World Series & Cy Young

The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy. Denton True Cy Young (March 29, 1867 – November 4, 1955) was an American Major League Baseball pitcher. 5.0/5

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World Series pitcher and Cy Young Award winner Dallas Keuchel is scheduled to appear at Dining on the Diamond along…
Cy Young and his team fixed the first World Series game ever on purpose but he’s a legend and Joe Jackson and Pete Rose aren’t I guess
Rick Porcello will win the Cy Young. Mookie Betts will win MVP. And the Red Sox will the World Series. Just watch.
no, you're right. Red Sox fans shouldn't celebrate Porcello winning the Cy Young because they didn't win the World Series.
Jon Lester sure deserved the NL Cy Young ... Funny, I don't see Farrah complaining. (Oh yeah, because we won the World Series.)
Max Scherzer would trade Cy Young for World Series rings Cubs will give Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks
Max Scherzer wins Cy Young in landslide, but Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks will get World Series rings from Cubs -
NH native Chris Carpenter won a Cy Young and 2 World Series. Meet him at the Granite State Baseball Dinner! Tickets…
Lester endorses Hendricks for Cy Young: "I’ll trade all that stuff in - in a heartbeat - for a World Series trophy."
Cancel the rest of baseball season and hand Colon the World Series, the batting crown, a Cy Young and the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Red Sox will beat the Cubs in 5 games in the World Series this year. Hanley Ramirez wins WS MVP. David Price will win Cy Young
That's what's so awesome about the Little League World Series. Some of those kids could win a Cy Young one day. You never know
my bold predictions, Chris Archer throws no hitter, wins Cy Young, Rays and Cubs in World Series, world ends 7th inn of game 5
We have the manager of the year, the rookie of the year, and the Cy Young winner yet no World Series.
David Price doesn't care about the Cy Young. He just wants to win a World Series.
David Price as AL Cy Young, Josh Donaldson as AL MVP, and a World Series win would be straight out of a movie. All 3 can happe…
The Tigers and their collection of Cy Young winners and MVPS since 2006 won ONE World Series game. And they had to cheat to do it.
The AL Cy Young winner will lead his team to the World Series... But will it be Félix Hernández or Chris Sale?
BaseballBuddha Trivia: Name the World Series in which the league's two Cy Young Award winners of that year faced each other in Game 1?
After a brutal long day, I threw game 6 of the 1983 World Series in the DVD player. I'm happier than a pig in s**t right now. What a series. 3 Cy Young winners in Flanagan, 22 and Carlton. 7 Hall Of Famers and one who should be Schmidt, Carlton, Perez, Morgan, Murray, Junior, Palmer and of course Rose...oh and Earl is a commentator.. ahhh the memories... youth is certainly wasted on the young. Everybody is like Dallas is winning, and I'm like sigh When do catchers and pitchers report?
Congrats Kershaw winning Cy Young. Now let's get playoff wins big lefty. Dodgers, get Vin Scully a World Series to call in Chavez ravine!
So what have we learned so far since the MLB playoffs have started? In the American League Oakland A's- so we have learned that Billy Bean's Moneyball makes for a better Movie than actual Baseball team. Since he took over in 1998 Moneyball equals great results in the 162 game season and nothing but disappointment in the playoffs. Detroit Tigers- The last Three Cy Young Winners and arguably the best and hitters in the game equals getting swept? Well yes, when you have arguably the worst bullpen in playoff's. 2/3rd's of a team is not going to the World Series! Maybe the tigers should have looked for bullpen help at the trade deadline, a lot of good a 3rd Cy Young winner did you! Los Angeles Angels- OK, I already killed the A's on their method now let's go to the opposite end of the spectrum. The Angels thought they could buy themselves a couple World Series Yankees style! But they have come to find out that it's not as easy as it looks. Their is an intangible element that is needed and they don't have it! . ...
I said at Game 4 of the 2010 World Series that one day Madison Bumgarner will win a Cy Young Award. He wont this year, but he will soon
Tim Lincecum had a 4 year span with 2 Cy Young Awards, 2 World Series rings and a Babe Ruth award. So there!
there all Cy Young Award winners tho. MVP team and look what happened no World Series. The dodgers have a solid team right now
3. Dodgers- Despite the Cardinals displaying you don't need CY young candidates to go to the World Series, the Dodger rotation is scary.
With 2 Cy Young Awards, 2 World Series and 2 no hitters, is Lincecum a lock for the Hall Of Fame?
Two Cy Young's, two World Series rings and now two career no-hitters. Not that you should have before, but you can't hate on Timmy anymore.
Lincecum joined Sandy Koufax as the only pitchers in Major League history w/ 2 no-hitters, 2 World Series championships & 2 Cy Young Awards.
Tim Lincecum has thrown two no-hitters, won two Cy Young's, and two World Series since 2008. Now he's got a sweet stache and a HOF ballot
Timmy and Sandy Koufax are the only two pitchers with two World Series rings, two Cy Young Awards & two no-hitters.
Hamilton Collection
The list of pitchers with 2+ no-hitters, 2+ Cy Young Awards, and 2+ World Series rings: . 1. Sandy Koufax. 2. Tim Lincecum. That's it. Ever.
Lincecum and Koufax are the only two with multiple no-hitters, multiple Cy Young Awards and multiple World Series...
Today's baseball game was brought to you by the number 2, the number 0 and the letters T and L. So sweet! For my baseball naive friends: Tim Lincecum is a pitcher for the SF Giants. He virtually assured himself a place in the Hall Of Fame today as one of two players to ever win 2 World Series, earn 2 Cy Young and throw his second no hitter in 12 months (unheard of) against the Padres (unbelievable to have both be against the same team). The Giants are 132 years old and in the history of the organization have only had 16 no hitters thrown. For my baseball fan friends; who else has earned the 2-2-2 statistic?
‘90 AL Cy Young winner Bob Welch dead at 57. Achieved fame at 21 with save in Game 2 of ‘78 World Series.
RIP Bob Welch. What I'll remember most is you picking your nose in the dugout during the 1981 World Series.
Don't buy into awards. Felix Hernandez won Cy Young with 12 or 13 wins a while back. Rather a World Series.
OK, my LAST of the day! FOLLOW He's a Cy Young Award winner in Played for 1985 World Series :D
BASEBALL TRIVIA: 1. What MLB player won the batting championship on one league but played in the World Series for the other league? 2. What MLB player hit two grand slam home runs in the same inning and OFF THE SAME PITCHER? 3. What modern day 30 game winner never won the Cy Young Award?
For the next 10 days I will reveal the 10 greatest World Series champions since 1950. These 10 teams changed the game in their own unique way. I move to number 3: the 1995 Atlanta Braves. In the off season of 1992-93 the Braves needed a left handed power bat and were looking to boost their pitching staff. It just so happened that the best pitcher in baseball Greg Maddux fresh off his first Cy Young Award and the best player in Baseball Barry Bonds fresh off his 2nd MVP in 3 seasons were both free agents and on the Braves radar. Bonds would go to San Francisco signing at the time the largest contract in MLB history. But the Braves did land Maddux who would become the figure head of the greatest pitching staff of all time. It seemed that Ted Turner couldn't have it all by missing Bonds the Braves missed out on the left hand power bat they desired to compliment Ron Gant and David Justice in the heart of their order or did they? Mid way through the 1993 season a left handed HR hitting RBI machine from the San ...
4 Gold Gloves, 2 Silver Sluggers, a Cy Young Award, and a World Series trophy all coming to KC this year.
My predictions for the upcoming Royals season. Shields wins 20 games and the AL Cy Young, Butler sets a Royals record of 63 doubles, Perez, Hosmer, Escobar, Gordon, and Cain all win Gold Gloves. Royals win 94 and the AL Pennant. Hosmer hits a game winning home run in game 6 of the World Series and during the excitement I jump through a plate glass window and become hospitalized. Let me know how game seven turns out.
Yep, it’s that time again. Time to predict the World Series champ, division winners, Cy Young winners and more. Ken Rosenthal, Jon Paul Morosi, Rob Neyer, Gabe Kapler and C.J. Nitkowski name ‘em.
Good evening Red Sox Nation- Texas: The dawn of a new baseball season is upon us. For the frigid winter season has finally passed and with that, we can say goodbye to long dark evenings of MLB TV reruns, Hot Stove rumors and all the reality TV we can ask for. The hope of all baseball fans springs internal with visions of a World Series championship. As the sun rises tomorrow morning, so does the start of another 6 months of emotional twists and turns, hardcore discussion and speculation but most of all, we all come back together to share our passion for The Sox. So it’s time to dust off the baseball caps and favorite game jerseys, for spring is finally here!! - RSN – Texas Opening Day Events: - For tomorrow, the will be events in D/FW, Houston and two events in Austin alone. If I receive updated info for any other cities between today and tomorrow I will be sure to pass the info along as quickly as possible. Also, plans for Opening Day at Fenway, Friday April 4th are not yet complete for a couple citi ...
On the eve of Opening Day (Sunday and Australia don't count), here's my bold prediction. I won't say who's MVP, Cy Young or World Series winners, but I think we will see a 40 million dollar a year contract within the next two years. Teams aren't going to keep doing these 8-10 year contacts for 30+ players and I predict bigger bucks and shorter years.
My 2014 MLB Predictions: AL East: Yankees AL Central: Tigers AL West: Athletics AL Wild Cards: Red Sox, Royals NL East: Nationals NL Central: Cardinals NL West: Dodgers NL Wild Cards: Pirates, Braves AL Playoffs: Red Sox over Royals Red Sox over Tigers Yankees over Athletics Yankees over Red Sox NL Playoffs: Pirates over Braves Dodgers over Pirates Nationals over Cardinals Dodgers over Nationals World Series: Yankees over Dodgers MVP's: Mike Trout (AL), Andrew Mccutchen (NL) Cy Young's: Yu Darvish (AL), Clayton Kershaw (NL) I know what you're all thinking, I picked Yankees because I'm a fan, but their rotation is 10x as solid as last year and the lineup is loaded with good left-handed/switch hitters who will utilize the short porch with a good combo of speed with Ellisbury and Gardner. Also, the fact that it is Jeter's last season makes it seem only right that we win it all.
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As the 2014 MLB season begins tonight ( I know the Dodgers are already 2-0), all Dodger fans have to wonder if this is finally the year we reach the World Series for the first time since 1988. The answer is yes, if Matt Kemp gets healthy. If not, it may be the year the Nationals reach the series. Prediction: Dodgers and Red Sox in the World Series. Kershaw the Cy Young, and Hanley Ramirez the NL MVP.
It's Opening Day for MLB 2014, and here are my predictions for division, pennant, World Series. Along with Cy Youngs and MVPs in each league. National League: Cardinals in the Central, Nationals in the East, Dodgers in the west. Wild Cards will be: Pirates and Braves American League: Rays in the east, Royals in the Central, and A's in the west Wild Cards will be: Indians and Rangers. NL Cy young and MVP: Adam Wainwright and Andrew Mccutchen AL Cy Young and MVP: Justin Verlander and Miggy Cabrera. These picks are just my opinion, feel free to shoot a comment.
Come on baseball fans, let's hear your bold predictions! Here's mine: 1. The Marlins finish ahead of both the Mets and Phillies. They're loaded with power arms and groundball pitchers. All a treat to watch. Check them out sometime. 2. The Diamondbacks lead the entire in runs scored. They'll only win 78 games without pitching/Corbin down, but Trumbo makes a dangerous offense more powerful. Bet the over; it's going to be a 10 PM firework show most nights. 3. The Pirates finish 4th in the NL Central. Black hole at first base. Black hole in right field until Polanco comes up. Cole replaces Burnett, but that staff still makes me nervous. Many of them had lucky batted ball profiles last year. Their pitching masked their offensive deficiencies last year. 4. Carlos Gonzalez is your NL MVP. Madison Bumgarner is your Cy Young winner. Billy Hamilton is your NL R.O.Y and he steals 80 bases, meaning I'll have his jersey in no time! 5. The Giants represent the National League in the World Series. They're fully healthy. ...
this article is all about CYA, cover your... we still have Cabrera, Verlander, Scherzer, Sanchez, VMart, AJax, Torii Hunter, Castellanos, Kinsler... its not like the cupboard is bare. Ok, so we have some work to do in the 7th-8th innings.. so what? we cant find/develop someone to fill these roles? trades dont exist? players don't improve? NONSENSE. Also we have 3 Cy Young candidates for starters. NO TEAM HAS THAT. And no team has Miguel Cabrera. With a healthy Cabrera, we could have won the World Series last season... who knows?
THE ACE • Adam Wainwright, RHP Age • 32 Acquired • Trade (2003), from Atlanta with Ray King and Jason Marquis for J.D. Drew and Eli Marrero. Fastball • 91.2 mph (four-seam) Best pitch • Curveball, .182 batting average against. MLB 2013 • 19-9, 3.11 ERA in 34 games (34 starts), 219 strikeouts in 241 ⅔ innings. The former first-round pick was a rising, though inconsistent, prospect in the pitching-rich Braves system before Cardinals general manager Walt Jocketty refused to leave the room without landing him in the five-player Drew trade. Wainwright spent two seasons in the Cardinals’ minor-league system before arriving as reliever and eventual closer for the 2006 World Series team. He has since established himself as one of the game’s true aces — a three-time top-three finisher for the Cy Young Award — and has five years remaining on a $97.5-million extension. That’s enough time to take aim at being second only to Hall Of Famer Bob Gibson in many Cardinals career categories.
Until recently, no Yankee players had died on March 30, until last year when we lost “Bullet” Bob Turley, a righthander who posted 82 wins and 52 losses of his overall 101-85 record with the Yanks from 1955-1962. The 1958 AL Cy Young Award winner, Turley went 21-7 that year, then went on to win, save, and win the last three games of that World Series, as the Yanks came from behind against the Braves, who had beaten them the year before.
36 - First given to Mel Queen (not the former Blue Jays coach) in 1942, this seemed reserved for bench players and back of the rotation guys for half a century. The great Johnny Mize was the most noteworthy of these. But in 1995, the Yankees traded a prospect named Marty Janzen to Toronto for David Cone. The hired gun found a home in the Bronx. He won more games for the Mets than he did for the Yankees - he won his Cy Young in Kansas City - he won his first World Series in Toronto. But he won several more rings in New York, pitched a Perfect Game, and will probably be best remembered as a Yankee. BELTRAN!!!
March 29, 1944, 70 years ago: Dennis Dale McLain is born in Markham, Illinois, outside Chicago. At the age of 25, he was 114-57, had made 3 All-Star teams, had won 2 Cy Young Awards, won a Most Valuable Player Award, won a World Series, and had become a 30-game winner. (Since 1985, he has been the only living human to have done that.) He seemed a sure bet for the Baseball Hall of Fame. And then... between suspensions and injuries, he went only 21-41 for the rest of his career, and threw his last Major League pitch around his 29th birthday. And things got worse. Also, remember when his Tiger teammate Mickey Lolich was considered fat? Well, Lolich is only a little heavier now than when he pitched -- and weighs less than David Wells and CC Sabathia. As for McLain... well, at least he's not in prison at the moment.
On March 22 in Baseball History... 1962 - A former Giant, requesting anonymity, reveals that Bobby Thomson's home run in the 1951 playoffs against the Dodgers was helped by a sign-stealing clubhouse spy. The spying is claimed to have gone on for the last three months of the season. Thomson and former manager Leo Durocher vehemently deny that any help was received, but a source close to the team confirms the spy operation. 1972 - The Yankees trade first baseman-outfielder Danny Cater to the Red Sox for relief pitcher Sparky Lyle. In seven years with the Yanks, Lyle will post a 57-40 record with 141 saves and a 2.41 ERA, win a Cy Young Award, and help the team to three World Series appearances. 1990 - Major League umpires announce that they will boycott exhibition games to protest not having been consulted in the revision of the regular season schedule after the lockout. They will return to work on April 1. 1993 - Cleveland pitcher Steve Olin is killed instantly and new teammate Tim Crews dies several hours ...
MLB Predictions 2014: Projecting the Final Standings By Joe Giglio , Featured Columnist 1. Boston Red Sox 2. Tampa Bay Rays 3. New York Yankees 4. Baltimore Orioles 5. Toronto Blue Jays Money can't buy happiness in the American League East. After spending $503 million on offseason acquisitions, the New York Yankees are the story of this division heading into Spring Training. Unfortunately for their fans, it's hard to take an honest look at the roster and peg them for 90-plus wins right now. If Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury, respectively, perform up to Cy Young and MVP standards, a different picture could emerge by October. For now, the team is only slightly better than the group that won 85 games last season. The Boston Red Sox had a quiet winter but return the nucleus of a team that dominated the regular season and captured a World Series in October. A step back from excellence could occur, but not enough to knock this squad below the 90-win range. In a division without a truly great team, that cou ...
Today's Black History Fact: League Park, at East 66th Street and Lexington Avenue in the Hough neighborhood, hosted its first baseball game in 1891, with pitching legend Cy Young on the mound for the Cleveland Spiders. The park is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Indians used League Park from 1900 through 1946, continuing to play some games there for 15 years after Municipal Stadium opened. It was the team's home field during the 1920 World Series. Indians second-baseman Bill Wambsganss executed his famous unassisted triple play at League Park during the 1920 World Series. Yankee Joe DiMaggio stroked the last hit in his 56-game streak at the park in 1941. Alta Weiss, a teenage girl, pitched there for a men's semi-pro team in the early 1900s. The old Cleveland Rams played professional football games at League Park in the 1940s, and it served as a practice field for the Browns until 1951, when the city bought the property and converted it into a community park. The park eventually disintegra ...
DWIGHT GOODEN - Cy Young-winning baseball pitcher who won 3 World Series Championships and was named to 4...
Louis Criger (Feb 3, 1872 in Elkhart, Indiana – May 14, 1934 in Tucson, Arizona) Major League Baseball player for the Cleveland Spiders (1896–1898), St. Louis Cardinals (1899–1900), Boston Americans/Red Sox (1901–1908), St. Louis Browns (1909, 1912), and the New York Highlanders (1910). Criger became the first Opening Day catcher in Boston American League franchise's history. A catcher for most of Cy Young's 511 victories, he also caught every inning for eight games with Boston in the first-ever World Series in 1903, helping his team win the championship. In a 16-season career, he batted .221 with 11 home runs and 342 RBIs. Criger stole 58 career bases and scored 337 runs. He had 709 career hits in 3202 at bats. Though never a major star, Criger received votes for the Hall Of Fame in four BBWAA elections. He garnered as much as eight percent of the vote.
Renton native, World Series champion, and two time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum honored the 12th MAN by raising their flag before the Seahawks took on the Falcons. 
Today two great Braves players were inducted into the Baseball HOF. Pitchers Greg Maddux (4 Consecutive Cy Young Awards 1992-1995 also 18 Gold Gloves the most by any player ever at any position). Tommy Glavine also won the (Cy Young in 1991 and 1998). Both are 300 game winners and were managed by another inductee the great Bobby Cox. Of there's one gripe I have with the Braves is during these guys tenure they only managed to win 1 World Series Title (Def Cleveland in 1995). They also lost to Minnesota who had Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek and Jack Morris who outdueled Glacier in a memorable Game 7 of the 1991 World Series snatching the title right from the Braves mitts. Then three was the 1996 collapse to the beginning of the Yankees 4 titles in 5 years run. Up 2-0 versus the Yanks the Braves would lose 4 straight and yo lose the series 4-2 to Jeter, Williams and Torre and the fellas. They'd have a shot at redemption in 1999 but the result would be same but even worse as they were swept by Torre and the Yank ...
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Cy Young Award, World Series winner, same thing I guess to that person.
From Jim Caple at, on the new HoF ballot: Tom Glavine: I'm stunned to see some speculation that Glavine will not be elected this year. Glavine is a 300-game winner, a two-time Cy Young winner, a five-time 20-game winner, a 10-time All-Star and he allowed one hit to win the final game of the 1995 World Series. What more could anyone demand for election? That he mold his own bronze plaque? Greg Maddux: With 355 wins, four Cy Young Awards, nine top-five Cy Young finishes, a 3.16 ERA and more than 3,300 strikeouts, there is a case to be made that Maddux could be the first player unanimously elected to the Hall Of Fame. But he won't be. Remember, we're talking about the votes of baseball writers. And if some baseball writers didn't vote for Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle, you can be certain there will at least one who won't vote for Maddux. And whoever that moron is should lose the right to vote forever. And that includes voting in local and presidential elections. Both annoyi ...
Thanks for 9 years pf memories Chris Carpenter! 3× All-Star (2005–2006, 2010) 2× World Series champion (2006, 2011) NL Cy Young Award (2005) NL Comeback Player of the Year (2009) NL ERA champion (2009) What else needs to be said, other than you will be missed!
The St. Louis Cardinals revealed on Wednesday they have agreed to a three-year contract extension with manager Mike Matheny. Hired in November of 2011 shortly after the Cards claimed their latest of 11 World Series titles and then-manager Tony La Russa announced his retirement, Matheny has guided St. Louis to a 185-139 record and last year's NL Central crown in two seasons at the helm. Also on Wednesday, the Cardinals announced the retirement of pitcher Chris Carpenter. Carpenter, a three-time All-Star, won the Cy Young in 2005 and was named the Comeback Player of the Year in 2009. He was also a major contributor in helping St. Louis to World Series titles in 2006 and 2011. Over his 15-year career, Carpenter has pitched more than 2200 innings in amassing a 144-94 overall record and a career 3.76 ERA with the Cardinals and Toronto Blue Jays.
Since 2011, that is two Cy Young's and three league MVP's for the Detroit Tigers. And in that time, they have not won even one World Series game at all, let alone a title. That is very annoying !! There is just one thing for Brad Ausmus to do with the Tigers to make the fan's happy. And he needs to do it in his first year at the helm. That is pressure relative to sports.
Max Scherzer, who led the American League in victories and was the workhorse of a staff that took the Tigers to within two wins of the World Series, won the Cy Young Award on Wednesday night.
The Boston Marathon is like a large family picnic. The marathon bombing was like a bombing at a family picnic. it occurred a short time after the finish of the Boston Red Sox game on Patriots Day, which is Boston Marathon day. It was a few weeks after the start of the 2013 season. The Red Sox went out of their way to support the terrorist victims. The players went to the 5 hospitals treating the victims and later the Rehab hospitals without receiving publicity. They invited the victims and their families to Red Sox games. The Red Sox became more than the Boston baseball team. They became an important part of the Boston family after the tragedy. This Boston Red Sox team was far from the most talented team in baseball. They were the ultimate underdogs. The Red Sox last year sent a collection of over payed prima donas to Los Angeles. In order to win the World Series, they had to defeat some of the best Pitchers in baseball in three series, including Cy Young Award winners. This Red Sox t ...
Yes, Jim Leyland is gone!! Watching baseball for the last eight years has been absolutely terrible. I hated Central Division titles and two trips to the World Series. I hated that the players would run through brick walls for him. I hated that he told Prince Fielder not to hit and Joaquin Benoit to leave one down the middle to Ortiz. I hated that Max Scherzer was decent in Arizona and developed into a Cy Young winner. But, hey, Dusty Baker could be on the way and you know what that means. World Series titles in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. 2019, and 2020. Whoo *** Let's cave Leyland's face in with a shovel before he leaves town.
Great game last night as the Red Sox advance to the 2013 World Series.! Young Red Sox fans are spoiled. Good for them:)) 3 trips in 9 years! Steroids era baseball is now gone. Pitching and defense back! Tigers series decided on three swings of the bat: Big Popi, Napoli and Victorino! Manny Ramirez should be acknowledged for his greatest gift to the Red Sox:) He brought us David Ortiz, before he was Big Popi in Red Sox Nation, at Fenway, in Boston: "Our 'bleeping' city." Ben Cherington brought us the new players: Nice work!! The Tiger starters-in-waiting do make a great in-game interview:) Max Scherzer is great and deserves the Cy Young, and it had to be painful to be him, again, last night as his bullpen let him down. BostonStrong was simply not to be denied, of course:)) But, if you can beat the Tigers with their starting pitching, grinding them down and out of the game, you can beat anyone.including the Cardinals!! Go Red Sox:)))
It's a funny thing when your favorite team wins the Championship of the World. You feel like you're somehow a better person for your rooting for your guys was somehow as important a contribution as that of your MVP left-fielder or your Cy Young-winning ace. They couldn't have done it without the "tenth man!" I know in 1988, when I moved to Los Angeles and saw some twenty games at the Stadium that summer, it felt like they should have made a ring for me too. I was right there in the stands (and on the field with them, spiritually) all year long and could feel by about midseason that something special was going to happen for that team. I felt like I should have been there at the Oakland Coliseum to celebrate with my boys on October 20th. Game 5 of the World Series was really more of an afterthought...because that Series was won already with Gibby's iconic home run a few days before; the rest was just a formality. To the great surprise of exactly nobody in the world, Orel Hershiser went all the way ...
Alright my bald and bearded brethren, we are facing the likely Cy Young winner. Its gonna take some Fenway magic, the best beard (MikeNapoli) and the longest name (Jarrod Saltalamacchia) to pull off a trip to the World Series tonight. Luckily we have all of those things! GO Red Sox! Boston Strong!!
Clayton Kershaw can hv the Cy Young lol Cards are goin to the World Series
Yesterday the Dodgers were eliminated from the playoffs and while I was very sad I came to many different conclusions: 1) The Dodgers didn't deserve to go to the World Series. They didn't hit well until it was too late, and unfortunately when things started to turn around the Cardinals got the best of soon-to-be 2-time Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw and hitting would have been irrelevant. Should have locked up games 1 and 2 first. But we couldn't hit. I have every faith we will be in it again next year.
Boston a win away from World Series (AP) One victory to reach the World Series. And all that's in Boston's way is 21-game winner Max Scherzer, with Justin Verlander on deck for a seventh game - if it gets that far. ''We all know what we are up against,'' Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia said on Friday after an offday workout to prepare for Game 6 of the AL championship series against the Detroit Tigers. ''I expect it's going to be another one of those tough games.'' A victory in Game 6 on Saturday would eliminate the defending AL champions and send the Red Sox to their third World Series since 2004. Scherzer will face Boston's Clay Buchholz, a repeat of the Game 2 matchup that the Red Sox won 6-5. Scherzer took a no-hitter and a 5-0 lead into the sixth inning, but the Red Sox rallied against the Tigers bullpen and tied it on David Ortiz's eighth-inning grand slam. Now at least the Boston batters can say they've seen the likely AL Cy Young winner recently. But Scherzer has a little more experience aga ...
Yes, Cardinals!! World Series, it's good to be back!! It sure was nice to not see another 3-1 series meltdown like last year. Few things: 1) I think we've discovered the "2" in our 1-2 punch. 2) Kershaw is arguably the best pitcher in the game right now and soon-to-be Cy Young, and, yes, we managed to beat him 4 - I repeat - FOUR times this year. 3) Yasiel Puig deserved this game. That kid needed to be humbled. 4) Props to Joe Kelly and Scott Van Slyke. That pre-game stand-off was pretty legit. 5) Our pitching has held their end. Here's hoping this game was a sign our offense has awoken. 12 in '13?? Let's keep it rollin', Cards!
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Clayton Kershaw may win the Cy Young in the NL this year, but he was shown twice how to pitch in the post season by rookie Michael Wacha. Cardinals World Series bound for the 19th time. 12 in '13!
This day in sports history: 1911: Cy Young's farewell appearance in a Major League game is a letdown as he loses to the Dodgers 13-3 in a Braves uniform in his 906th game. 1919: White Sox catcher Ray Schalk is 2nd man ejected from a World Series. 1920: 1st brothers oppose each other in World Series, Indians' Wheeler Johnston pinch-hits as brother Jimmy plays 3rd base for the Dodgers. 1921: Fewest hits in World Series Game, 5, Yankees (3) beat the Giants (2), 3-0. 1923: 1st NL unassisted triple play (Ernie Padgett, Braves against Phillies). 1926: Babe Ruth hits 3 HRs in a World Series game, Yanks beat Cards 10-5. 1936: Yankees beat Giants 4 games to 2 in 33rd World Series. 1938: Yankees' Lefty Gomez sets record of 6 World Series wins without a loss. 1941: Yankees beat Dodgers 4 games to 1, in 38th World Series. 1945: Tavern owner "Billy Goat" Sianis buys seat for his goat for Game 4 of World Series & is escorted out, he casts goat curse on Cubs. 1947: Yankees beat Dodgers 4 games to 3, in 44th World Series ...
The Dodgers may play right down the street and are very much the pride of the hood, but I'd be lying if I said I wanted them to win in the NL. Magic is indeed a great man that revitalized the franchise after Mr and Mrs Big Dig Moochers wrecked same but it's the Pirates all the way here--they're scrappy as scrappy gets and didn't create themselves via checkbook. The first World Series was Boston v Pittsburgh 110 years ago. Let "Cy Young vs Honus Wagner" be recreated by "Lester vs McCutcheon".
89 A's World Series champ & '90 Cy Young winner Bob Welch warms up before he tosses tonight's first pitch. OAKtober
Cards pound Buccos behind Beltran's 15th. Kershaw, doing his best Cy Young imitation, steals the Braves thunder. Four games today. NLDS: Game 2: Pirates v Cards 1 PM and Game 2: LA v Atl 6 PM both TBS. ALDS: Game 1: TB v Bos 3 PM and Game 1: Tigers v A's 9:30 PM Both TBS. Good Luck. Let's do a few baseball memories. Errands to do before the games start. 1. October 4, 1951 is the opening game of the World Series. That's right gang. No play-offs. No pre-lims. No warm ups. No BS. Let's just get to it. The N.Y. Giants, fresh off their miracle play-off and pennant win against the Dodgers against the Big Bad N.Y. Yankees. Right away Giants Manager Leo "The Lip" Durocher sets a record and starts a controversy. If you remember from yesterday's lesson, Giant RF Don Mueller broke his ankle sliding into third base in the bottom of the ninth rally by the Giants. He was replaced by pinch runner by little used Clint Hartung. Who is Durocher going to put in RF to replace Mueller in the ...
Well, my beloved Indians have made it to the playoffs and in honor of that, on this day, 1903, we got the first modern World Series between the Pittsburgh Pirates, led by their star Honus Wagner, and the Boston Pilgrims (later Red Sox) with their big gun, Cy Young. That first one was a best of 9 with Boston coming from a 2-game deficit to win 5 games. Honus Wagner, regarded by many as the greatest shortstop ever, had a terrible series such that he refused to let his picture be taken saying he was an embarrassment to the game At that time many of the fields didn’t have outfield fences. For the series a rope was strung around the outfield area with the idea that the spectators would stay behind it. Any ball rolling into the crowd was considered a “ground-rule triple”. There were 17 such triples. And, no, the fans didn’t always stay behind the ropes and would often mill around near the fielders. The Bostons – teams in those days really didn’t put that much emphasis on nicknames like they ...
22 SEPT Today in Baseball history 1911 - Cy Young, forty-four, beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 1-0 for his 511th and final Major League victory. 1920 - A Chicago grand jury convenes to investigate charges that eight White Sox players conspired to fix the 1919 World Series. 1935 - The Boston Braves lose their 110th game for a new National League record. They will lose 115, which remains the record until the 1962 expansion New York Mets lose 120 in a 162-game schedule. The Braves' winning percentage of .248 is a Twentieth Century low in the National League. 1936 - The Detroit Tigers swept the St. Louis Browns 12-0 and 14-0 to record the biggest double shutout in Major League history. 1947 - The Dodgers win the pennant while idle. The Cards lose to the Cubs to clinch the Dodgers' first title since 1941, this time with a five-game margin. 1953 - The Dodgers tie the record for the most wins in a home park, beating Pittsburgh 5-4. They go an incredible 60-17 at Ebbets Field, tying the record of the St. Louis Cardin ...
Dear Mssrs Ilitch, Domborwski & Leyland: you've invested wisely in clearly the best hitter in baseball (Triple Crown repeat!), protection in the line-up (Fielder, Martinez) an awesome starting pitching staff (Cy Young candidates galore: Verlander, Scherzer, Fister, Sanchez) and World Series caliber team. When will you pull your collective heads out of each others' *** & put a bullet in Papa Grande Part Deux?!? Enough already!
Trivia I do not know answer to: were the 1980 Phillies the only World Series champion to have both the league MVP (Mike Schmidt) and Cy Young Award winner (Steve Carlton) on it?
TC's Tidbits: George Brett has been hired as interim hitting coach by the Royals. The Hall Of Famer is basically "Mr. Royal" and though he has always said he has no interest in managing, the front office has been quoted as saying "this is only step one for George." Hm might manager Ned Yost be nervous? Last season the Nationals were a 100 win team - a legitimate favorite to win the National League and possibly the World Series. They had a Cy Young contender in Stephen Strasburg and behind him several really good pitchers (Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmermann). Yet...they blew their opportunity. This was a very good team in all facets that derailed their attempt to win a World Series because they stupidly figured they'd be this good for years. Right now they're 7 games behind Atlanta and Strasburg is hurt. The fact is you can't assume anything in baseball. Last year the pieces were in place for a WS run. But you can't take out your dominant starter and think it'll be ok. They shut him down to keep him heal . ...
The Mets have done the unthinkable and swept the Yankees in the 2013 Subway Series with a 3-1 win at Yankee Stadium. It was the first time that the Subway Series was swept since 2003 when the Yankees won all six meetings against the Mets and eventually went to the World Series. Both starting pitchers Vidal Nuno and Dillon Gee pitched well. However, it was Gee who pitched like a Cy Young winner going 7 1/3 innings giving up one run on four hits and a season-high 12 strikeouts. The only mistake Nuno made in the game was giving up Marlon Byrd's two-run home run in the second inning to give the Mets a 2-0 lead. The only Yankee run was Robinson Cano's solo homer in the third inning to cut the lead in half. The Yankees had their chances early on in the inning to scrap some runs but could not able to get the big hits when needed once again. After Cano's homer, the Mets pitching retired the last 20 Yankee batters of the game and score an insurance run with two outs in the eighth inning to give them a 3-1 lea ...
Matt Harvey is a stud!!! He's got Cooperstown written all over him! The way he's going, I see multiple Cy Young Awards, many All-Star Game starts, and if the Mets can get a little more talent, some World Series rings!!!
Espn's Tim Kurkjian got Bryce Harper for MVP, Strasburg for a Cy Young and the Nationals winning the World Series!
Receiving Rebuke Rightly By Paul Chappell Saturday, Mar 9, 2013 "Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee." Proverbs 9:8 When Orel Hershiser was in his first season as a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, he had great talent but had not been able to translate that into success on the field. Early in the 1984 season he was struggling with his control. Finally Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda called the young pitcher into his office for a verbal confrontation that Hershiser later referred to as “The Sermon on the Mound.” Lasorda told Hershiser that he was capable of much better work than he was doing and that he owed it to the team to reach his potential. Hershiser took the rebuke to heart and approached the game with a new attitude. He went on to win the Cy Young Award as baseball’s best pitcher in 1988 while leading the Dodgers to the World Series title. If Hershiser had not responded properly to his manager’s rebuke, it is doubtful that he would ever have ...
Fernando Valenzuela, le lanceur mexicain des Dodgers qui avait supplanté Tim Raines au titre de recrue de l'année en 81, est intronisé au temple de la renommée des Caraïbes. HERMOSILLO, Mexico -- Fernando Valenzuela's no-brainer induction to the Caribbean Baseball Hall of Fame will take place Sunday, at 10 a.m. MT at the University of Sonora's Arts Center. Valenzuela -- a six-time All-Star with the Dodgers, who won the National League's Rookie of the Year and Cy Young Awards while en route to a World Series title in 1981 -- will be joined by ex-manager Tommy Lasorda, Dodgers vice president Lon Rosen and broadcaster Jaime Jarrin, now Valenzuela's partner in the booth. Caribbean Baseball Federation president Juan Herrera will make a speech and present Valenzuela with his Hall Of Fame plaque, officially placing him in a group that includes Tony Perez, Rod Carew, Willie Mays, Dave Concepcion, Edgar Martinez and Roberto Alomar. Also being inducted Sunday are ex-players Houston Jimenez and Ever Magallanes, ...
On December 27 in Baseball history... 1919 - One day after secretly working out a deal with the Yankees to sell Babe Ruth to the Yankees, Red Sox owner Harry Frazee announces that Boston will deal any player except Harry Hooper. Hooper will be sent to the White Sox after the 1920 season. 1981 - Fernando Valenzuela becomes the fifth Los Angeles Dodger to become Southern California Athlete of the Year honors. It winds up an autumn of awards for Valenzuela, who won both the Cy Young and Rookie of the Year awards -- the first NL pitcher to do so -- and also earned a World Series ring with the Dodgers. 1984 - Free agent pitcher Ed Whitson, who went 14-8 for the NL champion Padres, begins a nightmarish association with the Yankees by signing a five-year $4.4 million contract. By the middle of his second year with the club, he gets so rattled in New York that he can only pitch on the road. The Yankees ship him back to San Diego, where he has four solid years. 1994 - The Chiba Lotte Marines announced that Julio F ...
The "Rocket Years" Roger Clemens 97-98. Well the day 12-12-12 is now a memory and 12-13-12 is a reality. Dec 13th in its own right is a significant date in Toronto baseball history because that it the day in 1996 that the Rocket came to town. Three less than memorable seasons had passed since Toronto had tasted World Series glory and GM Gord Ash decided that a big splash was necessary to get the team back on a winning note and draw fans the way it had up til 93. In 1996 Pat Hentgen had won the Cy Young and the thought of a 1-2 with Roger Clemens had to be explored. Ash had admitted in an interview later that he had little reason to believe that the Rocket would have any interest in Toronto but he decided to call Clemens' agent Randy Hendricks anyways to gauge the free agent's interest. "When Randy told me to come down to Tex to ask him personally I knew we had him." Ash later said. Clemens relationship with Toronto was less a marriage and more a wild fling that ended bad. It was short and intense. Beginni ...
(WZZM) -- From the World Series to being honored with the Cy Young and Most Valuable Player awards, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander has been called one of the greatest pitchers of our generation.
I've had coffee with only two active Major League Baseball players. Both pitchers. One of them got a World Series ring this year, the other the NL Cy Young Award. Note to MLB players, you might want to grab coffee with me.
Justin Verlander could become 1st pitcher to win Cy Young Award in a year which he lost a World Series game AND the All-Star Game
I am trying to post positive stuff these days, so what can I say about the Detroit Lions losing? At least Detroit has those AWESOME Tigers! Even though they didn't do well in the World Series, I think it was so cool that the team I had been following closely all year made it to the World Series! Justin Verlander for Cy Young Award! Miguel Cabrera, winner of the Triple Crown, for Most Valuable Player award! Go get 'em in 2013, Tigers!
Happy 77th Birthday to 2-time Cy Young winner Bob Gibson! He also had 26 career HR, with 2 of those in the World Series
Every Mets fan out there does realize that Jason Bay is going to win the MVP, Cy Young, Triple Crown, and World Series next year right?
Okay, so I am recovering from the Giants' sweep of Motown and I hit Sports Center on ESPN. What is the headlines for breaking MLB news? The Yankees re-sign (I wish it was resign) Cano and Granderson. So, I turn off the supposed Sports News and go online and his Sports on IE. Huge banner announces that coverage of the Giants' sweep garnered the lowest ratings ever for a World Series. I'm not whining, I just wanted to let all the SF fans know that things haven't changed back East. The LA Times had a great article though, a columnist saying that SF had surpassed Dodgers in all categories but Cy Young winners, and we all saw what a TEAM can do to a Cy Young winner ("What are you doing out here" Verlander0 so thanks to Mark for alerting me to that article. When does Spring Training start?
A poignant finish to the World Series when Miguel Cabrera, the first triple-crown batter in 45 years, looked helplessly at a called third strike. Add 2011 Cy Young winner Justin Verlander's loss in Game One and the old adage still rings true, "Good pitching beats good hitting ... and vice versa!" Only 109 days until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training! :)
"The World Series MVP is a Venezuelan-born cartoon character who signed as a 16-year-old amateur free agent six months after the most painful Game 6 loss this side of Freese and Buckner. The starting catcher is probably winning the regular-season MVP award. The starting first baseman and shortstop are defensive stalwarts. The no. 1 starter threw a Perfect Game, started the All-Star Game, and started the deciding games of the NLDS, NLCS, and World Series, all in just over four months' time. The no. 2 starter fired seven innings of two-hit scoreless baseball in the World Series. The team's shutdown relief pitcher is a two-time Cy Young winner who was completely unhittable throughout the postseason. The oldest player in that group is 28 years old. All of them have been Giants for life." -Jonah Keri,
Congratulations to both the Giants and the Tigers. While the outcome wasn't what we Tigers fans hoped for, there are a lot of other teams who didn't have the pleasure of playing in a World Series (cough, Cubs). So take pride in winning the American League pennant, having a Triple Crown winner, and soon to be AL MVP and Cy Young Award winners. Here's to 2012 and 'wait 'til NEXT year!'
Beat a Cy Young Champ check, strike out a Triple Crown winner to win the World Series check, sweep the supposed most talented team in baseball check - so proud of MY San Francisco Giants right now - the rest of Major League Baseball is on notice for 2013 - bring it on baby! GO GIGANTES!
I know we are all disappointed that the Detroit Tigers did not win the World Series, but we did become American League division champions for the second year in a row! We also swept the New York Yankees and won the American League Championship Series! Let's not forget as well, Miguel Cabrera was just the second player in Major League Baseball history to be named a Triple Crown Leader in home runs, batting average and runs batted-in! Not to mention, Miguel Cabrera almost was named Major League Baseball MVP this year! Along with Justin Verlander just missing out on his second consecutive Cy Young Award. Yes, it is a hard loss to all of us Detroit fans. We all thought that the Detroit Tigers would finally win the World series, but you have to give credit to the San Fransisco Giants for playing the way they have. All of the games were close, and both teams battled, but San Fransisco just did all of the right things and found ways to win. That's what good teams do, so you can't be mad at them and say they didn ...
Jack Morris never won a Cy Young, but he won 4 World Series. Kirk Gibson never won an individual award, but he has 2 of the greatest home runs in the history of baseball and 2 World Series titles. I really miss those guys tonight.
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Congrats to the San Francisco Giants for winning the World Series. They got hot at the right time...Knocked the Cy Young around in Game 1 & ended it by striking out the Triple Crown Winner. That's crazy. Question for Giants fans: Does Melky Cabrera get a World Series ring?
Tonight is game four of the World Series. Go Giants! If I had a vote my vote for Cy Young would go to Barry Zito. When the Giants needed a pitching performance to save their butts (and bullpen). He stepped up and delivered. His pitching is the reason it is the Giants in the World Series and not the St. Louis Cardinals.
'It's Bonds. Barry Bonds': The Return of Baseball's Invisible Man Dave Zirin on October 25, 2012 - 1:28 PM ET “I am an invisible man. No I am not a *** like those who haunted Edgar Allen Poe: Nor am I one of your Hollywood movie ectoplasms. I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids—and I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, simply because people refuse to see me.” —Ralph Ellison In Game One of the 2012 World Series, over 40,000 fans in San Francisco chanted the name “Barry” with punch-drunk abandon. It was unbridled joy cut with a catharsis operating on more levels than three-dimensional chess. There was of course the explicit cry of relief at finally being able to cheer for their pitcher, reincarnated ace Barry Zito. Zito had been a historic disappointment since 2006, when he signed the largest free-agent pitching contract in history. The former Cy Young winner had been so middling he was left off the post-season roster when the Giants made their impro . ...
Five things that I've learned tonight watching the World Series on Fox: 1) MadBum should win the Cy Young every year 2) The waiting period for Marco Scutaro to get into the Hall Of Fame will be waived and he will be "fast-tracked." 3) Gregor Blanco deserves a closet full of Gold Gloves 4) Sergio Romo deserves his own Late Night Variety Show 5) If Tim Mccarver was half as smart as he thinks he is, we would have a cure for cancer.
I just watched the first pitch of tonight's World Series game! Probably the most touching first pitch I have ever seen! If it didn't touch then maybe you are not an American unlike the TRUE AMERICAN HERO that threw out the first pitch along with the GREAT SAY HEY KID along with SD's own Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito!
Being a sports aficionado, I like to draw parallel's between sports and life, and yesterdays game 1 of the World Series game is a perfect example.OK so enter Pablo Sandoval, a guy who was sitting on the bench two years ago, the last time the SF Giants were in the World Series, had 12 home runs this year, facing a fierce pitcher in Justin Verlander, the reigning Cy Young Award winner who by far can be considered one of the tops pitchers in the sport today (from the way he looked against the Yankees, I would say he was the greatest pitcher of all time!). Pablo ends up hitting 3 home runs in the game, and Verlander gets pulled after giving up 5 runs. Even pitcher Barry Zito a career 0.099 hitter managed to get a RBI against Verlander! So when you seem to be down on your luck (Pablo), keep your head up and remain positive, as you never know what lies ahead! Peace.
Game 1 of the 2012 World Series featured three Cy Young Award winners, and one of them got rocked. It wasn’t Barry Zito. It wasn’t Tim Lincecum. It was Justin Verlander. On an amazing n...
See, this is exactly what I’m talkin about. Soon as the San Francisco Giants prevailed in the Last Man Standing Gm 7 against the Cardinals I think most of us already knew what would happen. I’m not trying to be a captive of the current or overly reactionary and premature but after the Giants Gm 1 World Series victory last night this series feels like it’s a taquito wrap. Need proof? Just peep these numerals. The Giants won the first Gm 7 in franchise history against the Cards after having dropped all the four of their previous elimination, sudden death showdowns. With his Gm 7 victory Matt Cain became only the fourth hurler in ML history to win a decisive Gm 7 and be the winning pitcher in the All-Star Game joining Roger Clemens, Sandy Koufax and Paul Derringer. In the Giants last 4 gms Barry Zito, Matt Cain and Ryan Vogelsong have combined to go 34 2/3 inn surrendering 21 hits and only 2 earned runs. That’s an aggregate 1.53 ERA. Tremendously talented, but perennially lost and languishing pitche ...
Pablo Sandoval has hit three home runs in his first three at-bats for the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday in Game 1 of the World Series against the Detroit Tigers.
I had a great time at the 1st game of the World Series, Giants 8 Tigers 3. Barry Zito pitches a great game and beats Justin Verlander the Cy Young Award winner and "best pitcher in baseball"? Panda hits 3 home runs, everybody contributes one way or another - Blanco had some catches. I mean, the stadium was jumping and there were high fives all night. Now all we gotta do is win 3 more games! GO GIANTS!
Before last night, the last time one Cy Young winner relieved another in World Series was 1983 - Jim Palmer for Mike Flanagan.
Lincecom follows Zito, first Cy Young winner replacing another in World Series since Jim Palmer relieved Mike Flanagan for the O's
A historic World Series game. Panda goes deep three times, first time one Cy Young winner relieves another, and most importantly-the worst analyst in baseball commits a verbal error for the ages. Barry Manilow? Really? Age or Alzheimers has finally caught up with Tim Mccarver. Hopefully the suits at Fox Sports were watching and groaning with the rest of us, and this will be McCarvers last series announcing anything.
The 2012 Fall Classic is finally set thanks to the Giants dramatic NLCS comeback against the defending champion Cardinals. Despite San Francisco’s recent exploits, 2012 World Series Betting Odds are favoring the well rested Detroit Tigers to win the championship. The latest MLB Odds have the Tigers listed as a -180 moneyline favorite to take the series. The Giants are a +150 moneyline play to win their second World Series title in the last three years. San Francisco will not have a lot of time to recoup with the NLCS going a full seven games, but it will have the home field advantage in this series. That said, it will need it with Detroit able to use its pitching staff however Skipper Jim Leyland sees fit. The Tigers needed all five games to get past the Athletics in the ALDS, but they made quick work of the Yankees in the ALCS, sweeping New York to wrap up the series on October 18th. Detroit can now send staff ace and reigning Cy Young winner Justin Verlander to the hill two times against the Giants. S ...
The Detroit Tiger have to much fire power, with Miggy Cabrera,winner of the Triple Crown, Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander 2011 Cy Young, Prince Fielder 30hr, Omar Infante and the ace in the hole Jhonny Peralta Jim Leyland and the Tigers will beat the Giants the question is, will the Tigers who are hungry (1968 last World Series win) sweep the Giants as they did the Yanks or willit go 4 and 1? Sorry Phil.
Not only do the Giants win Barry Zito's 17th straight appearance, but we win it in a fashion reminiscent of game 3 of the NLDS on an error by the opposing team(Rolen's clutch error in game 3). Crushing spirits and sending it home to SF. Hat's off to Zito for sending the message to Bochy about who starts game 4 in the World Series if we get there and earning that money back for the team(you know that the giants ticket site just crashed). He single-handedly in one masterful gem makes me look back on his contract and say money well spent. Looks like our multiple Cy Young Award winner will need to get used to the bullpen.
Detroit Tigers Playoff Tickets The time is now for Detroit Tigers playoff tickets or watch on tv as this powerhouse team tries to roar towards the 2012 World Series. Make sure you get your tickets now because Detroit is aiming for postseason glory and they have the ammunition to put some bite behind their roar. See what Triple Crown threat Miguel Cabrera, reigning AL MVP and CY Young winner Justin Verlander and the rest of the Tigers can do this post-season. There’s a large selection of Tigers fun enjoy
Thoughts on the ALCS: First off, congrats to the Detroit Tigers. You've got the Cy Young & the MVP on your team and you're steamrolling into the World Series with a lot of momentum. Simply put, you beat us and deserved to win. Best of Luck. Now on to my Yankees...C'Mon, man! That is NOT the team who I rooted for all season! The pitching gave them a chance to win, but the offense didn't hit. We didn't show up. A couple things to consider: - A-ROD-Pinch hitting Ibanez for A-Rod was the best thing that happened to the Yankees, and the worst thing that coulda happened to them. The media frenzy surrounding this guy is always a potential distraction. I see the Yanks being patient & allowing his hand to heal, but I wouldn't be surprised if they offed him & ate 90% of his contract. He'd likely be limited to AL teams who could use him as a DH. Out of respect for the rest of the playoffs, I just hope they wait until winter to negotiate it. The baseball world should be focused on the World Series (remember 07, Alex ...
Nice to see a World Series without the Rangers or Yanks in it...not bein sarcastic but neither team deserved it this year...good to see the MVP/Triple Crown winner and Cy Young supposing they both get it in the World Series...anybody know the last time that happened btw?
Live @ Busch Stadium, Saint Louis, MO It's Game 4 of the National League Championship. St. Louis leads this series 2-1 and the rally squirrel plays a big part in this stadium when the bats are hot. Two time Cy Young Award winner and 2010 World Series phenom Lincecum gets the start for the Giants. Cards are off to a good start lets see what happens. Giants/Cards Right Now on Fox!
Detroit has to be the favorite to win the World Series...they have Triple Crown and a Cy Young...
Detroit Tigers to the World Series. Bringing a Cy Young winner, strike out leader, and a Triple Crown winner to the show.
Congratulations to my 2012 Detroit Tigers! American League Champions. Where MVP's, Cy Young's, and much more come to play ball. World Series, here we come.
Jhonny Peralta with a two run blast,followed by an Andy Dirks double.Sabathia is done.6-0,Detroit.The Tigers have not won the World Series since 1984:Jack Morris,Willie Hernandez,Kirk Gibson,Alan Trammell,Lou Whitaker,Chet Lemon,Lance Parrish,Darrell Evans.They beat the San Diego Padres in five games.Gibson,who played baseball and football at Michigan State,was the toast of the town.Hernandez,a dominant southpaw closer,won the Cy Young and the MVP.
Methinks the Evil Empire is in serious trouble! Jeter out, yankees lost 2 at home, down 2-0, in our house, oh and btw tonight they will be facing the reigning MVP/Cy Young Award winner (and the best pitcher on the planet) Justin Verlander!! Bad time to be a Yankee fan. Go Tigers!! Can you say "World Series here we come!!!"
Prediction for 2013: win the World Series, Yoenis Cespedes wins MVP, and someone from the A's pitching staff wins the Cy Young
what is with these ex-Phils and walkoff HR's, first Raul Ibanez last night and Jayson Werth tonight to give the Nats a 2-1 win and force a game 5 tomorrow. Nats will win tomorrow with Gio Gonzalez and it will be Nats VS Giants for the right to go to the World Series. Huge win for the Nats and they have the Cy Young winner on the mound tomorrow. Nats advance.
On another note. What a season for the Rays..yes, it was dissappointing that we did not make the playoffs... moment of silence.. but what an accomplishment for our pitching staff this year. If we had better hitting I believe that the World Series would have been ours this year. Cannot complain about 90 wins and having the best pitching staff in baseball... Hopefully we will have our first Cy Young this year.. Take it home David Price! Got to love our Tampa Bay Rays!!
Trivia October 1 1903: In the first game of the first baseball World Series, the _beat the Boston Pilgrims 7-3. Cy Young was the first losing pitcher. But Boston won the series. 1968: The cult horror movie "_" had its world premiere in Pittsburgh. 1971: _ opened in Orlando. 1974: The first _ burger bar opened in London. 2002: Police chasing a gang of car thieves in Colombia lost their suspects when they were stopped at a _. actress Julie Andrews is__? actor Randy Quaid is__? Actor Jay Underwood is__?
The first-ever World Series game was played today in 1903. The pitching matchup was Cy Young vs. Jamie Moyer (no, Deacon Phillipee).
All right my favorite baseball fans, here are my year end awards AL MVP - Miguel Cabera AL Rookie of the year - Mike Trout AL Cy Young - Felix Hernandez - great pitcher on a bad team, has Dave Steib syndrome, loyal to the hometown ball club. AL Champs - New York Yankees -- I hate this but see note below NL MVP Buster Posey NL Rookie Wade Miley - my candate Simmions gets hurt sooo and a rookie pitcher with 16 wins is better than a rookie with a 257 ba batting between Werth and Zimmerman NL Cy Young RA Dickey/Gio Gonzalez/ Craig Kimbrel - cut the thing in 3, they all deserve it NL Champs Giants (though I was going to say Braves,,,lol) experiance counts, this group of Reds are snake bit since when they played together at Louisville, Nats are on a slide, Braves have no luck World Series Champs - *** Yankees - Until history proves other wise, the Yankees have won the World Series very year on a presidential election when there is a Democratic incumbent- another reason not to vote for Obama
No one cares but I'll post my NFL picks later today. Only reason I do is so they are on record. Review my baseball picks from march: I had White Sox as as a wildcard, David Price as AL Cy young, Bryce Harper as NL Cy Young. My Rays over DBacks world series isn't looking very good though
man thats all i see is people RIPPING Josh Beckett and i can't help but laugh. this is the same guy that helped you guys win a world series in 2007, whom i've heard MANY people tell me he was at one point a Cy Young contender, and since September of last season when the Red Sox had one of the most historic collapses in the history of baseball, all everyone has done is booed the guy. a.) proves my point that Red Sox fans are the WORST in sports and b.) i hope he wins his third World Series in the powerhouse that Magic Johnson has developed in LA, at least he'd be appreciated.
"It's true, no one thought that a team with just 83 wins could get into a world series, but they forgot,...forgot what it means to be a St. Louis Cardinal. They forgot they had the reigning MVP and Cy Young Award winner. They forgot that this team had the most wins in the National League since 2002. They forgot that they had reached the play-offs 6 of the last 7 years. They forgot that even youngsters can shine on the october stage. They certainly had forgotten St. Louis Cardinal tradition, for this franchise has won more World Series than any National League team.or that magical things can happen when you put on a Cardinals jersey. They forgot that no manager in baseball today has more wins than Tony La Russa, that this team gets clutch hits from men big in both stature, and heart. They forgot that it doesn't matter what you did in the regular season, once the play-offs begin. Because there, if you win 11 games, you win it all. They forgot, but we didnt" -Billy Bob Thornton, 2006 world series film.
11/11 2017:Danny Farquhar goes 20-3, wins the Cy Young & leads the Mariners to their 1st World Series as they beat Yankees in a 7 game ALCS.
I hope Brian Kimbrel is praying for a N.L. loss so that he can win the Cy Young Award, because right now a San Francisco Giant is on the verge of becoming baseball's best pitcher. If the A.L. wins, Justin Verlander will take the honor; if Cain holds on, the A.L.'s Cy Young will revert to either Matt Harrison or Chris Perez. (I want Matt to start Game 3 of the World Series, not Game 1!)
Well, he's not a World Series champ, but Bartolo Colon dropped off pretty bad after his Cy Young year of '05.
I'm so happy I'll get to see Tim Lincecum pitch on Sunday in Pittsburgh! He should know I am Good Luck -- it's been a couple years since I've seen him pitch, but when I have seen him. he's done very well. (2008 - Cy Young, 2009 - Cy Young, 2010 - World Series.)
Three-time Cy Young Award winner and 2004 World Series champion Pedro Martinez joined The Big Show Wednesday to discuss his career and this year's 'The Tradition' ceremony at which he'll be honored. Martinez discussed his historic tenure with the Red Sox in which he went 117-37 with a 2.52 earned r...
One thing I love about baseball: the list of Perfect Game pitchers is an amazing combination of the greats in baseball history and some truly "average" guys coming out of nowhere: Cy Young: Legend Addie Joss: Excellent Cleveland Indian pitcher cut short by meningitis at 31 Charlie Robertson: A no-namer on the White Sox Don Larsen: The true imperfect man to throw a Perfect Game Jim Bunning: Superb career (before losing his mind as a Senator...) Sandy Koufax: Legend Catfish Hunter: Legend Len Barker: Who? Mike Witt: Great Angels pitcher of the mid-1980s but fell apart in 1990 Tom Browning: Another great pitcher (for the Reds) but not a long career Dennis Martinez: Dominant pitcher for a long time. Kenny Rogers: Milked this one through two stints in New York. David Wells: Started mediocre and became dominant the last half of his career; part of the epic 1998 Yankee team David Cone: Great pitcher in his second run through New York Randy Johnson: Legend Mark Buehrle: A perfecto, a no-no, and a World Series tro ...
The Phillies rotation includes Cy Young Awards winners, a World Series MVP, and a Perfect Game. But only one guy on the Staff wears a Mohawk and glasses. Outstanding game last night for Vance “The Vanimal” Worley. I met him on my birthday, raising money for David Akers Kicks for kids.
2012 forecast: Cy Young winner Jered Weaver leads Angels over NL MVP Justin Upton and D'backs in the World Series.
Zack Greinke is winning a Cy Young this year. I want the Reds to win but I'm calling the Angeles winning the World Series.
Tomorrow, Mark Buehrle will begin his historic run as the only player to win the Cy Young, MVP, Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger Award in the same season as he leads the Miami Marlins to their 3rd World Series title. Josh Johnson will get them off on the right foot tonight.
had a cpl drinks, so now it's time for: ROB PISSES OFF PHILLIES FANS!! Q: What do CC Sabathia, Tim Linsecum, & Chris Carpenter all have in common? A: All 3 are Cy Young winners, and have more World Series rings than Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay. BOOM!
Little Giant Ladders
I am all set for a great year for Dodger Blue, with the real MVP & the Cy Young in Kershaw. A new era begins...World Series awaits.
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