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Yasin Malik

Yasin Malik (born 1963) is the chairman of one of the two factions of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, the chairman for other faction is Farooq Siddiqi (Farooq Papa).

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Why not investigation against officer who manipulated so. U never had guts to complete investigation against Yasin Malik even
When will the other Yasin Malik will be brought to justice for crimes against KPs in Kashmir
There is no difference between our corrupt Bankers and traitors like Geelani, Yasin Malik or the Abdullahs...
Kashmiri leaders such as Yasin Malik, Shabir Shah know the result of violence by using gun as a weapon.1/2
and JKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik were also invited to address besides various other religious clerics of Kashmir.
Seerat Conference at Hyderpora Banned …JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik stopped from participation….
Yasin Malik not allowed to meet Geelani
JKLF Chief Yasin Malik barred from participating in conference at Geelani’s residence
Sir can you please mention some of the Cases Convincted against Yasin malik in KPs massacre
I condemn the arrest of Yasin Malik(JKLF chief) by Indians. There r many pple like Yasin-how'll India stop them all frm cryi…
(Wife of Yasin Malik) on . Sharing her deep grief on current situation in occupied K…
Unfortunate but you Mirwaiz are the hidden agent of India in this whole set-up, the other one being Yasin Malik. Al…
JKLF leader Yasin Malik today arrested from Shopian in J&K he went there to meet the victims of Pellet gun firing
Unified pro-freedom camp hope for Kashmiris: Yasin Malik
On Dec 8, 1989, Yasin Malik and his JKLF thugs, kidnapped Rubaiya Saeed, Mufti's other daughter, as ransom to free the jai…
A huge no.of Indian saffron terrorist and J&K puppet police was present in Lal Chowk. JKLF leader M Yasin Malik being a…
Separatist group Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front or JKLF on Monday alleged its chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik...
Placed under house arrest again,Yasin Malik arrested.Nimazees showered with pellets &teargas shells as they tried to as…
Every police station has crossed the torture limits of Abu Gharib Jail in occupied Kashmir ;Yasin Malik…
It was on this day ,December 8, 1989 that Rubaiya Syed , daughter of then HM of India was allegedly kidnapped by Yasin Mal…
Yasin Malik detained. . Crime : Visiting the families of people who've been blinded and killed by Indian forces.
JKLF leader Yasin Malik again arrested and shifted to jail Mir Waiz Umar Farooq and Syed Ali Gilani detained at home https…
Yasin Malik is not a separatist but Pak puppet. Has close links with Hafiz Saeed and married to *** girl. Not like…
Yasin Malik killed 5 Indian Air Force officers. They were not killed because they had engaged in Human Rights...
JKLF leader Yasin Malik under arrest with one arm tied in bandages
Yasin Malik shifted to ICU at Soura Medical Institute via Press Of Pakistan
Please pray for early recovery of Yasin Malik who is in critical condition & shifted to ICU after months of solitary co…
Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik in critical condition
Mother of JKLF leader Yasin Malik crying on the road outside Srinagar jail
Live like Ali die like Hussain:Look into the eyes of Yasin Malik he is sick and weak but don't want any mercy from Indian…
Yasin Malik's condition critical, shifted to ICU
We deplore Indian forces torturous treatment of Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, reportedly in critical condition in ICU h…
What is doing to Yasin Malik, could never b tolerated in any civilized world. When will wakeup?
Poet splendor Yasin Malik. Do not make the world makes you a tough man, and do not make the pain teach you hate. "
UPA gave security to INDIA hatters like Sayeed geelani, Yasin Malik etc etc so whats wrong giving for Arnab ?
Muslim terrorist Yasin Malik raped many little girls but J&K Govt unable to prosecute him because of "lack of evidence"…
Yasin Malik . wants Muslim women to be under sharia but not his wife. want others 2 fight for Kashmir but not his son htt…
So far as I know - neither Geelani nor Yasin Malik have official government security.
So , Congress providing security to Geelani & Yasin Malik's of this world was never a problem ... but current Govt providi…
. Tamils supporting JKLF Yasin Malik is like, Prabhakaran supporting Rajapaksa !...
You should know once Al Baghdadi was arrested.same with Yasin Malik, Dawood, Abu Salem. Such idioticity killed…
Asaduddin Owaisi, Waris Pathan, Yasin Malik, Akbaruddin Owaisi, Umar Khalid & many more Anti-National dogs must be kicked out of India.
Yasin Malik on Wednesday lead protest against Sainik Colonies at Nowhata Chowk. This person is insane. Govt has already cleared to.. (1/2)
I'm talking about general public but you argument is based on Yasin Malik only.
lik non ugly clone of yasin malik. Certainly can giv run or blast to anyone
Firstly, this is why you cannot even attempt to defend Yasin Malik .
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How many times will govt release and re-arrest Yasin Malik. Have forgotten the count now.
On Kashmiri Pandit Issue, BJP Govt has NO guts or courage in spine.Is it too hard to kill Yasin Malik? .
Wife of JKLF chief Yasin Malik, Mrs Mishall Malik is a baby doll and a very patriotic Pakistani.
Hundreds of activists of pro-freedom organisations led by Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik, assembled near in
Pak Ambassador to India Abdul Basit should be warned not to keep in contact or encourage traitors like Geelani,Yasin Malik etc
Pak should be told to withdraw Abdul Basit as Ambassador for encouraging traitors like Geelani,Yasin Malik etc
Why do *** like Yasin Malik, Geelani get security provided by our forces at taxpayer expense?
All separatist leaders like Gilaani , mirwaz Omar faruq, Yasin malik , etc should in Jailed if possible Govt should killed them in encounter
Je - is it fair that while as we r losing our Soldiers, u r allowing terrorists like yasin malik to party in Pak HC in Delhi?
Joint protest held by Mirwaiz and Geelani led Hurriyat and JKLF chiarman Muhammad Yasin Malik in Srinagar against...
Clashes broke out btw security forces & protesters in when a protest march led by separatist Yasin Malik was taken out.
I added a video to a playlist Yasin Malik in Aap Ki Adalat (Full Episode)
. Why India won't remember the day Kashmiri Pandits were left to die via
A very disingenuous piece by Majid Hyderi that tries to drive a wedge in the pro-freedom leadership
You can't disconnect teh two. Its natural. Shabir Shah and Yasin Malik aren't religious leaders. This might give you some idea
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Chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik arrested again,was going to Hyderpora for meeting Syed Ali Geelani.
I m sure Geelani , Yasin Malik etc will be the customers of her book
Yasin Malik deplores mockery of justice in IOK
Yasin Malik still in central jail Srinagar. Tehsildar’s Order based on blatant lie shows how Tehsildar’s...
Yasin Malik deplores mockery of justice in IOK
We are a country whr Yasin Malik is given a platform on News channels where he accuses Kashmiri Hindus of ‘identity crisis’.
if Hindu reacts for burning of Hindus in Godhra train he is a terrorist. Kashmiri Pundits branded by Yasin Malik as coward.
"Your soul is being sold to Pakistanis. You are not invited by a friendly journalist" ~ Arnab to Yasin Malik. Brilliant.
JKLF could hardly gather a few hundred people for Amanullah Khan's funeral. Why did Nawaz Sharif write to Yasin Malik on Gilgit Baltistan?
Which History r u talking abt...Syed Geelani one..or Yasin Malik one.
. Reconcilation & empathy with separatists like geelani & yasin malik . 😨?
What about 1000z killed in 90s by these terrorists
I still askbthis to my parents.. and they have no answer.. 󾌹
Syed Ali Geelani, Yasin Malik call for complete strike in Kashmir on Saturday against Kupwara killings.
SAS GEELANI ,YASIN MALIK , have called for complete shutdown against the murder of youth in kupwara today.
Update: Geelani, Yasin Malik, have called for a complete shutdown tomorrow against teen’s death in forces firing.
FLASH. Geelani, Yasin Malik call for strike tomorrow after teen’s death in army firing. Hurriyat (G) chairman...
Kashmiri militant website are like Elis angry with me for visit to Srinagar. But I am Kashyapa Rishi descendent and Yasin Malik visited TN.
Yasin Malik pays tributes to Kupwara martyrs
Yasin Malik pays tributes to Kupwara martyrs
Yasin Malik Rejects Probes. Our martyrs are neither sacrificial animals nor sheep and. goats of a butchers shop...
Yasin Malik suffering from high fever in jail but police not allowing him to go hospital -JKLF Spokesperson
We ve seen a large no. of probes ordered into civilian killings in Kashmir only to defuse public anger.
Probes ordered into civilian killings in to defuse public anger: Yasin Malik
Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Yasin Malik calls for shutdown on Thursday, protests after Friday against killing of youth in Kupwara
What a stylish looking wife! But hypocrite separatist Yasin Malik wants all women in to be clad in burqas!
Yasin Malik, Geelani calls for Shutdown on Thursday ; Mirwaiz appeals for Friday protests
Yasin Malik preaches women in should wear a burqa but his own wife is allowed to wear anything. Hypocrisy. http…
Yasin Malik, Geelani call for strike tomorrow; Mirwaiz appeals for Friday protests
JKLF Chief Yasin Malik and Hurriyat Chief Syes Ali Geelani called for KASHMIR BANDH on Thursday (Tomorrow) against killing of youth.
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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik has said continued harassment of Kashmiri...
1/2 Yasin Malik's hypocrisy has come to the fore, he proclaims that women in J&K should wear a burqa
do modi have courage to slap sedition against Yasin malik and all separatist leaders in kashmir . V know he dnt have
229,944 hours and counting. . Read something about Indian History rather than posting idiotic food photos and...
Where are Yasin Malik, Geelani, Mirwaiz types, why are they allowing *** Donkeys being settled in ?
Such a hypocrite Yasin Malik is, supports burqa for women but don't mind his wife wearing modern clothes https…
Ali Geelani,Yasin Malik and have called for a shutdown tomorrow against the killing of two youths in army firing in Hand…
Salutes Pak woman slap to Yasin Malik's wife on Kashmir issue.. via
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Yasin Malik calls for a shutdown on April 12 against attacks on...
Yasin Malik grieved over death of party leader: Srinagar, April 01 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front...
Malik expresses Grief, sorrow over demise of nephew of Zaffar A Shah Srinagar: Chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik
It is an honor for Make-A-Wish Pakistan that one of its board trustee Mr. Yasin Malik has conferred Hon.
Intimidation of Kashmiri students not acceptable: Yasin Malik.
Yasin Malik in Aap Ki Adalat - Must Watch - Stupid Questions and Bold Answers !:
leftist invited yasin malik in jnu but didn't allowed Ramdev to come to jnu.thats their tolerance .preaching tolerance from
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Yasin Malik condemns harassment of Kashmiri students in Kolkata. ‘If this is not stopped, we will launch...
where r the spinners? Africa is aging.nawaz,imad wasim & shoeb Malik does nt hv same class of Ajmal,Yasin, Samhain etc
And yasin Malik the sheepshagger speaks about non violence
- And Yasin Malik was an expert on? Another example of Sharia-compliant scumbaggery that you can get away…
lol first prevent those bhats who hug yasin malik at kheer bhavani. I am inclined to nobody.
and yes,it's kosher for u to allow yasin Malik in ur home. Shows ur proclivitie…
what expertise and in which field the renowned scholar, noble/pulitzer prize winner in waiting, Yasin Malik Saheb represent?
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, JKLF Chief Yasin Malik admitted to hospital with high fever. More Details :... https:…
In dictionary of all Kashmiri valley politicians likes of Afzal Guru, Bitta Karate and Yasin Malik remains misguided youth. But RSS is evil.
Recent threat to people proves that is under Army control:JKLF Chief Yasin Malik. What you call threat are actually safety measures
Haji Mohammad Hanif Tayyab and Sardar Yasin Malik to be awarded honorary degrees by the Karachi University.
This would be a degree to Rehman Malik by KU. What the *** KU doing and who is Sardar Yasin Malik BTW
JKLF chief Yasin Malik berates army over its ‘direct threat’ to Kashmiris
Plus I see real life characters like u & and Gilani, Yasin Malik, Yakoob ufff.. Tumhari community ki to list hai.
Even his brother yasin malik was treated in Delhi..shameless creatures..abuse the same nation it gets medical attention from.
Khawar malik and uzair altaf are the lamest
Loyal& Nationalist people have become dart boards in India & people like Geelani and Yasin Malik true patrons ??
Army can only work in Kashmir, rescue Geelani &Yasin Malik & nun other ordianry citizens of India !! Atrocious, sham
When Army can help Geelani and Yasin Malik during Kashmir floods, why it shouldn't help Sri Sri?
And the rapists n murderers of KPs lyk Yasin Malik r roaming scotfree.
talks about JNU slogans. What about Mufti who supports Afzal, Yasin Malik n Sayeed n want to release ashiq hussein n 3 separatist
Wow, these Commie b***es are more namak haraam than even the Islamists like Yasin Malik & SA Geelani.
2/n Why is Mehbooba giving halo of martyrdom to Yasin Malik & Salauddin saying they wanted democracy but Congress&NC made…
7/n Mehbooba exonerating the likes of Yasin Malik can only be explained as reading ISI and Jamait script under pressure. …
Those who give platform to Islamist radicals Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Yasin Malik say they can't air JNU Anti-National vid…
How to treat someone who rubbed shoulders with the likes of Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Yasin Malik and now Snowden!. https:…
Hurriyet leader Yasin Malik gets Human Rights award: ISLAMABAD: Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation F... https:…
Yasin Malik awarded Human Rights award in Pakistan. You know for what? Killing Air Force officers & Hindus.
Arundhati Roy supports terrorists like Yasin Malik,Geelani & then returns her award for intolerance.
Apart from being friends with Geelani & Yasin Malik, some more gems from Terrorist Sympathizer Arundhati Roy:
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Yasin Malik has the history of killing 5 Indian airforce trainees coming back from mess after evening, in JK
Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front condemns arrest of Yasin Malik by Indian Police.
I, 4 my life cant understand y Indians r afraid of an old man, Syed Ali Gilani & mid age Yasin Malik w/ heart issues https:…
No statement on the killings of 3 youth by Yasin Malik, Shabir Shah the so called hamdards of…
So yesterday Yasin Malik was stopped and and geelani has been restricted by the govt as they have called for bandh for today.
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chief Yasin Malik was Tuesday arrested by police while he was on his way to...
- Muhammad Yasin Malik arrested in Sopore() - Video
Indian police arrests Hhurriyat leader Yasin Malik, for details watch now.
JKLF chairman Yasin Malik arrested on way to
Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik arrested by -
Yasin Malik detained by J-K police in Baramulla District Read More :
"Malik, the spokesperson said, was going to Sopore to express condolences to the families of those who have been...
Hurriyat Leader Yasin Malik arrested in along with 5 companions by Indian LEAs
Yasin Malik calls for on against killing
Yasin Malik calls for strike on Wednesday against killing spree
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Hurriyat's and Chairman JKLF Yasin Malik have called for a state wide shutdown tomorrow against Pattan, tangmarg Killing.
Why was Yasin Malik going? Sopore is Completely shut down.Stone pelting in Kupwara
Yasin Malik who was on his way to Sopore, detained by police in Sangrama area of Baramulla district (J&K).
. Then the Pakistani delegations should meet Sunil Bharati mittal instead of Yasin Malik.
Kashmiris have legitimate claim to be part of Indo-Pak talks, says Yasin Malik: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front...
JKLF chief Yasin Malik decides not to attend reception of Pakistan High Commission; Outfit to send two-member delegation to …
she dont hve brain. She os brainless as yasin malik dats the reason they married
Tiny brain of Yasin Malik's wife on India: she said Gandhi was a champion of Violence??
From 2008,when a lot neo-activists would have been sleeping,countering Yasin Malik.
My Mom always says Man is Known by the company he keeps. Rahul Gandhi, Geelani, Yasin Malik etc.
Yasin malik said in his speech in mzd , jihad wahan *** raha hai mujahid I awal yahan baithey hain
Yusef, Yasin, Malik, Malia, Yasmeen. Names of my future children inshAllah.
Chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik along with others arrested while going towards Pulwama.
15TH AUG always brings miseries for the people of Jammu Kashmir: Yasin Malik
Observe Aug 15 as black day: Yasin Malik to people. via
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In a cntry wr victims of terrorism R nt cared for & trrsts like Yasin Malik r freely mvng arnd,do V deserve to celebrate ?
now Pakistan flag will be seen only in stone Pelter yasin malik house & her sister burkha dutt khan
u ddnt mntn the big evil and terrorist your PM:P. any wy ur prblm bt kashmirs wnt to be independent and yasin malik etc r thr ldrs
Infact we have some evils like Pakistani like..SAS Geelani, Yasin Malik, Asia Andrabi!! These all are Porkis Dogs!!
Butcher of Kashmiri Pandits Yasin malik might not be terrorist for U. But for entire world he is. Wake up
In India,whr dreaded terrorists like yasin malik,etc roam free, comes with attack on someone who saved lakhs of terrorism victims
Separatist leader Yasin Malik arrested - The Times of India
till we hv ppl like yasin malik N team pak will never change coz he knows these ppl ll support pak.
Indian occupied Kashmir, police arrested the and Liberation Front Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik, in .
Yasin Malik arrested; was on way to meet kin of civilian killed in Pulwama firing
Yasin Malik arrested on way to Pulwama | Pictures at
Separatist leader Yasin Malik arrested. Separatist leader Yasin Malik was on Wednesday arrested in Srinagar when he was on way to J..
Malik detained on Way to Pulwama. JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik was Wednesday arrested on way to Malangpora,...
How come U never questioned bail to Yasin Malik,Shabir Shah & other terrorists in J&K?
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader Yasin Malik also said that there was no difference amongst the Kashmiri...
Disgusting.. Activist Swami Agnivesh joins the Hunger strike of Yasin Malik to OPPOSE Township for Kashmiri Pandits http:/…
The Problem of A discussion between Yasin Malik and 2005: via
Swami Agnivesh joins the Hunger strike of chairman Yasin Malik at Lal Chowk for separate Township for Pandits.
Farooq Abdullah with terrorist Yasin Malik who killed 4 IAF personnel and among responsible 4 Kashmiri Pandit exodus htt…
NPP Chief Bhim Singh's reaction over Yasin Malik statement over Kashmiri Pandits: via
Pro-Pakistan separatist and fanatic Syed Ali Shah Geelani, like the self-styled JKLF chairman and murder Yasin Malik, http:…
Dead body of KP sarla Bhat whose breasts were cut by Yasin Malik n then paraded on streets of Kashmir
Sir a fellow like Yasin Malik hasn't been punished for his crimes in India yet we harp on La…
If Rajat Sharma is really pro-BJP, he must answer why he interviewed terrorist Yasin Malik, which has irked party supporters. A lot.
Rajat sharma invited Yasin Malik and Kapil Sharma invited Wasim Akram shows that Kashmir is a part of Pakistan.
In a better country unlike ours, Yasin Malik wudn't have made the news even if he were shot dead like a rabid dog in the…
Yasin Malik arrested for anti-democratic campaigns. Protesters pelt stones at police. Vishal Bharadwaj sir, will this be sho…
Yasin Malik, Jackie Shroff & Mother are trending in India. Genuine question- Did Jackie Shroff said something about Yasin…
$ Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Yasin Malik attack at police in srinagar
Yasin Malik's arrest: Protesters pelt stones at police in Srinagar
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Yasin Malik arrested for poll boycott campaign in J&K: Times Now
I Yasin Malik he should simply declare himself to be one.
ask Mr.Junaid wot action was taken agnst yasin malik after he hijacked da relief boat on camera? If he has an answer 4 dat
We should no beg for dialogue , instead we need to strengthen the freedom moment at grass root level .Mr Yasin Malik on. Geo Tv
For God sake please stop the drama of this dialogue now .Mr Yasin Malik on Geo Tv
exactly, ignorant ppl are india's biggest problem. Its coz of them ppl like yasin malik & akbaruddin owaisi roam free on road.
Ground zero! JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik personally involved in relief and rescue operations during
Yasin Malik, chairman of JKLF, distributes relief and consoles flood victims in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district on Monday. Pic: Mir Wasim.
with spitting face ...he looks more like Yasin Malik twin.
How a robber named Yasin Malik help you see
NC/State Govt. inept, incompetent. Arrest JKLF's Yasin Malik who is disruptting the Indian Army's relief efforts for treason.
Don't ask for justice when murdered in cold blood,Yasin Malik&Co killed unarmed SqnLdr Khanna,3NCO on 25.1.90 at Srinagar no taker
I will cooperate with any anti-BJP front, Sharad Pawar says! Even owaisi, yasin malik and geelani?
Ashok Singhal, Praveen Togadiya, Oweshi, Yasin Malik all r patriot. Bt is criminal who left evrythg fr country.
Where did you get this piece of fiction from? Your Uncle Yasin Malik told you? LOL
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Terrorist Yasin Malik with a smiling PM Singh. This photo tells you everything you need to know about http:/…
Yes. Yasin Malik & Geelani are Gandhians and Islam is a "religion of Peace"; they have great credentials for Nobel "peace" prize
who financed this film? Yasin Malik? Mirviaz Omar Farooq? AFSPA criticized but nt required as per story
i lost faith in Seeman when he met n invited Yasin malik for one of his rally.
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of Dawood, Abu salem, Chhota shakeel, Yasin malik, Laden's ghost in *** Bagdadi, ... Anyone left?
Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna has already been adopted by Geelani & Yasin Malik. They are taking care of Sopore village Output:Terrorism is there
Their next . may go2 Yasin Malik don't get shocked! wait & c.
Vishal Bharadwaj's understanding of Kashmiri terrorism naive & dangerous. Looks like he's adopted JKLF's Yasin Malik as h…
Ghanta! Crap Thought! Worst Comparison! Tomorrow they may give Nobel to Yasin Malik then what?
Yasin Malik jumped into an Army boat and got himself rescued, but pulls out women; nation can't take more: G D Bakshi
They're degrading the prize with every passing year. Next who? Yasin Malik?
Whole India is trending but Yasin Malik & his supporters will definitely wanna trend
they have forgotten the best candidate why not preety boy Omar, far more good looking than Yasin Malik or Gianni. (1)
Irom Sharmila far better choice. MT And suggests Yasin Malik for peace prize
Why isn't Yasin Malik fighting for his brothers across the border?..whats that u say? He has mortarophobia? Oh...ok.
link? It was who even saved separatist Hurriyat leaders like Yasin Malik
Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Muhammad Yasin Malik, has appealed people to observe Eid-ul-Azha...
Let him talk peace with Yasin Malik & Geelani..
What is our compulsion to keep ds seperatists in India likes of Yasin Malik.Pak is using dm to defame India at Intl le…
We are restriced to celebrate now. Restrictions imposed in Lal Chowk to ‘foil’ Eid prayer; Yasin Malik arrested.
BJPLucknowBJP: JKLF Yasin Malik groupClashes with security forces at Lal Chowk,Srinagar before EID .Malik Arrested
Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik arrested from Srinagar early this morning and was stopped to offer Eid prayers in Lal Chowk
and flag waved during protest led by JKLF Yasin Malik at Lal Chowk,Srinagar
VIDEO:Pradhan-Head priest of Sanatan Dhram Pratap Yatri Niwas Lal Chowk lauding Yasin Malik for providing necessary help and relief during floods." No one came for our help when we were stranded in Lal Chowk when floods hit Srinagar.But Yasin Malik brought medicines, food for us," he said. (Courtesy : Kashmir Monitor)
Indian state through its media that follows the footsteps of Hitlers gobbles in spreading lies started a maligning campaign against JKLF leader Yasin Malik. ...
hindu from /up/ real truth about indian support of flooded kashmiris Moment of truth: Floods expose the great divide in J-K - See more at: Hindu and Muslim, know the story of Jalodbhava (he who is borne on water), a demon who once terrorised the people of Satisar, a great lake of unified legend, which supposedly once sprawled across what is today the Valley of Kashmir. “The flood in Kashmir has turned to reality not just Satisar but Jalodbhava,” said writer Basharat Peer to the Hindi newspaper Amar Ujala earlier this week. In modern India, legend is often invoked to provide perspective, to help understand people and present-day truths better. The problem is that in India, and particularly in the troubled land of Jammu and Kashmir, whatever is true, the opposite is also true. Conflicting truths create new, more divisive beliefs and will eventually evolve divided legends. So it is with Kashmir’s great flood of 2014, the worst the Valley has witnessed in more than a century. More than 200 are dead, h . ...
Hope we in media stop regarding Yasin Malik as an acceptable voice and treat him like the cowardly terrorist that he's alway…
This poster reads that Yasin Malik stopped "Indian" relief and supplied relief to Muslim families himself
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief Yasin Malik has clearly hinted at intensifying the ongoing separatist movement in the Valley, saying that Prime Mini...
Fir ye Yasin Malik hoga Pakka ! “never seen anything uglier than this”
Govt of India should arrest terrorist Yasin Malik. He is a terrorist and killer of humanity, govt should not go soft on separatists.
Yasin Malik is paid 45 Lakh month by ISI. He himself accepts that he goes to Murid terror Camp in Pakistan to meet terrorist
They have eradicated Yasin Malik's poverty for sure
If Yasin Malik is getting 4Lakh salary from ISI what is stopping our intelligence forces to throw him in for life. Hello NIA
Saw story that Yasin Malik is paid 45lakhs a month by ISI. Some CEO job that is. story
Thank God that a rapist, killer isnt a national hero's he deserves as much respect as Yasin Malik
Hindu Priest praising Yasin Malik for providing relief and help during floods.
are right but the worry is the Hurriyat team of Yasin Malik & Geelani as they fear losing their 'anti India' constituency.
Enough is enough its time to put bullet in the heads of terrorists like Yasin Malik.We have lot to learn from China how to deal with terror.
it'd make more sense when u'll realize de never trend Modi RG Giriraj Singh or Yasin Malik trend in Pakistan leave top trend! ;)
Dear Bilawal Bhutto. How would you like to have Kashmir.. with Omar Abdullah, Yasin Malik and Gilani or withouth them. …
Yasin Malik snatched our relief boat in Srinagar, say rescuers.
. but ,claims to be unlike MMS is also not arrested geelani & yasin malik...
930 Muslims from France, 378 from Germany waging jihad for Islamic State. ★Islam Muslim…
Yasin Malik is happy is on his side
Yasin Malik seeks world help for Kashmiri flood victims
. why mr is not arresting separatist leaders like geelani, yasin malik and he another ABV??
Arundhati Roy, Prashant Bhushan, Yasin Malik, Gilani and Barkha got new friend "Bilawal Bhutto".
Yasin Malik higest paid terorist or separatist by PAK Isi as of 2day.
Bilawal Bhutto . Yasin Malik got his first erection of this year after hearing Bilawal 's words.. Kashmir
Yasin malik and Prashant bhushan sent friend request to :-)
Arundhati Roy Should now work. on her Image. She should ditch ugly. Yasin Malik & start working with Bilawal Bhutto. They both want Kashmir.
Alright Bilawal, start taking with Yasin Malik and Barkha Dutt. Rest will be in installments during your life time.
Bilawal Bhutto should also take Azam Khan ( minus his buffaloes) & Yasin Malik along with him.
'Only Muslims helped me' Hindu temple priest narrates his ordeal, hails Yasin Malik for help. Slap …
I'm sure they don't have people like Geelani, Yasin Malik and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.
CHINA PLA INCURSION IN OUR Jammu Kashmir LADAKH :- Sunil Dimple says PM Narinder Modi, No need of Red Carpet welcome to Xi jiping China president. 2. PM Modi should warn china president Xi jiping for incursions in our territory, Ladakh. 3. Declare emergency in Jammu Kashmir, Impose Governor Rule to deal anti nationals in state. Strong protest demonstration held to send strong message to china today, by the Movement activists, leaders against the china PLA incursion in our territory Demechok, ladakh, pitching tents in side our territory and red carpet welcome to china, On the visit of China president Xi Jimping to India. The protest was also against pakistan for cease fire violation, separatists leaders Yasin Malik, Sayeed Alli Sha Gelani, for creating hurdles in the distribution of relief to the people and working of army, air force NDRF rescue teams. In Valley and for their arrest. Sunil Dimple urged the prime minister Narinder modi to stop the red carpet welcome to CHINA and Pakistan. Dimple said prim . ...
Hey Arundhati Roy, Yasin Malik was found stealing food from Indian Army. Waiting for you to defend him by saying that Krishn…
This traitor Yasin Malik is fit to be subjected to firing squad to death without trial. Instead of helping people in distress and suffering - this bloody separatist , pro-Pakistani stooge of Hafiz Saeed - the terrorist breeder and spreader of terrorism from Pakistan , was first to take the help of Indian Army to be rescued from flood in Kashmir instead of allowing fellow Kashmiri people first. Yasin Malik is selfish and traitor of India and not fit to live in this world. Yasin Malik hijacked the boat full of relief materials meant for Kashmiri peoples for personal stocking and use. Yasin Malik spent nothing and did nothing to ease the suffering of Kashmir's people in this natural calamity of flood. Why he is allowed to roam free in Kashmir? Yasin Malik is fit to be killed. What do you say ? Kashmir people and all Indians come in open. Express openly your views.
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Why UPA Govt. did not take action against Yasin Malik when he was wedging war against Indian Army in Kashmir?
BJP government can take suo moto action if they want to against Yasin Malik: Sanjay Jha, Congress
For separatist like Yasin Malik to obstruct humanitarian effort in , it's shameful: Sanjay Jha, Congress
Yasin Malik and Syed Ali Shah Geelani are the same venomous creatures who enjoy five star treatment from many elite media houses in India
Indian Army rescuing Yasin Malik & Geelani is like Prithviraj Chauhan forgiving Ghauri after the first battle
Hijacking of the rescue and relief boats by Yasin Malik is the worst possible crime and he should pay for it. He shouldn't ge…
Only NGO which is not interested in kashmir flood situation is NGO owned by Yasin Malik and Syed Ali shah Gilani.
We can crib that ISIS is cruel but in India we have beheaders and rapists like Yasin Malik and Bitta Karate roaming free.
Yasin Malik, rapist & murderer,is an honored guest in Delhi circuit.Entirely possible that juvenile rapist & murderer will follow same path.
the nationalists SA Geelani,yasin malik,umar farooq are being given security for their service to nation with tax money.
LOL! This has to be UnrealTimes. Agenda: Modi-threat to IOI. Speakers: SAS Geelani, Varavara Rao and Yasin Malik
Why do I deserve a nation where Yasin Malik is called a 'moderate' and nobody cares for VinodPandit fasting since last 13 days. KashmirNow
"Indian Mujahideen defanged a year after Yasin Bhatkal’s arrestmay be happen with Kashmir on arrest of omar&Y. malik
WHen Geelani and Yasin Malik (butchers of Pandits) came . Did Pandits protest and spew venom?
ur selective secularism totally exposed.why u cant tackle with same attitude to terrorists like YASIN MALIK and OWAISIs
its better please bring OWAisi and ask him why he wants to kill hindus in 15 minute...why so Light questions on yasin malik
From the TV coverage all I can make out is that Yasin Malik & Ali Shah Geelani are saints !!
God save journalism in is a terror group which has shocked us, but why silence on Yasin Malik, Bitta Karat…
Yasin Malik should have been asked by why Anantnag has been changed to Islamabad as he is asking Yogi Ad…
100 % Moron.Question is y he didn't show the tapes of yasin malik ?
so a separatist Yasin Malik is equal to an MP Adityanath? Is the level of BJP
Dear Kashmiri jokers like and yasin malik etc, and those rejoicing on their cricket victory, watch your Pakistan & ***
We had given the tapes of Yasin Malik but didn't show it & today he shows the tape of Yogi Adityanath.
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