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Yasin Malik

Yasin Malik (born 1963) is the chairman of one of the two factions of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, the chairman for other faction is Farooq Siddiqi (Farooq Papa).

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Dead body of KP sarla Bhat whose breasts were cut by Yasin Malik n then paraded on streets of Kashmir
Sir a fellow like Yasin Malik hasn't been punished for his crimes in India yet we harp on La…
If Rajat Sharma is really pro-BJP, he must answer why he interviewed terrorist Yasin Malik, which has irked party supporters. A lot.
Rajat sharma invited Yasin Malik and Kapil Sharma invited Wasim Akram shows that Kashmir is a part of Pakistan.
In a better country unlike ours, Yasin Malik wudn't have made the news even if he were shot dead like a rabid dog in the…
Yasin Malik arrested for anti-democratic campaigns. Protesters pelt stones at police. Vishal Bharadwaj sir, will this be sho…
Yasin Malik, Jackie Shroff & Mother are trending in India. Genuine question- Did Jackie Shroff said something about Yasin…
$ Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Yasin Malik attack at police in srinagar
Yasin Malik's arrest: Protesters pelt stones at police in Srinagar
Yasin Malik arrested for poll boycott campaign in J&K: Times Now
I Yasin Malik he should simply declare himself to be one.
ask Mr.Junaid wot action was taken agnst yasin malik after he hijacked da relief boat on camera? If he has an answer 4 dat
We should no beg for dialogue , instead we need to strengthen the freedom moment at grass root level .Mr Yasin Malik on. Geo Tv
For God sake please stop the drama of this dialogue now .Mr Yasin Malik on Geo Tv
exactly, ignorant ppl are india's biggest problem. Its coz of them ppl like yasin malik & akbaruddin owaisi roam free on road.
Ground zero! JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik personally involved in relief and rescue operations during
Yasin Malik, chairman of JKLF, distributes relief and consoles flood victims in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district on Monday. Pic: Mir Wasim.
with spitting face ...he looks more like Yasin Malik twin.
How a robber named Yasin Malik help you see
NC/State Govt. inept, incompetent. Arrest JKLF's Yasin Malik who is disruptting the Indian Army's relief efforts for treason.
Don't ask for justice when murdered in cold blood,Yasin Malik&Co killed unarmed SqnLdr Khanna,3NCO on 25.1.90 at Srinagar no taker
I will cooperate with any anti-BJP front, Sharad Pawar says! Even owaisi, yasin malik and geelani?
Ashok Singhal, Praveen Togadiya, Oweshi, Yasin Malik all r patriot. Bt is criminal who left evrythg fr country.
Where did you get this piece of fiction from? Your Uncle Yasin Malik told you? LOL
Terrorist Yasin Malik with a smiling PM Singh. This photo tells you everything you need to know about http:/…
Yes. Yasin Malik & Geelani are Gandhians and Islam is a "religion of Peace"; they have great credentials for Nobel "peace" prize
who financed this film? Yasin Malik? Mirviaz Omar Farooq? AFSPA criticized but nt required as per story
i lost faith in Seeman when he met n invited Yasin malik for one of his rally.
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of Dawood, Abu salem, Chhota shakeel, Yasin malik, Laden's ghost in *** Bagdadi, ... Anyone left?
Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna has already been adopted by Geelani & Yasin Malik. They are taking care of Sopore village Output:Terrorism is there
Their next . may go2 Yasin Malik don't get shocked! wait & c.
Vishal Bharadwaj's understanding of Kashmiri terrorism naive & dangerous. Looks like he's adopted JKLF's Yasin Malik as h…
Ghanta! Crap Thought! Worst Comparison! Tomorrow they may give Nobel to Yasin Malik then what?
Yasin Malik jumped into an Army boat and got himself rescued, but pulls out women; nation can't take more: G D Bakshi
They're degrading the prize with every passing year. Next who? Yasin Malik?
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik has said that the Indian government and...
Whole India is trending but Yasin Malik & his supporters will definitely wanna trend
they have forgotten the best candidate why not preety boy Omar, far more good looking than Yasin Malik or Gianni. (1)
Irom Sharmila far better choice. MT And suggests Yasin Malik for peace prize
Why isn't Yasin Malik fighting for his brothers across the border?..whats that u say? He has mortarophobia? Oh...ok.
link? It was who even saved separatist Hurriyat leaders like Yasin Malik
Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Muhammad Yasin Malik, has appealed people to observe Eid-ul-Azha...
Let him talk peace with Yasin Malik & Geelani..
What is our compulsion to keep ds seperatists in India likes of Yasin Malik.Pak is using dm to defame India at Intl le…
We are restriced to celebrate now. Restrictions imposed in Lal Chowk to ‘foil’ Eid prayer; Yasin Malik arrested.
BJPLucknowBJP: JKLF Yasin Malik groupClashes with security forces at Lal Chowk,Srinagar before EID .Malik Arrested
Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik arrested from Srinagar early this morning and was stopped to offer Eid prayers in Lal Chowk
and flag waved during protest led by JKLF Yasin Malik at Lal Chowk,Srinagar
VIDEO:Pradhan-Head priest of Sanatan Dhram Pratap Yatri Niwas Lal Chowk lauding Yasin Malik for providing necessary help and relief during floods." No one came for our help when we were stranded in Lal Chowk when floods hit Srinagar.But Yasin Malik brought medicines, food for us," he said. (Courtesy : Kashmir Monitor)
Indian state through its media that follows the footsteps of Hitlers gobbles in spreading lies started a maligning campaign against JKLF leader Yasin Malik. ...
hindu from /up/ real truth about indian support of flooded kashmiris Moment of truth: Floods expose the great divide in J-K - See more at: Hindu and Muslim, know the story of Jalodbhava (he who is borne on water), a demon who once terrorised the people of Satisar, a great lake of unified legend, which supposedly once sprawled across what is today the Valley of Kashmir. “The flood in Kashmir has turned to reality not just Satisar but Jalodbhava,” said writer Basharat Peer to the Hindi newspaper Amar Ujala earlier this week. In modern India, legend is often invoked to provide perspective, to help understand people and present-day truths better. The problem is that in India, and particularly in the troubled land of Jammu and Kashmir, whatever is true, the opposite is also true. Conflicting truths create new, more divisive beliefs and will eventually evolve divided legends. So it is with Kashmir’s great flood of 2014, the worst the Valley has witnessed in more than a century. More than 200 are dead, h . ...
Hope we in media stop regarding Yasin Malik as an acceptable voice and treat him like the cowardly terrorist that he's alway…
This poster reads that Yasin Malik stopped "Indian" relief and supplied relief to Muslim families himself
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief Yasin Malik has clearly hinted at intensifying the ongoing separatist movement in the Valley, saying that Prime Mini...
Fir ye Yasin Malik hoga Pakka ! “never seen anything uglier than this”
Govt of India should arrest terrorist Yasin Malik. He is a terrorist and killer of humanity, govt should not go soft on separatists.
Yasin Malik is paid 45 Lakh month by ISI. He himself accepts that he goes to Murid terror Camp in Pakistan to meet terrorist
They have eradicated Yasin Malik's poverty for sure
If Yasin Malik is getting 4Lakh salary from ISI what is stopping our intelligence forces to throw him in for life. Hello NIA
Saw story that Yasin Malik is paid 45lakhs a month by ISI. Some CEO job that is. story
Thank God that a rapist, killer isnt a national hero's he deserves as much respect as Yasin Malik
Hindu Priest praising Yasin Malik for providing relief and help during floods.
are right but the worry is the Hurriyat team of Yasin Malik & Geelani as they fear losing their 'anti India' constituency.
Enough is enough its time to put bullet in the heads of terrorists like Yasin Malik.We have lot to learn from China how to deal with terror.
it'd make more sense when u'll realize de never trend Modi RG Giriraj Singh or Yasin Malik trend in Pakistan leave top trend! ;)
Dear Bilawal Bhutto. How would you like to have Kashmir.. with Omar Abdullah, Yasin Malik and Gilani or withouth them. …
Yasin Malik snatched our relief boat in Srinagar, say rescuers.
. but ,claims to be unlike MMS is also not arrested geelani & yasin malik...
930 Muslims from France, 378 from Germany waging jihad for Islamic State. ★Islam Muslim…
Yasin Malik is happy is on his side
Yasin Malik seeks world help for Kashmiri flood victims
. why mr is not arresting separatist leaders like geelani, yasin malik and he another ABV??
Arundhati Roy, Prashant Bhushan, Yasin Malik, Gilani and Barkha got new friend "Bilawal Bhutto".
Yasin Malik higest paid terorist or separatist by PAK Isi as of 2day.
Bilawal Bhutto . Yasin Malik got his first erection of this year after hearing Bilawal 's words.. Kashmir
Yasin malik and Prashant Bhushan sent friend request to :-)
Arundhati Roy Should now work. on her Image. She should ditch ugly. Yasin Malik & start working with Bilawal Bhutto. They both want Kashmir.
Alright Bilawal, start taking with Yasin Malik and Barkha Dutt. Rest will be in installments during your life time.
Bilawal Bhutto should also take Azam Khan ( minus his buffaloes) & Yasin Malik along with him.
'Only Muslims helped me' Hindu temple priest narrates his ordeal, hails Yasin Malik for help. Slap …
I'm sure they don't have people like Geelani, Yasin Malik and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.
CHINA PLA INCURSION IN OUR Jammu Kashmir LADAKH :- Sunil Dimple says PM Narinder Modi, No need of Red Carpet welcome to Xi jiping China president. 2. PM Modi should warn china president Xi jiping for incursions in our territory, Ladakh. 3. Declare emergency in Jammu Kashmir, Impose Governor Rule to deal anti nationals in state. Strong protest demonstration held to send strong message to china today, by the Movement activists, leaders against the china PLA incursion in our territory Demechok, ladakh, pitching tents in side our territory and red carpet welcome to china, On the visit of China president Xi Jimping to India. The protest was also against pakistan for cease fire violation, separatists leaders Yasin Malik, Sayeed Alli Sha Gelani, for creating hurdles in the distribution of relief to the people and working of army, air force NDRF rescue teams. In Valley and for their arrest. Sunil Dimple urged the prime minister Narinder modi to stop the red carpet welcome to CHINA and Pakistan. Dimple said prim . ...
Hey Arundhati Roy, Yasin Malik was found stealing food from Indian Army. Waiting for you to defend him by saying that Krishn…
This traitor Yasin Malik is fit to be subjected to firing squad to death without trial. Instead of helping people in distress and suffering - this bloody separatist , pro-Pakistani stooge of Hafiz Saeed - the terrorist breeder and spreader of terrorism from Pakistan , was first to take the help of Indian Army to be rescued from flood in Kashmir instead of allowing fellow Kashmiri people first. Yasin Malik is selfish and traitor of India and not fit to live in this world. Yasin Malik hijacked the boat full of relief materials meant for Kashmiri peoples for personal stocking and use. Yasin Malik spent nothing and did nothing to ease the suffering of Kashmir's people in this natural calamity of flood. Why he is allowed to roam free in Kashmir? Yasin Malik is fit to be killed. What do you say ? Kashmir people and all Indians come in open. Express openly your views.
Why UPA Govt. did not take action against Yasin Malik when he was wedging war against Indian Army in Kashmir?
BJP government can take suo moto action if they want to against Yasin Malik: Sanjay Jha, Congress
For separatist like Yasin Malik to obstruct humanitarian effort in , it's shameful: Sanjay Jha, Congress
Yasin Malik and Syed Ali Shah Geelani are the same venomous creatures who enjoy five star treatment from many elite media houses in India
Indian Army rescuing Yasin Malik & Geelani is like Prithviraj Chauhan forgiving Ghauri after the first battle
Hijacking of the rescue and relief boats by Yasin Malik is the worst possible crime and he should pay for it. He shouldn't ge…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Only NGO which is not interested in kashmir flood situation is NGO owned by Yasin Malik and Syed Ali shah Gilani.
We can crib that ISIS is cruel but in India we have beheaders and rapists like Yasin Malik and Bitta Karate roaming free.
Yasin Malik, rapist & murderer,is an honored guest in Delhi circuit.Entirely possible that juvenile rapist & murderer will follow same path.
the nationalists SA Geelani,yasin malik,umar farooq are being given security for their service to nation with tax money.
LOL! This has to be UnrealTimes. Agenda: Modi-threat to IOI. Speakers: SAS Geelani, Varavara Rao and Yasin Malik
Why do I deserve a nation where Yasin Malik is called a 'moderate' and nobody cares for VinodPandit fasting since last 13 days. KashmirNow
"Indian Mujahideen defanged a year after Yasin Bhatkal’s arrestmay be happen with Kashmir on arrest of omar&Y. malik
WHen Geelani and Yasin Malik (butchers of Pandits) came . Did Pandits protest and spew venom?
ur selective secularism totally exposed.why u cant tackle with same attitude to terrorists like YASIN MALIK and OWAISIs
its better please bring OWAisi and ask him why he wants to kill hindus in 15 minute...why so Light questions on yasin malik
From the TV coverage all I can make out is that Yasin Malik & Ali Shah Geelani are saints !!
God save journalism in is a terror group which has shocked us, but why silence on Yasin Malik, Bitta Karat…
Yasin Malik should have been asked by why Anantnag has been changed to Islamabad as he is asking Yogi Ad…
100 % Moron.Question is y he didn't show the tapes of yasin malik ?
so a separatist Yasin Malik is equal to an MP Adityanath? Is the level of BJP
Dear Kashmiri jokers like and yasin malik etc, and those rejoicing on their cricket victory, watch your Pakistan & ***
We had given the tapes of Yasin Malik but didn't show it & today he shows the tape of Yogi Adityanath.
Defiant Pak envoy keeps date with J&K separatists, Delhi dubs it meaningless Pakistani high commissioner Abdul Basit on Tuesday went ahead with his scheduled meeting with Hurriyat leaders. New Delhi: Prospects of resumption of India- Pakistan talks any time soon slid drastically on Tuesday with Pakistani high commissioner Abdul Basit disregarding India's latest red line and going ahead with his scheduled meetings with Hurriyat leaders. Basit met separatist leaders Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik in the Pakistan high commission. India ignored the meetings saying these were rendered meaningless after the dialogue with Pakistan was abandoned. READ ALSO: Modi govt shows Pakistan its tough side, calls off foreign secretary-level talks Reacting to the suggestion that India had put a spanner in talks by suddenly making an issue of Hurriyat leaders' meeting with Basit when such interactions were routine, official sources argued that Islamabad had scuppered the talks by changing the rule ...
Yasin Malik here seen in scuffle with Delhi Police outside Pakistan High Commission. From terrorism to hooliganism? http…
Was a great feeling to see Yasin Malik being pushed around by the same Delhi Police who in the past would beat us for protest…
Kashmiris only legitimate party in. parleys on Kashmir: Yasin Malik. Srinagar, Aug 19: Terming the. cancellation...
Mirwaiz Umar Farook , Syed Sli Shah Geelani , Yasin Malik ,and other members of Hurriyat in Kashmir , are traitors. They hate …
Kashmir cannot be resolved without. Kashmiris: Yasin Malik tells Pak High Commissioner
Yasin Malik saying he will welcome back Kashmiri Pandits is like ISIS's Al-Baghdadi saying he will welcome S…
Pradeep Magazine knows as much about as does Yasin Malik's wife from across the border in Sad to see…
Yasin Malik represents ISIS in Kashmir. He must be annihilated along with his brethren
Dont Blame The Muslim Kid. Teachings of have made him like that. ★ISIS Yasin Malik Kashmir ht…
.to Adam and Eve . " The apple you ate was from Kashmir ... Please thank Yasin Malik for his efforts"
Yasin Malik admitting to killing 4 Unarmed IAF officers & other innocent people. The *** still roams free in New Del…
Yasin malik was responsible for 100,00 kashmiri pandit exodus. He personally killed many and he boast this fact in several…
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Past 24 yrs leadership at centre facilitated meeting of separatists & Pak: Yasin Malik to (Past leaders…
A list of cases pending against Yasin Malik.Murder, Attempt to Murder, Kidnap, Hawala.Traitor to this nation.
Why .is not playing this video of Yasin Malik dancing with Pakistan prostitutes?. Does Islam permits this ??. https:/…
Pakistan on edge again. Imran, Qadri mobs merge, breach Islamabad's red zone. Army on standby. This is Geelani, Yasin …
Not one, not two, but 425 Hindu temples destroyed and land sold in Jammu and Kashmir by Yasin Malik & ilks. Pin drop silen…
Yasin Malik has admitted the killing of a grp unarmed IAF men in 89-94 in an interview with Tim Sebastian
If people lyk Gilani,Shabbir Ahmed,Yasin Malik r called seperatists then why they are free?What is stopping Indian govt from arresting them? Yasin Malik re-elected JKLF chairman, calls for shutdown on June 23 and appealed people to march towards Lal Chowk.
This one deserves immediate action.J&K jihadis like Yasin Malik are allowed to roam freely but .
Yasin Malik calls for shutdown, Lal Chowk ‘chalo’ on June 23
Yasin Malik urges people to march to Lal Chowk on June 23
An interaction between Yasin Malik, Chairman JKLF and in 2005. Must Read
Boost 'Quit Kashmir' effort to counter 370 debate: Yasin Malik .“we have decided that god willing on the pattern of signature campaign and Safar-e-Azadi, we will strengthen the Quit Kashmir Movement on grassroots level from ground to bring new life to the freedom movement".
Bashir Assad SRINAGAR, May 14: The civil society in Kashmir is up in arms against chairman JKLF Yasin Malik after the disclosure made by senior journalist Prem Shankar Jha that the separatist leader enforced the boycott in the just-concluded Lok Sabha elections in Kashmir at the behest of the ruling…
Ethnic Cleanesing Of Kashmiri Hindus through Media Manipulation . On August 15, 2008, on India’s Independence Day, Kashmir Valley witnessed an unprecedented event as Pakistani flag was hoisted in Lal Chowk in the heart of Srinagar while Indian security forces stood by as moot and passive spectators. Following this, on August 18, 2008, separatists organized a huge rally attended by over 100,000 Kashmiri Muslims denouncing India and demanding Azadi and the imposition of Islamic rule in Kashmir. The demonstration was led by Syed Ali Shah Geelani an ex-government school teacher and Congress supported former Member of J&K Legislative Assembly. He was accompanied by other Kashmiri Muslim leaders such as Mirwaiz Omar a religious leader, former terrorists Shabir Shah, Yasin Malik and invited guests such as leftist writer Arundhati Roy and other fellow travelers for maximum propaganda effect. According to press reports (Guardian 8/22/08) “there were green flags on every lamp post, every roof, every bus stop, a ...
Manzoor-ul-Hassan Srinagar, May 2: Amid reports that police failed to prevent violence on poll days in Kashmir despite having intelligence inputs, Director General of Police (DGP) Ashok Prasad Friday said they can’t assure peaceful polling in the Valley and claimed that top separatist leaders Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik were trouble mongers. Official sources said security drills of police did not prove effective in preventing attacks on political workers and violence on and before polling days in South and central Kashmir. “Election Commission of India through its security observers had given clear directions to district and police officials before the polls to take all measures to prevent any untoward incident,” they said. On April 21, three days before Lok Sabha polls in south Kashmir, militants shot dead a Sarpanch, his son and Numberdar at Tral in South ...
Supreme Court of India:Transfer court cases against Yasin Malik & Bitta Karate to Delhi High Court via
As per schedule Jklf Maqbool Butt Shahid is publishing one of the most startling letter written by Ammanulla Khan, the then Chairman of JKLF 1995 to Mr Yasin Malik the zonal president of Indian held Jammu Kashmir.This letter gives you an insight of the suspicious circumstances leading to the release of Mr Malik and the deal struck between RAW and Mr Malik which lead to division of JKLF and killing of Shabbir Siddiqui ,Basharat Raza and associates.Very recently Mr Mansoor Ijaz the central figure in Memogate scandal again once again made this revelation that he had arranged the secret meeting between Yasin Malik and RAW deputy chief,resulting in vindication of Malik for backstabbing the movement and JKLF
So true!! We've full faith and confidence in AAP and company, there are revolutionary social activist like Kamal Mitra Chenoy(his revolutionary idea is : Yasin Malik critical of Hurriyat. Dividing Kashmiriyat struggle. Must unite against Indian state, settle internal differences.). AAP has great lawyers like Prashant Bhooshan who proposed "the krantikari referendum idea for Kashmir". In the RTI activist section AAP has Raza Mujaffar Bhatt- the great patriot(please note that he resigned/sacrificed from the party to protest against the hanging of Parliament attack convict Shri Shri Muhammad Afzal Guru). You can find a lot of other such great personalities.
Personally I don't like Yasin Malik i feel he is an oppurtunist.
Yasin Malik in Rosy pink jacket. What got over him?
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front jklf chief yasin malik and its 20 leaders were detained while protesting at maisuma in srinagar on friday. After minor incidents of stone throwing,the police and paramilitary personnel managed to control the situation.
India Elections in J&K, sugar coated poison for Kashmiris: Yasin Malik
Jammu Poling: For separatists it was ‘one sided show’ Srinagar: As the polling in Jammu- Ponch Parliamentary constituency recorded 68 percent polling, Kashmir’s separatist camp Friday passed the buck to government stating they were not allowed to hold boycott rallies in the region. As Kashmir’s pro-freedom leadership is busy these days with the poll boycott campaign in valley with some holding public rallies and some distributing pamphlets- urging people to boycott upcoming elections, the high voter turnout in Jammu on April 10 has perturbed them at large. On one hand, both the factions of Huriyat Conference including JKLF has asked people to boycott the forthcoming polls for the sake of Kashmir issue and on the other the heavy participation of people in election fray at Jammu parliamentary seat, that include Muslim majority belts of Poonch and Rajpouri, has raised several questions including the claims made by the pro-freedom leadership that Jammu Kashmir is one entity. Political observers while ...
A two days workshop on TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT is bein offered at SARDAR YASIN MALIK RESEARCH FACILITIES, UOK. certificates will be signed by The Registrar,UOK
Elections are used to steal our freedom, Say No to elections: Yasin Malik
Yasin Malik has been himself leading party’ poll boycott campaign in the past nearly a month
Guest Post # 5: The Security of Aam Aadmi by Col. RSN Singh The political churnings of this era raise some important security sector questions. Today we have one of India's foremost security experts, Col RSN Singh, take a closer look at the emergence of the Aam Aadmi Party and the potential implications for national security. Internal security and external security is solely predicated on the politics and the prevailing political chemistry of a country. Without security there can be no stability and consequently no development. The security discourse and foreign policy posturing of a country is therefore intrinsic to the politics and cannot be seen through different prisms. At any point in history, wars have yielded either new political discourse or new dispensations. Arguably, but for the World War-II, India's independence from the British Rule could have been deferred by a period, which is open to conjecture. The Congress party's nearly unchallenged status in the country began to attenuate after the res ...
Young professionals join mainstream bandwagon Its Home ministry’s handiwork: Yasin Malik Srinagar: With election fever gripping Jammu and Kashmir, dozens of youth have quit their professions to join the bandwagon of politics reflecting a clear change in political climate of the troubled State. After creating a niche in their own professions, they have plunged, mostly, into mainstream politics with a promise to take up development works and contribute for the political resolution of the State. From journalists to doctors, many promising young faces can be seen canvassing for their parties and leaders during the ongoing Lok Sabha election campaigning. Disgruntled with traditional politics of both mainstream and separatists, these youth are attempting to change the political discourse in the conflict-torn State. Tahir Syed is a well-known face in journalistic fraternity of Kashmir. After his eight year long association with local media, he recently made a foray into politics by joining principal opposition ...
Remember how they wept when osama was killed .. remember how they fed Bitta Karate & Yasin malik in delhi .. remember how they saved Bomb Makers in Delhi .. Remember how they saved terrorists from Gallows ... Before you vote tomorrow...
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Well certainly BJP does not say of plebiscite,have cozy talks with terrorist like yasin malik.So stop this filmi imaginaton
The history of Indian elections in Jammu Kashmir is blood ridden and like sugar coated poison for Kashmiris... We will have to show resilience and keep away from voting’s... Yasin Malik, while addressing a gathering Bandipora...
Zaffer meets Mann in Punjab, apprised him about Kashmir situation Srinagar, Apr 10 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement Chairman, Zaffer Akber Bhat during its Jammu-Punjab visit today met Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar president, Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann and Shiromani Akali Dal Vice President Emaan Singh Man at Tarn Taran in Punjab and apprised him about the human rights violations taking place in Kashmir. According to a statement issued to KNS, interacting with the Sikh leader, Bhat sought his moral support in highlighting and bringing an end to human rights violation being perpetrated by Indian troops in the valley. Bhat told the SAD leader that due to unresolved Kashmir issue lakhs of people are suffering from depression like diseases while as victims of massacres, custodial killings, rape survivors continue to wait for justice besides of passage of years and years now. Bhat apprised Shiromani Akali Dal president about the continuous detention of political leaders and innocent youths in and out ...
Jammu and Kashmir Libration Front Chairman (JKLF), Yasin Malik addresses during an anti-election rally in...
Thousands of resistence fighters shouting anti indian and pro freedom slogans in main chowk occupied Bandipora Kashmir after Yasin Malik addresssed the election boycott rally.
Yasin Malik at Bandipora, appealing people to boycott elections.
One also hears that Yasin Malik could emerge as Geelani's successor as naming the son would seem nepotist.
Today in History...Massacre of Deir Yasin 8 April 1948, Terrorist Zionist gangs killed about 250 Palesti...
In occupied Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik paying tributes to...
Hope no Bitta karate or yasin Malik or any of the wandhama killers gets to see them
In occupied Kashmir, the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Mohammad Yasin Malik has paid rich...
great idea - and - fear that Yasin Malik may have beaten me to both
In occupied Kashmir, the Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik, has denounced...
On the contrary these anti national libtards have full sympathy for terrorists like Yasin Malik & Afzal Guru
You took a Naxal Binayak Sen to do Police Reforms so will you take Dawood or Shakeel for ATS/NIA? Yasin Malik 4 Army reforms?
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Sadhavi Pragya?? 6 yrs in jail without a chargesheet.. in contrast look at madani, or yasin malik.. still enjoying freedom??
Yasin Malik and several others assaulted and arrested :
Yasin Malik arrested and subjected to brute force
BREAKING NOW: Yasin Malik arrested Srinagar: Police on Saturday arrested JKLF Chief Mohammad Yasin Malik in North Kashmir’s Pattan area. Malik was heading to Baramulla town to continue his anti-election campaign. “He was arrested at Pattan and was shifted to police statition Pattan,” said JKLF spokesperson.
Yasin Malik condemns intimidation of journalists in IOK
Islamists In Pakistan Launch Online Donation Campaign For Aam Aadmi Party? Original Message of Qayyum In Text As Posted In The FB Campaigns: “My dear Muslim brothers, we are on a special junction of time where we can take our history back in future. Within a couple of weeks the Delhi election is going to happen and the Muslims brothers there are supporting Aam Aadmi Party, a new face of our Muslim politics in India after Congress backstabbed the Muslims. Congress of course gives Muslim brothers special benefits but not enough in amount and speed for their actual cause because of reasons that is beyond the scope of this post. Aam Aadmi Party is just the new face of Islamic politics in Endia and it will lead to complete Islamization of the nation. AAP has a pro-Pakistan and pro-Islam strategies and it implements it within its capabilities and domain. It supports the Kashmiri freedom fighters like Yasin Malik, it bashed the Endian state terrorist police Mohan Chandar Sharma in Batla House encounter, it’s ...
“Whenever there is a crisis in Kashmir, New Delhi uses Indian civil society as fire-fighters to cool down the tempers. Indian officials see negotiations as a cheap means of gaining information. This practice is so common that it has contributed significantly to India's notoriety as a negotiating partner" - Yasin Malik
With two factions of Hurriyat Conference calling for a complete shutdown onSunday against Bandipora killing, authorities Saturday decided to continue imposition of restrictions on Sunday as well.The reports received by KNS informed that curfew like restrictions shall continue to remain in force in City and some sensitive places in valley on Sunday also keeping in view the strike calls issued by both Mirwaiz and Geelani’s faction of Huriyat Conference. Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front ChairmanMohammad Yasin Malik has called for a protestat Lal Chowk on Monday against the killing of a Bandipora youth on Friday.
This so-called 'peaceful' & 'non-violent' doctrine of freedom struggle by Yasin Malik is a sham? Covert nexus with Hafiz Saeed etc
Total bandh:Kupwara observes , Srinagar calm : Srinagar: Kupwara continues to remain tense but under control on fourth straight day over Monday evening killing of seven militants in an encounter with security forces in Lolab area of Kupwara district. Police arrested JKLF chairman Yasin Malik and 10 supporters after they tried to take out a protest march against the closure of the Pathribal case by Army. Authorities have imposed restrictions in Lalpora village - the site of the fierce encounter - and main Kupwara Township following clashes between police and protestors in the last three days. This morning there are no reports of any clashes but police has been deployed in strength to avoid clashes from spilling over. The security is expected to get tighter in the wake of the Friday prayers. Public outrage was more intense on Tuesday when hundreds of villagers armed with stones and bricks ransaked government properties in Lalpora. Police and media took most of the ire when youth demanding handing over of th ...
Not clear who's funding Taliban . I suspect hands of Indians like Tiger Memom, Dawood Ibrahim, Yasin Malik and Geelani
LOL.Tht includes calling Yasin Malik to studios and addressing the terrorist as saab
More than 150 separatist leaders, others detained in Kashmir, released Srinagar: More than 150 separatist leaders and others taken into preventive custody in Kashmir Valley last week were released on Tuesday night while those still detained in police stations will be set free on Wednesday. Jammu and Kashmir Libertion Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik, Democraic Freedom Party (DFP) chief Shabir Ahmad Shah and other separatist leaders, including Nayeem Ahmad Khan were among those arrested in the valley to prevent rallies and processions on the death anniversaries of JKLF founder Mohammad Maqbool Bhat and Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru. Bhat and Guru were hanged and later buried in Delhi's Tihar jail on February 11, 1984 and Feb 9, 2013. The separatists had decided to hold rallies and seminars besides called for three days general strike from February 9, demanding return of mortal remain of Bhat and Guru. To foil separatist rallies and maintain normalcy, authorities arrested leaders and their ...
Police arrest Yasin Malik in Srinagar Kashmir Dispatch ... Syed Ali Geelani, who was placed under house arrest immediately after he arrived here from Delhi Saturday. Government forces have imposed restrictions in parts of Srinagar city and some other major towns of the Kashmir Valley to maintain law...
yasir Hameed Sheikh, Maisuma. Srinagar, Cousin of JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik, isuccumbed on to his injuries on Sep 16 2010
Feb 11 (Umar Manzoor Shah): Kashmir Valley Tuesday observed a complete strike on the third consecutive day on a call extended earlier by Kashmir’s pro-freedom camp against the hanging of Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru. Authorities had imposed restrictions in several volatile areas of Srinagar and other towns of valley. Barricades, concertina wires were placed in the middle of the several connecting roads to thwart the possible protest demonstrations. Shops and business establishments remained closed and the centre of state’s summer capital wore the deserted look. Several JKLF activists Tuesday appeared in Maisuma Main chowk and started taking a protest demonstration. The protesters were raising slogans for Maqbool Bhat. They were later stooped by police and were whisked away. Most of the separatist leaders were either kept under house arrest or were detained in several police stations across valley. Chairman Huriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani continues to remain under house arrest while as Chairman JKLF Mohamm ...
Salman Khurshid wouldn't ask for a visa ban/passport revocation of people like YASIN MALIK. Vote bank politics is being smelt.
11th February…… Maqbool day Martyr Mohammad Maqbool Butt is our national hero whosestruggle and sacrifices will be written in golden words. ….M Yasin Malik Maqbool day observed across the globe today
PRESS RELEASE: MUSHAAL MULLICK AND REHANA MULLICK CALL ON GOVERNOR PUNJAB: LAHORE 9th Sept: Mushaal Hussein Mullick wife of Kashmiri Leader Yasin Malik and Rehana Hussein Mullick called on Punjab Governor Muhammad Sarwar at Governor's House here on Sunday. Speaking on the occasion, Mushaal Hussein Mullick urged the Punjab Governor to play his role in the resolution of the Kashmir dispute as the first Muslim MP of Britain, adding that he had played an important role in the British political scene in the past. Rehana Hussein Mullick called upon the former British politician of the Pakistani origin to use his personal contacts amongst the European politicians to ensure a resolution of the issue They thanked the Pakistani people and the Government for initiating dialogue with India but they urged to make it Kashmir centric and thus support the Kashmir cause as it is imperative for Global Peace. Punjab Governor Muhammad Sarwar, during the meeting, said the resolution of the Kashmir issue was necessary for dur ...
500 arrested to thwart anti-india protests The authorities have arrested over 500 people associated with the All Parties Hurriyet Conference and other Hurriyet organizations to prevent holding of anti-India protests in connection with the martyrdom anniversaries of Muhammad Maqbool Butt and Muhammad Afzal Guru. Almost all major towns and district headquarters remained closed, while traffic was off the road due to strict restrictions imposed by the authorities. However, people defying restrictions took to the streets in Bandipora, Gandarbal, Shopian and Sopore and held demonstrations. Several people were injured when police subjected them to brute force. Over 500 including liberation leaders and activists remained lodged in different police stations. Muhammad Yasin Malik, Shabbir Ahmad Shah, Nayeem Ahmad Khan, Mushtaq-ul- Islam and Zafar Akbar Butt were among those arrested. On the other hand, Hurriyet leaders including Syed Ali Gilani, Agha Syed Hassan Al-Moosvi, Bilal Ghani Lone, Maulana Abbas Ansari, Mu ...
11th February…… Maqbool day .Maqbool Butt shining sun of our history..YASIN MALIK CHAIRMAN JKLF
And he is hotter than that wild boar Geelani and twisted faced vampire Yasin Malik
Rather they call us bigoted and respect terrorists like Yasin Malik, just because we are fighting peacefully.
Hafeez Saeed is a terrorist and Yasin Malik a separatist, Modi is CM of Gujarat and Sabrimala a spritual...
that if Modi goes to Sabrimala thats 'Hindutva agenda , but he is ok Yasin Malik goes Pakistan to meet Hafeez Saeed
arrested is scott free. "Police arrest Yasin Malik in Srinagar; prevent march
Lal Chalo March . Yasin Malik unacceptable appearance at Lal Chowk after three days. Yasin Malik detained. stone pelting after his arresting
At first I thought Yasin Malik is in Burqa jokes apart check out for today's pictures
Afzal Guru Hanging Anniversary:. Restrictions on life, internet in Valley. Yasin Malik arrested, protests, clashes...
Separatist leader Yasin Malik ws arrested this morning when he tried to lead a protest march towards Lal Chowk,...
Police arrest Yasin Malik in Srinagar, prevent march - Times of India
Police arrest Yasin Malik in Srinagar, prevent march - The Times of India
We salute Shaheed Afzal Guru an innocent Kashmiri framed by Indian judiciary and fake democracy.
"Police arrest Yasin Malik in Srinagar, prevent march" Good to hear, but he should have been jailed decades ago.
Yasin Malik arrested; Police prevent march in Srinagar .
Police arrest Yasin Malik in Srinagar, prevent march
Police arrest Yasin Malik in Srinagar; prevent march
Yasin Malik to lead protest rally in Lal Chowk on Sunday: JKLF... Read full at
Yasin Malik goes underground to lead Lal Chowk Chalo program on 9th feb program will be held despite restrictions:
"Pakistan Foreign Office: We consider Prashant Bhushan to be a freedom fighter" like Yasin Malik? Or, Yasin Bhatkal?
confession by Yasin Malik abt killing of 9 officers of Indian Air Force,PM treats him as…
A special note of thanks for Registration and Coordination Committee including, Ghulam Yasin Malik, Mr. Azam Shabbir, Naushad Ghazanfar, Ghayour Hussain, Prof Hamid Rehman, Salman Abid for helping and managing the registrations and finances very well.
JKLF chairman Yasin Malik invited to London conference
JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik invited by London Institute of South Asia to attend its annual seminar at Committee Room G, Blackrod Garden,
Chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik invited to attend a conference in London.
why are separist leaders and traitors like Geelani , Yasin Malik given a free run by you and ur govt ?
Yasin Malik, family thrown out of hotel in Delhi: JKLF
Dodging govt, JKLF relief reaches quake victims (for more details click below link) May 2013, a high magnitude earthquake had struck Doda, Baderwah and Kishtwar and thousands of people had suffered. “JKLF headed by Mohammad Yasin Malik immediately undertook the job of collecting relief for the affected and appealed to the people to provide relief for their affected,” he said.
Life time award for consistent constipated look should go to Yasin Malik.
It's enough either you commit suicide or order shoot at sight for Yasin Malik, & other separat…
Kashmir's most recognized 'freedom fighter' Yasin Malik of the JKLF, is questioned, and questioned hard, as he faces off against Wajahat S. Khan and defends .
Of course they are not. And even many islamists in Kashmir admit their ancestors were KPs! Yasin Malik has said it
Who knows.I absolutely detested her addressing terrorist Yasin Malik as Yasin "Sahib:" It is an insult to his victims.
after hearing Khujliwal Today,I could see likes of separatist GEELANI, Umar Farooq, Yasin Malik, etc. in making.
Like wen ISI's Hafeez Sayeed reportedly went 2 meet Yasin Malik at his morcha, ws as clueless as Mumbai Police
Yasin Malik criticizes those who take domestic politics ...
Y not invite Yasin Malik then to AAP? I mean i dont believe this that Indians r actually OK with letting ppl who wan2 give
And likes of Yasin Malik/Bitta Karate roam free in India. "Bangladesh executes Islamist leader for 1971 war crimes
More appropriately, the likes of Yasin Malik. RE
If the hanged Jamaat-e-Islami leader Abdul Kader Mullah of Bangladesh was in India, He could've gone free like Yasin Malik and SAR Geelani.
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Mohd. Yasin Malik, Chairman JKLF Speaking at pulwama Kashmir, on the ongoing one week program "Haft-e-Maqbool" which is going to conclude with a grand ...
International human rights day….JKLF candle light protest march from Batamaloo ….Yasin malik others, arrested while marching towards Lal Chowk. Teargas shelling and Cane charge injures many. BATAMALOO// Jammu Kashmir is a place where human rights of humans are given no value. Indian forces are using every kind of oppression to suppress the voices for freedom in Kashmir. Today through this torch light protest march kashmiri’s want to Awaken the sleeping conscience of international community and ask them to fulfill their moral obligations vis a vis Kashmir. This was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while speaking to the participants of a torch light protest rally that started from Batamaloo Chowk towards Lal Chowk today. The rally was organized by JKLF in connection with the international human rights day. To stop this protest rally police last night raided the residence of JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik but JKLF chief evaded the arrest and went underground .however police arrested ...
10TH DEC...INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY. Chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik whose residence was raided last night has gone underground to lead protest rally from Batamaloo today at 4: 00 pm.police has already arrested JKLF leader Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi with many others including Mohammad Amin,Aadil Ahmad,Mohammad Ashraf etc in connection with the JKLF protest rally.
Those FOOLISH Chaps who voted for AAP will have to pay for it in the longer term! Having hardly any knowledge in politics the "Stupid" Youth voted for AAP blind folded! Kindly Go and read some Political philosophies and views before voting!!! AAP has a "communist" background and those of you who think that Kejriwal's claim of Free Water supply and half electricity bills is going to furnish Delhi, keep dreaming!!! Go and check out the History what is the present condition of Bengal and Kerela where Communists led the government for decades. Indeed youl'll get common commodities at cheap rates but on a broader prospect your revenues drain out and the state lands in poverty and debts! *Moreover these AAP chaps who have nothing to do with NATIONAL SECURITY and International Issues will definitely land India(if they come in National Politics) into well of danger in the days to come! Claiming Batla House Encounter as "Fake" exposed their hunger for Vote bank Politics. *This party has disrespected the sacrifice ...
Separatist JKLF on Monday alleged its chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik and his family were forced to spend several hours on road in Delhi after they were forced to leave the hotel booked by them.
TRUTH OF ARTICLE 370 : 1) "Muslim vote worshipper" sick-ular Hindu brigade of India proudly gave 16% reservation to minorities (muslims) across India , but minorities in J&K (Hindus & Sikhs) are not entitled for this reservation !!! 2) Yasin malik can come freely and buy 3 bhk apartment in bangalore, or mumbai or delhi, BUT someone from bangalore , mumbai or delhi can't buy a house in J&K !! 3) If a woman from J&K marries a Pakistani man , that Pakistani immediately gets citizenship of J&K ! BUT If same woman marries an Indian from another state , all her own rights in J&K will end too ! Also if a man from J&K marries a woman from any other state he continues to enjoy all rights !!! 4) J&K is the only state in India that has its own constitution !! 5) J&K has its own flag !! 6) Till 1948 J&K CM was called Prime Minister !! 7) Indian Parliament can't make any law for J&K except related to defence, communication and foreign affairs !! Thus RTI, RTE, CAG etc are not applicable in J&K !! 8) Its not a crime .. ...
JKLF will organize a protest rally in connection with the international humanrights day tomorrow. The rally led by JKLF Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik willstart at 4:00 PM from Ziyarat Batamaloo and will end at Lal Chowk Srinagar
Maqbool Bhat’s brother Zahoor Ahmad Bhat attacked in in Kuthwa Jail ; Yasin Malik condemns the attack
Last of the true follower of Gandhi has left for heavenly abode remaining on this earth are now only Fake Gandhi's like self proclaimed Yasin Malik who uses Gandhi's name to save his skin.
In this video you can see Yasin Malik. Yasin is Chairman of JKLF. This video shot by Sanjeev Chauhan for Crimes Warrior. Sanjeev Chauhan is known and ...
Title : 1 Indian government paid human dogs ,thrown out to JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik +his wife +his 18 months old kid (who did not seen even 2 year of life ) from Delhi Based Hotel at Mid cooled Night of Delhi where now a days temperature is approx. 5 degree centigrade , =very cool on 01-12-2013 , even when he paid all money in advanced to hotel owner in cash , hotel owner did as he got phones to do that from JIC,IB,MI RAW ,CID named Indian government paid dogs (Hindu officials ) , from North Block ,Raisian Hill , PMO, president of Indian house , Delhi, its a dirty trick of Delhi, all things happened in Hotel Barkat at Nijamuddin ,area , Delhi, JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik told to Kashmir Media If Delhi is anti to Kashmir’s resistance leaders, it should introduce new law wherein the leaders could be barred from entering Delhi, by doing this with him in night 12.05 AM he was not able t ...
Very shameful news from India (Yasin Malik, his family thrown out of New Delhi hotel )
J&K leader Yasin Malik, wife and baby 'thrown out of Delhi hotel: There is nothing wrong in what has been done to Yasin. What about Kashmiri Hindoos who have forced to live in relief camps over several years. How does Yasin justify? If he is so furious over some hours spent on road, what about others who are victims of the separatist movement ongoing in J&K with support of Pakistan?
I was shocked to ready that Yasin Malik killed Indian IAF personnel and that to from Secular Rahul Kanwal but video deleted!
Kashmir separatists leader Yasin Malik and family including baby girl have been thrown out of Delhi (Indian national capital) hotel.
JKLF in London has said that by not allowing Yasin Malik, his wife and 18 months old daughter to stay in a hotel in New Delhi shows intolerance towards the residents of Jammu Kashmir by the Indian State. In a Statement Issued from London, Senior Vice President of JKLF in UK Councillor Mahmood Hussain said that such behaviour of India makes us Kashmiris more determined for freedom from foreign occupation. Only due to the person's political ideology, he was thrown out of the hotel along with his family. Such oppressive and cruel measures cannot be legitimised at any level and will not dampen the struggle for right to self determination and national dignity of Kashmiris. Councillor Mahmood Hussain further said if Indian authorities continue to harass Kashmiris in India and continue restricting the movements of JKLF Chairman Yasin malik, the organization will take this issue before international human rights fora as well as other authorities to expose the under hand undemocratic methods of Indian state machin ...
Yasin Malik should also should have been booted, coz calls himself a separatist,shared Dias with harami Hafiz Saeed.
Mullah , Yasin Malik and you can't share bed with Hafiz Saeed, and then expect to be treated as civilized
Yasin Malik was thrown out of a Delhi hotel, Hafiz Saeed called him immediately and asked "Bas tu hotel ka naam bata de Ch…
Dear *** Yasin Malik, be ready to be treated like a scum when you share bed with Hafiz Saeed
Ya Allah, Yasin Malik was thrown out of hotel for Political Ideology, but throwing Pandits out of Kashmir Valley because of Religion is OK
in this country Yasin Malik thrown out of hotel becomes news but thousands of Pandits thrown out of Kashmir Valley don't.
Yasin Malik was shown the door at midnight. People who will come out in his support Javed Akhtar n his botox wife Mahesh Bhatt Arundhati Roy
Most wanted Terorist Hafiz Saeed and a Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader Yasin Malik were seen together sharing the same stage, the big issue is that...
Journalist fraternity grieved over demise of Shahid Rashid’s Son Srinagar, November 03 The Journalist fraternity of the state has expressed heart-felt condolences with Shahid Rashid, Chief Editor State Reporter over the demise of his 24-year-old only son in a road accident. In their separate statements issued to Media, Dr Farooq Abdullah union minister and patron NC , Mehbooba Mufti, president PDP, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, chairman Hurriyat Conferenec (M), Mohammad Yasin Malik chairman JKLF, M Y Tarigami, CPI (M) State Secretary, Sajad Ghani Lone, PC chairman, Bilal Ghani Lone, senior Hurriyat (M) leader, Hakim Mohammad Yasin, MLA Khan Sahib and Tanvir Sadiq, political secretary to chief minister Omar Abdullah have expressed condolences and solidarity with the bereaved families. Several social, religious, political and media organizations have expressed sympathy with the bereaved families and have prayed for the departed souls Rashid’s only son Faisal Rashid pursuing MBA at Delhi had left home with his fr ...
Shahid Rashid, Bashir Ahmad Bashir bereaved Demises widely condoled Son of Editor State Reporter, Shahid Rashid, who had suffered serious injuries in an accident, breathed his last on Sunday. Faisal Rashid Tantray (23) was pursuing MBA in New Delhi and he was the lone son of his parents. He met with an accident at Awantipora. A large number of people from all walks of life participated in his Nimaz-i-Jinazah. His body was later laid to rest at his ancestral graveyard at Parnew Budgam. According to the family, congregational Fateh-a-khawani would take place in Parnew Budgam on Wednesday. Meanwhile, mother-in-law of senior journalist Bashir Ahmad Bashir passed away today. In separate statements, Union Minister and patron National Conference Dr Farooq Abdullah, President PDP Mehbooba Mufti, Chairman Hurriyat Conferenec (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik, CPI (M) State Secretary M Y Tarigami, senior Hurriyat (M) leader Bilal Ghani Lone, MLA Khan Sahib Hakim Muhammad Yasin, and politic ...
SRINAGAR, 8 June 2004 — The Prevention of Terrorism Act haunts ordinary Kashmiris, although the stage is set for revoking the notorious law. POTA’s very first victim was a Kashmiri. Ghulam Mohammad Dar created history by becoming the first person in India to be booked under the draconian law. Dar’s crime: He allegedly sheltered militants belonging to the outlawed Hizbul Mujahedeen fighting for an independent Kashmir. Dar, a carpet weaver, was arrested Nov. 20, 2001 and immediately booked under POTA. He was thrown into prison. And his mother, wife and children were thrown out of their home which was forcibly occupied by policemen. He languished in jail for 14 months although there was not a shred of evidence against him. He was released on parole in February 2003. But his ordeal finally ended when Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s government formally withdrew the case against him soon after coming to power. Today, Dar is ecstatic. “I have heard that the United Progressive Alliance government ...
Human Rights Watch, The Ongoing Problem of Impunity , 1999. Amnesty International, Torture and Deaths in Custody in Jammu and Kashmir, 1995. Amnesty International, Impunity must end in Jammu and Kashmir, 2001. Full force of the law The Armed Forces Special Powers Act of 1958 and the Disturbed Areas Act of 1976 give police extraordinary powers of search and arrest without warrants and detention. The Special Powers Act provides that unless approval is obtained from the Central Government, no "prosecution, suit, or other legal proceeding shall be instituted...against any person in respect of anything done or purported to be done in exercise of the powers of the act." To human rights groups, it is such provisions that allow security forces to operate with virtual impunity. According to one NGO, there were 1,300 writs of habeas corpus pending in the Jammu and Kashmir High Court in 1999 in such detention cases. The government is also known to abuse such powers, an example being the case of Yasin Malik, chairman ...
So called self claimed leaders: Its pity that the so called self claimed leaders who were not of high profile in JKLF but today they claiming to be Chairman or Secretary General. Its similar that in Kashmiri villages, where people who are selling medicines or treating patients without any formal degrees but every one call them “Doctors” and they become “Doctors” for their rest of life. I am very surprised to hear again and again about two ex- JKLF workers, first one Shabir Choudhry and other one Hashim Qureshi. Both are trying to deceive people by distorting history, by claiming the work of other people they both dream of being something big where as they were not anywhere near central positions. Shabir Choudhry was a UK branch “General Secretary” but he always claims that he was Central Secretary General and founder member JKLF when everyone knows he wasn’t. The highest post attained by Hashim Qureshi in JKLF was Chairman of one of four committees of AJK branch (organising Committee with th ...
Kashmiris' sacrifices not to be allowed go waste: Yasin Malik
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Yes.The same people entertain the view of terrorists like Yasin Malik, call them to TV studios and call ppl againt hin communal...
Lt Gen Asif Yasin Malik, who is now our def 2011 said on geo tht only 5%civilians die in drones.he said this on geo in 2011
Sometimes the Pakistani team make me proud to be pro Pakistan, but sometimes I think I'm better of sticking with Yasin Malik.
Yasin Malik condemned the arrest and slapping of PSA on Zahoor Ahmed Bhat younger brother of M Maqbool Bhat.
Yasin Malik has condemned the arrest & slapping of black law, PSA on Zahoor Ahmad Butt, party leader & younger brother of Maqbool Butt.
I m not the favour of who did wrong wether its hafiz or singhal, wether its yasin malik or bal thakrey or togadiya
Yasin Malik has denounced d use of black laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act to curtail d basic freedoms of the people of the
Yasin Malik condemns invoking of PSA on Zahoor Butt
Bilal Ghani said that Freedom Struggle should wind up their business and join either Gilani, Mirwaiz or the thought pursued by Yasin Malik.
Yasin Malik has staged a three-day hunger strike in Srinagar against the atrocities being perpetrated by Indian Army in IOK.
violence has resulted in many seperated families. Leader Yasin Malik also victim of this plight when stopped from…
Said today Kashmir can never be independent,Yasin Malik hs been telling him to debate on this issue which he never accepted !
Yasin Malik has said that statement of Ban Ki moon has once again proved that Intl community cannot afford to ignore Kashmir flash point.
Don’t act as firefighter, Malik to Moon. Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Mohammad Yasin Malik, who...
If Yasin Malik is a terrorist what is NamO? whom you openly lobby for didn't he openly kill innocents? you are communal biased
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Authorities have turned scenic valleys into *** Yasin Malik
Chairman JKLF, Muhammad Yasin Malik has apprised a team of Amnesty International (AI) about the human rights situation in the territory.
A local court of occupied Kashmir has issued arrest warrants against liberation leaders including JKLF Chairman, Yasin Malik.
Yasin Malik, informed AI team about terrorism unleashed by VDC, plight of families whose relatives were arrested & disappeared in custody.
Yasin Malik apprised the AI team about reign of terror unleashed by police and Indian security forces in Jammu division especially in Ramban
Yasin Malik meets a delegation from Kistwar.
Yasin malik bhatkal can reject all charges impose on him but indian husband can't because he don't asked only
yasin malik can deny his contribution in blast.But Indian husband can't deny his injustice
Yasin Malik apprises ai team of hr situation in IOK
Chairman of JKLF, Yasin Malik has urged international community to solve the Kashmir dispute.
Yasin Malik meets AI team ‘Safeguard human rights of Kashmiris’.
Some political party support Yasin Malik to get muslim vote, some support Asharam. Inshort politicians are ***
Yasin malik was given a warm welcome at FRISAL yesterday and taken in a rally from Frisal to Yaripora, But you never came
of course.We are ready to give them yasin malik and syed geelani.baki pata hi hai,kashmir mangoge cheer denge.
JKLFchairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Monday said peace can never be established in vacuum nor does it come with rhetoric and cosmetic measures.
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