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Yograj Singh

Yograjsingh Bhagsingh Bhandal, popularly known as Yograj Singh or simply Yograj (born 25 March 1958 in Chandigarh, Punjab, India) was an Indian cricketer who played one Test and six ODIs for India as a right-arm fast-medium bowler.

Yuvraj Singh Kapil Dev Milkha Singh Manan Vohra Stuart Broad World Cup Cricket World Cup Sri Lanka Divya Dutta Gautam Gambhir Sachin Tendulkar Sonam Kapoor Sandeep Patil Mohammad Kaif Farhan Akhtar Amitabh Bachchan Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Never expected Yograj Singh to go full retard.
When will yograj singh blame dhoni for padmavati history distortion ?
Sir 's silence on padmavati is disturbing 🤔
Got a chance to meet the living legend, Mr. Yograj Singh, today.
And Yograj Singh to blame dhoni for this😜😜
I think we should ask Yograj Singh to coach Indian team the wa…
the movie should be renamed Dhoni - The Incomplete story ..not one footage of Yograj Singh?
If Yograj Singh feels that Dhoni is not giving Yuvraj enough batting & bowling, why doesn't he simply speak to Dhoni's p…
Yograj Singh - Any Golden words for ur son Yuvraj Singh !!!. Sryy yaa.but still rembr ur words for MS. Poor Uhhh !!…
i just watched interview of punjabi cinema legend YOGRAJ SINGH ji .. he just want to see yuvraj as a great batsman at any cost
I liked a video Part-2: Yograj Singh slams some artists and cricketers
this movie is for you loser Mr Loser Yograj Singh
Part-2: Yograj slams some artists and cricketers
Sushant singh Rajput will be penniless one day: Yograj Singh
Movie was too good but I think only Yograj Singh can only tell the untold part of ms dhoni. How can we forget?. ☺☺☺
Yograj slams some artists and cricketers
MS Dhoni's biopic is hypothetical. Yograj Singh didn't curse Dhoni after he had hit a six of Yuvraj's bowling in the Under-19 match
After , d only one who'll be left hating wud be Yograj Singh 😂. Yuvraj ko movie mein bhi captain nahi banaya
Only benefit Yuvraj Singh got from "Yograj - Dhoni Controversy" is getting a positive role in MS Dhoni movie.
I think only yograj singh can tell the untold part of ms dhoni
All the tweeple giving bad reviews of Dhoni biopic have been paid by Gautam Gambhir and Yograj Singh.
MS Dhoni will be penniless one day : Yograj Singh. The great man , legend, The richest cricketer didn't even open...
They have skipped showing bullies, as in there is no reference of Yograj Singh & his clout😂
Checked website of Yograj Singh and Gautam Gambhir to watch Pirated Version
And who is playing Yograj Singh in the movie?
Yograj Singh accesses Dhoni’s school mark sheet, shows to the media to prove Yuvraj was a better student
Yuvi's biopic ah? I was expecting some Yograj singh and Gambir mocking stories.
Meanwhile Yograj Singh is searching for the boy who played Yuvraj's character so effectively.
Thank God Salman Khan doesn't have Yograj Singh as his dad.
When I saw Yuvraj Singh in it reminded me of Yograj Singh.. What would he be thinking ?? 🙄
Yograj Singh's review on Dhoni 's movie - What the F*** he is trying to prove? I have never seen a terrible actor like him ever in my life. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sir, you make lot of explosive statements. Now, people understand why Yograj singh & u r good friends. No offence but observation
How abt Yograj Singh abusing the movie to go penny-less outside the theatres😉😂 Lol
More surprising wud be "Yograj Singh" abusing the film outside the theatre!
Yograj singh waiting for Dhoni's mistake.
has 4K dislikes. Never knew Yograj Singh had 4K accounts.
Eagerly waiting for MSD's biopic. Want to see who plays Yograj Singh. 😂😂😂😂
RSS people might have killed Gandhi but they were advised by Dhoni to do so- Yograj Singh
Wouldn't it have been fun to see Yograj Singh as Dhoni's coach in the movie MS Dhoni.
Yuvraj Singh as the 12th man in the all-time Test squad? Why? What for? Yograj paid people to vote for him?
but why do you like Yograj Singh so much ?
Dhoni is a great finisher. He single handedly finished yuvraj's career - Yograj Singh
"Yuvraj Singh could have become the President of USA but Dhoni is not giving him a chance". - Yograj Singh
"I just hope Dhoni doesn't interfere in Yuvraj's Suhaagraat.". - Yograj Singh
"Yograj Singh is more talented than Kapil Dev"; . It was claimed by many cricket enthusiasts and experts in 80s.
A new 'Son Defender' in the house! After a huge success of Yograj Singh, Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan.
Yograj Singh is a better parent than Amitabh Bachchan .
Yograj Singh now out of his mind.. he might be mad craziest comment ever has been told in front of media ahead of big clash 2day
Yograj Singh somehow resembles me of RAM kapoor from student of the year.
Yograj Singh must be chanting Hanuman chalisa now... Praying Yuvraj saves this
Yograj Singh is getting angry coz Yuvraj Singh didn't get bowling yet
"Dhoni is gem of a person, a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and he would be richer than Kuber soon" - Yograj Singh after Yuv…
Fake Fb wall: Virat Kohli overjoyed with the whitewash, Yograj Singh praises Dhoni
Looks like Yograj Singh ka badla Dhoni Yuvraj Singh se le raha hai, by coming to bat before him.
Yograj Singh when he heard Yuvraj came ahead of Dhoni for batting.!!. . .
Shaun Tait is like a "Bull" in San Fermin festival in Spain. He is very hard to control ( Yuvi, Yograj Singh and )
Don't make fun of father Yograj Singh. This father has given birth to 1 fighter, who has given 2 World-Cup…
Oh no Yograj Singh still trending. Guys at least for & what he's done for our country lets stop making fun…
Yograj Singh has given India a fighter in who has brought us 2 World Cups. Just give urself a hard look bfr tro…
Don't make fun of Yuvraj's father Yograj Singh. At least this father has given birth to one fighter who plays for nation…
Yeah..much needed..speak now Mr yograj Singh..d Mr is given 1ly becaz ur d beloved one of sixer hero..😠😡
Dear Yograj Singh, a Thanks giving Press Conference for Dhoni may be !?
Yograj Singh is happy as Yuvraj recalled for the Australia tour
Yograj singh has better dialogues on REEL life than in REAL life.
Yograj Singh says great players like Yuvraj Singh should not be dropped
yograj Singh is not d selector. Let him keep off d issue.
Great players like Yuvraj should not be dropped just after few bad innings: Yograj Singh
Finally some relief from Yograj Singh and his babbling. Happy for Yuvi tho
And the wait is over!. Yograj Singh finally reacts to son Yuvraj's recall to India team..! :D. Now he has some...
His comeback was always on cards, when he (Yuvraj) was dropped, I was hurt, a player must not be dropped after few bad inning…
Yograj Singh reacts to son Yuvraj’s recall to India team, refers to his fiancee as positive influence
Yograj Singh says Dhoni is his son that he lost in a Crowded mall long time ago
A player must be pushed ahead when they are going down,wish him (Yuvraj) all the best & hope he wins lots of matches for Indi…
I've always said, Yuvi has been a spl player for India: Yograj Singh, Yuvraj's father on his selection in T20 squad
well yuvi 4 sure ,can't say about the rest,& the most amazing reaction will come 4m Yograj Singh 😜
Yograj Singh behind the cricinfo bc mc!
Requested Rajnath Singh ji (Police Head) to give 1 day in a week to secure girls and women of Delhi. Will increase Police…
SHOCKER!! comment on Dalit killings: "If a dog is stoned, government is not responsible"
Central Govt denied 450 Crore for creating 16000 extra posts for police. Requested Rajnath Singh ji to rectify this. Its …
It is one the best rants on live TV ever, Yograj Singh's slamming of Dhoni comes close but this was epic 😂
Yuvraj Singh’s father, Yograj Singh, arrested after scuffle over car-parking:
AAP MP Bhagwant Mann and AAP Punjab conveynor Sucha Singh to meet governor of Punjab today over dettoriating law and order i…
Any publishing deal for Yograj Singh ;) (not undermining the sincerity of this matter but still ;) ) from pak?
Yograj Singh is the Guggu Gill of cricket.
* India won the match because of MS Dhoni *. Yograj Singh right now.
Will Yograj Singh now attack Kohli too? More reason than when he attacked Dhoni, since Yuvi wasn't scoring runs then
Folks taking Yograj Singh seriously, remember he used to do cricket show 4 "India TV" with cricket expert Veena Malik ht…
Dhoni. , when he saw Yograj singh in the Pavilion.
When Dhoni saw yograj Singh in the audience.
Selectors either love Mayanti Langer or Dhoni just hates Yograj Singh. Nothing more xplains Binny bein preferred over Yuvi at 6/7 !
Yuvi's chance is very less. becoz of his 2rs arrogant bloddy old father yograj singh. viru shd come.
Really good day for Yograj Singh. Yuvi scored 187 and Dhoni lost 3rd ODI. Khabarbaazi
Only Yuvraj can help India win dis match now : Yograj Singh. 31 needed in 6 balls.
And for a reason, now I feel Yograj Singh was always correct..
When Dhoni saw yograj Singh in th crowd
Q. Why MS Dhoni threw the bat ?. A. - Because he saw Yograj Singh and Ajit Agarkar in stands together
Everyone thought of Dhoni-batless-Yograj Singh joke at the same time.
Yograj Singh (of-course without manasaatchi): . "Sandeep Patil, Roger Binny and co will be penniless one day.". No comeback for Yuvi. LOL!
"Yuvraj would have married Deepika Padukone, but Dhoni didn't let him" - Yograj Singh
Yograj Singh is hallucinating...Dhoni never played Ravan.. played RaOne.. Saurav Ganguly..will confirm..
With all the imaginary conspiracy theories he has in his mind Yograj Singh is fit to be a member of Sangh Parivar
Yograj Singh you are indirectly begging for your son's comeback, blaming dhoni and Kapil Dev will not do any good.
Yograj Singh, father of Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh has come out bashing Dhoni responsible for his son’s...
Blamed Kapil Dev, BCCI, Team Doctors, 479 others n now Dhoni. Yograj Singh could come up with his own autobiography 'The Blame Game'.
Yograj Singh always blamed World Cup Winning Captain previously he blamed Kapil Dev, Now Blaming Dhoni & 2morrow it can be Virat
Yograj Singh is the same person who blamed Kapil Dev for ending his Dhoni...and the list goes on
I wont be surprised if Yograj Singh says Kapil Dev, Gavaskar all left cricket coz of Dhoni. Stupidity at its peak. .
"This is not the first time, Yograj Singh's. first target was Kapil Dev when he. blamed him for not. considering him in 1983 WC."
For those who came in late Yograj Singh blamed Kapil Dev for his truncated career in the '80s. Old habits die hard!
Yograj Singh has been cursing indian captain since his non existent career first Kapil Dev and now Dhoni..
For a son as fantastic as Yuvraj Singh, Yograj Singh is really a lousy example - ranting against others, from Kapil Dev
Will Yograj Singh be right? or MS Dhoni? see some past decisions of Captaincy
Good u clarified else Yograj Singh would hv had a press conference saying will comment after preity retires :P
Inspite Yograj Singh's allegation we can concentrate on abt
Why Yograj Singh need not worry about chances. Read the full story at
about Yograj Singh that you may NOT KNOW; read on
One of the comic strips that keeps popping up every now & then. The parent to the right reminds me of Yograj Singh. http:/…
Yograj Singh has lost his marbles, or maybe gained too many. . you be the best .
Maybe Yograj Singh shud hv drafted Yuvraj to UAE team to fulfill his 2015 WC dream.
Yograj Singh realised his son was worth playing after his son got 16Cr in Thx.
this is what responsible yuvi father says about exclusion his son yuvRAJ from indian wc sqaud
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Yograj Singh should have been blatantly ignored.I dont think of anyone sensible who wouldn't have bloodied him with words.Despo!
News is that Yograj Singh has been invited for the next season of Big Boss. He has earned it :)
Itotally agree with Mr. Yograj Singh, because dhoni did politics with yuvi & Other seniors...
'Yograj Singh' appeared on Monday 17 at the 18th place in the Top20 of Pune's Trends:
Yograj Singh is acting like typical Indian parents who blames their son's friend for all that wrong with his life
My son is the strongest. First Deepika ruined his career. He came back and now Dhoni ~ Yograj Singh.
Yuvraj Singh has changed 4 teams till date and his team had never reached to even semi final forget to win the Cup
Yograj Singh's statement is a BIG step forward in gender equality. Not only Indian mothers but even fathers think only th…
and apologize to Singh, include him in World Cup team
Hard to see Yograj Singh Blaming MS Dhoni for his son WC exclusion. Remember:. He hasn't seen his baby & decided to stay …
What do you call a Punjabi dad acting like a Punjabi mom?. - Yograj Singh
Whatever Yograj Singh said about MSD was a proof of Gender Equality in India. My Son is Best in the World
Yograj Singh did what many parents would have done, under the circs. Understandable.
Dhoni and BCCI apologize to include him in
What an immature statement from Yograj Singh. Must realize that hez belittling the achievements of his son
Update your maps at Navteq
Has Dhoni been blamed yet for cutting short Yograj Singh's cricketing career? It's not that MSD wasn't born then.
Yograj Singh is blaming everyone for his own and his son's failure. Being a retired sports person, he must show some grace.
Yograj Singh and Swine Flu are trending. Both should be eradicated!
Yograj Singh is perfect candidate for Bigboss season 9..
yuvi is much more mature than his father Yograj Singh..
if you Support MS Dhoni. Fav if you're with Yograj Singh.
Yograj Singh has acted like typical Indian parents who blame their son's friend for all that's wrong with his life. :D :D
back Yograj Singh completely Sandeep Patil should be ashamed and so should be Dhoni and Ravi Shastri
Yograj Singh is right. Nt nly of Yuvraj, Dhoni is th persn behind exclusion of Sehwag Gambhir & Harbhajan 2.Also ruind Man…
"Yuvraj, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Virender Sehwag are of that calibre who do not need the selection certificate." - Yograj Singh.
excited for your book now. I read Yuvi and liked a lot how u revealed facts about Yograj Singh's strictness.
Yuvraj Singh’s Father Yograj Singh arrested by Panchkula Police for quarreling with neighbors. http:…
UV's father 'Yograj Singh' should be given the role of 'Amit Shah' in the biopic to be made on featuring Paresh Rawal as
Yuvraj Singh is an Indian international cricketer. He is an all-rounder who bats left-handed in the middle-order and bowls slow left-arm orthodox. He is the son of former Indian fast bowler and Punjabi actor Yograj Singh. Wikipedia Born: December 12, 1981 (age 32), Chandigarh Height: 1.88 m Parents: Shabnam Singh, Yograj Singh Siblings: Zoravar Singh Movies: Captain India, Jumbo Awards: Arjuna Award for Cricket
“Play the tournament for someone you love or respect or for someone who is special and has played a huge role in your life. Play it for someone you think you owe something to. Make the World Cup part of the debt you have to fulfill.” These were Sachin Tendulkar’s words to Yuvraj Singh before the start of the Cricket World Cup 2011. With the next edition is around the corner, the Indian team has many things to be worried, but what it needs the most is a person to recreate the magic created by Yuvraj Singh in the last World Cup. Vomiting blood, chronic coughing, observed while even on the field, coupled with breathing problems: this man overcame them all and fought for the game’s biggest trophy as if his life depended on it. No future for Yuvraj in cricket – Navjot Singh Sidhu When he was a kid, he loved roller skating. He would play in various tournaments and always emerge victorious, but his father, former Indian cricketer Yograj Singh, didn’t think skating was a lucrative career option in Ind ...
Former cricketer Yograj Singh arrested in brawl case, granted bail: Former Test cricketer Yograj Singh and father...
Did you know Punjabi film-star Yograj Singh was a former Test cricketer and father of Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh?
Meanwhile Yograj Singh started pelting stones at Kohli's home.
ManU really needs a good coach like Yograj Singh who coached Milkha Singh too.
The last Indian father-son pair to play for India in Tests: Yograj Singh & Yuvraj Singh .
YUveraj singh needs to do a lot more for cancer fighters including Yograj singh his Dad wid cancer-throat surgery
Yograj Singh declared that henceforth his son (Yuvraj Singh) would play 'Only Cricket' 2/2
Everything changed that day when Yograj Singh threw, out of the car, state level championship medal for skating that Yuvraj Singh won 1/2
Yograj Singh returns to India after successful cancer treatment in USA - Cricket Country
"I have recovered from. cancer, says Yograj. Singh"
Cancer battle: 'Recovered' former bowler Yograj Singh to return home via
I have recovered from. cancer, says Yograj. Singh
Asian Age - India - I have recovered from cancer says Yograj Singh -
I have recovered from cancer, says Yograj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Dad returns after cancer treatment
Congrts! Dad n family Yograj Singh return to India after cancer treatment NY
The actor played who played Farhan Akhtar LIVE's father in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was Yograj Singh, who...
Very happy to watch Manan Vohra who is coached by Yograj Singh. Yog always said he is next Sehwag. Let's see
Meanwhile Yograj singh ('s father) seen throwing stones on random houses in Mohali.
Yograj Singh, TA Shekar Indian fast bowlers lost in the spinners system
Manan Vohra , Who played a good hand in todays match coached by Yograj Singh (father of Yuvraj Singh )
Yograj Singh ( Yuvraj's father and coach ) is coach of Manan Vohra so some similarities ;)
Profile of Manan Vohra: Choosing cricket over hockey, frustration of missing out U-19 WC, coach Yograj Singh & else: htt…
Yuvraj Singh biography Yuvraj Singh Bhandal was born in Punjab to a Sikh family on 12 December 1981. Yuvraj Singh family consists of his father Yograj Singh, who is former Indian fast bowler and Punjabi movie star, his mother Shabnam Singh who is a homemaker and Zoraver Singh, his younger brother. His role in the team is of an all-rounder, basically batsman. He started playing international cricket since 2000 and has contributed decently in the team. Yuvraj Singh made his impressive ODI debut on 3rd October 2000 against Kenya where he scored a half century by hitting 84 from 82 balls against team Australia. He came into actual limelight during the NatWest series in 2002 when he teamed up with Mohammad Kaif and led team India to a historic win. His good form and performance led to him being selected for the Cricket World Cup in 2003. In 2003, he also made his test cricket debut against team New Zealand in Mohali. Although most of his innings did not lead to victory for team India, but his playing technique ...
Manan Vohra and coach Yograj Singh, yuvi's father
ohh New about Manan Vohra but really missed the Yograj singh ufff..
A4. Yograj singh and Manan Vohra, Who played as the Coach in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
Mr.Yograj singh ,he acted in bmb as a trainer.He is also yuvi's father
Manan Vohra is the uncapped player who is being coached by Yograj Singh father of yuvi who acted in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
Got it its Yograj singh n Manan Vohra
yograj singh-the coach and Manan Vohra is the played..
Yograj Singh – Manan Vohra. Yograj played Milkha Singh’s coach in BMB and has coached Manan for over 10 years now.
Mr.Yograj singh he is father of Yuvraj Singh.He acted in bhaag milkha bhaag.
Yograj Singh “You are watching channel PunjabadminApril 13, 2014 8:43 pmYograj Singh “You are watching channel PunjabCategory: Endorsement
YUVI STEPS OUT OF HIS FATHER'S SHADOW:When Yuvraj Singh was in his early teens he came home one day with some medals he had won for skating. His father, Yograj Singh, glanced at them and threw them away. The skates were disposed of soon after. You cannot analyse Yuvraj's cricket career without going back to those childhood days, of a cement wicket at home and constant practice under lights. And his father. Yograj Singh played one Test for India at Wellington in 1981, a few months before Yuvraj was born. A volatile character, some say he was unlucky not to have played more. Indian cricket selection in those days was a murky business and Yograj swallowed his grief and threw himself into the world of Punjabi movies, starring in titles like Insaaf (Justice) and Jat Punjab Da (Jat of Punjab). Often a villain on screen, he was also the cricket parent from *** the game's answer to Jim Pierce and Yuri Sharapov. Apocryphal stories abound, including one of Yuvraj waiting his turn at a net session. Yograj stormed .. ...
1. Which of the following is the first Indian private company to sign an accord with Government of Myanmar for oil exploration in two offshore blocks in that country? A. Reliance Energy B. Essar Oil C. GAIL D. ONGC Workspace 2. John F. Kennedy was A. one the most popular Presidents of USA B. the first Roman Catholic President C. writer of Why England slept and Profile in Courage D. All the above Workspace 3. The Salal Project is on the river A. Chenab B. Jhelum C. Ravi D. Sutlej Workspace 4. Light from the star, Alpha Centauri, which is nearest to the earth after the sun, reaches the earth in A. 4.2 seconds B. 42 seconds C. 4.2 years D. 42 years Workspace 5. CORN FLAKES - Who made them first? A. Nabisco B. Kellogg C. Quaker D. Archers Workspace 6. How many wickets did Yograj Singh take in his 1st ODI match? A. 1 B. 2 C. 4 D. 3 Workspace 7. "FET" is a type of transistor, Its full name is _ Effect Transistor...? A. Field B. Factor C. Flash D. Force Workspace 8. A program that neither replicates or copies it ...
1 2 Film: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Yograj Singh, Japtej Singh, Divya Dutta, Sonam Kapoor, Prakash Raj, and others Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Telling a “true story” is tricky. It appears trickier when the subject has sold you the rights for one rupee, and trained the lead actor himself. In Hollywood, 2011 was the year of the biopic, with J Edgar Hoover, Margaret Thatcher, Marilyn Monroe, and practically everyone else of any importance spawning a screen version. Bollywood, it appears, has decided to honour athletes – first, there was Paan Singh Tomar; and now, there’s Milkha Singh’s story. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra takes more than three hours to tell this story. The problem is that there is no story to tell. The film plods along from one episode in the life of Milkha Singh to the next, with barely any narrative thread to pull them all together. Milkha Singh has led a fascinating life – he lost his family in Multan during Partition and came to India with nothing but the clot . ...
Yuvraj Singh is a son of Yograj Singh who has represented India during his generation and Shabnam Singh. *.Yuvraj Singh as a child had interest in skating. *.When he was taken to Navjot Singh Siddhu’s academy, he was ruled out saying that he doesn’t hold the commitment to become a cricketer. *.Yuvraj Singh played for India in the under19 World Cup victory back in 2000. He scored a sum of 203 runs in the tournament with an average of 33. *.Yuvraj Singh is inspired by Lance Armstrong despite of the doping scandals. *.Yuvraj Singh has the record of scoring a T20 fifty of the least number of balls (12) vs. England. *.He has the record of scoring sixes of each balls bowled in an over. He whacked Stuart Broad out of the park in the Inaugural edition of Twenty 20 World Cup at South Africa *.Yuvraj Singh was awarded as the player of the tournament in the ICC 2011 World Cup which Indian won in home soil defeating Sri Lanka in the finals. *.After the conclusion of the World Cup, he found himself affected by Sem ...
The moment when u realize tht the coach of Farhan Akhtar in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is the father of Yuvraj Singh! His name is Yograj Singh
Directed & Produced by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Written by Prasoon Joshi Released by Reliance Entertainment Hindi with English subtitles India. 188 min. Not rated With Farhan Akhtar, Sonam Kapoor, Dalip Tahil, Art Malik, Divya Dutta, Jabtej Singh, Pavan Malhotra, Yograj Singh, Rebecca Breeds & Prakash Raj Bhaag, Milkha, bhaag . From Dil Chahta Hai, to Bhaag, milkha , bhaag Farhan Akhter has, and is outperforming him self with every project... This guy is some one Amir Khan has to wath out for... What a great picture it was, Cross showing 3 different perspectives at the same time, Milkha's emotions, from the past Milkha's reality , where he is today And Milkha's dream, where he wants to be Respect on Farhan's dedication. Every emotion he puts out in such a sublime way, that if he Wants u to smile, he makes sure u smile If he wants you to feel sad , he makes sure you sympathies with Milkha.. Just great production. Simply Perfect!
The India Coach in the movie was Yograj Singh (Yuvraj Singh's father).
Yograj Singh father of Yuvraj Singh, has done an awesome job as coach of Milkha Singh in
Yuvraj Singh's father Yograj Singh plays the coach role in the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
Any one noticed "Yograj Singh" father of Yuvraj Singh in BMB ? Done good as Milkha's coach. He is a well known actor in punjabi movies.
Yograj Singh (father of Yuvraj Singh cricketer) who is the coach in second half of the movie - is a big let down.
'Bhaag Milkha...emotional experience for me: Yograj Singh
"I am playing Milkha Singh's coach. It has been a great, wonderful and very emotional experience." – Yograj Singh on
Mr. Yograj Singh (father of Yuvi) said...After Bhag Milkha Bhag,where he played role of Milkha Singh's coach, he is looking forward to work in Hollywood. Punjabian de confidence da koi jawab nahi :p
Akshay Kumar to launch boxing champion Vijender Singh in Bollywood film Bollywood will soon add another sportsman in its kitty. After Yuvraj Singh's father Yograj Singh's debut in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, it's famous boxing champion Vijender Singh who will soon be seen in a mainstream Hindi film. And what's more - the Olympic bronze-medalist will be backed by Akshay Kumar, as the actor's production company, Akshay's Grazing Goat Pictures, will be producing the film. Currently, the film, a social thriller, is titled Fugly, and will bedirected by Kabir Sadanand. The film is slated to go on floors in August. In the past, Vijender, apart from his boxing skills, has been famous for his fit body. The boxer has endorsed multiple brands and has even walked the ramp many times for fashion designers, making him the most sought after sportsman (after Dhoni) for product endorsements. Sunnyy
Yuvraj Singh has become a saint, says father IANS | 07 Jun 2013 08:42 pm Mumbai: Yuvraj Singh, glamour boy of Indian cricket, has become a saint after his cancer battle, says his father Yograj Singh, who is proud of his son's new avatar. "Yuvraj Singh today makes me very proud and I thank god that he gave me such a wonderful son," Yograj told IANS in an exclusive interview. "I wanted Yuvraj to become a saint champion. A champion who prays and then goes and plays well; he does not spend money on parties and all. Today, after his cancer, Yuvraj is a saint who prays and doesn't need money and cars. He has become an ordinary person," he added. Soon after the 2011 World Cup, Yuvraj was diagnosed with a rare germ cell cancer near his lungs and underwent treatment in the US. He returned to India after three rounds of chemotherapy in 2012. Yograj, who has four children, is truly proud of the fact that the entire country adores his cricketer son. "I am a very proud father that I have lovely kids. People love Yuvi. ...
Nickname - Yuvi Son of: Yograj Singh & Shabnam Singh Younger Brother: Zoraver Singh Proven Match Performer & Winner, Charismatic, heart throb of millions, youth icon & the biggest name in Cricket for the next 5 years. YUVI is THE:- Prince of Cool, Pied Piper of Punjab, Captain of Pune Warriors...
25 March 1958: Indian pace bowler & Yuvraj's father Yograj Singh was born, Yograj played 1 Test and 6 one-days for India in 1980-81
Yuvraj Singh -"Lion of Punjab" Birth:- 12 December 1981 Mother's Name:- Shabnam Singh Father's Name:- Yograj Singh Yuvraj Singh famously known as Yuvi, has became the backbone of Indian Cricket Middle order. He became an overnight star when at the 2007 World T20 against England he hit six sixes in a single over of Stuart Broad, which was a rare feat in International Cricket. He born on 12th december 1981. He belongs to a sikh family. His father Yograj Singh a Indian former cricketer and a punjabi movie star. His mother Shabnam Singh. He has a brother, name zoravar Singh. But Yograj and Shabnam divorced years ago. And Yuvraj choosing to stay with his mother. Yuvraj acted in two punjabi films as a boy. Once during shooting an action sequence, he was running after a local train and the another man, who was trying to board the train, landed up tripping him and yuvi fell between the train and the platform and on the tracks. His head was inches from the tracks. But one of the crew member reacted swiftly and ski ...
all the top bureaucrats of my city, i.e. Chandigarh among cricketers...Yograj Singh, Dinesh Mongia, Pankaj Dh...
A rare baby picture of Yuvraj Singh with his father Yograj Singh.
World Cup hero and cancer-survivor cricketer Yuvraj Singh will pen a book on his player-turned-actor father Yograj Singh.
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