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World War Iii

World War III (WWIII or the Third World War) is a hypothetical conflict that denotes a successor to World War II (1939–1945). The conflict would be on a global scale, with common speculation that it would likely be a nuclear war and devastating in nature.

Nicole's miss black and gold pageant question is gonna be "who do you think is gonna win World War III? The aliens or the zombies" 😂😂😂
I believe all bets are off if win 2016. . We are at the doorstep of War World III if or other republican win
I believe will reject and and of this world. . The last thing Earth need is another World War III.
Trump is a reptilian scout sent from his homeland to initiate World War III and clear the way for his race to enslave us.
Obama literally told us World War III is about to happen and people are still concerned with the health of KimYe's baby
Assuming November 13, 2015 is the official start of World War III, this would mean the war would have to be over by February 28, 2026 latest
Let's start World War III while we're at it yeah?
(I just hope World War III doesn't last longer than WW1 and WW2 combined, which would be 3760 days or around 10.3 years)
Even if World War III does take over 20 years (which I hope it doesn't), we must destroy the Islamic State for good
Curtis LeMay, who would have started World War III during the Cuban Missile Crisis and advocated nuking Vietnam...
It ain't easy growing up in World War III, never knowing what love could be
We’re Not Facing World War III? That depends; Is this WW III?. Iran will take peace from the earth. Revelation 6:4
World War III? That's weird, we must have been watching completely different speeches...or you're just a moron.
Finish a 5 mile jog hoping to watch football, but assuming World War III is because being declared from my muted television screen
Russia is gearing up for World War III
When guys get jealous it can be kinda cute. When girls get jealous World War III is about to start.
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World War III has already begun. Civilized nations can wait for more of our people to be slaughtered, or we can begin wagin…
Fear of “WW3” is part of Moscow’s psychological arsenal, designed to make us think resistance is futile or suicidal. htt…
No, We’re Not Facing World War III: He can credibly menace the Baltic states (because in Pentagon war games, t...
it's World War III not Paris Hilton the movie
when i call my parents and they dont answer its no big deal. but when they call me and i dont answer its like world war III
World War III is already in full swing - just in slow motion, incrementally. No Pearl Harbor, just the steady drip-drip-drip of decay.
CoD fans, are you happy BLOPS3 is another futuristic shooter, or are you disappointed it's not World at War 2?
In a startling interview he reveals that all 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies have begun to prepare for World War III.
The Powers That Be decide World War III will happen in outer space -- your crew against the Russian Super Soyuz.
You're shot into space. World War III starts, Houston gets wiped out, and you don't know how to.
When guys is Jealous it can be kinda cute.When Girls get jealous WORLD WAR III is about to start :/
Follow me please, I love you so much, and almost start World War III when hacked 🙏🙏💜💜
I added a video to a playlist Obama, Iran and Israel: Triggers for World War III
Black Ops III? Kinda wanted World at War II. Oh well, better then Ghosts.
We Don’t Have to Fight World War III in the Middle East -
I just wanna lay in bed and hibernate until there is food or World War III is going on outside
and they are power hungry. ..if it were a bank robbery. ...World War III
Michele Bachmann has the eyes of a witch. Why do sub humans like Michelle get press time? She is dumber than a...
Local news reporters are my favorite. Especially the weather men who act like a thunderstorm is World War III. ⚡️☔️
I love when the severe weather siren goes off at work. It feels like a voice is going to come on to tell us World War III has started.
Looking at the bright side:. 1. I wasn't shot in the back by the police today--yet. 2. World War III hasn't quite started
"I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
Parents act like enemies, making kids feel like its World War III. Has everybody gone crazy?
It ain't easy growing up World War III
Sisters are fun, actually. You can share anything with them. Make up, clothes & etc. but not when you guys have a figh…
no you can't have a World War III if there's only one side fighting.
The Rats in my room are fightin the ones in the other room. Mehn I smell world war III. It mite just start from hre.
If this lady messes up my hair I swear there will be a World War III
the next faze of World War III !? Saudi Arabia 'targeting Iran and Israel with ballistic missiles' via
World War III: Which nation will own the moon?
YOUR WATER GUN?MILA. If you'd shoot me with a water gun i s2g world war III bcs wet hair na-uh *z snap* hold my earrings☝
It ain't easy growin up in World War III🎵
If I don't get something for my mum, its like world war III, But if I ask my mum to get me something, "whats wrong with your legs?" Df?
the winners of World War III would be anyone controlling energy resources. Most of the major producers have allies except Africans
The day me and my mom can go a full 20 minutes without World War III taking place will be the day *** freezes over.
My mom never picks up the phone but when I don't pick up its World War III
my sister just asked if my grandpa fought in World War III 😐 lmao *** .
yeah thats not gonna work. guess its going to be world war III when i get back to arkansas 😒🔫
Apocalypse Conspiracy 2013 - Illuminati World War III hold on guys this is just the beginning
"I thought we already had World War III." -Claire
If I wake up in World War III and I feel like I want to go home, it's okay if ure coming with me cuz ur love is my love
wen boyx gt jealous. itx kind a cute. wen girlx gt jealous. world war III is about to start..:P
Do we really need to talk about after we already had World War III over ? Come on guysss lets cool off huh?
Anyone else worried about Iran & Syria? I don't think this is going to be like Iraq, I think that this is something new, maybe World War III
When a guy gets jealous, it's kinda cute to. girls. But when girls gets jealous, it'll be world. war III.
World War III in the Panizales household. Great times
He's an expert in the art of war he studied all his strategies read the maps and saw the plans it's looking to me like World War III ..
It's like World War III in my house right now! Grant Starling
I'm sorry, mother. I just wanted to talk about driving the car, not start World War III.
World War III with nerf guns in this house 😜.
You best believe he's about to start World War III ...
my mom never answers the phone when I need her to and thats not a big deal, but when I don't answer my phone once it's World War III.
"The only way to win World War III is to prevent it." - Dwight Eisenhower
If Troy dnt tell me , it's finna be World War III on dis fonee .
It's funny how the silliest joke can escalate into world war III
World war III, greatest team in the world at work, away at theBridge
It's like world World War III at the grocery store!
When guys gets jealous , it's cute. When girls gets jealous, world war III incoming.
Smh.. if i did it, it woulda been world war III!
If she get any type of virus on my lap top , it will be WORLD WAR III , IV , & V . 👿👊👌
i could picture you causing a World War III
Now that I decide leave its world war III but u can do what eva !
So much for Romney's intelligence when it comes to foreign affairs - between his lack of geographical knowledge and insulting our allies he'll have us in World War III in no time with all of his big corporate military suppliers wringing their hands in excitement for all the profits they'll make on the blood of our military.
what happens if the finale was Union J vs. District 3 ? i think World War III will happen no joke.
United vs Chelsea. World War III could break out and I wouldn't care.
the world war III is nearer than ever
off the top of my head World War III
Putin stated WW III will not start in Iran but Syria, his own “red line in the sand.” We are at the precipice of World War III. D. Hagmann
my stomach is having a world war III help
to the uprising and revolution in America to prevent World War III
Soviet mariner who stopped World War III. Hope it inspires people to do their duty right, not follow orders blindly.
The hidden real truth about "To is obvious that we are at the precipice of World War III."
Large-scale exercises of the Strategic Nuclear Forces under the command of President Vladimir Putin have completed in Russia, the president’s press-secretary Dmitri Peskov reports.
theres world war III going on in my uterus
I don't know who may have guessed the link, but my profile wall paper is of 'the Bay of Pigs', some 50 yrs ago this week, this beautiful part of Cuba was the centre of the Cuban missile crisis and nearly the start of World War III. Some of the older generation may remember it.
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try and change the world. Maybe for the better, maybe cause World War III, depends on the score that weekend
Fallout From the day of attack in Benghazi, Iran has been engaged in a full spectrum attack on the U.S. and NATO across the board involving embassies, bombing and even cyber attacks. All of this is the fallout from the arms and weapons smuggling operation, which was far greater than understood by the Western media. Russia has now moved their contingent of S-400 missiles into much of Syria in anticipation of NATO establishing an “air cap” over Syria. A ten-mile “buffer zone” along Syria’s border has been created for Syrian refugees, but it also acts as a catalyst for the encroachment into Syrian territory. It sets the stage for further advancement and erosion of Syrian land, incrementally, of course. It is also of critical importance to note that last weekend, Russia completed large-scale exercises of their Strategic Nuclear Forces under the watchful command of President Vladimir Putin. These were the first such nuclear exercises conducted since the fall of the Soviet Union. To those with discern ...
50 years ago today, I sat in a Jr. High portable trying to hear President Kennedy over the loud-speaker reassure all of us that we were not, in fact, about to enter into a thermo-nuclear World War III. All those who keep whining about the last couple of years may now shut up, with my thanks.
I dont make noise like Chinese phone,I dont talk much like "Customer Care Service".but Chelsea,today's world war III against my team will be *_*
Niall is answering fans, and its world war III in my TL.
The World War III will start at 9 a.m. sharp and still my equipment is not ready to be used
Quora can be funny. Or not! Question: What will be the next big thing? Comment: World War III.
Bliss! The children are actually getting along and playing together without it sounding like World War III
Feelin' good. Except with my Sister. -.- WORLD WAR III is happening! :@
Beefed up security as if they're expecting world war III
world war III will begin tmrrw at 3:15pm
When guys get jeolouse it's..Actually..Kinda Cute..But when girls Get jeolouse World War III is About to Begin..!
World War III and The Last Supper all in one night
Yesterday was the scariest day in history October 27 1966 when russia and america were going to have a nuclear World War III and on the same day John F. Keneddy Made the scariest speech in history Russia had nukes on Cuba pointing at us
I have just learned that every single news about Sandy the hurricane, Tsunami warnings an earthquake news are a huge deviation of the truth. Many are cooking World War III.
Here's a pertinent Scripture that teaches us World War III is close at hand by examining the trends of thought displayed by Muslims and the world at large: Joe 3:2 I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat, and I will enter into judgment with them there, on account of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations. They have divided my land,
Kids are do extremely over tired it isn't even funny..with everything they have been doing in school this past week then today it finally caught up to them and the demons over took them and world war III happened! They are finally all in bed and now i can relax and try to work on some college things to help someone get caught up then bed!
Prepare to world war III,.no pain no gain.
Jorden is not my biggest fan right now! He has never been so mad at me! I tried his costume on him to make sure it fit right then took it off of him and it was like World War III in the Torres house. He even went so far as to say ”I don't like you!” Lol. I would say he likes his costume! :)
I decided intentionally not to make a TV special but to make a feature, with music and narrator, and drama not common in TV docs. I am proud of his work and ...
When a boy gets jealous its kinda cute! When a girl gets jealous WORLD WAR III is about to START!
I was insulted after seeing this please read and comment how you felt Advantages of plains(low relief lands) It's a brreding place for black people. They are so pro at hunting animals as shown in the movie Roots. Americans should also unite and push all of them black people in to the plains. Then, we will rid America of the dark creatures from *** I expect crime rate to drop to a near zero and for there to be no American in poverty. The only disadvantage is that the we won't be able to push the Jews into there. They could start World War III and persecute Christians. KONY 2012. SUPPORT HIM.
Benghazi situation is important. I remember watergate, the iranian hostages,and iran/contra. THIS IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT! If all of you don't wake up, it may be too late. Look at who we are supporting in Syria and look at who the Russians are supporting. Putin stated that World War III is not going to start in Iran, but in Syria.
Why doesn't Allah solve the middle-east problems? World War III will start from here,Muslims are leaving in stone age, they 'stoning women' & today 'stoning devil'
the first day in three weeks that i could have slept in late and i get woke up by world war III. oh well, at least i woke up. have a great day everyone and smile with your heart
When the female feel jealous;; make sure its the beginning of World War III!! Masab Ghazi
Today is my oldest sons Birthday. Randy Chris Blumer. Thanks to IPhone, I got to see him on face time, a couple of days ago. He is in Qatar, and is fighting for his country, that does Very little to support our troops. Our kids are putting themselves in harms way, for a bunch of politicians, that could care less! Our choices for Commander in Chief, is not for the greatest leader, it's the LESSER of 2 evils. Our kids need support, and we need to end the war, after all, World War III, is closer than any of us have been led to believe. Please pray for our troops, as they Proudly serve! Bring our troops home safely, and help them cope with being home! Too many have lost their life's, or taken them.
I'm probably the crabbiest person when I get woken up. I'm sorry but I don't care if the tornado sirens are going off or if there is a World War III. I WANT my sleep and I do not appreciate being woken up. Ever.
Bob Dole once told us: "If World War III were breaking out tomorrow, liberal reporters would still ask Republicans about abortion." True then, true now. while our economy and foreign policy are going to *** in a handcart, the Demos and the mainstream press keep harping about abortion rights, access to contraceptives, the almost sexual pleasure of voting for Obama, and this war on the middle class and women.
When guys are jealous its SO CUTE. When giros are jealous, here comes world war III xD !
All purpose parts banner
World War III is happening... Speedy in action, k'Non, sorry for late :p.
July JW Nhlapo click the picture and read the article
I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC. Music is courtesy of Activision: Call of Duty 4. Here is just a quick interpretation of WWIII if were to happen anytime in the near f...
World War III : The Elite searching for ways to start a false Flag attack and justify the War with Iran
Embassy raided, consulates in flames, US ambassador murdered and dragged out on the six o'clock news, China launches a state-of-the-art aircraft carrier built with US technology and money, the president of Iran is threatening World War III, Greece and Spain are experiencing riots because of the cuts to social programs that are well intentioned but bankrupting their economy JUST LIKE THE US WILL BE DOING SOON, and on and on, and the US President is on the View and Americans are all shook up about the Packers game. Really? If this post bothers you then unfriend me. Please. If this post makes you think , even for a second or two, I've done my job. No this is not an anti Obama post. Romney can't change things much. We've hit the berg and the ships crew will not tell us.
What a nice day on the island sunny warm and fighter jets training all morning buzzing the island getting ready for World War III that's where Obama is bringing us to. People wake up let's get him out of office. Im sure he will be able to get a job as a preacher so don't feel bad he would have to collect like most Americans today who can't even get a job because of him.
“Our defensive power has been created on the basis of our defensive strategy and the presumption ruling our defensive strategy is that we will enter an massive battle with a US-led coalition.”  Brigadier General Hossein Salami, IRGC Deputy Commander, September  2012)
When guys get jealousy it kinda CUTE but when chicks get jealousy prepar 4 WORLD WAR III
Old Willie Nelson hosted his annual Farm Aid concert this past weekend. They wouldn't allow any cell phones in the show.Willie looks so much like the Prophet Mohamed they were afraid that one YouTube clip of him singing "God Bless America" would set off World War III. Go Willie!!
I'm tired of hearing supposedly professional football players complaining about the referees. You are grown men playing a child's game for money and should be honored to be in a position in which very little mental skill is required to earn a living. How about if you didn't commit the penalties in the first place, you wouldn't have to worry about the ref catching or missing the call? If the players had integrity then the refs would not be needed. How about not letting the game be decided in the last seconds? PLAY HARD ALL GAME AND THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN TO YOUR TEAM! So many whiny men acting very wimpy right now, shut up and play the game. The refs are not the problem, the players are for being soft and mentally weak. I have had many friends play in "The League" and I tell them the same and most agree. The outcome of the football game will not solve world peace or start World War III, so football players shut up and play the game because it is not that serious..unless you are gambling!
If World War III happened, I believe it is not a war between religions but between HUMAN and SATAN...the more we close to religion the more we become human..a second we forget religion, a whole day satan makes us his counterpart...always remember our religion wise be humble be human
An Israeli missile is launched from the Iron Dome missile system in the city of Ashdod. (AFP Photo/Jack Guez)RT onAn Iranian military official has warned that military conflict between Iran and Israel could “turn into World War III.” He added that if Israel “is putting the final touches on attacking...
Do u knw that World war III will be fought in electromagnetic spectrum?
World War III may have just begun in my house. Trying to convince my very spirited 3 year old that she has to wear her uniform to preschool and cannot accessorize with oversize rhinestone sunglasses, a pearl necklace, a pink boa and rainbow leg warmers. I'm afraid of her teenage years.
Am I to conclude that world war II was all about Jews hence they were given someonelse land in exchange for creating the nuclear bomb and because these Jews have captured the econmic control now are threating that if the world does not bow down to the Jews again they will be the reason for world war III INTERESTING all about the Jew savage
The Coming War With Russia, Iran and Israel... Read my report on this at:
Netanyahu is spoiling for military action against Iran But Iran are prepared .
guys get jeaLous ,, its actuaLLy kinda cute. wen girLs get jeaLous ,, worLd war III is about to start ? :D
When guys get jealous its kinda cool When girls get jealous world war III Is about to start...LoL
When guys get jealous its cute. When girls get jealous its World War III!
Part 3b of 3 a & b: The Divine Plan I have no doubt that Albert Pike understood the necessity of bringing the final war to the Middle East in the attempt to manipulate Bible prophecy for his own purposes. In his pride he thought that he could manipulate God. God laughs at Pike. The divine plan also called for World War 1, because it was necessary to take Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) in 1917. This was 2,520 years after Babylon had taken Jerusalem in 604 B.C. The long "seven times" of prophetic judgment was fulfilled upon Jerusalem, and so in 1917 a new page of history was about to unfold. World War II was fought for many reasons on the surface, but its real purpose was to create the conditions necessary to establish the Israeli state in 1948. This too was part of the divine plan, because Jesus had prophesied this in Matthew 24:32 in terms of the "fig tree." Earlier, Jesus had cursed the leafy but fruitless fig tree in Matthew 21:19, saying, "Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever ...
But he refused to go further than what he has said in the past, that
Fear of World War III This is really the first time Pakistan has raised a voice on Kashmir involving UNO and without taking name of India straight way - UNO - the Organization to resolve the differences between different nations. Directly or indirectly Pakistan has again hit on Indian stakes for Kashmir, but UNO's failures are counted as correctly and timely. I never think that Pakistan's claim on Kashmir is as fair as its separation from India on the name of religion Islam. Could India not put a serious claim for those separations granted by British not acceptable to common people of India, then and even now? UNO must resolve the differences right since then and take back Pakistan to India and save true secularism equal for all religions. Let Indian Premier sound in that direction bluntly. Harah!!
..In the early days of World War III, guerrillas - mostly children - placed the names of their lost upon this rock. They fought here alone and gave up their lives, so that this nation shall not perish from the earth.
As first depicted in theBio-Terror Bible, a false-flagbio-terror/chemical attack on Israelis currently being plotted and planned. This horrific and deadly attack will likely be the“October Surprise”many are anticipating prior to the 2012 U.S. presidential election and may be the spark which starts W...
My Quote of the Day: “I've told people that if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them [Iran] from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon. I take the threat of Iran with a nuclear weapon very seriously."-- President George W. Bush
When boyz get jeleous itz so cute but when girls get jeleous its WORLD WAR III
The British agency in charge of the nation's pig industry says the world is on the verge of a significant pork and bacon shortage as early as next year because of rising feed costs.
Cruisers, aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, submarines and minesweepers from 25 nations are converging on the strategically important Strait of Hormuz
The possibility world war III is there if the zionist attack iran with the help of us
How the coming World War III will develop in 2012 | Global Unrest
For the first time, Iran’s highest-ranking military official has tied the reappearance of the last Islamic messiah to the regime being prepared to go to a war based on ideology.“With having the treasure of the Holy Defense, Valayat (Guardianship of the Jurist) and martyrs, we are ready for a big war...
If we don't change our ways, there will be no need for World War III, we killing our selves off.
There's going to be a war folks. That's reality. Get your prayers in on Tuesday night and Wednesday.
Iran would launch a pre-emptive strike on Israel were it to perceive an imminent attack, an Iranian senior military commander said Sunday.
While researching a book on the Cuban missile crisis, the writer unearthed new spy images that could have changed history
Bill O'Riley advise to Obama is to immediately draw a line in the sand with Iran with a naval blockade preventing all ships from entering or leaving the country including Iran's two close's friends China and Russia. Get ready for World War III !!!
I'm concerned with the current tension in the Bay of Hormuz, as the U.S. among 25 other allied nations are conducting war games there, shortly after several brazen statements recently from both Israel and Iran in context to war. This is not diplomacy, but posturing, which I see as a negative indicator to the near future. 18% of the worlds oil travels through this straight. My greatest concern is a "preemptive" strike from Israel onto Iran, indicated by continual threats Iran stop its nuclear enrichment program. Should this happen, because of a large number of economic ties between Iran and Russia, such action could in reality result in World War III.
Forgive me. being in Wisconsin and all, I know I should be upset about the Packers. But here's what else happened yesterday that NOONE is talking about. 1. FLOODS IN INDIA DISPLACE 1 MILLION, KILL 33 2.IRAN: ISRAELI ATTACK COULD TRIGGER WORLD WAR III 3.SARS-LIKE VIRUS DETECTED IN MIDDLE EAST 4.Jenks Student Runs Away After Tragic Deaths Of Three Peers 5. Oh yeah and the Packers lost a football game because of a bad call Silly replacement refs. I feel a sequel to the 2000 movie The Replacements coming on. Keanu hasn't been doing much lately.
Lets see the whole middle east is on fire, asia is on fire, europe on the ferge of collapse, china building a blue water nave to attack japan, Iran on ferge of haveing a nuke if not already, and where is our commander in chief, on the campaign trail. Start prepairing your 15yr olds to finish any war that is not complete, or to fight in world war III. Hopefully they will return home other then in a body bag. Don't know if this can even be stopped. My be to late. China need to maintain double digit growth or have a revelation in there country, they can't so they are going to do the same thing the Nazis did, infade another country like japan. The whole world is on fire may GOD HELP US ALL.
How can we all be in debt and yet the 1% is still so f'n wealthy?
It goes faster and faster, more and more involving.
“War on Iran Will Trigger World War III”: Both the US and Israel have threatened to implement a preemptive first...
95% of every relationship is navigating the question "Where should we eat?" without it turning into World War III.
if Justin doesn’t win a Grammy for the Believe album PREPARE FOR WORLD WAR III
"As soon as the Believe Tour tickets come out, every Belieber fights for themselves" GET READY FOR WORLD WAR III. - LOL THIS
Bieber vs One Direction vs The Wanted ... do they really want to start World War III or.
Putin to USA: Reelect my beloved Obama, or it's World War III.
When your classmate insults your celebrity cursh then the World War III is about to begin.
When girls get jealous World war III is about to start.
Will World War III be between the U.S. and China?: China's vast military machine grows by the day. America's sen...
"World War III will be a guerrilla information war, with no division between military and civilian participation" -- Marshall McLuhan
Gearing up for the release of World War III tomorrow. Get a behind the scenes look at the making of the album on...
when my parents miss my call.. no big deal When i miss there call.. hello world war III
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