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Yi Jianlian

Yi Jianlian is a Chinese professional basketball player who plays for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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calling Loud Sean Yi Jianlian may be the best comparison I've ever heard.
This was Loud Sean's Yi Jianlian vs the chair moment
Yi Jianlian: "(Luke Walton) and I talked a lot about the system. I think I can really fit on the team and in the system.”
The Lakers have reportedly signed Yi Jianlian to a veteran's minimum deal:.
Congratulations on Yi Jianlian going back to NBA.
Brussino trying to edge out Yi Jianlian for the best for the Mavs in history
Y'all didn't know had that Yi jianlian game did ya
Dennis Schroeder, Yi Jianlian, and Dwight Howard bring me down on bout to leave the for the LA lights
Yi Jianlian is still shooting a jumper from preseason
Wall had Yi Jianlian, Fabricio Oberto, Lester Hudson, Alonzo Gee, and Mustafa Shakur off the bench lmfao
ALSO, Yi Jianlian, Fabricio Oberto and Kirk Hinrich were his bench players lmfao none of them are on a team rn
That's exactly what I was thinking Andray Blatche asked Yi Jianlian could he let him grab the board so he could get…
LOL, Kyrie had somewhat of a squad with Tristan Thompson & Dion Waiters who is balling right now. John Wall had Yi Jianlian 😂
and a player having stans doesn't surprise me anymore. Even GOAT Contract Yi Jianlian had stans
It was a good decision for Yi Jianlian to not stick with this Lakers team though lol
The Wizards D playing as well as the chair in Yi Jianlian's draft workout
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NBA Rumors: Lakers to give Yi Jianlian major role, minutes in new NBA season?: The Los Angles Lake...
Larry Nance, Tarik Black and Thomas Robinson are all insanely likable. Please no Yi Jianlian ever
Number 11 strikes a cord with both Yi and Yao (AFP): Yi Jianlian may not like being compared to Yao Ming but ...
Jeremy Lin Rumors: Lin to Form Asian Super team with Jordan Clarkson and Yi Jianlian?
Lakers haven't signed contracts to Ingram & Black to keep cap flexibility for possible moves, such as the Yi deal https…
why are you signing Yi Jianlian over Travis Wear? I can imagine Travis fitting under Luke's system w/ youngsters.
The Lakers appear poised to bring in Chinese player Yi Jianlian:
RUMOR: Lakers on the verge of signing Yi Jianlian? .
Lakers finalizing deal with Yi Jianlian, 1-yr $8mil deal according to
LMAOOO @ Serena winters thinking Tarik blacks play time will be effected by Yi Jianlian . Woman please
Yi Jianlian to the If his league lets him go.
The Lakers actually tried to sign Yi Jianlian last summer, too. . He turned them down.
Guangdong Hongyuan has confirmed that Chinese forward Yi Jianlian has signed a one-year contract with the https:…
Lakers gonna sign Yi Jianlian lol. That'll improve em!
‘hope’ to play Yi Jianlian at backup center for 2016-17 season.
Former 6th overall pick in the 2007 draft, Yi Jianlian is finalizing a 1-Yr $8M contract with the Lakers
Will 2k17 include Yi Jianlian in the Lakers roster
NBA - The have signed Yi Jianlian to a one year, $8 million dollar deal. https:/…
The Lakers reportedly are close to signing former lottery pick Yi Jianlian
Finally, the credit he deserves. A scourge for international teams everywhere. Yi Jianlian to the Lakers
The Lakers just gave Yi Jianlian, who hasn’t played in the NBA in four years, $8 million! asks why
Multiple sources confirm Yi Jianlian signing was primarily due to Jim Buss wanting to use the Chinese forward in 2k17
The league isn't ready for the second wind of Yi Jianlian
Chinese Basketball star Yi Jianlian heading back to with
Sources: The Lakers are finalizing 1-yr deal with China star Yi Jianlian.
Making sense of the Lakers signing Yi Jianlian, via
Why NBA players' stats in China aren't so crazy
Sources: Lakers agree to terms with Yi Jianlian
Yi Jianlian update: ESPN sources say the Lakers are now in the midst of finalizing a one-year deal in the $8 million ran…
That time the Warriors might have wanted Yi Jianlian: The Golden State Warrior...
Report: Former Nets player Yi Jianlian returns to the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers.
REPORT: Lakers agree on a one year deal with 6'11 Yi Jianlian
The Lakers are signing Yi Jianlian to mentor their youth on how to bounce around the league and drop out in less than fi…
Yi Jianlian's contract is not guaranteed for the veteran's minimum,
So the Lakers might sign Yi Jianlian. Pair him with Calderon or Huertas and that could be the worst 1-2 punch in the league.
The Lakers & Yi Jianlian Have Agreed to an $8 Million Deal to Complete NBA Comeback! .
[LA Daily News: Inside the Lakers] Lakers in discussions for deal with Yi Jianlian
All I wanted is Festus Ezeli, Allen Crabbe and Mo Harkless. BUT NO. We got Loul Deng for 18 million, Mosgov for 16 million and Yi Jianlian..
The Los Angeles are in advanced discussions with China's former star Yi Jianlian:
The Los Angeles Lakers are in advanced discussions to try to bring China star Yi Jianlian back to the NBA, according to…
Just landed in Shenzhen, China 🇨🇳 - Ready to get after it at Yi Jianlian's Camp! .
Just a friendly reminder that Richard Jefferson was once dealt for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons.
In 2008,the New Jersey Nets traded Richard Jefferson for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons. In 2016, Richard Jefferson is starting in the finals
yes! He was traded once for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons.
Never forget that Richard Jefferson was traded for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons
Who will be the Joe Alexander, Yi Jianlian, Jonny Flynn, Jonathan Bender and Sean May of this draft?
Giannis and Jabari. Jabari & Giannis. Wow. These guys might make me forget Yi Jianlian & Joe Alexander.
That’s four more than Yi Jianlian and Greg Oden combined.
Yeah, but I heard Yi Jianlian owned him in a workout.
we drafted Joe Alexander and Yi Jianlian in back to back drafts. That's worse
will Yi Jianlian make an appearance?
Here's an outside the box one... he's a capitalist Yi Jianlian.
Thibs gonna make Porzingis career shorter than Yi Jianlian
you guys had Yi Jianlian, Courtney Lee, Devin Harris, and Brook Lopez lol the GOATs
Stephon Marbury and the defending champion Beijing Ducks take on Yi Jianlian and 8-time champion Guangdong. 6:30 am tip on
Source: LeTV. Will Bynum dropping dimes to Yi Jianlian for an and one bucket!!!
REWIND: Watch Gilas' Andray Blatche and China's Yi Jianlian go to dinner
Bought a pack of 30 random sports trading cards for a dollar today. Highlights: A Yi Jianlian card and a Robert Parish card
DeAndre Jordan parts ways With agent Dan Fegan. Remember Fegan's influence on the Yi Jianlian fiasco when Yi was drafted by the Bucks?
Is Chinese sensation Zhou Qi the next Yao Ming, or will he bust like Yi Jianlian? Broke it down
The trio of Yi Jianlian, Guo Ailun and Zhou Peng brings a whole new dimension to Gong Luming's horns set offense for China.
Meanwhile in China, Yi Jianlian and Guo Ailun have rejoined the final training camp for
At some point Yi Jianlian and Acie Law were a *** good idea.
Brian Cardinal, Steve Novack, Marco Belinelli, and Yi Jianlian would be mine
dude Kwame Brown is for sure not a bust in the NBA, the same goes for Yi Jianlian; he's up there with Bill Russell no doubt
free agents this summer: Yi Jianlian, Yang-Ming, Li Gen, Tang Zhengdong and Wang Zheng.
Asian is very good at shooting %, Yao Ming, Lin, and even Wang Zhizhi when he played, Yi Jianlian as well..
Somewhere, Yi Jianlian and Lawrence Frank share a silent smirk as they toast their Sake
somewhere Yi Jianlian and Lawrence Frank are drinking champagne for their record not being broken
Actually, I could go for a little Yi Jianlian right about now.
Khris Humphries reminds me of a spry Yi Jianlian
Who would you rather have on your team: Lou Williams, Kobe Bryant or Yi Jianlian?
NBA Stars Dwight Howard & John Wall speak CHINESE with Yi Jianlian!: via Dwight Howard is so happy LOL
Beasley, TMac, Emmanuel Mudiay, Marbury, Yi Jianlian, Jason Williams are all playing in China right now. Their league is definitely growing.
I hope Bucks remember Yi Jianlian, Joe Alexander and even Larry Sanders as proof the wrong draft pick can screw up team for years.
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S/O to my brother adding another NBA player to his training résumé; Yi Jianlian. So proud of…
Bucks could have drafted Joakim Noah but they went for Yi Jianlian instead.
Yeah.UAE is a good candidate.By the way,Yi jianlian maybe give up participating Asia Games.
Yi Jianlian ain't walking through that door
I also remember when Yi Jianlian was taken with the 6th pick. Let's hope the Lakers find someone closer to Lillard than Jianlian
(Foul called on Yi Jianlian's workout chair)
what about yi jianlian and yang Ming?
- The chair Yi Jianlian used is like "put me in coach!"
When I thought Yi Jianlian was gonna be a huge NBA star.
Lmaooo after we get rid of Jeremy Lin they gon trade Troy Daniels for Yi Jianlian! 😂😂😂
Anybody remember when Andre Blatche tried asking the opposing Yi Jianlian to let him get the rebound so he could get a triple-double?
Chinese media currently losing its ish over Yi Jianlian's purported girlfriend, Jing Ling. She is not unattractive.
I like Wang but his team, who've been part of Yao and Yi Jianlian's moves to the NBA, know the game. They won't move him that soon
Where we're these wizards "fans" when we was starting Yi Jianlian, Javale Mcgee, Nick Young and Dominic McGuire ? Lmao bandwagon ***
Lol I still have my Wizards jersey of Yi Jianlian
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he must not be able to guard the chair that Yi Jianlian destroyed in his pre draft workout
to add, we made a couple of bad trades in the NJ era. Ex: Richard Jefferson & Yi Jianlian
Maybe Phil Jackson will bring in some big players for the Knicks like Yi Jianlian
If it makes you feel better, I made several impassioned pleas to friends that the Bulls should have traded up for Yi Jianlian in 07
After spending five season playing in the NBA, Yi Jianlian is back in the CBA and putting up some of the best numbers of his career with Guangdong.
Did you forget about Yi Jianlian? Well... he's having an MVP season in the CBA
FIBA: Don't even think about blocking Yi Jianlian!. VOTE for him and win an offi...
KHALIF WYATT shoulda been signed by the sixers balling over in CHINA BEIJING, Dec 19. (Xinhua) -- Defending champions Guangdong Hongyuan recorded their eighth straight victory this season Beijing Ducks, who were 94-92 in Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league Guangdong's Khalif Wyatt finished with 28 points, six rebounds and five assists. Yi Jianlian helped with a double-double of 15 points and 10 rebounds.
Today sani plays against China's Big man Yi Jianlian Don't miss it: Let's go sani
The Guangdong Southern Tigers have Temple Star Khalif Wyatt along with ex NBA players Josh Powell and Yi Jianlian
Wyatt's team features two former-NBA players in center Yi Jianlian and power-forward Josh Powell.
Relativity Sports: Ricky Rubio is interviewed by Yi Jianlian in Chinese! This is Yi's follow up interview with Dwight Howard and John Wall:
15 pts (15 FGAs) & 10 rebs in 44 mins by Yi Jianlian on Guangdong's 94-92 win vs the Beijing Ducks. No Stephon Marbury for the losing side.
Yi Jianlian re-signs with Guangdong to a 2 year contract.
【No NBA chance for Yi until 2015】Former NBA star Yi Jianlian has signed a new two-year contract with the champions Guangdong Hongyuan,
After that, the watch will be on to see if they retire Yi Jianlian.
Any chance Lakers take a look at Austin Daye or Yi Jianlian
In a promotional spot for an upcoming trip to China this summer, Dwight Howard and John Wall have a totally realistic conversation with Yi Jianlian in Chinese. It’s all fun and games, of course, until Wall (as pointed out by Kelly Dwyer over at Yahoo!’s Ball Don’t Lie) tries to claim that he’s never...
Relativity Sports: Dwight Howard and John Wall are interviewed by Yi Jianlian in CHINESE! Find out what excites these NBA stars about their upcoming trip to ...
10 - Yi Jianlian The second Asian basketball player to really matter, Yi Jianlian has been dubbed as the 2nd Yao Ming. Sure he might not be as good yet, but he definitely has potential, and he’s been very popular in China. Although his team, the New Jersey Nets were struggling, this next year should change all of that and Yi Jianlian might soon be a household name. 9 - Tiger Woods Despite his scandal, you can’t deny that Tiger is one of the best golfers on the PGA tour. He also happens to be Asian. Tiger is actually half Asian, being one-quarter Chinese and one-quarter Thai. And while he may no longer be a role model, his professional achievements are outstanding and are worth replicating. However, in the future I imagine Tiger will have a resurgence after realizing his wrong ways and correcting them. 8 - Kristi Yamaguchi Kristi Yamaguchi first started figure skating as a child because she had a foot disorder. Years later, she’s one of the best figure skaters of all time. She won the gold medal at t ...
Yi Jianlian going no6 (lol) was a hilarious overreaction to Yao Ming being good, etc... Plenty more examples
I'd give them a 5 yr window. 2007 - Greg Oden, Yi Jianlian, Brandan Wright, Spencer Hawes all in the top 10
It's like when my Bucks drafted Yi Jianlian in '07. He said he didn't want to play in Milwaukee, so why waste a pick on him.
can't believe that none of the 18 or so teams still in contention haven't taken a chance on Yi Jianlian.
It'd be so cool if a mediocre playoff team signed Yi Jianlian (via ... Looking at you ATL, MIL, CHI
Yi Jianlian was MVP of season, All-Star Game and Finals in China. Shouldn't playoff teams be looking at him?
Former China NT head coach Del Harris talks to NiuBBall about Yi Jianlian's chances at returning to the NBA:
Ike Diogu played for Guandong ST and his team mates include Donald Sloan and China's own star Yi Jianlian who were the main gunners
yeah agreed, that was also the year Yi Jianlian came out and I remember many debating they wanted him. dodged that bullet
and his shooting touch is also very good: Earlier this week. but his 23-year-old age,The Yahoo Yi Jianlian: Th...
Donatas Motiejunas is the answer to the question: What if Yi Jianlian didn't suck?
Possible replacements for Collins role? 7'2" WNBA player Margo Dydek, the chair that guarded Yi Jianlian in draft workouts, any 7 foot human
I've never had the luxury of watching June Mar in tune up games or in practices, but based on what I've seen in the PBA, I think he'll have real trouble against the top Asian bigs. Nightmare scenario: Yi Jianlian gets the ball up top. June Mar sprints to cover him. Yi pumpfakes, then drives by June Mar. Marcus Douthit meets Yi in the lane, but Wang Zhelin or Zhu Fangyu is waiting along the baseline for the drop pass. Of course, with June Mar (and/or Greg Slaughter), Marcus can slide down to the PF position as pointed out really well in the video. In that case, Marcus chases the shooter and June Mar poaches under the basket. Better set-up, but the caveat in this scenario is we need a third or even fourth big guy to spell either or both June Mar and Marcus. That's where guys like Japeth and Greg can come in I think. Also, if Marcus is left to chase the big shooters every other play, paano na sa opensa? Sobrang pagoda na niya. Can June Mar defend the FIBA Asia bigs? Only down low where he's comfy, but when Y ...
Yao Ming, Dwight Howard and LeBron James. (AP) 3. Yao Ming (2002) 486 games, 19.0 points, 9.2 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1.9 blocks, 0.4 steals, 52.4% FG shooting Outside of Michael Jordan, Yao Ming probably had the biggest global impact of any other NBA player. He was the face of the league in Asia, especially in China, which is home to 1.3 billion people. The soft-spoken Chinese may have never fully realized his potential after a series of foot problems forced him to retire less than 10 years into his career. But when he was healthy, Yao was one heck of a player who was efficient on both offense and defense and impacted games like no other center can, as evidenced by five All-NBA team selections and an All-Tournament Team selection in the 2002 FIBA World Championships. Yao was voted into the All-Star team year in, year out (getting voted into eight All-Star games) and opened the gates for more international players to break into the NBA (and Chinese to be drafted high and disappoint – see: Yi Jianlian) wh ...
That shot was so wet YI Jianlian, look even the chair developed a sweat out of frustration *bucks officials wipe chair sweat with amusement*
Wow that move was amazing YI Jianlian. Fail to mention he was defended by a standstill chair
Even Asian Jesus done helping Yi Jianlian, so he a Muslim now?
Al Horford was the third overall pick in 2007, behind Oden and Durant. Yi Jianlian (!) went sixth.
Yi Jianlian was the best! titles, MVP, you name it, he's done it
Philippines hammer one over Qatar @ the Qatar Invitation Championship. The game was for 3rd place. Qatar won 79-68.
yea man that Asian vote that made Yi Jianlian a starter a few yrs ago ha
Who's been guarding him Yi Jianlian-“Eddy Curry so far in China: 3 games, 26.0 ppg, 12.0 rpg, 19-19 FT. He even hit a three.”
Go get Yi Jianlian hes a free agent
I still laugh that Corey Brewer, Yi Jianlian, Jeff Green, and Brandon Wright were all taken before Noah
I doubt former Washington Gilbert Arenas and Yi Jianlian expected to be reunited in the Chinese Basketball Association
Gilbert Arenas, Yi Jianlian and James Singleton are once again teammates. Does this make the Guangdong Southern Tigers my 2nd favorite team?
Racquel's News Rewind: The last Chinese-born player is leaving the NBA. Yi Jianlian is leaving the Dallas Mavericks.
Sam Orozco Yi Jianlian will be playing in his homeland soon after reports confirmed that the Chinese forward inked a one-year deal with the Guangdong Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association. Yi said: “Basketball is an important part of my life. My faith in the game will never change, no matter where I am or what stage I’m on. To all my family, friends, and all my fans: Thank You! I’m looking forward to a new day and a new season.” HND NA PLA XA KINUHA NG Dallas Mavericks
Sees NBA player walk past him in street, it's Yi Jianlian
. counting down top Wizards of the past 5 years. Me on # 35 - Yi Jianlian: He was very chair-ismatic.
I'm thinking how Wang Zhizhi and Yi Jianlian is reacting right now.
Will Yi Jianlian, Sun Yue, and Sun Mingming play for China against Gilas?
just trained w your boy Yi Jianlian at my gym in Edgewater, NJ. Maybe he's hoping for comeback w
More 2 come on Thurs. & Fri. -- Where will the likes of Josh Howard, Mike Miller, Lester Hudson, Alonzo Gee & Yi Jianlian fall?
Yi Jianlian and into a continental giants target
obviously my favorite Net is Yi Jianlian, even if he isn't with the team anymore.
"That's the best work we've seen with a chair since Yi Jianlian!" - Bill Simmons
Does this mean he now has to work out with Yi Jianlian?
Jeremy Lin and Yi Jianlian should be on the same team
Nike+ Festival of Sport 2012 Shanghai with LeBron James: LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudmire and Yi Jianlian attend t...
I think I have a good chance of making the team, their center looks skinny and soft and the other kid looks like yi jianlian👲
On why neither Yi Jianlian nor Guo Ailan should play in Europe next season.
Yi Jianlian - 361st best player in the NBA and somehow China's flag bearer at the 2012 Olympics (a country that won 38 golds).
Yi Jianlian NBA exposure not team into a stumbling block quotation, knee injuries via
Yi Jianlian says he wants another NBA contract. Sure, he's got bust label but he's only 24 & athletic 7-footers don't grow on trees
Hey! Yi Jianlian is available!! Didn't Doughy love him? Surprised he's not signed by the yet.
Correx: Even NBA ASG voters in China have disowned Yi Jianlian.
Times they've led their country out before the olympics: LeBron James 0 - 1 Yi Jianlian. LeBron maybe edges it on skill.
Yi Jianlian Would Prefer To Sign With NBA Team: Yi Jianlian is committed to playing in the NBA nex...
Get Yi JianLian Go International. The business side would be a BOOM!!!
New post: Yi Jianlian Wants to stay in the NBA
Did anything happen this week besides Yi Jianlian asking for 5 million from Real Madrid & feigning interest in Darko Milicic as a response?
China - Yi Jianlian's preference is to play in NBA: Jianlian Yi (7'0''-PF-87), who is reportedly receiving high ...
He should come back to the Nets RT:"Yi Jianlian reiterates he wants to be in NBA, not Europe
Yi Jianlian is not considering Spain, NBA is the first option
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Updating a previous item, Yi Jianlian is not considering playing
Yi Jianlian still hoping to return to the NBA – Yi Jianlian (F) Dallas Mavericks
The timberwolves have been RTing the a lot recently. I take that means the wolves aren't interested in players like yi jianlian
Yi Jianlian asking for big bucks? RT: LOL! One decent game in the Olympics and he has gone nuts ... big bucks. Right.
Yi Jianlian asking for big bucks is the best
as much is i do want Yi Jianlian to succeed, he just isn't THAT great..
Rumors: Sixers to interview Jeff Bower + Yi Jianlian asking for big bucks?
I never liked it. Reminds me of Yi Jianlian too much.
why does foot locker think they need 6 Chinese national team Yi Jianlian jerseys?
Yi Jianlian held the Chinese flag at the Olympic opening ceremony.. Of all the incredible athletes they have, they pick Yi.
Begin your day with a Yi Jianlian rookie. Go
Chinese star Yi Jianlian could miss the NBA season with an MCL strain from playing in the London Olympics.
lol, truth. Legggo wizards! John. Wall. John. Wall. John. Wall. (and cant forget about yi jianlian)
Yao Ming is returnin to Houston to join Jeremy Lin,Yi Jianlian Phil Jack is coaching
Yi Jianlian led the olympics in rebounds per game
if it makes u feel any better I have no idea who Yi Jianlian is anyway lol
lol yea Yi Jianlian need to play like he does for his country ish confuses me how well they play on international level
The Nike Store out at Stratford has Yi Jianlian China National Team jerseys for sale... Seriously considering the purchase...
Yi JianLian would be a steal at vet minimum. Yi JianLian and Greg Oden vet min. are moneyball type moves. Former high lotto picks.
since we are young a few vets would be nice. Yi JianLian has alot of talent. I think would do well here on Yao's old team w/ Lin
They need to sign my boy Yi Jianlian.
Lakers need to scoop up a cheap backup center (Eric Dampier, Ben Wallace or Yi Jianlian?)
Yi Jianlian Team China has gotta be the randomest jersey of all time
The Lakers would be set for a championship if they sign Yi Jianlian.
If I buy 2k13 I only playing with the team Yi Jianlian on
Only in a video game would yi jianlian guard lebron
come on. If one pocket of fans had that much pull then Yi Jianlian would be a multiple All Star. Barring injury Bynum starts.
Havent been this excited about Sixers since I thought they were trading up in the draft for Yi Jianlian.
So China has 34 Gold medals yet Yi Jianlian was their torchbearer this year... the ballteam hasn't even come close to medaling...
Pretty much! All they have to do is sign my boy Yi Jianlian!
Photo: PG Andrew Lawrence driving to the hole vs China's Jianlian Yi in the Olympics
I feel sorry for Yi Jianlian at times. China have a good side offensively, but bar Yi, they are so static on defence it's almost laughable.
Yi Jianlian really is always smiling, isn't he?
New PF's: Henk Norel of the Netherlands, Serge Ibaka of the Congo, and Andrea Bargnani of Italy +Yi Jianlian of China & Aussie Nathan Jawai
If you had Yi Jianlian as the leading rebounder during the preliminary rounds, you got skills.
I want to see Yi Jianlian again,good luck 30 NBA team should signed with him
Yi Jianlian of China reaches for a rebound via
Yi Jianlian is the whole Chinese basketball team.
In other news, GRB leads CHN 46-31 at the half. Jianlian Yi playing well for China.
Yi Jianlian hasn't fulfilled his potential but he is still young and Rick Carlisle must have saw something!
Great to See Luol Deng and Co leading Yi Jianlian and co .YUP We Brits can Ball After All!!
vs Come on China, let's get a win in these Yi Jianlian has been one of the leading scorers (20.5).
Matt Nielsen is starting and marking Yi Jianlian? *** is Brett Brown doing?
I’m sure the Kniks are still looking to add a 4/5 player. Possibly Martin, Amundson or Yi Jianlian and that guy would make..
..could possibly be your 9th or 10th man in Woodson’s rotation. Martin, Amundson, Yi Jianlian for example.
Little Giant Ladders
a few elbows at Yi Jianlian wouldn't go astray mate
How did Yi Jianlian get the honor of carrying the flag out for China though? They got hella athletes that actually win gold medals.
Chris Smith signing is only PR. He will play in the D League for a bit, then Europe. Knicks should sign Yi Jianlian
Yi Jianlian lives up to his potential every four years in the Olympics but never plays well in the NBA.
I can only hope that Yi Jianlian is leading the troop for that, you'd get utterly annihilated by him.
Why don't the Knicks reach out to Yi Jianlian as a back up? As usual he looks great in the Olympic games. Still young, upside
I cant believe Im saying this but Yi Jianlian looks like a very solid player
What are the chances of the Bobcats acquire Yi Jianlian?
Looking forward to the next gm vs China gotta contain YI Jianlian to get the lets hope they also
So I'm finally watching the 2012 London Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony on my DVR... No wonder why Grindr crashed just days before the start of the games. Oh the whorish thoughts flooding my mind. Who is this Yi Jianlian of China? David who of the Central African Republic?
Yi Jianlian vs. Timofy Mozgov. Now that's what the Olympics are all about.
I'm nice with Yi JianLian in 2k lol
Yi Jianlian always plays well in international play but stinks in the NBA
Phelps is wack a doo dee, Lochte is Wack a doo dee. Yi Jianlian is Stud.
The Los Angeles Lakers got to sign my boy Yi Jianlian.
Chinese basketball player Yi Jianlian thinks they performs unnormal today against Russia.
good game Pau, can u please tell Mitch to get Yi Jianlian to camp this fall...
No, but maybe lots of Chinese kids are becoming 7-0 no-D stretch 4 types like Yi Jianlian
Kirilenko n Shved r killing for Russia. future looks good. yi jianlian China would look good in a wolves jersey
I like to see the wolves go after yi jianlian of China
Yi Jianlian leadn Yao's team it jst knt work lol
Yi Jianlian disproves the myth tht u just have to be asian/Chinese and be a marketing fire storm!!
Yi Jianlian stuffs Kirilenko at the basket. I don't know that AK knew Yi still existed.
Nah but on a serious note someone need to pick up Yi Jianlian..he scored 30 on the Gasol brothers and Ibaka
Am I the only one who thinks Yi Jianlian looks like Christian Bale? LOL.
Got the Yi jianlian from the NBA previously also no use. Haiyo. Dont bother watching CHN vs RUS liao. Do ss!
loving ur insights Drewey. Do the have an answer for Yi Jianlian? 30&12 against Spain the kid is in good shape
China bball is kinda bad this year but yi jianlian is freakingg good, without him the team will be even worse~ The pillar!!
Yi Jianlian not bad go Mavericks learned some moves from Dirk.
you don't have a worse team...Yi Jianlian is all China has, if they had more guys like him they would be sick
Russia beat China 73-54 in first game of the day. Kirilenko 16, Aleksey Shved 14 for Russia. Jianlian Yi has 16 to lead China.
Imagine a 20yo Chinese player declaring for next year's draft, and it's actually Yi Jianlian in disguise.
Yi Jianlian with a monster slam BIG FELLA!!
In America, we call him AK47 since he wears that number. 42-28 Russia & Kirilenko with 15. Yi Jianlian with 8 for China.
Russia is killin but all China has is Yi Jianlian he's the only one that can score
Yi Jianlian has not used his left hand once whilst dribbling the ball! Doesn't have a left hand? Also, Yi cannot be 24, can he? Seriously?
Gotta admit that Yi Jianlian is actually really good.
In the case of Yi Jianlian, he's an athletic pick-and-pop/roll power forward. Quit making him a post-up player and keep him high.
I wish I knew what the correct Yi Jianlian pronunciation and spelling actually is. Several different variations between America and China.
Watching Yi Jianlian and Wang Zhi Zhi get killed by russia makes me happy neither are on the mavs anymore
Watching Yi Jianlian and Wang this the Dallas Mavericks alumni team? Oh wait, it is just the Chinese national team.
So far, Yi Jianlian is the only china player who can perform
I can't believe I'm up this late just to watch Yi Jianlian play.
Woke up early just to watch play! Zhizhi Wang, Yi JianLian, Sun Yue, and Liu Wei. vs and AK47.
Kirilenko shot 14-for-17,scored 35. Yi Jianlian went for 30 vs. Spain. A.Shved (had 13 assists:
New post: Yi Jianlian climbing over the "three big mountains"
Come on Yi Jianlian and Chen Jianghua of G.D. Southern Tiger better step up against Russia in game 2!
Even Yi Jianlian is blacking on Olympic competition for China! Son is averaging 33 points on 85% shooting in Olympic play!
Jianlian Yi and Pau Gasol go for a rebound - London 2012 Olympics
Yi Jianlian: 30 points, 12 rebounds, 1 block, 1 steal, 1 expired contract with all 30 NBA teams watching him.
Yi Jianlian scored 30 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in his first match of the Londo...
Yi JianLian and CHINA up againts Russia . 7pm on AKTV
Did you see Yi Jianlian drop 30 points and 13 rebounds on Spain. Yi reminded me of Yao in 08 Olympics. YI AND LIN pick & roll
Yi Jianlian: Chinese on the Mavs roster last season.
Didn't see much of Spain's win over China but Yi Jianlian dropped 30 points and 12 rebounds on team w/two Gasols and Ibaka
Yi Jianlian is a different beast in a Chinese uniform.
What do you think about Yi Jianlian? He had a monster game against Spain 30 points 12 boards.
How about you... Yi Jianlian is a nets backup Bigman of vet min?
Yi Jianlian scored 30 vs Spain! Did Gasols/Ibaka do their best impressions of chairs? How did this happen?
Yi Jianlian was an unstoppable force against Spain. No, Really.
have we taken a look at Yi Jianlian for that final spot? You can yell he developed during Sapin vs China !
Yi Jianlian is single handedly keeping China in this game vs Spain. NBA fans everywhere are wondering if that's a type. Yi? Dominant?
Yi Jianlian would probably be a very good player if he didn't have the work ethic of a black player lol
Watched the chIna vs Spain Olympic basketball match yesterday... Yi Jianlian is a BEAST!!!
There's one Dallas Maverick (kinda) being represented in the and that's Yi Jianlian of China.
Yi Jianlian is really tearing it up in this game. Spain is just too big and too skilled.
Rick Carlisle at the Spain vs China game. He looked so proud when Yi Jianlian waved at him. How cute.
Yi Jianlian playing really well for China. Rick Carlisle is there watching. Spain only up 9 at the start of the 4th.
I'm getting a Team China Chen Jianghua and Yi Jianlian jersey shirt so I can confuse all the foreign exchange students at school in the gym
Yi Jianlian always plays SO good when he's with China, but then comes the NBA and he's as good as Adam Morrison...
Rick Carlisle sighting in London after Yi Jianlian's jam over Spain.
Yi Jianlian is playing like a beast today in the olympics . he would be an all star if he gave this much effort for a full season.
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