World Series & Red Sox

The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series Championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy. The Boston Red Sox are a professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, and a member of Major League Baseball’s American League Eastern Division. 5.0/5

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The last team to trade the league's reigning home run leader was the Red Sox when they traded Babe Ruth... The Sox didn'…
Here's who to expect at the 10th anniversary celebration of the Red Sox's 2007 World Series win…
Adrian Gonzalez - “clubhouse leader” and veteran of toxic 2011 Red Sox - ditches World Series to go on vacation.
Report: Red Sox expected to hire Alex Cora after World Series
After beating the Red Sox and Yankees, the Astros won the American League Pennant an…
If Cubs lose, they will be eighth reigning World Series champion to be swept in postseason series (last: 2005 Red Sox).…
Of course to all out Canadian friends! Pulling for Red Sox to stay alive and get you that Dodgers World Series game!
Only joy I have is that Red Sox got torched by Jose Altuve and the Yankees winning the World Series
Picked a few upsets (Red Sox over Astros, Twins over NYY, Rockies over DBacks)...but all roads lead to a Nats/India…
3 reasons Red Sox can win the World Series via
Even if the Red Sox win the World Series, their whole season will be tainted for the rest of time. Warms my heart.
Before he became a 2-time World Series champion with the Marlins & Red Sox, Mike Lowell overcame Testicular Cancer
2017 World Series odds: Dodgers listed as betting favorite on updated futures
Red Sox may want to look at former World Series hero Pablo Sandoval as a buy-low candidate to fill the hole at 3B
Red Sox won't win the World Series this year strictly because they have no club house leaders
Trust Center team at Red Sox game last night with Marty & Dena Trust along with 3 World Series trophies 🏆 🏆 🏆
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Charlie Sheen auctioned the Original Contract of Babe Ruth from Red Sox to Yankees & his 1927 World Series ring for abou…
I'm starting to realize how impressive the Red Sox 2013 World Series Championship was, they won it with John Farrell as their manager...
Gonna call it right now. Red Sox 2017 World Series Champions
Red Sox beats Cubs in 1918 World Series. is predicting Cubs over Sox in World Series this year.
Patriots won the Super Bowl, Bruins win the cup, Celtics win the finals, Red Sox win the World Series. Watch.
Can the Boston Red Sox win the World Series in 2017 without David Price?
2013: Red Sox win the World Series. 2016: Leo DiCaprio wins an Oscar. 2017: poses for a thumbnail?. We can on…
The Celtics will win the Finals and the Red Sox will win the World Series this year. Bold Prediction.
nice of the Red Sox and White Sox to honor Atl’s World Series with parades. Seems a little odd...but ok .
Calling it now Cubs vs The Red Sox in the World Series but Boston wins in six.
I guess it's fitting that the year the Red Sox finally won the World Series was also the year the Expos left Montreal.
Let's see. Mets make the Wild Card only to blow it. Red Sox collapse. Cubs win World Series. Trump elected... Need I go on?
I'm just glad I got to witness the Red Sox win three World Series titles before the world ended. Thankful for that.
Yikes, I remember when the biggest problem was the Red Sox winning the World Series. These are crazy times!
ohh the Red Sox won the World Series? I was unaware
It's amazing that the most unbelievable thing to Jack about this whole scenario is that the Red Sox won the World Series.
Rick Porcello will win the Cy Young. Mookie Betts will win MVP. And the Red Sox will the World Series. Just watch.
Slot it right between the Red Sox 04 World Series win and my wedding day.
last time I looked the Nationals and Red Sox were not in the World Series with Scherzer or Porcello on their staff.
First the Red Sox and Cubs won the World Series then this...
no, you're right. Red Sox fans shouldn't celebrate Porcello winning the Cy Young because they didn't win the World Series.
Throwback to when the Summit News covered the Red Sox winning the World Series in…
So if the Red Sox score more runs in the World Series than their opponents, BUT opponents win more games. Who wins?
Looking forward to seeing you dominate for the Red Sox next season & lead them to the World Series. Stay positive!
David Ross reminds me that Eric Hinske(Mr October) has World Series Rings with the Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs
you've called The Cubs and Red Sox ending their curses, in the World Series. Talk about lucky.
I've now seen the Red Sox, White Sox, and Cubs win World Series in my lifetime, how many generations can't say the same
One my favorite Lost moments is when Benjamin Linus reveals the Red Sox had won a World Series to Jack.
Red Sox are winning the World Series this year.
The 2007 Red Sox were in the same position as us being down 2-1. They won the series and then the World Series. So, it's…
If the Indians can finish off the Red Sox, they would have home-field advantage for the ALCS (and World Series, too).
Las Vegas sportsbooks have listed the Cubs as a 9-5 favorite to win the World Series followed by the Red Sox at...
or I'd go for Dodgers vs Red Sox, for sure Red Sox in the World Series!
So & I have a bet if the Red Sox somehow end up meeting the in the World Series...
There are two types of people in this world:. People who think the Red Sox are gonna win the World Series. And morons.
Francona vs Farrell - matchup between the last 2 Red Sox Managers to win a World Series.
Red Sox clinch! . Boston claims the AL East for the 3rd time since 2007 (won World Series previous two instances). https:…
Yes!! “if the Cubs play the Red Sox in the World Series, will you go to a game in Boston with…
I can't wait until the MLB Playoffs start. Cubs vs Nationals in NLCS. Rangers vs Red Sox in ALCS. Cubs vs Rangers in the World Series.
tfw you realize there could be a World Series combination of Yankees or Red Sox and Cubs or Cardinals
Red Sox fans mocking Darryl Strawberry during Game 5 of the 1986 World Series
So the Red Sox will win the World Series on October 29th this year. Good to know.
Red Sox are gunna win the World Series this year
the mets didn't go on an 85 year stint without winning a ring, some Red Sox fans never saw a World Series lmao
Then the *** Red Sox won the World Series that fall, which began my personal losing streak.
I do feel really bad for OKC. Saw the Red Sox win the World Series at Coors Field so I can empathize - horrible feeling
just sayin last time Clay Buchholz got sent down to Pawtucket for the season the Red Sox won the World Series.
If Tito Francona were to win a World Series with Tribe after winning with Red Sox he may punch ticket to HOF
think of how awesome it’s gonna be when John Farrell becomes the first Red Sox Manager to go World Series-last place-last place-World Series
Curt Schilling was a MONSTER closer for the Red Sox and his performance in the 2004 World Series was a pivotal...
Cardinals vs Red Sox at Batavia Little League tonight... Rematch of the '13 World Series
Red Sox will beat the Cubs in 5 games in the World Series this year. Hanley Ramirez wins WS MVP. David Price will win Cy Young
Reasons the Red Sox will win the World Series:. 1. . 2. 3. 4. 5.
[SB Nation: Over the Monster] Here is the World Series logo the Red Sox will base their next championship ri
Red Sox: Former closer Keith Foulke rejoins team as player-development consultant; threw last pitch of 2004 World Series
The guys in red, white, and blue (Red Sox) are gonna win the 2016 World Series
Yesterday I got hit with a: 2004 Red Sox - Yankees ALCS Series, down 3-0 comeback win to go to the World Series, Pedro Martinez CURVE!
Red Sox used moneyball strategy and won the World Series few years ago. Price contract is rare over last few seasons.
Hey when the Red Sox win the World Series, can I hold Astro up in the air like Simba on the duckboat? ht…
Boston fans stuck with Red Sox since the Babe Ruth curse until Bosox won World Series in the 2000s. Loyal and annoying
Very similar to the Red Sox formula. World Series, last place, World Series, last place, last place
r those pics from the Red Sox winning the World Series?
Dave Henderson died today at age 57. Hit key HR for Red Sox in 1986 ALCS, won World Series with 1989 Athletics
Red Sox making moves and bout to be 2016 World Series Champs. Mark my words
Wearing my Red Sox shirt today. I've already had 3 comments. All about buying World Series... My response. 'You...
Red Sox track record is bizarre. 3 last place finishes and 1 World Series Championship in the last 4 years
Bronson Arroyo did start this moment that imo sparked my Red Sox to win the '04 World Series. lol
given ESPN's love affair I'm surprised it's not Yankees/Red Sox every Sunday, even though neither team made the World Series.
Ortiz once again was a major factor as he helped lead the Red Sox to their eighth World Series Championship.
Red Sox free agent targets: Johnny Cueto: ... Cueto, and despite a complete-game gem in the World Series, the ...
Please join Pearl Harbor survivor William Keith of the USS West Virginia, Red Sox legend and 3-time World Series...
Johnny Gomes gets traded to the Red Sox wins a World Series, gets traded to the Royals WINS IT AGAIN
"It's never over till 27 outs. Keep grinding" former Red Sox and World Series champion, Kevin Millar.
Two years ago tonight, the Red Sox did something they hadn't done in 95 years: Win a World Series at Fenway.
On this day in 2004, the Red Sox ended their 86-year curse, winning the World Series in a sweep vs St. Louis.
Red Sox unable to win World Series over 86-year period from 1918 to 2004 after trading Babe Ruth (The Bambino) to Yankees.
Red Sox fans know that forgiveness only comes with a World Series ring: Winning helps Cubs fans forgive Bartman:
Considering the Red Sox have given up 3 run leads in 2 game sevens in the ALCS and World Series, there's time
Lucchino build Camden Yards, ushering in an era of new ballparks, led the Red Sox to to World Series. Now a new chapter. G…
Awesome. I still wear my Red Sox jersey with pride :) Especially the gold World Series one!
Here's to a speedy recovery for Red Sox Manager John Farrell. Confident a World Series champ like him will beat cancer no doubt.
16: Red Sox win World Series, I think about getting a job, I don't get a job, and I find myself thinking "Down Under" is the best song ever
The Tigers plan to win the World Series but they can't even beat the Red Sox.
I was at the Narragansett Inn, a wedding hall on LI, for game 6 of 1986 World Series. Love that it was a Red Sox beer.
If the Red Sox don't win the World Series in 4, games 6 and 7 will be at Fenway Park thanks to Brock Holt, who single h…
Remember when the Red Sox had a parade after winning the World Series and all other Boston pro teams showed up?
On 10/26/13, Joe Kelly started Game 3 of the World Series vs the Red Sox and Allen Craig scored the GW run. Both now in AA…
The 2004 AL Championship. Red Sox beat the Yankees in a 7 game series after being down 3-0. They went on to win their first World Series.
Crazy how the Red Sox were down 3-0 in the World Series & managed to comeback and win 4 straight to win the series 4-3 against the Yankee's
Now that the Cardinals have been exposed as cheaters, I want the Red Sox to be declared winners of the 1967 World Series.
The 2013 Red Sox spent $20M on Ryan Dempster and Joel Hanrahan, crucial parts of their World Series champion team.
Sandoval received his World Series ring at the Red Sox team hotel in Oakland
coming from the kid who pick the Red Sox to finish in first and win the World Series
Aaron Boone homer to make World Series over Red Sox! Amazing
Javier Lopez is only active player to have 4 World Series rings (3 with Giants and 1 with Red Sox
Loving this headline! How the 2015 Red Sox plan to hit like the 2013 World Series Champs, but better
Take it how you want: the last time the Red Sox won an Opening Day game, they also won the World Series
2013 Red Sox john Ferrell came in and went from last to first World Series Champs
LOVE THAT DIRTY WATER! Red Sox are heading to the World Series. Shane Victorino's late grand slam powers Boston over Detroit in
Don't think I wore the Toro 4's since the Red Sox won the World Series
"In the six seasons with Babe Ruth, the Red Sox won three World Series titles. In the 107 seasons without him, they have won four."
LRT: You know what casual fans want? Yankees and Red Sox. Big market teams in the World Series.
Throwback Thursday The night before, the Red Sox had just beat the Yankees for an historic spot in the World Series. I watched the game from one of the… - Shinn Photography - Google+
Red Sox talk as the pats head to the Super Bowl. Love it. World Series starts in 9 months
Today in Baseball History: January 13th 1922 - Buck Weaver applies unsuccessfully for reinstatement. The Black Sox infielder remains banned for life due to allegations of throwing the 1919 World Series to the Reds, along with seven other Chicago White Sox players. 1959 - Hoping to lure the Phillies to New Jersey, State Senator Joe Cowgill introduces a bill to build a stadium in Camden. This action is motivated by Phillies owner Bob Carpenter's threat of leaving Philadelphia unless a new stadium is built. 1978 - At the age of 90, Hall of fame manager Joe McCarthy dies. The former Cubs (1926-30), Yankees (1931-46), and Red Sox (1948-50) skipper compiled a 1460-867 (.627) record, winning nine pennants and seven World Championships during his 24-year tenure in the dugout. 1982 - Both Henry Aaron (Braves, Brewers) and Frank Robinson (Reds, Orioles, Dodgers, Angels, Indians) are elected to the Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility. 'Hammering Hank' falls just nine votes short of being the first player ...
that ship has sailed. Love the Dodger team... But also love my original team, the Red Sox. Let's race to the World Series!
We are the Red Sox of football before the one the world series smh. Fell behind by too much, for Christmas we need a new secondary. It's still go Eagles
Think watching the Red Sox win the World Series in 2100 would be fun? Don't forget your snorkel!
This date in the MLB, December 3rd, 1968 It was a busy two days (December 2nd and 3rd) for the Cardinals on the trading block with the team making deals with the Red Sox and Padres. The Redbirds send infielder *** Schofield to Boston in exchange for right-hander Gary Waslewski and also traded third baseman Ed Spiezio, outfielder Ron Davis, backstop Dan Breeden, and pitching prospect Phil Knuckles for right-hander Dave Giusti. A lifelong Red Sox fan, *** "Ducky" Schofield wanted to sign with the Boston Red Sox but the club had just signed some other expensive players, including shortstop Don Buddin. The best offer, as it turned out, came from the St. Louis Cardinals. Scouts Joe Monahan and Walter Shannon made the 18-year-old Schofield - shortstop, the Cardinals’ first bonus baby when they signed him to a $40,000 bonus contract in June 1953. He played for the Cardinals until he was traded in 1958 and played for them again after the Cardinals won the 1967 World Series. The World Series champion Cardinals . ...
"After selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees, the Red Sox did not win a World Series for 86 years. This was known as the Curse of the Bambino."
If the Red Sox can get some pitching they could end up winning the World Series next year
Red Sox have the World Series already. it is unfair. This is coming for a Yankee fan.
Report: Lester, Giants to meet next week The Giants are turning their attention to Jon Lester following Pablo Sandoval's departure. The free agent pitcher has plans to meet with the World Series Champions next week, a person with knowledge of the meeting said Tuesday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because there was no authorization to publicly disclose the meeting. San Francisco has need for a front-line starting pitcher and was expected to get busy in the free agent market after losing the slugging third baseman to the Boston Red Sox. Lester would join World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner to give the Giants two top left-handers at the top of their rotation. Lester, who turns 31 in January, was dealt by the Red Sox to the Oakland Athletics at the trade deadline in July and helped the A's reach the playoffs for the third straight year before a 9-8, 12-inning loss to Kansas City in the AL wild-card game. Oakland general manager Billy Beane said after the season he didn't think his club would have ...
Red Sox announce 5-year deal with Pablo Sandoval The Boston Red Sox welcomed their first major offseason addition Tuesday afternoon, as the club announced a five-year deal with third baseman Pablo Sandoval. Sandoval, a two-time All-Star who won three World Series titles during his seven-year tenure with the San Francisco Giants, is set to earn $95 million over the next five seasons with a $17-million club option for the 2020 campaign, according to ESPN's Gordon Edes. "I wanted a new challenge," Sandoval said at an introductory press conference at Fenway Park. "I needed a new challenge." The 28-year-old boasts a career 123 OPS+ since making his major-league debut in 2008, and joins a club that finished 71-91 last season, just one year after securing a World Series Championship. The Red Sox designated catcher Ryan Lavarnway for assignment to accommodate Sandoval on the 40-man roster.
Panda Bear Pablo Sandoval left tha Giants and signed wit tha Red Sox i am not mad at all Panda Bear helped tha Giants win 3 World Series titles in 5 years we can't hate on him 4 doin what's best 4 him real talk best of luck 2 him and tha Giants they will bounce back from this
Good day to wake up as a Red Sox fan, making those deals that will win us another World Series
I'm a die heat Red Sox fan but I'm hoping the San Francisco Giants win the World Series. Got a few dollars on it. Madison Bumgarner tonight. This kid can pitch.
I've been in Florida for 18 years, grew up watching the Yankees, Mets, and Braves. I grew to be a Rays fan. When Maddon came to town, and turned things around, I became a bigger fan, maybe more of a Maddon fan then a Rays fan(if that made sense). He made chicken salad out of chicken "spit".He took a minimal payroll with a team full of "home grown talent" and made us believers. What would this team be if we had the Yankees,Dodgers, or Red Sox bankroll. If we still had Crawford, Upton, Shields, Price (etc.)how many rings would they have?? I know Crawford, and Upton have underachieved, but Maddon always got them on track. I hope this managerial change doesn't effect the Rays moving forward, that Maddon wasn't as good at what he did as a manager. But, he is a great mind, motivator, and my question is, what now?? All I can say is thank you Joe Maddon, for making me a believer, for the World Series games I attended in Tropicana Field, and for the years if great baseball led by a great man and Manag ...
World Series no longer rates as a national TV attraction | Comcast SportsNet |
Today is Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Today in Sports History 1956 - Billy Howton (Green Bay Packers) caught seven passes for 257 yards and two touchdowns against the Los Angeles Rams. The final score was 42-17. 1966 - The U.S. Congress approved the AFL-NFL merger. 1973 - Fred Dryer (Los Angeles Rams) became the first NFL player to record two safeties in a single game. The Rams defeated the Green Bay Packers 24-7. 1975 - Carlton Fisk (Boston Red Sox) hit a home run in the 12th inning in a 7-6 win over the Cincinnati Reds in Game Six of the World Series. 1976 - The Philadelphia 76ers purchased the rights for Julius Erving from the New Jersey Nets. 1980 - The Philadelphia Phillies won their first World Series. 1984 - Steve Cox (Cleveland Browns) kicked a 60-yard field goal against the Cincinnati Bengals. It was the second longest field goal in NFL history. The Browns lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 12-9. 1997 - Ray Bourque (Boston Bruins) became the fifth defenseman in NHL history to play in 1,300 regular-seaso ...
1 year ago today, Shane Victorino sent the Red Sox to the World Series.
The best part about the World Series? The Kansas City Royals have a combined payroll that is less that 100 million dollars. A little over 92 million to be exact. What did combined payrolls of nearly 400 million get the Red Sox and Yankees this year? I think we know the answer to that question. At least there is still some sanctity left in baseball...Go Royals!
Josh Beckett only pitched in one World Series for the Red Sox, but he helped Red Sox fans in three different Fall Classics.
02/04,Patriots were victorious in Super Bowl XXXVIII On 10/04, the Red Sox won their first World Series Championship in 86 years
Red Sox fan here, always admired Jeter. Beckett is retiring too, due to injuries, at age 34! You have a fave for World Series??
yaz won the triple Crown in 1967, the year the Red Sox went to the World Series. Not 1968.
Notable Native Americans Jacoby Ellsbury Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury born September 11, 1983) is an American professional baseball center fielder for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. Ellsbury was first drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the 23rd round of the 2002 MLB Draft, but did not sign. He then was drafted 23rd overall by the Boston Red Sox in 2005, after playing three years at Oregon State. Ellsbury is the only Red Sox player in history to be a member of the 30–30 club, a feat he accomplished on September 25, 2011, against the Yankees. In 2011, Ellsbury also won his first Rawlings Gold Glove Award, his first Silver Slugger Award, and was the American League MVP runner-up to Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers.[1] Jacoby officially is a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes,[2] and is the first Native American of Navajo descent to reach the Major Leagues.[3] As of 2008, he was one of only three active non-Hispanic Native American players in Major League Baseball, along with Ky ...
You'd think Derek Jeter invented peanut butter or something. Jeez...he wasn't all that good, his range was average, his post-season numbers sucked, and when they were 3 games to Zero over the Red Sox in the World Series he left 10 base runners on, in the 4 game sweep that gave Boston the Series. Get over him.Trammel was a much better Short Stop! (Not to mention a World Series MVP)
If Derek Jeter played 14 years and won 1 World Series with, say Arizona, would we be celebrating his career? I know he played 20 years and was on four other World Series Champions, but as leader of the Yankees, he's won FEWER World Series Championships than the Red Sox, Cardinals and Giants have over that same period. He was a good shortstop who was steady at short and could bat around .300 a season. His stats (thanks Keith Olbermann, a Yankee fan) show that he was detrimental to his team defensively.
Happy for the Pittsburgh Pirates! Many years of misery -nice to see new teams in the playoffs--guess my Red Sox cannot win the World Series every year---LOL --have a great hump day.
OK folks. I am officially an empty-nester and I am cleaning house! Anyone interested in this awesome Red Sox memorabilia from the 2007 World Series? It is a custom framed shadow box with a great pic of Pap and Tek, plus a signed ball from each and COA. Varitek ball for the 2004 WS. PM if interested.
The Red Sox may not be back in the play offs this year to defend there World Series title but beating the Yankees in there own backyard is just still awesome...
Lol @ one fluke completion. jets fans are like Red Sox fans pre 2004 in terms of world series and fluke ball by Buckner
So badly want the Red Sox to deal Dustin Pedroia so they can bring up Sean Coyle and win the next eight World Series
I have now watched more of this years Little League World Series than the Red Sox and in ok with that
It's no secret that Jon Lester enjoyed his time with the Boston Red Sox. As one of their starting aces since 2006, Lester was a key member of the Red Sox for two World Series victories. He threw a ...
The Original Curse : Did the Cubs Throw the 1918 World Series to Babe Ruth's Red Sox and Incite the...
David Ortiz aside; the Red Sox hit .190 in the World Series. pitching wins championships. good bullpen is vital.
7 years ago tonight Elizabeth Sadock and I went to Fenway Park for Eric Gagne's first game as a Sox and to see new addition Kevin Garnett throw out the first pitch. The Red Sox went on to win the World Series and the former New Yorker Liz has been a Red Sox lover ever since!
In a nutshell: New York Yankees hitting sucketh (save Gardy and the occasional Tex). ARENA --- Sports: How Far the Rivalry Has Fallen --- The Yankees and Red Sox Have Slipped So Much, Their Games Are Shorter By Brian Costa and Daniel Barbarisi 1 August 2014 The Wall Street Journal (Copyright (c) 2014, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.) Boston -- The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, whose rivalry was once hailed as the greatest in sports, have fallen on hard times. Less than a year removed from winning the World Series, the Red Sox sit in last place in the American League East, a position that prompted them to unload pitchers Jon Lester and John Lackey in separate trades Thursday. The once-fearsome Yankees, now barely above .500, have been reduced to scrapping with the likes of the Kansas City Royals for the second AL wild-card spot. But as the Yankees and Red Sox meet for a three-game series at Fenway Park this weekend, they are losing more than their traditional relevance. They are even losing one of the ...
'The Red Sox Odyssey'... Getting the timing and order of things right is the single most important ongoing factor to finally getting an inspired pursuit right. Bill Buckner knows I'm right. He was just too good not to get that simple play right in The 1986 World Series. Forget about 'the curse of the Bambino'... Red Sox Destiny got in Bill Buckner's way, the night the ball rolled slowly by first base. Seven years ago (from 2011 when this thread of thought began)... The Boston Red Sox did something that no other American Major League Baseball Team had ever been done before, they overcame a three games to none deficit to defeat The New York Yankees in the Best-of-Seven League Championship Series and then went on to win The 2004 World Series... for the first time in 86 years. But that was then and this is today... the day The 2011 Red Sox season came to an end completing, as The Boston Globe phrased it, "The greatest collapse in baseball history." Why does all this matter? It matters because 'Metaphors' matt ...
PITCHING FOR POWER Nine months after winning the World Series, the Red Sox unloaded five key members of that championship team Thursday (Friday in Manila).
News: Major League Baseball's Trade Deadline has been one of the most eventful in recent memory. Detroit, Oakland, and St Louis have all boosted their championship credentials, each adding a prime-time pitcher to their starting rotation. The Detroit Tigers picked up David Price, the best left-hander in the League from Tampa Bay in a three-way trade involving Seattle. Center-fielder A tin Jackson went to the Mariners, while lefty Drew Smyly went to the Rays. Price is the Major League leader in strike-outs, and he joins Max Scherzer and J tin Verlander as a trio of Cy Yo g Award winners in the Tigers rotation Defending champions Boston have dealt away the two pitchers that led them to last year's World Series title. Jon Lester, along with outfielder Jonny Gomes is now a member of the Oakland A's. In exchange the Red Sox get the Cuban slugger Yoenis Cespedes. The two teams in the trade are going opposite directions. The A's are the best team in baseball, g ning for their first World Series title since 1989, ...
thanks for two World Series Championships, hundreds of great pitches and great memories. Red Sox Nation is weeping today.
Great day yesterday! Made a ball game at Fenway Park one of my bucket list things to do. I'm not a Red Sox fan, but I'm a baseball and sports fan. And all I can say "Amazing", I've seen a no-hitter from Kenny Rogers, I've seen MLB All-star game,American League Championship game, World Series game, and this ranks up there with those moments.
Thanks to Jeter and the rest of the American League All-Stars, the Red Sox have home field advantage for the 2014 World Series! On behalf of a grateful Red Sox Nation...I thank you!
Cool, the Red Sox will have home field advantage in the World Series again this year...
July 9, 2014 at 8:12 pm ET by Conor Ryan Ben Cherington: As trade deadline approached, Red Sox in ‘unusual … unique’ position After 90 games, it’s hard to *** the 2014 Red Sox season as anything but a failure. A Red Sox squad fresh off a 97-win campaign that resulted in a World Series title was expected to once again establish itself as the cream of the crop in the American League this season -- not slump to the status of cellar dweller. This is not the 1998 Marlins, who dropped from a 92-70 record (and a World Series title) in 1997 to a dreadful 55-108 season the following year due to a monumental fire sale. The 2014 Red Sox have a payroll of around $164 million and retained 17 of the 2013 team’s 25-man World Series roster. Simply put, no one expected the Red Sox to be 12 games under .500 at this point of the season. General manager Ben Cherington is among those struggling to make sense of what has transpired. Now 10 1/2 games behind first-place Baltimore in the AL East, the Red Sox have bee .. ...
Watching '13 WS highlights after tonight's Red Sox game feels like watching an alternate universe where the '03 Tigers won the World Series
I'm not sure if it's me or what ... Before my brother Scott moved here from Illinoying .. the Red Sox won a World Series and the Bruins were on their way to a Stanley Cup ... Well he moves here and the Bruins .. well nough said .. and now the Red Sox cant get above 500 ... coquinistance ??? . Please give me your comments .. all are welcome ... ( love you Bro ) .
Teams’ Struggles Dim Luster of Rivalry: The defending World Series champion Red Sox were in fourth place in the American League East ...
2014 been the year of dethroning the champion. Blackhawks, Heat, Spain, Red Sox (When Jays win World Series)
Listen I'm not saying the Red Sox suck, they have more World Series titles than my boys, but in my eyes The Reds are the best.
Blogging from Albuquerque New Mexico about the Los Angeles Dodgers, Albuquerque Isotopes, and Baseball. Just like millions of Dodger fans around the world I Bleed Dodger Blue 2. A member of Rio Grande SABR. All photos were taken by me Evan Chavez SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2013 DAMON BERRYHILL NEW MANAGER OF THE Albuquerque Isotopes Damon Berryhill The Dodgers announced former Major League catcher Damon Berryhill as the new Skipper of the Isotopes. Berryhill will replace Lorenzo Bundy who was promoted to third-base coach for the Dodgers. Berrhill who is from Laguna Beach California, was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the first round (4th overall) of the 1984 draft. Berryhill a catcher, spent ten years playing in the Major Leagues for the Cubs, Braves, Red Sox, Giants and Reds. In 1992 he appeared in the World Series and hit a game winning three-run homer for the Atlanta Braves in game one. Photo Credit Evan Chavez: Glenn Dishman Will return to Albuquerque as the Isotope Pitching coach In 2008 Berryhill began .. ...
Ummm you said your fav team was the cubs then you say Red Sox who won the World Series last season someone explain 😂😂😂😅
FSU raised Auburn adopted since 04. Lake show on the come up. Red Sox got the World Series. And we ain't lost yet.
Don Zimmer passes away at the age of 83 on June 4, 2014. Don Zimmer played from 1954-1965 in the MLB for the Dodgers, Cubs, Mets, Reds, & Senators. Zimmer played the 1966 season in the Nippon Professional Baseball league for the Toei Flyers. Zimmer finished his playing career with a .235 batting average, 91 home runs, & 352 RBI. Don Zimmer managed the Padres from 1972-1973, Red Sox from 1976-1980, Rangers from 1981-1982, & the Cubs from 1988-1991. Don Zimmer was also a coach for the Expos, Padres, Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs, Giants, Rockies, & Rays in a time span from 1971-2014. Don Zimmer was a 2-time All-Star, 6-time World Series champion, & the 1989 NL Manager of the Year. Rest in Peace Don Zimmer January 17, 1931 - June 4, 2014
OK, so this is quickly turning into a lost season for the Red Sox… but you can’t win the World Series every season, I suppose. Then again, now that I’ve gone and said that, I suppose they’ll rattle off another seven wins in a row! If you’re looking for a meaty Red Sox read, check out Ben Bradlee Jr’s “The Kid” – a comprehensive biography of (arguably) the greatest hitter who ever lived.
No tv? Watch it here! Red Sox vs Orioles. World Series is here once again...ITS GOING TO LIVE
Our grandma Barnes passed away early this morning. She was 96 years young, and loved her family very much. She also loved the life on the farm, and her garden raised the best strawberries ever! We were very blessed to have her in our lives, and her spirit carries on. Grandma was born in 1918, and here are a few facts about that year; Woodrow Wilson was president, average cost of a new home was $4,800.00, price of gas was 8 cents a gallon, daylight savings time began, Red Sox defeated the Cubs four games to two in the World Series, and World War 1 ended in November of that year. Famous people who were born the same year as grandma included, Billy Graham, Howard Cosell, Art Carney, and Nelson Mandela.
Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night at Turner's Yard for our Re-Election Kickoff. (Yes, I know it's hard to believe two years has already gone by!) If you didn't sign up already, you can still get your tickets at the door. (Just tell my mom I said it was okay :) We'll be joined by Senate President Therese Murray and other distinguished local officials as well as a surprise guest. Live music courtesy of Jeff Rosen and plenty of tasty apps and treats from Turner's Yard. We've also got a great silent auction including a signed Patriot's football, a Red Sox baseball signed by World Series ace Koji Uehara and original watercolors, oils and photographs by local South Shore artists, among other items. And of course plenty of good cheer to go around. There's not any specific ticket price, whatever donation you can make is appreciated. Hope to see you then!
The 2014 Red Sox Still Trying To Figure Out Who They Are. Two months into the season, we are still trying to figure out what to make of the defending World Series Champions.
Curt Schilling and the 2004 World Series Champions Boston Red Sox were honored at Fenway Park on May 28. Schilling, who was diagnosed with cancer several months ago, received a loud ovation from...
Singing on the big stage of a Super Bowl or before a basketball game can be nerve-wrecking. Not for retired Naval Petty Officer Generald Wilson. Listen and watch this moving patriotic song of “God Bless America” sung by him during the seventh-inning stretch in the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox.
As we were reminded last night, the story of the 2004 Red Sox is as good as it gets in so many ways. There's nothing wrong with admitting that something changed for the better after that World Series victory.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
BOSTON -- Johnny Damon stood near one corner of the Fenway Park media room Wednesday, willingly answering questions about the Red Sox’s 2004 World Series run, his tenure in Boston and the famous ha...
The 2014 Red Sox are searching for the same formula that won them a World Series a season ago. Former Red Sox...
I am going to Fenway Padk tonight to see my Red Sox ! The original 2004 World Series champion team is going to be there to celebrate the 10 year anniversary ! I am the luckiest person in the world !! Great big thank you to Pastor Ray Daniel ! I am honored to go with you to your last Red Sox game here before you move !!! Thank you, thank you !!!
Can't wait for the Red Sox game Wednesday... most of the 2004 World Series team will be there for a Reunion (10 year)
Oddity: The Giants and Red Sox have combined to win 3 of the last 4 World Series, yet were never both in the playoffs in a…
So if Red Sox lose today they will set a new record for losing streak by a defending World Series champ. Good thing they have buccholz going
Red Sox lost 9 straight, tied for 3rd-longest losing streak by reigning World Series champ in last 20 seasons ('98 Marli…
Thanks for the birthday wishes. The first 36 years brought me a beautiful wife, three amazing daughters, and I saw the Red Sox win the World Series in person. Here's to 36 least. Thanks again!
The City is so excited to be hosting the Red Sox 2013 World Series Championship trophy here at City Hall on...
How sweep it is ! Tigers owned the Red Sox this weekend! I hope they keep rollin all the way to a World Series title!
ESPN's John Kruk says the Red Sox are a totally different team from last year. No camaraderie, no togetherness, no one in the clubhouse like they were last season. Don't tell Bob Croce this. Despite it being more than 1/4 of the way through the season, Croach talks like the Red Sox are guaranteed a playoff spot and are going back to the World Series. Just ignore that the Sawx are below .500 and have pretty much shown what they are by this point. Croach keeps telling me to be ready for the 20-game winning streak. He says it's coming. No, it's not. The Tigers just swept the Sawx at Fenway and the Beantowners scored three runs in three games. That's awful. There are an abundance of flaws in this year's version of thre Sawx. They resemble the team from two years ago way more than last year's team. Anybody remember where the Sawx finished two years ago? Bueller?
If Marcella had been with me in Houston last week, she would have turned into a pillar of ice. Whether you are in a hotel or a car or a restaurant, the air conditioning is insanely fierce. Marcella was easily chilled and hated it. When we left Venice to return to the States, we chose to live in Florida, yet even there she was rarely without a loose wool vest or cashmere shawl slipped over her. We had been in Houston several times in the past to tour for one her cookbooks, which left no time to indulge in personal interests. There had been one small exception in 1986, when Marcella would allow no business to prevent her from watching the Mets, when they beat the Red Sox in the World Series. She had become a passionate baseball fan the year we were married, shortly after her arrival in New York. She hadn’t yet begun to work and with no Italian-speaking friends, she spent her days alone at home. To help time pass for her, I had explained how baseball worked and taught her some of the vocabulary. The first ...
On May 15, 1941, it began. On that day, Joltin' Joe DiMaggio went one-for-four with a run batted in against Eddie Smith and the Chicago White Sox. From that fateful day until July 16, fifty-six games later, DiMaggio hit safely in every game, setting a brand new record that still stands as one of the greatest achievements in baseball history. While DiMaggio was no stranger to being the star of an always impressive Yankee team, 1941 was even more special than usual. While the rival Red Sox were being led by Ted Williams and his unbelievable batting average, he ended the season at .406, DiMaggio pulled his team out of an early slump, and led them to the World Series, and himself to an Most Valuable Player Award. The run to the championship was jump started by DiMaggio's streak. It is ironic that the streak began against the White Sox, who on at least four occasions nearly ended DiMaggio's streak themselves. However, it was the Indians, not the White Sox who finally held the Yankee Clipper hitless. On July 17 ...
Anyone who knows me knows I adore baseball. Other than winning the World Series, the memory I experienced Friday night tops all others! Thanks to Rich getting tix from Todd Zelt, we sat 1st row on top of the Red Sox dugout! My goal was to get a David "Big Papi" Ortiz autograph on the ball I brought. Just before game I met a little boy & his Dad from Mississippi. I asked the kid who his favorite player was & we were instant pals when he said Big Papi! When security made them go back to their seats, the Dad gave me his kids "Little League Gameball" with hopes I could get a Red Sox player to sign it. Soon after, Big Papi came out...wait for it... Who's ball do you think I tossed to Papi? Including the fans around us, we were all teary eyed at the kids utmost happiness! I sent this pic the Dad took to them after game & he texted back that lifetime memories were made in Texas! I know there is "No Crying in Baseball" but I lost it!
The only thing I really hold against millennials is that they don't remember a time before the Red Sox won World Series.
😱 it's a good thing I love you! But the sounds of fans cheering when the Red Sox won the World Series put me to sleep!!
Red Sox 2013 World Series trophy will be at Monson Fire Deparment today from 5-7p
Just found out the other day that Ken Burns added two episodes to his already fantastic "Baseball" series covering the years 1992-2009, entitled "the Tenth Inning" parts 1 and 2. I got to watch them on Netflix the other night and really enjoyed them as they cover the vast majority of my baseball-watching career, save for the last few years. A few thoughts (he did a great job with most things but overlooked others): The main events that seemed worthy of extended coverage (after Joe Carter's wild walk off homer in the 1993 World Series, where I believe the last episode left off) were: the 1994 players strike, Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gerhig's streak and reinvigorating the sport after the strike, the steroids era, McGwire/Sosa, the trend in new stadiums (Camden Yards given its due credit), 9/11 and the first World Series afterwards (Diamondbacks v Yankees), the Red Sox's dramatic comeback and finally winning one in 2004 (and another in 2007), and then the Mitchell Report and the institution of a vigorous test ...
I love how lost makes light of the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series in 04 😂
guess winning the World Series made the Red Sox content and made them not worry about embarrassing their fans
Boston Red Sox got some nerves to bring up pine tar issue to the umpires. Red Sox were the biggest users of "weird substances" during the 2013 season including John Lester In the World Series.
I hope the Cubs never win the World Series as long as I'm alive. I'm a Yankees fan and I would cheer for the Red Sox to beat the Cubs in the World Series if they played each other. After they ran Steve Bartman out of town and threatened to kill him I hope they suffer another 100 years.
So the Cubs ignore Sammy Sosa during their Wrigley Field 100th birthday- he did not get an invite from Cubbie brass-, but have Ryan Dempster showing off the World Series ring he won.with the Red Sox.
It happened today in history. Terrence Jonathon "Terry" Francona was born April, 22, 1959. He grew up in New Brighton and now is manager of the Cleveland Indians. After high school, he attended the University of Arizona. He was a first baseman and outfielder in Major League Baseball and started his career with the Montreal Expos in 1981 and ended with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1990. In between, he played for the Cubs, Red and Indians. He was on two World Series Championship teams, in 2004 and 2007. Francona did some broadcasting for FOX and ESPN. Prior to managing the Indians, he was manager of the Phillies and Red Sox. He was the American League Manager of the Year for 2013. His father is Tito Francona, who was in the majors from 1956-1970.
In the days before radio,fans crowded Newspaper Row(a section of Washington Street downtown)to follow big game's on the Globe's scoreboard.Hundreds "watched" the Red Sox beat the New York Giants four games to three in the 1912 World Series.(photo dated Oct 18 1912) The storefront even offered streaming multimedia of a kind:telegraph dispatches of boxing matches and baseball games were shouted out play by play through a pair of loud speakers.For the Red Sox World Series appearances a scaffold was built.Sport desk hacks to chalk up the scores for bowler-hatted crowds that numbered in the hundreds.The signs even contained advertising.
What a great speech by our Vice President for Boston Marathon victims and the ones resting in peace. we live in a great country! No more your political views he did a good job!!! the Red Sox winning the World Series was better then anything I have seen in years...what a great story, they will always be my favorite second team. Boston will always be in my heart just like little Princess Lacey! Sports can heal our hearts even for 2 hours. That's why I LOVE sports! No matter what sport it is!
Tired of all the nutty talk about the blood moon being a sign of the end of times. The last blood moon was in 2004 and the Red Sox won the World Series. Most baseball fans thought that was the end of the world.
The last blood moon I remember occurred on the night the RED sox won the World Series. I didn't think that was a coincidence, and I don't think the fact that this one occurred on the Jewish Passover is either - Providence. I read where someone thinks President Obama is to "blame." I'm pretty sure that event had been on the celestial calendar before anyone except God had thought of Barack Obama.
Oh great..the one-year anniversary of "Boston Strong," when the City of Boston took all day to find a couple of kid terrorists and then David Ortiz turned into Jesus and the Red Sox became the city's saviors by winning a World Series...
The hopping gives him away. In the tangle of flying Red Sox that followed the final out of the 2013 World Series, Chris Cundiff -- clad in full uniform, whiskers and all -- might pass for one if he weren'€™t awkwardly hopping and hugging at air. [caption...
Does anyone realize that last night despite injuries and young talent we actually took 3 out of 4 from the World Series Champs Red Sox.
Is it me or is it awfully suspect that after 9/11 the Patriots went on a championship spree. After Katrina the Saints win the superbowl and after the Boston Marathon bombing the Red Sox win the World Series?
of course the Red Sox try to accuse the Yankees of something dirty. Remember John Lester in the World Series?
Jacoby Ellsbury, who spent more than one third of his life in the Red Sox organization, winning two World Series, doesn't apologize for accepting $153 million from the Yankees this winter.
The first Red Sox fan that complains about the "stuff" on Pineda's hand tonight is a hypocrite. Buchholz did it last year, Lester did in the World Series with sunscreen and rosin. I dont wanna hear the whining
This year's Boston Red Sox home opener at Fenway Park was full of excitement as the team received their Championship rings and raised their 2013 World Series...
The Red Sox received their World Series rings Friday afternoon and Spinners fans will have the chance to do the same at LeLacheur Park July 26, thanks to Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union. The first 1,000 fans through the gate will receive a replica Red Sox World Series ring! Get your tickets today to ring…
Remember friends, we, above all else are Red Sox fans. We are not the greedy *** that wear the pin stripes. It would be nice to win back to back World Series. But the reality is.we won't. We could.but we probably won't. Us as Red Sox fans are the classier of the fans. I, for one, will watch my Sox every day. Not to see them win the World Series, but to watch them play. It was a very long winter, and to those that live in the northeast, you know exactly how long it was! I am just glad that my boys are back to play. I missed them terribly! Can I get an AMEN!
Home from Opening Day at Fenway Park. So exciting to be there in person to see the Red Sox players get their 2013 World Series rings!
     As we embark upon yet another season of Red Sox baseball, it is important to reflect back upon what was a truly historic 2013 season for the defending world champion Boston Red Sox in more ways than one. Following the Red Sox’ 3rd World Series title in a decade, and their first clinched at Fenway in 95 years, the city of Boston rejoiced in a celebration that reverberated throughout the entirety of the six state region known as New England, save for possibly territory laid claim to by Yankee fans in southwestern Connecticut. The Red Sox worked in concert with the rest of New England in one of the most wonderful displays of perseverance ever observed in the face of a truly horrific act of terrorism. Conflicting baseball allegiances notwithstanding, the solidarity observed amongst the region was ultimately not restricted to Red Sox fans.        Excitement was relatively tempered, as Fenway Park opened its doors in anticipation of home opener number 101 on April 15, 2013. Pre-season prognosticat ...
“During this special celebration of the 2013 Championship win, we were honored to present our players and uniformed personnel and staff with these spectacular rings that we hope capture the emotions of the 2013 season,” said Red Sox Principal Owner John W. Henry. “The rings celebrate the Red Sox' winning history, capture the unique personality of the team, and highlight the City of Boston which was an integral part of this team's story last season.” Crafted in 14-karat white gold, the ring top is a celebration of the team's accomplishment and is showcased by 126 diamonds, 16 custom-cut sapphires, and nine custom-cut rubies; totaling nearly eight carats. The left side of the ring pays homage to the city that inspired a team and a team that inspired a city. The right side of the ring features the individual person's name and number. It is also customized to highlight the number of World Series titles the individual has won with the Red Sox by portraying either multiple trophy images or the Fenway Pa ...
Opening Day at Fenway Park! Players get there World Series Championship rings! Jake Peavy takes the mound for the Red Sox
Opening Day Boston...Jake Peavy gets the home opener and I for one hope he spins a beauty. Red Sox get their World Series rings...Let's get after it.
BOSTON -- As anniversary years go for Boston baseball, this one was made in hardball heaven. One hundred years ago, a 19-year-old left-handed pitcher named Ruth made his debut for the Red Sox. He brought with him the nickname he'd picked up just months before in Baltimore: Babe. Meanwhile, the Miracle Braves, Boston's National League team, went from last place on the Fourth of July to 1914 World Series Champions. Seventy-five years ago, a 20-year-old outfielder named Ted Williams made his Sox debut. "If there was ever a man born to be a hitter," he once said, "it was me." Fifty years ago, a 19-year-old hometown kid named Tony Conigliaro hit a home run over the Green Monster on the first pitch of his first at-bat at Fenway Park, his drive clearing the screen that no longer sits atop the wall. That day, the Sox donated all proceeds to the JFK Library, being built in memory of the young president who had been assassinated just months before. The Kennedy brothers, Bobby and Teddy, were there, along with the g ...
The text messages began flying weeks after the magical October night when the Red Sox shocked baseball, and the closer 2014 drew, the more urgent their tone grew. Right-hander Jake Peavy refers to it as a slogan: “It’s a new year.” The fastest way to repeat 2013 is to forget it, which is easier said than done. But the Red Sox know they’re building something far beyond whatever happens this season. What the Red Sox have designs on is bigger, their goal much grander: Build a powerhouse. In the here and now, it’s fine to ponder the difficulty of repeating, what challenges an aging roster might face as it attempts to integrate new blood, and how the landscape of the American League has changed since last October. These are all relevant issues, and they’ll undoubtedly influence how far the Red Sox advance as defending World Series Champs. But they’re side issues to the real story, which is the kind of team the Red Sox are constructing not just for today, but the next decade. They are the envy of ...
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Well it's Opening Day at Fenway. It will be a day of celebration and honor. The Red Sox will celebrate winning the World Series last year by getting their rings and also honor Lt. Walsh and Fire Fighter Kennedy of the Boston Fire Department with the Honor Guard presenting our colors and singing God Bless America. It is also a day to build memories with some taking in their very first Red Sox game. So whether your at the park or watching, listening Lexus of Watertown hopes that you enjoy the game. RIP to our brave hero's, and Go Go Red Sox !
World Series champion Red Sox return for home opener: Boston Red Sox's Jon Lester, top center, a...
New York -- David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia keep winning. The two Red Sox stars have had the best-selling jerseys in Major League Baseball since Boston won the World Series in October.
World Series MVP David Ortiz tops the current list of most popular MLB player jerseys, which features many of the top performers during the 2013 Postseason, offseason newsmakers as well as some of the brightest young stars in the game. Joining Ortiz are Red Sox teammates Dustin Pedroia and Koji Uehara, and other Postseason standouts including Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright of the Cardinals, Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig of the Dodgers, Andrew Mccutchen of the Pirates and Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers. The list, released jointly today by Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association, is based on sales of Majestic jerseys from, the official online shop of Major League Baseball, since the 2013 World Series concluded. In addition, several players who made headlines during the offseason, including Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Prince Fielder and Jacoby Ellsbury, rank high on the list. In fact, Jeter’s jersey has been the top seller since he announced on February 12 .. ...
Carl Reginald Smith (born April 2, 1945) is a former Major League Baseball outfielder, coach and front office executive. During a 17-year big league career (1966–1982), Smith appeared in 1,987 games, hit 314 home runs and batted .287. He was a switch-hitter who threw right-handed. In his prime, he had one of the strongest throwing arms of any outfielder in the big leagues. Smith played at least 70 games in 13 different seasons, and in every one of those 13 seasons, his team had a winning record. Smith grew up in Los Angeles, California. He won the International League batting title in 1966 with a .320 average while playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He was called up to the Major Leagues late in that season and played for the Boston Red Sox (1966–73), St. Louis Cardinals (1974–76), Los Angeles Dodgers (1976–81) and San Francisco Giants (1982). Smith appeared in four World Series, including during his rookie 1967 season for the Red Sox, and three (1977, 1978 and 1981) for the Dodgers. He hit three ...
President Barack Obama welcomed the 2013 World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox, at the White House yesterday. The World Series losers, the St Loius Cardinals, met with Joe Biden.
Did you know the Boston Red Sox (then, the Boston Americans) played in the first World Series ...and they WON!!!
Red Sox fans won't see another World Series unless they switch teams!!
Red Sox fans are all over cabinet. Here are the best White House visit photos:
Get ready White House, the Red Sox are coming. World Series Champs will meet President Obama
Other than when the Red Sox win the World Series, April Fool's Day is the MOST annoying day on social media.
All of the photos from the Red Sox trip to the White House so far: (via
On bookshelves today! In depth, behind-the-scenes insights from Curt Schilling, Bill Mueller, Gabe Kapler, Keith Foulke, Larry Lucchino and many more. Starting in spring training and throughout the season, the 2004 Red Sox were a team of destiny - on a mission to win their first World Series in 86 years. This book tells their story through first person accounts from those who were there.
President Obama will honor the Red Sox for winning the 2013 world series.
Indians, Orioles, Nationals -- all my teams are winners! Sure, it's only a game and just one of many to come but masterful Justin Masterson pitched 7 scoreless innings as the Cleveland Indians beat Oakland last night,the O's topped Grady Sizemore (and the other Red Sox) and the Nats won over the Mets. Surely, one of these teams will be in the World Series.
If I had to choose between the red sox winning another World Series, and a zombie apocalypse. You guys better better weapon up!
Alright, so I make baseball picks on Opening Day every year. AL Division winners: Red Sox, Tigers, Athletics AL Wild Cards: Rangers, Rays NL Division Winners: Nationals, Cardinals, Dodgers NL Wild Cards: Giants, Pirates. Cardinals over Red Sox in the World Series in 7? I'll guess I'll go with that.
MLB Team Report - Boston Red Sox - INSIDE PITCHFORT MYERS, Fla. -- The odds of winning another World Series are stacked against the Boston Red Sox even before they play a game.Over the last 35 years,
... Baseball Predictions done: Troy Hayes calls Dodgers over Tigers in the World Series ... Matt Hall goes with Dodgers over Rays in the Series ... I roll with Braves over Yankees in the title series ... obviously we all love the Cardinals, Red Sox, & Tigers into the postseason ... Now, shred us, as we are guaranteed to be wrong!
On baseball's Opening Day, I just have to gloat a bit about my beloved Red Sox. I am honored I got to hold the bats Shane Victorino, Red Sox right fielder, used to get us to the world series, and the one he used to knock in the runs in game six of the World Series to win it for the Red Sox. The one from game six is cracked. Our attire is from an ugly sweater and shirt party he hosted in December at his Las Vegas home. Go Red Sox, defending World Series Champions! kj howe
"A World Series title by the Boston Red Sox led to a pricing increase that now puts them past their division rival New York Yankees. At an average of $52.32, the Red Sox have the highest ticket price in the league." - can we put this to bed now, Sux fans?
AL: East (Red Sox); Central (Royals); West (Athletics); Wild Cards (Rays, Indians) Probably a little ambitious picking against Detroit but with no closer, a lack of pitching depth, and Verlander being another year older I don't like them. Baseball has switched to a team chemistry game which is what the above teams thrive on. I'll pick the Red Sox to make it through that field in the AL to head to another World Series. Cherington will realize his pitching depth is lacking and will make another solid deadline move to bring in an excellent pitcher to get them through the stretch run. IF Price gets traded, I'd switch out the Rays with the Tigers but if Price remains with the Rays I like Tampas pitching to overtake the Tigers.
Red Sox exec on BOS-BWI flight bringing World Series trophy home to where it belongs.
David Ortiz and the World Series champion Boston Red Sox begin their title defense in Baltimor
Red Sox baseball* remember cause they won the World Series
Watching 2013 World Series highlights still gives me the chills. Finally get to watch Red Sox baseball again tomorrow
Highlights from the 2013 world series between the Red Sox and Cardinals! GO SOX!!! WS Champs! Please leave a like rating if you enjoyed! Watch in HD! Took me...
With Opening Day upon us (OK, the Dodgers have played 3 games before 27 teams have played even 1), here are my predictions for the 2014 season. AL Divisional Champs-Athletics, Red Sox, Tigers. AL Wild Cards-Rangers, Orioles. ALCS-Athletics in 6 over Red Sox. NL Divisional Champs-Dodgers, Pirates, Braves. NL Wild Cards-Diamondbacks, Cardinals. NLCS-Dodgers in 7 over Pirates. WORLD SERIES-Dodgers in 7 over Athletics.
Opening Day tomorrow for the Red Sox let's get another World Series again boys baseball is back
Well Calabash, it's that time again...Opening Day for Red Sox, they are playing in Baltimore.. Looking forward to the new season.. Don't think we're World Series material this year but you never know.. Missing you today. Good Night Mr Calabash where ever you are...
My 2014 MLB Predictions: AL East: Yankees AL Central: Tigers AL West: Athletics AL Wild Cards: Red Sox, Royals NL East: Nationals NL Central: Cardinals NL West: Dodgers NL Wild Cards: Pirates, Braves AL Playoffs: Red Sox over Royals Red Sox over Tigers Yankees over Athletics Yankees over Red Sox NL Playoffs: Pirates over Braves Dodgers over Pirates Nationals over Cardinals Dodgers over Nationals World Series: Yankees over Dodgers MVP's: Mike Trout (AL), Andrew Mccutchen (NL) Cy Young's: Yu Darvish (AL), Clayton Kershaw (NL) I know what you're all thinking, I picked Yankees because I'm a fan, but their rotation is 10x as solid as last year and the lineup is loaded with good left-handed/switch hitters who will utilize the short porch with a good combo of speed with Ellisbury and Gardner. Also, the fact that it is Jeter's last season makes it seem only right that we win it all.
As I mentioned some eight months ago when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, what a great achievement it would be if Fenway Sports Group managed to stand on the top of two podiums given prior year results. The future is in our hands!!! YNWA
not bad except Red Sox over Cardinals in World Series again
The greatest sport starts back up tonight, Americas Pastime, baseball!!! Red Sox are defending World Series Champs, let the fun begin!!!
Finally the baseball season has arrived! Never been more excited to start the regular season and looking forward to the Red Sox defending their World Series Championship!!! Not sure why they aren't playing on Opening Night, but will be watching tomorrow at 2pm on ESPN2 when we take on the Orioles! Boston Strong baby!!!
Watching the 2013 World Series champion Boston Red Sox band of bearded brothers. DVD by nesn ! Wo let's go Red Sox ! Clap clap clap . Opening Day is tomorrow so excited ! Grady Sizemore is the biggest steal of the season . Our team looks great . Lets start our defense of the title ! Baltimore here we come ;)
Happy Opening Knight, America!!! The Cardinals will win the World Series over the Rays. The Nationals, Braves, Giants, Diamondbacks, Indians, Red Sox, Rangers & A's will join them in the playoffs.
Add Tim Duncan to the list of Peyton Manning, Durant, Westbrook, Helton, 2013 World Series Champs Red Sox and Buster Posey
Offered is a 22" x 32" framed display commemorating the most infamous transaction in baseball history, the sale of Babe Ruth by Boston Red Sox owner Harry Frazee to Jacob Ruppert and his New York Yankees on December 26, 1919. The rest of the story is well known as the Red Sox, after winning three World Series titles with Ruth, would wait 86 years before finally breaking The Curse of the Bambino in 2004, while Ruth would lead the Yankees to four of their franchise record twenty seven World Series titles. Display features a reproduction of the Uniform Agreement For Transfer of a Player to or by a Major League Club which officially sealed the deal along with pictures and plaques commemorating the Babes time as both a Red Sox and a Yankee. price 125.00 pm if interested
Can the Red Sox repeat World Series triumph? Will the Dodgers dominate? Can the Cubs and the Mets bring back the fans? How will it end for Derek Jeter?
Less than a week until the Red Sox began their quest to repeat as World Series Champions! Too excited for the season
'If' LFC can win the title that would give FSG the World Series with Red Sox & PL title in space of a year. Fair effort that
So Sports Illustrated is saying Nats-A's in World Series. I just don't see it. And by no means am I saying my team will be there either. I'm thinking more a Cardinals-Red Sox rematch or Cardinals-Tigers. Either way I see the Cardinals. :(
Watching the Red Sox win the World Series in our sports room.
On March 22 in Baseball History... 1962 - A former Giant, requesting anonymity, reveals that Bobby Thomson's home run in the 1951 playoffs against the Dodgers was helped by a sign-stealing clubhouse spy. The spying is claimed to have gone on for the last three months of the season. Thomson and former manager Leo Durocher vehemently deny that any help was received, but a source close to the team confirms the spy operation. 1972 - The Yankees trade first baseman-outfielder Danny Cater to the Red Sox for relief pitcher Sparky Lyle. In seven years with the Yanks, Lyle will post a 57-40 record with 141 saves and a 2.41 ERA, win a Cy Young award, and help the team to three World Series appearances. 1990 - Major League umpires announce that they will boycott exhibition games to protest not having been consulted in the revision of the regular season schedule after the lockout. They will return to work on April 1. 1993 - Cleveland pitcher Steve Olin is killed instantly and new teammate Tim Crews dies several hours ...
I just heard the greatest story on ESPN last night on the UConn basketball game. When the Yankees won the World Series in 2009 they called up Connecticut basketball coach Jim Calhoun and asked him to throw out the first pitch. Because he's such a Big Red Sox fan he respectfully declined. Priceless.
Going to my first spring training game! It just so happens to be a World Series team, the Red Sox. I wish i was seeing the Mets but im representing the mets with a t-shirt
Red Sox – its not Small Ball or Money Ball, It’s Shallow BallPosted on March 10, 2014 by Thomas MurphyIn the afterglow of last seasons World Series win, the Sox have seemed to forget one of the key elements of wading out into the dangerous waters of a new MLB season – Depth. Depth is as important a…
Today would have been my dad's 102nd birthday. He was and probably will always be the best man I've ever known. He made me the sports fan I am today and I wish he could have lived to see the Red Sox win a World Series. Even though he was a Yankees fan, I think he would have been happy that I finally got to see them win. Happy birthday Dad, love you, miss you.
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