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Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium is a stadium located in The Bronx in New York City.

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so u are negating Gary Sanchez hitting homeruns because its Yankee Stadium. Your a…
If I'm doing the YMCA I'm belligerently drunk or at Yankee Stadium or both
delisional,. Joe Panik is not nearly a good hitter as Starlin. Clint Frazier is not ready to play th…
Nicki Minaj was the first female rapper to perform at Yankee Stadium.
.was on the team when Penn State won the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium in ‘14, and his UMass tea…
Seems no matter where I go I can’t avoid ending up in an argument about the Dodgers :( but it’s tbe in Yankee terri…
Cardinals Tim McCarver follows through on his Go Ahead 3 run HR in game 5 of 1964 Cardinals-Yankees WS at Yankee St…
See all Yankee haters/Judge haters should watch this when they say "Judge only has that many homers Bc of Yankee Stadium"…
Simple...not a big game coach. Put him at Vanderbilt and let them sniff a bowl game. His game plans for big games l…
That's a home run at Yankee stadium
I love your team too. Win two and play in Yankee Stadium!
Not?? Lol I'm at Yankee stadium with my minority girlfriend and we don't complain? Go…
Only according to some scrub in Cali who has probably never been to Yankee stadium.
LOL the crowd in MSG sounded just now the same way Yankee Stadium sounds if you throw at
Nothing beat getting a Mikey Rivers Louisville slugger at Yankee stadium not replica the real mccoy
We’re under the blue spot, just a tad small... we could quite comfortably fit 75% of our popula…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Outside of top 4, CFP committee ranks teams on little merit, more on whatever storyline or agenda they wa…
only thing i like about it is family and yankee stadium lol. I'd be happy to
My was the big 4. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax at Yankee stadium
"When I heard my name called in the Great Hall, it felt like stepping to the plate at Yankee Stadium." Pro slugger
If Derek Jeter trades stanton to Boston I'll rip that retired number 2 off Yankee Stadium myself
This bar is home from home for me. Travelling to Yankee stadium on the coach with other reds was fantastic.…
Machado is better fit but we’ve got a long term 3B coming up. An outfield with Judge and Stanton adds e…
Stepinac Varsity Football will travel to Cardinal Hayes at Heritage Field at Yankee Stadium today at 3 pm ..
Elaine getting kicked out of yankee stadium for refusing to take off her Orioles hat was so cool.
Yankee stadium in back ground . Crusaders advance to CHSFL Championship vs St Anthony's .
September 21, 2008 players pay tribute to the fans after the final game at Yankee Stadium
Belt hitting 40 homers into that short porch in Yankee stadium and the reaction from the Belt haters would be just too rich
West Virginia has 34.2 times as many people as Yankee Stadium
You could easily break the homerun record. Fly outs Become home runs at Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium, Bronx, 10/2/57 - The unmistakable silhouette of Yankees great Joe DiMaggio looms large as he watches W…
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Giants Willie McCovey stretches but Yankee Bobby Richardson is safe in 1962 World Series at Yankee Stadium.
This Scully moment is second only to his call of Billy Chapel's perfect game at Yankee Stadium
This Yankees offense completely disappears away from Yankee Stadium you would've thought we were facing Randy Johnson
Verlander met Kate Upton at Yankee Stadium. If she was sitting behind the home dugout she would've got humped and dumped by Jeter.
Mickey Mantle at the plate in a late 50's game against Kansas City at Yankee Stadium
Forty years ago today in Yankee Stadium, the New York Yankees' Thurman Munson (right) celebrates with team owner...…
Yankee Stadium was utter pandemonium tonight. It was like it used to be across the street.
Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman, spotted at Yankee Stadium for ALCS Game 4
Yankee Stadium porch party: 'Freak' home runs stun Astros, get New York back in ALCS
THIS IS . This is the wallpaper in the tenement in Cleveland in 1954. This is an October Sunday at Yankee Stadium...
After the game at Yankee Stadium, I got Ezequiel Carrera’s batting gloves and Jason Phillips’ hat.
Monday's game at Yankee Stadium would be at 7:08PM. Tickets are still available:
Notebook from Yankee Stadium: Byron Buxton's injury leads to Zack Granite's opportunity — and big mistake…
I start working in New Jersey in a couple weeks, if tickets weren't gonna be stupid high, I'd go check out Yankee Stadium
Didi has the perfect swing for Yankee Stadium, the big league little league stadium.
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If the force the RedSox to the WC game do they then slate Dallas as the starter with his success at Yankee Stadium?
Rock Calendar 9-25-14: In his last at bat in Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter singles to give New York a 6-5 victory over the Baltimore Orioles.
Players on the field were visibly distressed in worry for the young girl who was hit by the ball.
Can't wait to wear my dodgers hat at yankee stadium!🦋
Yankee stadium needs a net like I need a hole in my head!
Big news in light of what happened yesterday at Yankee Stadium. Good for the for doing what's right. http…
Reds will expand their netting next year. For the record, this was in the works before the incident at Yankee Stadium yesterda…
WFAN's Mike Francesa blames 'parent' of girl hit by line drive at Yankee Stadium (VIDEO)
EXT. NEW YORK CITY. Yankee Stadium is on fire. George walks out of it, then starts dancing.
Father of young girl hit by 105-mph foul ball at Yankee Stadium: 'She's doing all right'
Child hospitalized after being hit by foul ball at Yankee stadium
The Minnesota Twins will be playing at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, October 3rd in the AL Wild Card.
New post: MLB players call for more protective netting after Yankee Stadium incident this week - SB Nation
remember when nicki minaj was the first female rapper to ever perform in Yankee Stadium
Toddler hit by foul ball at Yankee Stadium 'okay,' players call for more protectio
I'll eat ice cream with Old Bay on it if the Twins win the Wild Card game in Yankee Stadium
I'll eat anything non-poisonous that's a normal food if they win at Yankee Stadium
Yankee stadium using the names of every Yankee that played there
“It’s not right.. it’s an easy fix” Foul ball victim blasts for not making nets mandatory down foul lines htt…
Can't wait to go back to Yankee stadium, our home away from home :(
It's a and we're flashing way back to 1945, when beat 48-0 on the Yankee S…
Judge plays in Yankee stadium and struck out in 37 straight games? Lol stfu cuck
Todd Frazier spoke with dad of young girl injured at Yankee Stadium.
wanted to say thank you for sharing the Yankee Stadium piece!!! I also happen to have a Royals World Series
ICYMI: Mariners will expand the netting to increase fan safety in wake of incident at Yankee Stadium…
The older, landlocked stadiums like Fenway come to mind. But Citi Field and new Yankee Stadium are…
Todd Frazier talked on Thursday to the father of girl injured Wednesday at Yankee Stadium. "Her father told me she is d…
MLB > '2018 too late' says Yankees' Frazier of protective netting> >>
Foul ball hits young girl at Yankee Stadium, shocking players and fans
Dad of girl hit by foul ball at Yankee Stadium gives positive update: The family of that 2…
'Long process' ahead for toddler hit by foul ball at Yankee Stadium
Todd Frazier phones father of toddler injured by foul ball at Yankee Stadium
The Reds announced plans for new netting a day after a girl at Yankee Stadium was injured by a 105-mph foul ball. https:/…
Play was halted on the field at Yankee Stadium after a young fan down the left-field line was struck by a Todd Frazier foul…
I'm not a chick but foul balls at Yankee Stadium always scared me growing up.
azfamily: Young girl hospitalized by 105 mph foul at Yankees Stadium
Girl in hospital after being struck by baseball at Yankee Stadium
Young girl injured by foul ball at Yankee Stadium
Young girl hospitalized by 105 mph foul ball in the face at Yankee Stadium.
Father of little girl hit in face by a foul ball at Yankee Stadium today leaves hospital tonight with his son, who was also…
An emotional Brian Dozier called for MLB to require netting after foul ball struck young fan.
Prayers to the young child who was struck in the head by a line drive foul ball today at Yankee Stadium
Twins players call for protective netting after scary incident at Yankee Stadium
Players call for extension of protective netting after young girl is injured by foul ball at Yankee Stadium today http…
How many more near-misses at Yankee Stadium until nets are extended?. Read more:
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
FINISHED!! Introducing my Yankee Stadium word art...handwritten with the names of EVERY YANKEE to play in the original…
Young fan struck by foul line drive at Yankee Stadium, could lead to increased calls for protective netting (Peter Botte/New York Daily New…
Frazier foul ball struck toddler at 105mph.
Young girl hospitalized by 105 mph foul at Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium erupts in cheer as Aaron Judge hits a ball all the way to Byron Buxton in shallow center field
Happy to have a friend who will travel 103 miles for chicken fingers 💛🖤 @ Yankee Stadium
10 year reunion! Super Bowl XVII Champs in the building. Yankee Stadium.
[USA Today]NEW YORK – As he approached the home dugout at Yankee Stadium, Masahiro Tanaka ti…
I'm not holding onto players based on their "projected talent" over an MVP and a hitter made for Yankee stadium
On October 30, 2001, President George W. Bush stepped to the mound at Yankee Stadium.
The first trip to Yankee Stadium is always unforgettable, whether the highlights are on the field or in the stands.
The Pennant Porch dimensions were identical to those in the RF corner of Yankee Stadium.
cutting a project for a client and I accidentally made yankee stadium. Checked the dimensions, and i…
Played celebrity baseball with Donald Trump at Yankee Stadium. Team rode a bus from the Plaza. I was invited to ride in his limo. I passed
Boy, I saw you at Yankee Stadium. If you don't get
Giants Super Bowl champions to be honored at Yankee Stadium
You could see my business at Yankee Stadium!
New York Yankees is performing in Bronx on at Yankee Stadium on Tue Oct 03, 2017 - 3:30:00.We have the best seats available for the best
*Aaron Hicks, last year, Yankee stadium vs the A's.. Hicks threw 105.5 mph to home
Oh this should be good ... will make Yankee Stadium look like Old Trafford.
There's a brand new 3 room available few blocks from Yankee Stadium. One room is taken by me, looking for others...
It's exciting. Don't really love the possibility of a one-game playoff at Yankee Stadium.
320 sounds right with Yankee Stadium grandfathered. I think…
thoughts on a monument park for A's HOFers in the bleachers @ the new ballpark akin to Yankee Stadium?
I think we are going to see them at Yankee Stadium in October.
Still excited for my first trip to yankee stadium.
Can't wear a "Boston *** T into Yankee Stadium but this 15 foot wide banner made it into Fenway...
Why y'all do this at my Fenway Park... Go do that at Yankee Stadium 😂😂
I got World Series tickets for a suite at Yankee Stadium
Could George W. Bush get in the HOF for his perfect strike at Yankee Stadium after 9/11?
Nothin like having Yankee Stadium all to yourself! @ Yankee Stadium
Not sure how I never saw your 911 tribute at Yankee Stadium until tonight.maybe cuz I live in Kansas..but! You are 100% class!
I just want some Frank Sinatra playing at Yankee Stadium III this October
considered one of the racial cities in the U.S. why hasnt this been done at Yankee stadium or San Fran or anywhere else for that
I feel like Citi is more of a close knit little ballpark with a ton of energy at times, but Yankee…
It's a one game playoff now no matter what, but the game would be at Yankee Stadium
Quick question did u shoot the Drew Barrymore vid in the BX around Yankee stadium area? I think I saw my building 🤣 😘
Previously TBA football season opener against will be played across the street from Yankee Stadium…
Bosox LOST! Yank trail AL East by 3. 17 games remaining for Yanks; 14 of them are at Yankee Stadium! Yanks have legit shot
It took Teamwork for the Giants to stop Browns,Jim Brown during an early 60s game at Yankee Stadium.
The AAA football game Saturday- vs is 3 p.m. at 161 St. Rooftop Field across from Yank…
Impressive, but grabbing some bench when compared to this 1st pitch.
Doing what she does best. So heartfelt, so honest. . Yankee Stadium September 2001 a tearful farewell to victims. . Watch it ALL…
I have a confession: I like Citi Field more than Yankee Stadium. . THERE, I SAID IT!!!
not a chance in *** did u see us beat them at Yankee stadium not long ago I'm a Yankee fan b…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Dodger Ralph Branca catches up with Bobby Thomson at Yankee Stadium for 1951 WS ,day after "Shot Heard Round the World"
Super Bowl XLII champions to be honored at Yankee Stadium this Saturday! DETAILS: https:/…
Iona Prep will play Cardinal Hayes Saturday at 3 at the rooftop field across from Yankee Stadium.
(2001) George Bush throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium during game 3 of the World Series after the 9/11 att…
"View from above"Yankees Roger Maris takes curtain call after hitting HR vs RedSox in 1961 game at Yankee Stadium.
Why Citi Field in Queens instead of Yankee Stadium instead in the Bronx? I guess to say the Rays are the home team.
So much more expensive than a Phillies game @ Yankee Stadium
Don't forget Thurman Munson hit 20 in 1973 - the last year of the original Yankee Stadium.
You remember tattered American flag from Ground Zero at Yankee Stadium when Bush threw out the first pitch? Basebal…
I once sat in front of the current Senate Minority Leader in nosebleed seats in the last Yankee Stadium, Thanks, though.
Player growing up, Thurman Munson, go to Yankee Stadium
[MNR-Har] New York Yankees announced today's game btwn Yankees & Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium is postponed due to forecast of incleme
Raining in New York and today was supposed to be heading to Yankee Stadium 😞
In 1992, U2 became the 2nd act ever to play at Yankee Stadium in New York, during the sold out Zoo TV tour.
Yankee Stadium press box, with reporters watching New York Yankees AAFC action, 1948. Photo by Stanley Kubrick for…
Today in 1992 plays the 1st of 2 shows at Yankee Stadium in New York, the 2nd rock artist to play in this venue…
So in tonight's game between The New York Yankees & The Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium, the Yanks suffered a beating as they were beat
Excited to come to Yankee Stadium tomorrow to help Matt Holliday raise money to make a
71F & 45% humidity at Yankee Stadium. Autumn in New York baby!
LIVE on ESPN Cleveland at New York Yankees from Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York
I'm at Yankee Stadium - for Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees in Bronx, NY
Suzyn Waldman 'Ricky Henderson said this was the toughest left field'. Does she realize she's in the new Yankee Stadium?
c'mon guys. The 11:20 new haven line outta Yankee Stadium has been sittin here for 5+ min. Lets go!
75 Years Ago Today: Babe Ruth swings for the press at Yankee Stadium as he gets ready for a WWII benefit exhibition…
This same professor told me last year that Yankee Stadium lustily booed former president Herbert Hoover when he was introduced one game.
All the way from Northern Ireland to Yankee Stadium for my first ever ☘️
Yankee Stadium last year, Pantone294's best showing. Even a Dodger Roll Call... in THEIR house! Love t…
Yankee Stadium, NYC, 4/18/23 - The band and a full house getting ready to help open Yankees new ballpark in the Bronx…
Todd Frazier hits into a triple play in his first at-bat with NY at Yankee Stadium
Todd Frazier's first home at-bat at Yankee Stadium... could've gone a little better
Today, Adam Duvall (328 ft) and Didi Gregorius (332) have posted the two shortest projected HR distances at Yankee Stadium this season.
FIXED: An elevator @ 161st St - Yankee Stadium (NE corner of 161st Street and River Avenue) servicing Street To Mezzanine is in service
Check out this article from Asbury Park Press:. Toms River invades Yankee Stadium for Todd Frazier debut...
70 years ago, Hank Thompson became the first black man to play in a baseball game at Yankee Stadium.…
PS 62 takes the field @ Yankee Stadium with engineers from Turner Construction! Thank you Turner!
Back in 1998, a very young Todd Frazier was honored at old Yankee Stadium. . Now, he'll be wearing pinstripes.
If You don't do Yankee Stadium, Forner CBGB's and Ellen's Stardust diner then I'll be most disappointed in you 🗽
Kiss, not the cam, but the HOF band, just on at Citi Field. But only Yankees got Ace Frehley to play live when new Yankee Stadium opened.
Josh Hamilton ends his first round of the 2008 with 28 home runs at Yankee Stadium
I stayed up for all 15 innings of that '08 ASG at Yankee Stadium. And Josh Hamilton's historic performance the night before was even cooler.
Like, it wasn't even as memorable as Josh Hamilton at the old Yankee Stadium
McGwire hitting bombs at Fenway. Sosa off the slide at Miller Park. Josh Hamilton from AA to A+ at Yankee Stadium
Watching highlights of '77 All Star GM at Yankee Stadium a game I attended through my generous employer at the time Mr. Gin…
Veteran honoree during 7th inning stretch at Yankee Stadium today: Marine corporal in World War II, Robert Lander of Massapequa Park
Jesus Aguilar had quite a game as the Brewers won 9-4 at Yankee Stadium! Keep it up Milwaukee!
Yankee Stadium will counter by selling rat *** alongside Skinny Girl Margaritas, Blue Moon and Bud Light at their Craft Bee…
Unlike Skydome on Canada Day, the Yankee Stadium on Independence Day is not fully packed.
Thank you for allowing me to rewatch George W. Bush's epoch "The Pitch" in Yankee Stadium. Independence Day as it should be.
Yankee Stadium, NYC 10/4/55 - Dodgers Roy Campanella puts ball in action as Yankees Yogi Berra looks on in Game 7 of 1…
The will have 5 players represent the club in this years All Star Game @ Yankee Stadium
April 12, 1927 - Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, Ty Cobb and Eddie Collins of the Philadelphia and New York…
Connecticut has 66.3 times as many people as Yankee Stadium
From yesterday: Jorge Posada returned to Yankee Stadium and couldn't say enough about Gary Sanchez
Translation: Old-Timers Day at Yankee Stadium. 🇵🇷 Jorge Posada can still catch & hit. Smacked 2 line drives to the outf…
Jorge Posada peppers Yankee Stadium with line drives in his Old Timers' debut
Lakewood Church's own Jesse Barfield announced at the 71st Annual Old Timers Game at Yankee Stadium. So proud of yo…
Other teary eyed moments at Yankee Stadium came when they announced Whitey Ford, Bucky Dent and Don Larsen.
Martin Maldonado: 1st Angel ever with 10 total bases at Yankee Stadium (any of them). Last AL team (incl MIL) to never have someone do it.
Not at Yankee Stadium covering the game today as I'm currently enjoying the warmth of The Lone Star State 😎
Gil Hodges and Jim Gilliam have Yogi Berra in a rundown during the 1953 Dodger-Yankee WS at Yankee Stadium.…
Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra attend the Joe Louis vs. Ezzard Charles fight at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 27, 1950.
On This Date 06/08/2002: Barry Bonds blasted this ball to the upper deck at Yankee Stadium.
In baseball, nothing better than watching the v. at Fenway or Yankee Stadium. It's up there with Michigan/Ohio State.
Alexander Callen celebrates his goal vs today. @ Yankee Stadium
Lou Gehrig died 76 years ago today. Here's his July 4, 1939 speech at Yankee Stadium.
Union show fatigue in loss to Salt Lake; seek revenge at Yankee Stadium
fans-Thinking of my partner Col Coleman today. Picture of him with Joe DiMaggio on display in Yankee Stadium. Miss…
Um, did Aaron Judge just hit the longest homer in Yankee Stadium history? That's A-Rod territory. My goodness.
A boy injured by a broken bat at Yankee Stadium this week put the spotlight back on protective netting
Wire: Young fan at Yankee Stadium injured after being hit in head by broken bat
NYPD bomb squad unit are at the Yankee Stadium subway station investigating a suspicious package, package was flagged by…
See how Garth Brooks went 4K at Yankee Stadium w/ Sony and AMV
New to Yankee Stadium, "The Judge's Chambers" section in Section 104, just behind where Aaron Judge plays in…
Pretty sure that Derek Jeter didn't care about this. Nor did 60,000 at Yankee Stadium. Or millions anywhere.
Derek Jeter​ delivers his speech to the Yankee Stadium crowd.
📷's: Derek and Hannah Jeter's drive to Yankee Stadium.
Derek Jeter is introduced to the Yankee Stadium crowd.
Pretty cool seeing in the dugout for the Derek Jeter ceremony at Yankee Stadium. Ref wore No. 2 for…
.congratulates Derek Jeter ahead of his jersey retirement at Yankee Stadium tomorrow.
Posted up in the BX by the Yankee Stadium wit the homie
All their fans are at Yankee Stadium
[FoxSport] Aaron Judge's cheering section at Yankee Stadium is as remarkable he is.
Great work by Bill Purdom,Yogi Berra in action at Yankee Stadium.
"Old Days"Longtime Friends and Teammates Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle at Yankee Stadium. ht…
Yankee Stadium, NYC, ca 1945 - A rare look into the Stadium Club located near section 12, a place Ruth was know to fre…
Can't wait to get on the train to Yankee Stadium in a few hours to see take care of business for the
To be fair, his ceremony and "Derek Jeter" night at Yankee's stadium is on Mother's day 😓
Today In 1941: Satchel Paige warms up for the NY Black Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Grover Cleveland Alexander gets a close view!…
dude took me to 1 of the last games at the old Yankee stadium i didnt like the game but the thought had me giving i…
.continued his dominance at Yankee Stadium last night.
Took me 65 mins.from 14th St. to Yankee Stadium on A & D tonite. Even Metro North can get me from GCT to Greenwich in less time,
.The RE2PECT region's No. 2 seed: OF COURSE Derek Jeter walked off in his final game at Yankee Stadium …
Weekend Update: David Ortiz on Yankee Stadium - SNL - David Ortiz (Kenan Thompson) reveals what he...
If this was Coors Field, you'd shrug it off...but the new Yankee Stadium actually has a more positive effect on hom…
Yankees react to smallest crowd in (new) Yankee Stadium history. By Randy Miller | NJ A...
Mickey Mantle Leads off 3rd and Brooks Robinson holds his ground during mid 60's Oriole-Yankee game at Yankee Stadium.
Casey Stengel's 1st game as manager was also the day they unveiled the Babe Ruth monument at Yankee Stadium (April 19,…
..has played in more: Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, Ebbets Field, Astrodome, Ful…
The White Sox have not scored a run over their last 14 innings, dating back to the fifth inning on April 19 at Yankee Stadium.
Did Kruk find out it was dollar dog night at Yankee Stadium tonight?
The Boogie Down Bronx take over 😎 — watching New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium
I'm at Yankee Stadium - for Pinstripe Pass: New York Yankees V Chicago White Sox in Bronx, NY w/
I'm at Yankee Stadium - for New York Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox in Bronx, NY
April 18th 1923, Yankee Stadium opens in New York, as the Yankees host the Boston Red Sox. A record crowd of...
On this day in... 1923: Yankee Stadium opened in the Bronx, New York. The Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 4-1.
Looks like a guy I saw by Yankee Stadium early yesterday as people were assembling for the game. In the South East corner of 161 River Ave.
On April 18, 1923, Yankee Stadium was opened in the Bronx, New York. It was known as "the house that Ruth Built"...
in 1923, Babe Ruth hits a 3-run home run in the first game at Yankee Stadium as New York defeats Boston 4-1. https:/…
At 3B, I really like CWS Matt Davidson, costing $3300 in a RHH vs LHP matchup with a short porch in Yankee Stadium. Not a bad punt
Yankee catcher Thurman Munson and Mgr Billy Martin have a talk at the Mound during a late 70's game at Yankee Stadium.
Yankee Stadium is a little league field
Tampa Bay has hit a HR in 11 straight games in Yankee Stadium.
Struck him out! — watching New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium
However, maybeee they sign Russell Branyan to play first instead and he could stretch out his love for Yankee Stadium over 81 games.
All the delicious new foods you can get at Yankee Stadium this summer:
It's real y'all. Yankee Stadium now has a (and a
Right! This looks amazing! Reason to go to Yankee Stadium for the first time!
i can't wait to enter into a coma in the bleachers of Yankee Stadium this season
I want a "RAN-DY! RAN-DY!" chant at Yankee Stadium whenever Betances pitches.
This will be my first meal at Yankee Stadium this year.
New plan for the next trip to Yankee Stadium:. Everyone bring a Pepsi and hand it to the cops. Then they won't mace us or beat us w/batons.
Old Yankee Stadium got smashed, albeit not by Wang.
As a lifelong fan, I have to agree that I l…
"You may never have seen Babe Ruth walk into Yankee Stadium, or Joe Montana at Candlestick,but you've seen Taker at WrestleMania" -🐐
it was the building across the street then but they started home games in Yankee stadium
Yankee Stadium hopes new food menu that includes giant ribs, meatloaf burgers is a hit with…
The reason why all I only had a bowl of yogurt & fruit for dinner. *Stuffed* at Yankee Stadium from sampling...
New World Series logo hats only available at Yankee Stadium this year 🔥🔥
VIDEO: New food items and more at Yankee Stadium:
Have you ever been to Yankee Stadium (new or old)?
Yankee stadium really needs to step up their food game…..and this is not it. Bread pudding?
Here's a reason to go to Yankee Stadium.
Pretty sure he played in Williamsport...I mean Stadium ... 199ft down the RF line.
McCann still looking for that short porch in Yankee Stadium
I didn't know it was Bring Your Son to Work Day at Yankee Stadium
Bucket list item for this summer is catching a game at Yankee Stadium
His game never played in Yankee Stadium either. He’s not a HR hitter. They were *** during that spending spree.
Yankees Legend Mickey Mantle head to his position at 1st Base during a 1968 game at Yankee Stadium.
Who can go to opening day Monday April 10 Vs the Rays at Yankee stadium. Or sat April 15 vs the Cardinals .
Yankees play the Mariners at Yankee stadium when I'm in Washington. Yankees play the Mariners at Safeco when I'm in NYC. 😒
Similiar to who hit the last HR in Old Yankee Stadium 🤔
Yankee Stadium, times square, Ellis island. statue of liberty, WTC, boat to Staten island, bike ri…
Give me the two foot cheesesteak all game Yankee Stadium Food
Where the hats are ONLY sold in Yankee stadium anyone wanna help a fellow Yankee fan from New Brunswick Canada out…
Definitly going to see a Yankee game this year in new stadium
I predicted Jose Molina hitting the last old one at the old Yankee Stadium
Isn't it a joke that imitation Yankee Stadium has hosted the same number of World Series games as the Trop?
But that's at Yankee stadium as well too. Wish there was an easier way to sort them out to tell who was home and etc
at the end of the day he's still on the Yankees and Yankee Stadium will help him greatly
You really wanna compare the Trop to Yankee Stadium ?
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
And all of the pop up HRs over the short porch at pretend Yankee Stadium aren't a joke?
70 and sunny for opening day at Yankee Stadium? Yes please! ⚾☀️
If Ronald Torreyes holds this home run lead, maybe we'll see more of this on Monday at Yankee Stadium.…
Torreyes with the first HR of the year for NYY this season. Kinda like when Jose Molina hit the last ever HR at the old Yankee Stadium.
I feel like that's low in general for Yankee Stadium.
Yankee Stadium hopes to score home run with new food menu
Workers apply the finishing touches to Yankee Stadium before its first ever (April 1923) ht…
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