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Wounded Warrior

The U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) is a program administered by the U.S Army Warrior Transition Command that assists severely wounded soldiers and families from injury throughout recovery for as long as they need help.

Wounded Warrior Project Wounded Warriors Tony Horton San Antonio Charity Navigator

Wounded Warrior Battalion East takes gold in sitting volleyball over Netherlands/UK
This might be a great fit for you: Resource Development Coordinator - Jacksonville, FL -
Partnership with uses gaming to connect
How does it feel to be a Wounded Warrior and have American values trampled under foot? -I Am Reminded Every Single Day!!!
Noel Meade's Wounded Warrior unlikely to go for the Hennessy? I'd save him for the Becher a week on Saturday. Proper horse.
Wounded Warrior ride at Naval Station Mayport for some it's their first chance on a bike in years
Wounded Warrior debacle begs the question: When is it ok to spend money to raise money?
and the Wounded Warrior foundation is actually not what you think it is
Former Regiment commander released from brig
Top 5 Live: Michael Ray, Love & Theft and more: A Tribute to America Fundraiser This Wounded Warrior Project ...
Tamara is one of the . finest Indie authors today.
I'm a wounded warrior and now that the enemy is closing in
Ex-Wounded Warrior employee on execs' firing: "It feels good" -
Tamara Ferguson's books will . take you on a romantic journey.
Home Media Wounded warrior returns to 'smart home'
All of the Services have the Wounded Warrior program, culminating at the annual Warrior Games. But what comes next?
Wounded Warrior discovers himself and the healing power of love https…
Reminder: baseball has a double header at home starting at 1:30 with doing his Wounded Warrior Project in between games!
DAY 1070: Support the Wounded Warrior Project and its warriors; and next run be thankful that you can run.
Celebrity chef dishes on Wounded Warrior scandal, staying in shape.
Get Pumped Up for Great Eats with Robert Irvine: Celebrity chef dishes on Savor, Wounded Warrior scandal and…
Wounded Warrior tabs retired Army general as new chief operating officer.
Donors gave over $200 million to Wounded Warrior charity in 2015. 60% of it DID NOT go to Wounded Warriors.
Wounded Warrior announces new chief operating officer. STORY:
HOORAH... been a proud supportor of Wounded Warrior and Boot Campaign... Vets deserve the best. Thank you for everything.
will have reserved parking spot thru Wounded Warrior Project (
Getting ready for some competition at 3v3 benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project!
Trainer Noel Meade plans to run Road to Riches & Wounded Warrior in the Irish Gold Cup at Leopardstown.
Right on...please share this is you know any veterans struggling with PTSD or depression. Wounded Warrior...
Wounded Warrior Project added to Charity Navigator watchlist:
fires back at CBS News allegations. Our coverage continues at 5 on CBS47 FOX30
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
How long before the other candidates start begging to join the Trump Town Hall and Wounded Warrior Telethon?
he can't he has to get his PAC to do it for him. My guess is he's never given a wounded warrior or vet a dime
Is the Wounded Warrior Project wasting its donations on liquor and parties?
Google Wounded Warrior Project lawsuit and see what a bunch of crock that is. it doesn't seem to help soldiers 😒
"Wounded Warrior Project said it was not aware of the candidate conducting any fundraising efforts on its behalf." http…
Naw, I'll be busy with Trump's Wounded Warrior/Vet event instead. But enjoy Ted in the spotlight.
Former Wounded Warrior employees accuse charity of wasting millions
Dear Wounded Warrior Project has SERIOUS issues - it's a great fundraising scam that does EXACTLY no…
Trump's wounded warrior event Thursday will be covered on
Wounded Warrior Project accused of wasting donor money on parties via
Icing on the cake, is the preeminent veterans program Wounded Warriors apparently is shafting veterans. https:…
Presa's Humor;) Wounded Warrior Fund spends more money on themselves than on wounded veterans [Sick]
Wounded Warrior Project accused of lavish spending for employees
Give to a veteran on the street. Then you know your dollars are being donated to Veteran in need!. "About 40...
Saw some posts about issues with Wounded Warrior org today. Here's their Charity Navigator info:
If you really care about. Veterans, do your research,. and give judiciously. That is all I can say without profanity.
Educate yourself on these Wounded Warrior folks, then never donate to them again.
As Wounded Warrior Project became a big name, it spent millions on things that seemed more lavish than appropriate
Wounded Warrior Project accused of wasting donation money
Veteran's charity accused of wasting donations on itself
40% on overhead. Need more for Project Spends Lavishly on Itself, Insiders Say
Trump and Wounded Worrier Project - a perfect storm of patriotic hypocracy and all-American greed.
As Wounded Warrior Project has grown, it has also embraced aggressive styles of management
Charity watchdogs question Wounded Warrior's spending on vets
The charity for wounded veterans, the Wounded Warrior Project, is facing accusations of using donor money toward excessive spending on
Everyone who attends Wounded Warrior fuk the rally on preempting will get a "Make America Great Again" blanket
YES!! We need to Rally all TRUMP supporters to watch wounded warrior event!!!
Do you have to spend money to make money?
My time/money/charity goes to causes like Saint Jude or Goodwill or Wounded Warrior. It's vary rare when I donate to an individual.
Can't wait! with Greg Papa and live from Wounded Warrior game on Feb 6th
come on down to our Holiday party supporting Wounded Warrior tomorrow night. 7:00 at Johnny's Tavern.
Headed to a Christmas party for Wounded Warrior spouses. it is gonna be fun! My husband is even dropping me off so I can enjoy some...
We're Read about our latest opening here: Outreach Coordinator - Philadelphia, PA - PA
See our latest TX and click to apply: Transition Training Academy IT Manager - San Antonio, TX -
Only 48 to 58 cents of every dollar actually makes its way to wounded veterans...Team River Runner is the real deal!
I think everyone should give to Wounded Warrior Project.They are the true heroes.
Watch the Wounded Warrior Experience for inspiring stories from American heroes on the front lines
When you purchase select items you'll support and promote your brand.
shares WW Sailing in Annapolis for vets & families. Listen to live now:
I served my country for 8 years and my husband is a wounded warrior; ur assumptions reveal ur ignorance.
Watch (and read about) wounded warrior trying out hi-tech gizmo that lets him walk without cane. https:…
Thankful this Marine wife of a wounded warrior connected to us and donated toys to help us with our Santa...
See our latest FL and click to apply: Corporate Giving Coordinator - Jacksonville, FL -
BIC pen is donating a percentage of profits to the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) in support of their mission.
I applaud Chris Herbert, Muslim UK Vet, a wounded warrior, for disagreeing with your rhetoric.
this meant I could ride my bike to school, oh I also did some wounded warrior work, and held a job at a local papa johns
Trump is the best. He is all about America and Americans!
Wounded Warrior Publications supports Folds of Honor through the sale of our books. Please consider supporting...
Just came out of my last final like a wounded warrior
Great story from a great community - Wounded Warrior gets keys to mortgage:
Happy holidays from Bunce! (service dog in training for a wounded warrior) Artwork:ht…
A wounded serviceman was at a Donald Trump rally and asked him just 1 question. Right after he finished asking...
If you are a Wounded Warrior amputee this book will help. and THANK YOU. .
Join the Wounded Warrior Project team! See our latest opening here: WA
Equipment for Wounded Warrior events stolen from fishing club - KCRA Sacramento
River Edge Students use Padlet to express "Gratitude", this month's character trait, to the Wounded Warrior's . We posted comments and pics!
Don't forget to start selling flags for the Veteran's Day project. Money will go to the Wounded Warrior's Project and flags are $2!
He needs to challenge the Wounded Warrior Project and find out why this is happening
Great honor to witness a wounded warrior receive a mortgage free home today.
A few spots are still open for the Wounded Warrior Classic charity golf tournament. Learn more on our blog
Kensico raising money for Wounded Warrior...come to the Haunted House and show your support
New selection of men and ladies Wounded Warrior T-shirts, beanies, and hats
John Roberts shares the alternative pain relief therapies that have worked for him:
Wounded Warrior Project - Purple Heart Game shirts are now in the athletic office and can be picked up starting this morning.
Sign up for Warrior Foosball at to benefit Wounded Warriors and survivors!
A fine idea and a great charity. Bryan Cosma
Beatty to Participate in U.S. House Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program: Beatty to Participate in U.S. House Wo...
Bush knew about PTSD -- creating a Wounded Warrior program makes him the Hero out of Hero-Victim-Martyr
Ant: Watch Roger Waters, G.E. Smith, William Patrick Corgan, and members of the Wounded Warrior Band(Wounded...
VP Buildings sponsored a hole at ITAC's Charity Golf Tourn. This was for Wounded Warrior and Habitat for Humanity.
This wounded warrior is going 2 visit So Cal Nov 7th maybe you could reach out and have him on!
helping vets is awesome cause, like and many wounded warrior organizations... HooaH and Fall in!
Everyone join the Wounded Warrior Project Club! Email my sister Lauren to join!
Tomorrow at the wounded warrior game please wear camo or Liberty red white and blue.
⚑We're very proud to be hosting an event that will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Help us help…
Help raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project
We need a national fund 2 take care of the families of fallen officers. Perhaps Wounded Warrior could do it?
I think donating to the VFW, or smaller, local vet orgs is way to go. Types like Wounded Warrior already have $.
Corning selling T-shirts to raise money for Wounded Warrior Project. Whatever is not sold in school will be sold Friday at football game.
Persistent pain is highly prevalent among military veterans.
The prevalence of depression during post burn hospitalization is around 54%.
Burns can cause one of the most intense types of pains imaginable. Veteran John Roberts shares his experience:
Wounded Warrior - Leap of Faith 2015 at Skydive San Marcos with Hays County Sheriff's Office, Travis County...
Wounded Warrior program helps veterans with PTSD
Bring in cupcakes on Fridays to help raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project!
Wounded Warrior Project offers respite and hope to caregivers of wounded veterans | GSN
Join us downtown tomorrow at The Student Bookstore for All American Friday Fest at 3 pm. The event benefits the Wounded Warrior program.
100% of registration fees go to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Tons of trophies for those who enter, and...
Wounded warrior ampeeuptee softball team.
imagine having a wounded warrior son or daughter and listening to this BS artist
I am a wounded warrior. My heart has been ripped from my chest, and yet I live...barely, if you can call it living.
wounded warrior. Not sure if he was Iraq or Afghanistan
Very honored to host the American Heroes Golf Outing today benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. Thank you Veterans http:/…
A Red Warrior lay wounded on the Reddit field.Celtic Warrior summoned to voice his support
Since I started Tee Off Fore A Cause in 2008 and worked with many Wounded Warrior Project staff over that time, I...
Come join us for our 5K Night Run/Walk, Moonlight Madness II Aug. 28th at 8 pm at RRS Tempe and help support the Wounded Warrior Project!
I want a Wounded Warrior Project hoodie. Anybody know where I can get one ?
Warrior starts at Wounded Knee 1973 and then gets exciting.
Once again we cannot express our gratitude for your valuable support of Wounded Warrior Homes! Bali Hai you are a...
"And being at the wounded warrior games in Colorado Springs!
TRUMP loves AMERICA! He appreciates our VETS & Wounded warrior's. He understands the personal sacrifices that many endured for our FREEDOM.
Wounded Knee 1973. Live it with Rick Putnam, the of Courier. Warrior is
Help Lake Claiborne Disc Golf raise fund for the Wounded Warrior Project! More information can be found here:
The registration link is up and running for the 6th Annual Wounded Warrior Golf Tournament at the Bethesda...
was disappointed in with VS & them using a wounded warrior's leg as a trophy, that's sick featured in NBC s Science of Love
Wounded warrior inspires in Bryan Park yoga series
Caliente Harley-Davidson is proud to be a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)! Our store…
Wounded Warrior Project store by Sublithings has Products at
Thank a veteran. Donate to the Wounded Warrior Project TODAY!
Make sure you get your form in for our tailgate supporting the Wounded Warrior Project September 11th!! Due tomorrow!
One year ago we lost a wounded warrior to PTSD. Between WA State and my Honor & Courage Team in PA we worked day...
Nissan and Pro Football team join forces to support the Wounded Warrior Project!...
Home sweet home for one Wounded Warrior
MHS Football white out t-shirt for the Highland Park game. Purchase one and support the Wounded Warrior foundation!! h…
Think government is a problem now?. "Warrior" begins in Wounded Knee 1973 when the government was REALLY after you.
Pharmacies donate $108,000 for Wounded Warrior Project by via Stars and Stripes
We would like to announce a special pop up for this weekend. . If you know a local Wounded Warrior and thier...
Great time on the 1st annual Poker Run to benefit Wounded Warrior and Funds for Freedom.
Maj.Gen. Charlie Flynn & rest of cmd group show the colors at Wounded Warrior regatta.
Our Hilton Garden Inn Manchester NH (seen overlooking the field) was a proud sponsor of the Wounded Warrior...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Jimmy Buffett is doing a live set right now in Amagansett Square in honor of Solider Ride-Wounded Warrior.
Thank you to everyone who came out on the 4th of July for this great event. We raised $610 for Wounded Warrior...
Here at the 11th hole donating towards the Wounded Warrior Project! Chip in, make a difference, make…
Quantico Marine Corps Band Wounded Warrior Project for posting the short clip of "Hey Baby"
Great golf isn't always about the game. So grateful for all the amazing volunteers with the Wounded Warrior outing today. Thank you!
Wounded Warrior and River Cats games tonight. Giants game tomorrow. Happy me. 😁⚾️
Wounded Warrior Band playing tonight at the Colorado Springs World Arena. Show starts at 8 pm.
Great turnout for a great cause, Wounded Warrior Project!
Conrats wounded warrior Dominic on your nice lake Lanier striper.
MT "Preview of tonight's game in Sacramento from KCRA's Sports Anchor Michelle Dapper. KCRA 3
I walk into the house & my little cousin is wearing a Wounded Warrior Project shirt lol
Wounded warrior team and NFL alumni game. God Bless America.
Getting outdoors and moving with our Wounded Warrior Project Functional Fitness program! Great job today!
The have a doubleheader dedicated to wounded warrior tonight
PROOF that Wounded Warrior Project Uses Less than 52% of Donations for Veterans -
Vetted has a show on 07/13/2015 at 01:00 PM @ Arnold AFB Wounded Warrior in Arnold Afb, TN
Need prayers my warrior was wounded on the battlefield...Thank you everyone in advance
Waiting for daddy and grampy who are doing the wounded warrior ride today
If you are in the Montauk area today stop by the Sloppy Tuna at 4:00PM! We will have a dunk tank benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project!
National anthem has a little more meaning the day of Wounded Warrior Amputee game. Honored to be…
Wounded warrior commercials make me cry dude...
It's the final day to of our fundraising weekend!. Use code: FREEDOM for 10% off & 15-20% will be donated to the Wounded W…
Early morning for the Wounded Warrior Project. 💜
Can a wounded warrior ever find love? Maybe?
'Like' PacificHonda today and we will donate to Wounded Warrior Project!. Please share with your friends and...
Great day with the Wounded Warrior Project! It was time for the ladies to learn some Paddleboarding skills!
To Scott Yancey and Ami,just watched when you all donated to our wounded warrior,THANK YOU, my Dad was a vet,WW2
We're hiring a Fellow for our office! Eligible vets encouraged to apply. More info here:
Today on was w/ talking about their Softball game today at 330-530
Join the WINNING TEAM today. Help our HEROES - Wounded Warriors -
Join golfers on 8/3 for the benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. Sign up today!
This wicked bracelet unravels into a survival rope! Get it at our shows and 100% of proceeds go to Wounded Warrior! http…
Wounded Warrior amputee softball team to play at Raley Field | News - KCRA ... - KCRA…
BostonLax All Americans taking an amazing speech from Hardy Allen of Wounded Warrior Project
Donated a good amount of money to the Wounded Warrior Project because God knows the USA doesn't take care of their veterans. Look at the VA
The amazing Ms.Condoleezza Rice is truly a wonderful woman. All proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior.
Winn-Dixie to donate all July 4th profits to Wounded Warrior program
Wounded Warrior Project is scam, needs shut down, see what up to now, want money
Take a few minutes to see how Advil helps support the Wounded Warrior Project!
Wounded Warrior Project honored before the game.
Cariboo to host Wounded Warrior fly fishing retreat: Wounded Warriors are coming to Williams Lake in September.
Advil donates some of its profits to the Wounded Warrior Project.
All proceeds raised during the Eco Fair will go to Wounded Warrior and a local family from Magnolia
See how Advil helps support the Wounded Warrior Project!
Our friend and pro triathlete, Justin Daerr, is raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project during his IMTX...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Wounded Warrior Project only 58% to the need- needs more accounting than off hand endorsement. How much is exec salaries?
17 in the National Hunt Chase.. on Very Wood and Johnny King on Thunder and Roses.. Wounded Warrior not declared
Health and wellness is such s vital part of a Veteran's life. Here is a great program through the Wounded Warrior...
For more info on the Wounded Warrior program, go to
Wounded Warrior push up program... 11 push ups per minute for 24-hours. In need of sponsors!
The Stone Harbor Shiver will benefit Habitat for Humanity and the Wounded Warrior Project for 2015!
Woman gets prison for Wounded Warrior thefts: A woman was sentenced to prison Thursday in St. Lawrence County ...
Video, story on with in Jan. 28 flag football game against former NFL stars
My staff joined a leg tour of the Warrior & Family Support Center in San Antonio. Fantastic support for wounded vets!
Wounded warrior in the army of The Lord Jesus/Yeshua,
At Fort Sam Houston with Wounded Warrior Captain Jennifer Dangerfield. Thank you for your service!
Wounded Warrior fundraising calendar DONE!Off to the presses.Now to get caught up on some Parks and Rec, Impractical Jokers and Always Sunny
Wounded Warrior looks made for 4 Miler in Could be some price at 10s if turning up with i…
Read the story, then be sure to see the photos on FootStomp:
On his long road back from Iraq, 'wounded warrior' Joe Kashnow finds healing ... -
Yeah I know, I want mine to go to a Wounded Warrior Project or something like that :) when I get a sub button
Serious Coffee is so proud to support this very important fundraiser! The Wounded Warrior Run is set for Feb 15-20.
The Wounded Warrior Project commercial just made me sob.
Wounded warrior. Game was live !! 1td. 1 int. 3 pass tips 2 sacks. Pretty good day n we won. The…
A panel from Wounded Warrior Program & are sharing their experiences with new at
The Gary Sinise Foundation is one of the great charities we have raised funds for.
Check out and from the Wounded Warrior Amputee games last night in AZ
We Need Your Help. VOTE for us to win Click on VOTE FOR THIS ENTRY We Sponsor Wounded Warrior Anglers, Thanks.
With legend Eric Allen. Shouts to for swaggin out at the Wounded Warrior Game. Goodtimes!
Me & Huff from Warrior Canine Connection. I'll be talking about their program helping wounded veterans on
Shouts to Young Legend Eric Allen from the Eagles and everyone for supporting at the Wounded Warrior…
Little upsetting that won't let us Canadians support the Wounded Warrior Project, no shipping to Canada...
I had a dream that I ran in a Wounded Warrior race 👌👍
"Can a wounded warrior ever find love?" Maybe?
He could have taken the legal victory and foregone the settlement or donated the $1.8 million to the Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior in California to get thanks to
100% of proceeds from this shirt will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. .
BIG thanks to for their continued support of our
Today is the anniversary of the Wounded Warrior Act, critical reminder that we must keep fighting for our vets →...
• Chuck Price: Buy Investing Simplified the book and $1 from every book goes to Wounded Warrior Project Order today!
NPbay auction items starting to arrive! This year's charity is the Wounded Warrior Project Stay tuned!
We donated $5 to the Wounded Warrior Project for each person who wanted to discover WARE at the AHR Expo!
I'm stuck in an endless loop of the Wounded Warrior Project spot. help.
Hey PN! calls on the House and Senate to pass the Wounded Warrior Federal Leave Act
Victory! Led by at QB, and the heart of my wounded warrior teammates!
.donates $250,000 to Wounded Warrior Amputee Football team at charity game vs ex-NFL stars in Phoenix Jan. 28
I was proud to attend the Wounded Warrior Flag Football game tonight to honor our brave veterans.
Great time at the Adaptive Sports Foundation's Wounded Warrior weekend at Windham Mountain. Thanks to all involved!
ever notice how often those Wounded Warrior Project fund-raising ads run? Administrative costs may be too excessive?
Buds in the Puget Sound Area: (Or any of you SEC, Ravens, Packers etc fans who will want to get over your football blues come 23 Jan, maybe you want to take a trip and get motivated in Seahawk county.) Friday, January 23d: Steilacoom Kiwanis dinner, wine tasting and silent auction at Clover Park Tech College (McGavick Center). Tickets are $50 per person. Let me know if you are interested or have questions. Below are some of the activities the Club supports: • Host an annual Wounded Warrior fishing derby with breakfast and lunch for Soldiers and their families. • Two Habitat for Humanity Builds for the Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity affiliate each year. • Provide Christmas gifts for the children at both the Western State Hospital Schools. • Sponsor of the Key Club at Steilacoom High School. This club provides hundreds of hours of volunteer support throughout Pierce County. • Sponsor a Builders Club at Pioneer Middle School. • Partners with the 42 Military Police Brigade at JBLM. ...
Little Giant Ladders
that's the Wounded Warrior uniform and the ghey Texas Flag schit is Under Armor. BU on the other hand is just weird.
It really bothers me that organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project have to ask for donations, but yet we provide income to dead beats.
your thoughts on a Wounded Warrior Project ...heard bad things!
Blackhawks EM Clint Reif w/adorable CJ. Clint is the brain child behind the Wounded Warrior initiative. http:/…
A wonderful update from Donald, a Wounded Warrior who was at Laurel Ridge here in San Antonio and adopted...
Operation Warrior Wishes is hosting a Wounded Warrior and his wife and a Gold Star family at tonight's Monday...
Honor and Remember been invited by Wounded Warrior Project and Annin Flagmakers to walk in the New York City Veteran's Parade. We need at least a dozen volunteers to help spread the mission by walking with us, holding flags and passing out literature. If you would like to participate please write contactfor more details. It should be a wonderful experience and opportunity to share this symbol of remembrance with the millions who will be watching. Thank you!
"Wounded Warrior he loves his country too much .. uncle sam took ya leg fool & ain't giving it bac
And just another reason why I LOVE this company!. The Wounded Warrior Project is something that I can relate to...
Shirts that support the Wounded Warrior Project will be available hopefully Nov 1st please buy one it goes to a great cause our military men .they will be 40 blues sizes medium to large if ya have a specific. Size let me know and there will be 40 pink
This has been one of the craziest days I've had in a while. Someone broke into the church at Oak Grove by throwing a rock through the window of the room where the safe is and then broke the glass in the window of my office door with a brick. As far as we can tell the only thing stolen was the large jug of change that sat on the altar that was designated to help the Wounded Warrior Project. I went from being a little nervous (I found the broken windows while Jackson was in the car), to being very angry. Now, I feel a little sorry for the person that did this. It's takes a pretty broken person to break in and steal from the church, especially when we help so many folks. So whoever you are, I am praying for you. After that ordeal I got to spend the afternoon with my brother and then this evening with my parents. It was like stepping back in time 20 years with all of us around the dinner table. It was just what I needed. Cherish your family, they were given to you for a reason. And tomorrow Jennifer Pickler L ...
Got back to the gym tonight after a week of vacation in Mexico and rain most of this week. I'm concerned about how I will do Saturday morning in the Wounded Warrior 8K but I will man up. Lol.
What a great 2 days it has been in Boston! Powered by PeopleScout, we partnered w/ Paralyzed Veterans of America & Wounded Warrior Project to conduct our first Recovering Warrior and Caregiver Employment Conference. On the first day, employers attended a breakfast & presentation on how to, hire, onboard, and retain wounded veterans. On the second day, employers conducted pre-matched interviews with wounded, ill, and injured veterans, as well as military caregivers. Learn more about HOH’s Recovering Warrior & Caregiver Program:
OK... So my wife is a Wounded Warrior Project Alumni, and we got hooked up with a 6mo. membership to Lifetime Fitness. I have only gone for 2 days. and only had 1 cup of tea (no coffee) and was actually able to make a pack of smokes last 2 days ! Beast Mode: [ON] OFF
Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal, Shia LaBeouf, and Director David Ayer got a chance to exchange war stories with Wounded Warriors during a visit to our inpatient ward on October 15. The Sony production, Fury, movie cast spoke about their upcoming American war film, due in theatres on October 17. A BIG thanks to our USO-Metro partner for the work they did to coordinate the event.
Update your maps at Navteq
The other day I was driving around LA doing my rounds for auditions. I saw a bunch of homeless people camping out under a bridge. I thought to myself. "I wonder how many of these people came out here to pursue acting. That would make an interesting movie." Not two weeks later I saw a post on Craigslist looking for producers to help finish a film called "Lost Angeles". It's a story about a midwest girl that becomes homeless while trying to become a model. Here's the kicker the cast and crew actually spent their days living on the streets while filming. They also partnered up with a non profit organization called From the Heart. We will be contributing some of the money donated to homeless shelters and the Wounded Warrior Project. We will be launching a indiegogo campaign soon. Please help spread the word as we need investors. In the meantime take a look at an introduction to the film.
Who know anyone who can help a wounded warrior in need? If you can help or share with your friends and family members to support the soldiers in need. Travis gover is a hard working American soldier who is being medically retired from the army and is working very hard to support his family he is a loving husband and step father but he is trying to get a house for him and his family. His credit is to low and is preventing him from getting the home of his dreams for his family. It's not a lavish or big home just a older home large enough for him and his family and dogs. He is truly a blessing to this earth and needs a hand after giving so much up to this country. Trying to help him before he is out and stuck in a very hard spot. Please help.
Congratulations to our Awesome Hotty Coach Jenna on her new position with Wounded Warrior Project!! Her Keiki class showered her with ❤️this morning! Jenna is an amazing coach who pours her heart into her work! She is an inspiration to us all! We all love her and wish her wonderful success in this new journey!!
If you're looking to get in shape and support our veterans, order a P90 Challenge Pack from me during the month of October and a portion of the proceeds goes to support The Wounded Warrior Project. Private message me for details.
Illini Middle School is hosting a Wounded Warrior Run Nov. 3 2014. My daughter Abigail is running in it and is needing sponsors. You can sponsor any amount $1.00 and up. Anyone who sponsors her from this post I will match your sponsorship up to $10.00 per person. All proceeds from the run goes to the Wounded Warrior Project. You can send your donation to our address below. Just post the amount you are sponsoring her for in the comments below. Thank you in advance for your support.
This is awesome. I'm proud to be a part of a group that can donate that much money to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Wounded Warrior House is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with headquarters in Woodland Park, Colo.
Have you heard about Beachbody's promotion with the Wounded Warrior Project this month? For every P90 Challenge Pack that is sold, Beachbody will donate $5 to the Wounded Warrior as part of our Every One, Helps One Promotion. For more information like this post, or email me at achillesfitfor more info. As an added bonus, all active duty military can save 25% as well!
Grant Hebda ran his best time ever...and qualified for the State Meet in Kearney! The best of the best will be running there. If anybody thinks it's easy to qualify for the state meet in Kearney...ask Grant about that. It's a big deal, and that young man worked his tail off all season for this moment. Grant trimmed 24 seconds off his time at the last meet - and the last meet's time was his best ever. What an accomplishment for this young man. He ran an 18:19 today. First meet of the year, I believe he ran right at 21:00. That's a huge improvement. Great job! Hard work does pay off! Our other Wounded Warriors ran hard, they are each hobbled...but have vowed to keep working with Grant this next week even though it's not mandatory. That is what a team is all about. Craig Hebda finished in 45th place, Ryan Range 59th, and Donnie Otto 61st. Great job! Go Titans!
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With 2 weeks to go, Beachbody has already sold 18,225 units of the brand new P90 which means they have committed a minimum of over $90,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project! This is truly a great company that I am now a part of. I am so happy and blessed to be a Beachbody coach. I have met so many awesomely inspiring people! I will forever be grateful to Beachbody for changing my life. The future is bright and full of opportunity!
All I can say is WOW! Very nice photos from the Summer Jam, Sirena White... You did an AWESOME job!! Book your next photoshoot with her. To view the photos for the Summer Jam 2014 - Wounded Warrior Project event click the link below.
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Sunday October 26th is this first time car show! Let's get some cars together and head out! S.C.3. Entertainment will be providing the music! POR-15 will be hosting a “CAR CRUISE 2014” Sunday October 26th from 9:00 – 3:00. Location: 3 South Corporate Drive Riverdale, NJ. Come show off your car, swap parts and restoration techniques, meet fellow car enthusiasts, see some POR-15 demonstrations and have a great time. FREE admission for cars, spectators and one swap meet space per vendor. Donations accepted with all proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project. 1st, 2nd,and 3rd place awards will be given. For information email: support
All donations will go toward veterans programs in the Edwards AFB, CA area. Our priority program is the second annual Wounded Warrior Run.
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Add them to your Christmas card list: Wounded Warrior c/o Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Building 62, 2nd Floor 8901 Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD 20889 Send a card and tell them how much you appreciate their service. Post of your wall and share with all of your friends and family.
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"Honor our injured veterans join us for Wounded Warrior Project® 8K Run. Oct 18 @ BGA
Join Beachbody & Tony Horton in the launch of his NEW P90 Workout as they raise money towards the Wounded Warrior Project for every P90...
met 2 girls with the Wounded Warrior Project tonight who are in town from Jacksonville :)
Purchase the October special challenge pack (Shakeology + P90 workout program + FREE 30-day trial membership to the Team Beachbody Club) and a portion of the sale is being donated to Wounded Warriors Project! Get healthy, energized and fit - Contact me to ask how and I will coach you to reach your goals! Visit my web sites here: Coaching - Shakeology -
Jackson Sundown Jackson Sundown (1863 – December 18, 1923), born Waaya-Tonah-Toesits-Kahn (meaning Blanket of the Sun),[1] was a Native American rodeo rider who has become a folk-hero for his mythic performance in the 1916 Pendleton Round-Up, largely popularized by Ken Kesey's novel The Last Go 'Round. Sundown was born in 1863, probably in Montana,[2] into the visiting Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce, later led by Chief Joseph. The Nez Perce were renowned for their mastery of horses and Sundown learned how to breed and raise horses at an early age. By the age of 14 he was active in the Nez Perce War of 1877, but unlike Joseph and many of his tribesmen, Sundown escaped the U.S. Army cavalry during the Nez Perce Retreat and fled to Canada with a small group of Wounded Warriors. Legend holds that Sundown stayed for two years with a group of Sioux, including the iconic Sitting Bull. He was considered to be a war criminal and lived in hiding with Sitting Bull and those that defeated General George Custer at th ...
Dear Lord, Thank you for all the service men and women that have fought to earn and protect our freedoms in America over the centuries. We pray for healing and comfort of our Wounded Warriors and aging veterans; we are blessed because of the sacrifice of each and every one. Please watch over all the players Friday, and keep them safe and healthy, as they take the field in Fenton and honor the names and lives of the veterans worn on the jerseys. Please Lord, on this Senior Night, bless and guide each young man as they begin closure of their high school years and spread their wings into a life of independence. We pray for all our injured of body and spirit and lift all the prayers and concerns on the hearts of Fenton's families. Amen
If this is something you have been looking at getting, now is the time to do so. They are donateing $5 each for up to 50,000 sold to one of my favorite organizations the Wounded Warrior Project. If you are looking to purchase now: to "Shop Team Beachbody" and the very first item should be P90 Challenge Pack!
WOUNDED WARRIOR - ARMY TEN MILER Watch as they cross the finish line!! SSG Daniel Burgess and SGT...
After being rained out yesterday, I mean pouring rain, 1 - 2 inches and strong winds we were well rested and eager to be on our way to cross the South Carolina border. That makes 5 states and Wash DC that we have traveled through. As we were ready to depart we met a female tourer heading in our direction. She was from Massachusettes and traveling alone, camping and hoteling it. We shared some over the road stories and left at our own paces. We headed south from Carolina Beach heading to the Cape Fear Ferry passing through Kure. Here the homes were painted in brilliant colors making us feel like we were in Curasao. As we rode along I noticed a lot of fishermen on a pier. It was 8:15 a. m. Why weren't they working. As we continued we saw a motor home lettered for the Wounded Warrior Project and thinking they were doing a local charity. off again. The roads were pretty much the same as we have been on. Busy highway, back roads, flat, construction zones, etc. We stopped at a Deli with the name ...
All candy will be donated to the wounded warrior program.
October is halfway over and already over $90,000 has been raised for the Wounded Warrior Project! Wow, that is amazing!!! I had to share that a little goes a long way. What will the total be by the end of October? My mom and I have purchased ours and can't wait to try this new program. Ask me how you can get in on this and support this organization.
*Beachbody is donating $5.00 from every purchase of the new P90 program to The Wounded Warrior Project to honor the creator/fitness trainer Tony Horton's father. He recently passed away and had regularly donated to this cause. $90,000 has already been donated!! One more great reason to get yours today and join my challenge group! For every person that joins my P90 group that starts soon...with the P90 Challenge pack..I will match the donation! Just a few spots still available! Message me.
Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at a Wounded Warrior Project workshop on business and entrepreneurship in Tampa, Florida. During our question and answer session a young veteran made a
Breast Cancer Awareness
I am selling some of my things tomorrow at my family yardsale. All proceeds i receive for my items I will donate to my platform Wounded Warriors! Everyone please come out and support! Message me for the address.
Today I went with the Marines of the Wounded Warrior Detachment to the National Museum of the Pacific in Fredericksburg, TX, for a Professional Military Education (PME) day. We were joined by members of the Williamson County Detachment of the Marine Corps League. It was a great time at an amazing museum. Fredericksburg is the boyhood home of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, which is why it is home to this museum. If you ever have reason to be in the Austin or San Antonio area, it is well worth the drive to see the museum. I'd also like to say a special thanks to the Marines of the Williamson County Det who joined us today, shared some of their stories with us youngsters, and picked up the tab for our tickets and lunch. They were very generous and made this a quite memorable trip.
Cant wait for the wounded warrior game tmro😝🏈
Wounded Warrior Project supported by Beachbody! On behalf of Tony Horton, Beachbody will donate $5 USD to Wounded Warriors for the first 50,000 P90 Challenge Packs sold during the month of October. Order now at
Considering helping out Wounded Warrior Project... I have family that served and friends who are still over there
Beachbody is donating a portion of every P90 purchase to the Wounded Warrior Project this month! My P90 Challenge Group starts on October 27 and there are only a few spots left! This program is the PERFECT start into your fitness journey! Message me for details and decide TODAY to make these changes for your health and happiness! My life is forever changed and I want to help you make the same positive changes in your life!!!
The first of 50 Wounded Warriors from all over the United States roll into the Water Valley Community Center parking lot Friday for the fourth annual cookout given by community members. There were also about 20 staff members and caregivers and three service dogs with the annual bike ride, an event s…
How to make me cry: put Wounded Warrior commercials on repeat.
The Wounded Warrior Project commercial is so sad.
Ok Finish Line customers..To the men REMEMBER Saturday is Sweetest day.. To the Lady's REMEMBER your Sweet Heart is out looking for something for you. Friday night is going to be a huge night so call early to order. Next Wednesday we will be having a Wounded Warriors Wednesday there will be a jar for you to donate if you wish and Finish Line is donating 10% of the sales of the day towards it, and we will be doing this for now on. And lets not forget Halloween. Every one have a safe weekend.
Only $19/month can help our Wounded Warrior Project makes a huge difference in lives of
over 90,000 of money raised from P90 sales is headed to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Bill, how much do you give to the Wounded Warrior Project ? And much more are u willing to give ? Why don't you go yourself?
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