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Years Ago

Years Ago is a studio album by American country music group The Statler Brothers.

Star Spangled Banner Boston Marathon Michael Jackson Wiz Khalifa

100 Years Ago in Osceola County. This ad was found in the Kissimmee Valley Gazette, dated June 1, 1917.
I'll just leave this here. 16 Years Ago, William F. Buckley Wrote This About Donald Trump And ...
2 Years Ago today that we were at Pinewood Studios for our Great Gatsby styled shoot! It was such an amazing...
2 Years Ago, Today, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran celebrated 3 Years of their Friendship with this Video!! 🎉💕
No signs of Poison Ivy, My Girl's Pretty Beat Up 100 Years Ago a tree planted in Summer Romance in the future will Gimme Shelter
On this day 25 Years Ago, Michael Jackson's legendary ‘In The Closet’ video featuring Naomi Campbell premiered on MTV, BET a…
45 Years Ago: defeated George Chuvalo to retain the NABF Heavyweight Title.
35 Years Ago, George Halas hired Mike Ditka as the 10th Head Coach of the franchise. The rest is
It was 50 Years Ago but it's on my iPod this morning - Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
How won the first battle of the 35 years ago on South Georgia
22 years ago today, Friday was released in theaters.
A stunning discovery- history is not always as it has been taught. This is why I love archaeology!
17 years ago, on this day the speed legend Shoaib Akhter broke the 100mph barrier!
Can we just take a moment to appreciate for releasing almost ten years ago and its still lit af 💃
ratio was just SAD compared to what it would've been a couple years ago. dA ofc was completely negligible lol
The video for All I Do dropped 5 years ago today. Classic.
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Very proud of my dude Always wanted to coach him since I first met him years ago.Thank you son. https…
we sold worn out heavily washed and stained jeans in Europe 20 years ago on eBay. They fetched £££. They would take all we could find.
Land allocated 3 years ago, not a brick laid for IIM Amritsar | |.
Country legend passed away on this day 4 years ago. RIP George. 🙏
Kung Fu Hustle released 12 years ago! Did you watch this movie?
Two years ago after Rondo quit on the Mavs, who would have thought we would be saying "Rondo is the key to an 8-seed bea…
Bravo, tape from years ago, never did disrespect women during campaign
8 years ago today, the Patriots drafted Julian Edelman with the 232nd pick in the NFL Draft
'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.'. - Chinese proverb
here are some photos I took while I was in Syria 7 years ago.
50 years ago they still believed in terrorizing citizens. Stop romanticizing the means justifying the end. Naxal ideology al…
I was much cuter 2 years ago. How did this happen?
Females refuse to lose arguments. Once you prove them wrong, they bring up something you did 5 years ago.
Everyone knows humans came to North America 13,000 years ago, but what this work presupposes is...maybe they didn't?
Friday was released 22 years ago today
minseok looking exactly the same as he did years ago: A CONCEPT
Photo: Ivanka Trump with mob related felon Joey "no socks" Cinque at Mar-a-Lago for New Years-3 years ago.
"First Americans may have been Neanderthals 130,000 years ago" Some are still alive today, but we call them douchbags... 😜😄🤣
40 years ago today – iconic New York club Studio 54 opened its doors
He calls the surgery an "emergency" despite his stating the accident was 14 years ago. I agree with you - seems fishy.
Where was this video when I needed it 10 years ago
Samsung's foray into chips more than 40 years ago didn’t come easily.
If early humans really lived in California 130,000 years ago, we'll have to rethink how humans came to the Americas https:/…
A time capsule buried 50 years ago at Lemoore Elementary included letters, art, detention slips and baseball cards.
Well she had a crisis years ago about that,She is white there isn't pro…
22 years ago who woulda thought... this is all God's doing man! you cant plan it! ♉️
Game Freak was founded on this day, 28 years ago (1989)
10-15 years ago I'd watch ESPN all day, now I haven't watched ESPN in 2 years. Over produced…
"Wow you're an enigma of modern science!". -my doctor 25 years ago upon discovering I could speak out the womb
The beating and the LA riots 25 years ago exploded out of social issues that still haven't been resolved
Poured my heart and soul into ESPN for last 8 years. Moved my wife and 3 kids to CT to go "all in" 5 years ago. Bummed it…
I think it's crazy how different my life is compared to just 4 years ago. Young me could never imagine the happiness I've found.
"This is the first day of the rest of my life.". -me 25 years ago !! 👱🏻🎂
15 years ago today Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes died. Here's a message she left behind:
Y'all couldn't post this video 10 years ago
Lady, no one asks whether the carpet is the same color as the drapes anymore... We went to bare floors years ago, your dr…
7 years ago with Tammy and Candes supporting the Hawaii Foodbank.
10 Years ago missed out on the Playoffs on the last day after poor form at the end. Season after won them...…
5 years ago today, released "Payphone", featuring as the lead single from 'Overexposed'.
Years ago when I was pregnant with my first kiddo I got a brilliant idea to take a quilting…
This was 4 years ago, can't believe time flies! never gets old tho 💕
A pic of me and my homie tor form 2 years ago
Exactly. He is a Judas Goat. . Some of us caught on years ago. He is a shill and a Zionist.
I agree... if Arsene stays he needs more help at 67 he's gets no younger yet has even more responsibility than he did 10 years ago.
Honoring Army Staff Sgt. David P. Nowaczyk who selflessly sacrificed his life five years ago today in Afghanistan. https:/…
30 years ago today, the world's most powerful comedy podcast 3-brother team was finally complete. Just as the dark scrol…
75 years ago this week, the cover story of LIFE magazine was SLACKS. The photo essay ran in the…
Just three years ago the NHS was by far the best health system in the world - the model isn't broken, the funding is - pls…
2 years ago today I was at Newport Beach, California...ugh😩
Hard to believe that this insane Irish man made his dubet 4 years ago today & in that time he's taken over.
50 years ago was the 1st woman to run the & was attacked along the way. Today she…
Took my wife there 2 years ago, she could only see that arch from a far distan…
Roberto Clemente made his MLB debut for the Pirates 62 years ago today. 3,000 career hits. Hall of Famer. 4 batting titles…
50 years ago, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to enter the Boston Marathon. Today, she'll run it again.
RIP Stephen Whittle 97th Hillsborough victim.Sold his ticket to a mate who died at Hillsborough,he committed suicide a few ye…
54 years ago today MLK writes Letter From a Birmingham Jail. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"
7 years ago today: Paul Scholes scored the winner at the Etihad.
38 years ago today, the Pearl River reached its record crest at Jackson (43.25 ft) in the Easter Flood of 1979.
2000 years ago today our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ conquered death and rose again.Faithful is He.All glory, honor and powe…
This guy continues to pay even tho has declared him dead & won't give him any refunds!
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2 years ago I dropped this English class because I didn't want to write a essay.
Thankful for the likes on my insta cause lord knows I abondon that app years ago 😂
She was attacked 50 years ago for being a woman as she ran the Boston Marathon. Today, she runs it again at 70. https:/…
Remember when 5 years ago, hologram Tupac hit the stage at Coachella
Twenty-four years ago, Johnny Hendrie got the winner when Arsenal came to Boro at this stage of the season. All set up
Luck says the start of the injury/need for surgery began a few years ago in a road game versus the Titans.
Dear mom,. Almost 32 years ago, I wrecked your *** with my giant head. Please accept this Snoopy card from the dollar…
100 years ago Gandhi ji embarked on his famous Satyagraha, giving new impetus to our Freedom Struggle.
8 years ago today, Wiz Khalifa dropped his mixtape "Flight School"
We soared into operations 44 years ago today! 🎉🎉🎉 Huge thank you to our 400,000+ team members for making this milestone possible…
To any of my followers who are teachers and use AT&T you can get a discount. This would've been nice to know 3 years ago. Look into it!!
Ataturk died 79 years ago, but Turkey buried him today.
Poll: Americans tend to think the richer pay more now than they did nearly 40 years ago (they don't) https…
👏 Ten years ago we lost 3-0 to Radcliffe Borough in the Unibond Premier Division, today we secured a place in pl…
Nearly three years ago now. Just saying.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
70 years ago today, Jackie Robinson started his 1st MLB game for the Brooklyn Dodgers at first base ⚾️🙏🏽
I can't believe I graduated high school three years ago
This woman lived 13,000 years ago, but her face is surprisingly modern.
Idk how I use to deal with my problems years ago. Cause the problems I have now seem so much smaller than those ones. And I freak out.
Remains of medieval priest who died 700 years ago uncovered in Lincolnshire | Calendar - ITV News.
Thank you guys so much for believing in me! 7 years ago a didn't have a place to live, now wherever I go in the world, my fan…
Lol Zach werenski isn't the only player in the league. And he still probably started 15 years ago
Haven't been skating since I went w/ Marcus and his family years ago, I wanna go again
"135 Years Ago, Another Travel Ban Was In the News." Careful NYT, that ban was vetoed.
Honestly Taker should have been able to retire years ago. Should have had a much better send off worthy of his legacy
National Investment and Infrastructure Fund was announced with fanfare & tall claims more than 2 years ago. Progress: Z…
I wish I could go back and tell myself from 5 years ago that it's going to get so much better and save myself a lot of s…
Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend. 🗣 20 years ago God really took his time & created the perfect person. Daddy loves…
The original ''Star Spangled Banner'' that appeared in the dawn's early light over Ft. McHenry 200 years ago.
Three years ago, Beach Boys traveled to NYC to play at the
He is, but he should of just stop years ago tbh
That's very sad. Ours disappeared for 2 years. Then they returned several years ago. One of nature's most beautiful wake up calls
Wwe needed to stop calling this man like 4 years ago.
Five years ago today, Nicki Minaj released "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded". It debuted at in the US.
You got me into the WWE ten years ago, and god only knows how many times this company has saved my life
I didn't have problems focusing or keeping attention 6 years ago.
These movies stole its thunder years ago
Here is how to breakdown the new Tag Team & Heavyweight champions were champions ten years ago. So much for new blood.
"4 Minutes" music video made its world premiere as a video single available to purchase through iTunes exactly 9 years…
Over 100 years ago workers demanded a 40 hour workweek. Here we are in 2017 and the average full-time American worker works…
Most of the people who do you wrong showed you their true nature light years ago. But self sabotage is nice so 🌸✨✨
Yes it would. would you please do the right thing and disavow prior claims re: vaccines & autism…
Honoring Army Pfc. William R. Strange who selflessly sacrificed his life thirteen years ago today in Iraq for our great…
Definitely thought that undertaker was that wrestler who died 3 years ago
Few years ago you broke my heart when y'all broke the streak now I feel like I've been Superman punched in the mouth. Smh 😠
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
At least I got to witness Undertaker's best Wrestlemania match in person years ago when he fought Shawn Michaels.
If the assault on his ex-wife, or previous sexual assaults and harassments years ago weren't enough.. I…
A few years ago I was sure drama radio shows were gonna come back. They sort of have but I'm still sur…
Tbh i think i met the girl ima marry like 3 years ago but she in a relationship now
Just imagine how much more this would mean if Brock didn't break the streak three years ago
Voted current TOP female idol group by 20 entertainment companies of 22 & only debuted two years ago. That was fast.…
Tbh.this should have happened 3 years ago.
Nine years ago in Orlando, The defeated in main event! Will suffe…
I was there a couple years ago. It was actually very inexpensive. 10 days and I don't think I spent m…
I haven't touched my clarinet since I graduated two years ago so we'll see how much I remember 😂😂😂
Wolf by Tyler, The Creator came out on this day 4 years ago.
Pity he didn't retire a few years ago
can you believe 3 years ago bts were asking random ppl on LA streets to attend their concert & now they sold out 2 arena…
The man that has got me into wrestling 9 years ago and inspired me to become a future wrestler. Love you man.
50 years ago the city Council of 🇬🇧 forbid the bottoms by to come Britain.
🎬MOVIE HISTORY: 47 years ago today, April 2, 1970, the movie 'Patton' opened in theaters!.
Scary stuff from years ago at Spain's border. But the situation is much worse now. Southern Europe is being overrun. https…
Americans over 60 are drinking more than they were 20 years ago, a study says
.done messed up 5 years ago, but now he's back on track. 15 Players Whose Career Ended In Disgrace.
6 years ago ,on this date , at this Time - 10:13 PM , this happened and a nation of over a billion people erupted in jo…
Can't believe its happening again just like 2 years ago
'Well lookie here, Mr. Folgers. What's up son?'. You're the man, lov…
4 years ago today, Tyler the Creator released his album "Wolf."
9 years ago, I sat in the stands at Wrestlemania 24. Tonight at I will beat Y2J, win the U.S. Title and bec…
"I think you are now ready to hear what happened... 100 years ago...".
Some years ago, Ms. Karua once said "Having Ruto on your side is an excess baggage"... she seems to have swallowed her wor…
Even though he fizzled out years ago, it's always sad to see a legend go.
how I clean my room: . - start at one corner . - find something from 5 years ago and stare at it nostalgically for 10 hours…
Taker was to blame for this. He had to know he couldn't do it anymore yet he still took that paycheck.…
Serving in MAG.13 on That day 50 Years Ago on The Chu Lai Air Base.Happy to Still be around to Remember.
Stuff like this is why Eleanor Perry spray painted over all the sexist signs at Cannes 40 years ago.
The Beatles recorded With a Little Help from My Friends, on this day 50 years ago.
2-3 years ago i never used to sweat during sex, but now i sweat like c More crazy African secrets on our site.
On eve of indictment 24 years ago, this Maine accountant vanished via
March 28th 2010, WM26. 7 years ago today The Undertaker defeated HBK, this was the final match of career.…
Celebrating visible air where it began 30 years ago. Watch Instagram Live from Paris, France at 3pm PST:
People from 100 years ago: I wonder how advanced the world is 100 years from now. Me: Hello we have bunny shaped bread loave…
12 years ago, in March 29, 2005, the second single from "The Emancipation of Mimi" - We Belong Together, was released.…
This one is for my Q U E E N, who 10 years ago when I was excluded & dropped out, refused for me to quit.. . Two more to go,…
seunghyun: "I said it years ago but yall didnt believe me"
32-0. National champions. 41 years ago today. Perfection has never been duplicated. 🐐🐐🐐
I got my first tattoo exactly 4 years ago 😳
Also 9 years ago on this day, got out for 319 against SA, having reached 300 previous day.March mein target poora karne…
The Office US first aired 12 years ago. Happy 12 years of Dunder Mifflin!
2 years ago today... had the greatest cash in ever and won the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 31! https:…
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"It’s incredible we somehow managed to survive before these regulations were put in place a few years ago." . Great…
I'm not surprised that the best comeback you have is something someone already said years ago.
That's sad lol. Should've did that years ago
like seriously I don't get it lol. Went to a haunted forest a couple of years ago. Got chased by a 6'7 320 pound 🤡
Then why am I seeing it today, if it's from 2 years ago?! You're welcome, BTW.
Two years ago today, I joined the Freighthouse Art Gallery! Come by today and all of my wall art will be an...
This tym his impulsiveness&Ishwari's manipulative behaviour should make him realise what exactly went wrong btw devakshi 7…
5 YEARS AGO TODAY, the first HUNGER GAMES film opened in theaters worldwide. Where did time go? 😌🔥🔥🔥
Spring break at the condo two years ago. Hair was short. 😄
I got a bad dose of OCD about 15 years ago and read/kept all 103 Maigret novels & short stories back to back ...
Rihanna reinvented the Umbrella when she released "Umbrella" ft Jay Z. TEN YEARS AGO TODAY.
6 years ago today, Wiz Khalifa dropped his third studio album "Rolling Papers"
It's hard to believe iconic came out 10 years ago already! 😱☂️ Watch a behind the scenes video.
Ten years ago today, Rihanna released her global smash hit 'Umbrella' feat. Jay Z as the lead single from "Good Girl Gone Bad…
On this date 14 years ago, Kobe dropped 55 points on his idol Michael Jordan.
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it seems i forgot my metro pass one day 3 YEARS AGO and i got caught which is something i don't even recall and a police officer literally
So two years ago today I was on my way to Italy and Soulja boy had his arm around me. Now I'm just in class hating…
Cy Young was born 150 years ago today
My brother, like 5 years ago. He hasn't even offered to pay a dollar back, but he doesn't ask for money any more. S…
27 years ago today, Hakeem Olajuwon put his name on this exclusive list
Thirty years ago today, the irresistible force met the immovable object.
45 years ago this month, John Waters took a molotov cocktail to good taste with the premiere of PINK FLAMINGOS.
"Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, &now that time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, make India a Hindu Rasht…
We are now ready, ready to know what happened in your mind one hundred years ago
10 years ago today released UMBRELLA, which added to its "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" list
sad to say that I did it a few years ago to 😭
Let's all help the Spanish B-Army! It's a country on France's level and Britney's last visit was over 17 years ago! htt…
Question Time lost it many years ago. It should be renamed Tory Time.
This is my old little league hat from just 7 years ago. I was feeling nostalgic so I thought I'd…
On this Day 3 Years Ago - Africa Lost One of its FINEST Broadcasters Komla Afeke Dumor
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
55 Years Ago: releases his debut album -
50 Years Ago... Fall of Dien Bien Phu. Make sure it is listed on your active duty Record Brief now, and listed on...
eh, I got one two years ago and it comes back over time lmao
I still don't understand why we're so paranoid about Russia I mean wasn't the cold war like...40 years ago?
that sounds good. I was lucky enough to have to go to Brussels a fair bit with work years ago. Rather like Belgium!
There's not enough jamming in the world. We tried to change that after our show in Switzerland two years ago.
11 years ago today, the Iowa Stars' Mike Smith tied an AHL record for a goaltender with three assists in one game:
Balt Sun was given this info 5 years ago and said nothing.
11 years ago today, the March Penguin Style was released.
Well deserved congrats !!! First became interested in B F Owls years ago due to my connection with captive Amur tigers
4 years ago, 11 of the habañero cheese fritters.I'm going for 12 . Who wants to join me & cheer me on? I'll be livestreaming
Two thousand million or so years ago two galaxies were colliding. And then the murders began.
tbh, it seems the EU discovered the lack of reciprocity 3 years ago, so cheeto the 1st only accelerated the timing I guess
It was years ago, so he gave me a floppy disk that had space for a doc with only three words: "What a country!"
“He came round like two years ago and we jammed out a song. I think he’s gone in a totally different direction now." -…
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100 years ago Puerto Ricans on the island were granted citizenship.
I dunno who you talk to but I am sure some people know and have been through it recently. Not even WW2 was 100 years ago...
Since 50 years ago,has lived in the hearts &minds of every generation of his nation who have always honored hi…
Can you believe 11 years ago won an for their original song in "Hustle & Flow" t…
35 years ago the two best people I know brought me into this world. Thank you mom and dad for…
25 years ago said this to Oprah. Even if u hate him, give him credit for accurate forecasting.
49 years ago today on Haight Street. Both photos so great. First, just a guy walking to work. The second, a band on fire. ht…
"Oz, you won't be able to stop Oswald. You have to kill him. Just like I did 100 years ago"
In Tom Brady's latest post, he's found his t-shirt from 17 years ago...
we made it to the ecf 2 years ago and would've last year too if we won that game in Washington
Before it was America’s Oldest Ski Shop, started as a grocery store nearly 100 years ago.
4 years ago today I finished Lost for the first time... Such an iconic day in my history
Happy birthday. . The Sunshine State joined the Union 172 years ago today, becoming the 27th US state
If you are listening to Terry Prone on on the This was her position two years ago.
They were fine fill ins during the push to the playoffs two years ago. I'll admit that.
The very first sentence in the article reaffirms their commitment made two years ago. This is clear to me.
Wow, Tom Brady really saved his combine gear from 17 years ago.(📷: tombrady/Instagram)
32 years ago today, the Big 3 scored 106 points, the most they'd ever combine for in a single game.
26 years ago today THE ice storm commenced...
Sometimes I hate my writing, but then I look at things I wrote four years ago and I'm like, "Nevermind, my writing is grea…
Malik Hooker now going as high as No. 2 overall in some mock drafts. Three years ago this weekend, he led New Castle to a WPI…
On this day 3 years ago: with defeated
Okay I'm watching Yoongi's logs from three years ago I love internal pain
"5 Years ago, our competition were just banks... Now, our biggest competition are FinTechs in the payments space."- S.A
Cricket's darkest day, 8 years ago today attack on the cricket team in Lahore 🔫🔫
86 years ago today, the Star Spangled Banner became the United States' official National Anthem. Merica.
It's so surreal 6 years ago I joined this league owned club "that nobody wanted" & tonight we are the 1st MLS game of the s…
Confession: 4 years ago I got scammed on Instagrams turn $500 into $5,000 😞
Master Of Puppets came out 31 years ago today
I'm starting 2feel like Obama started something 8 years ago with our military weakened & then all tht $ given to bad actors
8 years ago today at a Smackdown taping in Uncasville,CT the match between WWE Champion & the late Umaga ended in a No Contest.
Watching drum videos all morning and forgot he covered a Swellers song 5 years ago. Rad how big he got!. https:…
An article from a few years ago that reminds us what kind of guy Paul Ryan really is.
Sorry to see demise - visited and edited a piece on it for Bloomberg about 7 years ago. Will...
10 years ago: Man Utd scored a last minute winner against Liverpool at Anfield!
9 years ago I was giving Gianna piggyback rides & holding her in my arms. Now she's riding in my…
1DH playing with toys from years ago
Two sisters last seen decades ago in Canada have been found ALIVE, police said
Get weird is still in the top 60 after its release, almost 2 years ago 😳😳😳
On this date 142 years ago, the first indoor hockey game was played. It ended ... poorly.
I wish I was as funny and relatable as I was two years ago 😫😫
2 years ago today: One of the most important days in our clubs history. 🇬🇧
8 years ago today in Uncasville,CT WWE U.S. Champion def. by DQ in a Money In The Bank Qualifying Match.
premiered on MTV 20 years ago today:
And he barely played two years ago :'''(
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
These microscopic tubes of hematite may be remnants of early microbes.
Three years ago today, over 10,000 youth sang and danced in rain up to their ankles to dedicate a temple to the Lord. LOVE…
I thought cat lady went in there 20 years ago?
3/2/2012: 5 Years Ago - Adrian Dantley inducted into Ring of Honor
10 Years Ago this came out. Wow. One of M5's classics.
32 Years Ago this week, Michael Jackson led over 40 musicians to record the legendary ‘We Are The World’ charity single.
- An Idea That Started 10 Years Ago is Now the 10th Member of Famed
5 years ago today god blessed me with the most incredible lesson and blessing. Happy Birthday my darling!
14 years ago today, released his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin'.
The thoughts of are with all those affected by the Munich air disaster. 59 years ago today, but never forgotten.
2 years ago today we beat Arsenal 2-1. rightly got the plaudits but remember had a stonking…
Years ago the kids said that if you forget to have friends who destroy a sodalite ash idol, warm gray lights will appear.
41 years ago today, went into the studio to record their debut. Give the record a spin:
Showing some Love 2 We adopted u over Orange some years ago. Now u can Go.
8 years ago I walked into a room and left with some of the greatest friends of my life.
On this day 14 years ago, 50 Cent released Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
🗓 six years ago, 'The Broony' was born...
I dedicated this song to Robert when we met 37 years ago
Also, it's one of my first Bastille inspired paintings. From about 2 years ago?
He has house in Santa Rosa Valley but would go north in a heartbeat. I bought some shoes in Ukiah years ago. . I kn…
Had a reflection moment with my teacher yesterday and he mentioned how far I've come from when he met me 2 years ago... made me smile 😊
On this day 65 years ago, Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II. She is the longest reigning British monarch.
4 years ago my baby boy Albie Jack Willis underwent life changing cranio facial surgery and now…
Look at this *** playing the game just two years ago.
15 years ago & last week with my husband, Robin. than…
14 years ago today, 50 Cent released Get Rich or Die Tryin'
I would do nothing to be as happy as I was two years ago..
just finished a track based on a riff I made 2 years ago and could never find a way to make work. Very happy.
Nearly two years ago, I was gifted with the opportunity to work on my first feature film…
Awww they eat jjajangmyun at the place they went 3 years ago😭
This video is soo touching...a song of years ago that still has relevance now,that's what makes a Legend
Oak Utility man (Liam Austin-Slade) signed for the club 9 years ago today! Congratulations
But we may hear of someone who lived fifty or a hundred years ago, of whom we know nothing and who has no family ties with us whatsoe(1/2)
4 years ago a month ago ❤️ fun fact: I still have the bottle lol
59 years ago today.. we lost our beloved babes!. Sleep well x
she wasn't a child. It was just over 2 years ago. She was 16. She tried to make it seem like it was when she was thirteen.
59 years ago today, The Busby Babes were tragically taken in the Munich Air disaster. Gone but never forgotten. 🙏🏼
-- did all those years ago. You didn't ruin my life the way they made it seem like you did.".
was only a few years ago I realised we didn't have separate stomachs for solids & liquids when things "go down wrong way"
"New religions come and old go". 6000 years ago, people of Gujarat worshipped Banyan tree. Today, still worship banyan tr…
Me, like 2 years ago: "I'm a boy, I like videogames and want to teach math.". Me now: "Mommy's here to drink nut and eat…
Square wouldn't have to worry about people complaining about the KH3 Release date and trailers if they didn't announce…
Fun fact: 4 years ago a process that should only happen once a month decided to drain my blood AND NOT FRICKIN STOP.
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