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World War Two

World War II, or the Second World War (often abbreviated as WWII or WW2), was a global war that was under way by 1939 and ended in 1945. It involved a vast majority of the world's nations—including all of the great powers—eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis.

Cardiff University World War One Second World War First World War

For all its flaws, World War Two taught millions the importance of team work. — Walter Russell Mead (wrmead) Sept…
Check out Lady of Spain Sheet Music - 1944 World War Two - Eddie Fisher via
Hurricane Irma twice as powerful as EVERY World War Two bomb dropped -
My late oldest uncle from Chicago was one of the first black Marine gunnery sergeant during World War Two.
He fought in World War Two to stop Hitler, now he must fight World War Three to stop him!
If only there were as many wise men in this world. We could learn a thing or two.
A week ago there were MAJOR threats of nuclear world war, and then two days later, a race war springs up. My quest…
My father in boot camp getting ready to fight the Nazis in World War Two
Pilot saves 18 people with amazing World War Two plane landing as front wheel fails…
Holly Graham, you will find all Countries colonised by your lovely Britain fought and died in two Wor…
Oh hey what do you know a statue from World War Two. Where we were fighting the nazis...
History is repeating itself. Look back at the build up to World War Two and things may sound familiar.
Justifying Nazism. Think about the thousands of US soldiers who died fighting the Nazis in World War Two. Shameful.
Doesn't make sense. Especially if nobody was going to side with North Korea. Not a world war when onl…
Two 1st world war shells that have been passed down to me, they stand tall in my 3 boys trophy cabinet. 100…
Thirty-two slain in Philippine president's war on drugs
Two nuclear powers are preparing for war
After the end of World War II, the world was split into two, East and West. This marked the beginning of the era called the…
World War Two was one of the worst, deadliest, and most horrifying conflicts in US history. And Trump defen…
There were "two sides" in World War II also and America was on the anti-fascist side. Which side is Trump on?
2.3 million soldiers manned the Indian army and 89,000 of them died in military service in World War Two (plus 30 Victoria Crosses). 1 /2
Gardener tracks down and saves dying breed of rose named after iconic World War Two film
World War Two shipyard electrician Netta Harvey hasn't lost her spark as she reveals… via…
Tributes paid to Jerseyman who died after World War Two
Someone ask Steven Spielberg why he's never made a movie about World War Two.
This is your war on drugs: the four victims included "two pregnant women and a schoolboy"
I sold my grandpa's world war two guns for a new sawed off "zombie defense"™ shotgun
It's memories that I'm stealing, but you're innocent when you dream, when you waltz through Rapture and World War Two without even a virtue.
Two elections , another world war... A small apocalypse.. and the sun imploded *shrugs*
because the poor old thing looking like he hadn't gotten any since World War Two. She came back and s…
Amazing photo collection captures heroism of US's first black air force recruits
German army to drop Nazi names from barracks more than 70 years after end of World War Two via
The War for American Independence, the two World Wars...All for naught if we end up being ruled…
Native Alaskans who protected in to be honoured - North - CBC News
Two missing World War II B-25 bombers documented by Project Recover off ... via
Btw it was world War two losses and bose which forced Britain to leave India and also British pub…
I must get back to my book on World War Two. I want to see how it ends.
Native Alaskans who protected in WWII to be honoured
World War Two Lancaster Bomber at Aviation and Space Museum. What a beaut
When my Grandpa drank, fell, and broke his face in two;. When the cops arrived, he exclaimed, "I fought in World War II!"
"We should double the size of MI5, as we did in World War Two. We can’t go on as if this wasn’t happening.”
Two men shirtless clowning around on a Navy ship in World War II.
The war on skilled labor began shortly after World War Two when manufacturers used advertising to sell cheap...
Germans "cope with the past" not by hiding it, cover history intensely in school & many remi…
arabella: "i went through my punk phase before I went through my World War One or two phase" 😂😂
"I was proud of my father, but this has given me a huge admiration for what he did”
Hi Michael, check out: and use code MEGA-MAY to get it for FREE!!
Vietnam deciding to join in World War Two (colorized)
The German offensive at Kursk (1943) ran out of steam after just 8 days
Was the battle of Dunkirk the real turning point of World War Two?
-want to tell me what set off World War III with you two? (He then let out a breath of relief as the air conditioning hit-
Dambusters hero 'killed by friendly fire'
Whites are the cause of two major world wars. And this doesnt count the war on terror that targets brown skinned pe…
My Father was from the greatest generation, came home in body cast world War two,bless our military
Outnumbering refugees two to one: how the world ignores war's greatest scandal
Native Alaskans who protected Alaska in WWII to be honoured
IMAGE: Two bullets that collided at Gallipoli during World War I
Alaska Native volunteers were called "Eskimo Scouts" and not formally recognized by Army as WW2 Veterans until 2004.
Thanks Museum for helping us to find out more about this World War Two anti-gas ointment from our collection.
A World War Two was dug up in U.S. Army LRRP teams sensitivities to shoddy armor tank construction.
A Canadian tank from World War Two dug up in Surrey with the help of Suggs from Madness
ONE of the largest World War Two bombs found in Britain has been detonated after the shell was discovered at a c...
The UN - Mosul is the biggest urban assault since World War Two – which has already lasted a month longer than the siege o…
Sheep grazing roughly on site of last land battle in Britain in 1940. 4 German airmen captured & taken for a pint.…
Around 50-000 people in the German city of Hanover are to be evacuated from their homes while experts defuse five World War T…
no big deal just in the middle of world war II but let me call up dominos real quick for a large with two toppings. maybe…
50,000 face evacuation in over World War Two bombs
BBC News - 50,000 face evacuation in Hannover over World War Two bombs
Two bloviating antagonists threating the world with war. What can be sweeter.
How many people in that clubhouse already pre ordered the new call of duty World War Two David be honest 🤔
Entrepreneurs are the perfect modern-day corkscrew thinkers
Russia will launch a viral-video campaign in a bid to memorialize the sacrifices of Soviet soldiers in World War II.
What about the Vietnam Memorial or the World War Two memorials are they next? Or what about the 9/11 Memorial that…
The Vietnam War and the People of the United States: Manuel E. Yepe “Two of the world’s greatest…
“I didn’t take any consideration because of my lack of World War Two knowledge,”. You had to live under a rock for 80 years...
Deutschsprachige - Wir brauchen euch!. At the opening of our Tiger Exhibition, we invited two Second World War...
to explaining how what the NAZI did to the JEWS in WORLD WAR TWO Poland was something of a CONSPIRACY...which was meant to REINVIGORATE the
North Wales has amazing history as well as stunning scenery. One more reason to visit. World War Two tunnels open - htt…
The first time the Japanese people heard their Emperor's voice on radio was when he announced Japan's surrender in Worl…
"I preferred to stay in the tank; it stank of petrol but there was no lice."
When interviewing a Second World War vet, our colleague Harry Sullivan found out the 93-year-old was trying to...
Team journalists in Turkey have been arrested during World War II, and their wife sentenced to 15 weeks of order due to two other counts.
Join us April 26th for our dedication ceremony for the WCCC World War Two and Holocaust Research Center!
This video of two Second World War vets reconnecting after 30 years is delightful. Thanks…
huhu be4 i raise my hands ehn my bestie don land me two left n right. If i dnt slap him,na world war III
Alan Allport examines the statistics of the draft and the experiences of combatants in the two world wars.
Weird not to have any World War 2 strategy games for a while, then have two release in the same month. Not complaining though!
My piece for and The role cinema played in keeping up morale in WWII.
What Was the Significance of the Battle of the Bulge?
Mrs Joanna Chorley (circled) and her fellow codebreakers of the Colossus C watch at Bletchley Park in 1945
PCGamer- Call of Duty countdown confirms a return to WWII by
Good look at the power of 'Corkscrew Thinking' - with 5 tips for creative problem solving.
To reiterate my point: the euro has always been about World War Two, not about economics..
Anyone got any links to a world war two homefront diary entry? For an interview lesson on sources!
US naval fleet joined by TWO more nations as armada heads to North Korea
May 8th, 1945.. Two million people gathered in Times Square to celebrate the end of World War II.
During World War Two, we had war bonds. Why don't we have a drug war bond to build the wall?
Historical Division: Restitution of Stolen by the Nazis during World War Two.
Cockleshell Heroes: the truth at last
.examines the lives of two English women during the Second World War utilising a microhistory approach h…
Bomb squad deals with World War Two weapon in Dewsbury.
IMAGE: American soldier gives cigarette to Japanese soldier who had played dead for two days during World War Two https…
The publication date of Gwendolyn Brooks' first book, A STREET IN BRONZEVILLE, was the day World War Two ended.
World War Two bomb removed from River Thames and exploded - BBC News ➜…
have a look at my article. Johan Cruyff, Ajax and World War Two -
it's hardly a ideal time.. it reminds me of my German grandad reminiscent of when Germany nearly won world war two
Knowledge of World War II and the Holocaust on Decline
RAF World War Two hero who defended Britain from Hitler dies aged 95
Germany "lost" World War Two but is now being helped to "win the peace", veteran Tory politician says.
As Yemen’s war enters its 3rd yr, says its the world’s largest humanitarian crisis via
Brexit 'clears way' for German domination claims Heseltine: Germany "lost" World War Two but is now…
The world is insane. is the 1 degree of separation between the two men who can start World War 3? And he's…
"The United Nations warned this month that Yemen represents 'the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.'"
When your two world war seminars "go to war" every couple of months for the title of ultimate lazer tag champions.…
First annual celebrates women's contributions in ht…
Sepp: "best account of US Special Operations Forces from their creation in World War Two to today's brushfire wars."
I think guilt can do wonder some times. Look at Germans they are super peaceful after world war two. And they still feel guilty
Men in white coats needed here as . Lord Heseltine suggests Brexit vote allows Germany to win World War Two  htt…
Secret mission to rescue Yazidis Well done to & our two female officials. Australia should be proud
If we were fighting World War Two today it is safe to say that this is how the media would cover it... . Via ht…
Forces sweetheart Vera Lynn reveals her heartbreaking World War Two experiences as she turns 100
"2017 is the most significant year for political risk since World War Two" Ian Bremmer, President
On this date 1945 Marines raise the US flag on Iwo Jima in the Pacific, in one of the great iconic images of World War Two.
An unexploded World War Two bomb has forced the evacuation of 70,000 people in second-largest city:.
US veteran reunited with World War Two dog tag -
if America hadn't been *** w their foreign policy since World War Two then I maybe would have liked some of these presidents
Boris Johnson warns France against "punishment beatings... in the manner of some World War Two movie".
London's Piccadilly Circus lights go off for longest since World War Two:
Former Daily Telegraph correspondent Clare Hollingworth, who broke the news of World War Two, has died, aged 105
If something like World War One or two happened now with mobile phone footage and breaking news…
" I forgot that world war two already happened "
Japanese troops land in South Sudan, fears of first foreign fighting since WW2
How lovely to hear of such kindnesses as this one by -
Mankind hasn't learned from history. World War One and World War Two, the biggest conflicts. We will spiral out of control once again.
Fake Cold War between two superpowers to rule the world easily together
Funny how world said "never again" after war horrors turn of century but completely silent to two years of aerial b…
No wonder Bartley and Ayling are so matey, they were both in the RAF in World War Two
The one where they go back in time and explore the first time was living a past life during World War Two
Debt to GDP ratio of the only two countries in the world history who earned their independence through a liberation…
Almost the two years will finish and the Saudi's war still continue of killing people and the world still sleeping. All evi…
The Battle of Kursk (1943) was the biggest tank battle in history
Just finished this fic where Harry is a soldier during World War Two and it was so beautiful seriously my heart is still beating like crazy
World War Two veteran uses VR for first time [via
Latest: World War Two veteran says Shinzo Abe should apologize to China first
Hitler 'had Jewish and African roots', DNA tests show
the good News is: w¡ne. The Bad news is: we rolled ourselves into RealityWorld. the űgly news is, I don't know abt ww two? but, World. War. Four
Churchill instigated the Human Rights Act after World War Two in order to protect Continental Europe from more horr…
Had a hour long interview with a World War Two veteran who is 95 years old. To think all that he's lived through is…
The country who put the first man on the moon and won two World War's can't deport 11 million people? We think that little of ourselves now?
The UNHCR are global smuggling privatization and people need to know what UNHCR did since World War Two
There will be a final war between two patriarchal warring religions. Many will die. What will be left, like it or not, is a new world order.
Dad your generation did its part when you won World War Two and created the Rockford Files.
He is sick...should be put in the nut house in straight jacket...can anyone not dee that ???
Dude, this nickel is from 1940. This coin saw service in funding victory gardens during world war two.
Say a bad thing and it's World War Two compliment someone every day and it's just a thank you😪😒
12 WWII accounts that enthrall and educate even the most serious buffs: http…
The Real Holocaust of World War Two - The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans: Document from the City of Dresden in...
A British propaganda poster from world war two.
REVEALED: The senior Nazis who governed Germany and plotted conflict AFTER World War Two
Just woke up so 2 am and watching World War Z. There is part Two coming out next year. — watching World War Z
US armour reinforcements during the Battle of the Bulge - Dec-Jan 1944
Ch 23 is about how world war two erupts. it talks about the rise of dictators how Europe erupts into war and how the u.s joins
Number of people fleeing from global conflict is highest since World War 2.
There are true horrors stalking the battlefields of World War Two in Fiends of the Eastern Front…
Geriatric jihadis use World War Two rifles to execute prisoners by placing them in their vi...…
I can't even drive but have a collection of World War Two military vehicles.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
HE DIDN'T GET TO WORLD WAR TWO OR VIETNAM? What kind of *** history professor does that
Vampires meet World War Two in 'Fiends of the Eastern Front' on the 2000 AD ABC
“Care and Handling of World War One and Two Firearms in Museum Collections”. Thurs, Dec. 15 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.72…
Americans’ adventures in the USSR. PART 1. US Submachine guns at service in Red Army during World War Two
Which has a likening to being drafted into World War Two and sent directly to Normandy.
New and exhibition showing refugee crises since World War Two opens this week in London https…
the Liberty Belles at the national World War Two museum, natch
She got a big hole from a Bertha gun. She turned blood red in World War Two. She hung limp and low a time or two. She was in Korea and Vietnam
It's Remembrance Day on Sunday. Walter Hodge from Huddersfield was awarded 4 medals during World War Two.…
The One Book One Community will be reading "Code Talker:Navajo Marines of World War Two"; join us for the Kickoff!
What was the aircraft Ford built at their Willow Run plant during World War Two?
that's what Germany said when they started World War Two, how did that turn out
Belsize Park was bombed during World War Two and its still home to one of London’s only remaining air-raid shelters
00:30 World War Two: 1945 & the Wheelchair President - David Reynolds re-examines the war leadership of American…
Chris Pine turned down a role in Christopher Nolan's World War Two epic about a mass evacuation of Allied soldiers. He had done Kirk.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
President Peres and King Harald V laying a wreath at the national memorial for victims of World War Two
When possibly one of the biggest war criminals since World War Two offers his views on UK elections..
"the Homefront was about the Indians in World War Two"
Soldiers line the beach to film World War Two movie Dunkirk via
The 'Evacuee social clubs' of World War Two … … http…
Has the creation of the EU prevented a tragedy such as World War II on the Western continent ever again?
Remember the time the two dudes from Logos got into a big mecha fight to distract the world . Remember when WAR STOPPED bc of hype mechs
if they remaster world at war or MW2 I'm getting them. Those two were my favorite games.
Our generation didn't start Two World Wars, the Great Depression, the conflicts in the Middle East, the Great Recession, and the Cold War.
We've given all our wealth away overseas and we don't tax the rich like we did during World War Two. It's no wonder we're broke!
Regular call of duty like world at war two or something besides space this is gonna be the third time we will have boos jumps!!!
Understanding Chelsea is hard though..played Liverpool two seasons ago like they had something to lose now stop Spurs turn world war.smh
- read reviews and more for A Boy A Ship and A War
Fascinating: During World War Two, European refugees fled to Here's what the camps were like.
Fashion inspired by the Holocaust and world war two interment camps
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If you're in these days, have a look at World War Two Today:
The two men live on in the secret agreement they were assigned to draft, during the First World War, to divide...
I liked a video Top five bizarre weapons of World War Two - This is Genius
Remember the war by alexanderpopkov2 ♫♪ Exploration
A bully beats everyone up and steals their lunch money, yet he wonders why everyone hates his guts.
lol I wasn't present at World War Two but I know it happened. Look up British nationality act 1948. No one was forced!
The invasion of has basically made the United Nations void. Remember, when the league of nations failed, World…
Great article from on castles in WW2 - Colditz, Dover, Wewelsburg
TIL in 2015 Beijing banned 2.5 million cars for two weeks to get beautiful blue skies for a World War II parade.
"We have two hearts in this country — one for sorrow and one for happiness." On bloodshed, misery and hope in htt…
Women and minorities are the primary reason we won world war two and people still believe they don't deserve equal ??
Veterans will gather at Sailors Memorial in North Vancouver at 10 AM to remember naval sacrifices of Canada in World War Two.
yeah! he's really famous for cracking the German Enigma code during World War Two which saved a lot of lives.
Anyone interested in buying a World War Two 25 Pounder Field Artillery gun?. This is being sold by a friend of...
Could Britain have survived during World War Two without the Royal Air Force and the Royal British Navy? Some...
During the Gulf War, the British and American losses of World War Two combined.
The 7th Manchesters at War : Two Linked Accounts of the First World War on...
The first bomb to land on British soil in World War Two caused only one injury: it was a rabbit.
two dead soldier in World War One. One of them had been given a seed by the UCC gardener and got killed in Europe. He was there
Last Navajo code talker dies on eve of Second World War memorials | World news | The Guardian
Nat'l Headline: Crow war chief who walked 'in 2 worlds' dies at 102: Joseph Medicine Crow walked in "two world...
Two wars. two fronts of same world war. Like saying WW2 was 3 wars.
YES, few Americans care what happens to the EU anymore. Two World and one Cold War are enough.
An unsung hero of London, certainly one I was unaware of. Without this gentleman, the blitz might have been...
Pete M with two days work in world war feature film :)
They say that the world war built for two, only worth living of somebody is living you, baby now you do.🎶
The effects of two world wars is indelibly written into the public psyche of Brits.We r down to earth with very dry humour.Sick of war taxes
Read about these two in January. So glad they got to meet up! "WWII Vet Reunites With Wartime Love After 70 Years
1945, the photograph of a German boy soldier gave us an immortal image of World War Two.
Unless Panama is about to declare war on the world I'm not sure we give two farts mate. Even then...
Seriously just Americans to Germany world war two that test
A Chiltern Court flat was used by Dutch spies in World War Two. It had two entrances so people could come and go unnoticed.
Two long-lost German warships rediscovered in Portsmouth harbour:
BREAKING: Bomb-throwers at Associated Press bury lede on Nobel Prize winning two-term president who won World War.
Two really good articles on World War 1 or the Great War for my history buffs
Girl. me without you is like the History Channel without World War Two.
Britain's trade deficit is the worst it's been since records began, after the World War Two. Osborne is a disgrace
This Native American historian and war chief, who fought during World War Two, has died aged 102
World War II Era: Germans came in and divided us into two. Now some want to join them and some want to fight them
Day 3 of & two great Worcester historians feature: Gildea @ 12 Frankopan @ 2
World War Two: Mystery of photo of soldier Arthur Brown found in bookshop
Old Time Kentucky: World War II pilot Herky Green was an ‘ace’ in two different fighters via
"Well, whatever," Prussia sighed heavily"no longer strong now. It's best if I'm gone, right? I was the one who started World War Two... "
Battle of the Atlantic Sunday is one month away! 10 facts about an important campaign in Canada's history:
Congratulations to this beautiful Rolls Royce for winning the Pre War World Two award ..An old school h…
My two tiny child. pls save em from world war
Very interesting I do enjoy watching documentaries — watching Apocalypse: World War Two
When American scientists were developing the atom bomb during World War Two, did they have in mind having a president like Donald Trump?
Air Corps in World War Two again, behind the German lines. The person who was shaking him was Roland Weary.
my grandmother grew up during World War Two in Germany and she sees parallels between Trump and Hitler
Two WWII veterans met in a nursing home. But one had a secret: He fought for Hitler.
Written by my Mother about her Mother:. Tess Breen, chorus girl world war two via
Two Sailors celebrating the end of World War II
large rally hosted by Al-Qaeda held in Two of the photos show Khalid…
World War Two: Belfast man's James Hamilton's Spitfire memories: As a pilot, he was moved from place to place ...
ICYMI: Four reasons World War I works for Battlefield, and two reasons it doesn’t
Imagine that two sets of hard nipples can end a marriage, start a war or initiate a new world religion. Why not love? …
BMW dynasty breaks silence over Nazi past - via
German vs. American forces on the eve of the Battle of the Bulge
World War Two: A Timewatch Guide Saul David uses the BBC archive to chart the history of th...
Phosphorus based fertilizer has made it able to feed triple the people since World War Two. This will probable increase by 33% by 2015
BMW uses 100th centenary celebrations today to apologise for Nazi past. "Profound regret" for use of forced labour.
SEOUL (Reuters) - A film based on the horrors experienced by "comfort women" in Japanese military brothels during World War…
And literally like two blocks down in looks like France post world war 2, why are y'all concerned about building more lofts?
Sniper Elite 4 launches this year on PS4 Drop onto the Italian peninsula during World War II https…
So at the train station and there is a dude wearing a poncho and a world war two helmet. Welcome to Manchester 😂
A wonderful article about the forefather of modern
Stained glass windows in Lichfield Cathedral spared by the Luftwaffe restored to former glory (vi…
Your article: Rare opportunity to photograph an iconic World War Two bomber at night .
Johnathan Fitzgerald Kennedy, a liberal president in the nineteen sixties in post-World War Two United States of America
EU leaders are holding a key summit with Turkey on how to deal with Europe's worst refugee crisis since World War Two.
Historic Welsh PoW Camp holds an open day.
janab there's war everywhere in muslim world, but no TWO armies r fighting head-to-head? n sill buying arms, why?.
Two Navy Helldiver planes are pictured on the deck of an aircraft carrier in World War II.
My World War Two class is just on my list of classes I want to be in today
Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War Two --
2 new World War Two shooters announced in the space of a month and I'm absolutely loving it ! Getting those Day of Defeat feels again.
NEWS:Turkish and EU leaders have gathered in Brussels for an emergency summit on tackling Europe's worst refugee crisis since World War Two.
Buy the Trench Garden as the Second World War Rages in Europe, Two Undergraduates in Tennessee Work a Summer Job for
Images from the Imperial War Museum explore the lives of American servicemen and women living in England during World War Two.
World War Two Evacuee, Erica, still treasures the toy rabbit her Mum gave her over 75 yrs ago
Europe's worst migrant crisis since World War Two...caused by idiotic German Chancellor Merkel inviting the world in to Europe.
Charles Durning, the actor, was a hero of World War Two. This. the greatest generation are lea...
Breaking the law during World War Two. Great for GCSE students of Britain 1931-1951. 😀
[( The Illustrated History of World War Two: An Authoritative and Detailed Account of the Military and Political Events of the Second World…
It is 75 years to the day since Cardiff University was hit by bombs in World War Two !!
It's 75 years since Cardiff University was hit by World War Two bombs
Three-quarters of a century ago was struck by bombs during World War Two
The 5* World War Two action series by Andy Johnson; paperback, or Kobo...
The 1949 Mercury Eight was the first post World War Two design...
Website Builder 728x90
Sir Joshua served in politics for 40 years & after World War Two, became a founders of the AACR.
An interactive smartphone app has been launched which reveals the secret history of World War Two.
" the confiscation of valuables from Jews during World War Two."| Taking refugees' valuables
"Japanese POW camps for women and children - World War Two in the Pacific " by on
The Rise and Transformation of American Militarism and Imperialism after World War Two |
VIDEO: around World War Two era ships in Powell River by John Mackenzie. The ships are...
France opens up police and ministerial archives from the Vichy regime which helped Nazi Germany in World War Two.
A story of and in World War Two against and in Africa
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