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Xavi Hernandez

Xavier Hernández i Creus (born 25 January 1980), commonly known as Xavi Hernández or simply Xavi , is a Spanish footballer who plays as a central midfielder for La Liga club FC Barcelona, where he has spent his entire 15-year career.

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LFC are not looking for more money. Coutinho will not leave until ne…
The guy is Xavi Hernandez who is reporting is he reliable
My first time seeing an Enderman Farm. Thanks It got a bit crowded.
adios! legend feeling sad that we cant see xavi's magic again!. there won't be any other Xavi Hernandez!. goodbye
Xavi Alonso and Xavi Hernandez used to have nobody to free them. Same applies to Andrea Pirlo. Best mi…
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Me realizing I have a crush on someone
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Me and got reported several times for hacking in bed wars, you can tell when a player is flying around your head. Salty ppl
"..For me, and I really mean this - he's the best central midfielder I've…
I've got issues with whoever made this quiz. Since when has he ever been known as Hernandez?
Xavi Hernandez criticises for becoming complacent with La Masia and their youth graduates https…
Xavi Hernandez will coach Barcelona some day, says President Josep Bartomeu
FC Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez has criticised his former club for the way they have been running in recent years htt…
Bartomeu hits back at Xavi for La Masia criticism: The president had some strong words to say to the former……
Told you guys was working on a secret lair/trap in his room!
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Staying up just to watch Xavi Hernandez 2.0 boss Roma's midfield
One of the best international kits of our time and the great Xavi Hernandez.
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What do think about Ex Barca player Xavi Hernandez ? .
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Xavi Hernandez vs. Atletico (10/11) - Xavi's awareness, decision making and through balls make him one of the greats. Le…
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Xavi Hernández. . I've never seen a midfielder as intelligent and magical as him. He controls the entire game.
Barca should sign this guy, seems like a decend CM. All credits to Xavi Hernández - Chameleon Eyes https:…
Cora is already 1 week old today. So crazy... 😬😍
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Xavi Hernandez. . The best midfielder of history.
"He tried to destroy our focus.". Mauricio Pochettino accused Xavi Hernandez of doing Manchester City's dirty work.
Xavi Hernández: “Messi is not just the best player around now, he's also the best player who has ever walked the earth.”
My choices would be Zinedane Zidane,Xavi Hernandez and Andreas Iniesta...then I would pick Iniesta
Xavi Hernandez and Iniesta in that class too
that was something even Xavi Hernandez would be proud of.
Wait, Gomes is more gifted than Xavi? As in Xavi Hernandez? Andre Gomes?
Someone just said Andre gomes is better than Xavi Hernandez? 🙄😂... This app is just anyhow! Im schleep tho 😭
Xavi Hernandez thinks Barcelona greatly miss. Dani Alves and said he wouldn't have to think. twice before welcoming him back to the club
Aaron Hernandez found NOT GUILTY in 2012 double murder.
"The speed at which you think is more important than your physical speed" - Xavi Hernandez.
So out of the three possible murder chargers Hernandez is found guilty on 1/3 of them I'll take those odds
Former Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez believes Barca should bring back Juventus right-back Dani Alves.
Barcelona need to bring Dani Alves back from Juventus - Xavi Xavi Hernandez thinks Barcelona greatly miss Dani Alv…
Xavi Hernandez is one of the best midfielders ever? Are you after a job with The Sun?
I liked a video Xavi Hernandez : WC golden touches
Individually, I’m nothing. I play with the best and that makes me a better player. I depend on my teammates - xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernández : When was the first time you realised Lionel Messi will become the best player ever? "From the...
man are u a player out there trying to be an excellent midfielder? let Xavi Hernandez be ur role model. that's the first rule
Xavi Hernandez: "Cristiano Ronaldo scored 100 European goals first, but Messi deserved it better"
No words can explain the way I'm missing Xavi Hernandez.
1 day left until the 37th birthday of El Maestro Xavi Hernandez. A man that will never be replaced in the heart of…
Xavi Hernandez: "B+ is not a good enough grade at Barça. We need nothing less than straight As”
Am a footballer that needs a club for trial,am a midfielder and definitely the next Xavi Hernandez whom is also my mentor.
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The crowd loved all the creativity from the University of Puerto Rico Bayamon!
The crowd was loud for the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras!
Players like Xavi Hernandez I have all the time in the world for. A multi millionaire who looks like an ordinary guy from Barcelona.
I just remembered I gotta go back to class in a week smh
Just woke up!... Suddenly I need to sleep for 4 years. 😱
The last 2 people I googled are Xavi Hernandez and 21 Savage. Nobody in human history can run that combo.
I liked a video from Xavi Hernandez Vs PSG - Performance - 15.4.2015 - HD
"95% of the people love football, only 2% understand it." - Xavi Hernandez
I'll pick Xabi Alonso over Xavi Hernandez anyday anytime
Xavi Hernandez one of the best middle fielders in the history of Football
Messi: "For me, Xavi Hernandez and Cesc Fabregas are the best players I've played with. They are a big reason behind my suc…
It's so *** STUPID how Xavi Hernandez never won Ballon D'or 😡
“Did Callie spend the night at your place? She never came home last night…”
Jesus’ collapse is… ALL MARIANA’S FAULT?!. Get the deets on winter premiere from
let's hope that Xavi Hernandez interview wasn't faked like the Lucky Baloyi one.
Teams win... "Without my team mates my game makes no sense." Xavi Hernandez
I liked a video from Xavi Hernandez Final Speech and Celebrations - w. English
. AH: Xavi Hernandez! He changed the history of Spanish football with his style of play.
Well i'll join later but you guys make a group and I'll be on tonight
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Xavi Hernandez. But his charisma seems so poor
Also wouldn't mind one with Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, and Sergio Busquets as well.
to our signing sessions with Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta! . Get dual signed shirts now-…
indeed, Xavi Hernandez taught me how to take care of all grasses just to be in perfect conditions 😉
my favorite midfielders of all time are Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Andrea Pirlo, and Paul Scholes. what legendary players
Messi is better than Xavi Hernandez in terms of passing in my own opinion
Coutinho one of few players who could improve Barcelona - Xavi: Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez has laid the founda…
Xavi Hernandez urges Barcelona to sign 'Special' Coutinho, says he would improve Barcelona
Xavi: “Coutinho has shown quality and he’s one of few players that can improve Barcelona”….…
High praise indeed: Xavi Hernandez says is the best midfielder in Europe - via
Once upon a time... Lionel Messi & Xavi Hernandez combined together to watch Paul Scholes' magic. Happy birthday,…
Barcelona great Xavi: Coutinho form can lead Liverpool to title Xavi Hernandez has heaped…
Xavi Hernández Howdy I invite you to that adult cam totally free sign up Click on my profile.
looks a cross between victor valdes and Xavi Hernandez
Joan Laporta: "(I'd love to see a scenario where) Pep Guardiola would return as manager with Xavi Hernandez as his ***
Ex-Barca Player, Xavi Hernandez is now a part of the La Liga Ambassadors. [laliga]. So is Ex-Barca Player David Vill…
Nelstorm's Blog:Top Celebrity News Cristiano Ronaldo blasts Xavi Hernandez for saying Messi better than him :
ICYMI: An player has defended Xavi Hernandez after he was mocked by
Neymar is the first Barca player to give 4 assists in one game since Xavi vs Real Madrid 6-2 at Bernabeu in 2009. https:…
Real Madrid star Marcelo says: Xavi is wrong, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best!: Real Madrid star Marcelo has disputed Xavi Hernandez un...
📷 fcbwallpapers4u: Xavi Hernandez from the unforgettable 5-0 clasico For more HQ wallpapers visit...
The biggest injustice in football will be that Xavi Hernandez will retire without having won the Ballon d'Or.
Pep Guardiola is a radical who will perfect his ideas at Manchester City | Xavi Hernández | Football | The Guardian
Barcelona r really missing the services of xavi hernandez
I have won three Ballons d'Or, Xavi has won nothing, Cristiano Ronaldo blast Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez
An player defended Xavi after mocked him for his failure to win the Ballon d'Or.
Alba: Xavi should have won a golden ball
Dear your achievements in Football is literally equal 0 when it compares to Xavi Hernández's achievements. Show some respect!
Xavi Hernández: “has a better relationship with the goal — Messi has a better relationship with the game.”
. in 2025, according to Xavi Hernández. What do you think of this chart? 😎🤔😃 https:…
.has mocked Xavi after the former captain insisted Lionel Messi is a better player.
BARCELONA -- Barcelona defender Jordi Alba feels it is unfair that Xavi Hernandez never won a ... Samuel...
Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez wants to manage club in future via
Pep Guardiola is one of the few people who can change English football, says Xavi Hernandez
Jordi Alba: It's unfair that Xavi Hernandez never won the Ballon d'Or
Cristiano Ronaldo has lashed out at Xavi Hernandez
Imagine thinking Xavi Hernández i Creus have ANY regrets about his career?
Imagine going around a player with Xavi Hernandez's status and going all "I have Ballon D'or, you don't". At Xavi, out…
10) there & back, food for the film crew etc. was donated. Xavi Hernandez, the top Spanish World Cup goal scorer gave t…
Xavi says Spain have always been fearful of Italy
Xavi Hernandez: "Spain have always had a fear of Italy" -
Would you like to take part in summer soccer camp in Barcelona with Xavi Hernandez?. If you're between 6-15, you... https:…
Xavi: "Spain v Italy could easily have been the final"
Ander Herrera on the most intelligent player he's ever played with: "Smartest player? Xavi Hernández."
"Messi is the best, anybody who doesn't know about this is BLIND". - Xavi Hernandez.
Xavi hernandez, forever legend for me ❤
Joe Allen is whom Xavi Hernandez, Toni Kroos and Adrea Pirlo aspired to be.
Xavi Hernandez "Ramsey is a joy and i'd love to have played with." told TGW News representatives in Qatar, whilst watchi…
121 - Only Xavi Hernández (127) has more passes successful than Toni Kroos in a game of Euro (since 1980). Compass
so hard to choose, but Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Clarence Seedorf, Paolo Maldini, and Xavi Hernandez
.will captain a soccer team against led by Xavi Hernandez in the media pre-eve…
.XI: What a team. The next pick is Xavi Hernandez. 🇪🇸
Will Xavi Hernandez please report to my boyfriend, he obviously loves you more than me.
I'm the great words of Xavi Hernandez "Win once, you are winner. Win again, that makes you a champion"
Barcelonal legend Xavi Hernandez warns, 'Arsenal can pull off a shock result!' via
you will be the next Xavi Hernandez!
There are two types of football - there's physical football and football talent. . Xavi Hernández.
Xavi Hernandez ● Ultimate Maestro Show 2015 ● HD. Like Zidane and iniesta. (You don't even know my passion for footy
Oh god, I had a crush on Xavi Hernandez O_o :P
Xavi Hernández on Seung-Woo Lee:. “In one or two years he will be in the first team.”
Happy Birthday to one of the best midfielders of all time!. Xavi Hernandez turns 35... (Vine by Soccer Galaxy)
.Xavi Hernandez left in May last year, Iniesta is still a regular, and still amazing. But clearly closer to his sunset.
Xavi Hernandez is football guru ...future barcelona coach
Other than Zouma and Courtois, Dr Cugat has previously treated Pep Guardiola, Cesc Fabregas, Xavi Hernandez and Andreas Ini…
Xavi Hernandez picks his all time British XI: Full of Surprises in attack
Chicharito and Carli Lloyd voted CONCACAF male and female Players of the Year.
2016 is set to be another crucial year for Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez.
You clearly don't know the name Xavi Hernandez. 😂😂😂
bt av got of Barca's player I Xavi Hernandez dat left,Iniesta,Masche,r good players
“If Scholes had been Spanish then maybe he would have been valued more.” ~Xavi Hernandez
has he heard of a couple men named John Terry? Xavi Hernandez?
do you know maldini? Xavi Hernandez and Raul Gonzalez blanco?
Xavi thanks Messi for everything that the marvellous Argentinian has done for Barça:.
Xavi Hernández: “Scandalous! Awesome! I think it's one of the best goals that Messi has ever scored.”
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lol that's the man's nickname. Xavi Hernandez
Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez backs Zinedine Zidane to succeed in Real Madrid via
Soccer midfielder Xavi Hernández helped FC Barcelona win six titles in 2009 and starred for Spain's 2010 FIFA World Cup championship team
if you wanna give one to him...then don't forget to give "XAVI HErNandez" to
Xavi Hernandez: "Luis Enrique has evolved the system at Barcelona".
Xavi Hernandez, now at Qatar side Al Sadd, has also been blocked from playing ©Getty Images
Xavi Hernandez has explained why he thinks his former boss, Pep Guardiola, would succeed in the Premier League.
"They made me feel wanted.". Javier Hernandez on his move to Bayer Leverkusen:
Xavi Hernandez is unhatable what a legend
Mans needs to follow couple Alsadd fans just to check on my man Xavi Hernandez & their schedule.
"Sometimes, without looking, I know where he is." - Xavi Hernandez on Andres Iniesta
Future stars in making.Luka modric and xavi Hernandez..K.Town Finests...
Chicharito's move to Bayer Leverkusen makes sense for both player & club.
"The 5-0 Clasico was Football at its most sublime. Real Madrid players' heads had dropped." - Xavi Hernandez
"This is a spectacular picture. I loved the gift that the Club gave me on my farewell." - Xavi Hernandez.
"I'm leaving but my heart is staying at Barcelona." - Xavi Hernandez. -MOB
I liked a video PES 6 | Xavi Hernandez amazing goal by Nick[eL]
"I was amazed when I saw the banner. I thought: 'Oh my, what's starting here!'" - Xavi Hernandez
Even xavi Hernandez cnt give the type of pass Ayew gave to Gomis.
For £130k a week I would be expecting to sign Javi and Xavi Hernandez
FC Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez will announce his retirement from football this summer to take up mushroom hunting. …
no, gone are the days of zanetti, totti, maldini, Xavi Hernandez, tony Adams etc. Money has taken over the shirt
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Xavi Hernandez to leave Barcelona this summer, father confirms
I feel like Xavi Hernandez in this new lineup for our next game 💀😍
Xavi Hernández: "If we ask ourselves who the best player in the world is, then it has to be Messi, there's no question about that."
'Qatar has conditions for great World Cup' says Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernández: "He's decisive in every game he's played in for six or seven years."
Xavi Hernandez: I want to win everything with Al Sadd:
Andrea Pirlo the best the best,Xavi Hernandez might be decorated with gold medals but still...Andrea Pirlo.
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Spain’s Sports Council have approved a decision to award Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernandez with the Royal Order of...
I'm definitely going to tell my kids & Grand kids about Xavi Hernandez, Paul Scholes & Michael Ballack!
Xavi Hernandez has been officially presented as an Al Sadd player! .
One of my enduring memories of Xavi Hernandez is the through ball to put Pedro through in the 2011 UCL Final
Xavi Hernandez- can be title contenders next season!
Gracias el capitan, Xavi Hernandez! Now you can leave the club in peace after winning the second treble… [pic] —
thanks el Capitan for years of duty towards your club and country. theres only one Xavi Hernandez
“Busquets, Iniesta, Messi, Valdes… and I’ve put myself in the team so I can enjoy it.”. - Xavi Hernandez
Spanish striker David Villa says he wouldn't mind compatriot Xavi Hernandez joining him in the MLS
Tony Xavi Gonzalez was once my fb name! Xavi Hernandez! World class player!
Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez : Three for all: The best trios in sports
Its official, Xavi Hernandez will play his 1000th career match!
Counting official and friendly matches, Xavi Hernandez will play tonight his 1000th match. [via
I could watch Xavi Hernandez play football all day, everyday for the rest of my life. Delighted he stayed here another year. He is education
Bilbao fans superb. Appaud xavi hernandez as he leaves the park. Class support. Pity about some of their defenders.
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You know you are a legend when the opponent fans give you a standing applause. The legend called Xavi Hernandez.
Bilbao fans applaud the departing Xavi Hernandez; wonderful gesture. Spanish fans are not partisan when it comes to recognising quality.
Xavi Hernandez will play his 1000th career match!
Xavi Hernandez the model midfielder. The player you show your kids to learn how to play mid
La Liga players with the most assists in the last 25 years:. [105] Luis Figo and Lionel Messi. [095] Xavi Hernández. [092] …
Xavi Hernandez Also, what about best passer in the world atm?"
Cristiano Ronaldo won the ... who did you expect messi or xavi hernandez to win it!? pft!
Xavi Hernandez was better than Alonso by a long shot
Kroos even had more pass completions then him in some records he isn't special Xavi Hernandez
Thierry Henry was my favorite player besides Xavi Hernandez. Welcome back, legend!
Set de fotos: top 18 pictures of xavi hernandez  ↳ requested by grahamzusi
Set de fotos: Xavi Hernandez icons (requested by thhiagomessi)
Set-pieces? . Xavi Hernandez: "When he wants, Gerard Pique is the best CB in the world"
The fact that Xavi Hernandez isn't on the side line in today's game 😔👊
Match Squad: no Mathieu nor Xavi: The 18 man squad for tonight’s game confirmed Xavi Hernández is out with an ...
Xavi Hernandez out for Barcelona with calf strain
Welcome to New York City: Xavi Hernández officially signs as player.
Xavi out of Atlético clash: Xavi Hernández remains in some discomfort and will miss Sunday's showdown against ...
​Barcelona’s Xavi Hernandez has revealed he was on his way to New York when a phone call from Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu and new boss Luis Enrique...
Love to find pics of me! (not my pic) Spanish football star Xavi Hernandez has landed in Palm Hills Club, 6th of October City to take the...
What kind of dog Society welcomes the most famous players on the planet? Man's best friend - the dog. At seem to leave any doubt and the most famous players on the planet, keeping your home cute pets. Sergio Ramos and dogs Mesut Ozil pet Lucas Podolski dog Lukas Podolski and dog Alvaro Arbeloa dog Xavi Hernandez dog Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend with dog Wesley Sneijder and dog Iker Casillas dog
Why are you inviting Xavi Hernandez to your house if you are a Madrid fan ?
"Xavi Hernandez is the 1st player in history to win 100 games in European competitions
Did Xavi’s lack of self-confidence trick us all?: This past summer Xavi Hernández decided it was time to leave...
Sergio Busquets on Xavi Hernandez: "He is a very involved with the team and he always helps us. He’s very positive.”
Xavi Hernandez is my best player still
Xavi Hernandez by far a soccer genius
Pirlo is the best playmaker in the world - Paul Scholes. Pirlo is just class - Xavi Hernández
Xavi Hernandez of FC Barcelona holds up the trophy after winning the Spanish Super Cup during the Sp
Best. "Xavi records most completed passes in a game this season w/ 125 -
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Xavi Hernandez records most completed passes in a single game this season with 125 -
I will always support you Xavi Hernandez☀
After your training session,enjoy some quality time with your coach,Xavi Hernandez! Register @ ht…
Today Xavi Hernández will be playing in his 30th career La Liga derby versus Espanyol
Xavi Hernández completed 125 passes in the game against Espanyol. (95.4%) More than any other player in a Liga game thi…
BEST FOOTBALL PARTNERSHIP EVER! 1. Xavi Hernandez & Andres Iniesta Been playing together at the age of 11 & 12 respectively. They are the King of tiki-taka with a quasi-telepathic understanding causing dizziness to opponents. 2. Raul & Fernando Morientes The Real Madrid legends scored a whopping 277 goals between 1997 and 2003, clinching 3 UCL and 2 La Liga. 3. Theiry Henry & Dennis Bergkamp Both players wrecked havoc on every opponent team in the early 2000 scoring over 200 goals combined. Bergkamp had an unparalleled vision for the game and Henry was deadly inside the box. 4. Cristiano Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney During 2006-09 seasons, they had the most deadliest attacking force scoring a combined 60 goals winning 3 EPL titles and 1 UCL trophy. 5. Steven Gerrard & Fernando Torres During the 2007-08 season, they scored a combined 54 goals. Whenever Gerrard assisted, Torres would find the back of the net. 6. Luis Suarez & Daniel Sturridge They were Premier League's deadliest duo in the 2013-14 season scoring ...
Only one Barça player that scored a goal in the 5-0 clasico is still standing and that's Xavi Hernandez. (Yes, even *that* pedro's gone)
Ronaldo breaks record, Southampton sinks Sunderland Southampton’s Graziano Pelle, (below), celebrates his team’s fifth goal in the game against Sunderland with teammate Dusan Tadic. (Photo: AP) October 19, 2014, Sunday/ 17:20:06/ AP / LONDON Cristiano Ronaldo rewrote the record books with another two goals in Real Madrid’s latest big victory in the Spanish league. Southampton crushed Sunderland 8-0 in England while Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero scored four goals and Premier League leader Chelsea escaped with a gritty victory. A brief look at some of Europe’s top leagues Saturday: Ronaldo netted his 14th and 15th goals to set a record scoring start in a Spanish league season as Real Madrid eased to a 5-0 win at Levante, while Lionel Messi scored to move one goal from the competition’s all-time scorer. Messi guided league leader Barcelona to a 3-0 win at home over promoted Eibar, setting up Xavi Hernandez to break through in the second half and scoring after Neymar had doubled the lead. Messi ...
At -- One of our great captains, Xavi Hernandez. / Uno de nuestros grandes capitanes , X...
Spain midfielder Xavi Hernandez retires from international football.
I would like to see Xavi Llorens to take Sandra Hernandez & Mariona Caldentey from the begin tomorrow against Albacete
“For me, to defend the Barça shirt is everything and I cannot see myself defending any other. It is the club of my life.”. Xavi Hernandez
Well that's all because the Don,Xavi Hernandez retired from international football
Cesc can't replace Xavi at thr club or National team level. Just to remind you how amazing Xavier Hernández i Creus is. 💅
Gracias Xavi Hernandez por todo lo que has hecho por la for everything you've done for
I liked a video from Xavi Hernandez - The Best Playmaker Ever - |HD|
Xavi hernandez : 98% of people love football , but only 2% understand it 👍👍👌
"Having a girlfriend is demanding, once I stopped chasing girls my game got better" Xavi Hernandez
Picture of the day: Training: Xavi Hernández and Adriano Correira show their competitive spirit even when they...
[Football Koke on being compared to Xavi Hernandez, "He has been top. I have a long way to go, a lot of work."
A look back at the European career of Xavi who broke the record for the most appearances http:…
Diaporama : fleki66: Xavi Hernández spoke this afternoon at the opening of a pitch that bears his name and...
Barca players like Xavi Hernandez and Gerrard Pique, both of whom are proud Catalans, have expressed supp...
“I’m training at 100%. I said I would do whatever the team needs. I am working hard, I feel good, and I am having fun”. — Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernández, the football romantic, set to make Champions League history - The Guardian (blog)
I was nominated Senior Vai for give the list of my favorite 10 players...But I converted this the nomination from favorite 10 players to Dream Football team... In this,We have to give our favorite 11 football players names of 11 position and A name of our Favorite manager... So lets start... MY DREAM FOOTBALL TEAM: .GK: Iker Casillas RB: Philipp Lahm RCB: Carles Puyol LCB: David Luiz LB: Roberto Carlos . CMF: Xavi Hernandez . . CMF: Andres Iniesta . .AMF: Zinedine Zidane . AMF: Sócrates . LWF: Neymar Jr. .CF: Leo Messi MANAGER: Alex Ferguson
Javier Hernandez isn't the only Mexican to move from England to Real Madrid...
Falcao called the biggest club in the world. Hernandez said the same about Real Madrid. What quantifies being th…
I really can't imagine bit of Fcbarcelona without Xavi Hernàndez :') ...
I will never forget the game he held his own against Sergi Busquets, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta at their peak.
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Xavi Hernandez on loan to Real Madrid, I hope he gets more game time!
Is it me or does Xavi Hernandez look like Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother? 😅😂
Why can't Man-City sign Xavi Hernandez and ship him to New York after season if they really need a CM. 😴
Real take Hernandez on loan from United: MADRID (Reuters) - Real Madrid have moved to broaden their options in... http:/…
“If he continues like this then I think Messi will be the best player in the history of football,”-Xavi hernandez
"Three morning sessions and one in the evening xavi hernandez ♥
Just heard that Arsenal have put a bid in for Xavi Hernandez
you won't see Andres Iniesta or Xavi Hernandez transferring to Milan
At least I know Xavi Hernandez has loyalty and morale
Poor Chicharito "Hernandez" is already being compared to XAVI (Legend), for the last name!! Few Cules are just pathetic.
Hernandez better live up to the Xavi Alonso legacy at Madrid.
Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez is officially a Real Madrid player...Mexico just turned white.
Xavi Alonso out, Javi Hernandez in. Whats up with my Madrid?
I liked a video from Xavi Hernandez- Forever Legend
Can someone explain to m why we sold Xavi Alonso and bought Hernandez? What is is thinking with all them offensive players coming?
Xavi Hernandez made his Barcelona debut when Sandro(our goalscorer yesterday) was 3years old.
Milla on Thiago: "A machine. Dynamic and smart. Made a lot of progress in the last year. He's like Xabi Alonso but also lik…
Fernando Torres, Cesc Fabregas and Xavi Hernandez with their partners at the Billionare club in Porto cervo.
you mean Hernandez that has just joined Madrid on loan? Or Xavi?
they say he's old but I still c de need 4 him in de middle of de park *Xavi "Blindspots" Hernandez*. Best passer of de ball
Forgot to give credit to the man that gave balance once he came on: Xavi Hernandez. He'll always have a place at FCB if it's up to me.
74'- Third and final change for FC Barcelona, Rafinha is replaced by midfield maestro Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm.
Sandro about to come on, Lucho come on... bring-in Xavi Hernandez for God's sakes!!!
So as I have said long ago... Barcelona were at their best when Xavi Hernandez was at his peak and fit! Since then they aren't the same...
Real Madrid in for Javier Hernandez. Maybe they will appreciate a player that 'only scores goals'. I.e. The whole point o…
Xavi Hernández wouldn't be a happy man right now, and would might regret his decision to stay for another season.
That is why Xavi Alonso left to leave his and give it to Hernandez! 😏
Noticed the difference btw Gerrard and Xavi Hernandez.. body movements.. agility.. runs.. Xavi is wayy better.
Xavi Hernandez revealed that his only regret is never playing with Paul Scholes: "He was never going to leave Manchester …
My appreciation to Xavi Hernandez, one of the best players in the history of our National Team.
Xavi Hernandez: Barcelona legend quits Spain duty Barcelona and Spain midfielder Xavi Hernandez has announced his retirement from international football. The 34-year-old won the World Cup and two European Championships with his country. He was capped 133 times, more than any other Spanish outfield player, and scored 13 goals. Play media Iker Casillas lifts the World Cup for Spain World Cup 2010 final highlights - Netherlands 0-1 Spain Xavi told a news conference in Barcelona on Tuesday: "I'm grateful for all those years. It has been a fantastic time." He made his full Spain debut on 15 November 2000, aged 20, against the Netherlands. "I'm not 20 anymore, but I still have the motivation of a kid," he said. Xavi was voted player of the tournament at the 2008 European Championship as Spain ended a 44-year wait for a major international trophy and began a period of domination on the world stage. Theystarted the 2014 World Cup in Brazil as one of the favourites, but were dumped out of the tournament in the gro ...
Xavi Hernandez retires from international football as the best central midfielder I've ever seen. What a player what a man!
Xavi Hernandez retires from Spanish national team: Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez says he will not play...
Xavi Hernandez retires from Spanish national team
Live : Xavi Hernandez retires from Spanish national team
Xavi Hernandez retires from Spanish national team - Hindustan Times
Victor Valdes, Carlos Puyol and Xavi Hernandez. Barcelona will never be the same without you. :(
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