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Ying Yang Twins

The Ying Yang Twins is an Atlanta-based American crunk dancing (also known as: krunk dancing) rap duo consisting of Kaine (born Eric Jackson on December 16, 1978) and D-Roc (born De'Angelo Holmes on February 23, 1979).

Lil Jon Bubba Sparxxx Mike Jones East Side Boyz Yung Joc Katt Williams Trinidad James Crime Mob Kid Rock Kim Kardashian Bow Wow French Montana Pastor Troy Chapman University Trick Daddy

as we get in this thang with Ying Yang Twins, Anjunadeep, Mark Farina, & SIAN!. Tickets at
Two interviews tomorrow with Crowe Horwath and Eastman and then a Ying Yang Twins concert? It's going to be a good day πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
are you not familiar with Tobacco Road? I say Nelly will be there in like 7 years. Along with the Ying Yang Twins
This Galaxy Note 7 commercial has me singing Ying Yang Twins song Whistle While you Twerk. Every. Single. Time.
Usually, I have a very deep voice. . I went from being Eddie Zondi to the Ying Yang Twins 😣😣😣
She might be the one if her favorite song by the Ying Yang Twins is Wait.
Need someone to do a Ying Yang Twins appreciation day thread.
Ying Yang Twins - Wait by Ying Yang Twins Download the app now!
I wonder what the Ying Yang Twins are doing...
Waiting for these morons to step away from the jukebox so I can put on Ying Yang Twins
My friend & I decided that we need to have a float in next year's pride parade. Nothing but Trina, Crime Mob, Ying Yang Twins being played.
dropping a Ying Yang Twins reference on Raw. I adore this.
Am I the only one that really misses the Ying Yang Twins
I hope my future husband knows all the words to Pull My Hair by Ying Yang Twins so he can rap it to me while I dance on him.
:: Playing Lil Jon And The Eastside Boyz - Get Low (feat. Ying Yang Twins) :: reply if your like! :: |
If you know nothing about me, know that my level of woke will never negate my love for the Ying Yang Twins
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I'm going to write a solo acoustic cover of Get Low by Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz ft. Ying Yang Twins.
My grandma out here dancing to the Ying Yang Twins
Ja Rule, Ying Yang Twins, and Yung Joc in the caf today πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
I really wanted to make a Ying Yang Twins - Salt Shaker reference πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
badd by ying yang twins and Mike Jones
I feel like the Ying Yang twins may have been involved.
maybe he just likes the Ying Yang Twins.
Get low by the ying yang twins came on my playlist
Katt Williams got arrested for throwing a salt shaker. I'm blaming the Ying Yang Twins. I always knew that song would get someone in trouble
I don't think the Ying Yang Twins and had this in mind with Salt Shaker! Katt Williams what is up?
waiting on Ying Yang Twins salt shaker jokes about Katt Williams.
YING YANG TWINS @ RIFF RAFF tonight- E.26th St & Park. Text me to join my table FREE on Justin's…
This all happened while the Ying Yang twins salt shaker was blasting. "The music just takes over" - Katt Williams
Once started playing Ying Yang Twins it was lit!
I have Ying Yang Twins stuck in my head πŸ€”
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I think there's a Ying Yang Twins joke in here somewhere.
Just killed my presentation on the Ying Yang Twins πŸ’πŸ½
This *** first name pronounced like the beginning of "Get Low" by the Ying Yang twins
I'm going to listen to the Ying Yang Twins for the rest of my work day, because I need something as hype as I am.
Were the ying yang twins even related?
When u take the ying yang twins too seriously
Maybe he had Ying Yang Twins on his mind... Shake It Like a Salt Shaker πŸ€”
I just gave a presentation on the Ying Yang is the place for me
Finding out that the Ying Yang Twins aren't even brothers was the worst day of my life.
The fact that Ying Yang Twins are on album has me more hype than anything Drake's been doing
Man if I get a booty filter I'm immediately turning on Ying Yang Twins and Cash Money, lol.
Maybe the Ying Yang Twins were playing and he got too buck.
My man's been listening to too much Ying Yang Twins, smh
What if The Ying Yang Twins never whispered in ya ear ?
All I'm saying is my future girlfriend better give me a private dance to Dangerous by Ying Yang Twins. πŸ€”
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Is it socially acceptable to start drinking out of a gas can like the Ying yang twins?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ladies what if ying yang twins didn't want u to whistle while u twerk?
/tts in discord Ying yang twins wait best meme of year
Ying Yang Twins are either the most disgusting or revolutionary minds of our generation
What if the Ying Yang Twins never told these *** to get low?.
Friday March 18th. Ying Yang Twins and Diamond from Love and Hip Hop @ New Parish in Oakland. My…
What if the Ying Yang Twins didn't make her to see...? *phone crashes*
I got a sore throat that got me sounding like the ying yang twins
What if the Ying Yang Twins actually knew what's haapnin?
I liked a video from Ying Yang Twins Feat.Avant - Bedroom Boom
It's a sign that it's going to be a good day when the Ying yang twins come on, I'm convinced
What if the Ying Yang Twins didn't whisper?
that time i got dragged out of a ying yang twins concert because I jumped on stage and twerked to salt shaker
Head over to Fist In The Air to check out the Ying Yang Twins "Say I Yi Yi" Remix that I did with the legend who...
I added a video to a playlist Sammie - Show Me ft. Ying Yang Twins
actually intently listening to the lyrics of Wait (The Whisper Song) by the Ying Yang Twins and... wow, so poetic.
This picture is 100x better if you imagine him singing the Ying Yang Twins’ β€œThe Whisper Song” to that trophy.
Can't wait to go to ATL and hangout w/ Ying Yang Twins and Bubba Sparxxx
They're listening to ying yang twins at subway
Bo Jackson's favorite song: 'The Whisper Song' by the Ying Yang Twins.
Come out and Celebrate with me March 18th!! Ying Yang Twins, Diamond from Crime Mob special…
Today's the big day so naturally I have the perfect blend of blink182, Nujabes, and The Ying Yang Twins on deck bumpin.
Migos feat. Ying Yang Twins lol. That's the only way
May have just woken up Jerry while overzealously rapping to Ying Yang Twins without realizing it.
So "The Whisper Song" by Ying Yang Twins just came on & I want to whisper the lyrics badly. ..
I went to a Ying Yang Twins concert and lil Bow Wow came out the back with a stack of coloring books
Drake or both of the Ying Yang Twins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Everyone pls go listen to the Ying Yang Twins holiday album. You won't regret it
Ying Yang Twins x Shake I'll still go off when this come on πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚
The Packers are 6-0, and I just hand crafted my text tone to be a three second snippet of "Badd" by the Ying Yang Twins...therefore I'm 7-0.
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Listen to Salt Shaker by Ying Yang Twins & Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz on
Now playing in my head: Dangerous by Ying Yang Twins. .
on - Get Low By Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz ft. Ying Yang Twins from the…
Is listening to the Whisper Song by the Ying Yang Twins. horrified ang hiding under a blanket
We will also be opening for Ying Yang Twins, when they come to zwolle in november.
Lot's own personal *** is probably where the Ying Yang Twins "Salt Shaker" is on an endless loop
Jasmine in here bouta have us listening to the Ying Yang Twins...
β€˜Beyonce-Crazy in love Remix||Elephant Man, Ying Yang Twins, Bubba Sparxxx etc||Weed Smokers Riddim’ on
Gonna ask Ying Yang Twins if I can join we can be the Ying Yang Triplets
better go to Pandora and put on the Ying Yang Twins station! Cause I'ma need you out of yo feelings, my feelings, everybody
They playing all the throw backs on VH1 right now. They just played Nina Sky, earlier they played Jagged Edge & now the Ying Yang Twins
Bubba sparxx Ying Yang Twins ms new bootie
Mind you this the same man that had Ying Yang Twins and Soldier Boy signed to his label.
The short twin in the Ying Yang Twins has a sick voice. He should do a solo album.
God spoke to The Ying Yang Twins in 2005 and said "Bless this earth with The Whisper Song" and so it was done
I'll make Y2K really great bc I'm from Memphis so i knew every three 6 mafia and ying yang twins song out the womb
DJ RAW is back. I got all these old heads telling me they want to here Get Low by the Ying Yang Twins…
Help i cant stop dancing (shaking it) omg people are watching now.. .. Salt Shaker by Ying Yang Twins
no one else in the rap game is whispering whole verses and hooks...but I am. big up the ying yang twins
Put my entire music list on shuffle, and got Ying Yang Twins followed by Florence and the Machine, so that's the end of that experiment.
I had a dream me and Oprah were rapping Shake by Pitbull and the Ying Yang Twins
Listening to old ying yang twins song's has me dying, they where the best lmao
My neighbors are having a party & they're playing The Whisper Song by the Ying Yang Twins. I'll be here jamming through my paper thin walls.
Trying to find jean shorts that fit me always just makes me sing that old Ying Yang Twins song...cute face slim waist with a big behind πŸ˜‚
I added Ying Yang Twins to my grandpas pandora quick mix. Now I wait.
"kante where are the Ying-Yang twins. I like their music" that whisper song still hits goes in but *** it's nasty af
I wonder what the ying yang twins are up to these days
My first concert was a B5 concert. Bow Wow, T-Pain, and The Ying Yang Twins was their and Young Joc. Bunch of other people was their to.
Lol am I the only one that remember that "What's Happnin" song by the Ying Yang Twins πŸ˜‚
Heard Ying Yang Twins dropping an album with Outkast
My favorite songs to workout to are "Shake" by Ying Yang Twins and "Up Down" by T-Pain lol
For sure checkin out the Ying Yang Twins this Friday
Shake it like a jelly roll...Ying Yang Twins
Oh good, the Ying Yang Twins are performing right now for free. What happened, Baruch? Young Tariq and Peter Gunz were too busy??
A lot younger folk impressed by J.Cole and other mediocre rappers cuz they grew up on D4L, Ying Yang Twins, chicken noodle soup raps.
Yung Joc, Ying Yang Twins, and Mike Jones best three out
"If you never had a burnt CD with the Ying Yang Twins, Bubba Sparxxx, and Nappy Roots, then your life is not 2003 approved."
Get Low always does it's job on leg day when doing squats. Thank you Lil John and the Ying Yang Twins.
Why I yelled "WHAT" when I met the Ying Yang Twins like it was Lil John' or something idk but they were cool...
Fwd: 9 Bootylicious Workout Songs to Commemorate the Year of the Butt We can't all be Kim Kardashian. We can't even all be Jen Selter. But we can sure as heck try. If 2014 was the year of the butt, 2015 promises to be the year we work on ours. And what more inspiring way to both commemorate the bootylicious year we've had and kick our rears into gear in the next 12 months than with the best workout songs about, you guessed it, butts. GIF via MTV Pump up this playlist and get ready to drop it low -- for some deep squats, that is. Anaconda -- Nicki Minaj Booty -- Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea All About That Bass -- Meghan Trainor Bubble Butt -- Major Lazer Ego Remix -- BeyoncΓ© featuring Kanye West Wiggle -- Jason Derulo featuring Snoop Dogg Look Back At It -- Ying Yang Twins Bootylicious -- Destiny's Child Ms. New Booty -- Bubba Sparxxx featuring Ying Yang Twins from fitness from Blogger
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It's CRYSELIA tradition to listen to ying yang twins on the way to helping out
Share For Ms Krazie!! Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie Posted a video blog about her "Hello Loca Tour" memories, including her performing with DMX, Baby Bash, Nipsey Hussle, King Lil G, Kirko Bangz, Ray J, Ying Yang Twins and more! Watch the video and she might say when she will be going back on tour! What city should she perform at? Let us know by posting the city in a comment! We will be watching! Instagram -
β€œSsh something is coming next Month whisper like the Ying Yang Twins?
Lol listen to Bedroom boom by the Ying Yang twins
Play the ying yang twins at my funeral. Keep my spirit alive
I want to listen to SOUL R&B with you but want to blast the Ying Yang twins too!!. LMAO.
My music on shuffle goes from Norah Jones to The Offspring to George Strait to Ying Yang Twins πŸ˜‚
Its a few days till show time! So come join us this Saturday!!! MC Magic & Ying Yang Twins!!! Come support your local artist!!! Hostile Takeover, Charm, SYG, Exclusive, G-Precious, ONE, Young Jay-Dee and last but not least your MC for the Night DJ ShurBeat!!!
Come see the Ying Yang Twins nov 19th! 15$ a ticket proceeds go to childrens miracle network. Text me for a ticket!
My high school basketball team ran out to Halftime by the Ying Yang Twins way before the New Orleans Saints did
I got to shake my *** to the Ying Yang Twins so I'm happy
Prod by Sam Peezy Streaming now Kilo Ali - Customer feat Ying Yang Twins
I aint gone flex that Ying Yang Twins function was blappin
My all time favorite song from Ying Yang Twins
Streaming now from the Book of Kilo: Customer featuring Ying Yang Twins
Me and at that Ying Yang Twins concert tonight.
My girlfriend is at a bachelorette party, the Ying Yang Twins are in town tonight, and I've been sitting on the couch all day. ALL DAY.
Prod by Sam Peezy Streaming now Are you a Customer?
Prod by Sam Peezy but still i held on –  10% Off
At 3:33 am you will find me listening to missy Elliot and the ying yang twins
Where has Kilo Ali been? Working on the Book of Kilo EP, here is a track from it
Prod by Sam Peezy Have you heard Customer yet? Check it out
Idgaf what people think I still slap the ying yang twins xD
Now playing on the beat94.5fm Myblockradio - Ying Yang Twins - Sayin My Word - tune in @
Customer is streaming live RIGHT NOW on Try it
Prod by Sam Peezy Finders keepers losers weepers
Me: "whatever happened to the ying yang twins?" :"I'm pretty sure they were both Lil John"
6am motivational music is brought to you by the Ying Yang Twins
Dri still listen to the ying yang twins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm finna hop on this Ying Yang Twins real quick
like Ying Yang twins once politely mentioned
Levels of funny. Didn't the Yang from Ying Yang twins look like a camel tho?
I was the ying yang twins in my past life... Both of em
My mama really loves the ying yang twins lmao
"Sumbody said his name sounds like tha beginning of "Get Low" by tha Ying Yang Twins.. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ I can't
I swear Salt Shaker by the Ying Yang Twins will never get old.
Idk how i ended up on the Ying Yang Twins spotify.
Shout out to the ying yang twins though.
Yo dangerous by ying yang twins is a dope *** song!
Bro y'all remember when the Ying Yang Twins was on Wild'n Out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The ying yang twins were singin about tweaking before it became a thing
They'd have done well on a cover of "careless whisper" those twins. But, we're they even twins or just together like the Ying & The Yang?
The Ying Yang Twins though! I'm not sure if whispering an album was a great idea. Where are they now?
turn it up from the Ying Yang twins to Lil' John with a musical
You need to be drunk to listen to Trick Daddy, Ying Yang Twins and Lil Jon πŸ˜…
Today was too funny glad I was able to catch up with the Ying Yang twins
Today at work we got robbed by the ying yang twins. I also was told the life story of David almond.
Streaming now Streaming now Customer by Kilo Ali feat Ying Yang Twins
Prod by Sam Peezy tried to shut me off
Stomp the Yard got me yearning for more Ying Yang Twins in my life. United States of Atlanta was hot fire
its 2014 and I still can't believe the ying yang twins whispered an entire track
Prod by Sam Peezy dont give her nothing but a pole to grab
Prod by Sam Peezy What that mouf do?
Prod by Sam Peezy Kilo ali is back at it
Opening up for the ying yang twins in Cleveland September 28th
Prod by Sam Peezy she's so attractive, the girl is mine
The song "Georgia dome" by ying yang twins is the most disgusting, degrading song I've ever heard. Knowing that song exists is depressing
The hood *** in Laffy clubs resemble the Ying Yang Twins and Lil Jon. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Pastor Troy, Three 6 Mafia had me acting a thug girl. Didn't know how to act. Lol
BIG NEWS!!! Thursday July 24th I will be opening for the Ying Yang Twins in Gainesville at High Dive! Tix $16 hmu!
Ying Yang Twins use to have the party shaking. All the twerk songs
if you've never gotten buck to at least one Ying Yang Twins song then you haven't lived
Listening to Microsoft Sam read Ying Yang Twins lyrics is almost poetic.
Im in here listening to the Ying Yang Twins. So yall know.
we go way back he was on our first mixtape in 05 feat Ying Yang Twins and a few others. He blessed a couple vrs & interludes
Get tickets to Ying Yang Twins at The Riot Room in Kansas City on July 17 2014
Ok you guys question of the day better southern hip hop group Outkast or the Ying Yang Twins...lmfao!
Da video 2 Ms New Booty by Bubba Sparxxx, Mr ColliPark and Ying Yang Twins is a crowning achievement in artistic expression in our lifetime.
Bruh they just throwing ANYBODY on LHHATL now,, Wacka Flocka...Yung Joc.. Lil Scrappy Girl named Simba . *** they might as well put Ying Yang Twins on there since they bringing up all these throwback *** rappers
In a redneck bar in Harnett County and the DJs last three spins were from Juvenile, Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins. Go figure.
you forgot David Allan Coe and the Ying Yang Twins
Since white rappers are dropping N- bombs more frequently I intend on overloading it in my music as well...I mean seriously overloading it like I'm writing the sound track to the sequel of Django homie I'm talking about Tupac,Paul Mooney,Richard Pryor, Chris Tucker,Chris Rock,Terrence Howard,Denzel Washington in Training Day,Eazy-E Real Compton City G's verse,Ying Yang Twins,Young Jeezy Adlibs,Eddie Griffin, Master-P, Mia X, Silk the Shocker ad-libs, Lil Boosie meets The Last Poet's ,Young Money Punchlines,Ice Cube dissing NWA,Kendrick Lamar where your mama live? Malcolm X, the excitement in Mystikal's voice the day they told him he was getting out of jail, Saint Louis born comedian WillIe Lynch,Good Times Theme Music,Ol'Dirty *** meets Rob Boo,Jah Orah talking to Black Spade, Jay and Stretch and Jay R arguing with Nathan Oliver, James Brown snorting blow with AL Sharpton on tour, Money Making Mitch, Camron's last final words in the movie in Paid In Full, Obama when the camera's and the mic's are t ...
I went through the lyrics of Ying Yang Twins' 'Wait(whisper song)'. Little wonder its a 'whisper' song.
I wonder who invented "twerking" // Ying Yang Twins were the first to put it on the map.. See: "Whistle While You Twerk" video
Phi Kappa Tau: University of Louisville and the Ying Yang Twins would like to cordially invite you to this Saturday April 19th from 9PM-12AM in the University of Louisville Student Activities Center Multi-Purpose Room! Tickets are available now at
Lil John and the Ying Yang Twins need to come out with new music!
Lil John & The Eastside Boys and Ying Yang Twins defined turnt up for me in High School smh!
All I have to say is I'm about to see YG, Ace Hood, Trinidad James, Mike Jones, Ying Yang Twins, and Waka Flocka
This exact time last year I was at La Vela about to rip my hair about bc of the Ying Yang Twins 😭😹 .
This Atlanta mix your playing is wack! IJS! Play some Pastor Troy, Kilo Ali Lil John, Crime Mob, or Ying Yang Twins!
Had an amazing night definitely gave the Ying Yang Twins one of my CDs got to interview themand got to rap for D roc which was awesome big things to come from what he says stay for more from lil one and the YING Yang Twins! Thanks Sugar Baybe and TCT TV for this amazing chance!
When you're listening to the Black Keys and think how amazing their music and Dan are & all of a sudden your playlist goes straight to the Ying Yang Twins & you're all like oh yeah
What song by Bubba Sparxxx feat. Ying Yang Twins and Mr. ColliPark was the no. 36 hit of 2006? See the answer:
The guy in the Mitch McConnell commercial with the energy plant dude reminds me of Ying Yang Twins
Dirt Nasty, Ying Yang Twins both performing live tonight at American Junkie tonight!! Ryan Sheckler is also in the building!! Tonight American Junkie brings the BOOM!! And yes the will also be in the building!!
Ying Yang Twins...united state of atlanta smh
*** you Ying Yang Twins! Telling a generation of kids to shake like a salt shaker! Don't ya know we got an obesity problem here!
Shake It Like A Salt Shaker by Ying Yang Twins came on this morning. It was hard to not drive to my old Jr. High and remember 2005 is over.
It's Friday Night! Can't wait to get down to some Heavy D, RH Chili Peppers and Ying Yang Twins in honor of
Dangerous by the Ying Yang Twins is still that jam though.
Making my mom listen to Ying Yang Twins radio πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ying Yang Twins ft Wyclef - Dangerous fireee in her eyes, she is so dangerous
Paper Planes by M.I.A, Ruff Ryders Anthem by DMX, and the Whisper Song by Ying Yang Twins
"a word from our sponsors: Vine, Soul Train, and the Ying Yang Twins
sheets getting sticky from the strawberries & whip cream . . Boom x Ying Yang Twins .
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Working on this Birthday Bash Celebrity Talenet List is getting hard and expensive fast Adrienne Bailon, Ying Yang Twins, Jermaine Durpi, Kat deluna or SisQo is all in the $30,000 but I hope one of them can come to my 26th Birthday Bash on March 8th 2014 at The Midtown Loft in Lower East Side...
Check out Dwood Ent's artist Jay'Vannie as he impresses panel watching him. The panel includes Young Joc, Karlie Redd, D Roc (Ying Yang Twins), & Debra. Dj D...
I heard Sean Payton left 2 tickets at Will Call for Ying Yang Twins and they picked them up. Stand Up and Get Crunk.
MEMESOF2013: 1. Twerking Twerking has been namechecked by artists from the Ying Yang Twins to Beyonce for more than a decade, but Miley Cyrus made it a household name this year β€” in fact, months before her now infamous August VMA performance. In March, she shamelessly released a video of her butt-bouncing moves in a unicorn onesie, and by May, 33 high school students copied her and got suspended for it. In September, 300 β€œdancers” in New York City set a world record for the largest twerking crowd. Even Rapper Juicy J got into it and reportedly offered a $50,000 college scholarship to the best twerker. If that wasn’t mainstream enough for you, the wordsmiths at Oxford Dictionaries thought it should be preserved for posterity, adding the word to its online pages. That way we’ll never forget β€” but in reality, how could we? 2. Harlem Shake It’s no surprise that the simplest videos are the easiest ones to recreate. Take an obscure electronic song from a no-name artist, add some wacky costumes ...
Ms. New Booty (feat. Ying Yang Twins and Mr. ColliPark) by Bubba Sparxxx, from
β€œMs New Booty” by Bubba Sparxxx ft. Ying Yang Twins is my new jam. Listen:
"I just found a Ying Yang Twins lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚" I can't
I just found a Ying Yang Twins lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Resorted to listening to Halftime by the Ying Yang Twins on repeat to pump myself up for my day of tests. πŸ“πŸ’”
Host mom just walked in on me dancing to Shake - Ying Yang Twins & Pitbull by myself in my room
Ying Yang Twins. Kanye, French Montana, and Joe Moses should make a song called Han!
Ying Yang Twins is relevant to my interests.
You can whistle while you twurk... (Ying Yang Twins reference for you lost people out there)
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
All the artists that got me the hypest just disappeared ! Where the Ying Yang Twins ?! J-Kwon ?! Youngbloodz ?!
Whistle while u twerk. "Back in my internet day when someone said "Twerk" we all thought about the Ying Yang Twins!"
Show of hands from those who remember back in 1999 when the Ying Yang Twins debuted "Whistle While you Twerk" on Hot 107.9???
Trillville, Ying Yang Twins, Boys N Da Hood (where the *** is Jody Breeze?), Goodie Mob, Purple Ribbon Allstars. And what did Lil Jon do with the Eastside Boys? Did he take them to the West Coast with him? Where are these artist at?
Cecil Fielder looking like Mike Jones if he ate the Ying Yang Twins.
I am listening to Badd by Ying Yang Twins on Pandora.
Wonder what happened to the Ying Yang Twins
the reason i h8 her the most is because she looks like a person who has never even listened to the Ying Yang Twins.
Huh. Never thought I'd see taking about Ying Yang Twins on my timeline. That's certainly interesting.
If you were going to do karaoke tonight, what song would you sing?... β€” The Whisper Song - Ying Yang Twins
Get Low by Lil John feat. Ying Yang Twins wins in the category of ignorant hype songs with the word "Low" in it any day
I can't talk cause I still listen to Ying Yang Twins and Akon here and there. 😭😭
I don't send r&b song lyrics to girls.. I send Too $hort and Ying Yang Twins lyrics to em
My first CD was a mix my step dad tried making for me, so he just put any English songs on there... It was all Ying Yang Twins.
TU songs back in the days were by Lil John & Ying Yang Twins
David banner and the ying yang twins are freaks
The day has finally come- the day my ying yang twins ringtone went off in class
My *** theres a song call miley Cyrus by the ying yang twins
The Ying Yang Twins are the only rappers worth listening to
My manager told this girl to whistle while you work. So of course I broke out an started singing the ying yang twins song
I used to be so obsessed with the Ying Yang twins 😳
Do it like the Ying yang twins and start whispering "wait till you see my iht"
Whatever happened to the ying yang twins...
Just hearing the explicit version of ying yang twins "shake" for the first time... It's like a completely different song lol
Well I wasn't aware that the ying yang twins went to Boise state
Oh man, old playlists music memories: Can we get a Ying Yang Twins reunion! Way better than Trinidad James.
Ying yang twins need to tine up and make sum mo songs..I used ta have that jammin
So like no one is gonna answer my question about the ying yang twins?!
Are the ying yang really twins?
All you *** do yo duty. Get on the floor and shake yo booty! -Ying Yang Twins
What happened to the ying yang twins???
Mr armatrong talking bout the ying yang twinsπŸ˜πŸ˜‚
Bedroom Boom w/ ying yang twins and avant is still kinda my song
I bet y'all didnt know ying yang twins was "haaan"ing before French Montana?
My roommate over here with his headphones in sounding like the Ying Yang Twins whispering lyrics & stuff.uh!
mine went from the ying yang twins to Colby Callait yesterday!
You think Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins are upset that twerking didn't blow up when they were rapping about it ?
My iPod shuffle is wild! went from brandy & Whitney impossible from Cinderella movie to ying yang twins bedroom boom smh this thing so oldπŸ˜‚
We can do it like the Ying Yang Twins and start whispering.
I thought one of tha ying yang twins had a lil hand or something?
Twerkin in my car to The Ying Yang Twins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Onkaar the type of *** to sing the ying yang twins whisper song on the first date.
You guys remember 'dangerous' by ying yang twins ? That was and still is my jam! 😎🎧
If the ying yang twins made a comeback>
The Ying Yang Twins are about to be super ratchet at ATO's party but I'm completely here for it! lmao :P
every time I hear Shake by the Ying Yang Twins I think of our Club Zoo days lmao
"Its quarter to twelve and we just gettin in, bubba gone make it spark with the ying yang twins."
I used to be the 3rd member of The Ying Yang twins. It ain't work out that well
First it was The Ying Yang Twins Rapping about Whistle while you then Miley Syrus ,…
Bolshevik raps over Ying Yang Twins instrumentals As you do
by classical music you mean the Ying Yang Twins?
The fact that the ying yang twins have a song called makes me happy
Tired of this miley twerkin business need I remind y'all of the ying yang twins & a lil song called whistle while u twerk twerkin ain't new.
Eating bananas in the bank drive thru listening to Ying Yang Twins. Check out my latest post on Food…
I'm almost positive it's gunna be the Ying Yang Twins and Kid Rock for fall fest, I just know it
Uncle Luke the father of Twerk. Ying Yang Twins the godfathers.
WAIT Dillon Francis and Ying Yang Twins are going to be in Anaheim soon and I can't go bc it's for Chapman University students only 😫😭
Extremely down to visit Katie at Chapman University in the OC to see the Ying Yang Twins perform
Not sure if it's pride I'm feeling that and I both just corrected the young turks about a decade old Ying Yang Twins song
D-Roc from Ying Yang Twins is Curtis snow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that's why he aint rapping, he been filming
Electronic Device Insurance
Sittin at a light with a Mickey Rourke lookalike. He hears my music & turns his radio to Ying Yang Twins. He has a ponytail
Lmaoo I remember when and I sang all of Salt Shaker by Ying Yang Twins. I even had a dance for it
Did the girl from the Ying Yang Twins song really have her hands up on her knees and her bows on her thighs ?
I can't get Ying Yang Twins and Avant "Bedroom Boom" out of my head...
Tomorrow nights show at Ziggy's with the Ying Yang Twins will be Free until 9:30. 4th of July at Ziggy's
Ying Yang Twins' new song is about Miley Cyrus' *** They'd have written about Kim Kardashian's *** but Kanye already sings about himself.
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