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The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series Championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy. Johan Alexander Santana Araque (born March 13, 1979) is a Major League Baseball (MLB) left-handed starting pitcher who is currently playing for the New York Mets. 5.0/5

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The New York Mets plan to buy out left-hander Johan Santana's 2014 option in the next couple of days, while leaving open at least a small possibility of bringing back the two-time Cy Young Award winner on a modest deal.The Mets will pay Santana a $5.5 million buyout to avoid being responsible for a $25 million option for next season, according to an industry source. The buyout needs to be exercised within five days of the World Series, although the Mets likely will not wait that long. -Luis
Homer Bailey became the 9th pitcher in MLB history to no-hit the defending World Series Champions – Johan Santana also d…
2012 MLB Season... Johan Santana no hit no run game, Felix Hernandez Perfect Game, Miguel Cabrera Triple Crown and future MVP, Marco Scutaro NLCS MVP, 9 Players in the World Series... I guess a good year for Venezuelan Baseball
I just read that Rex Ryan is keeping a spot open for Revis in the Super other news, Mets manager Terry Collins announced he is keeping a spot open for Johan Santana in the World Series...
I'm sure I'll be accused of complaining here, but if the All-Star Game is so friggin' important (you know, it decides home field advantage for the World Series), why are the starting lineups determined via a popularity contest? David Wright was robbed, and so was Carlos Ruiz. And don't even get me started on the fact that Johan Santana was left off not only the roster, but also the "Final Vote" ballot.
I'll be performing on Saturday night at the RETURN TO PARADISE show at Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel!!! Wee! Wee! WE! :) . OKC Thunder vs. Miami Heat! Who's gonna take it all!!! I hear THUNDER!!! :) . Gotta work out today! Stair Master!!! :). Summer School . DALLAS! The next generation! Tonight!!! Yeah! The Ewings are back!!! :) Yes! Im a fan! Shut-Up!!! :) . NCAA COLLEGE WORLD SERIES! congrates Arizona, UCLA, Florida, Florida St., S.Carolina, Arkansas, Kent St. & Stony Brook Univ.?!!! Who?!! :) . So sad, :( 50 years old. (cancer wins again) RIP Lisa O. (my wife's co-worker) . George Strait recently landed his 44th hit on Billboard's Hot Country Song chart--more than any other musician! . I like R.A.Dickey (Mets) . Johan Santana 1st Met to throw NO-HITTER in Mets History?!!! Wow!!! . Congratulations to all you GRADUATES!!! Especially my son, Garrett, who graduated from Punahou!!! Class of 2012! Thank you God! :)
Morning baseball disciples, baseball Gods and baseball Universe!! As a fan of my beloved Yankees and devout lover of the game of baseball, I was happy to see Mets ace Johan Santana toss the 1st no-hitter in franchise history after 8,020 games. Congrats Johan on becoming the first pitcher to throw a no no for the Amazin's, and a what makes more proud was that it was a latino to accomplish the feat! As a New Yorker hopefully this will be the turn around for a title run for the Mets. Hopefully see a Yankees-Mets in the World Series!!
Ad it continues with being a NY sports fan. We got to see the first No-hitter in Mets History. Johan Santana threw it last night against the best offensive team in the NL! He was helped out by a great play by Mike Baxter. It took 134 pitches although Terry Collins was only going to let him throw 110 at most! "Yadier Molina lifted a deep drive to left with one out, sending Baxter back, tracking it on a high-speed dash toward the warning track. Molina's drive seemed destined to drop for a hit, if not extra bases. All Santana could do was watch. "When he hit the ball, I didn't know," Santana said. But Baxter managed to reel in the ball on a full sprint, the ball juggling some in his glove. Baxter snared it but didn't have enough time to brace himself for the impending collision. He slammed shoulder-first against the left-field wall before falling in a heap on the warning track. " The only thing left to see is a Jets-Giants Super Bowl. Maybe this season. We were able to watch a Mets-Yanks World Series a short ...
O.K So everyone is talking about Johan Santana's Perfect Game last night. Props to Johan not too many pitcher get to do that. But I am here once again to prove how great the Yankees are. Did you know the Yankees have a total of 6 Perfect Games ? Here's a little history lesson : 6 No-Hitters (Perfect Games) 1- Don Larsen - October 8, 1956 World Series Game 5 vs Los Angeles Dodgers 2- Dave Righetti’s - July 4, 1983 vs Boston RedSox. 3- Jim Abbott - September 4, 1993 vs Cleveland Indians "Mind you Jim was one of the best pitchers in Yankees history and he only had one hand." 4- Dwight Gooden - May 14, 1996 vs Seattle Mariners. 5- David Wells - May 17, 1998 vs Minnesota Twins 6- David Cone - July 18, 1999 vs Montreal Expos
It took the NY Rangers 54 years to win the cup, I saw the NY Giants win 3 Super Bowls, I saw the NY Mets win 2 World Series and now after 51 years finally I saw a NY Met throw a no hitter - How bout that Johan Santana.
What I truly appreciate about watching sports is seeing something you have never seen before! I must admit, I have been fortunate to watch all my favorite sports teams win championships during my life on planet Earth! I have seen my N.Y. "Football" Giants win Super Bowls, Italia have won multiple World Cups Trophies, AC Milan have won Scudetto's and Champions League titles, N.Y Mets have won a World Series and the N.Y Rangers have won the Stanley Cup! I am not greedy, I cherish all of these moments! Watching Johan Santana pitch a no hitter was simply amazing, I have never seen that before until tonight! Thank you Johan Santana, well deserved!!
6/1/12: Johan Santana strikes out David Freese to complete the first no-hitter in Mets franchise history
Congratulations to Johan Santana for throwing the first no-hitter in New York Mets history. It took them 8,020 games and I say it's about freakin' time! Wonder how much longer it will be until the Mets win a World Series? The same goes for the Chicago Cubs!
For what it's worth baseball fans, my National League predictions for this year are all up, Which team in red caps do I pick for the World Series-- Reds, Cardinals, Phillies or Diamondbacks? (By the way, 2 days in, "ace" pitchers pitching like aces: Roy Halladay, justin Verlander, Johan Santana, Stephen Strasburg. "Ace" pitchers pitching like second rate beer league guys- CC Sabathia, and alas, Ricky romero of Toronto.)
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