World Series & Super Bowl

The World Series is the annual Championship Series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series Championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy. The Super Bowl is the annual Championship Game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States, culminating a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year. 5.0/5

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if you're more excited for than the Super Bowl and World Series combined.
I had them winning the Super Bowl, the World Series, Stanley Cup and NBA Final this year. http…
Just wait until they pull off a World Series or Super Bowl. They have at least a decade until possible NB…
The City of Houston will now have hosted a Super Bowl and World Series in the same year
HBD Deon Sanders, the first athlete to play in the World Series, and Super Bowl. 50 y.o! ✨✨
ESPYs are on tonight! Finally we find out who won the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals and Stanley Cup
Is it fair to say tonight's Origin is bigger than every Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA finals, Masters and Olympics combined?
I wanna live to see the White Sox win the World Series, the Bears win the Super Bowl, and the Bulls win the NBA Playoffs
Why do the networks always show major horse events like it's a country fair? Imagine covering the World Series or Super Bowl like this
World Series was only the high rated event other than the Super Bowl in '16 but yeah be "shocked" they're still playing 🙄
This is it: .This is OUR day. Our Super Bowl. Our Stanley Cup. Our World Series. Today is ours, wrestling fans.
A4: Still have World Series, Super Bowl, NFL Playoff Game, and NBA Finals on the list
Patriots won the Super Bowl, Bruins win the cup, Celtics win the finals, Red Sox win the World Series. Watch.
Cavs win the NBA Finals in 7. Cubs win the World Series in 7. Patriots ending on a 31-0 run to win the Super Bowl in OT.…
Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, but I gotta say out of all those sport events March Madness is my favorite year!
I don't care what anyone says March Madness is the best time of the year.better than Super Bowl, Christmas,NBA Finals, World Series 🇺🇸🏀
Nothing beats a game like this. Nothing comes close. Not the World Series. Not the Super Bowl. Not even Basketball
World Series, Super Bowl, Academy Awards, we have seen three finishes in the last four months that will never be duplicated.
Oscars, Brexit, US Elections, World Series, NBA Finals, Super Bowl...Let 2016 be known as "the long year of the glitch"
The World Series, election night, the Super Bowl, and now the Oscars. Lesson: ALWAYS WATCH UNTIL THE END
As sports fans we have lived an incredibly charmed life in our biggest championships lately: Super Bowl, World Series, NBA…
The NBA Finals, World Series, the Election, the Super Bowl, the Oscars...I think we've exceeded our quota on last-minute drama 2016-2017.
Hypothesis 1: between the Oscars, Super Bowl, election, World Series, NBA Finals, NCAA champ game - probability has broken and all is amiss.
NBA Finals. World Series. Presidential Election. Super Bowl. No one can close anymore.
NBA Finals, World Series, election, Super Bowl, Oscars, Beyoncé is my birth mother man what a year of surprises
Between the World Series, NBA Finals, the Super Bowl, the Election, and now the Oscars best picture...what the *** is going…
The last: NCAA, NBA Finals, World Series, ELECTION, Super Bowl, and Oscars. As if reality now knows it must do more to get our attention.
"NBA Finals, World Series and Super Bowl had amazing finales.". Academy Award: "Hold my drink.".
This year has been unbelievable; NBA Finals, Super Bowl, World Series, Election Oscars. I don't think I can handle it anymore.
So, the NBA finals, the World Series, the Super Bowl and the Oscars? 🤔It's all beginning to feel like wrestling
So, highly improbable victories in the election, the NBA Finals, Super Bowl, World Series, English Premier League, and now…
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This last yr has seen lots of shockers: Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, election
The last NCAA basketball title game, NBA Finals, World Series, college football Championship Game and Super Bowl: all tota…
NBA Finals to Game 7; World Series to Game 7; Super Bowl to OT. At least sports is giving us more than we deserve.
Last night was my Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series. I gave it my all to make sure KD & Warriors didn't rest. I left…
Just a reminder. The last time the Pats won the Super Bowl, Duke won a National Championship, and the Mets made it to the World Series.
Fox Sports gets the Cubs winning the World Series and the first overtime game in Super Bowl history. In the same year.
Shaping up to a strong 2017 for sports in Houston with the Super Bowl on Sunday and the World Series in the fall.
Cavs win the Finals. Cubs win the World Series. Trump wins the presidency. Falcons win the Super Bowl?
Did you know: Tokyo Is the only US city to host the Super Bowl, World Series and NBA finals in the same year
That's a dream of mine to see all Championship Games for every sport NBA Finals, World Series, Super Bowl, FIFA cup all them
Imagine that happening after a Super Bowl, NBA Finals, or World Series!
vs -- like the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals and the World Series rolled into one. -- so exciting!
It's a very far stretch but imagine if Pittsburgh won back to back Cups, a Super Bowl, and a World Series all in a year and a half...
The three greatest sporting events of the year: . 1. Super Bowl . 2. World Series. 3. Gessner Holiday Triathlon.
Win what, what is he thinking to win more?. Super Bowl?. World Series?. World Cup?. Who wants to be millionaire?. Celebrity…
I feel like my team just lost the Super Bowl, World Series, Championship and World Cup
I've seen UK lose in the National Championship. I've seen the Patriots lose in the Super Bowl. But the World Series is the cruelest to lose.
2016 will go down as the best sports year ever. NCAA Basketball Championship, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Olympics, and the World Series
Think about it: Cleveland won the NBA championship, and almost won the World Series. Now if only they could win/go to the Super Bowl 🤔
So we have seen a Cubs win World Series and Saints a Super Bowl. Is a MSU National Championship only unthinkable left?
I just want to be in a city when it wins a championship just once..whether it's the finals, Super Bowl, World Series idc
This year's NBA Championship and World Series were more exciting than any Super Bowl. To *** with the NFL!
NBA championship was great, World Series was great. Wonder what the Super Bowl has for us.
Broncos win Super Bowl. UNC loses National Championship. Sharks lose Stanley Cup. Cubs win World Series. 2016 has not been my friend ☹️
Since has been in office, won a Super Bowl, won a NBA championship & won a World Series. HOPE has definitely won.
Cavs win the NBA Championship, Cubs win the World Series, I'm putting all my money on Arizona for the Super Bowl.
Couple years ago, lil bro's team won the Super Bowl; last year, my team won the NBA championship; this year, big bro's team won World Series
I would do anything 4 the Indians 2 win a World Series, I would take a World Series over a NBA championship/Super Bowl every day of the week
a little different from losing the Super Bowl, Natl Championship Game, and game 7 of the World Series.
2016 World Series. 2013 BCS championship. 2012 CWS. 2016 Super Bowl. 2016 CFP championship. All still sting for me
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Cubs won World Series ✔️. Blackhawks Stanley Cup✔️. Next the Bears will win a Super Bowl and then the Chicago Bulls will be NBA Championship.
So Cleveland won a championship, the Cubs won the World Series and the still haven't won a Super Bowl. 😂😂😂
Leo got his Oscar. Peyton got his Super Bowl ring w/ the Broncos. And the Cubs got their World Series title. What. A. Year.
the CUBS win the World Series, The Caves won a championship for Cleveland so this means the win a Super Bowl right?
We had historic NBA championship & an iconic World Series. Your town Super Bowl. Let's go!
NBA championship was hype, World Series was hype, can't wait till the Super Bowl 🤘🏽
Since my son was born Cleveland won a championship, the Cubs win a World Series. Who knows, maybe the Lions win the Super Bowl.
There's a reason only 25 million people watch World Series games and 110 million watch the Super Bowl.
To me the World Series is like the Super Bowl of baseball
"This weekend is my Super Bowl, my World Series and my Daytona 500"- Chris Puskas, running with the
Alabama could win the super bowl World Series and the World Cup and we would still not storm the field what a time
Blue Jays taking the World Series, Raiders taking the Super Bowl, And warriors taking the Title
I've seen the Penguins win 2 Stanley Cups, Phillies win a World Series, Eagles play in a Super Bowl and I'm only 18 today
Its going to be like the Super Bowl, Fight Night, the World Series & a Jerry Springer grand finale episode all rolled into one!
But I'm greedy. I want Rose Bowl, World Series,& Super Bowl. *** throw in the Sounders, Reign and Storm.
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would you rather have Michigan football win National Championship or Pars win Super Bowl? Sox World Series?
Butler's INT in Super Bowl and Uehara's K to Matt Carpenter to win 2013 World Series
like Deion didn't play in the Super Bowl and World Series
Pittsburgh has the most Super Bowl's all-time .. More Stanley Cups and World Series then Tampa Bay could dream of .. Bye-bye
Deion Sanders is the only person to ever play in a World Series and a Super Bowl
Only 3/7 so far! I want to become the 1st person to win European Cup, World Series, Super Bowl, The Open. Just 4 more to go
Not many people can say that they have been to the World Series, Super Bowl, College Basketball and Football National Championship etc.
At some point in my life, I'd like to go to a Final 4 game, a World Series game, a Super Bowl & a major Bowl Game (preferably the Rose Bowl)
yeah as a whole I agree but would still put the Super Bowl & World Series in front of the Cup.
For Christians, this week is the Super Bowl, The World Series, Our Savior hit a walk off home run thru His sacrifice t…
i played in the Super Bowl and the World Series last year!
Hey Dude, climate change ranks right up there with national security and the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the Daytona 500
And the Stanley Cup, NBA championship, World Series and Super Bowl go to.MAD MAX
LaVine just won the Stanley Cup, World Cup, NBA championship, Super Bowl & World Series with that dunk.
Coldplay playing for the Super Bowl is like Dave Matthew's Band singing the National Anthem for the World Series.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Stanley Cup: check. NBA championship: check. World Series: check. Super Bowl: *** is that?. I dunno. Google it.
Who Will Win the Big Game? the Big Game Events Like the Super Bowl, the World Series, a Championship Fight, the
Thanks to my brother I've been to the WSOP, Super Bowl, World Series, and championship. Amazing!
it's meteorologist's Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup and NBA championship all I one.
For the first time ever, Royals & Chiefs made the playoffs in the same year. • World Series: ✅. • Super Bowl: ?
She's always saying something dumb. She called the Lincoln memorial the pentagon and the Super Bowl the World Series
I understand. I hate it when I check my timeline and all I see is Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Playoffs, Oscars, Grammys, etc (cont)
One thing on my bucket list...witness Detroit become Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Series and NBA Champs in the same year
the bucks are acting like they just won the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series, sprint cup, gold medal, and NBA championship all in 1 game
Gus Johnson needs to announce the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Final Four, the Masters, and the National Championship.
. Exactly! Does every team compete in the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, etc? NOPE!
Since I moved to NY, the area has hosted a Super Bowl, a Stanley Cup Final and now a World Series. Your move Knicks/Nets?
Yep! KC sports brings the city together. Its been 30 yrs since we won the World Series& 1969 was the last Super Bowl
If the Cubs win the World Series & the Bengals win the Super Bowl the world will instantly explode.
“[He] actually thought it was important who won the Super Bowl.”. “Everybody knows it’s the World Series that matters
Got my World Series, Finals , Super Bowl, College football championship (Houston all the way), And my mls cup Tickets.
This was like a NCAA championship, Super Bowl or World Series win for me, so *** hype!!!
in 2007 they were close to winning the World Series, NBA Championship, Super Bowl and Stanley Cup all in the same year
The Toronto Blue Jays are winning the World Series, World Cup, Super Bowl, NBA Championship, and all of your bloody titles.
Yall *** Treating Drake like he won the MVP in The NBA championship, Super Bowl and World Series 😂😂😂😂
Wow. The will get a ticker tape parade in NYC just like a Super Bowl or World Series Championship team would...
Before I die I want to go to the Super Bowl, College World Series Finals, NBA Finals Game, and a 7-game MLB World Series.
Just waitin' on Nick Foles to win that Super Bowl and Jimmy to win the World Series at this point.http:…
No NBA championship, Boxing championship, Super Bowl or World Series will ever be as exciting as the Stanley Cup.
A NBA championship and 3 World Series wins I just need a Super Bowl and a Stanley Cup and I can die a happy man.
Imagine if any other 2 professional sports named a champion 2 nights in a row. What if the Super Bowl was the day after the World Series?
I'm cool with stripping the Cardinals of all World Series titles since 1982 if it means we can take away the Patriots' Super Bowl wins.
I wonder what it feels like to win a World Championship in any sport. World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup. It has to be unreal
That soccer game needs a better name for its final. We've got Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup. They chose "League Final?
Would you rather... Have a ticket to the Super Bowl (RT). OR. Have a ticket to game 7 of the World Series (Fav)
Gymnasts don't have a World Series, a Super Bowl. No every year shot to be a champion. This decision crushes dreams:
Shot clocks break, Arena A/C units break, power goes out in the Super Bowl. I am just waiting for a blimp to crash at the World Series.
NBA has The Finals. MLB has the World Series. NFL has the Super Bowl. NHL has the Stanley Cup . League of Legends has the Ko…
Call me a hater, call me whatever you want. I'll take a Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA Championship for free ALL DAY EVERY DAY.
March Madness is like 3+ weeks of Super Bowl in a way, though, right? And the World Series is anywhere from 5 - 8 days
News flash: biggest games in sports are all televised...Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, World Series, The Masters, etc.
Last year, the Super Bowl had an average of 112 million viewers vs. 13.8 million viewers for the World Series.
Pats win Super Bowl, Duke wins NCAA Tourney. At this rate I expect Microsoft to win the Stanley Cup and the IRS to sweep the World Series.
Olympics, World Series, Final Four, Super Bowl, and the World Cup. Gotta go to every event one day
Tonight is our Super Bowl, our Stanley Cup Final, and our World Series. Beat the Flames and the Season is a win.
Warriors will win the NBA title, Cardinals will win the World Series. Blackhawks win the Cup. Packers will win the Super Bowl. Watch.
I seen an NBA Finals and a World Series... Next is a Super Bowl, World Cup, Stanley Cup and a College Football National Championship...
Super Bowl, World Series Champs back homosexual marriage
Super Bowl, World Series Champs back homosexual marriage .
Super Bowl, World Series Champs back *** marriage at court
no way is a die hard met fan if he would choose the Giants 1 Super Bowl..over 5 World Series wins for mets!!!
when I was in Boston 10yrs ago the Red Soxs won their first World Series for yrs & the Patriots won the Super Bowl 👌
Cities with most Super Bowls + World Series in Super Bowl era. Will Boston get its seventh today?
I've been to a Super Bowl, I've witnessed 4 World Series games, been to 1 Winter Olympics, rode on the Goodyear...
I feel so spoiled.. I'm so young and the Hawks are going to a 2nd Super Bowl and the Mariners are headed to the World Series
Red Sox talk as the pats head to the Super Bowl. Love it. World Series starts in 9 months
Noting how World Series was between 2 WCs, aka not the favorites while Super Bowl is between the seeds.
Come Feb. 1, within 20 months a New England team will have played for the Stanley Cup, World Series and Super Bowl.
Super Bowl in February, Stanley Cup and NBA Finals in June, and World Series in October.. What a year for a city lol
If the Pack Wins the Super Bowl the Brewers got to go to the World Series!!!
All year teams prepare for their shot at greatness, whether it be the World Series, Super Bowl, or Stanley Cup. Tonight is my Super Bowl 🏆🍻🎇
My New Year's resolution is that the Packers win the Super Bowl and the Yankees win the World Series
Honestly, Duke&UK will be in NCAAB final. Seahawks and pats will be in Super Bowl. Royals lost World Series and UNC subpar again. 2015 hurry
I smell a Super Bowl for the Seattle Seahawks and World Series for the Mariners. 💯😁
I can't wait until the Super Bowl, NCAA championship, and World Series. To see the "Fans" being fans when they loot and destroy property
At the beginning of the season, every team is dreaming of the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, etc. That's the Goal-…
The Cubs will win a World Series before the Eagles win a Super Bowl
Mismatched fights and muddled titles are what is killing boxing. Everyone knows who wins the Super Bowl and World Series.
Only guarantee is that I will never again predict a World Series, Super Bowl, Finals championship because of a FA signing or trade.
Tonight is the Super Bowl and World Series for so we can
Well all I can say is as a Kansas City fan we all waited 29 years for the Royals to get back to the World Series. Let's look at the positive things and know that some year the Chiefs will get back to the Super Bowl. Even though I wasn't alive the last time they made it, but look at how many wasn't alive for the Royals either so there is always hope.
lol the San Fran giants won the World Series not the Super Bowl.
Gonna win the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, and World Series in one year. Ok, maybe 3/4
Cause you know, the Cleveland Cavaliers season opener is the equivalent of the World Series, NBA Finals, Super Bowl.
Tim Hudson and Jeremy Guthrie are pitching in Game 7 of the World Series. Maybe Brady Quinn and Bruce Gradkowski can QB the Super Bowl
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Why a game 7 in the World Series is better than the Super Bowl? You don't get a game 7 every single year.
Okay...In my opinion.Game 7 of a World Series is the best sporting event possible.better than Super Bowl.etc.It isnt guaranteed to happen.doesnt happen very often.Dont really care who wins.Just want to see a great game.All Hands on Deck tonite.No tomorrow.
Which provides more drama - a Super Bowl or Game 7 of a World Series?
Looks like it's time to address the issue of fair weather fans again. Back in 2010 everybody was on the Giants bandwagon because they were the underdogs. Since they've two World Series now they're not the underdogs and everybody wants to jump on the royals bandwagon. Let me enlighten you on why people want to root for the underdog...people are, more often than not, losers. That means they identify with losers more than winners which is why they want the "underdog" to win. It's the same reason people hate Tom Brady so much now when they LOVED him during his first super bowl run. So please...stop acting like losers and root for your own team. Go Giants!
Honestly there is nothing better than game sevens of the World Series! Not the Super Bowl. Nothing game sevens are special
I want to go to one World Series, Super Bowl, and nba finals before I die.
Cubs in the World Series will be a bigger event than the Super Bowl.
Royals are in the World Series, so that means the Cowboys must go to the Super Bowl...
Attend a Super Bowl (RT). OR . Attend game 7 of the World Series (Fav)
Cubs 2 for 2 in World Series. Vikings 0 for 4 in Super Bowl. Would gladly trade records.
Grandma wants grandchildren. I want a World Series and a Super Bowl. Sorry grandma
My very good (football fanatic) friend told me tonight, after I asked her what time the Royals played tomorrow, that she wasn't sure what time the Super Bowl started tomorrow! I wonder if the Kansas City Chiefs will make it to the World Series this year???!!! Bwa ha ha ha! Not mentioning any names here!
Ok. If you had the money to either see the Royals in the World Series or see the Chiefs in the Super Bowl (if they went) which would you choose? YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE!
Ok just need The Giants to win the World Series and San Fran to win the super bowl and it will be a clean weep this year
The Kansas City Royals make the World Series? What next? The Cleveland Browns in the Super Bowl?. No, wait, that would be a …
Happy birthday to all born on October 6th. Here is a little of what happened and who you share your birthday with. 1926: Babe Ruth sets new record in World Series with three home runs and a 10-5 win over the Cardinals. 1961 - U.S. president John F. Kennedy advised American families to build or buy bomb shelters to protect them in the event of a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. Tony Dungy 59 Super bowl winning head coach and author of Uncommon Moments and Uncommon Marriage. Mylon LeFevre 70 Christian recording artist
I've coached in the World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Wimbledon, NBA Finals, and The Masters.
Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, Masters... Nothing is better than a fight. nothing.
I wish I got to see Deion in his prime the only player to play a super bowl and a World Series that's crazy
Based on the reaction of Chicago sportscasters, the Bears lost the Super Bowl, World Series & Stanley Cup playoffs today.
Fa cup, Super Bowl, F1, ascot, World Series etc you can have the lot of them. All Ireland Hurling Final beats the lot!!
If the Rangers were to win the World Series in 2015, would it be like when Jon Gruden won the Super Bowl with Tony Dungy's team?
Today would only be topped byStar Wars Episode VII, Angels win the World Series, Chargers win the Super Bowl, and UCLA wins championship
Also Chicago is my pick for the Stanley Cup, and the bengals are gonna win the Super Bowl, one last prediction Angels for the World Series
to the World Series, to the Super Bowl or K-State to a National Championship? Which is more likely to happen this season?
One man's view of the sports equivalent of finding new ways to mention that Tiger Woods is not playing the next two days in the PGA Championship: * LeBron James won't win this year's NBA championship with the Miami Heat. * The Chicago Cubs won't be competing for another World Series title. * Johnny Manziel isn't going to be part of the 2015 Heisman Trophy race. * Secretariat won't be among the top contenders for next year's Triple Crown. * And the Baltimore Colts are not expected to be in this year's Super Bowl.
The Draft is everyone's Christmas Morning, Super Bowl & World Series all wrapped into one. Enough! STOP being a wannabe GM.
I once coached a Wednesday-night co-ed bowling team so well it won the baseball World Series and the Super Bowl.
A lot of people will tell you that Americans won't watch soccer. Sunday's World Cup final, a game between Germany and Argentina (neither of which is spelled "USA") was watched by 28.3 million people (Forbes Magazine) in the US. While that's nowhere near the 111.5 million that watched this year's Super Bowl, here's how it stacks up against some other big sporting events: - Final game of the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs (LA over NY) 6.0 million. - Final game of the 2014 NBA Finals (San Antonio over Miami) 18.0 million. - 2014 Daytona 500 (Dale Earnhardt Jr.) 9.3 million. - Final Game of the 2013 World Series (Boston over St. Louis) 19.2 million. Even without Univision's Spanish Language broadcast, ESPN/ABC's broadcast beat each of these other sporting events on its own. While no one is saying that anyone has to like or watch soccer, but as a sport in the US it's not coming - it's already here.
A Kickstarter to pay Ian Darke and Steve Mcmanaman to broadcast the World Series & Super Bowl.
Don't worry Cubs fans. If the Saints can win a Super Bowl, you guys will win the World Series.
We have Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and .Joey Chestnut!! A true American sports icon!!! Everybody get to a T v now, Nathan's hot dog eating contest is about to begin! Super Bowl, World Series and dinner time all rolled into one!!
it's patriotism. ALL Americans root for the USA. We are split for a Super Bowl or World Series.
Miami win the finals, Eagles win the Super Bowl, Dodgers win the World Series. Let's make that happen every year till I pass away.
My goal growing up was to be wwe champion, win a World Series with the braves, and a Super Bowl with the cowboys all in the same year 😂😂😂
Jay Natale had a good year in 1979. The Steelers won the Super Bowl. The Pirates won the World Series. And Natale opened a sporting goods store in the new Century III Mall in West Mifflin. “The first year was unbelievable,” Natale, 70, of Elizabeth said, recalling a mobbed grand opening at the mall. “We hit the jackpot on that one.” The jackpot lasted for nearly 20 years. Since then, the mall has spiraled downward, losing customers, retailers and property value, which drained hundreds of thousands of dollars in property taxes from West Mifflin and its school district. A new owner, Las Vegas-based Moonbeam Capital Investments LLC, pledged to revitalize Century III, but malls have fallen on hard times. Online shopping turned malls across the country into ghost towns. In March, Sbarro, a mall food court stalwart, filed for bankruptcy for the second time in three years, citing a drastic drop in mall traffic. Century III, with retail space as large as 20 football fields, once was the place to shop, dra ...
Does the Super Bowl have this much emotion? What about the World Series? What about the nba finals? No? I thought so 😌😌
U.S.A. Has the World Series , N b a world champions, Super Bowl winners called world champs. Indians thnk crkt is à world game.
Super Bowl, NBA, World Series are also multi country tournaments, and that's why America says "world champs".
Same people rooted for the rangers to win the World Series and will root on the Titans if they ever make it back to the Super Bowl.
The World Cup is greater than any championship/final/game/Super Bowl/playoff/World Series. That is non debatable
Dear *** ..the Tony Awards are not the *** Super Bowl. That's the Oscars. The Tony's are the *** World Series! That's all. Walter Mendez
Dear America. We realise your Super Bowl, NBAfinals and World Series are a big deal but boasts an audience of 1/3 of the planet
If you get to know Barbara Franks, you'll learn I like to watch the best of the best. Super Bowl, World Series, The Final Four, Indy 5, and the Kentucky Derby to the Belmont But also know I believe in you, each person has to take the road like anyone else, it's the choices one makes. Oh I struggled big time for many years and I have so much to learn, until God calls me home, every day is a celebration of life and I cherish your choice each time I see you. God is good.
This week the true World Series and true Super Bowl of real football begins:
No lights at the Super Bowl and no AC for the NBA playoffs. Can't wait to see what happens at the World Series.
Spurs should be fined for this AC busines...first lights out at the Super Bowl , next the ice gonna melt during the Stanley Cup, and the World Series gonna have a snow machine
The year was 1969: Richard Nixon was president . . . Neil Armstrong walked on the moon . . . Woodstock . . . Chappaquiddick . . . Charles Manson . . . first ATM . . . anti-war demonstrations . . . beginning of *** rights movement . . . Jets were Super Bowl champs . . . Mets won the World Series . . . Celtics were NBA champs . . . Montreal won the Stanley Cup . . . Oliver! won best picture . . . Mrs. Robinson was song of the year . . . Sesame Street debuted . . . the draft was instituted. . . gas was 35¢ . . . a postage stamp was 6¢ . . . and the GSHS Class of 1969 GRADUATED ! Where has the time gone ??
I graduated from high school ten years ago. Since then, I have: -Met a pretty cool lady friend (that's you, Jillian Schaffner) -Beat cancer 4 times -Reached the 15 year milestone of being a kidney transplant recipient -Got to experience the joy of having some awesome nieces and nephews -Attended the Super Bowl in Jacksonville & cheered my heart out for T.O. - Made mistakes - Been inspired by some amazing people - Fell in love with coffee - Acquired a taste for wine - Witnessed an historic presidential election -Graduated from Temple University with Honors in 4 years while being sick -Met great friends -Watched the Phillies win a World Series (which seemed impossible at certain points in my life) -Traveled outside of the United States -Worked in marketing for an IT Company -Adopted a dog -Worked for PAL - a youth development non-profit -Met pro athletes through PAL and have been on the fields/courts of the Phillies, Sixers, Eagles and Union through PAL -Toured the TastyKake Facility -Dined in Union League ...
Benghazi? Fogetabout it! A traitor's trade, no World Series, no Stanley Cup, no Super Bowl!
Singing on the big stage of a Super Bowl or before a basketball game can be nerve-wrecking. Not for retired Naval Petty Officer Generald Wilson. Listen and watch this moving patriotic song of “God Bless America” sung by him during the seventh-inning stretch in the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox.
What do the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup and Harvest America all have in common? Answer:
If you were awarded 2 FREE tickets to: 1) the Super Bowl, 2) the Stanley Cup Finals, 3) the World Series, or 4) the NBA Finals, plus a hotel package including a luxury suite and rental car, which event(s) would you prefer to attend?
Lets face it the have a better chance of winning the world series, Than Cleveland Browns do winning the Super Bowl.. Zero to none.
Look, most of us lived long enough to see, the bears win a Super Bowl, the White Sox win the World Series , the bulls win 6 nba championship, Blackhawks get two Stanley Cups,win two NBA lotteries. I didn't even say anything about the pass champions from the bears from back in the day or the one Stanley Cup with Brett hull.what more can a Chicago sports fan want?.TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!
I wish i could wash the draft , World Series , Super Bowl, NBA Champs ... without worrying about my country...takes the fun out of it.
Why do the lights go out on Baltimore all the time. It's not the Super Bowl or the World Series! !!
If the blazers or clippers win the finals this will be one of the best years I have had with redsox win the World Series hawk Super Bowl
every World Series, Super Bowl, finals, and Olympics pale in comparison to the great year of
Over my career I came into contact with Academy & Grammy award winners, Super Bowl & World Series Champions
Dear Sweet Baby Jesus In The Manger, We True Houston Sports Fans have been through a lot. From the break down in Buffalo that kept us from playing the Cowsissies in the Super Bowl, to the blow out in the World Series, to having no football team and watching the one we had almost win a Super Bowl playing in a city that is sub par and had them playing in a whack college stadium. To enduring being the laughing stock of the league when we did get football back, to even this year's debacle of a season, to the Lastros horrible seasons. Even when we did win back to back championships, we got absolutely no love from the media. With that being said, we've been humble. Unlike our neighbors from the North, we don't live in the past of the 90's. We recognize and accept our beloved team as they are rat nah!!! Lawd Jevus, they forgot the days when SMU basketball games had more people present than the Mavericks, and that's when you could get two free tickets to tha game with a fill up at any local gas station. So Looor ...
Losers can be legends 2, u know da 1s dat try but always fail. Super Bowl, Finals, World Series. Was good but never won.
Stanley Cup for the CBJ? World Series Champs for the Tribe? Super Bowl for the Browns? Beat M. yet again? Personally I would love any, but if I can only have 1 I'll go with beat M over and over and over.
Been to a Super Bowl, been to a World Series, U.S. Open, NCAA Final Four, saw Mohammad Ali fight, the Olympics in Montreal. But, I've got to say, just watching the NHL Playoffs (even on TV) makes me think back to seeing the New Jersey Devils win the Stanley Cup (in person). There's NOTHING like playoff hockey!
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you won't feel bad for him when he wins the Super Bowl, World Series, and Stanley Cup before he turns 19
While these pictures are not part of the Cove, I thought they would be interesting viewing. They were taken at the Rotary All Inclusive Playground Dedication to in Pigeon Forge at Wear Farm City Park. Thanks to the Eagle Foundation at Dollywood. Barn Owl and Red Tailed Hawk with the star Bald Eagle, Challenger. You may have seen Challenger at a Super Bowl, MLB World Series or other such events. I plan to hike the loop tomorrow and hope to have some pictures available and will feel lucky to get like these.
The Super Bowl and the World Series are always amazing moments of the year, but The Stanley Cup is the most beautiful trophy in all of sports and there is nothing more exciting than playoff hockey.
A Bro should be able, at any time, to recite the following reigning champions: Super Bowl, World Series, and Playmate of the…
Interesting debate on Espn 2 this morning, what you would rather have: green jacket, gold medal, World Series ring or Super Bowl ring
USA Vice-President Joe Biden says that they have their Super Bowl, World Series etc, but those events have nothing on the World Cup. That might have something to do with the fact that the World Cup actually involves the World.
Think big, think positive, never show any sign of weakness. Always go for the throat. Buy low, sell high. Fear? That's the other guy's problem. Nothing you have ever experienced will prepare you for the absolute carnage you are about to witness. Super Bowl, World Series - they don't know what pressure is. In this building, it's either kill or be killed. You make no friends in the pits and you take no prisoners. One minute you're up half a million in soybeans and the next, boom, your kids don't go to college and they've repossessed your Bentley. Are you with me? Billy Ray Valentine: Yeah, we got to kill the motherf... - we got to kill 'em!
lmaoo they won the Super Bowl, nba finals, and World Series in one game 😂
I have as many Super Bowl wins as Dan Marino, as many World Series wins as Ted Williams, as many Oscars as Leonardo Dicaprio, and as many Tour du France wins as Lance Armstrong... Im pretty awesome.
I know there are many grand sporting events: World Series, Super Bowl, NCAA bball, etc. For me, there is nothing quite like The Masters. History, beauty, and skill comes together. Magnificent! If you golf but never walked the turf of Augusta National, find a way to make it happen.
If the Mariners won the World Series after this past Super you realize what that would mean.
Headed to the Final Four today. Add that to the list of NBA finals and Super Bowl. See you in the fall World Series.
If you were Daniel murphy, or any athlete, any sport, would you have done what he chose to do? What if it was a Super Bowl, World Series game, etc? Do you have your wife induce? If you are the pregnant wife/GF, what do you say in this position?
SEAHAWKS won the Super Bowl, sonics (thunder) gonna win the finals, then the mariners will win the World Series. 3 SPORT CHAMPS IN SEATTLE
In 2009...the Sacred High School Boys win the state championship,the New York Yankees won the World Series, Steelers won the Super Bowl, the King of Pop Michael Jackson passes away, Barack Obama becomes the first African American president. That's just a few facts that happened in 2009 but to me 2009 will always be the year I lost someone who meant everything to me. It's been 5 years since my dad Coach Carm has been gone and not a single day goes by where I don't think about this day and how it changed my life forever. I wish everyday you were still here to talk too, to hear that yell you were famous for,to tell me to stop being a pain in the *** to see me and the boys grow up and become "adults", to be with mommy, to saying at the end of every argument we had "you know I love you right?". But your not. God took you away too fast from us but I know I have you watching over me and everyone else you loved so much. I couldn't ask for anyone better to watch over us even tho you may not like what you see some ...
- Wow win Super Bowl, win World Series, what a year Now gimme back my
Remembering that I'm the same guy that said the Falcons would go to the Super Bowl, I'll take Washington, St. Louis, and Los Angeles as NL division winners, San Francisco and Pittsburgh as the Wild Cards. AL, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Oakland to win divisions, Boston and Detroit as wildcards. Rays over Nationals in the World Series.
I've said it before and i'll say it again, NOTHING can compare to College Basketball March Madness when it comes to sports...not the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, college football bowl season NOTHING!
UK just won the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanly Cup, and the National Championship
"They've never been to the Super Bowl."-"you mean the World Series?"-on Miguel Cabrerra contract
bet me $50 that the Reds would win the World Series and Bengals would win the Super Bowl this year 😂😂😂
Getting a national champion, or World Series, or Super Bowl tattoo of your team before the season starts is the stupidest of all decisions.
“St.Louis vs Boston Stanley Cup ?” Payback from the World Series and Super Bowl 😡
Hey, I'm all for basketball fans being able to see their precious March Madness just like I enjoy football playoffs, Super Bowl, and baseball championships and World Series, but come on do they have to play these dang games on ten to fifteen channels? Those of us that are not fans don't have many channels left to watch. Even the Super Bowl is only on one channel.
This week we begin the GREATEST EVENT IN SPORTS. The NCAA Basketball Tournament (aka March Madness). Better than the often one sided Super Bowl, the slow paced World Series, the often miscalculated BCS Championship Game and no need to mention the 3 month long snooze-a-thon that is the NBA Playoffs. EVERY GAME is SUDDEN DEATH my friends. Let the Madness begin!!!
The Nets are soo hype lmao. It was the Super Bowl, World Series, and Nba championship in this one REGULAR season win lol.
an nba title, 3 World Series Championships, a Stanley Cup championship & 3 Super Bowl rings... I think you're ok lol
USA vs. Russia in Olympic Hockey this morning takes me back 34 years when I was 12 years old living in West Texas having never seen a hockey game. Events in sports are etched in our memories so vividly that we can recall where we were what we were doing and how it moved us. Reggie's three home runs in the World Series, Jackie Smiths dropped touch down in the Super Bowl, Dwight Clarks "The Catch". Seattle Slew's Triple Crown and the time I finally beat Janet Knutson at tether ball in the 1st grade.c'mon you didn't think I was that sappy do ya!
Attn Bay Area Sports fans if you have love for the Bay as much as i have love for Seattle u would've been rooting for your native son Marshawn Lynch to win the Super Bowl as much as us rooting for Tim Lincecum to win the World Series
In 2004, NASA rovers Opportunity and Spirit landed on Mars, “Million Dollar Baby” won the Oscar for Best Motion Picture, and Janet Jackson had a “wardrobe malfunction” during Justin Timberlake’s performance of “Rock Your Body” at the Super Bowl. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series for the first…
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Seattle won the Super Bowl last night. Way to go Seahawks!! It took almost 100 years for the Boston Red Sox to win a World Series because of the curse of the Bambino. I'm hoping it will take Denver the same amount of time because they have the Tim Tebow curse that will be haunting Mr. Elway as long as he is in command!! Last year it was a last minute loss in the playoffs and this year it came to a head in the Super Bowl. Peyton and the Broncos offense team could do no right, it's like it came down right out the heavens. The curse lives on!
Seattle Seahawks may have won the Super Bowl but the Seattle Mariners can't cut the mustard when it comes to going the World Series! LMFAO!
I'll trade the World Series, Super Bowl and The Stanley Cup every year for an extra Mugello, Phillip Island and Valencia.
Does Joe Buck know where Rupert Murdoch buries the bodies or something? Seriously, the World Series and the Super Bowl and Joe Buck is the best Fox Sports can do?
THOUGHTS BEFORE SUPER BOWL XLVIII *Make plans. My Super Bowl pick will be announced at around 3 pm on Sunday. *In case you haven't already heard, The Simpsons predicted this matchup nine years ago. Broncos 19 - Seahawks 14. This incidental animated script writing will have no effect whatsoever on my prediction for the Big Game. Except that apparently the show also predicted the Cubs would sweep the Marlins in the World Series. Ooh. Too soon? *Interesting tidbit, and something I forgot to post two weeks ago: in the seven Super Bowls televised by Fox (including this Sunday's game), six of them have featured either the Broncos or the Patriots. New England: 31 (loss v. Green Bay), 36 (win v. St. Louis), 39 (win v. Philadelphia) and 42 (loss v. Big Blue). Denver: 33 (win v. Atlanta) and 48. Zero parity. *What is it with some of the advertisers already posting their commercials for the game online BEFORE the game itself? I'm very old school when it comes to Super Bowl commercials; I like to see them f ...
It's like the Super Bowl and the World Series tonight for Political Science and History teachers. LET'S GET READY FOR THE STATE OF THE UNION. Where's Carrie Underwood or Faith Hill when we need a theme song.
HAPPY TRAILS, LUCKY! Lucky, a registered Morgan Horse, was born on a ranch outside Laramie, Wyoming. In 1999 at the age of 4, Lucky entered into service with the Denver Police Department. That year he was broke to ride by Technician Roger Kyle, and taught the duties of a police horse. Lucky has been patrolling the streets of Denver ever since. Lucky has served the citizens of Denver during events such as The Summit of the Eights, Super Bowl and Stanley Cup victories and World Series appearances. He has been in place for Presidential visits and the Democratic National Convention. He has guided many new mounted officers on their first day of patrol, and carried several officers into retirement. He has stood silently by during hundreds of arrests and faithfully carried evidence to the Property Bureau. And after tonight, Lucky will retire to a green pastures in Tennessee at the age of 20. Happy trails and well wishes to our loyal friend.
In 2007 Peyton Manning made it to the Super Bowl. Also in 2007, the Colorado Rockies made it to the World Series. Here's to hoping that history will repeat itself!!!
I hope everyone has recovered from their New Year's celebrations. It's time for the first games of 2014! Come join us at Coach's Corner Elk Grove @ 7, Lucha Cantina Rockford @ 8, & VintageRockford @ 8! Hints: Little House in the Big Woods was set in & the only building to host a World Series, Super Bowl, MLB All-Star Game and an NCAA Final Four!
The bad thing about the end of the year is the year-end in reviews and reading about the Red Sox World Series victory. While I emphasize with the whole situation surrounding the marathon bombings, the bottom line is that I am sick of the good folks of New England beating up on us poor Midwest bumpkins (the 2004 and the 2013 World Series and the 2001 Super Bowl). I want redemption!!
Some of my 2014 goals you ask? Well I'd like to lead the Colts to a Super Bowl win in Feburary. Take Indiana on a National Title run during March Madness. Watch the confetti fall on the teammates and I at Bankers Life in late June. Go Pacers! Throw a perfect game in game 7 of the World Series at GABP as the Redlegs win it all. And finally catch 20 touchdown passes from Everett Golson and help lead the Irish to the playoffs. Yeah I gotta lot to do but I got faith I can get it all done.
...and so another regular season comes to an end and so do my hopes for a Viking playoff run. (well, that actually came to and end back in October!) And so did NFL football in the Minneapolis Metrodome for that matter. Today's game was indeed the last game ever in the 'dome. 32 years after it was built the organization said, "enough is enough, we need to modernize in order to stay competitive and draw fans to the games" I like the response Jesse Ventura gave to the Wilf brothers, when he said, "A new stadium isn't going to draw fans, start winning some football games, that will draw fans!" It was pretty cool after the game when the fans stayed to take in the farewell ceremonies. Bud Grant was there, Alan Page, and some of the current players as well. The dome has hosted a Super Bowl, two World Series, an NCAA Final Four, both men's and women's, and the very first Timberwolves game. I personally saw some historic moments in sports both good and bad. I saw the open practice sessions for the NCAA Final Four, ...
It's been a long time since I've been in the Metrodome in Minneapolis and as ill-suited a facility it is for almost everything you could think to do in it, every single time I was there was a good time. They weren't all World Series wins, but the place has a lot of memories. Bouncing super balls outside trying to reach the roof with Joe Anderson and Max Herrnberger, Stoney Hiljus stealing an autographed ball Bert Blyleven clearly meant to throw to me (they made Stoney a judge! He's a common thief!), game 6 in '87 screaming my head off with Joe as the Twins won on the backs of Kirby Puckett and Kent Hrbek and the mayhem around it with the Hamline crew after game 7. Performing at the various party tents for the Super Bowl and Final Four, sitting with my high school friends watching our friends and classmates win the 1987 State High School football championship inside of it and the times in the 90's I wandered in for a day game with a comic or two and being reminded that as broke as I was, I had my freedo .. ...
Memories of Candlestick Park. Kezar Stadium was built for football, Seals Stadium for baseball, while Candlestick was built to seal the deal (Mayor Christopher/Horace Stoneham) that brought the New York Giants to San Francisco. The Good: For the 49ers, The "Catch"...the most consecutive 10 win seasons in NFL history...eventual Hall of Famers, Dave Wilcox, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice, Fred Dean, Steve Young, Bill Walsh...5 Super Bowl trophies...tailgating and the Paul Potyen-led 49er Band. For the Giants, the 1962 and 1989 World Series (I went to the '89 Series game that the earthquake struck and the 'Stick held up.thank you.) The Bad: The 1962 and 1989 Giant's World Series (they lost). The "Fumble" (Preston Riley). The Ugly: Night time baseball games. The "Joe Thomas" years. My favorite radio broadcast teams of Russ Hodges/Lon Simmons (Giants) and Lon Simmons/Wayne Walker (49ers). As a former season ticket holder (going back to 1965 at Kezar) for over 30 years, I attended 49er games with ver ...
Candlestick memories? Here are mine: 1971- Going to my first Giants game at age 6 and seeing Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and Bobby Bonds play. October 17, 1981 - Catching the Rolling Stones. January 10, 1982 - Sitting in the end zone when Dwight Clark made "The Catch" on a pass from Joe Montana to win the NFC Championship Game and send the 49ers to their first Super Bowl. Storming the field after and grabbing a piece of turf at the 50-yard-line with part of the logo on it. August 10, 1989 - Grabbing a bleacher seat to see Dave Dravecky's miracle comeback game. October 9, 1989 - Watching Will Clark hit a 2-run single in the bottom of the 8th off Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams to win the Giants first National League pennant since 1962. October 17, 1989, 5:04pm - Sitting in the upper deck, section 37 for Game 3 of the World Series when the Loma Prieta Earthquake struck. April 12, 1993 - Playing hooky to catch opening day and the beginning of the Barry Bonds era. Back then he was a fast, skinny base stealer and ...
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Since it is being ripped down soon, here are some facts/moments about/from the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. 2 of the 28 members of the 3000 hit club got in the Dome. Ripken and Winfield. 1992 Final Four, mostly memorable for Christian Laettner's stomp/buzzer beater. Antonio Cromartie's 109 yard return, which is tied for the longest play in NFL history. The same game had AP's record setting game. Cordarelle Patterson also had a 109 return. 2 of the 14 99 yard from scrimmage plays happened on the Dome. Brett Favre's record breaking TD. Also the highest yardage game of his career. Perfect game by Mark Buerhle, no hitter by Eric Milton. 2 World Series titles, a Super Bowl, a Final Four, Timberwolves inaugural season, season attendance record for a NBA team, years of state football tournaments. What are your favorite Dome memories?
"The same team will win the Super Bowl, the NBA Championship, and the World Series. Who are they? The team that's best prepared." -Jeffrey Gitomer
So you know the feeling you get when your team loses the Super Bowl or the World Series... thats what it felt like watching the last Sons Of Anarchy :-( :-( :-(
I know I will sound like a bah humbug person but I feel all the hype about the MSU game and any other game is just way over done. It is just a game. Be it the Big Ten, Super Bowl, World Series whatever. The innocence of the games has been taken away. On another note didn't hear much about Pearl Harbor just a lot of hype about a simple game. HM.
It's gonna be a good 2014 in the city of Chicago for Sports. Jay Cutler will lead the Bears to a Super Bowl win, Derrick Rose will win his first NBA Finals MVP, and the Cubs and White Sox will meet in the World Series.
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