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Yoenis Cespedes

Yoenis Céspedes Milanés (born October 10, 1985 in Campechuela, Granma Province, Cuba) is a Cuban professional baseball outfielder with the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball in the United States.

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Yoenis Cespedes rips a line drive past 3B Adonis Garcia for his first XBH of the year. His 254 TB last year were 3rd best of his career.
Here's the direct link to a pretty cool Yoenis Cespedes video from Vice Sports:
David Wright, Yoenis Cespedes and Curtis Granderson at first open workout in Port St. Lucie
Last week, Post photog Anthony Causi and I visited Yoenis Cespedes at his ranch in Vero Beach. Here's a look.
Maybe, but they did sign Yoenis Cespedes! Could be that they sign players like Billy Butler only to please MLB for that
"Yoenis Cespedes, and since the deadline"
"I promise to bring another World Series championship back to this team and the fans." -Yoenis Cespedes
This was my exact reaction after the resigned Yoenis Cespedes to a 4 year contract today.
JUST IN: OF Yoenis Cespedes agrees to four-year, $110M contract with the pending physical (via ht…
just saw this but Yoenis Cespedes just reportedly signed a 4 year/$110 million deal with the Mets. No way Fowler gets $30M lol
Mets show willingness to spend by giving Yoenis Cespedes premium deal
The post David Wright era...Yoenis Cespedes becomes the Face of The Franchise.
signing Yoenis Cespedes to 4 year $110 million dollar deal. What do you think?
Keeping Yoenis Cespedes, Mets step up to the plate
I know we're not supposed to say we hate people now, but can I say I hate
His bat changes lineup & don't forget about his arm. Enjoy a few of Yoenis Cespedes' throws.
.OF Yoenis Cespedes reportedly agree to 4-year, $110M deal. Club has not confirmed. https…
Yoenis cespedes just signed a deal worth $45,000 every time he has an at-bat and here I am eating off brand cereal.. smh
Just shy of a year ago, I went to Modell's and bought a Yoenis Cespedes shirsey that was on sale for $5. I'd say I got my m…
Cespedes deal shortens Mets' list at Meetings
By WAR, Yoenis Cespedes was worth roughly the same as Jarrod Dyson.
"The most electrifying hitter in New York stays right where he belongs." Keeping Yoenis Cespedes, Mets Step Up
No opt-outs this time. Cespedes set to return to on new four-year pact worth more than $100MM. Read more: https:/…
Michael Conforto may be destined for either center or right field after the Mets resigned Yoenis Cespedes today. Per me…
While we’re at it, let’s also watch every home run Yoenis Cespedes hit with the Mets in 2015!
BREAKING: Yoenis Cespedes coming back to the Mets
Position players all-time with a larger AAV than Yoenis Cespedes:. 1. Miguel Cabrera. 2.
YO fans couldn't be happier to welcome Yoenis Cespedes back. Gearing up to win a World Series
Mets aren't crazy for giving Yoenis Cespedes $27.5 million per year, they're f-ing stupid
Yoenis Cespedes signs back with the New York Mets
The Mets now have two full seasons with all of their pitchers and Yoenis Cespedes at age 31 and 32. This is about 2017 an…
Now that Yoenis Cespedes resigned with the Mets, the focus is on Edwin and I'm seeing so many rumors omg I'm scared
Now that the Mets have reached a deal with Yoenis Cespedes, here's what could be next: .
A quick story on the Mets agreeing to a deal with Cespedes:
YO! The Mets and Yoenis Cespedes have agreed to 4-year, $110M deal!
First big domino to fall before winter meetings...Mets trying to stay relevant.
ICYMI: get it right with Cespedes. Column:
5 things to watch in wake of Cespedes deal
BREAKING: Yoenis Cespedes has reportedly agreed to a 4-year, $110 million deal to return to the Mets
Can confirm Yoenis Cespedes' contract is four years for $110 million with a full no-trade clause. Highest AAV ever for a…
The biggest winner of Yoenis Cespedes' $110 million contract is his car dealer.
With Yoenis Cespedes off the board, who’s No. 1 now in free-agent rankings?
Random person: Why'd you name your blog after Yoenis Cespedes?. Me:
Keeping Yoenis Cespedes, Mets Step Up to the Plate, via Winter looks warmer!
. Yoenis Cespedes thinks you should buy my used Subaru! awesome car for under $4,000 lets g…
Mets: Re-signing OF Yoenis Cespedes a move that had to be made for a team that is in it to win it - Adam Rubin (ES…
Yoenis Cespedes just won his first career Silver Slugger, providing yet the latest piece of evidence of how valuable he…
Yoenis Cespedes becomes the first Met to win a Silver Slugger since David Wright in '08, & the first outfielder since Carlos…
If you liked Mark Teixiera, you'll love Yoenis Cespedes (up to you to say good or bad)
Yoenis Cespedes to the giants with a 4 year 96 million contact
hope to have Yoenis Cespedes resolution within month. Details:
Yoenis Cespedes' representatives met with Mets officials about a week before he opted out, but team officials... https:/…
For the Mets, an entire offseason hinges on Yoenis Cespedes:.
Yoenis Cespedes opts out of contact with New York Mets
Mets have free agent options if doesn't... via nydailynews
How many years should the Mets guarantee Cespedes after 2016? 6 Years. What do you think?
Mets won't play waiting game with Yoenis Cespedes this time
Our back: On election day, here's a campaign Mets fans can support: Sandy hopes for a deal with Cespedes ht…
Yoenis Cespedes tops our list of this winter's top 50 free agents.
I agree, let's quickly resolve the contract status of Yoenis Cespedes instead of waiting until late January. Give him 5/whatever.
nypost​.com >> Mets won’t play waiting game with Yoenis Cespedes this time
Is there ANY chance the Tribe could land Yoenis Cespedes?
We have extended qualifying offers to Yoenis Cespedes and Neil Walker.
Sandy Alderson hopes to reach speedy deal with Yoenis Cespedes
Yoenis Cespedes, Aroldis Chapman lead picks for the winter's top free agents in this year's Reiter 50…
Yoenis Cespedes opts out of Mets contract
Will the Mets bring back Yoenis Cespedes, Neil Walker? Sandy Alderson weighs in -
Sandy Alderson wants Yoenis Cespedes back, but will he be too rich for Mets? - Newsday: Newsday Sandy Alderson
Curtis Granderson believes the can get Yoenis Cespedes back
Curtis Granderson is pulling for Yoenis Cespedes to remain a Met
Yoenis Cespedes to opt out of Mets deal with 2 years, $47.5 million left - via App
WoW. Yoenis Cespedes dyed his blonde also. Jose Reyes, Asdrubal Cabrera, Jerry Blevins, Rene Rivera, and now Yoenis Ces…
Social media seems to indicate Yoenis Cespedes spent his Tuesday night going bleach blond like Reyes, Asdrubal, others.…
With everyone talking about Tim Tebow's BP HR, only right I mention Yoenis Cespedes blasting one off the wall behind the Apple
I wonder if Tim Tebow's BP homer would have hit the top of the glass restaurant windows at Citi Field ... because Yoenis Cespedes just did.
Last night showed why Yoenis Cespedes is such a great fit for the and New York.
The Daily Dish: trade rumors and news for September 20, 2016.
Yoenis Cespedes said he wanted to play — but his body ..
who should be NL mvp Daniel Murphy,yoenis cespedes,kris bryant,or Anthony Rizzo
Guess Yoenis Cespedes really was upset about that flyout. His visit to see Cespedes the horse at Belmont Park this morning was canceled.
"Playing the role of Ben McAdoo after Super Bowl 51 is Curtis Granderson. Yoenis Cespedes will play Odell Beckham" https…
Looks like Yoenis Cespedes will not be meeting the horse named "Cespedes" after all. That event, set for this morning, has been cancelled.
So much for that. | From Please be advised that the previously announced Yoenis Céspedes visit to Belmont Park has been cancelled.
Why? Is it Cause Yoenis Cespedes is still sick or is he injured?
Good morning, here is the MLB Daily Dish: MLB trade news and rumors for September 2020, 2016
Yoenis Cespedes swings against the Twins on Sunday at CitiField.
The odds are the Tigers will have traded the 2016 Cy Young winner for Yoenis Cespedes, then traded Cespedes for the 2016 Rookie of the Year.
Yoenis Cespedes flies out and throws his bat. He'll feel better when he meets Cespedes, the horse named after him, at Belmont Park tomorrow.
Yoenis Cespedes walk up music is the Lion King song lol
Yoenis Cespedes walking up to the Lion King theme is pretty solid. 🐐🐐🐐
Last year Yoenis Cespedes carried the to the World Series. This year it could very well be TJ Rivera that carries them there.
All purpose parts banner
Yoenis Céspedes just walked up the vocal part from the start of the Lion King 🦁¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ⚾️?
Not if that means keeping him at the expense of Cespedes. If they keep both, fine. If it's only 1, it's Yoenis.
Love the fact that Yoenis Cespedes uses The Lion King theme as his walk-up song. My son would approve!
if Ryan Howard, Yoenis Cespedes, and Alfonso Ribeiro had a kid, it would be Dom Smith
I just contributed to the Yoenis Cespedes fund for the Mets. I bought my nephew a Tebow jersey. The Mets way of standing with a cup.
Just call it the Yoenis Cespedes fundraiser.
Per our sources: All Tim Tebow merchandise/jersey revenue will go directly to the "Resign Yoenis Cespedes in the Offseason" F…
Yoenis Cespedes is indeed back in the lineup after yesterday's dizziness episode. And T.J. Rivera starts his sixt…
Here is the Mets lineup for Monday's 7:10 p.m. ET series opener against the Braves. Yoenis Cespedes returns...
- Yoenis Cespedes is in Monday's lineup
Michael Conforto is in the lineup for the second straight day. Yoenis Cespedes is back in the lineup after leaving yes…
Yoenis Cespedes told Terry Collins that he felt sick in between innings and felt wobbly on his legs.
Has someone told the they did not trade Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester. reason for collapse
Yoenis Cespedes celebrates walk-off home run with glorious bat flip via
ICYMI, the beat the on Yoenis Cespedes' walk-off home run in the 10th
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Yoenis Cespedes walks up to 'Circle of Life,' hits walk-off homer to a guy in a Simba costume via
Yoenis Cespedes hit the ball to the moon, and the Mets keep chipping away
Yoenis Cespedes unleashes monstrous bat flip after walk-off homer: Welcome to The Walk Off, the nightly MLB r...
Neil Walker and Yoenis Cespedes sore and sorely needed by Mets
Yoenis Cespedes now has 44 home runs and 112 RBI in 160 games with the Mets.
that lime green jeep at that dealership by roadhouse is hideous, like i wanna drive something that looke like Yoenis Cespedes' armsleeve
Yoenis Cespedes sits after quad acts up again - SFGate.. Related Articles:
[The Comeback] Yoenis Cespedes hits walk-off homer, bat flips, is crowned with bubble gum bucket
Mets expect Yoenis Cespedes to hit a home run every at-bat
If you liked his bat flips and wearing very comfortable t-shirts, this is for you:
[Newsday]The game remained scoreless until the eighth, when the Marlins nudged ahead 1-0 with the he…
.walked up to 'Circle of Life', then hit a walk-off HR to a guy dressed as Simba:
And, that's why Yoenis Cespedes is here. For the big, clutch moment. Tremendous fight by this club tonight.
The three pitchers Yoenis Cespedes has been traded for in his career happen to be 42-12 this year: Rick Porcello, Jon Les…
Official Video: Yoenis Cespedes hit a massive walk off HR last night
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MLB Roundup: August 29 West Hawaii Today NEW YORK — Yoenis Cespedes homered with two outs in the bottom of the 10th…
And the award for best bat flip in a regular season game goes to Yoenis Cespedes.
Yoenis Cespedes provided a win and some badly needed adrenaline for the Mets.
Best of MLB: Mets win in 10th on Yoenis Cespedes’ walk-off HR
Jose Reyes on Yoenis Cespedes: "Basically, he can do whatever he wants to when he wants to."
Sharing this again because people seemed to like it. fans have seen this sad show before.
In Cuba, I didn't even have a bicycle.
Cespedes: Playing golf ‘did not affect’ my injury: Yoenis Cespedes wants everyone to know his dec...
Mets' Yoenis Cespedes, Asdrubal Cabrera activated off the disabled list
Yoenis Cespedes with a dud in his return
Cespedes sounds like he'll opt out & Wilpon's think they won WS last year?? .
Mets' Yoenis Cespedes can go from savior to scapegoat
Yoenis Cespedes' defiant answer to golf-game queries: SAN FRANCISCO — Yoenis Cespedes teed off Friday on the ...
Porcello outduels Fulmer in battle of pitchers traded for Yoenis Cespedes -
SAN FRANCISCO -- The returns of Yoenis Cespedes and Asdrubal Cabrera appear too late to resuscitate the New Y...
Yoenis Cespedes' defiant answer to golf-game queries
(Northjersey) of Cabrera no help as Mets fall to Giants, 8-1 : Despite Yoenis Cespedes and..
Yoenis Cespedes' defiant answer to golf-game queries via
Yoenis Cespedes tired of hearing golf talk contributing to injury
Yoenis Cespedes' defiant answer to golf-game queries
Yoenis Cespedes wants to 'make it really clear' that golfing wasn't a problem -
Official: activate Yoenis Cespedes, Asdrubal Cabrera from the DL. Option Ty Kelly and TJ Rivera to Vegas.
Roster Moves: We have activated Yoenis Cespedes and Asdrubal Cabrera from the DL and optioned Ty Kelly and T.J. Rivera to Las Veg…
REPORT: Yoenis Cespedes and Asdrubal Cabrera have been activated from the DL. Ty Kelly and T.J. Rivera has been optioned to L…
Yoenis Cespedes took BP today, per Alderson. Mets hope he'll return from DL as soon as eligible. May need a few minor league rehab games.
You also wanted the Royals to trade Alex Gordon and James Shields for Yoenis Cespedes and Tommy Milone in 2014.
NEW YORK -- Terry Collins revealed his National League lineup for the All-Star Game, but with Yoenis Cespedes...
“All I can say is there’s a lot of baseball left” said one of Mets' injured, Yoenis Cespedes
Yoenis Cespedes left the game against Washington on Friday night before the start of the fourth inning with a strained right quad.
Yoenis Cespedes leaves game with strained right quad
Terry Collins says it's "a pretty good assumption" that neither Noah Syndergaard nor Yoenis Cespedes will play in the Al…
*Matt Harvey out for season, Yoenis Cespedes, Noah Syndergaard may miss ASG*
Yoenis Cespedes leaves game in third inning due to quad injury via
Noah Syndergaard and Yoenis Cespedes left tonight's game with injuries.
Three Strikes: Mets’ injury list grows, White Sox join rare club & more (by
Two more Mets stars leave game injured (Yahoo Sports)
Yoenis Cespedes says he had a similar quadriceps injury in spring training last year...
On the Mets' terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, the White Sox's triple triple & the non-final vote:
Syndergaard, Cespedes hurt as Nationals' Strasburg dominates Mets: Yoenis Cespedes left the game agains...
Noah Syndergaard & Yoenis Cespedes leave with ailments. Mets injuries continue. You've heard this before.
I can now say that I've driven next to Yoenis Cespedes on the Grand Central and Cross Island. Insane. Unreal.
Update: Yoenis Cespedes (Quadriceps), Expected to be out until at least Jul 15
Hatta Rajasa News : The Mets lose Yoenis Cespedes and Noah Syndergaard to injury in the same game - CBSSports...
Mets Video: Jose Reyes goes 0-4 in his return to the team, Yoenis Cespedes hits his 21st HR in 5-2 loss to the Mar…
Yoenis Cespedes tied the longest homer ever hit at Citi Field last night. Here's a look at some other long blasts: featured in NBC s Science of Love
New York Mets: Paint the seat Yoenis Cespedes' third-deck Citi Field home run hit yellow - Sign the P...
Had no idea still making clothes til I saw Yoenis Cespedes with the sweatshirt. Fresh. htt…
Updated news story: get good news on Noah Syndergaard, Yoenis Cespedes, Zack Wheeler:
Mets breathe a sigh of relief as Noah Syndergaard and Yoenis Cespedes emerge from injury scares (largely) unscathed.
Jun 8, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes flies out to center fielder Andrew McCutchen.
Yoenis Cespedes has been scratched from Saturday's game at Marlins Park. There was no immediate reason given for... http…
Good sign for Wilmer Flores, as he singles to knock in Yoenis Cespedes and give the Mets a 2-1 lead.
May 24, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes singles on a line drive to left fielder Jayson Werth.
Oh, man. Yoenis Cespedes and Neil Walker hit back-to-back homers. 7-1, over the
Here's a GIF of Yoenis Cespedes flipping an omelette, from Instagram post (https…
Mets would be in deep 💩 without Yoenis Cespedes and Michael Conforto.
I hate to be that guy, but where was this Yoenis Cespedes in the World Series last fall?
2 run homerun by Yoenis Cespedes(14th HR, 34th and 35th RBIs) plates Michael Conforto as the tie the game at 4 in the 6th inning.
Michael Conforto is $1000 cheaper than Yoenis Cespedes at today. Projected about the same, take the savings.
Daniel Murphy totally faked out his old teammate
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Yoenis Cespedes Gets in Front of a Hop by Blocking It with...
Chris Carter (MIL): 13th HR ties MLB lead with Yoenis Céspedes and Nolan Arenado. 8th HR to center, most in MLB. https:…
When you fake out Yoenis Cespedes that bad, there’s nothing to do but smile:
May 11, AB 3: Yoenis Cespedes grounds into a force out, third baseman Howie Kendrick to second baseman Chase Utley. Michael Conforto out at
Yoenis Cespedes wins a "bidding war" over a grand champion hog in Florida:
Once upon a time, I thought the Mets offense didn't need Yoenis Cespedes. Glad Sandy Alderson doesn't know who I am.
Yoenis Cespedes sets pair of franchise records with 6-RBI outburst in third
Double Switch. Jerry Blevins in on relief for Steven Matz and Juan Lagares in at CF for Yoenis Cespedes
Juan Lagares at WR, Bartolo Colon at OL and Yoenis Cespedes at LB. Kirk gets hosed somehow.
"Genius" Billy Bean could have the left side of his field be Addison Russell, Josh Donaldson, and Yoenis Cespedes. But he's a moron.
The Spanish announcer call of Yoenis Cespedes' home run last night was pure electricity https:/…
What do David Ortiz, Derek Jeter, Yoenis Cespedes, Tyler Holt all have in common? All fooled by Brandon Finnegan
Neil Walker hitting 8 homers in April. Noah Syndergaard dominating. Yoenis Cespedes' clutch homer. They all got me like
3 run pinch hit homerun by Yoenis Cespedes(6th HR of season) plates Juan Lagares and Kevin Plawecki as the tie the game at 3 in 7th.
BOOM! On the first pitch he sees, Yoenis Cespedes hits a three-run homer to left field to tie things, 3-3, in the seventh.
Terry Collins said that had Yoenis Cespedes played Tuesday, Curtis Granderson rather than Michael Conforto may...
Ryan Braun and Lucas Duda OUT. Juan Lagares draws into lineup in place of Yoenis Cespedes. MORE INSIDE!
Some of the players out of lineups today: Bryce Harper, Miguel Cabrera, Justin Upton, Billy Hamilton, Yoenis Cespedes
Mets' lineup vs. Braves: Juan Lagares subs for Yoenis Cespedes in center
Double switch. Addison Reed in on relief for Jerry Blevins and Juan Lagares comes in at CF for Yoenis Cespedes
Apr 16, AB 3: Yoenis Cespedes grounds out, shortstop Francisco Lindor to first baseman Mike Napoli.
Apr 16, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes strikes out swinging, catcher Yan Gomes to first baseman Mike Napoli.
Yoenis Cespedes' off-field income could soar beyond estimated $600k this year
Remember when the had Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Donaldson, & Addison Russell on the way up?
Throwback to that time the A's had Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Donaldson, and Addison Russell on the way. How'd they screw THAT up?
MIACespedes gets Mets on the board with single Yoenis Cespedes singles on a liner to left field, bri…
Time for Bob Raissman's annual kiss *** critique. Early for Quid-pro-$
Mets announcers' criticism of Yoenis Cespedes sets up perfect home run call
Final Score: Marlins 10, Mets 3—Matz meltdown puts game out of reach ..
That's how you play centerfield Yoenis Cespedes
wild pitch by Jarred Cosart plates Yoenis Cespedes as the cut the lead to 8-2 in the 4th inning.
RBI single by Yoenis Cespedes plates David Wright as the cut the lead to 8-1 in the 4th inning.
Who will be the first writer to blame the Mets' slow start on Yoenis Cespedes' cars?
Rough 1st wk for Yoenis Cespedes He is hitting .125 with no homers & no rbi's. He made $1,051,913 this wk http…
Yoenis Cespedes must have a different strike zone than every Marlins hitter.
Yoenis Cespedes dropped an eminently catchable line drive, reminding many of Game 1 of the World Series.
I think Yoenis Cespedes needs to wear another chain. Imagine that kind of nonsense going on in a uniform.
Yoenis Cespedes looks like the biggest *** wearing jewelry in the middle of a game
Yoenis Cespedes smacks his first homer of the season .
Baseball players like baseball. Yoenis Cespedes and Wilmer Flores are playing catch while seated on office chairs inside…
Wade Davis strikes out David Wright looking for the second out. It comes down to Yoenis Cespedes.
Yoenis Cespedes drops a routine line drive to left field off bat of Mike Moustakas.
Prince Fielder is better in literally every counting statistical field than Yoenis Cespedes.
or as much as Noah Syndergaard loves Yoenis Cespedes.
Hall of Famer Goose Gossage has criticized Toronto star Jose Bautista and New York Mets slugger Yoenis Cespedes for…
Mets: Yoenis Cespedes says \"I'll do the best I can\" if asked to play CF; \"if I had the choice, I would stay in …
VIDEO: Get behind the wheel with Yoenis Cespedes in his sweet Polaris SL three-wheeler
Yoenis Cespedes takes a different fancy car to ST each day, Brad Penny rides a bicycle to camp.
Mar 4, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes grounds out, third baseman Chris Johnson to first baseman Derek Dietrich.
Yoenis Cespedes ain't got nothing on Miguel Cabrera
Most obscure factoid ever: Yoenis Cespedes reportedly likes his waffles round, not square:
but when even Drew Stubbs is an upgrade, you know what would really have helped you win? Yoenis Cespedes
Yoenis Cespedes' Alfa Romeo has arrived. Wilmer Flores has been driving it.
Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Reddick, and Angel Pagan are all potential OF FA's after the 2016 season.
Have you seen what Yoenis Cespedes rolled up in at Port St. Luice camp? Straight Willie Mays Hayes style Jack.
Yoenis Cespedes arrived to Tradition Field in this today. Carry on.
5 players to watch as Mets open spring training - Matt Harvey, Yoenis Cespedes and David Wright top the list
Off memory, I know Aaron Rodgers and Josh Reddick do this. And recently, Yoenis Cespedes. But none with the flare (Flair?) of Sheed
Yoenis Cespedes is serious about having a Cuban sandwich with Jerry Seinfeld. -->
Now SHOCKER that might upstage the comeback of dead player Oscar Taveras as Yoenis Cespedes, which ws what Alderson did
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.on Yoenis Cespedes press conference. Watch on live
Lukewarm take: Mark Trumbo will be just as valuable as Yoenis Cespedes in OBP leagues this season.
Yoenis Cespedes had higher offers from multiple clubs and took less $ to stay with the Mets, per https:/…
Jeff Sullivan on Yoenis Cespedes smoking cigarettes between innings
Ken Rosenthal confirms Yoenis Cespedes is in Montgomery, AL with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Will sign as a WR.
Here's the Buster Olney story on Yoenis Cespedes and the
Don’t be fooled, the market for Yoenis Cespedes not shrinking
Fantasy News: Marlins say they have no interest in Cespedes - Yoenis Cespedes | NYM
Fantasy News: Report: Angels still not going after Cespedes - Yoenis Cespedes | NYM
With keeping Alex Gordon, getting Justin Upton, will pick up Yoenis Cespedes or other OF?
Alejandro De Aza or Yoenis Cespedes? Broccoli or Chocolate truffles with marshmallow?
Yoenis Cespedes a Seattle Mariner? Could see it, fits Jerry Dipoto's mantra of getting more athletic in the outfield, M's have opening in LF
Which Mets one year FA outfielder standard will Yoenis Cespedes' replacement Alejandro De Aza live up to in 2016?
Yoenis Cespedes / According to Peter Gammons of MLB Network and the Astros
Are the Astros players in the Yoenis Cespedes sweepstakes?
'Take Your Pick: Justin Upton or Yoenis Cespedes. Who fits better for the White Sox?' via FanSided Android .
If the Orioles could get Alex Gordon, Justin Upton, of Yoenis Cespedes that would be great. While your at it resign Chris Davis
Go get Yoenis Cespedes back! Let's get another big bat and glove in Comerica Park! Let's get back in the playoffs, Detroit Tigers!
reportedly offer OF Yoenis Cespedes a 6yr/$125M and have interest in resigning SS Alexei Ramirez
I believe the Chicago White Sox will sign Alex Gordon & Alexei Ramirez and not a high ticket OF like Yoenis Cespedes or Justin Upton
From what I've gathered, likely to end up with either Alex Gordon or Yoenis Cespedes. Very active on outfield m…
Mets only offered Yoenis Cespedes deal '2 or 3' years,NYM interested in Steve Pearce.
Merry Christmas, fans! Oh, you wanted Yoenis Cespedes in your stocking? Here's Steve Pearce instead!
MLB Trade Rumors: Latest on Yoenis Cespedes, Jackie Bradley Jr. and the Rays via
Hopefully Jay-Z was in town to talk Yoenis Cespedes coming to the Cardinanls since Cespedes is with Roc Nation Sports
Pepsi Porch no more — soft drink ends deal with Mets: The Mets, who will likely lose Yoenis Cespedes to free agency this winter, alre...
Uhhh Indians instead of Chris Davis Daniel Murphy and Pedro Alveras I'll just take one Justin Upton and/or Yoenis Cespedes. Dolans. Please.
What if the Mets had failed to land Yoenis Cespedes?
For the first time since 2005 two Cuban players are going to participate in the World Series: Kendrys Morales and Yoenis Cespedes.
Despite their need for a RH bat in the lineup, the will not make a run for OF Yoenis Cespedes in free agency this winter.
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Ernie Johnson: Blah, blah, blah. Ron Darling : Yoenis Cespedes replaced by Juan Lagares. TBS is awful...'cept for Ronnie.
PITCHING CHANGE: Pedro Strop enters the game after the Murphy single off Clayton Richard to face Yoenis Cespedes, 1-3 tonight.
RHP Pedro Strop will enter for the to get 1 final out against slugger Yoenis Cespedes.
Intentionally walking Daniel Murphy to get to Yoenis Cespedes. I love October.
Yoenis Cespedes run-scoring infield single. Javier Baez couldn't do much with the ball taking him away from infield. Mets up 4-0
Yoenis Cespedes infield single to SS Javier Baez scores Granderson. NY up 4-0 over Chicago in the B3. .
Adam Rubin: Since it's after midnight, Yoenis Cespedes is now 30 years old
Josh Donaldson, Yoenis Cespedes, Addison Russell or, uh, Ben Zobrist? will win the World Series this year. I like these playoffs!
Gotta be tough for A's fans seeing Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Donaldson, and yeah, to a lesser extent - Ben Zobrist in the Championship Series.
Yoenis Cespedes is the 1st Met to hit a HR in consecutive playoff games since John Olerud in 1999.
Yoenis Cespedes and Kiko Alonso. Fun to say out loud.
Yoenis Cespedes' homer just came though my window in the Lower East Side.
After walking David Wright, Clayton Kershaw struck out Yoenis Cespedes & Daniel Murphy to end the top of the 1st.
Yankees acquiring Yoenis Cespedes and David price goodbye carlos beltran Stephen drew and Chris Young this offseason
PHILADELPHIA -- The New York Mets dodged a bullet Wednesday when outfielder Yoenis Cespedes was hit by a pitch on the left hand but
Sep 24, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes out on a sacrifice fly to center fielder Jason Bourgeois. David Wright scores.
Yoenis Cespedes is a disgrace, he never stands up for the National Anthem, always go into the tunnel. He left a communist country (1/2)
Sep 22, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes strikes out swinging, catcher A. J. Pierzynski to first baseman Freddie Freeman.
I'd like to thank Kris Bryant, Yoenis Cespedes, Nelson Cruz and Zach Greinke for leading me to the Fantasy Baseball playoffs.
Sep 21, AB 4: Yoenis Cespedes grounds out, shortstop Andrelton Simmons to first baseman Freddie Freeman.
Those arguing Yoenis Cespedes ought to be NL MVP, I give you Randy Winn in 2005: cc:
Yoenis Cespedes for NL MVP? If Manny Ramirez didn't get it in 2008 or Carlos Beltran in '04, then no way has Cespedes earned it.
My dad is trying to change our dog's name to Yoenis Cespedes. Our dog is 11.
So if 15 weeks was enough for Rick Sutcliffe to win is 9 weeks enough for Yoenis Cespedes to win
Yoenis Cespedes is having a great season. But the fact remains he has been in the National League for a little over a month.
The fake Domonic Brown-Yoenis Cespedes trade between the Phillies and A's makes some sense, writes
Rick Sutcliffe won a Cy Young award in 1984 based on 3 1/2 months of work - can Yoenis Cespedes win an MVP award based on 2 months of work?
I think Yoenis Cespedes has change my life. He undoubtedly has made me change my pants
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