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Xbox Live

Xbox Live (trademarked as Xbox LIVE) is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service created and operated by Microsoft Corporation.

Xbox Live Gold Christmas Day Xbox One Snoop Dogg

I can remember Chris Hurley beating me in a 1v1 on Halo Reach on Xbox Live like it was yesterday... it's been a whole 6 years now. RIP.
Are you getting any error code/messages when trying to upload a game clip to Xbox Live? ^RR
The Ultrafresh store sets the gold standard for exclusive hoodies. Download yours now on Xbox Live.…
The Ultrafresh store on Xbox Live will have your avatar feeling like the first day of school again.…
Grab the Red Controller Crown Tee in the Ultrafresh store the next time your on Xbox Live.
1st Armored Division [BF4] is currently recruiting for infantry/armor/aviation! PM HEADSHOT1331 or FLAPPJACKK95 on Xbox Live.
Mont member: Hackers threaten to take down Xbox Live and PSN on Christmas Day… via the
I hear good things about Xbox Live from some of my younger teammat...
Watch this video and follow the instructions given to save on Xbox Live cards and subs. …
Get your gaming jersey in the Avatar Pro Shop on Xbox Live.
I'm in the running to win a Xbox One S 1TB game bundle with £25 Xbox Live credit and a Seagate Game Drive 2TB!
Microsoft announces Windows 10 Creators Update with focus on 3D and Xbox Live gaming - The Indian Express: Th...
PsyQo Kolby renewed his subscription to Readers Digest over his Xbox Live
and FOLLOW for a chance to win a "Zombie JD" code to redeem on Xbox Live. Will announce the winner later tomorrow!
PlayStation Network and Xbox Live to be attacked on Christmas?
an Xbox Live member for 13years and I get semantics when asked about free DLC thats offered with a game I preordered.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Hi, Touchdown Hero is unable to connect to Xbox Live on Windows 10 =/
Didn't buy a lot during these recent video game sales. Did snag Lego Batman 3 for my kids, which was $10 on Xbox Live.
Find this gold chain and more in the Avatar Bling store on Xbox Live.
Get this fresh cut and cuban link chain for your avatar on Xbox Live.
Dude with a Jeffrey Dahmer Gamertag just told me to rot in *** on Xbox Live
Did it last night. So it might take a bit to propagate. Invite should come from Xbox Live to your messages.
Could someone hook me up with a Xbox live trial?! ❣
Xbox live: bringing all the bigots and rednecks in America into your living room
Me: hey Paul gotta tell you something important ... Paul: mhmm what is it ? . Me: remember on Saturday I ... . *logs off Xbox live* 😂😂😂😂
I keep wondering how these people are not getting banned from Xbox Live negative farts, moan on every post
When you remember the code to get on Xbox live
When a random guy on Xbox Live joins your party and tells you to kill yourself. Gotta love the community 😑
Of course! I already had a Xbox LIVE account, obviously. The 16th of April, 2014, was one of the best days ever.
oh this is cool I got this Xbox Live Gold code and it redeemed! Try it yourself! Go to
Rainbow Six Siege update LIVE: Operation Dust Line hits Xbox One and PS4 with new map - .
Breast Cancer Awareness
Internet so slow it won't let me connect to Xbox live.
I don't know anyone in Xbox live Preview program can u point me to where I need to join? I did win10 server and mobile 👍 ty
hi i live in Slovakia but i cant play this game on Xbox One i dont know why maybe developer dont allow my State
How To Get Free Xbox Live Gold Unlimited 1 Month (February 2014) (Working) (no surveys) - i will be...
can u help me?i have Xbox One i live in Slovakia but i cant play your game DC universe can u allow Slovakia play your game?
Cool I just got a Xbox Live card code from
When you heard racism for the first time in Xbox live (Vine by Black America News)
Fact : People will press the Xbox live dashboard to ruin your winstreak.
New post: Xbox Live Gold, free, only it isn’t
Can't connect to frontier servers but server is OK - i am on XBOX live (Tellarow) and i really wanted to play this morning :/
Add Me On . Xbox live: Rdogg777. Or. PSN:RDOGG775 . Was good who's got black ops 3 lol
Happy birthday bro, you still need Xbox Live?
So now I have Xbox live, but no WiFi. Great
Amazon Xbox live code and etc for ISO iPod touch or iPhone sign up https:…
Mane y'all gotta add me on the Xbox. We on this junt too live 😂😂
I also need my Xbox live!!! I shall do that this weekend and stop slacking!
Anybody have a 2 day Xbox live trial hmu in the dms I have 4 codes for bo3 season pass
Guitar Hero Live for Xbox 360 dropped in price by $4 to only $50
Apples to the Xbox Live store for ponies, thi...
Here is a roundup of some of the best offers on Xbox Live this week--What looks good to you?
PSA: on phone and PC do not support all Live features: Xbox Live has always been ...
It's also been 17 years. can you please re-release Power Stone on Xbox Live arcade or something?
There has been serious buzz for years that Brad Stevens has an Xbox Live account
well this is coo. I was given this. Xbox Live Gold code and surprisingly it worked!. It's totally free... via
I have a total of 586 unread Xbox Live messages from fans asking to join Forza Horizon 2 lobby today. That's ins…
Hey there! According to there is still a fee associated with Xbox Live. ^AK
SEE VIDEO! Xbox Live is down and Snoop Dogg is mad...
Our residents love to play Bowling on Xbox Live! Come try it today at 3:00pm:
Gotcha. I'm afraid that you wouldn't be able to purchase Xbox Live with account currency 1/2 ^TJ
I’ve been waiting for this day since Xbox Live was first introduced in 2001…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
This week's Deals with Gold include Mad Max, Life is Strange, White Night, and more:
I liked a video from Avermedia Live Gamer Portable - Quick swap PC to XBOX streaming
Does anybody have a spare Xbox live trial? 😁
it says ur console is connected to the internet but it won't let me connect to Xbox live
Check out XboxCUBE for a free 3 Month Xbox Live code!
Hi I brought a Xbox live 12 month code from your site and it does not seem to work...
I once met someone on Xbox Live who only played Tom Clancy games. I wonder how he feels about The Division.
I liked a video from Mackin' Chicks on Xbox Live Gone Wrong
Yo Momma is so dumb she bought tickets to Xbox Live
Sure, I'm a sweet boy right now -- but you should see me when my XBox Live lags during a heated game of COD4! ARRGHH!
Real talk the new Spiderman sounds like 90% of the teenage boys I play against on Xbox Live
Well.. it appears like i've been paying for Xbox live for months without realizing.. :/
Why does Spider Man sound a like a 13 year old speaking in a Call of duty match on Xbox Live in the new Captain America tr…
Microsoft considering compensation for recent Xbox Live outage
When Spiderman said "hey everyone" it lowkey sounded like a 13 year old talking in a $20 headset entering a Call of Duty mat…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Xbox live needs to stop disconnecting
Xbox Live's problems continue to worsen as more services are listed as affected
[Update] After 15 hours of widespread problems, Xbox Live is now up and running as normal. https:…
Xbox Live is down. Eighth outage in eight days.
Not the only title affected, keep your eye on Xbox Live.
PSN this year: 7 hours offline. Xbox Live this year: 32 hours offline
Because of the on-going Xbox Live issues, we have temporarily unlocked all gods for all players on
Xbox Live is currently having issues with purchase and content usage:
is on sale on PSN and Xbox Live this week. 33% off for PS+ / Xbox Live members.
Xbox head says that he is 'very sorry' for the continued Xbox Live issues
Xbox Live is currently experiencing some issues. You can find out more information here:
Help us Xbox Live is down and Microsoft is working on a fix:
This entire thread is gold. "We waste money on Xbox Live, and now all these PC gamers don't have to, & now I'm mad!"
This is cool! I received a Xbox Live Gold code and it worked! I got it from via
Xbox Live $35 one year subscription via Groupon
Hey you think we can put a missing persons alert on Xbox Live front page for this guy
Groove for Windows 10 needs Xbox Live integration, see what friends are listening to, share to the Xbox status feed, would be cool.
Snoop Dogg flipping out about Xbox Live being down is great: "what the fk is u doin bill gates?"
I never play Xbox Live, for fear I'd never recover from the devastation caused by a 10-year-old's snappy come back to my tras…
Xbox Live and PSN remained online during the holidays. Good job and
I can't access my account to sign on to my Xbox Live . I have filled in numerous form for forgotten passwords but still nothing
FYI be prepared this Friday Lizard Squad is taking down Playstation network and Xbox Live
Dad said I can't get Xbox Live cause I'm no *** American I'm Indian
On Christmas Day my bots will be destroying the Xbox Live and PSN in order for DSP's fan appreciation cannot be done.
(Thanks to LIKE/RT for your chance to win a One Year Subscription to Xbox Live! I'll follow and DM the w…
Another hacker group threatening to shut down Xbox Live & PSN around Xmas time again... What a buncha *** ..
Please fix the Xbox Live system for reassigning a parent account, it's honestly diabolical. It keeps failing.
Uninstalled MC Windows 10 and I'm trying to get it removed from my Mojang account. Just cuz Xbox Live and Microsoft problems.
Wondering if I should download the Xbox Smartglass app and see what friends I still have on Xbox Live
Xbox Live is an online gaming service created and operated by the IT industry giant Microsoft Corporation. Ever...
REALLY? ? My network is fine but there R problems w/social & gaming for Xbox Live. What else is there for a COD player to do ?
Atleast Xbox live is doing something right 👌
Pneuma is now free for those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription:
Got myself 12 months of xbox live from Dungeon Crawl, now time for bed :)
I haven't touched DkS1 in a while . I don't have Xbox Live anymore so PVP is out of the question. ;_;
Another Xbox Live Indie game is reviewed. Makes me wish i'd get paid requests one day, I have no idea why I'm playing these voluntarily...
For all my people on Xbox live I'll finally be able to get back online starting tomorrow 😊🙌😎🎮
I liked a video from CHANGE XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG FOR FREE [WORKING October 2015]
The XGN Xbox Live avatar store has officially launched! You can purchase your XGN gear now.…
"..Gateway drug to the new Microsoft" $149 PlayBundle= Skype WiFi,O365,Live,+$60! = :)
New video games xbox live status : Call of Duty: Ghosts - PlayStation 3 70%off
New video games xbox live status : Xbox One, 500GB Hard Drive
New video games xbox live status : Xbox $10 Gift Card
New video games xbox live status : Xbox $50 Gift Card
New video games xbox live status : Xbox 360 Slim AC Adapter featured in NBC s Science of Love
New video games xbox live status : Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership
Check your guys Novembers free titles are live includes Breath of Life and
hey major, killer is dead is not avaiable on xbox live / brasil? What happened?
I got banned from Xbox Live for a week for telling someone to suck my *** cus they told me I sucked at Destiny
All dat PC compatibility at the low low price of Xbox Live Gold.
Xbox live core services down again.
Mom!! Why would you cancel my Xbox Live 😂😂
Anyone who has Xbox, add me on Xbox live - YungHenno94
So far today :- . Xbox live which we haven't had for 2 yrs took out 39.99 which they did last yr and I got that...
New video games xbox live status : Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance - PS4 [Digital Co...
when a go to buy membership it says your Xbox live account has been locked from making any payments
Pneuma: Breath of Life easy Xbox achievements free for Gold Live . ht…
. my gamertag is Zhambezi but i do not have xbox live anymore and i dont have an Xbox One.
everyone change your location country region on our Xbox to New Zealand no matter where you live you get early access!
There's a 12 year old kid calling me a *** on Xbox Live. What do I do
Meet Black Singles 300x250
so you can't be in a Skype call and an Xbox live party chat at the same time??? Lame
you just kicked me off live for a console update. In the middle of Oryx in Destiny. How about you make updates smarter?
it's happening on my Xbox, and a message will pop up in the top right corner saying "disconnected from xbox live"
Check out XboxPanda for a free 3 Month Xbox Live code!
Xbox Live : Games with Gold du 1er Novembre ! cc...
Guess what? I received a Xbox Live Gold code totally free! You can get one too from ht... via
One of Xbox Live's creators has left Microsoft.. Related Articles:
I just bought Xbox Live when are u gonna play forza horizon 2
Buying games on Xbox Live? Then check out these deals and save money NEVER PAY FULL PRICE
Hey Kirk, sorry to hear that. If you sign in here do you see an active Xbox Live subscription? ^BD
Some great examples of early innovation from MSFT - Win95, Office, Xbox Live, Kinect, Surface, HoloLens, ...
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