fact, when Goldy received his Silver Slugger Award before Monday night's opener (with Lincecum watching from the dugout), the joke in the Chase Field press box was that Lincecum should be out there presenting it to him. Others to use: Desmond Jennings is 7 for 13 with 4 solo HRs v Brandon Morrow. Jason Hammel is notoriously weak v LHP, so take your pick of Neil Walker or Pedro Alvarez. Dustin Pedroia is 11 for 19 with 4 RBI v Wei-Yin Chen. Couldn't resist Yordano Ventura's value ($6,981 on Draft$treet), even against the Tigers. He'll be today's sleeper/value pick. I'm sticking with Pirates starters v. Cubs hitters with Wandy Rodriguez. And Ivan Nova (who I'm very high on as a breakout starter this s ...
The tag line for the MLB Extra Innings network should be, "Come for the Andrelton Simmons and Yordano Ventura, stay for the Vin Scully."
Kansas City Royals right-hander Yordano Ventura blew away his competition and the opposition.
also have young very talented arms in the minors ie Kyle Zimmer, Yordano Ventura (should make the team), Miguel Almonte, Sean Manaea   10% Off
Spring Training baseball: Salvador Perez, Mike Moustakas, Yordano Ventura shine in Royals win over A's PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) — Yordano Ventura struck out six in 4 1/3 innings and Salvador Perez hit a two-run home run, leading the Kansas City Royals to a 3-1 win over the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday. "I like his composure. I like the way that game doesn't speed up on him for a young player," Royals manager Ned Yost said of the 22-year-old Ventura. "He always seems to be in control of his emotions on the mound." Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas continued his torrid spring, going 3 for 3 with a solo homer, double and single to raise his batting average to .500 in 11 games. Moustakas has four home runs and 13 RBIs. Moustakas got two of his hits with two strikes. "His whole focus this spring has primarily been with two strikes," Yost said. "In the cage and the drills that they do, it's on two-strike approach." Ventura allowed a run on two hits, leaving after giving up a single to Oakland's Derek Norris. " ...
URPRISE, Ariz. -- James Shields and Jason Vargas will start the Kansas City Royals' first two games of the season at Detroit. James Shields will start the Royals' season opener against the Tigers. Manager Ned Yost announced opening starters Saturday and says Wade Davis is no longer a candidate for a spot in the rotation. Davis made 24 starts before being sent to the bullpen last season. Yost says the decision on Davis was made after Luke Hochevar was lost for the season to reconstructive elbow surgery. Yost says left-hander Danny Duffy and rookie right-hander Yordano Ventura are the remaining candidates to fill out the rotation. Jeremy Guthrie, who led the Royals with 15 victories last year, will start the home opener on April 4 against the Chicago White Sox. Shields, who started the opener last season, was 13-9 with a 3.15 ERA las
Yost says if Danny Duffy, Yordano Ventura or Kyle Zimmer are "lights out" in spring, Hochevar and Davis can always shift …
Ventura's final '13 start ends abruptly after homers Rookie righty allows first three blasts of career, exits after fourth By *** Kaegel / KCPerez drills two-run shot to pull within one CHICAGO -- Yordano Ventura's third start for the Royals wasn't quite so easy. Ventura, Kansas City's prized pitching prospect, was rocked for three home runs in a 6-5 loss to the White Sox on Saturday night at U.S. Cellular Field. A total of seven homers -- Mike Moustakas, Billy Butler and Salvador Perez connected for the Royals -- accounted for all the runs in the game. A rookie right-hander, Ventura gave up just one run in 5 2/3 innings in each of his first two big league starts. "He wasn't as sharp as he has been. Lot of homers. The ball was flying," Royals manager Ned Yost said. "You know, it was warm and kind of humid out there, and the ball was really flying." With two out in the White Sox second inning, Marcus Semien and Jordan Danks launched back-to-back home runs into the left-field bleachers for a 2-0 le ...
Grades, 2014 Outlook for Each MLB Team's Top September Call-Ups . Part 1: Whether you are watching a team fighting for a playoff spot or enduring the misery of another losing season, the beauty of September baseball is the wave of prospects that we get to see play in games. I may have issues with the way that September roster expansion works, and how there is really no semblance of logic to it, but at least it gave us an opportunity, however brief, to see Nick Castellanos take the field for Detroit or Yordano Ventura pitch for Kansas City. Even more important than that, however, is the experience it gives these players heading into the 2014 season. Some of them may not make the 25-man roster right out of spring training, but they are certainly on the radar and will have a leg up heading into camp. Young players do take time to find their groove in Major League Baseball, so as we look back at what we have seen and what we expect next season, keep in mind that these are conservative estimates based on the s ...
Chicago White Sox versus Kansas City Royals, U.S. Cellular Field. September 28, 2013, 6:10 PM CST. Erik Johnson (RHP, 2-2, 2.82 ERA) will pitch for the White Sox, as Yordano Ventura (RHP, 0-0, 1.59 ERA) will pitch for the visiting Royals. Erik is a fringe power pitcher that has the ability to hit 96 MPH with his fastball. He has a nice tight, biting slider, and a below average change. Erik, occasionally loses his balance during delivery as a result of tempo issues. He needs to finish his pitches and his location is still a work in progress. If location is good, he is capable of putting up decent strikeout totals. He has been getting touched pretty good by left handed batters, as they are hitting .375 off of him. Look for fastball/slider combinations to batters from both sides of the plate, and change ups to lefties only. He tips his change up with a reduction in arm velocity. Yordano is a Royals September call up. The young (22 years old), diminutive Dominican may be small in stature, but he can bring it, ...
Yordano Ventura, Jake Odorizzi and other recently promoted prospects who can help get that fantasy title:
Friday Notes talking big guns, Mike Moustakas, Yordano Ventura and more.
Who would you rather own in a dynasty league, Carlos Martinez or Yordano Ventura?
Yordano Ventura looked OK the other day, huh?
will be joining fellow this Saturday in Olathe to sign
I'm no mechanics expert, but just watched Yordano Ventura and James Paxton starts and I'm more worried about Ventura longterm.
Recapping rookies Yordano Ventura, James Paxton, Travis d'Arnaud, & more on The Sleeper and the Bust with
thoughts on Yordano Ventura? Do you think he can pitch effectively next week to help the Royals to the playoffs?
My Yordano auto ends tonight...good timing. Great first start yesterday.
ICYMI: I wrote about Yordano Ventura through the lens of a giddy school girl/dynasty league owner at TDG:
Royals' Yordano Ventura threw the fastest pitch by a MLB starter over the last five seasons last week (101.9 mph). He topped Cole's 101.8
Yordano Ventura and Sal Perez would be the ideal battery to make an attempt at it
Yordano Ventura at 102.816 mph and baseball's hardest throwing starting pitchers via
Idea for my van: Sal Perez birthing a quadricorn while catching balls of fire from Yordano Ventura.
Impressive debut for Yordano Ventura. Royals are going to be good, but playoffs this year too much to ask.
It's nice to see the Royals being competitive via
Royals collapse in bitter loss to Indians: KANSAS CITY (AP) — The electrifying performance that Yordano Ventura...
I want to get a tattoo of Salvador Perez riding a unicorn catching a fireball of lightning from Yordano Ventura. Also they're naked.
WOW! Earlier today, pitcher Yordano Ventura threw a 101.9 mph fastball to Yan Gomes, the fastest by a starting pitcher over last 5 years
Omg, yordano ventura is the first thing I see when I got to the yahoo homepage
RHP Yordano Ventura (is wearing number 30. LWB Jason Bourgeois in 2012. (h/t
Let's appreciate what Yordano Ventura did last night. Fastest pitch by a starting pitcher on record.
Yordano Ventura was throwing that heat!
"Beyond The Box Score" at 9pm. Harvey, Yordano Ventura's MLB debut and Tim Williams (of Pirates Prospects will join us
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Like & Share !!! FUN FACT: Yordano Ventura threw six pitches of 100+ MPH in his debut. His fastest topped off at 101.9 MPH. It was the fastest pitch thrown by a starter in the last five seasons according to ESPN Stats & Info.
Yordano Ventura throws baseballs really fast, no matter whose glove he’s using
Royals rookie Yordano Ventura threw the hardest pitching by a starter since 2007 last night.
ESPN Stats/Info: Yordano Ventura 101.9 mph fastball in third inning to Yan Gomes was fastest pitch thrown by any starter i…
.Yordano Ventura hit 101.9 mph in his MLB debut Tuesday, the fastest pitch thrown by any starter in last 5 seaso…
Former P Yordano Ventura made his debut yest & made history w/his FB. More from
What do you think about ol Yordano Ventura. Bright Future?
While making his MLB debut on Tuesday, Royals righty Yordano Ventura threw one of the hardest pitches of the last six years.
9/17/13: Yordano Ventura impresses in his Major League debut, pitching 5 2/3 innings while allowing just one run on five hits and two walks
Talk about an Debut, w/ a Heater that hit 101.9 mph, the Yordano Ventura went 5.2 inn & K'd 3 to earn Pitcher Of The Day.
Scary:the ease with which Yordano Ventura averaged 97.66 MPH last night and reached 102.49 wow!
Yordano Ventura threw 6 pitches of 100+ mph in his debut. Only 2 starting pitchers have thrown more 100-mph pitches in 2013 (Cole/Eovaldi)
9/17/13: Yordano Ventura fans Jason Kipnis in the first inning to record the first strikeout of his Major League career in his debut
The Royals were as amazing in the first 6 innings as they were offensively lifeless, defensively lazy and terrible on the mound in the next 4. I'd love to blame it all on Neddy, but there's plenty of blame for this loss.* (*Yordano Ventura is exempt from this blame)
It wasn’t rookie right-hander Yordano Ventura who wilted Tuesday in the heat of the postseason chase. It was two of the Royals‘ season-long strengths: Their bullpen and their defense. The result was a costly 5-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians at Kauffman Stadium. The pushed the Royals t...
Can't believe Big Blue loss that game tonight and wasted a great debut by Yordano Ventura. This is a tough loss but only 3.5 games back still got some time left to make up the ground.
Yordano Ventura reminds me of neftali Feliz back in 09 2010
Ned Yost and Kelvin Herrera should publicly apologize to Yordano Ventura for blowing his first major league win as a starter. Then, Ned Yost should be fired.
Nice. Kansas City Royals affiliate Omaha wins the Triple-A championship behind a nice start from Chris Dwyer, and hot prospect Yordano Ventura was solid tonight against Cleveland as the parent club vies to stay in the thick of the wildcard hunt. Not a bad night for Royals fans, provided they hold on to the lead against the Indians.
The Tribe scores their 1st run of the evening off of a Michael Brantley single with base runners on the corners. Nick Swisher scores cutting the lead to 3-1. Royals make a pitching change after the run, and pull rookie Yordano Ventura for Will Smith. Ned then makes another change with pitcher Louis Coleman. With 2 outs and bases loaded, we're still in the top of the 6th on 610 Sports Radio.
Yordano Ventura nice debut! Lets get out of this inning with little damage please.
Yordano Ventura pitched very well for is first major league game. I would like to this kid pitch again!
This rookie pitcher, Yordano Ventura, making his MLB debut for the Royals tonight has the Indians baffled. He looks good. 5 shutout innings thus far, 2 hits, leads 3-0.
Who is this Yordano Ventura for the royals?
Yordano Ventura will walk a lot of Indians. Be patient at the plate.
2 1/2 games back in the Wild Card race and Royals are sending to the mound rookie Yordano Ventura. Lets call hime "Ace" since hes about to give the Indians a beat down!
Debut for Yordano Ventura on the mound. Let's go Royals !!
Anxious to see Yordano Ventura make his Royals debut tonight. Saw him pitch for Storm Chasers last week. He can bring it 100 MPH. Go Royals!
Yordano Ventura is making his MLB debut against the Tribe tonight. He is their top prospect. Find out what pitches he throws in a detailed scouting report.
vs tonight at the K. KC pitcher Yordano Ventura makes his debut. Give us a score for tonight's game . Do we get a win ?? If we win and and the beat the ,we will only be 1.5 games back in the WC race.
Yordano Ventura making his MLB debut tonight in the middle of the playoff push!
Yordano Ventura will make his major league debut tonight. This will either be: A young, fresh arm adding a needed boost to a team looking for a playoff birth and our first look at a guy with a bright pitching future with the Royals. OR… A nervous, unproved minor league pitcher getting destroyed the first time he faces actual MLB hitters in a pressure situation. I just hope that he can give us a good quality 4-5 innings with a chance to win.
gets ready for a trip to the K for the Royals game with the Tribe, hoping that the night is dry and that brand new big league pitcher Yordano Ventura has an outstanding debut with the boys in blue.
Yordano Ventura. MLB Debut. Royals Baseball. 2 1/2 games out of the Wildcard. come out to the game people, stop being cheap and boring and start gettin behind what's going on right down the street from you. These guys are for real.
Yordano Ventura will wear jersey tonight if you're into that sort of information. And if not, he'll still be wearing
Yordano Ventura on the mound tonight against the Indians. Just once could a pitching prospect turn out well for the Royals?
A meeting of the Corey Kluber society will take place at approximately 8:10 ET, as our man of interest will be battling against the young Dominican right hander, Yordano Ventura, who will be making his Major League debut.
And now for a quick moment of September baseball and why it's so great - Tonight the Indians take on the Royals again and try to bounce back from last night's series opener loss. In their way will be a 22 year old pitching phenom making his MLB debut, Yordano Ventura. A right hander with a triple digit fastball, an attitude, and a plus curve who's still figuring a few things out, like his slider and change. Make no mistake though, after splitting time this season at AA and AAA this year, going 8-6 and striking out 155 over 134 innings, his late season debut is one that's highly anticipated by the Royals as well as the rest the league. Well, as much as anyone can be excited nationally about anything that happens in KC that isn't just a bunch of tornadoes, that is. Ventura will face off against Corey Kluber (aka - KLUBERRR!) who's 2-0 going for the Tribe after missing a month to a finger injury. It was his middle finger. He strained it. And though he's still working his 2-seam fastball/cutter back into form ...
Royals: Really? A rookie making his 1st start ever in a Must Sweep series? "Yordano Ventura" better be spanish for "Cy F. Young". # short leash # go royals!!
KC Royals: Yordano Ventura to Make MLB Debut for Kansas City Royals on Tuesday vs. Indians (Yahoo Contributor Network)
Excited to watch the Royals game tonight against the Indians! Important wildcard game as well as an important debut for pitching prospect Yordano Ventura. Gotta love September baseball!!!
The hard-throwing right-hander will make his major-league debut tonight as the Royals make a playoff push. No one knows what to expect. Yordano Ventura is 180 pounds of potential. He is a smiling, shy, sometimes-high-strung 23-year-old with a flaming baseball tattooed on his right arm and a 100-mph…
First round of tests=complete. Now time to focus on the other important thing going on. ROYALS BASEBALL! Yordano Ventura makes his first MLB start tonight!
Arguably the Kansas City Royals best pitching prospect has finally made his way to the majors. Yordano Ventura, 22 years old, with a 5-4 record and 3.74 ERA in 77 innings for the Omaha Stormchasers (AAA), is making his Major League Baseball debut for the Royals on their newest biggest […]
Yordano Ventura is making his MLB Debut for the Royals today...congrats to him and what better way then to come in on a pressure situation and have a chance to help contribute right away
Gonna keep my streak alive of being in attendance for top prospects major league debuts and hit the K tonight to watch Yordano Ventura do work on the tribe. Go Royals!!
Update: Make that 2.5 back in the wildcard! Go Royals! I can't wait for tonight to see what Yordano Ventura brings to the mound!
Royals top Indians 7-1 to open critical 3-game set KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Royals ace James Shields peered in at the Indians' Yan Gomes, who had stepped to the plate with two runners aboard in the fourth inning of a nip-and-tuck game between playoff contenders. When Gomes swung and missed at strike three, Shields roared like a lion as he stalked off the mound, the intensity of meaningful September baseball etched across his face. Shields wound up going six innings Monday night, and Salvador Perez led a scrappy Kansas City offense that eventually pulled away for a 7-1 victory in the opener of a pivotal three-game series. Shields struck out a season-high 10 for the Royals (79-71), who moved within 2½ games of the AL's second wild-card berth. The Indians (81-69) remained a half-game back of Texas, which lost to Tampa Bay earlier in the night in a matchup of teams leading the wild-card race. "Every game is important," Shields said. "This is what we live for, this is what we play for, September baseball, an ...
2 1/2 games back. Watch out, the Royals are coming! And so is Yordano Ventura. He's ready to throw fire.
The Kansas City Royals are scratching and clawing to remain in the hunt for the postseason, and will look to prospect Yordano Ventura for a boost Tuesday night. As first reported by The Kansas City Star’s Bob Dutton, Ventura is being called up to replace the injured Danny Duffy in the Royals’ rotati...
Royals fans - Yordano Ventura the royals prospect is gonna start for KC tomorrow at pitcher in the midst of a playoff race. Thoughts, if any? Duffy might not pitch again this season with some kind if mild strain in his arm.
Congratulations to fireballing RHP Yordano Ventura, who has gotten his first call to Kansas City, and debuts tomorrow vs. …
Kansas City Star - Royals call up Yordano Ventura to start Tuesday for injured Danny Duffy
Right-hander Yordano Ventura, the Royals’ most-advanced pitching prospect, will join the big-league roster Tuesday and make his major-league debut in the heat of a postseason chase against the Cleveland Indians.
Yordano Ventura will start tomorrrow night against the Indians.This brings up a few questions for me. Tomorrow night is the biggest game of the Royals season regardless of what happens tonight. If they win tonight they have a chance to pull even closer, if they lose they need to make sure they dont lose because it would all but burry them, my question is this. If he is good enough to pitch the biggest game in 28 years why wasnt he here a long time ago? If he turns out to be a huge boost the question has to be asked.
Yordano Ventura is going to make his major league debut tomorrow night versus the Cleveland Indians.
Royals announce Yordano Ventura will start tomorrow vs. Indians in place of Danny Duffy.
Per it sounds as if Yordano Ventura is on his way to KC for tonight's game with Cleveland. Will pitch out of pen. Ventura is the No. 2 pitching prospect, but I think his future is in the back end of the bullpen. Think Leo Nunez - or whatever his name is now.
While the Royals continue to struggle against Cleveland and try to stay alive in the Wild Card hunt, Omaha begins their quest for another PCL title tonight. Chris Dwyer gets his first start of the postseason at Werner Park against Salt Lake (Yordano Ventura is slated for Game 2). Rookie level Idaho Falls won the first game of their Divisional Series on Monday night, with Game 2 tonight.
Omaha RHP Yordano Ventura at No. 7 on Baseball America's weekly Prospect Hot Sheet after 2 Ws and 12 Ks and 12 scoreless…
Cards have 2 in the Futures Game: 2B Kolten Wong and OF Oscar Taveras. Royals have 2 as well: RHP Yordano Ventura and RHP Miguel Almonte
Yordano Ventura is the biggest pitching prospect for the Royals since Zack Greinke. The 22-year-old flamethrower allowed just one run and one hit in his five innings of his Triple A debut.
fans: If you missed Yordano Ventura's Omaha debut, replay is on Time Warner Cable's Metro Sports at 1pm today Ch. 1310 HD, 310, 30.
Step 1: Fire Dayton Moore (I do not have a replacement in mind, just get somebody who values OBP). Step 2: Fire Ned Yost. Replace him in the interim with Brian Poldberg, who is the manager of Northwest Arkansas. Many people in MLB think that he could be a major league manager. Step 3: Fire the hitting coaches and BEG Seitzer to come back. Step 4: Release Jeff Francouer and Chris Getz. Both are black holes on this team. Call up Johnny Giavotella and actually see what he can do when he is given the everyday job. Frenchy's roster spot is taken when Dyson comes back. Step 5: Send Moose to AAA to work on his swing and confidence. Bring up Irving Falu and start Miguel Tejada at 3rd. Step 6: Trade Ervin Santana for two low level, high ceiling prospects or one high level, mid to high ceiling prospect. Call up Yordano Ventura. Step 7: When Duffy and Paulino are healthy, trade James Shields for a package of prospects that is similar to what the Royals gave up to get him. Step 8: Offer Alex Gordon a 6 year, 90 mill ...
Will Smith, Yordano Ventura, and Kyle Zimmer all started today, yet not one of the minor league teams won
Yordano Ventura gave up two hits and a pair of walks over six innings while striking out 10 for the second consecutive game as Northwest Arkansas beat Arkansas, 6-1.
No. 3 prospect Yordano Ventura grew up idolizing Pedro Martinez. He's pitched like him too for
minor league players of the year: Jake Odorizzi and Wil Myers (AAA), Michael Mariot and Christian Colon (AA), Yordano Ventura (cont)
7/8/12: Royals prospect Yordano Ventura talks about his experience in the 2012 Futures Game
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