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The World Series is the annual Championship Series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series Championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy. The Cincinnati Reds are a Major League Baseball team based in Cincinnati, Ohio. 5.0/5

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Enjoy these Cincinnati Reds 1990 World Series memories (because, why not?)
Comiskey Park, Chicago - Action during the infamous 1919 World Series between the Cincinnati Reds and White Sox. The f…
*** Hoblitzell c.1914 First baseman for the Cincinnati Reds and Boston Red Sox - 2x World Series Champion
Congratulations to the Cincinnati Reds for making sure that the Kansas City Royals Won the 2015 World Series!
The Super Bowl... another day 90's kids from Cincinnati won't see a championship for the city. 25 years since the Reds won the World Series.
The 1919 World Series resulted in the most famous scandal in baseball history. Eight players from the Chicago White Sox (later nicknamed the Black Sox) were accused of throwing the series against the Cincinnati Reds. 2015. The New England Patriots, coach Bill Belichick and the NFL are really going to have some questions to answer in the run-up to Super Bowl XLIX now. ESPN reported late Tuesday night the Patriots had 11 of their 12 allotted game footballs underinflated by 2 pounds per square inch for Sunday's AFC Championship Game rout of the Indianapolis Colts, citing "league sources either involved or familiar with the investigation." NFL spokesman Michael Signora said in an email the league is "not commenting on the matter at this time." Patriots spokesman Stacey James issued a statement reiterating the Patriots "have been in complete cooperation with the league and will continue to do so." The Patriots are scheduled to arrive in Arizona on Monday for the Feb. 1 title tilt against the Seattle Seahawks. ...
MLB Network presents: Nasty Boys: The 1990 Cincinnati Reds, The Second Episode. Debuts Tuesday, Jan. 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET Nasty Boys: The 1990 Cincinnati Reds, the second installment of the new original series MLB Network Presents, host Bob Costas marks 25 years since the 1990 Cincinnati Reds completed a World Series sweep of the defending champion Oakland A’s, bolstered by three wild relief pitchers known as the “Nasty Boys”: Norm Charlton, Rob Dibble and Randy Myers. Featuring interviews at home with Charlton, Dibble and Myers, the hour-long show looks back at their eccentric personalities and how their hard-nosed, aggressive attitude to each opponent matched the amount of talent on the team, which never spent a single day of the 1990 season out of first place. The episode also includes interviews with several members of the 1990 Reds staff, including manager Lou Piniella, Hall Of Fame shortstop Barry Larkin, right fielder Paul O’Neill, infielder Ron Oester, catcher Joe Oliver and starter Tom Brow ...
On this day in 1797, the USS Constitution was launched in Boston Harbor. In 1973, Fred Dryer of the Los Angeles Rams became the first player in NFL history to score two safeties in one game. In 1975, Boston Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk hit a Home Run off the foul pole in left field at Fenway Park to win Game 6 of the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds. In 1988, Mystic Pizza, starring Julia Roberts, opened in theaters. It's also National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day. Now there's a treat to get you in the Halloween spirit. Have a great day.
If the Kansas City Royals sweep the San Francisco Giants in the World Series, they will acheive the greatest postseason feat since the 1976 Cincinnati Reds, when they swept Philadelphia 3/0 in the NLCS, and the New York Yankees 4/0 in the W.S..The 1972 Miami Dolphins still to go unbeaten at 17/0, winning Super Bowl VII...The 2007 New England Patriots was the closet at 18/1, losing to the NY Giants in Super Bowl XLII..
This week's MLB games that are key match-ups: After a very interesting weekend of baseball, the Major League Baseball season rolls along as teams continue to jockey for position on their march towards the playoffs. Here's a look at the more interesting match-ups in the early portion for this week: 1. Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds: As mentioned in our preview of the Cubs vs Orioles series this past weekend, it got really ugly for Baltimore as the Cubs magnified the glaring holes for the O’s. The Cubs will leave the “friendly confines” and go down to southwest Ohio where they are scheduled to face Reds’ pitching ace, Johnny Cueto. The Reds will try to make a late push of sorts for the NL Central, but their offense, even their base running, has been in a rut in the last couple of months or so. Both teams’ pitching staffs are evenly matched, but the deciding factor might be the Reds’ defense which ranks among the elite at the moment. 2. Miami Marlins vs Los Angeles Angels: After a tough match-up ...
Murray again on the Cincinnati Reds: " You may remember the Reds from the 1961 World Series; then again, maybe not."
The Black Sox Scandal took place during the play of the 1919 World Series. The Chicago White Sox lost the series to the Cincinnati Reds, and eight White Sox players were later accused of intentionally losing games in exchange for money from gamblers. The players were acquitted in court, but nevertheless, they were all banned for life from baseball. Tension in the clubhouse Club owner Charles Comiskey was widely disliked by the players and resented for his miserliness. Comiskey had developed a reputation for underpaying his players for years; under the MLB reserve clause, players either had to take the salary they were offered, or they couldn't play Major League Baseball, as no other team was allowed to sign them. In addition, the clubhouse was divided into two factions. One group resented the more straight-laced players on the squad, such as second baseman Eddie Collins, a graduate of Columbia College of Columbia University; catcher Ray Schalk; and pitcher Red Faber. By most contemporary accounts, the two ...
Excerpt from the British Canadian Pathé News showing various baseball games between the Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds in the 1919 World Series. Mater...
Opening day baseball.not really a holiday at the "Roxx Rez".although I do love the game(its fun to play) it really is like watchin paint dry for my kids!! Gonna see how my baseball parlay luck is.goin with my Detroit Tigers. Baltimore Orioles Fast Ed Conners's Cincinnati Reds and Michele Kerr's Pitsburg Pirates.all strait up.ROXXY THE GREEK for my 2014 World is a good year to pick my "fave" for we have EVERYTHING.and should win it all!We will defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in 7 games come next November!
Cincinnati Reds fun facts... 2010 was the last time the Reds won their division in GABP. In 2007, Brandon Phillips become the third member of the Reds to join the 30/30 club, 30 Home Runs and 30 stolen bases. He has been an important plug in the Reds organization both offensively and defensively. Maybe you remember the infamous “spit ball” game where Tigers’ closer Jose Valverde appeared to spit on the ball while closing out the game against the Reds. Do you remember Sparky (Captain Hook) and the Big Red Machine back from the 1970’s? Over a 9 year period he won 863 games with the Reds before moving on to the Tigers. Part of the Big Red Machine and the “Great 8,” who when played together only lost 19 of their 88 games they played together. The Hit King (4192) Pete Rose was also a part of the “Great 8” who won back to back World Series titles in 1975 and 1976. No more white puffy hair for Marty Brennaman. After the Reds won ten games in a row, Marty followed through on a bet he made and cut ...
Watching the Cincinnati Reds win the World Series at Crosley Field The Big Red Machine Pete Rose,Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan featured in NBC s Science of Love
I had the absolute pleasure of an extensive interview with Don Gullett, another of my local idols growing up, on Thursday. We talked everything from who gave him his first glove to winning four World Series rings in a row, to his days as pitching coach for the Cincinnati Reds. Gullett is the Elks Sports Day honoree for 2014! The Elks started the program in 1975 when Gullett was winning his first ring with the Reds. Gullett will be the 40th person to be honored. Be looking for some stories in the coming weeks and a nice documentary from Ohio Southern University student John Gulley too!
This is the year of the Cincinnati Reds. From one who went to games at Crosley Field and the 61, 70, 72, 75, 76, & 90 World Series.
"Winning on the football field is good, but winning in life is everything". - Deion Sanders - the only athlete to play in both a World Series and a Super Bowl. One of my best memories is going to a Cincinnati Reds game and getting to watch him play.
Todays is the birthday of Wally Pipp, born in 1893, he was a first baseman for the Detroit Tigers in 1913, then from 1915 to 1925 he played for the Yankees, and from 1926 to 1928 for the Cincinnati Reds. He was a World Series Champion in 1923, but is best know for losing his starting role to Lou Gehrig because he had a headache. He is often quoted as saying “I took the two most expensive aspirins in history. Gehrig went on to play in 2130 consecutive games.
Watching replay of Game 6 of 1975 World Series between Cincinnati Reds and Boston Red Sox voted greatest game ever played, I remember this like it was yesterday
Watching the Major League Baseball Network. They've been having a countdown of the best 20 ML baseball games ever played. There never was any doubt in my mind that the sixth game of the 1975 World Series would be # 1. Bob Costas, the host of the show, and the others on the show all agree that was the best game ever played. I loved watching Luis Thiant's wind-up. As always I was a Cincinnati Reds fan. Even though Boston won the 6th game, I am always the first to admit that was the best game I ever saw. Of course it helped that the Reds won game 7 and the series.
Just met Hall Of Fame Cincinnati Reds broadcaster, Marty Brennaman. Crazy to hear that classic voice in person. Eric Davis was also on hands to provide some insights into the 1990 World Series team. Pretty cool.
Paul Blair was with the Orioles from 1964-76. He then played for the Yankees — winning World Series in 1977 and 1978 — and the Cincinnati Reds.
By the way... I haven't mentioned it, but I want to remind everyone that the Boston Red Sox SUCK. Beating the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series was a complete fluke, and is incontrovertible proof that we're now living in some kind of warped alternate universe brought about by too many particle physics experiments. Actually, sucking is also a fact of life for the New York Yankees and Mets, the L.A. Dodgers, the Cincinnati Reds, the Atlanta Braves, and especially the Angels of Anaheim. They are all the MLB equivalent of pond scum. (The SF Giants would suck, too, but I am surrounded by fans Giants fans here.) Conversely, the Oakland A's do not suck, but they're all only slightly higher up the evolutionary scale. They qualify as mammals, but that's about it. The same can be said for the Seattle Mariners, the Baltimore Orioles, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Colorado Rockies. All other MLB teams are pointless. The Astros? Mere dust specks. The Twins? Amoeba. The Pirates? Just a little bit u ...
Excuse me for being sentimental,but I can't help but think of an October night nearly 40 years ago. I stood on a sidewalk in Boston's Kenmore Square, a despondent teenager, as thousands of people shuffled silently along the city's streets. The Red Sox had just lost the seventh game of the 1975 World Series to the Cincinnati Reds. I will always remember the only sound coming from the crowd was the scuffing of shoes along concrete and asphalt. My brother, who went to the game with our father, now passed away, tells me he has the same memory as he and "The Old Man" went to catch the "T," the subway in Boston. Tonight I made more noise yelling in the living room than those people did walking away from the ballpark that night. And yes, I remember the bitter disappointments of the f.n Bucky Dent pop up, the Bill Buckner error ( a great ballplayer who had an otherwise stellar career) the Boone homerun in the 2002 ALCS and the September 2011 collapse. But now I'm savoring this third World Series Champion ...
Its our recap of the 2013 Major League Baseball Season...the World Series, Cincinnati Reds, Dusty's Demise, Bryan's Song and more! We also will look Dat Dude BP destined to be traded? Will Joey Votto become the "$250 Million Man" the Reds need? Will Jim Kelch develop a personality? BE A P...
This Day in Baseball History -- from Mary Landers ... It was 38 years ago today -- On Oct. 21, 1975, after rainfall delays World Series play for a few days, the Boston Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds are finally able to play Game 6 at Fenway Park. The see-saw game goes into Extra Innings before Carlton Fisk's Home Run in the bottom of the 12th powers the Red Sox to a dramatic 7-6 victory.
Hello there Ladies and Germs. Sounds like a Bob Hope opening from the 1940's. Bob Hope and his best buddy Bing Crosby are out of the World Series again. Remember Hope was talked into buying a piece of the Cleveland Indians by his friend Crosby, who owned part of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Next to fishing and golf, Crosby loved baseball. Big doings in sports this week, World Series starts Wednesday, 8 PM on Fox rematch of 2004 going all red with the Cardinals looking for World Championship title and the Sawx looking for their 8th Fall Classic win. Who ya got? Also on tap this week, for those few of us in the U.S. and for the rest of the World who have a rooting interest in the most popular sport on the planet, football, (soccer to Americans) the UEFA Champions League games are on all week. Check which cable system you use. DirecTV is channels 219 (Fox Sports 1), 220 (NBCSN), 618 (Fox Sports 2) and 621 and 621-1 (Fox Soccer Plus.) Baseball history on tap now. 1. On October 21, 1973, it's Game 7, W ...
1960 - Coach Ralph Houk, 41, is named to succeed Casey Stengel as manager of the Yankees. He briefly led the Yankees in 1960 when Stengel was hospitalized. 1967 - Charlie Finley names Bob Kennedy the first manager of the Oakland A's. 1972 - In the fifth game of the World Series, Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds homered on the first pitch of the game from Oakland's Catfish Hunter, and the Reds went on to win 5-4. 1973 - Reggie Jackson of Oakland had RBI doubles in the first and third innings to lead the A's to a 3-1 victory over the New York Mets and set up a seventh game in the World Series. 1982 - The St. Louis Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers 6-3 in Game 7 to win the World Series. 1985 - After giving up just two hits in eight innings, Royals southpaw Charlie Leibrandt is raked with three two-out hits and loses 4-2. St. Louis has a 2-0 Series lead. 1987 - The Cards get all their runs against the Twins in the seventh inning to win Game Three 3-1. 1988 - Orel Hershiser pitched a four-hitter and Mickey ...
October 17, 1976 ... * CB radios are all the rage this year ... but police in Texas say the craze apparently leads one man to shoot another. Fellow CB operators say a man with the handle "Dirty Bird" accused another called "Blue Goose" of monopolizing time on the airwaves. The two met to fight it out ... and Blue Goose dies in a hail of bullets... * And then there's the mayor of a small town in western Ohio who has a present for America's 1,000 birthday. That's right ... 800 years away ... Jack Wilson has deposited $125  of his money in a trust fund ... which he figures will be worth $15 billion by the year 2776. Mr. Mayor says he wants part of the money to go for America's birthday party that year ... and the rest to Ohio State University ... which he further figures will want to change its name to Jack D. Wilson University... * In baseball ... the Cincinnati Reds take a lead of 2 - 1 in the World Series with a 4 - 3 victory over the New York Yankees. The winning run for Cincinnati is a 2-out single by ...
Or… Baseball Karma By Mary Lee Hannington Overall's 1911 Baseball Card Do you have the same impression that I do? This guy’s parents were illiterate and his name should have been Oliver Orville or perhaps pronunciation got in the way of some clerk's spelling on a birth certificate. After all, he was born in 1881 long before the laptop or even a decent typewriter could be found having only just been invented 20 years before. Orval was born in Farmsville, once Deep Creek, a very small agricultural town in California. The residents there had  to travel an entire day to retrieve their mail as there wasn't a post office, but there was a one room school house for the children. He was the Cincinnati Reds ace pitcher in 1905 winning 18 games, but was traded to the Chicago Cubs, who won the National League pennant that same year. He had his best season with the Cubs in 1907 and 1908 when they won the World Series twice. Now here is where it all gets real weird. The Tiger’s Anabel Sanchez was the first pitch ...
As I enjoy watching the AL and NL division playoffs, I can't help but lament that my Cincinnati Reds didn't advance past the Wild Card game... Worst though, today, Reds' management decided it was better to fire Dusty Baker than let him finish out the last year of his contract and the work he began... Before Dusty became the Reds' manager in 2008, they spent about a decade and a half toiling at the bottom of the National League's "Irrelevant" bin... Sure, they haven't made good on their potential in the postseason with Dusty, but they posted three 90-win seasons in the last four years, and they made the postseason playoffs as well, the first time they did that since the days of the Big Red Machine... This is the third time Dusty has taken a team in a sad state of affairs & turned it around only to get fired for doing what no one else had been able to do with those teams -- the Giants he took to the World Series, the Cubs to the NLCS, and now the Reds... If we're lucky, the Reds will bring in Bobby Valent . ...
What a beautiful day, a lot of people are voicing opinions on Dusty Baker, for the record growing up in Cincinnati Ohio, I have been a Cincinnati Reds fan all my life, have attended many games including playoffs and World Series. I can honestly say watching Dusty play growing up was awesome, seeing him come to Cincinnati to coach has truly been a thrill. Reality is too many obvious mistakes on his part were made over the past couple of years, we have the talent to get there, when Lou Pinella came in 1990 we had the lowest salaried team in baseball, we had a bunch of guys who played baseball and a true leader took players with heart and lead them to the World Series beating the powerhouse Athletics, it truly was a David and Goliath situation. Baseball is like chess and checkers, its not only about talent, you have got to make the right moves to overcome your opponent. Dusty Baker we truly wish you well, I look forward to better leadership and a World Championship, we have the talent.
I forgot to post this earlier. It looks like the Reds will be gone after tonight, but I'll list these as if it was before tonight's game. MLB playoff teams in rank order as to who I would like to see win the World Series: 1a. Cleveland Indians 1b. Cincinnati Reds 3. Oakland A's 4. Atlanta Braves 5. Tampa Bay Rays 6. Boston Red Sox 7. St. Louis Cardinals 8. Pittsburgh Pirates 19. Los Angeles Dodgers 20. Detroit Tigers
10 teams who are going to the World Series!!! Who do you want to win this year??? -Cincinnati Reds -Pittsburgh Pirates -LA Dodgers -St. Louis Cardinals -Atlantia Braves -Tampa Bay Rays -Cleveland Indians -Detroit Tigers -Oakland A's -Boston Red Sox
Arnold Rothstein fixed the baseball World Series in 1919, meaning that he made sure the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Chicago White Soxs.
% The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds played an entire nine-inning game on 6.29.1916 using only one baseball. % The Cleveland Indians played an entire game against the NY Yankees 7.5.1945 without an infield assist. % Brooklyn (1920) holds the record for most innings played by a team over a three game stretch: 58. % The NY Yankees played 308 consecutive games from 8.3.1931 to 8.2.1933 without being shutout. % The world champion Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960 had a collective E.R.A. of 7.11 in the World Series, the worst ever by a Series participant, let alone a winning team. % Pete Rose from 1963-86 played more than five hundred Major League games at each of five different positions: first, second, and third base, right and left field. % Walter Johnson of the Washington Senators recorded nine consecutive seasons 1910-18 of pitching three hundred or more innings.  % Walter Johnson also won 38 1-0 games in his career, a record. He lost 26 1-0 games, also a record. % Christy Mathewson of the 1905 NY Giants won ...
Frank Robinson (born August 31, 1935) is an American former Major League Baseball outfielder and manager. He played from 1956 to 1976, most notably for the Cincinnati Reds and the Baltimore Orioles. He is the only player to win league MVP honors in both the National and American Leagues.[1] He won the Triple Crown, was a member of two teams that won the World Series (the 1966 and 1970 Baltimore Orioles), and amassed the fourth-most career Home Runs at the time of his retirement (he is currently ninth). Robinson was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982. Robinson was the first African-American hired to serve as manager in Major League history. He managed the Cleveland Indians during the last two years of his playing career, compiling a 186–189 record. He went on to manage the San Francisco Giants, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals.
If Gurunath, Kundra bet, BCCI should throw the book at them This is a story about betting. This is not a story about fixing or breaking the law (though gambling is breaking the law in India, but let’s set that aside for now). In 1989, Bart Giamatti, the commissioner of Major League Baseball in the United States, announced that he was banning Pete Rose, the manager of the Cincinnati Reds, for life. Known as the ‘Hit King’, Rose still holds the record for most hits in Major League history with 4256. He won three World Series titles with Cincinnati, was a 17-time All-Star and was named to the Major League Baseball’s team of the century. He was, in every sense, a baseball legend and one of the sport’s most celebrated players. Rose’s crime: betting on baseball, including on games played by his own Reds team. As ESPN described it: “The evidence was so staggering that it was difficult to fathom. Records of phone call after phone call made to bookies, sometimes just minutes before the national anthe ...
Tim Mccarver is announcing the Red Sox-Yankees game tonight...he mentioned what a great 3rd baseman Jose Iglesias of the Red Sox was...I had a flashback of the great Brooks Robinson from the Baltimore Orioles...he single handily won the 1970 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds with his incredible defensive performance during that series...I wish I could see that again...
World Series this year: Cincinnati Reds vs Toronto Blue Jays, quote me on that⚾
Why The Reds will never win a World Series with Dusty (from Bleacher Report) If a retired ballplayer can keep peace in the clubhouse and get his men motivated to play, his job as a Major League manager should be secure. That pretty much explains why Dusty Baker is still employed. Speaking to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer about the competition for bullpen spots, the Cincinnati Reds skipper put emphasis on meaningless details: "You’ve a guy up there that pitched in the World Series last year and a guy who almost threw a perfect game on as non-roster players.” He was referring to Clay Hensley—who did not pitch in the World Series because the San Fransisco Giants left him off the roster—and Armando Galarraga. The latter has been terrible since hurling a one-hitter in 2010. Scary to think that Baker will be making big decisions for a serious contender.
10 Days to Phoenix... It's Manager Day on the countdown! Uniform number 10 was worn by Hall Of Famer Sparky Anderson. Sparky spent just one year (1959) as a player in the big leagues with a less than robust slash line of .218/.282/.249 in 152 games. But in 1970 he was named skipper of the Cincinnati Reds and began a managerial career that would bring him to Cooperstown. Anderson won 2194 games as a manager, guided teams to 5 League Pennants, and collected 3 World Series rings. He was a 2-time AL Manager of the Year and is one of only two managers to win Championships in both the AL & the NL. He's also had his number 10 retired in Cincinnati and number 11 retired in Detroit. Uniform number 10 was also worn by the greatest manager in Minnesota Twins history, Tom Kelly. Like Sparky, Tom spent exactly one year in the majors (1975) and fared even worse, with a slash line of .181/.262/.244 in 49 games. But in 1986 he took over the helm of the Twins with 23 games remaining in a dismal season and spent the ...
5-days until Spring Training Games... Number 5 - Brooks Robinson: HOF 1983 - From Little Rock, Arkansas Considered the greatest fielding 3rd baseman of all time; 16 time Gold Glove winner, MVP of the 1970 World Series. His defensive play so intimidated the Cincinnati Reds he carried the Orioles to the championship. In his 22-year career with Baltimore he was an 18 x All-Star, 2 x World Series Champ, and the 1964 AL MVP. Brooks honed his skills at Lamar Porter Field in Little Rock. The park was only a few blocks from several of the houses my Grandmothers lived in. Been to the park many times.
In honor of the best season in sports starting today I would like to remind everyone that, despite what you might think, the Cincinnati Reds did indeed win the 1975 World Series. That Home Run you see over and over again won games six. The Reds won Game Seven-the one that mattered. 2013 Reds Projected lineup: 1. Shin-Shoo Choo 2. Brandon Phillips 3. Joey Votto 4. Ryan Ludwick 5. Jay Bruce 6. Todd Frazier 7. Ryan Hannigan 8. Zack Cozart. Starting rotation: 1. Cueto 2. Latos 3. Arroyo 4. Bailey 5. Chapman** Enjoy your day.
On This Day In Baseball History: 1878 - Fredrick W. Thayer patents the catcher's mask. He is the captain of Harvard University Baseball Club. 1880 - The Boston Red Caps cut the price of season tickets from $14 to $12 after the team failed to win its third straight National League pennant last season. 1885 - The Western League is officially formed, with Indianapolis, Kansas City, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Toledo and Omaha as the original clubs. It will last until June 23rd. 1903 - Charles (Chick) Hafey is born in Berkeley, California. Hafey will make his Major League debut in 1924 with the St. Louis Cardinals. During a 13-year career with the Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds, Hafey will hit .317, including a National League batting crown with .349 in 1931, and will be part of two World Series Championships in 1926 and 1931. Hafey will enter the Hall Of Fame in 1971. 1912 - In a change of outfielders, the Boston Braves send Mike Donlin to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Vin Campbell. After one season with Pittsburgh, D ...
Just read today that they are planning on demolishing Candlestick Park following the close of the NFL season next year. Gotta say, it's going to be sad to see it go. I went to my first baseball game there in 1989 vs. the Cincinnati Reds and attended one of the last baseball games played there in 1999 vs. the New York Mets before the Giants moved to Pac Bell (now AT&T) Park. Candlestick Park hosted the 1962 and 1989 World Series, with the '89 series interrupted by the Loma Prieta Earthquake just prior to the start of Game 3. It also hosted the 1961 and 1984 All-Star Games, and served host to numerous greats from Willie Mays, to Willie McCovey, to Orlando Cepeda, to Will Clark, to Matt Williams, to Barry Bonds, among others. Also the home to the San Francisco 49ers, Candlestick Park hosted 8 NFC Championship Games, including "The Catch" in 1982 (Joe Montana to Dwight Clark), "The Catch II" in 1998 (Steve Young to Terrell Owens), and "The Catch III" in 2012 (Alex Smith to Vernon Davis). Jerry Rice caugh ...
. (Getty) Expect a lot of Pete Rose talk, Ken Griffey Jr. love and an epic Home Run Derby in 2015, when Major League Baseball plans All-Star Game festivities for the Queen City of Cincinnati. Reporter John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer has the scoop, reporting that commissioner Bud Selig will make a formal announcement Wednesday. It's been 25 years since the Cincinnati Reds hosted an All-Star Game, and that was at the donut-shaped Riverfront Stadium. In 1988, the AL won a pitchers' duel 2-1, with Terry Steinbach taking home MVP honors thanks to a solo Home Run against Dwight Gooden. And it didn't even win home-field advantage for the Oakland Athletics in the World Series. We just weren't savvy enough in those pre-Selig-as-commish days. Nor did we have Great American Ball Park. With its home-run friendly environment, and the Ohio River beckoning beyond the right-field grandstand, left-handed pull hitters will be aiming for water like they did the B&O Warehouse at Camden Yards in 1993. [Also: White House m ...
A sad day in Baseball. Stan "The Man" Musial and Earl Weaver died yesterday. As a nine year-old I had the privilege of seeing Musial's last game at the old Crosley Field, where he was honored as the greatest hitter in the National League. Frank Robinson stood on the sidelines and nodded in agreement. No one, not even the great Willie Mays, was more respected as a player than was Stan Musial. As to Earl Weaver, I loathed him because his 1970 Orioles (with a "washed-up" Frank Robinson on the team) beat my Cincinnati Reds in the World Series. But when I moved to Virginia I heard Weaver explain baseball in a way that I could understand. Hall of Famer Jim Palmer, Weaver's best pitcher, wryly said, "The only thing Earl knew about the fastball was that he couldn't hit it," but that wasn't really fair. No one knew the game of baseball better than Earl Weaver. Both men were legends and will be missed.
The baseball world is mourning two losses today. Like my status to show some respect for the fallen heroes of the national pasttime: Earl Sidney Weaver (August 14, 1930 – January 19, 2013) -- Managed the Baltimore Orioles two times: 1968–1982 and 1985-1986. -- 1 World Series Championship (1970 -- defeated the Cincinnati Reds) -- 1,480-1,060 career record with the Baltimore Orioles (.583 winning percentage) Stanley "The Man" Frank Musial (November 21, 1920 - January 19, 2013) -- 24-time All-Star, 3-time World Series Champion in 1942, 1944 and 1946 -- 3-time National League Most Valuable Player Award Winner (1943, 1946 and 1948) -- Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame (1969) on the first ballot.
In an ironically hilarious twist, the Cincinnati Reds signed Emmanuel Burriss to a minor league contract. If he makes the team, Mat Latos will have to spend the entire year staring at Burriss' World Series ring.
Comparisons between the World Champion SF Giants and The Cincinnati Reds: 1. First NL team to win 2 World Series in a three year period since the 75, 76 Reds. 2. FIrst NL team to win wire to wire in a World Series since the 1990 Reds. 3. Buster Posey wins NL MVP, the last NL catcher to win that award; Johnny Bench, 1972.
Buster Posey of the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants was named 2012 National League MVP today. He's the first catcher to win the award in 40 years (1972, when Johnny Bench of the Cincinnati Reds won the award. "For the record", the Reds played in the 1972 World Series, but lost to the Oakland A's in seven games.)
But where are they now? Manager of the Year - Davey Johnson - Washington Nationals 2nd - Dusty Baker - Cincinnati Reds (miss you Dusty) 3rd - Bruce Bochy - San Francisco Giants What should Bruce have done that he didn't do? First in Division, come from behind victories in playoffs, and swept the World Series. I will try to be a good sport. The Nats and Cincy both had good years (but so did we).
Joe Leonard Morgan is a former Major League Baseball second baseman who played for the Houston Astros, Cincinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, and Oakland Athletics from 1963 to 1984. He won two World Series Championships with the Reds in 1975 and 1976 and was also named the Na...
What do you know?!?!?!?! The World Series and the Presidency The President of the United States has often thrown out the first pitch to start a new baseball season. What many people do not realize is that during presidential election years, the league that wins the World Series determines which party wins the White House. The New York Times carried an article in October 1976 explaining that the Democrats win the White House if the National League wins the World Series and the Republicans win if the American League does. As of 1976, there had been 18 presidential elections since the first World Series in 1903, and this theory worked 12 out of 18 times. In the modern baseball era, since 1940, the theory has been right 8 out of 9 times–the exception being 1948, when Truman surprised everybody in winning. So, with the Cincinnati Reds winning the 1976 World Series, this article concluded, “I am pleased to announce that the winner of the 1976 Presidential election will be Jimmy Carter.” And what do you kn ...
Cincinnati Reds' rightfielder Paul O'Neill cannot field the ball hit by Lenny Dykstra, so decides to kick it to Todd Benzinger...
Congrats to the Giants for wining the World Series after riding the coattails of Melky Cabrera for more than 100 games this season. Oh for those who don't know, he was leading the league in batting average before getting suspended for using performance enhancing drugs. Say what you want about how the Giants played in the playoffs; they never should have been there. They should be second on the list of tainted World Series titles, behind the 1919 Cincinnati Reds over the "Black Sox." Just like Barry Bonds, we'll put an asterisk next to a piece of Giants history.
The last National League team to record back-to-back World Series shutouts? Would you believe the 1919 Cincinnati Reds, and that World Series was fixed. The dreaded Black Sox of Chicago.
From Ryan Schuiling: "The last time the National League champion shut out the American League champion in back-to-back World Series games was in 1919, 93 years ago. That year is significant to even the casual baseball fan, as it was the Cincinnati Reds who defeated the Chicago White Sox... in a Series that Eight Men Out decided to lose intentionally, accepting the bribes offered by New York crime syndicate racketeer Arnold Rothstein. So the Detroit Tigers made history tonight. The absolute worst kind of history."
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Baseball's pitching future will watch the World Series from home: Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Johnny Cueto ...
I have learned that the Cincinnati Reds are not in the World Series but the team that beat them is. So, boo Gigantes. I am forced to root for the American League and the favorite team of most of the Martin Family including Richard Martin.
So Sad. Carlton Fisk (Twenty-seven years after an epic Home Run that sent his Boston Red Sox to a Game 7 against the eventual World Series Champion Cincinnati Reds) was arrested and charged with a DUI on Monday night in Illinois after driving his truck into a cornfield. New Lenox police say officers found the 64-year-old Fisk asleep behind the wheel of his truck and an open liquor bottle on the floor.
price of a post season beer at Busch Stadium.--$8.75 average price of a hat at Busch Stadium--$25.00 Albert Pujols' Angels and the Cincinnati Reds not being in the World Series--PRICELESS!!!
Okay, Red Sox fans - today is the 37th anniversary (good Lord, I'm OLD!) 1 of the greatest (if not the greatest) HRs in World Series history, when the Red Sox (& NH's) Carlton Fisk hit a HR in Extra Innings to beat the Cincinnati Reds "Big Red Machine" in Game 6, forcing a 7th & deciding game...! I will NEVER forget Carlton's waving that homer fair as he danced down the 1B line. That's when Fisk's Pole got its name...!
Robinson of the Baltimore Orioles made some unbelievable plays at the hot corner in the 1970 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds! Brooks Robinson is probably the greatest defensive third baseman ever!
Today's Date in History: 1975 - Tony Pérez broke an 0-for-15 slump with two Home Runs to lead the Cincinnati Reds to a 6-2 victory over the Boston Red Sox in Game 5 of the World Series.
I thought this was my baseball dream year. Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds in the World Series. Not to be. Still rooting for the Tigers, don't care who wins National League title.
I am unhappy right now--my Baseball teams have lost the first playoffs--Cincinnati Reds,Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles...Well I guess I have to go for Detroit Tigers to win the World Series!!!
Feels bad for the Cincinnati Reds. I was rooting for them. The Oakland A's too, but I don't mind the Detroit Tigers so much. They are a good team. Something about the San Francisco I just don't like, I don't know what it is. Hopefully, St. Louis or Washington advances to the World Series to represent the NL.
Must suck to be a Cincinnati Reds fan! Now, lets go Cardinals lets finish up the Nationals tonight so we can move on and kick the Giants out and claim the National League then we might as well just keep on winning and claim yet again another World Series!!! 12 IN 12 what do you say Redbird fans! Heaven=Cardinals Nation.
Dear Baseball Gods, I know I asked for this in 2010, but please hear my prayer. Bless the Cincinnati Reds with heavy bats and swift feet, with keen accuracy and Golden Gloves. And, Baseball Gods, if by chance the Giants win grant me the serenity to accept this without going mad. Just give me a couple base hits to be proud of. Thank you, Amen. Oh, and whatever you do don't let the Cardinals win the World Series.
I'm going to safely make my World Series prediction right now & hopefully I'm not jinxing it because I'd like to see my favorite A.L. team (way before Prince Fielder) in it. How about the Detroit Tigers vs. Cincinnati Reds.what do u think??
I predict the World Series to be the Detroit Tigers and the Cincinnati Reds
A couple of years ago, I went to Great American Ballpark to see my beloved Boston Red Sox play the Cincinnati Reds. I was a lifelong Red Sox fans (as that's who my dad liked) who was reduced to tears after the playoffs and World Series in 2004. However, when I went to Cincy, my brother and I went down by the visitor's dugout to take everything in, and what a disappointment. The Red Sox arrogantly ignored all their fans---mostly young kids--not even acknowledging them with a look and smile. I happened to look across the field to the Home dugout and saw Red's superstar, Brandon Phillips, signing autographs and happily interacting with the fans. I have quit following the Sox and have been a Reds fan ever since! Can't wait to see them in the Series!!!
It's Game Day!! The undefeated and 9th ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on the once beaten Miami Hurricanes in Chicago at Soldier Field. In thr 1980's the game was once billed as "the Catholics V.S the Convicts" rivalry. Go Irish!!! In Baseball the. SF Giants begin their pursuit of the World Series as they open up in a best of 5 Playoff game at home against the Cincinnati Reds and their former manager Dusty Baker. Go Giants !
October 6, 1945. On this date Billy Sianis, owner of Chicago's Billy Goat Tavern, was asked to leave the fourth game of the World Series at Wrigley Field because his mascot smelled like...well, a goat, which annoyed other ballpark patrons. Supposedly he then cursed the home team Chicago Cubs, stating that they'd not win that particular World Series nor any World Series ever again. At that point the Cubs were up two games to one against the Detroit Tigers but ended up losing not only the game that day but two of the three remaining games, thereby losing the World Series that year. Since then the Cubs not only have never won another World Series, they've never gotten into another World Series. The Curse of the Billy Goat is alive and well 67 years later as the Cubs missed the playoffs in 2012 finishing 36 games behind their division leading Cincinnati Reds. This should be a lesson to you all, never mess with an old goat 'cause you never know what we are capable of.
My family and I have always loved Pete Rose. My parents had box seats with the Cincinnati Reds...they enjoyed taking my son when he was just a youngster and I...The Big Red Machine..the World could Pete Rose lose everything thru a betting problem...couldn't even watch his son play league ball...but yet Michael Vick is still out there playing his sports he loves making millions.and he was part of animal cruelty and dogs deaths? HOW IS IT FAIR? Vick is a *** and the fairness is stupid!!! :(
Now the real October debates heat up. Who will win the American League Pennant?. Who will win the National League Pennant? There's new blood in the mix this year .. the Washington Nationals. There are some old school teams back in.Oakland A's, Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Reds, New York Yankees ...just like the good ole days. My hopes this year are for the Reds in the National League and Oakland in the American League. A replay of the '72 and '90 World Series. Oakland came on strong at the end and they are fun to watch, I hope they get a shot. Always been a Reds fan so heres to the Reds as Champs this year!
Just got home from the stadium. What a day and even better nite. Oakland A's made history as being the 1st game to clinch division coming back from a five game deficit with nine games or less remaining. Texas Rangers facing possible collapse even though they are in the postseason dance. They're fortunate that they have a Wild Card home game versus the Baltimore Orioles. For the NL Wild Card, it's the World Series champs St. Louis Cardinals versus the Atlanta Braves. If anyone remembered that the Braves and one other team whom will not be mention collasped last season. The Braves did not let the collapse affect them and will host the Cards. Congratulations to Miguel "Miggy" Cabrera of winning the Triple Crown. He led the league in homers, RBIs, and batting average and becoming the 1st player to accomplish the feat since Carl "Yaz" Yastrzemski in 1967. Washington Nationals earned home-field advantage throughout the National League playoffs with a victory and a Cincinnati Reds lost to the Cards. I ...
Well its the time of year again--Baseball Playoffs and World Series...Whos going to the World Series--I'll say Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles!!!
On this date in... 1790 – John Ross, Chief of the Cherokee Nation, was born. 1863 – The last Thursday in November is declared as Thanksgiving Day by President Abraham Lincoln. 1919 – Cincinnati Reds pitcher Adolfo Luque becomes the 1st Latin player to appear in a World Series. 1990 – Re-unification of Germany. 1995 – O. J. Simpson is acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
National League 1st seed. Cincinnati Reds 2nd seed. Washington Nationals 3rd seed. San Francisco Giants Wild Card 1. Braves Wild Card 2. LA Dodgers. Wild Card round. LA at ATL. Braves will take this match up. They are the better team and will have their rotation set the way they like it, Dodgers will be ragged after passing the St. Louis Cardinals in the Race for the 2nd Wild Card spot. NLDS Braves at Reds. Braves will shock the Reds in 4 games. Most of the Reds successes have come due to the division they are in, historically one of the toughest divisions has run out of steam this year. NLDS Giants at Nationals. The nationals will be lucky if they get a win. But They have been lucky so far this year so I will give them that one win. Giants in 4 NLCS Braves at Giants. Because it is a best of 7 the Braves can win at least one I am sure. Giants in 5. World Series. Yankees at Giants. Yankees have good pitching, and one of the best hitting line ups ever seen. That is good and all but it won’t help if you c ...
I grew up cheering for Eric Davis, Barry Larkin and the Cincinnati Reds. In fact, one of my greatest sports memories is watching Chris Sabo and friends sweep their way past the heavily-favored A's in the 1990 World Series. In the years since, my allegiance has shifted in favor of the Twins, but the Reds will always occupy a place in my baseball heart. Cincinnati, I'm cheering for you this October. James Cimburek
This is one half of my dream World Series... Cincinnati Reds vs. Texas Rangers !
Right now the Washington Nationals and the Cincinnati Reds realize the 2012 World Series goes through San Francisco. And their whispering its going to be harder than we thought.
we love Joey Votto, we love Brandon Phillips, we love Jay Bruce and we love the Cincinnati Reds! we will forever be a baseball town.Time to bring a World Series Championship back to Cincinnati!!!
With today's 6-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, the 2012 National League Central Division Championship belongs to the Cincinnati Reds! Like and share if you want the Reds to get home-field advantage and win the 2012 World Series!
The Nationals have clinched a playoff spot. We want a clinch of the division and that is definitely obtainable. The last time this fanchise (Montreal Expos) made it to the playoffs was 1981 (shortened season due to strike). The last time a DC team has made it to the playoffs was 1933 -- no champagne celebration, because Prohibition was still in effect. I did expect the Nationals to make it into the playoffs at the beginning of the season, but I did not expect to be so well in first place. They could go all the way to the World Series. The Nationals pitchers are amazing! Their hitters are pretty good, too! World Series Prediction -- Texas Rangers against either Washington Nationals or the Cincinnati Reds. I'd love to show off our team in the World Series.
With 3 weeks left in the MLB season, here's the way the pennant chase stands: The Yankees probably didn't expect to be given a tussle for the AL East, especially with the Baltimore Orioles playing better than you'd expect them to this time of year (Maybe it's the return of the cartoon bird caps); the Tampa Bay Rays are still on the outside looking in. Though the White Sox have been atop the AL Central for a long time, Detroit still is looking to take that division for themselves. The Texas Rangers may be favored to appear in a third straight World Series, but the surprising Oakland A's are breathing down their neck. If Stephen Strasburg's shutdown doesn't stop the Washington Nationals from reaching the postseason, what will? An unforseen player's strike, I guess. Okay, that won't happen. And though they're well behind the Nats, the Atlanta Braves still are in a good position for the Wild Card Showdown. The Cincinnati Reds are on their way to the NL Central crown, and the champion Cardinals were already ...
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Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman (shoulder) will rest a few days after losing some velocity on pitches. Reds 6/1 to win World Series.
Joey Votto is signed with the Cincinnati Reds through 2023 as he looks to continue to help lead the franchise back to the World Series. Since coming into the league in 2007 Votto has finished second in ROY voting, made two All-Star teams, won a Gold Glove, and won the 2010 National League MVP. This ...
Even if you don’t usually follow ML Baseball, this is getting to be an exciting season. At 162 games per team per season, I discovered long ago I don’t have what it takes to be a serious Dad and a serious baseball fan at the same time. But it’s September and so I checked in on the MLB standings. Year of the underdogs!! - In the AL East, the perennial loser/small market team the Baltimore Orioles are trailing the Yankees by only 1 game. - In the AL Central the Chicago White Sox, who haven’t been to a World Series since the cave man days are leading and looking like playoff material. Over in the NL - the Washington Nationals, the losingest team in the history of sports is leading Atlanta by 5 games and leading the Phillies by 17 games - the Cincinnati Reds (yeah they still have team in Cincinatti) are leading everyone in the NL Central by more than 8 games. The Chinese are gonna have to change their calendar. It’s now officially the year of the underdog.
The 1940 World Series matched the Cincinnati Reds against the Detroit Tigers, with the Reds winning the Series in seven games for their second championship, ...
Ok Sports Fans. I'm ready with my Bold Prediction. The Oakland Raiders will WIN the SuperBowl. Hear me out. In MLB, in 1989 The Cincinnati Reds lost their Best player of All time as Pete Rose- manager was banned from baseball for life. The Reds won the World Series 1 year later in 1990 in Dominating Fashion. The same will come True for the RAIDAAS. October 8, 2011 , The Raiders lost the most dominating successful owner in the history of Sports, Mr Al Davis. To honor Al Davis, the Raiders will win the SuperBowl. You watch, in February, 2013, the Raiders will Hoist the Lombardi Trophy in domination of the 2012 season.
Well the NFL preseason is starting up today, Horray Football. Now I'll predict the World Series it'll be the Chicago White Sox vs Cincinnati Reds rematch of the 1919 World Series with the White Sox winning this time
This could be my dream year, Cincinnati Reds vs. Texas Ranger in the World Series come October.
Dusty Baker (Mgr. Cincinnati Reds) needs to win the World Series so he can make the All-Star selections he wants.
Barry Bonds says he doesn't even remember Game 7 of the 2002 World Series. Russ Ortiz still has the ball manager Dusty Baker infamously handed him walking off the mound in Game 6 with a 5-0 lead and the championship eight outs away. Jeff Kent remains bitter about what he calls "the worst defeat of my life."Almost a decade later, San Francisco's collapse against Anaheim still stings.Members of the 2002 National League champion Giants gathered at AT&T Park again Sunday, receiving light ovations from the crowd before San Francisco faced Baker and his Cincinnati Reds in the finale of a four-game series. Even Baker wore his home Giants uniform -- No. 12 -- with the rest of his former players during the ceremony while his Reds watched from the dugout's top step."Game 6 happened and I don't even remember Game 7," said Bonds, slimmed down to about 212 pounds from his new love of cycling. "I remember standing in the shower thinking, 'What happened?'"
Ok so I gotta say this I have been a Cincinnati Reds fan for as long as I have been old enough to pick a team to be a fan of. and because I like Cinci I have had to hear for all that time from alot of people how dumb I am for being a fan. and from a couple and you know who you are how much the Reds "suck" well I would just like to set the record straight. The Reds have won five World Series titles, 1919, 1940, 1975 and 76 and the last time in 1990. One American Association pennant, nine National League pennants and nine division titles. that doesnt sound like sucking to me. Jeff how many time have the Giants won the World Series? so just to put not to fine a point on it BITE ME!!!
In sports: Yankees are on a roll and can't be stopped no!!! The Bombers have won 9 games in a row sweeping the Mets, Braves and Nationals, Ivan "Super" Nova pitched masterfully going 7 1/3 innings allowing a run striking out 4, Yanks won 4-1. Mets got swept by Joey Votto and the Cincinnati Reds losing 3-1. The rematch of the 1996 & 1999 World Series shifts to The Bronx when the Yanks host Chipper Jones and the Braves, while the Mets host Adam Jones and the Orioles in Flushing for a rematch of the 1969 Fall Classic. Miami took Game 3 of the Finals beating the Thunder 91-85, Game 4 tomorrow night.
Major Leaguers Bob and Bret Boone to visit RBVLL today at 5:00! Please welcome Bob and Bret Boone to the RBVLL fields! They will be available for pictures, autographs and much more. The son of former Major Leaguer Ray Boone, Bob Boone is the former Major League catcher and manager and was a 4-time All-Star during his playing career. A native of San Diego, Mr. Boone was the starting catcher and helped lead the Philadelphia Phillies to the 1980 World Series title. Although he smashed 105 career Home Runs, and batted in another 826 of his teammates he was considered by many to be the premiere defensive catcher of the 1970' and 80's. Mr. Boone earned seven Rawlings Gold Gloves while catching a then record 2,225 games in his 19-year Major League career. Upon retirement from the game, Mr. Boone returned in 1995 to manage the Kansas City Royals and later the Cincinnati Reds. In 2005, Mr. Boone was inducted into the Philadelphia Phillies Hall Of Fame. His sons Bret and Aaron followed him to the Major League diam ...
Tammy and I are headed to St Louis tomorrow to see the World Series champs play the Cincinnati Reds tomorrow night. I'm sure it will be on tv around here. We will be the people behind the dugout of St. Louis cards. Should be a good game. Happy Birthday Tammy!
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