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Worthy Farm

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is a performing arts festival that takes place near Pilton, Somerset, England, best known for its contemporary music, but also for dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and other arts.

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Glastonbury weather 2017: Worthy Farm cloudy and could see a spot of rain on Sunday ➜…
Off to go find myself at Worthy Farm this weekend. Come catch me in my glittery elephant costume at these places
is just trustafarians angry they didn't get tickets, right? Blaming the Tories for a lack of Worthy Farm action?
urgent, apparently we need the ph level checked at worthy farm. Come quick, assist, and never leave!!!
Look, I'm giving up my precious time for this Oh no! Worthy Farm gates have opened early today. I'm of…
Glastonbury Festival 2017 – seven ones to watch at Worthy Farm:
The rest of the week will be spent wishing more than anything that I was at Worthy Farm
Sad not to be on our way into Worthy Farm right now :( :(
Going to this year? We are too! Flying the Inc.mplete tie-dye flag around the fields of Worthy…
How far back does Glastonbury Festival go? The first event at Worthy Farm happened in 1970, and was then called the…
ONYDA will be gracing worthy farm this year. If you are looking for something out or the…
The great Glastonbury clean-up is underway Have a great time at G'bury but folks use the bins provided!
Hope everyone heading down to Worthy Farm has a blast...certainly the weather for it 😔
On my way to Worthy Farm for my tenth
To be fair, this is the best time at Glastonbury, Tuesday night before the gates open and it feels like Worthy Farm is…
Glastonbury Festival 2017 weather forecast: Worthy Farm to bask in glorious 30c as campers arrive on site
Get your iPhone insurance today!
To all you lucky peeps heading off to Worthy Farm this week, remember to decant your coffee into a non-glass contai…
good luck 4 the fest. Gutted 2 miss our family pilgrimage to Worthy Farm, hope the ticket gods r with us next time!
Ahead of Glastonbury Festival this week, look back at the best festival looks of all time from Worthy Farm:
Not fancying queuing for hours in this heat then pitching a tent but still so envious of those heading to worthy farm today ⛺️☀️
I'm in As lucky ticket holders make their way down to Worthy Farm.. More
is here! If you're off to Worthy Farm, be sure to catch our top 10 hot acts at |
Glastonbury 2017: Live traffic, travel and news updates on Wednesday as the gates to Worthy Farm open - Somerset...
Last night's Salmon Tray Bake before we headed off to the wonderful fields of Worthy Farm. Good…
Reminds me of watching the sun rise at Worthy Farm.
Nearly time for the gates to open. @ Worthy Farm
Glastonbury Festival 2017: Traffic updates and everything you need to know about travelling to Worthy Farm by car
As excited as an impatient kid on Christmas Eve; ten years of Worthy Farm here we come! @ Brixton
We will soon be with you Worthy Farm!! Heading in tomorrow, come say hi!. SMALL WORLD - 2.45pm -Thursday. BABYLON...
I am booked to stay at Worthy Farm with a group but will be arriving last tomorrow 7pm. Will I be able to get access?
Coincidence that this is the night before Worthy Farm Lars? I think not...
This time last year I was en route to worthy farm and the fact that im not this year makes me sad 😔
Can't wait to see you back on Worthy Farm again
My 7 ones to watch at 2017 Picked with care for
First time in 8 years I'm swapping Worthy farm for a Nica jungle, and it's emotional. Wishing a good Glasto to one and all 💫✨
The team putting on the finishing touches before tomorrow! @ Worthy Farm
22 april 2016 & 26 april 2016 - Jeff Lynne on the Pyramid Stage during the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm, in England.
Best fancy dress on Worthy Farm? Space men today, Thunderbirds tomorrow. Winning. BC
Glastonbury 2016, Sunday: Coldplay and LCD Soundsystem close Sunday night at Worthy Farm | via
🙌 is here! Here are 24 amazing moments you forgot happened at Worthy Farm:
We're all muddy here... but nobody seems to notice. @ Worthy Farm
They may have sat in 12 hour traffic jams and then waded through knee-deep on their arrival at Worthy Farm - but even Glastonbury
Tom Wilder, 17 from Kent, dives in the mud at the Glastonbury Festival site at Worthy Farm, Pilton...
I've arrived on site at Worthy Farm for weekend filled with amazing music.
Festivalgoers arrive at Worthy Farm at Glastonbury Festival - Ben Birchall/PA
Some great pictures of Worthy Farm coming in this morning. Have a great weekend everyone!!!
Glastonbury 2016: 'worst mud ever' causes chaos on festival site and huge jams on main routes into Worthy…
When you find your favourites from three years ago. @ Worthy Farm
Festivalgoers at Festival 2016 held at the Worthy Farm in Somerset
What's the EU referendum vibe on Worthy Farm? Wish I was there!
Before you head to Worthy Farm, see the full line-up here: .
Glastonbury 2016: Thursday - a lot of mud and very little music: The gates have opened at Worthy Farm,…
Posted my vote last week. There's no excuse. @ Worthy Farm
Our Polling Station is open for business! Vote REMAIN at Worthy Farm.
Welcome to - it's a beautiful sunny day on Worthy Farm
📷 Rolling back the years to when Worthy Farm met on our stage in 2011 💯
Here's your daily Worthy Farm fix. The Pyramid, Other and Park stages all in the same shot. https:…
Glastonbury 2016: Emily Eavis promises festival will stay at Worthy Farm and reveals epic -
that would certainly sound amazing. Hope they tip up at Worthy Farm somewhere!
the new is beautiful, gonna sound fabulous as the sun goes down over Worthy Farm, eh x
Golf used 2 be playd n farm fields & woods-THAT was a true mans challenge worthy of the name SPORT ! now its pansey play
⛺ 50 days until Help keep Worthy Farm green - share there and back! 🌱
Glastonbury Festival might be moving after nearly 50 years at Worthy Farm:.
- Worthy View Accommodation went back on sale about 30 mins ago, btw.
Glastonbury Festival may move to a new site next year after nearly 50 years at Worthy Farm
Dying to get to worthy farm and get my on
Jake from State Farm becomes livid whenever Aaron Rodgers says "discount double check. Threatens to switch to GEICO
Support Wild Fox Farm & The Footprint Campaign Got original post from on Worthy
Take me back to a summer full of fun and festivals ☀️ @ Worthy Farm, Glastonbury Festival
that there is no farm up North for old dogs.
We ❤️ Weck! . Wether they're filled with Mom's homemade jam, a pintrest worthy salad, or holding hand ground...
seriously if you missed out on a glasto ticket, I can still access the page...
Just one month to go until we're back painting on Worthy Farm for ! Better crack out…
On bout last year and was the poke farm fest that was tilt worthy for viewers
Make it worthy of a farm subsidy and "they will come"! Joking aside, take a gander at what is doing. Hope.
purchased a NUNARY..(a former nun farm)(fiasco cause they want d property). *LISTEN nuns it's in good hands, katy is sweet/worthy
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Panil Barriquée by Panil Birrificio Torrechiara found at The Owl Farm. We're not worthy!
"Farm to Fable" from the Tampa Bay Times is the most important food story of the year and Pulitzer worthy
Teenage brothers running a farm? Worthy winners of award at inspiring stuff.
Do u mean the deprived areas of the Uk should take them in. Or are u & Dad taking some to Worthy farm? Thought not!! 🤔
After brexit countries will unite having got rid of a system worthy of Animal Farm. The EU pigs must go! A new relationship…
gassed out my head. Manny set to shell Worthy Farm.
proud to say that u guys are 1 of only a handle full of breeders that have strains worthy of my farm this year. Pics 2 follow
Sunday tickets are now available for residents of Somerset.
Buzzing to be back at Worthy Farm this summer!
Worthy Farm Out Saison is now on tap! Replacing Ex Novo Liquid Sweater.
Found er!! 🎄 is literally the most adorable movie-worthy Christmas tree farm ever ❄
. Please follow up you contact with Second Chance Farm in Granbury ,Texas. Amazing and worthy.
Seen what good was going to come out of him. Now we are stuck with no LF worthy enough to say we have a chance. No farm system.
Panic over. The Cider Bus has arrived at Worthy Farm. Rejoice everyone. via
A worthy animal charity needs your help - Big Oaks Rescue Farm in Greenwood, SC - Joe never says 'no' to any animal.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
.makes the excellent point that saving the Experimental Farm is a worthy 2067 project for the NCC.
Fascinating story on a worthy project in West Oakland. From Jail to Farm to Table via
A worthy program in danger of closing - methodology should be near and dear to OTs and is a bandwagon to jump on
catalog features on its front cover! Our has details.
Nice afternoon and evening st the Lymewood Farm today. Finishing with a charity gig for Claire House, a very worthy cause. Please donate 🎤
i am a supporter but this statement by John McDonnell is utter baloney worthy of Animal Farm
Check this out. Farm Bureau calendar worthy
Come on Oliver, hurry up & move the Grundys into Grange Farm for a Christmas miracle worthy of a movie.
It was a beautiful day like this when the first Glastonbury Festival took place on Worthy Farm. 45 years ago today!
28 June 2015 – Glastonbury Festival – Worthy Farm, Somerset on..a great memory of a great year
Hearing from Michael Eavis now on We had a lovely trip around the old railway at Worthy Farm!
Listen to when Michael Eavis spoke to about the old railway which crossed Worthy Farm:
We should start a GoFundMe to have her buried on a pig farm here in US. A worthy cause. 😎
Farm system has drawn praise for the past years Now we'll see if those young arms and position players a worthy of all the hype
Photo: Matty Healy of The 1975 performs on Day 3 of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm on June 29,...
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Photoset: James Bay performs on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm, Pilton on...
What a load of garbage … the Pyramid Stage at Worth Farm, post-festival.
Glastonbury 2015: How Kanye West proved the haters wrong to w... |
NEW; pictures of at Worthy Farm, Somerset for a Glastonbury event today, June 27th!
will when I get myself a blower, half of its still at worthy farm in pieces
People. The reason I don't go to Glastonbury. Happy there is not a trace of litter and lovely crowd at
my issue is why Las Vegas has no major league worthy position players. Anderson has had six years to build a farm system
Check out the mixes we played out from Worthy Farm last weekend, including & more
If people feel they can get away with it, every one of us seems to become a caveman! . There were 40, 000 rubbish...
Metalheads! Have you ever seen anything like this in any of the metal festivals? I haven't.
For the udder side of watch this with the full time residents of Worthy Farm ▶️
.captures and more at Worthy Farm: http:/…
Suffering with the Glastonbury blues? We've got a few things that might help: Here's one take on the weekend: [1/3]
Glasto was magical, but the amount of rubbish left behind was shocking -
sorry, better to have seen it now than in the depths of Worthy Farm
Glastonbury's rubbish: going against the ethos ruins it for everyone
was helping clear up Worthy Farm when I found modesty. What should I be do with it?
One of my favourite moments. Can we go back to Worthy farm yet? Booked tickets for gig to make up for no Glasto!
Absolutely disgusting!How difficult is it really to clear your own mess?!
. and something about environmental responsibility; going by the images coming out of Worthy farm.
The Getintothis team lose their minds, money & morals in the mud at
Should there be a bigger effort for to be more green?.
""As the 800-strong litter-picking crew begin the mammoth task of clearing an estimated 1,650 tonnes of waste –...
Just down in Bristol, thinking of popping over to worthy farm to see Mike (it's Mike to his mates) and Emily and thank them for last week
This blog by is amazing: pix, theory, & humanity:
Though I agree with the sentiment, this is the kind of guff you get when you let a sub out of their darkened room
The fields of Worthy Farm in Somerset are already alive with the sound of music just hours after its gates were opened fo…
"get shout out: Back 2 Worthy Farm 2 reclaim our humanity"
Glastonbury’s rubbish: going against the green ethos ruins it for everyone
thanks 2. - John, Casey & the press team. - Jonathan, Judi, Jim & John Peel Stage's crew. for the wonderful week at Worthy Farm.
Feminism Without Borders debate at Leftfield, Sue Marsh with the mic. @ Worthy Farm
Video: Festival - Music lovers get settled in at Worthy Farm - Belfast Telegraph
Worthy Farm and the Pyramid Stage ahead of with this morning.
The head monk of Tibetan Buddhism confirmed he will appear at Worthy Farm in a statement on his website - in 2013, his monks performe...
The memorial of Andrew Kerr was a beautiful event hosted by Michael Eavis,in the Tithe Barn at Worthy Farm it was...
Registration details received. Expecting to see some scantily clad James McCarthy on Worthy Farm next June.
Druids carrying building materials to Stonehenge . @ Worthy Farm
The 2014 Glastonbury Festival got under way at Worthy Farm in Pilton, UK, earlier this week and continues through the weekend, featuring performances from a number of artists familiar to readers of the Nonesuch Journal: Robert Plant, The Black Keys, and Toumani and Sidiki Diabaté.
Glastonbury spirit in with Manu Chao on the stereo and a downpour outside. Just like Worthy Farm but with bricks and mortar.
National Express will be running services again direct to the gates of Worthy Farm for the Glastonbury Festival.
yeah but I feel that say, Trash Talk, is just to drugs punk LA. I dunno if Worthy Farm is ready for that. Would be incred tho
“Why Metallica should headline Glastonbury NO no no!
Have my fingers crossed for 'Tallica at Worthy Farm won't know what hit it.
Bizarre being created for tomorrow. It's getting very loud at Worthy Farm
Ill be on worthy farm 8 weeks today and the way these weeks are going it will be here in no time ⏳
lol, cano. Why Metallica should headline Glastonbury
strong rumours at Metallica atm 😒 I really wanted prince or fleetwood mac though!
“Why Metallica should headline Glastonbury it's defs going to be Metallica
“Why Metallica should headline Glastonbury . *** YEAH! That would be epic!! show them how to RAWK!
Do you like cheese? We all do! Visit this w/e to try Whalesborough's cheese AND Worthy Farm Cheddar
tickets on sale here if anyone still needs one - GO!
So, at around this time, 8 weeks today I will be entering Worthy Farm.please hurry up x
Vital England game could coincide with Saturday headliner slot at Worthy Farm event
I wish I lived in the country on a farm.
For the record, Coldplay's new single is going to sound incredible at Worthy Farm in 2015
Hi Claire, it's working now. Are you using ? PM
"one of the biggest-selling bands in the world at the moment. First appearance at Worthy Farm" . Please be at
Yeah so the new Kasabian song is god. This is the sole reason I'm devo'd I won't be at Worthy Farm to see them headline.
Tea at Worthy Farm for the first site meeting about The Park Wonder who the secret guests will be this year!
Hi Rachael, no, you can book them online at PM
“If you still need a Glastonbury Festival car park ticket, you can buy one from
Photo: The Pyramid Stage - Worthy Farm. Started shooting for my final project of my second year yesterday -...
It's looking quite lovely on Worthy Farm at the moment... (Photo: Jason Bryant)
Peter and Paul, Apostles (30th June 2013) The Chapel of St Peter and St Paul, Greenwich Matthew 16. 13-19 For the last forty-eight hours, a few fields at Worthy Farm in Somerset have been inundated with over 150,000 people and their tents, in celebration of this year’s Glastonbury Festival. From small marquees and sideshows to last night’s blockbusting set by headliners the Rolling Stones, Glastonbury is one of the most diverse and vibrant festivals in the world. And this year, there was a new addition: the ‘Heaven and *** bars. Anyone can wander into *** , with drinks served up by monstrous entities, and bullets and guns strewn on the floor and the tables. But to attain the gold wristband necessary to enter ‘heaven’, you must persuade the ‘admin angel’ that you are worthy. And then, if you’re one of the lucky few to be allowed in, you must leave your muddy wellingtons outside for fear of spoiling the white carpets. For many, perhaps inside as well as outside the church, this is .. ...
What an incredible few days. Everyone at Worthy Farm is buzzing. Thanks for making it such a great one. Roll on 2014… http:…
Get the The Rolling Stones Setlist of the concert at Worthy Farm, Pilton, England on June 29, 2013 from the 50 & Counting Tour and other The Rolling Stones Setlists for free on!
PARTY-LOVING Harry was joined by new girlfriend Cressida Bonas as he headed to festival at Worthy Farm
Anticipation builds at Somerset's Worthy Farm as The Rolling Stones prepare to headline, on a day also featuring Elvis Costello and Primal Scream.
Bands performing at Worthy Farm tell NME who they will be rushing to watch
Evening all! Lady Lisa and Tip Top Tom are busy bees at Worthy Farm ahead of tomorrow morning's show. They're setting up a beautous bunting-bedecked camp, whilst humming Glasto Golden Oldies! Lady L's loving Brian Wilson, while Tom's partial to a bit of Paul Simon! What would your Glastonbury Golden Oldie be? Tell us your name, where you're from, your song choice, and why it takes you back, and you might just hear it on tomorrow's show! If you prefer to e-mail: chris. evans
*** S model daughter turned up the heat in Jessica Rabbit-style outfit at summer party before heading to Worthy Farm
GLASTONBURY 2013 26th - 30th Jun 2013 Worthy Farm, Pilton The biggie, otherwise known as Glastonbury Festival, is the event every music fan should experience at least once. The story started in 1970, two days after the death of Jimi Hendrix, tickets cost £1 and just 1,500 people came. The festival had a break last year so there’s plenty of anticipation for it’s return this summer. Expect nothing less than the best for Glastonbury 2013 with crowds coming from all over to enjoy a long weekend packed with a huge range of arts and culture including theatre shows, cinema screenings and an eclectic mix of top notch artists playing the huge stages and tents, including the historic Pyramid Stage..And it wouldn’t be Glastonbury if there wasn’t the odd surprise or two to blow your socks and wellies off. WHO'S PLAYING? Pyramid Stage - Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons, Dizzee Rascal, Primal Scream, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Vampire Weekend, The Vaccines, Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Ken ...
Chinese Lanterns look pretty, but they cause fires and can kill cattle (two of the Worthy Farm herd have been killed after eating the frames of lanterns). Th...
Remember the 90s? When there were four tv channels and 6music was something we could only dream of? When Jo Whiley & Steve Lamacq presented the Evening Session on radio1 and it was GOOD? And when TFI was the BEST thing to start the weekend with after school on a Friday? Well now you find Steve Lamacq on the mighty 6, and Chris Evans presenting the famous Radio2 breakfast show. And guess what? The Festival Elderflower Co are going to be featured by BOTH radio luminaries! Listen out for us after 4:30pm on Tuesday on 6music - where we'll be speaking to Lammo live from Worthy Farm. And on Friday morning around 8:30am, we'll be chatting with Chris Evans and getting him to try our delicious cordial - which as you know is perfect for breakfast, esp if you've had a heavy night ;-) So listen out dudes, and get excited for Glast (and the rest of the summer) with us - and if you hear either/both please come and tell us!
New boy / bass player Darryl Jones who replaced Bill Wyman has been with the band 20 years. Very soon me and family will hear this live at Worthy Farm !!!
Coverage of the Glastonbury Festival from Worthy Farm in Somerset.
We've got a pretty clear picture now of what the festival season looks like in 2013. Here's our mammoth rundown of the best bands hitting the circuit this year and where you can catch them, starting with The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury, the big daddy (June 26-30, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset).
Sponsored walk on the 12th October 2013 at Worthy Farm, Somerset (Glastonbury Festival site) email jenjade80for info
By Siobhanne Beattie Festivals are to music fans what Christmas is to kids; the most important part of the yearly calendar and an experience they look forward to with great enthusiasm. From the thousands who gather at the soggy site of Worthy Farm for Glastonbury to enjoy some of the biggest and bes...
POW! Dance Village at Glastonbury 2013 Nas, Disclosure, Hot Natured, David Rodigan, Sub Focus, Aluna George, Eats Everything, Rudimental and The Congos are just a few of the top names to be confirmed for the reborn Dance Village at Glastonbury 2013. Now known as Silver Hayes, the new area will include one giant supertent, Sonic, for dance-oriented headliners, the Wow Stage for underground breakers and best of all the Gully - a brand new installation combining an open air stage and a pulsating street of sound systems and stalls featuring the best new DJs, MCs and live music. Says Festival Organiser Emily Eavis: "I've always thought that the closest parallel with Glastonbury is Notting Hill Carnival, and the buzz around this rebirth is exactly what we were looking for, both musically and visually. There's going to be a lot of incredible music from all around the world." Silver Hayes takes its name from one of the oldest meadows on Worthy Farm, soon to be filled with the best new musical discoveries of 2013. ...
013 catering application submitted! Fingers crossed boomers! Let the Chapati Man boom at Worthy Farm once again!
and this?? Glastonbury Festival: The first festival at Worthy Farm was the Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival, mounted by Michael Eavis in September 1970, and attended by 1,500 people. The first act to perform was the group Stackridge; the headline act was Tyrannosaurus Rex, later known as T.Rex. The larger free festival at the summer solstice in June the next year was the first to attract nationwide interest, and the event became an important precursor of later Glastonbury Festivals. The Glastonbury Fayre of 1971 featured the first incarnation of the "Pyramid Stage" built from scaffolding and metal sheeting. Performers included David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Traffic, Fairport Convention, Quintessence, and Melanie.
The Rolling Stones are said to be in final negotiations to headline at Glastonbury 2013. Boss Michael Eavis has apparently tried for years to get the rock legends to perform at his music festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset, and now 'The Sun' claims next year could finally be the year.
Glastonbury Music Festival revenues rose to £32.2m proving its about quality not quantity well done Michael Eavis & the Worthy Farm gang
Many cows across Europe are kept in sheds over the winter months, but are let out into the fields as the weather improves. The cows bound and leap with joy to be outside in fields and pastures; this is known as the Cow Dance! Check out these photos which we took recently at Worthy Farm, home to Glastonbury Festival and these Holstein dairy cows. All photos © Sam Frost/WSPA
Hey - only 48 hours to go until my band, The Graduates, & I play at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Glastonbury. Looking forward to it! At least I can go to my grave with the knowledge that I've played at the Glastonbury Festival site!
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