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Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig Valdés (born December 7, 1990) is a Cuban baseball outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

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My Braves trade request:. Jim Johnson & Sean Rodriguez for ANYone in professional baseball not named Yasiel Puig or Carlos Gomez.
Jul 25, AB 3: Yasiel Puig singles on a fly ball to left fielder Ehire Adrianza, deflected by center fielder Zack Granite. Joc Pederson to
3rd. Yasiel Puig out at 2nd, left fielder Ehire Adrianza to second baseman Brian Dozier.
He's not a good defensive player. . Yasiel Puig makes those catches in RF.
Yasiel Puig just hit one off the Marlin statue in Miami 6-4 Dodger lead
Jun 23, AB 3: Yasiel Puig grounds out, shortstop Trevor Story to first baseman Mark Reynolds. Chase Utley to 3rd.
I wonder what Yoenis Cespedes had to say about Yasiel Puig's home run. Probably something hypocritical. :)
If Steven Matz throws at Yasiel Puig today I'm going to be really upset
From how the Mets' temper tantrum over Yasiel Puig's showboating has nothing to do with Yasiel Puig.…
Wilmer Flores calls out Yasiel Puig for lack of hustle, showboating
Kyle Schwarber is the new Yasiel Puig lol
Mets: Wilmer Flores didn’t like Yasiel Puig staring at his home run via
Yasiel Puig crushes a three-run home run to left field in the bottom of the 4th inning, before exchanging words with Trav…
Yasiel Puig is fun. Home runs are fun. Bat flips are fun. Also you don't get to say anything with Cespedes on your team!…
ICYMI coverage: were upset. But that is what passes for restraint from Yasiel Puig. .
More Mets injuries, more uneven pitching, and then some tempered flared after Yasiel Puig's homer:
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"That was too much." Mets take issue with Puig's home run staredown:
Mets completely lose their minds over stupid unwritten rule
Wilmer Flores was upset that Yasiel Puig admired his homer. "I told him to run the bases." What did Puig say? "F--- you."
The Mets are mad that Yasiel Puig is better at baseball than them
Yasmani Grandal and Yasiel Puig combined to do plenty of damage against the Mets. highlights:…
The Mets lost their mind about a silly unwritten rule (by
would've photoshopped Yasiel Puig in the Iverson stepover by now. Step your game up
Yasiel Puig agreed with Wilmer Flores' assessment: The Mets are not playing good baseball.
Here, I get deeply philosophical about how stupid baseball players are when they get mad at people like Yasiel Puig. ht…
Yasiel Puig homered on ESPN. Some Mets didn't appreciate his actions afterward:
Real or not? It's OK Yasiel Puig and Jarrod Dyson broke unwritten rules
A man with his own signature shade of neon yellow apparently thinks Yasiel Puig is too flashy.
Yasiel Puig responds to Wilmer Flores: "If that’s the way he feels, it might be a result of them not playing so well."
Already 13 home runs on the season for Yasiel Puig. It's the most he's hit prior to the All-Star Break in his career.
Yasiel Puig could save an elderly couple and a box of kittens from a fire but still get grilled for homer trot.
The Mets got mad at Yasiel Puig for admiring his home run: Four things to know: Puig watched a home run and the…
Yasiel Puig said "F**k you" to Wilmer Flores after Flores said something to him rounding 1B. Eduardo Perez: "His English is…
Mets manager Terry Collins on Yasiel Puig: "We've got bigger problems than somebody's home run trot right now."
When a baseball player hits a home run, is he allowed to admire it?.
Mets' Wilmer Flores: Yasiel Puig doesn't understand 'having respect for the game.'
Yasiel Puig receives one-game suspension and fine for obscene gesture last night. He is appealing.
Here's video of Yasiel Puig from tonight...
Will Yasiel Puig's flip go down in history? - Will Yasiel Puig's flip go down in history?
Yasiel Puig flipped off the Cleveland crowd after hitting a home run
Yasiel Puig flipped off hecklers at Progressive Field
Yasiel Puig is one of my favorite outfielders but then he went and flipped the bird to the Indians. now I'm upset..
Hacksaw Mini-Poll...What should Dodgers do with Yasiel Puig after he goes yard then goes off on Indians fan?
Yasiel Puig ditches bat flip for a different kind of flip after home run in Cleveland
Yasiel Puig shows flipping skills easily transfer from bats to birds:
Yasiel Puig's flip goes down in history
Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig gives two middle fingers to Cleveland fans after home run
Yasiel Puig had his first slip up of what looked to be a season of maturity for him.
While Yasiel Puig continued toward the dugout after a home run, he raised both middle fingers.
Yasiel Puig flips off Cleveland fans after hitting home run.
Puig: I 'stooped to their level' with gesture
WATCH: Yasiel Puig flips off Indians fans after hitting a home run
'I stooped to their level' - Dodgers' Yasiel Puig makes obscene gesture at Cleveland fans
Yasiel Puig went yard and then flipped the bird at some fans
Yasiel Puig on flipping bird at Indians fans: 'I stooped to their level.'
Yasiel Puig said he'll pay a fine if he has to. His teammates found this whole thing hilarious.
Cody Bellinger shot the moon. Yasiel Puig shot the bird. And the Dodgers won a fifth game in a row.
Real or not? Yasiel Puig's flip goes down in history
Dodgers' Yasiel Puig appears to flip off Indians fans after hitting home run
Nick Markakis, to name one guy you never think about, has a higher wOBA across 2015-17 than Yasiel Puig. But yeah, keep valuing Puig.
Just had a huge epiphany: Yasiel Puig is becoming the new Jeff Francoeur
May 14, AB 3: Yasiel Puig flies out to center fielder Charlie Blackmon.
Yasiel Puig learns an embarrassing lesson about bat strength. (SPEEDonFOX)
When asked if Yasiel Puig has the best arm in baseball, Matt Vasgersian replied: No, Eddie Rosario does.
Yasiel Puig: "I think about putting the ball in the air or I'm not going to have any money in my pockets."
Kyle Schwarber and Yasiel Puig have both admired their rocket dingers today. (Actually, young players pimping dingers…
Yasiel Puig is the best baseball player of all time
Yasiel Puig hits two home runs vs. Padres
Yasiel Puig homers twice, McCarthy is sharp in the Dodgers' 10-2 victory over the Padres - LA Times
More like Tommy La-SNORE-da: The Dodgers rolled the Padres 10-2, putting Lasorda to sleep in his seat.
Yasiel Puig now has sole possession of the NL lead in home runs!
RECAP: homers as take down Padres, 3-1. 🔗:
Yasiel Puig has two home runs and two walks today but I won't say he's officially back until he misses the cut-off man.
Yasiel Puig on his approach: "I'm thinking about hitting the ball in the air, or else there's going to be no money in…
Real or not? Tim Tebow steals the spotlight, Yasiel Puig mashes
WATCH: Dodgers' Yasiel Puig homers twice, looks past ready to move up in lineup featured in NBC s Science of Love
Yasiel Puig: "All I'm thinking about is putting the ball in the air or I'm going to have no money in my pocke…
Dodgers' Yasiel Puig with career HRs No. 59 and 60 Thursday vs. San Diego.
$5 VPS Burglars hit Yasiel Puig's Sherman Oaks home, make off with…
Slauson Ave got more dips than Yasiel Puig's batting average last year. Legendary street, infamous concrete.
Today's Dodgers photo day pics are trickling in. Nothing too crazy yet. Here are USA Today shots of Yasiel Puig, Co…
Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts expects Yasiel Puig to play 'the majority of the time'...
Dave Roberts on Yasiel Puig: "We all know Yasiel as a defender; if he's out there he can impact a game on the...
Per Ken Gurnick of Dave Roberts said RF is essentially Yasiel Puig's position to lose. -Eric
2/2 have been about Yasiel Puig, Jason Hayward and Dexter Fowler (in spring training)
Yasiel Puig gave his Vin Scully cleats to Vin Scully, because
Yasiel Puig gave his cleats with Vin Scully’s face to the man himself
MLB: Vin Scully makes the call as Yasiel Puig makes a leaping catch at the wall; "Viva Cuba. Viva Yasiel"via
"over the shoulder, he makes a leaping catch... the night belongs to Yasiel Puig. ¡Que Viva Cuba! ...Viva Yasiel!"
"Viva Cuba. Viva Yasiel.". Yasiel Puig at the wall. Vin Scully on the call. It doesn't get much better than this:
Yasiel Puig is one of my favorite baseball players. He's just so.goofy
Ultimately, Yasiel Puig should have looked at more pitches tonight.
Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig left the clubhouse after going 0-5 3 K's and 6 LOB and were mumbling.
Yasiel Puig and the are already trolling Madison Bumgarner with shirts: htt…
Dodgers taunt Giants with 'shirts: Yasiel Puig reportedly signed one of the shirts and sent it...
Yasiel Puig and Madison Bumgarner are like Peter Griffin and the chicken. They're gonna fight randomly forever for no r…
Yasiel Puig and his teammates mock Madison Bumgarner with 'Don't look at me' t-shirts
Yasiel Puig and the dodgers woke up a sleeping giant
Bottom 9th. *Pitching Change-Sergio Romo replaces Will Smith on the mound. Yasiel Puig strikes out swinging on a...
Dodgers mock Madison Bumgarner with ‘Don’t look at me’ shirts, pose
Yasiel Puig chased a breaking ball for strike three. Andre Ethier grounded out. Game rests in the hands of Chase Cameron Utley.
Love me some Yasiel Puig but that was a very predicable outcome in this situation.
Yasiel Puig strikes out swinging. Andre Ethier, not Micah Johnson, batting for Louis Coleman.
Yasiel Puig will lead off against Sergio Romo. Andre Ethier is on deck.
Yasiel Puig makes an incredible diving catch to preserve Rich Hill’s bid for a perfect game: MLB play of the week. https…
Yasiel puig is so trash mad bum would destroy his ***
The Dodgers trolled Madison Bumgarner so hard with these new t-shirts after the Dodgers Giants brawl
Yasiel Puig is sending a signed shirt to Madison Bumgarner
Yasiel Puig said he heard Madison Bumgarner yelling not to look at him. So Puig was left wondering why Bumgarner was looki…
Yasiel Puig is giving Madison Bumgarner his very own shirt. . 🙈…
Yasiel Puig and Madison Bumgarner have a history of on-field altercations.
🔥👀⚾👊 Yasiel Puig & Madison Bumgarner cause the benches to clear over a stare down 😂
Madison Bumgarner is such a punk... Yasiel Puig would tear you up. It's almost Oct when Baseball finally gets interes…
The only time I'd watch UFC is if it was Madison Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig
Yasiel Puig apparently sent a shirt to Madison Bumgarner
It looks like Yasiel Puig sent a signed shirt to Madison Bumgarner
According to Yasiel Puig signed a shirt and sent it to Madison Bumgarner. Fresh.
Bumgarner loses his cool if Yasiel Puig is in the same zip code. Scully says Bumgarner kept saying "don't look at m…
ICYMI: A die-hard Dodgers fan had her front tooth knocked out by a ball thrown by Yasiel Puig
Making sense of the rumored Ryan Braun trade
The were 20 minutes from trading Ryan Braun to the two weeks ago
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Technically: she caught the ball...just so happened to catch it with her face and lost a tooth too.
Yasiel Puig earns big brownie points with super catch to save no-hitter
The best part of the Brewers (likely) getting Yasiel Puig is how much the guy annoys the Cardinals.
Yasiel Puig throws ball into crowd, sends Dodger fan to hospital via
The trade that nearly happened,and still could:Ryan Braun to for Yasiel Puig, McCarthy, prospects https…
ICYMI: the last-minute August blockbuster that fell through, but could happen this winter. http…
Yasiel Puig knocks out Dodgers fan's tooth with baseball toss
ICYMI: Vin Scully will not call the playoffs, Pantone 294 takes over Yankee Stadium, and more!
.knocks out fan’s tooth with ball at Yankee Stadium
Sep 10, AB 1: Yasiel Puig grounds out, shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria to first baseman Xavier Scruggs.
Sep 7, AB 1: Yasiel Puig out on a sacrifice fly to left fielder Socrates Brito. Corey Seager scores.
Andrew Toles is another Yasiel Puig. *** look like Willy Mays and the goes south
MGR Dave Roberts said team has not decided whether Yasiel Puig will be among Sept call-ups.
Yasiel Puig Q&A: Trying to make the best of his time in Triple-A
The Mets celebrated bringing back Jose Reyes, yet the Dodgers can't give away Yasiel Puig.
The Dodgers are reportedly trying to "give away" Yasiel Puig and no one is biting.
With this news about Ellis all i can think is that the aren't ready to let go of Yasiel Puig regardless of repor…
Unknown MLB team reportedly claims Yasiel Puig in revoca...
Report: Unknown team claims Puig off waivers.
"Puig on Being in Minors: 'I Put Myself in This Situation'" via App:
One of the teams placed a waiver wire claim on Yasiel Puig
MLB team claims Yasiel Puig on waivers, find out which it is
Report: has been claimed on waivers
Yasiel Puig says his demotion to Triple A has been humbling
Unknown team claims Puig off waivers. Sent with At Bat. .
If the Red Sox just picked up Yasiel Puig Imma go crazy
MLB Rumors: Yasiel Puig picked up off waivers?
Dodgers: Remorseful Yasiel Puig says he's ready to be a better teammate: The Dodgers outfielder...
Yasiel Puig reportedly claimed on waivers He's too immature and too expensive.
Chicago White Sox tried to claim Yasiel Puig but either an NL team or an AL team with a worse record than the White Sox alr…
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Halo Fans! Would you like to see Yasiel Puig in an uniform?
Yasiel Puig: Minors humbling, but 'difficult' to see Dodgers in 1st place: Embattled outfielder Yasie...
Yasiel Puig reportedly claimed on revocable waivers by an unknown team
Yasiel Puig never left the box on grounder to 1st tonight. Kid in the background: "He didn't even hustle." http…
The Dodgers have reportedly placed Yasiel Puig on waivers
Yasiel Puig is currently on waivers
place Yasiel Puig on revocable waivers, though chances of an imminent trade are low ht…
FYI, just noticed that Yasiel Puig is coaching first base this inning.
Yasiel Puig reportedly claimed on revocable waivers by unknown team: Club hasn't confirmed.
Breaking: Yasiel Puig claimed by the Minnesota Vikings and will start week 1 at QB
Who will claim Yasiel Puig? According to the 1529 Treaty of Saragossa if he lies 78 nautical miles east of the Molucca…
Friedman won't talk about report Yasiel Puig was claimed off waivers, citing the confidentiality of the process.
Yasiel Puig claimed off waivers, and even if no trade, won't guarantee call-up.
Any chance it could it be the Or should Atlanta even be interested?
A team also put a claim on Yasiel Puig today. So could either make a deal with that team, let the team take him or pull off waivers
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Unknown team claims Puig off waivers
DENVER -- The Dodgers insist that outfielder has been on his best behavior a…
Greg Arnsinger should never ever ever talk about Yasiel Puig again. Never ever ever ever ever.
Source: The Trump campaign has placed a claim on Yasiel Puig to try and win the Cuban-American vote.
On Yasiel Puig waiver claim -pro scouting director is Logan White who signed Puig for SD has nothing…
Dodgers OF Yasiel Puig has reportedly been claimed on waivers.
Yasiel Puig reportedly claimed on waivers
Unknown MLB team reportedly claims Yasiel Puig in revocable waivers -
Irony: JetBlue "official airline"of LA Dodgers, who may not keep claim on Cuban-born Yasiel Puig.
Dave Roberts said he has no idea who claimed Yasiel Puig.
activate Josh Reddick and Jesse Chavez and send Yasiel Puig, Ross Stripling and Josh Fields to minors.
Rumor Central: could make claim on Dodgers RF Yasiel Puig should he be placed on waivers - Jim Bowden -
"They couldn't even get a box of Big League Chew for Yasiel Puig at this point" htt…
Eric Byrnes just called Yasiel Puig the modern day Bo Jackson. Byrnes needs to lay off the crack pipe.
I think the only person Joe Simpson hates more than Bryce Harper is Yasiel Puig.
So, if Yasiel Puig joins OKC on Thursday, happy Thirsty Thursday everybody!
In order to help him exersize his demons Yasiel Puig has hired Richard Simmons
Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal helps justify why many players don't talk to reporters. Got the Yasiel Puig story flat wrong.
Yasiel Puig about to get a taste of humble pie.
Yasiel Puig didn't travel with Dodgers to Colorado and reportedly "stormed off" when told he'd be traded or demoted. ht…
Even demoted by Dodgers, never a dull moment with Yasiel Puig: Even demoted by Dodgers, never a dull moment w...
UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is now reporting after receiving word from Yasiel Puig's agent Adam Katz and...
The average AAA baseball player is earning $2,425/month. If demoted, Yasiel Puig will continue to earn $30,054 per DAY from th…
Would you still take Yasiel Puig over Mike Trout? Hm...
Yasiel Puig Reportedly Doesn't Travel with Dodgers for Series at Rockies - Bleacher Report
Puig is either being sent to the minors or getting traded 😱
Yasiel Puig coming to OKC, manning RF in Bricktown? I'm in
Where are all the yasiel puig fans that swore he was better then Mike Trout?
Source: Tomorrow Yasiel Puig will report to the American Automobile Association.
UPDATE: Yasiel Puig's agent says will likely send Puig to the minors tomorrow.
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UPDATED: Yasiel Puig story regarding not flying with the team to Colorado.
In an alternate universe, Manny Ramirez and Yasiel Puig play in the same era, on the same team, with Lou Pinella managing.
What is going on with and Yasiel Puig? We discuss on the right now with
I took a few naps today. Still on some crazy meds. So explain to me what's going with Yasiel Puig. I'm kinda confused.
What's going on between the Dodgers and Yasiel Puig?
Yasiel Puig reportedly leaves Dodger Stadium after being told of demotion or trade.
They'll surprise everyone this winter by trading for Yasiel Puig and Felix Hernandez while bringing back Chapman.
Since June 21st, 10 Dodgers have registered 50+ at bats. Yasiel Puig is on the team in OBP over that time. Only Corey Se…
The Yasiel Puig era in Los Angeles coming to an end? on the OF:
Yasiel Puig doesn't travel with Dodgers, expects to be sent to the minors
UPDATE—Report: Yasiel Puig expected to be demoted tomorrow after Dodgers fail to trade him
Ken Rosenthal apologizes for report Yasiel Puig stormed off from Dodger Stadium
Puig not on Dodgers' flight to Denver. Story:...
I will have a story on Yasiel Puig and the drama surrounding it on later tonight. Still trying to get to bottom of WHY.
Ha! I might get to see Yasiel Puig play in Des Moines next week.
.w much more on decision to option Yasiel to Triple-A OKC after failing to trade him. https:/…
Agent: Yasiel Puig expects to be sent to minors by Dodgers
leave Yasiel Puig behind as they head to Colorado (UPDATE) via
Sources: Yasiel Puig was instructed not to report to stadium or plane today and did not. Told he would be demoted to minor…
Wow Yasiel Puig got sent to the minors. Crazy when he first took the league by storm.
Here is the adjusted story on Puig:
Yasiel Puig stormed out of the Dodgers clubhouse after hearing he'd either be traded or demoted. He didn't travel on r…
Yasiel Puig not traveling with Dodgers after being informed he'd be traded or sent to minors, per https:…
Yasiel Puig stormed off after arriving at Dodger Stadium & being informed he would be traded or sent to the minors. https…
expected to option Yasiel Puig after acquiring Josh Reddick
Yasiel Puig isn't on LA Dodgers' flight; Josh Reddick, Rich Hill are
Yasiel Puig, flying a Sopwith Camel, complete w/goggles and scarf, trying to chase the team plane down for revenge
Yasiel Puig's career hasn't shaped up so it is probably time for the Dodgers to ship him out
Farhan Zaidi commented on the progress he's seen in Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig.
Great. Scott Van Slyke has replaced Yasiel Puig in right field. Hoping Puig just started to cramp up (like Kazmir), but the luck...
If you're the would you trade Jose Bautista to the for Yasiel Puig? Would the Dodgers? Would Batista OK that deal?
Yasiel Puig wears cleats that pay tribute to Vin Scully
Dodgers OF wore amazing cleats with Vin Scullys face on them
OF wore amazing cleats with face on them.
broke out awesome cleats in honor of Vin Scully in yesterday's game
- way to go Puig! I am so awesomely pleased at how much Yasiel has grown and matured in the last...
ICYMI: rocked some sweet Vin Scully cleats on Sunday. MORE @
Burgos walks Howie Kendrick to load the bases with two outs in the 12th. Yasiel Puig will face Randall Delgado.
POLL: FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal says Yasiel Puig is on the trading block. Should the try to trade him?
Would you accept this trade if you're Terry Ryan?. MIN gets: Yasiel Puig. LAD gets: Byron Buxton and Tyler Jay
Hardball Talk - - Jared Goff meets Yasiel Puig calls him a really cool guy
Yasiel Puig scratched with sore left Hamstring. Crawford in at LF and Trayce Thompson in RF
Justin Turner, Yasiel Puig, Yasmani Grandal have all been major disappointments so far in 2016. Carl Crawford is no surprise
Top of 5th Inning:. - Yasmani Grandal grounds out to shortstop Addison Russell. - Yasiel Puig grounds out sharply...
Top of 2nd Inning:. - Yasmani Grandal flies out to left fielder Jorge Soler in foul territory. . - Yasiel Puig...
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Top 7th. Yasiel Puig flies out to right field. 1 out. Yasmani Grandal grounds out to first base. 2 out. *Pinch...
Top 3rd. Yasiel Puig walks on a 3-2 count. 1 on 0 out. . Yasmani Grandal singles on a pop up to second base. Yasiel...
T3: Yasiel Puig walk, Yasmani Grandal single and an E1 on deGrom after an Urias sacrifice bunt has the bases loaded for the
Yasiel Puig has funny Don Mattingly quote after being pulled for not hustling - Larry Brown Sports
ICYMI WATCH: Yasiel Puig's braincramp on the bases stuns A.J. Ellis.
We are live at noon. is guest hosting today w Will discuss Yasiel Puig, Draymond Green, Connor McGregor and more.
Hit and Run: Yankees heating up, Puig wins marathon, Yu Darvish is back (by
Rally caps, Howie's big day, Puig's clutch hit, and more from win. VIDEOS:.
Hit and Run: How the once-moribund Yankees have sprung back to life (by
Yasiel Puig's baserunning lapse completely stunned his teammate
Sometimes talent doesn't have a brain. Most underrated aspect in sports. Thinking on your feet in your sport.
ICYMI: Puig's awful baserunning almost cost LA & his teammate had the best reaction. VIDEO@
Yasiel Puig finds redemption with game-winning single in 17th inning
Los Angeles Dodgers - San Diego Padres Preview: Yasiel Puig's two-run single in the 17th inning opened the do...
Yasiel Puig's go-ahead single in the 17th had exit velocity of 110.8 mph and was hardest hit ball of the game.
Yasiel Puig's 2-run single in the top of the 17th to helped give the a win over the in the longest game of the season.
Yasiel Puig is just going to sit in on this review
Dodgers need 17 innings to salvage one in San Diego.
Yasiel Puig's heroics lead Dodgers to 17th-inning win over Padres
Yasiel Puig's braincramp on the bases frustrates A.J. Ellis.
Yasiel Puig’s braincramp on the bases frustrates A.J. Ellis
May 13, AB 3: Yasiel Puig singles on a ground ball to left fielder Matt Holliday. Howie Kendrick scores. Justin Turner to 2nd.
Yasiel Puig amazes me everytime I turn on sportscenter. Guy looks like he's primed and ready for an MVP award this year.
Yasiel Puig for Gold Glove? Let's look at the numbers: Yasiel Puig for Gold Glove? Let's look ...
Yasiel Puig and Kenley Jansen being all at the RTZ
More mechanics -- Dave Roberts said he/coaches suggested to Yasiel Puig he had become too closed off, too close to plate. 9 for his past 60
What to make of Yasiel Puig's first month under Dave Roberts
[Orange Country Register] Dodgers' Yasiel Puig optimistic he can work through slump
[Orange Country Register] Dodgers lineups: Yasiel Puig in leadoff spot after day off
[Orange Country Register] Dodgers lineups: Yasiel Puig gets day off, as team looks to avoid sixth straight
I really hope Yasiel Puig gets a fastball in his ribs tomorrow
Craig Breslow in to pitch the 6th. Yasiel Puig leads off
Apr 24, AB 5: Yasiel Puig flies out to left fielder Gerardo Parra.
VIDEO: Dodgers' Yasiel Puig throws out Rockies’ Trevor Story from 310 feet 😳.
Yasiel Puig playfully reminds his fans that spelling is hard
Yasiel Puig has a cannon! He throws out Trevor Story at 3rd from deep right field in the 5th.
Yasiel Puig threw an absolute missile from the CF warning track to throw out Trevor Story at third
Jason Grilli leaves with the bases loaded and 1-out, down a run after striking out Yasiel Puig. Alexi Ogando on.
Yasiel Puig is second to DiMagio in most hits during the first month of pro baseball.
See how Adrian Gonzalez, Yasiel Puig and Justin Turner showed their respect on
Hunter Pence is not Yasiel Puig, and Justin Turner has a two-out single to right.
Apr 6, AB 1: Yasiel Puig lines out to right fielder Matt Kemp. Justin Turner to 3rd.
Yasiel Puig drives in Corey Seager with a two-out single. Dodgers finally have a run against Andrew Heaney, who'd been very efficient today.
Force out at home on a grounder to third. Bases still loaded, but one out now. Yasiel Puig up now.
Andrew Friedman says Dave Roberts, George Lombard and other coaches recently went to dinner with Yasiel Puig.
Mar 25, AB 1: Yasiel Puig grounds out, shortstop Brandon Crawford to first baseman Grant Green. Carl Crawford to 2nd.
Dodgers have a team bar-b-cue after game, fully catered by Carl Crawford's family Houston restaurant, chefs are Yasiel Puig, Trayce Thompson
The craziest thing to happen in this draft? Seeing buy Cody Allen, Yasiel Puig and Addison Russell. Not.
I mean he only took 100 steps and crow hopped like Yasiel Puig lmao
The Dodgers have told Yasiel Puig he can not, theoretically, fly a helicopter to Dodger Stadium. Federal law prohibits…
Aroldis Chapman still playing? Yasiel Puig?... yes? Why? Neither charged. Just like Kane. Get your facts straight hack.
Matt Frattin on the move again. At least the former King can always say he's the only hockey player to ever share a locker with Yasiel Puig!
Yasiel Puig said Don Mattingly did the 'best he could' as manager of the
Would you do Carlos Rodon for Yasiel Puig straight up?
Going to assume he's the lovechild of Yasiel Puig and Ruben Sierra.
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