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Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium is a stadium located in The Bronx in New York City.

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.The RE2PECT region's No. 2 seed: OF COURSE Derek Jeter walked off in his final game at Yankee Stadium …
If this was Coors Field, you'd shrug it off...but the new Yankee Stadium actually has a more positive effect on hom…
Yankees react to smallest crowd in (new) Yankee Stadium history. By Randy Miller | NJ A...
Mickey Mantle Leads off 3rd and Brooks Robinson holds his ground during mid 60's Oriole-Yankee game at Yankee Stadium.
Casey Stengel's 1st game as manager was also the day they unveiled the Babe Ruth monument at Yankee Stadium (April 19,…
..has played in more: Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, Ebbets Field, Astrodome, Ful…
The White Sox have not scored a run over their last 14 innings, dating back to the fifth inning on April 19 at Yankee Stadium.
Did Kruk find out it was dollar dog night at Yankee Stadium tonight?
The Boogie Down Bronx take over 😎 — watching New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium
I'm at Yankee Stadium - for Pinstripe Pass: New York Yankees V Chicago White Sox in Bronx, NY w/
I'm at Yankee Stadium - for New York Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox in Bronx, NY
I'm at Yankee Stadium - for Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees in Bronx, NY
April 18th 1923, Yankee Stadium opens in New York, as the Yankees host the Boston Red Sox. A record crowd of...
On this day in... 1923: Yankee Stadium opened in the Bronx, New York. The Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 4-1.
Looks like a guy I saw by Yankee Stadium early yesterday as people were assembling for the game. In the South East corner of 161 River Ave.
On April 18, 1923, Yankee Stadium was opened in the Bronx, New York. It was known as "the house that Ruth Built"...
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in 1923, Babe Ruth hits a 3-run home run in the first game at Yankee Stadium as New York defeats Boston 4-1. https:/…
At 3B, I really like CWS Matt Davidson, costing $3300 in a RHH vs LHP matchup with a short porch in Yankee Stadium. Not a bad punt
Yankee catcher Thurman Munson and Mgr Billy Martin have a talk at the Mound during a late 70's game at Yankee Stadium.
Yankee Stadium is a little league field
Tampa Bay has hit a HR in 11 straight games in Yankee Stadium.
Struck him out! — watching New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium
However, maybeee they sign Russell Branyan to play first instead and he could stretch out his love for Yankee Stadium over 81 games.
All the delicious new foods you can get at Yankee Stadium this summer:
It's real y'all. Yankee Stadium now has a (and a
Right! This looks amazing! Reason to go to Yankee Stadium for the first time!
i can't wait to enter into a coma in the bleachers of Yankee Stadium this season
I want a "RAN-DY! RAN-DY!" chant at Yankee Stadium whenever Betances pitches.
This will be my first meal at Yankee Stadium this year.
New plan for the next trip to Yankee Stadium:. Everyone bring a Pepsi and hand it to the cops. Then they won't mace us or beat us w/batons.
Old Yankee Stadium got smashed, albeit not by Wang.
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As a lifelong fan, I have to agree that I l…
"You may never have seen Babe Ruth walk into Yankee Stadium, or Joe Montana at Candlestick,but you've seen Taker at WrestleMania" -🐐
it was the building across the street then but they started home games in Yankee stadium
Yankee Stadium hopes new food menu that includes giant ribs, meatloaf burgers is a hit with…
The reason why all I only had a bowl of yogurt & fruit for dinner. *Stuffed* at Yankee Stadium from sampling...
New World Series logo hats only available at Yankee Stadium this year 🔥🔥
VIDEO: New food items and more at Yankee Stadium:
Have you ever been to Yankee Stadium (new or old)?
Yankee stadium really needs to step up their food game…..and this is not it. Bread pudding?
Here's a reason to go to Yankee Stadium.
Pretty sure he played in Williamsport...I mean Stadium ... 199ft down the RF line.
McCann still looking for that short porch in Yankee Stadium
I didn't know it was Bring Your Son to Work Day at Yankee Stadium
Bucket list item for this summer is catching a game at Yankee Stadium
His game never played in Yankee Stadium either. He’s not a HR hitter. They were *** during that spending spree.
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Yankees Legend Mickey Mantle head to his position at 1st Base during a 1968 game at Yankee Stadium.
Who can go to opening day Monday April 10 Vs the Rays at Yankee stadium. Or sat April 15 vs the Cardinals .
Yankees play the Mariners at Yankee stadium when I'm in Washington. Yankees play the Mariners at Safeco when I'm in NYC. 😒
Similiar to who hit the last HR in Old Yankee Stadium 🤔
Yankee Stadium, times square, Ellis island. statue of liberty, WTC, boat to Staten island, bike ri…
Give me the two foot cheesesteak all game Yankee Stadium Food
Where the hats are ONLY sold in Yankee stadium anyone wanna help a fellow Yankee fan from New Brunswick Canada out…
Definitly going to see a Yankee game this year in new stadium
I predicted Jose Molina hitting the last old one at the old Yankee Stadium
Isn't it a joke that imitation Yankee Stadium has hosted the same number of World Series games as the Trop?
But that's at Yankee stadium as well too. Wish there was an easier way to sort them out to tell who was home and etc
at the end of the day he's still on the Yankees and Yankee Stadium will help him greatly
You really wanna compare the Trop to Yankee Stadium ?
And all of the pop up HRs over the short porch at pretend Yankee Stadium aren't a joke?
70 and sunny for opening day at Yankee Stadium? Yes please! ⚾☀️
If Ronald Torreyes holds this home run lead, maybe we'll see more of this on Monday at Yankee Stadium.…
Torreyes with the first HR of the year for NYY this season. Kinda like when Jose Molina hit the last ever HR at the old Yankee Stadium.
I feel like that's low in general for Yankee Stadium.
Yankee Stadium hopes to score home run with new food menu
Workers apply the finishing touches to Yankee Stadium before its first ever (April 1923) ht…
Good way to mess the kid up. Put him at 2B or 3B and say this is yours, the fastest way to Yankee Stadiu…
Sneak peak of the back of our t-shirt for Autism Awareness Day 2107 at Yankee Stadium
Changes to Yankee Stadium include new standing room terraces and food, lots of food -
Bronx, NY 4/18/23 - Fitting that Babe Ruth would hit 1st HR ever at Yankee Stadium on opening day in 4-1 win over Bost…
So excited to visit April 15 10:30! (Then I'm going to Yankee Stadium for Jackie Robinson…
They brought in Blackjack .. Jack Mcdowell .. a former cy young winner in '93 .. but he got bombed in Yankee Stadium and
Anyone in New York interested in two tickets for NYCFC vs San Jose Quakes tomorrow afternoon? 2pm at Yankee Stadium. 🎟️ 🗽 ⚽ 🎟. DMs are open
HOFers,80yr old Cy Young and Lefty Grove line up for a 1947 Old Timers Day at Yankee Stadium.
Ben Olsen this week on games on Yankee Stadium's cramped pitch: "There’s no breaks. There’s no exhale." . You can see what he meant.
As opposed to Bush, who a week after 9/11-walked on to the mound at Yankee Stadium, wearing a bullet proof vest & fired a strike
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great picture. I sure do miss seeing the federal court building in center field. I miss Yankee Stadium!
You would think. Maybe his mother has a basement on Central Park South. Chuck Knoblauch threw a ball at her at Yankee Stadium.
Kansas City Monarchs star pitcher Satchel Paige warms up at Yankee Stadium, NYC (1942)
Carter excited to don pinstripes, play at Yankee Stadium
Carter isn't exactly Ruth, Mize or Rodriguez, so I'm going to temper my excitement for this acquisition. Yankee Stadium should suit him tho
"The Brown Bomber" looking rather dapper, seen here leaving Yankee Stadium with Mike Jacobs after his 1938 annihilation of…
coming on at Yankee Stadium against Orlando City last year.
See Ted Williams (eighth in from the right) in the visiting team's dugout at the original Yankee Stadium back in the…
Being at Yankee Stadium for that 2012 playoff game where Raul Ibañez hit the game-tying and then game-winning home…
Derek Jeter hits a walk-off single in his final AB at Yankee Stadium, 2014.
Top 3 world-famous things to experience in Yankee Stadium, Italian food on Arthur Ave, and Coach Hadley'…
Cosmos played by the Harlem River for 4yrs, including Yankee Stadium, w/several 20,000+ attendance.
Did he appear at Yankee Stadium in June 1950
Yanke Rookie Mickey Mantle works on his swing before 1951 World Series vs NY Giants at Yankee Stadium.h…
Gagi do you believe it I am at Yankee Stadium today watching the PITT and Northwestern Football Game. I am so...
Bronco Alum, Jared Mcgee taking in Yankee Stadium in preparation for Pinstripe Bowl tomorrow! What a Great Young M…
The pre-9/11 Seinfeld episode where Jerry repeatedly calls in bomb threats to Yankee Stadium from his home phone just for sitcom reasons.
"Old Days"NY Yankee Stars Joe DiMaggio,Frank Crosetti and Tony Lazzeri before a game at Yankee Stadium.https…
HOF Shortstops Pee Wee Reese and Phil Rizzuto face off before the 1953 Dodger-Yankee WS at Yankee Stadium.
Going to have another day at Yankee Stadium for Mariano Rivera in 2019 and Derek Jeter in 2020 when they make the H…
Yankees Legend Lou Gehrig meets with Boxing Legend "Gentleman Jim"Corbett before 1932 game at Yankee Stadium.
I see they have added Robbie Alomar this year, as well. And old Yankee Stadium too.
the Bronx bombers pinstripe Yankee Stadium let's go Yankees the best baseball team in history
Yogi Berra and Elston Howard mural adorning 161st Street and Gerard Avenue near Yankee Stadium, by
You used to be able to identify Sox fans in Yankee Stadium. They sa...
My professor showed Lou Gehrig's retirement speech at Yankee Stadium during class and it made me really happy to know she knew who that was
Garth Brooks-Trisha Yearwood concert from Yankee Stadium is outstanding.
And here's his 2016 spray chart with Rogers Centre overlay. Wonder how many more he'd hit in Yankee Stadium, heh.
Old Timers day at Yankee Stadium in the 70's featured one HOFer after another.
Yanks play today at Yankee Stadium vs Baltimore Orioles at 1p on YES w/ Michael Pineda pitching. Yanks are 2.5 games…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Murray Chass on return of World Series to Yankee Stadium, in light of fact that Yankees lost their first two games of Series in Stadium;...
today I saw Yankee Stadium, MetLife Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, and Lincoln Financial Field! how sporty!
HOFers Mickey Mantle and Duke Snider meet during the 1956 Dodger-Yankee WS at Yankee Stadium.
Indians Bob Feller delivers to Yankees Joe DiMaggio during his 1946 No-Hitter at Yankee Stadium.
Gil Hodges and Jim Gilliam have Yogi Berra in a rundown during 1953 Dodger-Yankee WS at Yankee Stadium.
7am: Andrew David Fox dropped an engagement ring proposing at Yankee Stadium. He's on next. We have questions.
I must have had too much to drink last night, because I said we were at Ebbets Field. In fact, we're at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx!
Proximity of Polo Grounds in far northern Manhattan to the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx -- separated by Harlem River.
A1- I think its great for other sporting venues to host college football games. Love when Yankee Stadium hosts Pinstripe Bowl
Tyler Austin and Austin Romine share the Belt in tonight's win @ Yankee Stadium
Last OT game for PSU was the 31-30 Pinstripe Bowl victory over Boston College in Yankee Stadium, which I believe was seventy years ago.
Ortiz walks, and Brock Holt comes out of the dugout to pinch-run. Ortiz's career at Yankee Stadium is complete.
John Farrell said David Ortiz would get at least two at-bats tonight at Yankee Stadium. He's batting cleanup vs. CC Sabathia.
(On his last night at Yankee Stadium, David Ortiz to play villain -- and hero: O... (
[CBS Sports] Yankee Stadium proposal couple that nearly lost the ring explained what happened
Ahead of his final series at Yankee Stadium, David Ortiz thanked New York for the memories in a column on The Players' Tribune. h…
Today in 1968, an era ends as Mickey Mantle bats for the final time at Yankee Stadium, drawing a walk off Cleveland…
ICYMI: Vin Scully will not call the playoffs, Pantone 294 takes over Yankee Stadium, and more!
.knocks out fan’s tooth with ball at Yankee Stadium
The "Big Ten Battle at the Bronx" will feature the first wrestling match in Yankee Stadium: http…
Before Monday night, the Dodgers had played only two games at Yankee Stadium since 1981
Today was surreal. Worked as media on the field at Yankee Stadium. Cross it off the bucket list.
Anyone check Yankee Stadium for Fred Wilpon today? The are in town.
NYC is out in force at Yankee Stadium today signing up gun sense voters!
Blake's last start at Yankee Stadium was his debut. He goes vs. RHP Michael Pineda Friday at 7:05 ET.
A nutty finish at Yankee Stadium: Gardner races to the fence, slams into the wall as he reaches up, looks in his glove--a…
ahhh my emoji daughter Laurie Hernandez is at Yankee Stadium :')
FT: 3-2 DC United. A THRILLING finish in Yankee Stadium as Frank Lampard scores a stoppage time winner!
Mickey Mantle knocks the dirt out,during Mid 60's A's-Yankee game at Yankee Stadium.
Derek Jeter's walk off hit at his last game at Yankee Stadium. Couldn't have ended it any better. Thank you, Captain
Mickey Mantle takes big swing in 1965 game at Yankee Stadium.
Rookies Joe DiMaggio and Bob Feller meet before a 1936 Indian-Yankee game at Yankee Stadium.
Orioles Don Larsen before a 1954 game at Yankee Stadium,2years before,his "Perfect"day there.
Joe DiMaggio gets back to 1st after single in 1948 WhiteSox-Yankee Game at Yankee Stadium.
One of the Great Ones,Indians HOFer Bob Feller during his final season in 1956 at Yankee Stadium.
"... a ghost haunting Yankee Stadium, ignoring his own exorcism.". Great read on A-Rod by
Aaron Judge's HR was longest by player at Yankee Stadium since Alex Rodriguez's 460-footer on June 10, 2011 htt…
Aaron Judge begins his MLB career by hitting one of the longest HRs in new Yankee Stadium history. Not bad.
Today In 1943: Babe Ruth back in uniform to manage Red Cross WWII benefit game at Yankee Stadium (July 28)
En route to Yankee Stadium to see Mr. Alex Rodriguez 😔
I'll be writing an ode to Alex Rodriguez from Yankee Stadium tonight for my blog, Stay tuned.
JUST IN: Alex Rodriguez's final game as a professional will be Friday vs. the Rays at Yankee Stadium.
In my framed collection of favorite Yankee stadium moments, 2009 ALCS has to be my favorite.
Watching on a nice Sunday afternoon. @ Yankee Stadium
Last time I will be in the same building as arod? (@ Yankee Stadium - for Indians vs Yankees in Bronx, NY)
Yankee stadium is officially Big 10 country.
Alex Rodriguez to Retire and Join Yankees as an Adviser: Rodriguez will play his final game Friday at Yankee Stadium against the Rays...
Went to a game in old Yankee stadium. Good times 😪
Why Friday? A-Rod said he wanted one more game at Yankee Stadium, in front of his mother and daughters.
There was nothing like watching Yankees baseball in Oct on TV when in Old Yankee Stadium seeing Joe Torre in his Yankee jacket in dugout
Number of fist bumps, high fives, and "Go Tribe" shouts the last 2 days at Yankee Stadium has been awesome. fans are everywhere!
Jeter will be there anyway...that weekend is celebrating the 1996 team and Mariano Rivera at Yankee Stadium.
34 Years Ago Today: NY Old Timers' Day at Yankee Stadium (August 7, 1982) Rare on the field footage!
Beautiful day at Yankee Stadium with Brendan an Ronnie. Bob
Justin was actually a lot better then what I expected him to be when him and Jay performed in Yankee Stadium
Andrew Miller: 'Kind of weird' to be back at Yankee Stadium via
Well no A-Rod on Saturday when I go up to Yankee stadium 🤕
Yankee stadium, give the faithful one last morsel.
Well at least I got my tee shirt from Yankee Stadium and not just any ole store...
The have been witness to some historic days at Yankee Stadium. A-Rod's farewell is next
announces retirement effective after playing final game Fri in Yankee Stadium. Will be instructor.
Still glad I at least got to see Jay Z perform in Yankee Stadium for the last time before he took Cano from the Yankees
Joe DiMaggio greets Yogi Berra after HR in 1950 Phillies-Yankees Yankee Stadium.
THIS is how to leave Yankee Stadium. Derek Jeter's Game Winning Hit in Last At-Bat at Yankee Stadium via
Yankees announce that they will hold a press conference with Alex Rodriguez on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. at Yankee Stadium.
First time I saw ARod in person was 20 years ago Aug. 18 at Yankee Stadium. What a game! Torre by peach pit.
At least the tickets at Yankee Stadium will be dirt cheap.
Self imposed exile from Yankee Stadium ends August 13. Who wants to go to a game?
One year ago today I was at Yankee Stadium watching and today he announced his retirement
say whatever you want but he's been one of the best to walk into Yankee Stadium 🙌🏼 you'll be missed 💙
Alex Rodriguez will play his last game Friday at stadium, then become a special advisor and instructor:
who knows. They might, might not, I would if it meant Ortiz gets a standing O at Yankee Stadium
Idk if it's a coincidence that we go to Yankee Stadium and A-rod retires. — watching New York Yankees at...
savage move would be for the Rays to somehow sign A-Rod after Friday's game and have him hit at Yankee Stadium agains…
Ima be at Yankee stadium Friday n I might cry brehs
Hope ARod goes to AL Team next year, comes to Yankee Stadium and hits there. Laughs all the way around the bases
I'm at Yankee Stadium - for Cleveland Indians vs New York Yankees in Bronx, NY
You really couldn't wait till the end of the season? Now I can't boo Arod one last time at Yankee Stadium
.press conference begins now at Yankee Stadium. . Watch LIVE on
Alex Rodriguez final MLB game Friday vs. TB in Yankee Stadium. should be the pitcher as are lined up.
Rare shot from the first game at Yankee Stadium, 1923.
.Alex Rodriguez to hold press conference Sunday at 11 am at Yankee Stadium.
A favorite memory of Alex Rodriguez is of us sitting in dugout at Yankee Stadium years ago, discussing how both of us h…
World Series of 1949, during the 2nd game at Yankee Stadium, with the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees.
Was a young Oregon boy that went to mock UN in NYC. Loved it. Saw Ron Guidry pitch in Yankee Stadium. Learned new term:jagoff!
Yankee Rookie Thurman Munson before a 1969 game at Yankee Stadium.
That's when you know you made it. Like being boo'd at Yankee Stadium, they don't boo nobodies.
Congrats to my favorite Met of all time. Alex, John and I saw home runs from him at Shea Stadium, Yankee Stadium,...
Johnny Cueto to start today for Giants at Yankee Stadium. Club opted to switch him with Samardzija, original Saturday sta…
I will be at Yankee Stadium tonight I will try to find Suzyn Waldman and ask her for the latest   10% Off
Ex-New York Giants quarterback Fran Tarkenton on stage; played at Yankee Stadium with Homer Jones and Spider Lockhart in old days
Madison Bumgarner had never pitched at Yankee Stadium, nor has he ever pitched against the Tomorrow should be fun.
Bummer: Giants won't let Madison Bumgarner hit on Friday at Yankee Stadium
I see your Yankee Stadium night game and raise you a Wrigley Field night game with an Arrieta vs…
Annandale veteran honored at Yankee Stadium (PHOTOS): Annandale resident Lawrence Honan was brought onto the ...
You know it as soon as you walk in Yankee Stadium. The electricity is there every time...
July 14, 2008: The Justin Morneau wins the at Yankee Stadium, beating out Josh Hamilton.
Pee Wee Reese urges on Jackie Robinson in 1952 Dodger-Yankee WS at Yankee Stadium.
Sign-up for the Runyon5K to Strike Out Cancer and you'll get two laps around the warning track at Yankee Stadium!
Proceeds from Inner-City's Night at the Ballpark at Yankee Stadium on July 22 will help Catholic schools. Buy yours:
First concert I ever went to. JT and Jay-Z @ Yankee Stadium. I believe this was July of 2013. Blew My Mind. - Carson htt…
a lot of rain and not a lot of Garth Brooks ): @ Yankee Stadium
People are sitting in Yankee Stadium, waiting in the rain, for a Garth Brooks concert to start. That's my literal ***
Almost decided to buy last minute really expensive Garth Brooks tickets for tonight at Yankee Stadium. Thankfully I didn't! ⚡☔
.addresses recent violence, promises new music at Yankee Stadium show
When will storms clear Yankee Stadium, we are at a Garth Brooks rain delay.
Garth Brooks waiting 2 houahs for the rain to start at Yankee Stadium?
The popular MGM Grand in Las Vegas is larger than the Yankee Stadium playing field.
Pat Summitt being honored at Yankee Stadium before the first pitch.
Went to the game, left Yankee Stadium in the 8th, stoked to wake up randomly and see we WON! 😁 Go Rangers!
Dellin Betances works an 11-pitch, 1-2-3 top of the seventh. It's time for Kate Smith in Yankee Stadium!
Don't miss your chance to win takeover at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday! .
On this day in... 1990: Billy Joel became the first rock artist to perform at Yankee Stadium.
It's harder to get a beer at Yankee Stadium than it is to buy a gun in many parts of the country. Thanks NRA
Watching the replay of Starlin Castro's walk-off HR at Yankee Stadium, and all 16 people there were going nuts.
I haven't been to Yankee stadium in 2 years. I'm surprised I haven't gone insane... Maybe I have. Idk.
So don't be surprised if you see me crying in my Snap story at a game in Yankee Stadium 😭
cano should have never left Yankee stadium and Harper is a FA at age 26
yeah before he actually did it (I berated him through the whole process), I asked him to drop me off at Yankee Stadium.
On this date in 1938, more than 70,000 fans at Yankee Stadium watched Joe Louis defeat Max Schmeling in 124 seconds.
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I can remember when the Harlem Boys' Choir sang that song in Yankee Stadium after 9/11. Pure tears. Powerful song.
Got to see the two Wysocki brothers dancing at Yankee Stadium on my break 😭
Yankee Stadium is not at all a scary place to play anymore.
Yankees Roger Maris is tagged out by Twins Jerry Zimmerman in 1965 game at Yankee Stadium.
Paul O'Neill preps for Old-Timers' Day by hitting a BP homer at Yankee Stadium via
Oh, just 53-year-old hitting a homer at Yankee Stadium.
Think they should go back to the John Wetteland days of the garden in the Yankee Stadium bullpen!
Yankee Stadium, Camden Yards, Rogers Centre, Fenway Park: all super easy to hit home runs at. The AL East must be fun for pitchers.
Incredible! Yankee Stadium to the right and the Polo Grounds to left, just under the wing of the plane.
Kanye should move the show to Yankee Stadium now- It can fit all the people outside Webster and I can just sleep there before the game.
are there any photos of those games at Yankee Stadium or Polo Grounds? I collect Polo Grounds items.
Closed due to accident in on I-87 SB between Cross Bronx and Yankee Stadium, stop.…
NYCFC finds another way to lose at Yankee Stadium, falls to RSL - New York Daily News
sure, but that way is ideally suited to Yankee Stadium.
ICYMI: Rutgers football mulling home game at Yankee Stadium
All purpose parts banner
I'm not picky. You can have my funeral on a Monday. Memorial Day only. Also I must be buried at Yankee Stadium with one ar…
YES. We did Grapefruit League for years. (We were season ticket holders at old Yankee Stadium.)
What a gol at 94th Yankee Stadium — watching Orlando City Soccer Club
Bishop Kenny here at Yankee Stadium cheering on Tony Taylor!
The Rogers Centre has made me realize how much I miss Yankee Stadium
It's no secret Kyle Flood liked the idea of Yankee Stadium games. Julie Hermann agreed to one
Smart take from Yankee Stadium and building a brand. . 3-1 odds he gets crushed on message boards:
What I'm saying is, as far as Yankee Stadium legends go, Doug Marrone has more Pinstripe Bowl championships than Derek Jeter.
I knew this would cause results to take a nasty turn. Yankee Stadium is killing - World Soccer Talk
Hey, JT! Yankee Stadium was empty again tonight. By your logic, the NYC city leaders need to fix this! Yankee Stadium is killing New York City FC - World Soccer Talk
Patrick Hobbs & Chris Ash of Rutgers University to throw out ceremonial first pitches at Yankee Stadium
Watching Ali v Norton 3. Ken got robbed that night in Yankee Stadium.
Yankees Allie Reynolds and Indians Bob Feller before a 1951 game at Yankee Stadium.
While getting an honorary degree at Yankee Stadium, made sure to come prepared htt…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
DYK: The Churchill Downs, Yankee Stadium, the Rose Bowl, the Roman Colosseum, and Vatican City can all fit inside the
I saw about 25 years ago at Hunter Mountain now to see him at Yankee Stadium. Can it be July already?
Country superstar Garth Brooks will play his first New York City concert in nearly two decades at Yankee Stadium
Finally some good news from Yankee Stadium! Garth Brooks is coming to the Bronx.
Just a few choice moments from Commencement at Yankee Stadium:
Graduation at Yankee Stadium. When will your school ever. 💅 Lol @ New York University…
Garth Brooks promises an epic show on July 9 at Yankee Stadium, his first New York concert since his...
Connect to or from Hudson Lin Yankees – 153rd St station via the 4, B, D 161st St – Yankee Stadium.
I like him and Gardner. They play hard and fast. They're lefties in Yankee Stadium and they play good defense
Was able to tour the Yankee Stadium of South America today in Buenos Aires. La Bombonera, home of Boca Juniors.
Its def Yankee Stadium, you can see the bronx county court house building in the back.
David Robertson is very excited to take batting practice at Yankee Stadium today. Yankees never let him. He was in cage takin…
SALE getting it done under the lights at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York City...what more do you need???!
Flying into New York City past the Statue of Liberty and Yankee Stadium
The New York Shankees (cuz the high crime rate near Yankee Stadium. Get it?)
While watching two really good arms here at Yankee Stadium, check out piece on prospects & velocity http…
My first Yankee gamr — watching New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium
Hoping for the rain to stop soon — watching New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium
Garth Brooks will perform at Yankee Stadium this summer!
Kennedy, Wang return to Yankee Stadium: It was a homecoming of sorts for Royals right-handers Ian Kennedy and...
Yankees players the dude sitting behind me at Yankee Stadium has yelled for:. Roberto Kelly. Jesse Barfield. Mike Gallego. Charlie Hayes
Baseball Season is here! Located 5 miles from Citi Field and 19 miles from Yankee Stadium the Crown Plaza JFK is...
75 years ago at Yankee Stadium: Grover Cleveland Alexander watches Satchel Paige warm up for NY Black Yankees
Oh my. “Tonight is 1st 3-HR game at Yankee Stadium since July 25, 2010. 2 by Scott Podsednik & 1 by Rick Ankiel.”
Chris Young becomes the 1st SP to serve up 5 HR in a game since Shane Greene (5/30/15). Yankee Stadium = awful matchup for extreme FB'er.
Chris Young is channeling his inner Jeremy Guthrie at Yankee Stadium with the home runs
fyi the lights at Yankee Stadium flashing whenever a Yankee hits a home run is almost as annoying as the foghorn at Rogers Centre. Almost.
Marlins Man Media Moment from Yankee Stadium for Princess Leia Schwartz, with surprise ending!
Ortiz just tied Ted Williams for most home runs by any Red Sox player in Yankee Stadium (both old and new).
Watching Papi mash BOMBS live in Yankee Stadium is a blast.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Tony Orlando at Yankee Stadium while, somewhere, Troy McClure is attempting to save his house.
Very jealous of Karl Ravech playing a little catch with Starlin Castro in Yankee Stadium on Baseball Tonight. I'd like to do that some time.
Looks like Sam Malone & George Costanza made it to Yankee Stadium today
With unblemished record, Price out to lower ERA: When the Yankees and Red Sox match up at Yankee Stadium on S...
Tom Caron is always good, but the "45,000 people who paid to get into Yankee Stadium to see Ron Kulpa got their money worth" wa…
Yankees at Yankee Stadium cold and wet Friday night
I bet Yankee Stadium is incredible. It looks fantastic on television. SkyDome is bad, especially when it's closed.
the NY stadiums are great and so are the Texas parks. My fav has to be Yankee Stadium, both of them. Least fav is skydome
It was on my bucket list. Next year I'll do National's stadium, OPACY, Citizens Bank, and Yankee Stadium.
Reds stars Vada Pinson and Frank Robinson before start of 1961 WS at Yankee Stadium.
Last opposing pitcher to bat at Yankee Stadium: John Wetteland on 8-16-1997. Hit RBI 2B off Mendoza in extra innings htt…
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