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Year One

The term Year One in political history usually refers to the institution of radical, revolutionary change.

Bryan Cranston Killing Joke Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns

recital day at Rutherford House School. Our Year One pupils recited 'Batman's Exercise Video' by Ian McMill…
As far as I'm concerned, Nintendo's Switch is already accomplishing more in Year One than Wii U accomplished in five year…
Chicken & Waffles: The Rubber Chickens — Year One of Muschamp and a closer look at USC’s chance at... https:/…
I can however recommend some books: Hush (good) , Year One (origin story), The Long Halloween, Knightfall (older)
Was 1971 "Year One" for rock? One music journo thinks so. My review of his book and a lush history of
I dropped this one year ago from today .. 1990. .
150913 one year ago from tdy😭 i rmb how I died while live streaming thisㅠㅠㅠ he's so 😍😍💘💘
One year later: Hard lessons from Valley fire gird Lake County for next disaster
Blonde is very artsy and one of the best written albums this year so far :)
...long enough to let his brain engage he could do it. It took a whole year. The second year he was one of my best maths kids. 😊
Iraqi cellist Karim Wasfi is one of this year's learn more:
"We had one of our best practices of the year yesterday." - Butch Jones
It was one of my favourite first-time viewings last year. I love that whole cycle of French horror, especially INSIDE.
My babies are one year old today and I'm an emotional wreck. Happy birthday, Spencer and Penelope! 🐱🐱
he won 10 games last year with one of the worst running offenses in the country... Overrated?
Before Corbyn's supporters get too excited about - he needs to do that every week. One or two good performances a year n…
one year,Nikki became the longest reigning divas champion! 😭✨👑
One of the buses in my son's district was in an accident. Gah. As if I wasn't already nervous about this being his 1st year as a bus rider.
ok part of me wants to transfer to an acting course or at least do one next year bc I think the thing that appealed to me about media was
It would cost $43,000 to send a single child to Hogwarts for one year if the school were real. by
How one 24-year-old runs a $70-a-month business while traveling the world - Business Insider
KGV I think? Was the best one I had until this ad the other year at winterton
One year since I watched my first ever and since then never missed one👌
Concern growing for missing boy, 12, and 15-year-old girl
One year ago Nikki became the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time ❤
One year later..Nikki became our longest reigning Divas Champion. Hard to believe it's already here
One of the best EP's you've heard all year ..
I cry cause Befour is one of the best songs this year. the vocals are fire&the production is absolutely magnificent.
Looking forward to the TONIGHT! Read how last year's event was a game changer for one A/E/C marketer!
it was especially gorgeous cos one boy always said he was useless at maths.In first year I told him if he stopped talking for...
One-way tickets to America from Europe could be just £52 by 2017 via
One of my favorite releases from last year, self-titled album, is on sale! Pick up a copy!
This shambala mix is insane. One year I must experience there.
I loved it last time. Ended up with 2 regular schools & a month at the end of the year at one incl going on camp lol.
Vote 4 Jessie Lynn's "Every Lost One of Us" Nominated for Radio Single of the Year on TY! JL
25 days left to one of the hottest concerts of the year in the UK.
This one foreign homie that I've known since last year thinks my name is PJ but I've known him to long to tell him now
The best thing I've seen all year and I've seen a guy lick a bloody tampon at one of my parties.
Happy to schedule one, we are 4th grade also getting started in for the year.
One of the best ideas I came across this year uber for vetted video pros on demand and on location.
This adorable girl is looking for someone like you! She's a one year old french bulldog mix from the and...
The New Orleans Pelicans and free-agent guard Lance Stephenson have agreed to terms on a one-year contract,...
All of my sisters had the same teacher. Last day of senior year he looked at me and said please tell me youre the last o…
Marc Albrighton scoring in the champions league. I guarantee no one ever saw that in his career this time last year!!
I just entered this contest to win one year's worth of Netflix!
Probably one of the better esports articles written this year. Do yourself a favor and read it.
Order Miche Bag Online!
one time i spent a year only posting pix in b/w bc i realized who I wanted to marry. then once she realized it too:
This would be why I haven't watched a single NFL game this year and I don't plan on watching one either.
To celebrate one of our favourite days of the year on Monday, Talk Like A Pirate Day, we are giving away a Johnny...
I'm hella quiet this year , I fw no one 😐😂
4-year-old: How many Saturdays are there this week?. Me: Just one. 4: That's not enough. Amen.
College is like the stress of a whole school year all condensed into one day.
For the 10th consecutive year, Keystone is ranked as one of the nation's best colleges in US News & World Report: http…
Here's how much Hunt cares about NHS. In a crucial year for it he failed to attend even one of its crisis meetings
Been exactly 1 year since my show with Twenty One Pilots. One of the best nights of my musical (and personal) life 🐼 https:/…
❌Dr.Kohli is changing healthcare & is one of this year's incredible demonstrators https:/…
I remember I was so year 8 at one point that I put my own Bebo picture as my scooter
My love-letter to Witcher 3 DLC & how it helped me process disliking Fallout 4. http…
Advertised "mid-senior level" position, but only requiring one year of actual experience. Yeah I'm going to say avoid that one.
23 year old MJ vs. 39 year old MJ. One of the best commercials of all time 💯
also one kid whos like one of those Nature Kid (tm) is kinda cute i like him (but i dont want any relationships fresh year)
tomorrow marks one year that I've been at my job and I'm off God is good 🙏🏽
The review one of the hottest games of the year: Scythe!
Halloween is my favorite day of the year it has always been one of my favorite days I love the vibe and everything else about Halloween
2A. See problem? Can’t compare present value of lifetime costs of incarceration to one year GDP—apples and tractors. https:…
one year ago Today Nikki Became the longest reigning divas Chsmpion Breaking Aj Lee's record so Proud❤💕
I started my last year of high school! It is the hardest one!Give me an advice? 🤘🏻❤️
Ardbeg, as a thanks to its Committee fans, is unveiling to them Ardbeg Twenty One, a 21-year-old whisky.
In one year of living here we're on our third repair to the three year old valiant boiler the previous owners installed.
It has been exactly one year since the best day of my life I miss you so *** much
I know I saw them at Bonanza last year and about fainted on the ground... Was one of the most amazing experiences ever
One year ago today, Nikki made history in becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion ever! 🙌
Microsoft Rolls out One of the Biggest Security Updates of the Year via
Heartbroken. She was only 19, leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter. No one deserves this. NOT okay. >>
When you finish season one in a day and you have to wait a year for season two
Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon. He nailed the role in Batman: Year One and I know he could do it again.
$150 to attend a Frank Miller Q&A panel, and get either Year One hardcover or Dark Knight Saga signed?
I liked a video Year One of The Late Late Show
Some *** act like the high priest off Year One 🙄
. “Earn your wings.”. -Batgirl: Year One by Scott Beatty, Chuck Dixon and Marcos Martín.
8 best Batman animated films every fan should watch - from Year One to The Dark Knight Returns - -
Kody proposed to me one year ago... Now we have 39 days till our wedding!
The Photograph music video was released one year ago! -N
I have gotten out of bed 365 days a year for 26 years, that's 9,490 sit ups... and not ONE ab to show for it!
Absolutely. Unlike last year, where Ivory was more of a one-dimensional player as a lead back (no disrespect tho)
"Guard your reputation with your life". Even Beysus can't clean up our reputation in one year. Let's be fair.
Only in one year, 360 have interrogated on d streets for not showing the “proper” hijab
Getting ready for ! . Super excited for one more year showcasing our fantastic pieces.
Real wanted DDG. He ended up signing a new 4 year deal at United. Guess the clueless one? Yeah right!! . The United CEO.
Potential vaccine shown to protect malaria patients from infection for one year
This year came with both great experiences and awful ones but with each came a lesson and I'm extremely grateful for each a…
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yes. But only for the one who born on the year 2000 syg.. 😘
26. Formation is one of the best bops this far this year
2020 wing Ethan Heffner of Asheville Christian has a chance to be a good one, runs the floor well, smart, could be 6'5 in…
says Mps ready to approve allocation of money in the next financial year as one way of a transforming lives of tea farmers
lol I'm so serious. Ima put it on one of my graduation pictures next year
13 31 57 86 | Nyquist, in lane thirteen, has thirty-one year old jockey
50% of animals in shelters are euthanized each year.A Pet Trust ensures your baby is not one!We'll help!
Love this one. 💪🏼 . MVP the other year. MHP this year.
I'm excited for white trash bash because it's one of the few times of the year I can actually be myself 🚮
Darcie posted this picture of the two of us for Mother's Day last year. . It's one of my favorites. Happy days!
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer I'm havin' a record year🎶
Around this time one year ago, . Kian and Jc went to NYC as well and they're back now! :)
Walked past the new group. How has it been a year? Still one of the best things I've been involved with xxx
When no one believed in them. And now ONLY a year later and theyre slaying everybodys *** h…
Each year 10 to 40 million juvenile salmon migrate south from Chilko Lake... but less than one percent often ever make it back. That's next.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
One year later, resilient women are rebuilding
S/O to my main ones 💕 y'all made my first year of college one for the books 😁
It's been one whole year since released their incredible cover of American Oxygen!
Congratulations to striker Lee Gregory, who has won League One Player of the Year award!
Wizkid co-produced ONE DANCE. Technically, if the album wins a GRAMMY for Record of the year or Album of the year, Wizkid wins a GRAMMY too!
One on One learning is important at the YMCA Early Learning Community BB4C 4 year old Pre-Kindergarten program
are pleased to confirm the signing of a one year contract with Jonathan Cheechoo
my senior year coming up & I need a change like a big change no one sees coming
Last show of our season today An Italian in Madrid 'one of the year’s finest n…
Y'all killed a little girl and one of them is going to get out in 8 years at the most and the others will be out in a year.…
One year ago I graduated with my high school sweet heart 🎓
The one girl the DOJ says actually hit Amy is 16 year old Trinity Carr, she will be facing up to 8 years in prison.Tri…
one more point, LVG has struggled for 4th with 250m in the worst PL in years, next year isn't a let off
I ate there a lot last year because we have one on campus here too. 😂 try the grilled cheese w/ bacon, it's amazing.
Corriere dello Sport claim Milan have received the go ahead from Real Madrid to sign Kovacic on a one-year loan.
please ignore the way I look today I was trying to get a one year old to go to sleep at 4 in the morning l.
Vote for One of Uniuyo's Finest Comedians as Entertainer of the Year. Simply Text AKWA 1804 TO 33811...
IVORY QUEEN - the latest article on the Ivory Quee. We supported NTSCIU to arrest her last year. One of Tanzania... htt…
Friendly reminder: it takes 11 words to make Bucky into the winter soldier but only one word to make Steve a 16 year old fr…
wahh soon we will be rich tgt end of year Spain steady tiff?? Legit one
In one year, the Tories have been forced to U-turn on at least 24 unfair policies. We won’t stop applying pressure:
I think i've done more history in 30 min of one class than i have all year 😅
A week from today will be the one year anniversary of the official release of Blurryface.
ugh. one year we had heavy wet snow in late October. We didn't have power for 6 days. Mom bought a generator after that.
Austin declared one of the best cities to start a career this year
If you only read one book this year, make it this one. Wow! Simple. Profound. Authentic Living.
Record high trade deficit. Number one customer. A free trade is a definite post-http…
I find that one of the toughest jobs is trying to come up with a gift each year that has some substantial...
Year One had a wonderful time watching
current list is Year One, Under The Red Hood, Killing Joke, Dark Knight Returns, Beyond: Return of the Joker.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ditto. I always thought it outclassed Dark Knight Returns and Year One.
Great article on Coach Harbaugh. . Michigan's Year One miracle: How did Jim Harbaugh do it?
Year One of the Mike Burke era for is off and running.
*** yeah, he was amazing in animated Year One. I wanted him in live action Batman too.
Ben McKenzie, who plays James Gordon on Gotham, also voiced Batman in the DC Animated film Batman: Year One.
Mazzucchelli is so great. Not a single wasted brushstroke. His takes the art to another level in Batman: Year One.
As Frank Miller wrote in Batman: Year One, "All the right people hate him":
Catwoman short was released with Batman: Year One on October 18, 2011, was directed by Lauren Montgomery and...
If I was you, I'd start with Batman: Year One, followed by Batman: The Long Halloween. Great stories in the "Batman Begins" vein.
I've read Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing's Year One and it's amazing how Batman's is so much better at half the length
Mask of the Phantasm is great but then so is Under The Red Hood and the Year One films. Animated Batman>live action.
For the record I don't hate all of Frank Miller's Batman stuff. Year One is still one of my favorites.
"Batman: Year One" likewise was blockbuster even though it was part of the regular title's monthly run. Not hard to do.
Luke and I discuss Batman: Year One and how Matthew Fox figures into our ultimate destiny!.
Still trying to figure out if is just the version of Year One / The attention addiction starts here.
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Bryan Cranston would be perfection if he was Commissioner Gordon. Despite that he played him in Batman: Year One. Why not? :)
Batman: Year One always felt like more of a Gordon movie but that's okay because Bryan Cranston is amazing.
And the next film on DC animated movie night is... Batman: Year One. I didn't realize this was a prequel to The Dark Knight Returns.
Just re-read Batman: Year One for the umpteenth time. Incredible, dirty, vital noir. Miller was on a roll in the mid-80's.
man, I love that book so much. Maybe Frank Miller's finest hour. Great double bill with Batman: Year One
15. The first book I ever read was "BATMAN: Year One".
That one day in the year where you end up missing him even more than usual, sigh ! 😏
One year ago that Jacob Whitesides followed me on tw!
Happy New Year everyone! We're planning on making 2016 a big one!
I do believe that no one can beat JaDine's valentines surprise last year. . JADINE FEBIBIG.
make sure you let whoever you love know every day and not just one day a year! I LOVE YOU BUFFY! htt…
compLeted and in this one year , has taught us a lot to live a happy life ..
Today marks one year since international premier!
the FBZ one is prolly gonna be concert of the year 🤔
Happy valentines to my one and only . This is our year . 🙏🏽 ❤️
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I've known you for about one year even though it hasn't been that long we've had some great times together. Thank you :)
With its beautiful messages has inspired millions in this one year.
One year of AAP Govt. . Pre-poll promises have started working,. One Year of Modi Govt.,Jumla's still Waiting.
“Kenny Omega is one of the best in the world. He should've been in the main event years ago.” Year of
One Year since the boys performed at MSG (: PROUS OF THEM!
The richer half now lives six years longer than the poorer half--and in the 1970s it was just one year:
valentines day so what I want to be shown I'm loved all through the year not just one day dear husband of mine
A film based on humanity . completes one year!! Really amazing!!.
happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day and that the year ahead is an absolutely fabulous one 🎁🎂🎈
So much can change in one year and trust me when I tell you change is rarely a bad thing.
Evergreen Voges proves age no barrier: That's because only one other player in the 139-year histo... :-)
in this one year MSG revolution has left its impact on millions of lives and moved them towards betterment
Mass improvement in healthcare observed in past one year. Affordable healthcare is within reach for all now.
One year of pro-people governance and honest politics
I hope next year NALS can do more than one days. Two days maybe? All the topics really interesting me :(
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
that's how marriage life goes after One ish year Lol
has spread waves if JOY!! and HAPPINESS!! all around is d one year OUTSTANDIND!! victory of VIRTU…
One of the few days of the year where the Internet is a complete no go 👋👋👋
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney got engaged exactly one year ago 💍😍
Happy One Year Anniversary to this gorgeous couple. Sending my wishes to them on their special day. Xx
No one has explained to me how Beyonce could win a VMA for "video of the year" for Single Ladies, but not be "best female video"
Happy valentines day to the 3 loves of my life! Although i dont need just one day of the year to say it!
and one year of MIRACULOUS!! victory on all worst habits and victory of TRUTH!! over LIE!! this one year was…
Before one year the rock star was launched his first outstanding super duper movie ⭐MSG THE MASSENGER⭐. htt…
Basic infrastructure is the backbone of quality education. Last one year AAP strengthened it like never before.
. is like one year of happiness, have no words to explain what I got in this one year
Low key wish I had someone to spend today with . Low key . But it's just one day in the year 😂🖕🏽
Is it just me or are crabs on stuff this year? One bench pressing and one running round with a shank lol Sebastian would be proud
Exactly one year since I saw my boys 😪
if you are a Proud AAPtard today, after One Year of Delhi Governance. Janta ki Sarkar, Janta Ke Liye.
Two 15-year-old Palestinian boys shot dead after one allegedly opened fire on Israeli forces
Good, now go past CM Residence & Congratulate Arvind Kejriwal Happy one year yaar.
11:11 one direction win BOTH Brit awards they're nominated for this year
Take a look at our new case study about how went from RI to Outstanding in just one year!
If your boyfriend or girlfriend only shows you they appreciate you one day out of the year for likes on social media, something wrong.
One year on, still true. Against modern football ✊🏽
congratulations GURUJI. The revolutionary movie completed its one year!
. . Delhi Govt achievementz in Year one of Governance. cc
riko was the only one who got me chocolates this year for some reason it smells like medicine. I can smell it even if it's in my bag oh g od
Congratulations to the Philippines Teen Queen for being one of this year's Anak TV awardees. 💛. http…
. One year has passed still we all remember all Ur dialogues in
Since Valentine's Day and Family Day are back to back this year I vote we rename one "Yuri Day" & the other "Yuri Day E…
Story of a broken province. Between the only 2 metros in the Province, over R2bn was spent irregularly in ONE year.
This year's valentines was not bad. Wait, it was one of a kind actually. 😄😍😝
When we look at the building this year, it will be a glorious one but the most important is the process.
A doctor has been sentenced one year in jail for being homosexual,the authorities used his account history
One year of laughs, fights but especially all fun, love and trust with you crazies, I love you💜https:/…
Starlet, worst car I have driven Hired one in Darwin last year.
JantaKaReporter: One year of Arvind Kejriwal government- Beginning of revolution in governance, writes Apoorv Pathak
One year of contentment! . One year of soul's affix with God! . One year of victory of truth over evils! . Of course paramount…
This year no one dare to use Den's jersey number. How about the jersey next year, will someone use that number? 🤔
Thats nothing, the Year One adaptation had Ben McKenzie, I think. There was no acting; he just read. Monotone.
Ben Mckenzie, Gordon on does the voice over for Bruce Wayne/Batman in Year One (animated film)
When is Year One going to release an album???
Unexpectedly looking after a one year old today. Great excuse to visit
It was one year ago when a fangirl proposed to taeyeon with an eggplant... a freaking eggplant 😂😂😂
NICE!! I was very lucky to 'win' one last year. Passage of time is sad, but made so much better w/ a Beck calendar!
Delighted 'Imaginary Cities' is one of the Financial Times' Books of the Year (paywall)
One year ago today, Odell Beckham Jr. happened.
Back to that time of year where every couple of mins Ryan says a prize and that famous line " theres one for everyone in …
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This year, it's like EL released a song every 2 weeks and everyone loved every single one of them. Legend!
If fifth harmony don't get new management or do something drastic by next year they're going to be one hit wonders ha
Dongho is just one year older than me and he is happily getting married today. What is life man
No Ceilings 2 is personally one of the biggest let downs for me this year, but he's still the GOAT.
Your Macbook is about as likely to break down after *three* years than Windows laptops in year one.
One year ago today Clarke & Bellamy redefined the definition of a hug. ht…
not at all! We're buying one for the first time this year and I can't wait!!
I don't think it's normal to get the flu twice in one year... :/
One year ago today, the sporting world was in mourning for Phillip Hughes. We will always remember him.
This what y'all wait one day Of the the year to do? 😳 I'll just pay regular price 😕
This time of year it's tempting to make an excuse - but not this week team - LET'S GO! Have a good one https…
In bed with a cold and one of my 75-year-old copies of wondering how I might get healthily slim.
ICYMI | penned a one-year contract extension yesterday afternoon
The cascading hem and gorgeous lace sleeves make this one of the best wedding dresses we've seen this year. Copy...
how many times can I say NO in one year? probs setting the world record rn
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
: | One of our last gigs of the year today - we play Wintertide Festival …
Jc uploaded 3 video's in 3 days *** he didnt even upload 3 in one year before i'm proud
In Don't consume: be one of the first to visit Wildlife Photographer of the Year Opens today https:/…
No one wants to go home 😣 all these 20-27 year olds in my house right now I'm tired ☹
Can i punch ur face one time everyday until end of next year? 👊🏾
One of my favourite races of the year today, The Hennessy Gold Cup, I’m on Smad Place and The Druids Nephew (e/w)
Harry is me at every show I went to this year. One Direction
she's one year his senior.She's non-celebrity
Tomorrow I have the honor of posting the first ever 7/7 video on to celebrate one year of MDE. 11.28.14 💫
Last year, this day changed my life like I never imagined. Happy one year with us ✖️
I've moved out of one house to get away from a stalker. He spent a year in jail. Now I have another weirdo
Japan to resume whaling in Antarctic Ocean one year on from international court ruling
Congratulations Steve Birks and his team on being commended for their one-day pitches in 2015 at the ECB Groundsman of the…
One Direction have just won 'Best International Artist' at the This is the 4th year in a row they have won! ht…
6 Gigs and then we have to say goodbye to Ed for one year... Gonna miss him but I'm proud and he deserves his break so much!!. Love him ♥♥♥
Breast Cancer Awareness
I was getting into her last year but then I fell off. But she is excellent and one of a kind. Thats for sure.
. Nice!! Is flag up on your house year round? No one in FR has a flag up!
One year ago, we published an Eritrean novel about the ongoing Although African Titanics is...
Lol y'all think you are cool one min.then the next you ain't. Thanks senior year for proving me wrong 👌🏻
are increasing with older ppl. My 67 year old neighbour uses his constantly. (I know, sample of one.)
Happy one year of thank you guys for everything.✨
Everything Adele did in the last week
The boys with their awards: Boyband of the Year. Video of the Year. Artist of the Year. One Direction
Sorry, Britain, but this lovely Christmas ad from Spain is the one to watch this year.
you get more than I get paid in a year for one hour 🙃😭
There are very few songs about famous painters but in Year One of Double Gold today, Brian and Michael took their...
Year One might be the greatest movie of all time
A reasonable amount. I grew up on The Dark Knight and Year One and the Killing Joke and that era of Batman.
Hacked Off: IPSO Year One, no regulation, no arbitration, no investigations, no independent…
Katie Price says Natasha is going to win because 'she's a mum and she's strong'. That's what got Jack Dee over the line in Year One.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Every batman fan should read Batman: Year One. Just awesome from start to finish.
I watch a decent amount of Batman on the screen but in comics I've only read Year One, Long Halloween and Dark Victory.
We discuss Batman: Year One and The Killing Joke and what made them so memorable
End of Year One: Are you happy with the direction Destiny is going?
This week's classic graphic novel pick is Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, DC Comics.
My first greatest hits collection, "Reflection - Year One," will begin release on July 13th,…
Jesse is great. Apart from Now You See Me. But that's not as bad ad Michael's Year One
Easton is a brave one year old.he jumps in the pool to Matthew 😳
Can you spot the chick? This pair on one of my platforms only has one chick this year.
Chris Froome will be one of 10 Britons in this year's which begins on Saturday.
Set some goals this year & I'm making sure that every last one is met!
ola! Just wrote one.Have not blogged for a year I think!.
When you think things couldn't be any worse just remember, your six year old daughter could have one of these . . . ht…
Happy One Year Anniversary to these studs also
This is one of the few selfies taken this year. Why? Because after all these years I'm still blown… featured in NBC s Science of Love
.'Martin' parody is one of the year's best music videos:
QPR are to announce in the next 48 hours that Clint Hill has signed a new one-year deal at Loftus Road. (Source: Sky S…
Norton Antivirus Protection for Windows 8, 7 Vista and XP one year one PC
Enter now to a one year basic family pass at This Is The Place Heritage Park!
She made $95m in one year through romanticising rape culture & hurting abuse survivors. She's won this game so hard.
One report has found that nearly half of the world's food is thrown away every year.
Good job Harrison one day of trying it and getting it!!! El cap Is something to watch for this year I'm telling ya! http:…
One year later, ISIS undeterred by U.S. efforts
But, hey, at least he got to enjoy one lousy, pain-filled year of freedom before he died. Tragic, to say the least.…
One year later and I'm still mad about this.
5-year-old daughter: You're like the man in that Disney movie. Me: Prince Charming?. 5-year-old: No, the one with the…
These are always pretty funny. I ended up in the news competition one year.
lost a couple friends and someone I spent over a year with but hey, not every one you lose is a loss!
One year anniversary of no era penal...Please take a moment in silence for all the victims of
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