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Xian Lim

Alexander Xian Cruz Lim Uy is a Filipino-Chinese model and actor, also known as Xian Lim.

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"Kim Chiu as Belle and Xian Lim as Babs - Nov.26 in Cinemas Nationwide!! ❤️❤️
Currently going gaga over Xian Lim. I don't even know why. 😍
Xian Lim s Babs of Past tense! Showing this November 26 in cinemas nationwide!!
Happening now: Press launch of the newest Star Cinema movie "PastTense" starring Xian Lim, Kim Chiu & Ai Ai delas Alas …
And the highlight of my weekend was I got to tape a movie with Kim Chiu and Xian Lim! Such nice &…
Spend the Christmas holidays at Ayala Malls with Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, and Xian Lim
Allert..Allert!!! Powervote for Xian Lim especially his solo categories.
141,235 people have shared this video. An alleged 2010 video scandal of Xian Lim has been leaked and making rounds online.
Xian Lim joins the roster of talented artists for Ayala Malls' musical Christmas concert "Frankly Speaking." (cto)
Forgot how cute xian lim is ugh why are you ***
"SMAccessories: For Anne Curtis Smith. Xian Lim & Georgina Wilson, 'tis the season to be jolly because...
Xian Lim's wiggle dance in Sydney for Teleserye Bida Boys Tour 👉
BABS And BELLE In PAST TENSE. Don't forget to cast your vote ASAP Pop Awards for Kim Chiu and Xian Lim
Check out photos from Abs-Cbn's Christmas Station ID featuring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim aka on iWant Stars...
Seriously Xian Lim from McDonalds, he's already a star in TV and doesnt even work in McDo
I liked a video from BLOOPERS FOR RENT: Kim Chiu & Xian Lim
it will be shown this 26 November 2014, a xian lim Kim Chiu and aiai movie. do watch please:)) thanks
If you care for the person, you always think about what makes her happy. —Xian Lim on Kim Chiu ♥ HUHUHUHUHHUH
All out support for BABS And BELLE In PAST TENSE for da love of its male lead, Xian Lim =)
So the role of John Lloyd Cruz for the new primetimw soap was given to Xian Lim.
cto: Xian Lim for Ayala Malls' The Joy of Christmas 󾔒󾔓󾔐 with Piolo P.
SPOTTED: Xian Lim at the Ayala Malls Christmas press launch. Read full story at Photo...
Today we launch the Ayala Malls Christmas campaign, and with us, our special guests - Xian Lim and Piolo Pascual.
CONFIRMED: Xian Lim to replace actor John Lloyd Cruz for Maja's new teleserye "Bridges" with Jericho Rosales.
The two boys are on their way home. Xian Lim and Enrique Gil CTO
Enchong Dee, Xian Lim and Enrique Gil off to the venue!
Enchong Dee with the awesome friends Xian Lim, Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz and Enrique Gil
ABS-CBN’s Primetime Heartthrobs’ Xian Lim, Enchong Dee, Enrique Gil, Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson are all...
VOTW FOR XIAN LIM ... Vote for your favorite movie actor
2014 LoveTeam of the Year - Joshua Garcia And Jane Oineza. 2014's Celebrity Couple of the Year - Xian Lim And Kim Chiu
Xian Lim. Aside from looks and popularity, he is a good role model to the youth. Acting wise,he played a lot of...
Xian Lim dancing practice makes perfect, we can't ask for more, you're really a great dancer now..👏👏👏👏
shems Xian Lim is on the same flight.
Kim Chiu, Xiam Lim in 'kilig' acoustic duet: via Xian has the sweetest voice! It makes me…
OMG! Xian Lim and Kim Chiu are so cute together! I think they make the perfectest love team. I am JEALOUS though!
Sbi ni Xian Lim "what u see is what u get" no need to announce in kc magugulo lang. . JoshAne For KayaMoBang Please. Pow…
Join x GIBI and get signed posters from Jasmine Curtis-Smith & Xian Lim!
Have a safe flight to Dubai babyboy! 😍 With Xian Lim 👍
"Kim Chiu & Xian Lim. coming this November in cinemas nationwide!
Switching of the roles: Kim Chiu the guitarist & Xian Lim the dancer! Great job both of you! We're so proud! :)
JLC replaced by Xian Lim, in the series of echo & maja
Daniel Padilla, Enchong Dee, Xian Lim and Gerald Anderson... The heart throbs wo stole my heart
Enchong Dee with Daniel Padilla, Xian Lim and Gerald cool
Xian Lim, Robi Domingo, Alex Gonzaga and Kim Chiu are your hosts for tonight's event
Oh c'mon! Daniel Matsunaga is WAY HOTTER than Xian Lim and is a perfct match for Kim Chiu. :)
LOOK: Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, Alex Gonzaga and Robi Domingo will host the this Sunday (Sept. 28).
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you won't meet your Xian Lim if you think mr current will change ,in the first place, if he really loves you , he shouldn't have hurt you.
To find a Xian Lim, you must be willing to let go of that cute guy who doesn't respect you, who loves himself more than anyone else.
Catch Xian Lim this Wednesday, Sept 24, 7PM at Starmall Taguig. See you kapamilya!
Getting vip tickets to see Sam Milby, Gerald Anderson, xian lim, Enchong Dee, enrique hill 😱😱😱😅 i shall see my babies on the 24th if october
XIAN LIM...XL2 ...tomorrow Sept.24 at 7pm. XIAN LIM at Star Mall Taguig !
Ang swerte ni Kim Chiu. Loved and respected by Xian Lim.
this is just to draw the kind attention of ABS-CBN management. we all hope that this will happen at the soonest. another TELESERYE for both Kim Chiu (KIMXI) Xian Lim. and sana yung medto mature role naman ang gampanan nila kase mga adult na sila eh. yung tipong role na mag asawa na may pamilya na. ganun. like nung mga nababasa namin sa WATTAPAD na mga KIMXI stories. yung tipong ganun. kase yun na yung nababagay sa kanila. at sana magiging long running siya na TELESERYE. yung yung hiling ng halos lahat nilang mga FANS aroung the globe. thank you ABS-CBN. and sana after ng ginagawa nilang movie with miss Ai2 makapag umpisa na cla for the taping ng TELESERYE. hope this will be granted & will happen soon thanks & God bless to all
Xian Lim at Star Mall Taguig . tomorrow Sept.24 at 7pm
Catch ABS CBN Kapamilya Artist . XIAN LIM at the Newest Branch of Starmall in PRIMA TAGUIG 9.24.14…
Xian Lim will be hosting Finals Night! More details here:
Catch XIAN LIM live at Starmall Taguig on Wednesday, September 24! Grab a copy of his album at the venue and have... http:/…
Xian Lim of course. Almost three years now but he never runs out of ways to make Kim Chiu feel that she's the only... http…
"One Xian Lim please, for takeout. tang ina.
where can I buy my Xian Lim I'd like one pls
A XIAN LIM TELESERYE... please make it happen soon!!! One Xian Lim please
The way xian lim asked kim to go out for a date 😭😭😭
xian lim going to find man like you. Chinese mix Philippine. Cause im fluent in Chinese hihi love you
Wa! Kinikilig parin ako sa ginawa ni Xian Lim for Kim !!!. There's only one Xian Lim, but i wish I'd have my own, t…
""“we should patronize and support even more!!! . Xian Lim Ice Bucket Challenge"
Xian Lim Ice Bucket Challenge . Good job Always been proud of you!
Go .. Put your heart in everything you do, the world is behind you🌎❤️. Xian Lim Ice Bucket Challenge
Goodnight na si ako in my part of the world! Goodluck guys!! Have fun making fun of the *** ! Xian Lim Ice Bucket Challenge
We LOVE that he STAYS TRUE to the person he is. Xian Lim Ice Bucket Challenge
We are a FORCEFUL ARMY who loves him UNCONDITIONALLY. Xian Lim Ice Bucket Challenge
Xian Lim,Gabriel Garcia Bernal,Andy Gracia..they all use their expressive eyes which makes their performance not just a jo…
"A Family Story" will be Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola's first teleserye project together. Their pairing was first...
Then there's Alex who's best known as Xian Lim. Musically talented, and also has a creative hand at painting/drawing! Goo…
Xian Lim on MMK Soon. Tackling family probs regarding siblings with one common parent but of different race.
Xian Lim on MMK Soon. ♥ i do hope its not a lovestory...i would love it sibling rivalry with different fathers.
“Xianatics Belated Birthday Bash for XIAN LIM :) wow, happy for u
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Xian Lim on MMK Soon this saturday na..
/^/ Xian Lim on MMK Soon im so excited i just can't hide it..."
Xian Lim on MMK Soon . im so excited. Thanks mam charo
Xian Lim on MMK Soon but i miss him so much it has to be everynight
"Just waiting for this...actually his teleserye sana soon na rin Xian Lim on MMK Soon
“Team FX 25th Birthday Celebration for our dear Xian Lim ❤️
Xian Lim the blockbuster king joins the elite circle of vic sotto, John Lloyd Cruz, Piolo Pascual and dingdong dantes. galin…
Laughing at your own texts before you send them because you’re so *** funny.
Boy found on Marina Promenade was left behind in Singapore by HK father
Don't forget to watch Mr & Ms. Chinatown tmrw ! Hosted by Xian Lim, Gretchen *** Enchong Dee and the one only Kim Chiu :)
"Spotted XIAN LIM working out at today. http:…
"Spotted XIAN LIM working out at today.
Spotted: XIAN LIM working out at today.
Candidates No. 3, and 9 have a crush on Xian Lim. Candidate number 11 has a crush on Kim Chiu
"XIAN LIM : 👍 something to keep in mind "...don't be like wan tamad...still no substitute to HARDWORK!
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Dont forget to watch Mr. and Ms. Chinatown tom ! Hosted by Kim Chiu Xian Lim Gretchen *** Enchong Dee. 😉
rehearsal with Willord Chua, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. Happy to be hosting this…
TAPUSIN! Xian Lim for GLOBE Telecon "No more Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca on "Ikaw Lamang" Book 2?
Shooting tomorrow, hope the rain stops just for a bit so we don't pack-up early... with Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. — feeling e…
will be hosting Mr. & Ms. Chinatown once again! Together with Enchong Dee, Xian Lim & Kim Chiu! Watch... h…
Kapamilya heartthrob, Xian Lim has already invested his own house. Who will be staying with him in his new home? Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel!
Xian Lim album launch of his album XL-X2 at Eastwood Central Plaza earlier.Thanka to those who bought a copy of... http:…
"hi thank you for being patient with our chinitoprince Xian Lim we do hope that you remain to be more patient and teach him more
well, when I get famous, I will ask Xian Lim to give you a fan sign.
oh I'm kidding, sir! I thought you can take a joke. Don't worry, you still look like Xian Lim.
"Talent isn't passed down by the genes; it's passed down in the mind-set." -CarolDweck Xian Lim Grand Fans Day at Eastwood
Xian Lim's Grand Album Launch and Grand Fans Day today at Eastwood Central Plaza,7pm. Grab a copy of his album... http:/…
We did it! We did it!! Horay! 😂😂😂 Xian Lim Grand Fans Day at Eastwood |
Anong birthday message mo for Xian Lim and Cruz? Watch their energetic birthday special dance number on...
Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola backstage at the Style Origin event | Xian Lim for Mint (c) janenriquez
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WATCH: Ai Ai de las Alas, Kim Chiu to compete for Xian Lim's love?
Xian Lim, given the right material he has proven from past roles when he was not this famous, he did justice to...
Have you seen Xian Lim's fotos while in the gym? His height, his body built and looks really make him fit to be...
Even if you put up a 100 more polls like this, Xian Lim will win it everytime hands down! Its because the viewers...
I hope to see Xian Lim walking around Downtown Toronto!
Dimples Romana on Xian Lim and Matteo Guidicelli: ‘We have grown into better hosts’ - Click to Continue:
Jessy Mendiola and Xian Lim will team up for an upcoming television series. Will this be ok to Kim Chiu's fans?...
Is Xian Lim Willing to Accept the Role of ‘Captain Barbell’ If Offered to Him? Find Out Here!
Xian Lim shared his thoughts regarding his rumored portrayal of the iconic superhero ‘Captain Barbell’
Also he needs someone with bigger star value to bring him to major star status. Think of Kim Chiu to Xian Lim!
Go to the link and share! Pep Awards are based on likes comments and shares of articles ! - Xian Lim via
Xian Lim will accept Captain Barbell role if offered to him: Xian Lim dismisses negative reactions to reports ...
Do you want a Pinoy version of Meteor Garden starring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim? CLICK HERE TO VOTE!
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be? — Xian Lim
Chinese Filipino actor Xian Lim hosting Ms. Mamangi 2014 one of the biggest queen pageant in Nothern Luzon. Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel!
Jessy Mendiola nervous about working with Xian Lim: Jessy Mendiola admitted she is quite nervous about working... http:/…
Xian Lim, Jerry Yan and Lee Min *** labs! all guapos and tall! waaa how can they be so freakin' good looking?!!! love these 3!!!
"I will teach you to love like a man, treat love like it's a game." -Xian Lim
Global fans of Actor Xian Lim will be donating notebooks with his face on the cover. Wow! Thank you folks. Thank... http…
Xian Lim: quick workout here in with during breaktime ng…
In partnership with BDO, SM City Cauayan brings you Xian Lim on June 8 (Sunday), 5pm, at the open parking lot!... http:/…
Xian Lim will be at Civic Plaza, Ngee Ann City, Singapore for a Globe event on June 29, 2014 2PM. See you mga...
best tgk ''Bakit Hindi Ka Ng Crush Mo?'' by Xian Lim W Kim Chiu the best couple in philipines :) -Do You Believe In Love?-
The cast of My Illegal Wife Zanjoe Marudo and Pokwang live on ASAP 19! With Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. My…
Xian Lim will perform at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza in Orchard Road, Singapore on June 25.
Xian Lim feels nervous doing a series with his new leading lady Jessy Mendiola
Daniel Padilla, Xian Lim, Kim Tiu and Julia Barretto bags awards at the 1st PEP List...
Xian Lim to do soap with Jessy Mendiola
if you're excited for Ms.mina's new teleserye with Ian Veneracion,Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola!:)
So I wasn't concentrating that much on the movie because kim and xian lim was on the seats in front of us.. Whispering..
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Xian Lim Meet and Greet for Swish Mouthwash (c) gidgetdc
Xian Lim shares wish for Kim Chiu on her 24th birthday
Repost from via igrepost_app, Swish and greet with Xian Lim :) 👍👍
Saw xian lim and Jeric Teng earlier 😁
Xian Lim recently that he'll be doing a teleserye with Jessy Mendiola along with Ian Veneracion and Carmina Villaroel. He'd also revealed he'll be doing a pr...
xian lim and Jeric Teng are both mcdo endorsers AND both walked the ramp. guess there can never be enough chinitos.
He so handsome and I love him I truly want him and Kim Chiu to be together
nope. Fashion show of the brands found in Ayala Malls. Jeric Teng and Xian Lim were there. Best part is the transpo allowance
Xian Lim is Cosmo's HUNK OF THE WEEK. Do, dump, or marry? Vote now! .. scroll down and you'll see …
Jeric Teng with Xian Lim at the Glorietta Activity Center featuring local & global fashion brands in a…
**New Entry** Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Spotted: At Benihana Restaurant - Kim's birthday with Xian and his friends
Kapamilya stars Kim Chiu and Xian Lim arrived together, walked the red carpet together, and left the venue...
Xian Lim with Jeric Teng at the Fashion show held at Glorietta Activity Center (c) paulapunla
Xian Lim at the Swish Meet and Greet (c) starmagicphils
“Join us again on the next leg of Swish and Greet with Xian Lim! @ SM…
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Congrats to future blockbuster! Xian Lim to do soap with Jessy Mendiola
Xian lim @ watsons makati so cute. kilig much... :)
Swish and greet with xian lim now at beauty section sm makati
exactly... not even going to coin a's Jessy Mendiola and Xian Lim.
Hey guys pls like Fb Fanpage of Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola (The JessXian Battalion)
Xian Lim will be having a new project and a new tandem with Jessie Mendiola. Subscribe to the ABSCBNNews channel! - Visit our website at...
Kim Chiu appeals to fans not to make up stories about her and Xian Lim.
Xian Lim to do a soap with Jessy Mendiola. Are you excited? -
Want to have Xian Lim’s body?Share this updateDate posted: May 23, 2014Tags: Xian LimLook trim and fit like Xian Lim.In an interview with...
Catch the latest news about your favorite stars only on WATCH FULL TRAILER OF MAYBE THIS TIME here: Sarah says there are no short cuts to growing up Sarah Geronimo’s fans support Coco Martin Sarah Geronimo on first love: ‘Hinding-hindi na s'ya mawawala sa puso mo’ Claudine Barretto on Star Cinema: ‘It’s so nice to be home’ Coco Martin Sandara thanks Star Cinema Judy Ann Santos: 'There should be a Juday-Claudine movie' Want to have Xian Lim’s body? Be a part of the new ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ movie Ryan Bang torn between Sandara, Alex SEEN: Claudine, Raffy Tulfo's 'nice afternoon' together Gretchen *** on marriage with Robi Domingo: 'Long way to go' Maegan calls Freddie Aguilar wife 'asungot' Kris Aquino, Vice Ganda ride on a brand-new Maserati Quattroporte ‘PBB’ Maris is torn FUN FACTS: Eleven things you should know about Lee Min *** s ‘The Heirs’ One Direction fans troop to MOA Arena for tickets Maja rejects offer from Jericho, Angel On Cam: Zaijan Jarani ...
I've just finished watching the movie Bride For Rent and I think I'm in love with the lead actor Xian lim :)
Kapamilya, 20 years na ang TFC! Let's all celebrate with the Unkabogable Vice Ganda, Legal Wife's Angel Locsin and Maja Salvador, Bride For Rent's Xian Lim, Mirabella's Enrique Gil and Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano! Sali na sa all-day pakulo and Kapamilya Celebrity Bingo hosted by Be Careful With My Heart's Doris (Tart Carlos) and Sabel (Vivieka Ravanes), kasama ang ating mga stars at manalo ng masasayang pa-premyo! Plus!! Pinoy Food Booths, Tiangge, Giveaways and much more! Doors open 11:00 am at the Heritage Court of Direct Energy Centre. Eto pa! Maki-party sa TFC anniversary concert with our Kapamilya stars at the Ricoh Coliseum (Doors open at 5:00 pm. Enter the venue from Heritage Court.) Guaranteed seats at $35, $50 and $65. Kahit saan maupo, panalo! Buy your tickets now at (ticketmaster charges apply) Ticket entitles you entrance to both Heritage Court of Direct Energy and Ricoh Coliseum. Tickets available on Tuesday, May 13 at the following stores:
Keith Lim shared the following link and had this to say about it: [VIDEO] KIMXI BDAY PARTY FOR Kim Chiu sang Oscar Best Theme Song Frozen's Let It Go at her birthday party set by her and Xian Lim's fans in the US.
Star Records releases Xian Lim’s sophomore album titled "XL2" that features three of his original compositions. "My second album is extra special and literally too personal because it carries three...
Video coverage of the presscon for the launch of Xian Lim's XL2
Xian Lim to do soap with Jessy MendiolaShare this updateDate posted: May 22, 2014Tags: Xian Lim, Jessy MendiolaXian Lim admitted that he feels...
Listen to the podcast of the recently held press conference for Xian Lim's sophomore album under Star Records
Awww Xian Lim. We miss you too. Thanks for the birthday, greeting!
After launching his singing career on 2012 with his certified gold record “So It’s You,” Xian Lim releases his sophomore album named “XL2” via Star Records, that features three of Xian’s original c...
Here is a list of filipino celebrities who are dog lovers. I need them for something. Need contacts who can set me up a meeting with them. Would appreciate it. Thanks. :) Anton Del Rosario, Xian Lim, and Toni Gonzaga Angel Locsin Raymart Santiago Heart Evangelista Anne Curtis Kc concepcion Bianca King Vina Morales Derek Ramsey Kuya Kim and other filipino celebritities who you know are dog lovers. :) Thanks. :)
Repost from via igrepost_app, Kim Chiu & Xian Lim hosting at the 45th Guillermo Mendoza…
And the host for the night Enchong Dee, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim.all with glam and intelligence
Hunk actor Xian Lim is featured on the cover of Garage Magazine on their summer, May 2014 issue. Xian banners the "Gone Fishing" cover title of the said issue. Simple yet absolutely hot, here is the chinito Xian Lim on Garage cover: Xian just renewed his contract in ABS-CBN. Sooner, he will...
"Gone Fishing" on the Cover of Garage Mag: Xian Lim is featured on the cover of...
Xian Lim at the meet and greet earlier (cto)
At the meet and greet earlier with Xian Lim (c) paultheprguy
Xian Lim was just so perfect tonight..not to mention his hosting skills, sobrang nkakaproud! :)
Xian Lim wearing the "X" shirt from MINT. Let's all buy this shirt Team Xian. :-)
Xian Lim in guillermo awards night.
Xian Lim, Kim Chiu & Enchong Dee doing one of the spiels for 45th Box Office Entertainment Awards.…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
We welcome our second set of hosts for the tonight: Xian Lim, Kim Chiu and Enchong Dee. :) htt…
Xian Lim at the 45th Box Office Entertainment Awards (c) starmagicphils
Behind the scenes video of our shoot cover shoot with Xian Lim.
we're home. Its been a long long day :)) so exhausted BUT nakakapawi ng pagod ung mga ngiti at titig ni Xian Lim.. -last minute of caressing his hand,afterall I should be thankful. Xian Lim :))
Xian Lim with fashion blogger Paul Chuapoco at the MINT event in SM North EDSA
Xian Lim performing live at SM North EDSA during the Meet and Greet for MINT.
Xian Lim wearing his "X" shirt at MINT's Meet and Greet in SM North Edsa. You may buy the same shirt at MINT stores nationwide and online as well. :-)
After Before you exit, si Xian Lim naman. Just like Srsly? :3
Xian Lim on bullying: ‘I’ll call the police’Share this updateDate posted: May 8, 2014Tags: Xian LimHeartthrob Xian Lim admits that he was bullied...
I'll be hosting tonight Guillermo Mendoza Award with Ate Kris Aquino, Edu Manzano, Enchong Dee & Xian Lim
Don't forget to watch ASAP19 today for XIAN LIM. pero sad to say wala si kim sa asap.
Congratulations to the VIP pass winners of MINT's Meet & Greet with Xian Lim later, 5pm at 3F City Center SM North EDSA. Please present a photocopy of your valid ID at the registration booth. :-)
See you later at MINT SM North Edsa (5pm) for Xian Lim's Meet and Greet. Any single receipt worht Php300 admits one person. Hurry! Shop at MINT now! :-)
mahal ko Faris :) for the last time ill ask you :))) di po ba tayo pupunta ky crushie Xian Lim :) ?
Watchig Bride For Rent. Xian Lim heavy gwaponess!
KUng hnd saiyo,,,by Xian Lim,Pag my time,
Xian Lim for Gibi Shoes :-) ~ Gibi is one of my favorite endorsement of xian :-) because i really feel the love of gibi for xi.. Dito sa amin 4 or 5 na ata billboard ng gibi with xian ang nilagay simula ng maging endorser si xian :-)
ABS-CBN must be very proud and lucky to have a talent Xian Lim-he is a gem-the pride of this network "the c…
"Xian Lim will have a meet and greet for Swish Mouthwash on Watsons Department store in Makati this May 24"...
Kim Chiu and Xian Lim are happy. End of argument. And that's all that matters. 
Kim's 24th birthday celebration with Xian Lim and KX Angels
AvonPH 's dazzling ambassador for wellness Xian Lim swoons the ladies with his voice singing Harana. 󾠀
Xian Lim's first showbiz crush is Angelina JolieShare this updateDate posted: May 7, 2014Tags:  Xian LimXian Lim wants girls who can compete with boys. Read on.Xian Lim reveals that his first showbiz crush is Angelina Jolie because he sees the Hollywood star as one of the boys. During his contract s…
Style Star | xian lim for ponds men.
Watch what happened at our cover shoot with the chinita princess and her prince. Kim Chiu and Xian Lim land on the cover of Preview this month. See what ...
They're known as one of the hottest love teams in the Philippines. We catch up with Xian Lim and Kim Chiu in Southern California for part one of an exclusive...
Xian Lim on the cover of Garage Magazine May 2014 issue. Grab your copies NOW!
Xian Lim at Avon's Sales Congress at the PICC - avonph's photo
Part 1 Xian Lim answers question from the Wreckin…:
“Part 1 Xian Lim answers question from the Wrecking Bowl .
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Part 2 Xian Lim answers question from the Wrecking Bowl
Kim Chiu touched by Xian Lim's efforts for her surprise birthday parties; read here:
Xian Lim goodluck on your upcoming teleserye with Jessy Mendiola. Praying for the success of your team up.
With my student Arianna, and Xian Lim. Exercising is for everyone, age doesn't matter! 😃
Xian Lim inside the May issue of Garage Magazine.. GRAB your copies NOW!! 󾮗󾮗󾌧󾌧
Kim Chiu and Xian Lim need to make another movie!
"Wanna ask is a new fan group of Xian Lim? Thnks Yes mam
Each member of XIAN LIM International is dedicated to support you all the way & love you unconditionally,we are …
Prayers always for you Xian Lim you are really one of a kind.
My Ex once said you look like Xian Lim and Now My suitor suddenly scrutinized my face so seriously that made me so ill at ease and so conscious and so so curious indeed,Sayin: Gee, You resemble to someone..I replied,WHO?..Hmmm You look like Xian the one who endorses McDo..I was like EMEGED . dejavu te?
Lakan originally referred to a rank in the pre-Hispanic Filipino nobility in the island of Luzon, which means "paramount ruler." It has been suggested that this rank is equivalent to that of Rajah, and that different ethnic groups either used one term or the other, or used the two words interchangeably. In Visayas and Mindanao, the most common term used to refer to this rank is "Datu". "Sultan" was also used in the most developed and complex Islamized principalities of Mindanao. Today, the term is still occasionally used to mean "nobleman", but has mostly been adapted to other uses. In Filipino Martial Arts, Lakan denotes an equivalent to the black belt rank. Also, beauty contests in the Philippines have taken to referring to the winner as "Lakambini", the female equivalent of Lakan. In such cases, the contestant's assigned escort can be referred to as a Lakan. More often, a male pageant winner is named a Lakan * ** One of the few very refreshing new faces in the search for 'LAKAN 2014 Season 2' is RON .. ...
Kapamilya star Xian Lim is set to make two more movies for Star Cinema with love team partner Kim Chiu. The loveteam is also set to star in a new series.
You have no right to play with my emotions! -xian lim
Xian Lim revealed that he will have two upcoming movies love-team partner Kim Chui. Subscribe to the ABS-CBN Online channel! - Visit our...
Watched : Bride For Rent Verdict : I SHOULD NEVER HAVE GIVEN A CHANCE, very slim for that matter, TO BELIEVE IN PEOPLE'S GUSHING COMMENTS ABOUT HOW NICE A MOVIE IT WAS. Xian Lim wasn't even acting. Kim Chui's arms are flailing all over the place ... and for what? Script so poor and rehashed, I already knew what will happen right when I saw Kim being made up for her "wedding day". Wasted my time even though I was holding the mouse to skip many scenes. Maka-exhaust man uie.
Here are outtakes from our Garage Magazine shoot featured in this month's issue (with Xian Lim by Milo Sogueco on the cover). Grab a copy and see the shots that made it! ^_^
Kung ang status ni Xian Lim, single and ready to mingle, ako kay single but not ready to mingle.. NgeH!
Xian Lim, Dimples Romana, and Matteo Guidicelli for Promil iShine! 💗 I really loveee their friendship on/off cam 😍
Solid pa din despite of their own career: Kim Chiu with Coco Martin in & soon Xian Lim and Jessy Mendio…
Abra, Xian Lim and Maja Salvador see you on May :)
I liked a video from Xian Lim and Kim Chiu would love to meet Brad, Angelina, David
Black and white party with Kim Chiu and Xian Lim
I don't think I will get over how perfect Xian Lim is to me 😭
Kim Chu and Xian Lim oh my goodness 😍
I am Xian Lim and I like Men! Wahahha laftrip.. Wa ko ka get over!!!
AGREE and this is one of the MANY reasons why I LOVE YOU XIAN LIM and you are SO GWAPO! 😍😍😍
He looks a bit like Xian Lim here..:)
when I saw this pic "AW" you're THE MAN Xian Lim! Kim Chiu is really lucky to have someone like you! KIMXI ❤ cto
Kim Chiu AND XIAN LIM - LUCKY SONG: via " makes me smile and feel the love..!!! cto:KATG
Doing the autograph thru the weak right hand coz the stronger left hand is reserved to protect his lady love. Oh someone pls clone Xian Lim!
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On the eve of his 25th birthday, the day he's set to receive money from his trust fund, Rocco (Xian Lim) parties, gets drunk and loses all his money on a pok...
justine gayoso — My bff and the Kim Chiu to my xian lim. She's very smart and a good singer. One can only wish t...
Have you voted for your summer crush in our poll yet? :)
can watch it all the time COS XIAN LIM
VOTE for XIAN LIM in this poll: "Who's Your Summer Crush: Matteo Guidicelli, Enrique Gil, or Xian Lim?". Thanks!.
Yehey! tomorrow na icecelebrate ang Birthday ni Kimmy with her one and only guest Chinito Xian Lim :D :* BLACK...
Watching all these Filipino shows is bring back the obsessions of Enrique Gil, Sam Milby, Xian Lim, and more 😭😍😘
LOL! After that guy wiped her sweat, Xi joined her ulit pero he intertwined their fingers. YAN SI XIAN LIM :P Seloso :)
It was great interviewing today Xian Lim & Kim Chiu. Thanks for being so sweet & a fun interview :)
READ: Kris Aquino drops hints about Kim Chiu and Xian Lim’s relationship status -
what a treat after seeing Xian Lim speaking Balinese for Pond's Men and going to Gereja Kristen Bali Christian church in Sudirman, Amlapura, Ind and meeting new friends Fransisca, Ita, Novita and Avita. It's Palm Sunday and got a cross and a palm from church.
Xian Lim waved back at me while singing today. I know he has too, but atleast he noticed me waving at him! Lol kilig! 😍😍😍
So lucky to meet and hug Kim Chui and Xian lim...sana andon ang kathniel
someday, will know.. i can have my own XIAN LIM.
Xian Lim and other Star Magic artists during the basketball game in Chabot College (c) starmagicphils
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Team Jandy/KimXi (Kim Chiu & Xian Lim Loveteam) wrote: cto I was able to observe some KimXi moments. I saw the elbow/arm ni Kimmy sa thigh ni Xi din. May bulungan din paminsan-minsan. I think it was about the end of 3rd quarter when Kimmy returned after her performance. Change outfit na and she was in jeans and jersey, just like Xi's. Nakakatuwa nga si Xi coz Kim was seated with Enchong by the end of the row a...
"Kris Aquino gives clue to true status of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim" . . -- Click to read more:
Xian Lim during the half time show in Chabot College (c) starmagicphils
To all Requested to Liam.. Here's Xian Lim... Thank you guys for the love and support..
Xian Lim and other Star Magic artists in San Francisco (cto)
Dear please show us, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim series, Im sure Malaysian will go crazy of them .
Meteor Garden, also comes back to life as Kim Chiu and Xian Lim fill in the roles of San Chai and Dao Ming Su. Exited for this.. :)
Yung mga girls na pini-pair kay Xian Lim lahat may CLASS & they're all SOPHISTICATED.. Megan Young, Georgina Wilson & Bea…
Vote for your favorite star!Share this updateDate posted: April 3, 2014Tags:  Daniel Padilla, Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, Sarah Geronimo, Enrique GilWho, among our stars, do you want to get to know better for a month?For the whole month of April, Star Cinema will make you get to know your favorite stars mor...
UGMA na gyud! POSSIBLE WINNERS in the Bb PILIPINAS 2014: Yvethe Marie A. Santiago of Daraga, Albay; Mary Jean Lastimosa of North Cotabato; Half-Indian Parul Shah, from Pangasinan and Former ABS-CBN Star Magic artist Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach from Cagayan de Oro. Five crowns will be at stake come coronation night: Miss Universe Philippines, Binibining Pilipinas-International, Binibining Pilipinas-Tourism, Binibining Pilipinas-Supranational, and Binibining Pilipinas-Intercontinental. The Binibining Pilipinas Grand Coronation Night will be held on March 30 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. This hotly-anticipated pageant will be hosted by Anne Curtis, Xian Lim, Venus Raj, and Shamcey Supsup, and aired live on ABS-CBN.
Sure ka ba hindi tayo sinasakop ng China? 1. Kim Chui and Xian Lim is the new beautiful for the Filipinos today, because of 2. Meteor Garden, Boys over Flower and the Chinitonovelas 3. Sensationalized Celebration of Chinese New Year by ABS-CBN (also:Mr.&Ms. Chinatown) 4. Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, Gokongwei, Cojuangcos etc 5. Scarborough Shoal
Kim Chiu and Xian Lim KimXi Loveteam. Ako'y Sayo Lamang Song by: Xian Lim Its a very sweet moment of KimXi this the best loveteam forever. Hope you like it ...
“Waking up early in the morning with Xian Lim
Xian Lim of my life, where you na please? 😢
Gotcha! Finally after 123456789 years i have my own copy of your own na din guys. Ang ganda ng mga songs. Xian Lim Uy
KIM and XIAN MINGLERS jingle bell..jingle all the way oh what fun it is to see spotted kimxi
Well written article w/ emphasis on Xian Lim's firm statement that his special relationship with Kim remains private. http:/…
When you look closely on the photo, you may think that it was really Xian Lim because it resembles the hair style, also the body built and even the skin tone, but, Sorry it's not Xian Lim. The photo which features the censored private part of the alleged Xian Lim has garnered simultaneous criticisms...
The best angle of Xian Lim I guess :D
Xian lim,you look so much better wo a moustache
Guys, see you tomorrow at SM Center Molino for Xian Lim's "XL2" album tour. 5pm! :-)
Xian Lim made our day complete and wonderful thank u so much, we shall support u in all of yer projects.We Love You.nicest guy x
Xian Lim and Kim Chiu grace the cover of Preview Magazine's February 2014 Issue! Dare to Bare! The tandem to beat stripped down, back to basics 90's style.
He is xian Lim. We met while ago at Lucky china town. As the fact , he has a golden voice. He is good actor. For the first time i saw an actor. So xian is my.. moment in binondo city.
To us, Xian Lim is our friend. He has taught us not to mind the bashers and to always stay classy because we also repre…
Super ganda. I dreamed to have my own family and wife Feeling happy in this movie. Congrats xian lim and Kim Chiu. Best movie ever Love this Watch this guys
A picture with Xian Lim. Didnt even notice that he's behind me omg 😍😍😂😂
COMING SOON!!! "Bride For Rent" starring, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. . Expected to be released March 21. We are now... htt…
Is watching Kim Chui and Xian Lim. Ugly Ramon Bautista guy trying desperately to be profoundly cool. Great acting and inappropriate foul language and the slang makes for the greatest movie ever. Part 2! Should've watched backyardigans. Is it that hard to find a good speech coach. I'm still watching though. Pakshet.
Rules to Follow 1. Do not snob your classmates. 2.Welcome your new classmates. 3.Since you enroll in the Unoversity, you are obligated to sign your attendance and activity on time. 4. Three times of not signing your attendance and activity in a week will lead to termination. 5. Respect each other. 6. Trash-talk is not allowed. 7.Descrimination in GM's or PM's is not allowed. Sign by: Xian Lim Dean Admin Soren Ky Rodriguez Head Admin
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Part of Bertha Chan Ki Wan's portfolio and for her page. There is a moustache craze which I never got around to understand but looking at Bertha's designs, I might have changed my opinion. It was amazing collaborating with Bertha and I'm glad to have been asked to help with her portfolio. We will present five different looks in the next two weeks! It excludes an additional special shoot ;) 1) La Parisienne (The Parisian) 2) La Magicienne (The Magician) 3) Charlie Chaplin 4) x 5) x 6) x Thank you to Ying Xian Lim and Iman Diarra for taking time off to model for us=) Meanwhile, do LIKE our pages at: FYi Photography Bertha C. MUA
My brother's for today. Ala Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl and Xian Lim for SM Accessories.
This song would not have been written if not for the inspiration given me by the fans of Xian Lim and Kim Chiu. They wanted a song that would talk about Xian...
"I'm single and ready to mingle", this was Xian Lim's statement regarding his current status at the press conference held recently for his latest endorsement. If rumored girlfriend Kim Chiu does not affirm or deny her relationship with the actor whenever she's asked of her current relationship statu...
Xian Lim tells us why he roots for Golden State Warriors and UE's Red Warriors By via
ASAP POPables ASAP POPables Also known as “the teleserye princes of Star Magic”, Gerald Anderson, Xian Lim, Enchong Dee and Rayver Cruz are the members of ASAP’s “kilig” boy group, called “The POPables”. These Hot Men have the power to make the audience go wild with their performances. Oh yes, they can even get away with novelty love songs. The good looks, talent and charisma of “THE POPables” allow them to get away with anything, actually! Catch “The POPables” and scream your hearts out over and over again!
Good Morning ! Have you guys voted already for Xian Lim? One time vote and comment only !
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