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Ye Olde

Ye Olde is a pseudo-Early Modern English stock prefix, used anachronistically, suggestive of a Merry England or Deep England feel.

Ye Olde English Nicola Yeager

It's on ye olde bucket list to climb Mt Everest Base Camp (17,000 ft) I'll do it 1 day, not sure when and who with, but it's getting done!
Never understood...if you read it and enjoyed it, why quiz yourself on it? You could write a ye olde book report?
Look no further…Find the perfect treats for children’s party bags at Friars! 🍫🍬🍫🍬
"110 In the shade", Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Pub, London on Thu 18 May 2017, tickets:
We boosts of a global range of fine wines to suit every taste! Book a table now on 01733 210200
It was back in the ye olde Xenosaga forum days and we banned someone who was all "omg my dad is FBI he will shut you down for this"
I think more evocative would have been "Ye Olde Oak" >>
So it's official!!! Finally got a new recumbent exercise bike, a Schwinn... Workouts will follow, maybe dust off ye olde weight bench, too!
Morning! If you're around today come & say hi & hear more about what I stand for. The Plotting Parlour, Ye Olde White Harte, from 6pm
Using Ye Olde mobile to check in. Not in a hurry though.
Why don't you let ye olde Roderick pump some nice meaty tunes into yer day? . ... You're welcome.
somewhere in the middle — helpful UNTIL you're very used to typing and would rather just backspace and correct like ye olde computer
Nice . Ye Olde liver would take a beating there .
Oh ye olde omnipotent one. What would the time frame be for his head on a stake?
Might I suggest one last hurrah before ya move, a LOUD one, right before you get in the ye olde vehicle…
Olobobo, ye olde cottemptable!), his proud of a letter or wensum farmerette walking go somewhere on when but, by Hireark
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Remember legacy laden federal, state, and local governments prefer/have to send you Ye Olde paper for debt
Ye Olde in Next time, we'll grab the key and look inside. ;-)
. Ha ha...didn't Mel like a bit of ye olde white powder, too?. All-caps then! J-J-J-J-J-J-.
During the broadcast when Vaughn hit the Camden yards scoreboard in center field they reported 505 ft!
Not a bad sort of a day in ye olde this Sunday
Ah, phew. Y'know, I don't think I ever made it to Barclay's -- Ye Olde Hut always sucked me in first. But it's gone now too. :-/
WOW, look at this beautiful Grade 2 listed Gothic home in Imagine staying here?
pulling a shift at ye olde day job, just quick 10 hr shift, one today, one tomorrow. Funny to answer 911 after 6 weeks of NOT answering it.
I also have copies of the San Diego show up in my online Ye olde webshoppe:
ok, so maybe I won't leave ye olde' dh after all
ye olde black Bull, by Stratford town hall, not black Bull by bow flyover
Maybe Ye Olde English is coming back?
No, see, he was using the "Ye Olde English" version of has. He's really quick to adjusting
Twain, Dickens, Wodehouse, Yeats; you're in good company at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese
nope. On prem, ye olde SPD 2010. I'm not cool, lol.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Well, at least ye olde yellow-haired beefcake seemed to be polite. An amused smirk on her lips as she spoke. "I'm Misty."
Deep talk in ye olde fish n chip shop mind: "11 months with her and she rubs her new fella in my face". 'urry up with my haddock, ***
also! if anyone wants my discord or telegram since skype is the ye olde hat. Just ask!
Viking Sallie is treating us all to a plethora of mead in the bear garden of Ye Olde Tavern!
Ye olde words are much more satisfying and cromulent arent they?
You live in a village? There's a Ye Olde Sweet Shop in Hitchin. They're bloody pricey though!
ye olde fun fact: he was actually holding a McChicken.
on the plus side, if you have any homework that requires ye olde receipt, simply stain with a tea bag. Voila.
Hey, can one of y'all bring a horse over to Ye Olde Christmas Shop to pull my sleigh?
TONIGHT Ye Olde House At Home 7:45pm, free food served to players
[LARP nerd picks up Hellraiser cube]. this is superior dwarven craftsmanship, it shall sell well at ye olde shoppe
Today only 25% off of spring scarfs in The Ye olde Farm House Gift Shoppe!!!
The Ye Olde Rustic Colour looks good on the Merc`s Mohawk.
Ye Olde Times of Finance Wordpress Theme, dude. Only for Very Serious people
Ye olde creaky bones: Is this what it means to be getting older? -
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Eldorado to resume work at Skouries gold mine in Greece
Wake up and RAGE w/ our review of on the latest installment of ye olde
This kind of weather you need a cool drink ... . Visit YE Olde Sweet Shoppe Durham in the Market Hall for...
no mirrors? What kind of ye olde transition were you in? 😂
Neutral. They're exactly what we thought. Slow pitch softball team.
In ye olde for the this coming Saturday the 14th May, I'll be taking over a shop &...
Yeah. One quick stab to ye olde Cerebral Cortex and the fun is done. I still believe pain enhances flavor .
From enjoying a quiet afternoon drink to an exciting evening meal, Ye Olde Abbey is the place to be!
yes. The high street in Ledbury was pretty nice in a Ye Olde way too. Some of it from 1600.
Maybe if we had a publicly funded way to get home, we wouldn’t be bowing and scraping to Ye Olde Corporate Overlord…
Ye olde latest emperors new clothes combo by on, they also have drinkable beers on. (@ The Pen & Wig)
Wonder whats going to happen with the next round of the Panama Leaks. Ye olde power structures be wobbling..
Come talk to me about my experiment over on ye olde blog (
Ye olde handstitch is sometimes the only way to go. Time for TnT (tedium&tunes) ✂️📻😼
Princesses in Primark dresses, looking for Prince Charming. Knights in Topman armour, spinning lies to impress.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Claire Hunter I am headed to ye olde gym, so you have to go as well! Get moving!
When that beat drop on 'A Tale of 2 Citiez' 😌
Stadium Mustard and Smoky BBQ sauce is like picking which one of your kids you love most.
Iggy apparently owes the IRS $400k in back taxes, ye olde lauren hill effect. Dude turbo tax is free this year. No excuse
Come see me n The Executives do ye olde medieval “schlub to hub” tonight at 7:30PM w/
Sorry to anyone who turned up yesterday at Ye Olde George, Colnbrook, to hear Pimp My Jazz. The management had...
I like this series on productivity hacks from CIOs to take control of ye olde inbox via
i love how and always know EXACTLY who i'm talking abt when i mention Ye Olde Abuser even in passing
American media should pursue credibility, not objectivity.
Still one of the best looking dogwoods. @ ye olde Wright hause
What Americans think Ye Olde England is like... :-): betsyweber posted a photo:.
So far this week my "Ye Olde Englishy style" Tesco farm spinach has been from Spain & Italy (and was full of stalks)
randomly thinking about how happy I am that I met all the people I did in the Ye Olde *** Chat of '11/'12
Agreed. And men always get weird looks. No big deal!
A good mustard is always a safe 1st round pick in any pantry draft. My wife gave me the weirdest look when I told her that.
How do you make Language Arts tutorials affordable---Pledge today!
Ye Olde Mitre and Cheshire Cheese. Two of the oldest pubs in London. Borough Market. Go hungry!
I think I had a copy of that in ye olde days. Cracking read.
Ye Olde Nags Head now serving Porter. See full list on
Purchased ye olde style as a cd. Loving your work 🙌🎤🎸🎶
ALSO, I'm looking to interview some and and for YE OLDE BLAHGG. If this is you, lemme know?
New post alert. Ye Olde George Inn at Shoreham review up now, follow link:
Ye olde American Chinese places cook chicken more tender than this
Yea,, I think it's Virgin now. Whatever ye olde Cablelink is called this week. ;-/
Together let's make change! Check out Ye Olde Tutor on and lets bring better to Language Arts.
nothing. It'll be outdated too fast to be worth any money
Interesting, as msg apps grow & marketers debate how to use, that sponsored content becomes the way. Going back to ye olde radio hours, no?
Listen to my other talented buds from ye olde Berklee:
Y'know, back in ye olde days, they didn't even get that. Nor should such food voucher be viewed as entitlement. It's a nicety.
I imagine it's harder for you because you are very active in ye olde fandom. Which can be enough to turn you off fandom, I know!
New site is out! . My ye olde planet generator is highlighted for gamification. It does look cool.
. This episode made me wonder what reality TV would be like back then. Ye Olde Storage Wars would be pilfered murder plunder.
See ye olde robots do medieval battle at Calgary's Olympic Oval this week
Xlnt learning thingo at today - now know how to request ye olde files & to bring snacks. Goodnight!
So unless you plan on being consistent and speaking in Ye Olde English, I'll consider your concern for language disingenuous.
Well, it's not a Sol 6 whopper, so I'm not (too) concerned. But this does mean I get to dust off ye olde solar farm later. Yay?
Excited about this! Looking forward to singing again at Ye Olde Rose And Crown :)
Tickets on sale for our Late at the Gate pub quiz! Beverages and bar snacks from
Think it's called a 'thorn' and is pronounced th?. Used to have it in English. too. Survives as 'Ye' as in 'Ye Olde'
ICYMI: Ye Olde weirdness at Lady of the Lakes Ren Faire
Looky looky what's been delivered! Great Lakes Brewing Company Christmas Ale! Just in time for HDB at Ye Olde...
Pretty certain that Cambridge, as a city of medievalists, will have feelings about the 'Ye Olde English Market' advertised on Parker's Piece
Yes, there were occasional giggles. "Part Maui Wowee and part Labrador" was amusing, as was ye olde "Take this, it will mellow you out..."
Good news!! The morning news with FoaRyan will be back this morning — provided I can get ye olde iPhone powered up in time!
I should come to that! Will check ye olde parchment diary.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Christmas at Carol's by Nicola Yeager. Fun yuletidey, Xmassy thing out now at ye olde Amazonne shoppe. True!
Why not have a pint somewhere Ye Olde and go elsewhere for lunch?
Thermostat should be the same regardless. They work using ye olde bimetallic strips. Maybe best asking someone knowledgeable
Have you turned the clock back? This is spam, the ye olde favourite - Nat
Hmm. Might be high time I dusted off ye olde Athame and grimoire.
I've got ye olde hypertension. A keto diet and my somewhat new passion for running will hopefully sort it. Diets always suck.
Christmas at Carol's. The new Nicola Yeager. Out now on ye olde Amazonne shoppe.
At Ye Olde Pub in Santa Monica. Where all the young gals are getting drunk, and the older men are singing Plain White T's
Nothing better than a Sunday spent with three generations at ye olde family plantation.…
Ye olde clopen. The bane of my existence.
Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe: the biggest 2016 mysteries: Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it livens up an...
For those who said crystals, make sure to check out & the Etsy shops like Ye Olde Rock Shop.
Hey Friends, thanks for an amazing weekend at TC's. It was busy, crazy and awesome, just like ye olde days.
Me know where there's stash of em'4sale ye olde antique shoppe.
Autocorrect just changed "lest ye" to "let's us." um EXCUSE ME, if I want to speak in Ye Olde English I will! Let's us isn't even a thing!
Harrison is unwatchable when the Patriots are involved in the coverage.
Last night's Ye Olde SNL from 1991 contained a darn good romp through Public Enemy's "Can't Truss It". Had mostly given up on them by then.
Prepping to update ye olde Etsy store w/ my unique brand of Should be up tomorrow morning…
Hmm... November 5th is quite close.Maybe should be checkin' Ye Olde Basement?!...Guy Fawkes Night, America
All right, gmail inbox is all out of control. Time to review ye olde filters again.
not a fan o free speech or thought ye olde SNPers,but that was cringey & then some,still chuckling
ye olde john madden - throw ball at or beyond first down...dont rely on RAC.
Playing with on OS X for a side project. Mind blown, very different from ye olde ASPX. Steep curve ahead.
Anyone been to the newly refurnished Ye Olde Reindeer Inn yet? . We hear it has had a gentle refresh but nothing...
I'm sure you're right. As a child of Decimalisation I am crap on ye olde money!
why do they call it "takeing a ye olde crappe" when your actually LEAVEING it in the toilet. I HOPE! just kidding
Wait a minute...Ye Olde Google reveals that title to be the name of a political party in Ukraine.
I'm tempted to open Ye Olde Herbe Shoppe in Colorado and decorate it with these trippy archaic illustrations
Whole Lotta Love by The Moog Cookbook from the album Ye Olde Space Band: Plays the Cla
I'm not gonna say that racism has been cured … but come on. You can't compare ye olde lynchings to social media roasting.
"Ye Olde Taco Place" seems like an odd mix of cultures.
The phrase “ye olde” seen in old English is actually pronounced the same way as “the old”
a variety id imagine. Probably from Old Norse to the Ye Olde English of that time.
Weary traveler, take a load off and rest thine feet at Ye Olde Faultline Tavern, Wedesnday, October…
I said 'ye' as in you all and they thought it was hilarious like 'ye olde shoppe' lol
Have retreated into ye olde englande on
There's 1 place at where & decorations are together: Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe!
Using the most ancient of tech, RFSS brings you Ye olde Casimir Engine!...
PS let's do that catch up soon, yes? Maybe at ye olde
Looking for in Check our availability on our website here
JM hucks to Christmas who tosses ye Olde point to BA. 3-2 us
considering that Fitzpatrick looks like ye olde prospecter, isn't his destiny to throw picks for the 49er's?
I doubt the companies this kind of guy will work for will bother. Not a very bright future.
I know what I'm renting today on ye olde itunes.
Oops a daisy . So which one of these top the list at Ye Olde Punchbowl . Ps: We promise we shall...
Ok so Ye Olde Mill at the MN State Fair is SUPER DARK and I was not ready for it
it's something to do with ye olde days. When you when 'bed down' so one would say, 'I'm going to bed down'. Which is still silly
the Ghost of ye olde Londinium Wall
Ye Olde Acorn Cottage Fairy House with Shutters just arrived! via
Everyone with any childhood memories will tell you, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop on the waterfront. Then Ivars.
James! Thanks so much, it was ye olde LAMDA x
when do you get back to ye olde England?
Ye Olde Context is missing from the picture.
Are they talking about Ye Olde Netflixe, when they'd snail mail you a few DVDs every month?
callofcharon said: ((Ye olde Admin ask: I know I've complimented your art style over a billion times (and...
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and in the case of equine allergic reactions.
I do worry I'm being "crazy," but I suspect it's more of an issue pushed on ladies due to ye olde "hysteria"
Theres some right on ye olde right now.
Ye Olde Guide to launching a loyalty progaram.
Maybe ypu haven't put ur sign out yet. YE Olde Inn is open for all ur Rodent needs 😂
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
-> inc interesting diversion onto ye olde "Not Invented Here" & its possible role in deterring upcoming activists with new ideas!
Ye Olde Nags Head now serving Old Rosie Rhubarb. See full list on
Well you know me being a very old person needs to be very old pubs pmsl 👍😄 (@ Ye Olde Salutation Inn)
Ye Olde Nags Head now serving Farmers Pale Ale. See full list on
Something a little different if anyone is interested ? Nice price. @ Ye Olde Bike Shoppe
Ye Olde Talbot has BT Sports! Get all the best of the action here! Come and have a good meal & enjoy the matches!
.Festival 2015: Travel to Ye Olde Shakopee on a budget
.Auditions for the fall play, which is part of Ye Olde Madrigal Feaste, will be on Tuesday, September 15, from 3-6 pm in the Choir Room.
How can you not go the oldest pub in England that does serve good Realale 👍😜 (@ Ye Olde
Referring to my junk as "ye olde genitalia" wasn't as big of a hit with the ladies as I thought it would be.
two of pubs, the Peter Boat and Ye Olde Smack, owe their names to types of local fishing boat.
Pick up some sweets and a free copy of my new cd at Ye Olde Terrace Sweet Shop in Let's have some fun!
- why thank you kind sir - I have done likewise for you - no idea why I've slipped into Ye Olde English speak! See you soon!
It's more akin to backwards running, markets 101 ye olde over supply...
Vintage Ye Olde Pub Glassware Set, 6 Pcs. and more on shop onekingslane
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It was like some ye olde mating ritual preceding a fight to the death for your man.
228/365 arrives with Luke hitting Jabba with ye olde ULTIMATUM!
Get to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese next time you're in London, mate. I've been a few times. Great name and great pub.
Lol while we are on random thoughts, flashback to when and I put "ye olde" in front of EVERY word.
Couldn't wrap up summer 1987 without getting phlegmed on by goats at Ye Olde Game Farm.
how cool would it be to have some real music on this show for once instead of that lame Ye Olde String Section nonsense
Book theft was quite a big deal in ye olde times
This is the accessible toilet in Ye Olde *** Tavern on fleet street. Table, no towels, no bin, alarm cord too short. …
At the oldest bar in Vermont Warm up after a day of snowboarding (@ Ye Olde Tavern in Manchester, VT)
The last day me left sadness 😊 @ Ye Olde Smokehouse, Cameron Highlands
are you on your way to ye olde Presse Clube as well?
Ye Olde Nags Head now serving Black Mass. See full list on
I flow where the vibes go @ Ye Olde Arizona Renaissance Festival
Betty stoggs in the ye olde dolphin a lovely creamy pint and easily the best so far tonight
Did Bundy look better than his line indicated?
Peanut butter toast and chocolate milk: holy hot *** is it good!
Generational resentment from ye olde feminists? Young feminists can't help not being born like, 30 years ago...
594. But I am amused by this city of ye olde hipsters I've created.
Out flyering for Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret IV! Only three more weeks!
Game evening and drinks at Ye Olde *** Tavern, Fleet Street -
Added a couple of new things to ye olde bucket list. More adventure awaits! :-)
working at Ye olde oceon fanabe then I'm going radj in veronicas, pop owa kid
Just had a pint of stout in Ye Olde Murrenger . Well tidy!
There's some medieval thyme happening now. @ Ye Olde Commons
St Lythans burial chamber just out side Cardiff from times older than when ye olde speak was a normal…
At ye olde Artscape to watch Trevor Noah.
We went to the Sal and The Old Angel this time. Ye Olde Trip is down for next time :)
First lugtread at my local Montreal pub, Ye Olde Orchard! Finally, they're in Quebec!
I checked in at Ye Olde Kings Head on
Cursive will go the way of Ye Olde English. Yup yup.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
"It's a fact. We allowed 4million people into UK without any planning for impact on public services. Vote http:/…
Ye Olde DENIAL!. "No, you may not play that word!" @ Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Reminds me of ye olde SW. An entire city of Alliance sitting in the air because of 10-15 horde.
Saturday. 10 o'clockish. Ye Olde AT40 with Casey Kasem. Hits and misses from Mar-4-72.
Took a stroll down to the oldest pub in the UK earlier with - 'Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem'.
The fact that I've moved 4 miles in two hours makes me want to kill myself
Thinking of retiring ye olde desktop PC at home and...not replacing it.
It does dabble with ye olde 10% of your brain nonsense though, so minus a few hundred thousand points out of 10 for that.
Not gonna lie, I lost it when Shakespeare hit em with "She got a big booty, so I call her Big Booty." (Sounds better in Ye Olde English)
I hope it's not too late to wish a happy birthday! I whipped this up on ye olde sketch app on my tablet.
Coming soon; The Michigan Renaissance Fair. North America's largest carnival midway with "Ye Olde" added to the signs on the concession stands. I wonder if they need a Tudorial Assistant.
Every woman loves to think of herself as a 21st century girl. Today’s women are fearless and independent, and they don’t mind letting the world know. There’s still, however, a huge part in every woman that wants an old-fashioned, stand-up man who can take care of her every need. It’s important to know which rules you can resurrect from Ye Olde dating manuals, and which will just insult her; you certainly don’t want to insist that she has a chaperone or disrespect her by asking her parents’ permission before taking her out. There are, however, some tried-and-true, old-fashioned dating tricks that will make her swoon like a silver-screen starlet. Read below for some old-fashioned dating tips that’ll help you become your date’s knight in shining armor. Plan and pay for the evening This is probably one of the most highly debated of all dating rules; paying for the date is so contentious precisely because it’s such an old-fashioned dating practice. A lot of women will make a faux effort to pi ...
Ye Olde 17 Comedy club is on Friday 16th in the Red Room. Free entry - lots of laughs.
My God, they can't expect to put Ye Olde in front of anything they want and get away with it.
Also, he actually gave an example! Behold, Ye Olde carried interest loophole
Wishing I was in Chapel Hill so I could go to Ye Olde and eat some bangin brunch with my girls right now...ultimate hangover cure
TOMORROW IF THE WEATHERS NICE. a good event in one of Manchester s hidden gems and before you ask its next to Ye Olde *** Inn on Wilmslow Road Sunday 23 June 2013 @ 12:00 - 17:00 Fletcher Moss Park , Millgate Lane, Manchester, M20 2SW 0161 434 1877 Come along for a lovely afternoon in Fletcher Moss Park Café and enjoy a full programme of live music from local bands and solo artists, alongside exhibitions on the railings of artwork by local artists. There will also be poetry of a different kind from pupils of Manchester schools. From 12 noon - Various Artists show their work on the park railings as part of this great outside DAF exhibition — enjoy a coffee and cake from the Café too! 1.00pm-Nat Clare. Bolton based singer / songwriter / poet acclaimed for his Dylanesque style and lyric and script writing skills (Spitting Image , Not The Nine O'clock News and The Word). 1.45pm-Merchandise. Northwest based duo. Expect Bright summery pop tunes and clever melodies plus brilliant instrument blends on Citysc ...
Ye Olde headliner News - Friday, 20th of June, 1913 Australia's Prime Minister Andrew Fisher resigned after the defeat of the Australian Labor Party in parliamentary elections. Romania mobilized its armed forces in preparation for an invasion of Bulgaria. Born: Lilian Jackson Braun, American mystery writer known for the "Cat Who series", starting in 1966 with The Cat Who Could Read Backwards; in Chicopee, Massachusetts (d. 2011) Died: Major Sydenham Ancona, 89, former U.S. Representative, believed to be the last surviving member of Congress to have participated in the voting on the American Civil War in 1860; Sir Frederick Johnstone, Earl of Annandale, 72, former British MP (1874-1885) and sportsman who won the English Derby twice.
See, there are worse ways to lose a series. Cheer up Montreal and Vancouver.
One of the greatest songs of all time, "Someone to Watch Over Me" written by George and Ira Gershwin for their 1926 Broadway show Oh, Kay!, was recorded by B...
Ye olde "getting dumped" business. Things are going to be awkward with Scarlett now.
PostAWeek 18: The Davidian Blog – A Very Mother’s Day Blog By David “Cranial PainOrgy” Dysart     Tom and Chuck weretranscribed in front of an imaginary audience     Chuck: Why, hello there, PostAWeekreader. We have quite the post for you today.   Tom: That we do, Chuck. /shot   Chuck: Woah, Tom, take it easy withthe shots. The show just started.   Tom: Which means we don’t have anytime to waste! /shot /shot We didn’t have anytime for pregaming, so we have tohit the ground running!   Chuck: Just pace yourself. We’regoing to be hear a while.   Tom: Alright. I’ll make a deal withyou. Every time I want to take a shot, you can take it instead. /sho   Chuck: Here, here. Give it to me./shot   Tom: Well, folks. In celebration ofyesterday’s Mothers Day, we’re going to be celebrating mothers everywhere andlooking back at our old Mothers Day posts from the Bloggaday...   Chuck: ...   Tom: /sh   Chuck: Come on. /shot Oh, goodness,that was terrible. What was that?   Tom: Absinthe. ...
Bought by myself, Mary, and Jesse in ye olde 2010 and aged since then. Sublime. — Drinking a Sheep Eater —
A man showed up at an East County fire station Monday, dropped off two children, at the time apparently suffering from near-drowning trauma, and then disappeared, authorities reported.
Just thought of an idea for a music social tool, really don't know why I'm bothering to post it here (I'm not trying to monetise it), but anyway, i felt like sharing one of the many brain diversions i get in the form of entrepreneurial ideas after a brainstorming session..   Ever felt that the radio just doesn't entertain anymore? Who can blame them? There are around 18 million+ people in Mumbai at any time, and there are only 7 or 8 radio stations, only 1 being a 24/7 English radio. How does one really know what is popular? How does one really know where in the world does that popularity come from? Surely, if the radio fails to entertain and play "good" music, then it must mean that they are not playing something that is mainstream. Can you know the differences in the tastes of music between those people living near Marine Drive and Colaba, compared to those living in the burbs of Lokhandwala and Andheri? More and more people carry MP3 players, some people's phones are their MP3 players (thats ingenious ...
Lots of new listings in ye olde etsy shoppe:
Curiously picked up ye olde sewing kit last night and started making creatures again. Might have some new, unique things up for sale soon.
Lest ye' forget olde darlings, "Spare the rod and spoil the child" ~ Desmond Glebe's Almanac of Efficient Parenting.
hi Hollie loved chatting with you today,I'm dave from the ye olde talbot hotel,lots of love xxx
My review of Hunting by Intersting world, enjoyable plot. Ye olde urban fantasy.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Ye Olde Netflix account is officially back in service. Am I supposed to watch Scandal, Tweeps?
“S/o you're ma fuk boi. You're a real good friend. We gotta hangout soon” ye olde night of wings?
There's either a chipmunk, rabbit, or squirrel every 12ft up in this camp. Wilmette needs more coyotes and/or a ye olde tannery.
We have less than 3 days left to raise money for a storefront with our indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. If you...
My Filipino Rent Boy slathering my belly with grease fresh from the traps at Ye Olde Blue Dog Caffe.
about to dust off the cobwebs and hop on ye olde Xbox
Woman was created to be man’s helper, to be subordinate to the man. In the third chapter of Genesis God declares to the woman, “Your desire shall be toward your husband, and he shall rule over you.” This is a declaration of Yahweh’s governmental order. Paul states in I Corinthians chapter eleven, “Christ is the head of man, and man is the head of woman.” Jezebel is in rebellion against this order. She does not want man to rule over her. She wants to rule over men. This is what Jezebel did. By acting in her husband’s stead, writing letters in his name, and using his seal (the symbol of authority), commanding his elders and nobles, and by surrounding herself with emasculated males, she turned men into effeminate drones, compliant to her wishes, willing to serve her. The woman who acts in this manner, seeking to command men, desiring them to fulfill her will and desires, will find that her actions bear many grievous results. Although Jezebel was successful in turning emasculated men into compli ...
S2E42 Ye olde football and shocking misses: It’s Krys and I this week and we talk about football. Mostly it’s ...
A Hobbs, New Mexico, mother had her children taken away from her on Mother's Day after officers say they found a despicable living situation.
.,.,.,.,.,.,. \  2~BIBLE 's TERROR ~ \ .,.,.,.,   God says that anyone who worships others Gods wherever they be must be killed. Even if your antartica and you worship some pagan deity you shall be put to death. As the verse says, to the ends of the world, meaning all over the world, so there is no tolerance in the religion. God Jesus orders his followers to stone the ones who dont believe in him, and to kill them, and to destroy the city with the sword and burn it and never rebuild it. The ending ot the paragraph is very interesting, God tells his followers TO KEEP all his commandments which include this one! To kill others who dont believe in him, so hence no religous tolerance. So this rule STILL APPLIES TODAY, because their God said:   keep all his commandments which I command thee this day, to do that which is right in the eyes of the LORD thy God.   Or did God change his mind? The God of the OT does NOT change his mind:   "God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that h ...
,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. \ ~ BIBLE 's TERROR ~ \ .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.   ,.*~ Many Times Christians post passages from the Quran on war and say that Islam is not valid because 1of them because of the violence. Christians say Muhammad cannot be a prophet because he fought in wars and killed people, they say Jesus never killed anyone nor harmed any one, and that their God is loving and not a killer. Are these comments true? The simple answer is no, in this article I will quote several verses from the Bible showing the brutal terror found in it, I will be quoting from the OT & NT. Christians should have no problem with it, since its the same God, so hence if the God of the OT said kill then it means Jesus said kill because he has no God. So Christians have no way out of this mess.   " King James Version (KJV) "   first of all i want you to remember what Jesus said : *\~ John 5 : 39 ¶ Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.   ...
The latest podcast is here - just me and Craig talking about the weekend action. From 1872.
o, I don't know about ye olde' chinstrap
Ghost Hunt with Pontefract Paranormal at Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem on Sat 22nd Jun 2013
A mate wrote this,,your thoughts Reds Utd are gonna go in a small decline now without Ferguson, don't get me wrong they'll still be top4 but they won't be winning the league every 2nd year or so and theyll may only win the league every so often, they won't have the same favour through referees and FA that they had, and whatever the players and fans say now when things start sliding under Moyes questions will be asked and doubts set in the minds and that will be seen on the pitch aswell, Moyes won't attract players like Ferguson did, Man Utd are a big club and will attract players but Ferguson swayed alot of players to, don't tell me if Moyes was over United last year that's van Persie would have chose United over League champions City, he'd have chosen City all day long, and United wouldn't have won the league this year.. so don't get drawn into all these boasting United fans living up their league title, their club is in decline and their smoke screen of 20 league titles won't blind everyone for long, as ...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Paulette gon pay for puttin his hands on this girl
yeah true, it's a good football pub, you'll like it :) so what brings you down to ye olde Melbourne town?
*** that's lovely. We had the album in Ye Olde Album format when I was a kid. It was new at the time. I'm old.
It was my last full night as Master of Ye Olde Bargate Lodge 5296 just the Install in Oct, all my officers performed a splendid ceremony.
Rated 100% by the VA as being unemployable, but denied Social Security Disability by the Social Security Administration. How is that possible?
Cillian Clancy . story of our evening!
Thou shall escort thee to ye olde confectionery store, I shalt allow thou to lick the popsicle stick.
I'm not the only one enjoying the couch in my reconfigured home office! @ Ye Olde Home Office
They're selling 3 litre bottles of Jack Daniels at ye olde booze shoppe. How on earth do you pour from it? Or just a straw?
Having a pregame beer at Ye Olde before softball.. though i have not spoken to her, I can tell the "lady" next to me is not a Wellesley grad
Truly great quote. We all fall in love with illusion at some point in life - hard not to ... Ye old heart vs brain...sigh
'I'd have knocked your block off'. Ye olde fighting talk from Spencer
I mean: ye olde Web 2.0 embodies principles of space - agency, information flow, etc - that we should aspire to in physical space.
Dismiss ye olde newspapers if you will, but curation is one of the world's most undervalued commodities
Hey look, it's and Trigger Happy on the ye olde website. Good read!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Lolll Nick "Name the four members of ye olde One Direction, better known as the Beatles!"
I fear it has already been foretold of in the deeper, darker stories of ye olde soothsayers… :)
My happiness lies in manchester, drat, I appear to be doomed in ye olde yorkshire
Me too. And then the ending was phenomenally bad, with the flashbacks to Ye Olde Transylvania/Romania and the un-surprise.
Peep this: You cant help but wonder how this family keeps from going OF! God picked a *** of a FAMILY. I cant wait for the book to come out to expose just how racist and biased this country still is. If im wrong then why are we still fighting old issues from the past like voting rights, income inequality, womens rights and immigration. As I see it we are going backwards NOT forward.
print version | the lilith shrine main page | the historical lilith  The Story Of Lilith from Ancient Israel: Myths and Legends by Angelo S. Rappoport Queen of the demons is Lilith, long-haired and winged.1 She is supposed to have been the first wife of Adam. She had been one of the wives of Sammael, but of a wild, heroic and passionate nature she left her spouse and joined Adam. From their union issued the demons or Shedim, who rode about in the world as wicked spirits, persecute and plague men, and bring upon them illness, disease, and other sufferings. Lilith, like Adam, had been created from the dust (Adamah) of the earth. But as soon as she had joined Adam they began to quarrel, each refusing to be subservient and Submissive to the other. "I am your lord and master," spoke Adam, "and it is your duty to obey me." But Lilith replied: "We are both equal, for we are both issued from dust (Adamah), and I will not be submissive to you." And thus they quarrelled and none would give in. And when ...
Asdrubal Cabrera is killing me. Wait it out or bail?
Ancient Instagram: photos of feet with suit of armor on them, ye olde beer stein on castle turret edge. Rembrandt-style painting.
For every senator who asks "What about the children?" well, here is mine and she's doing great!
How Scotland joined the Kingdom of Great Britain. **CGPGrey T-Shirts for sale!**: Grey's blog: If you would ...
George Galloway Blasts MQM & Altaf Husain in the British Parliament - Must Watch
You'd be welcome in my tent any day. But you'd have to come dressed as a medieval wench to serve ye olde ale ;-)
A University of Waikato academic involved in a groundbreaking new study on words says the team involved expected the results to be controversial.
July sounds fantastic. And the Zoo is an excellent shout. Not been to ye olde Twycross in years!!
Found the tape in ye olde basement and made an mp3. Sound quality *** though...
This is my Lauren best friend can't get a pic of both of them together Lauren won't let me so I had to do this sorry Lauren lol xx:-)
Our group wrapped up a busy day of site visits at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, England's oldest inn.
8 minutes in and all I see is ye olde sweaty sex + old men in fur coats!! Is this it!! x
"Name the members of ye olde One Direction, the Beatles!"
I've got chippy experience at ye olde tutbury fryer and there's still some mega dons working there
I would love to but I'm stuck in Ye Olde Yorkshire. :-(
tee hee!! Don't you find they chatter a bit too much some nights though
Any books you'd recommend about sex & foreign cities in ye olde Victorian times? (Don't worry if not!)
RE Rob from Coventry, Ipswich vs Norwich, Ye Olde Farme Derby, it's 44.3 miles from Portman Road to Carrow Road.
freeroll me. Ill send those donks to ye olde glue factory!
Anon, doth thee not want to revise in for ye olde subjects?
you shouldn't listen to those voices! Mine tell me the same thing
Linda Harvey says schools, Hollywood, top leaders, and “homosexual news blogs” are all busy selling homosexuality to kids, tricking them into thinking they’re ***
Photos of Things you miss about Waterford
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