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Wounded Warrior

The U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) is a program administered by the U.S Army Warrior Transition Command that assists severely wounded soldiers and families from injury throughout recovery for as long as they need help.

Wounded Warrior Project Wounded Warriors Wounded Warrior Program Wounded Warrior Benefit West Point Uncle Sigh Tough Mudder Brian Westbrook Marine Corps Fort Campbell Roanoke Island Air Force Memorial Day

Wounded, ill, and injured Service members are eligible for education and employment through Visit:
NEWS Masontown's Wounded Warrior Project - The Masontown VFW post has reached its goal of collectin...
Here's a sneak peek at tomorrow's WWP jersey's for Fenton and Flushing.
New review for the Wounded Warrior Project benefit at Bocca Live w/ CGI Acoustic Trio and
Save $70 on P90 from 10/14-10/31! Buy: . $5 will be donated 2 Wounded Warrior!
More GOTW: Fenton returning to black-and-red custom jerseys for Wounded Warrior Project game vs. Flushing.
At Taco Cabana right now 211 N Lamar. Come by and support the Wounded Warrior Project.
Support and the Wounded Warrior Project by purchasing a shirt for $20
The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial - I hope to visit it with Daniel Burgess - Wounded Warrior and a...
3/28/15 Ft Myers fl Centenial Park will be rockin!!! American Vinyl Music Festival the American Vinyl band along with special guests Sally Taylor,Charlie Colin from Train,Phil Stokes from Pure Prairie League , Shawn Beamer from Molly Hatchet ,Chaz Trippy from the Greg Allman band and the inspirational vocals of Kyle Cousins ... very special featured guest ...JOURNEY Steve Augeri former lead singer and his band also performing : The Tucci Band This show will benefit The Wounded Warrior Project Many surprises to come!
Good morning. Yesterday marked exactly nine months since Mike's injury and the life as we all knew changed so much. It has been a long nine months with many peaks and valleys. Most days we encounter both peaks and valleys, and consistently Mike rises from the valleys and fights to reach the peaks. The slopes are slippery but they seem to be no match for Mikey's will. When we reach out our hands to help Mike climb out of the valleys he usually pushes it away and says "I got this". On Thursday night Mike went to the High School to watch the MTHS Falcons football team put a hurting on their opponent. Friday after a good day in therapy, in which Mike was able to be upright in the standing frame without getting light headed, another obstacle was overcome, especially by Mom and Dad. His great friend Mario picked Mike and the van up and headed to Mario's dorm room for the night. All parents can remember that first time their child slept out, that night was scary and you wondered if you would get that call that s ...
Dempsey Lauds Warrior Games Competitors, Families - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff lauded wounded ...
New wounded warrior memorial opening in Washington today.
Congratulations to the Marine medalists and participants of the And a shout-out to the U.S. Army Wounded Warrior team for taking the Chairman's Cup. Ooh-rah!
The Brawny® brand is proud to partner with Wounded Warrior Project®.
Volunteering with Wounded Warrior 5K this morning. Such a beautiful morning.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Veterans and first responders from Team Rubicon learn the basics of wilderness first aid by an instructor from Wilderness Medical Associates Int'l at the Wounded Warrior House in Woodland Park, Colo.
Wounded Warrior Project is a Human Services charity rated 3 of 4 stars by Charity Navigator. Located in Jacksonville, FL, it is one of 7,866 organizations rated by Charity Navigator.
Come out for a 5k in Grant Park Nov. 8th. Race starts at 9am. My team needs to raise a minimum of $250 dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project. Tickets are $10 (link below) if you want to participate. If you don't to participate and want to throw in a few dollars, our team would REALLY appreciate it!!
Received an unexpected gift from Wounded Warrior Project last night! Such an honor to be a part of something great!
Representatives from the Wounded Warrior Project seek an injunction against Keystone Wounded Warriors preventing the group from using its logo and mission statement, which the plaintiff claims too closely resembles its own.
Yup...i can be a hardass. But i also support awareness for:. Autism. Cancer. Althzeimers. The Wounded Warrior Project. Hope and justice . Etc...
A great video from Matthew Renk of the start of the 4th annual NJ Wounded Warrior ride, leaving the assembly area!!! *** you people look good!
We’re donating $1 to Wounded Warrior Project for every like, comment or share. Find out what to Marine Corps vet Adam Harris. See how he fought through PTSD to thrive at home.
I would like to thank all my family and friends for my birthday wishes. I'm truly blessed to have each of you in my life. I had a wonderful day surrounded by some of Americas best veterans. Thanks to Ward Burton and his amazing family for all you do for our veterans and returning Wounded Warriors. You made my birthday a special one with Ward Burton and Jeb Burton Racing.
Wounded Warrior charity game at Adelphi today with
I had an amazing past two days. We had a night with NO CHILDREN!! and was able to attend Trophy Club Salutes Wounded Warriors banquet and the luncheon the next day. I met a lot of amazing people! Plus Greg and I went to South Lake Oktoberfest. This weekend is what we needed to relax and spend some much needed quality time together!
Newly edited version of the Pioneer wrestling teams at their annual Wounded Warrior Run. Such a great event!
People gathered in Prospect on Saturday night to pay tribute to the Wounded Warrior Project.
We had the great honor of serving dinner & spending time with the great American heroes of the Wounded Warrior Project after their much deserved hog hunt tonight
Fort Myers' very own New Era Wrestling is proudly supporting the Wounded Warrior Project through live performances of professional wrestling and accepting donations at events. Help us meet our first year goal of $5,000 to help our great nation's veterans live better lives.
Exhausted but so so happy I got this opportunity to experience this life changing week! Thank you so much to the Wounded Warrior Foundation
The Navy and Air Force drum and bugle corps joined together for a half time show honoring the Wounded Warriors. It was awesome.
Getting ready for the 5K on O'Hare Intl Runway fundraiser for Wounded Warriors. With United Airlines colleges volunteering for race.
Editorial: Welcome mat out for Kerns Sunday, October 5, 2014 Former Marine Cpl. J.B. Kerns finally has come home. Kerns lost both legs and his right arm in an improvised explosive device (IED) blast in Afghanistan in April 2011. In an effort to help him recover and rebuild his life, the program Building for America’s Bravest stepped up to construct the log home Kerns had always wanted. This is no ordinary home for no ordinary resident. It has an elevator; handicapped-accessible shower, cabinets, shelving and counter tops; and advanced automation to control such things as lighting, temperature, fans, entertainment systems, etc., among other features. Everything is designed so that Kerns can live independently — and well. The more than 3,000-square-foot home is on 10-16 acres and although the final cost of the home is not yet known, such homes typically average about $675,000. It was accomplished through the efforts of Building for America’s Bravest, which is a partner program of the Gary Sinise Found ...
If you're a fixer, you have a big job! You want peace in a conflicted world. Be at peace, Wounded Warrior
late husband was Desert Storm Veteran 20%of my proceeds go to Wounded Warrior Project more to St. Jude
Benjamin Perkinson 2 sell these prints. All proceeds will b donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Wounded Warrior charity game today at 12
Wounded warrior to recieve one of a kind motorcycle:
Warrior Games helps combat-wounded soldier stay out of 'the dark place':
That Trace Adkins Wounded Warrior Program commercial has got to be the most real commercial I've ever seen
My arm is 100% dislocated but my donation to the Wounded Warrior Project is a life time investment that I can't complain about
Just saw a commercial for Wounded Warrior Project and it pumped me up for Kappa Sigma's philanthropy tomorrow! 🇺🇸💕
Started a new campaign to support the Wounded Warrio Project on the
Want to help support the Wounded Warrior Project . For every P90 challenge pack purchased this month will donate $5 to the cause
"I just selected Wounded Warrior Project Who will you support? Wondering what's the catch?
This wounded warrior commercial bouta have me crying lawd...
I had a chance to spend this week supporting our Wounded Warriors in Colo Springs at the Wounded Warrior G…
Wounded Warrior Project is such an amazing thing❤️
The stories of the people in the Wounded Warrior Project gets me in my feels 😢🇺🇸
Still prepping for our Wounded Warrior Project benefit investigation at Bobby Mackey's. Check our FB page for details.
Women for Southerland support Steve because he loves and respects our Veterans and our Military. We are terribly disappointed that Gwen Graham and her Washington allies would mislead voters about Steve's record of supporting Veterans. Wounded Warrior, Luke Murphy knows Steve and knows the truth. Luke stands with Steve.
Wounded Warrior bike riders from Fort Campbell and Fort Knox will be arriving shortly in Guthrie and expect to be...
Eric Burkett, who is a master archer, leaves for London next week to compete in the Invictus games – an international Olympiad of Wounded Warrior games conceived by Prince Harry.
I donate to Wounded Warrior Project. You should too. Doesn't cost much. Give what you can.
Wounded Warrior to Be Honored at College Football Game on Saturday - WTVC WTVC. Wounde...
Read >> Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Save...
Thank you for the Wounded Warrior segment. You are a true American Patriot
Wounded Warrior Project is one of the best foundations to donate to. One of the many ways we can give back to those who gave us everything.
Thanks to all the vendors who came out last night. We had Cyco Mike from Island Ave Tattoo, BACA, Hampton Bodyworks, The motorcycle safety council, Wounded Warrior Project, and Ride on magazine, slow races, great prize giveaways And plenty of food. If you didn't make it out you missed a good time. Time to get ready for September. See you all soon.
Look who's playing at the Elks lodge August 29th August 30th Cade Hendrix kicks off Friday . Saturday Gabby Ebner ..Ty Phillips & Band. .Thomas Teague and band. Plus a few more . Yes we have a dance floor. Thanks for your support of the Wounded Warrior Project ..
Huge thanks to Anisa M. Benson and al the candles for the Wounded Warrior Project ! Bless you
What does fishing mean to you? For Robert Gil, it was a new identity, a life outside of PTSD. Thanks to Gil and The Wounded Warrior Project, Fish Mavericks got to spend a couple hours with this hero doing what we all love best. Catch this week's Wounded Warrior episode at 10/9c on NBC Sports Network.
Mrs. Amy Dixon is AMAZING! She got Ferguson Meat Market to donate 5 lbs. of shredded Pork BBQ and she raised $50 in donations, all for Wounded Warrior. Due to our amazing members and community, all the food this weekend has been donated and 100% of ALL concessions will go to The Wounded Warrior Project! So come hungry, because we will have Shredded Pork BBQ Sandwiches Chili & Chips And plenty of drinks and little snacks. LET'S SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!
Had a powerful first meeting of conference last night. Have been overcome by the compassion of Jesus for all the wounded and disillusioned warriors of the past season, 7 year cycle. Saw the magnitude of the viciousness of the enemy to find vulnerabilities and play on them to create failure and faithlessness, as well as a sense of abandonment by God. Had quite a meeting place with God alone in my hotel room praying for those who lost their way in the past season. There are many out there who are floundering in hopelessness. Can't even pray because it didn't seem to work in the last go around. Those Wounded Warriors are going to be healed and there is a wave starting now. We have entered a powerful time of restoration and recovery, recovering what was lost in past season! The incredible love and compassion of Jesus is about to wash over many in a love encounter with Jesus. The enemy saw the tremendous move that is coming and targeted many to get them out of commission. But they are about to have a fresh enc ...
Remember to stop by Wolff's Biergarten or the Olde English Pub all week and enter to win some great prizes from Wolff's, Olde English, Mazzone Hospitality, McGeary's, Wine & Liquor Emporium, and New World Bistro! All proceeds go toward the Wounded Warrior Project!
YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO THE LIDO CIVIC CLUB ITALIAN AMERICAN CONGRESSIONAL NIGHT SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 6:00 – 8:00 PM RAYBURN BUILDING ROOM B369 50 INDEPENDENCE AVE. WASHINGTON, DC The Lido Civic Club invites you to join us for a reception with the Members of the Italian American Congressional Delegation on Thursday 18, September 2012 in Room B369 of the Rayburn Office Building. This special event will be attended by members of the Italian American Congressional Delegation, government officials, members of the Italian Parliament and other DC notables who will join the Lido Civic Club for an evening celebrating Italian American heritage and culture. The Lido Civic Club, founded in 1929, is an Italian-American Civic Organization serving the Washington Metropolitan community. Through Lido Civic Club Charities Incorporated, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation, its civic and charitable programs include providing college scholarships to Italian American students and supporting those in need. Lido Club Char ...
Ray's thoughts on the Ice Bucket Challenge (this should really aggravate some people) AlS Ice Bucket Information as of today: (will seem sarcastic but it isn't) 1. Since July 29th (when this started) money raised 1.35 million (which is a drop in the bucket) 2. Some won't give at all - some will give the $100 so let's look at the high side of $50 per person 3. 1.35 million divided 50 dollars equals 27000 people 4. let's say ice costs $2.50 per bag x 27000 = $67500 wasted 5. Supposed to raise awareness - really - how many now know about ALS and those that are "Aware" - now what - are you now going to give every month)??? 6. Yes it was fun to do and challenge others - the whole point was missed. 7. 27000 people got a warm fuzzy feeling like they are the biggest helpers in the universe. 8. 27000 people times $19 dollars per month for Wounded Warriors equals $6,156,000 per year 9. 27000 people times $32 dollars per month (which is what most legit agencies need to sponsor a child) = $10,368,000 per year 10. Yo ...
Only a couple of more days to sign up for this great event!! Here will be live entertainment and pizza, beer and of course wounded warrior homes awesome raffle with lots of fun prizes!! Lets shoe Eufora just how awesome you are!! See you all there!
Saturday August 23 at The Curtain Club! Wounded Warriors Project Benefit Show! We are proud to be one of the sponsors and we will be out there selling some Alexa Machine merch!
got rejected from wounded warrior but a rehab n phoenix program later I've come to far to quit gonna fight for mine
I am looking to join an already existing team that will be doing the Spartan Charity Challenge in Vermont on 09/21/2014 for the Wounded Warrior foundation. I work for one of the largest health insurance companies and plan to try and get employees to make donations for the teams participation and completion. Please msg me if you have such a team.
Wounded Warrior Equestrian Program, could you please share this on your wall? We only need to sell a few more!...
Each year we are moved by our annual visit from Wounded Warrior Project. Young veterans come to visit our ranch and are treated to a very western day at the ranch. It is a wonderful and very important program! Thank you so much for coming to visit us friends!
Wednesday, August 13th, the SkiDox will be hosting a Wounded Warrior Learn2Ski event with the assistance of professional skiers from the Tommy Bartlett Shows, who will also be skiing special acts in our show at 6:30. Join us at the show and help us thank our military veterans who have given and sacrificed so much for our country.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Seeking some sponsorship for Wounded Warrior Project Country Stock Music Festival. Do you know many companies say they can't get involved because it political. They say they have to stay our of political and religion issues? If you know any companies who want to support those who got injured while fighting for your freedom. let me know.
Wounded Warrior Project Alumni were in Seattle last week to take part in Soldier Ride Seattle, a rehabilitative cycling event that brought together Alumni from across the region and country for a long weekend of activities focused on physical health and wellness, camaraderie and healing. To learn more about Soldier Rides, please visit
The days are passing pretty quick. If you are interest in cooking, go to and download your entry form, spots are filling. There are many ways you can help our Wounded Warriors. If you don't cook, you can donate items for our live auction, silent auction, raffles (or just bid on them).You can make it out just to have lunch with us because we'd love to see you there. Plates will be sold.
Roger Stephens, class of 1975, has written the most incredible song honoring veterans. It is sung by his friend, country music artist, Billy Dean. Go to YouTube and search "wounded warrior by Roger Stephens". Thanks, Roger!
About an 1985 Rolls Royce which has been handed painted by Ben Moon. Frank Marzano has donated the antique and will be auctioning it and donating all proceeds to Wound Warrior Project. Our painted Lady raise awareness for Wounded Warriors
Are you a Wounded Warrior seeking help with your activities of daily living such a cleaning and organizing? Call Precision Cleaning Today (202) 553-6387 to get 30% OFF your cleaning services! Thank you for Serving Our Country! You've had our backs now we've got yours!
Life is fragile. Yes. I'm thinking about Robin Williams. I'm also thinking about my friend Danny (D'Artagnan MacLachlan) and many others from my past. It's growing into a rather large crowd. I've never suffered from depression. I'll cling to life until the angels tug at my shirtsleeves and pull/cajole/spirit me away to an even better place. There's a huge feeling of helplessness involved when I hear of valuable life being wasted. I realized this morning that I need to follow my own belief/tenet that one person can make a difference. I could make donations, of course, to Wounded Warriors, St. Jude's, or The Michael J. Fox Foundation in remembrance. But that's only money, although I'll probably do it. I've decided to get in touch with the hotlines - for depression, or for bullying, or for something that I don't even know about yet - and volunteer my time. Maybe with a little training I can help someone. Words are powerful tools. And I have plenty of them.
US House of Representatives Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program Job Title: Veterans Case Worker Member: Congressman Bill Posey (FL-08) Office Location: Melbourne, FL Date Needed: Open Until Filled Job Summary: The position is for a case worker in the District Congressional Office. Primary responsibilities are to facilitate and coordinate responses to a wide range of requests received from constituents relating to federal agencies. The portfolio of case work matter to be considered in this position include veterans, military, immigration, Medicare, Social Security, Federal employee, and other issues. The case worker in this position would work closely with the case work coordinator and the Community Relations Directors in the District Office. Case workers help constituents interact with administrative and government agencies by acting as facilitators, ombudsmen and, in some cases, advocates. The individual holding this position is also responsible for keeping the Congressman current on issues of c ...
Not Abe Froman but hoping to be Sausage King of Chicago, Starcom's James Crolley Wounded Warrior fundraiser:
Wounded Warriors tournament 2nd place gold! ♡ These girls!!
Morning!! Who has $20 and a willingness to help a wounded warrior?!
Ominous Haunted House is Bentonville's Premier Haunted Attraction. This year a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Prints for sale any size including 18x12 posters just $15 signed or unsigned your choice. Inbox to order. Money raised goes to Wounded Warriors. A big thanks to Tim McCarthy and Megan Lee Retouching for all their help. Also prints with letters on back along with care packages will be sent to some deployed troops as part of my contribution.
Sept 6 we have a poker run going down in the inland empire sponsored by the VFW mg. All proceeds goto Wounded Warrior Project and 4paws for patriots. All donations are tax deductible. A brand new glock 21 (.45) will be raffled off. Raffle tickets are only $5.00 and you do not have to be present to win. Good times will be had.
Wounded Warrior Project benefit show! All proceeds go to benefit this awesome organization for our wounded vets! Saturday August 23rd at THE CURTAIN CLUB! Come support this awesome show! Spread the word and tell your friend!
Please consider sending this nice young man a birthday card. He is a soon-to-be-16 year old boy who is having brain surgery in a few months. He feels very isolated and alone, as he is not able to do the things that healthy kids his age are experiencing. He's overcome so many life-impacting health issues, and continues to struggle with seizures. Chris started a foundation, 1Boy4Change, when he was 13, in order to help others. He has assisted special needs children and Wounded Warriors obtain service dogs, donated car heat alarms to police K9 teams, and made donations of school supplies... The list goes on and on. He was awarded the American Hero Award in 2013, and recently the Southeast Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross presented him with their "Youth Hero" Award for 2014 for his efforts helping U.S. Military Veterans, special needs children, and police K9 teams across the nation. Chris is soon to be 16 yrs old. He is due to undergo brain surgery in an attempt to put a permanent end to his seizures ...
"Listen Up" I am looking for one Wounded Warrior/Disabled Veteran or Spouse of a Fallen Warrior in need, that could use a room in his or her home repaired. The Veteran should live in Wasatch, Summit or Salt Lake County. Please message me the names and the SIT REP of the Veteran. Thank you.
Gonna hike the Appalachian trail. All my proceeds from sponsors will go to ASPCA,TWLOHA,and Wounded Warrior Project. W…
American Legion Post 146 exceeds fundraising goals with event to benefit the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program.
Talking with Wyatt Anderson about a special event this weekend for Wounded Warrior Project!
Love Robin Williams? How about throwing a couple of bucks at St Jude's Hospital or Wounded Warrior Project? .the best
Wyatt Anderson is with Brian to talk about an event for Wounded Warrior Project that will be held on Saturday!
Everyone use so donates money to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Art for Charity: Artists Raise Money for the Wounded Warrior Project / Soldier Ride: August 16th... Join us...
WOUNDED WARRIOR MARKET CLOSE ...numbers to be announced.
We're a charity race, with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.
I just joined the Wounded Warrior Program to give $19.00 a month to help our great servicemen returning from war. YOU SHOULD TOO.
Must do for the wounded warrior game. 🙌
‘Still in the Fight’ is about 3 Wounded Warrior American Heroes, their trials, & triumphs. Watch it here:
Joining Brian this morning, Wabasha Mayor Rollin Hall at about 8:45 and during the 9am hour Wyatt Anderson from Wounded Warrior Project.
Website Builder 728x90
I ran 3.390 Charity Miles for Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks to TimexSports for sponsoring me.
Deals Wounded Warrior Project Decal - Donation - Proceeds go to Wounded Warriors - White. Wounded Warri...
Wounded warrior Noah Galloway soars up “Everest” Yes obstacle races area challenging, but not impossible.
Freedom comes at a cost. A timely reminder from a Wounded Warrior.
Get your copy of SCARRED by author , Max donates 50% of proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project .
Teen yanked from school for supporting brother who is a US Airman. | Wounded American Warrior
Catch Nassau County Firefighters' Operation Wounded Warrior art exhibit at CW Post this month. I proud to be a participating artist!
Classic cars, motorcycles come together for this show that benefits the Wounded Warrior Project. Cool!
Fairmont Supply hosted their Mid-Year Summit and First Annual Eastern Region Golf Outing this week. The 3-day event took place at Waynesburg University and Southpointe Golf Club in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. During the meetings, departmental representatives from corporate had the opportunity to meet with 27 suppliers to review progress through the year as well as plan ahead for the end of 2014. The outing on Wednesday welcomed customers, suppliers, and members of the Fairmont Supply team for a beautiful day of golf supporting Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks to the support and participation of suppliers and local businesses in the Washington, Pennsylvania area, we were able to make a donation of $20,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Noticed the Wounded Warrior pin on "Angela's" apron. Thank you for supporting our service members!
To everyone that made it out last weekend THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It was such a great honor to have you guys in attendance and we had an absolute BLAST playing for y'all. We raised a good bit of change for the Wounded Warrior Project and that was all thanks to you! It was nice seeing so many smiling faces and giving that many hi-fives! Can't wait to do it again. Big ups to The Riggs, World Demise, Apollo (Thank you guys for filling in last minute), Dead Hand, and my boys in Dragon Sleeper. You guys take care, and we'll see you again next year.
Bill, 1/$600, in prize money and Tips for female models. 2/Golfers $100. Please spread the word. The 7th Annual Golfin' Around-Golf Outing Monday July 21st Lenape Heights Golf Course-Pittsburgh-Route 28-Ford City It's a very easy drive and takes about twenty minutes from Pittsburgh! It's Back and Better than Ever! Do you like Female Bikini Models, Beer and a Good Time? You have never had this much fun on a golf course! Trust us! Then join us Monday July 21st 20-30 Bikini Clad Models will be our hosts once again for the annual Golfin' Around-Golf Outing! Join us for fun and games! We will also raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project on our Par 3 Challenge, Raffell Tickets and Long Drive! Registration Party starts at 10AM includes DJ, Bloody Mary Breakfast and fun! Your $100. registration includes: Bloody Mary Vodka Breakfast during Registration! Golf-Bikini Models and Games on the Holes. Beer-Liquor! Awards Dinner afterwards! Note: Scramble Format. Your Score Cards Don't Count for Nothin'; Cause you al ...
Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a black toy poodle puppy for my mom.. Mom is not very well. Presently she is in the hospital at Holston Valley. She will be going home in a day or two. She has a new diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure along with her previous Diabetes with complications. Mom lost her two sweet little poodles, Rue and Silver, both at the same time, in 2010 when they attempted to follow the transport vehicle, that was taking her to the hospital at that time.. During the emergency situation, no one thought to secure the dogs. They were killed nearly at the same moment by the same car. When mom learned, she was naturally heartbroken. Mom wants nothing more than another little black poodle now. I feel like this would help her so much, as well as my little sister Gina, who is a bed bound "Wounded Warrior". Mom and dad have cared for Gina 24/7 in there home for the past 10 years. They have sacrificed everything, especially there health to care for their baby. They have done s ...
Wounded Warrior finds closure on trip back to Afghanistan -
Wounded Warrior Project event today. Chartered fishing trip off Solomon's island
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Wounded Warrior to receive new home that will be adapted to his needs as a double amputee
I believe it is only going to be an ebook. The proceeds are going to the Wounded Warrior Project.
OUTDOORS: Honoring Wounded Warrior with a fishing trip in Sekiu - Peninsula Daily
I just donated to Wounded Warrior Project using I earned in Prize Wheel ™!
Focusing on thoughts of your past makes u a wounded soldier; focusing on scriptural promises about your future makes u a c…
I just supported Wounded Warrior Project by shopping Such a clever idea, and love giving to the WWP
Syria's wounded warrior to be revealed to the angels for help
●Order today at . ☆Free Express Shipping . ☆25% Proceeds donated to Wounded Warrior...
Hey, if you have time spend a minute supporting Debra at: Help out a wounded warrior
via Wounded warrior Adam Hartswick finds closure on trip back to Afghanistan
PVP Aranzeb server BETA - 10% of all Subs/Donations/Ad's go to Wounded Warrior Project via
Honored to wear the logo of Wounded Warrior Project w/the rest of the staff & players on our flight home. http…
That awkward moment when the drummer with one arm introduces the wounded warrior tribute
I was at the stage between wounded female warrior and goddess of love... .
Pumped to play be playing competitive tennis again this weekend benefiting Wounded Warrior Project!
A Wounded Warrior was asked to define "tough." Here's what they said.
any plans to donate part of the revenues from these devices to the Wounded Warrior Project or something similar?
Military veterans, alums and at Wounded Warrior flag football.
Basics thanking 23-year veteran, Wounded Warrior, Army Sergeant Major Tuten, for his service to our nation! ALL IN!
Dropped off babe swag! Wrist bands, shirts! Help us support the wounded warrior foundation!
Waiting for the excitement to start ( Luke to get here and Wounded Warriors vs ND Military All-Stars game to start)
I added a video to a playlist Albert R. Renteria at 2012 Wounded Warrior Employment Conference Fort
TOMORROW at 5:00 we open the show at the 2nd annual Wounded Warrior Benefit with Wayland headlining! We can't be more excited!
At the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team’s Kids Camp, one week each summer 20 children get the chance to feel like stars. They are selected from across t...
The Wounded Warrior is coming to Ford Fairfield soon!. ▶ INFO:
Prep is on for our Hot Summer Night BBQ and Wounded Warrior Benefit.
Iraq War Vet/Amputee/Wounded Warrior. Writes about the military, law enforcement, guns, and politics.
Woodhouse is a true English warrior. Brave as a wounded dog. Could still win this with those body shots
Please watch Wounded Warrior Project by James Gandolfini.. Amazing stuff...
my wife and I had em several ways in Bonarie wounded warrior had dive there
PTSD awareness day. As the wife of a wounded warrior... I am all too aware of the effects of PTSD.
Visit Jacksonsille. This is how we welcome you at Jacksonville International Airport. Wounded Warrior…
Fairway gave away another home. Check it out!...
Just registered for the 35mi bike ride I'm doing tomorrow for the Wounded Warrior foundation.
David Van Sleet, mgr of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team, speaking w/ McQuade Committee member Mike Wolf.
Hello I am a mom of my warriors who never complain. They are in Pain and have come through a lot. I am the sister of wounded warriours and they never thought anyone cared and at first they didn't they spit on them coming home from Nam. I am the daughter of a man of WW11, he was a Canadien and encouraged all of the American Soldiers to go forth. He was wounded but no one saw, Then he wounded his family but no one saw. Trace I will be at your concert in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan. I have a Health info booth at the Pow Wow across the street You would lift a lot of hearts. Thanks, Toni
Day two of wounded warrior soldier ride. Great day again.
teams up with game on Nation to give wounded warrior caregivers a laugh & a new perspective:
Please all say prayers and send healing thoughts for Wounded Warrior Justin, who just had major surgery and...
nah, think we’ll have this one after losing last week. Beware the wounded Warrior.
Has anyone ever felt the patriotism of this president? Ever seen him tear up at the Natl anthem? Cry with a wounded warrior?
Wounded warrior Mike Rollins admits he can barely hold the golf club. That connection is important to his recovery.
I added a video to a playlist Team Navy Selected for 2014 Wounded Warrior Games
Wounded Warriors Ride from Wrigley: According to the Wounded Warrior Web Site: Soldier Ride is ...
An Idaho soldier who has struggled with medical bills since he was injured in Iraq in 2005 was awarded a home...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Wounded warrior from last night. You were a good ping pong ball my friend.
[Tigernet] Wounded Warriors visit Clemson: Marines from the Wounded Warrior Project visited Clemson ...
It's leg day for our friend and wounded warrior, Redmond Ramos. Keep your Front Toward Enemy.
Here's the link to the Wounded Warrior gun locks. $3 is not too much to give to American warriors that sacrificed...
be prepared if the grammar and punctuation is bad, i just typed as I thought and haven't re-read but i know language is a little rough, Sorry Today is the anniversary of the IED strike that changed every detail on how I live my life. Well That on top of years of combat as a trigger pulling medic whose only clinic was comprised of the medical equipment I carried in my aid bag and a flashlight to assist in a back seat emergency cricothyrotomy or a curb side chest tube insertion. FROM a Wounded Warrior and Army Retired Combat Paramedic I know Hillary Clinton and her crew dont believe us common folk can walk to the mailbox without getting lost, but I bet most of us could take our Alabama school system education to DC and explain to the elite that they can change a lot (i.e. Wash Redskins trademark) but one plus one will always be two. If you say we are going to send a couple hundred Special Operation Soldiers to help secure the US Embassy, you cant follow it with; but we are not putting "boots on the ground". ...
(SAM FARNSWORTH) HALL OF FAMER BROOKS ROBINSON... FORMER ALL-TIME SAVES LEADER LEE SMITH... WORLD SERIES CHAMP DARRELL EVANS! You can meet all of these guys on Saturday night at Security Service Field (Sky Sox Stadium) for the "Heroes Classic" charity softball game. They will be playing in it, signing autographs for the fans, and their autographed, game-worn jerseys will be auctioned off after the game. It is all to help out Wounded Warrior, Colorado Springs Fire Protective Association and Police Foundation of Colorado Springs. Proceeds of all ticket sales go to these groups as well. It's 7:00 p.m. on Saturday night and a Fireworks Show will follow the game! You should come!
News reporters - celebrities? Interested in playing in a softball game of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Team on July 12th in Bklyn? Message me
Taking page from RSFe man creates meat sauces to benefit wounded veterans:
Wounded vets sell sauce at fair: Wounded Warriors peddle own brand of American Warrior sauces at San Diego County...
My big bro and hero, Dave Robertson, Vietnam Vet and Wounded Warrior.
Really want to go to a Wounded Warrior Project this weekend.. 😩
You may be Wounded, Ill or Injured but You’re not Defeated,' tandem cyclist says at US Army...
Someone got my debit card and sepnt $37 dollars at BestBuy and a $5 donation to the Wounded Warrior Proj. At least they were philanthropic..
Completed my first Tough Mudder on 6/14. Raised funds for the Wounded Warrior Project and the Cancer Society. Blast!
You can buy your tickets at the gate for 'Battle On the Bayou 2' our Wounded Warrior games this wkd McMurry…
Group organizes Auburn powerlifting event at Finger Lakes Health Center to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project
What are you doing on August 11th? World's Largest Golf Outing benefiting Wounded Warrior Project®.
Want a sweet USA tee or tank for your organization? Wanna donate to the Wounded Warrior Project? We've got you!! http:/…
Penns Grove, NJ - June 21. To raise donations for the benefit of the Wounded Warrior Project
The Blacktop Jacks' Wounded Warrior Poker Run is July 12th. Here's more info
wish I could have been there to get your autograph I admire all yous guys. I am a wounded warrior station in fort hood tx
If 197 people donate $5 each, I will hit my fundraising goal :) ~ Denise's Wounded Warrior Project Inc. Campaign -
Wounded Warrior Project outreach sees potential in Dixie - . “There are...
Please help me support Wounded Warriors. Visit my page on Operation Enduring Warrior's website and donate today.
I'd like to thank the over 400 ppl from the great city of who came out to our wounded warrior home giveaway! ht…
Wounded Warrior needed to start a go fund me page for his surgery. Help?.
Me and my son wearing the same shirt. Wounded Warrior shirts
Anthony TX this Saturday at the Los Porkchoppers' Tip of Texas Rockin' Rally to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project!
WPSD-TV: A local wounded warrior is competing for gold this week at West Point. Her best...
Wounded Warrior meetings are always the saddest.
and pm for a 15% off code donation made to Wounded Warrior Project! Freedom collection pic
Area wounded warrior proud to be participating in West Point athletic competition.
A wounded warrior from Paducah took part in an athletic competition at West Point thanks to Fort Campbell's Adaptive Reconditioning Program.
Active Duty, Veterans and Wounded Warriors...we have tickets for you to attend this weekend's Operation Rock Fest at the Fredericksburg, VA Fairgrounds! Send us a message if you're interested or know someone who is. We salute you!
First set of Camaro ACS rear upper quarter ports hydro-dipped and just about ready for install! Also have the hydro-carbon rear diffuser ready for the Camaros For Heroes 4 auction, benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project!
and pm me to get a 15%off code any purchase from the Freedom collection 1/2 my com. Goes 2 Wounded Warrior pjct!
"W" dances with a wounded warrior. At least one former CIC has class. Enlist at Join now! http:/…
UNTILL TUESDAY One day lately I was out in a coffee shop with my service dog “Trixie” and a older lady came up to me and handed me some kind of a gift all wrapped up. She said she has been noticing me for some time and knew I was a veteran and had a service dog for PTSD. I unwrapped the gift and it was a book titled “Until Tuesday” about a wounded Iraq veteran with PTSD and a TBI (traumatic brain injury) I started reading this book and could not put it down. This is not only a book about a war hero who got a service dog, it is much more in my opinion. It is about mental health suffering and finding hope, that is what it is all about is finding hope. I highly recommend this book, not only to veterans, but all people who are suffering. This book will make you cry, laugh, and most of all appreciative of the little things in life. I have included a short summery I found on the book and a web link to hear more on this inspirational story. Enjoy reading, take care and God bless. Captain Luis Carlos Mont ...
Help us support the Wounded Warrior Project. We will be at Nifong Park this Sunday for the Mustang Club Car Show serving food! We will have pulled pork, grilled burgers, hot dogs, chili dogs! All proceeds will go to help our great American heroes!
Helping Wounded Warriors one mile at a time!! Tim Richardson RAAM Racer is riding to Help fund and support Wounded Warriors in the united kingdoms.
The Events Committee would like to invite everyone to enjoy the sunset and the company of others at the lake's Happy Hour on the Clubhouse Deck (it will be held inside or at the pavilion in case of rain). Bring your own beverage and enjoy our appetizers. Tip jars will be present to support the Wounded Warrior Project. Also come enjoy the music of our one and only concert on the beach Saturday from 7-10. Tequila Bob and the Flip Flops will be playing their farewell concert right here at beautiful Lake Mohawk. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy our family friendly concert. Desserts will be for sale with proceeds also benefiting Wounded Warrior Project. And don't forget, registration for the Electric Boat Parade is closing on June 27th. Find the form in the newsletter or at the office.
Rob Martinez practices for CDBF with the Wounded Warriors dragon boat race team. The team is looking for more wounded veterans to fill two boats. (Photo by Brandon Iwamoto)
Have you grabbed this amazing story? Look for the review on the blog. Purchases this month and next go to help wounded warrior. So get to it!!
It just seems like yesterday we were looking forward to celebrating the families' 100 years in the tire business. Our celebration was a hugh success. We served 250 free meals. Thanks to John Lindsey and the vo-ag department, we had six van loads of kids try our tire changing challenge. Thanks to you we were able to donate $670.80 to the Perry County Cancer Alliance and a program that provides companion dogs to Wounded Warriors. We thank Randy Moore and Huddles NAPA for providing the oil and oil filters for this project. The two tires we had that were raced at Darlington, the winners choose to take $100 instead. These tires will be taken to the Perry County Fair and veterans will be invited to sign them and they will be donated to Toys for Tots and the Dodson Family auctions for charity. The NAASCAR car was a big hit as was the 1940 Dodge Touring car. Thanks again, it was fun. Don't want to wait until 2114 to do it again, maybe again in five years. Take care!
Wounded Warrior Cards NeededThe next Wounded Warrior Retreat will be held at Camp Weed August 15-17th. Please write to these heroes expressing gratitude for their service. Cards or letters must be received by August 11th. Click here for a complete list of names and the Diocesan office address.Dioces…
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HIGH FIVE TOUR. On May 24th, 2014 we will gallop across America in our 2014 Shelby Mustang GT-500 Super Snake to thank Americans for their support of our military families and to raise funds and awareness for the mission of Wounded Warriors Family Support: Provide support to the families of those wh…
Former Eagles including A.J. Feeley and Brian Westbrook will take on the Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team in a flag football game before the...
Yesterday's post about Brian Westbrook joining the NFL Alumni team received 700+ "likes" and 70+ "shares". Let's see if we can beat that as we introduce a member of the Wounded Warrior team. Meet SPC Tyler Jeffries: On October 6th, 2012 while on a dismounted foot patrol in Afghanistan, Tyler walked onto a command wire IED which was detonated by an Afghan Militant causing him to lose his right leg below the knee and his left above the knee. Tyler suffered a severe burn to his left arm and a ruptured left ear drum along with multiple other injuries from the blast. For tickets for this game (and to donate tickets to military members) go to
We are based in Winter Haven, Florida and we provide adaptive water ski events for children and adults with various disabilities including our Wounded Warriors.
ICYMI: This coming weekend (June 21-22) the CrossFit Room and the back weight room will be closed from 8a-5p for our CrossFit competition to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. You will have access to all other space in the gym.
This is the response I got from Congressman Duncan's Office this date. As ya can see it has nothing ta do with the Dollar Collapse as what has been reported. Paxton, Caleb To Me Jun 17 at 2:08 PM This message contains blocked images. Show Images Change this setting Mr. Loveland, Thanks for calling in asking for more inforamtion about H.R. 2847. Wanted to personally reach out and share the summary of the bill from the Congressional Research Service: Wounded Warrior Service Dog Act of 2013 - Directs the Secretaries of Defense (DOD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) to jointly establish the K-9 Companion Corps program for the awarding of grants to assist nonprofit organizations in establishing, planning, designing,and/or operating programs to provide assistance dogs to certain members of the Armed Forces and veterans who have certain disabilities. Defines "assistance dog" to mean a dog specifically trained to perform physical tasks to mitigate the effects of such a disability, except that such term does not include ...
Love this quote from Wounded Warrior Equestrian Program ---
Family Goods Thrift Store Wardrobe Wednesday 75% off PINK tags 40% off WHITE & GREEN tags 10% off YELLOW tags Plus get an extra 10% off anything related to your wardrobe – Clothes, shoes, accessories (hats, bags, jewelry, A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Ronald McDonald House of SNJ (Camden) and the ties, belts) Wounded Warrior Project. DONATE TODAY Have something to Donate? Can’t bring it to us? We’ll pick it up for FREE! Give us a call or schedule online at Phone- (856) 258-5258 Hours: Mon-Thu 10-8pm Fri-Sat 9-8pm Sun-Closed Located at: 366Berlin Cross Keys Road, Sicklerville, and NJ 08081
The pharmacy located inside the Warrior Pavilion will close from July 11 to 14 as we finalize our move to the new pharmacy. The new Warrior Pavilion pharmacy will open July 14 in Rm. NS128 (near the current Warrior Pavilion pharmacy). During this three-day closure period, Wounded Warriors and their families can fill their prescriptions at the main hospital. This move will allow more accessibility for Wounded Warriors and their families to be seen and pick up their prescriptions at the same time. For more questions and information please contact (703) 805-8225.
Shootout for Soldiers is one day away! Here is your chance to win a FREE the link and follow the directions for your chance to win! Wounded Warrior Project
Friends... I'd love to have you join me for this great event... bringing together people who care about Wounded Warriors and helping them gain back their independence with the help of Canine Companions for Independence! This is FREE and at my favorite event venue - The Bluestone!
Who ever donates the most to the Wounded Warrior Project by August 5th will get a free mix of 5 songs or you can have the option of3 songs with pre-production on each one. This Sponsorship was provided by Roger Vargas and Mixing and Pre Pro will be done in the Long Beach EME Studio. This will be a remote mix and pre pro only. contact Rogeror Cory
Challenged by Will Benefield, Rodney Snider's charity is the Wounded Warrior Project. Rodney challenges Vaughn Stuart (Mayor of Anniston), RD (Robert Downing...
This is just the beginning. Provided by staff. The real one will be out soon. With pics for sale with money going to Wounded Warrior Project.
Gina Bianca Hair is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project and The Independence Fund! Both amazing charity groups support our veterans! We will soon be having haircutting events to support these organizations!
It is with great sadness that we write of the passing of Steve Robinson, a leader among veteran advocates. Steve’s knowledge of military and veteran issues was encyclopedic, from resiliency techniques to the bureaucratic minutia of DoD and VA policy. Steve saw veteran issues from many sides, - as a son, a soldier, a wounded warrior and an advocate for veterans. He testified before congress, ran nonprofits, and finally effected change as a philanthropist supporting organizations that fill gaps in care and help returning veterans fully reintegrate back into society.      Beyond that, he had a gift for reaching out and connecting, offering personal support and mentorship to so many veterans, families and servicemembers in need.  Steve has, over the years, supported our mission at Swords to Plowshares in powerful ways. In the 1990's, as a Gulf War Resource Center board member he worked with our staff in researching the impact of toxic exposure and fighting for recognition of Gulf War Illness so that his ...
Wounded Warrior and Ping I think this is something that all golfers and all others should be aware of. THANK YOU, PING This isn't a joke or cartoon; just something interesting to know . . .please forward this on to others. On Monday, I played the Disney, Lake Buena Vista course. As usual the starters matched me with three other players. After a few holes we began to get to know each other a bit. One fellow was rather young and had his wife riding along in the golf cart with him. I noticed that his golf bag had his name on it and after closer inspection it also said "wounded war veterans". When I had my first chance to chat with him I asked him about the bag. His response was simply that it was a gift. I then asked if he was wounded and he said yes. When I asked more about his injury, his response was "I'd rather not talk about it, sir". Over a few holes I learned that he had spent the last 15 months in an army rehabilitation hospital in San Antonio Texas. His wife moved there to be with him and he was rel ...
DoD, VA Team Up To Improve eBenefits by Migrating National Resource Directory The Department of Defense, in collaboration with the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Labor, have integrated the National Resource Directory (NRD) into eBenefits to improve access to health care, benefits information and more at You can also enter into your browser and be redirected to the new site. Service members, veterans, families and caregivers can now find enhanced self-service capabilities and resources from one site, improving access to information and assistance. The NRD on eBenefits still offers access to more than 16,000 resources that have met quality assurance criteria to ensure that every program and organization listed is acting in good faith and making a positive difference for veterans, Service members, Wounded Warriors, their family members and caregivers. Every resource is vetted prior to being listed and re-checked on an annual basis to ensure it is still compliant with the NRD Participation Po ...
Our charity event to support the Wounded Warrior Project design July 6th. There will be a 3-D tournament with awards, chicken barbecue, raffles, door prize and auctions. Please come out and enjoy our event and support a good cause. Be sure to bring your friends and family to enjoy the events that are going on that day
TAGGED WITH STRENGTH TO OVERCOME View Full Site Now Available! Download WordPress for Android Blog at . April 16, 2012 82 Replies Wounded Warriors You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again. (Psalm 71:20) The battles we face in this world are making all of us weary. The enemy’s attacks are getting stronger as the forces of evil seek to wound and discourage those who belong to Christ. Many believers are crying out for Christ to return soon and save them from all this darkness. We are indeed in the devil’s crosshairs and he is not backing down. His plan is to kill your hope, steal your joy and destroy your future. His arsenal is filled with weapons of lies and discouragement aimed toward every believer. His fiery darts of fear and doubt can pierce the hearts of struggling saints causing some to wonder if God really hears their prayers. We are all suffering the effects of a fallen world as we endure hardship of every kind. As difficult as it may seem, the tr ...
A HUGE SALE TOMORROW and WE ARE EXPANDING!! Effective this Wednesday, we will be utilizing the double block in Lane 2. These units will be registered in Computer Lane 22. Also this week, promotions from: Bobby Rahal Automotive Group, Mercedes Benz of Buffalo, West Herr Auto Exchange, US Bank and AVIS Budget Group!!'s bake sale week too! Purchase some sweet treats to support the Wounded Warrior Project! See you on Wednesday!
The national Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST), represents some of our nation’s bravest and most determined heroes, soldiers and veterans. These young extremely athletic men have sustained severe injuries resulting in amputation while serving in the military/war, and through extensive re…
As Memorial Day approaches, it's important to pause and give thanks to the servicemen and women who have fought and died for our nation. It's also important to honor the living, which is why IB Milwaukee is dedicated to providing employment opportunities to veterans through our Wounded Warrior progr…
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The Wounded Warriors are running a softball camp for 20 children who are missing limbs.
A HUGE THANK YOU to the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF), which has given HERL a $150,000 grant to support our Advancing Inclusive Manufacturing (AIM) program that teaches the basics of machining to Wounded Warriors.
We were honored to have Willie G & Nancy Davidson place the first break in our Plaza of Honor to help raise money for Operation Welcome Home and Wounded Warrior Project... now you can be a part of it and help out two great organizations!
Bishop, Dr. Alvin E. Miller Sr. along with other members of St. John Missionary Baptist Church presented a donation in the amount of $1,650, to CPT Alford-Representative from Fort Campbell KY, to help with the Fort Campbell Area Wounded Warrior Battalion. These soldiers put their lives in harm’s way…
Southwest Louisiana is looking forward to the return of The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST), a nationally recognized team comprised of amputee active duty military personnel and veterans, June 20-21, 2014! The team will play against Olympic Gold medalist Jennie Finch-Daigle and a team…
Support Wounded Warrior Project THIS SATURDAY by participating in Boiler Harley-Davidson's 'Kick-Off to Summer Ride' with all proceeds going to WWP. FREE breakfast to participants provided by Boiler H-D. FREE lunch to participants from Darryl Southern BBQ after the ride. Any questions, please message on here or email at brittney
Nissan wants you to help build an epic Nissan Titan pickup truck for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Alaska with the Wounded Warrior Project. Like
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Seed sowing time As we start our Benefit tour we are asking those who care about The Tribute to The Troops Tour to consider sowing a seed into our Ministry. You might have a son or daughter serving or who has served, or a husband or wife or maybe a mother or father. I know first-hand as a retired Staff Sargent how important it is to let our Soldiers know that we care. We need to remember The Families who have made so many sacrifices so that we can enjoy our lives here in a free Country. A portion of everything we receive for the Tribute to The Troops tour will go to the Wounded Warrior Project a 501c3 that helps Soldiers and their families. You can send a donation by clicking the donation button on our website, you can also help by purchasing an ad in the Commemorative booklet that will be given away at the concerts, or you can be a sponsor and have your logo on every flyer or your brand mention on every Commercial that will be heard internationally. Last but not least when you hear that we are coming t . ...
Getting for an adventure today!! I get the honor of photographing the Wounded Warrior Sports Camp for the next few days! Keep posted for behind the scenes fun.
"Battle on the Bayou II" Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team Tournament will be held June 20-21, 2014 at McMurry Park in Sulphur.
The best fish of the day was caught by Wounded Warrior Army Sergeant John. A three foot plus Barricuda! We caught some Peanut Dolfin, some bottom dwellers and over all great trip with Pro Staffer Josh Worsnop!
Happy Monday everyone! . Reminder - we're selling tickets for a po-boy fundraiser to benefit the Wounded Warrior...
Well, where to begin. I arrived home last night from the Wounded Warrior 2014 Battlefield Bicycle Ride to raise funds and awareness of PTSD amongst serving members and veterans. The trip saw over 100 cyclists from Canada (approx. 106), 6 from Australia, several from Great Britain and from Italy. We cycled approximately 700 kms from Juno Beach to Vimy Ridge visiting famous Canadian Battle sites and grave yards. It was a humbling and sobering experience. A trip that all Canadian should make. I have been asked many times over the years why I would have chosen to serve and why, in particular, would I volunteer to go to fight a war in Afghanistan knowing the cost of war. Through my own selfish experience I learned that that cost of war is not always death, for those of us who brought the war home with us with PTSD. However, seeing the thousands and thousands of graves and the battlefields, some still with unexplosed ordinance amongst them, makes it easier to understand and answer those questions. It m ...
Beyond Theory is doing a local show tonight at Uncle Sams in Spanaway for a Wounded Warrior charity benefit, along with several other local metal bands. Show starts at 5pm..Beyond Theory goes on at 9pm... Come check them and the rest out and help a worthy cause. .. tickets $10.
Many thanks to Karenisems Live, Dana Roselli, and Shane Sarpy for buying their tickets in advance for The Wounded Warrior Benefit show! Their support is the catalyst that boosts the San Diego rock and metal scene enabling us to put on awesome shows and support the Wounded Warrior cause!
The Flag Day 5K is this Saturday! Come participate or cheer on the runners! It's to benefit the Wounded Warrior...
Stop by the Florence Civic Center on Saturday and check out the car show! Proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior...
I'm going to register for the Fox Trot to benefit the Wounded Warrior. So it looks like on August I'm making a trip to CLE
Who: City of Houston, Harris County and Lone Star Veterans Association What: Free Veterans Benefit Fair and BBQ for Veterans and Family When: Thursday June 12th, 10am – 3pm Where: WEMSC - Auditorium (170 Heights Blvd., Houston TX 77007). Parking lots B & C located on Harvard Street off of Heights. Parking lots are on the back part of the MSC. Why: To connect veterans that reside in Houston to an array of health, social and human services. Service Providers Attending: Human Services: Will offer application and screening assistance to veterans and their families in need of Affordable Care, Dental Services, Gold Card (HFAP), Family Planning. Lone Star Veterans: Will recruit men and women veterans (post 9-11) to participate in event. Will offer transition services, career transition program, Wounded Warrior support network. WIC’s: To offer appointment services to veterans and their families who show a need for this service. Immunization Services / Care Van Mobile Unit: Will provide immunizations to the ch ...
You know what Mike Lento, I'll take you up on that and also do every every smoothie service I do at Nutrition Highway In Woodville Ohio tomorrow I will donate a dollar back to Megan Clere also for the Wounded Warrior Project, I live giving back!!
Oz Yolaçan and Neldoreth return to buffalo on the 4th of july. part of the profit from the show will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. come out for some great metal and a great cause...only $6!
Wounded Warrior' Poised to Make Motocross History on Prosthetics: Off road in the California desert, Jesse Wil...
Naval Station Norfolk will host a Wounded Warrior cyclist trial ride today for practice from 0930-1030 and the...
Donating to Wounded Warrior through 5/31. In June we'll be donating to Fisher House Foundation. Order The Gift soon!
A change is coming As my years are taking its toll the thought of retirement is dreadful. I tried it for a year, and it did not work for me. I have been in war, or post war area’s since 1996 except for about three years. I love the money, but my love for America is greater. I would serve her for no money. I have spent a tenth of my life in Afghanistan, and it seems like home to me. maybe catholic charities, The USO, or the Wounded Warrior Program. There is a lot on this old Mans mind…Any suggestions.
just joined your Wounded Warrior monthly support program. I saw the commercial. And just had to do it. Very proud of u all!
I am doing a Tough Mudder in springhill TN on June 8. They are very active in contributing to the Wounded Warrior Program. If u would like to donate please click on link below or contact me. Thanks!
I love the Wounded Warrior Program, especially when you encounter a true Wounded Warrior. Today I had the...
I was challenged to cold water challenge and I accepted the challenged the following are who I challenged you have 24 hours if you fail you must donate 50$ to Wounded Warrior Project David Hicks Jr. Poplar Springs fire dept Cortney Wardell Ekom Beach fire dept Austin Cash Croft Fire Dept Bradley Davis Hobbysville Fire Dept Austin Davis Poplar Springs Fire Dept
Live for Wounded Warrior Program: I'm watching Rhonda's newborn puppies on
With all due respect to veterans, I think Corp. America is behind a lot of the flag-waving that we see on Memorial Day and July 4. Corporate America convinces our youth, a national treasure, that sacrificing for corporate interests is their duty and honor. Then, when and if they come home from war, corporate America refuses to pay for their mental and physical wounds. Instead, volunteer agencies like Wounded Warrior plead to the already over-taxed and underpaid middle to continue to subsidize the consequences of war fought only to protect corporate interests. Talk about having kahunas.
I believe systemic. I am dying, they will do no more for me.Caregiver of Wounded Warrior. Caregivers program a joke.
Happy Memorial Day!. Thank you for taking part in our Wounded Warrior Project donation program where $10 from...
Also caregiver to OIF Wounded Warrior. VA caregivers program horrible and not supportive in the least. This one girl will help
South Florida National Cemetery to host Memorial Day program Monday: A Wounded Warrior will be the keynote...
VA never said 1 word about "Wounded Warrior's Track wheelchair Program" and the enormous money raised to purchase. As if jealo I'll showyou
I'm going to miss taking part in the Texarkana, TX leg of Carry The Load, in support of Wounded Warrior. Last year, the 360th Chemical Company had close to 10 Soldiers with 30# rucks do the leg. This year, the Texas National Guard will replace the Army Reserves in carrying the load through Texarkana. Go get em guys!! HOOAH!!
Watching the Salute to the troops last night made me thankful for the opportunity to have sung the National Anthem for the Wounder Warrior Baseball Team not once but twice a few years ago, here in Louisville Kentucky-one that was broadcast on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Those dedicated and wonderful soldiers, were so inspiring! I was honored and blessed to be included in their games and support all of our Veterans. Please support the Wounded Warrior Projects!
If Obama fires the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric K. Shinseki, it will only be eyewash for the public on the Presidents part, as per usual, a classic Obama 'MO!' Yes, 'Shinseki' is the head of the VA, and I realize such popular idiomatic expressions as "The Buck Stops Here" make Shinseki's firing seem appropriate, but doesn't the 'Buck' actually stop in the Oval Office? Eric Shinseki is a good and decent American and has served this Nation both on and off the Battle Field! He could not 'Fix' fifty years of VA problems without strong Presidential support, especially when the underling 'Slugs' that created this disaster are all but impossible to 'Remove' due to Governmental Bureaucracy and Employee Unions! Eric Shinseki cares about Our 'Wounded Warriors!' Eric Shinseki is a 'Wounded Warrior,' having lost a foot to a landmine in Vietnam! - Eric Shinseki ~ Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: "VA will never get a better Boss than Shinseki!" /
SUV 3 year Lease donated to a Wounded Warrior in Lee County by USEPPS Island Fire & Rescue, Village…
I actually took time out from the Trail Days party to take a Wounded Warrior to Laurel Falls today. htt…
Can a Wounded Warrior in Fort Bragg NC get a hat
Saturday morning 9a-11a at 918 Devonshire Trail in Aberdeen off Fort Bragg rd. Wounded Warrior Project for Krista Harvell and her two sons.
I was challenged by David McMichael of OVFC to complete the Cold water challenge. Failure to do so means you have to pay $100 to the Wounded Warrior foundation. I now challenge Pat Roberts of SICFC, Nick Martin of OVFC, Megan Langrell of OVFC, Greg Frank Jr of OVFC, and Greg Leith of OVFC. You have 24 hours to complete this challenge or pay up. You now have to tag 5 people in the fire, police, and or EMS profession!
The state of Alabama, the Heart of Dixie, the Bible belt, the Kingdom of the Good ole' Boys, the Nation's representation to the world that religious dogma is justification for domestic terrorism against Indians, Africans, Mexicans, Muslims, Jews, women, children, and unconsecrated sex, while the Nation's military fight's wars in other countries against 'evil' people that do exactly the same, yes, exactly the same. Maybe I have Alabama confused with the Theocratic Republic of Texas, or the "It ain't actually slavery no more. We pay um some money now," Caucasian Empire of Mississippi. It's easy to confuse them these days, with their long lay-away plans for justice, their state justified homicides and prisons overflowing with those that broke the religious moral codes. This is what one sees when they are wide awake and living among people sharing a mass fantasy of white, male dominant, consecrated supremacy. I am a white man, born and raised in Alabama in a Christian Church, a Wounded Warrior and decorated W ...
Autographed Billy Currington guitar that will be auctioned off for the Wounded Warrior Project Tuesday at Beefs.
The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island had its 5th Wounded Warrior visit on May 3rd and May 4th. The group consisted of 7 Warriors, family members from two of the Warriors, and 5 guest divers, two of which are active duty military. These brave men and women came down with Patriot Scuba to join us for a weekend of diving at the aquarium and relaxing in the Outer Banks.
Pizza Bella Vista is Proudly sponsoring a Wounded Warrior at Jumping for a Purpose V on 30 May at the Suffolk Airport. We are hoping with the help of our Pizza Fans that we can generate another $500 to sponsor a second Wounded Warrior for a Jump -- all of the proceeds from our TIP JAR will go toward Sponsoring this second Jumper. Wounded Wear is a special company doing special work for our Wounded Warriors -- we appreciate any and all support in the coming weeks at our public events and greatly appreciate anything you give to this great cause.
Only four more days until our Wounded Warrior hunt on Saturday morning. I am excited as a kid on christmas morning. I am hoping that working with the Wounded Warriors United program will give us many more opportunities at helping get our soldiers back into the outdoors. We will have pictures just as soon as we can from this wonderful event. I want to say thank you to Burt Harshman, Gib Rhodes, Dave Waters, and Drew Nyman for being guides for the soldiers. I also want to say thank you to Price Chopper, Wal-mart, Allen Meat Processing, Mel's Tire, Bluestem Farm and Ranch Supply, The Longhorn Cafe, and Mark Queen for your donations and support for our event. I know that the soldiers are going to have a blast and leave very happy.
Heading to the Y to get some work in. 4 days until the Indian Dash. I've never been a runner but I'm excited to see if I have enough in the tank to finish it. Proceeds from the event go to the Wounded Warrior Project and I'm running for my high school friends who joined the Air Force with me in '95: Ryan Hopple, Michael Zeigler, Wes Hughes, and our fallen hero Richard Cole. I love you guys!
This month's Chapel Offerings will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Please help us support this great program!
Raised money and awareness of Wounded Warrior Programs. Thanks to Holiday Inn Express in Hayden for...
. I loved watching Uncle Sigh race. He is AWESOME!!! I will always. be a great fan of Uncle Sigh and Wounded Warrior...
Great day yesterday riding with some of my Fallen Heroes family. On September 6th we are hosting our first memorial ride in honor of Sgt. Gary "Randy" Scott. Randy was serving in the Marine Corps at the time of his death in the Beirut Embassy bombing, October 1983. Along with the ride we are establishing a scholarship in his name open to students in the Rankin IL school district, Scott's home town. We pre-rode the intended route yesterday and secured the majority of venues for the stops as well as introducing ourselves and putting up flyers along the route. It was an honor, and very humbling to see how receptive the general public is to not only what we are doing but what we stand for as a whole. It is awesome to see people willing to step up and help out however they can. This is going to be a great ride!! Speaking of rides, I want to remind everyone of two other awesome rides this year that I am honored to say that the Fallen Heroes are involved with. First up is the Wounded Warrior ride on July 26th in ...
Well, it's time. My emotional pick is Uncle Sigh obviously because of the Wounded Warrior stables and the fact they give 10% of all his winnings to the Wounded Warrior Project. long as he breaks well...California Chrome looks like one tough competitor. Plus, his stable is *** stables...silks have a *** on them! Whats not to love?
I'll be cheering for the 30-1 long shot Uncle Sigh today. I like his name plus the fact that he's in the Wounded Warrior stable.
In participating in Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month, we would like to give information on our Warrior Buddies Program.    The Warrior Buddies Program was established to benefit local military veterans, active-active duty personnel and Wounded Warriors. Our belief is that all personnel serving, or having served, our country deserve a sincere thank-you. Under this program, we offer a reduced adoption fee on all dogs and cats for local active-duty and retired military personnel as well as all military veterans. The cost to the adopter is $25 (instead of $45). This applies to all adoptable animals in the shelter. See the flier below for more information. If you are a Wounded Warrior who may benefit from the companionship of an animal, you may be eligible for a FREE adoption of a dog or cat as sponsored by the Prince William Humane Society. in fostering a dog? We are looking for individuals who are interested in fostering a dog while it undergoes training to be a service dog to a service member, veter ...
Why when you post in sell sites people think its funny to put stupid comments? We are trying to raise money for Wounded Warrior, The veterans and Hailey who is fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Last I checked it's not funny. Geesh gonna be one of those days!
FCBC Member Activities: Scott Johnson & Dan Kesler take on the Texas State Bass Tournament this weekend. Rob Jasper works with Joni & Friends down in Boerne TX with a Wounded Warrior getaway and the following weekend is the Christian Top-6 tournament on Lake Palestine featuring our top six guys from 2013. Good Luck, God Bless and Be Safe!!!
Wounded Warrior baseball game is this Friday at HHS baseball field wear something camo, all proceeds go to Wounded Warrior Program.
Comedy Central & Chelsea Lately's Sarah Tiana is headlining Inside Jokes, Hollywood's premiere comedy club, Saturday, April 19th @ 7:30pm. Sarah Tiana has been a working comedian in Los Angeles since 2003. Originally from Calhoun, GA, Sarah’s act emphasizes the ups and downs of a Southern childhood while peppering in her opinions of dating and sports, or the sport of dating. Recently Sarah has been recognized for her “breakout performance” as Carmen in four episodes of Reno 911!’s 7th season. In 2005 she helped create a sketch comedy company called The Strait Jacket Society as a way to help young actors in Hollywood accelerate their stage time and gain exposure while still having fun. This sketch comedy experience also helped her become a familiar face on Showtime’s Jeff Garcia’s Low Budget Madness and In The Flow With Affion Crockett. A downright American, Sarah has done 9 tours of comedy for the troops including Germany, Singapore, Afghanistan, Guam, Okinawa, and several Wounded Warrior ...
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