World Series & Kirk Gibson

The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series Championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy. Kirk Harold Gibson (born May 28, 1957) is an American former Major League Baseball player and current manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks. 5.0/5

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On the 29th anniversary of Kirk Gibson's Home Run in the 1988 World Series, Justin Turner's Home Run puts the Dodgers up…
Watching the World Series, wondering if Mr. Kirk Gibson is watching, remembering 1988?
Vinny calling Kirk Gibson's 1988 Home Run in the World Series. He could barely stand and swin…
That trot around the bases, it's not a swagger, it's a limp! Kirk Gibson's Home Run 1988 World Series via
"The Astros will win their first World Series title" Make your prediction today…
she also promoted that campaign in Dodger Stadium for game 1 of the 1988 World Series (Kirk Gibson wal…
Kirk Gibson celebrates hitting a go ahead Home Run in game 5 of the 1984 World Series
Kirk Gibson walks it off in the World Series.
I totally agree that Kirk Gibson's HR in 1988 World Series vs. Dennis Eckersley and was the of The Best.
1988 with some amazing moment. One of the most epic World Series ever . Kirk Gibson wow
Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series historic Home Run-great quality vía
Looking up Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series homer for inspiration.
It's been 10,000 days since Kirk Gibson changed Game 1 of the 1988 World Series
Yes, that Kirk Gibson- owner of perhaps the most dramatic HR's in World Series history, 1988
Lol my fam is venting about how much they still hate the Kirk Gibson moment in the '88 World Series w/ the Dodgers & the A's😂
Mathematically, the 15 biggest plays in World Series history. "You'll never guess what's But probably, true.
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or Kirk Gibson’s World Series Home Run against the A’s.
My dart performance right now could easily be compared to Kirk Gibson in the 1988 World Series opener.
Reminded me of Kirk Gibson running home on a pop-up to the deep infield in G5/1984 World Series. NO idea how he was safe then, either.
That would World Series winner Kirk Gibson, hope you would be able to tell by his voice. Hopefully the next manager.
I liked a video Kirk Gibson's game winning Home Run 1988 World Series
Kirk Gibson hits a homer while injured with two outs in the 9th inning of game 1 of the World Series --Oct. 15, 1988 htt…
On this date, 10/15, in 1988, Kirk Gibson hit his "impossible" blast in Game 1 of the World Series to beat Oakland.
Kirk Gibson's Home Run, getting swept by the Reds in the World Series, Giambi not sliding, being up 2-0 on the...
Kirk Gibson is a MSU icon. He also led the Tigers & Dodgers to World Championships in baseball. Of all his accomplishments America will best remember Gibson for the dramatic Home Run he hit for the Dodgers against the Athletics in the 1988 World Story. Here’s the story. "A gimpy-knee Kirk Gibson was so hurt that he could hardly walk to the plate as a last-minute, late-inning, pinch-hitter in the 1988 World Series against the highly-favored Oakland As. Gibson was the Dodger’s rock that year. The left-fielder, he played in 150 games and hit .290. He scored 106 runs, hit 25 HRs, had 76 RBIs, and stole 31 bases. A late addition to the club that year, Gibson didn’t even sign a contract until a month or so before reporting to Spring Training. Even though he had a stellar year, Gibson was seriously hurt during the National League Championship Series. Because of that, he wasn’t supposed to play in the World Series. He was hurting so badly that he had trouble walking across his living room that morning. B ...
Kirk Gibson's HR in the 88 World Series was a Clutch Moment
Go Tigers! I'm from Venezuela. But I am a fan of Detroit Tigers for 30 years, when only Miguel Cabrera was a newborn baby, when they won the World Series in 1984 against San Diego Padres led by Sparky Anderson with Alan Trammel, Lou Whitaker, Kirk Gibson, Jack "The Cat" Morris, Roberto Hernandez, etc.. That was an unforgettable team from first day!!!
She was in the stands for Kirk Gibson's famous Home Run in the 1988 World Series. After all, her father was the scout who helped Gibson identify the pitch. Now Missouri's tennis coach, Sasha Schmid uses many of the lessons learned from her longtime MLB dad:
Something random I learned today: Brian Roberts was at Dodger Stadium as a fan for Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series Home Run.
Yep. Rick & I had our 5th anniversary there the night Kirk Gibson hit Home Run & Dodgers won World Series. People went wild!
"The Simpsons" reenactment of Kirk Gibson's famous 1988 walk-off World Series Home Run against the Oakland A's
Remember when Kirk Gibson hit that World Series homer and the announcer was smart enough to shut it? Neither do these skating announcers.
Kirk Gibson hits one of the greatest World Series, if not the greatest, Home Runs in World Series history against Dennis Ecker...
Ok in response to any man that is *** and gets the Job Done in the NFL!. *** it.How many times does Live and Let Live have to be said before it sinks in? It's when they Say Die and Let Die is when I will show my ugly side. If he is *** Tranfestite, *** rainbow Skin or He or She if they obey the law of the land and get the Job done then let them be!! If they start being sexually aggressive then we nip it in the bud but how much Sexual Harrasment is in Politics and Sports etc. The problem I have with sports and it may seem insignificant to many but I would like to see more Stars from the State they came from or at least the College? All of them are hired guns but I do agree with allowing people from other countries have a chance. But it's all about the Benjamin's people and lest that never be forgotten!! Kirk Gibson people!!! People that was born in Pontiac and went to MSU and Won the World Series!! That should be a monumental Figure! Where are these people today! Can someone tell me where ...
Hey, folks. It's less than 24 hours until Suspicious Package's big show. Monday, 9:30 on the main stage of The Peoples Improv Theater. Yes, I've already mentioned that we've got Ashley Ward and Kevin Cragg performing with us, which in and of itself makes me feel like Kirk Gibson hitting the Home Run to win game 1 of the World Series. I haven't mentioned that Stephen McCarthy is also performing with us, which makes me feel like a MegaGibson. That's the pride and amazement contained within a thousand Kirk Gibsons. It'll be all I can do to not continually pump my fist with delight the entire night. Come see us, won't you?
These are athletes who were either born or raised in Pontiac that made it to the big leagues: Kirk Gibson played 17 MLB seasons, won two World Series (84, 88), an ACLS MVP in 84, and won NL MVP in 88. In the 110m hurdles, Hayes Jones won a bronze at the 1964 Rome Olympics and gold in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Campy Russell played 9 seasons in the NBA, playing in the 1979 NBA all Star Game at the Silverdome. Steve Howe played 12 MLB seasons winning 80' NL rookie of the year, and a World Series in 81' . Danton Cole played 7 NHL seasons, winning a Stanley Cup in 94-95. Pinklon Thomas was WBC heavyweight champion from 1984 to 1986. Other notables are: Walker D. Russel Sr. played 7 years in the NBA, Walker D. Russel Jr. (NBA-active), Sammie Rogers played 10 seasons in the NFL, James Browne (NFL), Grant Mason (NFL), Jeff Webb (NFL), Glen Pakulak (NFL), Steven Hirsch (NFL), Jim Bundren (NFL), Walter Beach, (NFL), Leroy Moore (NFL), Douglas Nott (NFL), Jerry Rush (NFL), Jim Shorter (NFL), Ernest Watson (NFL), M .. ...
Off-season baseball movie is the final chapter (for a few years anyway) of Ken Burn's "Baseball - Inning 9", 1970 to 1994. This era saw Hank Aaron break Babe Ruth's all time Home Run record, dramatic World Series Home Runs by Carlton Fisk, Reggie Jackson, and Kirk Gibson, Bill Buckner's error, the beginning of free agency, Al Capanas' display of ignorance, fellow Hiram College alum Bill White becoming president of the National League, the '79 Pirates "We Are Family" World Series team, Bo Jackson, and Pete Rose's banishment from baseball. What he left out was the story of an 18 year old boy who spent his last summer before going away to college at his first and best job ever as an usher for the Washington Senators working section 401 at RFK stadium in 1970.
I have to believe there are some instances when it is tough not to react. Kirk Gibson walk off Home Run in World Series
Who was the Most Valuable Player of the 1984 League Championship Series, when the Tigers defeated the Royals to advance to the World Series? A. Jack Morris B. Kirk Gibson C. Lou Whitaker D. Alan Trammell
I feel like the Oakland A's when Jack Buck said "I don't believe what I just saw" about Kirk Gibson's homerun in the World Series.
Hey Tigers "fans": I've read on some pages and posts that the Tigers are making a huge mistake in hiring (supposedly) Ausmus as their new manager. They are all quick to jump ship. "No playoffs ever again" and "I'm no longer a fan" and blah blah blah. Let me explain something to you: Mike Matheny, Robin Ventura, Don Mattingly, Kirk Gibson, Walt Weiss, Mike Redmond, Joe Girardi, John Farrell, and Matt Williams have all received Major League managerial jobs without any prior managerial experience at any level. Of this group, only Farrell and Gibson have previous coaching experience. Of this group, 5 (Gibson, Farrell, Girardi, Mattingly, Matheny) have made the playoffs within the first three years of their being hired, and 2 (Girardi and Matheny) have appeared in the World Series. Girardi won one by his third year, and Farrell won a World Series in his FIRST year as manager with a worse roster than what Bobby Valentine had to work with. Mattingly, Matheny and Gibson have made the playoffs in their second year ...
"25 years ago, when Kirk Gibson launched the ball into the stands in Game One of the World Series, it was a low moment for pitcher Dennis E…
To have the best of both worlds in's awesome...Last year.The San Francisco Giants and this year the Boston Red does not get any better than this. I was with my man Diego Fellows for his 1st ever MLB game & the win over the Giants and well.I guess I could be a Minnesota, Toronto or Detroit fan in life.nah.I'm sticking with all 3 teams I've loved in life...Still a 3 team fan to cover my bases... which began with the Dodgers.1988 World Series with Kirk Gibson making his little bitty never before hit teeny weeny Home Run in the bottom of the 9th...I enjoy the A's; however,.they are not part of the 3. Sorry Oakland A's. Dodgers, Giants, Sox.that is the order. :-P
In of the WS what's your favorite HR in WS play? By date: 1. ’75 Carton Fisk waving the ball fair vs Reds (who hit the 3-run homer to tie the game at 6) 2. ’77 Jackson 3 homers on 3 swings from 3 different Dodgers (Name the 3 pitchers) 3. ’88 Kirk Gibson limping around bases vs Athletics (Who did Eckersley walk setting up Gibson’s homer) 4. ’91 Kirby Puckett homer in the 11th vs Braves (How did announcer Jack Buck call the homer) 5. ’93 Joe Carter series ending homer vs Phillies in Skydome (Name the pitcher & runners on base) 6. ’96 Leyritz Game 4 3-run blast vs Braves (What pinch-hitter walked forcing in the go ahead run in the 10th) What is your favorite World Series moment that you lived through? Enjoy
MLB - Nationals not interested in Cal Ripken Jr. as manager - Kirk Gibson as Jim Leyland’s replacement? Diamondbacks say “he’s not going anywhere” - Reds name Bryan Price as new manager - Red Sox expected to go with John Lackey in Game 2 of World Series - Tim Bogar joins Rangers as Ron Washington’s bench coach
Kirk Gibson's mammoth 3-run upper deck shot in the 8th inning of Game 5, which clinched the 1984 World Series Championship for the Detroit Tigers. Gibson had hit a 2-run homer earlier in the game, and also scored another run when he raced home from third base after a pop fly to the second baseman. A...
An oral history of Kirk Gibson's iconic 1988 World Series Home Run
Baseball is a superstitious sport. Never dive in the pool of a rival, especially if the manager and batting coach(Kirk Gibson and Steve Sax won you your last World Series in 1988) You know Tommy Lasorda, Orel Hershiser, Mickey Hatcher, Fernando Valenzuela etc. and especially Vin Scully are shaking their heads and saying what the *** happened here.KARMA!
“Gibson's famous pinch-hit Home Run off Dennis Eckersley in Game 1 of the World Series was 25 years ago tonight.”
Enjoyed this oral history of Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series game winning Home Run. I still remember it.
25th Anniversary of Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series walk-off Home Run!
Kirk Gibson's Epic Home Run: Baseball Playoffs and the World Series are Exciting - News - Bubblews
lost yesterday on the 25th anniversary of Kirk Gibson's HR which beat Dennis Eckersley in game 1 of the World Series
One of the classic walk-off HRs in World Series history, 1988. Kirk Gibson vs. Dennis Eckersley. Those were the...
Kirk Gibson, Dennis Eckersley, Tommy Lasorda and Mel Didier discuss Gibson's HR in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.
How has it been 25 years since Kirk Gibson's World Series magic? Time just soars past ...
  “I’ve Been out of baseball for 6 years, been away from home for 43 years, this belongs to Alan Trammell and Kirk Gibson too…I’m proud that the Tigers bring their lunch pails to work everyday”. Jim Leyland, New Tiger manager,  in 2006 after clinching a playoff spot. I had tickets to every Detroit Tigers playoff game in 2006, it was Magical! Ordonez, Pudge, Verlander, Zumaya, Todd Jones, Placido Polanco…many would say they overachieved by winning a trip to the World Series. It was Jim Leyland’s first year with a team that was built for Alan Trammell and Kirk Gibson. But they were fired/released and Leyland was perceived as the genius hired to take us to the next level. If not for an error filled World Series performance the dream would have been realized.  “It’s tough times for the people in Detroit, we know that. Maybe they think we don’t think about that, but believe me, we do. I come from a big family, my dad was a factory worker. I know all about that stuff, about worrying abou ...
25 years ago today, Kirk Gibson gave us one of the most dramatic moments in sports. Here's the story behind the HR:
Today marks the 25th anniversary of Kirk Gibson's legendary Home Run during the 1988 World Series.…
On this day in 1988, Kirk Gibson's Home Run won game 1 of the World Series. Find out more & watch it here> http:/…
Good morning baseball fans, and happy 25th anniversary to the Los Angeles Dodgers, to Kirk Gibson, Vin Scully, and the late Jack Buck. I was the only Dodgers fan in Cardinal/Cub country in 1988... the Cubs fans most likely moving on to Bears football sometime in August and the Cardinals sorely disappointed that the Mets made the playoffs and they didn't. Nobody in my home town of 7,000 seemed to care about that World Series game except me, and I didn't even get to watch it live. I heard Jack Buck's call rebroadcast the next morning, and I went just a little nuts. I didn't see the video until the 6PM news that night. When I walked into school the next day, there was a suspicious amount of blue being worn in a junior high where the team colors were red and black. At the ping pong table, when victory was achieved and a new person marched to the winner's side of the table, there was a lot of limping and fist-pumping. I even saw a kid do that "Gibson Limp" after a lay-up... point being, when you do something t ...
Remember when Dennis Eckersley walked Mike Davis in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series? That's what enabled Kirk Gibson to be a hero
"The Hughes Corner" MLB 2013 season has been a crazy season, Red Sox looks strong and who would of thought the Yankees not making the post season. It doesn't matter if your a Yankee fan or not you have to give it up for an emotional last home game for Mariano Rivera, he has done so much for baseball. Dodgers comeback early and go a hot streak never seen coming. Once again the dark horse my favorite team winning back to back devision winner Oakland Athletics. The crazy National League Central 3 team in Post Season Cardinals, Pirates and Reds. My prediction is Boston Red Sox verses Atlanta Braves in the World Series but I want a "1988: Rematch Oakland Athletics vs. L.A. Dodgers. If there is one name in history I really can't stand it would be "Kirk Gibson"...ugh!!! October 15th will always be a bad taste in my month because on Saturday, October 15, 1988 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California stinking Kirk Gibson (which I may add was injured) comes in and hits a walk-off homer in the right to win Game ...
The Dodgers would like to wish a very happy 86th birthday to the one and only Tommy Lasorda. Lasorda is in his 64th year with the Dodgers. The Hall of Famer is one of only five managers in the history of baseball to pilot the same team for 20 seasons (1977-96) or more (Walter Alston, Connie Mack, John McGraw and Bobby Cox) and while managing, Lasorda mentored 16 players who went on to manage in the Major Leagues (Bobby Valentine, Mike Scioscia, Dusty Baker, Davey Lopes, Tony LaRussa, Ron Roenicke, Glenn Hoffman, Bill Russell, Juan Samuel, Tim Johnson, Johnny Oates, Kirk Gibson, Jerry Royster, Willie Randolph, Phil Garner, and Ron Washington). * Tommy shares his birthday with the legendary “Sweet” Lou Johnson, who turns 79 today. Johnson, in his 32nd season as a member of the Dodgers’ community affairs department, will be forever remembered for his Home Run in Game 7 of the 1965 World Series that led off the fourth inning and gave the Dodgers a 1-0 lead.
My Dodgers, back to the place were I have great memories.! How can I ever forget my first year living in LA, with them beating the A's in the World Series..!! How can I forget Kirk Gibson Homers!!! Hershieser, Steve Sax, Mike Scocioa, and others.. all handle by the great Tommy Lasorda! It's being 25 years in the waiting for a new arrival to to a World Series... Lets do it this year!!!
Can't believe we're coming up on 25 years since D'Backs Manager Kirk Gibson homered off Dennis Eckersley in the World Series.
game 1 1988 World Series, Kirk Gibson walk off Home Run off of Dennis Eckersley
Giant brawl in the Dodgers, Dbacks game today. The best part? Mark Mcgwire goes charging in yelling, "Where is Kirk Gibson?" You get him for that '88 World Series winner Big Mac.
Don Mattingly, Kirk Gibson, Alan Trammell, Mark Mcgwire, Don Baylor, Rick Honeycutt, and Steve Sax all appeared in either the All-Star Game or the World Series in 1988, and were all very physical in the middle of the scrum during the brawl tonight at Dodger Stadium. They were joined in the scrum by Matt Williams, who was on the first of his several All Star teams in 1990. If this thing had happened 25 years ago it would have been the greatest brawl of the 1980's. And I thought that Saturday was Old-Timers Day at Dodger Stadium!
Can you believe it has been 25 years since the Los Angeles Dodgers last won the World Series? Yes, friends, in 1988 the Dodgers swept the Oakland A's to win the Series...remember the Kirk Gibson Home Run to win Game 1? Since '88, The Boys in Blue have been to the postseason just SIX times (1995, 1996, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009)! The 2012 Dodgers had a lot happen to them during the season...injuries, and trips to the disabled list, were a regular occurrence; Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Rivera, Ted Lilly, Chad Billingsley and Dee Gordon were among the Dodgers who spent time on the DL! Also, in July and August, a number of players came on board via started around the July 31 trade deadline when Hanley Ramirez and Randy Choate were acquired in a trade with the Marlins; Shane Victorino came over from the Phillies; and Brandon League came from the Mariners. On August 25, a trade that is still being talked about took place with the Red Sox...Boston sent Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and ...
Useless Baseball Fact: In a 17 year career, where he won a World Series ring twice (1984 & 1988), was MVP of the 1984 ALCS, was the National League MVP in 1988, and won a Silver Slugger Award, Kirk Gibson was never once named to an All Star team.
"When he hit that ball, it was most almost surreal. As devasting a blow as it was, I remeber running off the field and saying, 'Man, that was unbelievable' ", Walt Weiss, Oakland shortstop (present-day manager of the Rockies), after Kirk Gibson's pinch-hit game winning Home Run for the Dodgers in the 1st game of the 1988 World Series. [15 more days until the first Spring Training game].
This Date In Baseball History, January 12, 1984 The Padres sign closer Rich 'Goose' Gossage as a free agent. During his four seasons in San Diego, the right-handed reliever will win 25 games with an average just shy of 21 saves per season and will help the Friars reach their first-ever World Series this year. Richard Michael "Goose" Gossage (born July 5, 1951) is a former Major League Baseball right-handed relief pitcher. During a 22-year baseball career (from 1972-1994), he pitched for nine different teams, spending his best years with the New York Yankees and San Diego Padres. The nickname "Goose" came about when a friend did not like his previous nickname "Goss", and noted he looked like a goose when he extended his neck to read the signs given by the catcher when he was pitching. Although otherwise known as "Rich" in popular media, a baseball field named after him bears the name "Rick". In the late 1970s and early 1980s, he was one of the earliest manifestations of the dominating modern closer, with w ...
Craig Biggio, Dale Murphy, Lee Smith, Jeff Bagwell, Don Mattingly, Mike Greenwell, Steve Garvey Alan Trammel and Sweet Lou Whitaker! Don't forget 1984 and 1988 World Series hero Kirk Gibson and many others should already be in the Hall of Fame!! Yes Mike Piazza is much better then Biggio ever ! Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa along with Mark McGuire should go in! Also baseball wake up and you writers need to vote Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose in too! Written by Bill Van Roy in San Diego!
The mass exit from the parking lot looks like the cars leaving Dodger Stadium before Kirk Gibson's HR in the 1988 World Series.
Buster Posey is the first player to win the World Series & MVP in the SAME season since Dodgers' Kirk Gibson in 1988.
“This is the 1st time both MVP winners played in the World Series that year since Kirk Gibson & Jose Canseco in 1988.”
Jack Morris never won a Cy Young, but he won 4 World Series. Kirk Gibson never won an individual award, but he has 2 of the greatest Home Runs in the history of baseball and 2 World Series titles. I really miss those guys tonight.
After a tuff day, I'm enjoying Game One of the World Series. During the pregame Fox Sports was showing some of the greatest moments in series history. I loved seeing Kirk Gibson (Dodgers) hitting that Home Run and pumping his fist against the A's. That really cheered me up. Looking forward to a great series.
Tonight I'm thinking of the 84 Tigers vs the San Diego Padres. Late school nights watching the World Series as a kid. My favorite player was Kirk Gibson then...
I was a Freshman at Adena High School. Much like now, the Presidential race was heating up and Reagan vs. Mondale was on every commercial. I had just finished football practice and was eating, much like i am now. Being 14 years old and the World Series featuring your team, needless to say i could barely hold my excitement. I knew that Trammell and Whitaker would be ready, they were always solid. I knew that Kirk Gibson and Jack Morris had to play their best ! I knew that Sparky Anderson had been here many times before and would have them ready ! The year was 1984 and the Detroit Tigers were about to win the World Series ! I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD HAVE TO WAIT 28 SEASONS, but i do feel very confident that tonight in Detroit is the beginning of the newest World Champion in Detroit. I don't care if it is in 4, 5, 6 or 7 games, as long as the banner flies in Tiger Stadium or excuse me, Comerica Park in 2012 ! Our team 6 seasons ago was just too young and struggled in the tight situations. I think Jim Leyland h ...
If Miggy & Posey win (my votes, FWIW), would be 1st time since 1988 winners met in World Series: A's- Jose Canseco, LAD- Kirk Gibson
Yesterdays game showed the power and influence of baseball. There I was, sitting along side my family watching the game. And with each strike thrown in the 9th, there's my brother and I, jumping around and celebrating like we were 9 years old. Baseball is ageless. And all of those memories of childhood just keep on flowing. Sitting on the counter in my grandma's kitchen watching the '84 World Series. Darting across the street to go bug my Aunt Kathy to go to an autograph signing for Kirk Gibson, even though we've already went a dozen times before. And so many more to go along with that. And there's people who don't understand why its more than just a game to us, and more like a way of life.
My Grandma Mengel is in heaven smiling because the Detroit Tigers are headed to the World Series. She was a big fan of the Tigers and of "Gibby"- Kirk Gibson when he was on the team. I hope Detroit handles whoever they face! I'm so happy I remember that...
Way to beat the Spankees, Detroit! Hope you win you're 5th World Series and make Kirk Gibson, Sweet Lou, HoJo, Willie Hernandez, and Alan Trammell proud. Sparky can find peace from beyond the grave. Finally, my family has more to talk about than the Red Wings!
The Detroit Tigers win the pennant in a 4 Game Sweep of the New York Yankees!! They're headed to the World Series for the first time since 2006, they last won it all in 1984 behind Kirk Gibson and Alan Trammell
Jhonny Peralta with a two run blast,followed by an Andy Dirks double.Sabathia is done.6-0,Detroit.The Tigers have not won the World Series since 1984:Jack Morris,Willie Hernandez,Kirk Gibson,Alan Trammell,Lou Whitaker,Chet Lemon,Lance Parrish,Darrell Evans.They beat the San Diego Padres in five games.Gibson,who played baseball and football at Michigan State,was the toast of the town.Hernandez,a dominant southpaw closer,won the Cy Young and the MVP.
Bill Freehan was the man of my dreams back in 1968. By 1984, I had graduated to Kirk Gibson. Coincidence that both men played on World Series teams for the Tigers? I think not. Who will be "the one" this time around? Leyland is probably the only one close to my age!
Ty Cobb lost all three of his World Series with the Tigers.In 1907 and 1908,he lost to the Cubs.In 1909,with Honus Wagner,the Pirates were victorious.The Tigers lost to the Dean brothers and the Gashouse Gang of the Cardinals in 1934,but,finally won the next year,beating the Cubs.The Reds beat them in 1940,and they did not return to the Fall Classic until they erased a 3-1 deficit and beat the Cardinals in 1968.Kirk Gibson gave Sparky Anderson a World Championship in both leagues with a victory over the Padres in 1984.But,the Cardinals dominated them with a five game victory in 2006.
And lest we forget--tonight, only a mere 24 years ago, Kirk Gibson hobbled to the plate and hit his miracle Home Run against oakland in the '88 World Series--game 1. Lucy, pregnant with Jesse, was in the kitchen--I screamed for her to come see what had happened, and i danced and howled in victory for the Blue! to paraphrase Ted Williams: ALWAYS be ready...for the back door slider! What a moment!
1984: Kirk Gibson hit two Home Runs to lead Detroit to an 8-4 victory and the World Series in five games over the San Diego Padres.
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Kirk Gibson of the Detroit Tigers hits his famous 1984 World Series Home Run off of Goose Gossage of the San Diego Padres. Man...
Clayton Kershaw is the pitching equivalent of Kirk Gibson in the 1988 World Series.
A BIG Happy Birthday to the Best Mother and Sister any man could ask for! Happy Birthday Bonnie Lehman Mottaghi! Happy Birthday Autumn Wolfer! And an added congratulations to my sister for doing her best Kirk Gibson impression last night to power Team Sky Blue to the World Series with a walk-off Single!
My Daddy was Nolan Ryan's 5,000th strikeout. My Momma was Kirk Gibson's World Series Home Run. It runs in the family.
Laying in the bed watching the Cubs-Dodgers game being called by (Dodgers' Announcer) Vin Scully. It's hard not to find something magical about being able to watch the Cubs while hearing one of the most recognizable voices in the history of the game. I don't think there is a voice, other than Haray Caray and Steve Stone, that takes me back to a kid faster than Scully's. So much to love about the game of baseball. I'll never forget laying in my old room where I grew up (having to be very quiet because I was supposed to be asleep) hearing Scully's voice call the '88 World Series when Kirk Gibson beat my Mark Mcgwire led A's on a miracle Home Run.
In what I see as one of the classiest moves by a baseball player in a long time. Arizona Diamondbacks manager and former dodger Kirk Gibson, personally asked Dodgers clubhouse manager Mitch Poole, to throw out the ceremonial first pitch last night. Last night was Kirk Gibson bobble head night at Dodger Stadium, Mitch was the batboy that was playing soft toss with Kurt Gibson and placing balls on the batting tee moments before Kirk Gibson hit his momentous homerun in the 1988 World Series. Mitch Poole is a dear friend and nobody deserved it more than him !!
In 1988, the Los Angeles Lakers wrapped up the second of back-to-back NBA titles; the Los Angeles Dodgers, led by Orel Hershiser and Kirk Gibson, won the World Series and the Los Angeles Kings pulled off the biggest trade in NHL history by acquiring Wayne Gretzky.
Derrick Keller is literally fighting for his life right now in his battle against Leukemia. I've been a sports fan my entire life, and over the years I've seen some athletes do some amazing things: Michael Jordan dominating a playoff game with a terrible case of the flu, Larry Bird breaking his cheek bone and getting a concussion but coming back and helping the Celtics beat the Pacers in the playoffs, and Kirk Gibson hitting a game-winning homer in the World Series on one leg! But, let me tell you, Derrick is tougher than any of these guys! Don't ever bet against Derrick! Keep Derrick in your thoughts this weekend and expect a miracle! C'mon, Derrick!
My favorite words to hear from Vin Scully... "It's a high drive...SHE IS GONE!". Love it! Exact words he said on Kirk Gibson's bomb in the '88 World Series. Go Dodger Blue!
Holiday Weekend = Working Weekend. Preparing for next week's Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and the American Culture at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. That's followed by an appearance on the "Dishing Up the Dodgers" podcast a week from tomorrow -- Topic: 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers - Kirk Gibson, Orel Hershiser, and the World Series. The Mets were so close that year to building a 1980s mini-dynasty until the Dodgers vaulted past them. And, of course, continuing the researching and writing of the Brooklyn Dodgers book.
don't sleep on the Kirk Gibson pinch hit Home Run in the World Series
"He isn't Kirk Gibson trying to win the 1988 World Series opener on one good knee. He's Justin Smoak" by Well said Geoff!
Hello, Los Angeles friends.The Los Angeles Dodgers will be giving away this totem-likeness of my boyhood idol, Orel Hershiser, when they face fellow '88 World Series hero Kirk Gibson's Arizona Diamondbacks on May 15. I've spoken to a couple of you already, but I'd like to reiterate: I need this thing. Can anybody help me out?
World Series: The Detroit Tigers will overtake Kirk Gibson's Arizona Diamondbacks in the World Series with the lowest TV ratings ever.
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