World Series & Opening Day

The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series Championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy. Opening Day is the day on which professional baseball leagues begin their regular season. 5.0/5

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are probably going to the World Series after their Opening Day walk-off win
World Series, NBA Opening Day, Amazing Draft Beers and Tons of Bottles and Cans. Plus a really good food menu. Come…
7 days till Opening Day 😮 and 108 years since the last World Series win 😏
Mark Bellhorn flew in the 2004 World Series. 12 days until Opening Day!
The Royals will host the Mets on Opening Day next year, in a potential World Series rematch
In 1991, Morris started Opening Day for the Twins, the All-Star Game for the AL, game 1 of the ALCS and World Series. And game 7 of the WS.
"Here it's special. It's like we won the World Series already," Brayan Pena on Opening Day celebrations
Brayan Pena on excitement of Opening Day: "It feels like we already won the World Series."
The difference between Pedroia and the rest of MLB. Pedroia tears his ligament in his thumb on Opening Day, doesn't have surgery, and wins the World Series. Hamilton and Bryce Harper get the same injury, and they have surgery. Great job picking the Angels and Nats once again ESPN, they're going nowhere ... fast.
Home from Opening Day at Fenway Park. So exciting to be there in person to see the Red Sox players get their 2013 World Series rings!
Play ball! Boston Police on duty at 1903 World Series at the old Huntington Avenue Grounds. In Game 8 of a best of nine series, the Boston Americans beat the Pittsburgh Pirates to win the Series. (Photo courtesy of the Boston Public Library.) Today, a Boston Police officer directs traffic on Van Ness Street & Yawkey Way at Fenway Park's Opening Day. (Photo courtesy of Here's to another successful Boston Red Sox season!
The Dropkick Murphys and the Boston Pops will be performing as part of the Opening Day festivities at Fenway Park on Friday in what promises to be an emotional and celebratory day in Boston where fans will see the 2013 champions receive their World Series rings.
We take a look back at the Sox Opening Day ceremonies after their World Series Championship seasons in 2004 and 2007.
Well it's Opening Day at Fenway. It will be a day of celebration and honor. The Red Sox will celebrate winning the World Series last year by getting their rings and also honor Lt. Walsh and Fire Fighter Kennedy of the Boston Fire Department with the Honor Guard presenting our colors and singing God Bless America. It is also a day to build memories with some taking in their very first Red Sox game. So whether your at the park or watching, listening Lexus of Watertown hopes that you enjoy the game. RIP to our brave hero's, and Go Go Red Sox !
Ahead on News 9 Daybreak - The Boston Red Sox are gearing up for opening day at Fenway Park this afternoon, which will include a ceremony to celebrate their World Series victory and honor Boston first responders. Watch streaming live in a few minutes:
Opening Day and the decisive game of the World Series the only time i watch baseball all year
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So is visiting White House today for celebrating their last year's World Series after their Opening Day loss vs. Nice.
It's Opening Day at Minute Maid!! I believe the Astros will win the World Series this year!
ASTROS!! Opening Day! We love our Stros! Even when we were one of the only fans in Minute Maid, we cheered like it was the World Series!
Opening Day of Baseball was great, hope to see my St. Louis Cardinals back to the World Series.
10 can’t-miss games on Derek Jeter’s farewell tour Baseball is a game of routine, a marathon season stretched over a 162-game schedule. Every game counts the same in the standings, but some will surely be more memorable than others. As Derek Jeter gets set for his farewell season, here are 10 dates to circle on your baseball calendar: APRIL 1, AT HOUSTON Jeter’s final Opening Day takes place at Minute Maid Park against the lowly Astros, which should be the ideal setting for the Captain to get off to a good start. APRIL 7, VS. BALTIMORE Jeter has always insisted the season doesn’t really begin until the Yankees play their home opener. The Orioles come to town for Jeter's final opener at Yankee Stadium. MAY 15, AT METS Jeter has been the star of the Subway Series ever since the Yankees and Mets first squared off in 1997, so his final game in Queens should be one to watch. His leadoff home run in Game 4 of the 2000 World Series was one of the great moments of his career. JUNE 15, AT OAKLAND Jeter wra ...
I use to love baseball so much more, and still love opening day. But, the only time I can get into it is, Opening Day and the World Series. Only a month until the NFL Draft.
Alright, so I make baseball picks on Opening Day every year. AL Division winners: Red Sox, Tigers, Athletics AL Wild Cards: Rangers, Rays NL Division Winners: Nationals, Cardinals, Dodgers NL Wild Cards: Giants, Pirates. Cardinals over Red Sox in the World Series in 7? I'll guess I'll go with that.
Opening Day! The road to another World Series starts today! Go Giants!!!
The best part of cheering for 2 teams? Twice the chance at a World Series! Happy Opening Day! Go Braves! Go Pirates!
It's Opening Day and the Mets are already mathematically eliminated from the World Series.
Opening Day of baseball so I'll offer my team's prediction. The Giants win the World Series again...because they like to win it every other year (2010, 2012, 2014?) Scott Grau
.Cliff Lee & Grover Cleveland Alexander are only Phillies P's who have a W on Opening Day & in Game 1 of the World Series
Opening Day! Finally. I love baseball. Sports Illustrated voted my team destine to be in the World Series, 2014. Go A's!
One of the best days of the year. Opening Day for the St. Louis Cardinals!! Road to the World Series starts today!
It's never too early to start tailgating ...right? It's Opening Day in Oakland! Keeping the streak alive, my 14th A's Home Opener in a row (Yes, my senior year in high school was that long ago) Hopefully this is the season I'm at the last Win of the season and watching my A's hoist the World Series trophy again.
OPENING DAY 30 March 2014 It was about four o’clock in the afternoon on October 3rd, 1951. My family had recently purchased an old Zenith black and white TV, which I frequently commandeered to watch western movies and cartoons, but not today. My grandmother had control over the television. I heard her screaming and yelling with joy. Bobby Thompson had just crushed a Ralph Branca pitch into the left field seats at the Polo Grounds for a 3 run homer and the NewYork Giants had just won the National League pennant by defeating their nemesis, the Brooklyn Dodgers, by a score of 5-4 in the deciding game of a 3 game playoff. Russ Hodges called the “Shot heard ‘round the World” and I was hooked on baseball at the ripe old age of ten. Over the next sixty years, after the last out of the World Series in October, I counted the days until Opening Day started the next season on or about the first day of April. Through my teenage years, my college days, my service in Viet Nam and later in life as a teacher, bu ...
Opening Day! Here we go!! Let's get that World Series trophy again!!!
Opening Day and the season is already over! Detroit Tigers - St. Louis Cardinals And the Detroit Tigers win the World Series! That's all folks.
This could be the last Opening Day in St. Petersburg without a World Series trophy
Opening Day so I guess I'll make my picks... In the American League I like the Rays, Tigers and Rangers to win their divisions with the Red Sox and Royals the Wild Cards... National League I like the Nationals, Cardinals and Dodgers to win their divisions with the Giants and Pirates as the Wild Cards... World Series give me the Dodgers over the Rays!
Call me when the World Series here cuh…“Opening Day is upon us!!!”
Just a lil excited about Monday this new favorite pre- workout Furious is hitting the market, Open Workout 14.5 for a lil lunch time fun, and then of course it's Opening Day for your 2013 World Series Champions Boston Redsox!!! Bring on the sweat, pain, and excitement for a new season...Redsox Nation!!!
Opening Day is a special day in America for man, woman, and child. It's the recognition of a national pastime, the bringing together of families, and the chance to start anew, believing that this year will be "The Year." Hope springs eternal. That will be the thought when I wake up tomorrow morning as another year of Chicago Cubs baseball begins. Its been 105 years since the Cubbies last hoisted the World Series. The chances are slim with this group, but there is always a chance that this could be the year, thus hope springs eternal. Go Cubs Go!
Good evening Red Sox Nation- Texas: The dawn of a new baseball season is upon us. For the frigid winter season has finally passed and with that, we can say goodbye to long dark evenings of MLB TV reruns, Hot Stove rumors and all the reality TV we can ask for. The hope of all baseball fans springs internal with visions of a World Series Championship. As the sun rises tomorrow morning, so does the start of another 6 months of emotional twists and turns, hardcore discussion and speculation but most of all, we all come back together to share our passion for The Sox. So it’s time to dust off the baseball caps and favorite game jerseys, for spring is finally here!! - RSN – Texas Opening Day Events: - For tomorrow, the will be events in D/FW, Houston and two events in Austin alone. If I receive updated info for any other cities between today and tomorrow I will be sure to pass the info along as quickly as possible. Also, plans for Opening Day at Fenway, Friday April 4th are not yet complete for a couple citi ...
"For lo, the winter is past, the rain is gone; The flowers appear on the earth, The time of the singing of birds is come, And the song of the turtle is heard in our land." It's Opening Day! Thirty years since our last World Series Championship. Eat em up, Tigers!
I'm really excited about Opening Day tomorrow and the potential that the Cards have! However, the near unanimous selection for them to win the World Series by 'experts' has me worried.
It's Opening Day in Major League Baseball. Best sport by far. I have the Dodgers-Rangers playing in the World Series.
Here we go--Its been a long cold winter but the boys of summer are back..My Dodgers kick off the 2014 season in about 5 minutes versus the Padres on ESPN...Opening Day should be a national Holiday..I love baseball,Americas past time..Lets go DODGER BLUE...World Series or bust!!!
Glad I got to get some rest today. Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers TOMORROW!!! I can't wait, I'm glad I have a job working for the best baseball team ever! My favorite player is Miguel Cabrera n he will be MVP this year n we winning world series n championship this year!!
I don't know whether Opening Day is officially tonight or tomorrow, but I have some predicting for the 2014 Baseball season. 1. Someone will be caught cheating. 2. Instant replay will take longer than an instant. 3. The Chicago Cubs will not win the World Series, as much as I would like to see that before I die. 4. Some team will have a huge lead in August and fold in the stretch. 5. A young phenom will emerge. 6. The games will get longer and longer. When I was a kid they ended in around 2 hours...ah the ring of dollars spend at the concession stand! Hope your team wins this year as long as it's the Giants!
Opening Day about start, so what is everyone's picks for World Series, AL MVP, and NL MVP!!! My pick Cardinals vs Detroit and Cards winning in 7. NL MVP Yadier Molina and AL is Mike Trout!! Everyone have a great season!!!
Opening Day is Monday.just in case anyone needs a reminder as to who won the World Series last year :)
ALI - with a baseball..: Masahiro Tanaka ..Started Spring Training as expected faning most batters ..that scene will be repeated often during the regular baseball season and continue into late October during the World Series ..Can't wait till Opening Day pjb
Louis Criger (Feb 3, 1872 in Elkhart, Indiana – May 14, 1934 in Tucson, Arizona) Major League Baseball player for the Cleveland Spiders (1896–1898), St. Louis Cardinals (1899–1900), Boston Americans/Red Sox (1901–1908), St. Louis Browns (1909, 1912), and the New York Highlanders (1910). Criger became the first Opening Day catcher in Boston American League franchise's history. A catcher for most of Cy Young's 511 victories, he also caught every inning for eight games with Boston in the first-ever World Series in 1903, helping his team win the championship. In a 16-season career, he batted .221 with 11 home runs and 342 RBIs. Criger stole 58 career bases and scored 337 runs. He had 709 career hits in 3202 at bats. Though never a major star, Criger received votes for the Hall of Fame in four BBWAA elections. He garnered as much as eight percent of the vote.
Go *** !! From Top 10 Outfield Prospects: Jackie Bradley Jr., Red Sox: Part of two College World Series Championship teams at South Carolina, Bradley Jr. earned a World Series ring as a rookie with the Red Sox after surprisingly making their Opening Day roster. A superb center fielder, he'll be a defensive upgrade over Jacoby Ellsbury, who left via free agency. Bradley Jr. is also an on-base machine who likely will be better than Ellsbury in that regard, too.
Congrats to the World Series champion Boston Red Sox. And thanks to the Cardinals for another great season, providing me with many more great memories. I was able to take Kate Arthur to Opening Day for her birthday. And battled Eric Arthur all year long as his Pirates returned to relevance, leading to a summer trip to Pittsburgh with him and Drew Potter. I was able to take Mike Hartman to Wrigley Field for the first time. I took my wonderful girlfriend Sydney Alcaraz to her first Cardinals game. And was lucky enough to see the Cards advance to the World Series with Tanner Russell. The end of the season is never fun but I'm grateful for all these times and more that I got to share with my friends. The future of the team looks bright and I'm looking forward to what should be a great 2014! Go cardinals :)
Ann was so excited that there was no World Series game tonight. Little does she know its NBA's Opening Day. Time for five hours of hoops!
Uehara make closing a breeze Duo wasn't first choice for Fall Classic clubs to close, but they've excelled .. The World Series features shutdown closers Trevor Rosenthal of the Cardinals and Koji Uehara of the Red Sox -- neither of whom was the closer on Opening Day. Neither of whom was the second choice, either. World Series Is there a lesson here about overvaluing the ninth inning? "I know better than to make blanket statements about closers," said Red Sox reliever Craig Breslow, the only player in this World Series with an Ivy League diploma. "What it says is that there are two incredibly talented guys pitching at the end of games for both teams. It doesn't mean that both of these guys wouldn't have worked their way to the back of the bullpen barring any other circumstances. We're obviously fortunate to have the guy we have, and we wouldn't trade him for anybody." That guy is Uehara, who is sensational mostly because of one sensational pitch, a disappearing split-fingered fastball that he threw nearly ...
OK. Haven't shared this many people. The people who know, know. Right? But now is the time to share. Very late March, 2000. I'm sitting with my Dad watching a Red Sox Spring Training game from Florida. We're in his home in Jackson, NH. He is in his white terry-cloth bathrobe, terminally ill with cancer. Fire in the fireplace. Beers on the table. He says: "This *** . He never used those words with me. Ever. He was my Dad. I worked with him for 20 years. I said to him: "Yuh. It does suck. I know you don't feel well, and the prognosis is not good. What can I do?" He says: "Screw the cancer. I'm never gonna see the Red Sox win a World Series." There is a grace to baseball. There is a music to the game. First crack of the bat in Florida, Opening Day full house, the murmuration of a meaninglesss game in July, the World Series commotion. There are things about baseball a novice can understand, and things about it none of us will ever understand. That's the beauty. It's never predictabl ...
April, 2014. Citi Field, Opening Day. Bright sunshine as -- Zach Wheeler takes the mound. I can hear Sandy Alderson earlier this season. Matt Harvey is the The New Franchise. We're building the team around Sports Illustrated coverboy, Victoria's Secret supermodel girlfriending, built for New York City Matt Harvey. Now he needs Tommy John surgery, his 2014 is lost, so who cares? No "wait 'till next year" now its "wait 'till two years hence, maybe." Could next year will be like '84? Building toward the mountain top? No, wait. In '84 we met a young pitcher named Dwight Gooden who was dominant for the next several years in a Met uniform until he had an unfortunate rendezvous with the nose candy. The Mets pride themselves on building good pitching. Late sixties brought us The Franchise, Tom Seaver. Mid eighties brought us Dr. K, Mr Gooden. Both of those pitching phenoms brought us to the World Series the only two times we won. Now we have The New Franchise, Matt Harvey. And he's lost to 2014. Good thing they g ...
Last two times Julio Borbon has been on Opening Day roster the Rangers have gone to the World Series. Coincidence.
So I'm stomping around my office this morning, thinking thru the alternatives available now that the Judge this morning made a pretty indefensible decision, and I again notice the little mini-baseball hall of fame I have on the walls of the office..there are photos of the following players: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Christy Mathewson, Casey Stengel, Joe DiMaggio (2 pics), Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider (2 pics), PeeWee Reese, Gil Hodges, Roy Campanella, Stan Musial, Willie Mays, Nellie Fox, Luis Aparicio, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio, Sandy Koufax (2 pics), Don Drysdale, and Frank Thomas, plus a lined-up dugout pic of the nine starters for the White Sox in the 1st game of the 1959 World Series..30 days until Opening Day..
Ryan Lavarnway's chances of making the Opening Day roster for the Red Sox may be beyond his control given the presence of Jarrod Saltalamacchia and David Ross as well as his option, says Rob Bradford of “For me, I want to win the World Series,” Lavarnway said. "It doesn’t matter if I’m there for however long. We play this game to win and if you’re not playing this game to win then I don’t know why you’re playing. However I can help." Source:
The Tigers, fresh off an American League title and hopeful of another World Series opportunity, have about as firm an Opening Day outlook as a club can hope for two weeks before Spring Training camp. All that's missing is a proven closer, though flame-throwing rookie Bruce Rondon could fill that rol...
ON THIS DATE: December 29, 2002 - An end of an era in Cincinnati as Riverfront Stadium (Cinergy Field) is imploded at 8:00 am. The stadium hosted 5 World Series (1970, 1972, 1975, 1976 and 1990), 2 MLB All-Star Games (1970 and 1988) and 2 AFC Championship games (1982 and 1989). Among the many memorable events at Riverfront were Pete Rose's record breaking 4192 hit, Tom Browning's perfect game, Johnny Bench's final home run on Johnny Bench Night, Tom Seaver's only MLB no-hitter, Pete Rose's collision at home plate with Indians catcher Ray Fosse in the '70 All-Star Game, umpire John McSherry collapsing and dying behind home plate during the 1996 Opening Day game, Hank Aaron's homerun tying hit with Babe Ruth, Pete Rose shoving umpire Dave Pallone over a controversial call, Lou Piniella throwing first base into the outfield after being ejected from a game, and the "Freezer Bowl" AFC Championship game which put the Bengals in their first Super Bowl. Riverfront also hosted high school football games, college f ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
The unsung hero of the 2012 World Series is the 6000 lbs of dirt given to the Giants by the Clay Wood and the Oakland Athletics. We'll take our ring on Opening Day with the rest of em
Sam Smith: The NBA's media days are not unlike baseball in February. You know, when the Cubs believe they can win a World Series and Ozzie Guillen isn’t going to say or do anything stupid this year. It’s the time when anything is possible, and sometimes it is. So why can’t the Bulls be in contention for the championship?
Only 202 more days till Opening Day '13, when the Rangers begin defense of their Silver Boot and (wait for it.) World Series Championship against the newest American League rival, the Astros. Believe it.
I know "some" don't like to hear this but it is Opening Day of College Football. I hate to admit that this time of year, Is MY favorite time of year; Football Season, the World Series, and school kids who Wrestle go back to practice! Sorry everyone, I'm JUST a JOCK!! ~~CJM
From Peter Gammons ... If you are out there across the country and do not understand why Pesky's funeral will be one of the largest of this century, first read David Halberstam's "The Teamates," the brilliant portrait of (Ted) Williams, Dominic DiMaggio, (Bobby) Doerr and Pesky, who were first Red Sox teamates in 1942 and remained the closest of friends for the next 60 years, until Williams passed away in 2002. Seventy years ago, Pesky was a 22-year-old rookie with the Red Sox. Ted was 23, Doerr 24, DiMaggio 25. Hall of Famers Joe Cronin and Jimmie Foxx were on that team, in their mid-30's. Sixty-three years later, when they held the Opening Day ceremony to hoist the World Series pennant above Fenway Park symbolizing the end of the 86-year drought, it wasn't David Ortiz or Pedro Martinez that pulled the rope to raise the flag, it was Pesky. On the day they celebrated their first World Series Championship since World War I, it was a World War II hero who got the loudest ovation, who raised the symbolic end ...
Dear Cole Hamels, I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a huge Cole Hamels fan when you came up to the big leagues. There was something about your cliché So-Cal demeanor that rubbed me the wrong way. I thought you were more worried about your appearance and persona than actually trying to win ball games. You looked white collar in a blue collar city. I looked at your marriage to a former reality show star as a way to give yourself a bigger spotlight. You wanted to have the first Hollywood walk of fame star on Broad St. Everything about you reeked of *** that I thought you were sponsored by Summer’s Eve. I warmed up to you a bit during that World Series run in ’08. You could assume that it’s because you were carrying our pitching staff during the stretch, but honestly it was because I saw a different fire in your eyes. I finally knew why you were the 17th overall selection in 2002. I started to realize that you didn’t necessarily want the spotlight, you just weren’t afraid of .. ...
Fresh of the success of "Fenway Park: The Centennial," I have just signed on to do another book for St. Martin's Press. "Miracle at Fenway" will be an oral history of the 2004 World Series champs, as told through the eyes of players, fans, and team officials. "Miracle at Fenway" will be out in time for Opening Day, 2014, the 10th anniversary of that incredible season, and I'll be spending the next year gathering 2004 stories from all corners of Red Sox Nation. If you have a good one, send it my way -- maybe you'll end up in the book!
* Babe Ruth's career mark of 714 home runs stood as the all-time record for 39 years, until Hank Aaron hit his 715th on Opening Day of the 1974 season. * Babe Ruth is the only player ever to hit three home runs in a World Series game on two separate occasions-Game 4 of the 1926 Series and G...
Opening Day at Busch Stadium and our World Series winning St.Louis Cardinals!!! I am lovin it!! Go Cards!!
The irony is apparent: The 2012 Opening Day for the St. Louis Cardinals has them facing the Chicago Cubs, which is a long and storied rivalry, rich in competition and full of stories told by fanatical fans on both sides. This is a game which was scheduled last year long before the Cardinals won their 11th World Series and who would have guessed in August of 2011 what Opening Day 2012 would include? Yet, there it is: the St. Louis Cardinals receiving the accolades of an adoring and energetic crowd, entering Busch Stadium as conquering warriors in red and white cars, which are following the Anheuser Busch Clydesdale's around the warning track of the stadium . . . while across the way are the Chicago Cubs, more than a hundred years removed from any such championship, watching as their arch-rivals are honored. There is one upside for the Cubs today: No ring presentation today. That is saved for tomorrow's events . . . no sense rubbing it into a Division rival all in one day! As the Cardinal baseball team begi ...
Loved, loved, loved Opening Day at Nationals Park. Wish I could have posted from there, but AT&T was slow, and I was only able to snag a decent wi-fi signal intermittently. What a wild ending. Ryan Zimmerman adds to his legend as "Mr. Walk-Off", even if he didn't get the game-winning RBI; he had the game winning RUN, and I mean, RUN! A walk-off wild pitch! Hilarious. Time has officially begun for me, and through the World Series, I make my schedule around Nationals baseball :)
Opening Day and the start of a World Series run with the Arizona Diamondbacks.
PLAY BALL! Today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. Will the St. Louis Cardinals repeat as World Series champions?
Kyle Lohse is an Opening Day pitcher for a World Series champion and he pitches 7+ innings and only allows 2 hits. Why does that name sound familiar?
From Mark Mazzeo The Yankees won the World Series for the 28th time in franchise history on Monday night. A tickertape parade announcement will be coming shortly. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte now have six rings each, while Joe Girardi -- fresh off his second championship as Yankees manager -- will be changing his uniform number to 29 for the 2013 season. Confused? No worries. You’re not alone. We just told you the Yankees have already captured the 2012 Fall Classic -- and it’s only April 2. Opening Day (we can still call it that in spite of those two A’s-Mariners regular season games in Japan, right?) is still three days away. But there’s a method to our madness -- and it involves the national champion Kentucky Wildcats. (Kentucky beat Kansas, 67-59, on Monday night). You see, ever since 1949, every time Kentucky has won it all, so have the Yankees. 1949: Check. 1951: Check. 1958: Check 1978: Check 1996: Check 1998: Check 2012: ?
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