World Series & Stanley Cup

The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series Championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy. The Stanley Cup is an ice hockey club trophy, awarded annually to the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs champion after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Finals. 5.0/5

World Series Stanley Cup Super Bowl Super Bowls Red Sox World Cup Stanley Cup Finals Final Four Grey Cup March Madness Bowl Championship Series Toronto Blue Jays National Championship New England Kentucky Derby Maple Leafs Cup Series Toronto Maple Leafs

I had them winning the Super Bowl, the World Series, Stanley Cup and NBA Final this year. http…
ESPYs are on tonight! Finally we find out who won the Super Bowl, World Series, Nba Finals and Stanley Cup
Is it fair to say tonight's Origin is bigger than every Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, Nba Finals, Masters and Olympics combined?
The Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup, the Yankees won their third World Series in four years, and Broncos repeated…
This is it: .This is OUR day. Our Super Bowl. Our Stanley Cup. Our World Series. Today is ours, wrestling fans.
Under his ownership, the Red Wings won four Stanley Cup Championships and the Tigers made it to the World Series. https:/…
Broncos win Super Bowl. UNC loses National Championship. Sharks lose Stanley Cup. Cubs win World Series. 2016 has not been my friend ☹️
The Bay is about to have a Stanley Cup, an NBA Championship, And a World Series team all in the same year... Quote me…
Golden State will win the Nba Finals. Giants will win the World Series. Sharks will win the Stanley Cup & the 49ers will win 4 games lol
I feel like all my teams won the Superbowl, World Series, Nba Finals, the Stanley Cup, the Final Four, and College Football playoffs
Well if we can't have another Stanley Cup then let's get after a World Series Championship
Cubs knock out Cards in 2015 World Series playoffs, Blues Knock out Blackhawks in 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Eye for an eye, am I right?! 😘
2013: Boston doesn't get Stanley Cup but gets World Series win. 2016: Chicago doesn't get Stanley Cub but... ?
Pens gonna win the Stanley Cup, Buccos gonna win the World Series, Steelers gonna win Super Bowl this year.Yinz heard it here first
just made Stanley Cup and World Series b/et. 🙈
It is actually possible that before Election Day 2016, a Stanley Cup and World Series trophy could be calling DC home
today will bring in more viewers than the World Series...Stanley Cup...SuperBowl..AND Quidditch WC combined...let that sink in..
four Super Bowls, three World Series, one Stanley Cup, one NBA Championship.
Stanley Cup: check. NBA championship: check. World Series: check. Super Bowl: *** is that?. I dunno. Google it.
it's meteorologist's Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup and NBA championship all I one.
One thing on my bucket list...witness Detroit become Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Series and NBA Champs in the same year
March Madness is better than . - NBA Playoffs. - Nfl Playoffs . - MLB World Series. - NHL Stanley Cup. idk bout the World Cup tho 😕😂
My favorite teams-. Jets- back to back AFC Championship losses. Rangers- Stanley Cup loss, ECF loss. Mets- World Series loss. Knicks- they suck
Championships we don't care about in order. . 1. WNBA. 2. College Women's Basketball. 3. Stanley Cup . 4. World Series
Looks last time one CITY featured Stanley Cup and World Series Champion in same calendar year: 1928 (Rangers and Yankees).
this isn't the Super Bowl...That's the only event held on neutral ground. Nba Finals, Stanley Cup, World Series arent.
in 2007 they were close to winning the World Series, NBA Championship, Super Bowl and Stanley Cup all in the same year
Sports fans, serious question. What will happen first: The Chicago Cubs win the World Series or the St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup?
it wouldn't be expected in a World Series or Stanley Cup parade. Why the *** should it be for a World Cup winners celebration?
More Americans watched the Women's World Cup than the Nba Finals, the World Series and the Stanley Cup. Why the outrage at a parade?
1977 Stanley Cup, 1993 World Series rings stolen from Toronto home - Alberni Valley Times
No NBA championship, Boxing championship, Super Bowl or World Series will ever be as exciting as the Stanley Cup.
I wonder what it feels like to win a World Championship in any sport. World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup. It has to be unreal
So Duke wins National Championship in basketball and the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup. If Vandy wins the College World Series the Ravens
Never knew: Bill Stewart was an umpire in the 1937 World Series and then won the Stanley Cup in 1938 as coach of the Blackhawks.
That soccer game needs a better name for its final. We've got Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup. They chose "League Final?
Trotz: If Red Sox can win World Series, Caps can win Stanley Cup
NBA has The Finals. MLB has the World Series. NFL has the Super Bowl. NHL has the Stanley Cup . League of Legends has the Ko…
Pats win Super Bowl, Duke wins NCAA Tourney. At this rate I expect Microsoft to win the Stanley Cup and the IRS to sweep the World Series.
For real! Made ya wanna go Sheit! Get it! NBA playoffs, Stanley Cup, Masters, World Series, are all around the corner.
I wonder what it would be like if the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup & Cubs won the World Series in the same year.
Tonight is our Super Bowl, our Stanley Cup Final, and our World Series. Beat the Flames and the Season is a win.
Congratulations to the Florida Heats on beating the Dallas Cowboys for the Stanley Cup! They don't call it the World Series for nothing!
I seen an Nba Finals and a World Series... Next is a Super Bowl, World Cup, Stanley Cup and a College Football National Championship...
We celebrated Stanley Cup Championships and NBA championships in World Series all here in Boston in the past 10 years.
Come Feb. 1, within 20 months a New England team will have played for the Stanley Cup, World Series and Super Bowl.
Super Bowl in February, Stanley Cup and Nba Finals in June, and World Series in October.. What a year for a city lol
Since I arrived in Boston in '12 I've seen Boston teams in World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, MLS Cup and now Superbowl. Shame on you, Celtics
A man was strolling along the Beaches area in East Toronto when he spotted a bottle floating in Lake Ontario. The bottle drifted ashore. He picked up the bottle and opened it, and out popped a Genie. "Master, you have released me from my bondage in this bottle, ask any three wishes and I will grant them to you." The man thought for a moment and said, "I would like the following three things to happen this year -- The Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup, the Toronto Blue Jays win the World Series and The Toronto Raptors win the NBA title." The Genie thought about this for a moment and jumped back into the bottle.
All year teams prepare for their shot at greatness, whether it be the World Series, Super Bowl, or Stanley Cup. Tonight is my Super Bowl 🏆🍻🎇
At the beginning of the season, every team is dreaming of the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, etc. That's the Goal-…
I'm thankful for Super Bowl 36, 38, and 39, the 04, 07, and 13 World Series', '08 NBA Title, and the '11 Stanley Cup...
Let us get our riot in, it's not like this community is burning down a city because their team lost the World Series or Stanley Cup.
Gonna win the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Nba Finals, and World Series in one year. Ok, maybe 3/4
Kings won the Stanley Cup, and the Giants won the World Series the year the Anderson's came to California. Doesn't seem like a coincidence!
Lebron James is my favorite cornerback, I hope he scores a touchdown in this World Series!!! Bring home the Stanley Cup!
Earlier, I considered waxing poetic about October and the convergence of seasons of my favorite sports: Football, baseball (postseason), and hockey. Alas, it is not meant to be. Football, or rather the powers that run it, seem to be making it especially challenging to feel good about liking it. Baseball, well, baseball season has ended for me. I used to watch all the way though the World Series regardless of the participants. But the Los Angeles Dodgers are out, and thus missed overlapping with the LA Kings regular season by one lousy day. But in truth, the Dodgers organization has taken alienating steps itself, what with its TV contract that excludes viewing possibility for most of their fans. The Kings are defending the Stanley Cup, and the past three years have been rewarding for all those previous years of die-hard loyalty. I hesitate to use the word "dynasty" for their two Cup victories in three years, winning 10 out of 11 best-of-seven series along the way. That's pretty *** good, but they ...
Brian William emceeing tonite. Says there are 77 Stanley Cup , 5 World Series, and many more Olympic champs here.
I've coached in the World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Wimbledon, Nba Finals, and The Masters.
Stanley Cup, World Series, Opening Day-I will not turn those off if you walk into the room wearing lingerie. Anything else, let's go
Based on the reaction of Chicago sportscasters, the Bears lost the Super Bowl, World Series & Stanley Cup Playoffs today.
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A lot of people will tell you that Americans won't watch soccer. Sunday's World Cup final, a game between Germany and Argentina (neither of which is spelled "USA") was watched by 28.3 million people (Forbes Magazine) in the US. While that's nowhere near the 111.5 million that watched this year's Super Bowl, here's how it stacks up against some other big sporting events: - Final game of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs (LA over NY) 6.0 million. - Final game of the 2014 Nba Finals (San Antonio over Miami) 18.0 million. - 2014 Daytona 500 (Dale Earnhardt Jr.) 9.3 million. - Final Game of the 2013 World Series (Boston over St. Louis) 19.2 million. Even without Univision's Spanish Language broadcast, ESPN/ABC's broadcast beat each of these other sporting events on its own. While no one is saying that anyone has to like or watch soccer, but as a sport in the US it's not coming - it's already here.
I'm not sure if it's me or what ... Before my brother Scott moved here from Illinoying .. the Red Sox won a World Series and the Bruins were on their way to a Stanley Cup ... Well he moves here and the Bruins .. well nough said .. and now the Red Sox cant get above 500 ... coquinistance ??? . Please give me your comments .. all are welcome ... ( love you Bro ) .
More young Americans (6-17) watched English Premier League last year than watched the World Series, Nba Finals or Stanley Cup.
Spurs should be fined for this AC busines...first lights out at the Super Bowl , next the ice gonna melt during the Stanley Cup, and the World Series gonna have a snow machine
The year was 1969: Richard Nixon was president . . . Neil Armstrong walked on the moon . . . Woodstock . . . Chappaquiddick . . . Charles Manson . . . first ATM . . . anti-war demonstrations . . . beginning of *** rights movement . . . Jets were Super Bowl champs . . . Mets won the World Series . . . Celtics were NBA champs . . . Montreal won the Stanley Cup . . . Oliver! won Best Picture . . . Mrs. Robinson was song of the year . . . Sesame Street debuted . . . the draft was instituted. . . gas was 35¢ . . . a postage stamp was 6¢ . . . and the GSHS Class of 1969 GRADUATED ! Where has the time gone ??
Benghazi? Fogetabout it! A traitor's trade, no World Series, no Stanley Cup, no Super Bowl!
What do the Super Bowl, World Series, Nba Finals, Stanley Cup and Harvest America all have in common? Answer:
The Super Bowl coming to MN is cool. And the All Star Game will be amazing. But what I really want is a World Series and a Stanley Cup.
If you were awarded 2 FREE tickets to: 1) the Super Bowl, 2) the Stanley Cup Finals, 3) the World Series, or 4) the Nba Finals, plus a hotel package including a luxury suite and rental car, which event(s) would you prefer to attend?
I predict a Stanley Cup, an NBA Championship and a World Series for our area teams in 2014. And then the Cowboys will go 8-8.
Stanley Cup for the CBJ? World Series champs for the Tribe? Super Bowl for the Browns? Beat M. yet again? Personally I would love any, but if I can only have 1 I'll go with beat M over and over and over.
Been to a Super Bowl, been to a World Series, U.S. Open, NCAA Final Four, saw Mohammad Ali fight, the Olympics in Montreal. But, I've got to say, just watching the NHL Playoffs (even on TV) makes me think back to seeing the New Jersey Devils win the Stanley Cup (in person). There's NOTHING like playoff hockey!
you won't feel bad for him when he wins the Super Bowl, World Series, and Stanley cup before he turns 19
Boston Marathon, One Year Later Twelve months ago, thousands of runners were enjoying the competition, building new friendships, enduring the pain of the sport, and focusing on that coveted Holy Grail of crossing the finish line. At the start, the crowd was so thick it was almost like the return lines of every store in the country the day after Christmas brought to Boston. The on lookers cheered as if it were the World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Championship all rolled into one event. Excitement, laughter, love, and competition filled the air. Only a couple of hours after the race began, the spectators and cheering onlookers were rallying the first few finishers. They were all there to support someone they knew and all others whom they did not. Celebrations were beginning to flare up for those who placed and the finishing dance from those who arrived at the finish. More runners were approaching the finishing line and the roar was getting louder. The earth shook and smoke filled the streets, whic ...
I hate baseball but suddenly I want the Reds to win everything. World Series. Super Bowl. Stanley Cup. Gray Cup. Whatever.
I've said it before and i'll say it again, NOTHING can compare to college basketball March Madness when it comes to sports...not the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, College Football bowl season NOTHING!
Can't wait for baseball season to start, playoff hockey, and some offseason football moves. Best three sporting events ever: 1st: World Series 2nd Superbowl 3rd Stanley Cup
My top 5 are. 1. Stanley Cup game 4 . 2. World Series game 4 . 3. MLB opening day . 4. Nba Finals game 4. 5. March Madness first day
24 years ago, A Car Cost $15,472, George H.W. Bush was president of the US, Operation Desert Shield forces left for Saudi Arabia to defend them following the invasion of Kuwait, Congress passed The Americans with Disabilities Act, Nelson Mandela was released from a South African prison, East and West Germany were reunified, The first McDonald's opened in Moscow, Russia, Super Mario Brothers 3 was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System console, selling over 6 million copies, The Space Shuttle Discovery placed the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit, Windows 3.0 was released by Microsoft, The Cincinnati Reds won the World Series, The San Francisco 49ers won Superbowl XXIV, The Edmonton Oilers won the Stanley Cup, Home Alone was the top grossing film, Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton was published, "Vision of Love" by Mariah Carey spent the most time at the top of the US charts, Chris Farley and Adam Sandler joined Saturday Night Live. AND I WAS BORN ON THIS DAY! Thanks to everyone who sent wishes.
The way I feel about today is how a sports person would feel if the Superbowl, World Series, and Stanley Cup were combined. 😁
there's nothing like Game 7 of the World Series, or Game 7 of the Nba Finals, or Game 7 of the Stanley Cup, or the Superbowl! ;)
These are athletes who were either born or raised in Pontiac that made it to the big leagues: Kirk Gibson played 17 MLB seasons, won two World Series (84, 88), an ACLS MVP in 84, and won NL MVP in 88. In the 110m hurdles, Hayes Jones won a bronze at the 1964 Rome Olympics and gold in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Campy Russell played 9 seasons in the NBA, playing in the 1979 NBA all Star Game at the Silverdome. Steve Howe played 12 MLB seasons winning 80' NL rookie of the year, and a World Series in 81' . Danton Cole played 7 NHL seasons, winning a Stanley Cup in 94-95. Pinklon Thomas was WBC heavyweight champion from 1984 to 1986. Other notables are: Walker D. Russel Sr. played 7 years in the NBA, Walker D. Russel Jr. (NBA-active), Sammie Rogers played 10 seasons in the NFL, James Browne (NFL), Grant Mason (NFL), Jeff Webb (NFL), Glen Pakulak (NFL), Steven Hirsch (NFL), Jim Bundren (NFL), Walter Beach, (NFL), Leroy Moore (NFL), Douglas Nott (NFL), Jerry Rush (NFL), Jim Shorter (NFL), Ernest Watson (NFL), M .. ...
I'll trade the World Series, Super Bowl and The Stanley Cup every year for an extra Mugello, Phillip Island and Valencia.
I grew up in LA-dodgers won the World Series, lakers won National Championships, raiders won Super Bowls, and UCLA won Final Fours. I moved to Minnesota, twins won 2 World Series I move to NC, and Duke and UNC, win Final Fours, and the Hurricanes win a Stanley Cup. I move to Seattle... Well it is currently 29-0. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. Your welcome Washington.
HAPPY TRAILS, LUCKY! Lucky, a registered Morgan Horse, was born on a ranch outside Laramie, Wyoming. In 1999 at the age of 4, Lucky entered into service with the Denver Police Department. That year he was broke to ride by Technician Roger Kyle, and taught the duties of a police horse. Lucky has been patrolling the streets of Denver ever since. Lucky has served the citizens of Denver during events such as The Summit of the Eights, Super Bowl and Stanley Cup victories and World Series appearances. He has been in place for Presidential visits and the Democratic National Convention. He has guided many new mounted officers on their first day of patrol, and carried several officers into retirement. He has stood silently by during hundreds of arrests and faithfully carried evidence to the Property Bureau. And after tonight, Lucky will retire to a green pastures in Tennessee at the age of 20. Happy trails and well wishes to our loyal friend.
So exhausting.Stanley cup run. Right into a World Series run and win. Now gotta keep it fired up for an AFC title game. Simply exhausting.
Boston strong! Bruins making it to the Stanley Cup and The Red Sox winning the World Series.
Super Bowls,World Series,Stanley Cup! Never heard a bar more louder than for 2 chicks fighting!
So obviously I not going to sleep much with the rage that is about to happen, with all the craziness that gos along with it. So, I probably need some caffeine or something to keep me occurpied till I finally let it settle in my system and get on with my life (like we should do). The thing is, its probably takes days, or even weeks to carry it all out and get to more important things, but I will try really, really hard not to let it take over me, ”like a insane headache” or a outburst of outrageous rage or something like that; because we need to celebrate these victories like their need to be celebrated, such as the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series just a couple days ago, the Blackhawks taking home the Stanley Cup (yet again) last year, etc, etc, so to review celebrate responsibly whoever you are
There is a drawback to winning the SuperBowl, Stanley Cup, World Series, and NBA Championship. You get to meet the President. If I was fortunate enough to be on one of those winning teams of course I'd go. So I could spit in his face.
I know the Stanley Cup. I've seen the Stanley Cup. You World Series Trophy (in all your ugliness) are not the Stanley Cu…
HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! DAY OFF FROM TARJAY! YAY! Yesterday while at work, I kept telling guests, "We're gonna win it tonight, and Big Papi will be named MVP!" Gee look what happened, two for two on predictions. Supposedly the Duck Boat Parade is on Saturday, if it's official could I tag along with someone? It's my day off and I've never been to one before. Successfully predicted the outcome of the Stanley Cup and now the World Series. Two for Two!!! Song of the Day: "Halloween Theme"-John Carpenter. If you want an actual song then here's "Tessie"-Dropkick Murphys.
The 12 year olds in Boston have it pretty good. 3 Super Bowls, 3 World Series, 1 NBA Title, and 1 Stanley Cup.
Cards fans - stay hopeful. Boston has become CHOKE city so cross your finger they choke again. Recap: 2011=patriots lose Super Bowl, 2012=bruins lose Stanley Cup, 2013=Red Sox lose World Series??? It completes the poem. Could we see another Bill Buckner moment? Pressure is on them. They are supposed to win hence the propensity to CHOKE. We got nothing to lose so stay loose and have FUN. Our treat on Halloween is a WIN
Remember the kings left St. Louis down 0-2 to come back and win the Stanley Cup. The Dodgers can and will do the same, and win the World Series !!! Let's go boys in blue!!!
Frank Carpano says: I know that not everybody is a sports fan. But for those of you who are: WAS LAST NIGHT THE GREATEST NIGHT IN New England PRO SPORTS HISTORY? It certainly was the greatest night involving 2 New England sports teams. My NOMINATIONS (in no particular order) LISTED BELOW. *October 13, 2013 - Tom Brady leads the Pats to a come from behind win, throwing a game winning touchdown pass to beat the Saints with :05 to play. AND, in game 2 of the ALCS, the Red Sox coming back from 5-0 down to walkoff with a 6-5 win over the Tigers. *October 27, 2004 - Red Sox Clinch their first World Series title in 86 years. *February 3, 2002 - Patriots secure their first Super Bowl win with last second Adam Vinitieri Field Goal. *May 10, 1970 - Bruins win the Stanley Cup on Bobby Orr's overtime goal Share your thoughts here
World Series? Super Bowl? Stanley Cup? Nothing compared to the King of Cornhole!
The only reason I'm rooting for the pirates to win a World Series is because that would mean the pirates would have 2 World Series under there belt since the last time the Philadelphia flyers have won a Stanley cup. 1975, philly. That is all.
Playoff baseball has begun. Nice to unwind after a busy day with Pirates and Reds, and glad to see the Pirates win for the first time since 1992 in the post-season. I remember their playoffs in 91 and 92, so close and losing to the Braves. (Thats when Barry Bonds looked like a regular baseball player and he was still quite good). Here's hoping they beat the Cardinals and can make the NLCS and the World Series. Would like to see an Indians-Pirates Series as both of these teams have suffered for a very long time. October is truly the best sports month of the year with the NFL and MLB Playoffs. No offense to hockey fans, but why does the season start in early October after we finished the Stanley Cup in - June? Really? I'll watch that when there are no other options other than soccer or golf, but surprised it starts so darn early with so many other sports options.
Here we go. World Series, Stanley Cup... And the pick in the NFL Draft.
Win or lose.IM PITTSBURGH PROUD!!! My Steelers may suck at this moment, but my Red Sox are AL EAST champs, the Pirates are going to make the playoffs for the first time since I was 4 years old, the Penguins will make another run this year, and last but not least, my Tar Heels shouldn't have too bad of a basketball season. Can't complain. It took a long time of my life to see any one of those teams win a championship, but I'm very blessed to say in the last 10 years I've every single one of my sports teams win at least 1 championship, and most have won 2 championships. Some people never see that in their entire lifetime, and I've been blessed to see 2 Super Bowls, 2 World Series, 1 Stanley cup, and 2 NCAA basketball titles! I could go the rest of my life and be happy!!
I've seen my hometown football team in 4 Super Bowls, winning 2 in my lifetime. I've seen my hometown hockey team in 4 Stanley Cup Finals, winning 3 in my lifetime. I've never seen my hometown baseball team play in a World Series in my lifetime. Who cares if the Steelers are 0-3.. the next 2 weeks for the Pirates are 824,000 times more important.
In addition I thought for fun this is also a time when sports teams from Pittsburgh which is Grant's hometown and my hometown area which is Chicago Illinois (I live an hour away) are meeting starting tonight thru Wednesday. Tonight it is hockey pre season as the Pittsburgh Penguins come to Chicago against the Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks. Should be a good game. Sunday it is football night (not soccer american football) as the Chicago Bears which I am a long time fan goes to Pittsburgh and face off against the Steelers. I like the Steelers too so I am excited but I so wish I was there to watch. Last but not least Monday - Wednesday Grant team the Pittsburgh Pirates who are fighting for a playoff spot with 10 games left in the regular season come to Chicago to play the Chicago Cubs. I do hope they make it and then perhaps they will play in the World Series. Cubs are in last place so doesn't matter to me I hope Pirates win.
Lets have some fun before my class starts... Zoe Deschannel or Katy Perry? Tim Tebow or Payton Manning? Deniro or Pacchino? Willie Mays or Henry Aaron? Marilyn Monroe or Bettie Page? Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus? Kermit the Frog or Mr. Rogers? Mr. Rogers or Captain Kangaroo? Captain Crunch or Honey Comb? Superman or Spiderman? World Series or Super Bowl? Final Four or Stanley Cup? Burning Man or Bonnaroo?
The Charles Schulz Philosophy (This is marvellous!! Scroll through slowly and read carefully to receive and enjoy full effect) The following is the philosophy of Charles Schulz, the creator of the 'Peanuts' comic strip. You don't have to actually answer the questions. Just ponder on them. Just read the e-mail straight through, and you'll get the point. 1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world. 2. Name the last five Prime Ministers. 3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America pageant. 4 Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize. 5. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor and actress. 6. Name the last decade's worth of World Series or Stanley Cup winners. How did you do? The point is, none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. These are no second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields. But the applause dies.. Awards tarnish.. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners. Here's another quiz. ...
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Hey! I want to point something out! I love Paula Deen. We share the same home town! But, people, while everyone is going gaga over her issues, no one is talking about the pastor in AZ who got arrested for hosting a bible study in his home. The officials said he was conducting church in a private residence without a permit and could be causing danger to his neighborhood because of the increase in traffic. He was convicted, fined, sentenced to 60 days IN JAIL and probation (3 years, I believe). Keep in mind, there were parties in peoples homes for Memorial Day, March Madness, the Stanley Cup, and July 4th, the World Series, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Superbowl are coming. The police didn't arrest anyone for any of the other things, and I doubt they'll arrest people for the upcoming events. There are also weekly scout meetings, book clubs, Tupperware parties, etc. Why was this pastor and his bible study targeted? Why aren't more people up in arms over this? No offense to Paula Deen ...
It's like the Super Bowl, Daytona 500, World Series, Stanley Cup, and Kentucky Derby, everybody gotta watch the Nba Finals lol
The process of physical "self-reinvention" is far too valuable to casually attempt. Each and every workout really represents the ultimate game, the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup. We cannot have a series of, or even a few, non-productive sessions in the gym and expect to achieve our best final results. Our ultimate achievements reflect the sum total of the most productive and focused efforts in the gym. There is no room for a sub-par season. We are not the NBA where .500 for the season might earn us a playoff spot. We cannot sit out 40 percent of the season and return to hit the winning home run in Game 7. Each workout is as important as the next and our championship season is ultimately determined by a series of productive sessions. Unfortunately, it isn’t the Rocky Balboa story—we don’t get the luxury of being mediocre, haphazard, and then in a final effort win the belt.
Please "like" this post if you have lived long enough to hear ALL of these statements in Chicago: "The Bulls are in the Nba Finals!" "The White Sox are in the World Series!" "The Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup Finals!" "The Bears are Super Bowl bound!" "The Cubs are in the World Series!" (I'm not expecting anyone to like this post) :}
Throwback Thursday Björn Borg retires from tennis after winning 5 consecutive Wimbledon championships. The Washington Redskins defeat the Miami Dolphins 27-17 in Super Bowl XVII. Indianapolis 500: Tom Sneva wins his first race after three previous runner-up finishes. George Brett (former 3rd baseman for the Kansas City Royals) is expelled from a baseball game in Yankee Stadium, New York, after charging an umpire who called him out for having more pine tar on his bat than technically allowed. The Denver Nuggets and the visiting Detroit Pistons combine for an NBA record 370 points, with Detroit winning in triple overtime, 186-184. The Balitmore Orioles took the World Series, winning 4 games to 1 over the Philadelphia Phillies. New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup. Sunny's Halo wins the Kentucky Derby with a time of 2:02.20. John Mcenroe defeats Chris Lewis to win Men's Singles & Martina Navratilova defeats Andrea Jaeger to win Lady's Singles at Wimbledon. Laurent Fignon (France) wins the Tour de France. ...
Its not the Final Four. But.. World Series; check. Stanley Cup; check. NCAA Tourney; check. Nba Finals, Super Bowl to go...
DETROIT MAYOR PASS ON OLYMPICS IN 2024 Citing financial hardship, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said he will pass on a bid to host the 2024 Olympics in the Motor City, reports ABC Action 7 WXYZ. The city is struggling with money problems and the controversial appointment of an emergency manager by the State of Michigan. Mayor Explains Olympics Decline In a recent statement, the mayor said he appreciates opportunity, but that to bid on the slot requires $10 million up front for process payment. The operating budget commitment would be $3 billion, and that would not include any venue or infrastructure building or repair costs. Mayor Bing said Detroit has hosted other major sports events, including the NCAA Final Four, the MLB All-Star Game, the NFL Super Bowl, two World Series, and nine NHL Stanley Cup Finals. The mayor feels Detroit would have been a good Olympic fit but for money trouble. He explained that the decision wasn't an easy one. "With our rich history of hosting major events and Detroit's prime locati ...
It all started with this line - 1. please just trade terrance ross to the thunder so we can reunite kyle corver and jj hickson with melo. 1. reply- Yeah, and if the Redsocks can pull off the Kobe deal for Tom Brady, Alex Rodreguez and Magic Jordan can play togeather for the first time scence '87 when them and the Cubs won the Stanley Cup over the Bobcats. 2. reply- But I'm not sure if the Kentucky Wildcats would want Andre Iguodala and Larry Bird on the same team, because I'm sure you know that bust up they had when they were on the Yankees. But come on the Bulls don't want Rondo that bad so we probably won't see a Game 13 in World Series. But hey, "first come first serve" so LeBron probably will win 6th man of the year. 3. reply- Lebron isn't going to win 6th man over Adrian Peterson fool, and Igoudala + Bird will kill it in the World Cup, have you heard about a possible Carmelo Anthony + Mario Balotelli combo on the Sacramento kings? 4. reply- You do have a point...but Barry Bonds traveled after Marco B ...
In 1967: The Toronto Maple Leafs won their last Stanley Cup, "The Boston Strangler" Alberto DeSalvo is sentenced to life in prison, the St. Louis Cardinals defeat the Boston Red Sox in the World Series in 7 games, the Lunar Orbiter 4 satellite is launched into space by the U.S., Murderer Richard Speck is sentenced to death by electric chair for killing 8 Chicago nursing students, "Respect" by Aretha Franklin is released, The Doors released their self-titled debut album, Che Guevara, and his fellow rebels are captured in Bolivia, Nicolae Ceausescu becomes de facto leader of Romania, the National Hockey League adds 6 new teams, Disney's "The Jungle Book" is released into theaters, the Green Bay Packers win the now-infamous "Ice Bowl" over the Dallas Cowboys, 21-17 Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African-American Supreme Court Justice in U.S. History, and Elvis Presley marries Priscilla Beaulieu. OH, YEAH! A young man named Miguel Angel Fontanez married an even younger (& prettier) lady, Evelyn Flores. . ...
RELATED Feb 22: Kurt Busch: Gearing up for pair of races during weekend at Daytona Feb 21: Kurt Busch: Car performed well in Daytona 500 qualifier race Feb 20: Kurt Busch: Feeling better at Wednesday's Daytona practice DAYTONA BEACH, fla. — This diary is being sent well after Saturday's Nationwide race at while we all await word from NASCAR about the fans injured in the final lap accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with those fans and their families. I wasn't on the track at the time, our day having ended just past the midway point of the race when our No. 1 Phoenix Racing Chevrolet got into an accident, with major front-end damage. But that's not important. What's important right now are the fans who were transported to the infield care center and hospitals. Now, about the Daytona 500. For NASCAR, Sunday is what the Super Bowl is to the NFL, the Stanley Cup is to the NHL, World Series is to MLB and the Finals is to the NBA. The Daytona 500 is our day, the first points race of the year, but also the ...
For all the true Chicago Sports Fans and to define a true Chicago fan, that means you only root for Chicago teams! Not hand select teams from here or there!! Chicago ranks 3rd in all cities for championships and St. Louis is 8th! Make fun of the Cubs all you want, but the city of Chicago still kicks St. Louis' butt with 27 to 13 championships! Also, as I see it, at least the Cubs have won 2 Championships and the St. Louis Blues have never won anything! " GO CHICAGO!" P.S.- Before you sports fans out there slam the Cubs, think of these facts! Oh, by the way St. Louis can't even support a basketball team, "NICE!" LOL 3. Chicago - 27 Championships The Cubs are well-known for not having won a World Series since 1908, when they won the second of their championships, but Chicago as a whole has had plenty of success. Michael Jordan led the Bulls to six NBA championships in the 1990s, the Blackhawks won their fourth Stanley Cup last year, and the White Sox have won three World Series. The Bears won their only S . ...
LOOK BACK.102 YEARS AGO...2/11 ...1911 NEWS of the time...The Canadian Parliament voted to keep its affiliation with the British Empire. 1911 saw the first use of aircraft as offensive weapon in the Turkish-Italian War. Italy defeated the Turks and annexed Libya. A fire in New York at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company killed 146 people. The Supreme Court found Standard Oil Company and American Tobacco Company in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. In ENTERTAINMENT... The first feature film was released when the two reels of D.W. Griffith's "Enoch Arden" were screened together. Works of art that provided enjoyment included Ronoir's "Gabrielle with Rose." MUSIC we liked...included Irving Berlin's "Alexander's Ragtime Band," and "Ragtime Violin." Other popular songs of the day were "Honey-Love," by Jack Drislane "Jimmy Valentine" by Edward Madden, "Baby Rose" performed by Louis Weslyn. SPORTS... In the Stanley Cup, it was the Ottawa Senators as winners. The Athletics beat the Giants in the World Series. M ...
Ill take the Little League World Series, the other World Series, Stanley Cup, any poker or dart tourney & American Ninja over
So tired of seeing these articles on and other media outlets this morning about how "the blackout will hurt New Orleans' chance of hosting in 2018..." Seriously? Such an overreaction. Did you SEE what an amazing week it was down here? Are you honestly going to tell me there is a city better equipped to host this game? A city more perfectly laid out for interaction and people being able to walk to their hotels, restaurants, playground and event center? And for anyone saying this is unprecedented in a major sporting event...I give you: 2008 World Series -- Games 3 and 5 between the Phillies and Devil Rays, both in Philadelphia, were delayed by rain. Game 5 began on a Monday and resumed on a Wednesday 1993 Heavyweight fight -- "Fan man" delayed Riddick Bowe-Evander Holyfield WBA heavyweight title bout 1990 Stanley Cup Finals -- Game 1 between Oilers and Bruins at Boston Garden delayed 25 minutes when a bank of lights went out 1989 World Series -- Game 3 between Athletics and Giants in San Fra ...
I am so confused? I understand Jennifer Hudson signing before the 1st pitch, but I thought Alicia Keys would have sung during 2nd period? Just checking, Beyonce sings during halftime, which would be halfway between the 4th and 5th innings? I hope the pretty red and gold team wins the Stanley Cup!!! So excited to be watching the World Series of Football!!! (or is it soccer???) *** Brits!
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Geezers’ Newsletter (Southwestern Ontario’s foremost Geezer newsletter – or a lifestyle guide for Freeps and Press Club survivors) “Nostalgia is the file that removes the rough edges from the good old days.” – Doug Larsen 1955 – Ike had a coronary, Rosa Parks wouldn’t get to the back of the bus, Brooklyn beat the Yanks in the World Series, James Dean was killed in a car accident, Gunsmoke debuted on TV, Detroit knocked off Montreal for the Stanley Cup, Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita was published, fibre optics were developed, Churchill retired, the Warsaw pact was signed, Albert Einstein died, Edmonton beat Montreal in the Grey Cup in Vancouver, Disneyland opened in California, Ray Kroc started McDonalds with a 15-cent hamburger, Bill Gates was born, Louis St. Laurent was prime minister, the first Guinness Book of Records was published, the St. Lawrence Seaway opened, On the Waterfront won Best Picture Oscar, Montrealers rioted when Rocket Richard was suspended... AND... all that news u ...
Here are the answers to last Saturdays SPORTS QUIZ: 1) Who performed the half time show in last year’s Super Bowl? c) Madonna 2) In 2010 Ray Bourque won the Stanley Cup who did he play for? d) Colorado Avalanche - Ray Bourque DID play for the Bruins but at the time he won the Stanley Cup he was playing for Colorado. 3) Out of the 46 Super Bowls played so far how many a) have the Patriots been in AND b) How many have they won? A) 7/3 4) How many World Series have the Boston Red Sox won? d) 7 5) What is the Boston Bruins theme song? c) Time to Go – Drop Kick Murphys 6) What is the name of the New England Soccer team? a) Revolution 7) How many NBA Championships have the Boston Celtics won? a) 17 8) Who is the Patriots backup quarterback? d) Ryan Mallet 9) What year was Bobby Orr’s famous Stanley Cup goal? a) 1970 10) Terry O’Rielly played for which team? d) Bruins ** Thanks again everyone for participating!! Stay tuned for our next one this weekend!!**
Akira, you are my Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA Championship, and March Madness, all together!!! :-)
Tonight is my Super Bowl, my Stanley Cup, my World Series game 7 and my NBA Championship all wrapped into one! If you don't understand, you're missing out! Roll Tide!!
LOOK BACK.36 YEARS AGO...01/03 ...1977 News of the time...Jimmy Carter was inaugurated as the new President of the US. Rupert Murdoch bought "New York" magazine and the "New York Post" to add to his publishing empire. First woman Episcopal priest ordained. Scientists identified previously unknown bacterium as cause of mysterious "legionnaire's disease." President Carter unconditionally pardoned Vietnam war draft evaders. Sports.Not really news...The Yankees defeat the Dodgers in the World Series. In Super Bowl XI Oakland Raiders beat the Vikings 32-14.Montreal beat Boston to capture hockey's Stanley Cup. Seattle Slew won the Kentucky Derby. In Entertainment...The TV miniseries "Roots" drew an audience of 130 million viewers. "Star Wars" hit the movie circuit and became the second highest grossing movie. Other big movies that year included: Saturday Night Fever, Annie Hall (Best Movie and Best Actress Diane Keaton - the movie was directed by Woody Allen)., Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Julia. Musi ...
Events: - The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, as they had done five years prior. - Mirjam Ott won Switzerland a World Women's Curling Championship with a last-rock tap for two points. - Glenn Howard won Canada another World Men's Curling Championship, drawing to the button in an extra end to hand Scotland's Tom Brewster his second consecutive silver medal. - The Los Angeles Kings defeated the New Jersey Devils to win their first Stanley Cup. - The Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder to win Lebron James's first NBA title. - Spain defended its Euro soccer championship, defeating Italy in the final. - Canada's women's soccer team won the bronze medal at an otherwise-marginal Olympics for Canada. - The San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series. - Hurricane Sandy caused widespread damage along the Atlantic coast of the United States. - The Toronto Argonauts defeated the Calgary Stampeders on home soil in the 100th Grey Cup. Deaths: - Et ...
LOOK BACK.22 YEARS AGO...12/28 ...1990 News of the time...Lech Walesa wins Poland's runoff Presidential election. Margaret Thatcher resigns as British Prime Minister. The President at the time, George Bush. The Vice President was J. Danforth Quayle...Let's see, is it Potato or Patatoe? The Hubble Space Telescope is launched. . Sports... In hockey, the Edmonton Oilers win the Stanley Cup. In the Super Bow mismatch it was the San Francisco 49ers crushing the Broncos 55-10. (What? no mercy rules in pro football?). World Series - Reds over A's. In NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt with Richard Childress Racing was crowned the Winston Cup champion for the fourth time. Movies we were watching...Director Kevin Costner has the Best Movie with "Dances with Wolves". Kathy Bates Was named Best Actress for the movie "misery". music we liked... "Another Day in Paradise" performed by Phil Collins; Who could forget "Oh, Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison; Bette Midler performed the haunting "From a Distance"; and "Justify My Love" by Ma ...
I have been to the White House, Super Bowls, Nba Finals, World Series, Stanley Cup, met Presidents and so many celebrities.
Today it starts Argos win Grey Cup followed by Jays winning World Series and top it off Leafs win Stanley Cup
Quote of the day " It has been eight years since the Argos won the Grey Cup, which does not seem that long ago when you put it into perspective. It has been 20 years since the Blue Jays won their first of two World Series titles and more the 45 years since the Maple Leafs drank for the Stanley Cup" Joe Warmington Toronto Sun. GO Argos! GO
For most of you, today is just another Saturday..But for me, its the Superbowl, the World Series, and the Stanley Cup all in one...National Championships are wonderful, but few and far between... ACC Championships are great, but do not mean as much as they use to...but today, today is the day...There is no better feeling in the world than sending those degenerates from Gainesville home with there tail between there legs..Today I am Thankful that I have never worn jean shorts. That I do not own one single thing blue and orange...And most importantly that I will never have to call Gainesville home...I am thankful for the men and women who have worn a uniform and defended our country so that I may have this opportunity. God bless America, and que the Fight Song!!!
It wasn't too long ago New England had it good with sports. Super Bowl, World Series, Nba Finals, even the Stanley Cup...WHAT THE F--K HAPPENED!
New Jersey Devils, lose the NHL Stanley Cup in 6 games. Oklahoma City Thunder, lose the Nba Finals in 5 games. The Detroit Tigers, were just swept out of the MLB World Series in 4 games. 2012 is the year my favorite teams all got to the biggest stage in their sport and lost...
Hockey players celly harder when they score a goal than the Giants did when they won the World Series. They need to go to a few NHL games (If the lockout ever ends), and learn how to celebrate. Then they need to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs, (The greatest finals in all of sports), and see what a true celebration is like when Lord Stanley is raised. God baseball players are pathetic.
You know Toronto teams are terrible... But how bad? Well just reading today's paper that "In the past decade alone, Boston has won three Super Bowls (Patriots), two World Series (Red Sox), an NBA championship (Celtics) and a Stanley Cup (Bruins). In eight of the last 11 years, at least one Boston team has appeared in a championship game or series. What a great problem to have is to plan when each championship team should have their parade."
1 Stanley Cup, 2 World Series and 3 Super Bowls: What can we learn from Boston?
World Series starts tonight in San Fran. Even non-fans in the east end tell me it's like the Stanley Cup or Super Bowl; they'll still watch.
officially 28...or as I like to keep track, 3 Super Bowls, 2 World Series, 1 NBA Championship, and 1 Stanley Cup
... Timbers lose to Sounders, 9ers lose to a team full of *** Stanford Cardinal lose, SF Giants on their way to the World Series. What's next? They revoke the Kings' Stanley Cup?
I have seen the Giants win 2 Super Bowls but I would trade them for one Stanley Cup or one World Series title.
Watching the Ironman World Championship. The Grey Cup, Stanley Cup and World Series of triathlon.only better
yeah whatever we still have 2 World Series 3 Super Bowls and NBA title and a Stanley Cup in the past 10 years.
Inside the Manhattan Cube, Andre Agassi led his ferocious swim team to a 48 point run in the 3rd period of Monday night's World Series 500 to clinch the coveted Stanley Cup math victory. After trailing by 4 sectors, Kobe Bryant manged a runner up finish to the new Lexus LFA and was able to claim Rookie of the Week honors.
Go Tigers! On our way to the MLB play-offs! Chrissy Holm, we get to add to our mother-daughter line-up of big games: Frozen Four, 2 Stanley Cup Finals, NHL All-Star Game, World Series and now AL play-offs. Hope we can take it all the way to the World Series because you know I will scheme to make that happen too. YOLO as that rapper guys says. See you Sunday! woohooo!!
Bless you, Boys! Way to go, Detroit Tigers! I love the fever of a winning team. I'm guessing that not many out of my state friends will understand the "buzz" of a Detroit team winning the penant, the Stanley Cup, or the World Series. I've been lucky to say I've seen em' all happen and felt a part of it. Oh, and our Rock Concerts will blow your doors off. Come visit me in Detroit, if you're an out of towner! We'll show ya what Detroit Rock City isa all about!! Andy Smith, Janet Belshaw, Andrea Seemayer, Marian Cox, Matty Cox, and the rest of ya!
I believe the replacement refs have just awarded the Seattle Seahawks the Super Bowl, World Series, and Stanley Cup since rules apparently don't apply anymore lol. Yikes.
Philadelphia Police reveal they have in place plans to deal with crowd control in the event of a terrorist attack, a weather catastrophe, a World Series win, a Stanley Cup win, an NBA Championship win, and even an American Idol winner. They will however not prepare for a Superbowl win while Andy Reid is still the coach.
Tx Rangers will win World Series. Dallas Cowboys will win Super Bowl. Dallas Mavs will win Finals & Dallas Stars will win Stanley Cup.
Norman Stagg CALLING ALL FISHER RIVER COMMUNITY MEMBERS I have 5 tickets to give away for tommorows AMC Youth Secretariat Texas Hold Em only one person to win a ticket give every one a chance at it.. Person must be 18+ to win also must answer any one of these five trivia questions, contest will run all day. 1. Where was World Poker Tour player Daniel Negreanu born: 2. How many World Series of Poker Final tables did Phil Hellmuth make: 3. When was the World Poker Tour founded 4. What is the World Poker Tour Player Phil Laak"s nickname 5.Which Stanley Cup winner is from Garden River First Nation in Ontario. so who gives me the answer to these can call me on my cell to give me there answer but must tell which question..and must come see me for the ticket norman/308-0189 Like · · Follow Post · about an hour ago Norman Stagg Question 4 is out .. some one answered it correctly 44 minutes ago · Like
Washington Nationals, the first team to clinch a playoff spot in the MLB, Robert Griffin III is as advertised so far, and The Washington Capitals have been one of the best teams in the NHL for 5 years, although they haven't brought home the Stanley Cup...yet! How long has it been since Washington has actually been relevant in the sports world? Other than a few fluke Wizard playoff runs and a Redskins playoff win in 2007, it's been over 20 years since we've been a town worth talking about! Bob Dylan once said, "The Times, They Are A-Changing", ain't that the truth! I'm not claiming that the Skins are a playoff team, or that the Nats are gonna win the World Series, but it sure is pretty *** nice to be proud of our area (The DMV) once again! Great win tonight, Nationals!!! I hope the Redskins take their momentum and ride with it this weekend! Go WASHINGTON! All of you!!!
In 1993, everything in Canada was perfect. Montreal won the Stanley Cup, Toronto won the World Series and Edmonton won the Grey Cup
Big day at AT&T Park with the San Francisco Giants. I threw the first pitch. People ask if I am nervous before racing. I'll tell you it is nothing like thinking you'll pitch the ball into the dirt! A bit of pressure then! Got to hang out with starting pitcher Matt Cann. He threw a perfect game back in June, the day we took coach Bruce Bochy for blast in the AC45. Matt's next! Cool to meet the fans in Triples Alley and see the America's Cup trophy alongside the Giants' MLB World Series trophy on display. 2010 was a good year for the home teams. Go Giants and Go ORACLE TEAM USA in 2013!
I watched another great ESPN "30 For 30" documentary, in this episode a number of unrelated sports events happened on the same day,Arnold Palmer played his last US open before retiring, the opening ceremonies for the World Cup were were held in this country (Brazil went to become the first country to win 4 World Cups) The New York Rangers were given a ticker tape parade for winning their first Stanley Cup since 1940, The New Yorks Knicks tied their game in their chamionship bid. Major League Baseball played it's last game before the MBL strike which lead to the first year ever that the World Series was not played. The documentary had no naration or talking heads. It was like you were changing channels and looking at different news events. The title of this documentary is "June, 17th, 1994,the same day the LAPD were chasing a white Bronco on the interstate with O.J. Simpson inside the white truck with a gun to his head, June 17th, 1994,a day to remember in more ways than one.
Seriously I'm as stoked about Galen Rupp's 10k as I was when the White Sox won the World Series or when the Hawks won the Stanley Cup.
Sitting here watching the Olympics, I am reminded that this is the games for which Tampa put in a bid to host. Obviously we didn't get it, London did, and I doubt that we were even in the running. But I don't doubt that we could have pulled it off. If Salt Lake City could do it, we surely can. We've already hosted four Super Bowls, the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the NCAA Final Four (men's and women's) and Frozen Four, various college and pro regional and playoff games, and even some Olympics qualifying soccer, er, football matches. So no Olympics in Tampa this year, but as a consolation prize we get the Republicans next month (although, personally, I'd rather it was the Democrats ;o ). Not bad for our sleepy little burg. Baby steps.
Training Camp starts tommorrow.and we're still talkin Baseball in the Burgh, do we hear playoff's and a winning season. Pirates win the World Series, Steelers win the Superbowl and Penguins win the Stanley Cup.
Jenn is Italian, went to the University of Texas, and from New England. In the 10 years since we met, The Patriots have won two Super Bowls, Red Sox have won two World Series, the Celtics have won the NBA title, the Bruins have won the Stanley Cup, the Longhorns have won the NCAA championship in football and baseball, and Italy has won the World Cup. Today, Italy is in the Euro Cup Final: another note, these teams either win big, or lose even bigger. Red Sox collapse, losing to those NY Giants, Celtics up 3-2 on LA and Miami, seed Bruins out in first round game 7 OT. Sports around here is peaks and valleys, so you have to take the bad with the good.
Imagine the Super Bowl decided by field goal kickers (best of 5 from the 50), the Stanley Cup settled in a shoot out, the World Series decided by a home run derby, the NBA ahh who cares how they settle the NBA. No need to imagine welcome to the world of European Football. Love the game but please finish it on the field for the love of God. Penalties suck for a major competition. Go til there is a winner.
Well done Heat way to start the championship run for the state of Florida. The rest will be coming to Tampa starting with the World Series for the Rays followed by a Super Bowl for the Bucs then the Lighting will be chilling with Lord Stanley's Cup. It's going to be an awesome next 12 months of sports and can't wait for the parades. Go Florida.
this is just a regular season race. I can't imagine winning a World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, or a National Championship.
L.A. Kings winning their first Stanley Cup is like back in 1972 the Lakers won their first NBA title since their move from Minneapolis . L.A. truly is the city of Champions Dodger 5 time World Series Champions,Lakers 11 time NBA Champions,Raiders stay in L.A. Super Bowl XVIII, and now the Kings . The OC has a couple of Champion California/ Anaheim Angels 2002 World Series Champion and the Anaheim Ducks 2007 Stanley Cup Champion. San Diego Padres 1984 & 98 World Series runner ups and Chargers Super Bowl XXIX runner up. No accident Southern California is a great place for the world of sports in more ways then one.
Anyone ever notice how successful most teams become once they relocate? The Rams moved from LA to St. Louis, they win a Super Bowl. Browns leave Cleveland for Baltimore, and the Ravens win a Super Bowl. The Sonics leave Seattle and go to Oklahoma City, now the Thunder are in the finals. The Hurricanes (Whalers) and Avalanche (Nordiques) all won the Stanley Cup just years after moving. Guess we know the only way the Cubs will ever win the World Series.
6/13/12: Captain Dustin Brown and the rest of the Los Angeles Kings bring the Stanley Cup to Dodger Stadium
Bob Miller recites his Stanley Cup winning call for the Los Angeles Kings.
CONGRATULATIONS LA KINGS, for finally winning the Stanley Cup after 45 years of waiting!! You guys were the BEST 8th seed to win the Cup imo and played amazingly the entire playoffs, including your rookies, dominating a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seed to just get to the finals! Now, me and my nephew have a champion team to root for together, since me and his father don't root for the same teams. Thanks Kings, it's been MANY years since ANY of teams won ANYTHING, probably since 1995 when the Braves won the World Series! I hope you guys keep the Cup in LA at least a few more years, considering how young the core of the team is, especially our MVP goalie, Jonathan Quick!!
Sorry, but the Stanley Cup should be disputed among the real, ORIGINAL hockey teams (you know who they are). Lord Stanley would never have recognized (or even recognised) Los Angeles and New Jersey as legitimate teams (no matter how skilled -- we're talking tradition here) ! The current "cup" makes as much sense to me as a World Series contested by the Kansas City Blues and the San Francisco Seals.
Hurray, the Los Angeles Kings won their first Stanley Cup Championship, and I was their.I would have never dream that I would see the Kings win a Stanley Cup . Now since I been at Staples Center, I have worked 5 NBA Championship, 2 WNBA Championship, and now what is missing is a World Series & a Superbowl.
What a night Kings bring home the Stanley Cup and the Halos beat the Dodgers you have to love it. So Halos win 2002 World Series the Kings win the 2012 Stanley Cup now I need Philadelphia Eagles superbowl and Utah Jazz nba championship and life will be complete
After another great beautiful sunny day anxiously awaiting for tomorrow to start on a new painting, off to lunch, then to the Staples Center to watch the Kings win the Stanley Cup with my best friend Michael who together we always seem to be blessed woth incredible opportunitys to be at amazing sporting events live. Such as Gretzky scoring his 802 goal, Final Four at Superdome when UCLA won, Final game of World Cup Soccer Brazil vs Italy, 7th game of the World Series at Angel Stadium when the Angels won just to name a few. Having a best friend to share so many good times and great memories with is priceless!
Tough day on my rump and DVR after watching Stanley Cup game 5, two Euro 2012 matches, French open women's final, Belmont Stakes, NBA game 7, and College World Series. And a 2 mile walk to start the day.
Went to my first Knicks game at age 2 in 1977. Seen the Mets win a World Series (I was there for that), the Rangers win a Stanley Cup (there for that too), and the Giants win 4 Super Bowls. Still waiting on the Knickerbockers.
Talk about karma, I've been giving it away to California lately, last August I was in Huntington Beach, and their Little League team won the World Series that month and now the Los Angeles Kings are one win away from the Stanley Cup, ***
The Kings are in the Stanley Cup Finals as the seed. It would be the NHL s wet dream if they played the Rangers in the Finals. Until then, I will be giving Michelle DeFranco Lundquist nightly updates on how Henrik Lundqvist is doing. I wouldn t be surprised if the Eastern Conference series goes to 7, we ll see how that down time will affect the Kings. Lord knows that s what did in the Tigers in 2006 World Series.
Population: 229 mil. Life Exp.: 74.1 years Fed Debt: 994.8 billion Ronald Reagan becomes 40th President and is nearly assassinated 2 months later.. G. Bush Sr. is the V.P. Pope John Paul II is nearly assassinated, but Pres. Anwar el-Sadat, of Egypt, IS assassinated.. Raiders beat Eagles in Super Bowl. Dodges beat the Yankees in 6 game World Series. Celtics take down the Rockets in 6, and the Islanders won the Stanley Cup. My mom rides a horse named Precious Irony for her first time.. It spazzes, kicks her off, and she breaks her elbow. MTV starts the around the clock video running.. Pacman sweeps the nation and starts a craze. Raiders of the Lost Ark, top movie. Endless Love, top song. Dallas, top TV show. Smurfs find their way into American Pop Culture.. Oh, and no, presently, there are 3 female Smurfs. Smurfette, Nanny, Sassette. AIDS is identified. Bob Marley passes away.. Two of the most ever watched weddings take place: 1. Charles and Diana (Royal) 2. Soap stars wedding... IBM issues 1st Personal Com ...
1 NBA Title= 3 Stanley Cups 1 World Series= 4 Stanley Cups 1 Super Bowl Title= you can shove the Stanley Cup up your *** !
Top 5: Sports Moments 1) Red Sox Win Game 4 of the 2004 World Series. The curse is over. 2) Patriots win 2001 Super Bowl over Rams. 3) 1998: Patriots beat Miami Dolphins, last second TD pass by Drew Bledsoe, whose index finger on his throwing hand was broke a few minutes before. 4) 2007: Pats complete unbeaten regular season with a 38-35 win over the Giants. 5) 2011: Bruins slam Canucks to win Stanley Cup. All Boston teams had won a title in my time as a sports fan! These are my personal moments. A top 5 of actual great moments would look different (though would probably still make it).
Louis Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher – It has been all rainbows and cream cheese for Fisher since he was hired as the next head coach of the St. Louis Rams, a moribund franchise that never seems to be able to get out of their own way. Enter Fisher, the former mayor of Titansville. Despite losing his future defensive coordinator before even coaching a game, Fisher has been on fire since taking over the hot seat in St. Louis. Luckily, he is in the right place to rebuild an NFL franchise. The fans in St. Louis are currently going ga-ga over their hometown Blues run at the Stanley Cup, and the baseball Cardinals – the unquestioned champion of St. Louis sports – are defending their World Series title by streaking through the National League in 2012. So quietly, Fisher has gone about his business of rebuilding the Rams, a team in distant third-place among fans hearts in their city. He has been given the keys to the castle and was told, “go do your thing Mr. Mustache Man”. And his THING is building winnin ...
You have 3 Super Bowls, 2 World Series, an NBA championship and a Stanley Cup. You'll be fine
Lets chirp Boston sports even though they have 3 Super Bowls, 2 World Series, a Stanley Cup, and an NBA championship since 2000
We already have four MLS Cups, three Super Bowls a World Series Championship and an NBA title. Time to bring home a Stanley Cup.
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