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Wrecking Ball

A wrecking ball is a heavy steel ball, usually hung from a crane, that is used for demolishing large buildings.

Miley Cyrus Eric Church Emmylou Harris Same Old Love Bleeding Love Selena Gomez August Burns Red Anne Hathaway Hannah Montana Live Lounge

many just gave up trying to find a job under Obama. Obama was a tyrant wrecking ball.
no he is a one man wrecking ball and an example of how to wear vintage 1970s polyester shirts! He is a comedian!!!
this is the trailer of ONE by my friend .. and is having a ball wrecking havoc!.
your song, LIKE A WRECKING BALL by is playing in a few mins on K99.1FM! Listen @
''Building blocks, wrecking ball.''
Five years since Wrecking Ball. Still fresh, vibrant and current. Still one of best albums. .
The janitor cleaning the lab next to me is blasting a Spanish cover of Wrecking Ball
Why did LA voters take a wrecking ball to Measure S?
Great job Carson. You're just a wrecking ball then?
see these are so much better than my simple phrase of "all i wanted was to break your balls" when i sing Wrecking Ball karaoke
hey. I checked your medals from Trials and it shows you have one Wrecking Ball medal. So you're all good. 😉
Like A Wrecking Ball. Don't know why. Absolutely love it. Hate everything else.
the Electorial College votes could have stopped this ball Trump predator n chief
On radiohhh_com RED "Wrecking Ball" by Bruce Springsteen from 'Wrecking Ball'
My receipts are . Wrecking Ball is 4x Platinum in pure sales (US). Peaked at on Hot 100 and UK Chart. Iconic mus…
Emmylou Harris – Wrecking Ball by Josh Charles one of the timeless records that still sounds as good …
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Loved the hashtag - One question, what happened to Wrecking Ball by I didn't expect to hear Miley's, but no Bruce?
I liked a video Wrecking Ball by Sunidhi Chauhan
Just listened to my favourite Beatles song, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus 😍😍😍
I liked a video from Drewsif Stalin - Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus Metal Cover Feat.
"She's just like a wrecking ball.. like that song by Britney Spears" -my dad
*Opens the DM doors with wrecking ball*
Trump latest - now the wrecking ball is hitting religious spirits! .
- of a wrecking ball. This would initiate the step to commence the fight.
Call Me Maybe goes over, but its a fast count. Bleeding Love and Wrecking Ball will dominate the title picture for years to come
I cackle every time I think about the fact that Wrecking Ball was written for Beyoncé. . "She's passed on more hits than you can imagine."
I added a video to a playlist Wrecking Ball
🐊. here I am trying to get the last word in edgewise when this gigantic wrecking ball bashed me through the...
🎵 I came in like a wrecking ball. I never hit so hard in love 🎵
My guitar is just in the corner near wrecking ball. Am also in a twist of 90's fate
Wrecking Ball by B N Toler via free at the time posted
Breast Cancer Awareness
Action Hero bring WRECKING BALL to the Exchange 4 & 5 November looking at celebrity cultur…
Terrance West is a human wrecking ball
Beautiful track by the wildly talented
*Walks into my 5 yr old sisters room as I hear her singing at the top of her lungs "I came in like a wrecking ball"* https:/…
You have no idea how hard it was choosing between Bleeding Love and Wrecking Ball.
yea or a wrecking ball! I really feel like I need to swing on a wrecking ball 😂
Seriously thought Miley was crazy when she came out with wrecking ball but now I feel her pain and the words that she saying 🙃
Because I'll come in like a wrecking ball
Not a wrecking ball for Hillary.Just a wreck inside and out,with anger issues and always looks like Bozo the Clown's brother.
Narrowly beating Teenage Dream, Wrecking Ball, Hair and Black Magic, my answer is this.
I hope when Superman comes back to life in he's actually clever instead of a sulky wrecking ball.
Ryan Kerrigan is playing wrecking-ball against Eagles' offense today.
Just like when they used to play wrecking ball after home runs at Fenway in 2015. Pumps the crowd down
NYC’s Diamond District is an economic driver. PHL’s Jewelers Row is an economic driver that may soon face wrecking bal…
could shoot someone in the street. Id still vote 4 him. Hes a wrecking ball. A hand grenade. The gov class is the target.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The fact that NE just played Wrecking Ball after the Pats sack has me dying 😂😂😂
Power move playing wrecking ball there
They played wrecking ball after we gave them that sack 😂👏🏼
We need to be better than "Wrecking Ball" after sacks. I've been meaning to say this for a while now.
Is there a better sack celebration song in the league than "Wrecking Ball" by Ms. Miley Cyrus?
Love this 'Wrecking Ball' Guardian review, at tonight. Tickets here
3 yrs ago this day the Wrecking Ball tour weekender kicked off in Kilkenny and :)
i know of the last 3. Theyre okay. I missed Warped Tour and the Wrecking Ball so 2016 is pretty much over for me now
Do you think there is a chance we will see the expanded E Street band from the Wrecking Ball tour together again in the future?
It's that pile of rubble just there. Israel should change it's National Anthem to Wrecking Ball by Miley C…
Hey Miley, we are covering Wrecking Ball on our tour this summer! !
Did I make a money saving mistake by not following Rob Thomas around on tour instead of going to Wrecking Ball?
Me: Mom why didn't you bring me to the Wrecking Ball tour? Mom: I didn't go... Me: *shows picture evidence* Mom: I didn't know you back then
Your are listening to Five Finger Death Punch - Wrecking Ball
Deeper Well by Emmylou Harris from the album Wrecking Ball
'We Cant Stop' now ha +200M streams on Spotify and it is her second single after 'Wrecking Ball' to do so.
Dustin Kensrue - "Wrecking Ball" [Miley Cyrus cover acoustic] (Live in S... the crowd is bleh but this cover was gr8
I added a video to a playlist Dustin Kensrue - Wrecking Ball [Audio]
London Grammar - Wrecking Ball in the Live Lounge via
Lance Wallnau calls Trump "God's Wrecking Ball" as well as "Cyrus". Could be? I will say the one thing in the...
Listening to Wrecking Ball, and all I can think about is Connor singing it. Cutest 3 year-old ever.
and Miley only got little to no credit on tracks especially Wrecking Ball because Dr Luke stole the credits and didn't give her any.
Just got this offer - Win 2 VIP Wrecking Ball 2016 Tickets + Hotel Accommodations from @
Was thinking about this today. Ron Jeremy on a Wrecking Ball
Gotta get press passes to Wrecking Ball for my radio show. That lineup is too good.
Great to hear on radio radio rock show. Absolutely owns "Wrecking Ball".
can I get the Wrecking Ball cover to play on the radio in a couple of hours please?
Despite the chaotic track meet with El Nino rain, the highlight of the day was Chris Mitchell playing a recorder to the song Wrecking Ball.
1-Cuando young Harrison Ford hits you like a Wrecking Ball.
Anaconda, Wrecking Ball and Marry The Night are not blocked. Why would Work be ?
Wrecking Ball, Marry The Night and others are not blocked but Work is ! What's wrong with you
this tuesday is the 2 year anniversary of Christina's Wrecking Ball blind audition we should have a pizza celebration lol
Very eclectic mix of music in the pub tonight - it's just gone from 'Ireland's Call' to Miley Cirus 'Wrecking Ball' 😳
Review: Ophism 002 by Gaja is about sulphuric rowdy electro Expect the impact of a wrecking ball.
im pretty sure it was your Ashfur Wrecking Ball video
Iggy azalea is yet to release a solo song that can outsell Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
So if (wrecking ball) goes after the holder of US debt (China) we will be in trouble. What works is FREE TRADE works.
I was talking to my grandma today and all of a sudden she said "MOIRA I HAVE TO GO THEY ARE PUTTING ME ON THE WRECKING BALL" oh, nice gma
Wanna rock you baby like a wrecking ball.
In the end, we see that was not a leader nor team builder, but merely a wrecking ball that destroys for its own sake.
'Wrecking Ball' went in more countries than any single released by Demi and Selena COMBINED & TRIPLED!
Hunt just swings a wrecking ball through anything he's left in charge of. Gove is another one.
Five years ago today S Walker took a wrecking ball to WI. See our post on FB
I came in like a wrecking ball💥 wrecking ball, banana mic, tongue and a "flower vase". That…
Miley Cyrus. We Cant Stop. Cant be tamed. liberty walk. The Climb. Wrecking Ball. Party in the USA
. Love money party. we cant stop. wrecking ball. FU. Pary in the usa. Cant be tamed
their own special kind of wrecking ball (35 Photos)
Enda Kenny rightly warns against going back to the wrecking ball days of Fianna Fáil
returns tonight good luck everyone in close proximity of me for the next few days coz Imma be an emotional wrecking ball
How about to launch a wrecking ball at him unless he frees the Wu-Tang album?
Ryan Seacrest came in like a wrecking ball. (Vine by
Like a wrecking ball would come on my pandora about 7 times a day
Just what I thought - Dave's probably already trying to decide where to send his wrecking ball next...
A chapter in the history of Japanese Canadians during WW@ facing the wrecking ball. Ken Noma on why it should be saved. @ 5:10.
You know, I came in like a wrecking ball, too. I just don’t feel the need to yell it from the rooftops.
I liked a video Jumping on the Wrecking Ball - Hilarious edited Minecraft DOGE XRUN w/ Vikkstar and
I think I will try this with Kiwi xD
I won't be surprised if the whole *** place just falls, Imma rock you baby like a wrecking ball. 🎶
Poor Micheal Martin being badly exposed tonight,just cant live down his wrecking ball with FF on Irish economy & country,now being fixed
Remember when a Miley dropped Wrecking Ball out of nowhere and then Beyoncé decided to copy her by surprise dropping an …
Miley Cyrus songs that are selling the most right now on iTunes are Wrecking Ball, We Can't Stop & Party In The USA
akamn the boy, you want to wreck live ehn, you have now become a wrecker, akamn the wrecking ball, wreck it Ral…
On my way home and wrecking ball is on the radio. Da 3ady wala homa asdyn!?
It's def valuable to learn to take the punches. Anymore it's closer to a wrecking ball tho.
If I hear Roar or Wrecking Ball on the radio one more time, so help me god
Playing the hits: Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus right now.
'Same Old Love' by Selena Gomez has surpassed 'Wrecking Ball' and is now the biggest radio hit by a Ex-Disney Act! http…
Now playing on MojoWax Radio The Jimmys - Wrecking Ball - Now do like Momma always said and "listen here":
Now playing Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball. Listen to TNT Radio at TuneIn.
'Same Old Love' has now surpassed 'Wrecking Ball' and is now the biggest Radio hit by an ex-Disney Channel act. https:…
🎼 Love you baby, like a wrecking ball. 🎧
It's amazing how can produce an amazing song like Wrecking Ball and the trash that is What a piece of garbage.
I came in like a wrecking ball. Fifth Harmony
⊱ I need a wrecking ball. I want the sky to fall. God, I feel so small tonight. ⊰ Time-Jump Emily, RT?
quando penso em liam e miley juntos lembro das músicas when i look at you, wrecking ball, adore you e i get so scared 😍
These MIAM picture literally came in like a wrecking ball
Wrecking Ball, (cover of Gillian Welch song) all pics, vocals, guitars and bass by Paul Manski
Hello my name is Thomas Fischer and i will be singing Wrecking Ball by Hannah Montana
that's the Wrecking Ball 35th anniversary tour 😂
Kristin was in chemo during the Wrecking Ball tour, now her Mom wants to take her to the Newark show.
my jam: Wrecking Ball by Gary Allan on Randy Rogers Band Radio ♫
I added a video to a playlist Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Acoustic Cover by Corey Gray & Jake Coco)
This morning has been listening mainly to Prince - 'Lemon Crush' & 'Vicki Waiting' and Emmylou Harris - 'Wrecking Ball'
Anna was pretty great, I still think Anne Hathaway's 'Wrecking Ball' performance is the one to beat.
.actors came in like a 'Wrecking Ball' for round 1 of
A few closures. Hollywoods has been closed a while, Great Pee Dee Q in Pawleys closed after 2 months & Wrecking Ball is now American Tavern
I liked a video from Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus - Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
Wrecking Ball handedly out peaked all of Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez & Ariana Grande's singles!
How to play Wrecking Ball on piano - Miley Cyrus
Nothing like Eric Church singing some Wrecking Ball to top of the night 🎶 "hitting me so hard right now"
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Ring Toss! . "Toss the ring in, get the prizes out!". Wrecking Ball!. "Wreck the bottle with the ball in the stocking!"
This means when CA radio stations play "Wrecking Ball," it helps them fulfil quotas of 35-40% CA artists.
I never complain when I listen to the radio & Wrecking Ball by Eric Church comes on.
Can't wait until Hunter Hayes grows up enough to write songs like Like a Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball singer Miley Cyrus chose almost nothing for her big evening when she hit the red carpet.
You sang Love You Like a Wrecking Ball, I'll sing you this.
Houston folks ... We're bringing the Wrecking Ball tribute show to Mucky Duck in one week. Come join us.
Like a Wrecking Ball by Eric Church will seriously never get old for me. Still by far one of my favorite songs 😍😍😍
Eric Church's 'Wrecking Ball' will forever be a fave
Amy McDonagh: 'Wrecking Ball' - Joanne Shaw Taylor Cover: Another cover by JST, great song…
Wrecking Ball is my birthday present so I just treat it like my huge birthday party played by my fav bands, filled w ppl i've never met
Wrecking Ball by is baby making music country style 🙈🙉🙊 love it 👍🏻
Kelly Clarkson performs live acoustic cover of 'Wrecking Ball' – watch |
Kelly Clarkson Owns Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' in Live Cover: Watch: As part of her ong...
You have arrived when you can sing with your son to the songs on the radio. Why did it have to be Wrecking Ball? This is my FIGHT SONG!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Media what if Lindsey Graham was referring to the Springsteen song "Wrecking Ball"?
Whoever made the decision to play Wrecking Ball after a walk off home run at Fenway: Bravo, Sir/Madam
Why are they playing "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus in this Nissan Sentra commercial
➡.Wrecking Ball will be the national anthem and Twerk it like Miley will be the national dance 👌
For Chamber Ensemble, Grain Silo, and Wrecking Ball in 1/4 comma meantone with Video
Wrecking Ball (Live) by Emmylou Harris, found with Listen now:
Miley Cyrus- "Wrecking Ball" (official music video cover by Charity Vance)
to produce an album like Wrecking Ball at his age and then tour and tour and tour. Immense.
Don't you ever say I just walked away. Wrecking Ball by August Burns Red
Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour DVD - Wrecking Ball, We can't Stop, Party in the U.S.A.
asked us what covers they should perform on their tour. Someone (not me!) suggested Wrecking Ball.
I won the Wrecking Ball achievement in Batman: Arkham City for 28 pts -
Superman false savior from director Bryan Singer's film. Superman Returns with the Wrecking Ball (R$E) via
Miley Cyrus: 'I don’t relate to being boy or girl': In a new interview, the Wrecking Ball star opens up about ...
Hot June night, windows down volume cranked up. Yeah, that was me. ♫ "Like a Wrecking Ball" by
Like I went through my Hannah Montana phase of not wanting to be a character and now Im twerking and coming in like a …
like Hugh Laurie coming into my life like a wrecking ball yeah that was unexpected
Miley's “Wrecking Ball” and Nicki's “Anaconda" managed to get VEVO certified faster than Taylor Swift's “Bad Blood” ht…
Knock some pictures off the wall. Love you baby, like a wrecking ball
Ciel came into the room like a wrecking ball. "IS THAT A CAT?!?!?!" 👿👿👿👿
I got destroyed on the wrecking ball by Jamel, Wesley, and John 😓
Fighting in the wrecking ball was the best part of the all night party
The first day on set, Miley Cyrus wanted to change the name "Hannah Montana" to "Wrecking Ball Boise." Producers refused.
I love your song Wrecking Ball its changed my life so much u inspired me and u are my fav female artist love u Miley
In need of someone to listen to "like a wrecking ball" with in the bed of my truck, with nothing but the starlight and crickets chirping 😏😏
"Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus had the 2nd highest single-week streams in the US of all time. (36.5M streams)
Despite all the promo, 'Bad Blood' failed to break 'Wrecking Ball' for being the fastest vevo certified video ever. ht…
One year ago today, Miley performed "Wrecking Ball" at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, and won 4 awards!
Need pdf of : Wilkie's Taking his best shot: A Marxist Interpretation...Wrecking Ball and Richardson's "The Theology of Bruce
*panics slightly as the record ends and wrecking ball is still going so sings over it* God on high, hear my pray..
I'm about to sleep then Luhan updated his insta like a wrecking ball /sobs/
*sings over wrecking ball* I'm proud to say she's my buttercup, I'm in love. I'm all shook up
He came in like a wrecking ball... Boris Johnson everyone 😂😂😂.
"Blares Wrecking Ball across the TL." Why?! Why would you do such a thing?! *turns up the volume for my Elvis Vinyl*
Who would like to see in a jersey next year? We'd love management to fill the void left by Ethan "Wrecking Ball" Werek
Kid looks like a wrecking ball! . One Fijian in, one out! . Looking forward to seeing him in action
I'm gonna rock you baby like a wrecking ball
Love you baby like a wrecking ball. Great song
wrecking ball at its hottest. Ih freaking hot 😻🙈
WRECKING BALL by is playing for you on JACK 2 next! BOOM!
not soft devastated our wrecking ball won't play . Has winning chance gone ?
That last text hit me like a wrecking ball 🌑
Yixing came in like a wrecking ball ~
We're about to play LIKE A WRECKING BALL by Listen & Vote 4 More:
What if Kelly Berry came in like a wrecking ball
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Suga be like: I came in like a wrecking ball~
And Taeyeon came in like a wrecking ball
Dear Elena,. Someone wrote a song for me. It's called "My writing's like a wrecking ball". Just love it. xo. Julie Plec
I'm having a calm and happy night but then Taeyeon's half shaved (?) hair came in like a wrecking ball
What's worse than Fat Amy's version of Wrecking Ball? Not reaching our Crowdfunder target. Pledge now
Me bursting into the song "I came in like a wrecking ball" mid sex, was apparently a mood breaker.
4 year old Youngbae came in like a wrecking ball
Stop what you're doing and listen to 104.5 WFMB! LIKE A WRECKING BALL by is about to play!
Puberty hit you both like a wrecking ball
Rock you baby, like a wrecking ball🎶💕
I'm obsessed with wrecking ball.. such a good song lol
I liked a video from Part of Setting Fire to the Wrecking Ball 【Adele x Miley Cyrus x
Don’t u ever say i jst walked away, i will always want u...♫ Wrecking Ball by
Coups came in like a wrecking ball 2
And then himchan came in like a wrecking ball
Before Miley ride on a wrecking ball Madonna did it first but not on a wrecking ball but instead on a disco ball
you know, I was having a writers-block a while ago and is searching for some inspiration and you came in like a wrecking ball
“Wrecking Ball,” translated in Google several times, and then sung in English [video]
Having trouble not laughing at Phil Jones crawling header. Almost as good as Kolo playing wrecking ball & scoring OG in same game.
Pitch Perfect 2 came in like a wrecking ball and smashed it's way to at the Irish box-office this weekend!. Whooo! ht…
You mean I have to choose between this and Wrecking Ball?! Not fair :(
Throwback to The 2014 BBMAs when Miley won Top Streaming Artist & Top Streaming Song (Video) for Wrecking Ball!
Normally not a fan of Eric Church but like a wrecking ball is just 😍😩
Someone thought it was a great idea to make a wrecking ball Madoka Magica AMV brb I gotta see this
CHRIS FOY - Stuart Lancaster had to get rid of Manu Tuilagi. via has made Lancasters job easier mind!
god *** I loved tonight so much. Now I just have to survive until Wrecking Ball.
Wow PSN is still down? Been like 4 hours now. Lizard Squad came in like a wrecking ball.
hello another update: I found a Wrecking Ball remake as well. This is truly beautiful.
Chanyeol came in like a wrecking ball eh? 😂😂
August Burns Red's cover of wrecking Ball is just too good.
If you don't ask me questions, I'll twerk on your face with Wrecking Ball
Stuart Lancaster’s hand is forced as wrecking ball lives up to name
Yo mama so fat, Miley Cyrus used her as a wrecking ball
I bet wrecking ball operators are some of the happiest people in the world.
Love you baby like a wrecking ball.
And they came for like the wrecking ball 😂😂
14 kids. Actually moved to a Jewish neighborhood after an errant wrecking ball took out his biz.
Went for a drive with my just about yr old AbRam & he totalled the music system, to the tune of Wrecking Ball! & parents r wary…
Manu Tuilagi is addicted to trouble - He's the wrecking ball centre who destroyed himself 
The moment when you realise you've been singing "Wrecking Ball" in your head for the last 5 minutes
I'm ready to be Rocked like a wrecking ball!
Wrecking ball will forever be perf to me
I did a live lip sync battle last night to Wrecking Ball..
Brick by Brick I'm tearing down the Prison I've built around my heart; I just wish you'd pull a Miley and come in like Wrecking Ball tho 😏!
Oh god it's gonna hit me like a wrecking ball during the actual ceremony...
Oh Miley get off that wrecking ball, I guess she can't stop & won't stop,
I came here like a wrecking ball... I fell so hard in love
You ever try falling asleep then Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball is suddenly stuck in your head? Yea me either.
Today's hema requests came in like a wrecking ball whew
not scary, but I once regained awareness mid-colonoscopy as 'wrecking ball' was playing on the surgery radio. A fun listen.
wow I'm seriously like a wrecking ball
LOL! As subtle as a wrecking ball! Not ISIS, this is handywork of RAW. No doubt.
How you can use Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball for science
Wrecking Ball Sturgeon Salmond Oh yes we will! get the ring out
Then you came in like a wrecking ball lol
I can't believe that Wrecking Ball was 2 years ago :O
Down there with the folks that brought us Nicola on a Wrecking ball. Jis dinnae go that low. Love the paper but,
Best wrecking ball fail ever. That Squeal at the end.
dwell: Midcentury gem in saved from the wrecking ball:
Can never listen to Wrecking Ball without visualising the woman who tripped and flew through the air towards me and last year featured in NBC s Science of Love
Yeah, Miley. (Actually I quite like that somg she released after Wrecking Ball) 😳😜😂😂
Wrecking Ball Wednesday!! First on the ball wins a VIP pass and all the glory!! Will it be you?!. Now open for...
Midcentury gem in saved from the wrecking ball:
Tiffany and Wendy hit by puberty with truck and smashed by a wrecking ball.
Don't you ever say I just walked away. I will always want you... ♫ Wrecking Ball by —
TBH Jungkook is my first bias in bts then Jimin came in like a wrecking ball.
Like a wrecking ball is laying on me
wow. That came in like a wrecking ball. 😂 from 0 to 100 in a second lmfao
Relight my wrecking ball on with and Hartman.
The iguana wrecking ball vine and the Maria Carey dude at the grocery store vine are my two top memes of the past month.
Wrecking Ball has never been sang this good. The emotion and vocal technique are beyond this wo…
Like a Wrecking Ball? Holy smokes Eric Church can do slow jams.
The 'Wrecking Ball' singer is said to have bought the home after it was revealed in January that her parents, ...
This is my jam: Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus on Ariana Grande Radio ♫
I'm listening to Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus using
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
If you haven't seen Anne Hathaways lip sync to Wrecking Ball, GO WATCH IT NOW. You're welcome.
So I saw a bit of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" video in an ad before a YouTube video. I think I'd rather watch her twerk at the VMAs again.
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball. Listen it now to Concept Radio!.
Anne Hathaway's lip sync of 'Wrecking Ball' will forever change how you think about her:
Eric's new single "Like a Wrecking Ball" is coming soon to a country radio station near you!
Tune in to Blues & Brews Radio on Tunein at and listen to Wrecking Ball by Joanne Shaw Taylor now!!!
"Like a Wrecking Ball" by is by far the sexiest song on the radio right now, possibly of all time 😍
The Ted Cruz Wrecking Ball has liberal heads exploding
That's 5 times this week. Ya gotta stop surprising me with wrecking ball. And I'll get in touch with my agent.
Crash right thru the front door, back u up against the wall, love you baby, take it right there baby, rock u baby like a wrecking ball
From the climb to like wrecking ball like she kills
Like she came in like a wrecking ball. _مفاجئ
. Uninvited sunlight. Brown papered windows. Cats are hungry. Peeling wallpaper. Reeks of urine. And on Saturday. The wr…
Wrecking ball dancing down the hallway, her lips taste like sangria 💋
The Wrecking Ball ATL 2015 Promises Plenty of Rock: In case you’re sick of recent festivals being overcrowded ...
Hackapella's free throws came in like a wrecking ball.
It took me until yesterday to realize that wrecking ball by Eric Church is about sex. Really rough sex.
Science test. Soft solid: a teddy bear. Hard solid: a wrecking ball with on it 😂
. Giraffes killing me with their wrecking ball neck attacks.
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