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Xmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the evening or entire day preceding Christmas Day — the widely celebrated annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Boxing Day Christmas Eve Merry Christmas New Year Lord Denning

Fantastic idea! CANDYCANE HUNT! I may start a tradition. Do this every yr either after Thanksgiving to put on the tree or maybe on Xmas Eve?
Having trouble sleeping in anticipation of NFL, fantasy football week one. I feel like a ten year old on Xmas Eve.
Mine is Xmas Eve - Almost coming to blows over toy assembly MT The longest day is Thanksgiving w/ my family...
3-22, worst offense in NBA, cut SL & Earl Barron on Xmas Eve to bring back Mack & Temple, wish I forgot it all of this
There is a lot of unpleasant screaming over the MNF home opener & Xmas Eve game on Honeymoon Island right now.
Finally posted my pics from the Feast of the Seven Fishes dinner Xmas Eve from !
I'll always wonder if he was driving home that evening from an Xmas eve bash held in Avon Lake.
Night be4 NLD at WHL as an adult is similar to how I use to feel on Xmas eve as a kid.Excited but worried I wont get what I want
try living in Canada just north of Ottawa. Snow should only be for Xmas Eve and day!
I go from manic depressive to excited 5 year old on Xmas eve when I get some chicken.
it's like Christmas Eve as a kid growing up in Hoxton . Waiting for Xmas day to come all excited lol for prezzies . C.O.Y.S
Good luck I feel like a kid on xmas eve so you must be ready to explode!
I was glad 2 hear that atheists R planning to go to the ark Xmas eve when it's free. These need to be museums of past idiocy
It's at Praha,Sony CF. He's saying :"I work at Xmas day, New Year eve, White day, Valentine day" Poor SJS http…
belive it mate. It's like xmas eve to us Burnley fans. Tomorrow will be fantastic. Good luck to all involved!
I feel like kid on Xmas eve! So pumped! I bet it's going to be the BEST paranormal show on TV!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Last night felt like Xmas eve. The promise of snow and working remote. I awoke to no snow and no remote work. Xmas was cancelled.
I'll see you in Waitrose, on Xmas eve, painted by Dali. ;)
Now just imagine it being Xmas eve ☃
My first Physio session today ...yes leg still broken from xmas eve ...not looking forward to it 😩
But I never wanted to debate Trump in the first place. Not whether he was right or wrong or Santa coming on Xmas Eve.
Fridays for me looks like Xmas eve with no Xmas the following day
woops, I mean Xmas eve, weekend is glorious 😂
You're v welcome I know so I followed v closely (especially streaming the song loads leading up to midnight on xmas eve!)
Trying to fall asleep the night before meeting your favorite band is like trying to fall asleep on Xmas eve before presents in the morning😩
Omg this *** rappin me up more than a single mother on xmas eve
I guess when the Nuns named me that when born at St. Joe's on Xmas Eve. My mother agreed with them. Second choice was Carol.
I love your dog!! I lost my baby on Xmas eve. Huskies r people too!
She was conspirator and architect of entire slaughter on Xmas Eve of her family. That's M1 in my book really easy
Supposedly I will be waking up to a surprise new record. Like a kid on Xmas Eve right about now
Tonights debate will be REAL reality TV. I'm waiting for this like a 6 yr.old waits for Xmas on xmas eve...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
yup it was al my fault lol but it's literally been a year since we worked smh I think it was xmas eve lol
I just remembered that a few years back I ordered something from FP in Oct and it arrived on Xmas Eve. ...I'm not sure why I thought of that
London closed Xmas eve. The Birmingham store is still open. Glasgow is opening 16/04
Will be tough to sleep tonight. Seen 5 games over the last 3 days! Each one better than the last. It's like Xmas eve eve.
In case you're wondering, Fri 28 May is the likely date for the Xmas Eve 1981 ep of on BBC4 . Seasons greetings.
I know. Mental. But I think they can still show all the 82 eps available before Xmas Eve by doubling up post-Proms. I do hope so.
Alexie to PD: she checked on baby every few hours, he cried, she woke him 1x to make sure he was alive. A check on Xmas eve & "he was gone"
and her husband / daddy had died! She was 2 when she lost her dad on Xmas eve. Not good enough!
Letter rcvd 12 Jan saying my Xmas eve delay repay cheques would be with me in 21 working days. Still nothing. Any ideas?
Like a child xmas eve. Can't wait for kick off tomorrow night.
I'm turning Limitless ready for tomorrow the wait has been agonising im like a kid on Xmas Eve 😊😊😊
Early December's usually not too bad, but it could go either way. Remember that last Xmas Eve was 15 degrees!
it’s Xmas eve… Don’t be a loser your whole life.. Go tell your family u love them & stop addressing strange men …
how about the Xmas eve outside line for a to go meal!
On Xmas Eve my brother belts out the National Anthem before bed bc he's too excited to sleep. He's 35 and still does it.
I was due xmas eve but he decided he wanted to come early :) Do you have a new plan? Or use your old one?
...cos if push comes to shove, and it's my word v yours, mine has weight in the form of the threats that were made to me on Xmas Eve.
Wearing my fishnet outfit. I got real good by on Xmas Eve..starting the holiday w/a bang! http:…
it feels like xmas eve, i'm trying so hard to go to sleep so I can wake up and open my present already!
Persons of interest sought in Christmas Eve killing of Schertz businessman - KSAT San Antonio
It's like Xmas Eve can't wait til morning been waiting 4ever for someone 2 breathe life back into GB. Thnks Mr. Feig
I've become a when Wednesday nights feel like Xmas eve
Also led a blood bath on Xmas Eve when both sides agreed to cease combat for the holiday so...
Tonight is the first night all season there are 1-2 games on (Xmas Eve & Thanksgiving had no games). Gonna get weird.
Chuck Johnson has had the tin foil hat on too long and his brain is fried. Rubio gets A rating NRA and bought a gun Xmas Eve.
We got snowed in on Xmas Eve, so I had noodles with cheddar cheese, dry lettuce, and a baked potato for Christmas Eve dinner😭
I was having Xmas Eve dinner with my mother-in-law.MPM thought it might relax me if I got her hotel room.;) htt…
I do! Am flat on back in excruciating pain after fall on xmas eve. Would be lovely for when I can walk again!
Hi Charlie yes it was announced on xmas eve. We will be running another this week. Hope you had a good xmas.
We've already had our Xmas waste collected. This is 1 1/2 weeks worth. did the other bin sheds.
The final week of Xmas Eve can kill you at The Lyric.starring Matt McElhinney, louise Parker, Tim Loane
not sure if Garreth passed on the news but Fred was born Xmas Eve, the day after you visit to Whitby!
Awful service and drinks at your Antelope Park branch on Xmas Eve. Very unusual so complained via survey but no follow up.:-(
Sainsbury. Busiest ever C-Store day on Xmas Eve. Delivery good. Argos logic apparent but why not do-it-yourself?
glowing cheeks and sparkly eyes on Xmas eve eve
I think you can request a home visit. Apparently my appeal letter was late. It wasn't, they clearly didn't work Xmas eve.
Great ! Now THAT is how you start the day right! & Xmas eve too
Throw back to Xmas eve walks along the beach at sunset with
hi can I see all the bags? I study waste management and doing a piece of Xmas and clear out waste. Can you help pls?
Still going strong at 2:36 I deserve triple pay for working Xmas eve!!!
one fourth of the is back doing breakfast 😁 filling the burden left behind since Xmas eve
I haven't been this emotionally drained since Xmas eve 2013.
I can't remember the last time I wore a bra, I think it was Xmas eve cause my mom made me
I added a video to a playlist VlogXmas Eve
Ordered the Animal Oracle deck & I'm excited like a kid on Xmas eve. Can't wait to work with it!
You have the same family history as my dad. (!) His father died @ 38 when dad 4 ( Xmas eve) & mom tried to kill him & her @ 8.
It's Xmas Eve, even the caped crusader knows what time it is.
Bed time for eve. gotta get my beauty rest for next xmas u kno.
they have no home . Lease was up back on Xmas eve.
when my aunt Marie sat on me on xmas eve at that time I was mortified but now I look back on it and I hope she's do it again
It's Louis' birthday on Tuesday (XMAS EVE) wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on we'll share a few then! 1DHQ x
Merry Christmas! This one is spending his xmas eve doing some top secret season 2 training. Not for orgies, un…
if you call progress, 45 million on food stamps, great job. Maybe progress is passing the ACA in the middle of the night on xmas eve
I'd like to put this evenings weather under lock and key, and open it on Xmas eve 2016. Love those howling winds!
Watch the movie free: Seven beautiful XMas ***
on Xmas eve, Santa would visit our house and if you were a good kid, he'd kidnap you to Mexico. Found out recently it was my dad the whol...
Beyond excited that the Rams are moving back to LA. Have some fond memories of them, including going to final home game on Xmas Eve in 1994
Raiders last game on XMAS eve. Is Goodell Jewish?
Waiting to hear which 2 teams are coming to LA like its Xmas eve and I'm about to open presents!! Let's goo already!!!
I'm hosting Xmas eve. Everyone is having a blast. I'm in the garage hiding with a martini. I think I'm winning.
*** yeah all the LOYAL "OAKLAND" fans that came out the the xmas eve game knew they werent leaving
i forgot to tell you! I saw you and chelsea leaving hobby lobby, i think xmas eve. I tried waving but you didn't look in
Ordered a controller on Xmas eve and still heard nothing what even
I think his ex wife said heart failure, he had gotten sick and then passed on xmas eve. I found out xmas morning.
UK! On Xmas Eve, you can win a signed copy of
so has m&s their use by dates on the 21st dec were shocking. Some were dated Xmas eve, what's that all about?
This matter, not a 'breach" BTW, reported to Gloucester Dialogue and CCC members Oct 25. Not Xmas eve.
Join MV girl for 3 full days of Holiday fun on the ManyVids Snapchat! Tomorrow, Xmas Eve & Xmas!!
Long dot com, trying to upload Part 1 of 2 Xmas Eve mix
Last day of Xmas hols spent programming my accounts and got results :) Eve went to poetry thing and saw folk band. Lovely girl there, wow!!!
And on Xmas Eve in fact Super disappointing since I’ve had two Hondas for over 10 years. SMH
Yes. And it's like I'm stuck in the Nakatomi Tower on Xmas eve surrounded by terrorists, and only I can save America.
Wearing wristband for Jonny Wade, 8, died of pediatric brain cancer on XMas Eve
LOVE this show so much the dysfunctional Heck Family is so true to life esp; Xmas Eve episode
I saw the ISS over Cornwall on Xmas Eve
couple of pictures from Xmas Eve Bournemouth Square
R.I.P Neil Griffiths, we lost one of our officers on Xmas Eve, our thoughts are with Neil's Family at this very sad time, rest in peace Neil
Romance is not dead! 💕 Watch how Nick 'proposed' by using the Big Screen on Xmas Eve!
You'll never guess where newlywed Frank Lampard was spotted on Xmas Eve!
The # of stations that had their record warmest Xmas & Xmas Eve average temps (brown boxes) is impressive! https:…
.heard there was a dog being chased by NYPD on Belt Pkwy near Merrick Rd Exit. It's my dog who went missing on Xmas Eve any info?
I think edged it Xmas Eve with the red wine incident 🍷
spent her Xmas Eve volunteering at a centre for homeless women via
In South Eastern Part of Nigeria at NNEWI, a Gas plant exploded on Xmas Eve killing more than persons.
It's Xmas Eve. Why are my little brothers dressed like they beat their wives?
Watched a dude crash his car into a lightpost and fly into the Ditch tonight on Xmas Eve. He was OK. The roads in southern - NOPE
It's Xmas Eve so it's time for Alastair Sim as "Scrooge." There's Scott, Finney, Caine, Murray, Mr. Magoo, but . . .
Xmas Eve cannot be complete without a game of Cards Against Humanity w/ Grandma
Chinese food on Xmas Eve in Borough Park with Sammi and her 3. (@ Pacificana) on
Star Wars in 70mm IMAX, Xmas Eve, the whole family @ Indiana State Museum
Cioppino for our Xmas Eve dinner at the Urban Oasis.
Great time on Tobin Lake/ North Sask. River ice fishing on Xmas Eve
Did you guess who our MASSIVE Xmas Eve surprise was? . Like if you are happy see Jack return to The Square!.
Hope you're spending Xmas Eve with family. But if not, you can't go wrong reading about incredible journey. https…
This isn't Xmas Eve, It's Charles Woodson's last home game @ the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.
From 1, it's the traditional Xmas Eve special. Fred Trueman, the Birthday Spread, classic clips, and the listeners!
& FOLLOW to a copy of Doc Martin Series 7. UK Only. Comp closes on Xmas Eve
Nice, I saw one Xmas Eve in Dorchester a few yrs ago trying to roost in a traffic light housing!
I'm playing "Jewbilee" event at 7th St. Entry this Thurs. Dec. 24 (Xmas Eve), w/and others
Because of no trains are available at Charing Cross, Cannon Street, London Bridge and Waterloo East from 20:00 on Xmas Eve
Any1 in know where I can on Xmas Eve? Thought it a good time 2 give service in a soup kitchen
Pastor Tommy Nelson explains to his congregation why their Xmas Eve service won't be stopped by the bomb threat.
Toni Green of sing carols at 11pm on Xmas Eve on ITV
So looking forward to Xmas Eve at the Walker House-nothing beats it
Get Feast of the 7 Fishes cookbook for Chef Frank's favorite Xmas Eve recipe
this now til Xmas Eve! Each day we'll be give away 2 Two Day General Admission credentials to 2 fans! http…
Dylan McDermott = unsung Xmas hero. Battles a killer robot in Hardware on Xmas Eve, then defends Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th St.
'Pecanhead' - Bourbon pecan pie on Taste in shop with choice fortified wine on Tue, Wed & Xmas Eve.
Also, update: both All Hallows and my 2015 gaming retrospective blog post will go up on Xmas Eve.
Xmas Eve, we watch Home Alone 1&2, and then Xmas Day is whatever comedy show is on BBC, so this year it's Mrs Browns Boys!
Is it 12 days of Xmas, or 25 days? Why is Xmas Eve more eventful that Xmas Day?! I watch Charlie Brown Xmas, and I feel ya Chuck.
Attention Jo and James family! This year Eve of Xmas Eve menu. Fruit salad w/blueberries*. Cheese and *** ..
full frontal assault on Xmas with throwing up in the aisle wearing Star of David sweater Xmas Eve mass.
We're going to try and get tickets for Xmas Eve.
Check these out!! I'm totally getting one for Xmas Eve - last day in the office before Crimbo!!
Thats ok i thought you might be like last minute Xmas eve lol
best of luck guys! I'm doing the same in the park on Xmas Eve! 👍 enjoy!!
are becoming like the husband who goes shopping for a Xmas present for his wife on Xmas Eve. Third summer window…
Help to feed the deer on Xmas Eve, your A holiday to remember
Booked my 30th birthday and Xmas Eve meals out with David n lily at our favourite place 󾰀
Xmas mantle piece idea glasses and baubles - I LOVE ... -
Said to dan about going ice skating on xmas eve last night and all he said was ill prob be in pub 😡😡😡😡
Khub Xcited tar jonno coming on Dec 2016 I hope it gonna release on b'day n Xmas eve 😍 😄 😁
the rest of year until Christmas Eve. Then Xmas day, Boxing Day will exist
Corbyn winning was like xmas, this follows like the best New Years Eve party ever, one where you get so drunk, you end up fu.never mind.
Christmas isn't a race. I don't understand all the drama! I buy most of my bits on Xmas eve!
Christmas is coming, party nights & limited spaces for our New Year's Eve party in the marquee
I wonder if people would 25B isks to get a customized Eve item in game. No modules, ships, etc., but just a fun item fox Xmas.
Great. 1st appt with a psychiatrist is in Dec. On the same day as my bff's bday. Xmas eve.
We saw King Crabs with Jimmy Nail, Xmas Eve 1981 in Gateshead- he was wearing a green crimplene dress, one DM boot & 1 plimsole!
The Victorian AFL GF Eve public holiday is almost as ludicrous as the SA part public holidays on Xmas Eve & NYE.
I hate to admit that I normally do mine Xmas eve!
We are now taking our Xmas bookings for blowdrys, extensions and makeup. Xmas eve fills up fast.
Monday morning misery! Why not cheer yourself up with some Xmas planning? Gifts, Christmas Eve boxes or sprucing up your home, we can help!
I'm packaged and ready to be delivered by xmas eve
Then on xmas eve only my super close family comes, which is my brother & his family & my moms brothers sometimes, it's the most happiest
Seems like this year winter gonna end ka xmas eve
I haven't had a fist fight since the concert in '10 and I'm preparing for my next one on xmas eve! Hashtag mixed trash problems
Ugh. That name still makes me recoil. I was at the 42-0 Reggie White Night drubbing. Xmas Eve in Phoenix too.
When you love what you do, Sunday Night is like being a kid on Xmas Eve...
Tomorrow the new menu launches and it kinda feels like Xmas Eve.
Grouplend: We're like kids on xmas eve - vanstartupweek kicks off tomorrow! pic.twit…
After four months with this boy, you'd think I'd have some chill. NOPE. Gonna be nervous like xmas eve til midnight, when I see him.
They talked so much crap and got what a Rex Ryan-led team have always gotten. Zero. See: Giant game on Xmas Eve
All I have to say is J E T S JETS JETS!!! waiting for tomorrow nights game like a kid on Xmas eve!
You can't have Halloween season without it'd be like Xmas Eve without new pyjamas...
The very funny providing Sunday eve laughs galore! DVD available soon - so that's Xmas gifts sorted! Thanks for the laughs
Xmas eve it was, still remember it. He was an inch away pretending to tongue it when I shoved his head. Tongue right up
I literally thought of this today. I'd told my family last year I'd bring a plus one to Xmas this year. 😏
😂🍻 like Xmas eve tonight no doubt will be a good one even though no show from 😳
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
always feels good but even better on Xmas eve!
Lovely photoshoot today at Lauriston Castle with Mike and Alex. Can't wait for their wedding on xmas eve! :)
Honest FA Cup is xmas eve! then we go to the biggest teams in CL history! Notts Lpool
...and you know, then he cancelled his concert in London on the Xmas eve morning.=.= I have no idea how I managed to+
ill drop off my ps4 Xmas eve, Boxing Day morning tell the kids you were burgled
I liked a video from Astrix live in goa soulscape xmas eve 12
POLITE REMINDER. The orders for Xmas Eve Boxes, large and small are very quickly filling up, can we please just...
good call. If you can park on Xmas Eve you can park on Friday aft.
Fav pic of Todd Ewen.. him + Tony Granato visiting children at SJ Columbia Medical Center on Xmas Eve 1996.
Way too excited about Christmas as planning our new tradition of Xmas Eve Boxes 🎅🏻
I agree or Saturday to Monday cause that thurs and fri are Xmas and Xmas eve
😂🙈 of Jesus Christ!! I'll come round on my way home from the pub on Xmas eve and wake everyone up 😂 x
"Think I'll go Xmas Carol singing today and when society answer their doors & say YA 2 early M8? , I will make them believe it is Xmas Eve 🎄
tell carol to have the Xmas Eve party
city council currently debating whether to give city employees Columbus Day off. Presidents Day holiday would move to Xmas Eve.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
cheers for the follow :) My new action/crime e-book just launched Xmas Eve on Amazon:
What Mrs Claus is up to on Xmas Eve
Not sure what's more insane: going shopping on Xmas Eve or disagreeing with Lord Denning.
We visited the hostel at The Passage on Xmas Eve to help prepare Christmas Dinner and had so much…
Some people look 4 Rudolph on a foggy Xmas Eve. My children and I take spooky photos. htt…
Xmas Eve with the fam. Can't believe this was 6 years ago!
Completed this fantastic Aluminium Slat fence xmas eve 2014, locally in Yanchep.
there's not a lot that upsets me but not having a bathroom since Xmas eve due to flooding . Now sort your business out
Got paid Xmas eve managed to pay for Xmas & New Year nights out, book Tenerife & book Ibiza 🙈 have £0 till 2 weeks on Friday 😭😔
Missing since Xmas eve big friendly male tabby , his name is Bobby , in Risca , ty Isaf
Wishing everyone a happy Xmas eve from the Face Apparel Team!
I DM'd you again last night re e-gift voucher I purchased on Xmas eve. You sent it again but still not received. Pls reply.
all good bud.sorry didn't get chance to catch up over Xmas.had to work Boxing Day n New Year's Eve so was only back home briefly.
cuz I came home xmas eve it was nice out, I get back over here on the 31st to this lol
hey rmbr this on xmas eve I wasnt worth no more than a restraining order to you. Those were ur last words that I had to live with
xmas eve I woke up with a hand print on my fore arm 😳 now that was freaky, true story too...BUT I
My xmas eve > Yours. Tune in and watch on Live MEOW 😍😍😍
I'm raising money to help with my dad's final expenses. No ins. I lost him Xmas eve- Click to Donate: via
Gotta love Ford trucks! My first wreck was in a F-250. Wrecked it xmas eve when I was 16. Dad was not a happy guy. lol
not worked since Xmas Eve. Had 3 online orders but one of those hot list on the post so had to refund. No sales shopping here
Car in dealers? Xmas eve crash? I've warned you about eggnog and Rock music.
. Couldn't wait to get out, and hunt Santa🎅🎅!!!. . ... ht…
. Couldn't wait to get out, and hunt Santa🎅🎅!!!. . ...
not really, only Christmas Eve and Xmas
"Who needs boys? Merry Christmas,God bless America, I love candy! And guess what all those things are better than boys.". -5 y/o me Xmas eve
Dreaming of a Blu Christmas...❄️ Don't miss surrender to his dark side as Xmas Eve Wed, Dec 24! ht…
Getting in the holiday spirit this Xmas Eve in my new sweater. 😊🎅🎄🎁
😎👌 you're my bro forreal knew you since middle school & you never changed!!! Loved seeing you on xmas eve
very down to earth..I still remember hanging out a few years ago on xmas eve at Dhani Jones' cafe in Cincy
Proud to live in the land of the free and proud of my friends at Merry Xmas eve al…
9:59 & I'm going to bed. I haven't been this excited to go to bed since Xmas Eve 1991 when I was 5 & hoped to get the TMNT Pizza Thrower
still nothing official from the club JJ. Won't be until tomorrow apparently. It's like Xmas Eve..!
If you missed the A League of Their Own Christmas special on Xmas Eve, then you missed James Corden, Jack Whitehall, Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff looking swish in our personalised aprons and using our personalised tea towels, fruit bowls, chopping boards and more! You can still catch it on demand, or read about it in our blog post here:
Meet little Mishka! She's 9 weeks old and came into our Heaton Moor Branch on Xmas Eve for her first vaccinations!
I mean to say I grew up in Australia Mate. I nation of spiritual sheep. To these guys being spiritual is going to Midnight Mass on Xmas Eve.
In her link to Joanna Robertson's piece in latest FOOC, Kate Adie says Saint Sylvestre is Xmas Eve. In fact, it's New Year's Eve
A good friend of my wife was brutally attacked in LA on Xmas Eve and there's a fund to help his recovery.Please share
Yes I was in Stevo to ruin myself on Xmas Eve before spending Christmas in a state of self-loathing and needing-of-new-liver. You?
Red rose at The Capitol for Linda Ellis on Xmas Eve romantic trail ended with marriage proposal from Tim Riches! http:/…
Rod Harrington mentioning that he became a Grandfather at 11.45pm on Xmas Eve. Knew it, the new messiah is going to be a darts player.
Even ex Bruce Jenner made it to Kris' Xmas Eve bash
Jennifer Lawrence 24/12/13 - . Jennifer Lawrence 24/12/14 -. This is how my idol spends her Xmas Eve
Two children's books I found on Xmas Eve - one, a masterpiece that moved me to tears, penned by the great John Lewis himself; and the other, just another bone-chilling sign of the times.
I mentioned this letter in last night's Xmas Eve sermon Amazing. .
24/24 Here is the full version of the final video of the 24 advent Instagram videos! It features two very dear and talented friends Mike and Vicki on our annual Xmas Eve drinks... Sketchy harms (I'll blame my dad for the round of jäger bombs he bought everyone) but you'll get the idea! Merry Christmas Everyone x
Xmas Eve at the Kursalon in Vienna. Concert and 4 course Gala Dinner !
My first as a doctor in 1972; Nightingale ward, nurses with lantern sang Xmas Eve carols and consultant carved the turkey.
Xmas Eve game night - Dixit, We Didn't Playtest This, and Going, Going, Gone! with everyone having a great time. . .
Chicago Beef on Xmas Eve. It's not Vienna Bread but that's the only difference.
Snow!? As I get ready to go to Xmas Eve church service let me just of the computer models is showing snow for NY…
Jammin out to Dream Theatre before heading out for Xmas Eve pre-party. Margharitas and good food are anticipated.
Previews on for Xmas Eve "Into the Woods" show at Boston Common. Can't wait.
Would be interesting to know when the last Xmas Eve was that central Ohio had a severe t-storm warning.
Back at Thompsons taking you through your Xmas Eve into Christmas morning playing the best in charts hits &...
People getting huckled into a cop van at this time on Xmas Eve 😂 would only be outside tunnel a suppose 😂😂👏
Alright. Big Mikkos filled with poor girl's mojito & pasta is made so I'm not FULL Auntie Mame for Xmas Eve. Bring on angst
Nigeria: All transport in Borno state is banned from Xmas Eve - Sunday to prevent Boko Haram attacks
My garbage was picked up today! What else still happens on Xmas Eve?
Raymond Briggs's Father Christmas, voiced by the late Mel Smith. This was my favourite kids book, I'd read it every Xmas Eve.
And here I thought I was going to the supermarket on Xmas Eve. Pretty sure I've just walked onto the set of Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome.
Xmas Eve pictures of the Sea Hawk Blue/orange!
So was given Xmas Eve supplies for tomorrow night... Corona and hot wings... Best. Wife. Ever. 😊
BBQ on Xmas Eve...why not? Join us tomorrow night and every Wednesday at the Flying Dutchman, ask your rep for more information
Last show of the year tomorrow; 's Xmas Eve show, with support from . Free entry, come on do…
I just spoke to your call center and once again no help. Tomorrow is Xmas Eve and you guys cannot provide me with any information
& follow for chance to win dinner for 2 Xmas Eve karaoke/disco 9pm. New Years Eve dinner & big en…
Memorial Day weekend! May 21st it's that Thursday so far but when it gets closer I'll be more excited! Isn't your bday Xmas Eve?
Don't leave it to that last min for the biggest Christmas Club Night: Tickets for Xmas Eve @ Shaka Zulu
David: Time to help those less fortunate this Christmas :) If you can, please spread the word that Social Bite will be open Xmas Eve in Glasgow (St. Vincent St) and Xmas Day in Edinburgh (Rose St) exclusively for homeless patrons. The link below details how you can buy a meal for a homeless person.
Last chance saloon MT For that last minute present dash, Xmas opening times are Xmas Eve 10am-12am!
We are yeah. Grouse Mountain 1st though for the boys brekky with Santa on Xmas Eve. Cheers Stu 👍
We're at Stamford Methodist Church later for this year's Carol Service at Barn Hill. Broadcast Xmas Eve 6pm Xmas...
Okay, we won't be there too long as we have another party on the Eastern Shore to go to. We'll see you Xmas Eve though. :-)
Hi everyone, bootcamp will be running over the Christmas/New Year week. There may be some changes due to numbers per session so if you can get back to me ASAP I would greatly appreciate it. Monday 22nd December as normal morning and afternoon sessions. Wednesday is Xmas Eve so morning session will run as normal. Afternoon will run depending on numbers. Friday is Boxing Day so depending on sore heads and bellies morning session will run if enough numbers want to attend. The afternoon session will run as normal. Afternoon sessions have been pushed back to 5:30 as the heat starts to settle down by that time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hope to see you all Monday
As from this Xmas Eve, TVM2 will start transmitting Opera every Wednesday at prime time. Increasing culture content on state broadcaster.
Wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Our office will be closed on the main days, Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day.
And we are done! The last Christmas parcels were posted today! Yippe!!! I'm feeling extremely organised! I can't get too excited though as I have only got one day off from my day job in the next 6 days & that's the 23rd (which I'm going to attempt to wrap al my Xmas presents & clean my house!). I'm working Xmas Eve & then iv thankfully managed to get Xmas day off but unfortunately got a 7.45am - 9pm shift on Boxing Day! I ask you to think of all the people working over Xmas especially your public servants who unfortunately don't get to spend as much time as they'd like at home with their families! Hopefully in the New Year I can take those final steps to leaving my career. Running a Business (shop & online) with only help from my sister & brother, working a full time day job & being mummy to my little moo is becoming increasingly difficult now that MooMoo Memories has become the successful business that it is today. Therefore, I hope to dedicate more time to MMMs & my family in 2015 ❤️ thank you again ...
The Suoyarvi is in The Wash, the Keret is in the Baltic and is due in on Xmas Eve and the Marlin is in the North Sea due in on Saturday.
Hi everyone, with only 1 week til Christmas I've been so busy but I still have a couple apps left on Monday or Wednesday (Xmas Eve) morning if your needing your hair madeover before Santa arrives. I'm also looking like I'm working Sunday morning too if any working ladies need an app.
Sony should take a page from Frank Cross' book and do a live Xmas Eve broadcast of With Mary Lou Retton as Kim Jong-un.
Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse have selected slots left for Xmas House Visits, also my Christmas Elves. Santa has a couple left - these will definitely go and it will be another sell out for a third year running so PLEASE don't leave it too late to book. Last year I had people contacting me a couple of days before Xmas Eve and were left disappointed because they were too late. Thanks guys
A few people have been asking about how to spot Santa's Sleigh on Xmas Eve. This site will explain all. ...
The Tuesday before Xmas is my day off before Xmas Eve, that day I will awake early and marathon all the Xmas movies.
LOL! My sister used to put "reindeer food" on the roof, then climb up there and stomp around on Xmas Eve. What we do for the kids!
lucky for some 😭 Xmas Eve, Boxing Day, Hogmanay and New Year's Day I am 6am til 2pm
If you're planning to visit Westminster Abbey as a family on Xmas Eve, the Family Crib Service is at 12:00 pm and unticketed
would love to see you on Xmas Eve it would make my christmas love you x
I miss my cousin Pats parties.Spending xmas eve between pats and my grandparents house.Laura kenney and there family parties.Oh the good old days.
Lol My fam used to do Xmas eve & then nothing the day of, so we always used to Chinese & a movie for the half Jew side 😂
Tonight is my xmas eve... No way I'm sleeping 😁😁😚
I know where she eats her Xmas eve dinner, so there.
What time does your lounge close on Xmas Eve. Also do you have a designated pick up area as a family member will be picking us up
Got a new job...but found out I have to work Black Friday and Xmas Eve. UGH
Feeling like kid on xmas eve only there's 50/50 chance of Santa or the devil himself showing up. Too far?
I have always gone out on Xmas eve for my wife. It reminds me of being a kid with my dad. Tradition
Goin back to souse on xmas eve till 4th jan 2015 yeah and cant wait to celebrate new yeah in tunisia😃
DVS entertainment is now accepting bookings for Nov & Dec (Xmas parties & New Years Eve). Don't wait…
Feel like a kid on Xmas eve waiting on Steven coming back tomorrow 💙💚💜💛
Early night to prepare for meeting two brilliant writers tomorrow. I can't wait. 28yrs old & waiting for Santa on Xmas eve.
no holiday booked for December so far. Will have to come to Xmas eve show for the dress x
ohhh I love the idea of Xmas eve boxes!
Everyday feels like Xmas eve knowing I get to wake up to driving that thing
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